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CI: the Cromartie Index
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A commenter suggests a new social science measure: the Cromartie Index, named after New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who has 12 children by 8 babymamas and a reputed Wonderlic IQ test score of 12 (where 21 is the mean).

(12 + 8) / 12 = 1.67 

Just take the sum of children and mothers and divide it by his Wonderlic score.

Has anybody in NFL history reached a CI of 2.0 yet? *

On July 25, 2006, Cromartie signed a 5-year, $13.5 million contract with $7.35 million guaranteed with the Chargers. … Cromartie has fathered 12 children with eight different women.[17] In March 2010, the Jets provided Cromartie with a $500,000 advance so he could make outstanding child support payments.[18]

By the way, there are a lot more Cromarties where this one came from:

He is a cousin of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie of the Denver Broncos, who was an All-American cornerback at Tennessee State University, and was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with the 16th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. He has two other cousins, Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, who is a safety with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Marcus Cromartie, who is a cornerback for the San Diego Chargers.

* Yes. See the comments for details.

(Republished from iSteve by permission of author or representative)
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  1. If the Cromarties of the world win the progeny contest, we'll inevitably revert to a Cro-Magnon level of civilization.

  2. Steve, here's former Buffalo Bills running back Travis Henry.

    11 children, 10 baby mamas, Wonderlic score 9. That gives a Cromartie index of 2.33.

  3. I'm currently reading the very interesting and often funny Collision Low Crossers, which is about a subject I couldn't care less about: the 2011 New York Jets. Perhaps fittingly, everyone in the Jets organization refers to Cromartie as "Cro."

  4. Warren Cromartie behaved well enough playing baseball in Montreal and Tokyo. He had a candy named for him, the CroBar, and the proceeds went to charity. He also recently sued a Japanese anime producer for naming a school full of thugs "Cromartie High".

    Don't know if he's related to Antonio, but both have a Tallahassee connection. Warren's dad played for Florida A&M.

    Are blacks with Celtic surnames detectably wilder than those with Anglo-Saxon names? It might be worth looking into.


    Pat McInally, former punter and wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1976 to 1985, is the only confirmed perfect score on the Wonderlic.

    McInally took the test again in 2007 and, McInally stated, "Missed one. Not a bad score after six concussions."

    McInally married Leslie (Bevis) of Cincinnati in April, 1984. They have two children, Jack and Abby. They reside in Seal Beach, California.

    McInally's Cromartie Index: 0.06

    (2+1)/50 = 0.06

  6. Wonderlic of 12? I guess that implies this report suggesting he cannot read is false.

  7. Steve, I hope you will comment on this exchange.

    Ross Douthat thinks that the right policies might help nudge Americans to create fewer bastards…

    While James Taranto is more of a technological determinist and thinks it's all down to the Pill (more or less).

  8. "Cromartie" is an anagram of "erotic ram". Just sayin'…

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    You may already be aware but Mizzou defensive lineman and probable high draft pick Michael Sam has announced to ESPN that he is openly homosexual. Video currently on the front page at ESPN.


    (ps no idea what his Wonderlic score would be, but I'm guessing he has not, nor will he, father many children, thus keeping his CI close to zero)

  10. "I'm-a fuck all ya'll tonight!" — Football player in opening sequence of Idiocracy.

  11. If the Cromarties of the world win the progeny contest, we'll inevitably revert to a Cro-Magnon level of civilization.

    Cro-Magnon man had a bigger brain than contemporary whites, to say nothing of the Cromarties of the world.

  12. Sheeeeeeeiiiiittt.

  13. Baby Mama of the Year!!!

    Seriously Steve, when are you going to fire up the spreadsheet and do a cost benefit analysis of having a big time athlete opening an account at a sperm bank then investing in a vasectomy, they are reversible in most cases nowadays.

  14. I attempted to cash in on my sperm. You know, to help the cause. They didn't like what they were getting at the Cryobank. The administrator gave me one of the sternest comments I have heard in aeons.

    I'm not usually thin-skinned but I didn't stick around to hear the reasons for the rejection more concerned that the information would be misleading than because she was gonna say all the chicken nuggets I've been snorting fouled up my DNA.

    It leaves me with a small cognitive leap type of question but I have some knowledge gaps of haplotypes, genomic sequences. It may be controversial and risk the fringe. So here goes:

    Is there a political alternative motive at work in the semen trade?

  15. My first thought was Derrick Thomas (7 kids by multiple women) but I can't find his Wonderlic score.

  16. You have to admit, a high CI is the mark of reproductive success.

    Owning the future requires being in it.

    High IQ seems maladaptive. High CIs, seem the way to succeed.

  17. I heard Travis Henry had 10 kids from 11 mothers!!

    I've been using this joke for years without getting pay off I think it deserves.

    Dan in DC

  18. Is there a political alternative motive at work in the semen trade? –E Cefala

    How does bull semen differ from human? It's sold with a name attached!

    You really should read David Plotz's The Genius Factory, about Robert Graham's Repository of Germinal Choice (aka the "Nobel Prize sperm bank".) Then check out Alana Newman's site Anonymous Us. When you see how messed up the kids conceived this way often are, on the inside if not on the surface, you'll be glad you were turned down. Sperm donation is outlawed in Italy, and rightly so.

    Machiavelli wrote a play, The Mandrake, which revolves around sperm donation. But the end does not justify the means. By no means.

  19. Dan in DC, you must not have an easy time of it telling jokes like that in DC!

  20. "Cromartie" – what a wondeful old Scottish name – such as Victorian Englishmen loved to name their houses after.
    'Cromarty' is also the name of a North Sea oil field.

  21. Perhaps Sam was raped as a child like Emile Griffith.

  22. @reg: that anonymous us site is simply sad. A lot of pain being expressed there. I guess designer babies made to order for same sex couples, aging single ladies and infertile couples are not universally happy occasions.

    In a related story Hollande is backing away from "family reforms due to intense protests in France. A leader of one protest group is a gay athiest who says marriage is for kids not selfish adults. What a concept.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. I'm not shocked at how stupid some college football players are. I'm not shocked at how irresponsible some blacks are.

    I'm shocked at how many iSteve readers are confused about Cro-Magnons.

    Some seem to have confused them with Neanderthals. In order to clear this up you need to put these matters in historical perspective. The conventional wisdom a generation ago was that Neanderthals were a separate species who were killed and replaced completely by the Anatomically Modern Humans from Africa. These invaders were called Cro-Magnons in Europe.

    It was said that when these invaders arrived they were fully modern in body and mind. No more evolution would take place after that. Give them a shave and a haircut, put them in a suit and they would be indistinguishable from anyone else on any American street. Or so they said.

    The point is that human evolution was said to have stopped then. It was also said that the Neanderthals died out without a trace.

    But no informed person believes this anymore. Cochran and Harpending wrote there book 'The 10,000 Year Explosion' about how evolution continues – it did not stop with the Cro-Magnon.

    Also we have extracted Neanderthal DNA from teeth and bones. Neanderthals did interbreed with the invaders. These brutish looking men had larger heads and presumably larger brains. We have also recently discovered a similar grade of hominin further east called the Denisovians. The IQ of Neanderthals and Denisovians is still controversial. But the presence of them in our genome is now well accepted. I am told that 2.9% of my DNA is from Neanderthals – about average.

    The iSteve comments section is supposed to be a source of light on a darkling plain. Get these elementary facts straight!


  24. I'm a donor sperm baby. My father was sterile from a childhood illness. If you're going to be a donor baby, my situation was the best one possible. My maternal grandparents are both Mensa members (as am I). My parents were and remain happily married. My childhood home was best described as idyllic. My biological father was likely a medical student. I graduated early from an elite college and married someone similar. Ice been gainfully employed since finishing school. I'm the poster child for sperm donation gone right. And given the opportunity, I'd bam the procedure in a second. It's sick to willfully deny children a history.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Reply to
    "Anonymous said…"

    The article by the neocon Fred Siegel is still another attempt to shift the blame for the disaster that is the New Left/Cultural Marxism to assorted "Progressives", "Liberals" or even H.L. Mencken and away from the extreme ethnocentric passions and neurosis of the Jewish left. The first rule of Neocons is to avoid using the word "Marxism" or mentioning the Frankfurt School if at all possible. If that can not be avoided, as in the case of writing about the most significant Red Diaper Baby Stalinist founders of the post WWII New Left like Hofstadter, then muddy the waters by mentioning non Marxist Progressives and Liberals.

    Anybody who as actually read Hofstadter is aware how he passionately hated goyim Progressives, Liberals and Populists. Hofstadter was a faculty adviser to the likes of lunatic Howard Zinn. Read and Hofstadter and Zinn together and it is easy to see the rabid anti-goyim forces at work.

    Hofstadter was simply much more polished and sophisticated in brainwashing upper class goyim in ethnomasochism then the more famous Zinn who targeted the proles.

  26. Not Cro-Magnon, Cro-Marton

  27. Just noticed that my 9:01pm link to David Plotz's book features a blurb by Malcolm Gladwell. Don't let that stop you from reading it.

    Derb recently quipped that some things are true, even though the Party believes them. In the same way, some books are quite worthy, even though Gladwell recommends them!

  28. I'm assuming this is inspired by the Dirt Bag Index.

  29. Cromartie and like minded wealthy athletes are doing a good thing. The eight women who hit the jackot with Cromartie are, first, being supported by Cromartie and not the taxpayer, and second, are likely having fewer children as is appropriate for their higher status. They were going to be single mothers in any case, and they knew with Cromartie they were moving up the American dream.

    And you do not find these women making their plans in states such as mine, which has child support limits regardless of income.

  30. Former NBA players Shawn Kemp and Jason Caffey (both 10+ children) surely have a CI of 2.0+ if they gave the wonderlic to basketball players.

  31. The eight women who hit the jackot with Cromartie are, first, being supported by Cromartie and not the taxpayer, and second, are likely having fewer children as is appropriate for their higher status.

    For now — but Cromartie will be flat broke within 3 years of getting his last NFL paycheck.

  32. " The eight women who hit the jackot with Cromartie are, first, being supported by Cromartie and not the taxpayer"

    and 5 years from now, when he has blown the last paycheck he made from football? what then?

  33. Wow, what a shock.

    You give a low IQ high libido r-strategist black man a lot of money, and a lot of low IQ high libido r-strategist black women will throw themselves at him, and of course he won't be able to resist.

    Ergo, 12 kids by 8 babymamas.

  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "and 5 years from now, when he has blown the last paycheck he made from football? what then?"

    Regarding that other guy, the apparent CI winner, Travis Henry ("11 children, 10 baby mamas, Wonderlic score 9. That gives a Cromartie index of 2.33."):

    "..on-going problems making his child support payments… arrested… failing to pay $16,600 in child support. …obligated to pay at least $170,001 per year in child support…

    …"as the ruthless 'money guy' in a cocaine trafficking ring", faces 10 years to life…"

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