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From the Daily Mail:

African American man kidnaps white woman and forces her to watch nine-hour slavery mini-series Roots to ‘understand her racism’


PUBLISHED: 05:40 EST, 18 February 2020

An African American man kidnapped a white woman he’d been in an on-off relationship with for years and forced her to watch nine-hour slavery miniseries Roots so she could ‘understand her racism’.

Cedar Rapids police seized 52-year-old Robert Noyes on Monday on charges of first-degree harassment and false imprisonment.

The woman, who was not clearly described in previous reports as being white, was allegedly forced to sit with Noye and threatened when she tried to move from watching the 1977 TV miniseries.

He forced her to watch the nine-hour show, which details the ancestral line of the author Alex Haley, ‘so she could better understand her racism’, a police complaint said.

Noye threatened to ‘kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago’, when she tried to move away, according to the Gazette.

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  1. “And this is different than college how?”

    Good answer on Twitter:

    “She’s not $200k in debt after the ordeal”

  2. “Cedar Rapids, Iowa” is the part of this story that would have amazed me the most, until the last year or two. Now none of it does.

  3. Look on the bright side: He neither raped nor killed her. Let’s hope that her most severe trauma was being exposed to Alex Haley’s stuff. Counseling is available.

  4. Only semi-OT:

    Racist, hate-filled Becky Subcon Sarada Peri tells us how Trump is going to ‘cheat’ in the upcoming election:

    Trump Is Going to Cheat


    Sarada Peri

    She was special assistant and senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama. Perl[sic] is a graduate of Tufts University and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.


    You’d think that someone who got through Tufts and Harvard would know the definition of, ‘bias,’ and be able to think past it.

    Another example of life on easy mode in Current Year America.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Rob
  5. I wish this was a regular part of the middle school curriculum. The watchdog g of the Black experience not the kidnapping

    white people need to be made aware of the intentional infliction of pain on People of Color caused by white supremacy. It is the mood tang to learn about colonialism and white supremacy

    One good thing is People of Color will soon be in control and set things to rights

  6. songbird says:

    I didn’t even like sitting through Amistad.

  7. “A David L. Wolper production”

  8. Lot says:

    I watched Roots a couple years ago (voluntarily.) It was kind of slow and I fast forwarded quite a few scenes, but it still was well cast and acted.

    You can see it free on

    Two recent and better Early America historic drama shows are Turn: Washington’s Spies which is extremely good in every way, and Jamestown, which is overall worthwhile but has some slow points and poorly written subplots.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  9. Bugg says:

    Except Haley stole it-

    Did get to see OJ Simpson attempt to act, so….

  10. Anon[394] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    OK f*** ’em we won’t play by the rules then. They don’t argue in good faith, have no recognizable morals, and don’t follow their own rules. At the end of the day, it’s about what kind of civilization we want, not following some arbitrary earthly “rules.” When we stopped following the rules of niceness is when we got Trump in the first place.

    Keep doubling down, keep doubling down. She gets lauded for it in effete bureaucrat circles so it’ll work everywhere else… Mostly likely she’ll just go back to India if and when her people have made a mess of everything.

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  11. kihowi says:

    Roots was formative moment for me. I remember being sort of bored but my mom got indignant at what the poor dears had to go through, to the point of yelling at the screen as if she was watching a documentary. First time I was confronted by someone not being able to tell fiction and reality apart who was not a “special” kid.

  12. @Rutherford

    Yeah, if only the slave sellers of Africa had refused to take money from white people….

  13. He forced her to watch the nine-hour show, which details the ancestral line of the author Alex Haley, ‘so she could better understand her racism’, a police complaint said.

    Noye threatened to ‘kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago’, when she tried to move away, according to the Gazette.

    I imagine she now understands racism.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Thanks: duncsbaby
    • Replies: @anon
  14. MEH 0910 says:

    Mr Plinkett Full Nadine story

    • Replies: @Carl
  15. Carl says:

    he’s the black mr plinkett

  16. newrouter says:

    >White American man kidnaps black woman and forces her listen to nine-hour Charles Murry’s Bell Curve to ‘understand black dysfunction in American society ‘<

  17. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:


    Big Little Miss Muffett has dropped a stinky veggie-deuce on the liberal orthodoxy once more:

    Chrissie Hynde, the lead singer of the legendary rock band The Pretenders, wrote an open letter to President Trump on Monday describing how much her late father would’ve enjoyed his presidency and urging the Republican leader to help get WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange out of jail.

    The Ohio-born musician said her father, Melville “Bud” Hynde, would’ve been “delighted” to see Trump honoring Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the State of the Union earlier this month — a controversial move that placed the divisive, right-wing radio host with the likes of Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  18. M_Young says:

    I watched Roots as a young boy. At the time it seemed remarkably even handed. They even had ‘good’ slave masters. Unfortunately, the part that is really embedded in my mind is where Ed Asner is about to have sex with a nubile young Africaness.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @duncsbaby
    , @Corn
  19. Dr. X says:

    Cedar Rapids police seized 52-year-old Robert Noyes on Monday on charges of first-degree harassment and false imprisonment.

    If he can get a black judge and a black jury, he’ll get acquitted.

  20. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:

    Guy’s twitter account suspended for that comment…

    • Replies: @HappyBlueBreakfasts
  21. Dan Hayes says:

    The only thing worse would be to have Harvey Weinstein comporting on screen with these nubile black maidens.

  22. newrouter says:

    >Noye threatened to ‘kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago’, when she tried to move away, according to the Gazette. <

    Let us make this the 2/18/2021 edition of 'black history month'.

  23. Noye threatened to ‘kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago’, when she tried to move away, according to the Gazette.

    You don’t need to watch “Roots” to understand black people.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  24. An African American man…

    Shouldn’t that read “An Iowa man”?

    Also, I’m not clear – is it “African-American” or “Black” now? I recently said “African- American” in a classroom peopled by mostly Gen Z’ers and one of the little scolds put her hands up to her ears like I dragged a piece of chalk across a blackboard (I know, archaic reference).

  25. @songbird

    I didn’t even like sitting through Amistad.

    Imagine how much nicer America would be if all of those ships had experienced the fate of the Amistad!

  26. @Dan Hayes

    “Comporting” or “cavorting”?

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
  27. @Dan Hayes

    The only thing worse would be to have Harvey Weinstein comporting on screen with these nubile black maidens.

    He’ll have his fill of nubile young Nubians in Sing Sing. Just not maidens…

  28. Thomm says:
    @Dan Hayes

    The only thing worse would be to have Harvey Weinstein comporting on screen with these nubile black maidens.

    The Ed Asner character felt great guilt about that, and about his entire role in the process. It was the Ralph Waite character that was far more enthusiastic about the slave trade.

    It was pretty evenhanded, except for the fact that Kunta Kinte was captured by whites rather than by blacks and then sold to whites.

    • Agree: M_Young
  29. @Anonymous

    The Ohio-born musician said her father, Melville “Bud” Hynde, would’ve been “delighted” to see Trump honoring Rush Limbaugh…

    She caught hell for licensing her song to Rush for his theme music. She was in England at the time, and was assumed not to know what Rush believed. But I always got the feeling she just saw Rush as a copy of her dad. Turns out it wasn’t a bad guess.

    I only wish she had licensed “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, a far, far better song.

  30. anon[362] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Speaks

    I imagine she now understands racism.


    Court records show that Noye and Shelton have been involved in a tumultuous relationship spanning nearly two decades, with both parties filing for multiple restraining orders against the other person.

    Forget the Daily Mail. Get facts from a source that knows how to report. View an image of the actual complaint here:

    The criminal complaint does not reveal whether Shelton was allegedly forced to watch the original nine-hour “Roots” miniseries or subsequent remakes based on Alex Haley’s novel.

  31. black sea says:

    Is this what they mean by “Must See TV”?

  32. He forced her to watch the nine-hour show…

    Forcing anyone to watch any miniseries constitutes domestic violence. The damned things are so turgid.

    Noye threatened to ‘kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago’

    I-380 goes to Iowa City and Waterloo, not Chicago. This guy can’t even read a map. Is that the feminine side of the black male brain?

    And is this guy’s name Noyes, or Noye? The report seems ambiguous. Is he related to John Humphrey “free love” Noyes?

    The Rich, Sexy History Of Oneida — Commune And Silverware Maker

    How about to this Robert Noyes?

    ‘Dangerous’ pedophile Noyes is given full parole

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee…

  33. JimB says:

    Wait, this is the Mr. Plinkett – Nadine story over at Red Letter Media, with minor edits.

  34. @Anonymous

    Judging from the relative timestamps on Twitter, the suspension must have happened around 3~4 hours GMT. Bloody hell.

  35. @Kibernetika

    We watched that show on TV when I was a kid. It was the highlight of our week.

    A book I remember from that time was “The Dahomean” by Frank Yerby.

  36. @Anon

    Uh, when her people make a mess of things, we’ll BE India.

    • Agree: JMcG
  37. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Rush liked the bassline from “My City Was Gone”, which was all he ever used, never the vocals.

    The Hyndes were apparently very decent, conservative , hard working and admirable people. Big LMM’s biography is well worth a read: I get the feeling that old Bud was a fascinating guy, a WWII Marine who had a career with the telephone company when that was a good thing to have. He was English, but a Lutheran, which is interesting and I’d like to know how that came about. Mrs. Hynde was apparently Welsh. Her mother (Chrissie’s maternal grandmother) apparently dropped dead at the dinner table one day.

    They had two children, a son named Terry, who became a jazz musician of local notoriety but not interested in major league fame, and Christine Ellen, who gravitated towards Hinduism and vegetarianism and general hippiedom.

  38. @Reg Cæsar

    Ahem, “Talk Of The Town” might be more appropriate.

  39. Twinkie says:

    Why is Geordi La Forge not wearing his visors and in chains?

  40. Is this a real story or a Aesop-style parable about the Democrat party?

  41. Gee, that was the 1970s Roots, which undoubtedly softpedalled the truth so as to not tick off all the White Folk. Shouldn’t he have used Django Unchained?

    BTW, when do we get a “more historically accurate” remake of Roots?

  42. @Reg Cæsar

    Say what you want about Chrissie Hynde, I don’t know and I’ve never cared what her political views were. Chick’s got a great rock-chick’s voice. I once fell in love with a gal becuz she sounded like Chrissie Hynde.

    But their debut album “Pretenders” is one of the greatest rock and roll records ever made, and quite possibly the best DEBUT album ever made. “The Clash” and “Ramones” are in contention, and probably “New York Dolls”. Not even something as exquisite as “Talking Heads 77” or “My Aim Is True” make the cut.

    “I shot my mouth off,
    And you showed me what that
    Hole is for.”

    Sung with a straight face. Beat that. I dare you. Well, I don’t dare Joey Ramone, but I dare everybody else.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. duncsbaby says:

    Serious question: How does Tiny Duck get to post under a variety of different names and not get banned? I mean I’m fond of Tiny but when he/she posts under his proper name and not all these other pseudonyms. That’s just annoying.

  44. duncsbaby says:

    Ed Asner is about to have sex with a nubile young Africaness.

    Hey at least they had a Jew playing a slave trader!

    • LOL: JMcG, M_Young
    • Replies: @Jack D
  45. @songbird

    I was held captive – a protracted sort of analogue of this woman’s kidnaping – on buses and trains (and sidewalks) for years, before I began to see how necessary is the need for freedom of association. She got off easy with only nine hours. And she had an ongoing hookup relationship with this pet of hers for years, so who cares what she went through. Do what I say, or I’ll kill you and scatter your body parts. OK, two-legged, flightless locust/termite and founder-maintainer-pillar of great civilizations. Show me how oppressed – by YT, not by blackie – you are nowadays. Now, TPTB are filling the safe area I escaped to with them, and most are still acting well enough . . . for now. Muh magic dirt.

  46. Paul says:

    Can a white man kidnap a black woman and force her to watch the movie Birth of a Nation so that she can understand the objections to black behavior?

  47. Aldon says:

    Roots is an early attempt at weaponizing Kunta Kinte’s resentment and dysfunction by way of mythologizing (something done more recently by the hilariously infantile movie Black Panther). It’s yet another example of how entertainment (television, porn, etc) by large has been both designed by and consumed most voraciously by liberals (or Jews) with aid by Negroes.

    Film? Hollywood was degenerate for a real long time. Any non-cuck could tell you that.
    Miscegenation propaganda. Dindoo Muffinism. You name a notable film or television show and I’ll tell you it’s propaganda. See:
    -Pocahantas/Dances with Wolves/Avatar-Noble savagery and misgenation.

    -G.I. Jane: Transparent attempt to shill women in the military.

    -The Wire: Just the White Boomer/lolberg , narrative of how cities like Detroit became how they are. Complete with a Negro Homo as a “noble criminal.”

    -The People vs. Larry Flint: Making a hero out of a porn king who tried to make his own daughter act in a porn movie.


    -Frozen: The ultimate White Middle Class Voting Female ballad.

    Even outside of Hollywood and all the way into the news, you’ll hear:
    -The fantasy that only Straight White Men are serial killers and mass shooters or otherwise commiting mass slaughter thanks to media focus on mythologized men like Ted Bundy and use of cartoon characters like The Scorpio Killer or The Joker (reality: Negroes in America are the most represented as both serial killers and mass shooters while famous ones like Ted Bundy were either homos or raised in degenerate environments namely by single moms), denial of actions by Jews/liberals of events like the Young Turks’ massacres of Greeks and Armenians.

    -Adding onto the above, the likes of Negroes or Achmeds are framed as eternal pawns/”victims” of Whitey or “noble criminals” like Omar from the Wire. Something like Japan’s conduct in WW2 or ISIS’ conduct are only from imitating White men/being manipulated by White men.

    -The meme that women hate marriage and children. That women are more competent parents than men. Cartoons like Simpsons have memed long-suffering sexbomb wives trapped in houses with husbands who don’t deserve them for awhile now.

    -Shoving random Blacs into something like Frozen 2 or complaining that something like a video game set in Medieval Bohemia doesn’t have the same demographics as San Francisco so that Current Year Clownworld can be memed into something that’s traditional.

    -Negroes all being Sam Jackson to Idris Elba types or at least “badass” ghetto thugs that aren’t afraid of no Whitey.

    -Noble savagery. Both when it comes to Injuns (Dances with Wolves, Pocahantas, Avatar) and just the attitude towards such Darkies as being what Whitey should be.

    -Miscegenation advocacy. If children are shown you can expect them to be well-behaved and/or non-dysfunctional rather than be Elliot Rodgey Rodge or Colin Kapernig.

    -Homos and dykes shown as beautiful or quirky “elites” who “act liike us” rather than kiddie fuckers, drug abusers, scizhos, etc.

    -The capeshit history version of WW2 where Murica and/or Soviet Union (depending on how much the Clowns currently hate Russia) fought supervillain Hitler for social justice.

    -Just how womyn are handled in entertainment.

    -Fedora/Anti-Catholic history in all forms (the “church” being meanies to science, muh Crusades, muh witch burnings, etc.) perhaps represented best by Netflix’s Castlevania adaptation.

    -Just having an anti-heritage attitudes where White men should just adopt some dyke girl or Brown girl to “protect” her (and/or just coom all day) with no regard for his lineage while White women watch Harry Potter, dyke out, and die surrounded by pets.

    And whatever else I neglect.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  48. Corn says:

    Quite a bit of casting against type in Roots IIRC.

    Closet case Robert Reed (Brady Bunch fame) played a doctor and planter who was a bit of a ladies man. Ralph Waite, who’s known to most as folksy John Walton, played Ed Asner’s lecherous, rum-swilling first mate.

    • Agree: M_Young
  49. Ganderson says:

    Ummm… it pretty much already is part of the school curriculum.

  50. Ganderson says:

    Amistad is one of the most horrifically dishonest historical movies ever.

    James Bowman says it better than I could:

    • Replies: @Jack D
  51. drogger says:

    As upsetting as this is, no one cares about the millions of white children forced to sit in schools across America and lectured on their racism for years.

  52. Rob says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    You’d think that someone who got through Tufts and Harvard would know the definition of, ‘bias,’ and be able to think past it.

    Numerous Raj era brits with experience in India commented on their dishonesty.

  53. @Kibernetika

    Fun fact:

    She now calls him “Toby”

  54. Anonymous[379] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    One, LMM is the ultimate rock chick and vocally astonishingly impervious to age, though vegetarianism has cost her a lot appearancewise. And two, she has never topped her debut LP. All the right things came together perfectly.

    “Tattooed Love Boys” was something no woman could have wrote- unless she had lived it and chose, later, in the moment, the path of brutal honesty, which is rare for people of either sex. Most people who have such events don’t talk about them or sugar coat them, doll them up, use them as excuses to be a loser. She told the story and moved on.

  55. Anonymous[272] • Disclaimer says:

    Is Roots fictional?

    • Replies: @Lot
  56. Well, it is black history month…

  57. Jack D says:

    In Roots, Asner plays a ship captain. Judging by his beard, a Quaker (I don’t recall whether they actually say he was a Quaker in the movie but there were in fact Quaker slave ship captains.)

    Possibly resulting from their historic exclusion from military service and their inland location in Europe, there was a real dearth of Jewish ship captains, slave or otherwise. However, certainly once the slaves had landed in the US, there were a few Jews involved as dealers in slaves just as they dealt in cotton and other merchandise. Buying and selling (anything) is a familiar Jewish occupation and American Jews in those days were not especially liberal or Leftist or attached to the abolitionist movement, nor did they have any particular religious qualms about slavery. The association between Jews and civil rights for blacks is much more recent and has nothing to do with the situation in colonial America.

    But the idea that Jews were especially prominent in the slave trade is just a Louis Farrakhan blood libel. The major slave trading houses in the US, such as the DeWolf family of RI, were not Jewish – Jews, while not completely absent from the slave trade, were peripheral players. Jews in early America were few in numbers and were rarely major players in any trade. This whole Jewish billionaires thing is a recent phenomenon.

  58. Jack D says:

    I disagree with this. It’s true that Spielberg gives Cinque some Hollywood style speeches and makes him the Magic Negro (while the real hero was Adams – if the situation was reversed, Cinque would have probably eaten Adams for dinner). But in terms of the plot, the movie sticks pretty closely to the historic facts, which really are amazing enough to support a Hollywood movie (if the story wasn’t actually true, you would dismiss it as over the top melodrama). While Roots is a work of almost pure imagination.

    • Agree: Desiderius
    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  59. Aldon says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    Thank you. The point on how liberal/Jewish denial or defense of events like the Young Turk Massacres (of Greeks and Armenian) goes in line with the White Male as Foulness Incarnate. You even saw it when Trump dared to not immediately run to the defense Murica’s Greatest Ally The Kurds (who were used by the Young Turks as a weapon against the Armenians).

    I’ve been coming around to Varg’s thinking, at least when it comes to entertainment. Enough of it is degenerate and is out to get your kids to become racemixers and trannies. Better strongly monitor what if anything they watch, try to find other outlets for their inborn play interests (fighting and building for boys, rearing young and playing neighbor for girls) than some Playstation game with a Heroic Dyke or Super Kang.

  60. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Jack D

    Roots famously had a white slave catcher nab Kunta Kinte in the wilds of Africa. In Flash For Freedom, which was presumably much better researched, the slave traders buy a batch of slaves from a local headman.

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