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Trans-Digital vs Oil
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Let’s begin with good news. Resplendent August, the last summer month, has blessed the North! The sun is shining, the lakes are still warm enough for swimming, the mushrooms are ready for picking, the wild raspberries are crimson and sweet, the ginger Bambi fawns frolic in the forest as it reaches up to our summer house; God’s in His heaven— all’s right with the world! Or is it? Despite unabated efforts to tip us into panic and despair, this sturdy world isn’t easily thrown into turmoil, and there are even signs of improvement (though thunder clouds still hover at the horizon).

People are moving out of the big cities into smaller towns, reversing a long trend. The overcrowded capital cities began to unload their surplus dwellers. Stockholm began to release its population; so does Moscow. Innovative Russians ponder plans to rebuild their capital in faraway Siberia, leaving Moscow high and dry. Salaries of agricultural workers and builders go up, for guest workers are not easy to find. As the flow of migrants and refugees dries up, workers’ salaries have begun to grow.

International travel has become so difficult that only the very rich or the very obstinate still venture abroad, and so there is more domestic tourism – something that was almost extinct. Why would a sane Swede, Briton or Russian holiday in his own country, when it is cheaper and more exotic to go to Spain, Turkey, Greece? Now with these endless encumbrances they would rather spend their time and money in their own country. A Swede will discover the mountain forests of Bergslagen or the medieval town of Gotland; a Russian may visit the Vologda monasteries forgotten centuries ago in the Northern wilderness, or tour the lovely Altai Mountains; a Briton, instead of the Canary Islands, now may go to rugged Cornwall or visit the lofty Salisbury Cathedral. We never thought much of globalisation, and our desire was granted: globalisation is out. This is definitely a positive outcome of a very negative development.

However, regime tightening-up continues all over the world. Some elementary freedoms nobody doubted, so basic we didn’t even knew they were freedoms – going to a pub, lighting a cig, driving a mile, chatting with pals, flirting with gals, spending pocket money, speaking your mind – have been discarded like chaff on the threshing ground. The right to gather, to demonstrate, to decide one’s own fate, even the right to control our own bodies is now dismissed as unsanitary and villainous. The authorities always pretend to do it in our interests, because they know what is best for us.

Years ago, they went after tobacco companies; the judges found them guilty for every case of cancer and fined them billions. People applauded; nobody likes big companies. Only later did they begin to make life hell for people with the innocent habit. Now they go after oil companies. They are big and dirty; nobody likes them. But very soon, our heating bills, our transportation and food costs will skyrocket. And then we’ll discover that to stay warm in winter is not a natural right, but a great luxury.

Today the price of oil went south again, continuing the downward trend. Yet the price at the pump never goes down, so we do not get to enjoy this result of the oil war. But somebody does: the digital giants. Mammoth oil has been defeated in the discourse by sleek digital giants. Twenty years ago, when the US went to the Middle East wars, it was tactful to call each a “war for oil”, unless you were prepared to face a charge of (God forbid!) anti-Semitism. In vain did we point out that Big Oil didn’t need Iraq’s oil and could not profit from it. We noted that Afghanistan had no oil, but the invasion was still called a War for Oil. The oil companies were powerless to counteract the charge without pointing at Israel, and so they sat and fumed in stony silence.

Now there is a serious offensive against oil companies. The Dems drafted a bill that would tax Exxon, Chevron and a handful of other major oil and gas companies, claiming that the biggest climate polluters should pay for the floods, wildfires and other disasters that scientists have linked to the burning of “fossil fuels”. The tax is estimated at $500 billion for the next decade. Before you cheer at the downfall of warmonger Big Oil, remember that they will transfer every penny of this tax onto you, their customers. And who is pushing for the tax? Our beloved philanthropists, says the New York Times:

“These oil companies and their executives are by far the most responsible parties for the climate crisis,” said Lee Wasserman, director of the Rockefeller Family Fund, a philanthropic group that helped develop the proposed legislation. Oil companies have accused the Rockefeller Family Fund of bankrolling a climate conspiracy by funding research that has been used in litigation against the fossil fuel industry.

The story goes back to 2016, when the Rockefeller family was accused of encouraging and bankrolling the investigations and campaigns against oil companies. We continue in the un-paywalled version:

Both journalism organizations that investigated the Exxon Mobil were financed by Rockefeller philanthropies, though the organizations say that their donors have no control over what they write.

This is a very likely claim, for sure! The donors are as likely to support The Unz Review as the publications they do actually support, indeed!


Rockefellers have also supported groups like Greenpeace and that have investigated and criticized the company. A conference on oil and climate was held at the offices shared by two Rockefeller family funds with intent to “establish in public’s mind that Exxon is a corrupt institution that has pushed humanity (and all creation) toward climate chaos and grave harm.” Alan Jeffers, an Exxon Mobil spokesman, said in an interview, “At every turn, as we saw the company coming under attack, there was a link back to either the Rockefeller Brothers Fund or the Rockefeller Family Fund.”

For us it is particularly relevant that the earliest known script of the Covid pandemic and the preferred response to it (Lockstep 2010 – here is a rather ridiculous “debunking of this accusation”) was created by this same Rockefeller family, that old enemy of mankind. Their unique hold on the US had been ostensibly broken in 1911 by a Supreme Court decision, but like the mythic Hydra, it grew new heads and is back at its old games of control. Covid and the Green Agenda seem to be inseparable as Siamese twins, both born and weaponized by these international “philanthropists”.

It wasn’t long ago that they urged us to discard our trusty refrigerators because they cause “ozone holes”! I really do not care much for the Green Deal and its mandatory austerity.

Underneath the noisy battle against oil companies, the real economy is quietly being strangled by the digital economy. You may choose to look even deeper into the rabbit hole and glimpse what lurks below. There you will discover the trans-humanist agenda, a peculiar idea of creating android-supermen and discarding ordinary humans. The denial of God is at the foundation of this idea. Nietzsche made it popular in the beginnings of the 20th century, after announcing his famous quip “God is dead”. Julian Huxley gave it the name of transhumanism.

The idea has gotten a boost in the peripheries of Soviet thought due to its thoroughly godless environment. The pop version can be found in the sci-fi books penned by the Strugatsky brothers. They posit that transhumanity is the next logical step of evolution, inevitably resulting in immortal, computer-connected, incredibly smart creatures. Transhumans will inherit the earth, while ordinary humans will be allowed to live out their natural lives and then go extinct. Here is where the idea of Universal Basic Income comes in, as the modern version of Roman bread and circuses – this is money provided by superior transhumans to allow ordinary humans to carry on their useless lives until their natural demise.

This strange post-Soviet (or rather anti-Soviet) idea was imported into Silicon Valley by the Russian-Jewish IT techies who formed the nucleus of Google. From there, it spread among the high tech personnel until it attracted the attention of the super-rich, who always wanted to be special and not just rich. Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli bestselling writer, became one of the prophets of transhumanism, denying the very existence of a human soul and free will.

Transhumanism is the ideological base of Wokery (or Wokeism or Wokeness), a special way of speaking and thinking that stresses one’s special and superior status. Scott Alexander quipped, wokeness is a made-up mystery religion that college-educated people invented so they could feel superior to you. Ordinary people do not like it but are given to understand that wokes have more money and power, and that’s reason enough to emulate them. It is a faith, but it is not a faith for everybody like Christianity was. It is a faith for the ruling class. The Arian version of Christianity was such a faith for rulers in Visigothic Spain until the Moors crashed the party. The Judaic faith is another example of a religion for the elite, turning life for the masses into a living hell. You can’t understand the times we go through unless you are aware of this hidden faith of our superiors.

Transgenders are being extolled and promoted by the elite-owned media to prepare humanity for the advent of the Transhuman. Ditto the covid vaccines that are being promoted and pushed with unprecedented vigour. It is not done in order to kill off mankind, as anti-vaxxers suspect, nor in order to save us all from the dreaded covid, as vaxxers believe. It is a step in the direction of transhumanity. The Digital Economy, Universal Basic Income, trans-sexuality and mandatory mRNA vaccinations is a rapid evolutionary strategy that today’s visionaries expect will prepare the masses to accept a trans-human super-race.

But these are far-off and deep-down things. There is a lot of fleecing to be done before their dream can materialise. Let’s get up to the observable level, to the current fight over energy. The Covid pandemic diminished the demand for oil in 2020 and 2021; and that allowed the Green agenda to grow. It is not enough; the Green future needs another attack on oil, and the Delta variant of Covid will deliver it. The present fall of oil prices has been interpreted as the anticipation of impending lockdowns, first of all in heavily vaccinated Israel. In the US, despite much urban vaccination, there are 250 thousand new cases per day, and there are shrill demands to limit business activity.

China is a powerful player against Big Oil; it has little oil of its own; they are forced to buy it abroad and so they have a strong interest to drop oil prices. That is why, though China has a laughable amount of covid sufferers (125 new cases! A thousand times less than in the US), they still limit travel heavily. The Chinese version of Google, Baidu, says traffic in Beijing is down 30% from last week. Sure, we might explain these draconian measures by citing China’s reverence for human life, but maybe their participation in the global oil war may explain it better. The Chinese quietly continue to run their economy with coal power, which shows how little their Green partners in the oil war fear Climate Change. Ditto the US: A planned deal to end coal burning failed to make the communique from June G7 meeting in Britain, reportedly because the Biden administration feared pushback at home.


The customer, that is you, will eventually end up paying more in any case; in fact, that is the idea. In Europe, natural gas prices surged 1000%, reported Bloomberg; it is not cheap anymore, but still necessary to warm Europeans in the forthcoming winter. The story is that the price is high because EU bureaucrats based their calculations on spot prices, which are usually cheaper than long-term contract prices, and they planned to screw Russian natural gas suppliers, but in recent days the trend reversed due to gas deficit and increased demand.

The Russians were supposed to be the first victims of the Green agenda, of Covid and of natural gas spot pricing, but apparently the great Judoka Putin-san has once again come out on top. Gas spot pricing was supposed to impoverish Russia, but instead brought it riches. The attack against US and British oil companies by the purveyors of the Green Deal unexpectedly played into the hands of Russian oil companies. Russia will have to pony up some climate tax, but this expense will be unloaded onto their international customers. The Green Deal has already turned Russia into the second largest oil exporter into the US, after Canada.

Russian natural gas will flow very soon, possibly before August is over, into Germany by the North Stream II, the new pipeline completed last week. This is exactly on time to counter rising prices as a gas deficit is being felt all over Europe. President Biden agreed, in a semi-secret agreement with Chancellor Merkel, to lift American objections to the European pipeline. One of the reasons cited is a global shortage of natural gas, as China and South East Asia buy more and more of it. This too is connected to the Green Deal, for its designers consider natural gas the least polluting and damaging of natural fuels.

This development allowed Putin to undermine the Ukrainian authorities that had tried to play first fiddle in the anti-Russian orchestra. Until now, Russian natural gas came to Europe via old Soviet-built pipelines going through Ukraine and bringing hefty transit fees to Kiev. Now, with the completion of North Stream II, the bulk of gas will go directly to Germany. European gas will become considerably cheaper; the Ukrainians used to steal much of the gas destined for Western Europe, besides gouging both sides for the transit fees. This means that the Ukraine will have fewer profits to play their anti-Russian games. It is not impossible that the people of Ukraine will understand that their future lies in friendship with Russia, for enmity has brought no benefits to them. A recent poll says almost half of Ukrainians dwelling in the East and South of this fragmented country feel a great affinity to Russians and agree with Mr Putin’s vision of Ukrainians and Russians as being one people. Oil prices and gas pipelines do wonders to people’s minds!

In my recent piece, Prof Roman Zubarev calls these changes “Peak Oil”, the concept of an inevitable decline of extracted natural fuels. Some ten years ago, Peak Oil was all the rage in media, but since then, it is hardly ever mentioned. However, a recent analysis of Yale Environment 360 analytic Fred Pierce comes to the same conclusion and goes even further: Peak Oil is already behind us. Apparently it happened in 2019. Last May, activists angry at ExxonMobil’s climate policies won three seats on its board of directors; Chevron shareholders voted to force the company to start cutting emissions; and a judge in the Netherlands ruled that Shell must slash its emissions by 45 percent by 2030. Oil is on its way out; so is the associated travel and many other pleasures we once had. Only the future will tell whether oil is ‘out’ because we ran out of it, or because it was declared unfashionable, but either way the digitally and transhumanically-inspired elites have decided to retire it.

We expect that the main victim of all this will be the US consumer. The bungling Donald Trump cared for this great country and its people, but couldn’t do much; the elites now sipping at the founts of power couldn’t care less about ordinary Americans. They have a higher vision of transforming mankind and reshaping its course. You will pay for it, and you may not like it, but they do not care.

Biden’s US has less appetite for military adventures; the woke ideology is strongly anti-testosterone. This is reason enough for the withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. You can’t expect wokes to want to fight in Third World countries, far away from the urban delights of New York and California. And while their elitist ideology, or trans-faith, is abominable, the international consequences could be positive for the world.

Summing up

We are living through a titanic struggle of a digital future against our oil past. This explains much of the covid drama. In this struggle, oil-less China is pitted against Big Oil, even at the price of heavy restrictions and lockdowns for its populace. Russia abstains from the Green Deal attack on US oil producers and yet still profits from the sidelines as the demand for Russian gas rises. Russia has its own vaccine, so it is rather insulated from orchestrated pandemic pressures. Afghanistan and Iraq have become quite irrelevant for Biden’s elites; they have more pressing battles back home, first of all against US nationalists. That’s why the empire withdraws. In the end, godless transhumanists will be defeated, as all their predecessors were; that is, unless they reach their “Singularity” (their name for the advent of Antichrist) first. But let us not worry too much about the future, for it is said (Matt, 6:34): do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Written in cooperation with Paul Bennett.

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  1. beautiful article as ever, thank you! we cannot give up on Humanity because we could never, ever give up on our hope and faith in the Mercy and Grace of Amlake Israel (the God of Israel). Faith, Hope and Love, these three abide; and God is Love.

  2. anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Regarding the anti-tobacco agendas discussed in the article, it seems the powers that be try to hide how smoking illnesses seem partly tied to chemicals and impurities in cigarettes, rather than the tobacco itself, which in pure form, has been seen to have not only health-neutral but even health-positive properties

    This is observed now in ‘alternative’ medical literature on covid, where it is noted that ‘dying from covid’ is less likely for moderate tobacco users … Many living past age 90 or 100 have some moderate tobacco & especially cigar use

    The establishment seems to be trying to deny plebs the in fact rather safe, spiritual and meditative pleasure of smoking a purely 100% tobacco cigar, a 45 minute or so relaxation ritual … an exquisite form of ‘tasting’ without eating or drinking

    Major health studies have shown that there is virtually zero health risk from smoking 1 or 2 cigars per day (versus cigarettes etc), because (1) premium cigars are all-natural, & (2) you don’t inhale into the lungs (National Cancer Institute Monograph 9, ‘Cigars – Health Effects & Trends’, 1998)

    In South America there are indigenous native tobacco healers, ‘tabaqueros’, who say that tobacco is indeed only meant for the mouth and head, not for the lungs and chest, and should not be burned with artificial substances, the paper, chemicals etc in cigarettes … and they do use tobacco successfully to heal

    For those unfamiliar, who would like to try the cigar experience, a quick guide:


    Pick one medium thick, about 12-16mm, just over half-inch diametre, a ‘corona’ or ‘panetela’, not the very fat ‘robusto’ nor a very thin (typically harsh) ‘cigarillo’ … have a good meal beforehand … you may need to poke a half-diametre hole in the smoking end, don’t cut off the whole width … smoke briefly in mouth only, exhale right away, you only ‘taste’ the smoke … one puff about every 30 seconds or so … every 5 minutes, blow-exhale through the cigar to freshen it … don’t smoke the last third, it can get harsh then

    A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier.
    – Ernesto ‘Ché’ Guevara (1928-1967)

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Disagree: Badger Down
    • Thanks: Right_On
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
    , @Skeptikal
  3. Thanks much, Israel Shamir, for this profound essay that is way ahead of even the current discussion on the most independant of internet sites. You position the bizarre transhumanism of the godless cosmopolitan elite as the hidden doctrine driving not just the war on the deplorables’ simple pleasure in tobacco, private mobility and cheap foreign vacations but also the criminal corona scam, the preposterous Green “climate-change” crusade against fossil fuels and the statist push for company-store regimentation of society with Basic Income schemes. That covers a whole lot of ground. But your beautifully worded piece arms us with one more common-sense argument against the top-own assault on our natural freedoms. Keep those essays coming!

  4. The Chinese are working on Small Modular Reactor technology along with using the Thorium fuel cycle. Soon, the rest of the world will be buying Chinese reactors but only after they freeze their collective asses off in winters that are going to get colder as the gulf stream weakens.

    The Chinese are winning on every score mainly due to the stupidity and arrogance of the west.

  5. anon[540] • Disclaimer says:

    Most people are hoping that the masking-vaxxing regime will go away, and life will return to “mid-80’s normal”. You remember it well: everyone went to their job, kids were educated at schools, flying was easy and you were treated like royalty. We are uncomfortable with the “new normal” and we don’t like to read about it or think about it.

    Yet the other side, the side that’s pushing all this top-down reform, they do not hide the fact that they want this to become permanent. They counsel their cadres to keep up the fight, that society must change, and that the non-woke resistance grows more elderly and powerless every day. We despair as we watch our neighbors respond like robots programmed by distant TV signals.

    The Globalists will point out that the old normal was not perfect. Nothing was tracked and so overproduction/maldistribution was a problem. Wealth disparity is still a problem. Hidden assets can destabilize economies, states, and cannot be taxed. Criminals can still step on a plane and disappear with untraceable cash and faked documents. Drug smuggling, sex trafficking and domestic violence are all part of the Old Normal.

    The Brave New World envisioned by globalists is eugenic, equitable, fair and balanced. It may take 1000 years, but they have a dream. There will be no particular races or cultures. Everyone will look more or less alike: a trans-euro-asio-african face, standardized height/weight, skin color a beautiful light brown. No one will be obese, or sick, or deformed, or impaired in any way. Countries and states and borders will be wiped off the map. There will be one language and one milquetoast religion.

    That is their simple goal. To achieve it, a large number of predictable actions must be taken. First, the laws and economies of all countries must be equalized and coordinated. This effort has been going on for generations now. It’s such a huge undertaking that it tends to overshadow the other endeavors quietly proceeding in parallel: ubiquitous tracking/surveillance, the destruction of current religions, and medical eugenics.

    The digital economy is the ideal solution for fairness, because once an economy becomes rooted in the real world inequities are bound to occur. Digital dollars may be easy to track (which solves many problems), and they can point to growing wealth disparities, but the man who tries to shut down a booming local economy is liable to get shot. Perhaps the global religion will train mankind to not seek riches.

    In any case, we’ll all be dead before we see much or any of this. They are content to wait for us to die off, although eugenics is also concerned with the timely dispatch of the elderly. We will be glad to leave the chaos of this world behind. The loved ones we leave behind will do what they are programmed to do, just as we once did what we were programmed to do.

    My father once asked me, after I had been railing against the government, “What’s wrong with propaganda?” Like most WW2 vets, he saw the coordinated programming of populations as a very efficient way of achieving peace. Perhaps we are too proud to admit that we have been stirred like porridge our whole lives. We flatter ourselves into thinking we think for ourselves and that we have rights.

    In the eyes of God, we are each invaluable humans destined to play an irreplaceable role in the Church Triumphant. In the eyes of man, we are just another Walmart shopper or road hog in the way. We naturally seek a release from stress and strife, and we just as naturally seek this on earth. It’s just not going to happen here. We can only be truly happy in eternity, when our time of testing is done.

  6. Wyatt says:

    God’s in His heaven— all’s right with the world! Or is it?

    A jap taught me that any time I see this statement, I should immediately suspect a cabal of shitheads to be plotting the downfall of mankind because they think they know better.

    Oh well. They get theirs in the end anyway.

    • Replies: @Max Payne
  7. Always much for thought, and alternative interpretations that contribute to understanding. Debunking the mainstream consensus is always rewarding to discovering the truth, by testing what’s being offered to us. What comes from outside the propaganda is illuminating,

  8. Biff says:

    A really good read.

  9. nickels says:

    Love it.
    Totally with the trans digital agenda.
    Living forever is all these satanists care about.
    They are dumb enough to think they can get there.

    In fact, the whole tech agenda will fall flat on its face as soon as the oil realm subsides.
    The amount of energy required to mine for the special metals required for a chip, to build a factory for semiconductors and to create their technical wizardy-it is way too large for their project to ever work.

    They will be computing with sticks in the end.

  10. @anon

    kids were educated at schools

    Were they?

  11. I tell people the best way to protest big oil is to sell your car and bike everywhere.

    The best way to protest global warming is to shut off electricity to your home.

    Not even hard core Greens accept my advice. It’s too far to bike to their pipeline protests, and where will they get light, heat and wi-fi without coal fired electricity.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
    , @Miro23
  12. Rahan says:

    We never thought much of globalisation, and our desire was granted: globalisation is out.

    Rather its democratic part. The NeoFeudal part to the contrary, appears to be accelerating.

    It’s not being able to suddenly go to another country on a whim that I minded, which I’m sure applies to many others. In fact, I didn’t mind that at all. One of the few benefits, in fact.

  13. HbutnotG says:

    Then there’s the outright lie about “low tar” cigarettes. Low tar ciggies cut the risk of cancer more than in half; a regular filter about 30%. Lung cancer peaked in the population that smoked non-filtered ciggies and acquired the pack-a-day habit which emerged in the 1950’s and increased greatly in the 60’s. And yes, there are big differences in lung cancer rates between those groups. But the US banned “low tar” designation on ciggies with fake data (sound familiar?) and recently has proposed a ban on menthol ciggies. The US doesn’t have the government paid healthcare that Canada and Britain have. We have to buy our own insurance. So how’s it their business? And don’t get me started on the second hand smoke fable. There is zero evidence there.

    A good cigar is very difficult to find in the US which never re-established the trade with Cuba. American cigars are junky things. Full of paper from who knows where. And now, as a trendy accoutrment have become very expensive. Ever since Canada (right next door) locked me out (like it has all old white men) I no longer smoke cigars.

    The obesity epidemic is tied to the no smoking culture. Add in the untimely pizza pasta culture and 32 and 64 oz sugar flavored sodas and there you have it.. If you don’t get your nicotine you’re gonna gobble snacks. And they sure have! I’ve never seen so many obese people in my life. And they stink worse than a room full of cigar smoke.

  14. @Carlton Meyer

    I’m still reminded of a news report i saw decades ago where the anti nuclear activists were heading to their rally in a Volkswagen van belching black smoke. I’ve never forgotten the images

  15. Miro23 says:

    That’s an interesting point about Wokism being an elite religion.

    Scott Alexander quipped, wokeness is a made-up mystery religion that college-educated people invented so they could feel superior to you. Ordinary people do not like it but are given to understand that wokes have more money and power, and that’s reason enough to emulate them.

    Regular people aren’t into wokism at all – in fact they hate it. But I agree that when elites or their drones get together it’s an automatic “What a relief we are finished with that Trump nightmare”, “I was out with the BLM today (NY)”, “We have to deal with these racists (deplorables)”.

    Also an amazing amount of them are “finance people” who make a point of flaunting their wealth.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  16. JimDandy says:

    The Digital Economy, Universal Basic Income, trans-sexuality and mandatory mRNA vaccinations is a rapid evolutionary strategy that today’s visionaries expect will prepare the masses to accept a trans-human super-race.


    • Replies: @israel shamir
  17. Miro23 says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I tell people the best way to protest big oil is to sell your car and bike everywhere.

    The woke approved compromise is to switch to an electric car and bicycle. That’s the Goodthinker option. The electric bikes are quite good – except that if they’re left in the street the batteries get stolen.

    Electric cars bring the hidden surprise that they require a costly rewiring of your home – and non-home recharging is a slow and frustrating affair (try recharging all electric with the number of cars and throughput rate of a busy petrol station).

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  18. Clyde says:

    Very original take by Shamir. You are right. It is the effete faggy digitals in fantasy land who want to strangle the practical economy such as oil production. And using oil in automobiles and for heating houses. Digitals have a death wish. I do not and most here, most grounded people do not. Digitals are hypochondriacs. They make their personal fears into a global hypochondria with their global warming fears and paranoia

    Worst of all, they are in a position to act on all their mental nonsense due to the vast wealth of the digital mega-corporations.

  19. @St-Germain

    It all depends on what you value more highly-the ‘simple pleasure’ of private mobility and cheap foreign vacations, or the lives of your children and the very existence of your grand-children. The denialist choose ignorant and fanatical self-interest, every time.

    • LOL: Alfred
  20. @RoatanBill

    The Chinese are working on EVERYTHING. Wind, on-shore and off, solar PV, solar thermal, even fly-wheels to capture the energy from braking trains, then returning it to the rail grid. Just recently non-coal resources produced more energy in China than coal did. No denialists in Beijing-it’s a meritocracy, not a mediocracy.

    • Replies: @romanempire
  21. Max Payne says:

    Don’t stress about Japs and their sexually repressed wide-eyed cartoons.

  22. Herald says:

    The Brave New World envisioned by globalists is eugenic, equitable, fair and balanced. It may take 1000 years, but they have a dream.

    No, it will not take a 1000 years and is meant to be in place by 2030.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  23. @JimDandy

    Transhumans will be different from us; how can they avoid our violent rejection? They train us that transgender is ok; that different species should be accepted; that multiple jabs are a norm; that we shall be safe anyway because of universal basic income. This is my answer to your “what”)))

    • Agree: Rich, Emslander
    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Skeptikal
  24. JimDandy says:
    @israel shamir

    How will they be different from us? Chip-enhanced intelligence? What will multiple jabs normalize?

  25. So will the first commercial fusion reactor be used to mine bitcoins or to desalinate water?

  26. MLK says:

    Always be wary when we’re served up something appealing like the term”Woke.” Yes, it’s meant to be ironic but still. . . .

    You’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s an ahead of the curve disparagement of the next Great Awakening.

    But if there is a single appropriated term that has me embittered in its loss its Progress. The Progressives and what purports to be Progressivism these days is anything but.

    You really can’t make it up! What was the diamond in the rough the West plucked from the collapse of Soviet Communism — “Everyone Agrees!”

    Consider yourself well-equipped if you learned and still remember relevant historical analogues, or even just the most recent post-Cold War three decades which more than memory-holed has been self-memory-holed by the American ruling and governing classes because it’s such a Sad Story for us.

    It’s like mother’s line from the original movie Carrie — “They’re all going to laugh at you!”

    Don’t give way to despair. And most certainly don’t be so sure in it just because they have good PR. After all, did any of these characters who currently tell everyone their shit doesn’t stink even consider, let alone forecast, that Russia would have a resurgence and Amercia would install a “Yeltsin” (96-99)?

    It’s hard times for the American Project. But if you ignore the hype, do our would-be overlords look like “Strong Horses?” If they keep it up, help or no help from CCP China, they’re going to buy themselves the Khmer Rouge solution — Their glasses will be taken away and they’ll be sent to work and die in the fields.

  27. Thank you, Mr Shamir, for an excellent review.

    It seems that organised “christianity” in the west is unfit to combat in any way the demonic activity you so ably describe, rather does it encourage obedience to it.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Emslander
  28. @Miro23

    Electric cars depend on two very rare materials: lithium and cobalt. Unless the battery design changes to using some more readily available materials, the whole project will bite the dust soon.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Notsofast
  29. anaccount says:

    ZOG learned enough about counter-insurgency warfare over the last 20 years and it’s time to apply those lessons right here at home.

  30. @RoatanBill

    Thanks for mentioning Thorium which looks like it will be a real game changer; from trends

    In the next few months, China will finish building a new nuclear reactor in a desert near the city of Wuwei.
    Nuclear power plants aren’t new but the technology running China’s plant is: it runs on thorium, not uranium as the world’s other nuke plants do.
    Actually, molten salt nuclear reactors using thorium as fuel aren’t news (“New age for new energy,” Trends Journal, 8 December 2014).
    Thorium as a safer, cheaper fuel for electricity generation was vetted by plants as far back as the 1950s.
    It was an obvious choice.
    Trends Journal 137 3 August 2021

    Thorium is generously scattered around the globe, four times more plentiful than uranium.
    It’s able to deliver as much as 300 times more energy for generating electricity than an equal volume of uranium while yielding less than 1 percent of uranium’s toxic waste.
    In an electricity generating reactor, as much as 99 percent of the thorium can be consumed, compared to typically 2 percent or less of the uranium.
    Thorium also isn’t fissile, which means it won’t explode when a critical mass piles up: no meltdowns, no Chernobyl—or Fukushima-style world-impacting disasters.
    But thorium technology was shelved 60 years ago in favor of uranium, which is fissile and could provide quick, cheap raw material for making nuclear bombs after generating plants had used it.
    Now the technology has been rediscovered (“Nuclear Power on the Rise,” Trends Journal, 19 September, 2018). China launched its thorium R&D program in 2011 and is preparing to flip the switch on the world‘s first commercial-scale thorium-powered nuke plant.
    In this design, the nuclear fuel—thorium—flows through the reactor in a slurry of molten salt, kept at normal atmospheric pressure. The salt acts as a coolant, eliminating the need for miles of plumbing and concrete cooling towers as tall as skyscrapers.
    If there is a break or accident, a molten salt reactor won’t blow up or melt down; when exposed to air, the salt solidifies and locks the nuclear material in place instead of letting it soak into the ground or leak into a body of water.
    When the thorium fuel is spent, most of its radioactivity abates in less than 100 years, although some will remain for 500 years—still 20 times better than the 10,000-year toxicity life of spent uranium fuel.
    Trends Journal 138

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  31. @Joe Levantine

    In my case, you’re preaching to the choir but I do appreciate anyone that tries to inform the public about the only real solution for power long term – nuclear done correctly. I’ve been trying to spread the word on MSR, LFTR, Thorium technology for almost 20 years.

    An excellent collage of information about the Thorium fuel cycle :

    To highlight the stupidity of the US legal system – Thorium legal problems:

    Article on China & Thorium along with video:

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  32. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Just recently non-coal resources produced more energy in China than coal did

    Well, you may then be surprised to read the latest article in Forbes – Forget About Peak Oil – We Haven’t Even Reached Peak Coal Yet. They say in China, India and much of Asia, coal-fired power plants have seen record usage levels.

    The global futures price for coal set a new record high in May. And no suprise – more than 350 new coal-fired power plants are under construction across Asia, including 184 in China, 52 in India, 7 in South Korea and 13 in Japan. China is also financing the building of hundreds of additional new coal plants in nations like Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

    And here is my favourite quote: coal-fired power usage is also spiking in European countries like Germany and France, both of which spent years loudly boasting of their plans to eliminate coal from their energy profiles.

    In the real world, the war on oil will have only one winner – coal. Heatwave? Burn more coal and provide extra juice to the air conditioners. Cold wave? Burn more coal and generate more heat. Electrical cars? Burn more coal and generate electricity for them.

    Many in the world seem to be in denial of the simple fact – there has never been a case in history when economy growth has not been accompanied by the growth in energy production and consumption. And there is simply no replacement for fossil fuels. You can reduce fossil fuel consumption only by killing the economy. The European nations have simply moved energy-consuming sectors of economy abroad. You can do it locally, but not on a global scale.

    The global economy growth won’t stop just because someone is very concerned that in 100 years from now the sea level will rise a foot or two.

    The world has to admit that there is nothing we can do about climate change and embrace it as a fact of life. Things will get better (if you think they are getting worse) in 50 years from now when the world population will be in precipitous decline.

    • Agree: Rich, phillip sawicki
    • Thanks: RestiveUs
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  33. reante says:

    lol, what a mess this article is.

    I’ve been dimly aware of Shamir as one of the sharper cookies at unz, but this is what happens when smart people who never nailed down the fundamentals of reality get swamped by fast-moving events during sea changes, and come out of it looking like a wet rat.

    Shamir acts like he knows what he talking about but at the same time tacitly admits that he’s lost.

    If you don’t know whether Peak Oil is or isn’t true, then you can’t begin to understand current events. This is the case because civilization is most fundamentally a thermodynamic enterprise. Thermodynamics are the ‘material’ concerns within an electromagnetic universe. Civilization is humans pathetically fixating on materialism. Cultural materialism. All religions exist to facilitate this cultural materialism, either directly (western religions) or through guise (eastern religions).

    Here are some fundamental truths, Israel, in order to help you clear your mind.

    Peak Oil did happen a couple years ago. That is why we have the plandemic, in order to destroy energy demand so that the global financial bubble is not popped by supply shortages. (It’s that simple.)

    CO2 and methane are factually greenhouse gases that are destabilizing the natural dynamics of the climate. Coal, natural gas, and oil are factually fossil fuels that shouldn’t have the word “fossil” in quotation marks, Israel. That’s child’s play, Israel. If you can’t figure out that fundamental, then you are basing everything on a lie.

    Anthropogenic climate change (ACC) is factual but it is also being weaponized (because of Peak Oil). ACC politics serves as political cover for Peak Oil which cannot be acknowledged because chaos will ensue. If the managers of civilization announce that civilization is collapsing due to having reached the Limits To Growth, then chaos will ensue and the 400+ nuclear power stations which are dependent upon the industrial electrical grids in order to not go fukushima, WILL go fukushima, and almost every mammal in the northern hemisphere will die.

    Natural gas is not a “preferred” fossil fuel in “green” terms. That’s an ass-backwards idea. Joule for joule natural gas is a far worse greenhouse gas emitter than oil.

    I’ll stop here.

    If we don’t understand all of the fundamentals of reality, we get turned around and lost, and all we can do is create jumbled fictions, thereby only perpetuating the very tower of babel that we seek to tear down.

    Israel, I suggest you start back at the beginning. When you get the fundamentals down, your vast knowledge base and experience will magically begin to rearrange itself into a coherent picture, and your experience of that process will be a satisfying one indeed, and it may help a great many people also live in reality.

    With all due respect, sir, this is no time for mincing words.

    Who wants to live in the holistic truth? Not many. It scares the pants off almost everyone, so they deny true reality and retreat into reactionary, anti-imperialist politics and religion, too. Don’t be that person!


    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Troll: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @israel shamir
    , @Skeptikal
  34. GMC says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Excellent statement – Thanks.

  35. Rich says:

    The “trans-humans” will succeed. They’ve made substantial progress in life extension diets and available technologies for repairing joints and organs are already changing lives. They are pouring billions into this project, with some really intelligent scientists involved. None of us know how far they’ll get, but what we can see if we’ve had any contact with the very old is they aren’t all that happy. They miss their friends, families, the world they grew up in. These trans-human creatures will be sad oddities, bored out of there skulls, begging to have their switches turned off. What is so great about this world that anyone would refuse to move on? Live, have children, maybe some grandkids, try to make peace with God and move on. None of us are that important, at some point, it’s time to leave.

  36. Not to detract from the overall thesis of your well-written and thought out piece, but, Nietzsche and you are of one mind with respect to a “transhuman future”.

    “There you will discover the trans-humanist agenda, a peculiar idea of creating android-supermen and discarding ordinary humans. The denial of God is at the foundation of this idea. Nietzsche made it popular in the beginnings of the 20th century, after announcing his famous quip “God is dead”.”

    For the early Greeks, Gods walked the Earth. In both the Iliad and the Odyssey, Gods came down from their lofty dwelling on Olympus and took a hand in guiding human affairs, mainly by interfering on behalf of a step son or daughter. The beneficiary of these interventions was regarded as being “favored by the Gods”. So the Greeks recognized that some of us were blessed by good fortune in that we or they possessed some quality that set them apart from the ordinary, run of the mill product of civilization. These people were blessed. They shared in the divinity of the Gods.

    As time went on, and the human mind developed its capacity for analytical thinking and mathematical representation of the world, belief in the immanence of the Gods as incarnate beings weakened. The Sun was not Divine, it was a ball of hot glowing rock. A spring was not the dwelling place of nymphs and sprites, it was merely a pleasant place to enjoy a bit of cooling shade. Boreas was not the breath of a God, but the result of movements between the four primal elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And so on.

    A deep skepticism took hold among the thinking class of people. The myths and sacred stories were suitable for children and the weak-minded, but sophisticated people no longer believed that they literally represented the outside world.

    As any careful reader of ancient literature cannot help but note, all the main themes of what came to be called Christianity are discussed in Plato’s dialogues. Notions such as immortality of the Soul, of its being better for the Soul to be on the receiving end of evil rather than its perpetrator, of a judgement after death, of the Good life consisting in something other than piling up the riches of this world and so on are discussed extensively in the Platonic dialogues.

    Supposedly, if one believes the storyline of the contemporary Christian Church, Christ’s appearance on Earth was the dawn of a new Era. God has sent his only begotten son. God is incarnate. God has become man. He appears among us. He walks among us.

    Yet, as we have seen above, this was not such an alien or novel notion at all. It had been the default belief for ages. For the Gods to manifest and walk the Earth was the normal state of affairs.

    So how did the sophisticated elements of Roman society react to this preposterous stranger who, while walking among them on two legs–just as everyone else did–claimed to be the Son of God? Or, perhaps more accurately, whose followers vaunted him as such.

    They denied the claim and derided his followers as morons. Any fool knew that the Gods no longer walked the Earth as was claimed in olden times. And yet this new faith took hold and expanded to ultimately conquer not just the Mediterranean world, but all of Europe. And this is how matters stood until the revival of the manuscripts that came to light during the Renaissance. Under the blazing torch of the Enlightenment, belief that any God could walk the Earth crashed. No one on Earth believed any longer in the plausibility of any God’s being able to manifest and walk the Earth.

    But how would humanity live without the comforting belief that they were the objects of attention in the consciousness of a Divine Race of more powerful Beings who mediated humanity’s relationship with impersonal all-powerful Fate and Destiny? Even Zeus admitted that he was powerless against Moirai, or Destiny. (F. M. Cornford, From Religion to Philosophy) The Olympians were not equivalent to what we, today, post Monotheism, regard as God. The Gods and Goddesses of the Greeks were as human as they were Divine. They were not all-powerful abstractions. They were limited in their powers and in the province over which their powers held sway.

    The World became a lonelier place when belief in the old Gods died out. And lonelier still when belief in Christ-as-God/Man faded. As Pascal said, “The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me.”

    For the ancients, the World was a Garden. For the modern, it is a collection of buzzing atoms, the ruling, organizing Force of which is resonant harmony. One electron is like any other. And likewise, in the biological sciences, impersonal Darwinism does not care a whit for the individual, only the survival of the species matters. The life of any one member of the Group is not important in the workings of natural selection. There is no God or Goddess who takes an interest in your particular affairs. You are a digit in a much larger equation. You are merely an instance. An instantiated, corporeal realization of the broader species to which you belong and which conditions your existence by its peculiar adaptive strategy to the challenges of living. Truly, God is uninterested in you in your uniqueness. And so you, in turn, are uninterested in Him. He is dead to you.

    That’s what Nietzsche meant. He did not “deny” God. He did not “murder” God. He wrote his obituary.

    In their effort to fight against this “digitization” of humanity, both Kierkegaard and Nietzsche came to reject the burgeoning, scientific description of humanity offered by statistical analysis. HEED THIS OH READERS OF UNZ. The use of statistics in describing your fellow humans turns them into digits and deprives them of their fundamental humanness, of their uniqueness in the Eye of God. This rejection is the dawn of Existentialism. The belief that one’s existence cannot be the product of a formula, that one must choose and create his life. That to do so is to be an authentic human being. That in the final analysis, one can’t help but choose so it is better to turn and face the choice squarely and, since one cannot rely upon some statistical analysis to tell one what to do, one must engage in a leap of faith. One must project one’s will forward, which, like the falsework that acts as the form for cast-in-place concrete structures will ultimately be ripped out and replaced by the hardened fact of one’s existence. One’s former at-the-time fluid choices harden and become limiting factors going forward and one is confronted with one’s past with every consideration of the future.

    So you see, Nietzsche, far from murdering God, sought to salvage some element of the old uniqueness of a human in a personalized Universe while acknowledging that in light of modern science, the old myths could not be sustained. So I say, Nietzsche was a theologian who was not willing to entirely forsake the great Pagan/Christian tradition because he foresaw that the new theology of numbers was just a schema of a real life lived. Nietzsche was the last great Christian theologian as he was the first post Christian theologian.

    • Replies: @reante
  37. … the ginger Bambi fawns frolic in the forest ….

    ICYMI, here’s a Bambi going all frolic on a hawk:

    Maybe this deer was a COVID-vaxx test subject.

    • LOL: Skeptikal, niceland
  38. reante says:

    I almost forgot another fundamental of reality relating to this article: transhumanism is not possible in reality. transhumanism in end-stage industrial culture is a psyop. it’s the primary cultural misdirection play being dangled in front of the naive masses in order to maintain the fake Progress narrative that is otherwise so self-evidently in a shambles.

    Zeroes and ones have no consciousness. Intelligence comes from organic consciousness. There is no such thing as artificial intelligence; all there is computation and human-derived algorithms, and algorithms in the context of AI are, in effect, autistic (rigid) proclamations of low frequency human consciousness that negate free will.

    Furthermore, zeroes and ones cannot even interact with consciousness. In reality there can be no such thing as uploading information into the brain, for example. That is science fiction. Silicon chips do not do anything but store zeroes and ones. Kinda like viruses lol. They cannot interact with consciousness. The only way that nanotechnology can interact with human consciousness is through disruption; as pollution.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  39. @Joe Levantine

    The lack of reliable power generation in sufficient quality will kill EVs before the lack of other resources. It is all theatre to get people out of their IC cars before they literally turn out the lights and lock us down to biking and walking distances in Agenda 2030 industrial plantations cities of the future.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
  40. Sirius B says:

    The real story of oil:
    The oil supply of cheap oil is diminishing rapidly and we are at the bottom of the barrel. We use more than is currency available. There are secret reserves which will utilized when things start getting hot.
    Hence the “war” with Venezuela and Syria and others. its about oil.
    The “elite” know this. That is why there is a campaign against oil. To crash prices so companies can be bought for pennies on the dollar. As People lose interest in oil, they can come sweep in to grab the deals.
    There are many potential reserves of oil but they are kept secret in case other people get interested and the Market becomes Competitive and prices start to rise.
    Once the oil market is completely run by them, then prices will soar and everyone will be in their debt.
    There is no other source of energy that is cheap and easy to access and use as oil. The others are too expensive and not practical for regular mass consumption on a global scale. There are many potential reserves of oil but they are kept secret in case other people get interested.
    The anti-oil movement and climate change is just propaganda.
    The legacy of Edward Bernays.

    • Replies: @reante
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  41. Anon[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Want to know more about thorium and molten salt reactors? Here is a good video that will get you up to speed. Only 16 minutes, and worth it.

  42. Sirius B says:

    Sorry typo.
    We use more oil than will be currently available in the future. Consumption of oil is increasing at a faster pace than supply.

  43. Tom Verso says:

    You come down heavy on the Rockefellers for their role in climate change polices,
    you conveniently ignore Blackrock.

    You write:
    “Last May, activists angry at ExxonMobil’s climate policies won three seats on its board of directors”

    A Goggle search of ‘Blackrock and Exxon renders voluminous articles about Blackrock’s role in getting climate change ideologues on Exxon’s Board, leading to changes in the companies polices.

    See for example one such article:

    Frankly, call me a conspiracy theorist if you will,
    but I can’t help but wonder if
    someone named Israel might be a tad defensive about a ‘Pisa’ like Larry Fink.

    Just Wondering??

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  44. reante says:
    @Sirius B

    The oil market is already competely run by them and everybody already is in their debt.

    There is zero evidence for secret reserves. There is also no motive for secret reserves, because the more cheap, easy reserves there are, the more rich and powerful they are, because the power of money is merely a proxy for the power of energy. The only way that marketable supply is being conserved is via economic sanctions.

  45. Skeptikal says:

    I have read that the real killer in modern cigarettes is the chemicals added esp. to keep the cigarettes burning when not being actively puffed on (say, laying it on the edge of the ash tray while one does something else), and the most damaging factor is the heat of the hot smoke that is drawn into the lungs.

    Certainly anyone who has rolled his or her own back in the day knows that one has to keep drawing to keep the cig going.

    As for the meditative pleasure of smoking a cigar, many nonsmoking bystanders surely prefer being wreathed in pipe smoke rather than cigar smoke.

  46. Skeptikal says:

    Yes, I do think the sociopaths running the op at the current time want to be there!!
    Even though getting here has been a multi-generational effort, that doesn’t mean that the current “elders” will happily leave the scene. For starters, they are control freaks, and this may make it hard for them to “bring along” their successors and accept relinquishing leadership to them. What is the point of transhumanism if it can’t keep Schwab, Gates, & cie alive to survey and enjoy the Brave New World?

    When I think of genuine multi-generational efforts to improve a society, the only example I can come up with the Dutch, with their single-minded commitment to draining and dyking their little corner of the world.

    Of course they were under constant pressure from the ocean, but they didn’t just dyke out the ocean. They had to drain most of the interior of their country, too, plus tame a few major rivers. Awareness of water levels and water functioning and interconnection and flow and the importance of pumping (windmills) is like a second brain in the Dutch. It took them a few centuries, but they got there: they created a habitable land out of swamps and large lakes.

    Are the current globalist maniacs capable of the same?

  47. Skeptikal says:
    @israel shamir

    Will “we” be able to recognize “them”?

    Mask regimes may already, now, be conditioning children to be unable to distinguish between a normal human and a transhuman.

    It is my belief that young children need constant exposure to their parents and siblings to be sure of their appearance and of being able to identify them immediately and confidently.

    My reason is anecdotal only: When I was six I was sent to live with my aunt. Some months later—maybe even a year—I don’t know—I was playing at a friend’s house and I was told there was someone for me at the door. It was winter, early evening, dark outside. I went to the door and looked up at a woman who was standing under the porch light, and thought it might be my mother. But I wasn’t sure, because she looked a bit like the mother of the friend at whose house I was playing (I expect my aunt had dropped me off there while she went to fetch my mother from the train). I peered and peered—afraid of course, to make a mistake. I was maybe 7. My mother finally did tell me who she was . . .

    Another thing: Children are mystified as to how adults can estimate another adult’s age. Of course it takes years and years of careful observation—most of it unconscious—of people’s faces to develop this “intuition” regarding age.

    Maybe the reason for the many flip-flops last year on mask “efficacy” was because instructions from “Central” down to the Fauci-level functionaries were unclear as to the point of it.

    Thinking about this issue of recognizing transhumans makes it seems quite plausible that the mask mandates are an element in the planned disabling of half-unconscious but crucial social and physical survival strategies—not to mention aesthetic functions—of the human mind.

    • Replies: @MGB
  48. @Miro23

    Wokeism is a modern day “selfie” religion. It’s all about putting yourself into the picture whenever and wherever. If you’re not the mindful (yours not anyone else’s) center of attention then it never happened and you’ll likely exhibit signs of FOMO (fear of missing out). You can’t have that so you’d better get busy virtue signalling like hell!

    • Replies: @reante
  49. MGB says:

    The masks, other than a dual humiliation /virtue signaling ritual for adults, is intended to further stupefy and terrorize kids. Kids learn language in part by observing the mouth of the speaker and learn social clues observing facial expressions. And that goes for adults as well and why text and email are such poor substitutes for face to face or even phone contact. Never underestimate what sadistic freaks these people are. A million or so on a one way trip to their beloved Mars colony would be a good start.

    • Replies: @MGB
  50. reante says:

    That’s unfair. It’s not like wokeism has zero substance. For example, the idea of equity is rooted in egalitarian, subsistence societies which is 99pc of human heritage. Have they twisted egalitarianism? Absolutely.

    Any idea from anyone should be treated on the merits of the idea and not the messenger. Otherwise we’re just engaging in logical fallacy.

    It’s a universal impulse, to advocate for what you believe is true. That doesn’t mean the advocate is trying to make themselves the center of attention. If that was the case then anybody who wanted to could rightfully dismiss Socrates as an attention whore and martyr.

    Wokesters are just doing the same thing that we’re doing, and we’re just hip to the falsehoods of their wokedom.

    And no doubt that there are _______ falsehoods around here that a high IQ wokester would be hip to were he to sample the conversation here.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  51. MGB says:

    Social cues not clues

  52. Notsofast says:
    @Joe Levantine

    electric motors are superior to internal combustion engines, fewer moving parts, instant torque, less maintenance, less stress on the internals, longer operating life. the issue with todays electric cars are batteries which require rare earth metals and are prone to catching fire. what i cant understand is why manufacturers don’t have a small, efficient on board generator to power the electric motor. a 25 hp generator can produce more than enough power to drive an electric motor that would outperform most super cars. i don’t understand why todays hybrids insist on using two separate drive systems rather than integrating the two systems.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  53. Skeptikal says:

    “small, efficient on board generator to power the electric motor. ”

    What powers the generator?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  54. Emslander says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Just when Satan and his digital followers believe that Christianity is finished, Christians will have learned how to put into effect the mystical powers that modernism thought it had eliminated. It’s why Satan hates human beings so much, God reserved his greatest power and glory for those human beings who unite themselves with the cross of Christ.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  55. reante says:

    Nice comment at 36. Thanks.

    I will add that before civilization the universal animist heritage of indigenous humanity correctly held that one could know nothing of god other than that god must exist, since something (creation) cannot come from nothing. Hence the term ‘creator.’ Animism was based in pure Reason, as reflected in the relative sustainabilities of its ways of living.

    The ‘great spirit/mystery in the sky’ idea common to so many animist cultures was not a reference to the creator, as generally believed. It was a reference to consciousness, or that which animates energy; animism was a holographic cosmology.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  56. Schuetze says:

    Stalin was a transhumanist, how else could he have sadistically murdered so many million souls for the sake of his own eternal glory. Stalin famously stated “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”. This is the man that Shamir, and Putin, idolize above all other leaders and tyrants across all of history.

    Ephesians 4:27 says “do not give the devil a foothold.”. By whitewashing Stalin’s crimes against humanity Shamir, and Putin, give the devil a foothold in our existence. Transhumanism and transgenderism are merely splinters of the devils work. The Red Russian Rapist Army and the communist purge of Christianity by Russians across all of Eastern Europe on behalf of Satan was just one more splinter of the corruption and judaic perversion that the planet faces today. By denying and refusing to repent for these massive sins against humanity committed by their idol Stalin, Shamir and Putin both promulgate the “glory” of Satan. Tattoos, abortion, pornography, pedophilia, homosexuality and drug addiction are a result of their failure to confront and accept historical truths.

    • Replies: @anno nimus
    , @israel shamir
  57. Dumbo says:

    1) Transhumanists are evil, but there’s no much need to be afraid of transhumanism itself. It is not really possible. “Transhumanists” will really just be defective human beings. I mean, do “transgenders” look like real women? So, apply that to “transhumans” in general and you’ll see that they will not be supermen, but freaks.

    2) The Kovid Kult would be more bearable if they didn’t treat us all like stupid children. I was watching some media news about vaccines, “100% safe” (LOL, they really said that), “safe for pregnant women” (but how do they know, if pregnant women did not participate in any trial?). And forcing the stupid masks, when most everybody knows that they are completely useless. The other day there was a video of a Doctor (Dan Stock) with some common sense observations about many of the lies we were told, it was quickly removed (why? on what grounds), although you might still find it somewhere.

    3) Global warming is another lie. (Although, both the Chinese and American are now able to modify the weather locally, at least for a little while, causing rain or draught, so who knows what else they can do).

  58. Notsofast says:

    gasoline or diesel fuel would be simplest solution to make use of existing infrastructure.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  59. Although it is only exaggeration of trends, it is still absolutely brilliant article.

    • Disagree: reante
  60. @reante

    Equity? Fuck that and fuck those who foist that shit on people. The tyranny of good intentions doesn’t make the intentions any less tyrannical. Its not like people are more stupid than in the past…. oh no!… its that its easier for the stupid busy bodies to congregate and make life a living hell for those who simply want to be left alone.

    • Agree: reante
  61. Skeptikal says:

    “The ‘great spirit/mystery in the sky’ idea common to so many animist cultures ”

    According to a book about the missionary Thomas Mayhew, the idea that Indians believed in a “great spirit” is nonsense made up by later settlers and writers who romanticized the Indians and th eir way of life. Indians of New England had “at least 37 gods” and were terrified of most of them.

    • Replies: @reante
  62. Skeptikal says:


    In that case why not just run a diesel or a gasoline engine???

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  63. @romanempire

    ‘Embracing’ anthroppogenic climate destabilisation is exactly akin to embracing death. But not the individual death of the solitary person, but the group death of our species, and that of most of Life on Earth.
    I understand that the denial of Near Term Human Extinction is vital to preserve psychic equanimity, not to mentions tens of trillions in fossil fuel assets, but it won’t make it go away. One of the parameters of our auto-genocide that the denialists seem not able to comprehend is the RAPIDITY of the changes. The climate changes currently being experienced (the July just passed was the hottest month ever recorded)are proceeding far more rapidly, by at least one order of magnitude, than any experienced in planetary history, save after comet or meteor impacts, and there the consequences were relatively short-lived compared to the millennia of change already guaranteed by our greenhouse emissions. The changes at the ends of glaciations, driven by the Milankovitch Cycles, are two orders of magnitude less rapid.
    It is this rapidity driving the mass extinctions and biodiversity loss currently being experienced, of which the destruction or near destruction of our species will be one, barring a miracle of some unknown type. Simply denying that it is even happening just makes the inevitable that much more proximate. Most of those coal-powered stations, if the figures are true, won’t be built, either because humanity will finally take action, or the collapse will come much earlier than expected, say in the next decade. And looking at the global outbreaks of fire and flood, it could be this decade.

  64. Ktulu says:

    Third time I tried to make this comment due to bad connection, so it’s way shorter than it should be. Anyway:

    -trans humanism has the same problems as trans-sexuality. If you have an XY pair, you’re male, if you have an XX pair, your female. If you have 23 pairs, you are human, and no technology exists that can reliably change these pairs or their contents in a fully developed human. Either you are accepting only your offspring can be trans-human, or you are accepting nobody can be

    -bolting technology onto the human form doesn’t make you trans-human, nor does it make you paticularly superior. Put a computer in your brain? You make your brain lazy, just like if you cut off your legs and added battery powered wheels you would get fat. Cars and computers already exist independent of the human body, no need for a transplant

    -since biology is superior to technology, and biology needs to be an integrated whole, a post-human would, as I said before, need to be built from the ground up. Start with a survey of all biology, select what is “best” or what you want to create the most, build the DNA concept, code the chromosones, build the actual embryo, and grow it into your new human. And remember: this creation isn’t you Herr Frankenstein, it might not like you. It might not like why you created it. It might not like it’s existence. You might have left something out of it’s existence that you didn’t know it needed. What if it is so smart the world bores it to death? What if it has more sympathy for humans than you? What if it decides to kill you for making it suffer the terrible fate of it’s own existence? You can’t account for these things, and it will be more powerful and more intelligent than you.

    • Thanks: ThreeCranes
  65. @Emslander

    When did your mythical God decide that his creation, ie Man, should exterminate itself through greed and idiocy?

  66. @Sirius B

    It’s funny, as well as odious beyond description, to still see denialist fanatics claiming that anthropogenic climate destabilisation is a ‘fraud’ with NO evidence, and in a world where the hottest month ever recorded was the July just passed, the twenty hottest years ever recorded have occurred since 1998, 2016 and 2020 the two hottest, and the world is being afflicted by record, often by several degrees Celsius, temperatures, record droughts and tremendous deluges and floods, and, conversely, record wild-fires from one end of the northern hemisphere to the other. How does one describe the lunatic fanaticism of these enemies of Life on Earth? What deep, dark, psychopathology drives them? Hurry with your answers, because the hour is getting very, very, late.

    • Agree: reante
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  67. reante says:

    Then Mayhew did not meet tribal animists. By the time the white man arrived many native americans were living in hierarchical chiefdoms, due to any number of reasons but most fundamentally because of chronic ecological compaction. With hierarchical chiefdoms came proto religions, whether polytheistic or otherwise.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  68. Alfa158 says:

    Perhaps the techno-billionaire’s faith in trans-humanism is a demonstration of the power of wishful thinking. People a lot smarter than me have deluded themselves with the possibility that if they can magically transfer a copy of themselves into a silicon intelligence, then they won’t die. The copy of themselves running on the machine will think of itself as them, and will therefore be them. It’s kind of illuminating, these hyper-materialists deep down still believe in the Soul and that this Soul can be transported into an (almost) immortal machine.
    What they should do is watch the Johnny Depp movie Transcendence where the issue was dealt with logically. Depp’s personality is uploaded into an AI, which maybe thinks it is him for about two milliseconds, before it’s speed and breadth of thought, operating in a platform free of biological limitations turns into something completely new. Sorry guys, even if the transfer works, it’s still lights out when your body dies and all you did was create something different.

    • Replies: @reante
  69. Skeptikal says:

    Wow, Mulga thinks I am a troll because I asked an obvious question.

    I’ll say it again, and it is a sincere question:

    What is the point of carrying an onboard generator powered with gasoline or diesel to provide power to an electric car, instead of just using the fuel to run an engine to move the car?

  70. Skeptikal says:

    Maybe a few humans can live like animists in the current day and age.

    However I see little difference between belief in one Great Spirit and belief in God, whatever the name.
    Surely this is about where the Transcendentalists came into the picture.

    • Replies: @reante
  71. reante says:

    Notsofast already answered that question with his original argument that a fuel-burning generator powering an electric motor would only have to be .25 HP.

  72. reante says:

    It seems to me the belief in AI is just the false internal logic of mechanistic thinking, born of machine culture, taken to its (il)logical conclusion. Machines are labor savers. The joules required to operate them are invisible to the naked eye; the automobile as magic carpet ride. The work machines do is psychologically externalized in the same way that the global cotton consumer of the first half of the 19th century externalized both the work required and the nature of the work required in order to bring the cotton to market.

    When we rely on machines we become capture bonded to machines. Nerds who become capture bonded to machines become extremely delusional in their relationship to reality.

    One’s personality cannot be uploaded to computer hardware. There is no conversion for that dynamic.

    And AI cannot think. AI itself is a paradox, and by definition paradoxes do not exist.

  73. reante says:

    What goes around comes around. The moral of the story is don’t go round calling people trolls. If you got something constructive to say about my original comment to Shamir then come on out and say it.

  74. reante says:

    Not many functional animists these days given that the functional level of freedom required by animism is highly illegal. I am philosophical animist and the best I can do under my circumstances is to be a hardcore homesteader, in the same way that some of the Seminole tribes became mobile homesteaders out of necessity during the 30-year American offensive against them.

    The common reason IMO that people can’t see the difference between the creator (god) and consciousness is because new age culture of the West that co-opts Eastern religions, deifies consciousness.

    Consciousness is that which animates energy, to symbiotically manifest the holographic universe. Consciousness is not god/creator. The creator created consciousness and energy, and the conditions whereby the two could act in symbiosis.

    The animists of our universal human heritage understood this nature of reality because they weren’t separated from its obviousness by civilization.

  75. @Schuetze

    Mr. Shamir is able to speak for himself. Mr. Putin’s dilemma is how to fill the tragic void in the Russian history caused by communism while salvaging some of the few but positive (and decisive!) achievements like the Great Patriotic War, Sputnik, decolonization of the Global South, nuclear technology. Putin is a genius, he does not wish to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Godspeed to him!

  76. reante says:
    @anno nimus

    There are dynamics more fundamental to reality than political theater.

  77. @Schuetze

    You are unable to speak on the topic. For you, it is always Stalin, Hitler, the defeat of Germany in 1945… Go away, please.

  78. @Tom Verso

    Tom, Rockefeller Foundation is also chaired by a Jew. I think you are in impasse, unless you fly to Mars; there are Jews everywhere)))

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  79. @reante

    Thank you for your detailed comment.

    Peak Oil did happen a couple years ago. That is why we have the plandemic, in order to destroy energy demand

    This is more or less what I wrote. Though I do hedge bets. Your picture is a possible one, but reality is more nuanced.

    • Replies: @reante
  80. Notsofast says:

    there are a number of reasons, first of all electric motors are far more efficient than internal combustion engines which produce a lot of heat which is lost energy. second, to propel a vehicle you would need a much bigger engine than to power a generator the bigger the engine the more fuel required and the more emissions produced. third, the torque produced by an electric motor is instantaneous as opposed to an internal combustion which has to build up to peak torque at about 4,000 rpms, more wasted energy. a tesla s plaid is the fastest production car in the world accelerating 0-60 in under 2 seconds, now remove the dangerous fire hazard batteries, replace them with an on board generator and you’ve got something.

    • Thanks: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  81. reante says:
    @israel shamir

    Right on, Ishmael. Appreciate your equanimity, I know I came on strong, that’s what reante does.

    I was not not commenting with nor on nuance. I was commenting on the fundamentals, which is the opposite of nuance, which itself generally addresses complexity.

    Reality — or more accurately, the Past — has only one possibility. The Future, which is not yet reality, has many possibilities despite the inertia of the Past.

    There is no need to hedge bets on Peak Oil, other than the timing of it. The Peak Oil dynamic has continuously dominated world events via geopolitics since US peak conventional crude production in 1970. Globalization itself is the result of that peak.

    Bretton Woods ended two years after that peak, in 1972.

    The USSR collapsed two years after its peak oil production.

    The GFC hit 2.5 years after global peak conventional crude production, and the world has been running on QE ever since. We have had 14years now without organic global growth.

    The plandemic hit 1.5 years after global peak total (oil) liquids production, because the elite aren’t stupid. They’re smart.

    This is the fundamental narrative from which all geopolitical pattern recognition springs, because civilization is about power and power alone. All civilizations grow until they can grow no more, then they collapse. Everybody is in the same boat, Russia and China included.

    What I like to explore regarding geopolitics are the rational ways in which the global elites will cooperate with each other during collapse so as to avoid the elephant in the room exploding in their faces, that being the 400+ nuclear power plants that require vast amounts of cold water pushed through their systems 24/7/365 in order to keep the reactors and fuel pools from killing them (the elite). The elite, as the narcissists and psychopaths that they are, are the opposite of suicidal. They do of course have their bugout hunting reserves and ranches in the southern hemisphere, but that’s a fallback plan for a worst case scenario.

    If we keep our eyes trained on the big picture, we can put ourselves in the shoes of the elite.

    What does each superpower need the most? What do they lack production of? Which non-nuclear regional power with export capacity can be delegated (by the elite) to become a protectorate of which superpower during collapse? Well, the (nuclear) superpower that best fits the bill of course.

    A couple months ago at the now blown-up Moveable Feast Cafe open thread at the (idiot) Saker’s site I said, for example, that china desperately needs a stable multi-MBPD imports of the cheapest to produce crude oil on the planet, so therefore the US would withdraw from Iraq and ‘hand over’ Iraq to China. I predicted this because Iraq and China are an excellent match, and because I believe that in part return the US will gain Venezuela as a protectorate, as unbelievable (or not) as that may currently seem, because the US will also soon be desperate for cheap, quality crude because the shale play is the most expensive oil play on the planet. And lo and behold, the US recently announced a withdrawal from Iraq. China has been quietly investing in the Iraqi oil industry for five or six years now.

    By keeping our eyes on the big picture we can brainstorm with each other in order to better read the tea leaves.

    Geopolitics has undergone a sea change this year. There will still be war theatrics, and maybe even a carefully orchestrated war crisis that they fully intend to not let go to waste, but the geopolitical dynamic going forward is one of bottom-line cooperation in keeping the nuclear power industry in water. The global cooperation on the plandemic is the leading edge of this sea change.

    Good deal, brother.

  82. @reante

    Your multi comment appearance here under the acronym of ‘reante’ is a refreshing breeze of solid, sensible, rational, long-term insight. As from time to time i wonder, how is it that dense sketch-ups of solid statements is so averse of human nature. It is a start to edit the slam, partly intentional, partly partisan, to shove aside a packaged misread agenda. Such fun of the moment, to be magnetized.

    Sadly there might be too few to appreciate. What you are writing are notes to self. A poll. Point us to some living text and let few outliers start picking seeds from the dung. You up “rectal extraction” to new heights. The sourness under the surface, it all makes sense.

    • Replies: @reante
  83. @reante

    If there is to be any human future energy must come directly or more directly from the Sun, unlike the roundabout route of utilising the product of ancient photosynthesis in the form of fossil fuels. We could do it if global governance was rational and humane, but it is not. It is capitalistic, ie neoplastic, with endless growth on a finite planet absolutely mandatory. Hence Plan Omega, the Great Reset, now in progress.
    If we survive, we need a different system for long-term survival. The natural world produces and reduces vast amounts of CO2 every year, a fact that befuddles the Dunning-Krugerite denialists who do not comprehend that this great flux is in balance, unlike our emissions that accumulate in the atmosphere and oceans, hence our terminal condition. We can access solar energy directly or through tidal, wave, geothermal, wind and, utilising those, hydrogen. And we must HUMANELY reduce the human population to two billion at most, and treat them decently. Otherwise ecological collapse will attain the same state, or worse, and certainly not kindly.

    • Replies: @reante
  84. @Skeptikal

    ‘Troll’ is the closest you are offered to ‘Recidivist Dunning-Krugerite imbecile’.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  85. Skeptikal says:

    Thanks for the explanation.

    If you said all of this before I don’t know why Mulga didn’t just direct my attention to that comment.

    What a jerkette.

    As for reante, boo hoo.

  86. Skeptikal says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Oh, really? What is “Recidivist Dunning-Krugerite imbecile”?

    That’s pretty dumb comment for you to waste one of your time-limited comments on.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  87. Skeptikal says:

    I labeled you a troll here because your tone is bad manners toward the author of the piece.

    Why Mulga repeatedly labels me a troll for asking a simple question is her problem.

    Why bother?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  88. reante says:

    Much obliged, POS. 😀 A short-form sketch artist is indeed what I am.

    reante, the sour, walking talking fecal transplant.

    pleasure to meet you, sir.

  89. reante says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    thanks MM.

    We’re facing a predicament. There are no solutions to predicaments, ethical or un-.

    The plandemic IS the first inning of your “humane” population reduction. A pack of deadly lies is not very humane if you ask me. But that said the plandemic is a very skillful mimicking of a (thus far) minor, natural die off, in that it is taking the oldest and most infirm, so I totally understand why the elite would see it as a thoroughly ‘humane’ psyop rolled out in order to begin to tackle the population bomb. And a psyop it is, because there is no scientific evidence that nature engages in submicroscopic terrorism, whether at the attempted prompting of level 4 biolabs or not. 5G poisoning and graphene or other coordinated deployments of physical toxins are the prime suspects. Stealth, low level poisoning of the terrain, and now the forced/coerced injections.

    No governance in the history of the world has ever been rational or humane. All governance is rooted in profound and chronic cultural dysfunction.

    The ecology is the only source of reason and ethics that there ever has been and ever will be. We call this Natural Law.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  90. reante says:

    Understood regarding the troll issue. Thanks.

  91. Dumbo says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Northern Canada and Siberia will be temperate then, and we’ll be able to plant vines make wine.

    Yes, we are having a hot summer. But it was a pretty cold winter too. Climate changes constantly.

    I don’t know, I don’t see yet much personal evidence of anything very catastrophic, but some people seem to like to be always in a catastrophist state of mind (Covid! Global Warming! Nuclear War! Peak Oil!). I could be wrong, though. For now, I’m enjoying the beach.

    • Replies: @reante
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  92. @Skeptikal

    You repeat inanities being ineducable, in a dispute where human existence hangs in the balance’. ‘Troll’ barely scrapes the surface of your perfidy.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  93. Tom Verso says:
    @israel shamir

    You write:

    “Rockefeller Foundation is also chaired by a Jew”

    Are you referring to Admiral James Stavridis?
    I can’t find any such reference.

    Also, note the President of the Rockefeller Foundation is
    Rajiv Shah – an Indian Hindu

  94. reante says:

    Don’t have so much fun that you forget your booster shot this fall. 😉

  95. @Tom Verso

    Lee Wasserman, director of the Rockefeller Family Fund for last 20 years, is the man who deals with attacks on oil industry. His is a well known Jewish family. Read here

    • Replies: @reante
  96. reante says:
    @israel shamir

    Israel, this is a controlled opposition disinfo article. It is more jumbled babble.

    The fake anti- monopoly ruling “against” standard oil exponentially increased Rockefeller wealth and power. It was the old misdirection play, similar to when surnames get anglicized, if you know what I mean. Hiding in plain sight.

    So the article’s thesis that the Rockefellers are trying to regain market share with’green’ ‘renewables’ is the last lie borne by the first lie above.

    Not only did Rockefeller come out of the fake anti- trust ruling with a 25pc share in the 40 new spin-offs, notionally doubling his wealth overnight (similar to how ‘women’s rights’ doubled the wage labor workforce overnight in order to kill the unions and suppress all wages to this very day), that doubling enabled him to be able to begin making more money with his existing money (financialization, the hallmark of mature industrial capitalism) than with his oil manufacturing holdings.

    Now that the era of financialization is rapidly coming to an end due to the Limits to Growth, making things is circling back round to being the more profitable endeavor once more, because financialization can only exist during the growth phase.

    So we can see that the Rocks were, astutely, first-in and first-out regarding Exxon, which is on the verge of bankruptcy because it is running out of affordable legacy plays and its capex expenditures on future plays dropped off a cliff about a decade ago; and the Rocks are astutely getting into fake green energy because that is the only growth industry there will ever be during collapse, and I give it about 5 years to run at most before it goes into terminal decline.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  97. @reante

    Friend, not every reader will understand that you are referring to events of 1911. In the article I linked it is said that Rockefellers are bearish on oil. That is a fact. They did and do try to beat oil companies down. Whether they will get a bigger market share or not, we shall see.

    • Thanks: reante
  98. Skeptikal says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I’ll take the bait here.

    The only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask.

    Re your spoutings such as “inanities’: “ineducable”; “perfidy”

    Please, take your meds and then maybe take a good, satisfying dump.

    In the toilet, not here, on me.

  99. @reante

    reante, the plandemic is most definitely NOT part of my, or any, humane reduction in global population. My idea of a humane reduction is a gradual fall, as death-rates exceed birth-rates for a few generations. At the same time poverty and, most crucially, massive inequality, must be ended. The plandemic is the first stage of the ruling elites’ plans to cull the ‘useless eaters’, long expected, now in progress.
    The ways and means of gradual population reduction are well-known. Emancipate and educate women, make birth control freely available, reduce poverty. The demographic shift comes naturally. Of course, for capitalist psychopaths, those little metastases of the Great Tumour, this is a DISASTER. The cancer of production, consumption, debt and elite wealth MUST grow forever. Of course that ends, as it is now, in palliative care, like COP Meetings such as in Glasgow shortly.
    This transition is more easy now than ever, what with automation, robotisation, computerisation etc. All that stands in the way are the ruling global parasites and millions of dullard, brainwashed, Rightwing Dunning-Krugerite fuck-wits. In China, which does have a rational and humane Government, they are creating what they call an Ecological Civilization, where the natural world has priority. No wonder the dead souls of the Western elite hate them so much.

    • Replies: @reante
  100. @Dumbo

    Dumb, when Canada and Russia are ‘temperate’ they will burn even more fiercely than at the moment. Do you not keep up with the news? And they will be invaded by billions fleeing the uninhabitable tropics and near-tropics.
    ‘Climate changes constantly’-the rallying-cry of the truly shit stupid. It is the degree and rapidity and the extremes that count, you dullard, as we see now in record droughts, record, unprecedented heat-waves, record floods and even cold-waves as frigid Arctic air escapes the north and flows south, thanks to the derangement of the jet-streams.
    You reveal yourself, as expected, as a nassty psychopath, too, with your insistence on ‘personal evidence’. Like all Rightists, you are a misanthrope who cares not what befalls others. So long as you haven’t been burned out, flooded, buried in a landslide, destroyed by drought etc, you do not give a toss what happens to the Rightists’ Eternal Enemy-other people. That, at base, is why you scum have won and humanity is on the way out. Evil is stronger among H.sapiens than good.

  101. reante says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Thanks MM, but we can’t have a productive conversation on this matter if you insist on being political and I insist on not being political, which I do insist on. Natural Law sits outside of politics, it is neither Left nor Right, though both factions seek to co-opt NL whenever it suits them.

    If you would like to talk about the population bomb from a structuralist perspective then I would welcome that.

    Otherwise we will just be talking past each other.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  102. Dumbo says:

    nassty psychopath


    you scum

    Hmm, and I’m the hateful one?

    What do you propose I should do against “global warming”?

  103. @Tom Verso

    As for Admiral Stavridis:

    U.S. 4-star Admiral (retired) James Stavridis, currently of the Carlyle Group, daydreams about blowing up the Universe by initiating a U.S. nuclear attack against China which begins by killing some 40 million victims in Shanghai and other coastal cities. This in his co-authored novel _2034_ [2021] which is blurbly praised by former SecsDef Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis & Robert M. Gates, among others, including Madeleine Albright.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  104. Johan says:

    Talking about a Hydra, I think the elites consider the people to be a Hydra, they raise their ugly heads everywhere, spread everywhere, are noisy everywhere, consume everything everywhere, populate everything, pollute everything everywhere, are being stupid everywhere, and if they can they are amusing themselves stupidly everywhere.
    The people are like oil companies and big corporations, who actually likes them? even Shamir doesn’t like global tourism and probably also not the Western materialist decadence… So the controlling elites, they have a point with locking up people in their houses and countries, closing down the pubs and restaurants where they fill their stomachs and chatter about daily massively and stupidly, they have a point with the austerity programs, nobody really loves ‘the people’, there is nothing loveable to them collectively (other than detailed individually), except in the ideological declaration of the hypocrite collectivist democratic system.
    Even the love of Shamir for the people seems somewhat limited, you may go to a pub, light a cig, drive a mile, chat with pals, flirt with gals, spend pocket money, but preferably in your own country.
    I would add to that, you may do that in your own street.

  105. @reante

    reante, belief in ‘Natural Law’ or any such philosophy, is a psychological question. A question of the intelligence required to grasp the concept, and sufficient knowledge of the facts that pertain and one’s ethical disposition, genetic or acquired through upbringing and socialisation. Natural Law could wear other names, as well, depending on one’s education and familiarity with various philosophical doctrines, and which concepts, of the myriad extant, you have become acquainted with.
    I would say that the ‘population bomb’ is actually a ‘consumption bomb’, which is a ‘production bomb’, which is a ‘pollution bomb’ and a ‘resource depletion bomb’. In other words the harm done to the biospheres of Earth depends on the degree of pollution eg greenhouse gases, toxic chemicals, industrial waste, effluent from intensive agriculture and animal husbandry etc produced, and from the depletion of resources, that leads to ever more polluting extraction of lower grade resources eg fracking.
    The Club of Rome ‘Limits to Growth’ Report of the early 70s was quite spot-on to nominate a pollution crisis for forty years or so in the future ie now. And that pollution is caused by industrial production brought about by consumer demand. And consumption is vastly greater among the wealthy States, and the wealthy everywhere. So the billions of poor living at subsistence level cause far less pollution than the inhabitants of the rich world, although the rich intend exterminating the poor ‘useless eaters’ as a cure for ecological collapse.
    How to cure the ecological collapse without resorting to the elites’ preference for genocide is a political, ie ideological ie psychological question. I prefer that the rich reduce their consumption rather than see billions exterminated, but I know that others see the world in an opposite manner. They apparently see their exterminationist desire to protect their wealth and power as ‘Natural’ and even ‘God-given’.

    • Replies: @reante
  106. Tom Verso says:
    @israel shamir

    Thank you for your informed responses to my comments.

    However, I think I may be misunderstood.

    I did not mean to suggest that I am in any way a ‘defender’ of the Rockefeller ‘gang’.
    Rather, that they are not the toughest gang on the block – so to speak.

    Larry Fink, though his control of Blackrock, is no doubt one of THE most powerful economic, political and cultural influencers in Western Civilization.

    There is a significant body of documentary evidence that supports my contention. And, I judge that body of evidence to meet the standard of ‘preponderance’. Further, I judge that the inference, based on that ‘preponderance’, meets the logical standard of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

    This is most especially true in the case of Exxon.

    More generally, to my mind, the Jewish Nation is the dominate Nation in Western Civilization; ergo, the leaders of that Nation (e.g. Larry Fink) are the dominate economic, political and cultural influencers in the Civilization.

    Based on my reading of A. J. Toynbee, to my mind; in all Civilization throughout history, one nation in the aggregate of nations ‘comes to fore’ as the dominate one. In the West, at various times the dominate nation was Spain, France, England, America, etc.

    Currently, the Jewish Nation, albeit, unlike the previous dominate nations, is not a geographic defined Nation; nevertheless, the Jewish people are aggregated in a common National identity and act homogeneously (not to imply 100% ) to promote their national self-interest (e.g. AIPAC).

    Again, I make these inferences based on what I judge to be ‘preponderance’ of documentary evidence. Preponderance, by definition, is not ‘conclusive’ or ‘indubitable’. To my mind, it is impossible for any proposition about social/historical phenomena to be judged ‘conclusive’ or ‘indubitable’.

  107. reante says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    really fine comment, mulga, thank you. I know that you would prefer to see an equitable solution to collapse. all ethical people would prefer that.

    Structurally it is not possible. It is absolutely impossible.

    Most fundamentally what we live in, according to Natural Law, to reality, is an agricultural civilization. Agricultural civilizations are farms, by definition. The express purpose of a farm is to run structural surpluses in the form of commodities. They are commercial endeavors. Many farms have layered commodities. The independent grassfed beef farm sector, for example, often sees the farmer commodify both his annual surpluses of hay and beef.

    Agricultural civilization, has one more layer in its commodity production than the vendor of hay and beef. Civilization also commodifies the human population: hay, beef, and people, so to speak, because people are the most profitable of all commodities, by far, because with their unique capacity for selfishness, people can consume the most fossil energy by far, and that energy, which is another commodity, is so powerful that it can be converted into enough money to leverage global plutocracy which, in agricultural civilization, manifests as a global People Farm (a farm whose primary commodity is people).

    Industrial civilization is a People Farm. According to Natural Law that is the primary structure within which we find ourselves.

    Farms only exist due to farmers. Somebody must farm the farm. That is the nature of civilization. In wild creation there are no farmers. Just creatures.

    Farmers make all the decisions. Farmers make the decisions about who lives and who dies. Me, you (mulga), and everyone we know lives because the made that possible. Why? Because they arranged the growing of the grass that grew the beef that grew our parents. Therefore they own us under Natural Law that has allowed for civilizations to rise and fall.

    I homestead. On the homestead there is the farmer and the farmed. The farmer, me, decides the fates of every living thing on the homestead. While I am not a clinical psychopath, as farmer I am a functional psychopath, but then again so is the city dweller eating his rice and beans or whatever. The rules of the game dictate that we all be functional psychopaths, but I’d rather be a DIY psychopath just like the elites. If you want your psychopathy done right the DIY.

    So me and the elites, we’re both farmers. We have an understanding. If I was to make my homestead analogous to the Limits to Growth of industrial civilization, I would have, say, 40 acres with a million dollar hay budget. There’s this spot on my property that has shale oil under it. So I have it tapped and the revenue starts coming in. So since in this analogy I’m a commercial sheep farmer I realize I’m going to maximize my sheep profits if I just turn my pasture into a CAFO and feed them bulk purchases of hay year-round. My flock reaches 350 breeding ewes. Apart from my fences, antibiotics and vaccines become my biggest management tools.

    Then the oil stops flowing. And since my sheep farm is analogous to the global People Farm at the Limits to Growth, the market breaks, and there is no place to sell sheep now that I suddenly can’t afford the hay to feed them. Just like during the great depression when milk got dumped in ditches.

    What do I do?

    Certainly there is no equitable solution for the sheep other than most of them being equally dead (by ‘euthenasia’) and the rest of them being equally alive. How many are in each group depends on what time of year the hay runs out.

  108. The only reason people aren’t investing in oil companies (which are due for a cyclical rebound after a decade of low commodity prices) is because there is more short term money to be made in trendy concept stocks thanks to super low interest rates.

    I had to laugh when I read a pundit on the CNBC site say that only short term speculators were putting money into oil and serious long-term investors were putting their money into renewables. In reality, it’s the complete opposite, those who are out to make a quick buck are pouring money into fashionable fields like renewables, regardless of company fundamentals, while the long-term contrarians are sticking with oil because oil companies are cheap and pay dividends.

    If renewable investors were serious about what they were investing in, they wouldn’t dump their stocks whenever the Fed hints at slightly increasing interest rates or stimulus measures.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  109. @Alt Right Moderate

    Typical capitalist-who cares if billions die, so long as I make a profit. As one observer commented, these swine can more easily imagine the end of humanity than the end of their capitalist death-cult. PURE EVIL.

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