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100 Days of Riotous Arson in Portland. Now, Oregon Is on Fire. Is There a Link?
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Some tiny percentage of the population are hardcore arsonists who like to start fires, the bigger the better. It seems plausible that the 100+ days of Antifa riots in Portland has attracted arsonists to Oregon who enjoy practicing their fetish with impunity and has excited local firebugs.

Is there any connection between the countless examples of arson in downtown Portland and the wildfires in Oregon? ABSOLUTELY NOT says The Establishment. From the New York Times:

In Oregon, a Year of Political Tumult Extends to Devastating Wildfires
A tumultuous summer of protests has become a complication in the wildfires raging around Portland.

By Jack Healy and Mike Baker
Sept. 11, 2020

MOLALLA, Ore. — Ralph Mitchell’s neighbors were fleeing. Ash rained from the sky. And outside Mr. Mitchell’s natural-medicine business, a police cruiser announced on loudspeaker: “This has been declared a life-threatening fire emergency. You need to evacuate the city.”

Mr. Mitchell was having none of it. He was staying.

“There’s already reports that antifa’s in town, going down the streets looting,” he said, echoing widely discredited rumors on Twitter and Facebook that left-wing activists had been systematically setting blazes. “I’m getting texts.”

Every natural disaster has its holdouts. But the political fear-stoking that accompanied a tumultuous summer of racial-justice protests in Oregon has become a volatile new complication in the catastrophic wildfires that pushed closer to Portland on Friday, as authorities try to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people.

Law enforcement officials across the state said they had been swamped with calls about social media misinformation and begged people to “STOP. SPREADING. RUMORS!” In the line of fire, the swirl of rumors actually helped goad some people into defying evacuation orders so they could stay and guard their homes.

… The other was the imagined invasion of left-wing mobs and arsonists that multiple law-enforcement agencies have sought to refute….

The rumors played into some conservative residents’ fears and anger over months of protests in Portland, where left-wing and right-wing groups have occasionally clashed.

What has been happening in Portland since May is protests, “where left-wing and right-wing groups have occasionally clashed.” Not nighly recreational arson by Antifa.

Seriously, are Antifa arsonists setting wildfires?

Who knows?

Here in Southern California, if it gets hot, dry, and/or windy, you get fires, one way or another. Arsonists set a substantial but not a majority of brushfires, although it’s often hard to tell arson from incompetence, which Southern California has no shortage of: Yes, sir, I started a campfire in 100 degree heat to roast marshmallows. (But SoCal doesn’t have much lightning.)

I’d be suspicious of arson in the case of fires breaking out near Portland, but less so about fires breaking out in more remote parts of the state, especially far from highways. In general, though, the Summer of Floyd seems to have unleashed a lot of anti-social urges, so perhaps small-town arsonists, inspired by the anarchy in Portland, are acting out on the their worse impulses during the current heatwave.

On the other hand, there is little evidence of Antifa being much driven to risk their lives by looting small towns during giant fires. They don’t even really loot downtown Portland much, preferring to vandalize Starbucks to loot Gucci.

So, don’t worry about looters and clear out if necessary to save your lives.

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  1. It might be worth checking this Tweeter out:

    • Replies: @Neoconned
  2. Forest fires really are a function of conditions more than intentions.

    Arsonists may or may not try, but if conditions aren’t right, they won’t accomplish much. Conversely, given dry fuel, high temperatures, and some wind — you’ll get fires.

    I’ve been looking at the weather. Well, the temperature’s going to drop, and there’s even some rain forecast for sometime next week.

    This is going to last through the weekend, then it’ll end — whatever the arsonists do or don’t do.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
    , @TWS
  3. The rumors played into some conservative residents’ fears and anger over months of protests in Portland, where left-wing and right-wing groups have occasionally clashed.

    You pointed out the high-rpm narrative spin here already, but I’ve got another point. I don’t live in the area, and I don’t get tweets anyway, so I wasn’t sure which side to believe in this article or excerpt (alone). However, when I see the deliberate lying BS like this, at the end of your excerpt, that pretty much negates any belief I might have had in the pro-evacuation, pro-antifa side of the story before that sentence.

    It’s just as I was witness to (just as a non-selected juror, waiting around for my 15 bucks, as I was near broke than) in a DUI case years ago. It seemed like the defense had a decent enough case until the defendant girl was caught lying about something stupid and barely related to the case. No one believed any more of it after that.

    You’ve gone a bridge too far, Lyin’ Press.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  4. fish says:

    The Old Fey Lady is a reliable contrary indicator. If they say Antifa isn’t starting fires then you can bet that Antifa is starting those fires!

  5. Speaking of arson, I thought of iSteve when I saw that the headquarters of MIGIZI, an American Indian charity group in Minneapolis, was burned down during mostly peaceful protests. Some folks can’t catch a break:

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  6. George says:

    Supposedly Antifa and possibly other factions are billeted in homeless camps and camp grounds. Did they build fires that got out of control?

    Is it possible the massive paid vacation government workers got due to covid meant people once tasked with underbrush control did nothing for months?

  7. CPK says:

    When I was a lad, doing homeland security intelligence after 9/11, we saw lots of jihadist-wannabes brainstorming in chat rooms. One idea they kicked around was starting wildfires. We looked at this, and figured out that wildfires were so common anyway that you’d never be able to tell. The conditions would have to be right for them to start one, but if that’s true, a wildfire will probably start anyway from natural or accidental sources.

    Doesn’t mean antisocial types wouldn’t start them — you can only try so hard to figure out their logic — but as a threat, it wasn’t distinguishable from noise.

  8. A BLM activist and alleged arsonist charged for reckless burning in the second degree had reported a fire set in Washington and then filmed his subsequent arrest.

  9. If they loot Sotheby’s this week, they could snag Biggie’s crown:

    For Sale: Hip-Hop History

    They’re asking $200K. That’d buy whole city blocks in, say, Flint.

  10. anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Chickens. Home. Roost.

    You encourage violence. You get violence, sometimes where you want it, sometimes not.

    BTW…..It would be really easy for some fake twitter accounts to misdirect antifa nutters to atttack lefties in the street. Right wingers dont necessarily even have to get out in the scrum to cause havoc in such ridiculous circumstances as Portland.

    I predict an exodus from Portland post covid of the decent, hardworking, law abiding types.

  11. Anonymous[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Whoa whoa whoa Steve this is really tinfoil hat territory. And on the anniversary of 9/11! Have you no decency? Think of the 9/11 families!

    OK so there are conflicting media reports and strong denials. Some things just never change. I just hope no Oregon official brings in the FBI because then we’ll never find out what actually happened.

    But hey wasn’t it amusing when for all those years scumbag Bill O’Reilly would shut down any questioning of the official 9/11 story with “…you’re insulting the families!”

    Bill F***ing O’Reilly —– the guy would later pay out $30 million in harassment claims. He was King of the Moral High Ground.

  12. Currahee says:

    “a tumultuous summer of racial-justice protests”
    Who know what may follow tumultuousness.

  13. Polynikes says:

    Nah… that wouldn’t make any sense.

  14. Neoconned says:

    Being from out east wildfires are a very rare occurrence. There is A LOTTA WATER HERE….as im within a mile of my new place 40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico theres at least 2 full fledged ponds, several streams & ditches that would be considered rivers in California and at least 20 plus acres of snake infested swampland.

    It really wasn’t until i went to California and its wine country back in 2017 that i really appreciated how nasty they were when they torched that city called “Paradise”….

    That fire in particular startled me…..a rancher was using a WATER PUMP to pump water into a hornet nest and a spark from A WATER PUMP caused the fire…..

    If i was an al Qaeda terrorist i wouldn’t worry about acquiring expensive and exotic WMDs….id invest in camping gear and use drones to drop cigarettes in the brush near the Bay Area or So Cal

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Je Suis Omar Mateen
  15. what about last years theory that poor forest management was causing the fires? Fewer and fewer academics and policy specialists are willing to speak counter to the main stream. More evidence that Trump will lose in a landslide.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @newrouter
  16. Speaking of stoking things…

    It’s the “The lady doth protest too much” denials from the NYT and FBI which cause me to raise an eyebrow regarding at least some of the blazes.

    “…echoing widely discredited rumors…”

    Not just discredited, but widely discredited.

    • Replies: @Charles
  17. theMann says:

    Perhaps the grass seed farmers decided that if people can burn Portland on a nightly basis, they can go back to burning over their fields after harvest.

    Or it could be drought related.

    Or it could be Arson. Where is Mayor Daley when you need him?

    • Replies: @anon
  18. ‘Wildfires are mostly peaceful’: Portland mayor mocked as critics of BLM protest policies react to state of emergency over blazes

    Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency as two massive wildfires converged near the city, but after failures to quell more than three straight months of violent protests, critics could only mock the politician.


    Portland’s emergency declaration came the same day that Wheeler announced a ban on police use of tear gas to help disperse the riots. When the emergency tweet followed later, one observer quipped, “Did you tell the fire department they couldn’t use water – you know, to de-escalate?”

    Another Twitter user jabbed at attempts by mainstream media and Democrat politicians to downplay violent anti-racism protests across the nation, reassuring Wheeler that “the wildfires are mostly peaceful.” Others called on the mayor to resign, while some netizens noted that the city has been burning for months – with city blazes set by anarchist protesters – but the mayor is only now showing concern over fires.

    “So fires are only bad when nature does it.”

  19. The DEMs will accuse White Nationalists of arson-related, enviro-terrorism.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  20. Antifa and BLM surely set the fires on the west coast as this is part of their MO.

    There are too many individual fires for this to have been an accident.

  21. @JohnnyWalker123

    Twitter’s giving a safety warning on the link to The Post Millennial:

    The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy. This link could fall into any of the below categories:

    ● malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices
    ● spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience
    ● violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm
    ● certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules

    Gotta love how they’re conflating malicious hacking/phishing sites with thoughtcrime sites. I’m sure that won’t cause any problems for people in the future.

  22. • Replies: @Kronos
  23. Yikes

  24. The MSM insists the forest fires in Oregon weren’t caused by arson?

    (Is this the MSM that’s been insisting that the riots in Chicago, Kenosha and Portland have been peaceful?)

    • Replies: @Kronos
    , @CorkyAgain
  25. @JohnnyWalker123

    Holly O’Reilly the whore
    Was adored by the sailors onshore
    Five sprogs she spat out
    From her overused spout
    Crying all the time “Give me more!”

    • LOL: Buffalo Joe
  26. In Britain, people have analyzed the data on where crop circles appear and what they’ve found is that they usually appear near towns or highways. They don’t appear very often in inaccessible areas. So that’s one area to look at.

    While I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that antifa is starting the fires, the idea that antifa is gonna start looting rural areas of Oregon is just the fantasy of 83-IQ Clevons:

    I could see them looting some Colorado ski town, certainly. But not Nowheresville, Oregon.

    • Replies: @Kronos
  27. Charles says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Exactly. The rumors are completely absolutely 100% FALSE. And if you think otherwise you’re racist. Or whatever.

  28. Sparkon says:

    The Ranch Fire in California in 2019 burned 459,123 acres, the state’s largest wildfire ever, and was started by a guy trying to hammer a spike into a wasp nest on his property.

    The ongoing El Dorado fire in S. California was started by a smoke bomb at a so-called “gender reveal party,” and the earlier Apple fire in the same general area was started by a malfunctioning exhaust on a truck.

    According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, up to 90% of wildfires are caused by people. Fire bug expert Lynne Tolmachoff claims 7% are set by arsonists. None of that makes a dent in Cal. Gov. Newsome’s hard head. Mr. Word Salad blames the wildfires on climate change during a very hot summer. To fight that artificial menace, Newsome plans to go with even more renewable energy, even as the state faces brown-outs during the extreme heat because it doesn’t have enough electrical generating capacity.

  29. Anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    If a wildfire is approaching a town and might end up brining it down anyway, it would be a shame to let all those buildings go to waste that you could pre-burn down before the wildfire hit. If the wildfire ends up not reaching the town, oh well!

    By the way, the mugshots of the arsonists tend to have the same homely physiognomy as antifa mugshots. I think that the real danger, or benefit, depending on how you look at it, of AI facial recognition is that it eventually will be able to “recognize” people who are just losers and criminal types based on how they look, either for genetic reasons (probable), or based on how society treats homely people.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  30. @Achmed E. Newman

    Ach, Great point and notice how quickly people believe that Antifa and the radical left are capable of this arson.

  31. @CPK

    CPK, in WWII the Japanese tried to set forrest fires in the PNW by sending high altitude balloons carrying incendiary devices. I beleieve some people were killed when they discovered a device and it exploded. Don’t remember if fires were set.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  32. @Steve Richter

    Steve, California, the Greenest state in the Union, soon to ban all combustion engines, now providing decades worth of carbon emissions.

    • Agree: JMcG, Achmed E. Newman
  33. The ghost of Franklin Roosevelt has returned with the Civilian Conflagration Corps. Putting out fires and rebuilding certainly promotes job creation.

  34. anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    BLM trying to burn out the last remnants of White in Oregon. I heard it here first. 🙂

  35. @Neoconned

    “That fire in particular startled me…..a rancher was using a WATER PUMP to pump water into a hornet nest and a spark from A WATER PUMP caused the fire…..”

    And sadder still is that water doesn’t destroy a hornet nest – believe me, I’ve tried. Gotta use petrol: wait til night, hold your breath, dump gas in the hole, drop a lit match, kill ’em all. Works every time.

  36. Muggles says:

    So now the FBI (formerly known as Russiagate Fact Central) is now issuing proclamations telling us what is “untrue.” “Do not spread Rumors!”

    So now we have an actual Ministry of Truth.

    If no one knows how these fires started, how can the FBI announce that antifa & pals aren’t responsible?

    Trump should abolish the FBI upon re-election. Do they ever actually stop crime rather than aid and abet it?

  37. newrouter says:
    @Steve Richter

    >what about last years theory that poor forest management was causing the fires? <

    If you get rid of the dead wood the fires don't burn so hot or so long. Why is this so hard to understand? I’ll answer my question: you digital clowns have never have tried to start a fire.

  38. @JohnnyWalker123

    … extremists are setting wildfires…

    — FBI Portland

    Whats an “extremist”?

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @sayless
  39. Muggles says:


    Now after seeing that picture of smoky Seattle, I’m starting to think that there is a God.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  40. @CPK

    Nature welcomes wildfires as part of the cycle of renewal. Fires have been burning forests for as long as there have been forests — much longer than there have been people and California homes.

    With forest management and firefighting, more forest area is actually ripe for fires, precisely because it hasn’t burned when it normally would. Any additional fires will just fit into the balance. This is not a reason to ignore them, it just is what it is.

    Bottom line: The primary concern for your team was the economic effect on the nation as a whole, and you determined that it would be negligible. Your analysis was correct. It’s nice to know we were employing some smart people like you and your colleagues.

  41. Thomas says:

    If we can draw any predictions from the recent news cycles, the story will go like this:

    1) There is no Antifa arson, then
    2) The arson fires are mostly peaceful and harm nobody, and finally
    3) The arson fires are all Trump’s fault for “inflaming” the situation.

    • Agree: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  42. 1. Environmental policy has made forest management worse – not doing controlled burns means more material stacks up ready to burn.

    2. The people suffering from this are red team

    3. The people who benefit from this are blue team

    4. The system is loudly telling us that this is definitely not the work of antifa and that its evidence of climate change and the need to give system more power

    Not hard to figure out the most likely explanation

    Also, remember the Podesta war game — OR/WA/CA seceding…

  43. @Buffalo Joe

    …in WWII the Japanese tried to set forest fires in the PNW by sending high altitude balloons carrying incendiary devices.

    The only combat casualites within the United States:

    May 5, 1945: Japanese Balloon Bomb Kills 6 in Oregon

    Balloon Bombs – The Oregon Encyclopedia

  44. anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    Is there any connection between the countless examples of arson in downtown Portland and the wildfires in Oregon?

    I don’t know. I do know, however, that I don’t exactly feel bad about it if they are, in fact, being falsely accused.

    You spent three months telling people that you were going to burn everything to the ground, and then a bunch of fires happen. What do you expect people to think? Why would I care about your protestations of innocence?

    But if they want to deny it, does this mean they’re admitting that they were full of shit when they threatened to burn everything down? Because if they were serious, then why would they even feel bad about all the fires now? This is what they said they wanted.

  45. @Percy Gryce

    Oh, yeah, wasn’t this the deal in which the “First Responders” ignored the smoke signals sent out by the group early on, because it was thought to just be the usual redmansplaining?

  46. @Anon

    I like that, “pre burn down”. If you are pretty sure the wildfire is going to get there, you may as well get some practice in … in case you ever get involved with some MPPCs* later on in life.


    * Mostly Peaceful Protest Clubs.

  47. Thomas says:

    Who’s been recorded using fireworks in Portland for months now?

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @anon
  48. Kronos says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    Exactly. I’m suspicious of an “Eye of Soros” conspiracy afoot. What if Antifa is payed to burn down small towns and suburbs around Portland to make room so to relocate the social undesirables?

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  49. anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Who’s been recorded using fireworks in Portland for months now?

    Waves of attacks by white supremacists, of course.

  50. Kronos says:

    I’m kinda reminded of the film “50 First Dates.”

    Some Progressives are stuck in 2007. The Bush II Presidency is in tatters and the Liberal Democrats have the moral high ground. But they can’t remember it’s 2020 and that moral superiority peaked (and collapsed) thirteen years ago.

  51. Methinks the Grey Lady doth protest too much.

    Just like with the fire at Notre Dame cathedral last year, it seems awfully suspicious that the authorities instantly rule out arson even before the smoke has cleared.

  52. OT: Investigation underway following confrontation between Tiburon police and Black store owners

    Tiburon is a wealthy Marin County town on the bay shore with a touristy downtown, smaller and lesser-known than Sausalito


    TIBURON, Calif. (KRON) — “You should be grateful that we are being as diligent as we are to be looking out for the street that’s all we do.”

    The town of Tiburon has begun investigating an incident involving their police department and a Black owned business.

    You can see officers in cell phone video and body camera footage confronting the business owners, asking what they were doing inside their own store.

    The police sergeant in the video as well as the chief of police have since stepped down from their positions, and as KRON4’s Michelle Kingston reports — the store owners have hired an attorney.

    “Is it your store? That’s all we want to know.”

    An investigation is now underway to figure out what led police to question the owners of a Tiburon clothing company about what they were doing inside their own store three weeks ago.

    “OK it’s my store, did you identify yourself? I don’t have to identify myself to anybody it’s my store.”

    Hawi Awash owns the clothing store with her husband — they were unpacking boxes with the lights on and no alarm sounding when officers parked out front of their store and eventually came to the front door. The confrontation didn’t end until a white neighbor down the street told the officers that Awash and her husband did in fact own the store.

    “I remember them leaving and my body was just non stop shaking and I think that’s when I realized OMG that just happened,” Hawi Awash said.

    KRON4 News has learned the investigation is being conducted by the Law Offices of Amy Oppenheimer.

    The town manager of Tiburon says they have no further updates to provide, and the police department spokeswoman said no one was available for an interview and did not respond to our questions.

    At this time — we know the Tiburon Police Chief — Michael Cronin — is officially retiring on Sunday.

    Town Manager Greg Chantis says he and Cronin have been discussing his retirement for a while now.

    His announcement came just one week after Sgt. Michael Blasi resigned following the release of police body cam footage showing him and other officers questioning the owners of Yema after hours.

    “I want to know what you are doing in the store at 1 o’clock in the morning.”

    The store owners say there’s been an outpouring of community support and they’re hopeful the town council will resolve the issue and take the right steps to move forward.

    “I’m hopeful about the investigation. I want to find out why the resignations are happening why the early retirements are happening, I’m really curious to know what it is that they found,” Awash said.

    Awash and her husband have hired an attorney. They hope an oversight committee can be formed to oversee the hiring process of the next police chief.

    • Replies: @danand
    , @Bernard
    , @Marty
  53. How could the NYT possibly know the causes of these fires? Most of them aren’t even contained, much less thoroughly investigated. They may turn out to be natural, they may not. The fact that they would rush out an article like this makes it pretty clear that they are just a propaganda outlet at this point.

    If it turns out some of these were started by antifa sympathizers I can’t imagine you won’t see some real political violence in Oregon from the right instead of just the left. Rural, red Oregon has been disgusted by what’s going on in Portland but on the other hand they never wanted much to do with Portland anyway. However when the policies of Portland politicians attract an element to your state that ends up burning your house down people tend to take that personally.

    Also…Oregon is what happens when you mail everybody a ballot. It’s all mail-in. Lots of potheads and losers who would not normally vote…vote in Oregon. Democracy is dumb, more democracy is dumber.

    • Agree: Almost Missouri
    • Replies: @Pericles
  54. Anon[279] • Disclaimer says:

    What the riots won’t accomplish, the arson fires will. Everyone is Oregon is quaking at the thought of losing their house to Antifa Arson. If Oregon doesn’t vote for Trump, I will be surprised.

    Remember that slogan. Antifa Arson.

  55. Bill P says:

    Homeless intoxicated people start fires all the time. I doubt much they obey local burn regulations.

    The west coast housing crunch is probably partly responsible for these fires. And the riots.

    But hey, real estate is a big (nonproductive) part of the economy. Keeps the old boomers on top of the rest of us. Fires and a few riots are a small price to pay for living it fab in your golden years on a Calpers pension.

  56. @CPK

    Call me old-fashioned, but why are you sharing this?

  57. @anon

    I predict an exodus from Portland post covid of the decent, hardworking, law abiding types.

    From Portland? All three of them?

    • LOL: Hibernian
  58. Anon[279] • Disclaimer says:

    I’d say this person wins the Antifa loon award, a category for which there is very tough competition.

    • Replies: @Cortes
    , @Gordo
    , @CorkyAgain
  59. @Je Suis Omar Mateen

    Great plan! Definitely won’t start any accidental fires that way.

  60. Yes. They are now burning the trees. Andy Ngo regularly shows their mug shots. Physiognomy is real.

  61. Mr. Anon says:

    100 Days of Riotous Arson in Portland. Now, Oregon Is on Fire. Is There a Link?

    Of course there is, Steve. The Riots are also caused by Climate Change.

  62. Mr. Anon says:

    Apparently, back in May, half of the Oregon Air National Guard’s helicopter fleet, which is usually used to fight forest fires, was deployed to Afghanistan.

    Oregon firefighting helicopters deployed in Afghanistan as state battles wildfires

  63. @Kolya Krassotkin

    (Is this the MSM that’s been insisting that the riots in Chicago, Kenosha and Portland have been peaceful?)

    Yes, that peaceful protestor with the hotfoot had his shoes ignite due to climate change.

  64. danand says:
    @Ripple Earthdevil

    “You should be grateful that we are being as diligent as we are to be looking out for the street that’s all we do.”

    Ripple, you’d think the store would be grateful that the police made an effort to make that check at 1AM. The stores owner seemed to be extremely confrontaional with those rather deferencial officers. Are black livelyhoods to matter, or are they not?

  65. Kronos says:
    @Alexander Turok

    What about just raising hell? Imagine they’re driving to Portland or Seattle through rural communities and get triggered by all the Trump signs/stickers seen along the way. A select few have some fireworks and miles upon miles of dry grass. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the chances of getting caught are small if minor precautions are taken.

  66. Bernard says:
    @Ripple Earthdevil

    An investigation is now underway to figure out what led police to question the owners of a Tiburon clothing company about what they were doing inside their own store three weeks ago.

    “OK it’s my store, did you identify yourself? I don’t have to identify myself to anybody it’s my store.”

    Police said to the shop owners

    “I want to know what you are doing in the store at 1 o’clock in the morning.”

    The store owners say there’s been an outpouring of community support and they’re hopeful the town council will resolve the issue and take the right steps to move forward.

    This kind of assholery is what the rational half of this country must endure every day. You’re at a retail store with the lights on at one AM. I suppose the police might want to know what’s going on. They should be castigated for acting like jerks, instead there’s an “outpouring of support”

  67. Anon[279] • Disclaimer says:

    Portland Antifa abruptly cancelled their riot tonight.

    They did this RIGHT AFTER Kristina Narayan, who works for Oregon’s Speaker of The House, Tina Kotek, got arrested for rioting in Portland.

    Let me repeat that, Antifa cancelled the riot. This means the Oregon Democratic Party got scared that their direct control over the rioters would be revealed. To be able to force Antifa to stop, they have to control Antifa. This is obvious to anyone who isn’t an idiot. If Antifa was an independent organization, they would have just ignored the Democrats.

    OT: Judge in the Florge Groid case just booted the DA, Mike Freeman, and his assistants off the case for sloppy work. The bootees questioned the medical examiners without having any independent witnesses there.

    “The ruling related to a meeting some staff lawyers had with the Hennepin County medical examiner, a likely witness in the case, which allegedly violated the rules of professional conduct for attorneys.

    “I think it was sloppy not to have someone (else) present (at a meeting with) a primary witness in this case,” Cahill said.

    For a DA and his entire staff to be thrown off a case is not that common.

    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
  68. anon[264] • Disclaimer says:


    Huh. I winder where these people would’ve gotten the idea that it’s considered acceptable to just stand in the road and block traffic whenever you feel like it.

  69. J.Ross says:

    Remember that number. Two seven nine.

  70. J.Ross says:

    An American who doesn’t hate George Washington.

  71. Don’t know if it’s antifa for sure but there appears to be a lot of arson going on.

    3 days ago in Washington State:

    Joint team effort!! WSP, Fife Pd and Puyallup PD just arrested a 36yr old Puyallup resident. He was caught in the median on [email protected] Meridian setting a fire! He is currently on his way to jail! Great job everybody!#playstupidgames

    — Trooper Ryan Burke (@wspd1pio) September 9, 2020

    We got another one! Great job Trooper Morefield. A pedestrian decided to match light the grass at SR-512 and SR-7. Citizen observed and alerted 911. After a short foot chase, one is in custody and on his way to jail. #Justice #Beatrooper @CentralPierce

    — Trooper Ryan Burke (@wspd1pio) September 10, 2020

    Here is a story about the guy Puyallup resident arrested Sept 9th from way back in 2014, arrested at a Ferguson protest in Seattle for bringing guns and fireworks.

    So that guy is definitely antifa.

    Here is a guy caught in Oregon who started a 400 acre wildfire several days ago (same details also being reported by Fox).

    As for the current Oregon blazes, there is a furry of conflicting stuff being reported. Media fact checkers are on this hard and fast, too fast. Makes me suspicious. Oregon PD are denying most of the claims.

  72. notsaying says:

    I think these fires need to be investigated. I don’t know if any of the rioting arsonists of the cities set any of them but it certainly seems possible. I don’t know how people can sit in front of their computers and claim no arson was involved. How can they possibly know?

    What I do know is that when you are told to evacuate from these fires that is exactly what you should do — go-go-go as soon as everybody can pile into the car.

    Anybody sticking around due to worries about looting or Antifa is crazy. What kind of defense can you provide to your home or business that’s worth you and your family going up in flames?

    The closer the fires get to Portland, the more people there will be on the roads. Our urban areas are not set up for evacuations.

    • Replies: @anon
  73. anon[293] • Disclaimer says:

    Volunteer Firemen in South Eastern Australia last Southern Summer reported seeing men with [petrol?] torches running from spot to spot lighting fires while they were trying to put nearby fires out.

    The entire Australian Media and Blogosphere was uninterested, save for finding excuses such as children lighting fires and a profile of the average Firebug [He’s a loner aged between 17 and 64].
    These fires were starting 30 or 40 miles deep in the forests, no lightning strikes, no roads in for”Firebugs”.

    • Replies: @anon
  74. Pericles says:

    How could the NYT possibly know the causes of these fires? Most of them aren’t even contained, much less thoroughly investigated.

    The left has a lot of non-conspiracy theories.

    • Replies: @CorkyAgain
  75. anon[293] • Disclaimer says:

    The fires can be set by arsonists, yet not be connected to the rioters.
    Anyone setting fires in a forest needs to know what he’s doing to avoid self immolation.
    Unless Antifa includes undercover Special Forces, that rules them out.

  76. Cortes says:

    That’s terribly sad.

    In a more rational world (say, before the fad for “care in the community”) this poor soul would have been housed in an asylum.

  77. Alden says:

    If it’s in the NYSLIMES the opposite is true.

  78. Privilege, accidentally pulls over real cop. Questions: how much perceived police misbehavior is due to fake cops? They pull over real cops surprisingly often, which can only mean they’re pulling over civs day and night. And: why is every bloomin’ negro in the country driving on a suspended license? Isn’t that Disparate Impact?

    Also on Florida Man tonight: Almost-Governor Andrew Gillum claims victim status again, mainly due to 1) Alcohol, 2) Evil British Tabloids, and 3) Voters. But absolutely not due to anything having to do with drugs and male prostitutes in seedy motels, ’round about midnight.

  79. Gordo says:

    Maybe, knowing they might be arrested, they draw that shit on their face to break up the mugshot and defeat facial recognition?

  80. S says:

    Yes, the MSM does seem to protesteth too much.

    Speaking of fire, two months on and they still haven’t figured out what caused the USS Bon Homme Richard to combust. If they did determine it was a BLM supporter who set off the conflagration, under today’s political climate, would they tell us?

  81. S says:

    After the November coup..err..elections, the MSM might report that there was some arsonists involved in setting these fires, duly noting they were all believed to have been ‘right wing extremists’.

  82. AndrewR says:
    @Je Suis Omar Mateen

    Often with a major accompanying structure fire to boot.

    There is a wasp nest in my deck right now. I am not quite ready to burn this house down and build anew. I would use some toxic spray but frankly we only have a few weeks left before the hard freezes and deqd wasps so I’ll just ride it out.

  83. @fish

    My first thought was that the NYT’s current unbelievability is unprecedented. But then I thought about its coverage of the Holomodor and the run-up to the Iraq War, and, well, same as it ever was.

  84. sayless says:

    /what is an extremist/

    That’s a great question. I would also like a detailed description of what “white supremicists” want, and what they believe.

  85. George says:

    Since the wild fires ended the riots, which the authorities could not stop, the obvious conspiracy theory is it was the authorities that are starting the fires.

  86. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Reports that extremists are setting wildfires in Oregon are untrue.

    I’m relieved that the Federal Bureau of Israel is absolving Antifa and BLM of all responsibility.

    But seriously, why would they use the word extremists? Do they think they’re being clever? They don’t think Antifa or BLM are extremists, so they can avoid declaring them responsible? They can let the reader decide who they mean by extemists?

  87. George says:

    More evidence of a conspiracy:

    Oregon’s Firefighting Helicopters Are Deployed in Afghanistan as the State Burns

    Six CH-47 chinooks aren’t available to fight the fires because they deployed to Afghanistan in May.

  88. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    a profile of the average Firebug [He’s a loner aged between 17 and 64].

    That really narrows it down, He’s a loner aged between 17 and 64 is a profile of most guys who aren’t Firebugs as well.

  89. @fish

    It’s magic how with a wave of the reporter’s hand something can be summarily declared “debunked” or “discredited.” And if some nutjob burns you out or beats you up you’ve simply had a “tumultuous” summer.

  90. Wilkey says:
    @Colin Wright

    Forest fires really are a function of conditions more than intentions. Arsonists may or may not try, but if conditions aren’t right, they won’t accomplish much. Conversely, given dry fuel, high temperatures, and some wind — you’ll get fires.

    You are both 100% correct and yet completely wrong. Many of the largest fires in western states have been human caused. The second and fourth largest fires in Colorado history were both caused by arson – one of them by a Forest Service employee. Fires can be started by fireworks, power lines, errant campers, vehicles dragging chains, and by pure arsonists.

    It is certainly true that you need to have the right conditions for a big fire to start, but anyone who has lived in the more arid parts of this country can tell you that those conditions exist for a very large % of the summer months. They aren’t hard to find. All of the fires started by natural causes, such as lightning, could just as easily be started by an arsonist.

    I suppose maybe the best point you could make for your argument is that in a sufficiently large population living in an area with sufficiently dry conditions there will be a large number of random stupid people doing random stupid things that result in large fires, and that it’s simply unavoidable. But those instances are still small enough, numerically, that intentional arson could easily double or quintuple or octuple or hundred-uple the total number of forest fires in a given year.

    Which once again points to the real problem: the massive population growth due to uncontrolled immigration into this country. Oregon’s population has more than doubled since 1980. Ditto for California. Colorado’s population is up over 150%. Utah’s population has more than tripled, Arizona’s is up fourfold, and Nevada’s is up sixfold. All of the driest regions of the country have seen insane population increases, and the Democrats – the so-called “environmentalist” party – only wants .and more and more.

    Moreover, that population increase includes very large numbers of people with low conscientiousness – who are more likely to unintentionally start fires – as well as very large numbers of peoples of the type (e.g., Muslims) likely to have an ideological desire to commit arson. It’s also driven a large number of native-born, with no chance of ever owning a home, into the margins of our society, and made them more willing to do crazy shit in the name of politics.

    Fires may be getting worse due to climate change, but they are unquestionably getting worse due to immigration and population growth.

    • Agree: S
  91. @Abolish_public_education

    The Grand Dragon is breathing fire. He must be upset.

  92. God hates smelly anitifa fugvscum as much as the rest of us.

  93. @Wilkey

    ‘… as well as very large numbers of peoples of the type (e.g., Muslims) likely to have an ideological desire to commit arson…’

    Can you supply the evidence supporting your belief that Muslims tend to be arsonists?

  94. @Wilkey

    ‘… Fires may be getting worse due to climate change, but they are unquestionably getting worse due to immigration and population growth.’

    One can also argue that the fuel either burns regularly with relatively mild effects, or it accumulates, and burns occasionally with catastrophic effects.

    Either way, the fuel eventually burns. It doesn’t affect matters one whit whether the fires are natural in origin or not. Now, human activity — logging, for example, or global warming — might or might cause more fuel to accumulate, but in the long run, it won’t make any difference how the fires are actually ignited.

  95. @JohnnyWalker123

    The FBI was created by J. Edgar Hoover in 1908 to essentially act as the USA’s political police. The Bureau expanded into more conventional law enforcement duties since its inception but it and the DOJ has retained its secret police powers which are directed at the enemies of whatever ideology the current elite embraces. After eight years of O’Bummer and Holder the enemies are the anti-Globalists and whites who refuse to wash black feet.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  96. @Anon

    Is that a futile attempt to counter facial recognition?

  97. notsaying says:

    The big headline over at the Daily Mail is that four people on the West Coast have been arrested for arson. None seem to belong to any groups.

  98. @Pericles

    Even if all they meant was that there is no evidence that fires were deliberately set, by Antifa or anyone else, that claim has already been disproven by the arrests that have been made.

  99. notsaying says:

    I just saw this on the front page of the Washington Post:

    “California’s wildfire smoke plumes are unlike anything previously seen”

    “Plumes have reached 55,000 feet in height with embedded thunderstorms, lightning and tornadoes.”

    I remember the huge fires in Australia last winter sometimes outran the Australians’ fire prediction software used to fight fires and order evacuations. Now here’s something else new and bad.

  100. If you learned your logic at the same school as the gizmodo editors you would know that there aren’t any arsonists in antifa.

    They probably think that only the deplorable could possibly be suspicious.

    Google tells me it was some DJ named Magnificent Montague who coined the phrase Burn baby burn in 1965 when rioters were trashing Watts.

  101. Anon7 says:

    From the BBC:

    Two of the most recent studies say there are between 52,000 and 54,000 bushfires in Australia every year.
    Dr Paul Read, co-director of Australia’s National Centre for Research in Bushfire and Arson, puts the figure higher, at “62,000 and increasing”.

    Of those, 13% are started deliberately, and 37% are suspicious. That means 31,000 Australian bushfires are either arson, or suspected arson, every year.
    That figure does not include recklessness or accidents. So a bushfire caused by a barbecue, or a spark from a chainsaw, would be classed as “accidental”.

    In short, up to 85 bushfires begin every day because someone leaves their house and decides to start one.

  102. Marty says:
    @Ripple Earthdevil

    Well, don’t worry about the retiring Chief. That was his second Chief job. He’d been Chief in San Rafael, too. I do wonder how a retail clothing shop pays the rent in Tiburon. Unlike Sausalito, Tiburon doesn’t draw many tourists, and the ones it gets have to fork over $30 for the trip to Angel Island. The locals probably buy their clothes from Orvis or Bean.

  103. Anonymous[285] • Disclaimer says:


    • Replies: @anon
  104. anon[348] • Disclaimer says:

    Citizen! Whom will you choose to believe, officials within the FBI and the state of Oregon, or your own lying eyes? Choose with care!

  105. Hibernian says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for any Deep Blue state to go for Trump except those that did in 2016 plus Minnesota which almost did.

  106. @Muggles

    It would truly be a shame if the divinity were to follow his/her/their/xir impressive display of fire and brimstone with an earthquake that peeled off 10 to 15 miles of coastline running from Seattle down to Long Beach.

  107. Hibernian says:

    Hoover was not the first director. I think he was a clerk in DC at the time the Bureau, under another name at first, was established, or he joined not long afterwards.

  108. @Anon

    “If Oregon doesn’t vote for Trump, I will be surprised.”

    Doubtful. I see Burn.Loot.Murder signs in every lily white town in Oregon – I’d imagine they’re mandatory in Portlandia, though I haven’t been there since BULL$$$HIT-2020. I’ve seen lots of Trump bumper stickers but not one sign or sticker for Diapers anywhere in Oregon. So the race might be closer than I’d dare hope.

  109. anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    So this guy in Washington state is spotted setting a fire right off the highway, eventually gets arrested, booked, released and breaks into a convenience store at around 2 AM. He’s now in jail.

    Looks like an unstable person. But…unstable people who are willing to do stupid stuff are handy for those who want to destabilize social structures and other things.

    It’s not a surprise that some FBI offices such as Portland are compromised now.

  110. TWS says:
    @Colin Wright

    They’ve caught many of the arsonists. They just happen to be leftists, no conclusions can or should be drawn by this boring not newsworthy detail.

  111. M. Murcek says:

    A nice big oak chair with straps like old sparky, but just out in the woods.

  112. BLM/antifa start fires everyday in Portland, but I’m shocked (shocked!) to hear any suggestion that these Social Justice Advocates would start wildfires. — The Lying Media.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  113. anon[101] • Disclaimer says:

    So far actual Oregon sheriffs have not seen any evidence of coordinated Antifa fire starting. But multiple arsonists have been arrested.

  114. The Grey Lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  115. This is obviously Trump’s fault.

  116. Sparkon says:

    Meanwhile, California Gov. Newsom doubles down:

    “Debate is over. This is a climate damn emergency”

    To combat climate change, California must reach 100% green electricity much faster than state officials had planned, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday.

    “We’re in the midst of a climate emergency,” Newsom said. “We’re experiencing what so many people predicted decades ago… I’m exhausted that we have to continue to debate this issue.”

    I’m exhausted listening to nitwit Newsom’s babble, and trying to untangle his word salads. Unfortunately Newsom’s logic is even worse than his poor command of English, where he strings together long strands of jargon, clichés, slogans, and myths. He is basically a clerk of the state bureaucracy who has risen far past his level of competency, and it shows.

    Combating natural climate change is a fool’s errand. Already Californians must suffer through rolling blackouts during record-setting hot weather because the state does not have enough electrical generating capacity due to its reliance on so-called green energy, which is not only way too expensive, but also intermittent and entirely unreliable.

    Green energy = pay more for less.

    But Green energy does a good job of killing eagles and other birds, if that’s your thing.

  117. anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    This dude is probably a mentally unstable hobo firebug. But a mentally unstable hobo firebug can be useful to some groups in Portlandia.

    Authorities said police officers and firefighters responded to a brush fire on East Burnside where it crosses over Interstate-205 around 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon. There, officers found a small area of grass burning along the Interstate. Thankfully, firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire.

    Roughly an hour later, authorities said some officers were flagged down by a witness who indicated that a man in a nearby tent was involved in the fire. Officers arrested the suspect, who police said then admitted to lighting the fire. A plastic bottle with a wick was also seized as evidence.

    In the early hours of Monday morning, the same suspect was again arrested after allegedly starting six more fires.

    Shortly after 3:30 a.m., police officers and firefighters were called out on a report of multiple fires burning along the west side of I-205. The fires were caught early and were quickly put out by fire crews as well as various community members who had been passing by. No one was hurt and no structures were affected.

    Mentally unstable hobo firebug – working the very late shift!

  118. @Anon

    A lot of Antifa does their own thing. A member that attack two Marines in Pa 2 years ago. Also, the elderly Antifa member that tried to blow up the ICE facility a year ago. This is why the data underreports what they do compared to neo-nazis groups. A lone wolf or two might have made the fires worst. Think Conrad Betts was in a bad mood last year and killed 9 people. He was loosely involved in Antifa. This is why the Washington Post says right wing groups are bigger when actually Antifa and the left wing groups are at least 200,000 people while the right wing groups are lucky to hit 50,000, since the left wing groups like Antifa are more loosely define.

  119. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    Someone has been taking a chainsaw to powerline poles in the Puget Sound area north of Seattle. Dropping a 12,000 volt line to the ground would be a pretty efficient way to start a fire while throwing hundreds of houses into darkness.

    Because of the potential for serious injury and the fact that someone is tampering with the public power supply, the FBI is now assisting in the investigation.

    Difficult to believe the FBI has taken time away from investigating garage door pulls at racetracks, committing perjury before the FISA court, etc. to look into such an unimportant issue as an attack on the power grid…but perhaps they need to supervise any coverup of Antifa crimes. Sensible investigators at the county level should say “thanks, but no thanks” to so-called “help” from the Feebs.

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