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The Plundering of Ukraine by Corrupt American Democrats
A talk with Oleg Tsarev reveals the alleged identity of the "Trump/Ukraine Whistleblower"
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Mr. Tsarev with Israel Shamir in Crimea

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Top Dems are involved in the plundering of the Ukraine: new names, mind-boggling accounts. The mysterious ‘whistleblower’ whose report had unleashed the impeachment is named in the exclusive interview given to the Unz Review by a prominent Ukrainian politician, an ex-Member of Parliament of four terms, a candidate for Ukraine’s presidency, Oleg Tsarev.

Mr Tsarev, a tall, agile and graceful man, a good speaker and a prolific writer, had been a leading and popular Ukrainian politician before the 2014 putsch; he stayed in the Ukraine after President Yanukovych’s flight; ran for the Presidency against Mr Poroshenko, and eventually had to go to exile due to multiple threats to his life. During the failed attempt to secede, he was elected the speaker of the Parliament of Novorossia (South-Eastern Ukraine). I spoke to him in Crimea, where he lives in the pleasant seaside town of Yalta. Tsarev still has many supporters in the Ukraine, and is a leader of the opposition to the Kiev regime.

Oleg, you followed Biden story from its very inception. Biden is not the only Dem politician involved in the Ukrainian corruption schemes, is he?

Indeed, John Kerry, the Secretary of State in Obama’s administration, was his partner-in-crime. But Joe Biden was number one. During the Obama presidency, Biden was the US proconsul for Ukraine, and he was involved in many corruption schemes. He authorised transfer of three billion dollars of the US taxpayers’ money to the post-coup government of the Ukraine; the money was stolen, and Biden took a big share of the spoils.

It is a story of ripping the US taxpayer and the Ukrainian customer off for the benefit of a few corruptioners, American and Ukrainian. And it is a story of Kiev regime and its dependence on the US and IMF. The Ukraine has a few midsize deposits of natural gas, sufficient for domestic household consumption. The cost of its production was quite low; and the Ukrainians got used to pay pennies for their gas. Actually, it was so cheap to produce that the Ukraine could provide all its households with free gas for heating and cooking, just like Libya did. Despite low consumer price, the gas companies (like Burisma) had very high profits and very little expenditure.

After the 2014 coup, IMF demanded to raise the price of gas for the domestic consumer to European levels, and the new president Petro Poroshenko obliged them. The prices went sky-high. The Ukrainians were forced to pay many times more for their cooking and heating; and huge profits went to coffers of the gas companies. Instead of raising taxes or lowering prices, President Poroshenko demanded the gas companies to pay him or subsidise his projects. He said that he arranged the price hike; it means he should be considered a partner.

Burisma Gas company had to pay extortion money to the president Poroshenko. Eventually its founder and owner Mr Nicolai Zlochevsky decided to invite some important Westerners into the company’s board of directors hoping it would moderate Poroshenko’s appetites. He had brought in Biden’s son Hunter, John Kerry, Polish ex-President Kwasniewski; but it didn’t help him.

Poroshenko became furious that the fattened calf may escape him, and asked the Attorney General Shokin to investigate Burisma trusting some irregularities would emerge. AG Shokin immediately discovered that Burisma had paid these ‘stars’ between 50 and 150 thousand dollar per month each just for being on the list of directors. This is illegal by the Ukrainian tax code; it can’t be recognised as legitimate expenditure.

At that time Biden the father entered the fray. He called Poroshenko and gave him six hours to close the case against his son. Otherwise, one billion dollars of the US taxpayers’ funds won’t pass to the Ukrainian corruptioners. Zlochevsky, the Burisma owner, paid Biden well for this conversation: he received between three and ten million dollars, according to different sources.

AG Shokin said he can’t close the case within six hours; Poroshenko sacked him and installed Mr Lutsenko in his stead. Lutsenko was willing to dismiss the case of Burisma, but he also could not do it in a day, or even in a week. Biden, as we know, could not keep his trap shut: by talking about the pressure he put on Poroshenko, he incriminated himself. Meanwhile Mr Shokin gave evidence that Biden put pressure on Poroshenko to fire him, and now it was confirmed. The evidence was given to the US lawyers in connection with another case, Firtash case.

What is Firtash Case?

The Democrats wanted to get another Ukrainian oligarch, Mr Firtash, to the US and make him to confess that he illegally supported Trump’s campaign for the sake of Russia. Firtash had been arrested in Vienna, Austria; there he fought extradition to the US. His lawyers claimed it is purely political case, and they used Mr Shokin’s deposition to substantiate their claim. For this reason, the evidence supplied by Shokin is not easily reversible, even if Shokin were willing, and he is not. He also stated under oath that the Democrats pressurised him to help and extradite Firtash to the US, though he had no standing in this purely American issue. It seems that Mrs Clinton believes that Firtash’s funds helped Trump to win elections, an extremely unlikely thing [says Mr Tsarev].

Talking about Burisma and Biden; what is this billion dollars of aid that Biden could give or withhold?


It is USAID money, the main channel of the US aid for “support of democracy”. First billion dollars of USAID came to the Ukraine in 2014. This was authorised by Joe Biden, while for Ukraine, the papers were signed by Mr Turchinov, the “acting President”. The Ukrainian constitution does not know of such a position, and Turchinov, “the acting President” had no right to sign neither a legal nor financial document. Thus, all the documents that were signed by him, in fact, had no legal force. However, Biden countersigned the papers signed by Turchynov and allocated money for Ukraine. And the money was stolen – by the Democrats and their Ukrainian counterparts.

Two years ago, (that is already under President Trump) the United States began to investigate the allocation of 3 billion dollars; it was allocated in 2014, in 2015, in 2016; one billion dollars per year. The investigation showed that the documents were falsified, the money was transferred to Ukraine, and stolen. The investigators tracked each payment, discovered where the money went, where it was spent and how it was stolen.

As a result, in October 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice opened a criminal case for “Abuse of power and embezzlement of American taxpayers’ money”. Among the accused there are two consecutive Finance Ministers of the Ukraine, Mrs Natalie Ann Jaresko who served 2014-2016 and Mr Alexander Daniluk who served 2016-2018, and three US banks. The investigation caused the USAID to cease issuing grants since August 2019. As Trump said, now the US does not give away money and does not impose democracy.

The money was allocated with the flagrant violation of American law. There was no risk assessment, no audit reports. Normally the USAID, when allocating cash, always prepares a substantial package of documents. But the billions were given to Ukraine completely without documents. The criminal case on the embezzlement of USAID funds had been signed personally by the US Attorney General, so these issues are very much alive.

Sam Kislin was involved in this investigation. He is a good friend and associate of Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer and an ex-mayor of New York. Kislin is well known in Kiev, and I have many friends who are Sam’s friends [said Tsarev]. I learned of his progress, because some of my friends were detained in the United States, or interrogated in Ukraine. They briefed me about this. It appears that Burisma is just the tip of the scandal, the tip of the iceberg. If Trump will carry on, and use what was already initiated and investigated, the whole headquarters of the Democratic party will come down. They will not be able to hold elections. I have no right to name names, but believe me, leading functionaries of the Democratic party are involved.

Poroshenko was aware of that; he gave orders to declare Sam Kislin persona non grata. Once the old man (he is over 80) flew into Kiev airport and he was not allowed to come in; he spent the night in detention and was flown back to the US next day. Poroshenko had been totally allied with Clinton camp.

And President Zelensky? Is he free from Clintonite Democrats’ influence?

If he were, there would not be the scandal of Trump phone call. How the Democrats learned of this call and its alleged content? The official version says there was a CIA man, a whistle-blower, who reported to the Democrats. What the version does not clarify, where this whistle-blower was located during the call. I tell you, he was located in Kiev, and he was present at the conversation, at the Ukrainian President Zelensky’s side. This man was (perhaps) a CIA asset, but he also was a close associate of George Soros, and a Ukrainian high-ranking official. His name is Mr Alexander Daniluk. He is also the man the investigation of Sam Kislin and of the DoJ had led to, the Finance Minister of Ukraine at the time, the man who was responsible for the embezzlement of three billion US taxpayer’s best dollars. The DoJ issued an order for his arrest. Naturally he is devoted to Biden personally, and to the Dems in general. I would not trust his version of the phone call at all.

Daniluk was supposed to accompany President Zelensky on his visit to Washington; but he was informed that there is an order for his arrest. He remained in Kiev. And soon afterwards, the hell of the alleged leaked phone call broke out. Zelensky administration investigated and concluded that the leak was done by Mr Alexander Daniluk, who is known for his close relations with George Soros and with Mr Biden. Alexander Daniluk had been fired. (However, he did not admit his guilt and said the leak was done by his sworn enemy, the head of president’s administration office, Mr Andrey Bogdan, who allegedly framed Daniluk.)

This is not the only case of US-connected corruption in Ukraine. There is Amos J. Hochstein, a protege of former VP Joe Biden, who has served in the Barack Obama administration as the Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources. He still hangs on the Ukraine. Together with an American citizen Andrew Favorov, the Deputy Director of Naftogas he organised very expensive “reverse gas import” into Ukraine. In this scheme, the Russian gas is bought by Europeans and afterwards sold to Ukraine with a wonderful margin. In reality, gas comes from Russia directly, but payments go via Hochstein. It is much more costly than to buy directly from Russia; Ukrainian people pay, while the margin is collected by Hochstein and Favorov. Now they plan to import liquefied gas from the United States, at even higher price. Again, the price will be paid by the Ukrainians, while profits will go to Hochstein and Favorov.

In all these scams, there are people of Clinton and spooks who are fully integrated in the Democratic Party. A former head of CIA, Robert James Woolsey, now sits on the Board of Directors of Velta, producing Ukrainian titanium. Woolsey is a neocon, a member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), pro-Israel think-tank, and a man who relentlessly pushed for Iraq war. A typical Democrat spook, now he gets profits from Ukrainian ore deposits.


One of the best Ukrainian corruption stories is connected with Audrius Butkevicius, the former Minister of Defence (1996 to 2000) and a Member of the Seimas (Parliament) of post-Soviet Lithuania. Mr AB is supposedly working for MI6, and now is a member of the notorious Institute for Statecraft, a UK deep state propaganda outfit involved in disinformation operations, subversion of the democratic process and promoting Russophobia and the idea of a new cold war. In 1991 he commanded snipers that shoot Lithuanian protesters. The kills were ascribed to the Soviet armed forces, and the last Soviet President Mr Gorbachev ordered speedy withdrawal of his troops from Lithuania. Mr AB became the Minister of Defence of his independent nation. In 1997 the Honourable Minister of Defence “had requested 300,000 USD from a senior executive of a troubled oil company for his assistance in obtaining the discontinuance of criminal proceedings concerning the company’s vast debts”, in the language of the court judgement. He was arrested on receipt of the bribe, had been sentenced to five years of jail, but a man with such qualifications was not left to rot in a prison.

In 2005 he commanded the snipers who killed protesters in Kyrgyzstan, in Georgia he repeated the feat in 2003 during the Rose Revolution. In 2014 he did it again in Kiev, where his snipers killed around a hundred men, protesters and police. He was brought to Kiev by Mr Turchinov, who called himself the “acting President” and who countersigned Joe Biden’s billion dollars’ grant.

In October 2018 the name of Mr AB came up again. Military warehouses of Chernigov had caught fire; allegedly thousands of shells stored for fighting the separatists had been destroyed by fire. And it was not the first fire of this kind: the previous one, equally huge, torched Ukrainian army warehouses in Vinnitsa in 2017. Altogether, there were 12 huge army arsenal fires for the last few years. Just for 2018, the damage was over \$2 billion.

When Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios investigated the fires, he discovered that 80% of weapons and shells in the warehouses were missing. They weren’t destroyed by fire, they weren’t there in the first place. Instead of being used to kill the Russian-speaking Ukrainians of Donetsk, the hardware had been shipped from the port of Nikolaev to Syria, to the Islamic rebels and to ISIS. And the man who organised this enormous operation was our Mr AB, the old fighter for democracy on behalf of MI6, acting in cahoots with the Minister of Defence Poltorak and Mr Turchinov, the friend of Mr Biden. (They say Mr Matios was given \$10 million for his silence).

The loss was of Ukrainian people, and of US taxpayers, while the beneficiaries were the Deep State, which is probably just another name for the deadly mix of spooks, media and politicians.

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  1. Exile says:

    The globalist criminal elites will not be held responsible for any of these crimes. They’re bound together by ties of blackmail forged by guys like Epstein, mutually assured incrimination in serial swindles which cross Left and Right political boundaries and literal murder in the case of guys like Seth Rich. The cozy proximity of recently-murdered Epstein himself to crypto-converso AG Barr’s family only makes me more certain that they will get away with this heist like they’ve done with dozens of other billion-dollar swindles.

    If they were only stealing money it would be bad enough, but the fact that these same grifters are our “diplomats” and warmakers is positively Orwellian. Watching these petty hoodlums play nuclear chicken with Russia so they can squeeze more shekels from the supine Ukraine would be laughable if I could get the first-strike nightmares of my Cold War childhood out of my head long enough to laugh.

  2. romar says:

    Who will hold then responsible? The country appears to have been entirely taken over by crookish spooks and politicians.
    The US is now confirmed as a cleptocracy.

  3. Kind of makes me wish I owned a national newspaper.

    This would be a great front page story.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Gyre07
  4. Corvinus says:

    “Top Dems are involved in the plundering of the Ukraine: new names, mind-boggling accounts. The mysterious ‘whistleblower’ whose report had unleashed the impeachment is named in the exclusive interview given to the Unz Review by a prominent Ukrainian politician, an ex-Member of Parliament of four terms, a candidate for Ukraine’s presidency, Oleg Tsarev.”

    Actually, the central figure here is Trump, who used backchannels to get the Ukraine government to investigate Biden, even though a top justice official there said Biden was not involved in any corruption. We can speculate as to who is the whistleblower, but the article tries to paint the person as being THE sole person responsible for bringing malfeasance to the attention of the American government. It is an allegation, NOT definitive proof.

  5. Walt says:

    Ukraine is corrupted by outsiders (those who are not Ukrainian/Russian). In past centuries there was a simple but effective answer to foreigners corrupting their country. The Cossacks would sharpen up their sabres. saddle up their horses and have a slaughter. It was effective then and would be effective today. Get rid of those who are not Slavic.

    • Replies: @SmartGirl
  6. Erebus says:

    The last act of an Imperial elite is to loot the Empire.

  7. Alfred says:

    The owner of Burisma is Igor Kolomoisky – not Nicolai Zlochevsky. Zlochevsky sold out years ago.

    The Hunt For Burisma, Part II — What Role For Igor Kolomoisky, What London Missed, What Washington Doesn’t Want To See

    The sooner people start understanding who is the real owner, the sooner the whole thing will become clear.

    FYI, Kolomoisky is the wealthy sponsor of recently-elected president Zelensky. Just look at the body-language at Trump and Zelensky to see the discomfort.

    Link to complete photo

    • Replies: @SheilaG
  8. Look. Barry Soetoro (“Obama”), & James Comey (FBI) have not been prosecuted for spying on the Trump Campaign (as an “insurance policy” vs. Trump, in the lead-up to the 2016 Election), not to mention the fact that HITLAR-Y Clinton hasn’t been prosecuted for ANYTHING ~ Clinton “Body Count”, Benghazi, not to mention the URANIUM ONE deal, along with John Podesta, in which the deal was to sell 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia.

    This is proof positive, that the “Left” is OWNED by the (((.001% Western International Central Bankers))), the (((ZIONIST BANKERS))) who FINANCE “globalism” / socialism / (((communism))), the (((ZIONIST BANKERS))) who FINANCE the “Secret Government” (CFR) & “Deep State” (CIA). “The goal of socialism is (((communism))).” — Lenin.

    • Replies: @yallerdumb
  9. Biff says:

    Who will hold then responsible? The country appears to have been entirely taken over by crookish spooks and politicians.

    If you paid attention to the MSM and the comments sections you would clearly see that the establishment and the American public are completely behind plundering other countries and their resources – to the extent of “like time of day” — “This is what we do” — “We are doing them a favor”.
    The bipartisan support of “Joe did nothing wrong” is endless…

    The consent factory at work..

  10. @Corvinus

    What a lying sack of smegma you are! A top Obama admin official admits to spending 5 bill to overthrow the legit government of Ukraine and shortly afterwards the VP’s son is scooping up loadsamoney from the beneficiaries of that “most blatant coup in history”? Any president would be derelict in his duty NOT to try to get to the bottom of it.

    Punk-assed Corvinus has exceeded himself here, the malfeasance of which he speaks occurred while DT was working on his TV show.

  11. The most arresting aspect of this story: here we finally meet a CIA secret agent with legally protected anonymity, one of the “lives at risk” that Langley always hectors you about. He’s out in the cold, exposed, at stake, in deadly danger every minute, cue intense James Bond music. What does CIA have him doing? Spying on the US head of state to maintain CIA control. That’s what national security means to these scumbags.

    CIA is a criminal enterprise. Its sole function is preserving its impunity. CIA is the US regime. The CIA regime must be dismantled by all means.

    • Replies: @cali
    , @Rev. Spooner
  12. Corvinus says:

    “A top Obama admin official admits to spending 5 bill to overthrow the legit government of Ukraine…”

    Try again.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Robjil
  13. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Corvinus = Punk-assed, lying sack of smegma!

    Love it. In fact the whole Ukraine “most blatant coup in history” was under Biden’s purview, and he’s publicly (at the UN) demeaned and insulted the installed puppet, just to make that clear. But whereas, as Biff said, the American public are completely behind plundering other countries and their resources, it’s hard to know what effect this will have in choosing the next figurehead. Goes for both parties. Trump supporters are apparently delighted at prospect of commandeering oil, minerals, whatever from wherever.

  14. Erebus says:

    Try again.

    I suggest you try again.

    The article states:

    Since 1992, the government has spent about \$5.1 billion to support democracy-building programs in Ukraine, Thompson said, with money flowing mostly from the Department of State via U.S. Agency for International Development, as well as the departments of Defense, Energy, Agriculture and others.

    That’s pretty much the modern definition of regime change.

    Since then, another \$3B has been tossed into the Ukrainian cesspool to keep the post coup govt bought. So, it’s at least \$8B so far, though we’ve yet to learn how much of that went directly into American pockets so we don’t know what the Ukrainian govt itself cost.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  15. People need a new version of socialism, or some similar revolting ideology, to stand up and fight all the corrupt elites around the world.. 😉

    • Agree: Parfois1
  16. Corvinus says:

    “That’s pretty much the modern definition of regime change.”

    According to Who/Whom? Remember, the perception was that President Yanukovych prior to his legitimate ouster was establishing closer ties with Russia, much to the chagrin of the general public. President Yanukovych accepted money—\$2 billion out of a \$15 billion package—from Russia, who pressured him to take decisive action against dissenters. A police assault on the rallies that were held to protest against the government was ordered hours after the \$2 billion from Russia was transferred to Ukrainian banks. European nations blamed Russia for exacerbating the violence.

    Can you say quid pro quo? Good grrl!

    Furthermore, you conveniently left out the context at the end the paragraph–Since 1992, the government has spent about \$5.1 billion to support democracy-building programs in Ukraine, Thompson said, with money flowing mostly from the Department of State via U.S. Agency for International Development, as well as the departments of Defense, Energy, Agriculture and others. The United States does this with hundreds of other countries.

    So does “Mother Russia” and China! It is “seed” money to sway influence.

    “The article states…”

    It was the \$5 billion given to Ukraine WHEN it broke away from the Soviet Union in 1992, NOT given to the Ukraine to incite the rebellion there in 2015. So you are promoting a distorted understanding of the situation here.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Antiwar7
    , @Melotte 22
  17. Corvinus says:

    “In fact the whole Ukraine “most blatant coup in history” was under Biden’s purview…”

    That would be Fake News.

    “The American public are completely behind plundering other countries and their resources…”

    That is a failing of white people. It’s genetic, you know. Same goes for Russia who gave billions to Ukraine in order to pillage and plunder their economy. Fortunately, the citizens of Ukraine rose up and put their foot down. They control their government, not Putin. Is there anything inherently wrong with the people there deciding for themselves their political destiny?

    “Trump supporters are apparently delighted at prospect of commandeering oil, minerals, whatever from wherever.”

    Are you an anti-MAGA man?

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Alfred
  18. Erebus says:

    According to Who/Whom?

    Everybody but you, apparently.

    The United States does this with hundreds of other countries.

    There aren’t “hundreds of other countries” that have any use for American advice on anything. In fact, there aren’t “hundreds” of other countries on the planet, so the “context” that DoS supplied is anything but useful to a half-awake person. Quite consistent with your thinking it was.

    It was the \$5 billion given to Ukraine WHEN it broke away from the Soviet Union in 1992…

    No, as the quote you cited states, it was SINCE 1992. Do you read these things before you cite them?

    Neither China nor Russia sponsor political movements, much less violent ones.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  19. Mr. Hack says:

    So, Saker and his buddy the Moscow spook Tsarev reveal the identity of the”alleged” whistleblower that the whole world has been wating to identify: Alexander Daniluk, or was it the man who allegedly framed Daniluk, a Andrey Bogdan? Or was it perhaps a third person yet undisclosed by Tsarev? Does it matter, they’re all working for Soros, right? 🙂

    Then there’s this classic piece of unsubtantiated BS, that acting Ukrainian president Turchynov hired Audrius Butkivicius to come to Kyiv and assasinate 100 Ukrainian Maydan protesters?

    A lot of BS here that needs to be reassembled. It’s funny to read and so I’ll be back next month to read the new polished and Moscow approved version that Saker will put out for all of his suckers!

    • Troll: Denis
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Cleos bowl
  20. Mr. Hack says:
    @Mr. Hack

    I thought that I was reading Saker’s collumn and I see that it was actually Israel Shamir’s. Is there really any difference, aren’t they both working for Putler? 🙂

    • Troll: bluedog
    • Replies: @Dr. Krieger
  21. Corvinus says:

    “Everybody but you, apparently.”

    No, just you and some people. Not everybody.

    “There aren’t “hundreds of other countries” that have any use for American advice on anything.”

    Despite my hyperbole, it is clear that nations do have use for American advice. Just ask Israel, right? Just ask Trump and his grand bargain with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia. Of course, ask Trump and his quid pro quo in the Ukraine.

    “No, as the quote you cited states, it was SINCE 1992.”

    Regardless if it was “since” or “when”, the Ukraine became independent in that year.

    “Neither China nor Russia sponsor political movements, much less violent ones.”

    Not only does both country sponsor political movements (Russia in Syria, China in Africa), they suppress political movements in their home country.

    You’re just not that bright…

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  22. @Corvinus

    Corvinus = Punk-assed, lying sack of smegma!

    You’ve provided ample confirmation here that my comment was not overstated at all, however it may have appeared to be at first glance.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  23. Biff says:

    Same goes for Russia who gave billions to Ukraine in order to pillage and plunder their economy. Fortunately, the citizens of Ukraine rose up and put their foot down. They control their government, not Putin. Is there anything inherently wrong with the people there deciding for themselves their political destiny?

    95% of products that Ukraine produced Russia bought – nobody wants much of anything from eastern Europe. Russia did not plunder their decrepid economy, they all but kept it taped together. Since the coup, Russia no longer does much business with Ukraine, and the only thing keeping Ukraine’s dying economy alive is loot from the EU.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @my2cents
  24. @anon

    Just two sides of the same coin known as Demopublicans.

    The sheeple actually can’t discern despite the differences being marginal.

    • Replies: @anon
  25. Corvinus says:

    “You’ve provided ample confirmation here that my comment was not overstated at all, however it may have appeared to be at first glance.”

    Actually, I confirmed that you are a slave to your confirmation bias and prefer to avoid substantive discourse.

  26. Corvinus says:

    “95% of products that Ukraine produced Russia bought – nobody wants much of anything from eastern Europe.”

    Do you have a source for your statistic, or are you making it up on the fly? The top export destinations of Ukraine are Russia (\$4.25B), Poland (\$2.69B), Italy (\$2.66B), Turkey (\$2.59B) and Egypt (\$2.46B).

    “Russia did not plunder their decrepid economy, they all but kept it taped together.”

    Not really. Ukraine is the 50th largest export economy in the world and the 39th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). In 2017, Ukraine exported \$46.1B and imported \$51.7B, resulting in a negative trade balance of \$5.57B. In 2017 the GDP of Ukraine was \$112B and its GDP per capita was \$8.67k.

    “Since the coup, Russia no longer does much business with Ukraine, and the only thing keeping Ukraine’s dying economy alive is loot from the EU.”

    Depends how you define “does much business”. In 2017, Ukraine imported 14.5% of all its imports from Russia.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Anon
  27. If true, this would seem to completely blow the lid off the Ukrainian-Biden story. Let’s hope and pray that someone, or many, are working to verify this. Amazing stuff!

  28. All done under orders from Obama and Clinton.
    Obama’s direct agent, Susan ……. was filmed on a video still on u tube stating that she had spent \$5 Billion to effect the regime change to acquire the right guys to put in place to deliver the stealing rights.
    You KNEW the game was really on when she got 60 Minutes coverage with her and a reporter on a helicopter ride.
    The assassination of the 90 innocents in the town square by snipers to blame on the evil Russians was so obvious a false flag, as was the shooting down of the airliner killing another 250 innocents to blame on Russia.

    • Replies: @anon
  29. Bettina says:

    This is terribly written. Where are the editors? The first sentence is a disaster, and it gets worse from there.

  30. Begemot says:

    Shall we put Shamir in front of the blackboard and have him diagram sentences for 6 hours until he gets it? In his defense, for a non-native speaker of English he writes better than a lot of native speakers.

  31. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Wasn’t I clear? The “people” aren’t sheeple. They’re hyenas, vultures, slugs, & etc. carrion cruisers.

  32. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ursus Terriblis


    You mean Nuland…… Fucktoria Nuland.
    Better video is when she and Amb. Pyatt choose puppet gov’t. of Ukraine. (The whole film, “Ukraine on Fire,” is excellent.)

    Ukraine on Fire | Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt phone call

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  33. Robjil says:

    Try Again.

    Here it is from the horse’s mouth ( Nuland the coup meister).

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  34. Why is it so difficult to find corroboration of some of the claims in this article? If in October of 2018 the DOJ opened a criminal investigation into \$3 billion abuse of power and embezzlement of funds scheme against 2 people and 3 banks surely this would be reported somewhere? A DOJ press release? A court filing? Bank or SEC filings? Some kind of newspaper? I know the media is crap but this should have some kind of paper trail. A search for names gets some wiki pages but no reporting of the allegations or investigations or trials or convictions to be found.

  35. Mr. Hack says:

    Why is it so difficult to find corroboration of some of the claims in this article?

    Because it’s a poorly written “interview” that is more like a loosely patched together pack of lies and BS. I bring up some similar concerns to different allegations in comment #19.

  36. Mr. Hack says:

    People in Ukraine must have taken her commands real seriouly, when “Yats” (her boy) became the leader? But wasn’t it Poroshenko who was elected president? Drat, Nuland fails again! 🙂

    What’s Nuland doing today? Working for Soros somewhere in a deepstate dungeon ?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Robjil
  37. @Exile

    Great Analysis! The whole damn thing sounds like a spy novel. The Corporate Fascist Military Industrial Intelligence Police State doesn’t care if they do this right out in the open because they fear no one and the Jewish Controlled Media are all part of it.

  38. renfro says:

    As far as who got some of the Ukraine aid money, I’d look lower than Kerry or Biden.
    This was a Victoria Nuland run coup…..ask her and her zio neocon husband about the money.

    About that Ukraine Money

    WASHINGTON — As the United States readies \$1 billion in loan guarantees to the new government in Ukraine, along with even more aid for reforming elections and cleaning up corruption, one thing is clear: The public is unlikely to know where that money is going for some time, if ever.
    Since 1992, the U.S. has sent \$3 billion to \$5 billion in aid to Ukraine, with only cursory public disclosure. The U.S. State Department operates an online database,, but names of foreign recipients are often left out, and entire sections are blank. Furthermore, the disclosure often comes long after the money has been distributed.

    The spending by U.S. government agencies often flows through for-profit companies, including PACT, Democracy International, and Chemonics International. The path of this money creates another layer obscuring the final source of U.S. foreign aid, as the companies distribute money to non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, or to other countries.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  39. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Arseniy Yatsenyuk was designated as the new Prime Minister following the 2014 Ukrainian revolution that removed former President Viktor Yanukovych from power. He served as Prime Minister of Ukraine from 27 February 2014 – 14 April 2016.

    After Yatz, the Ukrainians selected chocolate magnate Poroshenko, with whom they were so dissatisfied that they subsequestly elected a comedian. Yes, the Ukie Jerry Seinfeld was on the other end of the Quid Pro Joe phone call with DJT. And it was perfect!

    This isn’t for The Hack, an obvious troll who already knew this, but for any other reader who may be interested.

    • Replies: @AP
  40. Excellent work as usual Mr. Shamir! 🙂

    • Agree: Hail
  41. Alfred says:

    Is there anything inherently wrong with the people there deciding for themselves their political destiny?

    The only people who decided for themselves their political destiny is the people of Crime – 90+% of them voted to join Russia.

    Several important political parties were banned by Ukraine in their fake elections. The millions of citizens who fled the country in recent years were not allowed to vote. Those in the liberated east were not allowed to vote.

    Currently, people are vanishing in Ukraine and the CIA has a torture center in Mariupol. There are thousands of political prisoners. People are afraid.

    In the recent exchange of prisoners between Russian and Ukraine, the media will not say that 22 of the “Russians” released by Ukraine were actually citizens of Ukraine.

    Each country releases 35 prisoners in biggest exchange since start of Crimea conflict

    They lying and terror continues.

    • Replies: @AP
  42. awry says:

    This Mr AB seems to be a real James Bond villain, or rather JB007 himself showing up with his sniper team everywhere (decades and thousands of kilometers apart) where the eevil anglozionist empire needs his services to thwart Righteous Soviet Heroes. /sarcasm

  43. cali says:
    @Gina to the Hague

    @Gina to the Hague: How right you are – the CIA is not just a criminal enterprise – its part of the shadow government and doesn’t answer to US authorities.

    The CIA will be dismantled because it can not be cleaned up due to its gallery of rogue mercenaries engineering wars all over the planet and having billions of dollars available to them to cause havoc even in the US as we see and watch the continuous coup against president Trump.

    They do much worse than what many want admit namely the sale and sex trafficking of children including their MK Ultra now called ORION experiments.
    Remember Hitler did not lose the war and the US leadership imported many of the Nazis via Operation Paper Clip and provide them with new identities.

    Even Dr Mengele aka Angel of Death operated in the US with the CIA teaching them about MK Ultra. Most Americans have no idea nor do they know that old Bush – now diseased – aka as Georg Scherff was their first Manchurian president.
    His involvement with the assassination of JFK is no secret.

    Having said that it is clear that the coup in Ukraine by the US state department/HRC/Hussein served as their means to antagonize Russia even go so far and using the deep state agent CrowdStrike attempting to frame Russia for the fires that occurred. CrowdStrike quietly removed their accusation against Russia.

    That the democrats and no name McCain plundered Ukraine while planting a highly corrupt political leadership in power making their theft of billions of dollars so much easier.

    We also know that Burisma is just the tip of the iceberg as stated in this article ergo the apoplectic fury of the democrats against president Trump and his plan/goal to expose these rogues in Ukraine.

    Ukraine will bleed into the Pakistani spies/Awan’s, uranium one, Clinton foundation and more.

    Meanwhile the FBI has now published all docs about “The Finders” aka CIA and their kidnapping, torture, rape and more of children. I encourage everyone to read these documents.

  44. Parfois1 says:

    As far as who got some of the Ukraine aid money, I’d look lower than Kerry or Biden. This was a Victoria Nuland run coup…..ask her and her zio neocon husband about the money.

    Why not Kerry or Biden? The whole business stinks to high heavens. What I find revealing and relevant is the fact that it took so long for the shit to hit the fan, not that criminals run and profit from the US government. After all the whole political apparatus is a criminal organization. (See today’s report by the Russian military about the looting of Syria’s oil).

    The shocking revelation is that the US criminal gang passing off as a government is unashamedly open about its criminality, without even a pretence for decency. The Epstein’s skulduggery is another recent pointer about the nature of the corrupt beast.

    When, shortly after the Maidan coup, it was openly announced that Biden’s son was appointed to the board of that oil company, alarm bells should have rung everywhere in the US media and establishment that something fishy was going on. Yet, nothing was done and the whole scam would run its normal course like many others that do not come to light but for some unforeseeable strike of chance or fate.

    I, for one, and without inside knowledge, just using the garden variety critical faculties human beings are endowed with, knew that it was wrong from an ethical point of view even if the deal was an act of kindness performed by lilly white angels, let alone by corrupt politicians.

    I wonder whether the Jewish influence is the cause – such brazenly in-your-face contempt for honesty must be the hallmark of those chosen and protected by their gods.

  45. Vojkan says:

    Moral of the story: keep your mouth shout in front of Jews. Never allow a Jew to any position of power. Never hire a Jew as adviser. Even better, just keep them in shtetls. Lots of problems would be avoided.

  46. Toris says:

    John K. Aitcheson, Jr: father of Tipper Gore

    Nancy Dare Aitcheson: mother of former ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor

    (Funny how coincidences work re: big Al and Ukraine)

  47. Svevlad says:

    Who says you need to have anyone legally responsible?

    When all else fails, just pull a Pol Pot and start the mass executions, you’ll get ’em eventually.

  48. DNC is civilized and exceptional version of the americanized Taliban, complete with own version of Sharia Law.

  49. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr Corvinus , you can not divide , and neither can you Mr Fack

    If , as you say , or agree , Ukraina has a GDP of 112 B ( true ) , having a population left of about 40 million people , the per capita income is not 8,700 dollars as you say ,but 2,700 dollars . Bolivia has 3000 dollars .

    When Ukraina left Russia she had a population of about 52 million people and a per capita income similar to Russia ( now Russia has about 11.000 dollars ) .

    Now after the loss of Crimea and the Donbass plus the massive emigration to Russia ,Poland , etc… maybe there are about 40 million ukrainians left ( 42 according Ukraina , so that the per capita income could be even lower )

    The UE does not want Ukraina , too late , too expensive , we already have too many bums native and foreing in the EU . Maybe the US can offer Ukraina to join the Union .

    So the macroeconomic figures seem to show that Ukraina has become Ukraruina ,

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  50. Robjil says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Yats had a lot of power for a quite while in Nulandistan.

    Nuland got her wish.

    This ZUS overseas territory of Ukraine is a great place to capture any ZUS politician to doing the biddings of the biggest ZUSistan of all- ZUSA. It is a like ZUS spiderweb.

    Trump got caught in this “foreign ZUS spider web”. He is trying to get out of it as we speak.

    The ZUS overseas territory of Ukraine is as “foreign” to the CIA as is Puerto Rico or Alaska, which was bought from Russia in 1867.

    Nuland is smiling from ear to ear with this Overseas ZUS spiderweb. All her dreams have come true, except that pesky Crimea that sneaked away.

    Nuland forgot to add F-k the USA with her F-k the EU blessing of the ZUS coup in Kiev. The ZUS got it with the Trump Impeach charade.

  51. AP says:

    1. Yatseniuk was head of the largest of the pro-Western parties long before Nuland came onto the scene. He had been leading Yanukovich in presidential polls prior to Maidan.

    2. PM has less power than the president in Ukraine. So this man who was leading in presidential polls prior to Nuland’s comment ended up with less power than would be expected.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  52. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Given that the Ukraine is called the breadbasket of Europe and has been mentioned as a key agricultural element of Eretz Isreal’s expansionist plans, how about the theft of Ukraine’s farmland to the tune of 5 million acres as of 5 years ago? Oakland Institute’s report of 2015 gave the names of major “investors,” including Lubavitcher front man George Rohr’s control with option to buy of over 1 million acres. There’s also an outfit called Sigma Bleyzer—lots of Ukrainian sounding names plus the Bleyzer brother founders—that bottom feeds off Ukraine land and also happens to bottom feed for “highly leveraged” land buyouts in Texas.

    The corruption and hypocrisy in the US is even more stupefying. According to a study by grain dot org, the holier-than-thou endowments of Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Yale, Emory, University of Michigan, and others are heavily invested buying land out from under indigenous peoples, adumbrating the coming one-world government and transnational compliance regimes turning the planet into one happy collective with our inbred elites at the helm.

    • Agree: Robjil, annamaria
    • Replies: @GMC
  53. Avery says:

    {This is terribly written. Where are the editors?}

    Surely you are not serious. (“I am serious: and stop calling me ‘Shirley’”).
    New to
    How long have you been reading

    There are no editors @unz: the COLUMNISTS write and edit their own stuff and publish it, courtesy of the man who created, owns, and runs the site, Ron Unz.
    Moderators, moderate reader comments (…under _very_ liberal rules).

    Finally: what are you looking for?
    Information and content you cannot find anywhere else on the web or English grammar lessons?

    (The foregoing was a PSA by a longtime reader of

  54. GMC says:

    Thanks for a great story ! I’m going to assume that Mr. Shamir and Mr. Tsarev could describe how Monsanto, Cargill, DuPont, Lilly pharma, and others have bought up/off the farmlands and other places and now ship from their very own port in Odessa { guarded by the US Navy }. And of course President Trump has just granted Ukraine – duty free exports to the US. Imagine that ! I’ve been in Crimea since 08 and watched it all go down but never did I think it was this complicated or complexed as it has become. Thanks Unz Rev.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Ilyana_Rozumova
  55. GMC says:

    You’re spot on with your post 395. Also notice that Trump just gave Ukraine special status for exporting to the Make America great Again. Of course , with all that bad climate and flooding from those Climate weapons , the US and its friends will need to pay for grain and products that is lost in its exports. Trump is only in it for the money – he won’t do shit for America – other than B S it some more.

  56. Mr. Hack says:

    Funny, I don’t see many Ukrainians protesting or up in arms over these developments, especialy in Odesa?…Russian soft power propaganda aparatchiks must be asleep at the wheel again? “Duty free exports” to US ports – sounds like a lousy deal for Ukraine. 🙂

  57. I have to laugh when an author singles out one party for “corruption” and totally ignores the other. Both parties in Amerika are filled with traitorous, corrupt, money grubbing elitist.

    Anybody remember John Kerry’s bestes buddy John McCain’s involvement in whole Ukraine mess?

  58. AP says:

    Is there anything inherently wrong with the people there deciding for themselves their political destiny?

    No. That’s why Yanukovich was thrown out.

    Remember, his party changed the rules so that they would retain control of parliament despite losing the popular vote:

    The revolution resulted in the winners of that election coming to power.

    Several important political parties were banned by Ukraine in their fake elections

    Among any party of significance, only the Communist Party was banned. Yanukovich’s defunct Party of Regions changed its name.


    This article is useful because it gives a glimpse in the English language into what the disgraced flunkies of the former regime think. But a side effect is that gullible naive people will believe the claims that are made by these clowns sitting in Russia or Israel or wherever..

  59. Jake says:

    The Globalist Elite of the past 25 years or so – the Elite of the Anglo-Zionist Empire – is probably the most greedily evil set of rulers in history. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao are in Hell hoping to be able to study them. Churchill in Hell is boasting that they are truly his heirs who surpassed him.

    • Agree: Robjil
  60. onebornfree says: • Website

    I.Shamir says: “Top Dems are involved in the plundering of the Ukraine: new names, mind-boggling accounts. “

    So, Republicans do not indulge in the exact same activities – is that what you’re implying here? It’s “only” Dems?

    This just in:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [via central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”,”improved”, nor “limited” in scope, simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    Regards, onebornfree

  61. The demon-rats aka bolsheviks and zionist Israel created the revolution in the Ukraine to loot and steal anything that wasn’t nailed down and this is what the demon-rats aka bolsheviks are good at wrecking and destroying nations.

    • Replies: @anon
  62. Look at little Israel! It’s an old and ancient face. It’s been around the world. It’s an eastern and western face with the looks of an Arab and a Jew. It’s an interesting face…

  63. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    What do you think of all the cowardly American expats who live abroad and write their bullshit from the comfort of a tropical beach? As fucked as America is, the rest of the world will go down with the US, and these expats are going to be eaten alive by angry starving locals once the global debt bomb finally explodes.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Biff
  64. @romar

    Yes, the government of the US is a kleptocracy. Even with a change in presidents to someone in the “opposing” party, nothing is done. Having a GOP president and AG doesn’t seem to matter. These democrat officials are still running around free, maybe because to go after them might also mean bringing down GOP officials.

  65. @NoseytheDuke

    Corvinus would gladly buy a bag of still warm human shit as long as it was a Soros brand bag. I put trolls like him on ignore, but I still see replies to their comments.

  66. @Bettina

    New poster, huh? Israel Shamir is much better at writing in English than most of the trolls who post here. I had no trouble understanding what was being related in this piece. Did you?

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  67. @anon

    Agree, the zionist bankers who own the FED and the rest of the central banks of the world are setting us up for a crash and no one will escape, read The Protocols of Zion. I live in Montana and even here the effects will be felt, by the way it has been snowing for two days and more on the way and temps in the teens, the only good thing about it is that it should keep the Californians out.

    • Replies: @anon
  68. SheilaG says:

    Ownership. Burisma Holdings is owned by Brociti Investments Limited, a Cyprus-based company owned by Ukrainian former politician and businessman Mykola Zlochevsky. Zlochevsky was minister of natural resources under Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine. Brociti Investments acquired Burisma Holdings in 2011.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  69. @GMC

    Please name me at least one product from Ukraruine that American consumer is buying or would be buying. I go often to delicatessen stores, where I see products from Germany Poland and Hungary and very little from Russia.
    I still have to see a product from Ukraruine.
    (Obviously there is no reason to mention industrial product.)
    So there is a zero tariff on zero Ukrainian import.
    We are not living in enchanted wonderland.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  70. SmartGirl says:

    Everything wrong in the world is NOT President Trump’s fault.

    The U.S. uses “back channels” every day and has done that since BEFORE the republic was founded.

    It seems you don’t realize that there was a crooked government BEFORE President Trump was elected or inaugurated.

    You were likely a fan of 44.

    But the fact is, 44 HAD to know about this and even if he didn’t, he was President, EVERYTHING was HIS responsibility.

    THAT is where the blame lies and who should face the consequences.

    Actually, the central figure here is N0bama. There is no doubt that he got crooked money from somewhere. How did he leave office as a rich man if he didn’t?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  71. SmartGirl says:

    We aren’t a Kleptocracy.

    The people have the power to change everything with an Article V Convention of States.

    We’re almost to that point.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  72. SmartGirl says:

    That’s a very good idea.

    At the same time, refuse ALL money from any country that isn’t Ukraine/Russia.

    We in The States are pretty tired of paying corrupt countries in the world (except for Israel who we MUST always stand with).

    It would be nice if WE got to enjoy our own money once in a while.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  73. @Twodees Partain

    Bettina is most probably Professor of English Language in Prague.
    We should be welcoming her. She could tell us what is happening in Czechia.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  74. Yes indeed cali 43, now that Gina caught her tit in the non-intervention wringer, it’s fun to watch what happens with the fake investigation by her trusty CIA dancing boy Bill Barr. Barr’s fake investigation has turned up some – Gasp! – bad apples™. Ratfucking political enemies at home and abroad has always been CIA’s mission and core competence. But when they fuck up and get caught at it, some loser has to get his wrist slapped. And Brennan’s the most pathetic loser of all.

    Watch, gelded fake bullshit prosecutor Bill Barr is going to shake a finger in his Opus Dei buddy’s face. He’s going to make him do a lap around the beads and whip him good with the little whippy thing. Then they’ll get on their knees together and pray to their statute of Superior General Adolfo Pachon cornholing an altar boy. CIA will keep on crushing their political enemies with impunity… until we go and pull their building down.

  75. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    Its funny Oakland California is still home of the largest porch monkey population on the west coast, despite the blacks being pushed out of Los Angeles by Mexicans.

  76. Antiwar7 says:

    You wrote “much to the chagrin of the general public”. But the public is divided in Ukraine. That’s the major point! You seem to be a partisan of one side in that conflict.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  77. @Mr. Hack

    It would be impossible to convey just how appropriate it is, that your handle includes the word Hack. You are that.

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  78. Mefobills says:

    The loss was of Ukrainian people, and of US taxpayers, while the beneficiaries were the Deep State, which is probably just another name for the deadly mix of spooks, media and politicians.

    Israel Shamir doesn’t go all the way.

    The deadly mix includes the “international.” ZOG and Cabala are usurers and rent seekers.

    Their ideology is not for humanity in general, but for their in-group and sayanim followers.

    If one looks close at international credit at debt, then the underlying mechanism becomes clear.

    People are hypothecated with debt when associated bank credit is created simultaneously. This also happens at at national levels with public debt. The debt instrument is on-sold into “international markets” and the credit (as pseudo money) is made international. The dollar is not U.S. legal dollars, but instead is Federal Reserve Notes. FRN’s have been made international, and hence can be spent in Ukraine, where channels are opened for siphoning off rents, as in the case of Biden and the DNC.

    Moneys true nature is law. Never let your money extend past your law, which in turns means your national borders.

    Nazi Germany traded internatioinally using Schacht’s trading banks. This trading scheme isolated national debt instruments within the trading banks, and also isolated the money flows. For example, if Germany demanded Tin from Burma, then Burmese were paid in Kyat. When Burma ordered goods from Germany, German workers were paid in Reichsmarks. Is it no wonder the “international” went berserk over Nazi Germany? The international couldn’t run their crime schemes and make illicit profits on Germany.

    Keyne’s Bancor scheme would also work, where trading nations pay for goods exchange in an accounting unit that relates only to goods in transit, and also signals for national exchange rate adjustment.

    In other words, the Jew has a headlock on people’s brain-space, and they don’t know how to think.

    The money problem is the central problem, and all other is merely knock on effects. Biden and the DNC and our (((friends))) would have hard time running their international crime syndicates without “international” money they control.

    The deep state deadly mix of spooks and politicians are all closely related phenomenon. For example, Petrodollars would recycle from Saudi and Qatar through CIA to purchase weapons from MIC. Saudi in turn is not allowed to have their own Sovereign money by virtue 1973 Saudi/Kissinger agreement. Saudi’s are required to price oil in dollars, and recycle dollar savings into TBills (debt instruments held in western private corporate stock owned banks).

    Saudi are boyeez of the International since MI6 “Lawrence of Arabia” coup, and subsequent moves by the then deep state. The deep state is closely allied with international banking and their “credit,” which they attempt to make above national laws, while simultaneously abusing the nation’s peoples.

    • Replies: @Frankie P
  79. Agent76 says:

    May 15, 2017 Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Rule in Europe’s Heartland

    Will Donetsk Rejoin Russia? Ukraine is “the decisive linchpin in plans by the US and its NATO allies to effect a military cordon sanitaire, severing Russia from Europe” – a sinister plot perhaps intended as prelude to nuclear war.

    Sep 9, 2016 US funded Ukrainian army is terrorizing civilians, 2016
    Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army.

  80. @Corvinus

    Are you also a flat earth theory fan?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  81. Agent76 says:

    June 18, 2019 US To Send \$250 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine

    Saying that the new package was intended to enhance democratic civilian control of the military, the Pentagon has unveiled a package of around \$250 million in military aid to the Ukraine. They emphasized the US commitment to supporting Ukraine.

  82. renfro says:

    This really is a birdbrain article.
    ‘Oh its all the Dems ‘ says
    While its true the Dems are stupid…as are the Repubs…..they aren’t too good at heist’
    If they were that 9 billion that disappeared from Iraq would be in their real estate.

    What they both do is give our tax money to whatever flavor of the year country the neos and zios are hating on ..or want to ‘own’.

    Once our billions are dispersed ….’friends of’ the neos and zios swoop in to goggle up and nibble off the money thru this and that ‘program’ and ‘contracts’ …..and for some odd reason always ends up in some Jewish oligarchs Cyprus bank account.
    Ukraine is nothing but a Russian Bolsheviks ‘lite’ play.

    Ihor Kolomoisky, the mafia oligarch, owned Prez Zelenskyy’s TV station and greased his way into office . Kolomoisky had fled to Israel and Switzerland after looting his bank but has now returned to the Ukraine to get his bank back. While he was in exile Zelenskyy often flew to visit him in Geneva and Tel Aviv, according to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.
    Zelenskyy, who used a bulletproof Mercedes during his campaign that was registered to a business associate of both his and Kolomoisky, has denied claims that he is a “puppet” of Kolomoisky….lol.

    Just wait…you aint seen nothing yet….more corruption dead ahead..

    • Agree: Alfred
  83. Mr. Hack says:
    @Dr. Krieger

    So, what’s eating you, Mr. “Doctor”?

  84. @tRuTh_Be_ToLd

    Hm…maybe the reason none of these people has been prosecuted is because the right wing media that you consume is lying to you. You have to have actual proof in a courtroom.

    Don’t Stop Believin’, I guess, but you’re just going to keep getting disappointed.

  85. Anonymous[110] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Biden corruption and criminality on full display…joe bragging like a crime boss…on camera…lol

  86. Corvinus says:

    “Mr Corvinus , you can not divide…”

    Here is the source. Apparently, it cannot divide.

    “So the macroeconomic figures seem to show that Ukraina has become Ukraruina…”

    According to Who/Whom?

    • Replies: @Anon
  87. Corvinus says:

    “You wrote “much to the chagrin of the general public”. But the public is divided in Ukraine.”

    Are you sure? In February 2014, 328 of 447 members of the Ukrainian parliament (MPs)—or about 73%—voted to “remove Viktor Yanukovych from the post of president of Ukraine” on the grounds that he was unable to fulfill his duties. Were not these members representing the public, i.e. their constituents?

    • Replies: @Begemot
  88. Pseudo says:

    Your articles are great but definitely too long

  89. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    YOU find out , look for reliable offcial world sources , seek the truth , it is your problem

    Your colored graphics are ukropropaganda , they include in the map of Ucrania Crimea and the Donbass , which now are Russian . By this way of thinking Mexico could include in his map Texas , California , Arizona , New Mexico, Nevada , Colorado ,Utah etc….

    You have proved not only that you can not divide but also that you are unable to find relevant data from official realiable sources , go back to school Corvidus .

    And your usual pathetic silly tricky questions ” according to who/whom ” ? are ridiculous . Well according to Vladimir Putin , and according to my cojones .

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  90. For Unz Review this piece either represents spot on incredible news and information or complete bust.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  91. bluedog says:

    If you want to enjoy your money get away from the Jew’s as every country in the world has done at one time or the other, otherwise all that will happen in the world is rage and ruin while the Jews clap for more.!!!

  92. Why must we love Jews or any people unconditionally? People should like or dislike another people based on observation and experience. For example, if someone spends time in Iran and comes away with generally negative impression of Iranians as people and culture, so what? Then, the same rule should apply to Jews. Why must we always pretend Jews are perfect and pure as snow? Maybe some people have good reason to dislike Jews based on historical experience. For example, Palestinians lost their land to Zionist imperialists. Why should they like Jews? Millions of Arabs died in wars for Israel cooked up by Neocons.

    Heavily Jewish Hollywood has given us tons of Asian villains, Arab terrorist villains, and Russians as bad guys. Hollywood often features blonde and blue eyed people as neo-nazi ‘white supremacist’ subhuman scum. The media(not controlled by Eskimos) spew hatred toward Iranians, Arabs, Muslims, Russians, and ‘deplorable’ White Christians all the time. It seems it’s a-okay for Jews in media to spread hatred, hysteria, and paranoia about Russians and Iranians.

    Jews are not god. Jews are not holy. We don’t have to worship Jews, just like we don’t demand that others worship or obey us. If a people have bad experience with Jews in general, they have every right to feel anti-Jewish. After all, many Jews harbor anti-German and Anti-Russian sentiments because of their troubled histories and experiences with Germans and Russians. Okay, fine. But did it ever occur to Jews that maybe they’ve done things that deeply upset OTHER peoples and that’s why some people have negative views of Jews. Can any honest person say Palestinians have no reason to hate Jewish Power?

  93. Denis says:

    They briefed me about this. It appears that Burisma is just the tip of the scandal, the tip of the iceberg. If Trump will carry on, and use what was already initiated and investigated, the whole headquarters of the Democratic party will come down. They will not be able to hold elections. I have no right to name names, but believe me, leading functionaries of the Democratic party are involved.

    How naive! The idea that the gang of criminals in the elite would ever be taken down by something like this is laughable. They’ve populated and corrupted the judicial system and the media with their cronies; they would never allow themselves to even be put in the spotlight over this, much less held accountable.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  94. Corvinus says:

    “YOU find out , look for reliable offcial world sources , seek the truth , it is your problem”

    Actually, telling the truth about the Ukrainian economy currently is not a problem.

    “Your colored graphics are ukropropaganda…”

    Not quite. The source I cited is the Observatory of Economic Complexity, a tool that allows users to quickly compose a visual narrative about countries and the products they exchange.

    “You have proved not only that you can not divide but also that you are unable to find relevant data from official realiable sources , go back to school Corvidus”

    Do you enjoy playing a Russian bot? The source I cited is quite reliable.

    “Well according to Vladimir Putin , and according to my cojones”.

    Which, in the end, amounts to a hill of beans. Care for some borscht, comrade?

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Anon
  95. Corvinus says:
    @Melotte 22

    “Lol, Are you also a flat earth theory fan?”

    Next time, try to address with substance what I said. Perhaps you need a primer on how to engage in discourse?

  96. Ron Unz says:
    @Sunshine State

    For Unz Review this piece either represents spot on incredible news and information or complete bust.

    Well, personally I don’t have a clue whether the remarkable claims of that Ukrainian fellow are correct or not. Frankly, I’d never heard of him before.

    I still read the print edition of the New York Times every morning, and lots of the stuff they publish is so totally ridiculous I don’t believe a single word of it, especially about the Russiagate/Ukrainegate lunacy of the last couple of years.

    In one of his podcasts a few months back, Prof. Stephen Cohen described the total “Sovietization” of the American MSM. And being an eminent Soviet scholar, he wasn’t using that term in a favorable manner.

    So all things considered, that Ukrainian guy may or may not be reliable…but I’d have to see he’s probably at least as reliable as anything published in the NYT or the rest of the American MSM…

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Biff
    , @Corvinus
  97. Corvinus says:

    “Everything wrong in the world is NOT President Trump’s fault.”

    Except I did not directly nor indirectly make that statement. But I do appreciate your (weak) effort at a strawman.

    “The U.S. uses “back channels” every day and has done that since BEFORE the republic was founded.”

    Typical female response–if others do it, then so can I. Except the “back channel” was other than necessary. All Trump had to do was request that the Ukrainian government conduct an investigation into Biden’s son, rather than dangle an aid package as bait for compliance.

    “It seems you don’t realize that there was a crooked government BEFORE President Trump was elected or inaugurated.”

    According to Who/Whom?

    “You were likely a fan of 44.”

    It’s a tie between Jerry West and George Gervin.

    “But the fact is, 44 HAD to know about this and even if he didn’t, he was President, EVERYTHING was HIS responsibility.”

    Not a fact, just speculation on your part. Shouldn’t you be making cookies or some babies, “SmartGirl”?

  98. Mr. Hack says:
    @Ron Unz

    If you’re really interested enough to chime in about the validity of his claims, why not google some of them in (or some other methods that you’re aware of) and see if there’s anything to them? You’re quite good at this sort of thing and it shouldn’t take much more than 5-10 minutes to do so.

  99. Begemot says:

    This was the rump Rada AFTER the coup of 22 February 2014. Not quite the constitutional government. This vote was held under the guns of the gunmen of the Maidan. How legitimate is that? The Ukrainian public at the time included those who lived in the Donbass, Crimea and Odessa. The Crimea seceded, the Donbass rose in revolt and the people of Odessa were repressed following the murder of anti-Maidan protesters at the Trade Union building on 5 May 2014. There was no unanimity of support for the Maidan in Ukraine. And that is the plain and simple truth.

  100. Biff says:
    @Ron Unz

    I still read the print edition of the New York Times every morning, and lots of the stuff they publish is so totally ridiculous I don’t believe a single word of it,

    What’s it like to hobnob around within the public sphere that does believe it?

  101. Biff says:

    As fucked as America is, the rest of the world will go down with the US,

    More self-important delusions. America is an isolated little country that thinks it is the whole world. It is not. The empire is overstretched and it will eventually eat itself(just like every other empire) leaving the rest to fend for themselves(just like every other non-empire). A little planning goes a long way(I don’t keep money in U.S. dollars). Better days ahead, yet I’m still banking on one big fat asteroid to woke the future.

    • Replies: @anon
  102. Wait, is this satire or just straight up propaganda? The actual scum Russian allianced Ukrainians are the non-corrupt ones? Meanwhile trump’s son-in-law’s family pockets \$100 million from the Saudis in exchange for troops?

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  103. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Fack , Corvidus , what a couple of disgusting illiterate trolls that can not divide , that can not do basic arithmetics .

    Read the school basics morons ,don`t read complicate things that you can not understand . You are doing a very poor and counterproductive trolling work . What can you expect of people can can not do basic arithmetics , that do not have a mimimum level of culture , of sense of humor .

    Comrade ? , I am proamerican , pro west , what do you say , morons . You cram your borshst and your beans up your culo . With friends like you America does not need ennemies .

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  104. Frankie P says:

    So do you see the following factors as a slow chipping away at the hegemony of the corrupt”international”?: China’s refusal to allow the international banking syndicate a foothold in their growing economy, combined with their willingness and eagerness to buy oil from Iran (eventually perhaps Saudi Arabia) in Yuan or other currencies, the establishment of the AIIB, Russia, China and other countries promoting trade in their own currencies or goods (barter), these resistance countries seeking to establish a parallel international payment system to compete with (or escape) the SWIFT system. As the US swings wildly with sanctions against a myriad of nations, won’t those nations eventually find ways to trade and exchange in solidarity against the “international”? And as the economies of the developing countries grows along with their international clout, won’t it become increasingly clear that the current international financial system is a house of cards, with the debtor nations of the west unable to ever pay down their debt and less and less able to even service it?

    What then? WWIII?

  105. @Biff

    Well said. You could have added the mass murder that continues to go unpunished. The limits to our impunity remain elusive as ever.

  106. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    US, for better or worse, controls the fate of many countries moron. Its why vassal states have such a hard time breaking free from Uncle Sam. And I don’t think the locals will like the sight of a wealthy American in their midst while they are living like shit.

  107. @Denis

    Agree, nothing short of a French style revolution will fix the corruption of our entire political system.

  108. Mr. Hack says:

    It’s a strange world after all. 🙂

  109. Mr. Hack says:

    Would you buy a used car from these honest looking faces? How about a pack of lies fabricated on the fly? Even the dog in the background knows when to turn its back on these hooligans! 🙂 .

    • LOL: AP
    • Replies: @Avery
  110. Gyre07 says:

    For you to make any \$\$\$ at that you’d have to seriously reverse the stupification of the American public, 90% of whom couldn’t make it through this short article.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  111. @Gyre07

    You are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Population of all world is getting more and more sloppy, irresponsible, and just all stupid.
    How come all these I.Q. researchers do not notice that.
    There is only one explanation.
    They also are getting more and more sloppy irresponsible and just plain stupid.

    • Replies: @Anon
  112. Alfred says:

    Hello SheilaG

    The circumstantial evidence therefore ties Burisma through the Sofocleous firm to Kolomoisky.

    John Helmer begs to differ. I have a lot more faith in John than in the MSM. The fact is that every effort is being made to keep the name of Kolomoisky out of this affair.

    It is very difficult to determine true ownership due to the chain of companies involved – and the layers of lawyers and accountants on the boards of these companies and their domicile in offshore places.

    Personally, my money is on Kolomoisky. 🙂

  113. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Because the IQ researchers only care for the grants for their research and statistics which have to be done according to the ” scientific method ” ( wich will exclude common sense , evidence ) .Researches only care for grants and publications

    If some clinicians , or teachers , or any people , say what is obvious , just what you say , nobody in the management , academia , politics or media will pay any attention to them . And they can even be marginated or even punished for not following the ” scientific method ” , for being politically incorrect .

    Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat – “those whom God wishes to destroy he first drives them stupid ”

  114. Alfred says:

    Yatseniuk was head of the largest of the pro-Western parties long before Nuland came onto the scene. He had been leading Yanukovich in presidential polls prior to Maidan.

    This statement is entirely misleading. They banned all important opposition parties and they shut down all the media that did not support them. No less than 3 local TV stations in Kharkov alone.

    Banned political parties in Ukraine

    The fact is that the USA has been working for decades on undermining Ukraine and its economy.

    Personally, I believe – but I have no proof – that the Americans carried out the Chernobyl operation. There were 5 complexes of nuclear power stations in Ukraine at that time. Chernobyl was by far the closest to the Russian and Belarussian borders.

    Is that by chance? I don’t believe so.

    Gorbachev blamed Chernobyl for the collapse of confidence in the leadership of the Soviet Union so the CIA certainly had the means, opportunity and motivation.

    • Replies: @AP
  115. Avery says:
    @Mr. Hack

    {Would you buy a used car from these honest looking faces?}

    Well, don’t know about a used car, but who would buy a used country from this guy?

    Heil Hitler!
    Sieg Heil!

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @AP
  116. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Yes, she might be. I’m waiting to see what she posts that is actually on topic.

  117. Ron Unz says:

    {Would you buy a used car from these honest looking faces?}

    Well, don’t know about a used car, but who would buy a used country from this guy?…

    Heil Hitler!
    Sieg Heil!

    LOL. Well, my unfortunate impression is that just about everyone in Ukraine politics is a crook of one sort or another.

    But as various people have pointed out, the undeniable fact that the Jewish Neocons and the Jewish Oligarchs are such close allies of the Ukraine Neo-Nazis does tend to raise all sorts of dark suspicions about the “conventional narrative” of World War II…

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  118. @SmartGirl

    I would say that we are at least three generations past that point. Today, an Article V Convention would surely result in a total overturn of the Constitution, not of the government. The reason is that the media has such a stranglehold on so many Americans that whatever they announce as the result of such a convention would be meekly accepted by a majority of people.

    I think that a solution will be forced upon us soon enough.

  119. Corvinus says:

    “Fack , Corvidus , what a couple of disgusting illiterate trolls that can not divide , that can not do basic arithmetics .”

    I would the say the person who is illiterate here is you. Use spell check. And, no, I am not trolling, as I am a regular commentator here. You haven’t even attempted to refute anything I said. Do you need a primer on discourse?

    “I am proamerican , pro west…”

    It’s either-or, friend.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @bluedog
  120. Corvinus says:

    All you did here is provide a video link without the requisite context and analysis.

    Try again.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  121. Mr. Hack says:
    @Ron Unz

    But as various people have pointed out, the undeniable fact that the Jewish Neocons and the Jewish Oligarchs are such close allies of the Ukraine Neo-Nazis does tend to raise all sorts of dark suspicions about the “conventional narrative” of World War II…

    Don’t stop here and keep on going. I’m a big fan and read everything you put out (no matter how long it is). Your ideas about the Jewish neocons and Jewish oligarchs would be an interesting read…and rewriting WWII history to fit the narrative to boot? YOWZAH!

  122. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Corvidus , just divide : 112.000, 000.000 dollars ( ukro GDP ) among the ( official ) 42,000.000 ukranians , it gives a result of a yearly per capita income for ukranians of 2,666.6 dollars a year , not 8,670 dollars as you say . Stick to the figures , to the facts .

    Probably I speak more languages and seen more countries than you , you are the one who seems to be an illiterate de cojones , my friend .

    And your ” It’s either-or ” expression , and context , shows that you have difficulty integrating concepts , it is a white or black point of view which can not understand the grays . Christ said that either you are with me or against me , but only Christ could say that , I hope you don`t have a Messiah complex .

    Well , my friend , anyway it is interesting , and fun , those interchanges of opinions which are made possible by the magnificent and uncommon web of Unz ( and his patience with us )

    All the best , greetings .

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  123. JDCree says:

    Is any of this verifiable? Where did you get all this?
    It’s absolutely plausible to me, but I wonder how can I can get corroboration.

  124. Corvinus says:

    “Stick to the figures , to the facts”


    “Probably I speak more languages and seen more countries than you…”

    Probably not.

    “And your ” It’s either-or ” expression , and context , shows that you have difficulty integrating concepts”

    Actually, you are either pro-American or pro-West. Make a choice.

  125. Corvinus says:
    @Ron Unz

    “I still read the print edition of the New York Times every morning, and lots of the stuff they publish is so totally ridiculous I don’t believe a single word of it, especially about the Russiagate/Ukrainegate lunacy of the last couple of years.”

    No, it’s because YOU want to make it appear to be ridiculous in order to conform to your already preexisting notions. We all do it, just some more than others are smitten with their confirmation bias.

    Read Seth Abramson’s two books on the subject. Mr. Sailer clearly has perused that work. That is why he avoids substantially NOTICING that topic. Even he deep down knows Trump’s goose is cooked.

    “but I’d have to see he’s probably at least as reliable as anything published in the NYT or the rest of the American MSM…”

    Because that’s what you HAVE to say.

  126. Robjil says:

    She said it and she did it.

    5 billion is FED fiat money made out of nothing. So you are right that it is no big deal to Nuland, the FED and the Neocons. It is just grease for the palms to get this thing “glued together” – Nuland’s words.

    Ukraine is not an independent nation anymore, it is an ZUS overseas territory.

    It is a great ZUS spider web to keep our politicians on the ZUS party line.

    Trump is finding this out.

    She blessed the coup with these words – F–k the EU, she forgot to add F–k the USA, too.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  127. monkeydoo says:

    I could not have said it better. Superb summary. Send that everywhere!

  128. K. W. says:

    Fascinating theories, but nearly all of the allegations are unproven. E.g. I could find no open-source/public information that Oleksandr Danyliuk is wanted for arrest in the US.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  129. Mr. Hack says:
    @K. W.

    “Fascinating theories” or just crackpot ones to play to the Putinbot fruitcakes?…

  130. AP says:

    Yatseniuk was head of the largest of the pro-Western parties long before Nuland came onto the scene. He had been leading Yanukovich in presidential polls prior to Maidan.

    This statement is entirely misleading.

    No, every statement is true. The largest of the 3 pro-Western parties was led by Yatseniuk.

    And he was leading Yanukovich in the presidential polls.

    All this was before the Americans were caught on tape saying they preferred Yatsniuk to lead.

    And yet, the fact is that Poroshenko, rather than Yatseniuk, ended up leading the country.

    They banned all important opposition parties

    The banned the Communist Party. It was the only important opposition party. The other ones on your list had no more 1% support.

    they shut down all the media that did not support them.

    You do realize that many of Ukraine’s media companies are owned by pro-Russian politicians?

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @annamaria
  131. AP says:

    Look, Hillary is also a Nazi:

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  132. And not one mention of the name Victoria Nudleman ? And its not The Ukraine, just Ukraine, You dont say The Texas. Step it up a little Shamir

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Robjil
  133. @Corvinus

    I am not American and no Trump fan but even I can smell the stench of Democratic corruption and criminality. Only an idiot or a criminal would support that bunch of crooks. The fact is that the legitimate Ukrainian government was overthrown by a CIA coup (color-revolution). The fact is that Ukraine has the lowest wages in the EU after 30 years of Soros “intervention”and the highest rate of corruption despite George Soros “restructuring” the justice department (LOL) and appointing two (yes you heard that right) TWO anti-corruption bodies (LOL).

    The fact is all the democrat “kids” Bidden, Pelosi’s son and John Kerry’s kid were in the Ukraine and got good well paid jobs. And what about Uranium-1 etc. etc??

    I could go on but what do I know? I am just a foreigner. And you have got your head stuck up your ass.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  134. Mr. Hack says:

    I wouldn’t buy a used car from this looser either. But am I to understand that you would from either Shamir or Tsarev as depicted in in my comment #110? I’m not following your “LOL” reaction to my comment?

    • Replies: @AP
    , @Mr. Hack
  135. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    And its not The Ukraine….

    Did you change your name, just so you could make this stupid comment again? Maybe you’re also Bettine the Grammar Nazi. Sheesh.

  136. @Biff

    It is a war crime to “plunder” another countries natural resources according to several treaties signed by the US.

    Check out John Kiriakou’s article on this at Consortium News.

    • Agree: Robjil
  137. Dear Mr Israel Adam,
    i found out the Unz site because of your writings.
    let me share with you the following coincidences.
    may God bless you with health and longevity.

    +++ In the Name of the Holy Trinity, One God, amen.
    Genesis 8:8
    Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground.


    Genesis 8:21 
    And the Lord smelled a sweet savour; and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.

    Exodus 8:1
    And the Lord spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Let My people go, that they may serve Me.

    Psalm 8
    3 When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which Thou hast ordained;
    4 What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that Thou visitest him?

    Isaiah 64
    1 Oh that Thou wouldest rend the heavens, that Thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at Thy presence,
    8 But now, O Lord, Thou art our father; we are the clay, and Thou our potter; and we all are the work of Thy hand.
    9 Be not wroth very sore, O Lord, neither remember iniquity for ever: behold, see, we beseech Thee, we are all Thy people.

    Jeremiah 33
    2 Thus saith the Lord the maker thereof, the Lord that formed it, to establish it; the Lord is His name;
    3 Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
    8 And I will cleanse them from all their iniquity, whereby they have sinned against Me; and I will pardon all their iniquities, whereby they have sinned, and whereby they have transgressed against Me.

    Matthew 16:16 
    And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

    John 8
    31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him, If ye continue in My word, then are ye My disciples indeed;
    32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    Revelation 21:1
    And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

    33 = the # of years Our Savior and God lived on earth in the flesh
    21 = monthly day of Our Lady’s holiday
    16 = monthly day of Our Lady’s Covenant of Mercy (ኪዳነ ምሕረት) holiday
    64 = the # of years Our Lord’s mother lived on earth in the flesh
    8 = √64

    +  The Lord’s Day is also known as the “eighth day,” i.e. the day which will have “no need of sun or moon to shine upon it, for the glory of God is its light and its lamp is the Lamb” (Rev. 21: 23). The “eighth day” is a term which indicates the final age, when the new creation, already begun by the resurrection of Christ, will be fulfilled and completed; when the new world will be ushered in by the general resurrection.
    + Oxygen is the chemical element with atomic number 8. Diatomic oxygen gas constitutes 20.8% (almost 21!) of the Earth’s atmosphere. 
    + 64 and 33 come after the 21st decimal point of the number π – 3.1415926535897932384626433
    + There are 8 known planets in the Solar System under the current definition of planet.
    + The O.T. religious rite of circumcision is held on a baby boy’s 8th day of life.
    + The number of Beatitudes (አንቀጸ ብፁዓን) is 8.
    + There were 8 people on Noah’s Ark.
    + International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year.
    + In music, an octave (Latin: octavus – eighth) or perfect octave is the interval between one musical pitch and another with double its frequency. The octave relationship is a natural phenomenon that has been referred to as the “basic miracle of music”, the use of which is “common in most musical systems”. The interval between the first and second harmonics of the harmonic series is an octave.
    + In the late 1880s, piano manufacturer Steinway created the 88-key piano. Other manufacturers followed suit, and Steinway’s model has been the standard ever since.
    + The number 8 is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese and other Asian cultures. Property with the number 8 may be valued greatly by Chinese. For example, a Hong Kong number plate with the number 8 was sold for 640,000.
    + The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing started at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm (local time) on 8 August 2008. + 8 is also considered a lucky number in Japan.
    + Eight-ball pocket billiards is played with a cue ball and 15 numbered balls, the black ball numbered 8 being the middle and most important one, as the winner is the player or side that legally pockets it after first pocketing its numerical group of 7 object balls.
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    + The shape of a sideways figure eight infinity symbol  ∞  is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity.
    + 1776 (1+7+7+6=21) The Continental Congress ratifies the declaration by the United States of its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.
    + A 21-gun salute is the most commonly recognized of the customary gun salutes that are performed by the firing of cannons or artillery as a military honor.

    A.D. 640

    + July 6, 640 – Battle of Heliopolis: The Muslim Arab army (15,000 men) defeats the Byzantine forces near Heliopolis (Egypt).
    + December 22, 640 – On orders of the Saracen leader, Amar, the Serapeum of Alexandria, containing works that had survived the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, is burned down, along with its collection of 500,000 manuscripts.

    A.D. 800

    + December 25, 800 – Charlemagne, king of the Franks, is crowned Holy Roman Emperor as Charles I, with the title “Emperor of the Franks and the Lombards”. The coronation takes place during Mass at the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome, on Christmas Day. The Frankish Empire is formed in Western Europe.

    A.D. 833

    + 833 – Byzantine-Arab War: Emperor Theophilos signs an armistice for peace with the Abbasid Caliphate. He offers the caliph 100,000 gold dinars, in return for 7000 Byzantine prisoners.


    + The Christianization of Bulgaria begins: Boris I, ruler (khan) of the Bulgarian Empire, is converted to Orthodox Christianity. His family and high-ranking dignitaries accept the Orthodox faith at the capital, Pliska.
    + King Alfonso III conquers Porto from the Emirate of Cordoba. This is the end of the direct Muslim domination of the Douro region.


    + October 888 – Battle of Milazzo: the Aghlabids score a crushing victory over a Byzantine fleet off Sicily.


    + The Pisan and the Genoese republics launch a naval offensive against the Muslim strongholds of Sardinia, in particular Porto Torres, and defeat the fleet of the taifa king.

    + European warriors go to Spain, to participate in the siege of Barbastro. This expedition is sanctioned by Pope Alexander II – and is now regarded as an early form of Crusade.
    + The Seljuk Turks under Alp Arslan invade Anatolia, and capture Ani after a siege of 25-days. He sacks the city and slaughters its citizens.


    + February 19, 1600 – Huaynaputina volcano in Peru undergoes a catastrophic eruption, the worst to be recorded in South America.
    + April 19, 1600 – The first Dutch ship ever to arrive in Japan, the Liefde (“Love”), anchors in Sashifu, in the Bungo Province.
    + October 21, 1600 – Battle of Sekigahara in Japan: Tokugawa Ieyasu gains nominal control over the whole country.
    + December 31, 1600 – The East India Company is granted a Royal Charter in the Kingdom of England for trade with Asia.
    + 1600 – Sumo wrestling becomes a professional sport in Japan.
    + 1600 – William Shakespeare’s plays Henry IV, Part 2, Henry V, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing are published in London.


    + March 1616 – Action of 1616, La Goulette, Tunisia: A Spanish squadron under Francisco de Ribera defeats a Tunisian fleet.
    + September 15, 1616 – The first non-aristocratic, free public school in Europe is opened in Frascati, Italy.
    + November 30, 1616 – Cardinal Richelieu, Armand-Jean du Plessis, is named French Secretary of State by young king Louis XIII. Richelieu will change France into a unified centralised state, able to resist both England and the Habsburg Empire.
    + 1616 – Anti-Christian persecutions break out in Nanking, China, and Nagasaki, Japan. The Jesuit-lead Christian community in Japan at this time is over 3,000,000 strong.


    + January 26, 1788 – Australia Day: Eleven ships led by Captain Arthur Phillip land at Sydney Cove (which will become Sydney), Australia.
    + March 21, 1788 – The Great New Orleans Fire kills 25% of the population and destroys 856 buildings, including St. Louis Cathedral and The Cabildo, leaving most of the town in ruins.
    + June 7, 1788 – France: Day of the Tiles, which some consider the beginning of the French Revolution.
    + August 8, 1788 – King Louis XVI of France agrees to convene the Estates-General meeting in May 1789, the first time since 1614.
    + October, 1788 – King George III of the United Kingdom becomes deranged.
    + November 25, 1788 – Fifty consecutive days of temperatures below freezing strike France, a record that would be unbroken more than 200 years later.


    + April 24, 1800 – The U.S. Library of Congress is founded in Washington, D.C.


    + January 1, 1808 – The importation of slaves into the United States is banned.
    + March 1, 1808 – The slave trade is abolished by the United Kingdom in all of its colonies.


    + April 4, 1818 – The United States Congress adopts the flag of the United States.
    + October 20, 1818 – A treaty between the U.S. and the United Kingdom establishes the boundary between the U.S. and British North America as the 49th parallel.
    + December 3, 1818 – Illinois is admitted as the 21st U.S. state.
    + December 24, 1818 – The Christmas carol “Silent Night” (Stille Nacht) is first performed at St. Nikolaus Parish Church, in Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria.


    + March 25, 1821 – the beginning of the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.
    + December 15, 1821 – The world’s first geographical society, the Société de géographie, is established in Paris.


    + April 18, 1833 – Over 300 delegates from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland travel to the office of the Prime Minister, the Earl Grey, to call for the immediate abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire.
    + August 1, 1833 – The British Parliament passes the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, ultimately giving slaves in much of the British Empire their freedom.
    + November 25, 1833 – A major 8.7 earthquake strikes Sumatra.


    + April 22, 1864 – The United States Congress passes the Coinage Act of 1864, which mandates that the inscription In God We Trust be placed on all coins minted as United States currency.
    + August 22, 1864 (በዓለ ፍልሰታ ለእግዝእትነ) – The First Geneva Convention, for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Armies in the Field, is signed in Geneva by 12 European states, under the auspices of the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded (predecessor of the International Red Cross Movement).


    + January 13, 1888 – The National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C.
    + August 5, 1888 – Bertha Benz arrives in Pforzheim having driven 40 miles (64 km) from Mannheim in a car manufactured by her husband Karl Benz, thus completing the first “long-distance” drive in the history of the automobile.
    + August 10,1888 – Dr Friedrich Hermann Wölfert’s motorised airship successfully completes the world’s first engine-driven flight, from Cannstatt to Kornwestheim in Germany.
    + October 14, 1888
    – Louis Le Prince films the first motion picture in Leeds, England, two seconds and 18 frames in length.
    – Battle of Guté Dili: Seeking to extend Mahdist control over what is now southwestern Ethiopia, governor Khalil al-Khuzani is routed by an alliance of Shewan forces, under Ras Gobana Dacche and Moroda Bekere, ruler of Leqa Naqamte. Only a handful, including Khalil, barely manage to flee the battlefield.

    (Yekatit 23, 1888 Ethiopian cal.)
    + Emperor Menelik fought to defend Ethiopia’s independence against Italy in 1896 (1888 Ethiopian calendar), led the Ethiopian Army to a decisive victory against the Italians, which ensured an independent Ethiopia.


    + August 8, 1908 – Wilbur Wright flies in France for the first time, demonstrating true controlled powered flight in Europe.
    + September 27, 1908 – Henry Ford produces his first Model T automobile.
    + May 26, 1908 – At Masjed Soleyman in southwest Persia, the first major commercial oil discovery in the Middle East is made. The rights to the resource are quickly acquired by the United Kingdom.
    + July 3, 1908 – Young Turk Revolution in the Ottoman Empire begins.
    + December 28, 1908 – The 7.1 Mw  Messina earthquake shakes Southern Italy with a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme), killing between 75,000 and 200,000.


    + May 16, 1916 – Britain and France conclude the secret Sykes–Picot Agreement, which is to divide Arab areas of the Ottoman Empire, following the conclusion of WWI.
    + July 1–November 18, 1916 – WWI: Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Albert: More than one million soldiers die.
    + August 25, 1916 – U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signs legislation, creating the National Park Service.
    + September 27, 1916 – Iyasu V of Ethiopia is deposed in a palace coup, in favour of his aunt Zewditu.
    + October 16, 1916 – Margaret Sanger opens the first U.S. birth control clinic, a forerunner of Planned Parenthood.
    + October 27, 1916 – Battle of Segale: Negus Mikael of Wollo, marching on the Ethiopian capital in support of his son Emperor Iyasu V, is defeated by Fitawrari Habte Giyorgis, securing the throne for Empress Zewditu.
    + November 1, 1916
    – Pavel Milyukov delivers his “stupidity or treason” speech in the Russian State Duma, precipitating the downfall of the Boris Stürmer government.
    – The first 40-hour work week officially begins, in the Endicott-Johnson factories of Western New York.
    + December 30, 1916 – The mystic Grigori Rasputin is murdered in Saint Petersburg.


    + January 8, 1918 – Woodrow Wilson delivers his Fourteen Points speech.
    + June – August, 1918 – The “Spanish ‘flu” becomes pandemic. Over 30 million people die in the following 6 months.
    + July 17, 1918 – Execution of the Romanov family: By order of the Bolshevik Party, and carried out by the Cheka.
    + September 3, 1918 – The Bolshevik government of Russia publishes the first official announcement of the Red Terror as an “Appeal to the Working Class” in the newspaper Izvestia.
    + September 25, 1918 – WWI:The Battle of Megiddo ends with the Battle of Haifa, Battle of Samakh, and Capture of Tiberias.
    + November 11, 1918 – End of WWI: Germany signs an armistice agreement with the Allies.


    + February 12, 1921 – The Democratic Republic of Georgia is invaded by forces of Bolshevist Russia.
    + July 1, 1921 – The Communist Party of China (CPC) is founded.
    + July 29, 1921 – Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of the Nazi Party.
    + November 9, 1921
    – The National Fascist Party is founded in Italy.
    – Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, for his work with the photoelectric effect.
    + July 27, 1921– Researchers at the University of Toronto, led by biochemist Frederick Banting, announce the discovery of the hormone insulin.
    + December 6, 1921 – The Anglo-Irish Treaty establishing the Irish Free State, an independent nation incorporating 26 of Ireland’s 32 counties, is signed in London.


    + February 8, 1928 – Scottish inventor John Logie Baird broadcasts a transatlantic television signal from London to Hartsdale, New York.
    + August 2, 1928 – Italy and Ethiopia sign the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty.
    + August 27, 1928 – The Kellogg–Briand Pact is signed in Paris, the first treaty to outlaw aggressive war.
    + Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming recounted that the date of his discovery of penicillin was on the morning of Friday 28 Sept. 1928.


    + January 15–March 2,1933 – A teenage girl, Mariette Beco, in Banneux, Belgium, reports eight Marian apparitions, which become known as Our Lady of Banneux.
    + January 30, 1933 – Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany.
    + October 17,1933 – Scientist Albert Einstein arrives in the United States, where he settles permanently as a refugee.
    + November 8, 1933 – New Deal: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt unveils the Civil Works Administration, an organization designed to create jobs for more than 4 million of the unemployed.
    + November 16, 1933 – The United States and the Soviet Union establish formal diplomatic relations.
    + December 15,1933 – The 21st Amendment officially goes into effect, making alcohol legal in the United States.


    + April 16, 1938 – London and Rome sign an agreement that sees Britain recognise Italian control of Ethiopia (formally on November 16), in return for an Italian pledge to withdraw all its 10,000 troops from Spain, at the conclusion of the civil war there.
    + May 28, 1938 – In a conference at the Reich Chancellery, Hitler declares his decision to destroy Czechoslovakia by military force, and orders the immediate mobilization of 96 Wehrmacht divisions.
    + October 1, 1938 – German troops march into the Sudetenland. The Polish government gives the Czech government an ultimatum, the Czechs have little choice but to comply.
    + October 21, 1938 – In direct contravention of the recently signed Munich Agreement, Hitler circulates among his high command a secret memorandum stating that they should prepare for the “liquidation of the rest of Czechoslovakia.”
    + December 17, 1938 – Otto Hahn discovers the nuclear fission of uranium, the scientific and technological basis of nuclear power, which marks the beginning of the Atomic Age.


    + April 3, 1948 – United States President Harry S. Truman signs the Marshall Plan, which authorizes \$5 billion in aid for 16 countries.
    + May 14, 1948 – The Israeli Declaration of Independence is made.
    + July 13, 1948 – The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Churches reach an agreement, leading to the promotion of the Ethiopian church to the rank of an autocephalous Patriarchate. Five bishops are immediately consecrated by the Patriarch of Alexandria, and the successor to Abuna Qerellos IV is granted the power to consecrate new bishops, who are empowered to elect a new Patriarch for their church.
    + August 23, 1948 – The World Council of Churches is established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    + October 6, 1948 – Ashgabat earthquake: A 7.3 Ms earthquake near Ashgabat, Soviet Turkmenistan kills 10,000–110,000.
    + December 10, 1948 – The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


    + January 8, 1958 – Bobby Fischer, 14, wins the United States Chess Championship.
    + January 31, 1958 – The first successful American satellite, Explorer 1, is launched into orbit.
    + April 3, 1958 – Castro’s revolutionary army begins its attacks on Havana.
    + April 4 – 7, 1958 – In the first protest march for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament from Hyde Park, London to Aldermaston, Berkshire, demonstrators demand the banning of nuclear weapons.
    + July 29, 1958 – The U.S. Congress formally creates the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
    + September 12, 1958 – Jack Kilby (born on Nov. 8) invents the first integrated circuit, while working at Texas Instruments.
    + October 4, 1958
    – The new Constitution of France is signed into law, establishing the French Fifth Republic.
    – British Overseas Airways Corp becomes the first airline to fly jet passenger services across the Atlantic.
    + December 18, 1958 – The United States launches SCORE, the world’s first communications satellite.


    + January 8, 1964 – In his first State of the Union Address, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson declares a “War on Poverty”.
    + January 18, 1964 – Plans to build the New York City World Trade Center are announced.
    + March 27, 1964 (Good Friday) – The Great Alaskan earthquake, the second-most powerful known (and the most powerful earthquake recorded in North American history) at a magnitude of 9.2.
    + July 2, 1964 – President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law, officially abolishing racial segregation in the United States.
    + October 14, 1964 – Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance. 
    + October 21, 1964 – Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia) became the first person to win the Olympic marathon twice. He finished with a time of four minutes and eight seconds ahead of silver medalist Basil Heatley of Great Britain. Heatley, wearing #8, managed to stay close to Japan’s Kokichi Tsuburaya and passed Tsuburaya shortly before the finish line to win the silver medal.


    + January 30, 1968 – Vietnam War: The Tet Offensive begins, as Viet Cong forces launch a series of surprise attacks across South Vietnam.
    + March 18, 1968 – Gold standard: The United States Congress repeals the requirement for a gold reserve to back U.S. currency.
    + March 30, 1968 – Paradiso in Amsterdam opened its doors under the name ‘Cosmic Relaxation Centre Paradiso.’ It is housed in a converted former church building that was used until 1965 as the meeting hall for a liberal Dutch religious group known as the Free Congregation.
    + April 4, 1968 – Martin Luther King Jr. is shot dead in Memphis, Tenn.
    + April 11, 1968 – U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968.
    + June 5, 1968 – U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, dies the next day.
    + .August 20–21, 1968 – Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia: The ‘Prague Spring’ of political liberalization ends.
    + August 24, 1968 – France explodes its first hydrogen bomb in a test in French Polynesia.
    + December 24, 1968 – Apollo program: The manned U.S. spacecraft Apollo 8 enters orbit around the Moon. Astronauts become the first humans to see the far side of the Moon and planet Earth as a whole, as well as having traveled further away from Earth than any people in history. Anders photographs Earthrise. The crew also reads from Genesis.


    + February 27, 1978 – The first global positioning satellite, the Rockwell International-built Navstar 1, is launched by the United States.
    + March 3, 1978 – Ethiopia admits that its troops are fighting with the aid of Cuban soldiers against Somalian troops in the Ogaden.
    + March 15, 1978 – Somalia and Ethiopia sign a truce to end the Ethio-Somali War.
    + June 30, 1978 – Ethiopia begins a massive offensive in Eritrea.
    + Sep. 16, 1978 – The 7.4 Mw Tabas earthquake affects the city of Tabas, Iran with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent). At least 15,000 people were killed.
    + September 17, 1978 – The Camp David Accords are signed between Israel and Egypt.
    + September 28, 1978 – Pope John Paul I dies after only 33 days of papacy.
    + October 8, 1978 – Australia’s Ken Warby sets the current world water speed record of 318 mph.
    + October 16, 1978 – Pope John Paul II succeeds Pope John Paul I as the 264th pope, resulting in the first Year of Three Popes since 1605. He is the first Polish pope in history, and the first non-Italian pope since the 16 century.
    + December 22, 1978 – The pivotal Third Plenum of the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is held in Beijing, with Deng Xiaoping reversing Mao-era policies to pursue a program for Chinese economic reform.
    + December 25, 1978 – Vietnam launches a major offensive against the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia.


    + February 15, 1988 – General Tariku Ayne, who had been absent from Afabet for medical treatment, was executed outside of Asmara. The death of one of Ethiopia’s most prominent generals surprised even the EPLF.
    + March 17-20,1988 – The Battle of Afabet was fought in and around the town of Afabet, a major turning point in the Eritrean War of Independence.
    + December 21, 1988 – Pan Am Flight 103, a Boeing 747–121, was destroyed by a terrorist bomb over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland.
    + The concept of the World Wide Web was first discussed at CERN in 1988.
    + The Soviet Union began its major restructuring towards a mixed economy at the beginning of 1988 and began its gradual dissolution.
    + The Iron Curtain began to disintegrate in 1988 as Hungary began allowing freer travel to the West.

    (Ginbot 8, 1981 Ethiopian calendar)
    + The 1989 Ethiopian coup d’état attempt took place on May 16, 1989. The Minister of Defense, Haile Giyorgis Habte Mariam, was killed after refusing to join the revolt. 21 generals were killed or executed as a result of this failed coup.

    (Dec. 8, 1991)
    + The Belovezha Accords forming the agreement that declared the USSR as effectively ceasing to exist signed on December 8, 1991.


    + January 8, 1998 – Ramzi Yousef is sentenced to life in prison for planning the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.
    + May 28, 1998 – In response to a series of Indian nuclear tests, Pakistan explodes five nuclear devices of its own.
    + July 17, 1998
    – At a conference in Rome, 120 countries vote to create a permanent International Criminal Court to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression.
    – In Saint Petersburg, Nicholas II of Russia and his family are buried in St. Catherine Chapel, 80 years after he and his family were killed by the Lenin-led Bolsheviks in 1918.
    + August 4, 1998 – The Second Congo War begins; 5.4 million people die before it ends in 2003, making it the bloodiest war, to date, since World War II.


    + January 21, 2008 – Stock markets around the world plunge amid growing fears of a U.S. recession, fueled by the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis.
    + February 4, 2008 – Iran opens its first space center and launches a rocket into space.
    + May 12, 2008 – An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the moment magnitude scale strikes Sichuan, China, killing an estimated 87,000 people.
    + August 2008 – The Russo-Georgian War took place, regarded as the first European war of the 21st century.
    + August 8, 2008 – A EuroCity express train en route from Kraków to Prague strikes a part of a motorway bridge that had fallen onto the railroad track and derails, killing eight people and injuring 64 others.
    + November 4, 2008 – Senator Barack Obama is elected the 44th President of the United States, becoming the first black president.
    + November 26–29, 2008 – Members of Lashkar-e-Taiba carry out four days of coordinated bombing and shooting attacks across Mumbai, killing 164 people.


    + February 12, 2016 – Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill sign an Ecumenical Declaration in the first such meeting between leaders of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches since their schism in 1054.
    + March 21, 2016 – Barack Obama visits Cuba, marking the first time a sitting US president has visited the island nation since 1928.
    + June 1, 2016 – The Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest railway tunnel, is opened following two decades of construction work.
    + July 14, 2016 – 86 people are killed and more than 400 others injured in a truck attack in Nice, France, during Bastille Day celebrations.
    + December 25, 2016 – jetliner of the Russian Defence Ministry crashes into the Black Sea shortly after taking off from Sochi while en route to Syria. All 92 people on board, including 64 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble choir of the Russian Armed Forces, are killed.


    + March 18, 2018 – In the Russian presidential election, Vladimir Putin is elected for a fourth term.
    + April 27, 2018 – Kim Jong-un crosses into South Korea to meet with President Moon Jae-in, becoming the first North Korean leader to cross the Demilitarized Zone since its creation in 1953.
    + June 12, 2018 – the first summit between a United States President and the North Korean leader is held.
    + July 9, 2018 – Eritrea and Ethiopia officially declare an end to their twenty-year conflict.
    + Oct. 20, 2018 – President Trump announces that the US will “terminate” the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty over alleged Russian violations.
    + November 8, 2018 – The Camp Fire ignites, becomes California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire, with 88 deaths and 18,804 buildings destroyed.

  138. Robjil says:

    “Yats is the guy” was Nuland’s calling card for the Neo-notsee thugs to do their job on 2.22.14.

    Would the Neo-notsee thugs do their job if Nuland’s said — “Porky is the guy”?

    Nuland had to “glue this “thing” to together”.

    Nuland blessed the coup with “F–k the EU”. Under her breathe she most “likely” said “F–k the USA” also.

    Nuland is smiling from ear to ear now with Gen. Vindman doing his job with this Overseas ZUS territory.

    • Replies: @AP
  139. Robjil says:

    The United States, The Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, etc.

    Saying “The” is not a sin.

    The Borderlands is what the Ukraine means in Slavic Languages.

    A native Slavic speaker would say “The” for the Ukraine for this reason.

    It is nothing personal or a “sin”.

    • Replies: @AP
  140. AP says:
    @Mr. Hack

    I’m not following your “LOL” reaction to my comment?

    It was a very funny comment. They do look like sketchy used car salesmen.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  141. AP says:

    The United States, The Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, etc.

    OTOH, it is not the Denmark or the Switzerland.

    A native Slavic speaker would say “The” for the Ukraine for this reason.

    There aren’t articles in Slavic languages.

  142. AP says:

    “Yats is the guy” was Nuland’s calling card

    And despite that, the guy never became president but had to settle for PM (a much less powerful position in Ukraine) which is what he would have done no matter what if the pro-western parties came to power because he was already head of the largest pro-western party in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  143. annamaria says:

    “Ukraine is not an independent nation anymore, it is a ZUS overseas territory.”

    — Please ponder on this fact-based statement. … Ponder again.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  144. Robjil says:

    The focus of Nuland was the “eyes on the prize”. She wanted Ukraine as an overseas ZUS territory. She got it. “Yats is the guy” was just one of the many things she said in the conversation with Pyatt.

    You also wouldn’t know that much of the Nuland-Pyatt conversation focused on how they were going to “glue this thing” or “midwife this thing,” comments sounding like prima facie evidence that the U.S. government was engaged in “regime change” in Ukraine, on Russia’s border.

    In English, we use “the”. A Slavic speaker may not use “the” in Slavic languages. In English, we do use “the” for the borders, the low lands, the states, etc. A Slavic speaker knowing what Ukraine means would say The Borderlands for the Ukraine. It is not a grave sin.

  145. Mr. Hack says:
    @Mr. Hack

    I thought that you might be casting some aspersion on that commment, glad you found it to be funny.

    I was hoping to get your opinion on what I find to be one of the weakest points that our two clowns try to peddle within this piece. That supposedly acting Ukrainian president Turchynov hired Audrius Butkivicius to come to Kyiv and assasinate 100 Ukrainian Maydan protesters? I couldn’t find anything at all to substantiate this assertion. As I recall, Turchynov was a bible thumping Evangelical Christian of sorts, a Christian preacher, who also happened to be a Ukrainian patriot too. The whole thing smacks of too much vodka and Baltic sprats to me…

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  146. Mr. Hack says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Comment #144 addressed to AP.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  147. @annamaria

    The same can be said about the ZUS!

  148. Mr. Hack says:
    @Mr. Hack

    #146 not #144 addresssed to AP. Drat, not enough coffee yet, where are my reading glasses? 🙂

  149. The US military is innundated with JEW UKRAINIANS and Leprechaun boobs and old stocker sonofabitches smelling loot and power from the overseas antics of the rancid American Empire.

    Frank Lautenberg was a JEW US Senator who dishonestly dragged a huge amount of Soviet Jews back to the USA. The USA should never have allowed even one single JEW to infiltrate the USA from anywhere after WWII, and especially from any area or territory controlled by the Soviets. The JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire has lost any and all credibility. The JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire must be removed from power.

    Alexander Vindman is a JEW from the Ukraine who attacked the USA by falsely accusing Trump of a deal that was written out in a transcript.

    The evil shyster rats who control the media are a lot like this US military dirtbag Alexander Vindman.

    Max Boot and Alexander Vindman are JEWS from that part of the world who want to keep their anti-Christian nonsense going on in the USA.

    Get Out Of My Country Now! Dammit!

    • Replies: @Bazinga
  150. Corvinus says:

    “5 billion is FED fiat money made out of nothing.”

    I do see the point that our currency, as well as the world’s money supply, is based upon an illusion. But we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. That’s the way of the our current global economy.

    “Ukraine is not an independent nation anymore, it is an ZUS overseas territory.”

    According to Who/Whom?

    “Trump is finding this out.”

    Except he has Jews in his administration who is doing Israel’s bidding, right? So he’s not really “finding out”.

    “She blessed the coup with these words – F–k the EU, she forgot to add F–k the USA, too.”

    Except it wasn’t a coup.

  151. Robjil says:

    Everyone knows it was coup except for you. You are in denial.

    US coups in Latin America often used the military.

    Coups don’t have to involve army tanks occupying the public squares, although that is an alternative model which follows many of the same initial steps except that the military is brought in at the end. The military coup was a common approach especially in Latin America in the 1960s and 1970s.

    The preferred method these days is the “color” revolution. Ukraine was a recent victim to this.

    But the preferred method in more recent years has been the “color revolution,” which operates behind the façade of a “peaceful” popular uprising and international pressure on the targeted leader to show restraint until it’s too late to stop the coup. Despite the restraint, the leader is still accused of gross human rights violations, all the better to justify his removal.

    This Ukraine coup woke me. I fell for the war on terror stuff. I couldn’t figure why the US was in Ukraine since we “really” had so many problems with “terror” and the Middle East. Nuland added the Neo-Nazi thug theme to her witches brew. That really woke me up to another level. Nuland, a Jewish American, does not even believe in the Big 6. She revived Nazism in a large European nation in the 21st century. Obviously, she does not believe in it. Then why should anyone else believe it anymore too.

    Soon after that, I looked into nine eleven. That was an Israel first game too. Thanks to Nuland, a lot of people woke in the last five years.

    This refusal to notice what was actually a remarkable story – the willful unleashing of Nazi storm troopers on a European population for the first time since World War II – reached absurd levels as The New York Times and The Washington Post buried references to the neo-Nazis at the end of stories, almost as afterthoughts.

    The Washington Post went to the extreme of rationalizing Swastikas and other Nazi symbols by quoting one militia commander as calling them “romantic” gestures by impressionable young men. [See’s “Ukraine’s ‘Romantic’ Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers.”]

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  152. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    All this corruption and evil, but you know damn well Trumptard white trash will still point the finger at Asians, Muslims, Mexicans before he can even muster the courage or the brains to call out the Zionist kikes fucking him up the ass. Keep on overdosing on opiates, you surely won’t be missed white trash.

  153. Bazinga says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    French intelligence is concerned by all the Chinese women marrying sailors in the port where they dock their nuclear subs. Look at Ilhan Omar in the US. 85% of Somali refugee claims are fraudulent. Her family participated in genocide. Yet she sits in Congress.

  154. @secondElijah

    Chapeau, you have quite a clear view of what is going on in in these issues.

    Don ‘t however waste your time or energy on this brainless fool Corvinus.

    AJM “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz performer.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  155. Mr. Hack says:

    Why so hard on Corvinus? Although some of his views may not follow the heard mentality often exhibited here, he seems reasonable and always is willing to defend his views. Listening to some hot Eddie Palmieri this morning, specifically his “listen here’ album, what a gem! If you follow the man and his music and you could recommend some other of his albums, please do, his output is outrageously long (I realize that he’s been around for a while).

  156. Corvinus says:

    “Everyone knows it was coup except for you. You are in denial.”

    Not everyone.

    “Soon after that, I looked into nine eleven. That was an Israel first game too.”

    I see your back to your blame the Jew fetish.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @annamaria
    , @annamaria
  157. Robjil says:

    Real facts not blame.

    So many facts to point to Israel firsters as the main culprits for nine eleven.

    Christopher Bollyn and Laurent Guyenot both have a lot evidence of this.

    What happened after nine eleven points to Israel first games.

    2003 attack on Iraq started on Purim

    2011 attack on Libya started on Purim.

    Even nine eleven was on a Jewish Holiday.

    It was Elul 23: The dove is sent a second time, and returns with an olive leaf in its beak.

    All planes grounded in the US on that day for two days.

    Elul 25- two days later is the first day of creation. All the planes in the US came back in service.

    This coup in Ukraine is a Zion first thing too.

    Porky was half Jewish. He had a Jewish Prime Minister.

    Zeli is half Jewish on his mother’s side. So, he is considered Jewish. His Prime Minister is the same Jewish guy from Porky’s time,

    ZUS Ukraine is the only nation in the world outside Israel that has a Jewish President and a Jewish Prime Minister. The Zion Ukraine does not trust even Shabbos goys to have the puppet job at top in their new territory.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @secondElijah
  158. annamaria says:

    “Except it wasn’t a coup.”

    — Only a loyal reader/listener of MSM can expose such naivete and ignorance.

    Chronology of the Ukrainian Coup: ttps://

    At about the same time Nuland was wooing fascist extremists, Sen. John McCain (R-Az) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D- Conn) shared the stage in Kiev with Tyahnybok offering their support and opposition to the sitting government.

    How and Why the US Government Perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine:

    The 27 January 2014 phone-conversation between her [Nuland-Kagan] and America’s Ambassador in Ukraine, Jeffrey Pyatt was a particularly seminal event. … Nuland famously said, on that call “Fuck the EU,” and she instructed Pyatt to choose instead the rabidly anti-Russian, and far-right, Arseniy Yatsenyuk. This key event occurred 24 days before Ukraine’s President Victor Yanukovych was overthrown on February 20th, and 30 days before the new person to head Ukraine’s Government, Yatsenyuk, became officially appointed to rule the now clearly fascist country. He won that official designation on February 26th. However, this was only a formality: Obama’s agent had already chosen him, on January 27th.

    2014 Ukraine coup:

    The western commercially-controlled media was full of the wrath of the righteous, pompous demonization of Russia with little reflection that the US-UK-NATO might have clandestine purposes. … A leaked telephone call between Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt complicates the construction of a half-way credible Official Narrative, as does the leaked telephone conversation between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Peat and EU foreign affairs spokeswoman Catherine Ashton …

    …George Friedman, founder and CEO of Stratfor, said of the overthrow of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych that occurred on February 22nd of 2014: “It really was the most blatant coup in history.” …

    The Jewish population of Ukraine numbers 65,000 which is about 0.28% of the total. In spite of that minuscule proportion, uber-wealthy oligarchs have, since the demise of the Soviet Union, dominated the politics of Ukraine and they are overwhelmingly of Jewish lineage.

    Operation Gladio/B:

    U.S. Intelligence Officials have worked with Ukrainian Nationalists and Neo-Nazi Far-Right militia including the Ukranian National Assembly, Right Sektor, and the Svoboda party. The groups are suspected of playing a decisive role in the false flag sniper attacks in which they could be seen shooting both supporting demonstrators and policemen causing destabilization that led to the collapse of the elected Ukrainian government.

    • Agree: Robjil, bluedog
  159. @Robjil

    Thanks for this info. Will a copy and place it on my website

    • Agree: Robjil
  160. annamaria says:

    “The Terrorists Among US — Azov Battalion and American Congressional Support:”

    “I saw what Ukrainian Army did to Mariupol citizens on the 9 of May. … People with Ukrainian flags and stripes on their sleeves opened fire on defenseless people. The people they shot were mostly elderly. This was at the Memorial Day to commemorate Mariupol’s Liberation from the Nazis. …”

    “Battalions like “Azov” are especially fierce and brutal. They kill people, ruin their houses, steal everything from household appliances to clothes and jewelry. We don’t go out in the evenings. The streets are almost empty. I am afraid even at home because soldiers can break into citizens’ houses at any time they want. They have permission to do it from the Ukrainian government.” …

    The obvious point is Azov battalion is a symptom of a much deeper problem in the US and Ukraine.. … Any Congressman who supports this is showing their hand and that they are against American Democracy just as the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America (UCCA) was set up to be.

    All funding to Ukraine needs to be put in check until the lobby groups with ties to Ukraine’s volunteer armies and Congressional junkets and PAC donations are investigated. This should be done everywhere a new Color Revolution pops up.

    Odessa massacre:

    Radicals set the building with innocent people inside on fire in Odessa, then strangled the survivors and finished them with bats, while police did nothing to prevent the bloodshed.

    Ukrainian cowards and murderers:
    “America’s Collusion With Neo-Nazis:”

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  161. Why single out Dems? Corrupt operators of all political persuasions are plundering Ukraine hand over fist. Non-corrupt actors avoid Ukraine like a plague: it is like shit, dirties anyone who touches it. IMF and EU do their level best to facilitate this plunder: they demand the laws that would allow the sale of timber and land. In fact, timber was exported illegally for years now, Ukraine lost about half of its forests already. IMF is preparing to demand the sale of Ukrainian railways and ports. Considering current state of these assets (acknowledged even by Ukrainian infrastructure minister), everything will go at fire sale prices. So, “democratizers” do in Ukraine what they always do everywhere: steal everything they can and ruin whatever they cannot steal.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  162. @Mr. Hack

    True that Mr Hack. Yet we the people again seem satisfied to argue the minutiae rather than recognise how we are constantly played. The behaviour of lies and deceit coming from political figures is the same as that of a child, so call it what it is or get played.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  163. @AnonFromTN

    An additional vignette showing how “business” is done in Ukraine. Recently Ukrainian development minister Timofiy Milovanov said that since 1991 state-owned land in Ukraine contracted by ~50% (from 1.3 million hectares to ~600-700,000 hectares), with the rest being stolen via various schemes.

  164. Mr. Hack says:
    @Cleos bowl

    And Tsarev and his promoter Shamir aren’t political figures playing everybody who reads this crummy bit of journalism? Do a fact check on anything that is written herein…

    • Replies: @annamaria
  165. @annamaria

    “All funding to Ukraine needs to be put in check…”

    …until Vickie Nuland can stand with both feet on the ground and piss over a 5 strand barbed wire fence. There. I like that idea better.

  166. @Corvinus

    You do yourself no service endlessly distorting reality in the interests of Power.

    Reading your comments one after the other this afternoon I was reminded of an excerpt from “Mein Kampf” where Hitler perfectly summed up the dishonest conversational practices of people like you. I’d like to share it:

    “The more I argued with them, the more I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes, which if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know what you were talking about.

    Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

    Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck.

    I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.”

    Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Ch 3.

    You sir, are “the jelly-like slime” he was referring to.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Poco
  167. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    It seems that you have been trying to defend the loose Banderites and ziocons alike. Your country of Ukraine has been made, figuratively speaking, into a “woman of ill repute.” Instead of grieving or protesting you amuse yourself by smearing the messengers, Tsarev and Shamir.

    Why don’t you give a thought to this statement? — “…since 1991 state-owned land in Ukraine contracted by ~50%, with the rest being stolen via various schemes.” Ukrainian land has been primed for grand robbery – “Ukraine’s Ban on Selling Farmland Is Choking the Economy:”

    Here is more: Comment section:

    By December of 2017, some 4.4 million Ukrainians fled to Russia and 600.000 applied for Russian citizenship. … Zelensky is between two fires. On the one hand, he is facing an impoverished population, while on the other hand, he is also facing the neo-Nazis, supported by oligarchs. Neither side can back down. This means we have a perfect catalyst for mass social unrest, leading to the break up of the country into three parts, as predicted by analysts during the past few years, and something that will most probably happen.

    Still worshiping Chalupa and her zionist connections?

    Alperovitch’s relationship with Andrea Chalupa’s efforts and Ukrainian intelligence groups is where things really heat up. Noted above she works with and which is the outlet for Ukrainian state-sponsored hackers. When you look at Dimitri Alperovitch’s twitter relationships, you have to ask why the CEO of a \$150 million company like Crowdstrike follows Ukrainian InformNapalm and its hackers individually. There is a mutual relationship. … The hackers are funded and directed by or through the same OUNb [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists] channels that Alperovitch is working for and with to promote the story of Russian hacking.

    When you look at the image for the hacking group in the Euromaidan press article, one of the hackers identifies themselves as one of Dimitri Yarosh’s Pravy Sektor members by the Pravy Sektor sweatshirt they have on. Noted above, Pravy Sektor admitted to killing the people at the Maidan protest…

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Mr. Hack
  168. Corvinus says:
    @Stephan Williams

    Ah, yes, yet another Holocaust Denier comes out of the woodwork spouting off Mein Kampf. Praytell, are there Jews in your closet and under your bed?

  169. Poco says:
    @Stephan Williams

    He is a profoundly intellectually dishonest individual.

  170. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    CHALUPA, in her own words, starts at 16:10, implicates DNC, DWS, VP Joe Biden, et al. This is jusst beginning to unfold.

    @AlexandraChalup, In Her Own Words + Chilean Protests & Argentinian Elections w/ Stephen Lendman

  171. Begemot says:


    This is two words, not one.

    You illustrate your critic’s point that your arguments are bad by throwing up a smoke screen you hope will distract your audience by bringing up something unrelated, in this case the bloody shirt of anti-semitism. Well, at least in this case you responded to your critic. I’ve noted that often you ignore good points against you by pretending the points haven’t been made.

    You’re not very good at this, you know.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  172. Mr. Hack says:

    Show me, where exactly have I defended either Banderites or Ziocons? I have neither the time, nor desire to engage in any discussion of your own private conspiracy theories or other paranoiac theatrical fantasies. So far, at this thread, I’ve only limited my comments to the veracity of the opinions of Shamir and Tsarev. Obviously, you’re not up to this task, so fly away cuckoo bird! 🙁

    • Replies: @annamaria
  173. @Corvinus

    Did you REALLY believe your ad hominum, sack sack rebuttal to Hitler’s prescient explanation for your psychotic assaults on truth could make any difference to those of us who actually know what’s going on?

    You’re not only a smug serial liar – you’re also embarrassingly stupid. Perfect hasbarabot material…

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  174. annamaria says:

    Who needs holobiz denial when the leading zionists collaborate and arm Ukrainian Banderites? It is incredible that you forgot, again, the Kagans clan’s wholehearted support for self-proclaimed neo-Nazi in Ukraine. Moreover, your beloved Jewish State has been arming the neo-Nazi with Israel-made rifles whereas your beloved ADL of Jewish thugs has been protecting the neo-Nazi thugs from any criticism.

    The Chalupas and other profiteering “patriots” have joined their efforts with Banderites and zionists such as Alprovitch, Kagans, and Kolomoisky to “liberate” Ukraine from “pernicious Russian influence.” Well, these joined labors resulted in smothering Ukraine. The hapless neo-nazi “patriots” have been nothing but a useful tool for ziocons in their Lebensraum in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  175. annamaria says:
    @Mr. Hack

    You attack the “veracity of the opinions of Shamir and Tsarev” by denying the cooperation between Banderites and ziocons. Don’t be shy — these are your words, “private conspiracy theories or other paranoiac theatrical fantasies.”
    Here are the links (reposted) that contradict your beliefs in the immaculate origin of the coup in 2014.

  176. Mr. Hack says:

    Where have I “denied the “cooperation between Banderites and ziocons” or conversely, where have I endorsed such statements? These are all pet peeves of yours that I have not commented upon – you’re clearly living in a self induced fantasy world – get some help before you end up on a park bench somewhere in Moscow drinking cheap Russian beer and eating dryed out fish (yuck!). 🙂

  177. Corvinus says:

    “You illustrate your critic’s point that your arguments are bad by throwing up a smoke screen you hope will distract your audience by bringing up something unrelated, in this case the bloody shirt of anti-semitism.”

    I wasn’t offering up an argument, since there was one not to be made. Your comrade in arms made a comment about my apparent “dishonest conversational practices” by way of a Hitler quotation, when there was no evidence offered on that charge. I responded with effective rhetoric.

    “I’ve noted that often you ignore good points against you by pretending the points haven’t been made.”

    In what past conversations on this fine blog? Please offer specifics. I mean, if you are assuredly positive on your point, then bring it forward.

    “You’re not very good at this, you know.”

    You’re right. I’m GREAT at this.

  178. Corvinus says:

    “Moreover, your beloved Jewish State has been arming the neo-Nazi with Israel-made rifles whereas your beloved ADL of Jewish thugs has been protecting the neo-Nazi thugs from any criticism.”

    LOL. I am Goy, Pure Goy. German, Dutch, and Polish heritage. Why is it that when I expose weakness in your position that you automatically press the “anyone who opposes me is a Jew or Jew supporter or Zionist” button?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @bluedog
  179. Corvinus says:
    @Stephan Williams

    “Did you REALLY believe your ad hominum, sack sack rebuttal to Hitler’s prescient explanation for your psychotic assaults on truth could make any difference to those of us who actually know what’s going on?”

    Except it wasn’t a rebuttal. I made an observation, one that you clearly took offense to because it hit the mark. Moreover, the one who is skipping down the lane the ad hominem is YOU, as somehow you have the magic gift of determining who is and who is engaging in a “psychotic assault on truth”. Although I did suspect that calling you out would generate your knee-jerk response.

    “You’re not only a smug serial liar – you’re also embarrassingly stupid. Perfect hasbarabot material…”

    Why, because I implied you are a clear admirer of Hitler? That’s fine if you are, just own it. Again, I ask, are there Jews under your bed or in your closet?

  180. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Corvidus ( from corvus ? ( raven ) in latin )

    ” Pure Goy. German, Dutch, and Polish heritage ”

    My God ! , but don`t worry man , take it easy , there are even worse genetic combinations , nobody is perfect , take it easy .

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  181. my2cents says:


    Ukraine historically was part of Russia. In fact Kiev, at one time, was Russia’s capitol.
    Ukraine has NEVER EVER been able to support itself and it never will without the consistent aid of Russia. You write a great deal of nonsense none of which is based on any evidence, nor any familiarity with the country’s history.
    The \$5 Billion is stated very clearly during a taped speech by Victoria Nuland. It was for the specific reason of regime change. WE created Maidan and Victoria Nuland, on a phone conversation to Geoffrey Pryatt, US Governor to Ukraine discussed in detail WHO Washington wanted to see running Ukraine on their behalf. It was that conversation that ended with “F*ck the EU”.
    It was Washington’s aim to wrestle Ukraine out from under the control of Russia and control IT in order to stick it to Russia. They never cease to speak of Russian aggression while WE surround Russia with American bases. So not having learned anything from the past, Washington keeps resorting to creating chaos, blame Russia while they rob Ukraine blind.
    That \$3Billion was never seen by Ukrainians, was it? But lots of American political crook are living a lot better these days, starting with Joe Biden and his cohorts including the Clintons. Hi time we expose the crooks and throw them in jail with the key in the Potomac

    • Agree: Robjil, Biff
  182. Corvinus says:

    “My God ! , but don`t worry man , take it easy , there are even worse genetic combinations , nobody is perfect , take it easy.”

    LOL, you meant “worse ethnic combination”. Except…

    German = power
    Dutch = height
    Polish = sausage

    So the reality is that it represents a tremendous 1-2-3 punch. As far as genetics is concerned, I’m white and European. That’s good stuff, right?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  183. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Lol , no, it is not good stuff , they have also some good points of course ,but …..

    German =militarism , mercenaries for centuries , brutal , blood thirsty , barbarians , create unnecessary and endless wars that they always they end up losing , idiots , created protestant heresy , degenerate philosophy , obsessive compulsive people , lack common sense , rigid , sad , racist , blockheads , sinister …….

    Dutch = the germans of the seas , similar , also pirates , colonialists , narcos , racist , financial thiefs . The tallest people in the world , right , but some people say that very tall people are dumb because blood does not arrive well to the brain ,because it is located too high , maybe ….lol .

    Polish = americans make jokes about them , idiots , chronic troublemakers , never amounted to anything in history except for making losing wars against their neighbours : Russia , Germany , always end up defeated . They have severe identity problems , a negative identity , they do not if they are slavic , germanic , jewish since they had so many jews for centuries , or angloamericans .

    • Replies: @anon
  184. annamaria says:

    You are a committed zionist and Banderite, which is an interesting combination indeed: Chalupas + Kagans + Tyahnybok + Yarosh

    Ukraine, a country liberated by a coup in 2014:
    Ukraine has been primed for being stripped of its land and timbre — IMF (and Bloomberg) want land reform in Ukraine:

    Ukraine is back to Jewish tax collectors:

    Jewish historian Max Dimont:

    [Christian feudal life was like] a vast prison. … The restrictions placed on the feudal serfs, as the peasants were called, pursued them from “womb to tomb.”

    None of these restrictions applied to the Jews. They were free to come and go, marry and divorce, sell and buy as they pleased….

    Tax collection:

    Jews in Poland were formally protected and served as tax-collectors, bankers, and administrators of the money mints, breweries and salt mines. (In later centuries Jews eventually owned many of such important industries). …

    Along with Jewish leases on tax collecting, inns, dairies, flour mills, tolls, and other essentials of commerce, “the Jews inherited from the landed gentry some of the rights over the serfs. The lessees endeavored to extract as much revenue as possible from the nobleman’s estates, and to do that it was necessary to exploit the peasantry.”

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  185. annamaria says:

    More for Corvinus:

    “Jews,” writes Witold Rymankowki, “in contrast to the millions of [Polish] serfs and the impoverished townspeople who were oppressed by the nobility, constituted a privileged group which … effectively represented the only class in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to concentrate finance and liquid assets in its hands.”

    An old Latin proverb proclaimed that the Polish Commonwealth was “heaven for the nobles, purgatory for the townsfolk, hell for the peasants, and paradise for the Jews.”

    “The Council of Four Lands,” says David Biale, “which was the supracommunal governing body of the Polish Jews, maintained a virtual ‘Jewish lobby’ at the Polish parliament. In the eyes of enemies of the Jews, the power of this lobby was such that, according to a statement from 1669, ‘in practice Jews do not let any law materialize which is unfavorable to them.’”

    Jews prospered so well that, when the Polish and Lithuanian nobility merged forces in the mid-sixteenth century, Jews followed up with their “services.” With Polish expansion into the Ukrainian frontiers, Jews leased land there too from the aristocracy, and dictated over the population of serf-slaves.

    Wealthy Jews established themselves securely throughout the Polish economy and farmed out work and management opportunities to relatives and co-religionists. “During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries,” says Salo Baron, “domestic commerce (in Poland and Lithuania) as well as export (timber, grain, furs) and import (cloth, wine, luxuries) were for the most part in Jewish hands.” In fact, Heinrich Graetz states that “circumstances were such at the time that the Jews of Poland could form a state within a state.”

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  186. Corvinus says:

    Before the Holocaust, Jews were the largest minority in Poland. In Poland’s major cities, Jews and Poles spoke each other’s languages and interacted in markets and on the streets. Even the market towns, or shtetls, that have come to represent the lives of Jews in Eastern Europe were, to some extent, mixed communities. That did not mean that antisemitism did not impact the lives of Polish Jews, but Jews were part of Poland, and Polish culture was, in part, Jewish.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @annamaria
  187. @Gina to the Hague

    The CIA will never die. It and others like the the Epstein’s Mossad’s handlers will always survive as they have the “goods” on the elite.
    We live in a sad and corrupt world.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  188. annamaria says:

    The debate over Holocaust restitution in Poland has surfaced in election debates ahead of EU vote and the parliamentary elections later this year. A 2018 law signed by US President Donald Trump, designed to encourage the restoration of Jewish property stolen during the Holocaust, has drawn criticism from Poland’s right-wing government, which insists the matter is closed.

    The US Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act — known as the 447 law — requires the US State Department to report to Congress on the progress of countries including Poland on the restitution of Jewish assets seized during World War II and its aftermath.

    Nationalist groups have also opposed the law, arguing that paying compensation would ruin Poland’s economy

    The “most moral victims”‘ need to be reminded again and again about the Bolshevik Revolution and the mass slaughter of Russians on the orders of Jewish Bolsheviks.

    The extermination of Russian nobility (including the tsar’s family) and of the professional class was the foremost important task for the Jewish Russophobes who also organized a system of concentration camps (Soviet GULAG) where Russians were dying by hundreds of thousands. The tragedy of GULAG was real. Its history is not some profitable holobiz profiteering schema that demands the prohibition of any investigation of holobiz claims by any honest historian under the danger of losing a job, physical assault from Jewish thugs, and imprisonment.

    There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. … In the Soviet institutions, the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combatting Counter-Revolution [the Cheka, the brutal secret police] has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.

    David R. Francis, United States ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 dispatch to Washington: “The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.”

    “The Bolshevik Revolution,” declared a leading American Jewish community paper in 1920, “was largely the product of Jewish thinking, Jewish discontent, Jewish effort to reconstruct.”

    No wonder that the only comprehensive documentary of the history of Jews in Russia is banned by all publishing houses in the US/UK.

    The same visceral hatred of Russia permeates the infamous Magnitsky Act concocted by zionists such as the US senator Cardin and the M16-connected Browder, a fraudster suspected of ordering witnesses’ murder in Russia.

    Similar to the documentary “Two Hundred Years Together,” the documentary about Browder’s exploits in Russia has been banned. The Jewish mega-scoundrels, specifically the Mega Group, protect each other:

    Ghislaine Maxwell was more than the alleged protector and procurer of young girls for Jeffrey Epstein as well as his girlfriend based upon allegations. … she is the daughter of Robert Maxwell… Interestingly, Maxwell’s protege was also William Browder.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  189. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    ENTER: Stage Left, Anon[424] – a suitable rival for Corvinus. Let them roll around like pigs in shit.

  190. bluedog says:

    Just because you post all kinds of bullshit and propaganda fails to prove you aren’t a troll.!!!

  191. bluedog says:

    I always suspected that you had a problem, and now I know your brain is Polish.!!!!

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  192. @annamaria

    Pronounce Khalupa

    Chalupa means peasant house.
    Peasant built a House for himself on acquired land.
    The house was built with with home made mud bricks reinforced with straws.
    Roof was made with several layers of cane, usually at least foot thick.
    When children got married married they did built additions to this house.
    So eventually these types of houses become long houses.
    They are very rear houses now, but still can be found in central Europe.
    Barak means shack, which is also used for Jewish name.

  193. annamaria says:

    “If they were only stealing money it would be bad enough, but the fact that these same grifters are our “diplomats” and warmakers is positively Orwellian.”

    — Syria is another case study:

    …there’s the nagging issue that simply won’t go away: the American drive to “secure the oil” (Trump) and “protect” Syrian oilfields (the Pentagon), for all practical purposes from Syria. …

    All across the Global South, especially among countries in the Non-Aligned Movement, this is being interpreted, stripped to the bone, for what it is: the United States government illegally taking possession of natural resources of a third country via a military occupation.

    And the Pentagon is warning that anyone attempting to contest it will be shot on sight. It remains to be seen whether the US Deep State would be willing to engage in a hot war with Russia over a few Syrian oilfields.

    Under international law, the whole “securing the oil” scam is a euphemism for pillaging, pure and simple. Every single takfiri or jihadi outfit operating across the “Greater Middle East” will converge, perversely, to the same conclusion: US “efforts” across the lands of Islam are all about the oil.

    Comment section:

    Our troops will protect the oil, right. Or steal it for insane CIA Zionists child molesters and murderers. Get our troops out of there. Let the Israeli and US insane Jews fight their own wars.

    • Agree: Robjil
  194. Corvinus says:

    “I always suspected that you had a problem, and now I know your brain is Polish.!!!!”

    My brain has no ethnic designation. Are you really a fool, or do you play one on TV?

    “Just because you post all kinds of bullshit and propaganda fails to prove you aren’t a troll.!!!”

    I publish cogent arguments. Do you need a primer on how to engage in discourse?

  195. annamaria says:

    The mega-traitors to America among Ukrainian diaspora (they are no better than zionists with whom the Ukrainian subversives have forged close collaboration):

    “Colonel Vindman may have violated the federal leaking statute 18 USC 798 when he leaked the president’s classified call to several other operatives.” …

    Alexander Vindman’s ties to Ukraine should have made him disclose a few large conflicts of interest before being assigned in the capacity he has.
    Vindman had business interests in Ukraine which would suffer if the relationship between both countries was jeopardized.
    Was it Vindman’s American patriotism or Diaspora nationalism that led him to share the Oval Office transcript with Ukraine’s president?

    Anton Gerashchenko, Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister threatened president-elect Donald Trump that he would put him [Trump] on his Myrotvorets “Peacemaker” site as a target. … As the in-house expert, Vindman would have known this and yet he still conducted himself in the service of Ukraine. In Vindman’s world view it must be acceptable behavior for a foreign government official to threaten his own country’s Commander-in-Chief.

    Dems are in cahoots with the mad Banderites — the Chalupa sisters:

    The history and involvement of Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa in both the 2014 Ukraine coup and the election hacking, as well as Russian interference stories, is well known. These two Ukrainian Diaspora sisters are the originators of the impeachment movement of Donald Trump which started just after he declared victory in 2016.

    The Arlington memorial services can make pronouncements of whatever they want but the Ukrainian diaspora has its own ‘convictions:’

    Can Waffen SS officers and mass murderers like Stepan Bandera be Catholic patron saints in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Stamford CT, or Boston in the year 2015?

    — Yes, they can:

    “On October 16, 2011, members of the 54th branch of CYM “Khersones” in Stamford, CT attended a mass and requiem service in honor of the great Ukrainian hero and freedom fighter, Stepan Bandera. It was the first time since its’ inception that the branches’ members took part in an organized activity together with the greater Ukrainian community of Stamford.

    The SUM members and the faithful present that day enjoyed a beautiful and emotional homily about the life and achievements of Stepan Bandera delivered by Reverend Bohdan Danylo, Rector of St. Basil’s Seminary in Stamford. He instructed the children on how they can model their own lives on Bandera’s by following his example of self-sacrifice and unwavering dedication to his country.

    Take note that none of the main 52 Jewish organizations in the US have ever objected to the open glorification of the Nazi collaborators, the Banderites. The zionists and Banderites unite in their visceral hatred towards Russia — and their disloyalty to the US.

    Examples of Banderites’ glorious achievements:

    The massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia (Volyn tragedy), was a genocide carried out in Nazi German-occupied Poland by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (the UPA) with the active and frequent support of the local Ukrainian population against the Polish minority in the area of Volhynia, Eastern Galicia, parts of Polesia and Lublin region, beginning in 1943 and lasting up to 1945. … Most of the victims were women and children. UPA’s methods were particularly brutal, with many of the victims being tortured and mutilated, and resulted in 40,000–60,000 Polish deaths in Volhynia and 30,000–40,000 in Eastern Galicia, with the other regions for the total about 100,000.

    The killings were directly linked with the policies of the Bandera faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B) and its military arm, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army

    Banderites and Jews:

    UPA attacks on Jews continued at such a ferocious level that Jews actually sought the protection of the Germans. “The Banderite bands and the local nationalists raided every night, decimating the Jews,” a survivor testified in 1948. “Jews sheltered in the camps where Germans were stationed, fearing an attack by Banderites. Some German soldiers were brought to protect the camps and thereby also the Jews.”

    Not a peep from the Kagans clan, the ADL, and such but only expression of their brotherly love for Chalupa sisters and Vindman brothers.

  196. Corvinus says:

    You really have a fetish of fear for Jews. I really wonder what made you this way…

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @annamaria
  197. annamaria says:

    You obviously feel offended by the facts. It should be hard for the ADL activists and the Jewish Lobby operatives to see their sacred (and profitable) beliefs being targeted by factual information.

    What is exactly wrong in the following statement?

    The “most moral victims”‘ need to be reminded again and again about the Bolshevik Revolution and the mass slaughter of Russians on the orders of Jewish Bolsheviks.

    In the context of this

    The US Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act — known as the 447 law — requires the US State Department to report to Congress on the progress of countries including Poland on the restitution of Jewish assets seized during World War II and its aftermath.

    and this:

    Israel’s relentless quest to dominate Wikipedia is not a new story and is hardly a secret. … Israeli “groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in ‘Zionist editing’ for Wikipedia, the online reference site.” You can watch the rabid right wing Israeli politician Naftali Bennet commenting on a Wikipedia editing workshop that teaches Jews and others how to edit Wikipedia pages to favour the Israeli position.

    and this:

    it was a sweet irony to see an Israeli Prime Minister officially traveling to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine to commemorate the massacre of Jews at Babii Iar greeted by the very same slogan which the Jews murdered at Babii Iar heard from their Banderite executioners while they were being shot.

    Israel is arming a neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine:

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  198. annamaria says:

    Ziocon delight:

    Just recently, Ukrainian fascists destroyed a memorial to the Soviet war-hero Marshal Zhukov… When shocked locals came out with candles and flowers to place at the scene of the desecration, fascist mobs savagely attacked them.

    Mr. Vindman, a Jewish-Ukrainian product of Brighton Beach and loyal follower of his Russophobic parents, has been fighting against democracy in the US and for Banderites’ rule in Ukraine:

    The Cold War mindset that liberals have embraced threatens not just their own political fortunes but also global peace. … The dangers extend beyond Ukraine’s borders. The day after the House impeachment vote, Russia warned that there is not enough time left to renegotiate the New START Treaty before it expires in 2021. The treaty’s demise would leave the world’s top two nuclear powers “free to expand their arsenals without limits” on “the most powerful weapons both sides can launch.” … the Kremlin hopes to renew or revise the accord, but “the US administration is silent about it.” The Russians’ impression is that the Trump White House “is organically against any restrictions being imposed on the United States.”

    The Jews have found the safe haven in the US yet that was not enough for them.

    “Israel Takes On the First Amendment:”
    “New federal anti-Semitism act, same First Amendment problem:”

    • Replies: @Bubba
  199. Corvinus says:

    “You obviously feel offended by the facts.”

    By what facts???

  200. @Corvinus

    You’re delusional. This article just spelled out the curruption of Biden and his son, and other high-profile democratic operatives, and all you can do is blame Trump for revealing the curruption??? Find your conscience because right now, by you supporting the Democrats and neocons you are supporting the deepstate and military industrial complex itself. You are supporting war and evil. Please wake up.

  201. Bubba says:

    Thank you for this information- never read about it until your posts.

  202. annamaria says:


    Crowdstrike is center to the left’s diversion. Ukraine is tied-in at so many levels to the origins of Obama-Clinton corruption scams. Recent reports now suggest the US Embassy (more of Brennan’s cronies) may have been monitoring the communications of key US Citizens. To what end? Providing early warning, against uncovering the Ukraine link! What is Rudy saying? What information has he uncovered? More importantly, who is talking with Rudy? Crowdstrike is key to Ukraine’s involvement… There are far too many, basic indicators of criminality on the part of the Obama administration in Ukraine than for President Trump. However time is getting short, and people are panicking.

    • Replies: @anon
  203. annamaria says:

    Another article documenting the brotherly-sisterly love among Banderites and ziocons:

    Judicial Watch announced the analysis of Obama-era White House visitor logs that detail meetings of controversial CIA employee Eric Ciaramella, who had been assigned to the White House. …

    … Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor hired by the DNC during the 2016 election who coordinated with Ukrainians to investigate President Trump and his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, visited the White House 27 times. …

    The White House visitor logs revealed the following individuals met with Eric Ciaramella while he was detailed to the Obama White House:

    Gina Lentine: Now a senior program officer at Freedom House, she was formerly the Eurasia program coordinator at Soros funded Open Society Foundations. She visited on March 16, 2016.

    Rachel Goldbrenner: Now an NYU law professor, she was at that time an advisor to then-Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. She visited on both January 15, 2016 and August 8, 2016.

    Orly Keiner: A foreign affairs officer at the State Department who is a Russia specialist. She is also the wife of State Department Legal Advisor James P. Bair. She visited on both March 4, 2016 and June 20, 2015.

    Nazar Kholodnitzky: The lead anti-corruption prosecutor in Ukraine. He visited on January 19, 2016. …

    Michael Kimmage: Professor of History at Catholic University of America, at the time was with the State Department’s policy planning staff where specialized in Russia and Ukraine issues. … He visited on October 26, 2015.

    James Melville: Then-recently confirmed as Obama’s Ambassador to Estonia, visited on September 9, 2015.
    On June 29, 2018, Foreign Policy reported that Melville resigned in protest of Trump.

    Victoria Nuland: who at the time was assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs met with Ciaramella on June 17, 2016.

    And, unsurprisingly:

    The Hill reported that in April 2016, during the U.S. presidential race, the U.S. Embassy under Obama in Kiev, “took the rare step of trying to press the Ukrainian government to back off its investigation of both the U.S. aid and (AntAC).”

  204. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    What is Rudy saying? What information has he uncovered? More importantly, who is talking with Rudy?

    I can tell you who’s been trying to talk to him, or to Trump, or to anyone who’d listen. For the past 3 years, Lee Stranahan has been ceaselessly talking about Crowdstrike, DNC collusion, and Alexandra Chalupa. That she’s been named to testify in impeachment hearings is first indication the Clinton’s Ukraingate containment wall may be about to fall.

    “This web of lies is connected to people like Jacob Rothschild,Rupert Murdoch, Khodorkovsky, Jeffrey Epstein, Strobe Talbott, Edmond Safra, and others in this small circle that drive so much of the lie we are all being fed.” @stranahan

  205. Take the money out of it all, it’s the only way to be sure…never gonna happen.

    Too bad for us, we will continue to get robbed. How much came back to Bammy and his boyz(all of ’em) after the Iran deal? Uranium1? The other ones? If I find an extra \$30-40,000 in cash theyll track that in a heartbeat, but big money to these guys and they can’t find it? Rrrright…

    Harry doesn’t know much, but he does know something…


  206. Mitch says:

    David Leiter, Kerry’s former chief of staff was paid \$90,000 by Burisma. In 2013 & 2014, payments from Leiter went out to Ed Markey, Jeanne Shaheen, Richard Blumenthal, Udall. Leiter was late in registering as a foreign agent, lobbying payouts are incomplete on the gov lobbying website, but show up on candidate websites.

    I chased it as far as I could. I don’t believe in the tooth fairy.

  207. In 2005 he commanded the snipers who killed protesters in Kyrgyzstan, in Georgia he repeated the feat in 2003 during the Rose Revolution. In 2014 he did it again in Kiev, where his snipers killed around a hundred men, protesters and police.

    I’m going to have to see som4e legit sources for this. RT, Saker, and others of their ilk, are not adequate either. RT is owned by Putin’s regime, and Saker is a Putin worshipper. Annamaria hasn’t cited a legit source either. She’s too taken with the Banderites, Ziocons, and Neo-Nazis hiding under her bed. Saker has the same problem.

    • Replies: @Cyndy
  208. Cyndy says:

    Alec Ross Hillary’s guy in Ukraine

    What you’re not being told about Ukraine

    Ukranian mothers do not blame Russia….




    Israel treating America’s enemy in it’s hospitals

  209. hu_anon says:

    There are some parallels between the Ukrainian events since at least 2014 wtih US “Democratic” influence, activities, methods and the methods, persons etc. appearing in the current upheaval in the US.

    It would be interesting to examine how Ukraine was taken over (supposedly with US involvement), by what methods a dedicated minority succeeded in ruling over the majority (often forced to shout “Slava Ukraini!” and forced to denounce “Moskals” by mobs just like obedient whites are taking the knee in the West before the BLM mob), what organizations have been set up for this purpose, how they took control of the narrative.

    It is very similar to how the Democratic Party and the organizations related to them operate in the USA, see for example how the attempt to “reform” the US police and law enforcement, the attempt to disband some police departments is similar to how from 2014 Ukraine has practically replaced the entire police force. They virtually dissolved (wherever they could) the entire (and essentially all Russian-speaking) staff, at least the old organizational units, and replaced them with minority Ukrainian-speakers wherever they were able to. They tried to switch over to a US-patterned organizational structure, adapting, among other things, the ridiculously short training time, recruitment (essentially criminal history is not an obstacle if you are loyal to the regime i.e. speak Ukrainian) under the supervision of US advisors.

    Compare how the Democrats/Left are using the same methods at home that they have developed and tried out in Ukraine (and before that in the color revolutions and the Arab Spring). How they direct the current street protests/riots and the political power-grabbing process.

    In the US at the moment they are already beyond initiating street movements questioning the current socio-cultural order. At present, as it seems, the “reform” and later replacement of law enforcement is one of the main priorities.

    If they follow the Ukrainian scenario, one of the next steps would be the attempt to replace the military, then to totally change over of the education system. What this practically meant in Ukraine was that Russian-speaking, Russian-affiliated people, who were a significant part of society, were removed from leadership positions (in education, culture, science, public sector) and replaced by loyal Ukrainian nationalists. How this is going to be done in the US is a very interesting question and obviously it will have terrible effects on the whole society and economy if it is actually going to be done.

    If they continue to implement the scenario they have implemented in Ukraine, they will try to isolate entire territories, in this case states, which are stubbornly resistant to the new social order and culture.

    Essentially, even if a part of the next steps of the Ukrainian scenario are implemented or attempted, civil war could break out. That is why the Democrats (and their circles, and the organizations and individuals who influence them) may attempt to take control of the army even in the near future.

    Taking over the military could be a very risky thing, as the officer corps is mostly white (if they wanted to replace the non-Hispanic white officers, it would lead to a huge geopolitical vacuum, to put it mildly, as there would be a lack of thousands of trained personnel). The enlisted, however, are mostly Hispanic, African American, Arab/Muslim, and foreigners seeking citizenship. This results in a significantly higher proportion of militarily trained Hispanics and blacks compared to the entire population than of non-Hispanic whites. At the same time, the National Guard are mostly non-Hispanic whites. This is an explosive situation because the National Guard is present in every state, and the civilian population can access weapons ridiculously easily and quickly (heavy weapons, on the other hand, are under the control of non-Hispanic white officers. This caused an enormous problem in Ukraine, when they fired unreliable pro-Russian military officers (and technically trained personnel) and staff, they tried to recruit loyal personnel in weeks. That led to the incorporation of militias of soccer hooligans, neo-nazis and foreigners in the military, effectively in the armed forces, and these units bore the brunt of the fighting in Donetsk/Luhansk.

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