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Christian McCaffrey Only White NFL Player in Top 100 Total Yards Seasons of All Time
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As I mentioned last fall, running back Christian McCaffrey was in the hunt to be the first white to lead the NFL in rushing yardage (yards gained on the ground) since Jim Taylor in 1962.

McCaffrey wound up finishing 3rd in the NFL with 1387 yards, but he also caught 116 passes, good for 1005 additional yards. This was only the third time in NFL history that a player had 1000 yards rushing and receiving, along with Roger Craig of the 49ers in 1985 and Marshall Faulk of the Rams in 1999.

McCaffrey’s total yards from scrimmage (rushing plus receiving) of 2392 is the third highest in a single season in American pro football history, behind only Chris Johnson in 2006 and Faulk in 1999.

McCaffrey’s 2018 season with 1965 total yards was the 77th best ever, and I believe it’s the only other season in the top 100 all-time by a white player.

The next white player I could find on the Total Yards list was wide receiver Charley Henningan of the 1961 Houston Oilers of the AFL at 177th. The next white NFL player was Peyton Hillis of the 2010 Cleveland Browns at 233rd.

Famously, McCaffrey’s dad Ed was a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and his maternal grandfather, Dr. Dave Sime, won the silver medal in the 1960 Olympics 100 meter dash.

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  1. Anonymous[175] • Disclaimer says:

    Steve, any thoughts on the passing of Kobe Bryant? Seems to be especially a big deal in LA.

  2. I remember watching the 1960 Olympics as a kid and seeing Sime lose the 100m by a whisker to a German, Armin Hary. The favorite, by the way, was another American, Ray Norton (who was black). Norton was a bust, not only in the 100 but also in the 200.

  3. @Anonymous


    Also, I feel validated in being terrified of riding in helicopters.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @vinny
    , @Prester John
  4. Playing sports–physical activity, striving for excellence, team work, competition–is a good activity, especially for young men.

    It’s unfortunate the situation we find ourselves in with elite sports in the U.S. But it is what it is.

    Turning off the TV and ignoring sportsball is one of the best things a man can do. Put the time elsewhere–make love to your wife more often; actually play sports with your kids; or read to and play games with them; and hike, camp, ski, kayak, etc. etc.–get out there with them, building strength and capability.

    Maybe with the realization of more time available, you can make that lovemaking with your wife into something really great–another child.

  5. Hibernian says:

    Paul Hornung had high scoring totals because he was both running back and field goal kicker.

  6. @Anonymous

    Up here, there’s a ton of coverage being devoted to memorializing Kobe Bryant.

    Did you know Kobe Bryant was also a rapper?

    Seriously. Start watching the bottom video at 2:38.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @AceDeuce
  7. @AnotherDad

    If there’s something that we should take away from this entire situation, it’s this.

    Athletes, musicians, and actors seem to have an amazing amount of social status in today’s America. Not to mention money. As long as that continues to be true, people will continue to be obsessed with celebs.

    So many famous, wealthy, and powerful people die everyday. For the most part, nobody cares. However, when a celeb dies, the world comes to a stop. In my area, half the time in the evening broadcasts is being devoted to the Kobe Bryant story. Our current President (and former President) Tweeted about this.

    I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is being massively covered by the media and receiving so much attention on social media.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @Prester John
  8. @Anonymous

    any thoughts on the passing of Kobe Bryant

    At only age 41 he wasn’t even close to being over the hill, and in the end he was a very down-to-earth guy.

    • LOL: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Charles
  9. @Anonymous

    How did professional atheletes, like Kobe, almost totally escape the scrutiny of the Me Too movement?

    It isn’t just race, because it is not like Ben Roethlisberger had to retire in disgrace.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anon
  10. J.Ross says:

    For real tho, how about then Nakers, will they beat the Nippers on Tuesday?

  11. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Braxton

    They aren’t in organization hierarchical positions or casting couch settings. So chicks bang them consensually (be it for free, for gifts, or for pregnancy) or it’s an outright forcible rape situation in which there has always been media coverage and condemnation.

    So the athelets are in none of the fuzzy grey area where an accomplished but dorky guy (say Glenn Thrush) tries to use his professional standing to get poon.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  12. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    So is Tom Green:

    • Replies: @duncsbaby
  13. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:

    Adding some names…

    Career season highs, yards from scrimmage:

    Wes Walker— 1599
    Ed McCaffrey— 1317
    Mike Alstott— 1188
    Julian Edelman— 1163

  14. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Here’s helicopter pilot instructor Philip Greenspun on the circumstances:

    He laments that even though helicopters have all the data they need for drone-line autopilot-to-airport behavior, it is not used.

    Greenspun is an MIT graduate, startup founded and seller, and airplane and helicopter pilot and instructor.

    His blog is full of reports about his progressive Boston suburban neighbors, with hilarious excerpts from dinner party conversations, neighborhood BBSs, Facebook pages, and so on. He engages them with ever so slightly trolly questions, but not enough to get himself cancelled. I recommend the blog to iSteve fans.

    He’s also a fairly self-aware Jew:

  15. Mark Van Eeghen led the AFC in rushing in 1977. He’s about the best blanquito RB I can remember. Although Rocky Bleier was pretty good too. Van Eeghen lost the NFL rushing title in ’77 to Walter Payton although Payton had 11 fumbles to Van Eeghen’s three. White guys never got enough credit for holding onto the ball, a basic skill.

  16. @anon

    I think you’re right.

    There’s no “casting couch” in sports. So male athletes can’t use their position to coerce sexual activity, unlike music, modeling, and film&tv.

    Also, lots of athletes just bang hookers/escorts/strippers. If they want to have a “fun” time, they call up a local “modeling agency” and pay them to send some “working girls” over. Or they go to a strip club and “make it rain.” Or they go down to Vegas and meet up with Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan….. Or they hang out with Jerry Buss…..

    Plenty of athletes are good-looking, well-built, popular, and full of swagger. So getting it for “free” is always an option too…. If they’re a lesser-known player without much in fame, they can always hang out with Jerry Buss….

    One more thing to remember is this. Lots of entertainment industry figures are ugly dudes. Nobody wants to bang Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, or Charlie Rose. So if a girl got forced onto the “casting couch” by one of those guys, the disgust of it all probably would last decades. That’s one reason why Bill Cosby’s accusers were so dead set on nailing him.

  17. anon[281] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Braxton

    Well, my wife thought the rapey thing DQed Kobe, and thought the adulation excessive.

    I commented that he was graded on the black curve, and that he was innocent enough to get a pass.

    Back when the BLM was a thing,I actually looked at a bunch of police/black shootings and noticed that every single victim was sketchy. That’s why Travon and Emmett Till got/get so much traction. In the first case a sealed Juvie record, and in the second, young enough not to have one yet — and in both cases, unlikely for anything new to emerge and spoil the narrative.

    Kobe was a clean-cut, elite, and wealthy athlete. The narrative demands some success post the Civil Rights revolution, and K is as good as it gets for now. Its really the failure of Blacks to close virtually every ‘gap’ that has led to the incessant doubling down on race.

    • Replies: @James Braxton
    , @Russ
  18. Anonymous[921] • Disclaimer says:

    I get the argument against excessive investment in sports fandom, it seems to easily get out of control. But I wouldn’t want to ignore professional sports entirely. What if I’m interested in the limits of human capabilities? The local high school game is nice as well but it’s not the same thing.

  19. vinny says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Helicopters are terrifying and yet I can only think of one other celebrity death from a helicopter crash, which was Gary Power, also in the LA area.

  20. @vinny

    The Lakers almost all died when their plane ran out of fuel in the late 1950s and landed in a Midwest field.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  21. @Anon

    The thread on r/aviation is pretty good. It was very foggy and dangerous but a competent pilot would have been fine there if he had followed all the proper safety procedures.

    Greenspun’s analysis of the immigration class conflict problem is simple and correct. Immigrants drive down wages and drive up housing costs. It is us versus them. Not us versus the immigrants. Us versus the filthy owners who want low wages and high housing costs.

  22. black sea says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan, leaving a concert in Wisconsin.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  23. he could have won the rushing title and possibly taken a crack at the all time yards record, but the coach was fired mid season and the team went straight downhill after that, which blew up the whole deal. although it has to be said, Riverboat Ron Rivera did not have very good play calling for Mccaffrey runs from scrimmage. with a better running scheme those numbers would be higher.

    Roger Craig was first to do it, which required a Hall of Fame level quarterback throwing him the ball – some say the greatest quarterback of all time. Marshall Faulk was second, also requiring a Hall of Famer throwing him the ball, on The Greatest Show On Turf. Mccaffrey did it with…Kyle Allen, and terrible play calls that had him run from scrimmage out of the shotgun with no fullback, and few sweeps or pitches, which would be much more suitable to his running style.

    i assume the reason he’s the only guy on there, other than the obvious, the league doesn’t want these guys to play anymore, is because he’s the only guy a team has deliberately planned to use to carry every game, since the recent passing rules changes, which make it easier to complete passes. otherwise guys like Riggins would probably be on there too. he played back when it was harder to pass and those dump offs and screens and YAC runs weren’t available back then like they are now. old time players, during the 14 game season, would have had no chance – Jim Brown could probably do it with 16 games and modern passing rules.

    Hillis was playing due to lots of injuries to other players and the team never deliberately planned to use him, that 2010 season was an emergency backup thing. the next year when they did want him to split carries, he got really sick and missed lots of games. Hillis was never a great running back – guys better than Hillis have been completely stonewalled out of the league and barely allowed to play at all.

  24. @Steve Sailer

    The Lakers almost all died when their plane ran out of fuel in the late 1950s and landed in a Midwest field.

    In 1958, the core of Manchester United was wiped out in a plane crash in Munich. That might be the worst such incident in top-level team sports.

    • Replies: @Anon55uu
    , @Brutusale
  25. anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    U.S. Senator John Heinz.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  26. @JohnnyWalker123

    Athletes, musicians, and actors seem to have an amazing amount of social status in today’s America. Not to mention money.

    Athletes and musicians are in fields where the Pampered Pets do relatively well.
    Many are also fairly good at acting.

  27. Frankly, my dear- I don’t give a damn.

  28. Anon55uu says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    In top level sports the worst is probably the entire Torino soccer team dying in an air accident in 1949:

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Reg Cæsar
  29. @Anon

    Fascinating. He does seem to ‘notice’ a bit too much.

    Judiciary Committee chair Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., brought three witnesses — all constitutional scholars — that he hoped would outline a theory of impeachment.

    All three witnesses are Jewish: Noah Feldman of Harvard, Pamela Karlan of Stanford and Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina. So are Schiff and Nadler, and so was the Democrats’ counsel who directed the first 45 minutes of questioning, Norm Eisen.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  30. @Anon55uu

    A couple of college football teams were wiped out in air crashes in the 1960s, IIRC.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
    , @Kaganovitch
  31. @Steve Sailer

    Ronnie Van Zant and a couple other members of Lynard Skynard died in a 1977 plane crash. (Inept pilot ran out of fuel and crash landed in a pine forest).

    Musicians and athletes do a lot of flying. The statistics catch up to some of them eventually. Also private (and to a lesser extent charter) aircraft seem to be relative deathtraps compared to commercial flights.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
    , @captflee
  32. duncsbaby says:

    Tom is a good rapper. I’m no aficionado though my favorite rappers are the Beastie Boys. I was gonna say that Tom Green was my favorite Canadian Jewish rapper but after a superficial check he is apparently not Jewish. My Jewdar is not as finely tuned as I once thought it was.

    Looking up “Jewdar” though I did find out that Harry Potter is Jewish.

    A term for the phantom sense that one may have to identify (fellow) practitioners of the Jewish faith.
    My jew-dar was totally going off all throughout the “Harry Potter” film. I knew Daniel Radcliffe was Jewish just by seeing him.

  33. @anon

    Even so, they couldn’t help overplaying the narrative with Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin.

    Till’s father was propped up as a war hero when it turned out he had been tried, convicted, and executed for the rape of a white woman while stationed in europe as a G.I.

    While Trayvon’s juvenile record was sealed, his facebook reaveled that he was a thug who was probably getting his skittles and fruit drink to mix some lean the night he met Mr. Zimmerman.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  34. @black sea

    Eric Clapton was at that concert as well, and left in a different helicopter. Clapton said he was terrified at the idea of flying in a helicopter in such bad weather but figured the pilots knew what they were doing so it would be safe.

    Clapton also said Stevie Ray was one of two guitarists he performed with who completely blew him away. The other was Jimmi Hendrix.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Russ
  35. @Hypnotoad666

    Waylon Jennings never recovered psychologically from when he gave up his seat on a doomed plane to the sick Richie Valens. The other passengers on that plane were the pilot, the Big Bopper and the guy who paid for the charter, Buddy Holly. The day the music died.

  36. JMcG says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan – a much bigger loss to the world than this guy.

  37. JMcG says:

    Heinz was in an airplane, the pilot couldn’t get a good indication in the cockpit that his landing gear was down and locked. A helicopter was volunteered to perform a visual check, but ended up colliding with the airplane over an elementary school. A couple of kids on the ground were killed and more were burned. Terrible accident, but hard to pin on the helicopter. Unplanned formation flight.

  38. Brutusale says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    This was covered by the Boston media at the time, as head coach Brad McCrimmon was a former Bruin.

  39. @Steve Sailer

    Wichita State and Marshall. Wichita state only lost half their team as they were on separate flights. Marshall was entirely annihilated.

    • Replies: @FPD72
  40. @Anonymous

    This thread was supposed to be about Christian McCaffrey, but it was turned into mainly Kobe Bryant.

    Thanks a lot.

  41. Regarding the thread’s subject, after eight games the Panthers were 5-3 and Christian McCaffrey had 881 yards rushing. He was on a pace for well over 1700 rushing yards for the season, which would have won the rushing title by a healthy margin. And McCaffrey would have set the Total Yards record as well.

    The Panthers lost their last eight games to finish 5-11 and McCaffrey’s rushing numbers went way down.

  42. FPD72 says:

    Also Cal Poly football in 1960 and Oklahoma State Basketball in 2001.

    • Replies: @kaganovitch
  43. @Steve Sailer

    I once took a 45 minute airplane tour of the Grand Canyon. An awesome experience. I don’t know if any planes have crashed over “The Big Hole” but I do know for a fact that more than one helicopter has crashed.

    Airplanes? Yea! Helicopters? Nay!

    • Replies: @William Badwhite
  44. @JohnnyWalker123

    The only celebrity whose death I filled me with deep emotion Mickey Mantle. And that was because MM was my boyhood sports hero. And I was no longer a boy, but an adult increasingly aware of my own mortality. And by that time I realized that, no, MM really was no “hero” anyway, just a guy who drank too much, screwed around with women—and could hit a baseball harder and farther than anybody I’ve ever seen.

  45. res says:

    Marshall Faulk had 4 seasons in a row in the top 35 for total yards. Impressive. The only other time he made the leaders (top 250) list was his rookie year at 131.

    Chris Johnson only made the list once, but it was at number 2.

    Barry Sanders was in the top 250 for 8 of his 10 seasons.

    Tiki Barber made the list 6 of 10 seasons.
    LaDainian Tomlinson made the list 6 of 11 seasons.

    Christian McCaffrey’s career is off to a great start. He has the potential to rewrite the record books in this category.

  46. @Mr McKenna

    “Noah Feldman of Harvard”

    AKA ‘Professor Fabulous.’

  47. @Anon55uu

    L’Aquila lost quite a few in a 1936 train accident. Only the coach was among the fifteen fatalities, but the players’ injuries ended their careers. A minor-league squad in 1936 Italy was not going to be flying anywhere. Train and bus crashes leave a lot more survivors.

    For a club with Fascist history, this logo looks awfully Yank, in colors and species:

    Aquila means “eagle”, and their other logos are more European.

  48. captflee says:

    Motor racing drivers and teams have also fallen victim to light aircraft incidents on occasion: Graham Hill, twice F1 World Driving Champion, and sole Triple Crown winner (24 Hrs of Le Mans, Indy 500, Monaco Grand Prix) and five others from the Embassy Hill team bought the farm back in ’75 in a most Sailerian fashion, crashing on approach in fog onto a golf course. Doubtless some driver or team owner from some other series has been killed in a chopper, but the only helo incident I can recall is Allessandro Nannini temporarily detaching a forearm when crashing into his vineyard, which did not kill him, though it did his F1 career.

    I have always been a little nervous around the damned things, both fixed wing and rotary. For a few months I was a member of Aids to Navigation Team Puerto Rico, which often necessitated shortly after sundown flying to some outlying island on some dubious “airline” or other, there to effect temporary repairs on fixed or floating aids, but for stomach churning anxiety nothing rivaled flying out to some isolated rock in a Coast Guard HH-3F or HH-52, there to be lowered down in a basket to do my thing. An added bonus on the helo trips was the distinct possibility of immediate diversion for Search and Rescue, which often saw us off as far afield as the Windward Passage and over-nighting God only knows where, though it must be said that I would otherwise never have been likely to have gotten to know the Graham Greene-ish Olofffson up in the cool hills of Petion-Ville.

    I was to later discover that as worrisome as was riding in helos supplied by the lowest bidder, that working in their very near proximity, whether slapping the eye of a cargo netted pallet of gas cylinders onto the belly hook of a low hovering CH-46 or acting as Landing Signalman to a landing CH-53E, with the hurricane force winds that bird generates on deck, holds similar terrors.

  49. Anon[319] • Disclaimer says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Clapton also said Stevie Ray was one of two guitarists he performed with who completely blew him away. The other was Jimmi Hendrix.

    It’s rumored that when Rolling Stone asked Clapton what it’s like being the best guitarist in the world, Clapton answered, “I don’t know, you better ask Prince.”

    Awesome Prince solo!

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  50. AceDeuce says:
    @James Braxton

    Till’s father was executed for rape and murder. He committed rape (at the time a capital crime in the military) on at least two women.

    His son was guilty of sexual assault.

  51. Alden says:

    I read the Phillip Greenspun blog. A few thoughts

    The Jewish religious charity excuse for flooding the country with non Whites who take so many jobs, suck up welfare lower wages raise the cost of housing and public services is no different than the Christian excuse.


    I liked that he mentioned that the religious refugee immigrant racket is funded by the tax payers who pay taxes to support the immigrants and their charitable enablers and then are greatly harmed by the immigrant pressure on jobs and housing.

    Some idiots still think it is out of weekly donations by the faithful or Catholic rental property. Like hell it is. The money comes from out taxes. And many work and pay taxes and then get food stamps because the taxes take so much money out of the paycheck

    His condescending, smarmy Jewish superiority about us dumkopf goyim who are “ unskilled” and live in the great cultural and economic desert between Boston and Seattle or DC and San Francisco is just sooooo Jewish

    A supermarket meat cutter , semi trained mechanic, auto body guy or framing carpenter has more skills than a Jewish professor of Marxism and grievance studies or an assistant executive director of some BS NGO scamming off the tax payers money by filling out the forms for grant proposals.

    He seems extremely insular and provincial. He doesn’t seem to know any elite professional people who aren’t Jews. He also doesn’t know the difference between earned income and real wealth. Real wealth is not some financial crook’s Wall Street Ponzi scheme. It’s tangible wealth.

    He’s also unaware of agricultural wealth. Well, city people aren’t neither are most business administration professors.

    Rich Jewish Drs is a mid 20th century concept. Drs aren’t all that rich any more Medicare Medicaid and insurance companies have limited payments for 50 years now. Medicaid payments for indigent treatment are cheap cheap cheap. And most immigrants are on Medicare and Medicaid. So the more immigrants, the lower the payments to providers.

    Then there’s the 13 years from 18 to 31 before they can start earning and the 3/500K it costs to become a Dr.

    He obviously hasn’t been near an American medical since the year Satan imposed affirmative action discrimination on American Whites 52 years ago.

    I worked at a major university with a medical school and saw the medical students. Half women, mostly Asian mostly not American but FOB from China. The men are about 90 percent Asian 1 black more often African not American 2 or 3 White and the rest Hispanic last names.

    The school being in California the White men were mostly 2 nd generation Armenians and Persians . White men are rejected because they are White. Their parents had the money to pay an attorney to appeal on the grounds of racial discrimination

    Prop 209 forbidding affirmative action state university admission is still the law in California
    But it’s really only Persians and Armenians who will pay tens of thousands to an attorney to do the appeal.

    All in all, Greenspun lives in an insular ghetto. He isn’t any different from a shetl Jew in Polwnd 1720 who thinks the Goyim are all the poverty stricken serfs he abuses physically financially legally and culturally.

    Back when we still thought something could be done to save the White goyim from extermination we decided on revenge against the individuals who did the damage. I was one of the activists who made lists of every attorney involved on the anti White side of every anti White lawsuit from Brown vs Topeka to Jews vs Prop 209.

    When a law suit is filed, the clerks starts an attorney list, the attorney who filed obviously. As the response comes in, opposing counsel is added. In these big lawfare suits with the endless appeals hundreds of attorneys are on the list.

    I knew Jewish attorneys were prominent in anti White law suits. But even I was surprised to find about 93 percent of the anti White attorneys had common Jewish names. I didn’t even count names like Becker and Kaufman.

    Brown, Griggs Kaiser affirmative action referendums in every case going back to Brown the anti White attorney’s were overwhelmingly Jews.

    We can’t do anything about it, but never forget and never forgive that it was Jewish funding and Jewish attorneys who integrated the schools bussed in vile orcs to bully beat rob and abuse White children flooded our country with non Whites , and made it illegal to hire a White man.

    Never forget never forgive:

  52. @vinny

    Rock promoter Bill Graham.

  53. No one cares about this white, Christian male!

  54. gsjackson says:

    To add a couple more sports into the bloodline: Christian’s Uncle Billy was a high-profile Duke basketball recruit who played on the 1991 national champion team, then transferred to Vanderbilt where he became an All-American. Dave Sime went to Duke on a baseball scholarship.

    • Replies: @Unladen Swallow
  55. gsjackson says:

    Depending on how far back you want to go — and maybe Hugh McElhenny was a bit before blacks completely took over the gig — but he played until ’64 and I think only Jim Brown was considered better during most of his career.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @keypusher
  56. Russ says:

    Faulk ’99 and (I believe) Craig ’85 were Super Bowl winners as well. How much credit goes to their respective coaches or offensive coordinators? Whatever the amount, Irish McCaffrey in their company will play for neither the SF Kneetakers nor the KC Kneetakers next weekend.

  57. @vinny

    The then President of Disney, Frank Wells in 1994.

  58. Russ says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Eric Clapton was at that concert as well, and left in a different helicopter. Clapton said he was terrified at the idea of flying in a helicopter in such bad weather but figured the pilots knew what they were doing so it would be safe.

    I remember that awful night. For a while, all that was known was that one of the two went down, and that either Clapton or SRV had been lost.

  59. @gsjackson

    He (Sime) was also considered probably the best all around track and field athlete in the country, setting six world records while at Duke. He never lost a race to Bobby Morrow in college, who went on to win the 1956 Summer Olympics 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay. That Olympics being held for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere ( Melbourne, Australia ) were delayed until December of that year and Sime injured himself right before while trying to ride a horse for the first time, the horse reared up and landed on his leg. Without Sime there, Morrow dominated the rest of the world’s sprinters.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  60. Russ says:

    Kobe was a clean-cut, elite, and wealthy athlete. The narrative demands some success post the Civil Rights revolution, and K is as good as it gets for now. Its really the failure of Blacks to close virtually every ‘gap’ that has led to the incessant doubling down on race.

    He also was the son of former NBAer Joe Bryant; thus, NBA royalty.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  61. @Russ

    Pretty similar background to Stephen Curry.

  62. @Anon

    Did the guitar ever come down?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  63. @Unladen Swallow

    Horses are pretty dangerous. Like helicopters.

  64. @FPD72

    I had completely forgotten about the Cal Poly disaster. The OK. St. crash was only 2 players, I think the rest were the broadcast team.

  65. @gsjackson

    In his 1964 book, Jim Brown mentioned three runners who “could do things on a football field I could never hope to master.” The three were Hugh McElhenny, Lenny Moore, and Bobby Mitchell.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  66. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    It was attached by monofilament line to a reel overhead that would lift it over everyone’s head.

    Prince had a lot of trick guitars, including oddly shaped ones, and even one that would “come”-it had a hollow pipe going up through the neck and a small tank of liquid white dishwashing soap that would squirt the stuff out the end of the headstock when a button was pressed. He’d make a bunch of exaggerated jacking-off motions and hit the switch, shooting the soap out and onto the front row.

    Throughout his career, Prince commissioned custom guitars from a wide array of luthiers. On this week’s podcast, we talk to two of the builders who made multiple instruments for the music superstar: Roger Sadowsky and Andy Beech.

    Sadowsky describes how he built “Ejacucasters,” a pair of guitars that resembled his famous Hohner Tele-style guitar but featured unique plumbing through the neck that incorporated dishwashing soap (use your imagination or hear Roger tell the tale). Meanwhile, Bellingham, Washington’s Beech (D’haitre Guitars) talks abut the dozens of instruments he built for Prince, including a guitar Prince used during the Superbowl halftime show and instruments that were sold through Prince’s website. Beech was also commissioned by Prince’s people to make a copy of the Symbol guitar and tells us a bit about its original construction.

    This episode is sponsored by D’Addario.

    I have a Tele I built from a body that Sadowsky sold as surplus on eBay in the early 2000s. I think they were building Fender-clone guitars and had an excess of inventory or were changing their lineup: normally they don’t sell parts separately. I’m guessing these were made by Warmoth or USA Custom Guitar as OEM pieces. The outline is a little nonstandard and looks just like those Hohnercasters that Prince used ( you couldn’t give them away originally, then they started bringing real money after he died) so maybe it was originally intended for Prince? Who knows. The wood appears to be birch or larch and it has a great twang. It’s got an actual seventies Fender neck and I’ve had a couple of good offers for it, I probably should have sold it.

  67. gsjackson says:
    @David In TN

    McElhenny probably was the best white running back to date. A big guy with 9.8 speed in the 100-yd dash. That plays in any era. Maybe a little more elusive than Riggins, who I believe had similar size and speed.

    Interesting comment by Brown, who probably isn’t remembered most for his humility. I have a friend who was a 2-time All-American lacrosse player at Maryland and played against Brown. Said Brown was not just the best lacrosse player he’s ever seen, but by far the best.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  68. @gsjackson

    An early biographer of Jim Brown said his ability to move with speed, power, finesse was even more devastating in lacrosse than it was in football.

    When John Riggins came out of Kansas in 1971, he was 6-2, 230 great speed, good hands, finesse, didn’t block much. The pro scouts called him a “white Jimmy Brown.”

    Jim Taylor (five straight thousand yard seasons 1960-64, first time ever done) was a better “pure runner” than given credit for. He could have been in the Top 12 (was in the Top 24, Riggins wasn’t) running backs picked this year.

  69. keypusher says:

    Good trivia question — Dickie Post led the AFL in rushing the last year of its existence (with only 873). Last white running back to lead a major football league in rushing. He disappeared shortly after the merger.

    Jimmy Taylor was a great running back, but Jim Brown was on a different planet from him or anyone else of that era. 1962 was the only year in his career Brown didn’t lead the league in rushing, and the following year he ran for 1,863 yards, which was the record until OJ. He averaged nearly a yard more per carry than Taylor over his career.

  70. Polymath says:

    Philip has been a close friend since we were dorm-mates at MIT from 1979-82. An extraordinarily accomplished individual of the highest integrity, whose wickedly sharp social and observational skills are masked by a mild nerd persona. A “natural” in several senses. For many years he excelled at saying things that were deeply conservative but phrased so cleverly that they failed to trigger the radar of his liberal neighbors. Starting in the Late Obama Age, he stopped caring and became more pointed in his criticisms—they are still disingenuous, but both easier for non-clued-in moderates to pick up on, and more clearly aimed at liberal targets.

    I can probably take credit for a few insights he heard from me before beginning to write about them, but I don’t try to match his hilariously droll style.

  71. @Prester John

    I don’t know if any planes have crashed over “The Big Hole”

    Trans World and United had a mid-air right about where the Little Colorado runs into the Colorado. It was an event that led to the deployment of radar for ATC.

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