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Man-for-Man, Who Are the Scariest Social Justice Jihadis?
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If you rank low on the Intersectional Totem Pole (e.g., you are a straight white male American), which kind of cancelation mob do you least want to tangle with?

Obviously, both quantity and quality of Social Justice Jihadis are considerations. For example, there are a huge number of Nice White Ladies, but are they particularly intimidating per capita?

So, in this tourney, we’re seeding Woke activists man-for-man:

As you can see, there are a lot of tough competitors out there in the highly competitive Wokeness industry.

But I’ve got to say, the Social Justice equivalent of what Samoans are to the NFL — few in number but with an extremely hard-hitting impact — are the Late Onset Autogynephilic Male-to-Female Transgenders. Man-for-man, the autogynephilics just have that old-school manly need to crush their enemies, to see them driven before them, and to hear the lamentations of their women more than anybody else has.

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  1. Trans vs Antifa in the second round is gonna be a beast.

  2. wren says:

    I remember that Steve had a particularly aggressive antigynephilic troll after him for years about 20 years ago or so.

    Way before steve had a comments section, so the guy had to make his own site or something.

    Or am I remembering someone else?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  3. Warner says:

    Black-Jewish lesbians.

    But it’s close. They might only win because the MtoF are even rarer.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
  4. t says:

    Why are Mexicans even on the list? US born Mexican women might be a little social-justicey but the foreign born ones aren’t the US born men aren’t at all.

    • Agree: Thomas
  5. syonredux says:

    Steve, you’ve got this all wrong. Autogynephilic Male-to-Female Transgenders are gentle, delicate, exquisitely feminine creatures…..

    • Replies: @Lockean Proviso
  6. t says:

    Police in Canada are focused on the important problems

    Granted in place of Chinese there might not be much real crime.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @BenKenobi
  7. BenKenobi says:

    Black Applebee’s customer?

  8. J.Ross says:

    There’s a video of this, which, short and self-defeating as Yaniv is, retains a peculiar terror, because the assault is completely out of the blue and in front of a freaking courthouse. Truly this is an insane person disregarding things a sane person of even low intelligence would probably respect.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Not Only Wrathful
  9. Nice white ladies will crush the trannies. NWL built our world, indirectly, and they ain’t givin’ it up now on ‘count of no ginawantobe MTF trannies. They only have to say No.

  10. Trinity says:

    hahaha. Nice white ladies scare me the most because “Karens” and “Beckys” are the most racist and racism is scary and sheeit, yo.

  11. Muggles says:

    In reply to an article I sent a friend about two teen “trans” twin females now marching through the Parisian fashion model scene with unprecedented speed, he replied “men, is there anything we can’t do better than women?”

    • LOL: Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
  12. @wren

    Economist McCloskey and computer scientist Conway.

    Very high IQ, very intense.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  13. Hemid says:

    Chinese- and Korean-American women with Jewish husbands have the strongest desire to wipe out Whitey, and someday they’ll do it, but for now it’s the non-black trannies who are getting things done.

  14. Somalis and Mexicans are at the bottom of the world tables for political talent. Mexicans occasionally care about issues outside their people, and have way more people in the US, so they’d probably win this round. But whoever does will be eliminated quickly in the next round.

  15. Can’t you think of a better use for your time?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  16. This bracket is worthless w/o Chechnyan/Dagestani Immigrant. That’s my pick for top seed

  17. Anonymous[504] • Disclaimer says:

    Raging-T she-men in a *walk.* Unless the antifa incels can somehow call in DIY drone strikes no other outcome is conceivable; or reinforcements from the NYC Education Council will just decide this

  18. Anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr Sailer.. from such humor.. take a break.. learn to pray.. where there is life there is hope.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  19. JohnnyD says:

    Don’t underestimate the Nice White Ladies. Many of them are either true believers or ruthlessly ambitious.

  20. Thomas says:

    No seed for the bisexual, handraised-by-Whites Halfricans who started BLM? Disappointing.

  21. @Steve Sailer

    Economist McCloskey and computer scientist Conway.

    Not John Conway, thank heavens. Lynn Conway, who could almost pass.

    Conway–whose “deadname” isn’t given on Wikipedia– dueled with Alice Dreger, who defended Napoleon Chagnon, whose subtitle you just have to love:

    Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes — the Yanomamo and the Anthropologists

  22. Black Woman wins against all (including Jewish Woman, as Roseanne Barr found out) except Holocaust-Adjacent Jew (HAJ), which trumps all. Steven Spielberg, who is deeply involved with Holocaust memorial stuff, is never ever getting cancelled for any reason for that reason. In fact there was (allegedly*) talk that Spielberg was going to get exposed as a pedo but it got shut down immediately behind the scenes by media heads.

    *legal disclaimer

    Attacks against HAJs get the tribe riled up in fully tribal mode and all other considerations are superseded.

    From this group:

    Round 1:

    Bruce Jenner beats Woke HR Lady

    Dot Indian beats Antifa Commies

    No idea what a Congregationalist is but Zoe Kravitz beats them

    Somali Terrorists beat Mexicans

    Round 2:

    Bruce Jenner beats Dot Indians

    Zoe Kravitz beats Somali Terrorists

    Round 3:

    Somali Terrorists win

  23. @Daniel Williams

    The Brahmins are going to whoop antifa. Some 17 year old very light skinned sorta not really brown kid writing a college essay about racism while sitting in his MD parents’ mansion is a double threat.

  24. Alden says:

    Yaniv’s that fat butterball isn’t it? Female hormones add a layer of fat but Yaniv looks like it had reverse liposuction

  25. anon[199] • Disclaimer says:
    @Neil Templeton

    Nice White Ladies can’t do a thing on their own, they must call men in uniforms to do their bidding.

    You know, like Ms. Cooper in the Rambles of Central Park said she would do.

    The NWL’s have been enabling trans bullies for years, they are in for a shock.

    • Replies: @Gianni in Guernsey
  26. Black gay and trans activists really push the extreme. Black gays disproportionally speak at the protests that I have seen.

    Color For Change is a corporate shakedown operation that is all over the media. The president of the organization Rashad Robinson is a total fruitcake. Impossible to take this guy seriously, but there he is leading the shakedown of Facebook.

    This is the insane person overthrowing our society. I do not believe that he is in charge of this movement, but just a well compensated puppet. I am confident that Color For Change is nothing but an astroturfed front group. Videos on the Color for Change Youtube Channel are lucky to have a few hundred views. For several of the videos, I am the only viewer.

    • Replies: @Redman
  27. Man-for-Man, Who Are the Scariest Social Justice Jihadis?

    The enforcers of Social Justice Jihad, not listed, are the scariest by far: CEOs and corporate/institutional board members going along with the mob and committing employment/financial/business/service cancellations against wrongvolk. If one doesn’t have the money/allies to engage in defensive lawfare, the only choice left for individuals/groups on the outs is either (tactical) capitulation or violent direct action.

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
  28. Kronos says:

    Can we use this as the theme music?

  29. Redman says:

    Pound for pound, I have to go with mulattos with black (Or blackish) moms. I’m seeing that cohort more and more these days as one to be reckoned with.

  30. Alden says:

    There’s long been rumors that most of the taller than 5’10 runway models are really men. For decades the most desirable runway models have been 6 ft. But there just aren’t that many 6 ft women around. The extreme skinny ness is attributed to the fact that most designers and manufacturers are gays whose ideal body is that of an 11 year old boy.

    The great designer Christian Dior’s runway models were all between 5’4 and 5’6 115 to 130 pounds. He was gay but made clothes for real women. That was a long long time ago.

    • Replies: @Thoughts
    , @Liza
  31. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    It almost makes you miss the real Islamic jihadis of the first decade of this century. Such a simpler time.

    • Replies: @njguy73
  32. MBlanc46 says:
    @Neil Templeton

    But will they say “No”? Can they say “No”?

  33. Anon[982] • Disclaimer says:

    Round 1:

    Trans > white ladies. Trans are smarter, more aggressive and threatening, and just as catty. Antifa > Brahmins because antifa will have a cadre of screaming Karens accompanying them. Black-Jewish Lesbians > Congregationalists. Somali Muslims Refugees > Mexicans, the latter of which will be pegged “white” depending on circumstance.

    Round 2:

    Trans > antifa. Trans are often loaners while suburban white antifa will have family ready to denounce them in a heartbeat in order to save themselves from the mob: “I always hated my son and knew he was secretly a white supremacist. See, here’s this poem he wrote in the fifth grade to prove it — roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not black, sux for you.

    Black-Jewish Lesbians > Somali Muslim Refugees. Both groups are pretty much even in Pokemon points, but the former group will occupy more levers of power — the media, law, and government. It’s a close battle, but Black-Jewish Lesbians come out on top because they can manipulate public opinion better.

    Round 3:

    Black-Jewish Lesbians > Trans. Victory goes to the BJLs for much the same reason why they beat the Somali refugees: they control more levers of power, cultural and administrative. Trans occupy social media and loser videogame forums like Neogaf and ResetEra. BJLs can go to the New York Times to air out their petty grievances.

  34. Brahmins? Indian Brahmins, not the Boston kind?

    Don’t Brahmins who embrace woke activism lose caste by mingling with all the untouchables? I suspect those Brahmins in America who say they are “woke,” such as former Cleary Gottlieb lawyer Saira Rao, adopt it as as a temporary career strategy. Most just likely lie low, and move on up in the workplace.

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  35. @Daniel Williams

    It should be something worth witnessing if there is anyone on Team Trans still able to fight. Nice White Ladies, particularly the older ones, can be mean as hell.

    • Replies: @Daniel Williams
  36. @PiltdownMan

    There are no untouchables here in social justice land for them to worry about. Every Indian I ever met at work (N=11 or 12) informed me by the end of our second conversation at the latest they were Brahmin.

    • LOL: PiltdownMan
    • Replies: @Pericles
  37. Alden says:
    @Neil Templeton

    No, I think the trannies will crush the nice White ladies. The power less than 10,000 psycho men to something trannies have is just more powerful than 100 million NWLs have.

  38. Redman says:
    @Clifford Brown

    Funny you should post this. Here’s a puff piece on Robinson written by the same dude featured by iSteve in his next post. Gideon Lewis-Kraus.

    The article is pre-Trump election but still highlights the significance of Trump “racism and misogyny” at the heart all of our ills.

    Doesn’t appear that Lewis-Kraus has written much else of interest since 2016 according to Google.

  39. NYC mayor DeBlasio bans ‘large events’ through end of September – except BLM protests of course

    • Replies: @anon
  40. @Neil Templeton

    Most NWLs are confused and befuddled by the most recent happenings and need to repair to their television sets nightly for a “freshening up.”

  41. Trans-Ams are mentally ill and manic. So that’s a dangerous combination. A lot of these people could literally stab someone to death.

    Lesbians are less erratic than Trans-Ams, but very tough. Lots of GI Jane/softball player types. A lot of them are angry and estranged.

    Gay men aren’t so scary. They don’t take themselves all that seriously or have much in attention span. Gay men want attention, not revenge. Rather than deplatform you, they want you to tell them that they are FABULOUS! However, they have scary friends in the establishment.

    Certain ethnic groups tend to be very high in “Chutzpah.” Irish, Eye-Italians, Subcons, Cubans, Levantines, Arabs, Persians, Armenians, Turks, Somalis. I’m not sure if these groups are scary, but they are loud, obnoxious, argumentative, and shameless. A lot of these groups fall under the classification of “Men with Gold Chains.”

    Midwest Whites are nice. Other Whites are a mixed bag, with Anglos having more “Chutzpah” than agreeable groups like Germanics, Scandinavians, and Dutch. Eastern Euros are too cynical to take politics seriously.

    Hispanics are apathetic and lethargic, with the notable exceptions of Cubans and maybe Puerto Ricans. Asians are socially cautious and singularly focused on making money. Natives aren’t even on the radar.

    As for Jews and Blacks, both groups are on another level.

  42. @MBlanc46

    Yes. They will say no. But we should help them. By manning up.

  43. @JohnnyWalker123

    I think Irish are generally quiet until drink. Makes me wonder if the faux aggression of some Silk Road tribes was a genetic response to changes in behavior inspired by alcohol.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  44. Anon[313] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s pretty funny. What do you bet a lot of rainbows and BLM signs in the streets start spouting tire tracks?

    More seriously, the first winter, grit and icemelt will pretty much deface it, as will constant driving over it.

  45. @MBlanc46

    Saying “No” is a Revolutionary Act ™ only when to a White male, otherwise it´s wayciss, faschiss and whateverphobe; they learn that in kindergarten.

    Their civilizatory contribution may have been net positive in Schiller´s time, but I doubt even that … their only strength is we cannot very well fight them.

    Repeal the Nineteenth!
    (would take care of a few more djenndahs also 😛 )

  46. What a freak show train wreck America has become.

  47. @Redman

    Complete fraud. Just look at him. This is astroturf that is easily paid off by corporate America and then targets normal Americans.

    I unironically advocate for warts and all real Black activism, actual Black community leaders. Where are the real BLM leaders? Why aren’t they on television? They will eventually become cultural reactionaries and reject 85% of the bullshit that BLM is pushing.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @BenKenobi
  48. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Man-for-man? Double problematic.

  49. njguy73 says:
    @Clifford Brown

    At least you can negotiate with terrorists.

  50. @Clifford Brown

    ‘… Where are the real BLM leaders? Why aren’t they on television? They will eventually become cultural reactionaries and reject 85% of the bullshit that BLM is pushing…’

    What? Blacks like stealing and beating up people smaller and weaker than themselves. Why should anything change?

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
  51. I’ll say one thing, after a few years of being pushed to the side by the trannies, the gays, and the #metoo movement, black activism has made one helluva comeback. Seemingly out of nowhere with the martyrdom of St. George of the Faux Twenty.

  52. Man-for-Man, Who Are the Scariest Social Justice Jihadis?

    It’s a trick question.

    First, real men don’t do “social justice” jihad. Second, the jihadis can only operate in large swarms, like locusts. Individually, they are pathetic losers.

    • LOL: nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  53. BenKenobi says:

    This was in my neck of the woods. The guy was already arrested. Charged? I’m not sure.

    I could only see that being Summary (our version of Misdemeanor) Mischief. But of course they could possibly hit him with exponential BS charges.

  54. 22pp22 says:

    Look at the picture of Robyn DiAngelo on her Wiki entry. If you every wondered where the expression “pinch-lipped” came from, now you know.

  55. BenKenobi says:
    @Clifford Brown

    The rillest black leaders are invariably antisemitic Nation of Islam types. There’s a good reason only pozzed BLM wokesters are promoted in the enemy media.

  56. @Neil Templeton

    the faux aggression of some Silk Road tribes

    Their chutzpah and social aggression are an adaption to evolving in an ethnically fragmented environment. When various tribes have to compete to establish their political&economic patronage networks, it’s helpful to be voluble, aggrieved, and argumentative.

    However, if you want to build a modern society with functional large-scale institutions/organizations, you need people who are cooperative.

    So if everyone is clannish and constantly in bickering mode, nothing gets done. The bureaucracy remains weak and ineffective. Private companies can be agile as long as they stay at a small-scale, but larger companies are plagued by factionalism. That’s why places like Greece and Southern Italy lag, even when their migrants have excelled overseas.

    However, when these tribal groups move into less tribal lands, they can utilize clan stratagem to take over lucrative niches. They also tend to be over represented in politics due to their personality traits.

    The Cubans of Miami are a pretty good example of this.

    You’ll see this in certain industries as well. Italians in construction. Indians in software. Jews in Hollywood. A lot of these West Asian groups are good at forming mafias that take over certain niches, while excluding non-coethnics. The Irish, for whatever reason, are a rare example of a Northern Euro group who became quite capable of exerting their own clan stratagem, mostly in east coast Democratic politics and in the Catholic Church.

    If you want to understand West Asians better, read this article about the Persians of LA.

    Or watch this trailer for the “Shahs of Sunset.”

    If you want to see what the more assimilated and European-ized West Asians are like, watch this trailer for the Jersey Shore.

    The troublesome Muslims of Europe (who are constantly in the news for all sorts of bad stuff) are a less educated version of the above groups, with a lot of predatory religious fanaticism added in.

    The well-educated Indian H-1bs are an “IT geek” version of the West Asians. However, less educated Indians have immigrated in large numbers to Canada. If you go to the Western Canadian city of Surrey, you’ll see they have a “Shahs of Sunset” vibe to them.

  57. @Colin Wright

    I disagree. If this was an actual Black movement as opposed to a ginned up Deep State Bolshevik fever dream, the demands would be much more sensible and tangibly accomplished through old school political graft. Working class Black people are far more politically reasonable than the lumpenbourgeoisie scum that are driving this insurrection.

    They also have a far shorter attention span.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
  58. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:

    We’re increasingly having to rely on RT for unbiased (less biased) anti-regime news coverage. RT is becoming what VOA was for the Russians during the Cold War.

    • Agree: Hypnotoad666
  59. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    Meanwhile, the peasants are revolting…

    • Replies: @Pericles
    , @Ed
  60. @Anon

    Mr Sailer.. from such humor.. take a break.. learn to pray.. where there is life there is hope.

    Oy Gevalt: Jenner Ickham Errican

  61. @J.Ross

    Isn’t chasing someone while hysterically shouting “get away from me”, a perfectly distilled example of the whole social justice phenomenon?

    And yet there are really no obvious signs at all that this Yaniv woman may suffer from occasional breaks with reality…

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  62. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Can’t you think of a better use for your time?

    Lol @ the irony.

  63. Michael S says:

    M2Fs win this, easily. The combination of female hormones, male aggression, and the ability to rally the entire LGBTBBQ mob on a whim means you want to avoid being on the same continent as one.

  64. Crank says:

    I’d replace Mexicans with Gay Latinos

  65. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    First, real men don’t do “social justice” jihad. Second, the jihadis can only operate in large swarms, like locusts. Individually, they are pathetic losers.

    I had wondered if someone else was going to mention this. Fifty-three comments in, someone finally did: thank you.

    Speaking for myself, I am always impressed with how unimpressive these jihadis are when you look beyond their surface. These are people who are so timid and fearful that they go absolutely berzerk when they are faced with people who merely disagree with them.

    They can’t deal with it at all. It is this fear, this complete inability to handle ideas beyond their own blinkered intellectual horizons, and not any sort of mental or physical toughness, that is at the root of cancel culture.

    Sure, when they operate in a mob, the collective power they wield is formidable and not to be understimated. However, describing them as “men,” is, I think, both crediting them with an inner strength they have patently demonstrated they do not have as well as doing a disservice to real men.

    At best, these are people, not men. Real men are able to examine ideas according to their own merits rather than instantly freezing up at the prospect of an idea that conflicts with their worldview.

  66. Nodwink says:

    Up until maybe twelve months ago, I would have said the old FreethoughtBlogs crowd. PZ Myers used to take a perverse delight when his “horde” attacked any dissenters, and would ban anyone who had the audacity to fight back. The worst people in the atheist blogosphere were middle-class ex-Protestants from America’s mid-west, and I’m guessing those people are the most aggressive campus SJWs.

    These days, I would say Kamala Harris’s twitter fan club, the “K Hive.” A pack of loonies.

  67. Pericles says:
    @Morton's toes

    I can see a funny movie about the untouchable who somehow gets a PHP job in Silicon Valley posing as a brahmin and now has to mingle with all the actual brahmins. Throw in a couple of dance numbers and a racy love story with the light-skinned rich girl and you have a monster hit.

    • Replies: @RSDB
  68. @Anonymous

    As I keep pointing out, the effort to demonize America’s tradition of slavery derives largely from White Chad Envy. It took high-testosterone badasses to mancipate Negroes and make them productive on their land. And they had no trouble attracting white women who wanted to marry them and bear their children. Single British and Irish women would even leave their families and cross the Atlantic on their own initiative to find such white slave owners to marry, sight unseen. They put today’s soft, fear-ridden, risk-averse and often women-repelling white American men to shame.

  69. Pericles says:

    Does the blue can on the table say ‘Incel’?

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  70. tyrone says:
    @Neil Templeton

    Oh yeah?…hows girl’s sports doing these days?

  71. “White Sharia, Cowboy Taliban, Uber Jihadis”…. Hummus, Falafel, Palestine…..

    What happened to the ancient history and cultural superiority?

    Zumm kotzen

  72. @JohnnyWalker123

    That’s a pretty good assessment.

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
  73. Thoughts says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio is the one that ring ring rings with me

  74. Israel IS a Shithole! With delusions of grandeur….. IDF? SMH

  75. @syonredux

    From the photos, the Muslim Women vs Autogynephilic Male-to-Female Transgenders play-in match was a cockwalk, er, cakewalk for Team T.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  76. Anon[179] • Disclaimer says:

    You missed young Korean-American women, the Suey Parks of the world.

    This was apparently filmed after Suey cut her long Asian locks into a bob to avoid recognition when she fled death threats in Chicago to go to New York. But then she outed her new look, maybe planning to opt for a pixie cut next.

  77. Ed says:

    Lol the guy basically said thank God for Trump and this is their unhinged reaction. I checked Goya’s wile they’re big donors to La Raza, PR parade in NYC and other Hispanic organizations.

  78. @Intelligent Dasein

    I just sent Steve a small check. How many small checks from your fan club do you get in the mail?

  79. Where does Robin DiAngelo fit in in on the bracket?

  80. anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    Mexicans are not SJWs. In fact in LA County the most normal, traditional American neighborhoods are overwhelmingly Hispanic. Here’s a 90% Hispanic community in LA in which a Berkeley disparaged soldiers. Huge outcry followed.

  81. @Hemid

    Chinese- and Korean-American women with Jewish husbands

    Amazing how these pairings are sprouting up like weeds, innit?

  82. @Neil Templeton

    LOL. Only dudes who fear unfavorable divorce settlements believe this.

    NWL’s are the second least threatening group on that list, after Mexicans. Mexicans have actually been pretty silent in the latest culture war, smartly watching on the sidelines.

    Have you been paying attention to the NWL vs. MTF Tranny fight? The trannies got a bunch of feminist/women’s subreddits permanently banned from Reddit, including ones dedicated to PCOS and pregnancy- because they didn’t completely welcome the FTMs and their phantom pains/delusions.

    Also the trannies are attacking the richest NWL in the world, JK Rowling, claiming her books are authorless and “owned by the community” because she’s now problematic. NWL have been fired for proclaiming their discomfort with trannies. The child actors she helped make famous through her works even denounced her for being a transphobe.

    NWL’s are social justice activists because they want to be nice above all, and it’s the “proper” thing to do right now. I bet the girls raised the “nicest” (aside from fringe religious groups that have more control over their children) end up becoming the loudest social justice warriors. No white woman that’s ever shot a gun really becomes a NWL

  83. Man for man, the scariest people (not sure if they qualify as SJW, depends on your frame of reference) are the quiet ones that you can’t see, that are still otherwise too occupied with meeting the responsibilities of adult life in a complicated society to be preening and prancing in public. If they get in the ring, their opponent (no matter which class) is finished.

    In parts (urban, mostly) of this nation, it is no longer unthinkable that a no-quarter intra-cultural dispute might be fanned by the “authorities” into flame. I believe this is part of the plan to lure the real warriors (now completely and wisely on the sidelines) into the fight to both eliminate the idiot SJW’s currently on the field, and to justify the use of real armed forces to finish the coup.

  84. Murray says:

    I’ve never heard it before, but “Trans-Ams” is brilliant. Autogynephilic MTFs resemble late 70s muscle cars in several ways: They’re loud, they have obnoxious paint jobs with overtly aggressive aesthetics, they’re unreliable, and they immediately impose themselves onto the irsurroundings, no matter where they are.

  85. IHTG says:

    Yeah, Mexicans don’t belong on this list.

    (One of the things I’ve noticed recently is that the dissident right is gradually, implicitly coming to terms with the fact that Bushian GOP outreach to Hispanics had a certain logic to it, albeit not in the way Bush conservatives imagined)

    • Agree: S. Anonyia
  86. @Bernardista

    Nice White Ladies, particularly the older ones, can be mean as hell.

    Ha ha, true, but in contests of athleticism, real women get stomped when trannies are allowed to play.

  87. @Hemid

    It wasn’t for nothing that in LA, the koreans were known as ‘the jews of the Orient’.

  88. @Anonymous

    These are people who are so timid and fearful that they go absolutely berzerk when they are faced with people who merely disagree with them.

    Our current state of affairs is basically an existential struggle between the Enlightenment and the Authoritarian Left. Unfortunately, the Enlightenment is screwed because it only knows how to debate things. The Authoritarian Left just laughs and shuts down the debate. Game over.

  89. @Clifford Brown

    If this was an actual Black movement as opposed to a ginned up Deep State Bolshevik fever dream, the demands would be much more sensible and tangibly accomplished through old school political graft.

    This is true. At some point, the Marxists realized that race-guilt is the Kryptonite of nice, bourgeoisie white people.

    There are lots of benis for blacks in going along with this, but some blacks know the score.

  90. Liza says:

    11 year old boy? They’ve slipped over into 6 year old boys if you can judge by some of the models in this men’s fashion show. An excuse for pederasty. This is one almighty freak show.

  91. @anon

    What about TALcum X and Rachel Dolezal . All that White privilege combined with black oppression for the win.

  92. @Daniel Williams

    There’s a lot of overlap in that Venn diagram.

  93. JI says:

    White gamma cucks that are in positions of management where I work. When they become frightened they offer sacrifices to the SJW’s.

  94. A Brahmin is easily dealt with. After he, or more often she, has been complaining about white racism for two minutes, you press the buzzer that you carry with you for such moments, and announce that on grounds of equity we must now hear the views of people from other castes.

  95. J.Ross says:
    @Not Only Wrathful

    –pursuing someone while shouting “get away from me”

    The overweight undertall man in a dress cries out as he strikes at you.

  96. @Murray

    You’re forgetting the most important aspect of the fact they look fast and racy, but are actually slow, ill-handling unbalanced units

  97. RSDB says:

    Something like this (taking place in India) was made as a Tamil film, Idhu Namma Aalu.

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