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The Most Important Graph in the World, 2019 Version
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From my column in Taki’s Magazine, “Our New Planet Is Going to Be Great!”

Read the whole thing there.

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  1. theMann says:

    You can take that graph and turn it upside down:

    African population increase is 100% dependant upon Northern hemisphere food production, as Africans neither produce much Economic Surplus nor get anywhere near food self sufficiency.

    Well here is the kick in the head – crop production in the Northern Hemisphere has been catastrophically compromised by the weather. Here we will see as much as 400% increases in food prices by next Autumn. Africa will see food riots beyond description. Count on it.

  2. Perhaps the great filter is that intelligent aliens tend to become obsessed with the Sisyphean task of combating racial inequality, blaming it on their own malevolent bias, and dissipate their energies on that?

    Maybe this part of the galaxy has become too diverse for the ETs? My family vacations are not spent touring “da hood” either. Just saying.

    • Replies: @The Plutonium Kid
  3. Anon[347] • Disclaimer says:

    What, no curve for Mongrelia? Or at least its continent, U-SCAM, formerly known as NAFTA.

  4. ricpic says:

    There’s gonna be lotsa schvartzes.

  5. BB753 says:

    I predict assimilated Hispanics will be leaving the Dem Party in droves. And then 10 years from now, Asians.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  6. Tiny Duck says:


    This is nothing to worry about. Better food. More diverse cultures. More dating opportunities. More education. Less racism. More empathy. Better hairstyles. More religions. More ideas. Less fat people.

    Actually things will improve significantly provided we can combat white terrorism

    It’s simple

    More People of Color=less white supremacy

    Less white supremacy=better society

    All People of Color agree with me

    white Christians perpetrate the most violence and crime, do not share, do not create, do not love, and are mean

    How anyone cannot see the benefits of mass immigration of People of Color to bland lifeless white majority areas is beyond me

  7. I say the answer to mass immigration is mass deportation!

    Charles Murray has second and Third World thoughts about mass immigration and demographic transformations:

    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @Hail
  8. Anonymous[513] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey how come I haven’t seen any discussion of HR 1044 here?

    I haven’t seen any discussion of it in the media at all, but I thought with immigration being a common topic here that Steve or one of the other commenters would bring it up.

  9. Very impressive and useful for making points about immigration policies, but of course it cannot continue to 2100 as implied.

    Also I’d like to see eastern and southern Asia for comparison purposes.

    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  10. One important observation that I made was that, In a few decades Asians and other light skinned Hispanics will have overtaken much of the West.
    These groups have no historical guilt (colonization of poor Africans, gassing the 6 million or slavery in the south). So, these lawmakers in my opinion won’t be pro white in any aspect. But, do you really think that an Indian or a Chinese immigrant would give a damn about low IQ Africans who breed like rabbits. Would that future lawmaker really want to import millions of poor Africans every year into that particular Western nation and make it worse than the place where he or his ancestors came from?
    As far as Whites are concerned, the biggest threat to Whites are other whites,. Battle of Somme, Stalingrad , Gulags, Bombing of Dresden, Cologne, Berlin, Battle of the Bulge, American Civil War, Boer Anglo war Nd many more events make White people their worst enemies themselves.
    Biggest slayers of White people have been other Whites, NEVER FORGET, BOMBER HARRIS ,HITLER, EISENHOWER AND CHURCHILL, I literally cried after watching the photos of dead German children after Hamburg bombings.
    Even today, White leftists are doing their best to hurt the White race. Antifa calls for White Genocide and the vast majority of them are Whites only.
    Until there is racial unity, You are screwed.
    Sorry, if my English was bad, I am not a very dexter speaker of English.

    • Agree: PhysicistDave
  11. BenKenobi says:

    NYT headline from 2040:


    • LOL: Redneck farmer
  12. Old Prude says:

    That, sir, was a splendid essay. One of your best. I shall steal from it shamelessly.

  13. Old Prude says:

    That, sir, is a splendid essay. One of your best. I shall borrow from it shamelessly.

  14. Trump tweeted:

    How many characters is that?

    The best thing about Twitter was its 140-character limit. Now, the rapid growth of characters on the platform is aping (sorry) the rapid growth of characters across the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

    Tanzania’s president John Magufuli orated:

    Not “tweeted”. That’s actually refreshing.

    John Magufuli =

    Foul human jig.
    Him on a jugful.

    emojis representing “clapbacks…”

    That sounds, I don’t know, so… venereal.

  15. I guess the bio-labs better get in gear with the new strain of Ebola, because the current one isn’t working

    • LOL: jim jones
    • Replies: @Tired of Not Winning
  16. Clyde says:

    Just from the title I figured this had to do with the African-pop explosion. How difficult was this? But if they invade it will be Europe. How many can fly into Quito and work their way northward? Trump Administration should start pressuring/bribing Ecuador, Brazil , other South American nations to not hand out visas to Africans who are obviously heading to the US.

  17. Actually no. Assumes infinite Africans and a supply chain made out of indestructonium. Neither are realistic.

    Here’s the Most Important Graph in the World. I mean the outcomes are still nasty (sucks for 99% of the people on dialysis!, for example), but something can continue versus worldwide favelas and roach gruel.

    View post on

  18. Any reason to believe this is any more a reflection of reality than the temperature graphs the UN flogs to “prove” global warming?

    Sure, Africa’s population is growing tremendously, but it’ll be civil war and widespread cannibalism long before 2050, and if you think the current Western elite notion of “let them live here!” has any longer shelf life, you ain’t paying attention.

    • Disagree: HammerJack
  19. L Woods says:

    Well, white women will be pleased at least.

    • Replies: @Tiny Duck
    , @Duke84
    , @fish
  20. I suppose it’s dependent on our elites maintaining as someone puts it- Peak Stupidity.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  21. The Z Blog says: • Website

    I can’t wait for the movie. A group of space travelers go through some strange worm hole and reappear on earth in the future. The story is how they figure out how they came back home 100 years in the future, amazed at how futuristic it is compared to when they left.

  22. Let’s hear it for the father of the Brave New World: Bill Gates.

    Since the establishment of the Gates Foundation in 1994, African and Indian moms have been taking their free vitamins and vaccines and saying no thanks to the condoms. Instead of losing half of their babies to famine and disease as before, now all 9 of each African/Indian mom’s babies survive to adulthood, needing more food, shelter, education and jobs, and Gates’ answer? Let them emigrate to Europe and America! He’s now focusing his effort on getting ever more H1b visas and green cards for this third world surplus population that he helped spawn.

    Meanwhile we here in the Seattle area are sick and tired of all the congestions, overbuilding and divershitty brought by Microsoft. BG would rather hire cheap foreign labor than train native citizens. Seattle is increasingly looking like Mumbai, with all the homeless camps resembling the slums of Dharavi. Indians are also increasingly running for office, and every single last one is a progressive shilling for open borders.

    I say it’s time for Gates to move his entire family and his entire company to the land he so loves, India or Africa, doesn’t matter, pick one and go.Why import all these people when you can go straight to the source of the “best and brightest”, “highly skilled”?

  23. @Tired of Not Winning

    Much of BG’s “genius” is completely overrated. MS stole/copied most of its technology from IBM and Apple. They succeeded because they have a better business plan, that’s all. Gates was never much of a coder. At Harvard, he lost so many poker games his opponents called it the Gates gravy train. Steve Jobs said in his biography that Gates has no real talent, that’s why he’s better off running a philanthropy. Only he fucks that up too and is now totally fucking up the whole world.

  24. …just last week, Tanzania’s president John Magufuli orated:

    When you have a big population you build the economy. That’s why China’s economy is so huge…. I know that those who like to block ovaries will complain about my remarks. Set your ovaries free, let them block theirs.

    Average IQ of China: 105
    Average IQ of India: 81
    Average IQ of Sub Saharan Africa: 58

    Two decades of BillG’s vitamins haven’t been successful in lifting the IQ, only the birthrate.

  25. Travis says:

    once Germany and France become Islamic states around 2055 they will prohibit asylum seekers from Africa from infiltrating their borders. Islamic states do not accept migrants, and they especially reject Sub-saharan refugees. Saudi Arabia has not accepted any Syrian refugees, neither has Kuwait and neither will the Islamic states of Europe.

    Here in The United States whites will be a minority in 25 years. This is when the nation will begin sealing the borders. Hispanic nations are not welcoming to immigrants, and the Largest demographic group in 2045 will be hispanics. In 2050 when the white population of the United states is below 45% their will be less need for open borders. Whites will have been mostly replaced by then. The white population is predicted to fall significantly over the next 30 years, as the boomers will be gone and 25% of white millennials will be childless with another 10% of white millennials will have non-white children.

    Already the youth population of America is less than 50% white. Over the last decade less whites were born than non-whites in the United States. In addition we have allowed 15 million non-whites to immigrate into America over the last decade. The trend has actually accelerated over the last 3 years, with record levels of migrants crossing our borders combined with record levels of legal immigration from Africa and Asia. As migration from non-western nations has in=creased the white birth rate has declined to record lows. In 2018 just 1.9 million whites were born in America, the lowest number of white births since 1931. The actual number of white Americans has been declining since 2012, as more whites have dies over the last 7 years than were born.

    The real threat to the United States is the lack of white children. Each year we will see the numbers of whites declining in America. The peak white population was reached in 2012 and will continue to decline until the white population of the United States will be under 150 million around 2100 when the US population has 500 million non-whites. This coming demographic change is not effected by the African population boom, it is due to current demographics of the United States and the collapse of white fertility.

  26. J.Ross says:

    I know why the ICE raids aren’t happening! This is so good someone else must have thought of it first, but I am not plagiarizing, I just thought of this.
    The law racket over-enforces and under-enforces different areas of US Code based on circumstances, apparent circumstances, and political pressure. For the past several years, all pressure and apparent circumstances have been pinned to the fake question of police brutality toward minorities. The public at large but especially the courts have been up at midnight with a frying pan at the ready awaiting Phantom Bigot Cop more than Russki Gakkr. Police have been over-punished, and at least hectored and warned, to not be Phantom Bigot Cop. Cops have responded to the hate by investigating donut shops. ICE are cops.
    BLM was never about blacks. Useful as it always is to our enemies to stir up blacks, they’re much less numerous than mestizos, they’re impossible to control, and they don’t vote anyway. The Foundations used black people to make brown people radioactive to police officers.
    Had BLM not happened, and the Merkelboner gone ahead without any mockingbird preparation, the ICE raids would have proceeded normally.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  27. The graph assumes continuing inputs of food and medical supplies into Africa.

  28. Tiny Duck says:
    @L Woods

    Very true.

    It’s like the guys around her don’t leave their houses or trailers.

    If they did they would see white girls pursue Black Men with an unquenched zeal.

  29. “clapbacks,” which are some kind of hip-hop form of argumentation in which you prove the logic of your point by clapping your hands obnoxiously in your rival’s face.

    As opposed to the “Native American Elder” form of argumentation favored by activist Nathan Phillips, in which you prove the logic of your point by banging your tom-tom obnoxiously in your rival’s face.

  30. J.Ross says:
    @Argentine American

    Your English is excellent. But consider that the Western elites don’t like blacks, they simply find them useful as a way of attacking non-elite whites. A Chinese administrator of the future will probably feel the greatest outrage about South African practices in the 1970s.

  31. Appleflap says:

    “Maybe that’s the explanation for the Fermi Paradox?

    In 1950, physicists Edward Teller and Enrico Fermi were discussing UFOs. Suddenly, Fermi pointed out that, considering the vast age of the galaxy, the big question is not if there is evidence for intelligent aliens visiting our planet, but why isn’t there more evidence that they have already been here.

    Perhaps the great filter is that intelligent aliens tend to become obsessed with the Sisyphean task of combating racial inequality, blaming it on their own malevolent bias, and dissipate their energies on that?”

    Interestingly, that so-called “Fermi Paradox” should be named the “Hart-Tipler argument”, after (astrophysicist) Michael Hart and Frank J. Tipler. (says the Wikipedia page on Michael H. Hart)
    Michael Hart (1932) is a self-decribed “white separatist”. His 2015 book “Restoring America” was published by VDare in 2015. Hart: “In my book Restoring America, I identified the three principal causes of our decline as follows: large-scale immigration from Latin America (in particular from Mexico), the decline of pride in our national heritage, and most importantly racial hostilities which are henceforth so great that we can no longer function effectively as a single unified country. Hence we must split into two countries.”

    He’s interviewed here:

  32. nebulafox says:

    Ah, just a race war. What could possibly go wrong?

    As for the African birth rate issue, there’s a stunning lack of interest in how moderated birth rates would… you know, vastly improve the lives of Africans.

  33. @Jack Hanson

    I agree with the sentiment but the #graphtwitter focus on that particular meaningless graph is stupid.

    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
  34. @Anonymous

    HR 1044 should be called the mass Chindian Importation bill.

    What the rich wants, the rich gets.

    America is no longer a country. It is now just a giant for profit corporation.

    • Agree: Autochthon
  35. @nebulafox


    [Insert ‘I don’t think that word means what you think it means’ meme here]

  36. istevefan says:
    @Oleaginous Outrager

    Any reason to believe this is any more a reflection of reality than the temperature graphs the UN flogs to “prove” global warming?

    Yes. All you need to do is look at population stats from 40 years or so ago and compare them with what we see today. The growth is real and astonishing.

    if you think the current Western elite notion of “let them live here!” has any longer shelf life, you ain’t paying attention.

    I’ve paid attention enough to see that this nation used to be 88% White, but it is now 63% White and will be under 50% in about 20 to 25 years.

    I’ve paid attention enough to see that Europe now has a materially significant non-White population where just a few decades ago they had an immaterial one. And in some European nations, the natives are going to be outnumbered in the next 50 years.

    I’m paying attention to the mess at our border going on as we type in which thousands are breaching our border every day, and no one is stopping them. I’m paying attention to the fact we are still taking in over 1 million legal immigrants per year, and our Congress has just passed another foreign worker bill.

    I’m paying attention to the fact that the mainstream democrat party is now advocating open borders. Based upon their pioneering work in gay marriage and trannies in the bathroom, it should be a matter of weeks before the mainstream GOP adopts this position too.

  37. @The Alarmist

    Speaking of, some guy with ebola just flew into a crowded city of 2m in Congo, where all the outbound flights to the rest of the world originates.

    • Replies: @The Plutonium Kid
  38. Omar’s family fled Somalia due to their complicity in the genocidal regime of the dictator Siad Barre

    Miss me yet?

  39. Amazon recently announced they will retrain 100,000 workers who will soon be replaced by automation in their warehouses. We will soon find out how many of the blacks and browns could actually be retrained to do something other than stacking boxes.

    I once ordered a piano sheet music book from Amazon. It was for a Beethoven sonata. It took them 3 tries to finally send me the right copy. It’s as if the person doing the packing couldn’t read.

  40. @theMann

    Oh good we’ve got our own silly doomsday predictors now. You haven’t really arrived a political force until you attract at least a few of these.

  41. Spangel says:

    Aside from grousing that western elites refuse to prioritize this problem, what is to be done?

    Some people delude themselves into thinking the world has some sort of karmic balance where African population growth will be naturally restrained by their own destructive impulses and inability to sustain themselves. I see exactly zero evidence of this happening now or in the long term.

    Reality is that agricultural methods have progressed so well globally that Africans can sustain their population growth for decades to come probably even without any western intervention at this point.

    To look at what works, we can look at the African countries with the lowest fertility rates. The lowest appears to be Mauritius, which I see is half south Asian or something. If south Asians bring African population growth down somehow, are there not enough south Asians some global organizations could encourage to settle in africa? Perhaps China could outsource their long term management of mining projects and the like in Africa to south Asians that will live there permanently and basically do the work of colonists in African states.

    Two other countries with comparatively low tfrs for Africa are Botswana and South Africa. Both are ruled by whites behind the scenes. Botswana is basically half ruled by debeers. Is there some way of organizing more behind the scenes rule over Africans by white nations or predominantly white organizations? This seems to be working for everyone.

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  42. @Joe Magarac

    Russian proverb “no tree grows to the sky”.

    The six million dollar question is what’s going to happen instead. Only so many lifeboats…

    Zero chance it’s the subsaharans. I’d say the smart money is on asians or us. Certainly we’re in a tailspin right now but don’t count us out just yet. European history contains an awful lot of seemingly game ending disasters and greater glories were ahead.

  43. As serious as the whole thing is, Steve, I still enjoy your humor – just read the “dot vs. feather” part with the Indian imagery. Thank you for dialing up the PIC a bit. If not up to 11 yet, you’re probably up at 7 1/2 to 8 on the knob. They’re going to say bad, mean things about you anyway, so you may as well go full out. The same goes for all of us.

  44. BB753 says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Right, so that’s why you moved to South Africa or Botswana?

  45. Anonymous[282] • Disclaimer says:

    Steve, you miss out *the* key point in your analysis, forget the ‘coalition of the fringes, the Democrats etc, and never mind the KKKrazy Glue, no, *the key* is government by Economist magazine – and a foolish and gullible western political class.

  46. L Woods says:
    @Tiny Duck

    See, you think you’re trolling (and certainly, you’re exaggerating), but it actually does happen far more than the pedastalizers around here care to admit. The Current Year, as always, stays well ahead of any attempts at parody.

  47. Anonymous[282] • Disclaimer says:

    The UK Conservative government has massively cut welfare to the poorest Britons whilst simultaneously massively boosting ‘foreign aid’ to Africa.

    There’s a prophecy in there somewhere.

  48. Anon7 says:

    “So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe…”
    – President Trump (quoted by Steve)

    The President’s statement is common usage, based on the frequently used Leftist progressive argument that

    “America is a nation of immigrants. All of us ultimately came from somewhere else.”

    In fact, this statement is a rhetorical trick. For example, I was born here, even though on my Mom’s side we were English before the American Revolution. I am not actually an Englishman.

    But it is common usage, and sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The President is free to make his statement. It’s just that it reveals the trick, which is based on the idea of unalterable and eternal ethnic and racial identities, which lies at the center of Democrat beliefs.

  49. @Redneck farmer

    Thank you for the shout-out*, Redneck. I don’t think it can be maintained though – Peak Stupidity’s mission statement notes that it’s the Global Financial Stupidity that will peak first, and the ensuing crash and political turmoil will put the kibosh on the many other flavors of stupidity that we document with rigor, passion, humor, high blood pressure, and our fair share of typos.


    * There’s not much LUV lost between me and the Øb☭ma, but he did popularize that term, which I like.

  50. @The Z Blog

    The surprise ending will be when they find out after seeing a newspaper that they have not gone into the future but 100 years into the past. It seems that someone in China had mis-wired a diode and the worm-holer sent them back to the year 1919.

    Our protagonists, played by Kurt Russell, William Shatner, Charlie Chan, Helen Hayes, and a young Jane Fonda, find themselves amazed at the wonderful culture in which people dress up nicely to go outside and go to see concertos and shit, currency is redeemable in gold or silver, and you walk around with both hands free rather than holding some device that you talk into the side of like some imbeciles in the far future.

    At the ending, the William Shatner character, after catching ride on the hood of a Model-A owned by some bootleggers he’s trying to arrest, finds himself at the base of the Statue of Liberty, which amazingly has no sappy-assed poem affixed to the structure. “You haven’t blown it all up yet! God bless you! God bless you, each and every one!”

    Forward to the Past, let’s call it.

    Steve, know any former elementary school classmates we can pitch our treatment to?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  51. istevefan says:
    @Argentine American

    First, your English is very good.

    Second, you are correct in listing the many wars among Whites that have taken so many lives. However, using this line of thought is not conducive in our current circumstances because the other side pushes the notion that if Whites do any harm to other Whites, then Whites cannot tell non-Whites to not harm Whites.

    For example, the open border supporters will reply to any mentioning of violent immigrants, such as the San Bernadino shooting in 2015, with the White guy who killed over 50 people in Las Vegas in 2017. Since we have White mass shooters we cannot prevent non-White mass killers from coming into our nations.

    Third, what you wrote about Whites being the biggest killer of Whites could probably be written about other groups as well. For example, just looking at the List of wars and anthropogenic disasters by death toll, shows that the Chinese have killed an astronomical amount of fellow Chinese. Yet no one uses the argument that the Chinese have been the biggest killers of Chinese to lessen, for example, the Japanese atrocities committed against China in WW2.

    Fourth, you wrote, “You are screwed.” As an Argentine are you not also White? If so then you should have written “we are screwed.”

  52. Marcus says:

    What level of hell is Norman Borlaug in?

  53. Barnard says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    He concedes the point, but doesn’t say he would do anything differently. He praises intellectual lightweight Jonah Goldberg every chance he gets, sucks up to all the right people in Conservatism, Inc. and still gets treated like an untouchable hate figure from the left. His Conservatism, Inc. friends are careful not to associate with Murray too closely either.

  54. Alden says:
    @Argentine American

    Great post excellent English

  55. OP says:

    Fourth, you wrote, “You are screwed.” As an Argentine are you not also White? If so then you should have written “we are screwed.”

    You’d be surprised at how ignorant some people are of this. I’ve been hanging around the MAGA/Conservative hispano-twittersphere and there are those who are of unambiguously Southern European heritage that do not call themselves white. There is even one from Spain who doesn’t call himself white, even though I’ve seen his picture and he’s not particularly exotic, as a few are, and would not be mistaken as anything but a European of Mediterranean stock.

    An interesting aspect of this “flight from White” I’ve noticed that they still largely marry whites and stand up for what some would call “white issues,” as the one you are responding to, without even realizing it. They are concerned over illegal migration, want to preserve Western Civ., and share the values of their fellow whites. (I wonder if this is a smoke screen, a way to attack while deflecting criticism. It would be a very dago maneuver. lol)

    However, even liberal Lantix folk feel this way. I got into an argument with a Latino over Alex Acosta, as he was completely unaware that disgraced Cuban prosecutor was in fact, white.

  56. ” (…) it’s unlikely that additional population growth will make Africa more attractive.”

    This sounds too bad to be untrue, unfortunately.

    • Replies: @Anon7
    , @J.Ross
  57. Cao Cao says:

    I can only hope. Your optimism gives me an awkward work boner to deal with.

  58. @LittleNano

    In John D. McDonald’s SF novel Ballroom of the Skies, Earth is essentially an insane asylum for the rest of the galaxy. It would certainly explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

    • Agree: fish
  59. @Kylie

    said he accepted recommendations there should be no restrictions on travel or trade, and no entry screening of passengers at ports or airports outside the immediate region.

    Well, at least people have got their priorities straight.

  60. @Tired of Not Winning

    Ebola isn’t all that easy to catch. It takes direct contact with a victim, and the victim is only contagious for a relatively short time. Of course, that shouldn’t be used as an excuse for complacency.

  61. @Argentine American

    No but they’ll love low IQ breedinglikerabbits Asians and Hispanics. You people really think blacks is your problem, when you can’t see theelephant in the room.

  62. @Jack Hanson

    Once the handouts cease, there will be a massive die-off or stampede out of Africa.

    A similar result would happen if and when welfare ceases – in this case, a stampede into the burbs.

  63. Anon[727] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tired of Not Winning

    I don’t hold a good opinion of Indians, but the fact remains that the homeless of Seattle are NEVER Indians. They have fewer allergies to school / work / bosses, better families and friends, and can control their cocaine-seeking impulses better. That is, they make a better impression of old-time America than many Caucasian Americans.

    Also, the Indians that can change US immigration policy are not city council members or even state governors. It’s Congress, Cabinet, and high-level federal judges. I would venture to say those are equally split between Republicans and Democrats, similar to high-level Jews.

  64. Anon7 says:
    @Dieter Kief

    That’s kind of odd, when you think about it. The Century Initiative for Canada is based on the idea that by simply adding massive immigration and raising the population from a paltry 35 million to a full 100 million by 2100, the scrawny, weak Canadian economy will automagically become a powerhouse!

    So why haven’t I heard about the Africa powerhouse economy of 2100? Africa is a huge continent with many natural resources. It should put Wakanda to shame! My children’s children will beg to be allowed to emigrate!

    Somehow, no one thinks that will happen. In fact, quite the opposite. Are World economists… racists?

  65. @Anonymous

    Yes, shockingly there wasn’t even anything on ZeroHedge. I can’t recall anything on Drudge. Breitbart covered it a decent amount, but it’s been quickly memory-holed.

    Almost makes you think that the so-called “alternative media” is being controlled too. Why has Sailer not posted about it? Has he been instructed not to? We get stories about some Muslim Farhad Manjoo’s gender normative children, but nothing about disastrous HR 1044? The country is FINISHED if this thing passes.

    The money is too big for this bill to fail. Even dissident sites have to be paid off. Here’s the real 4D chess: Trump makes some “racist” tweet to his redneck base, to prove that he’s still “their guy”. Then, during all the furor, he quietly signs HR 1044, citing some lame excuse about why he “had” to sign it because of the Democrats.

    Do not let Subcontinentals into your country because it will be a disaster (worse than Mexicans x100.) Consider this a warning from somebody who knows.

  66. @istevefan

    Fourth, you wrote, “You are screwed.” As an Argentine are you not also White? If so then you should have written “we are screwed.”

    I wrote a similar comment earlier, on AE’s website. Whites seem to be so selfish. The Upper Middle Class programmer said to Cletus, “learn to Code, sucker!” while his job was being outsourced in the 1990s. The Upper Class whites think they will be safe as a minority. The white looking Jews think they will do just fine in a brown America. South American elites think they will be in power forever (but look at the white birth rate in SA)!

    Truth is, we all go down together. Stop being so atomized and look at the bigger picture. If you’re rich you might hold out a little longer.

  67. @Travis

    Agreed. And think of this: This is in the USA, where whites have historically had a birth rate quite close to replacement! It’s only recently started to fall further below 2.1.

    Now, think of Canada (1.5) or Germany (1.3). How is their white population going to look? USA has the youngest white, non Hispanic population on the planet, I believe.

    • Replies: @Travis
  68. @Tired of Not Winning

    I thought Seattle-ers were all cucks and loved diversity? Why are you guys getting tired of Indians all of the sudden?

  69. bomag says:

    Africans neither produce… Surplus nor… sufficiency

    True enough, but the near future belongs to those who can access the welfare state.

    Every technological advance in agriculture is in service to cramming more people on the globe. I wouldn’t worry about food shortfalls; even this year; we’re in a surplus era.

  70. @ricpic

    And they’ll be eating Soylent Black.

  71. bomag says:

    … and there’s a vaccine that is 99% effective.

  72. Clyde says:

    Melinda Gates wades into Trump racism row as she brands him a ‘bully’ and says ‘his comments don’t represent the values I stand for as an…
    Melinda Gates (pictured today) is in London to speak about gender equality and said: ‘Trump is a bully and his recent comments do not…
    (from UK Daily Mail)

  73. @Tiny Duck

    LOL, first you say that the new black planet would have “less fat people” and now you use the phrase “unquenched zeal.” You’re making it hard for me to pretend you’re a Colored Pepo of Color

  74. bomag says:
    @Oleaginous Outrager

    … it’ll be civil war and widespread cannibalism long before 2050

    Which makes it even worse; they’ll migrate faster and in larger numbers to a defenseless West.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  75. Altai says:

    On the topic of Africans. In the debate about the removal of Fracis Galton’s (Among others) name from things at University College London, this quote from the Guardian article talking about the man who spearheaded all this seemed quite ironic.

    On his website, Cain quotes from a letter from Galton to the Times, in 1873, in which he claimed Africans were “lazy, palavering savages” who didn’t deserve to keep the land of their birth. “That alone is enough, for me, to disqualify a person from honoured status,” states Cain. “I don’t want to teach in a room named for someone with such a view.”

    Such attitudes seem to be quite popular in the pages of the Guardian and the rest of the prestige press i the Western world where it concerns the indigenous working classes. When will Afua Hirsch be stripped her status?

  76. @Tired of Not Winning

    Having the planet completely overrun by low-IQ brown people is a white liberal’s most fervent, fetid dream come true.

  77. @Kent Nationalist

    Its rhetoric making a point doesn’t change the graph. The irony is the people who take the over the top rhetoric as “straight” are engaged in their own LARP as either ironic Nazi catgirls or Very Serious Internet Templars who’s problem boils down to “my cummies end? Unpossible!”

    Not directed at you but that seems to be the root of the disagreement with Borzoi’s take.

  78. Anonymous[356] • Disclaimer says:

    White women of reproductive age are less than 2 percent of the world’s population.
    US non-Hispanic white TFR is 1.66 (2017, CDC). That TFR is among the highest for whites.
    It’s going to be a very black and brown world.

  79. ricpic says:
    @Argentine American

    Did Bomber Harris order the firebombing of German cities out of racial hostility? Was he a white out to kill whites. The answer is obvious. Millions of whites were killed by other whites in the two world wars. But not out of racial hostility.

    On the other hand there is not a single white poster on this thread who has not experienced the MURDEROUS hostility, racial hostility, of blacks, browns and yellows. Personally experienced that race hatred in the form of muggings or worse.

    P.S. The ferocity of the German-Russian war on the eastern front was racial from the German standpoint and probably just as racial (though unacknowledged) from the Russian side.

  80. @Mike Zwick

    Yes, as was a member of their group Professor Griff

    On gays, he said

    “There’s no place for gays. When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, it was for that sort of behaviour”

    On ((them))…

    “the majority of them [i.e., Jews]” are responsible for “the majority of the wickedness that goes on across the globe.”

    On ((their)) involvement with Bush he said…

    the Jews have their hands right around Bush’s throat,”

    Now this is the first I’m hearing of this Negroid, as I despise rap music/hiphop and he seems to me to be a part of that industry. But this guy is….. ooof.

    • Replies: @Mike Zwick
  81. @Tired of Not Winning

    India’s fertility rate has been consistently on a downward trend.

  82. @istevefan

    Not really. Argentina doesn’t permit a flood of African and Asian immigrants every year. Although they have made the mistake of allowing far too many equatorial mestizos in recent years so they do have problems.

    • Replies: @Flip
  83. @istevefan

    Argentines had the sense to preemptively tank their own economy to prevent invasion.

  84. J.Ross says:
    @Dieter Kief

    Africa is so big and varied that there will always be together corner or a highly valued resource, no matter what’s happening next door.

  85. @The Z Blog

    Wasn’t that The Planet of the Apes? Life Imitates art.

  86. @Travis

    Islamic states do not accept migrants, and they especially reject Sub-saharan refugees.

    They also stone out-and-proud obnoxious lesbians. Rapinoe and her ilk might rue the day they thought Donald Trump and the USA were the problem.

  87. @J.Ross

    The race for president in 2016 was so close, it is possible that BLM tipped the scales to Trump.

    The thing is, the leaders of BLM knew they would drive voters to Trump. They claim they assumed that Hillary would win so decisively it wouldn’t matter.

    Let’s assume the BLM folks are correct that Trump is bad for blacks.
    What that means is they were willing to screw over all the blacks in America to feather their own nests.
    Sort of how the Green Party helped defeat the greenest candidate ever to run for president, Al Gore, in 2000.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Lot
  88. @Anonymous

    Hey how come I haven’t seen any discussion of HR 1044 here?

    The corporate media knows that the voters will reject this anti-worker, anti-STEM worker cheap labor immigration bill HR 1044. That is why the corporate media has not covered this horrible anti-worker immigration bill HR 1044.

    The ruling class of the Democrat Party and the ruling class of the Republican Party have colluded against the best interests of American workers by voting to pass this anti-worker immigration bill HR 1044 in the US House.

    Perhaps all the Democrat Party US Senators running for president will allow one of the Democrat Party presidential candidates to stand up for American workers by attacking this horrible anti-worker immigration bill HR 1044 when it gets to the US Senate. I’d like to see Bernie Sanders go after Kamala Harris for supporting this anti-worker immigration bill HR 1044.

    I wrote this about the anti-worker immigration bill HR 1044:

    The treasonous politician rats in the US Congress are doing everything they can to flood the USA with visa worker foreigners and other guest workers and other foreigners to replace American STEM workers and lower the wages of US STEM workers.

    New Hampshire US Senator Jeanne Shaheen is a nasty anti-worker baby boomer SOB of the worst sort who likes nothing more than to attack US workers by flooding foreigners in to replace them and lower their wages.

    Recently, the US House voted to massively increase and flood the USA with visa worker foreigners — especially visa foreigners from India. Over 100 members of the GOP Cheap Labor Faction voted to attack US workers by flooding more foreigners into the USA. You can be sure Jeanne Shaheen will vote in favor of this anti-worker bill(HR 1044) when it gets to the US Senate.

  89. @Anonymous

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  90. J.Ross says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    >Al Gore
    >Greenest candidate ever
    Every satirical scribble in that race before the vote was about how there was no daylight between the positions of Bush and Gore.
    Of course, we were wrong. Later they found a guy who was so much closer they’d been in the same fraternity. If W ran a third time I expect the Democrats would put Jeb forward.

  91. Duke84 says:
    @L Woods

    Just the fat,ugly ones we don’t want.

    • Replies: @L Woods
  92. @nebulafox

    When the Goodwhites and Deploreables have their dust up, the violence is going to be amazing. Its an open question if there’s going to be any resistance to the winner just because of brutal things end up being with no one wanting to roll the dice being “next”.

  93. Lot says:

    Steve, have you read Amy Wax’s immigration restriction tour de force? You’re name dropped!

    “Cautionary arguments like this, propounded by scholars such as Samuel Huntington of Harvard and Larry Auster, have gradually been pushed out of the media and scholarly mainstream, but continue to be advanced by right-of-center authors and bloggers, such as John Derbyshire, Victor David Hansen, Wes Hunter, Lyman Stone, Jared Taylor, and Steven Sailer.”

  94. @Tiny Duck

    If they did they would see white girls pursue Black Men with an unquenched zeal.

    Black guys why do you abandon fine ass black girls for a trophy obese white women?

  95. Lot says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    “The race for president in 2016 was so close, it is possible that BLM tipped the scales to Trump.”

    More than just possible.

    Hate to say it so often here but: there is no single better political issue for the GOP than crime. Not even mass migration.

    Crime is the issue the GOP used to win big in high crime 1994 and hold the mayorship of 10% Republican NYC for 20 straight years.

    My advice to any republican running in a competitive election: hit on BLM, Soros, and “anti-police liberals who want to abolish ICE, put cops in jail for split-second mistakes made under pressure, and free criminals everywhere under the Soros-funded “de-incarceration movement.”

    The more the election is about crime, the better the GOP does.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  96. @Reg Cæsar

    Suddenly I have an uncontrollable urge to gouge out my eyes.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @nebulafox
  97. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    People like David French say existing Americans are spoiled cuz they didn’t have to dream and struggle to be American. It was handed to them by the privilege of birth. (Granted, this could be said of anchor babies as well. They were just BORN here).

    But using this logic, legacy should mean nothing to any group. Jews who take pride in their history and triumph/tragedy really suck cuz their Jewishness has been received. They were born Jewish and inherited the history of Bible, Exodus, Holocaust, and etc. They don’t deserve it because they didn’t create it. The ONLY way to ennoble Jewishness is to make it so that non-Jews can dream of being Jewish and convert to Jewishness. That desire to be Jewish ennobles the New Jews whereas the Born Jews suck because they just inherited their identity and heritage without effort.

    Same goes with blacks. How dare today’s blacks claim any connection to their slave ancestors. That’s all just received identity and memory. How dare they lay claim to their culture and history? They didn’t make it. The only way to ennoble blackness is to honor people like Rachel Dolezal because they dream of becoming black and want it so badly. It’s like women as women suck cuz they were born with female identity. They didn’t dream or struggle for it. That’s why trans-‘women’ are the best. Their ‘womanhood’ is noble cuz it was dreamed and hoped for.

    Now, some would say that people not only receive but add. So, while today’s Jews didn’t create most of Jewish history, they can add something to it. Each generation of Jews add their own contributions to the legacy.
    Of course, a people can squander or disgrace their legacy, but they can do the opposite. Of late, white Americans have really wasted their legacy, but with the kind of elites they have, why should that be surprising?
    Blacks have esp disgraced their legacy(with powerful noble themes), but still, black legacy and history belong to them. It’s not something for others to claim and take. Imperialism of land is bad enough. Imperialism of souls is worse.

    There used to be a time when most white Americans appreciated their history & legacy and regarded their obligation as living up to them and adding to them. But pop culture and political correctness undermined such mindset. Pop culture made late 20th century white Americans fixate on fashion as their main culture, and PC instilled whites with shame and even hatred for their ancestors. Pop culture says your ancestors sucked because they weren’t ‘cool’, and PC says your ancestors sucked because they were not up to Current Year.

    Anyway, Americanism as Immigrationism would indicate that there is something seriously wrong with American values. If existing Americans are spoiled, rotten, and soulless and if America must be constantly replenished with new peoples, it means America corrupts everyone. Immigrants come to the US and become Americans, but in time, they and their children become as worthless as Americans before them, and so they must be replaced by New Immigrants. But then, American values turns these newer peoples into rotten low-lifes too, and they must be replaced by Newer and Newer ones ad infinitum.
    If Americanism is great, America would do well with its existing people. But immigrationism implies that those who live in America long enough become soulless and vapid. As such, they must be replaced by new peoples who must be replaced by new peoples who must be replaced by new peoples.
    Now, if Americanism turns people into soulless louts so that they must be replaced by ever new peoples, then maybe Americanism is a soul-destroying disease. Why bring all these immigrants to turn them into soulless zombies so that they must be replaced by newer and newer people?

    Americanism as Immigrationism sees America as a cancer. American blood is so cancerous that it needs new transfusions of blood. Otherwise, America will just decay with cancer.

    In contrast, Americanism as heritage believes Americanism can be and should be a healthy culture that can fix its problems and do well on its own without abandoning existing Americans as hopeless and in need of being replaced by New Americans. But currently, Americanism is truly a sick culture. So sick that any sane person would argue that US should stop immigration to prevent newcomers from becoming infected with sicko globo-homo pedo-porny culture.

    It’s an inverted world. It’s like all these POC morons bitching about how anti-globo-homo position is part of colonialist legacy of ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’. Don’t they even realize that globo-homo is part of neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism of the West dominated by Jewish Power? What non-white culture celebrated homos and trannies to high heaven? It’s Big Capital that is promoting globo-homo as something akin to neo-christianity.
    People are dumb.

    • Agree: BB753, Hockamaw
    • Replies: @prime noticer
  98. @theMann

    Well here is the kick in the head – crop production in the Northern Hemisphere has been catastrophically compromised by the weather. Here we will see as much as 400% increases in food prices by next Autumn. Africa will see food riots beyond description. Count on it.

    Arab Spring [1] started because the price of bulk carbohydrates rose, apparently due to increased Chinese pork consumption. The crop failures this year might be a lot worse; bad rains prevented timely planting of crops throughout the US Middle West. Anybody here know how crops are doing in the rest of the world?

    One of the reasons I’ve always avoided welfare is that it’s far too risky. If anything serious happens to the provider’s income stream, the welfare vanishes, and how do you find another job when your only skill is eating and related activities?



    • Replies: @Cortes
  99. Lot says:

    “As an Argentine are you not also White?”

    A subject of endless debate on some websites!

    “If so then you should have written “we are screwed.””

    Like most of Eastern Europe, Argentina is too poor and stingy with welfare to attract mass third world migration from Africa and the middle east, though it does get a fair amount of Indian and mestizo migration elsewhere in Latin America.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  100. @Tired of Not Winning

    Much of BG’s “genius” is completely overrated. MS stole/copied most of its technology from IBM and Apple.

    Goes to show, you don’t have to be smart, just smarter than the executives in other countries, and know the basics.


  101. I simply do not believe these African populations numbers are real. I just don’t believe it.

    My reasoning goes as follows. Firstly, there is what ought to be the self-evident difficulty of taking an accurate census in sub-Saharan Africa. These poor countries can barely field functioning governments to begin with. They do not have the money or the personnel to complete a census with forensic rigor. The majority of the population is spread thinly in far-flung villages with bad infrastructure, so getting census takers out to count the people would be a time consuming and costly endeavor. Furthermore, it is not as if the richer Western nations are sending inspectors out to help in this regard. The UN declares that it uses the nations’ own internally generated data in its population estimates.

    So what is the provenance of this data? I’m willing to bet that it relies on a great deal of self-reporting and guesswork. The census duties are simply farmed out to the next subsidiary level until you get down to the local prefect who is made to answer for the handful of villages under his authority, who then goes and inquires of the headmen how many of them there are and how many children they have, and these numbers are sent back up the chain of command without further ado.

    Now, these headmen and their folk belong to a culture wherein a man’s prowess is reckoned by the number of wives and children he has. This encourages an increase in the amount of actual breeding, yes, but it also provides every incentive to exaggerate the degree of such breeding. And since exaggeration by definition runs ahead of facts, we can safely conclude that these numbers are inflated, especially if the headmen and their prefects believe that any aid doled out by the central government will be apportioned by the number of mouths clamoring to be fed. You may add to this the fact that sexual mores being what they are in Africa, any of several men having sex with the same woman may well claim the son borne by her as their own, such that the same child is counted several times over when the men self-report the size of their brood. Therefore the TFRs up in the 5, 6, and 7 range.

    There is yet another curious anomaly that strikes me, one which I know will elicit howls of laughter and derision from my fellow commenters here, but which I’m afraid I cannot suppress all the same; and that is the fact that, to me, Africa just looks and feels empty. Whenever I read a news article about something in Africa and I look at the accompanying photographs and videos, I never see a great horde of people. I see ramshackle little villages, broken down roads, rusting machinery, and other signs of ennui which, all in all, apart from the lush tropical setting, remind me of nothing so much as the wasted-out towns of the desert southwest. The few people visible do not seem densely packed, but rather like a loose flock of birds alighting in the evening cool.

    I speak not of the overcrowded slums of Lagos or Nairobi, which of course are overflowing with all sorts of detritus. But cities always pull everything into themselves and are hardly indicative of what is going on in the wide countryside. My question is, what if this is it? What if the high birthrates and population densities stopped here? What if, outside the confines of these teeming population magnates, there is simply…nothing? That indeed I believe to be the case, and I could express my doubts no better than by inverting the words of Duncan Idaho concerning the Fremen. To wit”

    I suspect an incredible secret has been kept on this continent. I suspect the Africans exist in scarce numbers. Scarce. And it is lying functionaries who control the estimates.

    • Agree: jim jones
  102. MBlanc46 says:

    So, it appears that global warming will have some positive effects?

    • Replies: @Bubba
  103. @Oleaginous Outrager

    Oleaginous Outrager wrote:

    Sure, Africa’s population is growing tremendously, but it’ll be civil war and widespread cannibalism long before 2050…

    Yes, we all know that, and that is going to be the greatest tragedy in human history (for Africans) and a major disaster for the rest of us (what you are describing will mean Africa is scoured by one epidemic after another, many of which will spread to the rest of the world).

    But, it can be at least ameliorated if people start talking openly and honestly about it.

    If Sailer succeeds in getting decent people truly worried about this, he will have done a very good deed for the human race.

  104. I see a very dark future.

    Planet of the Apes come to life.

  105. Bubba says:

    I agree with your devastating sarcastic comment, but I don’t know why Steve would pay tribute to the “climate change” clique of mean girls like Michael Mann with the vastly overpaid Hollywood media sycophants into his Taki’s Magazine column. Otherwise, it is the typically brilliant weekly iSteve column in Taki’s Magazine.

    • Replies: @caffeine withdrawals
  106. Daniel H says:

    Amy Wax. Wow. Read it. Excellent.

    No question that she reads this site and others.

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  107. Flip says:

    Doug Casey says Argentina is more European than Europe these days.

    • Agree: Autochthon
    • Replies: @Appleflap
  108. @Intelligent Dasein

    Wow! Sentiment as a basis for data analysis! Please generalize, and offer examples.

  109. @nebulafox

    What power? Liberals control most of the means of communications, corporate boards, schools and universities etc..

  110. Hail says: • Website
    @Charles Pewitt

    I am not clear on what he is conceding.

    It’s possible he is saying he wishes there had been substantially less Nonwhite immigration from the 1970s to present. This four-word tweet may be the closest he’s ever come to saying that. It’s about time, Murray.

  111. @Lot

    Argentines, like almost all people from the Western Hemisphere, come in all kinds – Negro descendants of slaves; European (i.e., white”) descendants of settlers and conquerors; Amerindians, and combinations thereof. There’s no special reason an Argentine would or would not be white than there is for a Canadian, an American, an Ecuadoran, a Colombian, a Mexican, a Cuban….

    Sure, the statistical likelihoods vary – more Amerindians and mestizos south of the Rio Grande; more whites in Cuba, Canada, the F.U.S.A., and the Southern Cone; and so on – but pretty much all the countries have pretty much all the races and mixes thereof (Haiti, because it’s the legacy of genocidal maniacs who made the even Hernan Cortez’ conquistadors seem warm and cuddly, is an extreme case…).

    Now, when you start talking about the descendants of those who arrived on airplanes and steamers, like so-called “Bengali Canadians” … well, the terminology gets really goofy really quickly.

    Our Argentine interlocutor could be any race. I’d wager, though, that he is white.

    Relatedly, I want to register a jeer for the now metastasized mumbo-jumbo “as a X” construction. Can one be white generally speaking, or in other specific ways, but not white “as an Argentine?” What does that phrase add to the question? To the extent the implication (and intent) is “Your are statistically likely to be white, since you are an Argentine – are you white?’ then the phraseology is weird – the addressee is still not white “as an Argentine.” Mind you, I do realize (at least I think I do) that this kind of thing is what most mean when they trot out “as an X…Y” construction, but it’s a ham-fisted and goofy means to that end. Better to be clearer.

    Instead of “As a woman, are you interested in ovarian cancer?” better “Does being a woman make you particularly interested in ovarian cancer?” and so on.

    I realize I am tilting at windmills, chasing the wind, and grasping at sand, but I cannot go gentle into that good night. Mr. Sailer and nearly all of his readers are tilting at windmills, chasing the wind, and grasping at sand, but it’s our nature to resist the loss of the good and the rise of the ugly. So we do…even when it is futile.

    • Replies: @Lot
  112. Ibound1 says:

    The reason the West will decline is the same reason the Islamic World has declined – religion. In their case they are stuck in the 7th Century forever. In our case the sect of “anti-racism”, has left us defenseless against the invasion. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, anyone can do about the invasion without being called a racist and being called a racist is the equivalent of being called a heretic. You burn. Both the West and Islam shall fall – ultimately to Chinese, who don’t mind being called racists and don’t mind putting Muslims in concentration camps either. I only wonder if some outposts of what we called “the West” will remain somewhere as a tourist attraction, like Sparta was for the Romans.

  113. snorlax says:

    Of course thanks to Jared, Kochs et al the GOP Brain Trust has decided to give up on the issue.

  114. @Intelligent Dasein

    Bravo. This may well be your dumbest post ever. Which is really saying something.

  115. @Lot

    Thanks for calling this to our attention. My wife is a librarian at the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania where Amy Wax is a professor (much to the consternation of the loonie lefties on the faculty). Amy Wax is a force of nature, and greatly to be valued.

    • Replies: @Lot
  116. @nebulafox

    Kevin Drum should not be so enthusiastic about a race war. J’Fonté and L’Quinta are not going to be impressed by his press pass and his woke articles (which they won’t be able to read). All they’ll see is another white throat to cut.

  117. HA says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “There is yet another curious anomaly that strikes me… to me, Africa just looks and feels empty.”

    Firstly, here is a good visual guide to how large Africa is. Even a couple of billion can be crammed into it and still leave plenty of space that looks and feels empty.

    Secondly, almost half of Africa by this point is actually urban, and living in packed and crowded settlements like Lagos and Kinsasha. (Note that “In 1980, only 28 percent of Africans lived in urban areas. Today, the number of Africans living in cities is 40 percent, and is projected to grow to 50 percent by 2030.”)

    That crowding into urban environments means that the rest of Africa — e.g. the arid deserts, and uninhabitable savannas that won’t contribute towards the feeding and watering of these vast populations and could never sustain large numbers of people even when the numbers in question were much smaller — will remain seemingly empty.

    I hope that makes more sense now.

  118. Lot says:

    Hope she has a chance to convey to Dr Wax her appreciation, and her husband’s. The stress of being a pariah is real even for the brave.

  119. @Lot

    Could we persuade, browbeat, or blackmail her into running for office…?

  120. anon[979] • Disclaimer says:

    Well here is the kick in the head – crop production in the Northern Hemisphere has been catastrophically compromised by the weather. Here we will see as much as 400% increases in food prices by next Autumn.

    I work in the grocery industry and have some knowledge of the food supply chain.

    You are wrong. There will be no 400% increase in any food prices. Food of all kinds will be plentiful and cheap next Autumn and next year and the year after that and the year after that.

    The sky is not falling, Chicken Little.

  121. @Daniel H

    I think she gets that to all minorities, Jews are just another bunch of honkies.

  122. Lot says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Triggered! Microaggressed!

  123. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tired of Not Winning

    Gates’ genius is that he understood the power of dynamic inertia in business buying and the sense of larceny in consumer’s, and also he got lucky when clean room 100 percent IBM compatible BIOS came out.

    Plus his competitors were either stupid or lazy, or in Jobs’ case, too egotistical to make needed decisions.

    The reliance of other personal computers on the Motorola CPU, and that company’s short term greed, helped too. Motorola had a better architecture but the latest CPUs were behind Intel and overpriced. The high end vendors ignored Mother M’s short instruction set CPU for in-house ones and had high overhead in licensing outside OS, and low end ones were locked into the 68K because they had no dev funds and a legacy tail they were committed to support.

    Microsoft by then had become, as IBM had been, the vendor you could not be fired for choosing.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  124. @istevefan

    All you need to do is look at population stats from 40 years or so ago and compare them with what we see today. The growth is real and astonishing.

    And trends never end, do they? Like housing prices or renewable energy use, all the way to the moon!

    I’ve paid attention enough to see that this nation used to be 88% White, but it is now 63% White and will be under 50% in about 20 to 25 years.

    Let us assume this trend is also endless and irreversible How much aid does Mexico or Nicaragua or Syria send to sub-Saharan Africa? Will the newly browned America (and Europe) have either the ability or the will to support 4 billion hungry, angry and not terribly useful Africans? Or is the bet on the Chinese swooping in as saviors?

  125. Cortes says:

    Reference to crops elsewhere in

    Engdahl also has a recent article on pest problems in China.

  126. @BB753

    It’s possible to imagine that a certain proportion of Asians will exhibit the industry and self-respect required to turn their backs on a political party which continually promises something for nothing. Latinos though? Not so much.

    • Replies: @BB753
  127. @Travis

    “In 2050 when the white population of the United states is below 45% their will be less need for open borders.”

    if only that were true.

    i have friends who were in the South Africa military who fought in the border wars. millions of africans trying to get into a country with…millions of africans. strictly because there were also 5 million europeans there too. who brought first world technology and conditions.

    if 5 million europeans can do that in South Africa, think about what 200 million europeans can do in United States. they can keep it shambling down the road like some frankenstein monster, holding the country together for decades and decades, while it fills up with hundreds of millions of third worlders.

    there needs to be some serious economic/biology/physics discussion about what western europeans do – they greatly reverse entropy, such that they create tremendous overproduction. way more than they need for themselves, such that literally hundreds of millions of useless, net negative contributor third worlders can show up and live off the europeans as parasites for hundreds of years.

    anyway, Brazil is a third world dump with a sky high murder rate and…useless third worlders continue to flood into Brazil. currently from Venezuela, but there’s a continous background stream of them. why are they coming? for the same reason as anywhere else. there’s enough europeans in Brazil to keep it somewhat functional.

    we’re looking at a true nightmare scenario. it won’t be ‘the end’. the transition to europeans being outnumbered everywhere is only the beginning of how bad things are going to be.

    • Agree: BB753
  128. @Reg Cæsar

    your image posting privileges have been revoked. never post images in here again. thank you.

    now, where did i put the eye bleach…

  129. @Anonymous

    “People like David French”

    david french is a raging moron. ignore everything he says. and understand this:

    guys like david french and george will and rich lowry are deliberately being given a platform by the enemy, BECAUSE they are raging morons with zero things of value to say.

    the left seeks out and identifies the utterly useless people nominally on the right and platforms them. this is a highly effective strategy.

    the left MAKES SURE guys like this, who have absolutely nothing useful to contribute to anything, are the biggest, loudest voices you get to hear.

    it’s why john mccain was built up into a war hero.

    people on the right who are smart, savvy, aware, and have lots of actually important and useful things to say, get deplatformed.

    this is how you can tell who is smart versus who is dumb and only being used as a tool.

  130. @theMann

    “crop production in the Northern Hemisphere has been catastrophically compromised by the weather.”

    ‘global warming’, if it ever happens to any appreciable degree, which i doubt, would actually increase food crop production, because it will slowly make canada and russia places where you can grow more crops.

  131. Lot says:

    “There’s no special reason an Argentine would or would not be white than there is for a Canadian…”

    I agree from the small number I’ve met, but if you are a 1-dropper* or nordicist, maybe not.

    *While a few are 100% descendants of early 20th century European immigrants, the older population of white Argentinians nearly all have a 5%+ mesoamerican ancestry and the European immigrants intermarried with them. Others look Southern European but may have a mestizo grandparent. So by 1 drop rule most Canadians and Americans are white, most Argentinians are not. That I think shows the rule doesn’t make much sense, but it has its history and its partisans.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  132. @Bubba

    Mann, Gore, et al are insane, but I think there’s a legitimate case for concern. The effects just aren’t noticeable yet. Most model projections have the continental Northern Hemisphere warming 2x as much as the climate as a whole, which is consistent with data since 1975.

    In other words, if global average temperature warms an additional 1-1.5C from now until 2100, which seems most likely, your average American city will probably warm 4-5F. Not catastrophic, but summers will feel a lot worse.

  133. @Cortes

    A commenter mentioned a few weeks ago that the crops hadn’t been planted yet in his neighborhood in the Midwest.

  134. @Anonymous

    When I worked on PCs in 1986-88, we had a lot of debates about whether we should have gone the Mac route instead of the IBM-MS route, but we didn’t and we didn’t get fired for it.

  135. Logan says:

    Haven’t read all the comments, but surely somebody has noted this:

    Unsustainable trends do not sustain themselves. I think the chance of African population reaching 4B by the end of the century is essentially zero.

    An absolutely basic ecological principle is that any population that outruns the supporting capacity of its environment will crash. Malthus is never wrong, in the long run.

    The African population explosion has been largely supported by outside intervention, without which it would never have gotten to where it is today. But it seems unlikely that can continue forever.

    I do have a question. Back in the 80s there were a LOT of articles about sub-Saharan African countries with astonishing rates of infection with AIDS. As in 20-30% +. Given the mortality rate of the disease without treatment, one would expect to see a considerable population crash as a result. Yet in Zim the population increased at a pretty steady rate from 1950 to today. Despite the very well-known political turmoil and economic collapse of the country.

    So either:
    1. The reported rates of AIDS were vastly exaggerated.
    2. They were accurate but the mortality rate was vastly exaggerated.

  136. Logan says:

    Could you please explain whether you are referring to the general idea of “global warming,” or simply to weather events I’m not aware of? If the latter, please provide links.

    If your idea is accurate, I would assume futures prices for food commodities would be showing the effects already, which would surely be big news indeed. Yet your comment is the very first such intimation I’ve seen.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  137. @BengaliCanadianDude

    I always tell liberal friends that when whites are a minority, issues that whites argue about, like gay and transgender rights and white atonement for the sin of racism, will become irrelevant. The good whites can argue with the bad whites until their face turns blue but the vast majority of people will not be listening or care anymore.

  138. @Steve Sailer

    There are many fields not planted this year in the part of the Midwest where I live. Much of the corn is half the size it should be by this time of the year and in many fields, you can see where flooding stunted the growth of corn and soybeans, as the plants are much shorter and are yellow. The last time something like this happened, when the price of fuel went way up just before the 2008 meltdown, the price of feed corn went from somewhere around $3 or $4 to $6 to $8 a bushel. Even though the fuel prices have dropped the price of feed corn (this is at retail) is still around $6. This affects the price of meat and dairy. The fear now is that much of what has been planted will not be able mature in time before the first frost hits and kills the plants. If this happens, expect prices to rise and the farm economy to be hit hard.

  139. Travis says:

    The White fertility rate has been below replacement levels since 1967. But has fallen dramatically since 2007 to below 1.6. Another compounding factor, 10% of white females have non-white children.

    The ongoing baby bust is one of the factors behind the early peak in the number of Whites. Between 2007 and 2017, the number of births to non-Hispanic Whites fell 14%, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. At the same time, the number of White deaths increased because of the aging of the population and the rise in mortality rates among middle-aged whites.

    The white population is aging rapidly, as reflected in a rise in the median age for whites from 39 in 2000 to 45 in 2018. During the same period, the percentage of persons 65 and older increased from 15% of the white population in 2000 to 20% in 2018

  140. Mr. Anon says:

    Thanks for posting.

    Crenshaw’s republican constituents should realize that Crenshaw is a fraud. He is not a patriot. Just because he lost an eye fighting in a stupid, pointless war does not make him a patriot. He is just another bought-and-paid-for whore, doing the bidding of his wealthy backers, and screwing over American citizens.

  141. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    In 1919, a Model A Ford would have been advanced indeed.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  142. @Stan Adams

    Suddenly I have an uncontrollable urge to gouge out my eyes.

    The other Oedipus complex.

  143. @Tired of Not Winning

    Much of BG’s “genius” is completely overrated. MS stole/copied most of its technology from IBM and Apple.

    Apple stole most of its technology from Xerox. The poobahs in Rochester had no idea what they were sitting on at their Palo Alto branch.

  144. nebulafox says:

    I was in Brazil, not Argentina, but I met some Argentinians and Chileans when there. They seemed quite keen to identify their countries more as transplanted versions of Southern Europe than “Latin American”, with visions of Peru or Venezuela dancing through their heads. Understandable biases and cultural snobbery aside, it is not as if they are wrong, racially or culturally. Argentinian Spanish even sounds a lot more like Italian than Spanish, IMO.

    It reminded me of how Poles, Czechs, and Magyars will get annoyed if you refer to their countries as being Eastern European rather than Central European. It’s both more historically and culturally accurate in any case, and far more suiting their personal tastes to identify with proud old Mitteleuropa than with Russia, for reasons obvious to anyone with a basic understanding of the region. Even within the former Soviet Union, Estonians have way more in common-racially, culturally, and linguistically-with Finland than Russia.

  145. nebulafox says:
    @Stan Adams

    Where’s a Byzantine emperor when you need one? They’d have even thrown in a free life-long vacation in a monastery.

  146. NYMOM says:

    “Both are ruled by whites behind the scenes”…

    That might be true in Botswana I don’t know, but it is not the case in South Africa. Whites (due to the unlimited immigration allowed from northern African countries) now make up just 4% or so of the population but 20% of the murder victims.

    I find it hard to believe this is going on with whites ruling behind the scenes.

    I think it’s comforting for people to believe there is some sort of master plan out there dictating these things such as unlimited 3rd world immigration to every corner of the globe with some master planner (like a Bill Gates or Soros) moving everyone around like chess pieces; but, the bottom line is we are entering a period of chaos. Maybe even another Dark Ages which I believe also began with immigration from all over the place (steppes of Asia) bringing down the central government (Rome).

    So we have to be prepared for a wild ride over the next century or so. The only ones who might come out of it with a civilization intact are in Asia, some South American countries and possibly Russia…

    • Replies: @Logan
  147. fish says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Ohs Tinys……

    (Lenderp looks down at the ground and shakes his head…..)

    • LOL: Corn
  148. fish says:
    @L Woods

    L…….don’t feed the ducks!

    • Replies: @L Woods
  149. L Woods says:

    That hasn’t been true for decades.

    • Replies: @Duke84
  150. L Woods says:

    I know, I shouldn’t, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

  151. @theMann

    “crop production in the Northern Hemisphere has been catastrophically compromised by the weather”

    “crop production in the Northern Hemisphere has been catastrophically compromised by geo-engineering of weather patterns.”

    “Weather” makes it sound natural, random acts of nature. It’s not natural.

    “Damien: Omen II” in 1978 publicly announced the concept of artificial famines brought on by Global Agribusiness chemical engineering.

  152. April 1, 2025 (Goldfinger News Network) — Disaster Planning Resources Corp. today announced the regulatory approval of its initial public offering of the Africa Overpopulation Opportunity Fund (DETHX).

    The closed-end, 100-percent leveraged fund will invest in producers and distributors of:

    Cellular phones and international calling cards
    Automatic-flush toilets
    Epidemiology statistics
    High-rise housing
    Refugee transport

    “African bodies, living and not-so-much, are the next great growth industry,” said Prometheus L. Sodman, Chairman and CEO. “We believe this is a smart investor’s chance to grab the next (human) wave for big, big profits. Carpe diem!”

  153. @Logan

    Yet your comment is the very first such intimation I’ve seen.

    Are you living in a biodome? You mean to tell me that you haven’t heard about the flooding in the Midwest this spring, or tropical storm Barry, or the heat wave in place over 2/3rds of the country?

    Your Google may be broken; your air conditioner evidently is not.

  154. @Cortes

    Thanks, Cortes. I’ll have to think about this.


  155. eah says:

    An unforeseen consequence.

  156. Anonymous[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Look into the recent media push to make bug eating a thing.

    One of many:

  157. NYMOM says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    I hate to sound cruel but Trump’s base is not the sort of college educated young person who graduated with a STEM degree and then expects to get a job making over 100,000 working in a high tech company.

    Those people are probably the exact opposite of Trump supporters could possibly be ANTIFA thugs wearing masks on their faces and beating up Trump voters in between classes.

    I don’t think Trump cares about them as they didn’t vote for him and probably never will. So if they get screwed by Apple or Facebook or even Google out of jobs they think they deserve well they should have supported better policies and candidates.

    Neither Trump and/or McConnell care.


  158. NYMOM says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I also heard the Boer farmers in South Africa are not planting either due to the fears that they will spend all their money, plant, harvest and then their land will be taken from them…I mean if they are going to lose their land anyway what’s the point of planting all those crops and paying workers to harvest everything only to lose the land right afterwards…

  159. @Anonymous

    It’s what we in the Biz call “suspension of disbelief”, sir. ;-}

  160. @Steve Sailer

    “A commenter mentioned a few weeks ago that the crops hadn’t been planted yet in his neighborhood in the Midwest.”

    this was due to flooding, not heat.

    one important related question though is how far have the agriculture PHD guys got the current crops towards them being maxed out for production per acre. it’s still going up, slowly. but is there much more headroom?

    horse breeders peaked in 1973. when will the crop guys in the labs in the state universities finally max out the crops?

  161. @Logan

    Malthus is never wrong, in the long run.

    As Keynes pointed out, “in the long run, we are all dead.”

    So either:
    1. The reported rates of AIDS were vastly exaggerated.
    2. They were accurate but the mortality rate was vastly exaggerated.


  162. @Jack Hanson

    Its an open question if there’s going to be any resistance to the winner just because of brutal things end up being with no one wanting to roll the dice being “next”.

    Yes, that is the problem with momentum – it is really difficult to stop.

  163. @Travis

    The real threat to the United States is the lack of white children.

    Don’t agree.

    Totally on board that the white fertility rate needs to be turned around. In a healthy society the “messaging” would be that threekids is normative for competent, productive young couples who have their ducks in a row. That will give you replacement/replacement-plus fertility in the real world with the childless non-marrieds, the late-marrieds, the too-busys, the health issues, the two-was-enoughs.

    And as a tautology–must have white babies–sure.

    But it’s ok for a population to peak and dip a bit … *if* it maintains control of its territory. (Ex. Japan so far.) The key thing is keeping out invaders, so you have time to recover–in this case from prosperity, propaganda and the birth control pill. But if you allow invaders to swarm in, then that recovery doesn’t have a chance to occur, *and* immigration itself further suppresses fertility and fertility recover.

    So the bottom line: this disaster really is about immigration.

  164. Logan says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    The guys who invest in food futures don’t seem to be aware of this.

    I checked on a couple of grains futures, and they’ve gone up about 20% in a year.

    The USDA doesn’t seem to agree with you. Of course, they could be in on the deception.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  165. Appleflap says:

    “Doug Casey says Argentina is more European than Europe these days.”

    See: (Doug Casey – On Prospecting the Worlds Regions)

  166. @AnotherDad

    So the bottom line: this disaster really is about immigration.

    Agree. Bigly.

  167. @Intelligent Dasein

    The heat in the midwest at the moment is actually Good For The Corn.

    The planting this year was delayed/reduced by a combination of flooding and an abnormally cold spring.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
    , @Corn
  168. @The Last Real Calvinist

    It doesn’t quite work that way, as I’m sure you’re aware.

    You do realize that carbon fixation basically ceases at temperatures above 93 degrees, right? Photosynthesis cannot proceed and the plants cannot grow, meanwhile their smaller size and less developed root systems make them more susceptible to heat stress than they otherwise would be.

    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
  169. @Logan

    The article you’ve cited is from May 17th, which therein, had you read further down the page, you would have discovered this:

    For example, weather is a critical determinant of crop yields, but at this stage in the year, it is impossible to know how the weather will turn out during the critical phases of the growing season. So, we assume “normal” weather and yields that follow long-term trends reflecting technological progress and historic productivity growth.

    That assumption subsequently proved to be erroneous.

    • Replies: @Logan
  170. Corn says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    “The heat in the midwest at the moment is actually Good For The Corn.”

    Actually it’s been quite uncomfortable.

  171. Duke84 says:
    @L Woods

    They’re either that or trash types like Nicole Brown.A recent poll by a dating website showed that 95% of white women did not want to date blacks.

  172. Appleflap says:

    “Victor David Hansen”

    It’s amazing how many people get this name wrong. It’s Victor Davis Hanson.
    Dick Lamm thought it’s ‘Victor Hansen Davis’ in his ‘How to destroy America’ speech.
    “A brilliant college professor named Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, “Mexifornia,” explaining how immigration — both legal and illegal — was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream. (…) Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis’s book Mexifornia. His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don’t read that book.”

  173. Appleflap says:

    “Victor David Hansen”

    It’s amazing how many people get this name wrong. It’s Victor Davis Hanson.
    Dick Lamm thought it’s ‘Victor Hansen Davis’ in his ‘How to destroy America’ speech.
    “A brilliant college professor named Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, “Mexifornia,” explaining how immigration — both legal and illegal — was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream. (…) Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis’s book Mexifornia. His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don’t read that book.”

  174. BB753 says:

    Hispanics hate, hate, HATE Blacks. Even blackish Hispanics, such as Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.
    East Asians will leave the Dem Party in time, but South Asians will stick around longer, with halfies like Kamala as their proxies.

  175. @Intelligent Dasein

    “Basically ceases”.

    I’m a little incredulous reading this when southern Arizona spends May to August at 100+ degrees daily.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  176. The heat in the midwest at the moment is actually Good For The Corn.

    Corn needs a lot of heat units for optimum productivity, but very high heat during pollination–you get the tassels drying out and pollinating too quickly, and the silks can dessicate–is bad.

    So it depends a lot on where your corn is at. I was just at my cousins and only his earliest field has tasselled. Driving around it’s all over the map. Lots of good looking crops–along with some sorry ones. Almost everyone is at least somewhat–a week or two–behind.

  177. Logan says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    The USDA’s Economic Research Service’s Wheat Outlook report for June, published June 13, said that “global wheat production in 2019-20 is projected to reach a new record of 780.8 million tonnes, up 3.3 million this month.”

    “This figure is 49.1 million tonnes higher than last year and 18.9 million tonnes above the 2017-18 record,” the ERS said. “Most of the increase, both monthly and yearly, is in foreign (world minus the U.S.) wheat production. Two major wheat grain exporters — Russia and Ukraine — as well as India, have seen their production prospects increased.”

    This one is from Wednesday.

  178. Logan says:

    According to the CIA, South Africa is at 8% white. Not a huge number but twice what you say. With another 9% colored.

  179. @Jack Hanson

    Well, as LeVar Burton always said, you don’t have to take my word for it.

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