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Biden: You Gotta Nice Country Here, Americans. It Would be a Shame if Something Happened to It
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As others have said, Biden comes across here like a gangster working a protection racket on a speakeasy.

After all, the vast majority of politics-influenced violence in the U.S. since Memorial Day has been committed by people who are anti-Trump. And because Biden is the official/nominal leader of anti-Trump forces, his threatening Four More Years of pillage, arson, and funeral shoot-ups in case he loses the election under the Constitution is pretty bad.

On the other hand, Biden could take steps in September to reassure law-abiding voters that he would use the Presidency to uphold law and order. It’s not at all hard to believe that, deep down, Joe prefers law and order to what is going on now.

For example, right now he might use his person-to-person political skills to get the mayor of Portland to shut down the anarchy. That would be a positive step toward convincing voters he is on the side of rule of law rather than mob mayhem.

But … the problem with that kind of strategy is that would make it clear the problem this summer has been Democratic politicians. Lots of Democratic media personalities have been saying:

  • There is no rioting.
  • The rioting is caused by Trump supporters.
  • You racist white people deserve all the rioting.

And if Biden temporarily strong-arms the next generation of Democratic office-holders into going along with Joe … well, that would speak well of Biden personally. But it may not reassure enough voters into voting for a 77-year-old candidate whose worldview is increasingly seen as out of date in the Democratic Party.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Hitler, 1933: “Does anyone believe the Reichstag will have fewer fires if we aren’t put into power?”

    (Yeah, I know Godwin’s law and cheap gnatzee shots but they trigger the libs.)

  2. · There is no rioting.
    · The rioting is caused by Trump supporters.
    · You racist white people deserve all the rioting.

    You left out: They aren’t riots; they’re mostly-peaceful protests.

    • Agree: TWS
  3. Missing from the post is any response of “yes, I think there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected.” He’s not doing anything about it.

    I’ve suggested a federal law making cities financially responsible for damages caused by police stand-downs. There’s already a lawsuit against Seattle for CHOP, the law will mean in future iterations there won’t be any doubt. This wouldn’t make them responsible for any rioting, they could still make the case in court that they did all that they could. If the teacher’s unions learned that their pensions were in danger of being cut in order to pay settlements for arson, they’d change their tune real quick.

  4. Thomas says:

    By the way, there’s an old leftist trick that’s at work here that needs to be called out. It’s the “climate of violence” shtick. Whenever people on their side of the fence or their side of the moral divide are responsible for violence, leftists always get vague about who is being violent to whom. The trick is to throw out a cloud of squid ink that turns it all into an amorphous “violence” that they can blame on anybody or anything they want. E.g., It’s Trump “inciting” or “fanning the flames” that leads to “violence.” Not leftist radicals who’ve been incited for four years to see everyone they disagree with as evil. Or it’s the ownership of guns that leads to “gun violence,” not underclass felons shooting people in blue cities. Obama recast “terrorism,” a term Americans associate with foreigners and Islam, as “violent extremism.”

    Probably the very first example historically where they pulled this trick was with the JFK assassination. Kennedy was assassinated by a Castro-loving communist. But they managed to lay the blame at a “climate of hate” in Dallas or in the South that let JFK become a martyr for the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts.

  5. Anon[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s a game….is the below a Biden tweet or a King George III quote?

    When the unhappy and deluded multitude, against whom this force will be directed, shall become sensible of their error, I shall be ready to receive the misled with tenderness and mercy!

  6. There are certain elderly Argentines and Chileans who are REALLY The Kind Of Immigrants America Needs right now. They know what to do with the troublemakers in blue cities.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @anonymous
  7. Let’s be clear: it’s not Sleepy Joe making these threats or writing this, but his handlers. We can consider this a direct message from either China or Soros. (I’m betting on China).

    • Replies: @Jane Plain
  8. That’s pretty good. It’s got some plausible deniability. I guess Biden ran it through his lawyer first, something that at least is good for slowing down the mad tweeting. (Perhaps our President could learn something from this.) One could take it as a threat or a promise, but, as you wrote, Steve, he sure hasn’t promised to make an effort to put a stop to the madness.

    I wish I could get more of this episode, but, this was a really funny show in general. To set this up, an Italian guy named Grotti came to The Office to sell insurance. Lots of what he said (couldn’t find these parts) could be taken as either mob threats or simple sales talk, which was the conundrum. Here, Dwight and Andy have conned Michael Scott into chewing out this guy on the phone by telling him that they found out he’s NOT a mobster (which they made up):

  9. Kronos says:

    Any bets on the ideological makeup of the first wave of Democratic refugees to the Republican side?

    For the Sailer strategy which whites would be more compatible? Bernie Bros’ or Clinton Neoliberals?

    • Replies: @BB753
    , @Redman
  10. Biden’s old, confused, and looking for answers.

    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for that tweet—maybe he’s sincerely asking the Twitterverse’s opinion, “Ask the Audience” lifeline—style, “Will there be less violence?” and will drop out and endorse Trump after giving the question some thought.

    • LOL: TWS
  11. How long ago was this posted? Ben Domenech (co-founder and publisher of The Federalist, husband of Meghan McCain) just told Bret Baier on Fox News, “Nice cities you got there. Shame if anything should happen to them.”

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  12. Woodsie says:

    Joe’s stuck between a rock and a hard place on this. If he encourages Wheeler et al to take steps to stop the rioting/looting and they do, it begs the question ‘what took so long?’ And if Joe’s actions/speech does not change the situation on the ground, then it begs the question, ‘why would anyone vote for THIS guy?’

    • Agree: Buffalo Joe
    • Replies: @Matt Buckalew
  13. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Biden’s underlying probem is not age related–it’s simply that he’s a lifelong unimaginative Beltway parasite (and he has a serious neurologic condition). Can anyone imagine this lightweight applying for a CEO position at Microsoft? LOL

  14. A relative was watching MSNBC just now. (My family is all Dems, save for my maternal grandparents who are NPR-listening Republicans.)

    Joy Reid was talking about Portland. She summarized the events, adding at the end that “one man was even killed.”

    That was it. She didn’t mention that he was a Trump supporter. She spent the rest of the segment talking with the panel about how the Trump supporters were shooting paintballs. “Paintball guns” were the first words in the chyron.

  15. Meanwhile…

    …our vaunted university system is putting the, “FU, ” in fun!

    “Sentenced To Isolation Prisons!” – College Students Across America Are Being Subjected To A Horrid Psychological Experiment

    Tulane University

    “No gatherings over 15 people. Everyone’s mental health is crumbling. Nobody is even sick and those who quarantine follow the rules. School requires asymptomatic testing and there’s no end in sight . My guy and girl friends are all miserable . So many have been like this is prison we can’t do anything. All bars closed in Louisiana. We gather at local parks and the cops come to shut it down. No fun ever allowed and no end in sight.”

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Buffalo Joe
    , @Anonymous
  16. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow the globalists have maneuvered us into another Evil vs Less Evil choice on election day.

    Option 1: Trump/GOP = Endless banker bailouts, skyrocketing debt, currency debasement, immigration amnesty, radical LGBT agenda, China style social credit score system (run by NSA), total surveillance society, covid hoax & vaccine hoax forever.

    Option 2: Biden/Dems = Same thing + violent Bolshevik revolution.

    Patriots: “Gee, I guess the only way to save the country is to vote GOP.”


    • Disagree: Ben tillman
    • Troll: Anonymousse
    • Replies: @John Gruskos
    , @Ben tillman
  17. @For what it's worth

    Lots of people have been saying this. As I said, I wasn’t the first.

  18. Anonymous[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Also worthy of consideration is this fresh mind-bender:

    I love the Zen-koan “deep stupidity” of it: per Topic D he was the prime mover in letting it all go to ruin so now Snidely Whiplash is ineligible to say it’s in ruins? Nice Oxford Union point of order there, Joey. And yet he utters pseudo profundities like this all day, so Twitter is just capturing his style

  19. BB753 says:

    Many Bernie Bros turned into Trump Republicans long ago. But who needs Clinton neoliberals?

  20. JimDandy says:

    So has that what the plan has been all along–encourage violent upheaval, and then before the election hammer home how the violence will diminish if Biden is elected?

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @David In TN
  21. SC Rebel says:

    Is that like a robbery gone wrong or workplace violence?

  22. @Alexander Turok

    Why do you think that Trump hasn’t invoked the Insurrection Act?

  23. C’mon, Joe, you crazy dog-faced pony soldier, you Democrats and other lefties have been waging violence against those on the political right since before the 2016 Presidential election. Have you already forgotten how people who were trying to attend Trump rallies were verbally and physically assaulted, as big city cops watched and did nothing? Your official 2016 candidate dismissed half the country’s people with the charge “Deplorables.”

    You and your fellow Democrats have been attempting a slow coup d’etat for the last four years.

    • Agree: TWS
    • LOL: S. Anonyia
  24. Ano says:

    You know, a Democrat junta, under puppet-ruler President Ga Ga, doesn’t have to stop any of the violence, but simply, with a post-modern phone and a post-reality pen, have it redefined by the Ministry of Truth, and enforced by the Ministry of Love.*

    So, a PoC drive-by gunning down a little old white lady out with her dog will be an act of (restorative) justice.

    Now emptied of all negroes, the jails will have plenty of space for the real criminals (as defined under the new hurtful speech laws)

    I think, it all depends on who is going to be the new Secretary of State for Retribution (sorry, I mean the new Secretary of State for Peace and Reconciliation.)

    Will it be Felix Dzerzhinsky?

    Or somebody who will be simply satisfied with going after Trump (and family)- whether putting him on show trial (after an arrest a la Roger Stone), or force him into exile and seize all his assets.

    If it is Hillary, then let’s you and me have a round of golf at the Clinton Mar-a-Lago Club one day!

    *Oh, I’m just a troll Mr Sailer! Biden America is going to be just like ‘Bama America! A land of Hope and Change! Hope and Change I tells ya!

  25. IMAM SHABAZZ YUSUF DERKA DERKA JIHAD: Rapes and murders are terrible! And, the only peaceful solution to Islamic rapes and murders is, submission to Islam!

  26. @R.G. Camara

    His handlers are Chuck and Nancy.

    BTW, people really *are* moving out of NYC at a record pace.

    Classic Sailer-bait:

    And it’s not just the “pandemic,” which has killed very few white New Yorkers. It’s stuff like this:

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  27. Andy Ngo’s latest tweet implies that the DNC-CCP golem in Portland may be spiraling out of control:

  28. anonymous[551] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden has atrial fibrillation. Because of this, he’s on warfarin to keep him from stroking out. The problem with warfarin is getting a dosage that mitigates the blood clotting, while not turning the subject into a confused person with very poor working memory.

    A dose that works fine for a week, can put you on your ass, talking like a 9 year old the next. This is because so many things interact with warfarin, including diet. You can have one meal that doesn’t agree with your dosage, and you’re on your back, gibbering like a 9 year old. That is, you have the attention span and working memory of a child that age. No matter what, however, the drug slows your information processing rate. You can appear functional, as long as outside stimuli moves at a leisurely pace. If things start happening fast, you’re out of the game.

    Hillary was on warfarin, and it was clear at the debates, she simply couldn’t keep up with Trump. He simply moved too fast for her, while on warfarin. Nancy Pelosi is fully aware of this, which is why she’s discouraging the debates, which likely won’t happen, since it would be a fiasco.

    Aside from Biden’s politics, he is in NO physical condition to be the President of the United States.

    If elected, the scenario would be Biden becoming frustrated by his inability to process information as fast as required. Then he decides to take a chance and lower his warfarin dose. His blood then thickens, his atrial fibrillation becomes a blood clot factory, one clot travels to his brain and voila: Kamala Harris is our new President.

    If he wins, remember this post. You’ll be amazed by my Wizardry.

    Remember, he can’t run an administration in his warfarin induced state of mind. He’s going to get frustrated, lower his warfarin dose, and be rewarded by being able to think more clearly, then he’s a ticking time bomb:

  29. Mike Tre says:

    “For example, right now he might use his person-to-person political skills to get the mayor of Portland to shut down the anarchy. ”

    You mean like he could feel up the mayor’s daughter during a photo op?

  30. Whiskey says: • Website

    Pretty much conclusive proof Biden’s people will only amp up the violence.

    We will get riots and black dudes killing White people as targets of opportunity. Regardless who wins.

    Difference is Biden will seize all guns and Trump will not.

  31. @Jane Plain

    Chuck and Nancy don’t handle Joe. Puppets don’t control other puppets.

  32. Tucker is leading with this tonight. That’s 4+ million people who might not have heard about it otherwise.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  33. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden’s campaign manager is some chick named Jen(?). She’s a nobody and a big step down from brainy David Axelrod.

    Look for Biden to continue to flail.

    Very few women are strategic thinkers.

    Kamala Harris (similar to Hillary 2016) set the political ratchet exactly wrong a few months ago when she supported and raised funds for the violent protesters.

    So now each time the violence escalates the ratchet hits her in the face instead of her opponent and Kamala looks more weak and foolish.

    It doesn’t matter so much because she’s only VP candidate but we can see what a strategically challenged politician she is. Hers would be a flailing presidency if she ever got there.

    Biden’s bad choice for campaign manager is only outdone by his bad choice for VP. This is another guy who surrounds himself with women. WTF.

    ALMOST NO WOMEN ARE GREAT STRATEGISTS. No wonder China wants Biden/Harris. Once Biden goes full senile in 2021 the White House will be HuffPost girls gone wild.

  34. @Alexander Turok

    He did something about it in Wisconsin. He’s done something about it everywhere the governor and mayor haven’t explicitly committed to a policy of burning their city down to own Trump. In fact he tried to do something in the PNW- something that was honestly pretty reckless to defend a federal court house.

    What too many people seem to really want is for him to start dropping N bombs and C bombs and reading from the Turner Diaries during press conferences.

    • Replies: @Pop Warner
  35. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Ha maybe he’s asking honestly. He’s not sure who he’s going to vote for yet. Give trump supporters a chance to persuade him.

  36. @Woodsie

    Their not mentioning the riots even once a convention basically put them in an unwinable position. If the riots were actually Trump’s fault then why wasn’t that mentioned in Biden’s speech.

    The left wing monopoly on media control was the greatest disaster that ever befell this country. But as it erodes it’s creating huge issues for politicians used to relying on it. Fifteen years ago not mentioning the riots would have worked. the media would have suppressed the story sending republicans into a frenzy at the unfairness of the coverage and cause the republicans to make bad decisions on tilt. Now a lot to the clever little games leftist used to play don’t work.

    Not that I’m saying the election is in the bag or anything or that the left isn’t still intensely privileged but the days of the media moving elections 10 points via bias are over.

  37. guest says:

    The “hate” thing I never understood, except as anti-Southern animus. Because JFK and Civil Rights had no special relationship, except retroactively after LBJ ran wild.

    Dallas Hate morphed into Collective Guilt for unspecified reason in my lifetime. See the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil, for instance. Who killed those poor rich Irish boys? You and me.

    Say what now? I had nothing to do with it.

    • Replies: @Thomas
    , @scrivener3
  38. bomag says:
    @Alexander Turok

    I’ve suggested a federal law making cities financially responsible for damages caused by police stand-downs.

    Seems to be plenty of laws on the books that pertain.

    We’re lacking a populace that subscribes to the rule of law.

  39. @Anonymous

    Write-in Tucker Carlson.

    And boycott Hollywood. (Heck, boycott everything other than small local businesses.)

  40. pirelli says:

    Frank Rich’s 2011 piece for NY Mag offers one of the fullest expressions of the “right wing climate of hate killed JFK” theory.

    But another controversy from the assassination—one that has never received remotely the attention generated by the endless “grassy knoll” and “second gunmen” debates—is forcefully revived by King: *the role played in Oswald’s psyche by the torrid atmosphere of political rage in Dallas,* where both Lady Bird Johnson and Adlai Stevenson had been spat upon by mobs of demonstrators in notorious incidents before Kennedy’s fateful 1963 trip. As the time-traveling Epping gets settled in that past, he describes an inferno of seething citizens, anti-Semitic graffiti on Jewish storefronts, and angry billboards demanding the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren and equating racial integration with communism. That last one, King’s protagonist observes, “had been paid for by something called The Tea Party Society.”

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Anonymousse
  41. TGGP says: • Website

    It’s completely normal for a politician running against an incumbent to associate anything bad happening with said incumbent. Trump himself did it when he was in that position. And since Trump hasn’t managed to stop the rioting, he can’t very well claim things will get better as soon as he’s elected. I do think it’s possible that rioters will just get bored later, but that doesn’t make for an effective campaign argument.

    Is the problem with Democratic politicians or their constituents? Yglesias recently pointed out that the few Republican mayors of cities large enough to experience unrest haven’t done a better job, and Cochran in response merely noted that in small towns like the one he grew up in it would have been unthinkable for his neighbors to behave in such a way.

  42. Lot says:

    This looks bad, but even when Biden gets his lines *right*, there’s still this dementia-in-denial vibe that makes me to recall my experiences in the past with senior men with early dementia.

    He really looks like crap too. If someone looking like Biden showed up as your Uber driver, would you feel safe?

    I think you’re right he may weasel out of debates.

    The media gives Trump endless crap on his hair and spray tan, but ignored Kamala’s bizarre botox overdose, which you can see here:

  43. Thomas says:

    I didn’t live through the ’60s so I’ll defer to the memories of anyone who did. But my take based on contemporaneous cultural products and history is that there was some massive collective retconning about both Kennedy and his assassination starting in about 1967 or so. I think a lot of it was tied up with the whole mess that followed: Vietnam, civil rights, the Long, Hot Summers, etc. There was a desire to create some sort of mythology about “what might have been.”

  44. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Don Bob

    Not only did he lead with this story, he almost verbatim used Steve’s title here.
    Coincidence? Maybe, or perhaps he’s a reader of Steve like all of us.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  45. anon[266] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    All bars closed in Louisiana.

    As a Tulane grad, class of ’81, I shudder at the thought of all the bars in Louisiana being closed.
    Truly we have entered a new dark age.

    • Replies: @D. K.
    , @Ben tillman
  46. Jiminy says:

    In a way it’s sad that they don’t just retire this guy to an old people’s home where he can safely live out the rest of his life in peace and comfort. But instead they use him as a mockery to the position that he aspires to. I can feel for him though, as a fellow sufferer of a heart defect. It’s good to read what you wrote about the rat poison and it’s effects on the body, as I’m coming to that point where a decision has to be made on whether I get an artificial valve or an animal one. Although the organic one only last about six years, rat poison isn’t needed- whereas the artificial valve does. So thanks for the informative post.

  47. @Anonymous

    Lots of people came up with that kind of line. It’s pretty obvious.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @lavoisier
  48. gent says:

    So America is unprotected but we shouldn’t be scared about that?

  49. “It’s not at all hard to believe that, deep down, Joe prefers law and order to what is going on now.”

    it’s actually pretty hard to believe. like all Democrat politicians now, Biden likes Trump supporters getting beat down and killed, he likes random small businesses getting burned to the ground, he likes riots and looting.

    how do we know? he never says otherwise. he tacitly approves, in line with the younger Democrat politicians and their clear cut anarcho-tyranny strategy.

    Joe Biden is a scumbag crook, Steve. and his family are scumbag crooks. you’re overlooking that part. what happened in Ukraine again? who was Vice President when they decided to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign?

    of course Biden is in favor of all manner of lying, cheating, and stealing to win his election for President. Joe Biden doesn’t give a shit if a hundred Trump voters get shot in the streets.

    yeah, he’s not all the way to the Obama left. but he voluntarily signed up to be Obama’s VP. come on. how principled could the guy be?

  50. let’s review. it’s summer 2016. the Obama administration is encouraging people to kill random police officers. who was Vice President at the time…oh, that’s right. was Joe Biden the lone voice of reason, trying to stop his fellow Obama cabinet members from doing this?

    NO. Joe Biden was ABSOLUTELY FINE with random police officers being killed. HE DIDN’T SAY SHIT.

    screw this guy.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  51. bgates says:

    It’s not at all hard to believe that, deep down, Joe prefers law and order to what is going on now.

    It’s just as easy to believe that Joe thinks an episode of Law and Order is what’s going on right now.

    “C’mon, man! These new DAs are terrible! Where’s McCoy and those assistants of his with the great hair?”

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  52. @Anon

    FourZeroTwo, A Biden quote that he plagerize from George III ?

  53. Bernard says:

    Thomas says:
    August 31, 2020 at 10:39 pm GMT • 200 Words ⇑
    By the way, there’s an old leftist trick that’s at work here that needs to be called out. It’s the “climate of violence” shtick. Whenever people on their side of the fence or their side of the moral divide are responsible for violence, leftists always get vague about who is being violent to whom. The trick is to throw out a cloud of squid ink that turns it all into an amorphous “violence” that they can blame on anybody or anything they want. E.g., It’s Trump “inciting” or “fanning the flames” that leads to “violence.”

    An analog to the above occurs when describing aggressive behavior. It goes like this. Antifa attacks Trump supporters the headline is, “Violence between Protestors in Portland”. When someone with even the most tenuous connections to the right acts aggressively it becomes, “ Far Right Extremists Attack Peaceful Demonstrators”.
    Our biggest institutional failure of the 21st century is the mainstream media. It has descended into a rabid partisan advocate for a single party. This above everything else fuels America’s decline.

    • Agree: Thomas
    • Replies: @Thomas
  54. Bernard says:

    I’m confused, what is Joe saying?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  55. D. K. says:

    Did you ever patronize The Boot, on the western edge of campus? I managed the Kinko’s, in the front of the same building, from mid-November 1981 through mid-May 1982. There was a record store, above us, the name of which is lost in the mists of time. During my brief tenure in New Orleans, I lived on Napoleon Avenue, just down the street from Tipitina’s.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Stan Adams
  56. @The Wild Geese Howard

    Howard, elevated numbers of suicide and dangerous drug use could result from this control. Socializing is a huge part of the college experience. College is where you meet some of your life long friends.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  57. @anonymous

    Documentation? How do you know he is on Warfarin? Why would he be when there are so many later generation options for anticoagulants? I’m guessing it’s just plain old senile dementia.

  58. @JimDandy

    Jim, maybe a failed strategy. For what it is worth read the comments on a liberal site such as SF Gate. They seem to be seeing through this, but how they vote is another matter.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  59. JohnnyD says:

    Maybe, we’ll see Biden crack down on the rioters the way he cracked down on Corn Pop.

  60. Bill says:
    @Alexander Turok

    Oh, yeah, the problem is a technical one. If we just had the right regulation, everything would be ok.

    • Replies: @Alexander Turok
  61. Did the Democrats do a 180 because of the polls, or because of VickiWillie Osterweil’s notorious interview on NPR? It got a lot of pushback from leftists like Katha Pollitt.

    • Replies: @David
  62. JimDandy says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    Thanks. I wondered awhile ago if the plan rested on Americans coming to that conclusion on their own: “I don’t care if Biden’s an idiot, I just want this anarchy to STOP.”

    If so, yes, they miscalculated.

  63. @Anonymous

    I think he is saying that Donald Trump failed to protect America, not from the mostly peaceful protests where only a few people have been shot dead, but from The Virus, where perhaps the President failing to use Mr. Biden’s strategy of scolding people into mask compliance from his TV commercials resulted in mounds of elderly bodies from Andy Cuomo’s nursing homes?

    You have to understand Brussel sprouts logic, here.

    I think there is a certain logic to what Joe Biden is saying inasmuch as the plaintiff’s bar was scaring people about the Pinto gas tank when only a few people got burned alive or scaring people about GM ignition locks when it was the odd young woman with too much junk on her keychain that crashed when the steering-wheel anti-theft mechanism locked up?

  64. @Mike Tre

    Maybe by slipping in the tongue with his own granddaughter again, he could get Mayor Wheeler to realize that the resistance is futile.

    But I digress, if Joe can set up someone as reckless and worthless as his son Hunter with high paying gigs, just think what kind of wonders he can do with the American economy. He’s a friggin’ miracle worker.

  65. Dan Hayes says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Your response proves once again that egomania has never been one of your selling points!

    • Replies: @ChrisZ
  66. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    The snowflake right strikes again! Srsly, tell me that’s any more reasonable than “muh patriarky’s commin for my vaccum tube!”


  67. Redman says:


    I’m pretty sure Biden couldn’t strong arm a jellyfish at his point. He’s shooting blanks and simply praying his handlers know what’s going on.

  68. @Bill

    If you try I can’t guarantee you success, but if you don’t try I can guarantee you failure.

    The bureaucracy is very unnatural. Humans are adapted to the world of the illiterate hunter band or peasant village. Everyone knew everybody else, marks on a page weren’t very important, big sticks were what mattered. That’s how most of Africa still works. But it ain’t how America works. The lawyer is a far more effective weapon than the gun. The problem with the Right is that it’s become consumed by appealing to 85-IQ Clevons who think they can solve problems by yelling really loud and don’t seem to have any idea how to go about governing.

    Every mass movement will have to appeal to the masses. But it needn’t be defined by the masses’ level of intelligence. Sailer has decided to let his moron commenters tell him what he can and can’t say, just as most intelligent Leftists self-censor to appease the woke mob.

  69. Redman says:

    Don’t need all the whites. Just most of them.

  70. Vote for Joe.

    And nobody gets hurt.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  71. Thomas says:

    Our biggest institutional failure of the 21st century is the mainstream media. It has descended into a rabid partisan advocate for a single party. This above everything else fuels America’s decline.

    The partisanship has been there for decades but it’s descended into levels of absurdity in the Trump era. Fortunately, it’s very much of a double-edged sword. By robbing themselves of objective, unbiased sources of information about the world, the left obscures its own vision. That’s why they miss things like Trump’s victory in 2016 or how badly the BLM riots are backfiring on them now.

  72. @anonymous

    Beyond the obvious decline, Biden is simply too old.

    Because of easier work, better, cleaner environment, infectious disease control and better medical care a lot of people are living longer and healthier lives–more living healthier and more vigorously in their 60s and 70s. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t aging. (I’m doing well with no particular issues, but i’m certainly not the guy i was a decade back in my 50s.)

    Even if someone is doing well in their 70s–like Trump, a guy with tremendous natural energy–the probability distribution of their expected future health over the next four years is significantly worse than it is for someone in the same health in their 60s (much less their 50s). Bad shit–a significant issue or just significant decline–is just way, way more likely to hit you at that age.

    Nations–and the important institutions in nations–should really be run by men in their 50s and early/mid 60s. Old men can–should–be there as “old wise men” providing perspective and wise counsel. But they are poor choices to be the guys on the spot, in the hot seat, in charge.

  73. anon[266] • Disclaimer says:
    @D. K.

    Yes, we went to the Boot often. Dr. Banana still had his stand. We also went to a bar further down Broadway, I think called Tin Lizzies.

    • Replies: @D. K.
  74. @Thomas

    The retconning started that day when Dan Rather lied and said an assembly of Dallas school children cheered the news of his assassination. It reached its fevered pitch with JFK when Kennedy was assassinated for I kid you not wanting to end Vietnam.

    But Kennedy worship isn’t long for the world. LBJ is a lot more important to what the Dems are now than JFK and conspiracy theorizing especially when it involves Vietnam is too likely to implicate LBJ.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  75. JosephB says:

    At this point how many potential Trump voters even care what happens in the cities? Let the libs deal with the problem they created. I don’t see it as worth stressing over. Sit back, relax, and chuckle at the self-inflicted wound.

    If you want to rub salt in their wounds and maybe even fix the problem, then a federal civil rights lawsuit filed on behalf of the dispossessed would be delicious irony. I don’t see federal legislation as likely to get through the senate. Perhaps there is some wiggle room with executive orders or using troops to enforce supreme court decisions. Public humiliation can be a powerful motivator.

  76. @D. K.

    The record store is called The Mushroom.

    • Replies: @D. K.
  77. black sea says:

    We have a minimum age for a serving president (35 years old). We should implement a maximum age of 70 to 72. This would limit most presidential candidacies to politicians in their mid 60s or younger.

    Yes, someone older could serve only one term or resign upon exceeding the maximum age, but parties want their candidates to be eligible to serve two full terms.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anonymous
  78. @anonymous

    Then Biden strokes out, and we get Woodrow Wilson 2. So, driving Biden to implode now, before the election, would be an act of mercy, to the country, to the world and most of all to Biden, who after his loss will be free to enjoy his golden years, warm and safe in his basement.

    As an aside, Ol’ Joe knows a lot about inciting mobs to riot: he had eight years of watching Obama egging on his followers to riot, murder and commit arson.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  79. Kamala was openly encouraging the riots to continue just a couple months ago. True this was before she was added to the ticket but this clip helps reinforce the threat from Biden.

  80. D. K. says:

    Yes, I used to eat lunch at Tin Lizzies, quite often, during the work week.

  81. D. K. says:
    @Stan Adams

    It still does not ring a bell, but thanks! My small Kinko’s— with one large Savin photocopier and one small self-service copier— seemed to have disappeared, many years ago, along with the old regional headquarters, on South Carrollton, where I worked for a few weeks, before being given my own store to manage. The woman who hired me was Leslie Groves’ granddaughter!

  82. @ScarletNumber

    CNN Reporter: “Whats that fire? Oh, that’s just some youth roasting marshmallows while they peacefully protest. If you listen closely, you can hear them singing Kumbaya.”

  83. Anonymous[541] • Disclaimer says:

    With the deaf translator, it plays like a Saturday Night Live sketch…

    • Replies: @Cortes
  84. Clyde says:

    I liked last week’s Trump trolling — “Joe Biden has to get a drug test before the debates” For sure Biden is on some powerful brain boosting meds for his recent public appearances. Perhaps similar to what Pelosi and Feinstein take. Half the US Senators are taking exotic meds. Not necessarily psych meds, but meds that still mess with their minds as side effects. I figure Walter Reed Hospital gives them out like candy.

  85. @Anonymous

    The comma, a dead giveaway that a female wrote that tweet.

  86. SFG says:

    That’s not how I read this at all.

    I read this as Biden telling moderates and moderate conservatives:

    “You value law and order. Trump has failed to deliver that. He talks a nice game about loving the police but under his watch we have rioting and looting.”

    Vote for me and we’ll go back to before all this crap happened.”

    Think like a not-particularly-political swing voter (or one with distaste for both sides). Ever since Trump got elected we’ve had riots and racial conflict, and now the coronavirus. Return to the status quo is a powerful argument.

    *You and I* know Kamala’s going to be in charge–Joe’s in his late seventies–but I can see the appeal of the argument.

  87. @Anon

    Here’s a game….is the below a Biden tweet or a King George III quote?

    When the unhappy and deluded multitude, against whom this force will be directed, shall become sensible of their error …

    Say what you want about George III, he did at least have more than a nodding familiarity with the English language. He also wasn’t senile. Here’s the Biden version:

    “When the unhappy … the unhappy and … you know, the thing …”

  88. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    Lots of people came up with that kind of line. It’s pretty obvious.

    I also think it is quite likely he is reading your essays as well, or at least his writers sure are.

  89. Thoughts says:

    The U.S. President is not much higher on the totem pole than figurehead.

    He’s slightly more interesting than President of Ireland (who btw looks like a leprechaun with a cool dog)

    The mere fact that we’re spending all this time discussing Biden versus Trump means we’ve already lost the plot completely.

    What’s Pelosi doing? Who are the upcoming star republicans in the Senate? Any interesting people in the state Governments?

    Why are we part of the Cult of Trump, a man who has 0 power according to the constitution.

    Covid and these riots taught us that State Governors and State Prosecutors have more power.

    So let’s talk about them for once! Who are some interesting republicans out there? It’s a big country, let’s chat.

    Trump can’t do anything. Let’s talk about the people who can.

    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  90. Alden says:

    No mention that Oswald was first exposed to communism at age 11 or 12 during the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg trial when he and his mother lived in a Jewish communist section of Brooklyn. One day an “ old Jewish lady” handed him a flyer proclaiming the innocence of the Rosenbergs and greatness of the Soviet Union and he was hooked.

    The local public library, like most libraries in hard left Jewish Brooklyn was full of books praising Lenin, Trotsky and all the other revolutionists. Oswald loved to read and read many of those pro communist books.

    By the time they went back to New Orleans he was committed.

    Oswald studied Russian, defected to Russia, comeback, started a pro Castro organization and killed Kennedy because he was a communist and Kennedy was a cold warrior making speeches about fighting the communists in Vietnam. And building more and more missiles in case the Russians tried to bomb us.

    I remember it well. Within hours, liberals were all pretending Oswald was a John Birch Society, anti communist who killed Kennedy because of Kennedy’s love for blacks and civil rights.

    The Who Killed Kennedy industry is endless propaganda and incredibly successful. More than a thousand books, a thousand theories. There was a time when anyone could claim anyone in the world killed Kennedy and get it published

    The most ridiculous were the one by Lifton that claim the conspirators had a surgeon on the plane going back to Washington who altered the wounds in full view of Kennedy’s close friends and aides. Second worst book claimed Jackie Kennedy’s second husband, Aristotle Onassis arranged the murder. He and Jackie got engaged in September and Onassis had Kennedy killed in November to avoid a divorce.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  91. Alden says:

    I did live through it. The endless books always sought to tie in what was happening in the 70s, 80s, 90s with the Kennedy assassination. When Bush 1 ran for president there were even a couple books claiming he was standing in front of the Texas Book building directing events. See that picture of a White man in a suit!!!!!! That’s George Bush supervising the assassination. !!!!!

    One book claimed that police officer Tippet Oswald shot was a conspirator whose job was to kill Oswald.

    I was walking to class a few minutes before 1PM central time right when he died. The commie professor started yapping about how the KKK killed him because Kennedy was pro civil rights and loved con man commie preacher Michael King

    If you like the spy mystery conspiracy genre, which I do, the Kennedy books are very entertaining and a nice change from John Le Carre , Len Deighton and Ken Follet But I wouldn’t call them fiction. They’re fiction loosely based on a true event.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  92. Hibernian says:

    The good L& O episodes are the early ones with Moriarty, Dzundza or Sorvino, Noth, and the actor Adam Schiff.

  93. Hibernian says:

    Old men can–should–be there as “old wise men” providing perspective and wise counsel.

    With obvious exceptions. Biden would be lost as a Poli Sci professor sharing his “wisdom” at a junior college, maybe the one Jill teaches at, if she isn’t retired. I suppose his name on the faculty roster would draw students, support from local businessmen, etc.

  94. David says:
    @Jane Plain

    The coverage of the shooting of Jacob Blake persuaded one very-leftist, VPR-listening friend of mine that the country would be better served by Trump as president. Blake obviously needed to be shot and video of the event overlaid with mismatched outrage was bad for the pro-riot camp. Skirt that provoked the rapist bad.

    • Replies: @Jane Plain
  95. Anon[183] • Disclaimer says:
    @black sea

    Sorry, that’s way too old. The commander-in-chief should not be one day older than the eldest troops he commands (many of whom are still too old).

  96. TWS says:
    @Alexander Turok

    That’s not what’s going to happen. And Trump couldn’t get that introduced much less passed.

    • Replies: @Alexander Turok
  97. @JimDandy

    The left’s idea has been that people will vote Trump out in order to have “peace and quiet.”

    Biden practically said just that–“Vote for me if you want to violence to stop.”

  98. @Thomas

    The Kennedy men started a drumbeat about that time of “If Kennedy had lived we would not have the Vietnam war.” Over the years it became “JFK had a withdrawal plan.”

    • Replies: @Thomas
  99. S says:

    Kennedy was assassinated by a Castro-loving communist. But they managed to lay the blame at a “climate of hate” in Dallas or in the South that let JFK become a martyr for the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts.

    Yes, the self declared ‘progressives’ blame someone else, while cynically furthering their own political agenda. Anything but do some painful soul searching and examine their own beliefs, actions and behavior, something necessary for one’s overall health and personal growth.

    There is something self centered and suicidal about what is termed the ‘progressive’ left and Euros. You can see it in someone like Obama’s mother, Stanley Dunham, who deliberately sought out a Black African to father her child, destroying forever her part of the family’s genetic heritage, and gravely damaging her parents own interests, who actually raised Obama when they should of been enjoying their Golden Years, all while being (typically) ultimately tossed under the bus by an ungrateful mixed race child who self identified with his absent African father.

    I think part of it is the role they play in the centuries old manufactured and broadly controlled Hegelian Dialectic of being the ‘anti-thesis’ of the ‘thesis’, ie Capitalism, Conservativism, the ‘Right’, etc, broadly being in a negative position from the start as a negation of what they see is the bad in those things. Perhaps far more importantly, though, is their denial of reality and attempting to make/force things that are simply naturally different, into being the same, ie ‘equal’, to use their own loaded term.

    Besides the examples of the progressive left’s self generated violence and blaming others, whether modern as with the Dems and Biden, or, the example of the Kennedy assassination*, there’s also the forerunner of CHAZ, and that was JAZZ (Jonestown Autonomouz Zone) in 1978 Jonestown, Guyana, and the mass murder/suicide which took place there.

    This was a progressive Euro (Anglo-Saxonish) led Communist and Blackcentric place the Democratic establishment was enamored with right up until US Congressman Leo Ryan’s murder there. They’d rather people bury and forget the entire thing (they have) rather than examine it’s implications regarding so called ‘progressivism’.

    Kennedy assassination researcher Mark Lane, present at Jonestown during the self administered carnage as a Jonestown lawyer, and, yes, unlike most there, Jewish, blamed the CIA for it, just as he blamed the CIA squarely for the Kennedy assassination. [Interestingly, it’s often forgotten that Lane himself early in his career worked for US army intelligence in post war Germany.]

    The last to suicide at Jonestown was the Euro Annie Moore, Jones’ nurse. It is thought she shot Jones before doing herself in.

    Moore blamed the whole world for the failure of police free Jonestown** and the mass suicide, rather than there being something not right with progressivism, just as probably many of the former CHAZ folks do for it’s failure.

    Excerpted from the last page of 24 year old Moore’s four page suicide note…

    “We died because you would not let us live in peace!”

    “There were no ugly, mean police waiting to beat our heads in, no more racist stares from whites and others who thought they were better. No one was made fun of for their appearance—something each one had no control over.”

    “Meanness and making fun were not allowed. Maybe this is why all the lies were started—besides the fact that no one was allowed to live higher than anyone else. The United States allows classism, the problem being this and not all the side tracks of black power, woman power, Indian power, gay power.”

    “What a beautiful place this was. The children loved the jungle, learned about animals and plants. There were no cars to run over them; no child-molesters to molest them; nobody to hurt them. They were the freest, most intelligent children I had ever known.”

    “Seniors had dignity. They had whatever they wanted—a plot of land for a garden. Seniors were treated with respect—something they never had in the United States. A rare few were sick, and when they were, they were given the best medical care.”

    “We died because you would not let us live in peace!”

    *Having said that, yes, there’s some weird things about the JFK assassination, and, I’ve posted on them.

    **Jones’s personally loyal ‘Red Brigade’ took care of security.

  100. @Alden

    The Kennedy Cultists took the idea of not taking Oswald’s life-long Communist beliefs seriously. He was “sick” and the “hate” in Dallas “triggered a sick mind.”

    William Manchester honed in on this idea in is 1967 book. By the way, Manchester stressed that Oswald was the lone assassin. To the end of his life William Manchester rejected the conspiracy theories.

    Manchester wrote something like: “Oswald resented Kennedy. To him, Kennedy got where he did due to his wealth. Kennedy got all the breaks.”

    Manchester wrote that Oswald was “an inveterate reader of newspapers and read all the right-wing attacks on JFK.” Manchester inferred Oswald was a sick malcontent rather than a Communist.

  101. @anon

    It’s been 25 years since I went out in Uptown. What was the name of that place with the proprietress named Birdie?

  102. @Anonymous

    If you know what’s going on, you aren’t being scammed. Give it a rest.

  103. @TGGP

    Is the problem with Democratic politicians or their constituents?…the few Republican mayors of cities large enough to experience unrest haven’t done a better job,

    Just off the top of my head: Miami and San Diego. Both have Republican mayors, neither have had rioting. Miami is run by Cubans that never got the White Guilt Memo and don’t tolerate black crime and dysfunction outside of the black areas (Liberty City, Overtown); while in San Diego the mayor specifically told the police to aggressively deal with any rioting and that they would be backed by his administration 100%.

    • Agree: Ben tillman
  104. @Matt Buckalew

    What too many people seem to really want is for him to start dropping N bombs and C bombs and reading from the Turner Diaries during press conferences.


  105. @TGGP

    What are you talking about? There is no unrest in Oklahoma City or Salt Lake City or any other city with a Republican mayor.

  106. @Mike Tre

    You mean like he could feel up the mayor’s daughter during a photo op?

    Wait, wait, wait! Daughter?! You trying to tell me Wheeler is somehow NOT a homosexual?

  107. @pirelli

    I deeply wish I could somehow live in the America that the left claims exists… and in this America I could have the president they say Trump is… and white people would really act and think just as we allegedly do…

    • Agree: Jim Brewer
  108. @Thoughts

    Why are we part of the Cult of Trump, a man who has 0 power according to the constitution.

    Haven’t you been paying attention? The constitution now has 0 power… according to the constitution… according to the people charged with interpreting it.

    What is theoretically true in a country with actual laws is no longer salient.

  109. Cortes says:

    I wonder how the aphasiacs whose reactions to The Gipper were so memorably described by Oliver Sacks

    would respond to Joe Biden.

  110. Ragno says:

    You left out: They aren’t riots; they’re mostly-peaceful protests.

    Yes, but you’re forgetting that – as we were “informed” time and again – the violence and anarchy that is occurring is the work of undercover white supremacists with full-head BLM masks.

    Surely you remember them hawking this theory a few months ago – and by “them” I am of course referring to the NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, and all the other ventriloquist dummies crowded on the lap of The Great Soros as he drank a glass of water while the audience gasped.

  111. ChrisZ says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Well put, Dan, and too true. Our host’s nonchalance towards his own virtues is one of the pleasures of this site, which keeps it readable and on point.

    I should add my conviction that *of course* Tucker and his people read iSteve. For a journalist of his bent, with a daily program to fill and a national platform, it would be malpractice NOT to do so. They’re a talented bunch on Tucker’s show, who come up with a lot of great original material. But the “tell” of familiarity with Steve’s work is there often enough, and in other venues as well.

    It’s an injustice that the debt is never acknowledged. But that’s our sick world.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  112. ChrisZ says:

    A great book in this very topic—the creation of a “what might have been” mythology surrounding Pres. Kennedy—is James Piereson’s “Camelot and the Cultural Revolution.”

    I think it would be a rather timely read today, come to think of it.

    Among fictional treatments of a conspiracy plot, I recall enjoying “Libra” by Don DeLillo.

  113. @Alden

    …the Kennedy books are very entertaining…

  114. @David


    I look forward to the show in Kenosha. Hope Trump hits it out of the park. As a speaker, he’s hit-or-miss.

    By VPR I assume you mean NPR?

  115. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:
    @Redneck farmer

    Redneck farmer says:
    August 31, 2020 at 10:45 pm GMT ⇑
    “There are certain elderly Argentines and Chileans who are REALLY The Kind Of Immigrants America Needs right now”

    I respond:

    Yep. Our nation needs to reach out to the right kind of Hispanics.

    We need a Pinochet.

  116. Libre says:

    You think Biden could string together even three of those words?

  117. Dan Hayes says:

    Sincere Thanks. BTW, I hope the forced departure of Tucker’s chief (?) writer may not prove problematic!

  118. Dan Hayes says:
    @Matt Buckalew

    The Dallas schoolkids were cheering but actually for having a day off!

  119. @guest

    President Kennedy was killed by a leftist. He defected to Russia.

    The media/academic Cathedral rewrote history by blaming the State of Texas, and its conservative leanings, for the murder. Just as they rewrote National Socialism into a right wing movement because National Socialism was national instead of international, and the political right was national instead of international. They took one aspect of the National Socialism movement and pretended it was the fundamental and only significant aspect.

  120. If Trump loses it will be because voters think the rioting will stop if the Democrats get what they want the White House. A cowardly and foolish response by voters but should we expect anything better from a population that believes in mask wearing and lock downs?

  121. @TWS

    No, it’s not what’s gonna happen because Trump’s too stupid. But if he were smart he’d be able to campaign on it and force those Republicans to take a position on it, support primary challengers against those who refuse, and tell the swing voter “look, I’m trying, but the Democrats won’t cooperate. If you want this solution, vote them out.” Right now, people are asking him why voting for him will solve the problem and he’s unable to answer. He’s banking on the appeal to 84-IQ Clevons who are too stupid to ask that question. It’s a losing strategy because 84 IQ Clevons don’t vote much, and many of them don’t like the police either. A lot of commenters here are in a bubble where they’ve convinced themselves the only people who hate the police are Blacks and White liberal college professors. But many White Clevons hate them too.

  122. Corvinus says:

    It was only a matter of time before Mr. Sailer would engage in gaslighting.

    “As others have said, Biden comes across here like a gangster working a protection racket on a speakeasy.”

    That would be Trump given his long-standing history of dirty deals and malfaeasance. But that would require not being cagey, right, Mr. Sailer?

    Here is what Biden said–“I want to be very clear about all of this: Rioting is not protesting. Looting is not protesting. Setting fires is not protesting. None of this is protesting. It’s lawlessness, plain and simple. And those who do it should be prosecuted. Violence will not bring change, it will only bring destruction. It’s wrong in every way.”

    “After all, the vast majority of politics-influenced violence in the U.S. since Memorial Day has been committed by people who are anti-Trump.”

    Corrected for accuracy–The majority of the protests since April 2020 have been peaceful. There has been a significant amount of looting and violence at the hands of extremists who hide behind the causes that inspired a movement in large part due to the presidential policies of Donald Trump.

    “And because Biden is the official/nominal leader of anti-Trump forces, his threatening Four More Years of pillage, arson, and funeral shoot-ups in case he loses the election under the Constitution is pretty bad.”

    LOL. Trump openly stated he won’t accept the results of his reelection campaign unless he wins. And if he emerges victorious, then the election results were NOT fraudulent.

    • Troll: Anonymousse
  123. TWS says:

    Have you read what he says? No way, no how he’s typing those tweets

  124. Corvinus says:

    “Beyond the obvious decline, Biden is simply too old.”

    The Donald fits your own metrics.

    • Troll: Anonymousse
  125. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Alexander Turok

    To make sense of this, you have to realized that the cities have nothing to lose by the riots. Look at the burned buildings — old, old, old. The cities are economically obsolete, have been for decades, since the 1960s at least, can’t keep up with depreciation. Cities live on Federal aid. They are now going bankrupt, and the largest, the megacities can apparently no longer afford to police themselves. Furthermore, Trump’s election showed that cities have lost political influence, and can’t control Federal subsidies anymore. Trump’s cutoff of newbies for their vote farms (immigration) threatened to decrease their political influence still more.

    If the cities can’t win against Trump and the countryside he represents, they won’t exist. Note that they are already being evacuated by everybody who can afford to leave.

    So for the cites, they can risk everything to eliminate Trump because their actions do not increase their risk of destruction — complete inaction would entail the same risk.

    And they double down for the same reason — it costs nothing and it might succeed.

    Cities have claimed to rule since the 1930s (New Deal), and have been the sole rulers since the 1960s. Almost a century. That’s a long time in American history, and it’s over in the same sense that Russia’s USSR era ended in 1990. You are looking at terrified people doing the only thing they know how to do, playing their optimal game, while knowing that it’s going to fail.

  126. You mean Argentinians like Nancy (Pay-Them-After-They-Starve) Pelosi? Once Biden and Harris are elected the Democrats will use their iron fist; meanwhile, their news media will say “peaceful national guards pick flowers with peacefully demonstrating city dwellers.”

  127. Thomas says:
    @David In TN

    The Kennedy men started a drumbeat about that time of “If Kennedy had lived we would not have the Vietnam war.” Over the years it became “JFK had a withdrawal plan.”

    I’m familiar with that claim but I’ve never really believed it. In large part because the Vietnam War was basically escalated and fought by Kennedy’s entire foreign policy team, just with LBJ at the top. All the players were in place already on November 22, 1963 and South Vietnam was fast spiraling out of control after the murder of the Diem brothers less than three weeks before. Also, I looked into it and I never found any statement prior to 1968 (after the war had already gone bad for the U.S.) that Kennedy supposedly had a withdrawal plan.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  128. @Thomas

    As the patrician victor in the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK _could_ have said, “Screw it, let’s get out of Vietnam.” There’s not much evidence he would have done that, but he might have done that after winning re-election.

    LBJ, as a nobody from nowheresville, felt obligated to keep hammering away at JFK’s foreign policy while he ran wild on domestic policy.

    In general, the assassination of JFK was a bad thing.

    • Replies: @Thomas
  129. @Thomas

    Except for the minor fact that “Oswald” shot nobody (he was exactly what he said he was – the patsy), well . . .

  130. Thomas says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Maybe, but I’m not sure I would characterize LBJ as a “nobody from nowheresville.” He’s often considered to have been the most powerful Senate Majority Leader in history prior to being JFK’s VP, and he won the largest popular vote landslide since 1820 in 1964. He wasn’t Truman.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  131. Stephen Pinker is thrilled because eightyone nobel price winners are now supporting Joe Biden.

    Eightyone of them are obviously old enough to take part in this new form of elderly abuse in the disguise of solidarity. – What is the escience behind such deceptions?

    • Replies: @anon
  132. anon[331] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dieter Kief

    Stephen Pinker is thrilled because eightyone nobel price winners are now supporting Joe Biden.

    Lol. Basic logic too hard for Pinker!

    Is eighty-one also the median age?

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  133. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @black sea

    Do you really want to narrow the talent pool still further? It’s not as if there’s an endless choice of good candidates already.

  134. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    The basic problem with Kennedy is that his opponents didn’t respect him. The communists saw him as the playboy son of a rich father who was out of his depth as president (George W. Bush had to deal with a similar stereotype in his day.)

    This had serious consequences because it encouraged the Soviets to challenge the U.S. in a way they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Before Kennedy, communism was a localized problem confined to Eastern Europe and northeast Asia. After Kennedy, it was a worldwide problem. Those 3 years made all the difference.

  135. Hibernian says:

    Do you mean 1920, rather than 1820? Harding in 1920 set the record. The American people didn’t care for WW1, the Versailles Treaty, or the League of Nations.

    • Replies: @Thomas
  136. @anon

    If only this weren’t so obviously misguided.

    And now, firm believers in high IQ people’s supposedly better understanding of the world as such – throughout?

    I’m stickin’ here with rather regular guys like Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi and Joe Rogan, who both said, Biden had dementia. Joe Rogan put it this way: “a) This Biden-guy is demented. b) If it’s Bidin against Trump, I’m voting for Trump.”

    Maybe too straightforward for the brightest cohort to get?

    Your remark about the age of the eighty-one Nobel laureates for Biden would be a tasty rosy baby for a cannibal (Walter Benjamin) if – if journalism would not have become regressive almost altogether).

  137. Thomas says:

    No, I mean 1820.

    With 61.1% of the popular vote, Johnson won the largest share of the popular vote of any candidate since the largely uncontested 1820 election.

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