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The Singapore-Helsinki Express
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Helsinki after Singapore! The summit Trump-Putin will hopefully take place this month in the Finnish capital, after being delayed and delayed for ages. We had expected the two strong men to meet right away after Trump’s historic election, but the summit didn’t take place, for Trump had been besieged by Mueller’s Gestapo and accused of being a Russian agent. This frivolous accusation is still floated every time Trump is doing something sensible, but things changed with Trump-Kim summit, an event that grows in importance in perspective almost daily.

Trump before Singapore and after Singapore are entirely different creatures, like a boy before and after his first kiss. Before, he was a Mr Big Mouth, a ruler of his own Twitter account and of preciously little beside it. After the summit, he became Prometheus Unbound, the regal President of the mighty US. By meeting Kim, he denied the wiseguys in the media and in the deep state; he refused to take their orders and did what he thought right. By meeting Putin he will turn his disobedience into full scale revolt.

His adversaries, the Masters of Discourse, were alarmed by Kim summit and horrified by approaching Putin meet.

Let us have a brief look at their reaction to Singapore. (Here you can find a lot more). The Senate Minority leader Chuck (“the Guardian of Israel”) Schumer has expressed “extreme concern”, saying that “Trump has drawn a false equivalency between the legitimate joint military exercises by South Korea and the US, and illegal North Korean nuclear testing (“How can you compare!” – a standard Jewish response) … Nothing should be given to N Koreans until “complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear program.”… Trump has given “a brutal and repressive dictatorship the international legitimacy it has long craved.”

Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times complained that Trump ‘made a huge concession — the suspension of military exercises with South Korea’ while he got nothing in return – “nothing about North Korea freezing plutonium and uranium programs, nothing about destroying ICBM, nothing about allowing inspectors to return, nothing about North Korea making a full declaration of its nuclear program, nothing about a timetable, nothing about verification etc”. Noah Rothman, co-editor of the neocon magazine Commentary, called the summit “a disgrace”.

And the “humanitarian interventionists”, that is, the leftists for intervention on humanitarian grounds, have already rolled out complaints of defectors from North Korea to the front pages, and they expectedly demand to never consent to any peace without a complete change of regime, lustration and international control.

President Trump has been presented with a united front of media and experts alarmed with any progress towards peace. For them, the only way to deal with N Korea is the Libya way: disarm first, intervene and bomb later, for it is much safer to bomb a disarmed country. The Korean leader understands that; he is not likely to go the Gorby way. The last Soviet leader disarmed his country, dismantled the Warsaw Treaty, gave East Germany to the West and allowed the US inspectors into the most secret Russian installations after a friendly chat with President Reagan. Kim won’t do it, and China won’t allow him. The last thing Chinese (or Russians) need is an American protectorate in North Korea, a rather short drive from Beijing, Harbin, and Vladivostok. But warm relations between N and S Koreas and the US are certainly possible, if President Trump were to stick to his Singapore line.

However, a few weeks after Singapore, it seems that the naysayers prevailed, as they usually do. The US refused to work towards lifting sanctions in the UN Security Council, and had rejected the Russian-Chinese proposal to begin their dismantling, while the Western media began working up its roll of Kim’s transgressions. Thus the aura of unreliability again surrounded the head of American president.

Putin’s meet had brought forth similar responses. OMG, peace is breaking!

“Fears grow over prospect of Trump ‘peace deal’ with Putin, editorialised The Times.Britain fears that President Trump will undermine NATO by striking a “peace deal” with President Putin… Cabinet ministers are worried that Mr Trump may be persuaded to downgrade US military commitments in Europe… NATO figures fear that Mr Trump could seek to replicate his “peace agreement” with Kim Jong-un of North Korea, which generated positive coverage. One cabinet minister said: “What we’re nervous of is some kind of Putin-Trump ‘peace deal’ with Trump and Putin saying, ‘Why do we have all this military hardware in Europe?’ and agreeing to jointly remove that.” Other media sources, and politicians are equally unhappy and worried. “European allies hugely worried over Trump’s summit with Putin”, says MSNBC; so does the Atlantic, the Guardian etc.

The nearest to a positive attitude to the Singapore meeting had been displayed by the observer of the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, British Jewish journalist Anshel Pfeffer: of course, an agreement with the bloody tyrant (Kim) is undesirable, but there is a hope that, having reconciled with Kim, Trump will go to war with Iran more easily. He comforted the warmongers that their loss of a Korea war will be made up by a war on Iran. This is the line the comforters take on the Helsinki meeting: Ta rump-Putin summit could be forgiven if it would lead to war on Iran. This is the alternative as presented by the Western MSM: warmongers condemn both summits, comforters say ‘not all is lost, there is still Iran’.


In order to understand why unwilling Americans are being led into war, we shall turn to a recent important piece by Ron Unz. It is a part of his American Pravda series investigating modern American history and its [mis]presentation in media and in public memory. Our Great Purge of the 1940s, despite the title, is a decoding of secret codes in American and British public discourse in 20th century. After going through an immense number of newspapers and magazines, Unz discovered that whoever in American public life sided against wars, usually had found himself marginalised, expelled, forgotten, or even assassinated.

In a touching personal way, he tells of his discovery that writers he believed were marginal radicals actually had held supreme positions in MSM and politics of their times, until they were marginalised and presented as extremists.

An example is H.E. Barnes, a highly esteemed and popular commentator on most prestigious tribunes, until “By the end of the 1930s, Barnes had become a leading critic of America’s proposed involvement in World War II, and was permanently “disappeared” as a consequence, barred from all mainstream media outlets, while a major newspaper chain was heavily pressured into abruptly terminating his long-running syndicated national column in May 1940.” He disappeared from memory, says Unz.

A political example is Charles Lindbergh, strong voice for peace in the end of 1930s – beginning of 1940s. Just once he mentioned that three groups in particular were “pressing this country toward war[:] the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt Administration,” and thereby unleashed an enormous firestorm of media attacks and denunciations, writes Unz. That was the end of Lindbergh’ political career, and the US entered the WW2.

In the battle for Hollywood (a very important tool of mass propaganda), the only Gentile studio owner, Disney, a staunch pro-peace force, had his premises occupied by the US Army, tells Unz, on the day after Pearl Harbour.

Was it good or bad, from our present point of view? We should make a strict distinction between the time before and after the beginning of hostilities in Europe. Before, the peace platform was right, for the WW2 could be avoided altogether: if Poland (with British and American encouragement) wouldn’t provoke Germany, Hitler could stay at home and try to turn his country into Nazi paradise. As the war began in earnest, the US had to intervene in Europe to prevent a German victory and subsequent German domination of the whole Eurasian landmass, from English Channel to Vladivostok. As for the war with Japan, it could be avoided if the US didn’t provoke Japan by its oil embargo.

Unz writes that the Jews and the Roosevelt administration prevailed on Britain and Poland to take a strong anti-German line. The Jews were certainly anti-Nazi, and they were willing to take chances of the world war. But F.D. Roosevelt had been elected because he promised peace and neutrality, – and when elected, he made a U-turn and went to war.

It appears to be a permanent feature of American politics: presidents get elected promising peace, and choosing war after their election. F.D. Roosevelt supported the Neutrality Bill, but ushered the US into WW2. G.W. Bush promised “humble foreign policy” and went on to conquer Afghanistan and Iraq. B.H. Obama had been so keen on peace that even received his Nobel in advance, but continued to carry war in Libya and Syria. And now we have Donald Trump, whose election campaign included the promise of ‘no more regime change’ and friendship with Russia, but his presidency (meanwhile) will be remembered by war threats to Iran and N Korea.

Unz in the mentioned article refers to Iraq war, too. Those who objected to this most meaningless and destructive war were marginalised and ostracised:

Phil Donahue had high ratings on MSNBC, but in early 2003 his show was canceled, with a leaked memo indicated that his opposition to the looming war was the cause. Conservative Pat Buchanan and liberal Bill Press, both Iraq War critics, hosted a top-rated debate show on the same network, but it too was cancelled for similar reasons. Bill Odom, the three-star general who ran the NSA for Ronald Reagan was similarly blacklisted from the media for his opposition to the Iraq War. Numerous prominent media voices were “disappeared” around the same time, and even after Iraq became universally recognized as an enormous disaster, most of them never regained their perches.

So there is a force that pushes for war consistently, at least since 1914 till our days. This force coincides with the main vector of American politics, and since 1991, with the Western politics at large. It has a strong Jewish component based in media and universities; a new Church of the West trying to embrace the world. Its wars are ‘crusades’ (מצווהמלחמת, ‘wars for faith’ Joshua-style). That’s Jewish drive for world domination. Jews are shy of admitting that, but once, Jews will admit and recognise it; especially as their drive is intertwined with the American drive for world domination (called Manifest Destiny), and the British ‘White Man’s Burden’.

One of the reasons the Jews parted their company with Russians is the latter’s lack of aggressiveness. Whether in football or in war, the Russians are usually defensive players. Even Josef Stalin, whose name still scares people, hardly ever initiated an aggressive war; he never dreamt to conquer Europe or the world. Other Russian rulers were even more defensive, at best. This does not suit the Jews, who prefer more action.

For Anglo-American civilization has its intrinsic aggressiveness, too. This is not a value judgement, not a condemnation per se: there are grass-eaters and carnivores; we like and make pets of cats and dogs, the predators, not of timid lambs and calves. However, the aggressiveness has to find its limits, otherwise the world will be destroyed. This limit is now being sought, and President Trump who floated trial balloons of leaving NATO and dismantling other aggressive alliances is doing just that.

The Syria Deal

There are hints that Trump wants to do in Syria what Nixon did in Vietnam, namely, to get out of it. This is a wise step, if he will be allowed to take it. According to media reports, Trump has two conditions to be discussed with Putin.


The first condition, Iran. The US wants Russia to limit its collaboration with Iran or even oust Iran from Syria. For that, the United States is proposing to drop its “Assad must leave” demand; to stop insisting that Syria should be governed by a new provisional government without Assad. The US is ready to agree that the elections in Syria will take place in 2021, and until then this topic will be removed from the agenda. Moreover, the US tempts Russia with lifting some sanctions on Russia proper. This bargain had been proposed to the Russians a few weeks ago, and it had been elaborated upon ever since.

Iran is the enemy of choice for Israel. Donald Trump had made a temporary alliance with Zionists, a Jewish group that is interested mainly in the Middle East, as opposed to the ‘Liberal’ Jews who are after world domination. Liberal Jews are strongly opposed to Trump; while for Zionist Jews the liberal agenda in the US and Europe (immigration, gender, outsourcing, free trade) is less important, while the Middle East (Israel, Iran, Syria) is more important. Trump tries to satisfy Zionist appetites hoping that they will limit their brethren’s attacks on him, in return. Provided that Putin is also friendly to Zionists while the Liberals are hostile to him, two presidents can find an acceptable compromise. But it won’t be what Israel dreams of.

Russia does not intend to quarrel with Iran; it can’t possibly oust Iran from Syria, even if it would like to. As soon as this issue was discussed in the press, there appeared a lengthy interview with President Assad, in which he stressed that Iran’s alliance is most important for him. After all, the Iranians fought on Assad’s side when the Russians were onlookers.

But the Iranians are in a quandary. They do not want confrontation with Russia, nor with the United States, neither with Israel. When Putin launched his trial balloon, saying that all foreign troops should withdraw from Syria, the Iranians did not object, but said: “We can leave, if we are asked”. The Iranians can leave Syria, but Damascus does not want this.

However, Iran agreed not to participate in the current struggle for the south-west of Syria, for the territory adjacent to the borders of Jordan and Israel. There, the legitimate army of Syria is conducting a successful offensive against the rebels with Russian aerial support and without Iranian participation.

Perhaps, this absence of Iranians near Israeli borders will be presented by Trump to Israel as his achievement. Trump wants Russia to create an exclusive Iranian-free zone next to Jordanian and Israeli borders. Russia does not control the situation in Syria to such an extent that it can undertake it. But Russia can negotiate with the Iranians to prevent the Shiite militias from entering this region. They did it once: when the Syrian troops approached the Israeli border in Kuneitra area, Israel demanded that the Shiite militias stay 50-70 km away. The Russians said: “No, but we’ll arrange for you a few kilometres of separation.” Hence, this kind of agreement is possible, if the parties are flexible enough, but there will be no “Russia betrayed Iran” kind of deal.

The second is the fate of the rebels.

Trump does not want the withdrawal of American soldiers to be accompanied by a blood bath. While the US representative to the United Nations accused Russia of violating the ceasefire and not observing the deconfliction zone, the White House said that America would morally support the rebels, but it would not fight for them. “You should not base your decisions on the assumption or expectation of a military intervention by us”, was the message.

This was a signal of approaching end of rebellion. Robert Fisk thinks their collapse is imminent. The Russians won match and set. Some rebel groups already surrendered and went over to the Damascus’ side. The stubborn ones in their thousands retreated to Israeli and Jordanian borders, but neither Israel nor Jordan intends to let them in.

Trump reasonably does not want them to be slaughtered. He does not need screaming media reporting on massacred Syrian freedom fighters and their children and pregnant women betrayed by the Russian agent Trump. He needs an agreement that the Syrian troops will behave and allow the rebels to reconcile with the legitimate government or leave unharmed. This demand suits Russia. From the very beginning and to this day Russians believed and insisted that it is necessary to drag the disparate rebel bands to the side of Damascus. And it suits Assad, for wherever the Syrian troops came as liberators or conquerors, whether in Eastern Ghuta or in Aleppo, they did not indulge in revenge or debt-settling. I am sure that President Putin will help President Trump to leave Syria without losing face.

I understand that for many of my readers it is difficult or impossible to support Trump. The tragedy of Richard Nixon may yet be repeated, for the president who made peace with China and Vietnam had been hated by warmongers and by all media-influenced Americans, and was forced to retire. He was the last independent and peace-loving president; those who condemned him were punished by a long run of inferior rulers. Trump has many faults, but he still wants to avoid a great war. He deserves a chance.

As for Putin, I am certain he will be friendly and charming with the American, and mercifully he won’t be tempted to make big concessions to Trump, for Trump’s powers are still quite limited; his decisions are likely to be blocked by the Congress and possibly overturned by his successor. Only a rash person would make with him a complicated long-term deal, and prudent Putin probably will be satisfied with ad hoc dealing.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Israel, North Korea, Russia, Syria 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. Good job as usual. I hope Putin and Trump will make historic peace, dismantle NATO and close all overseas bases, and trim the military budget to a fraction.

    The MSM is against Trump meeting Putin is because the Judaists control the MSM and they hate Russia, for historical reasons and because Russia is in their way of the “Greater Israel Project”.

    Most Judaists mistakenly call themselves “Jews”, which is an English word for the Hebrew Yehudi, meaning a citizing of Yehud, (Judea in English).

    The problem is, Judea is no more, so there are no more Judeans (Yehudi) in this world. The descendents of the ancient Judeans continued to live there, and converted to Islam, and the name of the area was changed to Palestinine.

    In other words, the Palestinians are the true Yehudi, the true Jews. This is explained in the book by Schlomo Sand, called Invention of the Jewish people.

    The white-skinned Judaists are descendants of Khazars (See book: “13th Tribe”), which was a Kingdom in the Pontic Caspian Steppe, which is now a part of Russia! See: Kurgan hypothesis on Wikipedia.

    So the modern “Jews” are descendants of Russians, but hate their motherland Russia, by imagining they are Yehudi, from Judea, (“Jews”), while killing the Palestinians, the real Yehudi (Jews).

  2. You’re right about Nixon to a large extent. He’s been called the last liberal President for good reason. But as Gore Vidal saw him and wrote extensively, he was a born loser.  Let’s hope neither Trump nor Putin have this in their DNA.

  3. Milton says:

    I think the Helsinki Summit will tell us whether or not Trump is a Deep State-Zionist puppet/hostage or is truly capable of charting his own course. The early indications are that Trump is in fact either a Deep State puppet or their hostage, and if this interpretation is correct then don’t expect anything substantial to come from either the Kim or Putin summits.

    Also, on perhaps a related note, the Trump-Putin Summit will occur exactly 100 years to the day since Czar Nicholas and his family were murdered and Russia overthrown by the ancestors of the very same radicals who now control the Western Deep State.

  4. anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    Before, the peace platform was right, for the WW2 could be avoided altogether: if Poland (with British and American encouragement) wouldn’t provoke Germany, Hitler could stay at home and try to turn his country into Nazi paradise. As the war began in earnest, the US had to intervene in Europe to prevent a German victory and subsequent German domination of the whole Eurasian landmass, from English Channel to Vladivostok.

    It was Hitler who declared war on the United States in December 1941, a detail that many forget.

    There is plenty of evidence, such as the Hossbach memorandum and the conference between Ribbentropp and Churchill in 1937, showing that Hitler always wished war to dominate Europe.
    Hitler is unlikely to wish only to create an isolated “Nazi paradise” in his Reich. By the way, what would this paradise be? A pastoral idyll of “Blut und Boden” inhabited by peasants-soldiers, as Himmler and Darré wanted? An ultra-technological and eugenicist utopia, as other propagandists fantasized? The Nazis never had a clear and rational ideology, unlike the Bolsheviks. Yet unlike the USSR, war was at the heart of Nazi ideology, and it was unlikely that the system could remain at rest without continually gaining new achievements to display and legitimize.
    At the very least, the Nazi Reich would deprive oder hegemony over all of central and eastern Europe, forcing its neighbors to adhere to the Antikomintern pact and submitting its policies and economies to German interests.

  5. Beb says:

    Mr. Shamir always has an insightful analysis of current events. How I hope that this meeting will be the event that allows all participants to tread the road to peace!

  6. @anon

    So does Hitler dominate Europe? Who does? Is that in the Hossbach memorandum?

  7. “Trump has made a temporary alliance with Zionists…”

    no, Trump has been a stooge of the Wall Street Zionists for decades. (((They))) warehouse hundreds of million\$ of his long-term debt (i.e., he keeps the money AND gets to write off the interest), while having his daughter convert to Judaism and marry a (((bankster))) is a standard ritual of submission and genetic capture. Whatever Trump and Putin decide re Syria,

    Iran will be attacked by the ‘Murkan ZOG. It only remains to be seen what and how bloody the false flag event that precedes the war.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @pyrrhus
  8. From my blog:

    Jul 4, 2018 – NBC Hires News Faker

    In my last post, I mentioned the fake news that suddenly appeared to undermine President Trump’s peace effort with North Korea. I now learn the sole source of this “news” is Ken Dilanian, the former national security reporter for the Los Angeles Times. He was fired for having a “collaborative relationship” with the CIA.

    Ken Dilanian was publicly fired from a major newspaper for inventing fake news in collaboration with the CIA, yet was hired by NBC News! Now NBC allows him to write national security articles citing unnamed intelligence sources! The worst part is that dozens of other corporate news organizations cite his NBC stories. If they insist on repeating fake news, they should print this disclaimer at the beginning of his articles:

    Warning: This writer was fired by the Los Angeles Times for producing fake news in secret cooperation with the CIA.

  9. @Rational

    Most Jews appear to be the descendants of males from the Levantine who intermarried with Italian women following the diaspora and to a lesser extent with various Europeans.

    Jews like Barr or Bob Dylan do possess a Turkic-Mongol admixture but these are the minority, it would seem. The bigger majority appear to simply be a hybrid of Italian and Levant genes.

    Also, there were a number of conversions in Poland when the King invited the Jews there-this is why a Jew like Harvey Keitel is blond and entirely European looking. Arguably, a good number of Ashkenzai have no actual Jewish blood.

  10. @Haxo Angmark


    The US is still reeling economically from Iraq and has been in Afghanistan for two decades.

    Both wars in addition to meddling with Libya have created the human catastrophe of migrants to Europe.

    So how could morale be raised by a war with Iran.

    • Replies: @Anon
  11. Wally says:

    The US had ‘unofficially’ declared war on Germany long before.
    The facts are that the US attacked German shipping, submarines, and supplied Britain & the communist USSR long before Germany finally declared war.

    I suggest that everyone look at a 1930’s world map who see who was truly ‘dominating’.

    For the complete debunking of the so called “Hossbach memorandum”see:
    Operation Barbarossa Was A Preventive Attack:
    and Ron Unz’s own: The Remarkable Historiography of David Irving:

    Wikipedia? Seriously? see: Zionist Wikipedia Editing Course:
    How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet:

  12. WHAT says:

    “Mueller’s Gestapo”

    Israel, only russian readers will get the joke, I’m afraid. ^_^

  13. Iris says:

    Today , a 16-year old Palestinian boy has died of wounds inflicted by the IDF.

    It is the 136th victim of the massacre committed by Israel against the Gaza population, who is barely demonstrating their existence during the Great Return March.

  14. Seraphim says:

    The Khazars were by no means ‘Russian’. They were certainly more ‘Jewish’ than ‘Russian’. Since they converted to Judaism they became Jews. Since they assumed that identity and affirmed their solidarity with the Jews at large (and are recognized as Jews by the Jews at large) they are Jews. The words Jew (Yehudi in Hebrew) and Judaism (Yahadut) come from the name Judah (yehûḏî means “person belonging to [the tribe of] Judah,or Yehuda as it is pronounced in Hebrew). Yehuda was one of the 12 tribes of the Hebrews. The name of the province Yehud (the former kingdom of Judaea) comes from the people Yehudi and not the other way round.

  15. “So there is a force that pushes for war consistently, at least since 1914 till our days. This force coincides with the main vector of American politics.” – Wrong.

    This force doesn’t coincide with the main vector of American politics. This force has complete control of American politics. More than American politics, of the American financial system. Everyone knows that.

    And what is true for America, is also true for Russia. The same force has complete control of Russia in spite of propaganda that Russia is an independent country and Putin the savior of humanity and Christianity.

    IMHO, it’s therefore false to say that “One of the reasons the Jews parted their company with Russians is the latter’s lack of aggressiveness”. Jews never parted company with Russians.

    Something is going on. No journalist, expert knows what’s really going on, but Russia is a very important member of the force. Just follow her acts and not the propaganda.

    ” He(Nixon) was the last independent and peace-loving president; those who condemned him were punished by a long run of inferior rulers. Trump has many faults, but he still wants to avoid a great war. He deserves a chance.”

    I don’t believe we should admire Nixon -or any other POTUS -but to compare a man (Nixon) with a fraud (Trump) is too much.

    Nixon knew “the force” and tried to fight against it. Trump and his family are an honorary member of the force.

    If Trump was interested in Peace we would know by now.

    We won’t have a “great war”. The force is just asking for the destruction of Iran. Something that both “loving peace leaders”, Trump and Putin will deliver to the force. Hope that I am wrong.

    • Replies: @Moi
  16. Biff says:

    Perfect timing as another novichok false-flag attack emerges in Briton. The neo-liberal war machine doesn’t do peace.

  17. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    “Britain fears that President Trump will undermine NATO by striking a “peace deal” with President Putin…
    I think maybe LONDON instead of Britain might have been a better choice? Most British people are against any kind of war.. but the London bankster-backed corporations run the British Empire.. all of it where ever it exist.. just as the Pharaoh bankster backed corporations run the USA..

    Trump and Putin are each among leaders the bankster backed, rule of law invented monopoly powered corporations manipulate. . These corporations are global, larger in size or wealth, than most nations. The lawmakers of the nations states are manipulated to protect these corporations from competition and to give them direct, competition free, access to the markets within. As a result, the corporate managements who occupy, the center of the world nuclear space, are able to communicate with the nation state occupants of the extra-nuclear, satellite space.

    It might be time to look to these corporate manipulators for the answers, since the national leaders are no longer in charge. Excellent article

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  18. Jake says:

    “A political example is Charles Lindbergh, strong voice for peace in the end of 1930s – beginning of 1940s. Just once he mentioned that three groups in particular were “pressing this country toward war[:] the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt Administration,” and thereby unleashed an enormous firestorm of media attacks and denunciations, writes Unz. That was the end of Lindbergh’ political career, and the US entered the WW2.”

    Only a fool is surprised in the least by that trio of Brit Empire/original WASPs, Jews, and liberal Yank WASPs. WASP culture was born of a Judaizing heresy. It always will act to destroy whatever remains of historic Christendom.

    And Jews back to archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell always have been the partners of ethnically pure WASPs.

    The ‘One Ring to Rule Them All’ problem is that of WASP culture, which cannot rest until it feels confident that everyone and everything is owned and administrated by it. And it cannot be separated from Judaizing heresy continuing the development of its doctrine.

    You cannot separate the Jewish problem from the WASP problem, and each is globally imperialistic.

    You cannot solve a problem born of heresy with simple politics or the most carefully reasoned arguments. The root cause is spiritual rebellion that produces spiritual deformation that contaminates all of culture, making more than temporarily successful political solutions virtually impossible even under the very best circumstances.

    • Replies: @edNels
  19. But the Iranians are in a quandary. They do not want confrontation with Russia, nor with the United States, neither with Israel.

    I think I understand why Tehran chose not to proliferate, but this is a case where not having the bomb really does limit the amount of leverage they have over their own destiny.

  20. @anon

    Then please tell me why the Americans destroyed Hitler’s archives?

    Why was Rudolf Hess kept in isolation? What documents did he try to bring out of Germany? What was so damning in the documents, that Hess had to be kept isolated?

    Why were Finns strictly forbidden from talking and presenting original documents, when they were accused war criminals?

    Why was it so important for the Allies – United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union – to throw Finland’s government and president to the jail…. where our president died – without none of them given a chance to defend themself?

    Finland had all the same secret documents Hitler also had. Finland also had insane amounts of secret recordings and secret communication with Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, when they were in contact with Mannerheim. Evidence, that the Allied deffo didn’t want to be published, only destroyed.

    Have you ever heard of Mannerheim’s secret S-32 file, containing the evidence, that would change the current falsified history of WW2?

    Are you aware of the fact, that without Hitler and Finland; and their cooperation of Sweden and Norway, Europe would today be Soviet Union’s colony?

    Like Churchill said: “Oh well, the Europeans will have to learn living with Russians. They will get used to it in 10-20 years.”

    Churchill was talking about whole Europe.

    You come with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Are you aware of the Stalin-Churchill pact, signed on October 15th, 1939? That Stalin and Churchill agreed about it in spring 1939, in Crimea?

    – Lure Hitler into attacking Poland, Stalin pretends he will attack on the same day (which was Stalin’s proposal BTW). Churchill and Roosevelt promised Stalin, that they would declare war on Germany alone, not on Soviet Union.

    – Poland is betrayed, by guaranteeing them help from the Western powers – provided they refuse to negotiate with Hitler and provoke him to attack.

    – The Western powers declare war against Germany; when Hitler has walked in the trap, carefully planned in advance by Stalin and Churchill. Hitler is to be kept in the belief, that the non-aggression pact (M/R) with Stalin is still in force.

    – Stalin will occupy Poland, the Baltic countries and Finland. UK and France will occupy Scandinavia. After that a major attack will be launched against Germany from several fronts.


    February 9th, 1940: Stalin’s courier is returning to Soviet Union from Britain, with secret documents from Churchill, when German authorities force the plane to land. The crew and the passangers are interrogated by SS-officers, while all the documents are microcopied. After that the plane can continue.

    The captured documents:
    – Military Alliance Pact between UK, France, US and USSR, signed October 15th, 1939
    – Military War Plan; British-French troops, disguised as ‘aid troops to Finland’, occupy Scandinavia. Stalin occupies Finland.
    – Maps with hand-written arrows and descriptions of troops.
    – Agreement, that the attack will start on June 5th from four different fronts.


    Hitler is in rage when he sees the documents and he has to act fast. Hitler’s inner circle has a meeting right away;

    – The Winter War has to be stopped immediately. Hitler informs Stalin, that if he doesn’t start peace negotiations immediately with Finland, then Germany sends fighter jets to bomb Soviet troops on Finland’s border and fights beside Finns.

    – Sweden and Norway have to be shown the captured documents, so that they are aware of the devious plan and refuse to allow the British-French ‘aid troops’ transit to Finland. Hitler didn’t know, that Sweden had already been warned of this by Sir Neville Chamberlain, and that Norway was also aware of the plan, which is why both countries were adamant on ‘neutrality’; i.e. not to let any Western troops on their territories.

    – Mannerheim has to be informed about the documents a.s.a.p.! A secret agent is sent to Finland, with a personal letter from Hitler and Ribbentrop, to ensure that Finland rather signs a peace treaty with Moscow, than officially requests for the promised British-French aid troops. Hitler didn’t know, that Mannerheim was also aware of the Allied’s plans, due to his informant Shaposhnikov, who warned him in October 1939 about the plans and urged Finland to fight the Red Army for as long as possible.

    Shaposhnikov – codename “Irina” – was not just anybody: He stands beside Stalin with Ribbentrop sitting at the desk:


    “Suddenly” Moscow wants to start peace negotiations – after Hitler’s threat to intervene in the Winter War – Mannerheim tells the Finnish delegation to sign the peace treaty and not to believe in the Western aid.

    Churchill is panicking, urging Finland not to sign the peace treaty, extending once again the final date and even sending radio broadcasts appealing Finland to ask for help.

    Scandinavia informs, that no Western troops are allowed transit under any circumstances.

    – Hitler’s inner circle decide on Operation Weserübüng (Occupy Denmark and Norway), in order to destroy the Allied’s plans – without them knowing, that their plans had leaked out.


    After the Winter War:

    – Molotov is desperately travelling back and forth to Berlin, pleading Hitler to give his blessing that Stalin occupies Finland, bringing up the M/R -pact, not knowing that Hitler also signed out of it, just like Stalin did earlier. Molotov proves by his behaviour, that the military alliance has not abandonded their war plans.

    – American war material arrive en masse to Soviet Union, Stalin bombs Finland again, but UK and US order us to capitulate.

    – Germany becomes Finland’s only friend, while Finland try to fend off the attacking Red Army.

    – Hitler makes a pre-emptive attack against Soviet Union, fully aware, that he fights for the existance of Germany and Germans and that he will fight to the end. Death or Glory.

    – The unlawful attack against Germany by United States, Great Britain, France and Soviet Union

    How have people forgotten the massive Anti-German propaganda campaigns long before the WW2?:

    Why are people whining about Cultural Marxism in the West, when they have only themself to blame for it?

    You made a pact with Stalin and communism, so it is no wonder that the West is Bolshevist today. It was you who decided, that “Nazi-Germany” was your enemy, not Soviet Union’s tyranny and communism.

    What do you all have in common? Jews!

    Hitler was the only one, who tried to demote the Jews to normal citizens with the same rights and benefits. The international Jewish community declared war on Hitler and Germany, looong before they came up with the ‘holocaust’.

    Now you are stuck with it. The demonization of Hitler still continues, while you at the same time whine about Cultural Marxism.

    You might want to re-evaluate your alliance with Stalin in WW2 and understand, that Germany was an economical threat to the Western powers, not an ideological one. The real threat was the ideological one – from Soviet Union.

    Commie-connection between Roosevelt and Stalin:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. The events leading to WW2 were far more uglier, due to the military alliance with Stalin, who, true to his nature, tried to backstab both Hitler and the Western powers.

    Funny, that you all forgot about the Finnish Intelligence, that most certainly was the world’s leading intelligence. Finnish Intelligence was listening to the whole world’s radio traffic. They broke all codes, including Soviet’s latest code with four levels.

    After the armistice in 1944, Operation Stella Polaris was launched. The Finnish Intelligence staff , all documents and recordings, equipment — and the secret S-32 file – was transported to Sweden and went underground. All documents were microcopied.

    The original documents and recordings from the S-32 file was brought back to Finland in 2001 – and it went underground immediately. Americans have all kinds of tales and imaginary beliefs about the Finnish Intelligence, thinking we sold material to several foreign Intelligence services….. well they did try their best, and other imaginary tales, lol

    Rest assured, the original documents, that Mannerheim made sure would be stored so that the real history of WW2 could be told one day, they exist to this day.

    Trump/Putin meeting in Helsinki…. is there a hidden alliance – that is about to be made public?

    When history is denied, it tends to repeat itself…

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @Anon
  21. @anon

    It would people form the view that your opinion was worth considering and your factual assertions reliable if you showed yourself aware that the British Empire no longer exists in any meaningful sense. (But maybe you know someone with a company registered in the Virgin Islands).

  22. Trump’s problem with the Puitn meeting is the same one he has with the Kim meeting: both would have been wonderful as an “October surprise”. Trump coming back shouting about “peace in our time” on the eve of the election might have won it for the Republicans but both meetings are too early. By the time the election rolls around, people will have realised that both meetings are a scam. There’s nothing Trump can give Putin that won’t damage Israel. Israel wants Assad out of Syria. It wants Iran under control. It needs NATO as a forward base for US forces and military supplies near to Israel. Any concession to Putin undermines Israel. Such is the mess into which Putin has got himself. Thus, all the claims by Putin’s supporters that there is some sort of “fear” regarding the meeting with Putin is just intended to hype Putin’s position and make him appear more powerful than he is.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @anon
    , @Anon
  23. I am in accord with much of what Mr. Shamir writes above but the description of Nixon as “a peace-loving man” made me gag. Tricky Dick and the China lobby sabotaged LBJ’s peace negotiations in 1968, an act of outright treason. That resulted in the war dragging on for another seven years, in which time much of Southeast Asia was bombed back to the stone age, resulting in millions of casualties. If there were a hell, Nixon would be in a pool of flaming napalm for eternity.

  24. tyrone says:

    The UK is accusing Russia of two more novachuk attacks this time a couple of ordinary brits .Do they really expect us to believe that pathetic s**t. Right now I would rather have Russia for an ally than western europe.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @pyrrhus
    , @Anon
  25. ” “Britain fears that President Trump will undermine NATO by striking a “peace deal” with President Putin… ”

    How, Britain fears ?
    How many Britons see NATO as the biggest threat to peace ?
    Superfluous organisations never abolished themselves.
    They seek new tasks.
    If there is no need for defence, let us make ourselves useful in agression.

  26. @Lauri Törni

    ” Why was Rudolf Hess kept in isolation? What documents did he try to bring out of Germany? What was so damning in the documents, that Hess had to be kept isolated? ”

    In all probability Hess died in an unexplained plane accident.
    The Hess in Neurenberg and in Spandau was phoney.
    The 1941 documents would show, the only explanation I can think of, that Hess came with very reasonable peace proposals.
    Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior, ‘Double standards, The Rudolf Hess cover-up’, London 2002

    • Replies: @Lauri Törni
    , @pogohere
  27. @Michael Kenny

    Hate to disappoint, but you inadvertently showed the true colors of your paymasters. This fear, which you say does not exist, is palpable in your post.

  28. Now Trump needs to grow his cojones a bit more and bit a stop to Saudi Barbarian genocide in Yemen. Trump bars one Yemeni from entering the USA, the media shrieks in horror. Tens of thousands of Yemeni children starve to death and not a peep.

    • Agree: RVBlake, renfro
    • Replies: @RVBlake
    , @Jeff Stryker
  29. @tyrone

    The Brits are desperate. They screwed up the Skripal false flag royally, and, like a person addicted to gambling, they keep making new bets after losing the previous ones.

  30. Sean says:

    No one cares about Syria very much. America was taught a lesson by the Chinese intervention in the Korean war. North Korea is untouchable because the Chinese will not stand for American military action that might seriously weaken the KIm regieme. China has already defeated the US in Korea and did it again in Vietnam to prove it. In the 20’s Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes said “Foreign policies are not built upon abstractions. They are the result of practical conceptions of national interest arising from some immediate exigency or standing out vividly in historical perspective”.

    The Saudis hate Iran, and so does Israel. The Israel Lobby is the key to nullifying the crucial critics of Trump’s immigration restriction measures.. Iran as it now exists is a deterrent to the tranfer of the West Bank Arab problem that Israel cannot solve by democratic mean and remain a Jewish state. Iran has to be destroyed for everyone’s sake.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  31. pyrrhus says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    I think not, Haxo, because the ZOG forces, which have become far weaker in the last 20 years, are simply incapable of winning a conventional war against Iran…Worse yet, Iran would receive substantial assistance from Russia and probably China, neither of which can tolerate another Anglo-Zionist outpost on their borders….And while Hillary might have threatened nuclear war, Trump would not even consider such a mad enterprise..

  32. pyrrhus says:

    Indeed, western Europe is entirely worthless as an ally, while Russia would have great value…But the Anglo-Zionists need to keep their profitable war game going, and their mad dreams of world domination.

    • Replies: @tyrone
  33. @Sean

    Neither Russia nor China would allow anyone destroy Iran. The times when the US and its vassals could destroy countries with impunity are gone. In fact, Israel knows that and is spreading its bets. Israel treats the US as totally disposable, like a condom: Empire served its purpose, now it can be discarded. Since we tolerate this, shame on us.

  34. RVBlake says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    I don’t recall any media outcry when Bubba Clinton and Madge Albright ensured the deaths and misery of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children due to their blockade of Iraq in the ’90s.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  35. Z-man says:

    Phil Donahue had high ratings on MSNBC, but in early 2003 his show was canceled, with a leaked memo indicated that his opposition to the looming war was the cause. Conservative Pat Buchanan and liberal Bill Press, both Iraq War critics, hosted a top-rated debate show on the same network, but it too was cancelled for similar reasons. Bill Odom, the three-star general who ran the NSA for Ronald Reagan was similarly blacklisted from the media for his opposition to the Iraq War. Numerous prominent media voices were “disappeared” around the same time, and even after Iraq became universally recognized as an enormous disaster, most of them never regained their perches.

    The Power of the Cabal is Satanically strong.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  36. Sean says:

    American Jews defer to Israel. China just wants to continue having its way with the US economy and overtake it. Russia is happy to have achieved success in Syria, but it did not send its forces there until after the US decided not to hammer Assad with air strikes. Iran may be a friend of Assad but the continuance of the current regieme in Iran is no vital interest of the Russia Federation. Smashing Iran will drive up oil prices and be good for the economy of Russia .No vital interest of China and Russia would be served by either or both standing with Iran, and to mess with the US either or both would need to see a vital interest at stake.

  37. Moi says:

    So far Trump has done nothing to convince me he is not a honorary Jew.

  38. bjondo says:

    You are upsetting the Fake Ones.

    They will now be compelled to come up with satisfying delusions.

  39. @Z-man

    It was hicks not heebs who elected George Bush and in the early Bush years all the Jewish Leftists were derided for criticizing the Iraq War.

    The Iraq War has to be laid on the Anglo Empire of Blair-Bush and was spearheaded by the last vestiges of the WASP elite in Dow Jones and Oil.

    I’m not a Philosemite but fact is fact-only a few Jewish neo-cons supported the Iraq War as oppose to every Jewish Democrat opposing it.

    If the Jews had had their way Al Gore would have been president, but Bush’s election was a blow-back to the decadent Clinton-era and the rise of PC that left the Republicans feeling marginalized by the end of the Cold War and the rise of PC.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @bjondo
    , @anon
  40. Moi says:
    @James Brown

    I don’t have the link, but Ralph Nader in an article (I think it was in Counterpunch) noted that Nixon was our last liberal (EPA, OSHA, China) president.

    • Replies: @James Brown
  41. @Fidelios Automata

    Yemen has no oil; nor was it able to do what Dubai did in the 80’s and Westernize in part because North Yemen was Communist during the Cold War (Nobody on this site would remember that).

    I lived and worked in Dubai for 10 years.

  42. @RVBlake

    Sanctions cost the US little. Also, before the internet, such things were less reported.

    You forget that in the 90’s before the internet the media was controlled and determined by a few people.

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @RVBlake
  43. @jilles dykstra

    The Mannerheim S-32 file says, that Hess tried to show the captured documents – and hence prove Germany’s innocene – as a last desperate effort.

    The British captured him alive – with the documents – and isolated him for the rest of his life.

    Before that, the last airplane from Berlin was transporting Hitler’s archives, trying to get them out of Germany. The Americans bombed it. When Hitler was told about it, he allegedly turned pale and said: “That was my last chance to prove I’m innocent” – and he knew that it was game over.

    Among the classified documents in Britain and US are Hitler’s NINE attempts for peace negotiations. The Allied’s strict instructions were. that NO peace negotiations will be made with Hitler/Germany.

    Germany was the innocent victim. One can only imagine the hatred Germans have inside of them.

    Finns were also filled with contempt and hatred when they were called ‘war criminals’. Every Finn knew the truth, but noody was allowed to say it out loud. Moscow wrote our history books.

    Now the same alliance is surfacing, the alliance that has been clear for a longer time. Russia and United States. The so called ‘enemies’ in public, but not in reality.

    It is most visible in Syria. Syria is Russia’s ‘ally’, just like Germany was.

    Israel is a long-time ally with Russia, just like United States and United Kingdom are Israel’s allies.

    Syrians stopped trusting Russia after Israel bombed Syria last year. The Russian soldiers de-activated their Anti-Missile systems before the attack.

    Now all we hear is how Putin, Trump and Erdogan are making deals how to divide Syria. Syria was screwed from the beginning.

    • Replies: @James Brown
    , @Anon
  44. Stalin hardly ever initiated an aggressive war? Tell that to the Poles, Balts and Finns.

    Stalin never wanted to conquer Europe? Have you read Suvarov?

  45. edNels says:

    Is it true that Henry the VIII was the first English Protestant? That he wanted to explore his personal sex adventures (Divorce the queen which was forbidden by Catholic Church,) so he started Church of England, under protestant banner.

    So, on a recent thread about Russia and Csar Nicholas II in particular, could it be that these type of leader’s real failure was that they were womanizers? Or PW if not known as serial exploiters so to speak. at heart, of the problem, re:

    The root cause is spiritual rebellion that produces spiritual deformation that contaminates all of culture,

    Is that they are… PW: slang the last word is (whooped… or whipped… broken!) and compromised, back in the day that it meant not conforming to high standards, not like today, when it means, who knows how low it goes and (“where the nose goes”) hehe

    It might not be too PC to delve into this area.

    • Replies: @Alden
  46. bjondo says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Maybe I misread, who is concerned about sanctions cost to US. The concern is the cost to Iraq and now Yemen, others. There is internet now and the media is controlled and determined by fewer people. The reporting is terrible outside some internet sites which will be filled with hasbaRats

  47. Z-man says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    While it’s true that Bush ‘The Lesser’ and slithering Cheyney (he’s still alive!! LOL!) are primarily to blame for the debacle that was ‘Eye-Raq’ the cover afforded them by the Cabal with all their ‘Think Tanks’ and media ownership can not be underestimated.
    Bush, with one or two of his recent speeches and even with his inarticulateness, exposes himself for the Globalist and owned stooge that he is.

  48. bjondo says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You might not be a philosemite. I would say you are a Yid or a paid Yid pet. The Iraq War (2, I assume) was a Neo/Jew con war. Every Jewcon wanted the Iraq War plus wars against Syria, Libya, Iran, Lebanon by US.

    The Iraq War was a Yinon Plan/Israeli/American Jew war.

    Not oil, not WASP elite in Dow Jones. Jew at NYT, WaPo, Pentagon (Wolfowitz and co), State, VPs office and White House.

    Jew did have their way. Doofus the controllable was selected and “elected”.

  49. FB says:

    After reading the first few lines of this article, I was mightily impressed by the perspicacity of observations like this…

    ‘…Trump before Singapore and after Singapore are entirely different creatures, like a boy before and after his first kiss. Before, he was a Mr Big Mouth, a ruler of his own Twitter account and of preciously little beside it. After the summit, he became Prometheus Unbound, the regal President of the mighty US…’

    But then Shamir [typically] flies off on bizarre tangents…WW2 [what does this have to do with anything..?]…the Jews [of course]…Lindbergh [???]…etc…producing a mishmash out of a promising thesis I had expected to explore the real question…what has happened that Trump appears to have taken control of the ship of state…?…and what more Huge News can we expect to see going forward…?

    Let’s stick to the plot…Trump was elected on a sensible platform of re-orienting the US away from a failing course of post-imperial policy that could no longer work in a world where the BRICS countries now have a bigger economic footprint than the G7…

    Imperial America is going tango uniform in a hurry…the trappings of imperialism like Nato and the EU puppets and fruitless wars of regime change have become a deadweight that is sending the listing ship to Davy Jones’ locker…

    Trump, whatever he may or may not be, showed amazingly correct instincts in finding the right prescription…the US needs to do a U-turn in a hurry…only the disneylanders who don’t live in the real world still believe it is 1991…

    So what happened in S’pore that was so BIG…?

    Clearly the regime-change conspirators [#resistance] have lost the cage match…we just didn’t realize this until S’pore…they shot their bolt and Trump is still standing…the office of POTUS has huge power…even the deep state and their media hounds are up against it when push comes to shove…

    Trump has had to make his bones as they say in the mob…and he apparently has…the deep state button men already in place are not going to step aside for a new guy, especially one who wants to send them to pasture…

    I’ll be the first to admit here that I had written off Trump as either a fake or a gutless wonder…but now I will be the first to say I was wrong…the guy has what it takes…

    Now he is implementing his agenda…what he campaigned on and what the people voted for…in short, he is consolidating his power…and he is surging on the shoulders of the cheering people…

    I don’t agree with Shamir that the War Party is clawing back anything…the expectation that this first meeting with Kim would bring instant sanctions relief is quite silly and unrealistic…

    Trump did more than enough by canceling the war games in the south…he did more than enough by saying that this is the beginning of a process…he was the only one in the US to say these things that we thought we would never hear from anybody, much less the POTUS…he effectively endorsed the Russian-Chinese double freeze formula and has stuck to it…it is simply Shock and Awe…

    Trump came off like a Huge Statesman…something the people have been hungry for after the empty-suit Obama show…his humanity, his warmth and respect to the much demonized Kim touched people all over the world…including those on the [honest] left…[see Finian Cunningham and George Galloway on this]…

    This is entirely new and magnificent behavior for The Emperor…[remember Bill Clinton refusing to shake Milosevic’s outstretched hand after the two signed the Dayton Accord…]

    The screamers in the rotten media and commentariat found themselves suddenly marginalized…their hysterical yelps simply bouncing off into the ether…while Trump’s humanity and realism resonated with common folks at home and around the globe…

    Pettiness vs magnanimity…guess who wins…?

    Trump is giving the people what they really want…the rotten media and their commissars in the elite just don’t want to accept it…they are in denial…they will overplay their hand and shoot themselves in the foot the more they keep yelping and braying…the time for fooling the people has apparently run its course…the disnelyanders are now the 21’st century Pravda laughingstock…the momentum has shifted…

    And what will happen in Helsinki…?

    Well, nobody is an oracle here…but Trump’s instincts that Putin can help him and America in general are once again correct…in fact Putin can help Trump much more than Merkel, Micron, or May…

    How much is the Nato and EU empire costing America…?…Trump has been talking about this for a long time…there comes a time when the trappings of empire are no longer sustainable…ask Russia…

    Japan’s Abe is of a similar bent to Trump [we saw that at the comedy fest of the G7 in Canada a few weeks ago]… we may be looking at nothing less than Trump and Putin forging a new and global modus vivendi…an entirely reshaped global understanding…with Abe and Xi surely coming into the picture at some point…

    There are a lot of challenges facing our world, and the US absolutely needs to reorient if it has any chance of avoiding a total collapse…that’s what happens to empires…what we have seen is that Trump has managed to take hold of the huge power of the office of POTUS…and damn he is playing his shot brilliantly…

    So what are these real issues that Donald and Vlad may discuss…?

    Well…first and foremost is Syria of course…this is close to settled anyway, with all due respect to Shamir’s needlessly complicated musings…this is in fact proved by the smooth going of the southern Syria liberation of recent weeks…Israel has kept quiet [and presumably happy…probably in no small part due to US directives]…the Truman carrier strike group has departed the med at the precise moment that the SAA ops ramped up…the Jihadists were told not to expect any US help and none from Jordan either…as a result, ‘rebel’ towns have been surrendering and reconciling en masse…

    These are pretty much proof that a deal among the Russians, US and Israel has been quietly implemented…and the previous noises from various quarters of the State Dept turned out to be nothingburgers…

    So we may assume that the workings of a more comprehensive deal should not be that difficult to arrange…

    Iran is not really a problem in Syria…it is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which does NOT answer to anyone other than supreme leader Khamenei that is the problem…Russia has no influence there whatsoever, so Shamir’s entire scenario of ‘selling’ or not selling out Iran is bizarre…

    The Iranian govt with whom the Russians do deal with [Rouhani] is certainly on board with Moscow and Damascus…the Pakistani, Afghan, Iraqi and various other Shia militias that do not seem to answer to anybody except Allah Himself [or his rep here on earth]…are a different story…as with all religious fanatics they can be unpredictable and cause plenty of headaches…

    Moving on…what do we make of Trump’s noises to pull troops out of Germany…and perhaps Korea also…?

    I would say these are things that Trump actually desires…he is very cognizant of the cost to America of these things…and he knows that the US needs to go on a budget if it wants to avoid bankruptcy…Korea is costing the US much more than just those troops…the trade agreement with Korea is a huge gift subsidized by US tax money, which the Koreans shrewdly demanded as their payoff for the ‘security arrangement…this is just the kind of ‘free ride’ that rankles Trump the businessman…

    These are big global security issues that absolutely cannot be tackled without the participation and partnering, if you will, of Putin and Russia…and also Xi and Abe…

    The fact of the matter is that there is such a thing as a peace dividend…the US model up to now has been one of imperial domination via reserve currency and the free ride of paper money…but this has a shelf life that is soon coming due…it seems to me that Trump actually realizes these important dynamics…at the very least he realizes that there are very deep problem with the business as usual that has been taking place up to now…

    Anybody could see that a new world order is taking shape anyway, whether some like it or not…the disneylander approach has been the ostrich reaction of head in hole and ignoring reality…but that’s not going to make the real world go away…in the end realism always wins…and whatever Trump may or may not be…well he has shown us in S’pore that he certainly has been blessed with that quality…

    • Replies: @renfro
  50. “Cost to Yemen”

    Its been a basket case forever and Saudi is completely in cahoots with Israel so the fact that another Civil War is being fought there is something the US simply cannot afford to get mixed up in. We could not afford Syria, have now blown 17 years of surplus budget in Afghanistan and lost our asses in Iraq.

    I’m skeptical to the degree to which the Zio-empire controls the internet.

    ISIS and other groups recruit there. Of course, you’ll tell me that is also part of the Zio-conspiracy, so I cannot argue with conspiratorial nuts like you because you’ll always come back with the J in control manipulating things so that the value of commodities/stocks etc. rise or fall to their whim.

    • Replies: @anon
  51. tyrone says:

    Russia has worked pretty damned hard to not be our enemy and Putin has played his hand as well as it could have been played ….definitely in the running for statesman of the century in my book.

  52. RVBlake says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    My objection is to Trump’s financial and military support of the Saudi assault on a tiny country. It is immoral and speaks poorly of the U.S.

  53. @quasi_verbatim

    Poles, Balts and Finns are splinters of Russian Empire, and these wars do not count )) It is like Crimea and Donbass, or Georgia: some local quarrels between the Empire and the run-away separatists.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  54. renfro says:

    Trump actually desires…he is very cognizant of the cost to America of these things…and he knows that the US needs to go on a budget if it wants to avoid bankruptcy

    Trump is a piece of shit who has 5 bankruptcies to his name ….he is robbing Peter to pay Paul……selling off US national park lands, selling off US infrastructure to Saudi and Blackstone, selling off half of the US emergency oil reserves…..

    Pay attention buddy to his domestic moves or you don’t get the whole picture of where Trump is grabbing money to avoid bankruptcy.

    • Replies: @bj
  55. @quasi_verbatim

    The propaganda about Stalin being some ‘peacemaker’, that the Western nations kept singing and singing during WW2, proved once and for all, that “democracy” was and is the codeword for tyranny in United States and Western Europe.

    Them turning the blind eye on what happened when nations were ‘given’ to Stalin. In Finland there is an expression: “Churchill sold Finland to Stalin”. And them still not owing up to their criminal actions, makes them just as bad as Stalin was.

    V. Talvanainen, Mannerheim’s closest Secret Agent, who knew the massive S-32 file – with thousands of documents – like his own pockets, wrote in the 80’s a long letter to the president of Finland.

    He had seen the contracts with Churchill’s, Roosevelt’s and Stalin’s signatures, and demanded to know why the Baltic countries and Poland still haven’t been given back their independency after WW2, as was agreed upon in the contract?

    Anyway, Mannerheim was in despair when writing his memoirs, because a legal and a political team erased all the ‘sensitive’ truths from it, telling him that he will destroy Finland if he publish them, because Finland will then be the target of Europe’s and Soviet Union’s aggression.

    Mannerheim in a letter:

    “If I leave out the reasons, that led to our decisions, and only write about their consequences; then I am dramatically falsifying the course of events. I will have to present them in such manner, that a Western European or an Anglo-Saxon reader is never able to understand what I have written…”

    July 17th, 1940: Mannerheim shows the captured documents to president Kallio.

    Kallio is deeply shocked. He was a true Christian, who respected truth and honesty, and he had a hard time dealing with the fact, that Britain’s and France’s goal was to turn Finland and Scandinavia into a battlefield, so that they could crush Germany and plunge Europe into a major war.

    Mannerheim January 1950:

    “Never before was the international military policy in the background so ambigious, bluffing and misleading. We got involved – mislead and unintentionally – with Britain’s, France’s and Soviet Union’s secret cooperation, who signed their war pact October 15th, 1939 in Moscow. ”

    “When Germany captured this secret pact on February 9th, 1940, it immediately changed Germany’s international policy and they forced Soviet Union to make peace with Finland (13.3.1940). ”

    “The information from my friends (“Gregori” and “Luci”) from Soviet Union, and from Germany’s managment, plus all other information I had obtained, proved to me, that the military alliance had not changed their war plans.”

    ”Red Army’s will attack again, suddenly, despite the Peace Treaty. The British, whom I have always respected and among whom I have several good friends, they were agitated by Churchill’s merciless war against innocent Scandinavia and innocent Finland. We were meant to be sacrificed in the great powers’ battlefield, as had already happened in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Belgium, Holland and above all in the Baltic countries.”

    ”I was genuinely awaiting swift and real help to Finland from the Western powers during the Winter War. They could have given it to us and help us push back the Soviet troops. Instead they pursued their own secret plans, deliberately sacrificing Finland.”

    ”It would be easier to take down a bull by it’s horns, than to turn Churchill, or even get him to consider his sidestep from the path, that he has chosen. His goal was Germany’s absolute capitulation – preferring to destroy Germany. Sweden’s Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson informed me already in August 1939, that the Western aid is a betrayal and that the Finns will have to cope alone and fight alone.”

    Last but not least; An American’s description of how ‘democracy’ did not apply to Finland:

    Is it any wonder, that Finns don’t have much respect for Westeners – or Russians either for that matter…

    • Replies: @utu
    , @utu
  56. Thim says:

    The Russians cannot oust Iran from Syria. Did he actually say that? Lost me there.

  57. @Israel Shamir

    They might be splinters of the Empire, but the consensus among the great majority of Russians about Poland, Baltics, and Georgia is “good riddance!” Finland is no longer perceived as having anything to do with Russia. Crimea and Donbass are quite different: Crimea is overwhelmingly considered Russian, and more than half of the people believe that Donbass has earned the right to get out of Ukrainian madhouse and either join Russia or be recognized as independent by Russia.

  58. utu says:
    @Lauri Törni

    When Soviets moved in to Poland in September 1939 Polish government issued a directive to Polish troops to not engage the Soviet troops and proceed with evacuating itself to Rumanian and Hungry and then to France w/o making a formal statement that Poland was in a state of war with the USSR. Clearly they knew that Britain did not wish having its ally to be in the state of war with the USSR. But if after Sept. 17, 1939 Polish troops were ordered to fight the Red Army it was possible that France and England would have to change their approach to the USSR. But Poland played a dutiful British ally who would sacrifice itself to help Britain.

    In Yugoslavia in 1940 Britain had to carry out a coup d’état to get Yugoslavia into a senseless war with Germany. In Poland they did not have to do it in 1939. Poland by herself went willingly to slaughter on behalf of Britain. If however there was a political faction that in early 1939 would consider making a deal with Hitler a similar coup d’état would be carried out in Poland to force Poland into the war against Germany.

  59. bj says:

    I read forensic accountant, Brad Thomas’s book, “The Trump Factor: Unlocking The Secrets Behind The Trump Empire”.

    On this refro, you don’t know what you are talking about! Trump’s balance sheet show’s him to have a net worth of +6 Billion, carrying about 2 Billion in debt. His business is leveraged by 1/3 debt to equity. He is a very conservative business man.

    The bankruptcy of his casino business in the early nineties is a plus, as I don’t trust a man who has not faced an existential crisis in his life, which existential crisis reveals a man’s character. DJT played poker with the bank’s holding the loans and they refinanced. He is a reality based POTUS.

    Trump reportedly has an IQ of +150, which enables him to understand complexity of the world and to operate within the constraints of reality. He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue! He has the character to act in a rational manner for the benefit of all concerned, including the long suffering American workers.

    Anyway…the Helsinki summit with VVP will reveal more cards in the game.

  60. utu says:
    @Lauri Törni

    Perhaps Finns should make Erkki Hautamäki’s book available in English and other languages as well as any materials pertaining to the file S-32.

  61. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Michael Kenny

    ” Any concession to Putin undermines Israel”
    who cares ? Does it undermine US? But I don’t expect any human answer from you . Now try a Zoooo Nathnhuuuu answer .

  62. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    How does SITE upload the Jihadi video before the Jihadist does ?

  63. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You are right This will revisit America and this site again America will find ways to attack Iran and you on this site , will declare years after the job is done that Jewish Leftists “were derided for criticizing the Iran War”

  64. @utu

    Hautamäki’s first book is based upon the S-32 file during 1939-40. He organized the material and wrote it in a timeline, here is Poland:

    1921: Poland’s dictator Pilsudski had stolen Western Ukraine and parts of Belarus from a weak Soviet Union.

    1935: Pilsudski dies. Stalin contacts Hitler proposing an alliance against the British-French powers, who still pressured Germany with contract paragraphs.

    Stalin’s demands, that all negotiations are top secret. He promised Germany would be freed from the harsh contract paragraphs – provided they would find mutual understanding about other matters.

    At first Hitler was suspicious, because Fance and Britain negotiated with Stalin about creating a political-military alliance to surround Germany. But he agreed in the end, because Stalin promised to support Germany to become free from the enforced Peace Treaty.

    Negotiations: November 1935: in a private wagon near Novgorod. December 1935: in Prague.
    January-February 1936: in Moscow

    Hitler’s aide and interpreter, who was part of the delegation – told Mannerheim’s secret agent Vilho Tahvanainen about war-related matters. VT wrote over 100 pages.

    February 1936: the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed in Berlin;

    – Poland was to be divided
    – Eastern Poland to Soviet Union and the rest to Germany.
    – Germany’s and Poland’s non-aggression pact to be terminated.
    – Czechoslovakia in Germany’s sphere of interest.
    – Germany supports Soviet Union’s demand to create military bases in the Baltic countries.
    – Scandinavia, Finland and Eastern Karelia to remain a “white zone”.
    – The Versailles Peace Treaty to be nullified.
    – Soviet Union will support Germany, when it breaks free from the treaty’s obligations.
    – Soviet Union accepts general conscription and building a defence force in Germany.
    – Soviet Union supports Germany, when it re-connects stolen German areas to Germany.
    – Soviet Union promises, that their non-aggression pact with Czechoslovakia is not an obstacle, when Germany occupies Czechoslovakia’s German areas.


    Hitler ends demilitarisation. France and Belgium demand military actions against Germany.

    Hitler proposes a peace commission. France, Belgium and Britain refused.

    Churchill’s conservatives attacked Britain’s soft foreign policy. They demanded war against Germany and Hitler.

    Hitler’s only aim was to get back the stolen areas – by negotiations – that Versaille’s Peace Treaty robbed from it.

    Germany re-connects Austria peacefully. The Versaille Peace Treaty forbids this kind of action. The referendum in Austria is an overwhelming victory for Hitler.

    Churchill states, that the only way to stop Germany is to get Stalin in the Anti-Germany British-French alliance.

    1936: Churchill proposes a military alliance with Britain, Fraince and Soviet Union, to defeat Germany. However Stalin has a pact with Germany from 1936.

    Stalin proposes an international conference. Britain and France informs, that they don’t accept referendums in German-populated areas, because that way Germany could legally nullify Versaille’s orders.

    The Sudeten Germans had suffered horrible persecution and terror in Czechoslovakia.

    In 1938: Germany started negotiations to give the Sudeten Germans a tolerable autonomy, who again strongly demanded to be re-connected to Germany. Churchill and the France intervenes in the negotiations. Hitler threatens with military actions.

    Chamberlain and Halifax try to reach a peaceful solution. They, together with their French colleagues Daladier and Bonnet, propose a peaceful solution to Czechoslovakia’s governement.

    20. September 1938: Churchill travelled to Paris, where he demanded the French opposition (Mandel, Reynaud) to pressure Benesh into not accepting the proposal.

    21. September 1938: President Benesh is willing to accept the proposal, the same proposal Hitler had presented earlier.

    23. September 1938: Czechoslovakia declares a general mobilization! Churchill was fighting all mediations through the opposition. His goal would be endangered, if Benesh would accept the proposal.

    Mandel informed Benesh, that if Germany attacks, then Britain, France and Soviet Union will come to help Czechoslovakia. Benesh gives in and orders mobilization.

    Hitler saw this as a provocation and he presented new demands: He was going to occupy the Sudetan areas 1.October 1938 and referendums would be held in a much larger area than earlier.

    Chamberlain approves Hitler’s proposal and wants Britain’s and France’s governments tp approve it. Benesh rejects Hitler’s memorandum. Churchill’s actions have succeeded. The British and French governments reject Hitler’s proposal to Benesh..

    Then France and Britain end up continuing negotiations with Hitler. Churchill protests strongly to Chamberlain’s willingness to negotiate. He declares his dream: A military alliance with Britain, Fraince and Soviet Union a.s.a.p.

    Hitler finds out, that Czechoslovakia rejects any peace negotioations.

    Hitler gives his ultimatum to a delegation from Czechoslovakia – 28.9.1938 – to either accept or reject his proposal.

    Chamberlain guarantees, that the contract will be accepted in Prague.

    Wilson tells Hitler, that if he takes up arms, then Britain and France will fight beside Czechoslovakia against Germany. Hitler replies, that he has taken it in consideration – he has the secret non-aggression pact with Soviet Union.

    Benesh informs, that he will not bend, trusting that France and Britain will come to his aid. A major was is close to breaking out.

    27. September1938: Chamberlain informs in a radio-broadcast, that Britain will not fight beside Czechoslovakia.

    Still Benesh trusts the agitation message from Churchill and Reynaud, delivered by Mandel. A passionate rebelliousness against Chamberlain and Halifax – fuelled by Churchill – is spreading in Britain.

    Hitler thanks Chamberlain for saving the peace in Europe. Mussolini becomes Hitler’s mediator. Hitler agrees to postpone Germany’s mobilization and negotiate. He calls Chamberlain and Daladier to a meeting in München 27.9. – 28.9.1938.

    Benesh did not know, that Stalin had terminated the non-aggression pact with Czechoslovakia or that Stalin had given Hitler free hands in Czechoslovakia.

    Now Stalin had to “save his face” for strategic reasons, so he warns Germany not to take up arms against Czechoslovakia. But Hitler does not accept it.

    Hitler informs Stalin, that he is willing to give up the contract from 1936 and skip Poland. If Stalin should try to change Poland’s borders, then Germany would fight with Poland against Soviet Union.
    Stalin didn’t want to abandon the Polish plan under any circumstances.

    Stalin replied to Britain and France, that he demands them to act in such a manner, that Czechoslovakia doesn’t resist Hitler’s demands. This was approved in the München-meeting (Germany, Italy, France and Britain – without Czechoslovakia being present).

    Result: Poland immediately occupied the Chechen-area in Czechoslovakia, Hungary occupied Ruten and Germany occupied the Sudeten areas.

    15. March 1939: Germany marches to Bohemia and Moravia, installing a protectorate.

    France informs, that it doesn’t approve Hitler’s actions in Bohemia and Moravia. Prime Minister Bonnet contacts Soviet Union; now would be the perfect moment to form a joint front against Hitler.

    The West is going overdrive with the Anti-Hitler propaganda.

    1937-1938: Churchill works tirelessly to create a military alliance around Germany to destroy it. Roosevelt supports him.

    Roosevelt and Churchill lead the nations to mankind’s most destructive war.

    Churchill in 1919: “If Germany is able to trade during the next 50 years, then we fought WW1 for nothing.”

    Churchill in 1934: “If Germany becomes too strong, it has to be smashed again, this time for good!”

    Churchill in 1936: “My three main themes are: We have to resist every potential conqueror of the world. Germany and it’s Nazi-government is exactly one of this kind….”.

    Churchill in 1938: “A French-British-Russian military alliance is our only hope of stopping Nazism.”

    In 1936: Negotiations with Poland start. Hitler proposes border alterations. France and Britain immediately forbid Poland to have any negotiations with Hitler. Poland refuses all negotiations with Hitler.

    In 1936 and 1937: Hitler realizes, that it is impossible to re-connect German areas peacefully.

    1. October 1938: Stalin initiates negotiations with Germany in Moscow.

    2.October 1938: An executive plan concerning dividing Poland is made.

    Germany and Soviet Union will present their own demands to Poland by 20. October 1938, independently.

    Germany contacted Poland, Soviet Union didn’t, not even after the last date. Ribbentrop asks Moscow why, and gets evasive answers.

    Poland’s Foreign Minister Beck contacts immediately France and Britain to get support against Germany. Both advice Poland to reject all German initiations for negotiations. Poland agrees.

    A week later, British and French delegations show up in Moscow. Hitler finds out about this and sees, that Britain and France try to severe German-Russian relations. Soviet Union hadn’t acted against Poland by the end of November, which Germany finds bizarre.

    Stalin harrasses the Baltic countries, Finland and Turkey through diplomats. Hitler decides to put the Polish question to rest.

    January 1939: Stalin wants to discuss with Germany in Moscow, because of rumours that Germany is going to attack Soviet Union. Hitler is in rage and says “Stalin can come himself to Berlin and discuss about the attacking plans he made up himself”. Hitler calls Soviet Union on it’s “excuses” and “lies” regarding Ukraine and Poland.

    Stalin’s negotiators show up in Berlin. Soviet Union wants a clear non-aggression pact with Germany. Soviet Union also proposed, that Finland and the Baltic countries would be put in Soviet Union’s sphere of interest.

    Hitler wasn’t going to discuss this, because Soviet Union hadn’t started any negotiations with Poland, he wants to stick to the contract from 1936 and returrn the Memel-area and get “free hands” regarding Bohemia and Movaria.

    Hitler stands firm. In the end they both stick to the contract from 1936. The Polish question is solved by both attacking at the same time.

    During Versailles peace negotiations, Poland was fiercly promoting it’s own intresses -> WW1 allies gave Poland huge German areas (3,5 million Germans). Germany lost it’s “Polish passage”; Danzig and Posen. Areas from Upper Sliilesia were annexed to Poland.

    23. March 1939: Germany occupies Memel – according to the contract in 1936 – and offers to negotiate with Poland about regional matters.

    31. March 1939: After Poland’s Prime Minister asks again for protection from Britain and France, they declare a one-sided guarantee to protect the integrity of Poland’s borders. The decision had already been made 26. March in the House of Commons.

    It was the countdown for Chamberlain. Churchill was achieving his goal; to create a wide warfront against Germany.

    Poland becomes greedy. It has guarantees now. It rejects Germany’s every single proposal to negotioate.

    Ribbentrop asks Poland’s Foreign Minister Beck if Soviet Union has contacted him regarding border alterations. Beck shows Ribbentrop the door and orders him to go and ask Stalin.

    3. April 1939, the next day: Ribbentrop flies to Moscow and wants to discuss the Polish question with Stalin. Poland, with Beck’s initiative, declares a partial mobilization.

    Ribbentrop negotiates the next two days in Moscow. Soviet Union and Germany decided to attack Poland at the same time and divide it. Stalin proposes it should happen in May-June 1939.

    Soviet Union’s behavior regarding the Polish question gets more and more bizarre. Germans are uncertain of Stalin. The whole Poland question becomes less significant. Germany’s initial intention was to trade for Danzig, without touching Poland’s areas.

    Britain and France knew within a week the outcome of their meeting in Moscow.

    14. April 1939: British and French negotiators arrive in Moscow.

    They proposed a military alliance between Britain, France and Soviet Union. Their contract-countries would commit to help out, if Germany attacked Poland or Rumania.

    16. April 1939: Stalin replies, that Soviet Union is not willing to cooperate, unless they agree upon certain concessions;

    1. Guarantee that all Soviet Union’s neighboring coutries are contract-countries, particularly Finland and the Baltic countries.

    2. Britain and France adds one condition regarding Poland – only Germany’s attack is considered an attack, not Soviet Union’s attack.

    Britain and France wanted to think about it, which did not sit well with Stalin. He had already agreed to simultaneously attack Poland in May-June with Germany

    A few days later, German diplomats informed Hitler about a secret document from the British-French-Russian meeting. It was obvious, that Stalin played his own two-faced politics.

    Hitler tried again to negotiate with Poland, but Poland refused. Instead Poland started to stage more and more provocations (shooting incidents, firing at airplanes and cars etc.)

    The worldwide Anti-German media campaign intensified (it had started right after WW1). Now the media warned all small European countries about the German threat.

    28. April 1939: Hitler offered a non-aggression pact to all small European countries. Only Denmark took Germany’s offer.

    In the end of April 1939: Stalin informs Hitler, that he is ready to solve the Polish question.

    Soviet Union’s proposal (a German diplomat told Mannerheim): Poland will be divided in August-September, 1st September at the latest, in a joint and simultaneous attack. Red Army will continue from there, occupying the Baltic countries and Finland.

    Hitler agreed to Stalin’s proposal, Soviet Union is allowed to put military bases in the Baltic countries, but not in Finland or Scandinavia, because it would create a major conlfict. Finland and Scandinavia would remain a “white zone”, according to the contract in 1936.

    In summer 1939: Nnegotiations between Britain, France and Soviet Union continued. Britain and France accepted Stalin’s proposal, the British-French aid would only apply to Germany’s attack.

    12. June 1939: Molotov adds more demands: Aid would be given to all European countries, even Finland and the Baltic countries, provided they resist Germany! Britain and France approved Stalin’s demand.

    End of June 1939: Molotov presents yet another demand; The aid given need not be Germany’s direct military attack, an indirect attack would also do. Molotov explained, that an ‘indirect attack’ means a friendlier foreign politicy towards Germany. Britain and France accept.

    In practice all small European countries are now subjected to the trio’s – UK, France and U.S.S.R – arbitrariness. The contract is signed in Mid-July 1939.

    Stalin orders an attack-plan for occupying Finland.

    11. August 1939: Negotiations about military details are held in Moscow.

    July-August 1939: Roosevelt’s Jewish aide Felix Frankfurter visits Churchill for negotiations (documents are classified to this day). Frankfurter brings the message, that United States will participate in the war against Germany.

    Summer 1939: Churchill and Stalin make a secret framework-agreement in Crimea – prior to the actual contract signed 15. October 1939.

    23. August 1939: Soviet Union and Germany sign a non-aggression pact (the “Molotov-Ribbentrop-pact”). Hitler is assured, that the pact prevenst a war on two fronts. Which is what Stalin and the Western allies anticipated. Now Germany is certainly going to attack Poland to take back the areas Germany lost in the Versailles Peace Treaty.

    Britain, France and Soviet Union have a negotiated war plan how to defeat Germany.

    Hitler believed, that Poland would collapse when being attacked from two sides. Hitler already had a proposal to Poland about swapping areas. He presented these peace offerings on 6. October 1939 to the Western powers.

    The trap was set, would Hitler walk into it?

    Poland had guarantees, France and Britain – maybe even Soviet Union – would come and help them,at least that’s what the Poles were thinking.

    Poland didn’t know, that the Western powers were not going to provide any military aid to them. Britain evaluated, that Poland would be able to fight Germany for max. 60 days.

    Roosevelt was in contact with Churchill and he became assured, that United States have to participate in the war. That again assured Churchill, so he rejected all Hitler’s peace offerings. At the same time Roosevelt was backing Stalin.

    Stalin was waiting for Hitler to attack Poland, which would launch the trap, and France and Britain would declare war against Germany. “The capitalistic nations” would wear themself out, giving Stalin a perfect opportunity. A major war would break out and Stalin would first move Poland’s border closer to the West.

    Stalin decided to be a traitor and make only Germany a criminal attacker. He did this by not attacking 1. September 1939 as planned, but 17. September 1939. This way Stalin made Germany the starter of WW2. Soviet Union and the Western powers had already agreed in summer 1939, that Germany’s attack will cause their declaration of war, not Soviet Union’s attack.

    1. September 1939 at 4.45 a.m.: Germany attacks Poland at the exact minute agreed with Soviet Union.

    Germany beats Poland in two weeks. Poland asks the Western powers for help.

    Hitler was provoked and lured into attacking Poland, it was the “trap” launching the secret counter-actions of United States, the Western powers and Soviet Union. Hitler didn’t even aim to destroy Poland’s existence as a state, only find a negotiating solution to the border question.

    It took the Germans two days to realize, that Soviet Union didn’t attack simultaneously. The trap was launched! Hitler gets a rage attack. France and Britain have been waiting for this moment.

    3. September 1939: France and Britain declare war on Germany.

    Roosevelt makes immediate law amendments, so that United States can provide aid to Soviet Union, Britain and France. USA wages an “undeclared” war on Germany right from the beginning.

    15. October 1939: The military alliance pact against Germany is signed in Moscow.

    In August 1939 Hitler acknowledged Poland as an independent state in his 16-point proposal to Poland, as well as Poland’s connection to the Baltic Sea. Stalin however did not acknowledge an independent Poland. Hence Hitler founded a temporary a General Goverment in Poland.

    6. October 1939: Hitler presents a peace offering to France and Britain. They reject it. Hitler’s peace offerings were like poison to Stalin – if the Westen powers approves them.

    15. October 1939: Stalin hurries to cement the final war plan to destroy Hitler together with Britain and France.

    A peace in Europe would destroy his big dream of a world-wide “Proletarian Dictatorship”.

    Stalin is ready to sign the political war contract with the Western powers. It required a very strong disinformation campaign to keep the contract a secret.

    When Germany attacked Poland, Chamberlain’s government is dissolved in London. He is demanded to resign and Churchill takes his place. Churchill had for years scolded Chamberlain’s foreign policy. Now his eternal hatred for Hitler and Germans finally paid off, so that he could execute his own personal politics.

    Roosevelt goes against the Congress, breaks laws, makes contracts and gives promises without authorization etc. Roosevelt secretly builds the platform, so that United States can participate in the war.

    Roosevelt promised Churchill in spring 1939, that United States will join the fight against Germany; provided the “blanco-guarantee” given to Poland by France and Britain, leads to a war.


    • Replies: @utu
    , @jilles dykstra
  65. Wally says:

    Britain & France did not declare war on the communist USSR which invaded from the east and took 60% of Poland.
    They also ignored Poland’s seizure of part of Czechoslovakia.

    They ignored the USSR invasions of Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Iran, and invasion & annexation parts of Romania.

    And not just the mentioned Suvarov:

    Operation Barbarossa Was A Preventive Attack


  66. utu says:
    @Lauri Törni

    February 1936: the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed in Berlin

    Never heard of it. Molotov was not Minister of Foreign Affairs until 1939.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Lauri Törni
  67. @utu

    That just illustrates the credibility of this source (and likely this source’s sources). Munich Agreement, where France and UK sold out Czechoslovakia to Hitler, was signed in September of 1938. Molotov-Ribbentrop was signed on August 23, 1939, almost a year later.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  68. @bj

    If Trump had an IQ above 120 I’d be slightly surprised. The man cannot string a grammatically correct sentence together.

    Then again, verbal IQ is not really much of an indicator when it comes to cognitive intelligence. Blacks often have an actual IQ of 80 which is not much higher than the family dog but their verbal IQ and EQ are much higher, which is why they make better pimps than people working at NASA.

    I’d say the same is often true of Jews, whose IQ skews towards verbal dexterity. Whereas Asian IQ tends to come off as “Aspie” Jews just seem like ultimate wheeler-dealers who manage to create a supply (Porn, bad movie scripts, stand-up comedy) for a demand.

    • LOL: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  69. @Moi

    Liberal, leftist , conservative, neo-con, bolshevik… are just empty words, aren’t they ?

    Nixon was well read, he knew history, he has very ambitious and ruthless but he had an idea what you can do with power. He tried to use power to serve the American people.
    To compare Nixon with a clown ,a narcissist and a servant (like Putin) of the King of Israel seems to me preposterous.

    • Replies: @Moi
  70. @Lauri Törni

    “The Mannerheim S-32 file says, that Hess tried to show the captured documents – and hence prove Germany’s innocene – as a last desperate effort.”

    prove Germany’s innocene to whom ? If that is true, it wasn’t a “last desperate effort” but one of the most stupid act in history of the II WW.

    When the war criminal -Churchill- became PM in 1940, it became evident for everyone that the war party had won. It was also an open secret that those who put Churchill in power wanted total destruction of Germany.

    What is less known is that even in the highest echelon of the Nazi party you had very important people working for the allies. That Germany was going to be destroyed was never in doubt in spite of the propaganda.

    “Now the same alliance is surfacing, the alliance that has been clear for a longer time. Russia and United States. The so called ‘enemies’ in public, but not in reality.”

    Agree completely. The same forces that control the USA, control Russia. They are giving us “cold war 2″.

    What is interesting is to see people that are intelligent -PCR, for example- falling for this lie again.

    It tells you a lot about” intelligence”. How lies from powerful people can make intelligent people so stupid.

    In my opinion it is because they have this “binary vision” of the world: good/bad, right/wrong, evil/good and they need someone to represent and defend the “good”.

    Those who control the USA and Russia don’t mind giving them good and bad guys. According to your “values” you can choose between the fool and narcissist Trump and the chess master-Putin.

    It doesn’t matter of course, because they both are servants of “the force”.

    It’s amazing. Even in so called Alt-Media, 99% of journalists, writers, and “experts” can’t see, understand what you wrote about Syria and the USA/Russia.

    They’re very busy with “cold war 2” to understand what’s going on.Fools.

    • Replies: @Lauri Törni
  71. @Lauri Törni

    ” 1937-1938: Churchill works tirelessly to create a military alliance around Germany to destroy it. Roosevelt supports him. ”

    In 1938, with the Polish and Tsjechoslovakian armies still in existance, Hitler Germany could have been beaten quickly.
    It did not happen.
    The only, in my opinion, correct, explanation by historians is that FDR wanted a long war, in which the USA could participate.

  72. @Jeff Stryker

    My idea is that IQ 100 is enough to understand the USA’s problems.

    • Replies: @Anon
  73. @AnonFromTN

    Chamberlain signed 1938 Munich because he belonged to the 39ers, those British who had the illusion that by 1939 GB would be ready for war.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  74. @utu

    ” Poland by herself went willingly to slaughter on behalf of Britain ”
    It took me a long time to find out why Poland gave up neutrality.
    Is was bcause the Polish divisions had been after a war in which Poland had been neutral.
    Poland chose the British side because the government believed that the Hitler regime would collapse after a few days of war.
    Their illusion was that their troops would march into Berlin, and join it to Poland.
    There was plan B, after the war, that Germany was supposed to have lost, a greater Poland would be created.
    It is asserted that, in addition to the British guarantee of March 1939, there was FDR’s guarantee of August.
    In the autumn of 1939 there was near panic in the British government, the Ironside diaries describes it.
    Comte Jean Szembek, Ancien sous-secrétaire d’État aux Affaires étrangères de Pologne, ‘Journal, 1933 – 1939’, Paris 1952
    Simon Newman, ´March 1939, The British guarantee to Poland, A study in the continuity of British Foreign Policy’, 1976, Oxford
    Colonel Roderick Macleod, D.S.O., M.C., and Dennis Kelly, ‘TIME UNGUARDED The Ironside Diaries 1937- 1940’, New York, 1963

  75. mcohen says:

    The bones tells me that the boys in the cave in thailand need to be evacuated in the next 48 hours.there is a wave of water coming.better get some real experts in chop chop.

    • Replies: @Anon
  76. JNDillard says:

    War with Iran makes no sense. If it did, Obama would have started it. No, the boys in the Pentagon war-gamed all the possibilities and determined that the chances of Hormuz getting blocked were just too great. So yes, plenty of sanctions, but those are only going to strengthen Iran the way sanctions have strengthened Russia. Another self-goal by Israel and the neocons.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @Anon
  77. @utu

    The real contract was signed in 1936. The additional stipulation was signed in 1939, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

    The history of WW2 has been falsified to the extent, that these facts don’t ‘fit in’ the official version of WW2.

    What will happen when part II is published? It will include all the original documents, documents that the first book was based upon and referred to – will people still find a way to dismiss them?

    We will soon find out, which nations are the real players and masterminds of WW3.

    Just like we were shocked in WW2, when the Western powers allied with a terrorist state, Soviet Union, and then quickly think of it as a rational thing – we will also be shocked in WW3, when finding out surprising military alliances. Like Trump-Putin for example.

    Who is today’s ‘Hitler’? Assad of course. He has been demonized to the point, when his name triggers a reaction from people.

    Putin accuses the West of playing a double game in Syria, but what about Russia? Russia if anyone has sent hordes of ISIS-terrorists to Syria, the Russian government funds their trips, while pretending to ‘help’ Syria…

    We are being fooled by the West and by Russia, especially in Syria’s matter.

    Why did Putin demand, that all terrorists will be safely shipped to Northern Syria? They are Russia’s adversaries, who are being used to create terror and bloodshed in foreign countries, Syria being the latest innocent country.

    But what do you think, when the S-32 file is published – how will people react? Will they dismiss it from the beginning?

  78. ” It appears to be a permanent feature of American politics: presidents get elected promising peace, and choosing war after their election ”

    As far as I can remember this feature exists since Hoover.
    This is what I like about Trump, he does, seems to do, what he promised.

  79. @JNDillard

    It indeed makes sense to Israel

  80. @James Brown

    Rudolf’s effort was both desperate and stupid, but it was Germany’s last effort. At least he tried, instead of waiting for the inevitable.

    Hitler was aware of traitors in the highest echolon, hence only his ‘inner circle’ was aware of the captured document. Hess, Göring, Keitel etc.

    The story about how the secret war plans were captured is interesting:

    “On February 2nd, 1940, a two-engine plane – without national emblems – transporting documents concerning Stalin-Churchill -correspondance, was hijacked by German fighter jets above the Northern Sea.”


    “The information about the courier-plane came from a German agent, who was working at London’s airport. Once Germany got the exact time and date, the rest was routine.”

    “The General Courier’s plane was forced to land at a German airport, justification ‘to identify the plane’. The pilot and the passangers were arrested for interrigations and other excuses, so that they were forced to leave the plane, after which the SS-officers searched the plane very thoroughly.”

    “Bingo! They find documents.”

    “The letter, that the General errandboy was going to deliver to Stalin, referred to a previously signed (15.10.1939) secret pact against Germany, maps about an attack, which was to be launched on 15.6.1940 from four fronts etc. Hitler got the documents the very same day. Moscow got the order to stop warfare against Finland the next day.”

    “Especially interesting was the British-French “aid to Finland”, how they were going to open up the Northern front in Denmark and Southern Sweden. In the border-agreement Finland and the Baltic Sea were in Soviet Union’s sphere of interest. Goodbye and Soromnoo to the Finns….”

    Agent Veltjens, February 2nd 1940, St. Michels


    Lieutnant Colonal Veltjens was often Hitler’s and Göring’s messenger. The Fighter Ace from WW1 flew to St.Michels the next day, delivering Hitler’s private letter to Mannerheim. Included is also the order to Stalin, requesting Mannerheim to immediately send one General to Germany, where he will be shown more information, and an instruction, that Mannerheim stations a trusted contact person in Sweden, so that Germany can send information to Mannerheim through him. Hitler uses the word “internationl situation”. Mannerheim has no idea what he refers to.

    The Red Army’s new major attack has just begun, so Mannerheim is busy with work. He sends a Finnish General immediately to Berlin, who returns after two days.

    He is sent back to Berlin on March 3rd, 1940 to ask what Veltjen’s message regarding the order to Stalin was about, because the major attack is still raging on Finland’s border?

    03.03.1940 Hitler send a new order to Moscow.
    04.03.1940 Mannerheim’s General returns with a letter from Ribbentrop.
    05.03.1940 Molotov informs, that Moscow will receive a Finnish delegation for peace negotiations.
    5.03.1940 Mannerheim stations the requested special courier in Sweden, secret agent “B”.
    07.03.1940 The Finnish delegation goes to Moscow.
    09.03.1940 “B” brings a new letter from Ribentrop to Mannerheim.
    09.03.1940 Finland’s government has decided to strongly decline the offered ‘help’ from Western powers.
    11.-12.03.1940 Finland’s government decides to accept the peace terms.
    13.-14.03.1940 The Peace Treaty is signed in Moscow during the night.

    The letters contain a huge amount of information and documents. Too much to be translated.

    This one is like balm to every Finn:

    “Adolf Hitler wants to inform Finland, that if they need rapid military material and -air support to fend off the Red Army’s massive attack; then Germany will immediately provide it to Finland, without any reciprocity.”

    Anyway…. after all the information from Germany, Mannerheim worked hard in order to pressure Finnish ministers to immediately stop trusting in the Western aid and to immediately sign a peace treaty.

    This way Finland was saved from the destiny, that Churchill and Stalin had planned for us.

    The official history of WW2 is superficial and filled with force-fed ‘facts’, that fit the political narrative.

    How can anyone be certain of events and their reasons, since all crucial archives in the West and in the East are still classified for researchers?

    Churchill’s documents would be very exciting to read, but they are time and time again classified for the next 50 years.


    There is a reason why the archives of the Allied are indefinitely classified. As for Russia’s archives, a lot has been destroyed under Putin’s rule and the Russian historians are tasked with re-writing the Russian WW2-history. It has made me vomit for a longer time, but the absolute wake-up all for all Finns happened last year, when Russia introduced the ‘official’ version of the Winter War.

    That was just too much for Finns to take. Finns turned from neutral to very hostile regarding Russia. Even a Russian historian wrote: “It is filled with blatant lies!”.

    And not to talk about Russia’s disgusting glorifying of their ‘battle against Nazis’ …. There is nothing glorifying about that fact. Nothing.

    Look at Finland. We were also deemed ‘war criminals’ along with the Germans. If people deem us Nazi-criminals, then they are at least acting in line. But if they see us as democratic and friendly, then they should definitely re-evaluate why they are crucifying Germans – and not Finns 😉

    Thank you for your comment. It was worth gold xxx

    • Replies: @utu
    , @James Brown
    , @j2
  81. @jilles dykstra

    There are several theories why the UK and France signed the Munich Agreement in 1938. Whatever the motives, hard fact is that in 1938 both Britain and France betrayed Czechoslovakia, just like they betrayed Poland in 1939, despite explicit treaties saying that they will defend Poland against aggression. Poetic justice is that in 1940 France got a taste of its own medicine: French leadership betrayed their country exactly as it betrayed others before.

    However, German occupation of the whole Czechoslovakia was not hampered by any resistance because its army (at the time comparable to German by size and weapons capabilities) essentially capitulated. Czechoslovakia was true to form in 1968, when Warsaw Treaty armies occupied it, meeting only token resistance. There was a joke in the USSR that Czechoslovakia is the most peaceful country on Earth: it does not interfere even in its own internal affairs.

    One has to express respect for the Poles: even though their leadership betrayed the country and ran away in 1939, just like the leadership of Czechoslovakia before and France after, Polish army actually fought the occupiers.

  82. @AnonFromTN

    There may be several theories, but which one does explain the facts ?
    Why was not Hitler Germany attacked and beaten in 1938 ?
    Hard fact is that Chamberlain belonged to the Thirtyniners, the illusion that GB was ready for war in 1939.
    What exactly FDR did, assumptions.
    Hard fact remains that in 1938 Germany could have been beaten easily.
    Analysing FDR’s behaviour from 1932 on, he wanted world domination, the UN Security Council, with a smaller GB, USSR and China as junior partners.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @j2
  83. Moi says:
    @James Brown

    Agree. Interesting that Nixon’s been metaphorically lynched for a “third-rate” burglary which he did not authorize–and that too a burglary of the DNC.

    And Nixon had no love for the eastern elites.

  84. @AnonFromTN

    One has to express respect for the Poles: even though their leadership betrayed the country and ran away in 1939, just like the leadership of Czechoslovakia before and France after, Polish army actually fought the occupiers.

    The only mistake they made, was to fight the wrong occupier…

    “Germany wanted, that after the division of Poland, an itsependent Poland, with 15 million inhabitants, would be left untouched, but Stalin wanted Poland to completely disappear from the world map.”

    Poles were agitated and hyped to attack Germany, not Soviet Union, so the knife in the back, deliverfed by Stalin, must have been even more devastating.

    ” And now, when all of these benefits and all this aid has been lost and discarded, England, leading the France, offers to guarantee the integrity of Poland — the same in Poland, which just six months ago with greed hyena appetite took part in the robbery and destruction of the Czechoslovak state.

    -Winston Churchill, The Gathering Storm

    When a leader says thing like that, how can you ever trust him to have even an ounch of dignity and wisdom?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @j2
  85. @jilles dykstra

    It is a valid question, why Germany was not beaten in 1938, when this would have been much easier than later. The prevailing theory in the USSR was that the West (including UK and France, possibly the US) purposely directed Hitler to the East, towards the USSR. That explains why his preemptive strike in the West, which resulted in the occupation of Denmark, Benilux, and France, none of which offered much resistance, was apparently a great surprise for the UK and US elites. However, I am not sure that there is sufficient proof for that theory, either because it is wrong, or because the proof was deliberately destroyed by the UK and the US. I don’t know.

  86. @Lauri Törni

    In reality, Poles fought both occupiers. Polish state couldn’t have expected friendliness from the USSR after it deliberately starved to death tens of thousands of Red Army POWs in the 1920s, grabbed many Eastern territories that did not belong to it, made numerous attempt to ally with Germany and signed a treaty with it, and have explicitly forbidden the USSR to move its troops via Poland to help Czechoslovakia.

  87. Alden [AKA "Vera Figner"] says:

    All the historians and Court circles at the time noted that Nicholas 2 was happily married and faithful to Alexandra.

    Louis 16 of France in whose reign revolution occurred was also a faithful happily married husband.

    Charles 1 of England who was beheaded by Oliver Cromwell was also happily married. I don’t know if he was always faithful but there were no known lovers.

    Maybe nice normal family men don’t have the aggressiveness and willingness to kill needed to suppress revolutions

    FDR had a lover living in the family home with his wife and children from about 1914 to the day he died.

    He was the only president elected more than twice, he dragged the country into WW2 despite widespread isolationism and enacted more socialist reforms and built more needed infrastructure than any previous Presidents.

    It does seem that nice guys finish last when confronted with violent, well organized well funded revolutions.

    • Replies: @edNels
  88. utu says:
    @Lauri Törni

    “On February 2nd, 1940, a two-engine plane – without national emblems – transporting documents concerning Stalin-Churchill -correspondance, was hijacked by German fighter jets above the Northern Sea.”

    jets in 1940?

    • Replies: @Lauri Törni
  89. @utu

    Sorry, my bad translation. Fighter planes of course, not jets.

  90. edNels says:

    Thank you for the info Vera,

    My questions were mixed up and off the cuff too much, but one thing was about the Protestant development that Jake always talks about WASP’s and how that might have some relation to a cleavage of the traditional church, (no Freudians intendended…) and that the colorized photo of Nicholas II and his predominantly female family members that was totally civilized to the max, and made me think how normal! Nicholas was modern and just a regular family man, almost like the typical image aspired to by everybody, in recent times, so bourgeois and American middle class sort of too.

    To that point though, I wonder is that consistent with monarchical rulership? (I don’t think so.)

    In fact maybe that these monarchs became too influenced by women’s essentially feminizing effects led them to … abdicate in the nutshell. Or to just get soft and ineffective. I mean this is a fault that runs through the West all the way, serious failure to face reality. The Russians, Chinese, primitives will eat our lunchs.

    As to the other ones that aren’t family oriented at all, really trying hard as they can to be opposite, well that is a symptom that they are reacting and over achieving as hyper masculine conquistadors or obsessed which can be signs of psychological stuff. Which connects to bad behaviors that lead to compromised condition. That is so welcome to those who can pull the levers and control through (control files) etc.

    At any rate the woman are usually behind the men or their behinds are anyways.

  91. renfro says:

    On this refro, you don’t know what you are talking about! Trump’s balance sheet show’s him to have a net worth of +6 Billion, carrying about 2 Billion in debt. His business is leveraged by 1/3 debt to equity. He is a very conservative business man

    Keep on believing that and totally ignore what I pointed out that he was doing in selling off public assets.

    I do believe I understand business since I have created and run 3 companies since the day I graduated from college….a trucking company , highway construction firm and two Beer distributorships. I am not a billionaire but have done well enough. I was near bankrupt once in the highway building business but pulled out by putting up literally everything I personally owned for a loan and got lucky and came out of it…..AND I DID NOT WALK AWAY LEAVING ANY OF MY SUBCONTRACTORS UNPAID LKE TRUMP DID.

    It not how much money a man has….its HOW he ‘got it’. If you want to hero worship and trust a guy who literally cheated the ‘little guys’ you claim he want to help….go ahead and good fucking luck with that.

  92. pogohere says: • Website
    @jilles dykstra

    Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

    Joseph P. Farrell

    excerpted from:

    Joseph P. Farrell examines the continuing mystery of Rudolf Hess, his sudden flight to Scotland, his supposed imprisonment at Spandau Prison in Berlin and how his flight affected affairs in Europe, Israel, Antarctica and elsewhere. Farrell looks at Hess’ mission to make peace with Britain and get rid of Hitler–even a plot to fly Hitler to Britain for capture! How much did Göring and Hitler know of Rudolf Hess’ subversive plot, and what happened to Hess? Why was a doppleganger put in Spandau Prison and then “suicided”? Did the British use an early form of mind control on Hess’ double? John Foster Dulles of the OSS and CIA suspected as much.

  93. @Lauri Törni

    You wrote:
    -“Have you ever heard of Mannerheim’s secret S-32 file, containing the evidence, that would change the current falsified history of WW2?”

    Only those who are dumb, deaf and blind, don’t know that the official story of II WW is full of lies, half lies and some truths. This doesn’t apply only to II WW. It ‘s what history is about.:
    lies, half lies, some truths.

    It has always been like that and it will always be. There is no “historical veracity”.

    If I may, I’d say that you’re being a little naîve in believing that the existence of some secret file would change the “the current falsified history of WW2?.”

    No document can change that. The official story of the II WW, I WW, 9/11, Syria , is the “truth” of those who won and the “truth” of the mafia who are in power in the USA, Russia, GB, France etc…

    Only if you manage to destroy the power of the international mafia, you’d be able to tell the truth concerning those events.

    -“Hitler was the only one, who tried to demote the Jews to normal citizens with the same rights and benefits. The international Jewish community declared war on Hitler and Germany, loong before they came up with the ‘holocaust’.”

    I’d suggest to you to apply to the II WW the same skepticism you use when you talk about Syria, about the relationship between the USA/Russia.

    If there is no doubt today where the money that put that bunch of criminals -the Bolsheviks -in power in Russia came from, we also know today where the money that allow that bunch of criminals-the Nazis- to conquer power in Germany.

    Maybe those intellectually limited criminals -the Nazis-were being played all long. There are more and more evidence that support this “theory”.

    I don’t think you should see them (the Nazis) as the “good guys”, as our naîve “experts” and journalists tend to see Russia and Putin.

    “Finnish Intelligence was listening to the whole world’s radio traffic.”

    Well, the English were doing the same. So , as you can see, the Germans never had any chance.
    And even some members of Hitler’s “inner circle” were working for the Allies. From the beginning.

    – If your pseudo is “Lauri Törni”, I presume you admire the man who fought for his country against the “fascist communists” and not the man who later fought for the “fascist democrats” to destroy Vietnam ?

    It’s me that should thank you for your post. It’s very rare to read someone that knows what’ going on in Syria is a lie and that the “cold war 2” they’re selling us is a lie, and that Trump and Putin are both servants of the king of the Israel.

    • Replies: @Lauri Törni
  94. @AnonFromTN

    France did resist.
    However, old French generals fought the last war, German generals the then present war.
    France was not prepared for the Stuka dive bombers, that made French artillerists go in hiding,
    Bombing of German positions by GB and French bombers, suicidal, mainly by German anti aircraft defense
    French tanks barely had a speed of ten miles, the German ones more than double that speed.
    French fueling of tanks, one after another at fuel trucks, German tanks: jerrycans.
    A. Goutard, ‘1940 La Guerre des Occasions Perdues’, Paris 1956
    The French description of the 1940 war, ‘war of the lost opportunities’.
    In my opinion France had no opportunity at all.
    Possibly the remembrance of the 1914 also was important, any French village ant town to this day has a monument with the name of who died in the 1914 war.
    The will to fight with ordinary French soldiers can be questioned.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  95. @AnonFromTN

    Oral agreements of course have no record.
    FDR recognised the USSR diplomatically in 1933.
    Franz Kurowski, ‘Balkenkreuz und Roter Stern, Der Luftkrieg über Russland 1941 – 1944’, 1984, Friedberg, contains an amazing description of USA technical help going to the USSR for designing and building aircraft immediately thereafter.
    There is little doubt in my mind that FDR and Stalin concluded an agreement in 1933, as Bullitt seems to have told Hoggan around 1947.
    As Eisenhower stopped USA military advance in 1945, USA troops were in Prague, were forbidden to take the city, could have taken Berlin, the 1933 deal in my opinion was rewarding Stalin with E Europe.
    Churchill was the third partner, already in 1928 or so, according to Baruch’s memoirs, Baruch prevented that Churchill left politics.
    The FDR Churchill correspondence began in 1933, parts of it still are secret;
    FDR’s remark ‘that he hoped that the E European countries would civilise Stalin’, FDR seems to have known his pact with the devil.
    Dresden fits in the theory, making the western military might clear to Stalin.
    If anyone changed history it was the lonely Manhattan project scientist Fuchs, hope I use the right name, who, without payment or being asked gave the USSR the atomic bomb technical know how.
    Thus the USSR had the atomic bomb fifteen years earlier than expected.
    The story is that Fuchs understood quite well the consequences of just the USA having atomic bombs.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  96. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The murkhan fools don’t need any morale raise to enter endless wars historically, just need some stupid false flag & lies like 911. As long no one can hit US like NK threaten to, and Walmarts are all stock up.

    Moron Bush scored 2 wars – Afghanistan & Iraq using 911 anti-terrorism, Nobel prize Obomba scored 2 wars – Libya & Syria wars with much hypocrisy & shameless lies using lap dogs UK & Franco & Turky terrorists proxy, but idiot Trumps are aiming at even higher score – NK, Iran, Venezuela.

    Israel want 7 countries in 5yrs for its Yinon plan, Iran is the last nut to crack at all cost, whether murkans will bleed to death or not, just do it.

    Thousands of murkhans are protesting on streets for illegal migrants rights, LBGT, etc. But none will lift a finger for MILLIONS innocents dying in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestinian, Iran, Venezuela, NK, Africa,…that’s all about murkans humanity value & human rights.

  97. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lauri Törni

    It is most visible in Syria. Syria is Russia’s ‘ally’, just like Germany was.

    Israel is a long-time ally with Russia, just like United States and United Kingdom are Israel’s allies.

    Syrians stopped trusting Russia after Israel bombed Syria last year. The Russian soldiers de-activated their Anti-Missile systems before the attack.

    Now all we hear is how Putin, Trump and Erdogan are making deals how to divide Syria. Syria was screwed from the beginning.

    Moonofalabama by b(a German?) & its followers are spreading Putin’s Russia as saviour of Syria.

    Andrew Korybko written some interesting articles to point out Putin is a Israel collaborator, with evidences culled from Kremlin site.

  98. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lauri Törni

    Thks for the very interesting WW2 history reveal. I have been long suspecting why would Hitler be so foolish to fight multi front war with Soviet, UK, France & then US, over stretching its mighty army & economy for own demise.

    But Finland sudden hostile position against Russia seem more like a US-Nato gimmick than Putin rewrite of Winter war history, with Finn, Sweden gov been “puppeted” by US-CIA.

    • Replies: @Lauri Törni
  99. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @Michael Kenny

    Indeed, United Snakes never honored anything good historically. If Trumps can tear off Iran’s deal undertaken by all 5 perm members of UNSC + Germany without consequence, what credential can he gives for NK & Russia. EU, India & Jap are kowtowing to US by walking off from Iran trade.

    Trumps flip flopping on trade war with China, Syria war, NK, etc, are glaring signs of how unworthy Potus word is.

    Putin will be bashed again, no matter how he & Russians are bending backward dying to be with the white West G8. US Congress had passed a law from start to castrate Trumps executive power from removing any sanction.

    After the election, Trumps will flip the table & reverse all peace deals agreed. NK Kim knew it, so he visited China thrice knowing only Xi can save his country from Libya fate.

  100. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    ” “Britain fears that President Trump will undermine NATO by striking a “peace deal” with President Putin… ”

    UK needs more lies & false flags for Russophobe…soon it will join her criminal dumping ground daughters – Australia & Nz + Canada to scream Red China is meddling our politics, cranking up Sinophobia.

    The West leaders are all foolish puppets controlled by deep states of WH & London, driving own countries to self destruction.

  101. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    That’s the problem of all US problems that they can’t understand, US ave IQ is below 100, at best 98.

    So Murkans will only try the right thing after they have tested everything else.

  102. @bj

    “Trump reportedly has an IQ of +150, which enables him to understand complexity of the world and to operate within the constraints of reality. He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue! He has the character to act in a rational manner for the benefit of all concerned, including the long suffering American workers.”

    I’d suggest to you that maybe those who worship high IQ – I’m not saying it’s your case-, don’t know what they’re worshipping. People can have very high IQ and be very stupid indeed.

    And I would bet that “the long suffering American workers” would rather prefer to have a decent human being as president (with an IQ of 110 ), than someone with IQ of +150 but who is a disgusting human being (like Hilary Clinton and almost all American Presidents) .

    That quality- disgusting human beings- is what those who decide who should enter that house want their servants to be. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to defend and sell the crimes they ‘d be asked to do.

    I don’t know Dr Ron Paul’s IQ. But one thing you can be sure of. Moral beings – or people that try to act as moral beings we are- , like Dr Ron Paul, will never enter that house.

    And those are the leaders that “the long suffering American workers” need. Not narcissists and clowns and professional liars like Trump or Obama or HC. Even if they have IQ of 200.

  103. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Seem nothing can be done at moment. Its a 6hrs 1.2km narrow cave diving, even a experienced Thai navy diver had just died of oxy deficiency. The weakened boys can’t dive out that distance. They are trying to send in a air supply pipe with phone line for the kids instead of bringing in oxy tanks by divers thru the painstaking long dive.

    Any drilling on top the cave to evacuate them may risk collapse of stones on the kids hidding pocket or cause sudden unforseen water flooding in such porous cave. Still it might be worth risking before too late.

    Those praying monks exhorting the mountain gods to save those kids are the best hope now to make the rain stop & flood subside. One monk foretold correctly the kids will be found in 2days & the rain did subsided, but still no one can change the kids bad kamma if they have to died in flood due to past deeds. 🙁

    • Replies: @mcohen
  104. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:

    It only make no sense to US, but not Israel. Israel want its Yinon plan, by hook or by crook. Zionists controlled US & Russia have to get it done at any cost. Sanction & oil trade embargo is one way. Saudi & Russia have agreed to boost output to offset Iran 2.5M bpd lost, increasing the price to what US wished, \$75 without killing the global economy outright while allowing shale oil to be profitable for export. EU, India, Jap & others under sanction threat have all agreed to stop buying Iran oil. Only China alone can digest that 2.5M bpd.

    US will split & feast on weaken Iran with Israel & Nato later, may be Russia too. Iran is different from Russia, it has no nuke deterrent with powerful navy to deter sealanes embargo, & a rich powerful China as neighbour to back it. Without China help, Russia economy & currency modelled on Western scam would have collapsed.

  105. “A political example is Charles Lindbergh, strong voice for peace in the end of 1930s – beginning of 1940s. Just once he mentioned that three groups in particular were “pressing this country toward war[:] the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt Administration,” and thereby unleashed an enormous firestorm of media attacks and denunciations, writes Unz. That was the end of Lindbergh’ political career, and the US entered the WW2”
    Not only the American heroe was politically assassinated, bearing in mind that his father as senator was among the staunchest opponents of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Chalrles Lindberg’s two year old son was kidnapped and killed. The FBI under J Edgar Hoover would later arrest and accuse a German immigrant of having perpetrated the heinous act, but the accused never pleaded guilty. Charle’s Lindberg’s comment on the whole FBI operation was to describe Hoover as a ‘ raging midget’.
    When someone ressits Satan’ s plans, martyrdom is the most likely consequence. Lindburg’s act of political courage surpasses his great aviation achievements.

  106. @Anon

    I apologize for ranting about the revelations. It is mainly the numerous new Russian articles about WW2, that fired me up. Seeing that mankind is once again falling for the same trap and happily walking to a disaster. Just like Orwell warned us in “1984”; there will be hidden military alliances.

    As for Finland’s – or Finnish people’s – sudden hostile position against Russia, it even surprised me in the beginning. Before reading the Finnish article:

    A false documentary about the Winter War is circulating in Russia – “The majority of Finns wanted to be annexed to Russia”


    The propaganda video is filled with false claims.

    “The Forgotten War”, which is dedicated to the Winter War, is part of OTR-channel’s historic documentaries.


    Both OTR and Sankt Peterburg -channels aired it last summer for the first time, and showed it again last week.

    The first one, who reacted to the document’s false claims, was Russian historian Jevgeni Balashov, who posted a long list of the document’s false claims on facebook.

    Balashov: “The document is the most blatant example of falsified history”.

    Military Professor Petteri Lalua watched the document, he speaks Russian and he is specialized in Russian warfare:

    “BS. The document has so many layers of lies and it’s difficult to digest Russia’s current interpretation of Soviet Union and its political history in the 1930’s.”

    The document’s leading thought is, that Finland prepared for an attacking war against Soviet Union in the 1920’s with Germanys assistance, and that Germany supported Finland during the whole Winter War.

    Lalu: “Definitely not! Germany had a pactt with Soviet Union!”

    It is impossible to go through all the false claims in one article, but here are ten examples:

    1. The majority of Finns wanted to stay with Russia in 1917

    “Finland’s civil war started, when the majority of Finns wanted to be part of Soviet Union.”

    Yet living in an independet nation was one of the things, that united the Finnish people during civil war.

    2. Finland attacked Soviet Union

    “Finland bombed the village Mainila on 26. November 1939 causing huge losses. That is when we finally realized, that Finland is deliberately trying to provoke the Red Army to start a war, so that Finland could take the suffering victim -position and get the sympathy from the rest of the world.”

    “Soviet Union had no choice but to resort to a pre-emptive strike”.

    “It would never had happened, if Finland hadn’t attacked Soviet Union first.”

    The documentary doesn’t mention one word about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

    3. Finland is like Ukraine and the alliance in Winter War helped NATO expand in Eastern Europe

    “Finland had a secret pact with Germany before the Winter War, where Germany promised Finland political and financial support.”

    “Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy and UK supported and assisted Finland.”

    “These days we would call it Nato’s expansion to our borders”

    Aleksei Diashev:”Finland was then like Ukraine is today. Finland is a part of the Russian empire.”

    Finland did not get support from Germany or other countries.

    4. According to Pentagon’s supercomputer, Soviet Union should have used nuclear weapons in Winter War

    “Only a few people know that US Defense Ministry had made a model of Winter War with their supercomputer.”

    “When Pentagon fed all information about the Winter War in their supercomputer, it had concluded “Soviet Union wins the war only if it carries out two nuclear strikes.”

    During the Winter War neither United States or Soviet Union had nuclear weapons.

    5. Soviet Union lost the war with Finland in 1920 and was forced to Tarto’s shameful peace treaty

    “Finland not only destroyed their own people in 1918, but it also invaded Soviet Union”.

    The Tarto Peace Treaty acknowledged Finland’s historical borders, confirmed by Alexander II in 1864.

    6. Mannerheim started preparing for war against Soviet Union in 1931

    Mannerheim started to prepare for war as a defender – not as an attacker.

    7. Finland built the Mannerheim Line with the aid from Germans

    “German engineers and trainers helped Finland build the Mannerheim Line in 1929.”

    Germans were not involved in planning och building the Mannerheim Line.

    8. UK and France had aid troops already for Finland already in 1939

    “UK and France had aid troops for Finland already in 1939”

    “German soldiers were in Finland fighting against the Red Army. ”

    UK and France were only preparing to send help to Finland, but it was in February 1940, when the war was almost over.

    Finland did not get any help from Germany in the Winter War, only in the Continuation War.

    9. Finland stationed 15 divisions on the border before Winter War

    Vadim Burlak, shows with his hand the “narrow border”, where according to him 15 ‘fully prepared’ Finnish divisions were stationed.


    A feeble attempt to explain the huge losses of Soviet soldiers.

    10. Soviet Union and Russia has never started wars

    “Soviet Union and Russia has always ended wars, never started them.”

    Soviet Union started the Winter War. Current Russia is guilty of provoking conflicts and aggressions.


    OTR has 90 million viewers, Sankt Peterburg 14 million viewers

    The government financed the document.

    Stalin is presented in a very positive light. The Winter War was Stalin’s clever way of achieving several aims with one strike.

    He wanted to test the Red Army’s capability, improve war equipments and put psychological pressure on Germany – before – Hitler attacked.


    This ‘documentary’ was aired in Russia the same year Finland celebrated it’s 100 year Independence – 2017.

    This was Putin’s “gift” to us, as we joked sarcastically.

    No wonder thousands and thousands of Finns went bezerk on the social media. It’s one thing for Russia to stay silent about the real facts in Winter War – we have not objected to that – but a completely different thing to come out with complete and utter lies.

    But the rage Finns felt after the ‘documentary’ had everytthing to do with Russia and zero with Nato.

    A few examples from the social media:

    * Normal activity in Russia, rewriting the whole history. The official stance is different, but yet it supports false media. Two-faced activity, but so normal in Russia, that it doesn’t even surprise in any way.

    * Russia has definitely inherited Soviet Union’s mantle; everything is based upon lies and injustice!

    * So this is the present we got from our neighbor…

    * Make sure that this video is delivered to all Finns!

    * Russia can’t be trusted in any matter. Not then, not now, and never in the future. This false documentary is a good reminder of it.

    * Finland made the biggest mistake in history, when it refused to cut off Murmansk railway and didn’t participate in the siege of Leningrad. Aside from St. Petersburg’s shitty water, it would had solved many other problems too.

    * 98% or Russians would like to be annexed to Finland, but we don’t want them.

    * Our stupid Eastern neighbor has no boundaries when it comes to falsehood.

    * What a sad bunch those Russians are. I don’t know who to pity more; those who produce BS like this or those who believe it.

    * Russia congratulates Finland in the same usual manner. No wonder Putin couldn’t even get a congratulation out of his mouth.

    * It is sad, that our Eastern neighbor lies even to it’s own population. Thank God we don’t belong to that nation. Thank you Veterans!

    * It would had been remarkably more surprising had the Russian document had consisted even few facts.

    *^Cruel truth: Russia’s/Soviet Union’s propaganda has always been insane.

    * And we have to live next to this nation. Good grief!

    *Some things never change. Brothers and Sisters; be prepared to defend our country.

    * Lol, and Russia whines how the world would be more positive towards Russia, if they would only stick to the truth!

    * If Russians believe all the BS they are being fed, then Finns will win the war with loudspeakers.

    * Glory to those, who fought for our independent Finland!

    * Even North Korea has a more credible propaganda than Russia.

    * Our neighbor is always right and always innocent…

    * The Glorius Russia is like a nursery rhyme.

    * Let’s not let the truth hinder a good fairy tale…

    * It is extremely dangerous to live beside a neigbor, who rewrites history.

    * Russia can only blatantly and shamelessly lie about it’s history, refuse to admit Stalin’s criminal activities and the Soviet occupation-policy. Now they even try to brainwash the Russians into beliveing, that Soviet was innocent in the Winter War.

    * WTF are they once again messing up in Russia?

    * While waiting for congratulations….

    * The grandmaster of terrrism – Stalin – got hundreds of thousands Russians killied in this war. He lied to Russians, that it was only a matter of a tiny border dispute. It is a miracle, that the Russians never demanded to get information about the destiny of their sons?! The revolution ate up it’s own children, fortunately Finland remained independent.

    * Are Russians fed this BS so that later events will be completely accepted?

    * History is always written by the victors, and Stalin surely beat Hitler in that.

    * Mannerheim used to say “f*ucking Joe” when he talked about Joseph Stalin.

    * When are we going to see a Russian documentary about Soviet Union actually being annexed to Finland, but getting it’s independence back in the Winter War?

    * Why does Russia regularly have the need to change the course of history and events, which have been thoroughly cleared up by both sides ? The management even apologized.

    * Sure, sure, in the Winter War Finland decided to annex Soviet Union… or how did it go again?

    * And some still wonder why we don’t respect Russians that much.

    * Oh yeah, sure! It’s not the first time Russia claims, how “The tiny Russia – with only 162 million people – was shaking in horror, when the giant Finland – with 3,7 million people – harrassed it. How Russia, with heavy hearts and not wanting to, was forced to counter-attack Finland’s violent army”.

    * And Russians wonder why they are disliked by everybody. …

    * Wake up Finns!!! These documentaries are part of Russia’s hate campaign against Finland.

    * Remember when Russia’s falsified custody disputes? The attack on Mannerheim’s memorial plate in St. Petersburg? etc. etc. When will we wake up to see, that Russia is in a hybrid war with Finland? It doesn’t even want good relations with us.

    * Are Russians so stupid and uncivilized, that they believe BS like that?

    * Here we go again…

    * The scary part of this documentary is, that Russians believe it.

    * Why do Russians call Winter War ‘The forgotten war’? They want to forget their shameful war. So they make up lies about it.

    * What is it in the Russian culture, since they are constantly afraid of their own deeds coming out? Russians seem to be afraid, that they are caught with their pants down and the truth comes out…. but to who? Their own people?

    * Dear Russia, we have dealt with the past, wish you would do the same.

    * Russia showed her trure colors. I’ve been neutral until this, but not anymore.

    * The documentary claims, that Soviet Union or Russia has “never started a single war”. Russia has been involved in 107 wars since year 1480, and it has deffo not been the innocent one in them.

    * They tried to keep their nuclear disaster as a secret for their own population.

    * Russia can’t be trusted.

    * Putin had the chance to prove, that he is a great leader and ban all false propaganda to Russians. Seems like he ordered this document for his new history.

    * The probability of a Russian truth is as probable as palm trees growing in the Arctic.

    * They are free to come and try again. We are always ready!

    * One can only conclude, that Russia’s identity is built on self-pity.

    * Once again we witness Russia choosing self-destruction instead of future.

    * Russia, thank you for your unfriendliness!

    * I wonder how Russian schools teach about the final result on Raattee road?

    * Can’t Russians make a documentary about U.S. lend-lease aid to Soviet Union during WW2, when U.S. exported almost 15.000 fighter planes to Soviet Unon? Russians would claim it was the other way around, though.

    * Russia is silent about the fact, that Soviet Union was first ally with Germany, and after that, 1941 – 1945, ally with United States, Britain and France. U.S. exported war material to Soviet Union for over 50 billion dollar: weapons, trains, cars and other war material. Britain sucked up to Stalin and declared war on Finland – on Finland’s Independence Day in 1941. That’s the American and British ‘aid’ to Finland.

    * In 1945 the Allied had no doubts about Finland attacking Soviet Union. They proved it by slamming us with heavy war compensations.

    * Are both Italians and Finns lying, when they say Germany hindered Italy from transporting Fiat G.50 fighter planes to Finland? The Russian truth is almost biblical, all other truths are lies, despite documents.

    * Guaranteed USSR-quality.

    * The truth doesn’t burn in the fire. We Finns know that from our own history. There will always be falsifiers of truth. Ignorance and falsifying proves us, that empty barrels make noise in our neighbor. It is their stupidity.

    * Why is our neighbor doing this? Finland is not an enemy and events 70 years ago are history. We pose no danger or benefit.

    * Finland has to take an official position to these lies, which falsify history!

    * Start pondering what Russia’s current aims are. Keep in mind, that this imaginatory history was aired with the blessing of Russia’s government.

    * Red Army troops were given orders not to cross the border to Sweden, and to “greet militarily” Swedish soldiers. BS about Leningrad’s safety, it was only to justify the war to their own people. In Kainuu Soviet soldiers wondered how on earth they can guard Leningrad from there. A local politruk had to come up with a new slogan for the troops.

    * The Allied had no doubts about what the truth was. Katyn massmurder was pinned on Hitler, just to please Russia for political reasons, and Russia was given free hands to make their ‘truths’ official.

    * This documentary should definitely be aired in Finland


    The comments go on and on all over Finland’s social media, these are the ‘nicest’ comments. We dislike Nato so much, that it doesn’t make us turn to Nato, but now Russia is seriously competing with Nato for the lowest status.

    Finns don’t buy propaganda like Westeners do, hence the Anti-Russian propaganda campaign never succeeded in Finland. This documentary accomplished what million anti-propaganda efforts failed to do.

    I wonder how the Trump-Putin summit will be welcomed in Finland….

  107. @jilles dykstra

    Well, usually your info is reliable, but in this case maybe your sources are biased. I think the will to fight (or lack thereof) played a decisive role in WWII, just like it plays key role in making technically inferior Taliban in Afghanistan “indomitable”, when virtually without external help it fights NATO forces with their highly advanced (and ridiculously expensive) toys.
    Fact is, Germany lost more soldiers fighting militarily inferior Poland than fighting France. Curiously, Germany lost more soldiers trying to take “Pavlov’s house” in Stalingrad than occupying the whole France. Any theory that does not explain these facts must be faulty.

  108. @jilles dykstra

    I am no fan of Stalin, but that Fuchs (or whatever his name) was right. While the US had monopoly on nukes, it committed one of the worst war crimes in human history using them against civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After the monopoly was broken, for more than 70 years nobody used nukes against humans.

  109. @James Brown

    Short reply. What if the secret file contains ALL documents regarding WW2? Because it does.

    My nick “Lauri Törni” embodies the deceitfulness and hypocracy of Western Powers and Russia.

    Lauri Törni aka Larry Thorne was fighting communism. “Better dead than red”.

    His biography tells about the hypocracy of the Allied. I strongly suggest you read it. How he was a “war criminal”, until the United States suddenly decided to fight communism. Lauri Törni laid the foundation for the U.S. special forces. A former war criminal, who’s remains U.S. demanded to be buried in Arlington. He died fighting the communists in Vietnam.

    Sabaton: Soldier of Three Armies

    Sabaton: Talvisota (Winter War)

    And Sabaton is not Finnish 😉

    Hence the username Lauri Törni.

    • Replies: @j2
  110. j2 says:
    @jilles dykstra

    “Hard fact remains that in 1938 Germany could have been beaten easily.”

    Easy beating of Germany was not the goal. The goal was a world war. There were reasons for it connected to what happened after the war. BTW, Erkki Hautamäki’s book is based on Vilho Tahvanainen, it is an insider source.

  111. j2 says:
    @Lauri Törni

    Good information Lauri, thanks.

    Just commenting this:
    “Germany wanted, that after the division of Poland, an independent Poland, with 15 million inhabitants, would be left untouched, but Stalin wanted Poland to completely disappear from the world map.”
    There were 23 million ethnic Poles in 1939, 35 million with minorities. I doubt they would have been very happy with a country of 15 million without a fight. This Mannerheim’s file gives one view to the war, but I am sure there is a deeper view still. Destroying Germany was only one goal.

  112. j2 says:
    @Lauri Törni

    “Rudolf’s effort was both desperate and stupid, but it was Germany’s last effort.”

    I doubt this opinion. Maybe Hess made a deal with UK, but the content was not what Mannerheim heard. Attack to the Soviet Union was an essential part of the reason for the world war, but the goal was not for Germany to win, nor for the Soviet Union to win, but to collect the people to be transferred.

  113. mcohen says:

    All we can do is pray for there safe return.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  114. j2 says:
    @Lauri Törni

    “What if the secret file contains ALL documents regarding WW2? Because it does.”

    Mannerheim’s file is important for understanding what the Finnish headquarters knew at that time. Much of that information was from Germans. Finns did have their own intelligence and (though they did not listen to the whole world like the GB and no country cracked all the codes) they did crack some Russian codes and captured Russian code books in the war, it helped to stop the Soviet attack and the information was later useful for the USA after the war, known as Stella Polaris, but from what you wrote it can be deduced that most of the information in Mannerheim’s secret file is from Germans and it presents one view of the war, the view that Germany wanted to present to Finland. Some of it is true, not all. Notably, I do not think it correctly presents the aims of the war.

    • Replies: @j2
  115. mcohen says:

    Blessed are you Lord,king of the universe
    Who dwells in the seven realms.
    In the west,in the east,in the north,in the south,in the earth below, in the heavens above,
    and in our souls eternally .
    May you guide the rescuers with a strong hand and a guiding light so they may return all the trapped boys in the cave in thailand alive to there families

  116. Max Parry says: • Website

    Israel, what about Ukraine in regards to the Putin summit? Trump is now arming Poroshenko regime in Donbass.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  117. @Max Parry

    Bush Jr armed Saakashvili regime, so what? As soon as the Russian Army started emerging from the Roki tunnel between North and South Ossetia (Ossetians bitterly complained that this took it all of two days), Georgian army ran away to a man, changing their uniforms for civilian clothes and catching cars that went away from the front. Russian military trucks drove almost to Tbilisi, meeting no resistance whatsoever. The only thing that stopped them was an order from Moscow to turn back. Russians captured a lot of American-supplied hardware abandoned by the Georgians, and even organized a parade of trophy vehicles after the war. The US had the gall to request the return of that hardware and was duly advised by Russia to stuff their request where it belongs.

    Everything the Ukie army gets is sold to Donbass freedom fighters, or sold to somebody else (including ISIS), or lost, or screwed up irreversibly. Nothing can remedy pervasive corruption and equally pervasive incompetence in Ukraine generally, and in its army in particular.

  118. j2 says:

    Lauri, I tried to find out more of this Mannerheim’s file s-32. Found some post saying it is all fraud and that Vilho Tahvanainen was no special agent but wrote fictional memories. Let’s forget all this.

    • Replies: @j2
  119. j2 says:

    Lauri, but I will give it a trial. It is of course possible that Vilho Tahvanainen got a real secret file from some person close to Mannerheim, who wanted to stay unknown, and the file is copies of authentic documents. Then is is necessary to look at the claims, not who Tahvanainen was or was not. I will try and later will write a post to my blog. Somebody should try to check these things as historians do not.

  120. @j2

    It is called the “Forbidden History” in Finland.

    My intention is only to give food for thought, since all facts are strongly denied and repressed.

    As for Vilho Tahvanainen – may he rest in peace – the story is pretty amazing:

    Vilho Tahvanainen and the S-32 file

    VT was a 17-years old Karelian guy, who worked at logging sites near Soviet Union’s border in 1930. Back then the Finnish communists crossed the border to Soviet all the time, where they were trained and equipped to carry out a “people’s revolution” in Finland.

    Back then VT was known as “the boy running with papers”.

    1930: VT worked at a large logging site in Syväjärvi.


    He saw large crowds of men crossing the border to Finland and that they were transported there by the Red Army. VT listened outside the cabin what the men inside were talking about. Their mission was to sabotage and occupy. They were Finnish communists.

    When the agitator aka leader left his coat unguarded, Tahvanainen snatched the documents from the pocket and started running. The commies shot at him from all directions, but he made it to a military base and handed over the documents. Finnish authorities reacted immediately.

    1932: VT worked again at a logging site. This time he ‘infiltrated’ to a group of Finnish communists.

    They had returned from Red Army’s “officer school” and gathered at trainstration to Suvilahti. VT noticed, that they carried a tool in their sleeve so they could recognize each other. VT put a tool in his sleeve and got on the same train with them.

    At every train station new groups of commies got on the same train. The commies asked seemingly harmelss questions in order to root out spies. VT knew all the right answers after hearing what others replied.

    In Suvilahti the commies went to a cafeteria. VT had already observed, that the leading agitator carried important documents, so he snatched them and took off running.

    (S-32 = Suvilahti 1932)

    Their operation was stopped by Finnish authorities and VT was summoned to the President’s office, where Mannerheim was also present. He was offered a job as a a secret, invisible and politically neutral agent for the Finnish government. He was given a ‘normal’ job, where his occasional absence wouldn’t rase suspisions (when he was sent on secret missions).

    Mannerheim trained him personally. VT became an excellent telegrapher and stenographer.

    He was taught to keep secrets, contacting persons, codewords, how to memorize things without writing them down, modesty, “visibility” etc.

    Mannerheim was in contact with his high-ranked friends in the Soviet Management, even with Stalin – through VT.

    All secret documents were archived in one file – S-32.

    President Paasikivi, who was fully aware of VT, forbid him strictly to testify in the war trials. Paasikivi also forbid VT to publish anything during his own lifetime. Paasikiivi also refused to present the secret documents in Paris Peace Accord (1947),

    The S-32 file was already microcopied and out of the country. Mannerheim had the originals in Switzerland.

    In 1950 Mannerheim was ordered to hand over the S-32 file to the President. Since he didn’t trust the President, he spent a week in Finland before that, organizing the documents with VT in his apartment.

    Only a part of the documents – and all microcopies – were handed over to the President. It was probably destroyed after that.

    VT has written about that week in his book “Erikoistehtävä”.

    Mannerheim dictated a lot during that week and VT wrote down his comments, personal thoughs, summaries and memos regarding the most important documents, letters, translations etc.

    (VT has also told, that Mannerheim dictated memos to him on his death bed, with VT sitting by the bed. A dying man does not dictate any trivial matters, that’s for sure.)

    In 1971 Vilho published a book “Special Assignment”. He became Public Enemy nr. 1. The book was ridiculed and taken off the shelves in libraries and book stores. The media was instructed to keep silent about the book. The ‘official’ statements declared the book pure imagination. VT lost his pension and his military medals. He died in 1992 as a persona non grata, without any friends and respecting Mannerheim’s wish to do his everything to get the truth out.

    VT’s last assignment in Estonia, was to smuggle “Mishka”, one contact person, to Finland, where Mannerheim looked after him.

    Even Stalin used the secret communication with Mannerheim and he seemed to be very proud over it. It was the only channel for Stalin to do something, without NKVD knowing about it. .

    Soviet intelligence could never influence Mannerheim, because he was a conservative aristrocrat, not a radical leftist.

    Example of one secret message to Mannerheim in 1936 from “Gregori”:


    Vilho Tahvanainen:


    Erkki Hautamäki, who has had the S-32 file for years, published his first book based upon the secret documents.

    His second book will contain all the copies, but since they are in English, Russian, German, Swedish etc. etc., it has taken a long time for him to translate them into Finnish. Hautamäki has his own international network and he has also obtained copies from other countries. The S-32 file supports their knowledge about WW2.

    Hautamäki: “When the book is published, the S-32 file has no secret documents anymore. It’s all out there.”


    Take Churchill and Great Britain for example. The truth is way more uglier and bigger than anyone can even imagine. And Hitler is a completely different person too, which is why the secret documents have to be classified for eternity. It is all in British archives.


    Only few documents have been made official, but they are in line with the narrative.

    Then there are lots and lots of secret – and authentic – documents, referring to secret pacts and ugly deeds, which are all concealed.

    The best (Finnish) example is one – out of many – secret messaging between Churchill and Mannerheim. Finland was totally s*crewed by Churchill and Stalin – which leads to the question was Hitler also s*crewed by them?:


    Erkki Hautamäki’s translation from English to Finnish:

    To Sir Winston Churchill

    “In Finland we are aware, that after you signed the secret war pact on October 15th, 1939 with Mr. Stalin, you gave Finland to Soviet Union’s sphere of interest. Just like Germany did on August 23rd, 1939 in their pact with Soviet Union.

    Great Britain’s, France’s and Soviet Union’s actions against Germany and your secret plans have failed for many reasons.

    After Germany became aware of your plans and noticed it had committed a mistake against Finland, Germany now wants to rectify their mistake, by saving Finland from Soviet Union and from war.

    Germany has offered military aid to Finland, while it carries out their own plans and motives.

    In order to clear up the German-Finnish relations, we inform you, Sir Winston Churchill, the following:

    – Finland is not allied with Germany and it is not going to be allied in the future either.

    – Although Finland will take off with the Germans against Soviet Union, Finland is doing it in a defensive manner and with those goals, that Stalin has ordered us ant that we have promised him to do.

    – During year 1941, we have four different times tried to discuss with you via our diplomat; about the situation, that Mr. Stalin and you, Mr. Churchill, have caused to Finland. You refused two times to meet our diplomat. You agreed to meet our diplomat two times. On both occasions , you informed our diplomat, that Finland has to strictly listen and obey to all orders from Mr. Stalin – orders, that he gives orally, by writing and by radio.

    -Mr. Stalin issued several orders via radio and in a letter, that he signed on May 28th, 1941, where he confirms his orders and his promises of rewards.

    -Although Finland cannot yet be complelely assured , how the promises of rewards are given, or if your, Mr. Churchill, instructions are valid in the future, we will as a neutral country, hoping to get peace in every way possible, carry out your and Mr. Stalin’s wishes, to stop all warfare at that line, Mr. Stalin has ordered us to do.

    – Now that Finland fulfills your mutual will by freezing all warfare at the given border, hence securing, that Soviet Union’s sea route in the Northern Sea stays free, we assume, that after the military conlict is over the Peace Conference will respect Finland’s borders and our ethnographic ties and the the independence of our people is secured; like Mr. Stalin promised to us in his written promise on May 28th, 1941.

    Enclosed is a copy in English of this promise to you, Mr. Churchill..”

    Helsinki, June 24th, 1941

    Risto Ryti —- Mannerheim
    President of Finland —Field Marshal of Defence Forces

    We got our ‘reward’…. in form of war reparations. We worked like horses to pay them off, knowing very well what would happen if we didn’t. Thank you Mr. Churchill and thank you Mr. Stalin – no wonder these secret documents are never meant to be published.

    Our rewards:

    Thank you for your interest xx

  121. Israel Shamir wrote: “One of the reasons the Jews parted their company with Russians is the latter’s lack of aggressiveness. Whether in football or in war, the Russians are usually defensive players. Even Josef Stalin, whose name still scares people, hardly ever initiated an aggressive war; he never dreamt to conquer Europe or the world.”

    How can Israel Shamir state the above assertion that Stalin’s Russia was only defensive in nature?

    Please refer to the available information online which provides vital EVIDENCE on the “Winter War.” This way, one can assess what the intelligent & generally unorthodox Mr. Shamir has posited & make an objective judgement.

    Stalin aggressively invaded Finland which the entire so-called “democratic West” did not declare war against the Soviet Union for its aggressive expansionist war?


  122. @j2

    As for the Finnish Intelligence again, it is the best kept secret.

    Radio intelligence in Winter War – a war between mathematicians:

    When Winter War started, Finland assigned all mathematically gifted young men to the radio intelligence. It’s core was a unit of 75 mathematical geniouses.

    Finland needed probability calculations, reasoning ability and even a perfect pitch. These men listened to the whole world’s radio traffic, picked up all coded messages concerning Finland and unsealed them.


    Finland’s radio intelligence unsealed all messages between the enemy troops and gathered valuable information, which they passed on to Mannerheim.

    Finland’s radio intelligence was superior in the world. It was developed by Reino Hallamaa, who started it by listening, deducting, exchanging, selling and even stealing information, created a network and he knew absolutely everything, but kept a lot to himself.

    29. of November in 1939, Hallamaa’s unit picked up a coded message and unsealed it; the Red Army’s armored brigade was ordered to attack Finland at 6 a.m in Rautu.

    Hallamaa told later in his sarcastic style: “I was probably the only Finn, who hoped Soviet Union would attack”. Mannerheim made him swear, that the message was real.

    Reino Hallamaa was a familiar figure in Poland, Japan, Germany, everywhere, probably even in Russia.

    Finland followed Soviet Navy’s movements in the 1920’s. They listened to coded messages and compared them. They also took notice of how the ships reacted to the messages.

    From 1934 onward, Finland listened to the Soviet Navy’s radio traffic without difficulties.

    Finland got assistance from Poland, because Poznan University was teaching cryptography-mathematics.

    Based upon his own sources, Hallamaa was certain, that a great war will break out in Europe before 1940 – and that Finland will be dragged into it. So he decided, that the most vital task in radio intelligence would be unsealing Soviet Union’s coding system.

    Poland was the frontrunner in Europe concerning coding systems based upon probability. In the 1920’s, Polish cryptanalysers managed to unseal both Germany’s and Soviet Union’s military coding system.

    Finland’s radio intelligence unsealed the 2nd and 3rd level of Red Army’s coding system. The 4th level, the latest one, a four-numbered codeword, was difficult to unseal due to little radio traffic.

    It all changed in September 1939, when the Red Army started to prepare for war and the radio traffic intensified on Finland’s, Estonia’s and Poland’s fronts.

    The Estonian radio intelligence listened to the radio traffic on Poland’s front – and the Estonians were able to unseal the Red Army’s most important code; the 4th level, which Finland had worked on for years.

    After the 4th level was unsaled, Finland focused on details.

    In April 1939, Finland was fully aware of Red Army’s every move. This proved to be useful in the Winter War.

    Finnish radio intelligence revealed, that in spring 1939 the Red Army sent workforces and machines to improve all the roads from Murmansk railway to Finland’s border. The civilian population in Murmansk and Soviet-Karelia was forbidden to walk outside.

    In May, the Red Army started a thorough pondering; time schedules, how to transport 20 divisions to different railstations through Murmansk railway.

    On September 7th, the Red Army ordered a general mobilisation – but trainloads of soldiers had already been transported before that on Murmansk railway.

    The traffic on Murmansk railway before the Winter War was quite something to listen to.

    Transporting only one division required 70 trains with 50 wagons.

    On October 1st, around 300.000 soviet soldiers were stationed on the Finnish border.

    In November, one month later, around 450.000 more soldiers joined them.

    Finnish radio intelligence knew already at the beginning of October 1939, all the tracks the Red Army was going to attack Finland from.

    Heck, they even knew which division was going to attack from which track.

    They also found out, that Soviet Union knew already in October 1939, that Germany was definitely not going to help Finland.

    So Finland knew exactly what was coming.

    The army had no weaponry speak of. The airforce had only a few fighters. Sweden had sold – deliberately – too big shells to Finland, so that the cannons couldn’t function. Etc.

    Finland could not have avoided the Winter War with diplomacy. The radio intelligence even revealed the purposes of the war:

    * Finland was going to be occupied.

    * Two divisions would break through Suomussalmi–Oulu–Kemi to Finland.

    * The Red Army would advance 22 km per day.

    * The Red Army was going to invade Karelian isthmus at the same time and reach Helsinki in less than three weeks.

    * The armored brigade, heading towards Suomussalmi, had strict orders NOT to accidentally cross the Swedish border.

    Finland threw all men possible into the war – even scientists, but fortunately to the radio intelligence, not the front.

    Hjalmar Siilasvuo was leading the battles in Suomussalmi:

    The 44th Division, nicknamed ‘the Blue division’, communicated with other troops through the radio as they advanced on the Raattee road, which Finns call the Road of Death today.

    The radio intelligence listened to everything, starting from the division’s purposes to ponderings and states of minds.

    The commander of the 44th division constantly reminded the troops, that they have to take extra good care of the propaganda material for the victory parade – propaganda material, which the 44th division transported.

    Soon they had completely different things on their minds, since the armored vehicles where stuck on the road in a thick and snowy forest, unable to move forward or backward.

    To make matters even worse, they found out that their convoy was in the wrong order. They had enough ammunition, but not where it was needed.

    It was impossible to re-group the troops on the narrow road.

    The messages became more and more desperate, because they were also running out of food.

    Siilasvuo made plans where and when the Finnish troops would attack – based upon information from the radio intelligence.

    The trapped 44th division was cut in smaller pieces, after which they were destroyed one by one.

    7. January in 1940 was the last day of the battles. Russians skipped the code system and sent messages in plain Russian language. For example one Russian commander sent a message: “help, we are being destroyed with certainity”.

    Finnish troops continued with their surprise-attack everywhere.

    Raattee road became the grave for 30.000 Soviet soldiers.

    Finnish troops got a huge amount of war material, but also mental strenght, in many other places with similar victories – thanks to the radio intelligence. The Finnish troops even lured the Russian planes to drop their food supplies to the Finnish troops.

    The Winter War became a disaster for Soviet Union.

    The puppet government also proved to be a misjudgement.

    Soviet Union needed peace and desperately, because their losses were immense and constantly growing.

    In March 1940 Finns fought with their last bullets.

    The Winter War is still very contradictory in Russian history. In Finland there is nothing unclear about it. Politically divided Finns united and won independence. “Divide and conquer” didn’t succeed in Finland.

    During the Winter War, 4064 messages lead to decisions.

    The radio intelligence kept these things very secret both in the Winter War and the Continuation War.

    Soviet Union got their first information about the Finnish radio intelligence in 1944, after operation Stella Polaris, when Russian secret service interrogated Finnish officers.

    In the Continuation War, Finnish radio intelligence picked up and unsealed coded messages between the Western Allies and Stalin, thus gaining information about all transportations to Murmansk railway.

    The Finnish radio intelligence disappeared after 1944. Nobody knows where it is now. That’s how secretive it is.

    Finns knew a lot, but spoke little. We still don’t know all the secrets the radio intelligence has. And we will never know about it either, because not one trace leads to the radio intelligence.

    Nobody has never told and nobody will never tell about it.

    Zero information is sent through internet. And will never be sent either.


    Suomussalmi was the only place, where foreign reporters were taken to:

  123. Respectfully speaking to Israel Shamir’s position on the Soviet Union’s “defensive” posture during WWII, below is some evidence suggesting the contrary.

    Thank you!

  124. Joe Hide says:

    After reading the article and the comments, the reoccurring priority for humanity, the elephant in the room so to speak, pops up its obvious head. Humans are taught from an early age… by media, public institutions, and other powerful influences, to be de-ceivable. The solution to most of humanities problems is to reverse this and prioritize discernment… or the recognition of the deception. This is actually already happening as we formerly ignorant, foolish, and duped peasants learn to use cell phone cameras, social media, other technologies; and can thus same-time expose the lies and villainous behavior of the powerful. We billions are getting smarter, literally, and are learning not to be manipulated by the pyschopaths.
    By the way, I am a strong Trump supporter.

    • Replies: @j2
  125. j2 says:
    @Joe Hide

    But will enough people ever find such information? A typical author site in the web has only about 1000 visits per month, most do not read the posts, just briefly glance. Unz has much more, maybe 50,000 per month, I do not know but it could be something like that. There are a dozen, maybe some dozen such sites. In the USA alone are 300 million people. It is not a good equation. Mass media reaches much more people.

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