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Are Whites a Protected Class Who Cannot Legally be Subjected to an Anti-White Hostile Work Environment?
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An extremely relevant legal question is whether the concept of a “hostile work environment” applies to the protection of whites during this era of increasing anti-white hate among the powerful, such as Richard Carranza, the extraordinarily bigoted New York City public schools chief.

For example, from the New York Post:

Bronx educator claims she was fired after sharing Holocaust story, refusing ‘Wakanda’ salute
By Susan Edelman February 20, 2021 | 3:55pm | Updated

Karen Ames, a 30-year Department of Education employee, says she was ousted because she is over 40 and Jewish.

A veteran Bronx superintendent once praised by Chancellor Richard Carranza for her successes in the classroom claims her career was derailed by his “equity” agenda — forcing her to take a demotion in a desperate bid to preserve her pension, according to a $150 million lawsuit.

… At an implicit-bias workshop where superintendents were asked to tell their personal stories, Ames talked about her grandparents’ loss of two children during the Holocaust — only to have colleague Rasheda Amon tell her, “you better check yourself,” the lawsuit alleges.

“That is not about being Jewish! It’s about black and brown boys of color only,” court papers quote Amon as scolding.

Rasheda, you should have called her white, not Jewish.

In August 2018, Ames was summoned to DOE headquarters, where Watson-Harris handed her a termination letter, telling her the department “was moving in a new direction,” she says in the lawsuit. Colleagues were prohibited from communicating with her, and Watson-Harris ordered staff to “eradicate” any reference to Ames, down to the district’s purple color scheme she had designed, she charges.

When the single mom pleaded to keep her employment, retirement benefits and health insurance, the DOE sent her to a Brooklyn “rubber room” with nothing to do.

A month later, Ames was given a choice: take a demotion or be removed from the payroll in 24 hours. She took the demotion.

The DOE eventually assigned Ames to the Office of School Health, but gave her no work for five months, she says. In July, Ames finally took a job as a school administrator in another state.

Hostile Work Environment law only applies to “protected classes,” such as race or sex. Whether whites are protected by the law seems to be:

  • Vague
  • Not a question you are supposed to ask in polite society

For example, when I Google “hostile environment white,” the first hit Google returns is not from the Supreme Court or from the N ew York Times, but from

That said, Florida Overtime Lawyer’s response is informative:

6TH JAN 2021

Workplace discrimination is only prohibited when it is based on a protected class or characteristic, such as race.

FREE Case Evaluation
100% Confidential – No Obligation Case Review …

In the United States, both federal and state laws typically protect workers against employment discrimination.

Not all acts of discrimination are illegal though…

Workplace discrimination is only prohibited when it is based on a protected class or characteristic, such as race.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race; however, what if you are not a member of a minority class.

Are white employees protected against race discrimination even though they are not a minority?

Historically, Caucasian, or white, males were the majority class in the workforce in the United States. It was, therefore, on behalf of the minority classes that many of the federal anti-discrimination laws were passed.


While it may have been the plight of minorities in the workplace that prompted the anti-discrimination legislation, they are not specifically mentioned in many of the laws. For example, Title VII states:

“It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin;”

Nowhere does it mentioned specific races that are covered nor that only minorities are covered by the law. Therefore, no race is excluded from the protection afforded by Title VII, meaning that a white person IS protected in the same way as someone from any other race.

When a white employee, or prospective employee, is discriminated against because of his/her race it is typically referred to as “reverse discrimination.”

The legal test used to determine if an employee has suffered racial discrimination changes a bit when the claim involves reverse discrimination. Typically, a claimant must prove the following to have a prima facie case for discrimination:

– the employee is a member of a protected class;
-the employee is qualified for the position;
-the employee suffered an adverse employment action; and
-either non-members of that employee’s class were treated more favorably than the employee, or the circumstances give rise to an inference of discrimination

When the claimant is not a member of a minority class, federal courts differ with regard to what the victim must prove to have a prima facie case.

Some courts only require the plaintiff to show that he/she was treated unfavorably by the employer while others require the plaintiff to provide background evidence to support the idea that the employer would discriminate against the majority class.

Reverse discrimination cases are complicated. If you believe you are the victim of reverse discrimination, contact the experienced Florida employment law attorneys at Celler Legal, P.A. by calling 954-XXX-XXXX to schedule your appointment.

So, the answer appears to be that the 14th Amendment’s promise of “equal protection” theoretically applies to whites, but much of The Establishment would rather not think about that.

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  1. Gordo says:

    So, the answer appears to be that the 14th Amendment’s promise of “equal protection” theoretically applies to whites, but much of The Establishment would rather not think about that.

    In the UK the Equality Act 2010 specifically allows discrimination:

    It is lawful under s.158 of the Equality Act 2010 for an employer to take action to compensate for disadvantages that it reasonably believes are faced by people who share a particular protected characteristic (ie age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation). Separate provisions allowing positive action in relation to recruitment and promotion in limited circumstances are contained in s.159 of the Act.

    So try complaining over here Whitey!

  2. 1. The New York post is a trashy tabloid. Heed it not

    2. Jewish people do not get the same privileges as “white” people

    3. Society is set up for the benefit of “white” people

    4. There is no racism against “white” people

    5. There is no evidence that Carranza is racist

    6. Trying to drive a wedge between non-privileged groups will not work. Just look at how we responded to the violence against Asian-Americans. We understand the aggressors and bad actors are “white” people even after a hate campaign trying to stir up animosity between Asians and Blacks.

  3. ic1000 says:

    Former NYT columnist and iSteve Content Generator Bari Weiss would like to make an on-topic contribution to this thread, from over on Substack.

    Whistleblower at Smith College Resigns Over Racism: [Smith employee] Jodi Shaw made less in a year than the cost of tuition. She was offered a settlement, but turned it down. Here’s why.

    … In October 2020, after Shaw felt that she had exhausted all her internal options, she posted a video on YouTube, blowing the whistle on, what she says, is an atmosphere of racial discrimination at the school.

    “I ask that Smith College stop reducing my personhood to a racial category. Stop telling me what I must think and feel about myself,” she said. “Stop presuming to know who I am or what my culture is based upon my skin color. Stop asking me to project stereotypes and assumptions onto others based on their skin color.”

    Watch the whole thing here [10 min. YouTube video]

    • Replies: @Paul Jolliffe
  4. ic1000 says:
    @Ingen Jegger

    Good to see mainstream honchos engaging at iSteve, albeit under a pseudonym. Reg Caesar, what’s the most informative anagram of Ingen Jegger?

    • Replies: @Ron Mexico
    , @Pericles
    , @Ragno
  5. All men are created equal, but negroes are more equal than whites.

  6. @ic1000

    Gene J. Nigger

    • LOL: duncsbaby
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  7. Richard B says:

    What’s that Nietzsche warned?

    Beware of The Preachers of Equality! For in them lies – Revenge!

    Or something like that.

    Nevermind that the revenge is mostly a matter of simple-minded point and cancel opportunistism, unjustified and therefore unjust. Forget all of the unpleasant and inconvenient facts of history. None of that matters.

    In fact, since whites seemed hell bent on sacrificing themselves and their children to this insanity, nothing matters. Except for, well, you know.

  8. I’m guessing that the implication of this kind of post is that certain people should be more concerned about the progression of Progress. That or it’s about taking some kind of satisfaction that some agitators for Progress are having to deal with some of its consequences.

    If it’s primarily the former, isn’t it broadly understood that this kind of appeal never works on any meaningful scale? We’re talking about a losing streak that extends well over 50 years.

    If it’s the latter, isn’t any satisfaction outweighed by knowledge that Class A being beaten in the street by Class B only results in well-funded street protests and social media campaigns about the systemic effects of Class C supremacy?

  9. Of course they are, but I am afraid that the timing and venue of some of these lawsuits will make bad law. What I don’t know is whether the suits are too early or too late.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Hibernian
  10. black sea says:

    what’s the most informative anagram of Ingen Jegger?

    Ingen Jegger is a fantasy figure whose name, evidently, translates to “Fierce Fowl.”

  11. And the moral of the story:

    If you are white and male – or close enough to those disreputable descriptors to be mistaken for being white and male then it is in your interest to build your wealth outside the public sector structure where you will be routinely discriminated against.

    Even a single mother Jewess with several intersectional pokemon points going her way due to having had the decency to deprive her children of a resident father and being non Christian is distressingly close to the white male paradigm and gets knifed so imagine what lies in wait for you white boys!!

    Don’t enter the public service or if you do or are in it already coast along the path of least resistance at no stage disobeying the dictats of the bosses.until they give you your pension handout if you last that long and are sufficiently low in class and testesterone to live your life around the hope of a handout from others AKA public pension.

    • Replies: @Curle
  12. El Dato says:
    @Ingen Jegger

    “Tiny Duck is taking the lithium”

  13. AndrewR says:

    Eric Holder was pretty clear that only “his prople” should benefit from these laws. I can’t imagine Biden’s AG hates whites any less. Even if it gpes tp the Supreme Court, ACB is going to rule against this lady in order to show her black kids how ride or die she is. The plaintiff’s only hope is her Jewish Privilege, which is often overridden in order to further the grand goal of exterminating whitey.

  14. Are Whites a Protected Class from a Hostile Work Environment?

    No. Next question.

    • Agree: sayless
  15. … At an implicit-bias workshop where superintendents were asked to tell their personal stories

    If there were any serious conservatives, they would note wokeism is a religion and therefore must not be supported by public funds or preached in public schools. Period.

    When I say it’s a religion, I mean that literally. Not every religion has a God. It’s a set of beliefs about human nature, social transformation and fundamental ethics.

    • Agree: Rob McX
  16. Steve:

    At the risk of getting another “Troll” tag,* I’m checking in to make sure you are aware that Google search personalized to the user (or, more accurately, the computer of the user) by the monolith’s algorithm(s). Not everyone will necessarily get the results you got.

    According to Google Search’s own self-description :

    When a user performs a Google search, Google tries to determine the highest quality results. The “best” results have many factors, including things such as the user’s location, language, device (desktop or phone), and previous queries. For example, searching for “bicycle repair shops” would show different answers to a user in Paris than it would to a user in Hong Kong.[Emphasis added].

    For another example, you once posted an entry on a topic considered off-limits by the purveyors of conventional wisdom – you’ve been known to do that. When I googled that very topic, your post (then only hours old) was among my top five search results, sandwiched between links to sites that instructed or implied that “there was nothing to see here.” I assume that Don Lemon would not have received the same results.

    I’m no expert; I’m not the techie type. I wish I knew more about how Google’s search engine works, since I use it so often.

    *Having received my first yesterday, I’ve been wondering: do “Troll” tags have any consequences? If you get too many, are you barred from commenting? Or is it just a way to let others blow off steam without going on a rant? Or is there something else going on?

  17. Spud Boy says:

    There are plenty of environments where you can be a minority as a white person. I worked as an engineer in Silicon Valley for a decade. I was white and a minority.

  18. When blacks manage to build, on their own, a civilized modern society – not even a fantasy futuristic one, just a modern one – anywhere on earth, then, if I must travel there for some reason that I can’t avoid, and it is the local custom, I might consider returning the stupid Wakandan salute. Maybe.

    Do the fake Wakandans realize that in Korean culture, their comic book salute is a widespread non-verbal gesture meaning, among other negative signals, “No.”, “Don’t do that.”, “You can’t come in here.”, etc.? Perhaps they should come up with their own signals, instead of stealing from other cultures, but then again, look who we’re dealing with…

  19. theMann says:

    “Protected Class” = voiding the Rule of Law.

    Which is the point, of course.

  20. AceDeuce says:

    The retarded niggro worship of Wakanda/”Black Panther” is made even more hilarious when you think that this vaunted “salute”, consisting of crossing ones arms over one’s chest, is the identical “salute” that the invading (White) aliens make in Ed Wood’s 1950s film, Plan 9 From Outer Space, widely regarded as the worst film ever made.

  21. OT but according to the Daily Mail, the number of Covid cases has taken a steep dive in recent days, the peak having occurred upon January 20 or so. What happened on or around that day that could have caused Covid to decide that it was whupped and to beat a hasty retreat?

    I am a conspiracy theorist. And proud of it. I believe the Covid crisis is totally manufactured by the Dems.

    “Oh, but you can’t really believe that they would do that? Would murder so many people just to seize the reins of power?”

    Yes, I do. They would. But they didn’t, didn’t really murder more people, that is. They just massaged the numbers of normal, seasonal flu deaths to make it appear as though more people were dying. And, now that Biden is firmly in the White House, they scripted the appearance of a Savior Riding In On A White Stallion (scratch that, make that a Gelding–so as not to frighten the feminists) to provide relief and succor to the beleaguered, bewildered people.

    This calls for a non-threatening guy, one who is familiar to every American, one whose name is already associated with Benevolent Good Works. A Mr. Rogers kind of guy, you know, the type that misbuttons his Cardigan sweater? A man whose name is already synonymous with vaccines would be helpful. Let’s see, who could we cast in that role??? (That this act of salvation will add lustre to the reputation of his philanthropic Foundation is a twofer. It’s what “he gets out of it”.)

  22. She probably had a better cause of action under ADEA and OWBPA.

  23. @Gordo

    Based on a partisan reading by myself, it seems that discriminating in favor of (married) white male christians should be legal under this statute since it’s a statement of fact to say that they are disadvantaged both legally and economically by the policies of the government which favors non-white, non-christian minorities. It’s not difficult to find laws and policies among huge internationals which dominate indistry which specifically discriminate against white males, ergo compensatory discrimination in their favor by other parties should be legal under this clause.

    But it’s Cuck Island, expecting them to obey the letter of the law when it helps their countrymen is like expecting Biden to be able to name the current president without his teleprompter.

  24. @black sea

    Fowl like for instance a duck? Could, say, a tiny duck be a fierce fowl, hypothetically?

  25. Mike Tre says:

    A NYC school is encouraging white students to become race traitors:

  26. Just as a general comment: You don’t know the half of it due to your position as a “free agent”, Steve (and more power to you for that!), but it’s between us and the HR Ladies. They may not mean to be, but they have become evil as far as the White Man is concerned. The HR Ladies must at some point be terminated themselves, with extreme prejudice.

  27. Sean says:
    New York City teachers’ strike of 1968

    On May 9, 1968, the administration requested the transfer of 13 teachers and 6 administrators from Junior High School 271. The governing board accused these workers of attempting to sabotage the project.[46][47] All received short letters similar to the following, sent to teacher Fred Nauman:

    Dear Sir,
    The governing board of the Ocean Hill–Brownsville Demonstration School District has voted to end your employment in the schools of the District. This action was taken on the recommendation of the Personnel Committee. This termination of employment is to take effect immediately.
    In the event you wish to question this action, the Governing Board will receive you on Friday, May 10, 1968, at 6:00 P.M., at Intermedia School 55, 2021 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, New York.
    You will report Friday morning to Personnel, 110 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, for reassignment.

    Rev C. Herbert Oliver, Chairman
    Ocean Hill–Brownsville Governing Board
    Rody A. McCoy
    Unit Administrator

    This unilateral decision violated the rules of the union’s contract.[49] The teachers were nearly unanimously Jewish. One Black teacher included on the list, seemingly by accident, was quickly reinstated.[33] In total, 83 workers were dismissed from the Ocean Hill–Brownsville district.[…] The strike badly divided the city and became known as one of John Lindsay’s “Ten Plagues”.[30] Scholars have agreed with Shanker’s assessment that “the whole alliance of liberals, blacks and Jews broke apart on this issue. It was a turning point in this way.” The strike created a serious rift between white liberals, who supported the teachers’ union, and Blacks who wanted community control.

    Pretty clear who was to blame:-

  28. Thanks to institutional, governmental, and special interest groups, being “fair” to everyone is being replaced by equalizing every group. Recognizing individual civil rights is being replaced by quota systems that only look fair from a distance. Up close, it is plain old racial discrimination.

    They don’t have to be fair to YOU, they only arguably have to be fair to your group — forced collectives.

    This is counterfeit civil rights. They can apparently cheat their way to fairness. Why have to be fair to hundreds or thousands when a handful of groups can be appeased?

    At best “diversity”, “inclusion” and “equity” amount to a license to cheat, but not a license to steal. A government can condemn land if it is in the best interests of the community, but even if they win the argument, they must still pay for the property.

    Not only do victims of affirmative discrimination have their civil rights sodomized, they aren’t compensated for the value of these disregarded civil liberties.

    Being vulnerable to D/I/E excuses makes one a second class citizen. Not being compensated for the loss of this dignity makes one a third class citizen.

    Isn’t it time that our institutions ought to pay for what they take? Let’s upgrade to second class citizenship by paying victims of affirmative discrimination!

  29. I do wish that the SC would be handed a number of cases in which these issues are paramount.

    I can’t see any reason they shouldn’t rule on how these clauses are to be interpreted.

    What are they there for, if not for that?

  30. @Gordo

    We have an unwritten Constitution on this side of the pond thank you very much.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  31. Rasheda Amon is a black woman principal, and she’s more woke on the JQ than 95% of the founding stock and 110% of the GOP base.

    We had a black troon come to Dalian for our university’s panel “American Cultural Revolution” to talk about BLM — he is an activist. I took him aside after and recommended he start including Jews in his anti-white invectives — the Chinese like that because the Rothschilds engineered the Opium War. He looked at me in the vacant Niggerish way they all do, but a light bulb seemed to turn on after a moment. There are 1.3 billion of them I said, and they have more billionaires than the Jews do to throw money at you. They didn’t drag you to Tel Aviv to speak, did they?

    HBD is a hopeless enterprise because I have yet to a see scientific expression of suicidal philosemitism on the part of WASPs without degrees. Good riddance to American whites, a class I was once a member of. Killed by its non-diploma holders.

  32. Jack D says:

    The Jews vs. People of Color thing has been going on in the NYC school system since 1968 (if not earlier). The Jews won Round 1, but the People of Color are in it for the long game:

    Only 15% of the students in the NYC schools are white – the % that are Jewish must be vanishingly small because the Jews that remain in NY are either Orthodox who send their kids to religious schools or are Manhattanites that either have no children or send their kids to private school.

    When whites were the majority in American cities they ran the cities and the schools in the way they wanted to – we see remnants of this attitude in outdated delusions of some of the old white guys here – “this is our country and the rest of you are just visiting.” Student were required to “act white” and were not allowed to dance on their desks and so on and were taught to revere genociders like Christopher Columbus. Yes, Anglo-Saxon notions of “fairness” meant that they were sometimes nice to minorities but overall they were driving the bus. Our new People of Color majority will run things the way that THEY see fit from now on. They are not burdened with these notions of noblesse oblige and will not hesitate to fully exercise their power.

  33. Dr. X says:

    “Civil rights” laws forbidding racial discrimination, despite being black-letter law, do not apply to whites.

    In theory they are supposed to apply, because whites are a race, but the Supreme Court neatly disposed of that inconvenience in the Bakke case, in which they ruled that UC Davis could not blatantly admit that they were disfavoring the white race and favoring the colored races — but that UC Davis could discriminate against whites to achieve “diversity.”

    So now we have anti-white “diversity” quotas everywhere as official policy — in the biggest corporations, in governments, in the most prestigious Ivy League universities — and nobody bats an eye. For practical purposes, every work environment is a hostile work environment for whites. There is no employer out there who will not hire, promote or favor Negroes or other minorities over whites if he is able. Nobody will take action against this unless the whites file a complaint based on some secondary characteristic, such as being Jewish, gay, or female.

  34. Well, this is the big question of our time. Will Jews be powerful enough to force blacks and browns to pretend that Jews are just another victim group even though they run the show?

    If Jews can manage that, expect the anti-white assault to ramp considerably as Jews have proven more than willing to stick it to white gentiles, just ask the Ukrainians. If not, which is much less likely, expect the media, academia, Wall Street, big political donors and endless lawsuits to start demanding that the racial rhetoric and discrimination against whites to stop.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  35. This is a good time to read Astral Codex Ten’s latest book review:

    He reviews a book by a Marxist who says genetics drive everything. And therefore, equality of opportunity is not enough, because we all find up different due to genes. He wants more equality of outcome.

    The unique thing is that he’s a leftist who nonetheless accepts that genes are fundamental. He thinksthe 18 years of school we go through are basically prison. And Astral thinks they are mostly prisons that traumatize us during what should be the happiest time of our lives.

    The book makes the case that some students should be able to leave at age 12. We all know kids who were pretty dumb and sociopathic. And having them there was traumatizing to the rest of the student population.

    Anyway, check out the book review (not the book itself so much) at the link above.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  36. Despite of the idiocy of it all, there are some weird things…..

    1. Karen is a 30-year old employee (so, she works for 30 years, not that she is 30 years old now)

    2. she is a single mom


    How old is she? How many years her “baby” is, actually, old or young?

    POC thought that Karen wanted to jew them, so they karened her.

  37. A [public education] bureaucracy “was moving in a new direction”?! As though the Bucs had drafted a first round QB.

    Public education. Great news for lawyers.

    Those big school districts have dozens of credentialed teachers continuously assigned to “rubber rooms”: areas (buildings!) set aside for teachers to sit around for months, do nothing, and get paid while their criminal (e.g. sex with students) and administrative (e.g. years of incompetence) cases sort themselves out.


    Oh, and abolish PERS.

    Taxpayers not yet born will someday have to pay higher taxes in order to support the government checks and healthcare benefits provided to public workers who retire today.

  38. Dan Smith says:

    I had to Google Wakanda Forever since I didn’t see Black Panther. Another junior varsity fascist hand sign.

  39. Anonymous[121] • Disclaimer says:

    Everything truly *ROTTEN* in the USA can be traced to the Kennedy/Johnson Administration of 1960-4.
    Strange as it now might seem, Richard Nixon, Eisenhower’s successor, was the last and only hope for America, back in 1960.

    • Replies: @John Up North
  40. @Jack D

    Similar to a point I made recently in response to the issue of Chicago mayor looking to remove statues of Dead White European Males about the new owners of North American urban spaces removing such statues since they want to redecorate in their own image….and p!ss mark their new territory.

    As you rightly say it has not yet actually penetrated the consciousness of many that whites are now a small and declining minority in the biggest cities in the US. and that this has cross cultural and profound implications.

    The same is true of the major cities fo N-W Europe. The mayor of London is a muslim!!

  41. anonymous[310] • Disclaimer says:

    Reverse? No, it’s DISCRIMINATION, plain and simple.

    • Replies: @throtler
  42. Wilkey says:

    Well thank God they have an 80 person Conservative majority to get rid of all this crazy nonsense and return the country to sanity.

    Oh wait, it’s still on the books, you say, and they aren’t trying to change it? Woops, nevermind.

    What’s killing democracy is how un-fucking-believably dishonest so many of our politicians are, especially the supposed conservatives. The Biden Administration didn’t wait five minutes to start overturning practically every significant accomplishment of the Trump Administration. But when conservatives win control the advances made by liberals are seldom rolled back. Republicans in the USA control both branches of government in 24 states, and have partial control in another 24. We could be reining in leftwing extremists, punishing Big Tech, banning critical race theory, slashing queer womyn’s black studies programs in state universities, etc. in all of them. But in almost none of those states are any of our legislators even trying.

    We have the power to roll so much of this back, if we really want to. We don’t have to wait for a federal government ban on discrimination against whites at a state level. We could have it in 24+ states right now, if we really wanted to.

  43. Whites are definitely members of a protected class in federal and state statutes, although many academics and race hustlers claim that it is not possible for them to be victims of discrimination because of some imagined “power” relationships in society. This view makes no sense, of course, and to my knowledge no progressive judge has yet adopted it…not yet. Of course, lately judges do not let the plain wording of a statute, or the plainly expressed views of the legislature which created it, stand in the way of progress.

    The hostile treatment the white Ms. Ames received is becoming more and more common in the workplace, and it is expressed openly in the kind of struggle session she was forced to attend.

    My own workplace had one a few months ago, and references were made to “white privilege” and how “white middle-aged men” control this country (at this point I became concerned that the lecturer might be able to hear my teeth grinding, like Hop Frog). At a subsequent session, no such explicit references were made…I suppose they decided to dial it back, recognizing the possibility that some unscrupulous Honky might record the session and sue for a hostile work environment. Rather, the attendees were asked to respond to a word association exercise with words like “sniper” and relate the first image that came to mind. I was astonished at the hostility my co-workers revealed towards white men in their responses. This was a clever move on the part of the lecturer/employer, because they now had some distance and plausible deniability.

    It will be interesting to see if employers fail to see the potential liability here and step on the rake. Apparently Coca-Cola subjected its employees to a lecture which was pretty explicitly ant-white (sorry, I have no link). Under the present state of the law, any white person who was forced to attend such a lecture and who was willing to burn down his or her career could sue, and probably get a settlement.
    Of course, we await the Biden/Harris administration’s decisions in this regard. EEOC and other federal agencies have a lot of power here, and with the press/social media now working openly for the Party, the feds may decide that it is time to really put the screws to the Man.

  44. Wilkey says:
    @Jack D

    They are not burdened with these notions of noblesse oblige and will not hesitate to fully exercise their power.

    And this is the way democracy ends: not with a whimper, but with a bang…one hopes.

  45. @black sea

    Ingen Jegger is also identified online as “a Black Rimmersman.”

    Does that mean Blaine and Antoine give it two snaps?

    • Replies: @additionalMike
  46. George says:

    Israeli quits Google, complains people in Silicon Valley are whinny whinny whinny.

    Why did I leave Google or, why did I stay so long? Noam Bardin

  47. @Ingen Jegger

    Ingen Jegger is a pseudonym for Carranza. Heed him not.

  48. @Jack D

    It was also our country because it was our country.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  49. @william munny

    Judging by the election, both. Should probably stick to dark Blue, just to be safe.

  50. Bugg says:

    I have a relative who…works for NYC DOE.

    His/her school is in a less diverse outer borough neighborhood. Odd thing, many of the parents are not at all woke. But every neighborhood in NYC no matter how white ethnic has a small but vocal group of SJWs who are more vocal than anyone else. That’s increasingly a real problem; the squeaky wheels gets greased. And nobody wants to deal with being called racist. Most non woke people, parents and educators, have better things to do than mixing it up to be so tarred.

    The relative explained he/she recently was required to give a presentation to DOE bigwigs about the progress the school had made during his/her tenure. In fact the school had dramatic progress in reading and math test scores, the kind of progress that under Giuliani/Bloomberg would have been grounds for much positive affirmation, as we as inquiry how the improvements might be duplicated in other schools. This is during a time while testing has been very limited, but most NYC public schools are failing, and badly. This school is by every measure a success.

    Alas, rather , the relative, shockingly, was berated about not making sufficient “progress” on wokeness, diversity and equity. By every account of anyone who knows about education, the people doing these beratings are manifestly unqualified to tell any real educator how to actually run a functioning school and teach children. It’s affirmative action run wild; hacks, losers, loudmouths, short on real world experience and no real accomplishment. Many were rightly held in check during competent administrations; no more. Carrranza’s own resume is a joke; each entry is in each locale is a short, worthless accomplishment-free tenure spare spouting nonsense. Now there are black educators who have a clue; Giuliani’s schools boss for a time, Rudy Crew, was by every account was excellent. But this is a major dodge, because there’s no metric for any of those woke things. It allows Carranza to not be held to account for failing to educate children in real hard academics that can be measured. In short, it’s all bullshit. And the people hurt worst of all are in fact black and Latino kids who are not learning anything worthwhile in terms of life and job skills.

    • Replies: @I, Libertine
  51. @Desiderius

    We have an unwritten Constitution on this side of the pond thank you very much.

    That didn’t do much to stop it from being torn to shreds over COVID-Madness.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  52. @Gary in Gramercy

    Heh. No party is complete without a Rimmersman.

  53. @ic1000

    Jodie Shaw has written a remarkable letter.
    If (IF) the pendulum begins to swing our way, it will be due to the courage of people such as Jodie Shaw.

    • Replies: @throtler
  54. @black sea

    “Fierce Fowl”?

    Or “Tiny Fowl”?

  55. anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:

    Why dwell on these few instances of discrimination against whites when there is so much historic racism against blacks? Blacks could not get mortgages from the federal government or were directed away from white neighborhoods by realtors.

  56. @Wilkey

    Excellent point Wilkey.

    What’s to stop all 26 Rep governors getting on a conference call with the following on the agenda: What are we going to do?

    You know and I know….what’s stopping them is that they don’t want to do anything.

    EG we have had various Republican Congresses and Presidents in recent decades but not one of the unconstitutionally created Federal Depts such as Education or Energy have been dismantled and they never will be.

  57. Abe says:
    @Jack D

    The Jews vs. People of Color thing has been going on in the NYC school system since 1968 (if not earlier). The Jews won Round 1, but the People of Color are in it for the long game:

    “I dreamed a man named Richard Carranza had gotten hold of a nuclear warhead…”

    This is great! This is wonderful! This may not be the beginning of the end, but it could be the end of the beginning. The NYC public teacher wars lead to “hymie town” lead to the Crown Height riots lead to Martin Peretz’s THE NEW REPUBLIC devoting an entire issue toTHE BELL CURVE and a whole generation of Giuliani-Bloomberg NYC rule.

  58. @Achmed E. Newman

    True. On the other hand though it wouldn’t surprise if eventually they wind up terminating themselves.

  59. Hibernian says:
    @Ingen Jegger

    The New York post is a trashy tabloid. Heed it not

    The New York Times is a trashy broadsheet. Heed it not.

    The Chicago Sun-Times is a trashy tabloid. Heed it not.


  60. Hibernian says:
    @william munny

    When they get up to SCOTUS, they may make good, or at least halfway decent, law.

  61. @Achmed E. Newman

    it’s between us and the HR Ladies

    One of the most damaging effects of “women in the workplace” is the near female monopoly in HR departments. We now have a thick layer of self-important women who have no specific skill that actually contributes to getting work done but rather serves as an internal priestess-hood (coven?) ensuring that the commandments of our new civil religion are obeyed and transgressors are punished or excommunicated. Especially those stained from birth with male whiteness.

    A lot of these HR ladies, like DMV ladies, are black and brown, because you’ve got to get your DIE numbers up, but wahmunz of color with actual technical or professional skills are in very short supply. But they all know and love, without any special training, how to hate on Whitey, and they lay in wait until he makes a fatal misstep, or provoke him with regular mandatory public humiliations. Just get them a desk, a wide chair for their fat ass, a computer they can barely figure out how to use, and an employee code of conduct and they’re ready to go.

    • Replies: @The Truth
  62. Hibernian says:

    and have partial control in another 24.

    This is almost certainly an exaggeration, even if partial control can mean one statewide elected Republican constitutional officer. (State Treasurer, State AG, etc.) In IL the Gov. and all the other statewide constitutional officers plus a majority in each of the legislative chambers are Democratic. I would be very surprised if this wasn’t true in at least two other states.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  63. bomag says:

    Republicans in the USA control both branches of government in 24 states, and have partial control in another 24.

    One big problem is that so much federal money flows into the states; with strings attached to brainwash everyone in sight with the usual crap as a requirement for the funds.

    So California can brag that they don’t have state mandated affirmative action; meanwhile, everyone on the ground is madly judging everyone in sight by the color of their skin to keep the $$ spigot open from DC.

  64. anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews aren’t white Steve, quit trying

  65. @candid_observer

    #14 is fuzzy. It’s a lawyer’s dream. It needs to be repealed.

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about desperate, politically strategic appeals to lawyer-SCOTUS.

    Those diversity tokens don’t have constitutional authority to tell us what #14 actually means (though that kind of limit never stops the agenda-driven, lawyer-judges; is there another kind?


    Notwithstanding, the lawyer-judges always rule in favor of big government. For instance, SCOTUS might throw out strict, gun control measures within DC, but they’ll never issue a sweeping opinion (edict!) about the intrinsically unconstitutional nature of gun regulations everywhere.

    But why am I telling you this to you people? I agree with Dr. Paul that the surest way to weaken one’s ethos is to point out how the other side’s position is blatantly unconstitutional.

  66. Bob85 says:
    @Ingen Jegger

    What is a “white” person?

  67. Wilkey says:

    Not an exaggeration, but a typo. I meant to write complete control (governor + both houses of the legislature) in 24 states, and partial control in another 11 states. Democrats have complete control in only 15 states.

    And don’t forget that those 24 states aren’t all small states. Texas and Florida are huge. That is an ample population base to threaten businesses with – the way that California has done for years.

    • Replies: @Whiskey
    , @TomSchmidt
  68. gent says:

    Steve, you know jews aren’t White.

  69. … At an implicit-bias workshop where superintendents were asked to tell their personal stories, Ames talked about her grandparents’ loss of two children during the Holocaust — only to have colleague Rasheda Amon tell her, “you better check yourself,” the lawsuit alleges.

    Now guys, before we begin working out the aspect ratio we need for this wing … i’d like you all to tell your personal stories.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  70. Whiskey says: • Website

    It can’t be done. Discrimination against Whites is the law of the land and the spiritual center of American life. As Christopher Caldwell illustrated in Age of Entitlement, the Constitution was abolished by the 1964 Civil Rights Act which ushered in blacks as sacred objects and Whites as the devil to be destroyed.

    As Eric Holder once said, “Its an insult to my people to say Whites have civil rights.” Whites do NOT have Civil Rights and BY DEFINITION cannot have Civil Rights. THOSE belong only to non-Whites.

    Not only will all Whites be paying the White Tax for endless Reparations, you will pay Latino and Gay Reparations as well. That’s the entire moral basis for our society — discriminating against and eventually totally eliminating all Whites. The Law just follows moral sentiment as it always has.

    Of course, the can can not be kicked down the road indefinitely. The elites with Global Warming have made Texas a frozen and now thawing wasteland, with no power. Green fantasies only work with society collapsing into Dark Ages technology with all that implies. Among other things it means the end of Coca Cola and its profits for managers. The same thing with Whitey. Its one thing to fire Whitey from all employment and start up camps like China has done for Uighurs. But Whitey ain’t Uighurs. As the senile Biden and his incompetent handlers (“Dr. Jill” and the crackhead) sign off on drone strikes on Republican office holders like DeSantis and Cruz, what they will get is not the Red Army Triumph against the White Russians but Serbia vs. Bosnia.

    So yes, most Whites will get fired from most companies, Fortune 500 or lower. And camps will start up. But then what? Yes Lloyd Austin can purge the military of most Whites, but an Army comprised of Bradley Manning and various gang members is not the same as Patton’s 3rd Army corps.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @The Truth
  71. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    An almost identical case to her’s was brought by a teacher/administrator who is black mixed race Dominican. Same group of attorneys are repping her, and the matching facts should make both cases very winnable. And lead attorney Israel Goldberg will have all the evidence for both. Hope it breaks the bank for NYC DOE, and that Biden gets called on for a bailout. Idiot Blaz should have canned this utter scum, Carranza, ages ago.

  72. @Wilkey

    What’s killing democracy is how un-fucking-believably dishonest so many of our politicians are, especially the supposed conservatives.

    “Conservatives” interested in conserving precisely nothing.

    Not even the people and culture–the nation and civilization–they are part of.

  73. Rob McX says:

    The best way to ensure your race is a protected class: Hold on to your own country.

    The only protection you can expect is what you provide yourselves, by closing your borders and deciding your own destiny. It won’t come from people who hate and envy you.

  74. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:

    More boomer blathering. “Ackchyually, have you ever thought about the law or the CONSTITUTION!”

    More variants of DR3, “that’s socialism!”, etc that are designed to preserve an era of post-War good faith that only works with a White homogeneous population.

    Here’s a legal hot-take. The legal legacy from the 1960’s to present is illegitimate. It’s about as legitimate as the 3/5th compromise, or the government of King George.

    The people on the other side quietly laugh at these dumb white boomer legalistic arguments because they hate you and want to destroy your culture. Ames’ people have been pushing this more than anyone. So maybe it’s time to put these dumb arguments to rest?

  75. @Wilkey

    Where do you get the idea that Republicans have partial control in 24 states, and full control in 24 others, leaving only two states with full Democratic control?

    I count 15 states there with a Democratic trifecta, meaning governor and both legislative branches. 24 with a Republican trifecta, as you write. That makes 11 with divided government.

    Interesting fact: the state with one party control the longest is Utah, since 1985.

    Nullification of Federal laws has begun. Don’t expect anything on civil rights until the last Boomer is out of power in state Republican politics.

  76. @Wilkey

    Ah, I see.

    Yes, there’s real power in using Texas and Florida together to threaten corporatocracy. Be nice to see the Right actually know what to DO with power, unlike the Left.

  77. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    The Jews vs. People of Color thing has been going on in the NYC school system since 1968 (if not earlier). The Jews won Round 1, but the People of Color are in it for the long game:

    This seems mostly to have been resolved by Jewish upward mobility.

    Until the mid-20th century, Jews in NYC had much fewer avenues to upward mobility. Many Jews worked in blue collar jobs, in factories, etc. And professional fields like law, finance, academia were much smaller than they are today, and were more insular and mainly open to connected upper class WASPs, the proverbial “old boys network.” The aspirational, white collar jobs for Jews at the time were schoolteachers, dentists, doctors, etc.

    Postwar economic growth and decline in discrimination meant that upwardly mobile had much more options than schoolteaching.

    • Disagree: ben tillman
    • Replies: @ATBOTL
  78. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    If it applies to whites, it’s really easy to prove. The go-to guy for “anti-racism” talk is Ibram Kendi, who openly writes, “”The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.”

    Jodi Shaw, the Smith College staff member who’s released youtube videos criticizing the uber-wokeness at her employer, recently quit and reportedly has found a lawyer to help her file a lawsuit against the college. She apparently turned down a hush-money settlement.

  79. In August 2018, Ames was summoned to DOE headquarters, where Watson-Harris handed her a termination letter, telling her the department “was moving in a new direction,” she says in the lawsuit. Colleagues were prohibited from communicating with her, and Watson-Harris ordered staff to “eradicate” any reference to Ames, down to the district’s purple color scheme she had designed, she charges.

    I’m sorry I haven’t read the comments yet, but this post displays so much stupidity with the Big-Ed world. (And, as usual, you do a great job pointing out lots of it.)

    I ask you all here, maybe some who are not quite anti-government yet, what do you think of the way they spend your money? NYC is not the only place stupid stuff like this goes on daily. I mean, this is your tax money! Abolish_public_education is not just an internet handle anymore. It ought to be a mantra for all of us.

    • Agree: AnotherDad
  80. ic1000 says:

    > Why dwell on these few instances of discrimination against whites when there is so much historic racism against blacks?

    Thanks for the video clip from reliable CBS News. I trust them to put the issues they raise into context and to present multiple perspectives.

    The reporter talks about something he calls “redlining,” which was a policy with the sole design of targeting blacks. When it was started in the 1930s, the U.S. was an unimaginably wealthy and prosperous country, but things like this are what come from conservative Republican Administrations. And this “redlining” only ended like the day before yesterday.

    Where can I learn more about this shocking page, torn from our history? It’s only to be expected that, with all his vast resources, Steve Sailer hasn’t seen fit to write one single thing about it.

    • Replies: @Curle
  81. @I, Libertine

    … do “Troll” tags have any consequences? If you get too many, are you barred from commenting?

    I know a certain duck that should be able to answer that one. ;-}

    Sorry, inside joke, but I wouldn’t sweat the [Troll] tag at all, Libertine. I know of no such deal that you’re worried about, from over 4 years of observation.

    Thanks for pointing out this google effect. I do know that they’ve got some position-based programming, so one cannot assume another guy would get the same results from a search. (I tell the device to not use my position, but I believe the search engines could use IP numbers too.)

    • Thanks: I, Libertine
  82. Pericles says:

    Enticingly close to ‘ingen joggare’, which would translate to ‘no jogger’.

    • Replies: @Graham
  83. Ragno says:

    I believe the Anagram King in these parts is Philbert Desanex, No offense to Reg, of course.

  84. Alden says:

    Great, excellent post, I agree completely.

  85. @Anonymous

    I don’t know, a lot of people would say that Nixon let Johnson’s Great Society flower and Nixon didn’t draw down the Vietnam War sooner. The Vietnam War was a Liberal Democrat war but Nixon succeeded in making it his war.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @nebulafox
  86. Truth is this woman never did any real work in the first place.

    After grad school AnotherBrother did a stint teaching in the NYC schools. He said there’s a huge bureaucracy–really huge, like half the school system’s workforce–not doing classroom instruction and outside core functions (paying the bills, building maintenance) does nothing useful, but occasionally lumbers out to bother and harass the teachers with stupid, useless nonsense.

    NYC schools get away with being extra bloated, because the city–Wall Street–skims off a ridiculous amount of loot from the flows of savings of actual working Americans and investments in actual productive American companies.

    Basically NYC schools ran a vast jobs program for parasitic middle class (mostly Jewish) whites, and is transitioning to being a jobs program for parasitic blacks and browns.

    Rather than quibble over the jobs of Jewish/white parasites vs. black/brown parasites, the real battle is to shut down these parasitic rent collecting operations.

    Public education was a perfectly fine idea for a republican America–gather the kids together and have some of the smartest gals (like my mom) teach everyone’s kiddies, before they get married and have their own kids. Now “public education” is just another bloated–inefficient–parasitic grift and one that inculcates anti-white minoritarian leftism in children.

    Conservatives who actually want to conserve America need to voucher off education and let parents and the marketplace sort out the best approach toward education. It will be cheaper and a whole heck of a lot ideologically healthier.

  87. @anonymous

    These tedious minoritarian “oppression” storylines are always lame–logically lame and morally lame.

    You were not able to buy a house (decades back) in some white neighborhoods. So what? Is there some sort of right to live around white people? Do white people not have the right to live around people they want to live around?

    And this has approximately zero effect on building wealth … unless there is some sort of problem with the value of housing inhabited by black people? Why?

    Despite the terrible, terrible oppression–the pogroms, the camps, the unstruck golf balls–that Jews have faced in America, i’ve been through some Jewish neighborhoods … pretty nice. The prices on Zillow look pretty solid!

    That’s the bottom line. Housing around black people is continual worth less because … of the behavior of blacks. Whites don’t twist their arms and make them behave like jackasses. (In fact, whites would very much like them not to.) Blacks do that themselves.

  88. Daniel H says:

    I welcome this development, the demotion and forcing out of Ms. Ames. I want more of this. More, more, more, more. Goodwhites must hurt, same with Badwhites such as most of us. Collateral damage, no way to avoid. We must all hurt, badly, and soon for there to be any potent reaction to our inevitable displacement. The worser it gets, the better it gets. I hope I live long enough to witness the Reaction. It will be wonderful to behold.

  89. Sex is a protected class so theoretically men can be discriminated against.

    About the case in question, “you better check yourself” is wokespeak for STFU, white bitch.

    Then there’s “don’t police my tone,” which means the same.

  90. @RichardTaylor

    Religions have positive aspects and can be handed down from generation to generation.

    What’s good about wokeism and will it last more than one generation?

    • Replies: @RichardTaylor
  91. @The Alarmist

    Lol it wasn’t. That’s the written one, hence the joke.

    UK famously brags about the unwritten nature of her Consitution. Now we tanks have finally topped her.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  92. Steve Sailer: “So, the answer appears to be that the 14th Amendment’s promise of “equal protection” theoretically applies to whites, but much of The Establishment would rather not think about that.”

    Best not to go with a too literal interpretation of the law. For instance, theoretically, the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”, but we can see how that’s been going. In short, the law means whatever the courts and their enforcers, the police, say it means.

    “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.”
    — Mary Frances Berry, Chairman, US Commission on Civil Rights

  93. SafeNow says:

    One way to avoid being singled-out for anti-white bias is to be where almost everyone is white. Either geographically, or because of the nature of the occupation. No lawsuit needed, and no daily hatred.
    (Photo:USCG rescue-swimmer training class)

  94. @Bugg

    In the outer boroughs of NYC, the parents of Asian schoolchildren are famous for complaining that their kids don’t get enough homework. So their kids aren’t too popular with their non-Asians classmates.

  95. @Desiderius

    After studying law in the UK, my takeaway was that that the UK Constitution was pretty much what the Crown in Parliament enacts. The SCUK has provided a few surprises in recent years, but the Government’s ramrodding of COVID restrictions under the guise of an Act of Parliament with no serious pushback over the abridgement of personal and civil liberties shows this to be true. Silence from the Monarch, silence from the courts, aside from one retired justice.

    I watch the police acting ham handed over the average law abiding citizen and I wonder if they realise that in good times they only barely have control of the country because the mass of citizens are law-abiding. They’re rapidly using up the goodwill of those from whom they need it the most.

  96. @Ron Mexico

    Can’t beat that. Except with this:

    • Replies: @Ron Mexico
    , @black sea
  97. @RichardTaylor

    [Religion is] a set of beliefs about human nature, social transformation and fundamental ethics.

    More importantly, it’s a set of beliefs people accept without evidence.

    • Agree: RichardTaylor
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  98. @The Alarmist

    The UK constitution would make a good constitution for a pirate ship: the captain gets to do what he wants unless a majority of the crew loses confidence in him.

  99. @anonymous

    Blacks… were directed away from white neighborhoods by [R]ealtors[®].

    After they had directed themselves away from black neighborhoods. They didn’t want to live next door to them either.

    • Agree: Rob McX
  100. @I, Libertine

    Not everyone will necessarily get the results you got.

    I got the same first hit that Steve got, with my second being from The third is from the EEOC claiming that whites are protected while the fourth is from the Palm Beach Post quoting a judge saying that white men are protected by the equal protection laws.

    Having received my first yesterday, I’ve been wondering: do “Troll” tags have any consequences?

    Lighten up, Francis 🙄

    • Troll: duncsbaby
  101. @Reg Cæsar

    “Even black people say Mick Jagger got some big ass lips!” Eddie Murphy Delirious

  102. unwoke says:

    “So, the answer appears to be that the 14th Amendment’s promise of “equal protection” theoretically applies to whites, but much of The Establishment would rather not think about that.”

    (Too) Much of The Establishment is Jewish. It was Jews after all, who pioneered the politics of victimhood & then taught it to blacks – who now use it against them. Hilarious.

  103. @Steve Sailer

    Been back-and-forth about whether to respond to this all day.
    I’m not an attorney, but I do know a little bit more about EO/AA law than your average bear. In a typical column where you address these things you usually telegraph a leveled-up understanding over the average bears too, so I’m wondering here why you’re holding back.

    So – TL/DR:
    1. This is not “settled law”
    2. This is a “deal-breaker” and it needs to be treated like one – so spread the word

    There can be fewer higher priorities to the question of national unity, than settling this – and everyone who cares about subjects on iSteve has a hard stake in driving that all the way through – even if people are perfectly cynical about the outcomes, we should

    from this page
    to Conservative,Inc
    to quiet center-lefters of all races who voted to keep AA illegal in government in California

    – we all have a stake in holding deciders to account hard on this one, i.e.: elected officials – this is a single-issue matter:
    Elected officials: state your position on this, or be primaried
    Be on the right side of this – or be voted out.
    Courts: hear the the case

    Settled Law
    Look at an unrelated case. Recently up NE I think it was Citibank who made an error and paid a creditor they owed something in the order of $900 million – when they only meant to send an installment payment.
    The Creditor said: “thank you” and kept the money – Citibank sued after asking for the money back and not getting it. Citibank sued under a law that makes it illegal to spend money that is wired by mistake.
    Turns out the law has a clause though – clause says it’s OK to spend the money if you have a reasonable expectation that you were going to get it – so the creditor holds – they just thought Citibank was paying them the full balance.
    Here – the creditor – is pretty obviously – right, but there’s a question in the law and Citibank wants its money back – so they sued. They’ve lost the first round, good chance they’ll appeal.

    Now look at this issue. The question colludes matters of “hostile workplace” with “protected classes” as the latter have been understood by EO/AA law.

    Where it comes to hostile workplace – discrimination is on the basis of protected classes – race and ethnicity are protected classes. Where it comes to hostile workplace – we’re still on that – the law hasn’t made special exceptions for earmarked races and ethnicities – it is race, itself, that is the protected class, and ethnicity, itself, that is the protected class.

    Boding that: “white” should be protected – one should not be subject to hostility in the workplace on the basis of the misfortune that one was born with light palor.

    However – in a parallel area of law, AA – the Justice Department has taken an “affirmative” interest in assuring that underrepresented minorities are not discriminated against in the labor market. In order to assist its good work the JD relies on demographic reporting from employers. When an employee or prospective employee brings an EO complaint to the EEOC one of the first things the EEOC looks at is the demographic data to see if a prima facie case of discrimination exists.

    If a prima facie case exists – that does not mean the EEOC automatically finds for the one making the complaint – it does mean that – if the case goes to court, the employer must prove they did not discriminate – in other words the burden of proof is reversed.

    If the demographic data do not support a prima facie case, then the EEOC or the complaining employee may still go to court, but the burden of proof is to show that discrimination did occur.

    Back to settled law:
    For lawyers – all of this is great news! Unsettled law and new litigation – great news! You may be sure that lawyers can be found who will be happy to test if EEOC rules for prima facie cases of EO/AA discrimination are germane to questions of a hostile workplace.

    I think it’s important everyone understands this because:

    a. It is vital that we hold elected officials and courts to account – they must come clean with where they stand, publicly and clearly – and courts must hear and rule on these cases
    b. If, when it ultimately goes to SCOTUS as it must – then if SCOTUS finds that being “white” or “male” disqualifies people for 14th Amendment Equal Protection of the Laws –

    that has to be Deal Breaker.

    Normally I say “more federalism” – but if we cross that Rubicon, not even. I’m not sure what the answer is, I condemn and eschew all violence, but if we normalize discrimination in our law, one way or another, it’s game out, game over.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  104. In the brutal Volcker recession of 1981-1982, friends applied for advertised positions with a federal contractor who employed illegal Mexicans. The contractor refused their applications, saying, “We don’t hire Americans.” Complaints were made to state and federal labor enforcement bureaus. Official responses: discriminating on the basis of American national origin is not legally prohibited. Big red pill!

    Maybe the law has changed since then, but given everything else in the last 40 years I expect that somehow it’s changed for the worse.

  105. ATBOTL says:

    You are lying. Jews were massively overrepresented among elite lawyers, bankers and capitalists over a hundred years ago. The WASP establishment went out of its way to hire Jews, fill up its colleges and prep schools with Jews and promote Jews in every way possible. This blog has extensively covered this fact. Stop repeating minoritarian myths.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Disagree: notsaying
    • Troll: ScarletNumber
    • Replies: @Jack D
  106. @Paperback Writer

    What’s good about wokeism and will it last more than one generation?

    It may be good if you’re a guy who runs a Diversity Consulting company. Or have a fat salary in some company because they had to hire you.

    As far as lasting, well, I’d say it’s just the current form of Political Correctness which has been around since the 80s.

    • Replies: @Paperback Writer
  107. @ScarletNumber

    How can so many be so ignorant of their own history and culture. It’s the only one you’ve got folks. Brush up.

  108. @The Alarmist

    My limited (but probably correct) observation of the UK court system is that it’s dominated by leftist, barrister-judges. They differ with their US counterparts only in superficial ways, e.g. robe adornments (plus wigs?), accents, and method of selection.


    As others here have posted, the tax dollars tied to an education voucher system would come with ruinous strings. Also, this country needs no more government [education] bureaucracies. For that matter, private schools don’t need enlargements of their financial aid offices and legal retainers.

    Speaking of the large number of public school, non-babysitting staff, e.g. the ratio of teachers to administrators, I’m sure that the actual figure is closer to a totally outrageous 1:1.

    The staffer assigned to the copy room is regarded as an art instructor. A councilor teaches psychology, a statistician counts as part of the math department, etc.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  109. Jack D says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    If this is really true, you should be trying day and night to get Jews to join the white people’s cause instead of calling them Bolsheviks and telling them that they should move to Israel.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @AndrewR
  110. @Steve Sailer

    Carta not looking so Magna these days. Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl but she doesn’t have a lot to say.

  111. Hibernian says:
    @John Up North

    It was a War to prevent Democrats from being called soft on Communism while communizing the United States. Sort of like Korea.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  112. Hibernian says:
    @The Alarmist

    The US unwritten constitution consists of the whims of leftist judges and law professors.

  113. MBlanc46 says:

    They’d certainly rather that we didn’t think about it. Or talk about it.

  114. Curle says:

    It is precisely these people who are in the best position to sue.

    Always running from a fight is rarely a good strategy.

  115. This isn’t exactly new. When I was hired as a substitute by the Los Angeles School District on an emergency credential in 1982 and wound up filling an open position at beautiful Hollenbeck Junior High School for the balance of the school year, I was told to my face I would be rehired ‘if a black or Hispanic candidate cannot be found.’

    And at the time, it didn’t even occur to me that there was anything objectionable about this. Not only have we been second-class citizens for nearly forty years now, we’ve known our place for that long as well.

    At least, I did. Maybe the rest of you were out there fighting. I didn’t notice, though.

    • Agree: Intensifier
  116. @Jack D

    ‘If this is really true, you should be trying day and night to get Jews to join the white people’s cause instead of calling them Bolsheviks and telling them that they should move to Israel.’

    If it wasn’t for Jews, there’d be no problem in the first place.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  117. Curle says:

    “The reporter talks about something he calls “redlining,” which was a policy with the sole design of targeting blacks.”

    Completely wrong.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  118. Curle says:

    “ Blacks could not get mortgages from the federal government or were directed away from white neighborhoods by realtors.”

    It was neighborhoods that were rated with blue, green, yellow or red lines depending on the desirability of the housing stock in the neighborhood. It was designed to avoid a repeat of the housing crisis of the ‘30s. It was up to lenders to use the maps as they chose to scale the risk of lending on a depreciating asset. Red lined districts were presumed to be areas where home deflation was anticipated.

    In my city, when the redline maps were drawn the redlined neighborhood was 98% white.

  119. AceDeuce says:

    Nixon came in in Jan. 1969, facing a tougher challenge than any other incoming President has–greater than FDR in 1933, greater than Reagan in 1981, and greater than Trump in 2016.

    Regarding Nam, Nixon had to walk a fine line-fight the war while winding it down. He had a hot mess to deal with in the U.S. and faced as much or more media and goverment opposition to him than even Trump. He reduced troop strength 11% in his first year. He reduced it 67% from that two years later.

    When he came in, there were 536k US troops in country. Four years later there were 24k. The following year, there were 50.

  120. The Truth says:
    @Charles St. Charles

    You’ve got your finger on the pulse. It’s catastrophic what theses “ladies” (I prefer to use the term black widows) are doing to this country. They (white women) swallow the deadly religion of the news media mafia and practice their indoctrination of their communist cultic college education without question. Result? Perdition!

  121. @RichardTaylor

    In other words, it’s not really a religion. It’s an orthodoxy. And no, I’m not nitpicking.

  122. The Truth says:

    Absolutely correct! Couldn’t agree more. 1964 was the nails in the coffin for America. It has been a rotting, stinking corpse pushing up daises ever since. Her tombstone (which now is painted over with graffiti and kicked over) reads: Here lies greatness. She started with God, ended with sinners. Went from Uncle Sam to Aunt Jemima. She actually thought that she was forging ahead to new vistas but drew back into the muck and mire causing her death. Her last dying words are printed here for posterity. “DON’T GIVE RIGHTS TO PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE ANY!”

    SIGH! Truer words have never been spoken.

  123. nebulafox says:
    @John Up North

    Over half a million troops in an orders-of-magnitude hotter combat zone than Iraq or Afghanistan in a Cold War context were only going to leave so fast, no matter who won in ’68. Especially since total, unconditional withdrawal was not being considered by either party mainstream yet, anymore than Iraq/Afghanistan in 2004. Retreats under fire are never easy to pull off. and there was a helluva lot more fire in that war.

    It’s possible that if Humphrey won, we would have gotten out sooner. But there’s no way in hell we were getting out in ’69, and that along with the previous two years were where the bulk of the casualties were. Casualties sharply declined when we could transfer troops to the coasts after (temporarily) clearing out the Cambodian sanctuaries, ironically enough. This was lost on the domestic audience partly because the postwar generation was throwing one of their more violent tantrums, and partly because of the media’s ideological and partisan agendas, but also partly because Nixon had to go Churchillian instead of announcing it from the Pentagon as a normal operation, which it was.

  124. @nebulafox

    It’s so very hard to pull the plug on these clusterfucks.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  125. AndrewR says:

    It is, but so is every other set of beliefs, including the colorblind civic nationalism most of us grew up on.

    The separation of church and state is an 18th century fantasy.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  126. duncsbaby says:
    @Ingen Jegger

    Funny how “Ingen Jegger” gets the #2 comment w/no prior commenting history and obvious Tiny Duck talking points. Maybe the lack of typos and spelling errors threw Steve off.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  127. @SimplePseudonymicHandle

    She had a better case based on age discrimination.

  128. AndrewR says:
    @Jack D

    Some regular Jews might, but elite Jews never will, and elite Jews run everything directly or indirectly, so who cares?

  129. @duncsbaby

    Duncsbaby, all the comments are in chronological order. Those 1st 2 comments have the same time to the minute, meaning this Jegger Jagoff must have had his “action” request from his mashing of the [SUBMIT] button get to Mr. Unz’s server slightly after (within seconds) Gordo’s.

    Now, there is a moderation process that iSteve uses (I assume manual) in which some comments appear as soon as the 5 minute edit window is up (or even during that time – I need to check that sometime). Others take a while and some a long time, sometimes exasperatingly long, like 12 hours. Therefore some comments written before yours* won’t be seen, but will be above yours when they do appear.

    There’s one more detail: I think to avoid that “I’m First!” thing, but maybe for other reasons, the first set of comments don’t appear for a few minutes. That set could be as low as 1, as I think that there is some time interval that must expire before any comments appear.


    * “you” just as an example, not you in particular, Duncsbaby.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  130. @Abolish_public_education

    Judicial review used to be a shield to protect the people from arbitrary or capricious assaults on their liberties by government and its bureaucracy; now it is used as a sword by lunatic activists to protect the “rights” of asylym and immigration even for criminals of the worst sort, while people remain ordered to stay in their homes on arbitrary rulings based on questionable science from only one side of what should be debated by a full Parliament. Then there was that nullification of Royal prerogative during Brexit.

    • Replies: @Intensifier
  131. @Achmed E. Newman

    So, it’s not a Delphic Oracle moderating the comments here ?¿?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  132. Rob McX says:

    Probably every society accepts things that are unproven, or even demonstrably false, for the sake of harmony or stability. Some beliefs are more disastrous than others, however. No country or civilization can survive the lie that races are equal or interchangeable.

  133. nebulafox says:
    @John Up North

    It’s always easier to start a war than to end one, and it’s too painful-and disrespectful to those who die-for half-measures. I’m very all-or-nothing when it comes to war. Go in fully committed and ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve your clearly understood and concrete goal, or not at all, I say. Be very conservative, very cautious of committing: but once you have, be ready to play to the full.

    My posts might occasionally give people the wrong impression: I’m under no illusions of permanent peace as ever being feasible, with human nature being what it is. But I do have high standards. Until they are met…

  134. @The Alarmist

    So many people miss this point you make…the so called Supreme Court overruled HM the Queen’s prorogation of Parliament thus, in essence, claiming the right to review the actions of the Crown in the exercise of this time-honoured prerogative and to impute ignorance.

    The UK unwritten constitution as likely to be binned or just ignored as the US written one if and when it suits.

  135. Graham says:

    Or ‘ingen jägare’ – no hunter – if we’re going with Swedish.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  136. @The Alarmist

    The way it works sometimes, it seems more likely done by someone from Mopar or a Chinese aftermarket Oracle knock-off, rather than the GM spinoff. ;-}

    No, Alarmist, the moderation here is an iSteve enigma, trapped in a brown LA haze, wrapped in a “Consuela’s Roach Coach” burrito covering.

  137. Schrödinger’s protected class.

  138. Jack D says:

    You’re the one who is lying. Yes, Jews were overrepresented in relation to their percentage of the overall population but were discriminated against relative to their IQ cohort. E.g. when Yale practiced quotas Jewish enrollment was limited to 10%, but when quotas were lifted in the 1960s the % rose to 30%.

    One document, a folder now in the university archives, labeled ”Jewish Problem,” contains a memo from the admissions chairman of 1922 urging limits on ”the alien and unwashed element.” The next year, the admissions committee enacted the ”Limitation of Numbers” policy, an informal quota. Jewish enrollment was held to about 10 percent for four decades.

    ”There were vicious, ugly forms of discrimination at Yale, as with the larger society,” the current Yale University Secretary, John A. Wilkinson, said. ”It’s part of our history, and we should face up to it.”

    The book, he said, has uncovered ”what we’ve all suspected and some have known for a long time.”

    Was the WASP Establishment trying to compliment the Jews by calling them unwashed?

  139. anon[145] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, not according to Disney. In a recent interview with Ben Shapiro, actress Gina Carano claimed Disney harassed her and demanded she attend an Orwellian 40-person Zoom struggle session to purge wrongthink after her innocuous “beep, bop, boop” Tweet refusing to label herself as she/her on social media — after being harassed to do so by a mob of wokeists. That was the real reason they fired her. They made the determination then and there. They were simply looking for an excuse afterwards (according to an email inadvertently forwarded to the actress), and she unwittingly gave it to them.

    Do you want to know how things got this way? Answer: mega corporations like Disney actively berate and brainwash their employees, blacklisting them if they don’t go along with the program. The “muh private company” excuse should never again be used in polite society — talking to you libertarians. Allowing these entities to have unregulated influence in our politics was never a good idea. We shouldn’t allow corporations like Disney to get away with this kind of behavior, even if we have to use anti-trust to destroy them. The future belongs to those who are willing to take it by force, not those who would turn the other cheek only for it to be slapped, too.

  140. Anonymous[237] • Disclaimer says:


    Big liberal LBJ believed that escalating US involvement in Vietnam would provide him with political cover against accusations that he was “soft on Communism.” Then the understandable discontent with the war from young people (the Boomers) was used as a recruiting tool by the New Left to politically radicalize them.
    Instead of fighting the spread of Communism in southeast Asia in the ’60s, we’d been better off spending our energies stopping its spread here at home.

    LBJ Worst. President. Ever.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  141. @nebulafox

    All true, Nixon ran as a peace candidate, of sorts. He was too smart to buy the bullshit. There are credible accounts of Nixon visiting anti-war demonstrators camped out at the Lincoln Memorial.

    Imagine that happening today.

    *However*…. I can’t point to anything direct, but he took ownership of the war by his rhetoric. Perhaps he didn’t have a choice, though. Presidents aren’t supposed to tell the truth and engaging with the North Vietnamese was a bitch.

    It is insane that Vietnam has become in popular memory a conservative war. It was a Cold War Liberal war from the get-go.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @nebulafox
  142. anon[411] • Disclaimer says:

    Original article:

    … At an implicit-bias workshop where superintendents were asked to tell their personal stories, Ames talked about her grandparents’ loss of two children during the Holocaust — only to have colleague Rasheda Amon tell her, “you better check yourself,” the lawsuit alleges.

    “That is not about being Jewish! It’s about black and brown boys of color only,” court papers quote Amon as scolding.

    This is the essential newsworthy aspect: a major failure of the Holocaust card. For at least two generations, muh HOLOCAUST™ has been the ultimate top card in the deck that deprecates all other argumentation of any kind. Logic, reason, patriotism, etc. all fell over on command. It’s supposed to be a mike drop; “Some people did something and my people died in HOLOCAUST™” has always been followed by the uncomfortable silence, followed by some concessions. It’s how the game is played, for crying out loud!

    But pretty much the only people vulnerable to that guilt tripping are NW European peoples. The rest of the world is often indifferent at best to the Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Anyone Any Time Any Where. They just don’t burst into tears, drop to their knees and pull out their bankroll they way they are supposed to. Tisk, tisk. Worse yet, some of the New Americans really and actively dislike Jewish people much, much more than any heritage Americans ever did.

    Oops. Own goal, much?

    Importing lots of People of Color to displace the pesky, contentious whites has been a great plan for various elites since 1965, but here is the fine-print side effect that’s announced in rapid cadence at the end of the advert: “Unlimited Immigration may cause drowsiness, disorientation and total loss of effectiveness of HOLOCAUST™”.

    I guess the ADL better get busy building more museums of tolerance. Each black neighborhood must now have a little ADL approved museum, so that sistahs will know what they should know about their betters. Moar museums of tolerance! Not just in the US, either, but in places like El Salvador, Honduras, Nigeria, Congo. Syria. Libya. Rwanda. Should be effective, too! What could go wrong?

  143. Pericles says:

    You could make a case for it, though I think jägare would correspond better to jeeger or something like that with a long first e. Well, there is of course jaeger which is pretty close.

  144. @Ingen Jegger

    Can’t tell if this is a joke or not.

  145. Jack D says:
    @Paperback Writer

    All wars are Republican wars even if they were started by Democrats. Democrats are the party of peace and civil rights. Republicans the party of redlining and Jim Crow. That it isn’t actually true makes no difference. It’s EMOTIONALLY true.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  146. @Colin Wright

    I mean, you’re both mostly right, but Trump also tried that and Bibi knifed him the first chance he got. Look at the thanks he gets from Bidan tho. Y’all are battered wives begging for more at this point.

    You need to have a talk with your buds, Jack.

  147. Rob says:
    @I, Libertine

    Do ‘Troll’ tags have consequences?

    Yes, absolutely. If you get a troll tag from Sailer? People will be impressed. He’s never given on before, far as I know. If you get a troll tag from Tiny Duck? People will be doubly impressed. He does not do tags, nor does he reply to comments. If you get a troll tag from Corvinus? People will take your comment more seriously. A troll from Rosy means you are a male chauvinist pig, and she has noticed, so you better clean up your act, mister!

    I am pretty sure the tags are available to give positive/negative feedback, both to nudge people to better commenting, and to keep the comments from being clogged with comments do not have more content than ‘agree,’ disagree’…

    It does improve the comments section. That we only get, what, 3 every day, makes even a single agree or thanks a great reward from the commentariat. I must say, I am pretty proud of some of the disagrees I have received.

    Again, the only effect of a ‘troll’ is

    • Replies: @Rob
  148. Rob says:

    Sorry got cut off.

    The only effect of a comment reaction is to let the commentariat know where we stand relative to the rest.

    I am not sure why TD, or anyone, really, trolls here. We are intellectual dissidents and curmudgeons. The whole world is trolling us all the time. Indeed, noticing these trolling attempts is about 90% of Sailer’s blog output these days. He barely covers immigration or hbd issues.

    Maybe he realizes all is lost?

  149. Of course not.
    But don’t worry it will get better
    Things get better with Coke, right?

    And that’s news that’s not going to be printed in Sulzburger’s The Daily Slave-Owner.

  150. @black sea

    “Fierce Fowl.” Is obviously “Tiny Duck”
    Late of these parts, hopefully.

  151. Anon87 says:

    I tried to keep this link somewhat on topic, since it is dealing with immigration and labor, and while COVID related makes more sense here than on a vaccine post:

    Food & Beverage Companies Cope with Labor Shortages

    Jasmine Sutherland, president of Texas Food Services, knows this first-hand. For years, her company avoided staffing struggles by working with local nonprofit and faith-based organizations to employ immigrants in a temporary capacity. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed immigration so the company has had to get creative as staffing issues popped up and threatened to slow production.

    “We decided to offer employees overtime,” she says. “And it has been very well received; it’s really popular. We’re also pretty much always hiring pretty aggressively.”

    She says in a perfect world, Texas Food Services would hire direct employees who would stay on for years and become a part of the family. That is the ultimate goal, Sutherland says.


    And having management and employees on the same page is critical to not only addressing labor shortages but maintaining productivity. These changes and adaptations send a clear message to employees that a company is committed to staying in the community and providing quality jobs for those who live there for years to come.

    You don’t say!

  152. throtler says:

    It is not reverse racism. It is racism. Period.

  153. @Curle

    ‘“The reporter talks about something he calls “redlining,” which was a policy with the sole design of targeting blacks.”…’

    Wouldn’t the sole purpose of redlining be to ensure that premiums collected exceeded claims paid?

  154. nebulafox says:
    @Paperback Writer

    Regardless of what you think of the man, that took some brass balls. That probably was the most assassination-friendly setting a post-McKinley President has ever put himself in: JFK and Reagan had far more security around them than Nixon did that night.

    > I can’t point to anything direct, but he took ownership of the war by his rhetoric. Perhaps he didn’t have a choice, though. Presidents aren’t supposed to tell the truth and engaging with the North Vietnamese was a bitch.

    Well, for one thing, I think Nixon and Kissinger’s addiction to secrecy here proved counterproductive. They could have brought more domestic maneuverability had they been willing to be more transparent with the public. Bearing that in mind, after it became clear that a quick exit from the war wasn’t happening, the withdrawal rates heavily increased: ironically helped, again, by the single most controversial thing that Nixon did in the region.

    The North Vietnamese were uninterested in anything other than unconditional withdrawal and the deposition of the Thieu government in Saigon. There was nothing to negotiate, from their POV: they’d been down this road before in the 1950s and weren’t going to outsource the outcome again. They were determined to avoid North Korea’s fate at any cost. This was something that no mainstream American politician, Democrat or Republican, was going to accept in 1969. It was no more a part of the platform of either political party than unconditional withdrawal from Iraq was on the table in 2004-5. By the time it was, the American role in the war had already wound down significantly.

  155. Marty T says:

    Discrimination against whites will start being recognized when whites are willing to smash windows and show up at judges’ homes in defense of their rights.

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