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Althea Bernstein's Low Energy Blood Libel
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Two weeks later, we finally have a Development, of sorts, in Althea Bernstein’s “Biracial Woman Set on Fire by ‘Classic Wisconsin Frat Boys'” Hate Crime of the Century/hate hoax of the week. From Channel3000:

‘It happened really fast’: Audio of call to dispatch details woman’s report of being set on fire

Updated: July 9, 2020 5:32 PM by Stephanie Fryer

MADISON, Wis. — A woman who reported a group of men tried to set her on fire last month in Madison said the incident “happened really fast,” according to the call she made to report the crime.

An audio file of the call was provided to News 3 Now through an open records request.

You can listen to the call here, which took place 16+ hours after the supposed hate crime.

Who knows what really happened? But if I had to guess, I’d imagine that Althea’s mother said, “Young lady, you’re going to report this atrocity to the police right now,” dialed the number, and handed the phone to Althea, who sounded about as enthusiastic about recounting her tale as the Non-Emergency Call dispatcher at the other end, whose office building, I presume, had been set on fire with lighter fluid 16+ hours previously, was in listening to it.

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  1. Althea’s blunder was forgetting that the frat boy’s were chanting “Emmett Till” and they were wearing Hawaiian themed Klan robes. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  2. joelcc says:

    I was told after making a mildly inappropriate comment on this article, I was shadow-banned on twitter. As far as I understand, it just meant my comment that was continually getting “likes” notifications was buried in the “more comments” section. I had received around a dozen likes within an hour, then none at all. One of the “likes” came from you, so I presume you saw it. Just meant to make a tiny bit of an offensive joke about this questionnable event.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  3. Anon[179] • Disclaimer says:

    Key point here: The local news outlet got this tape released.

    In general the local newspaper or television news website will have the more accurate and detailed information, as the Wendy’s taser-gun thing showed.

    The reporter also contacted the FBI for a no comment, still investigating. When you’re in a small market, this kind of thing is the most exciting stuff a news reporter has to do.

    • Thanks: Jane Plain
  4. El Dato says:

    Probably goes well with Alicia Keys’ “This Girl is on Fire” pop song, one of the lowest-energy sucksongs I have had the displeasure to be forced to listen to in various public venues.

  5. Homosexuality is rampant in the rap/hip hop industry. Here’s an interesting video that thoroughly documents how a ridiculously large fraction of macho rappers are secretly gay. Apparently, if you want to make it in the industry, you have to consent to all types of “casting couch” gay sexual abuse.
    Most of the gay sexual abusers are Black, but it seems many gay Jewish men are involved too.

    The video claims that if an aspiring rapper wants a studio exec to push his career, he first has to allow a gay rap mogul (like Puff Daddy Colmes, Birdman, Lil Wayne, or Dr. Dre) to “pop” him in the butt. If a rapper wants to become a star, he first has to “give up his booty.”

    The video also makes the case that the industry is trying to push a gay/trans agenda.

    This reminds me of something interesting that I read back in 2012.

    Travolta allegedly claims Hollywood run by gay Jewish men

    he “got to where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his Welcome Back, Kotter days; and that Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity.”

    Everybody complains about straight predators like Weinstein and Cosby, but it seems that the level of gay sexual abuse may be far more significant in the entertainment industry.

    Here’s another interesting video on the gay “casting couch” that exists in the rap industry. Two Black rappers tell the truth about the industry.

    You don’t need to watch the entire video, but it gets very interesting from 7:09 to 7:47. It’s mentioned that one reason for the gay sexual coercion is because it provides opportunities for future blackmail.

    From 8:40 to 9:30, they discuss the truth about “groupies.” You’ll learn the truth about the sex lives of rappers and who they really are sleeping with when they’re out touring.

  6. El Dato says:

    Jake doesn’t like it when you insult his fetish.

    • LOL: Redneck farmer
  7. Deogolwulf says: • Website

    “threw a match or lighter at me”

    In the Hoaxer’s Handbook, a rule ought to state: Be decisive in the lie. This ought to follow the rule: Make sure the physical tools in your story behave in plausible ways.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Jack D
    , @Barnard
  8. Wake Up says:

    Whites should demand a National Holiday for all the fake racial hoax crimes that we get catch the blame. We could make it on April Fools Day.

  9. @Deogolwulf

    Lighters are expensive … these are privileged white kids who can afford throw them away willy nilly. Has anybody scanned the Rich Kids of Instagram to see who might be brandishing lighters?

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Deogolwulf
  10. @JohnnyWalker123

    This would explain the misogyny in the lyrics, then.

  11. @El Dato

    Alicia Keys has always bothered me because she’s the musical equivalent of Maya Angelou: cheap carbs, no real nutrition, people think they’re getting something, but in reality they’re being starved from inside because of fake nutrients.

    A long time ago, I had the weird experience of chatting at a lunch counter with the teenage Fiona Apple. I wasn’t flirting because she was still REALLY young (though even then, highly identifiable), we were just having a conversation which was unusually deep for strangers, especially since one of the strangers was just a kid.

    She told me about her ambitions to become a great singer, and I thought, well, this girl is very smart but she’s also naive, she’s going to get eaten alive and I can’t protect her.

    A few years later, somehow “Tidal” came out, which is a very fine work of art, and I thought, Thank God, somebody protected this girl, and she was able to become what she wanted to be, and we’re all the better for it.

    Point being, Fiona and Alicia Keys are relative cohorts, age-wise: and Fiona is dinner with your friends at Peter Luger’s, whereas Alicia is a box of Captain Crunch.

    • Thanks: vhrm
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  12. @The Alarmist

    And no lighter was ever found, the car’s headliner showed no signs of being burned, altheas hair showed no signs, the laws of physics weren’t repealed, etc etc etc..

  13. Deogolwulf says: • Website
    @The Alarmist

    No doubt it was a Zippo with a death’s-head design.

    • Replies: @anon
  14. 16 hours?

    Speaking from personal experience on getting stiches for an accidental cut, don’t the nurses and doctors grill you on “How did this happen?” Sure, they want to know if you cut yourself on a rusted sardine can you fished out of the garbage, but surely the medical people have a legal obligation to report wounds from an assault? Certainly a person hurt committing an assault will concoct a story, but often victims are reluctant to report what happened? Asking multiple times and viewing someone’s reaction is a long-established method of getting to the underlying truth?

    I mean, you don’t get to walk in the door of the ER with an obvious bullet wound and not expect that this gets reported, and even though cuts and burns are more likely to be from an accident than an attack, would not the people treating multiple, scattered burns about the arms and face ask, “How did this happen?”

  15. El Dato says:

    “Being down with it” really means having a nasty haemorrhoid problem.

  16. What’s a ghetto girl to do? Johnson & Johnson doesn’t market Neutrogena Clear Fairness in the US.

  17. Jack D says:

    I rarely see either matches or Zippo type liquid fuel lighters anymore. I think 99% of the time, people use Bic type disposable butane lighters. These lighters have a safety feature in that they stay lit only for so long as you keep your thumb on their trigger.

  18. Deogolwulf says: • Website
    @Jack D

    Indeed. The lighter would have to be of the expensive, old-fashioned kind.
    But worry not. The police are on the case.

  19. peterike says:

    , but it seems that the level of gay sexual abuse may be far more significant in the entertainment industry.

    Reminds me of that great clip from “The Larry Sanders Show” where Artie (Rip Torn) asks someone “Do you know who runs Hollywood?” and the guy says, “The Jews?” And Artie responds: “The gay Jews.”

    I used to be able to find that clip pretty easily, but I can’t find it at the moment. Gosh, that’s a surprise.

    • Replies: @Bozo the Clown
  20. The call was made at 5:45 p.m. on June 24 as a non-emergency call. It ended at 5:49 p.m.,

    I don’t have the actual police report but from an earlier report there’s this:

    While waiting for a green light at the intersection of Gorham and State Street around 1 a.m. on June 24, Althea Bernstein says four white men called her a racial slur, before attacking her, and setting her on fire with lighter fluid. Bernstein is bi-racial.

    Someone please explain this. Why did she wait 16 hours to report the “crime”?

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  21. @Anon

    Yes, but…

    If too much of this stuff (i.e., reporting the truth) goes on, the ambitious small market Jimmy Olsens will have to be…

    Dealt with.

  22. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    I’m a lapsed smoker shuffling into old age. I haven’t had my hands on a non-disposable cigarette lighter in 30 years, and the one I had was an odd one specifically designed for pipes of various sorts. My parents had lighters; these were accessories for formal dining and the philharmonic, rather like brass cigarette cases. My father seldom used one in mundane life, and my mother never (hers was kept in the jewelry box). My parents surviving contemporaries are all around 90.

    • Replies: @Marty
  23. @JohnnyWalker123

    Re: Travolta.

    Robert Stigwood, his first sugar Daddy, wasn’t Jewish.

    Stigwood rose through the British music industry, which was so gay I wonder how anyone could inhale without picking up some virus.

  24. This story is heartbreaking. You can plainly hear the terror in the young girl’s voice, long after the attack. And trying to set the girl on fire wasn’t enough, they had to call her the N word for Black people? We live in a terribly racist society.

  25. Barnard says:

    I also liked how she couldn’t even give an approximation of where she was on the street and when gently pressed on her location threw out the name of some Mexican restaurant. The 911 dispatcher shows a solid level of professional restraint. You can tell he didn’t believe her.

    • Replies: @Deogolwulf
    , @Mr McKenna
  26. Is that all that has been released of the 911 call? I can imagine that among the really woke, it sounds convincing. To me, it sounds like complete BS… but I’m guessing that the rest of the call sounds even less flattering to the “victim” and her story, and hence has been “edited for brevity”.

  27. Coemgen says:

    “Blood Libel” is an excellent descriptor for activities I’ve been referring to as “casting aspersions.”

    “Big money media” and the Democrats have spent decades committing “Blood Libel” against U.S. Citizens and their Posterity (and their Progenitors). “Citizens” meaning those who only check the “white” box.

  28. For a more plausible story of being burnt by a gang, she should have consulted TOK’s video for “Chi Chi Man”:

  29. Cranmer says:

    The reporter said that there is a $10,000 reward leading to the conviction of the perps. I think the best way to flush this one out is for someone to hike it up to a million. It would bring a lot of hype to the case (which has considerably cooled nationally) and hopefully bring these heinous racists to justice.

    It could be the greatest virtue signal of the century. Hell, do 10 million. It won’t cost you a penny. You could even do it on television Mel Gibson ( from Ransom) style. Just don’t go all out and promise the money to the person who turns her in. Make sure the reward is for ‘classic Wisconsin frat boy’ types. Never put a bounty an a Black body.

    • Replies: @Frank Sales
  30. @JohnnyWalker123

    I assume a very large proportion of male actors are gay because like actresses, they have to such off fat old jews to get roles and the straight ones won’t bother.

    I’ve always found rap lyrics, especially the most macho rap like gangsta, to be incredibly homoerotic. A bunch of their lyrics are about being fellated by other men, typically their enemies. I get the dick sucking insult but it seems excessive to get so graphic about another man blowing you. They seemed to like it too much. Doesn’t surprise me Easy E died of AIDS

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  31. In the call, the woman tells police she is not able to remember the exact location where the attack happened. ……….Investigators are looking at surveillance images to see if the assault was captured on camera.

    Good luck with that.

    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @Charlotte
  32. anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    And a swastika made of the letter K.

    Why was she driving around during a peaceful disturbance with the window open?
    Or did Haven Monahan smash her window into hundreds of fragments and set her on fire while she writhed on fragments of safety glass?

    • Replies: @Deogolwulf
  33. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D


    I thought the same thing

    It s impossible to throw a Bic lighter through the air and keep the flame on

    Same with a lit match

    It s an obvious hoax

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  34. @Cranmer

    The reporter should have said: “There is a $10,000,000 reward for anyone who can substantiate this cockamamie story”.

  35. @Pop Warner

    I’ve always found rap lyrics, especially the most macho rap like gangsta, to be incredibly homoerotic. A bunch of their lyrics are about being fellated by other men, typically their enemies. I get the dick sucking insult but it seems excessive to get so graphic about another man blowing you. They seemed to like it too much.

    If you study history, you’ll see there’s a long history of macho gay men sexually abusing their underlings, often deriving sadistic pleasure out of this sexual degradation. This seems to have been especially common in the military.

    The media/entertainment industry likes to portray gay men as effete victims of a viciously masculine straight society, but the reality is very different.

    Doesn’t surprise me Easy E died of AIDS

    Lots of AIDs-related deaths are covered up, often being blamed on other health issues, overdoses, or “accidents.” So the actual number is way higher than you might think.

  36. ChrisZ says:

    “Low-Energy Blood Libel” is a brilliant, but also chilling, description of the blasé attitude behind an accusation that could rebound to destroy an innocent person’s life. The original blood libel was meant to whip listeners into a violent frenzy, and was presumably delivered with as much drama and bravado as the accusers could muster. What kind of person seeks the same effect with an air of casualness?

    But obviously the only effect Bernstein sought was to avoid a conflict in her own household. Steve’s reconstruction of the pre-phone call conversation with the girl’s mother is surely close to the truth. You can at least understand a mother wanting to believe any pathetic excuse her child dreams up. In ordinary circumstances the cops would see through it, ask some pointed questions, and assuming that no real crime had been committed would leave mom to deal on her own with the girl’s disobedience and dishonesty. Instead, we are graced to have a gullible, obedient media amplify the affair into a national story.

    Saner people have now seen enough of these cases to construct a profile. A black girl gets herself into an embrassing or shameful position; maybe her guardians are respectable people who would disapprove and punish her; so she concocts an outrageous story of brutality at the hands of a gang of white males, to gain sympathy as a kind of martyr to racial injustice. The girl’s bet is that the guardians won’t barter their own respectability by publicizing the “crime”; but for whatever reason (maybe they smell a big payoff in a lawsuit?) they push her to make an offical report–and then she’s stuck trying to endlessly justify a crazy story that was only supposed to get her out of a few days’ hot water.

    I think the profile fits Bernstein. The ur-hoaxer in this scheme might be Tawanna Brawley. And there’s the black girl back in September who claimed a gang of white boys clipped her dreadlocks:

    On reflection, this profile is only the modern black version of a cruel, manipulative tendency certain young women have shown since at least the time of Phaedra.

  37. This poor woman must feel like she let a winning lottery ticket blow out the window. Here she was just sitting at a stoplight minding her own business when the planets aligned just right and she found herself being victimized by not one, not two, not three, but FOUR rich white guys from central casting. There must’ve been cameras everywhere. All she needed to was dial 911, but instead laziness got the best of her, and by the time she called she couldn’t even remember the time or the place. Just imagine the millions she could be raking in from NASCAR alone if she could prove this was real.

  38. Barnard says:
    @Henry's Cat

    On the 911 call, Bernstein gives the location of the attack, after some prodding from the dispatcher as Los Gemelos Restaurant which she says is on State Street and a cross street she doesn’t name. Pulling up Google Maps, Los Gemelos is the second business in on Gilman St. from State. Based on Google Street View, the back door to the downtown Madison Visitors Center across the street from the restaurant has a camera pointed toward the street. Depending on how far the camera shoots into the street, they can already prove that obviously the attack didn’t happen there or that she never drove through that intersection around the time she says she was attacked. Bernstein also claims she was at a stoplight, that intersection has a stop sign not a light. She says she was crossing State Street which also doesn’t make sense, as Gilman Street turns into a one way at State going the other direction. This had to be an inefficient route to get wherever she claims she was going. The City County building where Marquon Clark and his associates likely burned her accidentally during the riot is six tenths of a mile away. I doubt the police will go to the trouble of proving what happened like they did with Jussie Smollett and just memory hole the story as long as Bernstein and her family are willing to let it rest.

  39. Charlotte says:
    @Henry's Cat

    One would think the location would be, er, burned into her memory.

  40. Deogolwulf says: • Website

    It’s racist to close your window whilst there’s a peaceful disturbance going on.

  41. @Anonymous

    And what happened to the lighter? I guess it bounced out of the car. These thugs were real lucky!

  42. Deogolwulf says: • Website

    I am almost annoyed that she couldn’t be bothered to put the effort in. I don’t suppose the police will put any effort in to charging her. Lazy, untruthful people all round.

  43. Cortes says:

    I imagine that she is the exception to the rule that young people have their phone with them at all times and therefore the investigators have no idea exactly where she was at all times. A truly remarkable young woman. Let’s pray that those frat boys are caught forthwith before they wreak more havoc.

    • Replies: @Barnard
  44. @James Speaks

    Althea’s blunder …

    If Steve is right:

    Who knows what really happened? But if I had to guess, I’d imagine that Althea’s mother said, “Young lady, you’re going to report this atrocity to the police right now,”

    it’s not Althea’s blunder, the core of this evil blood libel is the race hatred of her Jewish-black parents.

    They aren’t 16. They are adults. But they have chosen to pickle themselves in lies motivated by their ethnic hatreds and jealousies.

  45. @Jack D

    The local walmart sells Zippo brand Zippos for about $15 and lighter fluid in the checkout isle.

  46. The Karen who called the police because she felt threatened by a black bird watcher is being prosecuted for calling 911 and making a false report…..while this woman will never face prosecution for making a false report, even if video evidence demonstrates she was lying. Sad to see it is now against the law for whites to call 911 on blacks while people of color are allowed to make false reports about imaginary whites.

    • Agree: bomag
  47. Barnard says:

    Good point, even if she had her location tracking turned off, which is unlikely, the police would still be able to tell which cell phone tower her phone was pinging off of during her trip through downtown Madison. They already know it is a hoax simply from her cell phone data and can most likely place her at the protest for an extended period of time. They don’t need the camera footage and are certain to bury this story.

    • Replies: @Cortes
  48. Marty says:
    @Art Deco

    There’s a large collection of Zippo lighters for sale in a shop across the street from Sather Gate in Berkeley. It’s owned by a bunch of rough-looking Palestinians, who, I’m told, spent hundreds of thousands remodeling the site into a sort of fortress after the previous owners were repeatedly ripped off by blacks. I haven’t been in there for about ten years but I recall the average price for those Zippos being around $80.

  49. Cortes says:

    The most recent 6-8 John Sandford novels, both Davenport and Flowers series, have focused on mobile/cell phone tracking. Can anyone credibly claim to be unaware of pinging nowadays? Unaware of the technical surveillance facilities of investigation authorities?

    The outcome of the Madison case involving Ms Bernstein should be interesting.

    My favourite film scene is Michael Corleone interviewing his brother in law Carlo.

  50. @Anon

    I live just outside Madison. Local media really turned against the “protesters” after the desecration of the Heg and Forward statues and the fire-bombing of the City-County Building. They didn’t give much time or empathy to the Bernstein story. They dutifully reported it, but it certainly didn’t lead the coverage as it might have in a different city. There was a sense that the anarchists really overstepped, even in Madison.

    • Replies: @For what it's worth
  51. @For what it's worth

    I like Althea’s mother. Maybe she’s not bright enough or cynical enough to see through this sham, but she seems to have her daughter absolutely terrified of admitting she was participating in a riot. That’s better parenting than a lot of parents can boast of this year.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Jane Plain
  52. In other HateHoax-related news: reddit banned a reasonably-large subreddit – r/hatecrimehoaxes – that was focused on exposing fake hate crimes.

    This happened as part of reddit’s recent thoughtPurge, but nobody noticed because it didn’t involve puerile cartoonish nonsense (e.g., Trump, statues, Jeebus or gender nonsense).

    ZeroHedge has the deets.

    It’s quite funny that the people in charge think that their current market dominance will persist forever. It’s as if they’ve forgotten about Digg.

  53. No Rulers says:

    Am I the only one to notice that the burns are on the wrong side of her face? Or, is that a trick of the camera? I have only seen pictures which show the burn marks on the right side of her face when in actuality, they should be on the left side of her face if they attacked through the open driver-side window.

    Can anyone explain this apparent anomaly?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  54. No Rulers says:

    But are the media going to let it rest? They might be too invested in the narrative unless someone tells them to cool it.

    In any event, a lot of people will have to ditch their integrity to bury this story. Chances are, a lot of people have already ditched their integrity.

    Very sad.

  55. @No Rulers

    Or, is that a trick of the camera?


    I think it’s been established that it’s not worth going down that rabbit hole.

  56. @For what it's worth

    Indeed. It sounds like the family has recently lawyered up and they are trying not to piss off the cops the way Jussie Smollett did. Their statement to the press was all about Althea “healing” and very vague about what precisely she is healing from.

    If Meghan Markle hadn’t butted in, they’d be in a better position.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  57. @Jane Plain

    Reward doubled! But–curses!–those Classic Wisconsin Frat Boys are so rich and privileged that $10K isn’t enough to tempt one to turn the others in! Plus the good-old-boy network. Plus the slight handicap that they’re imaginary.

    Someone please explain this. Why did she wait 16 hours to report the “crime”?

    Hey!! Never rush an artist! Especially a con artist!

  58. @Barnard

    The dispatcher may not have believed her, on account of her story failing the smell test, but 150 million Merkins certainly will, and that’s before the Made-for-TV movie is even broadcast.

  59. @For what it's worth

    Well, it’s not good parenting to encourage your kid to lie.

  60. JMcG says:
    @Jack D

    Hipsters, Jack. The same ones buying typewriters and record players are buying Zippos. Ha, autocorrect changed Zippo to Zillow- a sign of the times.

  61. AceDeuce says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    Fun fact (well, maybe not “fun”): Apple was raped at 12, when she was living in Harlem.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  62. @Adam Smith

    Smoking now for roughly four decades, I can attest only a wick-type Zippo style lighter could possibly stay lit when tossed even a few feet, and it would have to be freshly filled at least if not overfilled. As in, within a half hour at most in cool, damp weather conditions. As well as have a recent wick for decent sized flame. The fluid used is particularly thin and doesn’t really burn well when puddled without a wick of some sort. 90% rubbing alcohol is much hotter burning and more flammable by far as well as cheaper and more volitile. A much better idea if one was so inclined. I suppose this is all academic as we all know this is a hoax. Just my two cents

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  63. @peterike

    Episode is called “Putting the Gay Back in Litigation”. Episode 88, Season 6. Found the quote on IMDb.

    • Replies: @Jane Plain
  64. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Diversity Inclusion Equality Youth Team

    90% rubbing alcohol is much hotter burning and more flammable by far as well as cheaper and more volitile.

    To clarify: are you saying that rubbing alcohol would make a better lighter fluid for everyday use? Or, rather, it would be the theoretical lighter fluid of choice for the putative Hawaiian-shirt, frat boy types of this story?

    I ask because, while I can see why it would be both cheaper and hotter burning, I am not clear on how suitable it would be for everyday use because of 90% rubbing alcohol’s fairly high evaporation rate.

  65. @Anonymous

    Sorry for the lack of clarity. Alcohol for the alleged immolation purposes had been my intent, if one were to be doused with it as opposed to Ronson fuel. One wouldn’t use alcohol in a Zippo, may work minimally but not for long and would burn the wick away comically fast disabling it completely.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  66. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Diversity Inclusion Equality Youth Team

    Thank you for the clarification.

    If I can find an old Zippo around here (that is, one I no longer care for), I am halfway tempted to start chucking it about out of curiosity as to whether a Zippo in “typical” condition (i.e. not recently fueled, wick somewhat worn, etc.) will maintain a flame if thrown.

    (Because, after all, “frat boys” are not typically given to careful planning.)

    Granted, I probably ought to be wearing an Hawaiian shirt when I am mucking about, but my sartorial tastes have never leaned that way, alas, so I must go without.

    (Of course, in the old days, I would have looked on YouTube for some other chap to have already done this, but I suspect such a video would be labeled “hate speech” and promptly removed in 2020.)

  67. @Bozo the Clown

    Speaking of litigation, what’s going on with Owen Benjamin and Patreon?

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