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Trump Sets the Cat Among the Jewish Pigeons
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I learned of Trump’s choice for his ambassador in Tel Aviv ten days before it was announced (and published that in Russian), so I had enough time to discuss the nominee with Palestinians and Israelis, as well as with Russian diplomats. The nomination of David Friedman horrified liberal Israelis, cheered Palestinian activists, befogged the Israeli and Palestinian officials, and created a great rift among US Jews. With one brilliant stroke Donald Trump made more mischief than one would think possible. If you have no time for details, I’ll tell you: it is a good, even very good development for Palestine and Palestinians, and it is likely to save Trump’s skin back home.

For many years, liberal Israelis perpetrated a hoax (yes, I’ve said, hoax) of “struggling against occupation” and wishing to divide historical Palestine into two states, a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. Israeli officials negotiated for years and years with the US, with the quartet, with PA, and gave absolutely nothing in return for the time they gained. Millions of dollars, of European and American tax-payers were poured into soft life of these negotiators. How could the Israelis achieve this glorious (for them) result? Thanks to liberal progressive Israelis. Without liberal Israelis complicity, Jewish moderate nationalists of Bibi Netanyahu wouldn’t be able to slowly and at peace devour and digest Palestine piece by piece.

Every year they confiscate a few hundreds strategically located square miles, and plant there a few thousand of settlers. Step by step, they ate Palestine like mouse eats cheese. Now they are shocked that their charmed life will soon be over and their fraud is out.

Hard Jewish nationalists always wanted to annex the whole of Palestine. The moderates and the liberals thought it would implode the Jewish state, as in the new one state the Jews will hardly be in majority. There are various statistics and different assessments, but by the most optimistic (for Jews) count, they will present 50% of the population. The One state won’t be “Jewish” or it won’t be “Democratic”, is a usual answer. The hard nationalists answered that “we’ll see”. Let us get there, and we shall work it out.

The smart moderate bastards and their liberal crypto-supporters would answer: we’d love to, but America does not allow us to do it. And the US obediently provided the Israeli Jews with alibi: yes, we would not allow you to annex Palestine, yes, we want you to negotiate in order to reach Two States’ Solution. Now this is over, too.

If the Jews will annex Palestine, their long systematic fraud of “occupation” and “struggle against occupation” will be over. They will give Palestinians equal rights, including the right to vote for Knesset, and then there will be power-sharing, and other fruits of democracy. If they won’t give Palestinians equal rights, there will be something simple and clear to struggle for, namely for equal rights and against vestiges of apartheid.

This is a view of a marvelous activist from Bethlehem, Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh, the Director of Palestine Natural Museum, previously of Yale. Qumsiyeh signs himself “A Bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home”, and he is a scion of an old Christian family. Reflecting on this nomination of Friedman, Qumsiyeh writes: “This maybe better as it can remove the fog and perhaps the last fig leaf covering the absurdity that is the endless “negotiations” for “two-state solution” (aka mirage to hide ongoing apartheid and colonialism)”.

This is more or less what I wrote in long-gone 2001: “the idea of two states in Palestine is, and has always been, a bluff. No Israeli politician, including the late lamented Mr Rabin, has ever seriously considered relinquishing any part of historical Palestine. The endless negotiations have been a sideshow designed to mollify the public. Behind the smoke screen of ‘temporary military occupation’, the hard-nosed Israeli leadership has confiscated Palestinian fields and houses to make room for Jewish settlements, and imprisoned and killed thousands of Palestinians. A succession of leftist and rightist Israeli regimes perpetuated this legal fiction in order to deny the civic rights of the conquered population. It was a brilliant idea, worthy of the Jewish genius: to carry on negotiations forever while giving lip service to the idea of two states.

My Palestinian and Israeli friends, you’ve been duped. Our wise men played a cruel game with you, teasing you with empty promises like the stale old ‘tale of two states’. There have always been only two paths for the Palestinians to emerge from serfdom. One is to beat Israel; the second is to join it. The third option, of a new partition, is just an illusion: a juicy but unreachable carrot dangled in front of the donkey.

If I were a fan of conspiracy theories I could well imagine that these good people of the Israeli peace movement intentionally supplied this left leg to our shaky apartheid structure. By continually re-painting the [old armistice] Green Line, they have endorsed the non-citizen status of the Palestinians in their own land. By calling some lands ‘occupied territories’ they have exempted themselves from the need to battle against the exclusion of Palestinians from the country’s political life. By combating the annexation of the territories they have helped to concoct the fraud of independent Palestinian Bantustans.

Even a kid watching James Bond movies eventually understands that the hero won’t be eaten by crocodiles and won’t die in the flames, and that there is no reason for expecting these eventualities. There is even less reason for expecting that an Israeli government will sign a just peace with the Palestinians. They will always deploy an exit-strategy in the `peace process’.


A better strategy leads through annexation of Palestinian territories and full equality for all dwellers of historical Palestine. The Jews do not like to give, but can’t restrain themselves from taking. The result can be the same. There is an old oriental story about the wise joker Haji Nasreddin, who passed by a lake and saw a drowning man. Many bystanders tried to save him. They stretched their hands and shouted: Give me your hand! But the drowning man was going down. Who is this man?- asked Haji. – He is a moneylender, people replied. That is not the way to save a moneylender, – said Haji. Moneylenders do not know how to give. Instead, shout: “Take my hand!” and he will clutch at it. This is what Haji Nasreddin did, and saved the drowning man.

Using his advice, we should say to the Jews, “Annex the territories, but give the Palestinians full equality.” The way out of present situation is not partition into two states but absorption and equality”. (Galilee Flowers)

For this reason, I am not scared by nomination of Mr Friedman. Let him lead Israel into annexation of Palestine, and equality for its dwellers. He seems to be a fair man, as much as a Jewish lawyer can be. He even established a rehabilitation clinic for Jewish AND Palestinian kids in the South of Israel.

Sure, a US ambassador in Israel has less powers than a Roman prefect of Judaea had. But it would be difficult for an Israeli leader that he does not annex Palestine because of American veto. After annexation, we shall all push for equality with greater ease.

This solution makes more sense as there is great dissatisfaction in the Palestinian territories. Last elections were held in 2006; for last five years Mahmud Abbas’ PNA rules without a people’s mandate, by virtue of Israeli permission. For this Israeli support, the PNA swore to “security cooperation” with the Jews. Israeli soldiers and police can (and do) come into Palestinian territories anytime they want and seize whoever they wish. People are unhappy about this cooperation, as PNA police arrests demonstrators against Israeli occupation. They see the PNA as a junior partner in the Israeli occupation apparatus. It is not necessary to compare them with Vichy France, with Quisling of Norway or with Jewish Judenrat: the situation is different, and people need some local authority to sweep the streets and deliver mail.

PNA is not terribly bad; the majority of officials are good and sincere people, though their ability to do something good is very limited by Israelis. Lack of democracy is a problem: in the last elections, the majority voted for Hamas, a moderate Islamic party similar to one of Erdogan in Turkey, but at Israeli and American insistence, the winners went mainly to jail, instead of forming the government. Since then, the PNA finds new reasons why to postpone new elections: they do not believe they will win.

Hamas runs Gaza, where they succeeded in coming to power legitimately, but people there are also tired of their rule. Palestinians say, the Hamas-controlled Gaza would vote for Fatah, while Fatah-controlled West Bank would vote for Hamas. Perhaps. Last month, there were violent clashes between PNA police and supporters of Mr Mohammed Dahlan, an exiled ex-minister, who wants to become the new president. Mahmud Abbas does not want to part with his presidential seat despite his age (over eighty).

Israeli and Palestinian observers think that the PNA is likely to collapse this year. Abbas said many times that he is ready to return the keys to Israel: let them rule, for they made his job impossible.

Palestinians would prefer to be absorbed into Israel, with its limited democracy, law and order and relative prosperity. No Palestinian village in Israel would agree to be absorbed in the PNA-ruled Palestine: this was discussed many times, and the offer had no takers. Palestinians are smart enough to run a country, but limitations imposed by Jews are too severe to manage. So let it be annexation and equality.

Palestine/Israel will be transformed into a democratic state, where Jews and Palestinians will live happily ever after, as equals. But the Democratic State wouldn’t be a Jewish state, people would object. That is the best part of it, I would say. The Jewish state is as bad as the Aryan state, or the Islamic state, and whoever rejects the Aryan state and the Islamic state, should reject the Jewish state, as well. This would impact the Obscure Entity: Israel has an important place in their plans, and disappearance of the Jewish state will undermine these plans.

Without the Jewish state, the Jews of the US and other lands will return to their normal life, will forget the wet dreams of the world domination and become law-abiding citizens of their respective countries.

And how this nomination will save Trump? It will mobilise hard-core Zionists to support him against their moderate and liberal brethren. The hard-core Zionists fought against moderate Zionists in Palestine in 1947-48, and they can easily fight against liberal Jews.

Though for the reasons of political correctness people refer to Jews as “Zionists”, it is just a figure of speech. Their priorities are very different. The liberals want to establish New World Order, that would have a good and generous place for the Jewish state. For the hard-core, the world is of little importance, they want Palestine now.

The hard-core Zionists are not clever enough to understand that the moderates are going in the same direction. They want to take what they can now. That’s why they will get carried away by the idea of the whole hog now. I think they will support Trump, and perhaps this support will help him to get through Scylla of Electoral College and Charybdis of the House of Representatives.

So, do not be afraid of bad Mr Friedman. He is likely to do a lot of good. And definitely he can’t make things any worse. Nobody believes the Jews will give some parts of Palestine to Palestinians, anyway. So let them take all of it and make it a democracy. This will undo the Zionist enterprise faster and better than any war can do.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. Mark Green says: • Website

    Once again, Israel Shamir has given us a lot to think about. And he is certainly right that the never-ending ‘peace process’ has been a Zionist charade.

    But I think that Mr. Shamir errs when he states that Israel’s absorption of Palestine will produce a “democratic state, where Jews and Palestinians will live happily ever after, as equals.” I almost laughed as I read this. ‘Equals’? Is he serious?

    Unfortunately, Jews in Israel–just like their cousins in America–will never sacrifice their privilege and power just because they share land and nationhood with an assortment of gentiles. Perhaps Israel/Palestine will become a bi-national entity, but the racial hierarchy there will remain. Just ask any ‘black Jew’ who lives in Israel now. They understand how the Ashkenazis think and operate.

    Indeed, supremacist Jewish values have even expressed themselves here. As a result, US sovereignty has been compromised.

    In no small way, we Americans live under a soft and gentle occupation. US culture has been diced up and molded to accommodate the Zionist mission and to accept Jewish-given taboos. Free association and Free Speech have buckled under the orthodoxy of political correctness. Meanwhile, Washington’s ‘special relationship’ with Israel has produced unnecessary US warfare in Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria and eventually, Iran. This is no anomaly. Zionists played similarly vital roles in steering America’s entry into WWI and WWII.

    Today, even verbal criticism of Jews is being rapidly criminalized. This is power. Exclusive power.

    As for the social and economic condition of Black Jews in Israel, their caste of invisibility is an expression of Jewish race realism and Jewish eugenics. Thus, unlike Hollywood, Israel is making no push to celebrate black/Jewish miscegenation. Palestinian natives can expect similar treatment upon absorption. Exclusion remains a core Jewish value. Jewish continuity and Jewish exceptionalism require it.

    Keep in mind also that Palestinian transfer into Jordan still remains a political aspiration for countless Zionists. The race war in Israel/Palestine isn’t over yet.

    G-d’s commandments for separation between Jew and gentile are indelibly tied to the Torah and the Talmud. In the minds of countless Jews, these lofty texts have helped produce Jewish greatness.

    These enduring beliefs explain why there will be no happy endings for non-Jews in Israel/Palestine.

    Similarly, Jewish influence and Jewish exclusion in America is strategic, substantial, and untouchable. ‘Happy endings’? Don’t count on it.

  2. Allow the Palestinians to live among the Jews as fellow citizens of Israel? I thought the Jews considered the Palestinians subhuman and wanted wanted them dead or deported. It’s none of my business of course. I live in Texas. I would like to see AIPAC and dual citizens of Israel and U.S. deported from my own country.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @brian
  3. Another close personal and undercover friend of Señor Netanyahu no doubt, now working on the USWNZCP (US White Nationalist Zionist Coalition Project) no doubt.

    Double, triple, quadruple….

  4. utu says:

    Orthodox versus liberal Jews. Zionist versus hard Zionists. Putin opted for the orthodox. They can shield you from Jewish attacks along the anti-semitism line. Nobody dare to call Putin ant-semite. Clearly a similar thing is happening in Trump movement. Will the orthodox shield be strong enough?

    Anyway, it sad that all comes to Jews. Liberal Jews want New World Order now and Jerusalem its capital later while Orthodox want capital in Jerusalem now and the New World Order later. Is there any room for goy ideas and interests left? What about Steve Bannon? He is the only bright light in Trump circle. He has a vision and intellect to large extent enlightened by catholic social and economic philosophy. As long as he is there there is some hope. But I am afraid he will be the first to be sidelined and fired. Apparently the orthodox shield does not protect Bannon from accusation of anti-semitism.

  5. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    If the Palestinians agree to “equality,” I suspect the “equality” will be administered by Israelis with guns. And a lot of Palestinians will probably die. And the price of kidneys on the black market will dip appreciably.

    The Israelis will promise the Palestinians that they will have equal legal rights – but every cop and judge in Israel will be pushing Palestinians into kangaroo courts to be killed under color of law.

    True “equality” would mean that proportional numbers of cops and judges would be Palestinians, and Palestinian law enforcement would be allowed to make decisions that did not favor Israeli chauvinism.

    Also – a lot of Palestinians starve because Israel keeps the border closed. Will the Palestinians receive equal food, or will they continue to starve?

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  6. @utu

    “Apparently the orthodox shield does not protect Bannon from accusation of anti-semitism.”

    Very droll–if anything Bannon is a Zionist or pro-Zionist. As certainly is Señor Trump.

  7. @Anon

    Well, they do not starve. You should visit Bethlehem and Ramallah – they have a lot of good restaurants.))

  8. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Once again, I am appreciative of and intrigued by Mr. Shamir’s perspective but not convinced. So long as the Zionists hold power in Washington, London and Paris, they will do as they wish and the Palestinians will live as they must. Used by liberal Jews, disdained by Zionist Jews, and betrayed by their Brethrens in the Gulf, Palestinians will continue to barely survive under the boots of Israeli military occupation. Sadly, the election of Donald Trump and the choice of his cabinet members will have no impact on this perfidy.

    • Replies: @Lord of Wombats
  9. Sykes-Picot is dead. George Bush strapped a bomb to it and blew it up.

    What was once Iraq is no more. The Shia have the plum part, Baghdad and the lion’s share of oil. The Kurds have a part, with more than a bit of oil as well. But the Sunnis, once the masters but now stripped of power, have been reduced to refugees and confined to their “reservation” in the wastelands of Anbar or fighting a grueling/losing battle for control of Mosul.

    Syria the same. The remnants of Saddam’s regime fled there after the US invasion. But the Neocons weren’t through with them. Meat puppet Bush and anti-Christ-wannabe Cheney handed off the Neocon/Oded Yinon project to spineless phony Obama and mad dog Hillary, who then proceeded to do to Syria what their predecessors had done to Iraq. So the remnants of Saddam’s regime came out of retirement, and now Syria is broken as well, with the Sunni tribal regions of the east — the Upper Euphrates valley — in possession of radical Sunni head-choppers.

    All of Sunnistan, from the Saudi border with Anbar in the south to the Euphrates crossing at the Turkish border in the north is “in play”. The Sunnis will not abide Shia domination, from either Baghdad or Damascus. Absent a “political solution” there will be “forever war”.

    The solution — one possible solution — something akin to Mr. Shamir’s projection, offered for your consideration: the voluntary relocation of all the Palestinians — all of them: those in Israel proper, the West bank, Gaza, and the diaspora — to the new Sunnistan now aborning in the Sunni tribal regions of what was once Iraq and Syria.

    In contrast to “the nakba method” — the violent expulsion at bayonet point incentivized by massacre and threat of massacre — the “voluntary” method uses the carrot rather than the stick. Pony up the cash — the Brits, the Saudis and Gulf Shiekdoms, and the f*cking Jews — and buy/build the Sunnis a whole shiny new country with all the bells and whistles. A Trumpian real estate project, from the most-eminently-qualified real estate wizard himself. New Palestine,… or perhaps just Novo Sunnistan. The Chinese could be contracted for the actual construction. Lots of upside for everyone.

    The Israelis would certainly get behind such an effort. They would like nothing more than to get rid of all their Arab trash. The Palestinians would certainly appreciate the idea of getting the f*cking Zionist jackboot off their throat, as would the rest of the world. Make the offer generous enough and almost every Palestinian would accept the offer to relocate. (A few stubborn souls would no doubt refuse, but few enough that it wouldn’t scotch the deal. Certainly less than the current 20% of Palestinian Israelis.)

    The Kikes have won, let them have the damn place. See what happens to them when they don’t have anyone to blame for their bad behavior. My guess: they never learn, and that shitty little country will soon enough “pass into the pages of history”.

  10. Friedman is going to preside over the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where it belongs. I don’t think you understand how inflammatory that will be.

    “Palestinians” will also be frozen out. There is no way they will ever attain equality within Israel. There is no way they can and Israel remain what it is.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Green

    In no small way, we Americans live under a soft and gentle occupation.

    It is not soft, nor is it gentle. It is as violent as it needs to be when circumstances demand rule be ceded to Jews as individuals, or Israel as the Jewish collective.

    US culture has been diced up and molded to accommodate the Zionist mission and to accept Jewish-given taboos. Free association and Free Speech have buckled under the orthodoxy of political correctness.


  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I would like to see AIPAC and dual citizens of Israel and U.S. deported from my own country.

    It seems more likely that AIPAC will be made a virtual US state, with two senators and at least one Congress-critter. Superfluous, perhaps, as AIPAC already holds a voting majority of Congress.

  13. Sam Shama says:

    [There have always been only two paths for the Palestinians to emerge from serfdom. One is to beat Israel; the second is to join it. The third option, of a new partition, is just an illusion: a juicy but unreachable carrot dangled in front of the donkey.]

    Finally, a piece which lays bare all realities impacting the Israel-Palestine question. I had written on more than one occasion as to what is and what isn’t possible in the Holy Land; only to be branded a Jewish supremacist interested in furthering Pax Judaica by the usual sages of the Unz-commentariat, the ones that haven’t the foggiest as to where the middle east is, let alone actually having set foot there.

    But to witness their bleeding hearts for the Pals is to behold Christian generosity of most wondrous proportions!

    It is rather Pax Judaica in some ways for the reasons delineated by Mr Shamir in the article: Israeli Jews have the wherewithal in capital and technology to create a state which includes Palestinians – I endorse this with a caveat; that a U.S. style affirmative action programme be not undertaken. It is imperative that Palestinians carry their own weight in the educational and economic spheres; for if they do not, but remain instead, wards of the state, the demographic switch will surely turn to favour instability.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Wizard of Oz
  14. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Dear Sir:

    It is odd that you report that Palestinians do not starve, when many sources report that the Israelis take every opportunity to intentionally starve Palestinians.

    © 2007 Mary Sparrowdancer

    Over 6000 (six thousand) Palestinian refugees from Gaza, including children, babies, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly, and unarmed civilians have been stranded on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border of Gaza for over one month now.

    Stranded in the scorching heat, they are without adequate shelter, food, or money with which to solicit help because the Zionist Israeli military regime decided to close the border passage between Gaza and Egypt. The Zionists had earlier built an enormous wall between Gaza and Egypt, destroying hundreds of Palestinian homes without notice in the process. The wall is a wall that is too high to be scaled, and those now trapped on the other side of it are being denied by Zionists reentry into Gaza. The Palestinians of Gaza cannot go home. (1)

    In addition to this sadistic and prolonged torture of the innocent, according to Gush Shalom, (Gush Shalom is a Jewish peace movement- true Judaism is opposed to Zionism) “services of Western Union and DHL in the Gaza Strip were discontinued under Israeli and American pressure, making it impossible for families to send money to their trapped relatives.” On July 2, 2007, Gush Shalom sent “a strong protest to Prime Minster Olmert and Defence Minister Barak, and also a letter to representatives of the European Union. (2) (3)

    Stranded now in what former Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya describes as “appalling conditions,” the death toll of the tormented has begun. Twenty-eight have died. In what should be causing flags of great concern to be raised, the EU personnel who monitor the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt are being sent home because it appears the border is going to remain closed. Chillingly, one must quickly ask if this is tantamount to removing potential foreign witnesses from a scene where a plan of torture and murder by the deliberate acts of withholding food and water from a civilian population could be underway. (4) (5)

    Many of the Palestinian refugees now stranded at the closed border had simply been in Egypt seeking medical treatment, while others had fled the fighting that recently took place in Gaza. The recent fighting was carried out by the Zionists in what they referred to as “routine operations.” The “routine operations” took place after Zionist tanks, aircraft, and military bulldozers left Israeli boundaries, crossed over the Gaza borders and then entered the Gaza refugee camps where they killed eleven, wounded dozens more and further demolished Palestinian homes and property. It should be noted that this is not a “war” between two militaries. It is a completely unbalanced slaughter of civilians. The incursions are Zionist-Israeli foreign military strikes taking place within Palestinian lands, and the military attacks have been against what has historically been a largely unarmed, unheard, and unprotected civilian population of Palestinians. The Zionist military has been portrayed via controlled mainstream media as victims, while the largely unarmed civilians have been portrayed as “terrorists” if they even attempt to protect themselves in their own land from the tanks. (6)

    Among those wounded in the latest “routine operations” by the Zionist military aggression into Gaza refugee camps, were children and a young documentary news cameraman for the Al-Aqsa TV satellite channel. The cameraman, Imad Ghanem, 21,who was filming footage of rescue efforts, was gunned down by a tank as he filmed, and then several more shots were fired into him as he lay helpless on the ground next to his camera. Only one side of this military occupation in Gaza has tanks. Both of the young man’s legs were later amputated. Although Israel claims it does not intentionally fire upon news media members who are gathering footage of Israeli military activities within refugee camps, other reporters also claimed to have been fired upon during this military incursion, as well. (7) (8) (9)

    Having completely cut Gaza off from the rest of the world and even from 6000 of her own Gaza citizens, the Zionists have also blocked all import and export routes. Food and other supplies cannot get through to the Palestinian refugees stranded outside of Gaza, nor can supplies get through to the Palestinians being held as prisoners in their own homes in Gaza by the Zionists. The money is no longer flowing. Businesses are closed. Many refugees are homeless as a result of continued Zionist destruction of Palestinian property. But, none of this has been enough for Zionist Israel. Now, just out of the world’s sight and behind those tall, ugly, Zionist walls that no one can see over, the Palestinians are being deliberately starved.

    I contacted Palestinian journalist, Mohammed Omer who writes for The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and asked him how bad the food situation was for the Palestinians in Gaza at this time.
    “I just talked to a man,” Mohammed replied, “he said that he has nothing to feed his kids and his family. He made it clear that things are so bad for him and his five children now due to food shortages, he goes to get bones of cows in the market.”

    The desperate family apparently boils the bones in water, but other than this they have no food.

    “He has no money!” Mohammed said. “It’s very bad here!”

    According to an article written by Palestinian journalist Khalid Amayreh, “Israel, which is shamelessly telling the world that it has ended its occupation of Gaza, is still in tight control of the Rafah crossing, effectively turning the entire Gaza Strip into the world’s largest concentration camp.” (10)

    As stated in the brief clip of the documentary, The Wall of Hate, (produced during or before 2004), which focused on the enormous walls that Israel has been building within and around Palestinian lands, “If the international community cannot stop Israel’s apartheid wall and the destruction of people and their livelihood, then humanity is at stake.” (11)

    Humanity is now at stake.

    Zionist Israel, which is a military/political war-state funded by billions of US tax dollars, has been deliberately taking life, limb and land away from the Palestinians for over sixty years now. It is a war machine that is bringing humanity to a disastrous point of no return. Americans need to act immediately to block any further funding of Zionist fanatical terrorism, and most importantly, we need to demand instead that immediate humanitarian supplies and an immediate money flow be restored to the Palestinian refugees living within all concentration camps of Zionist Israel.

    The entire world should demand that the 6000 stranded refugees receive immediate humanitarian supplies as well as entry back into their own homes in Gaza. Their reentry will be into the concentration camp of Gaza, but that is all they have. It is better than standing at the border and dying under the sun of exposure, dehydration and starvation. And then, immediately, we, the world, need to come together as human beings and liberate all of the Palestinians-all of the world-from Zionism. We need to liberate the Palestinians from their state of torture and despair.
    We need to liberate the Palestinians from starvation and from the concentration camps, the same as we once liberated the Jews and other minorities from similar torture. The long list of crimes against humanity and war crimes carried out by Zionist Israel must end immediately.

    We, the entire world, need to confront the disgraceful and horrifying truth that is now before us. We have inadvertently permitted and supported the ongoing torment of the Palestinian Semites for sixty years by the cruel hands of a barbaric political state that is not a “Semitic” state at all, and which further has no heart, no decency, no Constitution, no “democracy,” and no willingness to abide by any laws whatsoever.

    It has no business occupying Palestine. (12) (13)

    * * * * * * * * *

    Mary Sparrowdancer is a writer and the author a bestselling book, The Love Song, the special edition of which will be published soon. . You can reach me here, but please know that I block any sort of messages that are not humanitarian, peaceful and respectful. [email protected]

    * * * * * * * * *

    Cited References.


    1. Gush Shalom. 6000 People Stuck at Rafah Crossing. (7/9/2007) 1183810197/

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    12. Speak up and protest. Please remember when you write that this is not about Jews. It is about Zionist fanatics who are posing as both Jews and Christians. As provided by Gush Shalom – Key email addresses found here for those who speak from the heart for peace.

    13. Graphic – Cameraman down who lost both legs. (7/9/2007)
    t/photo/2007/07/07/ PH2007070700365.html

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  15. @Anon

    “Once again, I am appreciative of and intrigued by Mr. Shamir’s perspective but not convinced. So long as the Zionists hold power in Washington, London and Paris, they will do as they wish and the Palestinians will live as they must.”

    The real problem is that the Shamir Plan will not work.

    If West Bank is annexed and if, as Shamir hopes, all Palestinians will be given equal rights and citizenship, that will set the grounds for horrific future civil war.

    The best solution is the Wombat Plan.

    All Jews in West Bank sent back to Israel, and all Arabs in Israel sent to West Bank. Two homogeneous states, and that will make for peace.

    But is it politically feasible? It seems unlikely because Jews ‘settlers’ in West Bank are too adamant and fanatics. Jewish settlers in Gaza were fanatical too, but there were far fewer of them. But there are now so many in W. Bank.
    It would be the Nakba II Plan.

    So, what might be in the offing is a plan to drive out all Palestinians in West Bank to Lebanon or a part of Syria. But for this to happen, a major crisis has to be instigated in the Middle East. Maybe it will be triggered with war with Iran.

    If Trump goes down his road, he will be just another warmonger.

  16. Alden says:
    @Mark Green

    By black Jew do you mean the Ethiopian alleged Jewish immigrants or the Mizrahi who have been oppressed as badly as the Christian and Muslim Palestinians by the Russian Ashkenazi conquerors?

  17. Alden says:
    @Sam Shama

    Aren’t the ultra orthodox Jews also wards of the state and ever increasing due to generous child benefits and supporting a million grown men who “study” all day?

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  18. Equality? Wishful thinking, I fear. Look at the status of the Palestinians with Israeli citizenship: their land is routinely confiscated and their homes are regularly demolished, no less than those of their West Bank counterparts.

    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  19. Anonymous [AKA "Thommo"] says:
    @Mark Green

    That’s the most profound and believable explanation of Jewish behaviour I’ve ever read.Thank You!

  20. RobinG says:
    @Mark Green

    What is Mr. Shamir’s motivation in writing this?

    He says, “The hard-core Zionists are not clever enough to understand that the moderates are going in the same direction.” Lucky for them, Mr. Shamir has come along to enlighten them. (And they will read this; they have eyes everywhere.)

    Perhaps we’ve just been taken for a diversion through a mental fantasy. Is that a waste of time? He could have just said, “Friedman can’t make things any worse,” and left it at that.

    There’s an old joke-
    Young man catches an old man behind the barn…
    “What’re ya doin’ granpa, jerkin’ off?”
    “Nope, just jerkin’.”

  21. Sam Shama says:

    Yes, they are to an appreciable extent, but most Jews view it – in a grumbling manner- the price to be paid for preserving religion, history and perhaps a contract with Biblical destiny!

    Of late the religious have started making significant strides in carrying their own weight through employment and enterprise. I suppose a section of the talented scholars of the Bible will always be supported by the state.

    I think the Palestinians will manage just fine in contributing to the economy, my concern mainly a reminder that we don’t repeat the AA disaster of the U.S. in creating a permanent and dependent underclass of the population.

  22. Sam Shama says:

    This is not true. Israeli Arabs enjoy all benefits, rights and duties vested on all citizens. Military service is optional for Arabs.

  23. Sam Shama says:
    @Mark Green

    [Jews in Israel–just like their cousins in America–will never sacrifice their privilege and power just because they share land and nationhood with an assortment of gentiles.]

    I won’t go into the veracity of that statement as well as the many familiar rants about Jewish supremacism ad nauseum, but only ask that you provide a solitary example of a people with privilege and power which, like an entire population of Buddhas, relinquished all in the name of equity and brotherhood.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Rurik
  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Shama

    I won’t go into the veracity of that statement as well as the many familiar rants about Jewish supremacism ad nauseum, but only ask that you provide a solitary example of a people with privilege and power which, like an entire population of Buddhas, relinquished all in the name of equity and brotherhood.

    Whoa there, hoss! You’re getting a bit carried away there! Nobody has suggested giving away ALL of anything. I believe the suggestion has been more along the lines of democratic-type stuff like shared power, shared resources, equal rights …. you know, stuff like that.

    I am shocked and stunned that you misunderstood that a grant of basic human rights would mean the wealthy and powerful Jews of Israel give it ALL up in the name of fairness. Perish the thought! Hell no! They must, absolutely, retain the right to kill Arab children at will, imprison Arabs on a whim, and deprive Arabs of water, food, and medical facilities. You betcha, Schlomo, fair is fair!

  25. sarz says:
    @Mark Green

    Israel Shamir may be a sincere convert to the Greek Orthodox faith and a friend of humanity. Or he might be what our teacher the Master of the Protocols warns us of. While I acknowledge my intellectual debt to Shamir, or this mask of his as the case may be, I am wary. I have elsewhere spelled out a case against Shamir and won’t go into the details here. Shamir’s purpose might be to lull Trump supporters, who are worried about his vulnerability to neocon plotting, into letting down their guard while the Jews take over the whole of Palestine and expel the Palestinians to Jordan.

    There is a bright side. It might not really matter what Shamir (and Netanyahu and the whole Judaic order) are up to. Trump cannot put America first without displacing Judaia. And for that, the sooner the 9/11 truth comes out, the better. After it does, who knows, the consensus might be that the kindest option would be to transport the Judaics (except those such as Neturei Karta, who will want to stay on recognising Palestinian sovereignty) to their legitimate homeland, Birobizhan.

    In the meantime we cannot let down our guard.

    For those who don’t know how clear the 9/11 case is against Judaia, do download Zander Fuerza’s Masters of Deception.

    • Replies: @anon
  26. @Anon

    this occurred during the war in Gaza, not now and not in the time of relative peace. the situation is bad enough without exaggerations.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Wizard of Oz
  27. DavidX says:

    Ah yes, “Israel, a light unto nations [not.]”

    To wit:

    Ausralian film ‘Stone Cold Justice’ on Israel’s torture of Palestinian children

    A film produced by a group of Australian journalists has sparked an international outcry against Israel after it explicitly detailed Tel Aviv’s use of torture against Palestinian children.
    The film, titled ‘Stone Cold Justice’ documents how Palestinian children, who have been arrested and detained by Israeli forces, are subjected to physical abuse, torture and forced into false confessions and pushed into gathering intelligence on Palestinian activists. Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop has spoken out against Israeli’s use of torture stating that “I am deeply concerned by allegations of the mistreatment of Palestinian children,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor has described the human rights abuses documented in the film as “intolerable”. But rights groups have slammed this statement, saying that the Israelis are doing nothing to change Tel Aviv’s policy to torture Palestinian children. Last year a report by the United Nations International Emergency Children’s Fund or UNICEF concluded that Palestinian children are often targeted in night arrests and raids of their homes, threatened with death and subjected to physical violence, solitary confinement and sexual assault. The film Stone Cold Justice has sparked an international outcry about Israel’s treatment of children in Israeli jails. However, rights groups have criticized Tel Aviv for not doing anything to create a policy that protects Palestinian children against arbitrary arrest and torture.

    Precarious Childhood: Arrests of Jerusalemite Children
    This film addresses the process of arrest, interrogation, and the policy of house arrest and their effects on children. The film provides accounts of children who were arrested in order to highlight a larger policy of persecution and targeting of Palestinian children in Jerusalem.

    • Replies: @David
    , @David
  28. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Israel Shamir

    “this occurred during the war in Gaza, not now and not in the time of relative peace. the situation is bad enough without exaggerations.”

    Oh, wait, Israel is at “relative peace”? Okay, that gives them total immunity to all violations of international law.

    However, you had better explain that to the United Nations. They seem to believe in all kinds of exaggerations.

    @David, @Syed:
    Thank you for adding some documentaries.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  29. radu says:

    Mr. Shamir, I am fairly persuaded by your proposal. But it seems to me that before the two areas can merge, the West needs to find a solution to Islam. Otherwise Israel will simply be overrun by civilization jihad. What is your view on that aspect?

    • Replies: @paratrop
    , @Anonymous
  30. Rurik says:
    @Sam Shama

    Hey Sam,

    ask that you provide a solitary example of a people with privilege and power which, like an entire population of Buddhas, relinquished all in the name of equity and brotherhood

    South Africa?






    and in the case of places like England, (unlike the Jews in Palestine), the race/tribe that’s relinquishing it’s future is the race/tribe that has lived there for millenniums

    ~ and, they’re being forced to do so by the very people (Jews ; ) who demand that Jews (and only Jews) have an eternal (and even divine) imperative to create and persevere in a racially pure state.

    how’s that for hypocrisy, eh?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Sam J.
  31. bach says:

    After withstanding the initial shock, I guessed as well that a David Friedman might be the best option. Let Israel have it all. And then let them deal with the consequences. If Israel tries to expel the Palestinians, then surely the international community will finally come to their defense? Right?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  32. RobinG says:

    Another angle on Friedman –
    ” Perhaps most threatening of all, the unpredictable Trump administration may force Netanyahu to do what he has resisted for so long: To say what he really thinks ought to happen, to enunciate a vision for how his people will live with their neighbors.”

  33. Disclaimer: this is purely for sake of mental gymnastics and not pro or anti any side in the conflict.
    The genius or evil? genius of men like Churchill recognized to direct the Hebraic energy and fury away from Europe and into the middle east.
    Why? The loss of Christian faith and belief in “survival of fittest” pseudo-science led them to fear the Jewish genius and desired to reduce its concentration from Europe.
    The one state solution will not work because most Arabs in the holy land are Muslim. Islam inspires them to commit jihad against their neighbours and this will ensure continual strife and bloodshed. In response, the Jews will institute the worst kind of apartheid ever witnessed and it will lead to disaster on a world scale as western racists and oriental despots will compete with one another to emulate Israel.
    However, if against all odds, Dr. Shamir’s wish becomes true and the Jews join forces with Mohammedans, they will intensify their war against the Holy Church and speed up the appearance of antichrist.
    If the two state negotiations “charade” continues we will get to where we are. Heads they win, tails we lose.
    + It’s better to trust in the Lord than in the chiefs of men.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  34. Trump echoes Netanyahu urging Obama administration to veto a Security Council draft resolution callings for a halt to settlement building on occupied Palestinian land:

    Hear that echo-echo-echo…?

    No doubt Señor Netanyahu has already explained carefully to his old, old friend Señor Trump that in reality there really are no Palestinians, and never have been, so how could there be Israeli-occupied Palestinian land?

    Even Gaza does not really exist–it is just an IDF target range, populated by mannikins of men, women, and children and used for military maneuvers, as, say, Osetia was in Georgia before the Russian intervention or perhaps Puerto Rico–some parts of it anyway–for the US.

    Got it?


  35. Max Payne says:

    The status quo is what Israel wants. After all Israel has two distinct groups to test varying tactics and weapons technology on. The Gaza Strip, which is in complete lock down with hostile groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad creating conditions for a full on urban warfare environment; and the West Bank where occupation, counter-intelligence, and policing are more at focus. Israel knows that it sells these techniques and weapons abroad (Sri Lanka and its victory against the Tamil Tigers due to Israeli advisors is one example). Who knows… maybe one day China will ask Israel for expertise in population control and maintaining order. It’s the hip new trend in defense and security; the Islamic threat…and Israel, with its marketing skills, always projects itself as a solution to this problem.

    Also Israel can use the Palestinians as a scapegoat for all their failures. Limp economy? Palestinians! Poor security? Palestinians!

    Remember what Netanyahu said…. the holocaust was due to the Palestinians. You can’t make this stuff up.

  36. David says:

    There are several Davids nowadays. Sad.

  37. David says:

    Hi David, this is David trying to seize this name once and for all. Let’s see if it works.

    [Problem fixed.]

  38. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Jews take over the whole of Palestine and expel the Palestinians to Jordan.

    Jordan is Palestine. The entirety of the modern day Jordan was part of mandatory Palestine. Likewise it was also part of the Ottoman Palestine territory . Jordan is currently called ” The Hashemite Kingdom ” . What the heck is a Hashemite ?? Well they are Saudi Arabians for starters who after being toppled in the 20’s were relocated to Transjordan and plopped on the throne by the British. These Hashemites make up 25% of the the population , Palestinians make up more than 60% of the population . Hashemites keep Palestinians excluded from government and academia.

  39. anon • Disclaimer says:

    What do you think the chances are that the Arab invaders and colonizers of North Africa relinquish all to the indigenous natives ??

    After all it was necessary for European’s to relinquish those lands in Africa that they conquered such as Angola, Rhodesia , North Rhodesia ,Mozambique , South Africa &c. Why do the Arab colonizers of Morocco , Mauritania , Sudan , Libya , Algeria , Tunisia ,Egypt Sudan and Western Sahara receive an exemption ??

  40. anony says:

    The author is indulging in wishful thinking. Two reasons: 1) Israel will likely digest as much Palestinian territory as possible before allowing the two state solution to be realized but with precondition of pushing Palestinians in Israel out as well as with no legal responsibility for the refugees in other countries. 2) Even if the miracle of Israel agreeing to one state solution with equal rights happen, Palestinians will stay at the bottom of social ladder and will emigrate as there is no chance israeli jews will allow them institutional access or support.

  41. mcohen says:

    the cat in the hat indeed.more like crows than not underestimate the tribe of israel.they alone hold there future in there hands as opposed to jews in the diaspora.annexation of the west bank is the only way state.there is no future in the middle east oil strategic value.that will end soon.most of the desert regions will become uninhabitable

    climate change will solve the middle east is oil that has greatly contributed to this phenomena.ironic is,nt it

    make peace will you can.

  42. @Israel Shamir

    “Well, they do not starve. You should visit Bethlehem and Ramallah – they have a lot of good restaurants.))”

    Very interesting argument and interestingly put: VISIT Bethlehem and Ramallah – they have a lot of good restaurants . . . for people who visit? How many people who live there can afford to eat there? Are the people in these areas fortunate to live in tourist economies? Exceptions to the rule of hunger?

    • Replies: @Feargus
  43. paratrop says:

    Palestine pre 1948. Islam wasn’t the problem then.

    Now what changed?

  44. @Anon

    You lose credibility by blatantly misrepresenting what he said or implied. I read absolutely no claim by him of Israel’s immunity to the rules of international law.

  45. How can Israel Shamir write of his possible one state solution without discussing
    1. Demographics with a high probability that Palestinian Muslims will greatly outbreed Jewish Israelis with or without the return of many Palestinians outside Israel, Gaza and the West Bank; and/or

    2. The fear of the Jews that Palestinian fertility would soon lead to Muslims being a majority of voters;

    3. The possibility of mitigating 1. and 2. above by omitting to include Gaza (perhaps Egypt would take it on if well bribed);

    4. Constitutional arrangements which would nullify the ordinary consequences in a democracy of one group of people constituting a majority of voters;

    5. Alternatives which big subsidies could make (just, perhaps) possible like setting up a set of Palestinian city states which could hope to prosper like Shenzhen if not quite Singapore or Hong Kong.

    • Replies: @Bill
  46. @Israel Shamir

    Would you be so good as to respond to my #46.

  47. @Sam Shama

    Please see my #46 with particular reference to the demographics and reasonable apprehension about the demographics.

    I am about to add too a general response to the usual run of UR comments which mention Jews to the effect that it is ridiculous to regard Jews, even Zionist Jews as cardboard cutout identical copies in reasoning, values or strength or direction of motivation.

    • Agree: Sam Shama
  48. I’ll leave my promised additional response at what I said in #48 but with this further observation that asduming uniformity or even practical unity of belief is a fortiori ridiculous when referring to Jews who actually enjoy arguing and making distinctions more than most people.

  49. Here’s another view that may be worth a read just for the fun of it. Avnery, like Pat Buchanan, is great on history but not so much on politics. In fact, anyone who proposes a state solution, either one state or two, is dreaming. The only cure is a change in the nature of Homo sappyiens, and even G-d herself has never been up to the task.

    President-elect Trump is set to push Israel forwards with all his might – forwards towards its eventual disaster.

    -Uri Avnery, Don’t Send Him!

    Anyway, during this Christmas time we can hope for peace and wish each other well as we’ve no doubt been doing for several millennia. Meanwhile we’ll continue oppressing, dispossessing, torturing, maiming, and murdering one another while simultaneously deluding ourselves that some of us has the answers.

    You guys can stay here and argue. I’m going to a party.

    28[Demonax] once saw two philosophers engaged in a very unedifying game of cross questions and crooked answers. ‘Gentlemen,’ said he, ‘here is one man milking a billy-goat, and another catching the proceeds in a sieve.’

    -Lucian of Samosata, LIFE OF DEMONAX, ~ 150 AD

    Joy to the World, etc.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The hallmark of a great reporter is his ability to choose just the right word to convey his ideas. Since I am a great admirer of Mr. Shamir, he is forgiven this time for his choice of the word pigeons. The title of this article should have read as follows: Trump Sets the Cat Among the Jewish Rats

  51. virgile says:

    This view is shared by the Iranians who never believed in the two state solution. It is an illusion because both sides hold many areas as ‘sacred’ and sharing Jerusalen as the capital of both states is a total absurdity.
    I think that Friedman will follow Trump’s directive. Trump wants a totally new solution to the issue and will not follow the old strategy that brought no result after decades. He may push the Israelis toward annexation of the West Bank and he will ironically get the tacit support of Iran.
    If that annexation is called “Merge” and made under a UN referendum in occupied palestinian lands than it may give some legitimacy. Egypt, Turkey and Jordan will be in favor. Countries that do not have a peace deal with Israel will oppose it at least in appearance, but may find some economical advantages
    The UNSC resolution condemning settlements goes into that direction as it pushes the Israelis to find a different approach than illegally creeping into Palestinian lands.

    • Replies: @Art
  52. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    “The pro-Israelis who produced the presidency of the dysfunctional George Bush to take us to war in Iraq also produced the presidency of narcissist Donald Trump—to take us to war in Iran. Were that not the case, the Trump transition would not be dominated by pro-Israeli right-wingers. Below I show how supporters of the Israeli Right delivered an Electoral College victory for a reality show host who likely remains unaware who is manipulating his self-absorbed needs on behalf of Tel Aviv.”

  53. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    “Had the U.S. not agreed to a “special relationship” with the Zionist experiment now known as Israel, would a U.S. president-elect, in effect, be assembling a War Cabinet? I’ve no reason to believe that Donald Trump is aware of how his personal needs were profiled and serviced to produce this presidency.[33] When, as President-elect, he met with Barack Obama in the Oval Office, he looked like a deer in the headlights. His need to protect his ego, his image and the Trump brand makes him highly susceptible to manipulation by those who will use him just as other presidents were used.

    Trillions of dollars have been wasted due to our ill-advised relationship with Israel. The tinderbox in Syria, set in motion by Israel, could trigger the next global military crisis. When CNN describes conditions in Aleppo as a Holocaust, you know manipulators of the national narrative are nearby.[34] Notwithstanding CNN’s pro-Israeli reporting, we still do not know if the use of chemical weapons in Syria was a false flag attack meant to induce us to wage war in Syria as an interim step to take us to war in Iran—for Israel.[35] What we do know is that an emergent Trump Administration is thoroughly rightwing pro-Israel. For a candidate who forswears regime change, his transition team is loaded with people long committed to regime change.

    Senate Democrats elected pro-Israeli New York Senator Chuck Schumer as Minority Leader and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin as Minority Whip. No media outlet mentioned that Durbin was handpicked by the Israel lobby in 1982 to replace Congressman Paul Findley and then groomed for the Senate. That 1982 race was the first time the Zionist lobby openly removed a member of Congress after Findley committed political suicide by challenging Israeli policy.[36] By promising unity between Democrats and Republicans, Schumer made it more difficult to identify the influence of Israel and its lobby when another Pearl Harbor-like provocation is staged to induce another war in the Middle East.

    When Schumer announced the new Senate leadership, he signaled Israeli confidence in what can be accomplished with Trump and his pro-Israeli team in the White House allied with pro-Israeli Republicans and Democrats in key positions of influence in the Congress. When introducing his Senate team, including progressive Bernie Sanders,[37] this Zionist New Yorker described the two parties as standing “shoulder-to-shoulder.” That signature phrase was made famous by rightwing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He routinely used it to describe how, after 9/11, the U.S. and Israel would stand “shoulder-in-shoulder” in combating terrorism.

    Schumer’s choice of words serves as ‘code’ signaling Israelis and pro-Israelis much as, ten days prior to 9/11, Tel Aviv announced a \$1 million gift to Israeli super-spy Jonathan Pollard who did as much to undermine U.S. national security as any American in modern history—and then was granted Israeli citizenship.[38] As a former C.I.A. Director conceded, the 9/11 attacks took ten years to plan and execute and required the assistance of a stable nation-state with active intelligence operations inside the U.S. That description fits only one nation.”

  54. Feargus says:
    @Cletus Rothschild

    Palestinians in the OT have higher obesity rates and higher population growth rates than Israelis…both of which suggest they are taking in far too many calories rather than too few.

    • Replies: @anon
  55. Art says:

    Netanyahu threatens the world with Trumpie Bear!

    “The decision taken at the U.N. yesterday was part of the swan song of the old world biased against Israel,” Netanyahu said. “We are entering a new era and as the President-elect Trump said yesterday, this is going to happen much quicker than people think. In this new era there is a high price for those trying to harm Israel,” he said.

    Does Trumpie Bear know this?

    Does Trumpie know he will extract a high price for those trying to harm Israel?

    Does he know that Israel comes first?

    Peace Art

    p.s. Hmm – is Trumpie Bear Red White and Blue on the outside but Blue and White on the inside?

  56. Art says:

    He may push the Israelis toward annexation of the West Bank and he will ironically get the tacit support of Iran.

    If that annexation is called “Merge” and made under a UN referendum in occupied palestinian lands than it may give some legitimacy. Egypt, Turkey and Jordan will be in favor.

    There is one country NOT if favor of this – Israel.

    Most all Jews want 100% of Palestine.

    With Trump in office surrounded with Jews – Netanyahu is going for it – only a fool thinks anything different.

    Peace — Art

    p.s. Hmm – h0w many Jews and war generals are in Trump’s cabinet?

    p.s. Why? There has to a reason – what could it be?

  57. Sam J. says:

    “…Without the Jewish state, the Jews of the US and other lands will return to their normal life, will forget the wet dreams of the world domination and become law-abiding citizens of their respective countries…”

    Fat chance of that happening but I hope you’re right about this. I see nothing but turmoil in such a situation and if it’s bad for the Jews it’s good for the USA.

  58. Sam J. says:

    :…If West Bank is annexed and if, as Shamir hopes, all Palestinians will be given equal rights and citizenship, that will set the grounds for horrific future civil war…”

    How dare you argue against diversity.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  59. Sam J. says:

    Yes Rurik is correct. I would add the USA as Whites are a minority among the young and if you only take Whites from the tribes of founders of the USA they’re a clear minority.

  60. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Malnutrition and obesity are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    • Replies: @Feargus
  61. MMM says:

    Excellent commentary (with some exceptions) following the article — spot on! Anyone who believes “Israel” will give authentically when it can keep taking (and it always finds a way to keep taking) is delusionary.

  62. annamaria says:

    Not so fast.
    Israelis made their bed with Palestinians by taking Palestinian land by force and now Israelis must, metaphorically speaking, sleep with Palestinians. There is no chance left for an independent Palestinian state (congratulations, Israel-firsters!); everything has been moving towards a one-state solution where Israelis will be trapped by the trappings of western civilization (aren’t Israelis the only democrats living in the “only democracy in the Middle East?”) Otherwise, Israelis will be left with a forced choice of articulating and implementing an apartheid system of governance in Israel. That would be some interesting addition to Jewish archives worldwide (never mind the Holocaust Museums).

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  63. A123 says:

    In the 1920’s the League of Nations separated Jewish “West Bank” Palestine and Muslim “East Bank” Palestine.

    As long as untenable 1960’s non-borders are the “starting point” progress is impossible. Restarting the negotiations based on the LoN 1920’s border, subject to modification via mutually agreeable land swaps offers a viable path forward to secure borders for both “West Bank” Israel and “East Bank” Palestine.

  64. Feargus says:

    My original response comment stands–there is no famine going on as the sensationalist claims. Given the average adult heights and fecundity in the OT there is a Malthusian overnourishment there, as there is in almost all of 21st century humankind.

  65. utu says:

    What has became of Israel Shamir? Is it really him who currently writes for Unz or was it him who wrote beautiful essays in Flowers of Galilee? These are two different writers? Did he suffer a brain injury? Old age? Or was he from the very beginning a persona created by secret police apparatus? Which one? KGB at first and now on loan for Mossad?

  66. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This essay was rather pointless and very very rambling .

  67. Art says:

    Has one US media person defended Obama on the UN vote against Israel?

    For eight years they loved him.

    That is absolute prof that the Jews control the MSM. All those reporters live in total fear of the Jew.

    Peace — Art

    p.s. Kudos to Obama!

  68. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Brilliant. Optimistic. Persuasive.
    The remark, “He can’t make things worse,” is the killer.
    Friedman can’t, and according to Shamir, Trump won’t either.
    I’m glad I voted for him (Trump), but I still fear, fear … who wouldn’t fear with all the fear and power about?
    I wish I could just Have Faith, but Events – they defy faith every time.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  69. RobinG says:
    @Jett Rucker

    Fear is fine. Keeps you alert (as long as you don’t freeze in the headlights).

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  70. Karl says:

    You goyims didn’t lift a finger to stop the Italians from converting the remnants of the “Holy Roman Empire” into Vatican City State.

    And you won’t lift a finger to stop us from converting “Palestine from the River to the Sea” into Palestine=Ramallah City State.

    If the Vatican can be a real country, so can Ramallah.

    Depending on whose genetic studies you believe, the Ashkenazim are half Italian, so it’s just an old family tradition.

    The Mizrachi’im….. You can believe the leftist journals, or you can believe your lying eyes. My eyes are telling me that if you give those two groups, jobs in the middle-middle civil service, they immediately re-focus on holiday over-indulgence, visiting the graves of departed rabbis to pray for relief from female non-fecundity, and vacations at Thailand beach resorts. They are the “White Nationalists” of Israel…. they talk shit, but really are only willing to FIGHT for medium prosperity

    Those two groups have no particular interest in pushing the Upper Russians out of the mathematics-department offices. And those two groups appear to be perfectly willing to share the mafioso racketeering business with the Lower Russians.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  71. grapesoda says:

    > Anyway, it sad that all comes to Jews.

    And it all comes down to Jew
    Well you know that it does, well
    Lightning strikes maybe once maybe twice…

  72. skrik says:

    Jeff Davis:

    “The Kikes have won, let them have the damn place.”

    Me: No.


    “by taking Palestinian land by force”

    Me: Yes, that’s what they did.


    “and it always finds a way to keep taking”

    Me: Yes, but not much longer if successfully opposed.

    According to all my research, Zs *never* intended anything other than being outlaws.

    Proof from Herzl: “Both the process of expropriation and …

    Even before Jabotinsky, they ‘wangled’ big-power muscle, proof: Balfour.

    Then Jabotinsky: Colonisation by force.

    They knew what they were doing was wrong, proof from Ben-Gurion: we are the attackers and the Arabs are those defending themselves. They are living in the country and own the land, …”

    Some rules were there, long before; from the Decalogue:

    Thou shalt not kill
    Thou shalt not steal
    Thou shalt not bear false witness
    Thou shalt not covet

    Then there were the Nuremberg verdicts; hang by the neck until dead for the supreme international crime of aggressive invasion for Lebensraum, precisely analogous to unwanted immigration ending with the imported aliens attacking the native ELO/Os = erstwhile legal owner/occupiers, example: Deir Yassin massacre, aka ethnic cleansing by genocidal force.

    Now, *inalienable* rights, from UDHR:

    Article 3.
    • Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
    Article 17.
    • (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
    • (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

    Lemma: inalienable adjective unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor.

    Refer also to UNSC242, inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war.

    Fazit: IMHO, it is *not* possible, for Zs to gain legal title nor for the Ps to surrender anything. Newton tells us ‘no change without effective force’ but better non-violent, so extreme BDS + demands for justice.

    Where are the adults?

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @utu
  73. utu says:

    Thank you for the comment. We can’t be defeatists and defeatism is what Israel Shamir is selling here.

    • Replies: @skrik
  74. skrik says:

    To ‘allow’ Zs to keep 1 square centimeter of improperly alienated Palestine would be to turn all law on its head, whilst also ‘allowing’ mass-murdering-to-steal criminals to prosper. Good idea?

    Zs can only maintain their occupation by force, but force is always subject to some stronger force; Murphy tells us that what can happen eventually *must*. The Zs have the ‘luxury’ of choice; take adequate steps to *avoid* being blasted, or LIHOP = let it happen on purpose. I have heard that CIA estimates 1 thermo-nuclear device and it’s all over for the illegitimate entity.

    Back to ‘Where are the adults?’ rgds

  75. Skeptikal says:
    @Sam J.

    It seems to me that such a scenario might leave the Palestinians in much the same position as the Kurds within [take your pick.]. And external actors would then get into the act to support different ethnic factions, and we would have another Syria-like proxy situation . . .

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  76. Bill says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    2. The fear of the Jews that Palestinian fertility would soon lead to Muslims being a majority of voters;

    It really is odd the way one can say #2 in polite company but not the same thing about whites in the US.

  77. @RobinG

    Only in the short term though. Over a period fear tends to drain energy away.

  78. @Karl

    I’m not sure I understand all your references; e.g. what “two groups”? You don’t make it clear. However I acknowledge a useful reference to the Vatican city state allthough I think population pressure requires something more like Macau if not Hong Kong or Singapore.

  79. brian says:

    Thank you “working class”, I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking it is cowboys and Indians over there in Palestine, all over again. Dualies cannot be trusted in higher office. Maybe a dual citizenship is alright for county highway supervisor, but a United States Senator? Go back to your homeland Israel/Palestine. W. C. did you get your AIPAC check yet? I suspect mine was lost in the mail. Every where is real

  80. @utu

    Actually, a big part of the essay is a direct quote from Galilee Flowers, chapter A Tale of Two States.

  81. Dear readers, alas I broke my right wrist while ice skating, and so I am physically unable to reply in full every deserving comment, but I shall produce an update in day or two.

  82. I disagree with some of Shamir’s views as a rule but I cannot fault his logic here. I’ve been saying the same thing for years for the same reasons. I argued with Trump’s recent noises on Israel’s behalf that this promises to be a solution where none was forthcoming. Give them what they want. let them have it, then let’s see them hold onto it. Not touched on but most important is the vastly different birth rates of the Jewish and indigenous populations. Not only have Israeli men become technically sterile (percentage wise this is the case) due to the fallout from the DU they’ve been using on Gaza (which blows back over their own heads due to prevailing win patterns) but Jewish families are traditionally small and Arab families traditionally large. The demographic bomb will end Jewish “Israel” thereafter we too call it Israel in our holy books so no issue.

  83. @utu

    I’ve been reading Shamir for decades, before and after becoming a Muslim what is more. I do not know what you are on, but I think you shouldn’t be posting whilst under the influence.

  84. @Skeptikal

    No, Kurds lack the numbers. Arabs, Christian and Muslim have already got at least 50% and they have much higher birth rates. The demographic bomb is the one “Israel” should fear the most.

  85. @annamaria

    Yes, this solution is the one which amounts to Checkmate for Israel firsters. They were always only a military campaign. Take away the need to fight and they will wither and die.

  86. TJM says:

    The UN, at Christmas, just at the end of Obama’s time in office, passes SYMBOLIC legislation to tell Israel they should not build more settlements…cue the ISRAELI OUTRAGE! Oh that evil Obama, is so mean to Israel.

    These fuckers play us like an accordion. No matter who is in office, they get away with murder.

    YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THIS IS RIGHT, it’s called repositioning, Obama kissed Israel’s ass for 8 years, but now that he is leaving, they want to paint him a enemy of Israel, so that Trump can kiss Israel’s ass for the next 8 years…I guess that \$38,000,000,000.00 to Israel was not enough for the Jews. Obama ignored the settlements for the last 8 years. So, now that Obama is leaving, and the republicans are taking over, its time to paint the dems as anti Israel, thus when Trump kisses Netanyahu’s ass, we are all supposed to cheer because our enemy Obama was Israel’s enemy

    This is so typical. Re-branding to paint democrats as the enemies of Israel, even though Clinton was the queen Zionist Bitch backed by all of Wall Street. I just hope we are all smarter than that.

    Globalism, Zionism, Wall Street, MSM, Hollywood, Washington, all controlled all working to undermine the American people.

    • Agree: utu
  87. Anonymous [AKA "Peter GQQDMAN"] says: • Website

    Simply “SELL” Every man, woman and child in Palestine a gun. Let the guns be jew made IMI Full Auto UZIs. Izzys were always made out to be such macho fighters. “An israeli woman can fight as well as any goy man” they claimed. Yet MMA shows this to not be true. If the jews believe this great lie, they should not be afraid of a few Pali people simply defending themselves.

    Also insist on every dollar the US gvt steals from you and me and “gives” to the people of the poop, mandate a black israeli from Africa be allowed to migrate as a refugee.

    Izzy problem SOLVED.

  88. skrik says:

    “Attention à la merde!”

    Ooops! Try not to step in it.

    My thanks to the moderator for publishing my previous #75, which contains what could be seen as a politically incorrect ‘solution;’ it was meant to be a warning of a totally undesirable possibility with a high positive probability. Sorry, but not too sorry, to any who ‘understood’ it adversely. Not so BTW, kindly note that ‘political correctness’ itself is most often an intellectual straight-jacket pushed by psychopathic tyrants in a stupid attempt at trammelling discussions in their favour.

    This brings us to a ‘solution’ point. My 1st post = #73 lists the current situation in Palestine, summarised as invading aliens illegally occupying land not theirs [IMHO never to be theirs], and acquiring control over such by murdering force. My complaint is 1) at the vile, criminal perpetrators and 2) at the psychopathic tyrants who have allowed this dreadful Nakba-calamity to occur in the 1st place, then allowing it to endure in the 2nd place. UNGA181 should never have been passed (if only for this alone “an area … shall be evacuated” but more, the whole partition concept – which was rejected for processing by the UNSC and so UNGA181 became moot – *not* law), and so UNGA194 was passed to set things ‘right.’ Never worked, exactly *because* the psychopathic tyrants don’t make it work.

    So now, it’s time to a) reject these tyrants and b) force a just solution. My suggestion is RoR+R*3 = Right of Return + Revest, Reparations and Reconciliation = fully UNGA194(11) compatible, and both solutions contain the strongest possibility of truth + justice = peace.

    To labour the point here, this solution can be termed ‘one state’ = Palestine, with selected non-criminal aliens (heirs and successors) being offered the option to remain as tenants, providing they can say a sincere “Sorry!” Any rest to vacate, to return whence they came, or anywhere else which might accept them – like Birobidzhan, say.

    Get lost, criminals and tyrants both; where [the hell] are the adults?

  89. Anonymous [AKA "NottaFool"] says:

    Yes, give them the one State solution, so they can start DEPORTING the non Jews out of it. Idiots.

  90. “Without the Jewish state, the Jews of the US and other lands will return to their normal life, will forget the wet dreams of the world domination and become law-abiding citizens of their respective countries.”

    I’m not so sure about that. Without a Jewish state, the hardcore zionists would likely just double down with their SJW and bankster brethren in trying to destroy the majority in the nations that host them.

    A better idea would be for Trump to appoint a Gentile of the sort that is now forbidden on the Supreme Court to handle issues in Palestine to the benefit of America only. Instead, he put America a distant second and sold us out to special interests, adding to the swamp in the process. Jews should have no role in ME policy. I’m not even sure what role Jews should have in government, since so many have proven tribal, hostile towards the majority, disloyal and totally corrupt. As a group, Jews certainly make the canards sound believable.

  91. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “where Jews and Palestinians will live happily ever after, as equals.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this author appears to be one with a conscience, but he sure writes like a 5yr old, at times.

    But then, all 5yr olds have pure consciences, so I guess there is no contradiction.

  92. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “West needs to find a solution to Islam”


    So, how exactly does the great and glorious West propose to extinguish the Truth that there can be no God, but God… and He certainly isn’t HUMAN-like!!

    Heck, even your very own can’t stomach the whole “in-his-image” nonsense, and are puking their way out in growing numbers.

    You pagan polytheists may have the power to wipe out all Muslim life, but again, how do you defeat the simple message of the Tawhid?

    Completely, utterly, impotent, is the West.

    West will find a solution to Islam? Hilarious!

  93. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “It’s better to trust in the Lord than in the chiefs of men.”

    \$%^& evangelical types like you have always been the most evil who have walked this earth.

    So, STFU, cursed black soul.

  94. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @jacques sheete

    “during this Christmas time we can hope for peace”

    Christians, the number one murderers of peace in the present time, hoping for peace. Sigh!

  95. Tom Lowe says:
    @Mark Green

    All problems caused to the world by Judaism are a direct result of their utterly racist and utterly disgusting matrilineal exclusive kinship system, which if even lightly analyzed is totally illegal racial discrimination under US law.

  96. @Mark Green

    Mark Green is correct except for different reasons. What he has to understand is the history of the US. The U.S. was the first and only established non-denominational Christian country whose founding FATHERS (yes I use the male term emphatically) did not want to see a single Christian iteration established as an official religion. At the same time these people were deists and philosophical classicists who studied Hebrew, Greek, Latin as well as other languages and studied the book of the Jews in the original Hebrew language.

    Now Mark Green speaks of the soft occupation and he is correct. The Christian deists who founded the country saw the important role that Jewish people took part in throughout history both morally and financially. Simply stated they believed the Jewish people to be a heroic and special people and therefore legally allowed for their immigration and integration into the fabric of the founding of the U.S. They tolerated and encouraged Jewish participation in the country and the soft Jewish occupation through finance (i.e. Haym Solomon and family.)

    So this was to be expected given the special status Jewish people had in the eyes of the founding FATHERS. And they knew the special quality of the Jewish people and invited and made partners with them to join in the soft occupation of the new United States that has been going on from the very beginning of the settlement of the New World.

    And why not? Christians view the Jewish people as special people. Proof of this is that Christians chose a Jew as their god! How could they not have a special feeling for the Jewish people when the god Christians worship is a Jew? This is the important part of the soft occupation – that a Christian nation and a Christian people who have a Jew as their god would always agree to such a soft occupation. This Christian – Jewish teamwork has allowed for the greatest country on earth and in the history of all mankind.

    • Replies: @skrik
  97. ” The Christian deists who founded the country saw the important role that Jewish people took part in throughout history both morally and financially. Simply stated they believed the Jewish people to be a heroic and special people and therefore legally allowed for their immigration and integration into the fabric of the founding of the U.S. They tolerated and encouraged Jewish participation in the country and the soft Jewish occupation through finance (i.e. Haym Solomon and family.)….”

    When the Founders spoke of leaving a nation for posterity, they weren’t speaking of Jews as posterity. I also seriously doubt that they would support our very entangling alliance with Israel, or the dual-citizens and tribal Jews who make the alliance possible, which renders any searching for quotes about the views of individual founders regarding Jews a waste of time.

    FWIW, the trustees of at least several American colonies forbade Jews to enter, so I would be willing to bet that many of the Founders and American revolutionaries had similar views as their British contemporaries regarding Jews.

    Christians view Jesus as the Son of God, not as a divine Jew. Christians also view the relationship between Christ and Christians as the true covenant. Jews aren’t really in the picture. The Judeo-Christian stuff is recent.

  98. skrik says:
    @smoke signals

    … saw the important role that Jewish people took part in throughout history both morally and financially. Simply stated they believed the Jewish people to be a heroic and special people and therefore legally allowed for their immigration and integration into the fabric of the founding of the U.S.

    Me: Hmmm; what’s wrong with that quote? Here’s another:

    But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, …

    Then, there’s the Jewish people’s own claim to being perpetually persecuted, and being ejected from over 100 countries – if most of ‘what is generally said’ is true. Since Herzl, the Zs got assistance from the Brits – Balfour, but more importantly Brit assistance to build the z-% from ~3% to ~30%, allowing the success of the initial ethnic cleansing ’47-’48 = Plan Dalet, incl. Deir Yassin massacre [similar such being inflicted intermittently from then down into the current moment.] Then from Truman, say, also down into the current moment, *massive* US assistance for the I/J/Z-plex’ ultimate prestige project, illegally squatting on stolen = improperly alienated land, Zs’ oppression maintained only by murdering force.

    OK, the US may well have been parasitised by future ‘duals’ from the word ‘go’ according to smoke signals’ assertion, but it doesn’t explain a) why this US’ tolerance/acceptance/welcome at all, given the rest of the world’s aggressive antipathy (and Js’ reputation not just for lying but also cheating and as we see in Palestine 1897++, murdering to steal), nor b) the Brits’ [accessory before the supreme international crime] assistance. Disclosure: I don’t personally give a fig what people get up to in privacy, but I abhor and condemn vicious crimes, as being perpetrated continuously by Zs upon hapless Ps and their neighbours. And not so BTW, it can’t be religion, since anyone who murders for spoil, soil, oil, cannot possibly ‘have religion’ on the grounds that murder is the absolute worst crime – and number one mortal sin.

  99. this article is not laughable!! it is wrong!the very idea that trump is trying to be even handed is ludicrous. are you people deaf and dumb???? he has stated unequivocally that he is behind israel 1000% .and his statement on the u.n resolution was””hang on israel january is coming soon”””.and evidently you are all deaf ,because in june he made a speech to the annual “”AIPAC””criminals meeting in d c stating exactly what i just wrote.his speech was written by his son in law kurchner who is a dual citizen of us./israel and a talmudic scholar.get real here with this “”gee give him a chance “” crap!!!

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