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The DNC 2016 reminded me The Triumph of the Will, the paradigmatic film of Leni Riefenstahl. The fiery oration of “four-star general of the Marine Corps” General (retired) Allen, ready to kick ass of the Russkies, flag-waving, hysterical rhythmical shouts Uoo-eS-Ay, runaway aggressiveness, military pomp and above all exceptionalism of “America is great because America is good”; the United States as an “indispensable, transformational power in the world,” the poisonous mix of Uber Alles and Manifest Destiny fits like a glove to the matrix established at the 1934 Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg, Germany.

There similarity ends: the Demo version is all for the bankers and against the workers, while the Nazis called themselves “the workers party” and spoke against financial capital. The Nazis said they were for the family and the majority, the Dems say they do not care for workers’ votes, as they have enough votes from feminists and queers.

And the Jews are now for, rather than against. The Jewish news agency JTA described General (ret) Allen fire-breathing delivery as “the Jewish moment at DNC … to further reassure the security hawks in the Jewish community” as he promised that “our armed forces will be stronger”. Bill Clinton came with a button saying Hillary in Hebrew, mobilising the Jewish community for Clinton and war. The devoted Zionist Rupert Murdoch published in his New York Post naked pics of Mrs Trump.

An American Israeli writer Bradley Burston wrote in the Haaretz newspaper a piece called This is the war, and Trump is the enemy. We knew that US elections are not for vegetarians. Mark Twain’s witty Running for Governor is an evidence they were and are a no-rules-and-no-prisoners-taken fight. Still, such pieces as that of Burston will easily turn the elections into a shooting, not shouting match.

If your only objection to Nazis was that they were beastly to Jews, you’ll have no objection to American militarism.

The presidential candidates announced their choice of the enemy. Carl Schmitt, a great political philosopher of the last century, said the choice of an enemy is the most important political choice, more important than the choice of a friend: this choice was sealed at the DNC. While the Enemy according to Trump is unemployment, outsourcing, immigration, wars abroad, neocons and free-wheeling allies, the Clintonites chose, or rather confirmed, the Russians as the Enemy.

In words of Jeffrey Sachs, “Hillary is the candidate of Wall Street. Even more dangerous, though, is that she is the candidate of the military-industrial complex supporting every war demanded by the US deep security state run by the military and the CIA.” And now she and her party set their sights on Russia.

The Russians have no say in this decision: they were formally appointed to the high post of The Enemy of the Empire, and this appointment requires no agreement of the victim.

Why were the Russians chosen? Who else fits the bill? The US war machine needs an enemy, and the world is not that large. Europe is subdued and occupied. China is too big, India is too soft, the Arabs are too small. Japan was fitted for an enemy in early Nineties, but surrendered. Putin perfectly understood the US war machine’s search for an enemy when he proposed to Americans at the UN they fight the Islamic State together with Russia. This nefarious Islamic State remains a possibility that will have to do, meanwhile, but for a greater and more serious enemy, able to attract nice budgets, Russia suits best.

Russia has an additional charm: it is a successor state to the USSR, that was the designated enemy for the West for a long time, until 1991. Thus it is a traditional enemy. Hillary as a Goldwater Girl supported the most warlike Russia-hating candidate, and apparently she still remembers the thrill. It is true that Russia’s enemy status had been explained by the satanic nature of godless communism, and this explanation is as dead as a dodo, but explanations are not reasons, they are secondary rhetorical devices. The reason is the need for an enemy so the war budget will grow nicely and keep generals and weapon manufacturers in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

Liberal-interventionists are wonderfully good at explaining away why fighting an enemy chosen by the war machine is necessary and good for mankind. They are too good at it: they succeed in demonizing the enemy to such an extent that peace become impossible. For them, every adversary who did not duck fast enough is a new Hitler. Now it is Russia and Putin.

Russians often wonder what can be done to avoid American wrath. The answer is nothing. This is not Crimea, as before Crimea there were other explanations, notably the lack of gay adoration, a refusal to let Russian children be exported abroad for same sex “families”. Before that, there was Putin the dictator. Even earlier, there was corruption, Russian mafia and unfair ownership of abundant resources that should belong to mankind meaning to the US corporations, as per Madeleine Albright. It makes no sense to fight explanations, for the Russians can’t change the reason: the real need of the US war machine is to have an enemy.

Americans should decide whether they want to keep fighting new Hitlers and enrich generals, bankers and mass-media owners. If they want this, Clinton will do nicely. Listening to these guys brings America to war with fearsome regularity. But if they do not, they have a choice.


Donald Trump is not a “lesser evil” – he is a fearless man who intends to change the US paradigm from war to peaceful tending of its own garden. I am amazed by Trump’s fortitude in the affair of the dead Muslim officer and his family. The story is clear: this man died for the US war machine in a war of aggression that killed (and continues to kill) millions of Muslims and Christians in the Middle East. He died, in effect if not in intention, to bring the Islamic State to power. His father disgustingly used his son’s death to promote his son’s ultimate killer. Trump said something quite soft along these lines, and he was assaulted by his enemies in the Party and outside. I would cringe and collapse in face of such attack, but Trump did not give in an inch.

Notably, the most warlike Republican Senator John McCain condemned Trump for speaking against the fallen soldier and his family. This is the same McCain who betrayed his fellow soldiers in the captivity of Vietnam. Ron Unz convincingly proved that McCain was the man whose mendacious testimony doomed the POW and MIA American soldiers to remain forever and die in the foreign land. This horrible crime notwithstanding, he became a Senator and a spokesman for the war machine. He blessed the Islamic State, he arranged a photo-op with the head-chopping monsters in Syria and Iraq, he called for delivery of weapons to the Ukraine. One of the first deeply satisfying acts by Donald Trump was his refusal to endorse the old criminal for re-election due this month. Hopefully good people of Arizona will send him to hell where he belongs.

An enemy can be used in many ways. Clinton used Russia as a means of changing the subject. While Wikileaks published the hacked DNC correspondence showing that followers of Clinton committed massive fraud by discounting millions of votes for Sanders, and her position trembled, they accused the Russians of the hack, Wikileaks of being the Russian tool and Trump of being Putin’s stooge.

Our colleague in Counterpunch was astonished by “the howls of indignation at Russian hacking of U.S. citizens’ communications. Have whistle-blowers not made it known to us that the NSA maintains records on the phone calls and internet activity of virtually everybody, everywhere? That they routinely monitor the communications of Angela Merkel, the pope, the UN Secretary General etc. without any sense of shame?” We know from Snowden files, that the US surveillance of Russian communications is near total. The State Department is proud of its interfering in elections in other states, including Russia.

So even if true, such a hack would be a case of what goes around comes around. I would welcome the Kremlin helping those forces in the United States that stand for peace with Russia and for democracy in America. But it is not the case. The Russians aren’t involved in the DNC hack. The Intercept said that NSA would know that, and the NSA did not confirm the hack.

So-called “pointers” of Russian involvement could be easily planted or manufactured. There are many Russian programmers outside Russia, in Israel and the US. “If hackers wanted to make it seem as if they were coming from Russia, they would put strings of Russian in their code and then compromise a machine somewhere in Russia and use it to launch the attack”, said USA Today, definitely not a Russian fan. I closely read all the reports: they are full of weasel words “likely”, “one can’t exclude”, “it stands to reason”. The headlines are bold and decisive: “The Russians did it”, but small script is far from conclusive.

Julian Assange said: “There is no proof of [Russian involvement] whatsoever. We have not disclosed our source, and of course, this is a diversion that’s being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s a meta-story. The real story is what these emails contain and they show collusion. The very head of the Democratic party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is now being forced to resign.”

There is no doubt that the publication of emails has been beneficial for the public. Julian Assange did a great thing disclosing the plot against the American people when he published the DNC emails. A long time ago, when I first met him, he told me: we shall uncover the plots of the elite against the people—and he was true to his promise.

Russians are nowhere in this story. I’d hail their participation, if they would unmask the DNC fraud, but they try to keep at arm’s length from Western dissidents, such as Assange and Snowden.

If Julian Assange were as close to Russians as they insinuate, he would be now in Moscow, not in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Actually the Russians were quite suspicious of Wikileaks, and for a long time they suspected it was a covert operation of the US secret services. In the same time others suspected it was a Mossad operation partly because Israel Shamir was there, and partly because no dirt on Israel was published. So Wikileaks was at once attacked as a Russian, American and Israeli spy outlet, and this is a perfect proof that it was none of those.

The Russians did not want to take Snowden, as well, and Snowden did not want to come to Russia. He was on a connecting transit flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, where he was supposed just to change planes and continue to Venezuela via Havana. It did not work out, as his US passport was cancelled by Obama. Snowden spent over a month in very uncomfortable conditions in Moscow’s Sheremetevo Airport, until the Russians agreed to give him temporary asylum.

In short, Russians were and are unwilling enemies. They prefer to be friends, or at least partners with the US and European states. They do not want to quarrel, let alone fight a war. Now they are busy organising their life. They had spent a fortune doing a complete facelift of Moscow, turning this rather grim and rundown city into shining and comfortable European megalopolis with bicycle paths, new trees planted in tens of thousands, houses painted and roads brought to mint condition.

They seriously fight corruption: provincial governors, ministers, generals on the take have found their new home in Lefortovo Prison. Greedy personal friends of Putin like the head of Russian Customs lost their jobs. Godfathers of mafia families go to jail, too, beginning with the biggest of them. It appears that Putin decided to undertake the fifth labour of Hercules: he is cleaning the Augean stables of Russia, undoing the criminal webs formed in the days of President Yeltsin.


For this reason I believe that Donald Trump has a chance to change the ways of the world. He can stop the war machine, and put the money to work for the benefit of the ordinary Americans. Instead of spending a cool trillion on new nuclear weapons he can repair the infrastructure, bring industries back home and make the US great again. He will be able to do it because the person Clinton wants to have as the enemy, namely Vladimir Putin prefers friendship and partnership.

This article was first published in The Unz Review.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    “It makes no sense to fight explanations, for the Russians can’t change the reason: the real need of the US war machine is to have an enemy.”

    That is partly true, but the military-industrial complex doesn’t really control America. They don’t control the banks, media, courts, academia, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and etc.

    The real reason for the vilification of Russia is Jewish Power.

    Just think…

    Suppose the Jewish oligarchs had succeed in totally taking over Russia. Suppose Russia has ‘gay marriage’ and mega-homo parades all over. Suppose Russian churches are festooned with ‘homo rainbows’. Suppose Pussy Riot is promoted all over Russia as the icons of liberation and empowerment.

    Suppose Jewish oligarchs own all of Russian media and most of Russian resources.

    Would Jewish Power in the US allow the American Military Complex to target Russia as Enemy #1? Hell no. Jews would be rejoicing that they not only have the US and EU but Russia. They would be set forever. Jewish-controlled Russia would be hailed as the greatest friend of Jewish-controlled US. China would be the main target of ire.
    (The reason for the partial agreement with Iran was to drive a wedge between Russia and Iran.)

    But Russia didn’t go that way. Putin restored some degree of nationalism. Hardly an extremist, he has no ill will toward Jews as a people. Jews are allowed to prosper in Russia, but they are not allowed to totally take it over and use it as their fiefdom.
    This angers Jews because Jews want something more than freedom and wealth. They want supremacist power, like what they got in the US.

    In the US, Jews are like gods. If they push the homo agenda, everyone goes along. Both parties sing hosannas to AIPAC and Israel. Indeed, all politicians seem to be more patriotic about Israel than about USA.
    It’s like homos are no longer satisfied with freedom and tolerance. They demand everyone bow down to homomania, the worship of homos.
    It’s like the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire. First, they asked for tolerance and freedom. Then, they sought official protection. And then officialdom itself. And then they wanted to be declared as the ONLY religion while all other must be suppressed. And then demanded that everyone convert to Christianity.

    Jews got total power in the US, the most powerful country in the world.
    But Jews are still nervous cuz they are a small ruling minority. It’s like the Brits once used to rule India but kicked out. And got kicked out of Hong Kong too eventually.

    In the 90s, Jews had more power in Russia than in US. But they lost their total control over Russia. And Jews fear that the Russian example may spread to EU and even to the US. And Donald Trump is their worst nightmare in this regard.

    Now, Putin and Trump aren’t anti-Jewish, but their model of nationalism is threatening to Jews because Jews now demand supremacism than mere freedom and equality.

    That is why Jews are so hysterical about Russia.
    And this is why homomania is so useful to Jews. If Jews went to Americans and said, “Russia is evil cuz they don’t allow Jews to take it over”, people will say ‘huh’?
    So, Jewish anti-Russian-ism hides behind homomania, the new big religion of the West. It is now bigger than Christianity. You get in more trouble by mocking two men buggering one another than cracking a nasty joke about God or Jesus.
    Americans worship homos and see homos as angels. Even ‘conservative’ S.E. Cupp broke down in TEARS when ‘gay marriage’ passed.
    So, the idea of Russia not allowing ‘gay pride parade’ is seen as the ultimate evil to decadent and cucked Americans and Europeans.

    The moral battle during the Cold War was about Gulag Archipelago.

    The moral conflict of the New Cold War is about Gaylog Ass-plugo.

    • Replies: @schmenz
    , @Anonymous
    , @TJM
  2. tbraton says:

    “turning this rather grim and rundown city into shining and comfortable European megapolis with bicycle paths”

    Israel, I believe you left off a syllable. The proper word should be “megalopolis,” from the Greek words “megalo,” meaning large, and “polis,” meaning city. There is a town with that name in Greece, in central Peloponnese, that was created by the forces which defeated Sparta in 371 B.C. along with a couple of other cities to serve as checkpoints on Sparta. I believe the current population of Megalopolis is less than 10,000, but it was probably substantially larger back in the day. On the outskirts of the modern town, there are the remains of an ancient Greek theater, which seated about 20,000, making it one of the largest Greek theaters from ancient days. To make up for the spelling lesson, I thought I would add in a little history lesson to make the first lesson more palatable.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. “They seriously fight corruption: provincial governors, ministers, generals on the take have found their new home in Lefortovo Prison. Greedy personal friends of Putin like the head of Russian Customs lost their jobs. Godfathers of mafia families go to jail, too, beginning with the biggest of them.”


    • Replies: @Nikita
  4. utu says:

    I would like to believe that you are right, that Trump is really a positive force.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    These left-right alliances are pretty interesting.

    We are told America under Obama/Hillary is ‘leftist’, but it prefers the ‘rightist’ opposition in Brazil and Venezuela. Wikileaks showed that ‘leftist’ Obama/Hillary favored the ‘rightists’ in South Korea against the former ‘leftist’ government. And ‘leftist’ Obama/Hillary prefer ‘rightist’ government in Japan against China that is still ruled by communist party(though it isn’t exactly ‘leftist’ anymore, to be sure). ‘Leftist’ Obama/Hillary also side with ‘rightist’ factions(even neo-Nazi ones) in Ukraine. And of course, secular ‘leftist’ Obama/Hillary work with ultra-conservative Saudis against secular modern rule in Syria and Libya.

    Now, ‘leftism’ in the US is pretty odd, what with ‘leftist’ Hillary being the darling of billionaire oligarchs, the establishment, the military industrial complex, and powerful institutions. And since when homo decadence become ‘leftist’? Marx and Lenin would have laughed at the notion of ‘gay marriage’. Even American Liberals and Leftist s were agreed that homo-ness was a perversion well into the 60s and even 70s.

    Ideologies bend to the nature of Power. Since Jews are the Power in the US and since Jews have been associated with ‘leftism’, the meaning of ‘leftism’ warps and bends and twists in relation to ever changing Jewish interests, priorities, and perspectives. The neo-left is whatever Jews say it is. If Jews say ‘gay marriage’ is the new left, it is. If Jews say ‘Bruce Jenner as woman’ is the new left, there it goes. If Jews say supporting the war machine against Libya, Syria, and Russia is what the new left is about, there you go. And I guess pivot in Asia is also ‘leftist’. Ideology has become as fluid as ‘gender’.

    But same goes for China. It’s still run by the communist party, but so much of the Chinese economy is about people doing anything to get rich. As long as Party Members get to dip into the trough, it is the New Communism.

    Consider this:

    ‘Leftist’ Obama/Hillary administration is cozy with the ‘rightist’ Japanese government that is increasingly unrepentant of what happened in WWII.
    Now, if Germans acted like this, there would be a huge scandal.
    But Japanese can do this because they didn’t kill Jews. They killed Chinese, and China is now seen as the big rival, even enemy. So, who cares if Japanese killed Chinese in WWII and now feel unrepentant. Japan is useful ally in the Pivot against China.
    US is mum about Japan’s nationalism and reactionary politics(useful as patriotic anger against China), but it pretends that US and Japan are on the same page because both nations have homo ‘pride’ parades. (If Japan is truly right-wing and patriotic, why does it cave to to the homo agenda? Some nationalism!)

    Haaretz and National Review grumble about recent developments in Japan and the rise of ‘fascism’. But the US government is mostly mum about this since it looks to Japan as ally against China.

    And if Japan is ‘fascist’ for revival of nationalism, what does it say about Israel? Isn’t it fascist too? But you can’t say that, so…

    • Replies: @RudyM
    , @TJM
  6. brabantian says: • Website

    Mr Shamir you have many good thoughts but you have been tricked by big hoaxes … which may harm & kill innocent people. Vladimir Putin himself hints out loud he knows ‘Edward Snowden’ is a hoaxer & active CIA agent, & you will understand this well if you read the online file from Moscow ‘Russia FSB SVR report, Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds’ (the Unz website robot rejects the ‘too radical’ link so cannot link it in this post)

    You seem star-struck by meeting Snowden’s partner faker Julian Assange, who has been admitted by both Benjamin Netanyahu & Zbigniew Brezinski to also be a hoaxer with his ‘Wikileaks’ all ‘selected’ by Western intel. Apparently EU officials laugh about how Assange has not really been ‘living at the Ecuador Embassy’, but moved in & out by MI5-MI6, that is why the police ‘watch the place’ for when ‘the coast is clear’. Ecuador Embassy staff can get nice cash playing along.

    A big danger of the Snowden-Assange frauds, is the rat-trapping of real whistleblowers, who may have already been silenced or killed after trusting the Snowden etc ‘media’ – the CIA goons at UK Guardian, NY Times, oily Glenn Greenwald.

    Snowden never ‘stole’ any documents. Snowden laughably first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney pal at CIA WashPost, then Rothschild employee & ex-gay-p-rnographer Greenwald. Snowden is anti-9-11-truth, & had nothing really new beyond more than 5+ previous NSA whistleblowers. Snowden & family have CIA lawyers (Cacheris, Bruce Fein), Snowman worked with Brzezinski son, was promoted by Brzezinski daughter, Snowden’s CV history is clearly fake

    Multiple proofs show that nothing is real about these fakers, with their Israel-protecting agenda of global blackmail. E.g., both Assange & Snowden claim to fear USA ‘trials’, yet both of these active CIA agents totally reject supporting any leaks or media exposure about the well-proven crimes of the USA Virginia national ‘federal’ judges who would be conducting such ‘trials’. Ditto the corrupt ‘constitutional lawyer’ Glenn Greenwald, employee of 3 billionaires in turn (Bill Gates, Rothschilds, now Ukraine war-monger Pierre Omidyar).

    Tho claiming to ‘fear extradition’, Snowden & Assange refuse to engage proofs of how US Virginia judges attacked your fellow dissident Jew, Polish citizen Dr Leszek Sachs, who barely got out of the US alive, now a key witness to the EU Commission with all his journalism & websites often blocked by Google in collusion with US judges … the same judges for Snowden or Assange USA ‘trials’.

    Along with global blackmail, & identifying, silencing, possibly killing real dissidents who are duped into contacting media tied to Dick Cheney’s pal Snowden or Netanyahu’s pal Assange or Rothschild employee Greenwald, what is also underway here is a general de-legitimising of alternative media, because the average person thinks, ‘Well, if what you are saying is true, you would be famous like Snowden!’ & have the CIA liars at the Guardian or NY Times pumping you.

  7. Bravo! Putin has dared to say no to Imperial Zionist Washington. So also has Donald Trump.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    I hope your incisive analysis is read by the people who need to read it. The narrative that gets pushed on us is so divorced from reality that honesty is shocking. I have read some of your other work and thought it to be both honest and relevant. The drumbeat of war against Russia is beaten by the same sages who told us Iraq would turn into a democracy if only enough Americans, like CPT Khan, died there. The tragedy of CPT Khan is that he died in an unwinnable war and rather than being left in peace, was exhumed as a political prop. His death has been robbed of whatever meaning it had to his comrades and family. His corpse is now merely a cudgel which the idiots who got CPT Khan killed now wield against those who would keep his comrades safe.

    Best wishes.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  9. alexander says:

    Its a very interesting article you have written , Mr Shamir.

    Reining in our war machine’s addiction to perpetual war is essential to re-grounding our government in sound fiscal policy.

    It would be an outstanding achievement of the highest rank if the Donald could do MORE by clawing back to the besieged American taxpayer at least some of the trillions lost to our war profiteers.

    Defrauding Americans into war, and extracting trillions from them to prosecute it, is a big No.No…Americans don’t like it at all…..Those who are guilty of this crime should be dealt with very swiftly.

    It has become obvious to most, that our foreign policy decisions to engage in endless war have destroyed much of the middle east, not made it a better place, and have robbed our citizens at home , of enormous treasure.

    Were it that the Donald were a slightly more “fixed compass” on this issue, I imagine he would be vaulting into the white house.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  10. @utu

    “I would like to believe that you are right, that Trump is really a positive force.”

    Me too, but that would mean I am voting for him and for something, and none of my intellectual friends, liberal or conservative, believe it is possible to vote for Trump for whatever reason, and since they are so smart, I really must be voting against something. Shamir sums it up well when he states:

    “Donald Trump is not a “lesser evil” – he is a fearless man who intends to change the US paradigm from war to peaceful tending of its own garden. ”

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  11. Putin is in office, and kept there, by organized crime. The only criminals that end up in jail are those that prove an embarrassment. Putin’s regime is a criminal regime.

    The new cold war is as much on Putin as it is on DC. For Putin it is a matter of his aggressive revanchism and for DC, their incompetence.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @bluedog
  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    As a child during the Cold War I can look back on it and marvel at the obsessiveness of it all. The propaganda and lies were piled high every day along with the constant military drumbeat in the background. If a bird fell out of a tree then they were possibly behind it. The USSR was the perfect boogeyman and since it’s fall no suitable replacement has been found. N Korea, drug cartels, international terrorists, none have been as effective with which to scare the public so perhaps now it’s forward to the past with Russia assuming the role as successor scarecrow. American politics needs something to frighten the masses with. Paul Craig Roberts occasionally lets his frustration slip out and uses the term ‘dumbs**t Americans’. It seems an apt description of this nation of retards who fall for the same old reheated baloney over and over again. This election campaign is a series of distractions and circus acts designed to distract the public. It’ll be interesting to see how all this shakes out. I’m not sanguine although I always keep my fingers crossed. In matters dealing with the American public always bet on stupid and you’ll be right most of the time.

    • Agree: Kiza
  13. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Here is what I think:

    Hillary Clinton announced POTUS 8PM Nov 8 2016…

    White Guy Trump Bros go back to watching the NFL…

    What should happen if the hairy lesbian psychopath is elected POTUS….

    White Guy Trump Bros out in the street massive anti-war protests….funded by billionaire Donald Trump….of course, we all know that this is not gonna happen.

    On 25 A 100 feet down the road from Renaissance Technologies there has been a anti-war protest-vigil every Saturday Morning since 2001….right across the street from the anti-war protestors are White Fox News Patriotards supporting neocon mass murder in the Middle East and Eastern Ukraine…..lots of PATRIOTARD “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” signs.

  14. annamaria says:

    “The lady doth protest too much” indeed.
    Please illustrate for us the purity of the Israeli and US governments. Seriously. Even for a vicious Russophobe (that you are as an Israeli) your statement is childish. Moreover, you have nothing factual to support your invective but “gut feeling.”
    Shamir calls for non-violence in international affairs (that is, against following the banksters’ agenda). What is your call? – That the Empire of Federal reserve is always right? We do not need this MSM (presstitutes’) stuff. You are on a wrong web page.

  15. woodNfish says:
    @The Alarmist

    Your “intellectual friends” aren’t very bright.

  16. RudyM says:
    @Priss Factor

    US is mum about Japan’s nationalism and reactionary politics(useful as patriotic anger against China), but it pretends that US and Japan are on the same page because both nations have homo ‘pride’ parades. (If Japan is truly right-wing and patriotic, why does it cave to to the homo agenda? Some nationalism!)

    I don’t think homosexuality has the same historical position in Japan that it did in the formerly Christian west, so I’m not sure there’s much contradiction there. Mishima?

  17. bluedog says:

    Your showing your insanity again of course and what else is new,lol that darn Putin the one you wish to hate so much is always one step ahead of our elected idiots in Washington, that you admire so much, Russia threw a wrench in our plans with ISIS as they did with our bought and paid for coup in the Ukraine, foggy bottom was already dreaming of sailing into the port in the Crimea with bands playing to set up a few more missiles sites aimed at Russia,and speaking of criminals in high places I don’t think you really wish to go there considering that we aren’t above killing our own sitting president,do you?.!!

  18. schmenz says:
    @Priss Factor

    Excellent comment. But when you say,

    “It’s like the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire. First, they asked for tolerance and freedom. Then, they sought official protection. And then officialdom itself. And then they wanted to be declared as the ONLY religion while all other must be suppressed. And then demanded that everyone convert to Christian”,

    I would respectfully recommend further reading on that subject. The comparison between the beginnings of Christianity and the rise of Jewish influence is not an apt one. You may find helpful an excellent book (among thousands) which carefully describes the beginnings of Christianity under the Roman Empire. It is “Saints in Action” by Walsh. Good read.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Berta Arnason
  19. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Japan was more tolerant of homosexuality, but it was kept in its own place.

    As for Mishima, it was an open secret that he was homo. His first novel was semi-auto-bio about homo self-awareness.
    But he never declared it. He had wife and kids.

    Homomania is different from tolerance of homos.
    It is an open celebration and near-worship of homos and trannies.
    It was pushed on Japan by the US. It is also pushed on Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea. It is homo imperialism as proxy of Jewish influence.

    This is new in the world and is the project of Jews.

  20. Durruti says:

    Israel Shamir,

    One more nicely written article on Unz’ website.

    I cannot quite vote for the Casino Owner, and promised ally of the Zionist Land Thieves. However, if this – already rigged election in Post-Republic America is further rigged against Trump, I would join, a Revolution to Restore our Republic, with all its freedoms, including the Sovereignty of our Nation, even if organized by supporters of Casino Trump.

    Are Trump’s supporters ready to defend their liberty? Were Sanders‘ supporters? Were Gore’s?

    Sons and Daughters of Liberty, Minutemen, in 2016:

    It should be understood by all American Patriots and lovers of the Republic, that miscounting the votes on election day is not an option without consequence for the Zionist American Oligarchs.

    For the Restoration of our Democratic Republic (that was assassinated on November 22, 1963).

    Durruti, for the Anarchist Collective

  21. @RudyM

    I remember hearing an American, back in the ’70s talking about a trip to Japan with a Japanese friend. At the airport they saw someone (Japanese) who looked to the American as though he were probably homosexual. The American asked his friend “Do you have trouble with homosexuals here?”
    “No homosexuals?”
    “No. No trouble.”

  22. utu says:

    “You may find helpful an excellent book” – he doesn’t read books. All his knowledge about the world is form the movies.

  23. Rehmat says:

    The Organized Jewry has no “friends” – it only has its “evil interests”. Both Gen. David Petraeus and Gen John Allen were “heroes” as long as they served Israeli interests in the ME and Afghanistan – but Zionist Mafia turned against both of them when a study reported they believe that hatred toward United States in the Muslim world is as result of Washington’s blind support for the Zionist entity.

    After that, how David Petraeus was kicked on his ‘half Jewish’ butts – is a common story.

    • Replies: @utu
  24. dahoit says:

    Trump has said many times that money for all these misadventures hurt America,and its infrastructure and people.
    The problem is, the MSM doesn’t print his astute policy decisions,as they can’t dispute them,but make controversy out of his offhand remarks that reflect Americans thinking,in a demonization campaign never before seen in American politics.
    There is not one outlet,even Faux news,that defend him,as Zion wants no part of America First.

    • Replies: @alexander
  25. utu says:

    Rehmat, You got it wrong with Petraeus. Petraeus was involved in the false flag operation to implicate Russia in 2010 to stop the reset started by Obama and Hillary in 2009 when the anti-missile system planned in Poland and Czech Republic was cancelled in Sept. 2009. Neocons did not want the reset and they wanted to keep the missile shield. So the catastrophe in Smolensk in Russia on April 10, 2010 with Polish president and whole delegation was arranged to be blamed on Russia and Putin. For over two weeks NATO wasn’t quite sure what to do. They even introduced a no-fly zone over whole Europe allegedly on the account of Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull. so Nobody, no foreign NATO leaders came for funerals to Poland. But it was decided that it was an accident and the reset was saved. During the time of tension Obama ostentatiously played golf for the same reason that Khrushchev and Politburo during Cuban crisis were showing themselves in Bolshoi. In the following months till 2011 Putin and Shoygu consolidated power of FSB and broke down the power of GRU which probably had some rouge outfit involved in the Smolensk operation that worked with similar outfits from the US, Israel and Poland. Many GRU generals ended up having accidents during this time. Little bit later Obama started his own purge in military. Chiefly in the strategic bombing command and overall the nuclear forces. Petraeus was also purged.

    Here is Petraeus in Warsaw with Polish president in Warsaw three days before the president got killed.

    Note that after 2013/2014 when the reset was scrapped and Putin became the new Hitler and Stalin because he helped Obama not to make the decision to impose the no-fly zone over Syria because of toxic gas use not a single media outfit tried to blame Putin for Smolensk 2010. Why? They can’t because Putin is holding all aces in this game that would implicate true perpetrators of Smolensk 2010. Another plane had to to be brought down (MH 17) to have something to blame Putin for.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  26. polistra says:

    The old hate for “satanic godless communism” didn’t disappear, it reversed. Now USA is proudly satanic and godless, and Russia is openly Christian. We hate Russia BECAUSE it’s openly Christian.

    We also hate Russia because Putin proves that a ruler who defends his OWN people is popular. We can’t afford to let our people understand this connection. We have to prove that globalism is the ONLY possible arrangement. Nationalism cannot exist.

  27. nickels says:

    The Oligarchs hate Russian because Putin gave them the boot.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Donald Trump is not a “lesser evil” – he is a fearless man who intends to change the US paradigm from war to peaceful tending of its own garden.”

    Holy sh*te, you’ve gone off the deep end, bro!!! NO ONE person is going to change the US paradigm. Srsly, brother, Trump was Jeffrey “Pedophile Honeytrap” Epstein’s best buddy for DECADES and it’s basically known that Trump the “billionaire” is probably not worth more than a few tens of millions. Gee, how does he maintain his billionaire status, then, huh?

    Please do a bit of research about US politics before you look like a fool again.

    Likewise, if you think that Snowden is anything BUT a sheep-deeped CIA asset you’re basically putting a duncecap on your head for all to see. You really buy into the Little Eddie Snowden fairy tale? Y’know, the one where he admitted he didn’t even know how to set up a freaking web server when he was 17 in his Ars Technica posts? Laughable. You’ve been traveling too much and therefore I guess don’t realize that EVERYTHING you see reported in the Western MSM is complete and total bullsh*t so maybe that’s your excuse.

    Assange? The Zionist and buddy of Israel? Let’s just stop right there.

    • Replies: @utu
  29. utu says:

    Ron, I prefer Shamir’s message than yours but it’s hard to shake off the feeling that it’s you who is right.

  30. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    What a historical irony.

    In the first third of the 20th century, Jews were making great strides in US, UK, Germany, and Russia.

    But US was dominated by Wasps well into the 70s.
    Brits didn’t fall into Jewish hands until the fall of empire and British finance as the last horse standing with the loss of manufacturing and all else.
    Germany turned increasingly anti-Jewish after WWI. Then Nazis came to power.

    Jews came to great power in Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution. Even after Stalin’s purges, there were many important Jews in the Soviet Union.
    Also, many US Jews were radicals and sympathized with communism. It wasn’t only ideological but ethnic.
    Jewish panic about McCarthyism wasn’t primarily intellectual, constitutional, or about civil liberties. After all, most Jews hardly made a peep about FDR’s decision to round up over 100,000 ‘Japs’ into internment camps.

    Many Jews still saw the USSR as the main center of Jewish power. Even though they increasingly became distrustful of Stalin, it was the USSR that defeated Nazi Germany.
    Also, Jews felt that FDR didn’t do enough and fast enough to deal with the Nazis. FDR dragged his feat and US forces landed in Normandy only in 1944.
    And Soviets were the early backers of the Zionist project. US, being allied with UK that held Palestine, wasn’t sure what to do. It was Truman who made the fateful decision later.

    So, Jews saw anti-communism as either masked ‘antisemitism’, an attack on Jewish power in the USSR and Jewish influence around the world. And recall that soon after WWII, Stalin placed Jewish communists in charge of many Eastern European nations. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, and etc had Jewish rulers. What seemed like communist tyranny to HUAC anti-communists seemed like Jewish Rule for many American Jews.

    Back in those days, American Jews could see that Jews had real power under Stalin. Jews could see that Stalin trusted Jewish communists enough to put them in charge in Eastern European nations.
    While Jews amassed great power in the US as well, they weren’t sure they could replace Wasps as top dogs. Wasps seemed too talented, too well-organized. In contrast, Russians were slow, lazy, and dumb. Jews felt that after Stalin the crafty Georgian died, Jews could come out on top over the dumb lazy boorish potato-munching Russians.

    But things didn’t turn out that way. To be sure, Jews had a chance at total-takeover of Russia in the 90s, and they came so close. But they fell into the parasitic paradox. The parasite loves to suck on the blood of the host. That’s what it does. And it grows fat from the blood. Stronger the parasite becomes, weaker the host becomes. But as the host dies, so does the parasite. Jews sucked on Russia so much in the 90s that it grew anemic(like Tsar Nico’s son) and keeled over. Jews panicked over the dying host, and Putin stepped in to do things his way. Since then, Russia has been a moderate nationalist nation. But Jews don’t see it that way. They feel that Putin took from them what is rightfully theirs. Putin the nationalist pimp took back the Russian bitchass ho from the globalist Jewish pimps. Jews feel that they should own the souls and bodies of gentiles. It’s like Jews tell white guys that they don’t deserve to own white women. Instead, white women should come under Jewish Hollywood influence and go for jungalo fever and use white wombs to produce mulatto obama babies for black men.
    This is Junglobalism. Jews tell European men to turn into cucks and tell European women to have babies with Muslim and African men. So, white men don’t have special claim on white women, and white race has no special claim on white lands. Without white race-ism and white nationalism, Jews can exploit and manipulate white folks any way they choose. Of course, we are talking of bad Jews like Soros and Ruth Baird Ginsburg. There are some good Jews.

    Meanwhile, Jews gained total power in the US. They got so much power in Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, law firms, the courts, in Congress(all whores of AIPAC), military-industrial complex, espionage and intelligence, academia, media, and etc. Even though there are many powerful and rich Jews in Russia, they don’t occupy the top position. They don’t have the power to force ‘gay crap’ on Russia and make Russians feel endless historical guilt for past sins.

    So, now Jews, the very people who feared McCarthyism most and mocked US militarism in films like FAIL SAFE, DOCTOR STRANGELOVE, SEVEN GAYS IN MAY, and etc. — BRIDGE OF SPIES, even as it shows Russia in a negative light, sympathizes with the Russian spy over the American prosecutors — are now in ultra-McCarthowicz mode and being more over-the-top and shrill about how Putin is new hitler and Russia is a bigger threat now than during the Cold War when it occupied all of Eastern Europe and was spreading communist revolution all over.

    And Trump who calls for peace and cooperation with Russia is made out to be worse than Rosenbergs who actually gave Stalin the bomb secrets.

    The New Cold War should just be called The Cold SchWARz.

    • Agree: edNels
    • Replies: @Regnum Nostrum
  31. alexander says:

    Yes, Dahoit, I think you are right.

  32. @Priss Factor

    Stalin placed Jewish communists in charge of many Eastern European nations. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, etc had Jewish rulers.

    Can you name some?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @R
  33. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website
    @Regnum Nostrum

    There was Slansky in Czech.

    A Polish friend tells me Poland was heavily loaded with Jewish leaders after WWII.

    See the movie SUNSHINE by Istvan Szabo. It shows Jewish communists in charge of Hungary after WWII. But they are eventually purged for ties to Zionism.

    Romania had Pauker.

    • Replies: @Regnum Nostrum
  34. bunga says:

    “In the same time others suspected it was a Mossad operation partly because Israel Shamir was there, and partly because no dirt on Israel was published. ”

    WikiLeaks doesn’t have any dossier of dirt on Israel. It will never have . This is not a failure on part of WikiLeaks .

    The dirt on Israel is ‘legal.patriotiotic,moral duty,universal obligation’ ,and any report on Israeli activities are nothing but rich sources for human kind to recognize one’s own inadequacy to fully appreciate the wonder Zionism has been to humankind . It is out in the open It happens everyday .

    Just other day Israeli lawyers wrote in NYT that it was high time that US bombed Basher Assad ( NYT 3rd August 2016 ) to bring peace and prosperity. WikiLeaks will never need to expose the criminal endevours . Conspiracy of committing criminal act is celebrated with openness .

    Aren’t we good and great ? How can the world do without us?

  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    He didn’t even “boot” them, I wouldn’t go so far as to make that statement.

    Putin affirmed the right of politics and political leaders to govern.
    In the Anglosphere, and partly – but increasingly so – in the EU, politics are a facade, a faux government, and financial powers, behind the curtain, exercise the actual governance.

    Financialists are annoyed at Xi Jin Ping too, and for the same reason.

  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    One of the most eloquent and hard hitting Jew-bashing opinions I have read in a while. The UZ report and Israel Shamir seems to seems to draw out Jew bashing vitriol in readers if given the slightest pretext. It puzzles me. I wonder how Jewish readers react to this stuff. The resulting silence is deafening!

  37. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    “One of the most eloquent and hard hitting Jew-bashing opinions I have read in a while.”

    Not Jew-bashing at all. Just Jewish-Power-Exposing.

    It’s like the game of King of the Hill. Those on the hill come under most attack.

    It makes no sense to attack the powerless. We can go on and on about Eskimos or Hawaiian natives, but they got no power. It’d be a waste of time and energy.
    Sure, they got lots of problems and corruption that should be called out. But it’s a local than global affair. Eskimos may get drunk and mess things up in Alaska, but it has no impact on the rest of us. But those who control Wall Street, Pentagon, Law Courts, Media, and etc have huge sway on us.

    A Jew-basher would attack Jews for the hell of it. Even if Jews were the poorest and weakest folks, he or she would bash Jews.
    But critics of Jewish power are focused on the Power. If Jews were on the level of Eskimos or dumb Polacks, there would be no reason to bother with them.

    If Mormons or Mexicans controlled Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, State Department, and Congressional whores, we shouldbe talking about Mormon or Mexican power. It’s like Irish power was a huge issue in big cities since the thick-necked and hamfisted Flanagans and O’Malleys used to pull all the bureaucratic strings Irish power is much reduced, so it isn’t so much a topic.

    Take the homo issue. There was a time when I never thought about Homos. Sure, they were on the cultural radar, but no one in the 70s or 80s thought we would have ‘gay marriage’ and massive homo parades in every city around the world. When I was young, I might think of homos maybe 4 or 5 times a year.
    But today, Homos have lots of power and are destroying entire careers and lives. So, we must talk about homo power, especially as it is connected with Jewish power. Everyday, I come across homo this, homo that in the media and culture and education and politics. Both political parties sing hosannas to homos. Trump says he will protect holy homos from Muslims.

    In the early 8os, people too pity on China. It was a very poor nation still emerging from rubble of Maomania lunacy. There was a mix of sympathy and curiosity. It made no sense to be harshly critical of China since its economy was smaller than that of Canada with population of 20 million.
    But today’s China is a different creature. So, we have to keep a close eye on what it is up to. There is much talk of China’s place in the world, some hostile and alarmist.

    It is about Power-Bashing. Now, Power isn’t necessary bad and all powers do some good, but power is often abusive, exploitative, arrogant, and megalomaniacal. And there is no doubt that Jews, who used to be effective critics of Wasp power, have now become the disingenuous holders of power in the US pushing all sorts of nuttiness in and outside the US.
    There was a time when the idea of Bruce Jenner as a woman of courage would have been too outlandish even for the Onion. Now, it is what NYT pushes. Our culture consists of stuff like Lena Dunham. And Jewish-driven foreign policy has gone full neo-imperialist in Middle East and Ukraine. It’s nuts.

  38. Yes, of course our war machine is a problem and, yes, of course Clinton will likely continue to worsen it. But to conclude that this makes Trump any better is unequivocally unsound.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  39. @schmenz

    Please read on the Inquisition, for example. Not the Anglo propaganda version of the “Spanish Inquisition” but the real Inquisition.

    I know it’s hard for some to accept that people might have used Christianity to do evil. But they have and, in places, still do. This evil also takes many forms. Some incomprehensibly brutal, others less so. In my opinion, the problem is not Christianity itself but humanity. The same applies to Islam or Judaism, of course, and most other religions.

    • Replies: @schmenz
    , @Alden
  40. slorter says:

    From another retired Marine General Smedley D Butler Major general US marine core twice decorated with the Medal of Honor!
    “War is a racket. It always has been.
    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives…………..
    The only way to smash this war racket is to conscript capital and industry, before the nation’s manhood can be conscripted. Let officers and the directors and the high powered executives of our armament factories and our steel companies and our munitions makers and our shipbuilders, and our airplane builders and the manufacturers that provide anything that profits from war together with the bankers and the speculators be conscripted on the same wage as a foot soldier”

  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Shamir is right,megapolis means “great city”megalopolis,just a “big city”.

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Khizr Khan was wrong, his son Humayun Khan was not died of defending the United States of America, his son was killed in a reckless invasion war waged by the USA in a far far away foreign land.

    Khizr Khan should not gloss over USA’s aggression against hapless nations and people as defending the USA, his son was part of the organized violence doing the bombing and killing tens of thousands miles away from the USA homeland to materialize the USA crimes against humanity.

  43. Rehmat says:

    You seems to be quite ignorant of Russian and apologist for Israel-First David Petraeus’ loose character.

    Putin may feel honored being called Stalin, because while Stalin gave Jews an autonomous state within Soviet Union in 1934, Putin could only give Israel a tank captured by Syrian army this year.

    • Replies: @utu
  44. Mark says: • Website

    Bravo, Mr. Shamir; bravo. A vote for Hillary is a vote for endless war, and if anyone needs substantiation that she does not mean what she says in her campaign statements – essentially playing to the gallery and trying to draw out what you want to hear – they need look no further than her lies about the handling of classified material which were clearly shown to be lies. Her campaign is redirecting all over the place and trying to whip up indignation about Russia, and although Russia probably had nothing to do with it, that was never the point. Did the Clinton machine screw Bernie Sanders and disenfranchise millions of voters? Yes; yes, it did. And now she is trying to pick up Sanders voters with a hokey ‘Unity’ campaign which suggests she and Bernie Sander are two buds on the same rosebush.

    I recommend American voters consider just staying home, because there are no good choices. But holding your nose and voting for Clinton isn’t just a bad choice; it’s a dangerous choice.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  45. Kiza says:
    @Berta Arnason

    With a so well thought-out and backed up opinion you are making a huge contribution to the debate at UNZ. Just sarcasm: your contribution is zero, you are just taking space. Or better, you are a paid Hitlary troll: agreeing with the article and then saying the opposite in favor of Hitlary, a classical trolling technique.

    Except for a few commenters here, the general level of the debate on this article is catastrophic compared with the quality of the article, which is an absolute 10 out of 10.

    • Replies: @Berta Arnason
  46. Eckbach says:

    The US war machine is just the muscle squad of the Oded Yinon planners.

  47. Kiza says:

    General Allen’s speech at the DNC Convention leaves absolutely no doubt that Hillary Clinton is The War Candidate.

    I implore you to run the following two videos in parallel in two browser windows or in two tabs of the same browser windows. You will find an amazingly identical oration technique between Hitler and Allen:

    If you understand the German or want to read English subtitles, you will also find an amazing similarity in claiming the high moral ground: freedom, universal human values and the rest of what such demagogues typically use. Maybe General Allen wins on this sleaziness – Hitler is a much smaller BSer as people generally were in the previous century.

  48. utu says:

    You see to low IQ AI bot. You did not get my comment at al. Its sense. Or the one on the 3rd shift does not know English. Wow. Now I know not to waist time on you.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  49. @Priss Factor

    The positions of Jews in many post war governments of Central Europe were less the result of some Stalin’s order but more the consequence of their political activities before, during and after WW2. Slánský was General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The man in charge though was Klement Gotwald and he was not a Jew. In November 1952 Slánský and 13 other high-ranking Communist bureaucrats (10 of whom were Jews) were arrested. Ten of those arested were sentenced to death. Klement Gotwald was followed by Antonin Novotny, another non Jew. The leader of post war Poland was Boleslaw Bierut together with Wladyslaw Gomulka. As far as I am aware none of them was a Jew. Mátyás Rákosi and Ernő Gerő the first two leaders of post war Hungary were Jewish but by 1956 they were replaced by János Kádár who was not a Jew. Pauker in Romania was removed in 1956. Taking into account the numbers executed and the ease with which many of them were removed from power one must question the claim that they were in charge except perhaps temporarily.

  50. Realist says:

    Excellent article.

  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Check out this video from two years ago confirming the need for official enemies vis-a-vis both Russia and America, because after all – you cannot spell Russia without U, S, & A

  52. Rehmat says:

    Now you dropped your dirty Talmudic pants Moshe….

    My English is as good as your Hebrew.

    You belongs to a nation of idiots….

    On August 2, 2016, Israeli newspaper YNet reported another saga of Israeli leadership stupidity. It involved MK Amir Peretz, former defense minister, MK Tzipi Livni, former foreign and justice minister, and Mossad ‘sex-pot’, MK Maj. Gen. Eyal Ben-Reuven and Tomer Weinberg, member of Israeli tank crew who survived an attack by Hizbullah fighters in which six Jewish soldiers were killed an two captured while attacking Lebanese village of Aitaa al-Chaab in South Lebanon along Israel-Lebanon border.

    The Zionist idiots were tricked into giving interviews over Israeli defeat in 2006 at the hands of Hizbullah fighters by an Italian reporter Michela Moni posing as a reporter with ANSA news agency in Rome assigned to make a documentary for the UK’s BBC channel.

    When a documentary containing those interviews was aired by Lebanese satellite channel Al Mayadeen (watch below) on last Saturday instead of BBC – the Zionist idiots were shocked. They told YNet: We have been tricked. They never told us that it would be broadcast by Hizbullah.

    • Replies: @utu
  53. schmenz says:
    @Berta Arnason

    Hello Berta,

    There has probably been no historical incident more distorted than the history of the Inquisition. It is not possible to cram into a few paragraphs all the historical facts that exonerate the Inquisition from some of the tendentious slurs that have been heaped on it since but I will offer a few quick thoughts if I may.

    If you read, actually read, the deliberations of the Inquisitors (knowing Spanish helps) you will find that the proceedings were carried out with a fairness that would astonish modern judges and lawyers. The fantasies about hooded monks lighting people on fire with a gleam in their eyes is the stuff of Hollywood but not history.

    Why did the Inquisition begin? Spain was a Catholic country and, as such, Catholics were expected to be loyal subjects and to practice their faith in the way that they were taught by the teachings of Christ. Now during the time of Ferdinand and Isabella there emerged a situation where Jews, for reasons of their own, were falsely converting to Catholicism and were at the same time undermining the Spanish government. These people were called “Conversos”. Among the acts of subterfuge they were engaged in were to connive with the Muslims that were attacking the Iberian peninsula and flooding Spain with their own. Isabella had her hands full trying to beat back the Muslim occupation so she was in no mood to countenance people trying to help the Muslims complete their conquest. This situation was a great worry to Queen Isabella who, despite the propaganda to the contrary, protected the Jews from the backlash that had begun when the Spanish people became aware of their treachery. (Note: the Jewish Encyclopedia substantiates this). But the treason became so blatant and so murderous that a court was set up to find out if the Conversos were true Catholics or merely pretending to be Catholics. That court was the Inquisition. Those found to be secret Jews were essentially told to “fish or cut bait”; those found to be committing acts of treason were turned over to the government. Treason was punishable by death. The Jews who died were not killed for being Jews; they were executed for being traitors.

    Isabella moved heaven and earth to protect the Jews from the violence that was stirring against them. However, after the horror of the Host of La Guardia Incident she had no choice but to expel them from Spain. The Jews that remained in Spain were those who were loyal to the government and the Church.

    An excellent book (one of many on this subject) may be found here:

    • Replies: @TJM
    , @Berta Arnason
  54. TJM says:
    @Priss Factor

    “That is partly true, but the military-industrial complex doesn’t really control America. They don’t control the banks, media, courts, academia, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and etc”.

    “The real reason for the vilification of Russia is Jewish Power”.

    They always through up these paper tigers as the “power behind American militarism”, but as you said, the MIC does not control the MSM, Hollywood…but we know for a fact Zionist Jews do.

    The problem is, they have always been very good at manipulating the “goyim”, and with mass media, they have only become better. They have American’s tied in knots over immigration, feminism, racism, homosexuality, Muslims…

    They have successfully divided the American people into groups, democrats, republicans, left right, north south, identity politics.

    It seems they must stop Trump, because Trump is a straight shooter, and the power of jewish manipulation is in confusion, misdirection, manipulation. Honesty (even if that honestly, or especially if that honesty is politically incorrect) is the enemy of manipulation and the Jews. They have so divided the American people, many Americans have just given up.

    Great post, THANK YOU!

  55. TJM says:
    @Priss Factor

    I certainly agree with you basic thesis, but the gay thing is not as important as you write, the greater issue is immigration, open borders, feminism, racism…

    Homosexual rights were advancing, as they should, all people deserve the same rights, BUT as all movements it was cooped by the Zionist movement and “weaponized”.

    like feminism and racism, they were needed movements, that were turned divisive and negative. Instead of feminism being about equal rights, it became a tool to criticize/emasculate men. Now no matter how much gains are made by women, its never enough, because it is “making up for past injustices”. the same with racism, instead of removing race as an issue, they turned race into the only issue, affirmative action, not equal rights, but preferential rights, “white guilt”.

    The Zionist Jews are masters of pitting people against one another, that is the message, not focusing on one example of “perversion”. The only way to fight a war with the Zionists is to get out of the anger/war mindset and move towards unity. They hate Russia for many reasons, not least of which is its Christian Orthodox beliefs.

    Look at pedophilia in the Catholic Church, it has existed and always has, yet watching ZioMedia and Hollywood, you would think every priest is a pedophile (they want to destroy all the foundations of Western Society/These people are psychopaths).
    Two important notes about pedophilia,
    A) it is never looked at like an illness, like something that should be dealt with as a community, instead its is like a cancer that needs to be removed (like they portray Muslims).
    B) Hollywood is awash in pedophilia yet you never hear a peep from the media or in any Zionist movie. These people are masters of staying on message. they know how if you just keep retreating a lie, never take responsibility, never alter accept the consequences, reality will form to YOUR beliefs. Look at Iraq, a total disaster in every way, yet those who pushed us there pay no consequences and are out in front as credible today!

    As you know, this is a topic one could keep writing and writing about, to no end, so much evil Zionist released upon US.

    • Replies: @utu
  56. TJM says:

    Great post, thanks for the information.

    I find issues in the past dealing with Jews have haunting similarities today.

    Time and again you read real accounts of the past and note not only are they vastly different than what we have been “taught” (better word is conditioned) and place a more realistic and human face on the past.

    So much of history is spoon fed to us, showing one side is good the other evil, always promoting a oversimplified and immature view of the world and conflict. I believe things happen for a reason, I believe Americans, and the West have been conditioned to be what we are today, confused, divided and dis-empowered.

    The control of banking gave Zionists the money to buy the media and entertainment, thus control over politicians. Such control has lead to levels of ignorance in a population likely never seen in human history. The internet is helping fight the ignorance, which then begs the question, how long will they let us use it?

  57. utu says:

    Try to read #26 with comprehension. Then start over.

  58. utu says:

    “the gay thing is not as important as you write” – To some people like Anonymny it seems much more important on account of small tight anus. A painful subject.

  59. R says:
    @Regnum Nostrum

    Erich Honecker in East Germany

  60. tbraton says:

    “I recommend American voters consider just staying home, because there are no good choices. But holding your nose and voting for Clinton isn’t just a bad choice; it’s a dangerous choice.”

    I buy your advice that voting for Hillary is “a dangerous choice,” but your recommendation to American voters that they “consider staying home” is positively dreadful. If followed, that would possibly contribute to the election of the “dangerous choice” you are warning about. If you don’t want Hillary elected, the only sensible choice is to vote for Donald Trump.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  61. Alden says:
    @Berta Arnason

    The inquisition was all over Europe. It began around 1100 and ended 1820
    In all those years exactly 607 heretics were executed.
    The entire Spanish Inquisition propaganda was an English invention during its endless wars with Spain and other European powers
    It was also used to justify the endless English piracy of the Spanish treasure ships returning from the new world

    Jews of course took it up because the greatest European woman in history, Isabella kicked them out of Spain because of their collaboration with Muslims and slave trade of Spaniards to n Africa

    That’s the truth. Since the days of Martin Luther its been a Protestant/Jewish vilification of Catholicism

    But the Protestants are too naive and dumb to notice

    Why do you think the most fanatic got Israel Uber Alles types are bible thumper Protestants?

  62. @tbraton

    My concern is not which candidate is going to finish ruining the US – that’s baked in the cake – but which will destroy almost all of the accomplishments of about 14 billion past and present H. sapiens on earth.

    I think Hagllary is far more capable of getting the Doomsday Clock to strike midnight.

    • Agree: tbraton
  63. Barbara says:

    Being more intuitive than brain, I go by perception. When I first saw gwb I almost threw up. Same with obummer and shill. I always had to leave the room if some media was on and they were on it. I don’t feel that way with Don.

    It does bother me he said he wouldn’t recognize Palestine, would support the land theft, talks w/ kissinger-murdoch-sachs, won’t legalize the herb, supports torture (would you want to be tortured Don?), do unto others…. I wish he’d pick a VP like Judge Jeannie, Buchanan, or Paul Craig Roberts. They’re all quite knowledgeable and not pro endless invasions like the others he has considered. We need to demand paper voting.

    Luckily, in the third party situation, a vote for Jill is a vote for Trump if she doesn’t get in. A Trump card.

  64. attonn says:

    “Russians often wonder what can be done to avoid American wrath”.

    That is a sign of weakness, and weakness only invites more and more “wrath”. The best way to counter US bullying is a good punch in a face. Then another, until the bully sobers up. They escalate – you escalate. When confronted with enough resolve, America always folds.

    Only then Russia has a chance to be taken seriously.

    • Replies: @Parbes
  65. Parbes says:

    Exactly! This is what the pusillanimous Putin & co., with all their useless talk of “working together with our partners”, “international law”, etc., cannot get their heads wrapped around.

  66. @schmenz

    I have been to a few Inquisition museums and recommend you do the same. They will add depth to your otherwise interesting narration. Personally, and as I said, I consider the issue of the Spanish Inquisition to be Anglo propaganda and unreliable. Nonetheless, brutal crimes were carried out by the Spanish as well as the real Inquisition, as another person has noted.

    In any case, I brought the subject up as one example among many of Christian brutality through the ages. It would be silly to pretend such a thing never happened. The Vatican itself has been a place of murder in not a few occasions.

    • Replies: @utu
  67. hbm says:

    Jewry, so eager to deconstruct everyone else and their culture and history as ultimately illusory, is itself propelled by ethnomythological fictions, attendant upon which is a relentless drive for vengeance against goyim who interfere with their collective repetition of, in particular, the holy and supremacy-verifying narrative that stretches from Joseph-in-Egypt to the looting of Egypt’s spoils as Jews make egress from their purported new-found persecutors– and all the way to Messianic visions of a world “healed” of its “hate” and run by Jews. Putin interfered with and continues to interfere with this collective psychological script. He is, therefore, yet another manifestation of the archetypal Jewish racial Nemesis, whose real home is the Jewish psyche, although one can open-up one’s Bible or any 20th century history book for multiple examples of the cartoonish, preternaturally evil, insane, cunning, avaricious, power-hungry, corrupt goy, whose real crime was that he dared to make a mess of the Jews’ Grand Story, one that they can never get enough of repeating.

    Like Trump, Putin is uncontrolled and sane, and therefore not interested in allowing Jews to make themselves and their supremacist ethnonarrative that ends with our destruction hegemonic over us. Like any decent leader, they resist, instinctively or otherwise, the centralization of political and media power in Jewish hands; relentless wealth extraction through massive and complex schemes; and divine Jewish justice in the form of cultural strife and degeneracy unto national-cultural apocalypse. All of that is sanctioned by YHWH himself, who is the Jewish people themselves: a nation of profoundly delusional, hypocrisy-incapable ethnofanatics, tireless critics and revisers and redactors of the cultures of those foolish enough to host them, narrative spinners, indefatigable calculators and political triangulators, insufferably sanctimonious and disingenuous casuists, social agitators, fervent nepotists, shameless slanderers, grifters, and from-the-cradle propagandists. In their own minds they are of course perfect while the non-compliant goyim are the problem.

    After only about a hundred years of their presence here, American foreign policy (and American policy generally– and so much else) is run by this fine bunch of Josephs. Once one understands (indeed once one allows themselves in all its awfulness to accept it), it immediately becomes clear why America has become what it has become and why its government is doing to its people what it is doing– and what it still aims to do.

  68. utu says:
    @Berta Arnason

    “Nonetheless, brutal crimes were carried out by the Spanish as well as the real Inquisition, as another person has noted.” – Brutal crimes? What brutal crimes? Any worse than what was being practiced in England? It is all English propaganda.

  69. Barbara says:

    trump just endorsed the monster mccain. I take back the comment I made above. I’ll do all I can to make sure he doesn’t get in. It’s all rigged. There’s no 2 parties. It’s one and he’s 100% the same ilk as shill. The name Don is appropriate. Like in mafia-don.

    He’s not for serving the people, he’s serving the .000000012%. He doesn’t want to fix America, he wants to destroy it. He’s a liar and fraud. I’m going full on third party. Here’s her issues page:

  70. joe webb says:

    No Shamir punditry here, just the facts M’am. JW

    Fw: We’re in a Low-Growth World. How Did We Get Here? ( dumb and dumber meets a bit of common sense )

    What Larry Summers says with PhD , Jewish Authority and Permission from Jewyorktimes, I have been saying for several years now. Believe me, a PhD is a hindrance , particularly in economics, to understand The Fundamental in economics.

    Summers: ” Summers, in an interview, frames it as an inversion of “Say’s Law,” the notion that supply creates its own demand: that economywide, people doing the work to create goods and services results in their having the income to then buy those goods and services. In this case, rather, as he has often put it: “Lack of demand creates lack of supply.”

    The Supply Siders have been so ideologically driven that they have put the cart before the horse. It defies common sense to believe that Supply will somehow create Demand. There is a virtuous circle of Capital and Labor….but internationalizing both leads to an incomprehensible jumble of numbers and factors. Keeping it simple, as in one national economy, or regional economy, allows comprehension of the whole; real laws and rules for everybody, and health protections, etc.

    Demand sends the signal to Capital to invest, invent, and supply goods. Any business school teaches that one must have a business plan, a plan that has studied the market and determined that there is some kind of demand for the product or service one has decided to build and sell.

    The ideology of Supply Side must , like any ideology, be understood psychologically. Supply Side folks Believe that there is a vast pool of money out there somewhere which will be thrown at them and their stuff. How does such a Belief happen?
    Maybe it is just that the post-war ( you know, the Good War) economic good times, they thought, was going to go on forever. Economics was simpler back then, when ever so many basics were needed after the War destroyed so much stuff.

    Also, particularly the US, emerged from the war with its cities and factories and people unfazed and unkilled.

    I have been saying for years now that the fundamental problem these days is that Demand is starved and that Capital is awash in money. Too much Capital and not enough Demand (thru good wages), has been the central factor for some time, at least 20 years, and Globulism has contributed to the starvation diet of Wages. Cheap labor abroad cheapens labor at home under Globulism.

    Banks and Business are storing trillions of US dollars AND other regions of the world are experiencing the same thing…you have to pay to store your surplus millions and billions. Say what?

    Ergo, we peasants notice that we cannot get any interest payments at our bank accounts, etc. And, we also notice that mortgages continue to get cheaper and cheaper. The reason for this is very simple. Supply and Demand again. There is a huge over-supply of Capital. Therefore, it is cheapened. You can borrow real cheap. This is a bit of crisis for Capital of course as well as general crisis for wage-earners who anxiously perceive their real wages going nowhere or down.
    So, any economy requires huge spending by most folks, not just the upper middle class and the rich, who often spend on useless stuff and stuff that does not create many jobs, like real estate, toys, safaris, and the stock market which is pretty much not a source of productivity, but of gambling and speculation.

    Got low wages? Economy stagnates, its that simple. I offer Mr. Summers my non -Phd advice: confiscate a good part of the stored Capital doing nothing. Put it to work on infrastructure. Put it to work by direct payments to people who actually work…they will spend it on real things that have the multiplier effect. No welfare spending. Restore high wages and the Demand led economy will prosper, maybe boom.

    The danger here is that the worn-out Keynesian tools will be put back to work…fiscal and monetary tampering. They have been exhausted. Band-aids for sure, and of limited utility for awhile, now things need more drastic adjustment. Capital has been on a tear, and labor has been beaten down badly. The state needs to intervene, but not with the old Ideas.

    Capital will scream, but it is for their own good….if they want to keep most of their wealth. and, maybe Capital would like to return to the old General Motors motto, what is good for General Motors is Good for the USA. And maybe they would like to work for their own country rather than Globalism, the Great Devil of Greed. Am I naive? Not to worry. If they do not behave themselves and start working for the General Good, they will be punished. No nationalization, just a team of nationalist economists who apply a little muscle….do this not that, and fire a few folks as well. New managers, and a Make America America Again. Yes, a bit of Hitler economics some will say. tough.

    This requires a nationalist economics, your own country first, like your own family. Pretty scary huh? Trump is part of the way there, but only part way.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  71. attonn says:

    There is no “oversupply of capital” in America. You probably meant excess savings, but those are not US savings, they are simply imported and parked in the USA. They originate mostly in Asia and belong mostly to Asians. Without them, America would be a totally broke country.

    And, of course, there is no way you can confiscate all that foreign money in order to increase wages of US workers – unless you wouldn’t mind seeing US assets being confiscated in retribution. That’d be a wash at best.

    The only way for the United States to proceed towards the sunlit future would be to undergo a complete ideological overhaul, with the renouncing of the USD status as a world reserve currency being the first and the most important step. Otherwise, the dollar is destined to be perpetually overvalued (supported by the demand that has nothing to do with the USA’s own trade performance), and America destined to run perpetual trade deficits. There is no surer way to eventual poverty.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  72. MarkinLA says:
    @joe webb

    What am I going to buy. My garage and house is full of crap and I already have 5 TVs. What more do I need that is realistic? I supposed I could buy a race car or something completely useless considering my level of skill at the racetrack but what is out there of value that I need?

    • Replies: @joe webb
  73. joe webb says:

    that is an interesting claim. Savings suggests private money, like what Chinese indeed have r ripped off their slaves.
    Please offer some evidence of this, that this huge oversupply of Capital in private savings and not normal business profits.

    I know a banker who has been at it for about 40 years. He thinks that there is about 5 trillion US dollars parked in banks doing nothing and that that is corporate money, or profits, or ‘savings.”

    To the extent that this parked and unproductive capital, for capital is what it is, regardless of where it came from, some of which is privately owned, that would be a somewhat other problem in terms of any confiscation. But, it is still Capital with nowhere to go and have babies.

    The surplus capital from business and banks, and so on, is what Marx called surplus labor value.
    Marx was at least partially correct. We need to grab it and redress the issue of stagnant capitalism, which is everywhere going downhill, nonstop. No Programs of the current variety, just spending for specific infrastructure projects. Minimal gov’t spending on administration, and no welfare squandering , no set asides for racist minorities, all contracts let at competitive bidding , etc.

    A few years ago our US growth rate was 5 per cent and now it is down to about one per cent. You could ask Summers what to do and he would probably say the same thing as me, only maybe call it borrowed money for which at current market rates could be ‘borrowed’ at one percent, which is better than minus- zero which Capital is now getting. The payback could be very slow….punish Capital for it needs to be punished…badly. Take as many years to repay as seems just.

    As for the chinks, fuc ’em. We need to cut them loose and all their chink spies here…they are all spies and minority racists with their tentacles in the Dem Party. They are all grifters and cheats.

    To say that America would be broke without chinks is absurd. With chinks, we are giving away the store. Autarky and trading only with Europe and the anglophone countries…let Asia concentrate on its genetic totalitarianism and despotism. That is what it is , always has been and always will be. Zero interest in liberty and free speech, and a relatively democratic sociability.

    Your claim that there is no oversupply of capital is, sorry, stupid. If there was something to do with all that money , regardless of where it originated, it would be put to work making some money, or babies. It is not put to work, there is nothing to invest in. Therefor it is surplus
    Capital. Turn it into retroactive bonuses for workers who have been cheated by the international capitalist pigs. Get America working again, Make America White Again. Chinks , et al , OUT!

    Joe Webb

  74. joe webb says:

    Well you may not need anything, but ordinary Americans need lots of stuff, everything…you can think of. First they need jobs, and second they need good jobs…..maybe you are not keeping up on the bad economic news almost everywhere.

    The presidency race is going to turn on the economy more than anything, then it is security, then it is immigration and race. Whites have had it with the minority racists to a very large, over 50 percent.
    Things have totally changed and will get more totally….

  75. joe webb says:

    AS for Shamir and his “Why were the Russians chosen? Who else fits the bill? The US war machine needs an enemy, and the world is not that large. Europe is subdued and occupied.”

    This is preposterous and denotes the “thinking” of a card-carrying commie who wants to keep the idiots useful by denying the Jew factor. It is always, or almost always, the Jews, pardon me. further, Americans are far more vulnerable to Isis, and jihadists in terms of readiness to go to war. Russia is the furthest thing from the minds of Americans. Only jews and shabbas goyim want war with Russia. Shamir does not want war, but he wants to obscure the Jewish role…and urge the old communist line about Capitalism and The War Machine, and so on. Yawner for sure for most folks these days. It is Race…and Russians have been noticed as being White…forget war with whites. War with Arabs maybe, but actually whites are pretty tired of the Jewish Wars too.

    Stalin started throwing out the jews decades ago in his victory over Trotsky. I would bet ten to one that Shamir, a communist, is also a Trotskyist. All Trots are Jews. Not all Jews are Trots, but the neocons are a pack of ex-trots, and jews generally are Revolutionaries, per E. Michael Jones…and his Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, a must read. Jews hate Whites, it is that simple, and Shamir hates anybody, mostly whites of course, who are nationalists, racialists, and so on.

    Putin cracked down on the jewish oligarchs, and ended the Jewish Power in Russia. That, and only that is the reason the Jews, neocons, and otherwise, hate Russia.

    Anywhere the Jewish Power is destroyed will be the target of American Jews, whether they are communists, neocons, or just zionists and ordinary jews, whatever that means. All Jews follow the party line…what’s good for the jews…and any factor that is not good for the jews is suitable for jewish aggression.

    Since communism or Bolshevism never would have happened the way it did happen without Jews, and logically, fascism would not have happened without communism and Jewish Terror therein, complete with military attacks on Germany and Hungary, and elsewhere…. the Jews are the fundamental reason for World War Two, The Good War…good for the jews ultimately.

    If you have not figured this out, better read Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together which is the definitive, so far, history of Jews and Russia. The Jews…Shamir is still lying about the Jewish Project.
    What is the Project? Domination of Everybody else. Communist or Capitalist…it is domination by Jews. the original Vanguard Party, the Chosen, etc. you know. Shamir is a propagandist and nothing more.

    Joe Webb

  76. Duglarri says:

    There’s a John Candy movie from decades ago that addresses this exact problem. Pentagon has no enemies, needs an enemy; Russians refuse to be it. So absurdly, the Pentagon sets up Canada.

    What the movie makers didn’t realize was that in a few years, their prediction would come partially true- but when the Pentagon got around to designating Russia as an enemy, in real life, they would not take no for an answer.

    The movie is called Canadian Bacon.

    • Replies: @utu
  77. utu says:

    And Michael Moore who made this movie after 9/11 went around talking about the Saudis. What a sellout.

  78. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    what a silly bunch of pretentious pooftah jew haters we have posting on pseudo jew hater “israel shamir”aka the bonce in sconce farticle

    what amazes me is that people read this crap.
    who pays for this nonsense.

    does it have entertainment value

    and if so why is it for free

    unless of course it has no has to be given away

  79. 5371 says:

    [does it have entertainment value

    and if so why is it for free]

    First thing you thought of. Go figure!

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