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The War That Wasn’t Fought
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The Ukraine crisis bewilders Russians. And Europeans, too. Putin says he does not want to invade Ukraine. NATO has no proof Russia prepares invasion. If Ukraine prepares an attack, it will lose its statehood, Putin says. NATO demands Russia withdraw its 100,000 troops from Ukraine’s vicinity. Russia says the troops are stationed on its territory.

American, Israeli, European media says Russian invasion imminent, and calls its citizens to return home. Russians ask why should they invade now, if they didn’t invade in 2014. Nothing changed to worse since that date. Yes, the things became clear since that time, but not worse.

Every development had been seen through Ukraine prism. Even Kazakhstan had been explained as a part of Putin/Biden plan for Ukraine. The US activated Kazakhstan plot, Russians said; the Kazakhstan plot was Russian, Americans said. Russians said: the US opened Second Front; the US said, Russians added confusion. Only later it was cleared that it was a fight between ethnic subgroops.

The US demanded leave Ukraine inviolate; Russians agreed. The US does not believe it. Putin said that he does not intend to fight Ukraine as Ukrainians and Russians are one nation. Ukrainians said it is two nations.

NATO is convinced Russians want to grab Ukraine. Russians say they do not want. They would do it in 2014; that would be easier. Ukrainian president agreed with NATO. But he changed his mind: he says that such prognoses could be self-fulfilling.

Gas price is the background for this conflict. Green policy brought price hike. Gas became expensive; the Russians offered Europeans gas from pipeline that would . The US offered their own gas instead. That was the trouble behind the Ukraine crisis. The Ukraine suffers from the gas shortage and price rise.

Threat of Russian invasion influences foreign capital flows. Europeans do not want to risk their moneys. Ukraine finds itself without investments. The US called home its diplomats. Israel, NATO states and the UK also called diplomats home. When the tension was at its maximum, the French PM entered the play, he visited Moscow and carried 6 hours long talk with Putin.

That time Biden said he knows for certain Putin will attack at 16 February 2022. From Saturday 12 February England forbade its insurance companies to ensure flights over Ukraine. The sky over Ukraine is incredibly empty- no air liners, no private jets.

Russians are convinced there will be no war, anyway. The US will have to start war themselves. They send weapons to Kiev, hoping Mr Zelensky will employ them. Ukraine unloaded ambassadors, and they went home. Zelensky demands proofs – date and size.

It seems Ukraine and Russia do not want war; only the US and the UK. This is Chinese conclusion; US provocation. 16th came and gone. Chinese conclusion: Russians & Ukrainians do not want to fight.


There were many funny items in news, as media tried to please their owners. One of the best was the claim that Putin waits for Biden to deliver weapons. Now this farce is over; for the last accord Russian Parliament recommended Putin to recognize the split republics. That is the end of the war that was not fought.

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  1. Bro43rd says:

    What’s really going on, Ukraine seems like a distraction operation!

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Rev. Spooner
  2. Rogue says:

    So Putin doesn’t invade.

    The Western MSM and governments can then claim they stood up to “the bully” and he backed down.

    Seeing as it’s the USA primarily, and the UK secondarily, huffing and puffing about Russia imminently invading Ukraine, might this be nothing more than intentionally distracting from increasingly unpopular administrations?

  3. Bartolo says:

    Finally, Israel Shamir is back!
    Welcome again, Sir.

    • Agree: Notsofast, Antiwar7
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @anonymous
  4. Notsofast says:

    if the sky doesn’t fall on ukraine as threatened, i’m sure the neo-cons will take a victory lap to claim their tough talk frightened putin away. the real question is, was their intended plan? if so pretty weak sauce, if not was this a failed false flag? maybe putin was feeding misinformation to their mole(s) or maybe someone on the inside trying to make brandon look even more feeble and incompetent, to hasten his exit from office? the military threw him under the bus on afghan withdrawal report, kinda makes you wonder.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  5. @Bartolo

    First one since October, though not his best. When will we who follow TUR see new articles from Gilad Atzmon, Saker, Fred Reed, Linh Dinh, and CJ Hopkins? (I know I missed a few). Lately, it seems that this site is losing too many talented writers.

  6. Emslander says:

    Coming Weimar experience for the USA is a possibility. Nightly TV shots of missiles streaking through the dark sky might have mesmerized the Biden following.

  7. @Notsofast

    Although it makes me too nauseous to watch it, I’ll bet that, if Russia hasn’t been goaded into fighting Ukraine by his SOTU address, “tough guy” Brandon will take a bow, to a bipartisan standing ovation, for scaring Putin into “cancelling” his planned invasion. According to Dmitry Orlov (Five Stages of Collapse), Putin never wanted to waste Russian resources on a corrupt backwater like Ukraine, anyway. The EU, with its own multi-culti, globohomo problems, doesn’t want it either. But Russia will fight tooth and nail to keep its Southern neighbor out of NATO, just as Washington would fight to the death to prevent Mexico from becoming a satellite of Moscow.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. haha says:

    US to Ukraine: You go fight Russia to the last drop of blood. Go, go, go right now.

    Ukraine to US: But where are you? you said you would be by my side. Where are you now?

    US to Ukraine: I have retreated somewhere safe together with my British attack dog. We will keep our propaganda barrages going at full volume. The world has to be told how evil Putin is and why he needs to be deterred.

    Ukraine to US: Are you kidding? You want me to fight Russia alone? I really don’t see any invasion coming soon, so why should I go and get killed?

    US to Ukraine: You will do as you are told. We know what is good for you. Now get ready for action. The SUN, BBC, NYT, CNN, ABC, and all the alphabet-media have announced the date and time. Play your assigned role in this epic drama. Action, action, ready.

    Ukraine to US: Let me think this through.

    US to Ukraine: If you don’t play your part we will find some other actor. But the action must start. Putin cannot be allowed to ….. etc., etc.

    • Agree: Decoy
    • Replies: @George Kovachev
  9. Anonymous[858] • Disclaimer says:

    I missed you. Lasttruebeliever

  10. Ernest says:

    Both Linh Dinh and CJ Hopkins can be found on their own web pages and you can register to receive their articles. Gilad Atzmon, another brilliant writer, has been less active it seems and focuses increasingly (exclusively?) on the J lobby (and persecution). Agreed that too many good writers have left (or been lefted?) this previously excellent one-stop-shop.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  11. atp says:

    Saker took himself off unz. Wasn’t happy with commenters’ comments. However, you can find him on his site….

  12. Ron Unz says:

    Both Linh Dinh and CJ Hopkins can be found on their own web pages and you can register to receive their articles. Gilad Atzmon, another brilliant writer…Agreed that too many good writers have left (or been lefted?) this previously excellent one-stop-shop.

    Actually, the departures were all case-by-case.

    I explained Hopkins’ unfortunate but understandable departure at the time:

    Linh seems to have become a fervent anti-vaxxer and became outraged over my skepticism:

    Gilad hasn’t written anything since August:

    He’d also become a fierce anti-vaxxer and after his native Israel became the world’s most heavily vaxxed country, he repeatedly predicted doom, saying that a huge fraction of its population would soon die. Since absolutely nothing like that happened, it’s possible he’s decided to take a little time off to reflect.

    • Thanks: SafeNow
  13. Sean says:

    War is a last resort, but Putin has tried everything else. He tried this build up to get what he wants be menaces but that hasn’t worked. Now he e has some kind of deal with China giving guaranteed prices in return for support against the West economically and diplomatically I suspect. Russia has good relations with India too. Energy price is going up, and because Ukraine is a major exporter of wheat, so will the price of bread and food generally. Trump had to cancel the aluminum sanctions against a Russian because it was affecting everything globally. Also Putin has the Jewish state on board

    In the West the elites cannot imagine any leader of Putin’s intelligence at the head of a major power would start a full scale conventional war, They are wrong: Putin will strike soon, If the West sanctions him the way they are threatening to do, the price of everything will go sky high and a long term Russian and Chinese military alliance will begin to coalesce.

    • Thanks: Brás Cubas
  14. @Ron Unz

    When Mike Whitney temporarily stopped sending you articles, you said he was reflecting about his positions. At that occasion I pointed out to you that he was still hammering his old opinions at his website. He has since returned to this site with exactly those same opinions about everything (and his blog was taken down by Blogger). Now you are likewise saying about Gilad Atzmon that “it’s possible he’s decided to take a little time off to reflect”. And likewise you are completely wrong, since he continues to churn out the same opinions he has always had about everything, on twitter:

  15. @follyofwar

    The whole thing was a farce from day dot.
    The gaul of the US saying Russia intended to invade with 120K troops! How stupid do people think the Russians are? The only function that # of troops could have would be to come to the rescue of Donetsk etc should a Ukrainian invasion of the Republics look like actually succeeding.

  16. Brian USA says:

    I’ve read numerous Shamir articles, this article doesn’t seem to have his writing style, the quality of the writing seems a little lower, perhaps a bit of a possibility it’s a ghost writer.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Johan
  17. anonymous[473] • Disclaimer says:

    Regarding Shamir’s absence from posting – Another notable rebel Jew, Polish-Canadian Henry Makow, had posted a quick note about Israel Shamir suffering from two strokes in this recent period, but recovering

    If that is correct we can wish Shamir well … this might explain the someone clipped nature of his article above. Strokes are increasingly common amongst the vaxed as a ‘side effect’, so one can ask that question …

    Henry Makow has a lot of interesting dissident stuff, including now on the near-revolution that has occurred in Canada thanks to the actions of tens of thousands of truckers … a story a bit neglected by Unz writers, even tho the truckers quite succeeded in many ways, several provinces ending their covid restrictions, the whole Canadian political landscape shifting

    Henry Makow tends to go a little too quickly into the ‘it’s mostly run by kabbalist Jews, freemasons & satanists’ theme for normie tastes, but his core data on corruption, societal manpulation, and dirty goings on is often quite solid … e.g., Makow’s long-held view that Justin Trudeau is ‘Fidelito’, Fidel Castro’s son, is now widely thought likely given his mother’s Cuban travels

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Johan
  18. If Zio-Glob gets its way.

  19. @anonymous

    Tru Ho is more like Batista’s son.

    Batista served the global cabal of CIA, bankers, and the mafia.

    Fidel resisted yanqui imperialismo.

    Tru Ho is Schwab’s little toyboy bitch.

  20. @Bro43rd

    The most believable explanation I have is from the Duran (Alex and Alexander) where they say it’s a ploy by the US to keep Germany and Russia apart. I think they are spot on.
    If Germany is permanently dependent on Russia for a substantial part of it’s energy (gas), then Russia will hold a winning hand viz a viz USA.
    This can turn into China, Russia and German alliance and it will be game over for the Europeans and the US.
    The Ukraine crisis is to keep Germany in the Western orbit and away from Russia. The opening of the new Nordstream will essentially mean that Germany has regained it’s independence from USA and UK.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @RoatanBill
  21. @follyofwar

    I definitely know that linh Dinh wont be back to UNZ, He now publishes at

  22. @Ron Unz

    It’s a mystery to me why anyone can be well informed and pro-vaxed. What exactly is the benefit of the Pfizer vax, the mRNA spike generating therapy??
    Go hug an Omicron patient, it is safer. The antibodies last a lifetime and its better than any vaccine and covers all variants.
    The spike protein is a poison. The mRNA vaccine is supposed to produce the spikes for just a day or so to let your body develop a antibody response. This is not always the case. Some have spike protein being produced even after 8 weeks.
    Why do people who have been vaccinated and are now protected hate the un-vaccinated so much?
    You probably took the Jab to protect yourself and your loved ones from infection. Now you find that your vaccine doesn’t do what Pfizer claimed and you blame the un-vaccinated????
    I think there’s a bit of mass-formation (mass hypnosis) involved here.
    Another example of it is
    This has happened multiple times in history.

  23. Anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Regained its independence from the UK. What? Germany is the superpower of western Europe.

  24. Mac_ says:

    – the title of article, the war that wasn’t fought, could go to more than the article topic, to me fairly begs the comment there has been no war where there should have been on so many things it’s hard to list. A few, false ‘law’ scribblers scribbling away or limiting gun ownership, or the ‘gmo’ assault of our food lands, or the false ‘wars’ in other people’s country, or the ‘bailouts’, or, surveillance, or really there is a list of things people haven’t fought. In any case just wanted to note the actual broad application of title, and as to the Ukraine it is a shame what people have ignored, and continue to.

  25. @haha

    Well, the Ukies at least took a note from Georgian example.

    In August 2008 Georgians shelled russian peacekeepers in South Ossethia with US and Turkey promising them support. The whole thing ended 5 days later with Georgians losing half of their ground forces, half the air force, their entire navy with minimal losses for the russians. Americans and the Turks never showed for the party.

  26. I want to know why someone in the Ukraine political hierarchy hasn’t sent all their material on Hunter and Joe Biden to some reporters in the US and Europe. The investigation that Joe bragged about stopping by getting the prosecutor fired doesn’t eliminate the evidence gathered.

    Some of these independent reporters need to talk to Viktor Shokin and get the background information on what he had as evidence and the machinations on how he got fired.

  27. @Rev. Spooner

    Germany is dependent on Russia’s gas because their political class is stupid. They shut down the most reliable source of electrical energy, their nuclear reactors. France has no such energy issues because the French have lots of nuclear reactors that supply 70% of their needs and are planning to build more.

    This whole NS-II thing is a manufactured problem that could have been avoided by the Germans making energy independence their goal and going full nuclear.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  28. Johan says:
    @Brian USA

    Agreed, it is a bit of a telegram style, short lines, and short as a whole, and it doesn’t flow. The article isn’t on his own website too, if I am not mistaken usually it appears there too.

  29. Johan says:

    “Henry Makow tends to go a little too quickly into the ‘it’s mostly run by kabbalist Jews, freemasons & satanists’ theme for normie tastes”

    Not at al too quick, it is the usual stuff of a mass democracy, since the people at large are by their very nature grotesque and absurd, and only the sensational has any effect on them, both the mainstream and the alternative media make it the standard of normality. It’s just more of the same from the democratic alternative corner, originating from the Christian corner, though even some secular writers are using it to gain effect.

  30. @Ron Unz

    Is anti-vaxxer a good term to use?

    It has connotations of being somewhat insane, just like the other term “conspiracy theorist.”

    It is perfectly possible to be generally in favour of vaccination but opposed to these mRNA vaccines, and not only on the grounds of their experimental nature, but on the grounds that they don’t work.

    Given the looseness of the anti-vaxxer moniker, Bill Gates qualifies ebcuase he says Omicron is a natural vaccine and confer immunity better than the pharmaceutical ones. Of course, he qualifies this observation with the word, “sadly.”

    • Thanks: Bro43rd
  31. Russia may not be interested in war, but the West – for whatever reason – most certainly wants one.

    It’s really rather funny that for years the term “false flag” has been derided as a term of conspiracy theorists. Now, we have both Washington and Moscow deploying the phrase quite openly.

    Looks to me like we’re heading towards a false flag false flag.

    PS I have missed Mr Shamir.

    • Replies: @anno nimus
  32. @Tsar Nicholas

    me too. Israel Shamir is legendary, a voice of planet Earth. may God keep him, bless him! is all i can say.

    • Agree: Tsar Nicholas
  33. Levtraro says:

    Germany is dependent on Russia’s gas because their political class is stupid. They shut down the most reliable source of electrical energy, their nuclear reactors.

    Have you considered the price differential between natural gas vis-a-vis nuclear energy for generation of electricity?

    Btw, you can blame the Germans of many things, being stupid is not one of them.

    Apart from pricing, there is the issue of risk assessment. Probably you know that when calculating the risk of a bad outcome (aka adverse event), two factors need to be taken into account: the probability of a bad outcome and the impact of the same bad outcome. A bad outcome may have low probability of happening but if it happens it will have a large impact. Thus the risk is still high. That is one big issue with nuclear. One good example is Japan of course. After decades of efforts to produce electricity from nuclear, all of that effort was wasted by a single adverse event (2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident), leading to a shift to LNG.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  34. @Levtraro

    Typical ignorant rant. Nuclear’s safety record is far superior to the other forms of reliable full time power generation. Solar and wind can’t do the whole job.

    Why not get an education on what is possible with today’s technology? Even using existing facilities, the world can point at 3 incidents over a 70 year time span with a minimal loss of life.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  35. Levtraro says:

    What’s the matter with you? I asked you a reasonable question in a civil manner. I didn’t mention wind and solar so please avoid the strawmen arguments, I thought these were below your standing as commenter.

    So here is the question again: have you considered the cost of nuclear-generated electricity compared to gas-generated electricity?

    Also, the fact that few incidents have happened with nuclear energy has to be balanced by the fact that those few incidents have very large impact in a technical risk assessment. Case in point: Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiishi. Chernobyl is still the Chernobyl exclusion zone 30 yr after the accident and the Japanese turned from enthusiastic nuclear-energy developers to enthusiastic nuclear-energy dismantlers and LNG developers.

    So perhaps all the Germans and all the Japanese making those decisions were stupid as you claim while you alone are right, but more likely, you have not considered all the relevant, technical facts.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  36. @Levtraro

    Chernobyl had no containment building. When things went wrong there was nothing in place to mitigate damage. No other facilities in the world are this naked that I’m aware of. That was plain stupid and was done a long time ago.

    Fukushima was built with the engineers objecting to large parts of its design. The politicians and corporate types overrode them. After the fact, the management was found to have made lots of poor decisions once those decisions were evaluated by engineers given a voice. Given that Japan is one of the most seismically active areas on the planet, maybe they shouldn’t build nuclear plants next to the ocean or possibly anywhere. That’s for geologists to decide, not some fool politician or corporate bean counter. BTW – tsunami is a Japanese word that the rest of the word adopted. It’s not like a tsunami is something new to them.

    Your premise is that nuclear is dangerous. Compared to what? Statistics show that the entire nuclear industry is one of the safest among like industries. You’re repeating, by implication, the conventional wisdom that is flat out wrong. There’s a significant difference between ignorant and stupid. I’m ignorant in many areas and have admitted as much on this site. Your ignorance on nuclear issues is evidenced in your questions.

    The Germans don’t have much to worry about from a tsunami or even earthquakes although all large facilities of any kind should include earthquake safety measures just in case. Their facilities have run for years with a good safety record. Nuclear plants around the world are continuously maintained and upgraded as new issues are discovered, at least in Europe and the US. To all of a sudden claim they’re dangerous is politics at its worst.

    Comparing nuclear to gas needs to be done on a case by case basis. Current old designs versus new designs for both nuclear and gas. Once a nuclear plant is built, to fuel it is relatively inexpensive. The same can’t be said on a gas fired plant since fuel is it’s major cost for the power output it produces.

    Nuclear plants are expensive to build precisely because the ignorant step up to object and lengthen the time for construction. The plant is burning money in interest payments during those delays and therefore when the plant does start producing power, those unnecessary interest costs add to the price of the power the end user pays. It’s the ignorant politicians and enviro wackos that cause nuclear generated power to cost as much as it does. Left to the engineers, the plants would be built in a fraction of the time with all the known safety system and be producing the cheapest power on the planet.

    France produces 70% of its electrical power with nuclear and plans to build more. One needs to ask what do they know the Germans and other parts of the world refuse to acknowledge.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  37. Levtraro says:

    Regarding my original question: have you considered the cost of nuclear-generated electricity versus the cost of gas-generated electricity?: The Levelized Cost of Electricity method used by the International Energy Agency has shown that the cost of electricity generation from natural gas is in general higher than nuclear, supporting your side of the argument.

    Germany phased out nuclear for various reasons.

    First many Germans didn’t like it. Check out what happened to the Wyhl Reactor.

    Second, Chernobyl of course, leading to more Germans disliking nuclear.

    Third, Merkel reversed policies to discontinue nuclear (extending some plants lifetimes for a few decades) but then she reversed again and turned anti-nuclear after Fukushima Daiishi.

    Fourth, do you know when was the last commercial nuclear power plant built in Germany? Check it out.

    Fifth, risk analysis. After Fukushima a German commision concluded that all plants, even the oldest ones, were safe, so the probability of an incident did not change from previous assessments, BUT the perceived potential impact of an incident had increased substantially. As I explained to you, risk analysis has two components, probability and impact. The new calculations led to a much higher total risk due to much higher perceived potential impact. So Merkel un-reversed her policies, turned anti-nuclear and decided all plants have to be out by 2022.

    Germans also took into account NS2, thinking that much more cheap natural gas from Russia would help transitioning to green energies or if these green sources would never be sufficient then keep on relying on the abundant and relatively cheap Russian natural gas. They didn’t take into accoount the pettiness of the US govt.

    This is just because I thought you calling the Germans stupid because of phasing out nuclear was kind of superficial.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  38. Dumbo says:

    Glad to see you, Mr. Shamir, back and (I hope) in good health. Hopefully it was nothing vaxx-related.

    The text was a bit in a telegraphic style… But understandable, I suppose.

    As for Ukraine… It was/is just another distraction.

    Best regards.

  39. @Levtraro

    When was the last time any gov’t cared about what their populations wanted? Gov’t is a parasitic mechanism that sucks up people’s labor for whatever purpose they deem needs funding mostly to line their own pockets. The only time a gov’ts motives align with the people’s desires is when there’s a political reason to propagandize the population to get what the pols want.

    The fact that the average person is ignorant on nuclear issue should indicate that they should be provided an education to get them up to speed. That never happens because it’s not in the best interests of the controllers to have an educated electorate and the bulk couldn’t understand it anyway. The average person is a voting dolt that wants a “leader”. Where is there any leadership on the part of the pols on this energy issue?

    Risk assessment is lots of hand waving. It’s opinion masquerading as knowledge and can be swayed in any direction the controlling interests want. It’s like economics, philosophy, psychiatry, and all the other non hard sciences; a pile of bullshit.

    The fact that hundreds of reactors are successfully supplying power around the world and only 2 have caused any serious issues should indicate that once their diagnosed problems are accounted for that the remainder are as rock solid as is possible to produce. A negative risk assessment is just more political bullshit to be expected from a pile of green fanatics that think the world is going to end due to a trace atmospheric gas. These mental midgets completely ignoring water vapor that they readily admit is a much more powerful influence because they’d have no credibility whatsoever demonizing clouds. The fact that the greens got elected should prove that the German electorate are as ignorant as stumps.

    The reliance on a fossil fuel puts paid to their green agenda nonsense. They want a green economy full of solar and wind turbines that at a high latitude are marginal at best and augment with a CO2 emitter instead of nuclear that emits no green house gases. They are asking for sky high energy bills, especially with the wind turbine’s maintenance needs and attempting to use solar where total solar irradiance isn’t anywhere near what is available closer to the equator. This is stupid beyond belief from a nation and people that claim to be intelligent.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @Clyde
  40. Levtraro says:

    Mmh you think too much of your own intelligence and are too quick calling others stupid and ignorant. This excessive self-love and arrogance could easily lead to unhinged fanaticism.

    I agree that nuclear is a good and safe option to generate clean electricity. It should provide for complementarity and redundancy in a system based on several sources.

    I too dislike greens as they are just another kind of emotional and substantially irrational leftism. These are leftists that just don’t like the working classes so found some other thing to cry and whine for.

    Risk analysis is a solid branch of statistical science. It has a lot of applications in finance and natural resource management. Lots of STEM graduate students write their dissertations with developments and applications of risk analysis. Lots of consultants are paid good money for doing risk analysis.

    But you, from the high summit of knowledge and wisdom you imagine yourself to be inhabiting, dismiss the whole discipline as hand waiving.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  41. Clyde says:
    @Ron Unz

    I am a never Covid vaxxer but to each his own. Ron gets vaxxxed, this is own business. Btw Ron you should go see your neighbor Steve Kirsch on substack for some vaxxxx reaction. More and more comments come Steve K’s way

  42. Clyde says:

    I 99% agree with your anti-greenie exposition, but will believe you more when you move to the same town that has a nuclear reactor in it generating electricity. Sane people do not want to live near them. This is why you do not. Why I do not.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @RoatanBill
  43. @Levtraro

    Statistics are a solid endeavor. It’s what you do with the statistics that becomes risk analysis and that’s a judgement call otherwise known as an opinion. Opinions are not science.

    Life is full of judgement calls. It’s when people with little to no knowledge on a subject decide an outcome for an entire population that it’s no longer even risk analysis, but force from the political establishment. An intelligent person would immediately recognize this.

  44. @Clyde

    I work about 200 yards from an LNG tank farm that was built long after I established my business. The dozen tanks are maybe 100 feet long by 12 or so feet wide sitting horizontally on concrete foundations. You can see them at .

    They service the local electrical utility that uses massive diesels to generate the power on the island, soon to be augmented with a solar farm under testing. The tanks are a bomb should anything happen. Anyone with a high powered rifle could put a hole in one as they are completely visible from an elevated road next to them. If they were to cook off as opposed to explode, they’d suck all the oxygen from the surrounding area and people would die for lack of oxygen for a considerable distance around.

    Am I thrilled it’s there? No. But I haven’t moved either. That tank farm is way more dangerous than a properly engineered modern nuclear facility comprised of MSR’s. If you did some research on the modern designs, you would discover that some are so small that they are clad in a somewhat traditional house envelope to blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. There is no cooling tower. There is no containment building. The US military is having a plant designed to fit inside a 20′ shipping container.

    BTW – The current operating nuclear plants have a stellar safety record. Would I want to live next to one? No. It’s human nature to avoid even the hint of danger. That however proves nothing for or against the technology.

  45. @Clyde

    Here’s a short video on why nuclear is safe.

    The problem with nuclear is that people are not educated about it properly and their imaginations run away with them given the slightest push by people that just have a visceral hatred for nuclear energy.

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