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Say His Name: Judge Harold Haley
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The New York Times is committed to bringing you almost as much late-breaking Angela Davis news as its stop-the-presses Emmett Till coverage. Angela Davis’s name has come up in the NYT 48 times over the last year, almost once per week.

In contrast, the last time the Times has mentioned the name of Harold Haley, the judge whose head was blown off by the shotgun Davis had purchased two days earlier, was 1986.

Since then, the Times has written about Davis 397 times without mentioning the murdered judge by name once.

Harold Haley. Say his name.

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  1. “I’ve come to the conclusion that our work as activists is always to prepare the next generation”.

  2. Altai says:

    This still bothers me. The Black Panthers are lauded as if they were revolutionaries or paramilitary terrorists who had won their political struggle. The likes of Angela Davis is lauded as if she was a great polician and not just a sensation-seeking youth who enjoyed the adventure of it all.

    But I can’t even define what their struggle was, exactly. Almost everything they ever did involved them robbing banks for money and then attempting to break out or extort the release of their members who were imprisoned usually for the crimes of committing bank robbery or attempting to free other members arrested for bank robbery.

    What was their agenda? They were basically a criminal social club who enjoyed killing random policemen. It’s hard to see the political agenda or legacy at all of the Blank Panthers other than a lot of pointless murders.

    Since African-Americans don’t have a definable homeland or territory to secede, black nationalism in America tended to be directionless. What did the Black Panthers achieve (Or even aim to achieve) that justified all the violence?

    You could say the ‘cop-watching’ (And in the bad old days maybe it did temper some police brutality) and attempts to create community-based social programmes but nobody cares about that, what they care about is the Black Panthers as a paramilitary or terrorist organisation and on that score I can’t figure out why they’re celebrated, they achieved nothing (Because what civil rights were there to demand by then?) but did manage to kill a lot of innocent people along the way.

    There were no rival ethnic militias or paramilitary groups to defend against in the Northern cities. Can somebody tell me what the justification is to look back on them so fondly?

    There was no black liberation in the 70s. That happened in the 60s with the civil rights act.

  3. Polistra says:

    The answer to all of your many questions: Get Whitey.

    And yes, it’s actually going quite well. The people doing the important killings in the 1960s and 70s were pioneers, so it’s only natural that the NYT would be lauding them. The judge what’s his name? Stale pale etc.

  4. Polistra says:

    As the great Jewish philosopher Leon Uris declared: “No crime a man commits on behalf of his freedom can be as great as the crime committed by those who deny him freedom.”

    Suck on that, all you racists! Oh btw, Leon Uris added very quietly, “This universal pronouncement does not apply to Palestinians, of course.”

    PS to Steve “renowned”

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  5. … the last time the Times has mentioned … Harold Haley, the judge whose head was blown off by the shotgun Davis had purchased … was 1986. Since then, the Times has written about Davis 397 times without mentioning the murdered judge by name once.

    Anti-Whites push anti-Whitism, not surprising. We just had more brutal decapitations in France. Anti-Whites will say “well the French did colonialism, so they got it coming”, or “the French shouldn’t have gone to the Middle East”.

    They will highlight every time a Frenchman was mean to a Muslim or encroached on “their land”.

    In other words, they justify anti-White attacks. This crowd isn’t going to learn better. It’s not knowledge problem. They are simply fueled by hate.

  6. Angela Davis is the Yanni of murderous radical mediocrities.

  7. donut says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    A meat cleaver is what I use .

    • Replies: @reactionry
  8. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:

    The power elite is untroubled by black crime and wants to decriminalize it.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  9. Here’s a classic 1972 NYT article on Professor Davis’ enthusiastic support for the USSR:

    Some highlights:

    Referring to Soviet policy of fostering minority cultures within the Communist system, Miss Davis was quoted as having told an audience in the Uzbek Republic of Central Asia:

    “The possibility of seeing with my own eyes the practical realization of Lenin’s ethnic policy will be of tremendous help in our own struggle of resolving the ethnic problem in the United States.

    The United States authorities don’t want Americans to know the truth about life in the Soviet republics because the ruling circles of the United States, which also has many ethnic groups, are making every effort to divide people along ethnic and racial lines…”

    When informed of the exclusion of Americans on her arrival outside the club, Miss Davis said that the arrangements had not been up to her. Ordinary Russians have had little contact with American blacks and with Africans and, despite the official Soviet line of support, have not been able to muster much sympathy on their behalf.

    Some Soviet women, in particular, appear to be put off by the Afro‐style hairdos of Miss Davis and other black visitors from the United States. Russians appear puzzled when told that the style represents an affirmation of ethnic identity.

    • LOL: Redman
    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @New Dealer
  10. @Altai

    “Can somebody tell me what the justification is to look back on them so fondly?”

    They murdered people who upheld law and order. Not just ordinary people who believe in justice, but those entrusted with the responsibility to do so officially. Since SJWs like to think they are dedicated to the overthrow of the state, to them this makes people like Davis brave revolutionaries, worthy of reverence, not common criminals. Lately, it seems, they go even further and assume any non-white criminal is a revolutionary. This only works for white criminals if they claim to be antifa. SJWs don’t revere Timothy McVeigh.

  11. Kronos says:

    What was their agenda? They were basically a criminal social club who enjoyed killing random policemen.

    Maybe the intended effect was to help black baby boomers move to the Democratic Party?

    The Yankee WASP-Black alliance go’s back centuries. The blacks were useful to help wedge against the Irish if they got too uppity. The whining about slavery in the South was useful cover to help encourage protectionist economic policies cutting the South from trade with the British Empire. (Which made Northern industrialists richer.) So there’s a strong historical connection.

    Keep in mind 1968 marked the shift with white urban rich Republicans becoming Democrats. Before, the Democrats were very much a workers party. In terms of the Black Panthers, it helped encourage blacks switch from Republicans (Party of Lincoln) to Democrats with their Yankee allies. The violence also likely helped encourage Catholic pro-union workers to move out of the cities.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @ATBOTL
    , @Reg Cæsar
  12. Rob McX says:

    The politics espoused by 1960s black radicals are now mainstream.

  13. BenKenobi says:

    “Nothin’ cracks a turtle better than Leon Uris.”
    – Cletus Spuckler

  14. @donut

    Cleaver Unchained?

    One could cleave one’s meat with a cleaver or one could cleave one’s meat to this fashion accessory once marketed by Eldridge Cleaver:


    “Cleaver left Algeria in 1972, moving to Paris, France, becoming a born again Christian during time in isolation living underground.[1][27] He turned his hand to fashion design; three years later, he released codpiece-revival ‘virility pants’ he called ‘the Cleavers’, enthusing that they would give men ‘a chance to assert their masculinity’.[28] Cleaver returned to the United States in 1977 to face the unresolved attempted murder charge.[20] By September 1978, on bail as those proceedings dragged on, he had incorporated Eldridge Cleaver Ltd, running a factory and West Hollywood shop exploiting his ‘Cleavers’, which he claimed liberated men from ‘penis binding’. He saw no conflict with his newfound Christianity, drawing support for his overtly sexual design from 22 Deuteronomy.”

    See Also: Angela, Janus Word, contranym, contronym, Chinese foot binding, Eldridge unbinds his foot-long (gasp! that was *racist*!)

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  15. If your intellectual mentor was Herbert Marcuse, you’d be a murderess accessory and a brilliant polemicist too!

    I don’t understand how she didn’t wind up in prison. The jury system in Marin county effed up bad.

    The Panthers are the reason I cannot carry a long gun, or any other unloaded firearm, outside my home. Reagan signed a 2nd am. legislation into law in california, which resulted in the most restrictive gun laws in the country to this day. All because the Panthers carried shotguns in sacramento.

    I know Reagan fired her, but she got her job back at UC Santa Cruz. There is no justice in this world.

  16. AndrewR says:
    @Stolen Valor Detective

    Afros look dumb but they are natiral for blacks. I would be very surprised if any of those Russians knew that black people have very different hair than whites (one of the easiest rebuttals to when some drooling moron says “race is just about skin color”).


    the ruling circles of the United States, which also has many ethnic groups, are making every effort to divide people along ethnic and racial lines

    She’s not wrong here… Although now the ruling class is mostly yehudi with a token WASP or two thrown in

  17. Angela Davis did not even win a Nobel Prize and a presidency as did Mandela with his necklacing torture wife Winnie.
    Probably because she did not engage in mass murder by bombing innocent civilians.

    Left privilege makes it virtuous to lie, maim, kill, manipulate for the “good cause” of moving towards the Leftist communist dream (which is factually false and unattainable)

  18. @RichardTaylor

    They love victim blaming. Until something bad happens to one of them, of course, then victim blaming is a terrible thing to do.

    • Agree: RichardTaylor
  19. So?

    Who knows & writes about Dahmer’s & Bundy’s victims?

  20. Maybe the judge ruled the wrong way on social issues?

  21. By the way, this is just another misinformation campaign. Not even as absurd as others.

    happy black woman

    happy asian woman

    happy white woman

    european people art

    american inventors

    white american couple

    happy american child

    european history people

    who created white people?

    black couple

    white couple

    • Thanks: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @Lockean Proviso
  22. @Polistra

    Did you know. White cops are now abducting little black baby bodies out of SUVs to use for their hideous, nefarious purposes. This is exactly what Jacob Blake was trying to prevent when they shot him in the back.

    These same cops abduct black women so they can touch their hair, but the white supremacist media won’t touch the story. I don’t know about you, but this is why I’m voting for real change on Tuesday.

    • Replies: @cronkitsche
  23. @Bardon Kaldian

    Tell us about Dahmer and Bundy’s professorships, and the fawning articles about them in mainstream media and academic journals.

  24. @Reg Cæsar

    “That book, To Prepare the Next Generation—it’s a cookbook!”

  25. @Cloudbuster

    I understand you’re talking about moral issues & I agree. Just, you could point to many 20th C “positive” historical figures & find their sins forgotten, excised from the public discourse.

    Angela Davis’ crime was not “direct”; in my view, she is guilty, but not so visibly guilty as, say, Bobby Seale or Eldridge Cleaver, who both should have been offed unceremoniously.

  26. JackOH says:
    @the one they call Desanex

    Good one, Des! “To Serve Man”, Damon Knight. Plenty of reprints, TV show material.

    From a conversation in the near future: “Ever been to Dujuan’s Diner? The creamed, chipped legacy White is made fresh daily. Don’t need toast, either. Legacy Whites are their own toast.”

    Cheers. Morning coffee’s workin’.

  27. WJ says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Are you high? There is a crime show a week about Bundy, Dahmer or Manson.

  28. The press knows words matter more than actions. So do leftists. I posted this on another tread but in Berkeley “gangs” are now “groups’ and the answer to their violence is “Group Violence Intervention Program.” Can’t say shit if you have a mouthful. And in regards to davis,I saw last week that the Feds charged someone who purchased the guns used in an attack. Same thing davis did. davis, dorn, ayers all acceptable to the nyt.

    • Agree: bruce county
  29. @Cloudbuster

    Cloud, they weren’t “activists.” Murder by an “activist” is acceptable but don’t call them terrorists. Remember obama pardoned a Puerto Rican “activist” who was responsible for separatist bombings that claimed three lives. NYC named a street after him. In San Francisco the new DA, chessa boudin, is the child of two “activists” convicted of murder. His mother is out of prison and an associate professor some place. His father is still in prison, He was raised by bill ayers and bernadette dorn, both “activist.”

    • Replies: @Sean
  30. @anon

    Decriminalize, decarcerate and destroy your city —
    The Seattle City Council is considering new legislation that could make substance addiction, mental illness or poverty a valid legal defense for nearly all misdemeanor crimes.

  31. From those numbers I’d guess Davis has a good publicist. Judge Haley, not so fortunate — dead men pay no retainers

  32. Anon[104] • Disclaimer says:

    Reporters think this way because they live in a fantasy world. They have this utopia in their head in which they are the hero who reveals injustice, etc., and they’d all like to be the people who go around killing ‘the man’ and who free the blacks and lead them into Wakonda, where rainbows and unicorns abound.

    Reporters secretly want to be people like Angela Davis. They’re too cowardly, so they just write about people like her. To support this fantasy of uplifting blacks, reporters must insist that blacks are simple-minded children who do no wrong, but are only wronged against.

    Reporter’s fantasies are a danger to society. The only reporters who ever had their heads screwed on straight were the ones who worked the crime beat, and most reporters these days are editorialists who never did that.

  33. @Bardon Kaldian

    Dahmer and Bundy are on the TV “true crime networks” almost every week.

  34. I’m grateful to Steve Sailer for reading the New York Times so I don’t have to!

  35. @Bardon Kaldian

    Maybe because Dahmer’s victims have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths?

    • LOL: Bardon Kaldian
  36. Angela Davis, a terrorist who was a murder accomplice, is free.

    Leslie Van Houten, also an accomplice to murder in that same era, has spent the last five decades in prison.

    (2019) “California Gov. Gavin Newsom overruled a parole board’s decision to free Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten on Monday, marking the third time a governor has stopped the release of the youngest member of Manson’s murderous cult.

    “Van Houten, 69, is still a threat, Newsom said, though she has spent nearly half a century behind bars and received reports of good behavior and testimonials about her rehabilitation.

    “While I commend Ms. Van Houten for her efforts at rehabilitation and acknowledge her youth at the time of the crimes, I am concerned about her role in these killings and her potential for future violence,” he wrote in his decision.”

    It is presumed that Gov. Newsom will not grant parole because he “has future political ambitions that he does not want to jeopardize”.

    Van Houten joined the Manson group as a runaway seeking the protection of a surrogate family. Angela Davis joined an insurgent gang dedicated to violent action. Former terrorist Davis can be toasted as a celebrity, but Van Houten gets a politically motivated life sentence. This is the double standard we can expect in post America.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  37. @the one they call Desanex

    “That book, To Prepare the Next Generation—it’s a cookbook!”

    Beautiful! LOL!

  38. @reactionry

    Cleaver stole his codpiece fashion statement from William Tenn

    BTW, if you haven’t read this story you should give it a try. It’s quite amusing in a thought provoking way and available at the bove site.

  39. Well, the guy was white and didn’t have a cool ‘Fro so he didn’t count.

  40. @HammerJack

    The evocation, “Mad dogs and Englishmen,” comes to mind. Let me update it for our times: “Mad dogs and BLM.”

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
  41. Sushipal says:

    The “Anti- New York Times” Newspaper (Rebuttals to N.Y. Times Articles):
    www. realhistorychan. com
    An “Almost Daily” Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,
    Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Headlines
    “We read and rebut their vile crap so you won’t have to!”

  42. Anon[186] • Disclaimer says:

    You point out that white urban rich switched to Democrats in 1968.

    To my surprise, I read in Wikipedia that Evanston, IL went for Nixon in 1968. But it’s gone solidly Democrat ever since.

    Evanston had a long tradition of supporting the Republican Party. It was also one of the centers for the Prohibition movement.

    Sometimes I walk through Evanston, I see nice houses worth at least $400,000 with pro Democrat signs. I wonder how can that be? What do those who own those houses do for a living? How do they benefit from Democratic policies?

    • Replies: @JMcG
    , @Reg Cæsar
    , @Kronos
  43. If only someone could connect the dots from Angela Davis to Jefferson Davis.

  44. @Altai

    “Can somebody tell me what the justification is to look back on them so fondly?”

    the LEFT looks back on them fondly, Altai. the reason they like them so much is the same reason that they like pious muslims so much today: the damage they did harmed civil society. the left always wants to burn it all down and start from scratch, because they have only rarely been able to get their agenda approved by the electorate at large; most of the time, society in the target nation needs to be under great stress, with chaos and death all around, so that The Party can step in and seize power with a minimum of effort. it’s not that the left doesn’t want to expend effort; it’s that the left doesn’t have enough hard-core members to be able to expend enough effort to seize power. if they did have enough people, they would have just attacked and seized power directly.

    the black panthers, the “symbionese” liberation “army,” the weathermen, and all the other fascist and communist criminal gangs were, first and foremost, trying to destroy society so that they and their socialist buddies could seize power. BTW, virtually all fascists (and nazis, who were german fascists) were were either plain-vanilla socialists or syndicalists before they became fascists; fascism did NOT come from the right. fascism is just another flavor of socialism, in which the “smart” people run things. the difference between communism and fascism is that the commies want to kill ALL leaders and replace them with their own (and knowledge of the field is not a prerequisite), while the fascists want to seize control and run the current system; that way, everything goes along as before (except for the shooting of troublemakers, of course), and if the Party wants something done, they just order the people involved to do what the Party wants (with a bullet in the back of the head if it doesn’t happen, or doesn’t happen quickly enough). because the current system is left standing, the results tend to be better than the system the commies implement. if U want proof of that, just look at the PRC, the most successful fascist nation in history.

    i was somewhat confused by ms. clinton, a hard-core alinskyite leftist, during the last election. i didn’t understand why she would be so comfortable with taking graft as a leftist, but after some reflection, i realized that being hard-core in a system other than a hard-core socialist system would mean that anything that disrupted the current system, whether or not it had benefits for the hard-core leftist, would be seen as a good thing. in fact, any time we look at socialist nations, we see that the thugs (who got promoted withing the Party because they got the best results the most quickly) always reach the top … and every single one of them stays crooked – without exception. that’s just human nature. the reason it took me decades to understand this is because i am socially inept, and don’t understand people without trying really Really REALLY hard. and as it happens, the same thing applies to the hard-core leftist criminals of the 1960s.

    THAT is why the left looks back on the socialist radicals of the l960s so fondly.

  45. Angela Davis is a huge celebrity in Europe, because white Europeans are in love with la résistance américaine. This was why they protected Ira Einhorn for years. He was viewed the same way.

  46. Muggles says:

    When the Respectable Media perform an “UnPerson” operation, that person’s name is almost never seen again there.

    Ordinary victims of UberPersons such as sainted black criminals, or anyone deemed a GoodPerson by said media, are thus consigned to permanent UnPerson status.

    This is now so common that it is in the secret chapter of the new AP Style Guide. I was able to sneak a peek at that after mugging a drunk media clown outside of a dive bar. Interesting stuff.

    Mugging drunks is just my hobby, not my profession, BTW.

  47. Sean says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    In San Francisco the new DA, chessa boudin, is the child of two “activists” convicted of murder

    Makes you wonder about ex SF DA Harris. We’ll find out all too soon.

  48. Marty says:

    My impression (I got into law in the early ‘80s), is that in Haley’s day you went to state prison upon conviction for your first robbery. By 1980 that was no longer true, so perhaps that’s what the Panthers accomplished.

  49. JMcG says:

    The wealthiest parts of Philadelphia’s Main Line are wall-to-wall with Biden/Harris signs.

  50. ATBOTL says:

    Northern WASPs had an alliance with blacks and Southern WASPs had an alliance with Catholics.

    • Replies: @Kronos
    , @Hibernian
  51. This cultural obsession worshipping negroes continues to reach levels previously unimaginable.

    I recently received an advertising flier in the mail from Banana Republic. Or it could have been a similar company.

    It was a single large postcard with three photos arranged across one side. One photo showed a blonde woman in profile, wearing what I guess was one of the company’s shirts. The other two photos were of a black male (each a different model), intwined with a smiling blonde white woman.

    I’m guessing the ad agency has done extensive research that reveals white females regard negroes as the ultimate accoutrement to accent their new outfit.

    It’s all really disturbing.

  52. @Anon

    To my surprise, I read in Wikipedia that Evanston, IL went for Nixon in 1968. But it’s gone solidly Democrat ever since.

    The voting age was 21 (as opposed to neighboring Kentucky’s 18), and students of that age and above were still required by most states to vote in their hometowns, not at their schools. Symm v Texas in 1979 might have been the case that changed this, but other states had already changed.

    If you look at maps of elections before the 1970s, counties dominated by a university voted just like their neighboring counties. E.g., Tomkins, N.Y. (Cornell & Ithaca College), Centre (Penn State), Washtenaw (Michigan), Champaign (Illinois), and others voted heavily Republican in 1948:

    Same is true for Democratic and Thurmond counties. When a university was in a state’s capital, e.g. Madison, that might have shifted the balance.

    This is a festering issue to this day:

    Battle over voter residency law returns to the state Supreme Court

    If you won’t even register your car here (where insurance rates are cheaper, for God’s sake), how can we consider you a citizen?

  53. @Kronos

    In terms of the Black Panthers, it helped encourage blacks switch from Republicans (Party of Lincoln) to Democrats with their Yankee allies.

    Blacks started voting Democrat– where they could vote, anyway– in 1934. Their one seat in Congress, from Chicago’s South Side, flipped from one-term Republican Oscar De Priest to Democrat Arthur Mitchell, who convinced South Siders they’d get more swag from their old masters. He was certainly right about that!

    There was no better way to stick it to the “Yankee” than to vote enthusiastically for the worst man that race ever produced. Blacks did so with little hesitation. That 40% of them voted for Ike– a war hero under whom many black men served, running against a useless Democrat– was a mere speed bump on the party’s highway to domination of their race.

    A quick racial history of Illinois’s First District:

    De Priest was the last Republican to represent it, and Martin Madden, an Irishman born in England, the last white man. Before that, another Martin, Emerich, held the seat for a term. He was Jewish, born in Baltimore. The last native white Christian to hold the seat, James Robert Mann, was redistricted out in 1903. He won elsewhere that term.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  54. Rob says:

    You know how ‘articulate’ is an adjective that fancy blacks strongly dislike? This is because being articulate is a bare minimum standard for elite whites. They are all articulate, plus other things. For blacks in the elite, being articulate is sin qua non. That is all they have to be,

    Well, most black criminals are nowhere near articulate. They can barely speak comprehensible English, and when they do manage to get out a real sentence, the sentence is along the lines of , ‘me big bad man, other men scared of me, me represent.’with no indication that they think they committed their crimes for a Cause.

    The American left is not a working class movement, by and large. But as leftists, they think they should be acting in the interests of ‘the people’. Not being a working class movement, they have little ability to interact with the physical world (I’m the same way). To pull off a revolution requires muscle, men with guns who are good with machines and construction.

    The left fancies that they are the bourgeois vanguard for non-White revolutionaries. They think blacks and Mexicans will provide the muscle and mechanics for their revolution, he Black Panthers committed crimes for a Cause. It was very easy for leftist whites to pretend that the Panthers were the beginnings of a revolution.

    Appealing to the non-White underclass, the portion of those races from whom the career criminals are drawn is not particularly difficult, they like weed, as do the leftists. Even leftists, I think, realize that these peopke do not an insurgency, let alone an army, make. Appealing higher up the hierarchy to the working class is more difficult, The sort of leftists who fancy themselves revolutionaries, as opposed to those marching through the institutions, do not have traits that appeal to the working class. They tend towards unathletic bookishness, and corporeal people find that off putting,

    Blacks are no threat to the anyone on their own. They will all starve without us. The Hispanic working class could, if they were revolutionary, cause a huge problem, but they want to climb the economic ladder (I think they will stall out as working class and lower middle class, due to IQ and what seem to be reading difficulties compared to whites of equal IQ, but I could be wrong), not burn down the country and hope something better pops up with the people who built it dead or disenfranchised.

    Tl;dr. The Black Panthers looked like the revolutionary vanguard of non-Whites to hopeful intellectual leftists.

  55. @Stolen Valor Detective

    Glad you brought up Angela Davis’ affiliation to the pro-Soviet Communist Party USA, which was at the nadir of its esteem at the time she joined. Anyone who could fog a mirror knew that communist countries were brutal and dreary. The whole idea of the New Left was to repudiate and distinguish itself from Stalinism and its mass murders. Your average New Leftist at the time thought that real communists like Davis were despicable. For most people, her banging felons for kicks was another sign of moral idiocy. That today she expresses no critical self-reflection about her actions is a third such sign.

    It’s depressing to imagine how ignorant one would have to be to suggest sanctification of this seriously evil person.

  56. His name was Harold Haley. (Fight Club voice)

  57. Kronos says:

    I’m a subscriber to the “American Nations” idea and it’s usefulness for explaining American political shifts. The coastal states were once solidly Republican (minus the South.)

    But both heavily flipped starting in 1968. Those two regions were/are heavily influenced by WASP Yankees. The South was once heavily Democrat but flipped at essentially the same time. (The 1976 Presidential electoral map is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.)

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  58. Kronos says:

    The Northern abolitionists and industrialists would try and cause public outrage against slavery by publishing books like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the like. But to my knowledge the South rarely turned the tables trying to provoke Irish Catholic hostility to Protestant Yankees. (Though that might’ve pissed off the British with Ireland and the IRA so they never pressed it.)

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  59. Hibernian says:

    The answer is they both should be in jail, bot that they should both be free.

  60. Hibernian says:

    …Southern WASPs had an alliance with Catholics.

    Which was stretched almost to the breaking point in 1928. Somewhat strained in 1960 also.

  61. MBlanc46 says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Thanks for that, Reg. It seems to be a common misconception that blacks didn’t start voting Dem until the 1960s. As you point out, the move to the Dems began with FDR.

  62. I was moved to near tears by your post
    First for the judge
    Mostly for what has become of my country

    • Thanks: JackOH
  63. @Kronos

    (The 1976 Presidential electoral map is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.)

    How did you miss the 1964 map? It’s totally upside-down.

    • Replies: @Kronos
  64. @Bardon Kaldian

    At least they didn’t have the “happy black women” being an authoritarian boss with a subordinate white man, smashing a statue of a white man, or with a gun to his head.

    Probably all who do these searches go on a list if they’re not already on one.

  65. @Kronos

    But to my knowledge the South rarely turned the tables trying to provoke Irish Catholic hostility to Protestant Yankees.

    That would be like doing a rain dance in Seattle.

    (Though that might’ve pissed off the British with Ireland and the IRA so they never pressed it.)

    Did they ever send slave catchers into Upper Canada or the Maritimes? If their “property” argument was right, the Empire was guilty of piracy. If not, it was a dishonest attack on state sovereignty.

    (For the life of me, I can’t imagine chasing a Waste Management truck over the state line to hijack it and get my back)

    • Replies: @Kronos
    , @Hibernian
  66. Kronos says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    That would be like doing a rain dance in Seattle.

    In terms of transforming general ethnic hostility into political action. Both Spain and Germany tried instigating violent revolution in Ireland to destabilize the British but it never proved successful.

    (For the life of me, I can’t imagine chasing a Waste Management truck over the state line to hijack it and get my back)

    Sometimes its just the principle. Southern honor and all that.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  67. Say her name Di su nombre: Kelly Kean Sharp.

    Another Professor Resigns Following Accusations She Pretended To Be Non-White

    She is neither keen nor sharp, it seems. The other chicks who tried this managed to fool people for quite a while.

    Kelly Kean Sharp = Key: all spank her!

    Say, guess who predicted Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the like?

    The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.
    Noam Chomsky

    I wasn’t aware he split infinitives.

  68. Kronos says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    The 1976 map demonstrates an interesting transitional point. A preview of things to come. The 1964 map is interesting but I find 1976 to be far more intriguing.

  69. Hibernian says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    That would be like doing a rain dance in Seattle.

    Back in the day, definitely true. Post ’60s, not so much. The “I’m pro-choice because the Jesuits taught me to think for myself (in high school and/or college)” crowd tend to be WASP wannabes, at least to a certain extent. Ultraliberal priests are Unitarian Universalist pastors in clerical collars.

  70. Hibernian says:

    Both Spain and Germany tried instigating violent revolution in Ireland to destabilize the British but it never proved successful.

    The Easter Rising was a flop in the short term, but led to success (which was not total) in the long term.

    • Replies: @Kronos
  71. Kronos says:

    True, but it kinda always appeared to be fools gold. It always looked like a promising strategy to destabilize England but would never pan out. I think even Napoleon tried it once?

    • Replies: @znon
  72. znon says:

    Ireland before the 20th century was as easy to hold as it was to conquer because the land was flat and the inhabitants were as willing to fight each other as the English. What changed by the 20th cent. was the growth of cities creating a terrain tactically resembling mountainous country, easy for a small and weakly armed force to flee into, hide in and attack weak points from (see Michael Collins).
    The British were also ultimately weakened by their inability to evolve from their barbarous medieval ruling system, originally imposed by the Norman Savages who ruled them in turn. Efforts to adjust a ruling system seem to usually be ineffectual or dangerous to the system. Does anyone know a book on this?

  73. @Polistra

    Going quite well? I’ll say. Per “Heyjackass”, over 660 blacks have killed other blacks in the garden city of Chicongo this year,(so far).Boo Boo be killin June Bug by the bushel. It’s getting to where the white RAYSIS cops don’t even have to draw their guns.
    Remember; Black Lives Matter!

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