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The Long Captivity of Julian Assange
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Israel and Julian

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These long summer days are good for forest walks or swimming; in the evenings, I read classics with my 10 year old son who otherwise spends too much time at video games. This time, it happens to be the Odyssey, the poem I translated some 25 years ago, and yesterday I came to read Book IV on Menelaus bewailing his comrades who fell at Troy or on the perilous way home.

And for me it was the time to beweep my dear comrades-in-arms who have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. So many of you, who went fighting the beast, are dead, or exiled, or imprisoned, like my Spanish publisher Don Pedro Varela and the American researcher Barrett Brown. Or fired from a university like Julio Pino, professor of Kent State.

And then Menelaus said: Much as I weep for all my men, for none of all these comrades do I grieve as much as for this one. The one is Ulysses who has been detained for years on the island of Ogygia by Calypso the Nymph.

It brought to my mind the fate of Julian Assange, this modern Odysseus, who has been held in his luxurious Knightsbridge prison for years. Actually, for full six years, as today, as I write it, is the anniversary of his incarceration in the Ecuador Embassy.

So many epithets used by Homer for the King of Ithaca fit Julian to a tee! He is wise and noble, resourceful and cunning, wily and crafty, brilliant and steadfast, but also evil-starred man of woe.

His name still scares the enemy, and cheers a friend. Though an Antipode by birth, Julian became famous in the North of Europe, where this tall slim handsome youthful silver-haired man came to raise the banner of his revolt. Eight years ago, I compared him to Neo of the Matrix, the man destined to break the matrix of lies and set us free.

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Neo in Blonde-Land, as no doubt the story of Julian Assange’s escapades in Sweden will be known once it inevitably makes its way into the hands of one of the goofier Hollywood directors – say Robert Zemeckis or Mel Brooks, or perhaps Stephen Herek of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It would do better in the hands of Andy Wachowski, where he might do for Julian Assange what he once did for Keanu Reeves.

Who could ask for a more beautiful set-up? It’s a story fit for a tabloid, yet it might be transformed into something an intellectual could read without embarrassment. This latest adventure is the stuff of pulp fiction, and chock full of Langley spies, computer hackers, crazy feminists, flatfooted cops and sleazy rags in the female kingdom of Sweden!

Julian Assange is a character that might have been ripped from the celluloid frames of the Matrix: flaxen and lanky, he moves through cyberspace like a superman. When, on those rare occasions that he does emerge into the real world, it is to perform Kung Fu exercises. He hardly ever eats or drinks. His corporeal body can normally be found sitting in front of a MacPro or two, while his digital alter ego commutes and computes, battling the odds and the system in fantastic virtual combat. Like Neo, he is a natural-born hacker who hacked just for the heck of it until he discovered the Matrix. He had hundreds of remarkable hacking achievements to his name when in 1992 he pleaded guilty to twenty-two of them. I like to think that someday, after he has passed on in the fullness of time, he will become a kind of guardian angel for hackers, or perhaps the Greek God of Cyberspace with His Golden Board, forever surfing the web.

Recently this comparison had been repeated by brave Jonathan Cook, the man from Nazareth, but it is suitable for Jonathan himself, and for many of us, including the American Pravda writer, Ron Unz, for we all fight for liberation of mind and discourse.

In the beginning of his political activity, Julian was lionised by media and society. His Wikileaks was considered the most fashionable thing in the known universe. He floated from a party to reception, admired by the Scandinavians from Reykjavik to Stockholm.

But the enemy prepared its snares. A CIA-friendly feminist got to his bed by a dirty trick: she offered him her small flat saying she was leaving the city for a few days, and when he accepted and moved in, she suddenly returned and offered to share the only bed. He didn’t know she had carried out a CIA mission in Cuba, otherwise he would have been more cautious. Or not: a full-blooded man, he was easy to tempt. The next day she Tweeted friends about her success, about sharing the limelight with this celebrity. And a few days later she complained to police that he possessed her without protection; this is an offence of second-degree rape in feminised Sweden. Her accusation has been seconded by another girl, who was unhappy that Julian didn’t call her the next day after their loving tryst. A man-hating Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny took over the job of hunting Julian, and Swedish newspapers displayed headlines “Rapist At Large.” Immediately Julian lost all his admiring entourage. The Empire knew the vulnerability of his crowd.

However, in a few days his case was closed down, and Julian was free to leave Sweden. He went to England, and there he prepared the great publication of Cablegate, that is the vast collection of the State Department and the US Embassies’ cables from around the world. Stolen by Manning, these cables opened to us the full picture of the Empire dealings with the nations. I wrote:

One quarter of a million secret and confidential US Embassy cables sit like so many digital wasps waiting to be released into cyberspace. They will strike at the tender underbelly of the empire, the flattering self-delusions that maintain the imperial armies. It just might be enough to turn the tide in the battle to recover our evaporating freedoms.

These dirty little cables throw a bright light upon the murky policies of the American Imperium, on their methods of collecting information, of delivering orders, of subverting politicians and robbing nations. Yet before we lapse into a comfortable and reflexive anti-Americanism, let us never forget that this, arguably the greatest revelation of criminal wrongdoing in history, was only made possible because brave and honest Americans were willing to risk life and limb to leak the truth.


Tensions run high when you dare oppose the awesome power of the Matrix. It is impossible not to admire Julian Assange. He is forever kind, quiet, gentle, and even meek; like the Tao, he leads without leading, directs without commanding. He never raises his voice; he hardly needs to speak and the way becomes clear. Our Neo is guided by the ideal of social transparency. Bright light is the best weapon against conspiracies.

The Empire responded by having Sweden re-open the case and issue an arrest warrant. England picked it up, and Julian had lost his freedom. For a long while he stayed in East Anglia, in the house of a friend, and then he moved to London, with an electronic bracelet on his arm and under constant police supervision. When he was perilously close to deportation to Sweden, and to a long stretch of solitary confinement in a jail cell to be followed by extradition to the US and to its Guantanamo tropical paradise, he jumped the boat and asked for asylum in the Ecuador Embassy in London, after he received the then President of Ecuador Rafael Correa’s promise. That was in June 2012, and since that time, Assange has been immured within the walls of the Embassy.

Meanwhile, Sweden closed his case completely, but English authorities still will not allow him to leave. The UN deemed him a victim of arbitrary imprisonment, but even that didn’t help the unlucky man. Ecuador gave him its citizenship and diplomatic passport, but England refused to honour it. Recently the US began to court the new president of Ecuador, Mr Lenin Moreno, and he cut off all the means of communication between Julian and the world. He is no longer permitted to receive guests, he can’t make calls, he is barred from the internet. If he were deported to a far-away island of the sea he would not be more isolated than he is now.

Looking back, Julian did a lot of great things since the Cablegate.

* He saved Edward Snowden, by navigating him from Hong Kong to Moscow. He had sent the wonderful Sarah Harrison to operate this miraculous escape. I supported him in this and in other enterprises, and I wrote that Russia is the only safe place for a fugitive and a whistle blower of such a calibre. Snowden thought to find a safe refuge in Cuba or Venezuela, but none of these Latin American countries is strong enough to withstand American pressure. Indeed, Cuba refused to let him in, and Venezuela could not accept Snowden for other reasons. Even mighty China refused to give Snowden asylum, and intended to ship him to the US. Iran was not keen on accepting him. Russia, with all its faults, is still the only state fully independent of the Empire on earth.

It is said that Assange was in cahoots with the Russians, that they guided him and provided with the stuff they hacked and even that “Wikileaks is a Front for Russian Intelligence”. As a matter of fact, Russians were extremely hesitant to have anything to do with Assange. They could not believe he was for real. Are you so naïve, they told me, that you do not understand he is a CIA trap? Such people do not exist.

It is a problem of the Russian mind: as a rule, they do not understand and do not trust Western dissidents of Assange’s ilk. They want their western sympathisers to be bought and paid for. Free agents are suspicious in their eyes. God knows there are many people in the West whose opinions roughly coincide with those of the Russians; but the Russians would prefer to buy a journalist off the peg. That’s why RT has had more than its fair share of defectors, that is of broadcasters who denounced RT and went to the Western mass media.

A few times I have defended Julian on Russian TV shows. Usually my opponents would say: he is a tool of Western intelligence services. Wait, he will soon publish something really nasty about Russia. With years, this mistrust didn’t diminish. So for good or for bad, mighty Russia does not and did not stand by Julian, who was and remained his own master.

On the other hand, Julian has no special feelings for Russia. Geopolitically, he is very much a man of the West. Even in his ostensible defence of Russia, he is always doing it from the Western point of view. He was against expulsion of Russian diplomats during the Skripal Affair, because it would “help the Kremlin further a narrative that it is under conspiratorial siege led by the US,” in other words, it was damaging the West and entrenching Russian suspicions of a hostile Western agenda.

* Assange published the DNC documents, Podesta emails, Hillary Clinton email thus helping the US voter to make up his mind for whom to vote in these last fateful elections. In my view, President Trump is heavily indebted to Assange.

* His Wikileaks published expose of hackers’ tools used by CIA and NSA, their surveillance programs, their interference in foreign elections, i.e. in recent French elections;

*He allowed us to have a look at the secret correspondence of the Saudis and Syrians, of the Russians and French, of Turks, of the IMF and what not;

*He disclosed the conspiracy of Labour MPs against Jeremy Corbyn.

*His own opinions expressed in his Tweets were very valuable. In the midst of the Skripal campaign, Assange reminded that us “while it is reasonable for Theresa May to view the Russian state as the leading suspect, so far the evidence is circumstantial & the OCPW has not yet made any independent confirmation, permitting the Kremlin push the view domestically that Russia is persecuted.”

He and his organisation provided opinions and expertise on North Korea at the time of Kim-Trump summit, publishing Clinton’s confidential disclosure that the US does not want unification of Korean peninsula, and hundreds of confidential and secret documents on NK nuclear tests.

I would love to see him free, as I admire him. He is not a spent force, and he still will be able to contribute a lot for mankind’s wellbeing. And good people, our comrades-in-arms, understand that and struggle for his freedom.

Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, life-long supporter of Palestinian struggle, displayed a banner in support of Julian Assange at a concert in Berlin. Many journalists of the Disobedient Media are organizing an online vigil under the banner of #ReconnectJulian. Yes, reconnect, by all means, but let him go! This is more important and more urgent. Six years of imprisonment is too much for this guiltless man.

Let Hermes, the Messenger of Zeus, in whatever guise, be that a Trump’s associate or Corbyn’s assistant, come to Theresa May and tell her, as he said to Calypso: “You keep a most unlucky man, but it is not his fate to die here, release him at once!”

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. Assange was set up most likely by MI-6, CIA and the Mossad. The Deep State will not let go. They want him to die in the embassy or they will kill him if he tries to escape. If he ever gets out of the embassy he will be tracked for the rest of life and eliminated. This is why Snowden went to Russia. He knew too well what would happen if he stayed in a country that these agencies had the ability to work in.

    The Deep State Agencies are sending a clear message for anyone who thinks that they will be the next Assaange.

    • Agree: The Scalpel, Realist
    • Replies: @Deschutes

    He’s from Australia, a place I have done business though regrettably American, and it is probably the most pleasant country in the Western world overall.

    It is a damn sight nicer than the United States (I was shocked, being from Detroit, at how prosperous and pleasant life was there for the white working class due to his minimum wages).

    So why doesn’t he go back there?

    He’s fortunate enough to have an Australian passport.

    My first thought when I did business with Australia is that I wish I had immigrated there in my 20’s No, it is not perfect. Few countries are.

    But compare it to Michigan, my birthplace, and it is quite pleasant.

    When American patriots get on this board and go on and on about what a great country the US is I remind them that Australia is better in every sense. Higher standard of living, lower rate of crime.

  3. He is not a spent force

    The enemy knows and will sit him out.


    Thank you for reminding us, sir.

  4. Australia is a nice country. Why doesn’t he return there? It is a damn sight nicer than the US.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @animalogic
  5. In agreement with all stated.

  6. The land of freedom, democracy and human rights of course cannot allow the child that says that the emperor wears no clothes.
    The EU moves in the same direction now.
    MSM already is under control, internet is the next target.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  7. Brabantian says: • Website

    Both Benjamin Netanyahu and Zbigniew Brezinzski openly admitted pro-Israel Julian Assange is a fraud run by Western intel agencies

    Assange not even really ‘living’ at the Ecuador Embassy, apparently, but rather moved in and out by Britain’s MI5-MI6 for meetings with Shamir-types, which is the reason the under-security-orders UK police ‘watch’ the place … Ecuador staff it seems getting some bribery dosh to play along

    It seems Assange is shuttled in & out from his ‘Embassy closet’ to the big country house of a Rothschild friend where he seems to actually live, where Julian has all those nice changes of clothing & grooming aids for his video ‘appearances’ … Is Israel Shamir a dupe of this Julian Assange whom he met, or is Shamir himself on the intel payroll?

    Re anti-9-11-truth, Israel-loving, non-Israel-leaking Assange – who has had lawyers also serving the Rothschild family – and also lawyered by ultra-Zionist Alan Dershowitz

    At least two leakers were quickly dead after trusting Julian Assange & contacting him – Seth Rich & Peter W Smith – and maybe many others we will never hear about … in Smith’s case, the liar Assange says he never received Smith’s files, yeah, right

    Strangely the authorities do not cut off Assange’s fund-raising schemes despite all his allegedly ‘illegal’ activity

    Along with his succeeding also-proven-to-be-a-faker, Edward Snowden, who first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s friend & biographer, ha! –

    Frauds Assange & Snowden & Greenwald refuse to publicise the files they have on the bribery of USA national federal Virginia judges, even though … those are the same judges who would put Assange & Snowden themselves ‘on trial’ in the USA, and the files would totally block any extradition of Assange or Snowden!

    Edward Snowden & Julian Assange madly support the Tor browser, developed by CIA-tied spooks (US Naval Research & DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) … apparently created for elite paedophiles, who can use Tor to access paedophilia & trafficked children without local police agencies / internet providers observing … tho the NSA and CIA apparently can track through TOR … Wikileaks compels you to use Tor to contact them

    Assange had set up the US President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, to be criminally prosecuted .. Assange & Wikileaks recommended that young Trump violate the US federal CFAA law, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which makes it a crime to attempt to log-in to a website using a stolen or guessed password

    Julian Assange’s childhood seems to be involved with a CIA-tied mind-control children’s home in Australia, ‘The Family’, where they dyed the colour of the kids’ hair blonde to make them look … a lot like Julian looks

  8. I know nothing of Julian Assange that isn’t or at least could be common knowledge. I doubt if we would often vote for the same political candidates but, if it were possible to feel shame for one’s government (I can’t imagine pride so I think that bars shame) I would be ashamed that the Australian government hasn’t rescued him and a previous – Labor PM – even slandered him as a criminal.

    As a part of the Anglosphere with some ties to the UK I can’t help being disgusted with its part in keeping him locked up and under threat of being shanghaied to America’s appalling justice system.

    I hope to call on him one day in London and offer whatever meagre support I can.

    Here’s a thought. Can Ron get a scoop by publishing something from Assange which fills an empty niche in our knowledge and understanding?

    Question. I hadn’t heard that the first Swedish bird had worked for the CIA. Can you pls sew that one up with strong evidentiary links and quotes?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @republic
  9. England! Why would a truth teller go to England?

    • Replies: @Anon
  10. Well, I’ve learned a couple things (which I hope are accurate):
    1. The female complainant had CIA links (& Assange’s trist with her was thus a “set up”) &
    2. That failure to use a condom may amount to 2ND degree rape in glorious Sweden ( are they for-fucking-real ?)
    Unlike the author, I’m less than convinced Assange, personally is such a great guy. Nor do all the neo/matrix stuff do much for me. However, Assange’s is a case of gross injustice & vicious governmental conspiracy. How the Dreck that rule us hate to have their moral pollution & habitual crimes revealed! How DARE Assange !
    I still think it’s 50/50 that they’ll still get their hooks into Assange.

  11. m___ says:

    A champion by genes.

    Julian, and growing. From expanding and comprehension of the toolkit(a smirk as Hillary Clinton not even understanding the use of a mail server, and choosing advisers who know barely more then herself), to fit in the concept of relevancy of planet and long term timelines.

    Julian was polymathing Geo-politics, sociology, the first step of AI(data gathering), theoretical ethics and a different kind of globalisation. What a modern scientist should be, building tools, and applying them to meaningful subjects. Very like publish and perish this turns out to be. Must be why there are so few scientists left in conventional circles.

    Julian squatting at the intersection where it really matters: positioned publicly at the controls of of a stealthy organisation. Wikileaks our guess is not much more then the singular Julian’s brain and a handful of full-time collaborators. The output for bucks makes CIA and consorts laugheable. Another proof that adding IQ per individual per organization matters little. Most organizations are handy men that correlate to each other, and hover enough above the bulk of humanities mean cognitive capabilities so as to keep being understood by them. To be a success, one must be humble. To produce status, Harry Potter beats Wikileaks. Pushing ideas most do not grasp, excerting the frontal cortex with better raw data was never as popular as soccer to most. The empirics of above are everywhere. Tommy Robinson anyone? That is probably another argument why Julian was handed such a long lifeline. It was supposed to all die on itself, as predicatively as Occupy Wall street. Implosion in case preferred to bang.

    To play in the face of power(no state or corporate player in the world today, does not acutely and permanently feel the humiliation Assange brought to their particular Ponzi scheme of choice), including Russia, notice the silence of Eduard Snowden, including any corporate media, got an original face. This is called writing history. Wikileaks regardless of Julian’s incorporation is an original concept in itself.

    Julian facing the crowded middle classes, who reference themselves to conventional formats, Ph. d., Professor @ University, editor of(the whole of the alternative media included), international politicians, local politicians, administrators of the corporate beast, the whole of the Western justice system, being made a fool of. And ever so silent, thus is the shame, it is by the graces of the ignorant public that this can be maintained. The middle classes sweat and whittle.

    Julian an argument for the limited cognitive capacities of our elites. One single brain playing jester to anything of a structure. The prototype of superior human extroverted, as always by the help of a ream of circumstance. Speaking a language that is not comprehended by bulk humanity, again causing the failure ofthe establishment to recognize that the Assange phenomenon would disappear by not taking notice. He, and nobody else harvested anonymous middle class information, could manage the soft– and hardware to format it to publicity. No opinionating, just publishing …to the general comprehension of the middle classes. Searcheable formats, thought out systemics, unclutterd by narratives.

    Academics citing Wikileaks, insiders in the financial, political and administrative skeletons apportioning bits of information. The stealthy processing, then anonymous exposure …to these same middle classes containing the rare, one in ten thousand, outliers, who have the cognitive capacity to build on the bits of information, thus reservicing the doubt and discontent of a growing part of their own. Touching upon the singular method for causing danger, exempt from a meteorite, to global rule.

    Why is global civilization of the rails? Why is there less of a difference between China, Moskou and London then there is more of the same. That would be a dissertation of obvious evidence in itself. Consider this to quelch all arguments. What society in it’s right mind measures progress without writing of the liabilities caused by it. Toxicity, population issues, migrations do not even have a column in the ledger of neither, the corporatacracy, the supra-national elites, nation states, or anything other. Only relevancy and oversight exposes this. At the level of rule there is no concern. The convention is “write liabilities of on the back of bulk global humanity”. An allegory? What about castles and the progress of warfare, no wall will create a save-haven in the longer run. Still walls of convention is the method of power mongers.

    Bulk humanity, on the local level never mattered in history. It is the one in ten thousand outlier that comes up with something of a hint to contradiction. Julian catered to those, that can be mortal to a system, it can build bias to “diligence” of convention. Simplified, comprehension can trickle down. The so obvious has taken years to grasp for the elites of the world, that is why the processing of Assange was allowed to be drawn out. The elites could not comprehend that an individual, a tiny sub-group of humanity in it’s stream, with no capital(the factor sine qua non of anything of stature in the concept of elite reality), no drive to mimic conventional career could amount to something. That Wikileaks was not catering to bulk humanity(not a Tommy Robinson) but to discontented middle class mercenaries and system whores escaped the screen. Both, the lack of capital(literally no power nucleus bought into Wikileaks, the message being obnoxious, to no short term avail to a single profit monger), and the target of outliers, were not understood. Probably the biggest factor of this flaw in the power elites and their ego-serving mercenaries is the incomprehension that when thinking the world one must speak at the least two languages, the one of machines, as the one of humans. Similar actors of recognizing this method of better decision making sold out. Fecesbook, Google or whatever name it cloaks itself under currently, Wikipedia, and on, sold out. And got a preferential seat at the power conferences. It is probably these actors that got the conventional barons to grasp how the killing of the rogue Assange was prominent an issue.

    We remember, some eight to nine years ago, to point from the top of the head, somewhere in the time frame of “Occupy Wall street”, the signs on the wall were obvious, as to Wikileaks and Assange. We anticipated then the weak side of the operation. Julian, the person. Subversives tolerate no faces. Then how to propagate a concept that is complex and delicate thus hardly understood then by mirroring it into the face of the hero. We dropped a file addressed to Assange, suggesting a correction. Of course an answer was never expected. We though hope our suggestion is taken into consideration today. Wikileaks should go top to bottom under cover. There is no real work to be done when physical pressure can be exerted. Real power has no face.

    The lack of future of Julian,

    wish him the strength and stamina of Thor, Allah, God and Reason to surmount the impossible.

    The possibility of Julian being set free, not over the dead bodies of any and all insiders in global decision making. Do not be meek, Assange, the person is lost. What really bothers is the distance to something similar as historical in our generational future. Do not count on the Tim Dotcoms of our world, the Tor browsers of updates, to mimic the mined pathways of Assange. The Assange concept of subversion hoovered three variants above the mean contraption of activism. Original, multi disciplinary, and quite extraordinarily(politicians and policy makers lack balls, thus content themselves by focusing with disregard as to relevance) not exempt of physical courage an operation. Brains and balls, and the latter factors mentioned make it highly improbable that a similar concept of a few gifted individuals can scale to global worry in the near future. That is the real tragedy. The tragedy of quality losing out to quantity principles. Far behind is the similar distortion and caption of Bitcoin and the concept of it.


    we do sincerely care for Julian Assange the person. Never having met in real life, his curiculum was followed and will be followed with emotional engagement whenever we can allow ourselves. Including his probable break-down, or wear-out, the “manigances” to have him die out of the eye of the public. He is more then a courageous person, he is in life a legend. There are others, though none impacted as much in modern day history as to means and method combined with relevancy. Julian has won, whatever happens. Julian is the enlightenment universal mind, it must be lonely in his realm.


    Shame to the middle classes that cater to the power elites, the conventional “Chomsky et al” that pretend pointing out flaws of well intentioned societal systemics, and have no bone receiving their financial and ego rewards. The ones who comprehend have no excuses. Cowards, insidious inferior ideas rule!

    • Replies: @justagoon
  12. Anonymous [AKA "Netflix"] says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Stryker, try to overcome for a second the self-aggrandising self-absorption that comes from you living under a flat rock since 2012. Do try to keep up with the adults, there’s a good fellow.

    Assange is in mortal danger of extradition to CONUS once he leaves his Ecuador asylum in London, notwithstanding that Ecuador granted him citizenship.

    There is a UK arrest warrant out for Assange for him breaching bail conditions when he fled to the Ecuador Embassy.

    The substantiated fear of one of his lawyers J Robinson as expressed in an RT interview a few days back was that if Assange leaves his asylum with no guarantees given him prior, the currently secret US extradition order will be served upon the UK authorities who will naturally obey Washington and deliver Assange up.
    GUS has been working on how to nail him in the face of the US First Amendment since 2012.

    Your jejune comments remind me of the Assange enemies who bleat day in, day out: “nobody is stopping him leaving the Ecuador embassy”

  13. @Jeff Stryker

    Sadly, the Australian State cares more about it’s US subservience – sorry, alliance – than it does about a mere citizen.

  14. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @Jeff Stryker

    He does not go back because, of all the Anglophone nations, Australia is the biggest sycophant to the US. They would immediately turn him over to US Authorities where he would likely be tortured as Bradley Manning was tortured, then possibly killed.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  15. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    The privately owned Deep State denies humans their freedom. The privately owned Deep State conducts 24/7 surveillance over all humans The privately owned Deep State threatens to murder J. Assange. The nation state puppets help them do that.

    These denials and abuses by privately owned parties present humongous challenges to humans but at the same time they open to opportunity the possibility for humanity to organize itself in ways that are transparent to the privately owned deep state influence over the nation states. Global human mass effort may be needed to stop the privately owned deep state.

    Israel is working to try to stop the BDS movement everywhere the privately owned deep state and the nation state leaders are working to deny humanity access to knowledge, right to express ideas, to share knowledge, and to participate in any but the privately owned deep state designed “social society”. Has the privately owned deep state substituted itself as the state? Humanity has ultimate jurisdiction over nation states and over all systems of governance. Now the nation states do not want to be humane.. the privately owned deep state wants to beat the hell out of humanity.

    Abuse ain’t going stop until humanity discovers ways to defend itself from the awesome authority the privately owned deep state has to deny humanity through its nation state puppets.

    Destroy human life, disrupt human quality of life, replace human life with robots. An Effective way to do something useful..

    Even decisions and demands by representative forms of government are ignored by the privately owned deep state. Looks like the Trump-Kim deal has been reversed. The will of the mass of the people is derived from the inalienable human right to self determination. All political power ultimately belongs to the governed humanity. Governments are constituted to off load the administration of advancing human life, but when governments start to preserve themselves, or when private interest can cause the governments to seek to preserve themselves, against those who constituted the governments, then what? Neither congress nor President are powerful enough to over come the demands of the privately owned deep state. It looks like it might take the entire world to overrule the few privateers that currently control.

    If robots are challenging humans for high paying thinking jobs. and if humans fail to maintain their individual and collective right to self determination then all that is human will be subject to the will, might and control of the robot. If humans fail to demand their right to know, if humans fail to expend the energy to stop, if humans fail to interfere with or deny those who abuse or infringe human rights, If humans allow the privately owned deep state its assertions that it owns all that is human, then soon the robots will regulate, decide for, and police every human activity.

    Humanity will be rendered not only helpless but also expendable.

    Unless humanity supports Julian Assange, others like him will not come forward and reveal to humanity the awful silence that allows the privately owned deep state to pick and choose what constitutes the media environment that directs and controls the course and outcomes of our lives.

    Has Assange suffered to enable 8 billion humans to over rule the 1 million or so privately owned profiteers who currently control the world as if they own it? or, will the privately owned deep state own humanity?

    • Replies: @m___
  16. The standard “Assange is being held against his will” nonsense. He has in fact been “outed” as a supporter of Putin and the fact that he has never published anything seriously critical of the Russian Federation tends to confirm that.

  17. Anonymous [AKA "CIA Transnational Organized Crime"] says:

    And let’s not let this state torture victim get airbrushed out of existence,

    Note CIA’s signature frameup: child pornography fresh from Playpen loaded onto the patsy’s server, as used on transparency advocate Matt DeHart, among others.

    Schulte is alleged to be a Wikileaks source, the human rights defender who disclosed programmatic CIA derogations of Article 17. If he did it, he’s a hero comparable to Snowden. If.

    Poor guy looks to have been framed to conceal a catastrophic CIA cock-up that calls for mass RIFs and zero-based budgeting:

    Now CIA is blinded and the US government is subject to suspension of multiple international agreements for duplicitous proceedings, and to restitution, reparation, and compensation with interest for internationally wrongful acts.

    The ultimate defenders of our human right to privacy are out of reach of CIA. CIA is going down just like the SS and the Stasi did.

  18. Anonymous[680] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The prime minister already indicated she would immediately extradite him if he were to return.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  19. m___ says:

    Has Assange suffered to enable 8 billion humans to over rule the 1 million or so privately owned profiteers who currently control the world as if they own it? or, will the privately owned deep state own humanity?

    Two remarks,

    Assange only touched on a few outliers within the elites. Made them very itchy. He delegated the horse and labor to the middle class mercenaries. That made those itchy in return, preaching ignorance to the masses and being outwitted from by an outsider? Intolerable.

    “Privately owned deep state” will own humanity, exempt from a meteorite, see our comment higher up. Just wait and see what it morphs into these coming decades. Biologically distinct humanity.

    Academics citing Wikileaks, insiders in the financial, political and administrative skeletons apportioning bits of information. The stealthy processing, then anonymous exposure …to these same middle classes containing the rare, one in ten thousand, outliers, who have the cognitive capacity to build on the bits of information, thus reservicing the doubt and discontent of a growing part of their own. Touching upon the singular method for causing danger, exempt from a meteorite, to global rule. — m___

    Mostly we agree with @anon.

  20. Anonymous[680] • Disclaimer says:

    You really do talk some absolute nonsense. I had a quick look at your website and my bullshit detector flew off the scale.

    Edward Snowden & Julian Assange madly support the Tor browser, developed by CIA-tied spooks (US Naval Research & DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) …

    DARPA already invented the whole damned internet. Tor is just another layer on top.

    tho the NSA and CIA apparently can track through TOR … Wikileaks compels you to use Tor to contact them

    ‘apparently’? Tor is still state of the art technology. Until now, not one single criminal investigation has shown any ability to decrypt Tor traffic.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  21. Rurik says:

    Sadly, the Australian State cares more about it’s US subservience – sorry, alliance – than it does about a mere citizen.


    “’s ZUS subservience..”

    since it’s obvious that the US is under an occupation at least as suffocating as Australia is, if not far more so.

    How many Australians have died in post 9/11 wars for Israel?

    How many trillions have Australians been taxed to fund Eternal Wars for Israel?

    How many false flag atrocities did Australians suffer to foist the pretext for the Eternal Wars (for Israel)?

    Do they treat Australian grandmothers and children like dangerous terrorists at the airports for domestic flights?

    Is Australia barraged day in, day out with calls to support Israel from every church, media or government sewage pipe?

    Do all Australian politicians have to go and abase themselves at ‘the wailing wall? As our sniveling lickspittles are all expected to, (or else ; )

    It’s true of course that Australia (and Europe and most of the West) are under the iron fist of imposed fealty to the Fiend. But few (other than Germany and England, Sweden, France and Canada) are more so than the ZUSA itself.

    Personally I wish Assange (and Snowden) would use the nuclear option and release the avalanche of cyber proof that 9/11 was an Israeli operation. For some reason they’ve not done so yet, and are hoping for a reprieve for their restraint. But as long as we’re all forced to participate in this farce, we should all be forced to do so with the full knowledge that it’s all out in the open; that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA false flag and all the wars are criminal, immoral, evil and blight on all our souls.

    Let’s stop play acting that there’s any kind of justification for the Eternal War. Let us all admit that we’re sacrificing our children, our wealth, our innocence and our dignity into the bowels of Moloch’s flames. In order to placate the Fiend, and enjoy another day of relative comfort.

    And that goes for you and I, just as it goes for the heroes Assange and Snowden. At least they sacrificed some of their comfort, and that’s more than I have done.

    Anyways, the point is that it’s the ZUSA that is the ‘eye of Sauron’ for evil and iniquity in the world, and violence against human freedom, dignity and peace.

    And ALL of that is a direct consequence of the US being under an (((iron occupation))).

    If the American people were able to express their collective will on government affairs, foreign and domestic, we’d end all the wars. We bring all the troops home. We’d no longer be a bully on the world’s stage, murdering and menacing whoever looks at Israel cross-eyed.

    We’d be no different than the Australians or Austrians, wanting peace and prosperity at home, and trade and good-will to all. With no hostilities or entangling alliances with any.

    • Agree: Liberty Mike, Druid
  22. Anonymous[680] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I hope to call on him one day in London and offer whatever meagre support I can.

    I tried this last time I was in London. The door to the embassy was answered by an Ecuadorian, who politely declined and then shut the door in my face when I asked him if I could see Julian. The English policeman standing next to the door appeared to have a very large amount of sand in his vagina, and bade me farewell accordingly. The policemen outside were much nicer and we had a nice little chat about the state of affairs. Turns out they’re more interested in watching the shopgirls coming out of Harrods than human rights or anything like that though.

  23. By Jove! Israel is soooo right… but Assange isn’t going anywhere.

  24. Since this website likes talking about hidden history, let me pull something out of the deep depths of the distant past:

    Assange said he would give himself up to US authorities if Manning was released.

    Pretty much tells you about the investigative journalism and the investigative history here.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  25. mike k says:

    Bargaining with the British/American government (Empire) is like making a deal with the Devil (the folk representation of the essence of evil). The junior devils (bureaucrats) within the Devil’s network will carry out their assignments (little Eichmanns!) lying, corrupting, torturing, murdering – while all the while pretending to be angels of mercy and justice. The brainwashed public will celebrate Assange’s torture and death, just as they did the fate of Socrates or Jesus. The more things change, the more it is the same sad old story that is told once more – about truth murdered by it’s enemies.

  26. @animalogic

    Why are you less than convinced that Assange is personally a great guy?

  27. @Michael Kenny

    Show us the irrefutable proof that Assange is not being held against his will.

    SHOW US.

    SHOW US.

    SHOW US.

  28. bjondo says:
    @Jeff Stryker


    this has what to do with Assange being set up and tortured and facing Guantanamo till death do them part?

    G Britain, US, Australia, Sweden have what in common?

  29. @Anonymous

    Brabantian is a clear case of Hitler-in-Antarctic Man. Rothschild my foot! We are all here Mossad agents! How did you get here? I hope you are a Reptilian, at least?

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Wally
    , @Ilham
  30. Anon[121] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    An upside down world.

    Now, the right likes Assange more than progs do.

    • Replies: @m___
  31. m___ says:

    Freedom of speach fears not being critical of conventional ideas. Regardless.

  32. republic says:

    Something odd about Assange and Snowden, both accept the official narrative for 9/11.

    • Replies: @Wally
  33. republic says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen were the two Swedish women involved with Assange in Stockhome. Anna Ardin without question is a US intelligence asset. She is often described by the media as a “leftist”. She has ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups. Once expelled from Cuba. Worked as a gender equality officer at Uppsala University.

    she left for Israel just after the stitch-up

  34. RobinG says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Thanks for writing about Julian. Please keep it up.

    FYI, there were 2 DC events Tuesday. First, a rally at the White House with diverse supporters of free speech and [NON-FAKE] news, including Ray McGovern and Lee Stranahan.

    Then a protest at British Embassy, and presentation of petition. Organizer for both was Angel Fox, who came down from New Hampshire for this! One person can make a difference, and Julian shouldn’t be left to rot with nobody noticing.

    • Agree: geokat62
  35. Australia is part of the 5 eyes original world surveillance spy group–Echelon (along with US. United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand). The Aussies will never help Assange they are dupes of the US.

  36. Randy says:

    “So many epithets used by Homer for the King of Ithaca fit Julian to a tee! He is wise and noble, resourceful and cunning, wily and crafty, brilliant and steadfast, but also evil-starred man of woe.”

    Have to disagree. Odysseus is a famous teller of tall tales. Wikileaks to best of my knowledge has never been shown to tell any lies, noble or otherwise. Maybe a better characterization is Zarathustra. Assange is both a lover of truth and unmatched straight shooter with his bow.

    • Replies: @m___
  37. Wikileaks has just released a searchable database of ICE employees:

    Next time somebody here babbles on about how important borders are…

    • Replies: @Alden
  38. Anonymous [AKA "Haspel Simulated LIve Burial, LLC"] says:

    Bear in mind that for Ecuador as a CAT treaty party, release to either Britain or the US would be in breach of its binding commitment to non-refoulement. The US is implicated in systematic and widespread torture including psychological CIDT of Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning, and Britain is under investigation by the ICC for CIDT in Afghanistan.

  39. BubbaJack says:

    Wikileaks just doxxed ICE agents.

  40. edNels says:

    One of the problems with the concept of Free society is that too many sheeple are allowed to take up space and occupy in real time in the World, on Earth, while those types were never qualified to be Free humans, much less Citezens, much less anything better than Slaves.

    Think more of slaves as the base bottom catagorie of human protoplasmic mistake that is allowed to live, only if it can be harnessed to do gainful work, along with other beasts of burden and draft critters.

    When these monsters run free with the good people, they pollute the works, make it impossible to hold any consensus or to have a level of decency beneath which life isn’t really viable, not as worth living from the standpoint other than as in what I will call the mean survival mode, unfortunately, which has become the default over the ages, and humans have forgotten. Forgotten that… ie: a Life unexamined is not fit to live” Now it is more important that little stupid benchmarks are achieved, like being accepted to something, or other, making enough money to live on a golf course… hahaha or WTF?

    Too many idiotic people are just lying in wait to jump on the next lynch mob opportunity, all they lust for is to have a go at a victim, Christ like, virtuous to some with enough high tonedness to appreciate that, (not the low brows, who don’t have much fine tuned mentality enough to even get the point of these things.)

    Like that fox news host who said… ”Shoot the SOB!”, and how does he back up a need for that, who did Assange hurt distinctly enough to directly infer that . It is just an opportunity to channel blind rage, collectively, lynch mob mentality, from the low brows that live among us.

    The world needs needs a method to put the neanderthal in chains working beneath the basements on tread mills, whipped to work. that is the daemonic part of humans that should be dealt with. otherwise they pollute the world.

    Probably 50% of humans and all else at any time is satanic antilife in essence, getting over on the good folks!!! But the good folks have been put to sleep. with stupid liberal BS, but it is getting to be known now from the total excesses particularly in the crazy gender bending lunacy.

    Even if Julian is a fake, the issues is that he wants the truth of corruption to be out in the light, that is the issue, first he should be treated right, then if a fake, then he should answer charges on specifics… like laws like as if there is a rule of law, that makes life worth living in free societies.

    The bastards who are trying to turn that over and have what… capricious WTF and some unseen just kills whoever they want… that’s just wrong, even if it is coming soon!!!!

  41. From my blog:

    May 29, 2018 – Fake News About Julian Assange

    Some news sites report that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is willing to testify before Congress about the Clinton e-mail/Russia/Trump investigations. The response from Congress is fear, but our corporate media fails to report key details to explain why. First, Assange has often stated that Wikileaks never got information from the Russian government. In addition, Assange might reveal the massive corruption uncovered about the Clinton crime family. Moreover, Assange has already given interviews where he provided the answers, but our corporate media refuses to air them. The corporate media never disputes revelations of massive corruption by Hillary Clinton, they only want proof that this truthful information was provided by Russia.

    Watch this great interview where Australia’s most famous journalist interviews Assange.

    • Replies: @m___
  42. @The Scalpel

    No mostly wrong though the Gillard Labor government behaved disgracefully when he was first banged up. (Probably because Julia Gillard naively accepted the Swedish rape stories it now occurs to me). He hasn’t returned to Australia because the Australian government hasn’t exercised muscle on some flabby Brits (who beat Australians for being America’s lapdogs) and insisted that he be allowed out of the UK without being arrested.

    Also, unlike the UK Australia hasn’t adopted extradition law which would allow Assange to be extradited even if public outrage didn’ t stop the government enforcing a magistrate’s decision in favour of extradition. If you know anything about Australia remember the case of the little worm David Hicks whom, in the end, the Australian government had to rescue from Guantanamo Bay to appease his sympathisers.

  43. @Anonymous

    Ambiguous. You mean that if he were not in the Ecquadorian Embassy Mrs May’s UK government would ship hum to the US? Australia hasn’t had a female PM since 2013.

  44. Wally says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Or is it the ‘Hitler who lives in a small South American village guarded by SS veterans’?

    Anyway, it’s still the Hitler that never had an alleged ‘6,000,000 Jews, & 5,000,000 others’ murdered.

    Ach,” he said, “we’ve often fantasized about drawing up an indictment against Adolf Hitler himself. And to put into that indictment the major charge: the Final Solution of the Jewish question in Europe, the physical annihilation of Jewry. And then it dawned upon us, what would we do? We didn’t have the evidence.”
    – so called “holocaust historian” Raul Hilberg

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  45. Wally says:

    Is that really true?
    I never heard that before.

    Sources please.


    • Replies: @republic
  46. m___ says:


    also an unlucky individual with a “personality disorder”, individuals with an IQ at the extreme of the bell curve are by definition not wanted, not comprehended, outliers socially to the mean population. Most of them. Julian definitely is an outlier, thus an easy target for the middle class to become an outcast. The media, justice system, administrators of the public system, most of the middle class translators to the bulk of humanity hate individuals who see through their binary idiocies.

    A Tommy Robbinson howling “street” or “rap” or “populist” soundbites, has an easy binary logic behind his concepts, blind spots, a limited context in what he utters is true. A cute prototype “one of us” is of course a better profile to drift into the public conscience.

    Let’s forget activism as posting as headless chickens, toting banners in fair weather, wish Wikileaks and His to become an inspiration for a concept of data mining and quality publication. The methods are in the public domain, and the content is unending. Let them be an inspiration to generations. Someone make the bridge between concepts of Bitcoin and Wikileaks.

    Again, Assange was stepping the toes of the middle class, the street does not comprehend his language, his manners, his interests. That’s what makes him such a personal offense to our politicians and other serfs of capital(not cognitive) elites. None seem to have as a group a superior cognitive capacity, hence method and choice of subject.

    What makes Assange dangerous is the stir of middle class dissent possible. That of course is mortal to any system of society. Russia, China, the West, all experts, media, politicians, business monkeys, agree silently: “this guy makes us look like the shit we represent”. Unforgivable. Imagine the ego of a Pompeo being struck to the stomach with a mirror image of infatuation, no authenticity, bland jelly and no Pavlov response to his ego.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  47. m___ says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Why do “Hillaries and Clintons” float to the center of gravity, where the wealth and power are?

    One of the reasons is that cognitive capabilities, knowledge, formal knowledge of the state of the world is derisory to the “job”. What is required in the first and foremost loyalty to the per-during elites of capital. Our supra national elites ultimately. A mafia system, loyalty to godfather’s capital interests of the in-group supra national elites.

    Capital as the part that can be translated into concrete, and a whiff of ego, to their second rate, sluggish minds concrete being the most per-during asset of our planet.

    Ethics only play a secondary role, and only concerning their own, much like any in-group(mainstream criminal or not) oriented association. Opportunism, translated in realized gain(concrete and resulting ego(credibility to the masses) is the ultimate god.

    That makes the Hillaries such prized serfs. Devout, simple and humble as to the rulers, generational proofs of loyalty, highly compromised, a next generation in the lining(Billy Gates’ daughter anyone?), phenotypically cured, unable to survive outside the bulb environment and secondly being able to talk and inspire(an Assange and the depth of the subject allow not) the deplorables. Hillaries are tarred and nailed to whatever calls the daylight.

    Some things come to mind,

    Ethics is not much more then supreme(as in quality) opportunism.

    Our public elites(themselves serfs to invisible power), cannot hover in talk and presence but a variant(IQ) or more above the mean of the population. They need other qualities of course, the second being very submissive to their rulers. They are essentially “translators”, and their supply is abundant what makes them “cheap” to the de facto elites. There is little opportunity for them to be accepted in the power nucleus, they are commodities and disposable.

    Hillaries have a high drive for concrete and since they see the planet as a narrow strip of highway, they can easily motivate themselves to constantly measure success to each other, fading out the enormous humiliation of being at the mercy of the real power players. Joke. Remember Putin considered once a career as a taxi driver(his own words, probably not true, since uttered publicly). The point is that Hillaries could be as well small business owners, craftsmen, and second grade teachers as for raw processing power. Not very exceptional, translates into “successful” for them.

    Value is more then cognitive capacities and formalized knowledge, but in the field of politics, making policies, it should be made a necessary requirement. Politics not being much more then applied science to sociology, psychology, science in general, and yes even simple arithmetic.

    • Replies: @edNels
  48. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    “Assange said he would give himself up to US authorities if Manning was released.”

    Please document that. I would like to read what precisely was said, when, and in what context.

    • Replies: @anony-mouse
  49. Sparkon says:

    Julian Assange hasn’t said much about 9/11 that I could find, beyond this:

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

    — Julian Assange

    Hmm. Assange seems to imply there are other “false conspiracies” beyond 9/11 also distracting people, and the whole distracting lot is keeping him in a constant state of annoyance. Aww, poor boy; real conspiracies all around, and people are distracted by false ones. Who knew?

    “Fake and Faker: Assange and Snowden”

    Assange fails the 9/11 litmus test.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  50. republic says:

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

    Julian Assange on 9/11 : June 2010

    Snowden was created by intelligence agencies to serve as a disinformation agent and a limited hangout operator who would serve to deflect from any serious questioning of the official 9/11 narrative


    • Replies: @m___
    , @James Brown
  51. Shame, that this paragon of all the virtues should become a scofflaw bail-jumper.

    He, who saw the cities of many men and knew their minds, should walk the walk and damn the consequences. Can he not save himself alive?

  52. edNels says:

    You summed it up about the commodification of the figureheads anyway. Just sort of… fufu working class bumblers.

    Just a bunch of common trash rats racing for a reward. Concrete rewards that they can see and smell and touch with the senses. Concrete capital prizes,


    concrete being the most per-during asset of our planet.

    (pertaining to (during) transiting earthly existence, ??)

    For the average Lunkhead, it is more comforting to deal with material items, especially if one is essentially MATERIALISTIC orientated.

    Is materialism a first level of consciousness, or a default adjustment (in service to Mammon) when one reliably matures and drops back from transcendental questions that are too disturbing, and not much compensated for.

    The main thing is though how nice the leaders resonate with the mean common denominators, and are able to start stampedes anytime, etc.

    • Replies: @m___
  53. annamaria says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Agree. The psychopathic deciders in both the US and the UK cultivate the worst scum and glorify the worst war profiteers (Bush, Cheney, Blair, May, Obama, Clinton et al).
    The noisy “progressives” and “liberals” are easily guided to do the massive and politically correct outrages such as the stupid “pink pussies” march on D.C.
    Various de Niros (of aged variety) and Maddows (of somewhat less aged variety) have been puffing safely about the deciders-allowed subjects.
    But there is no popular movement to protect and free the courageous whistle-blower Julian Assange.
    The politically correct British royal family pretends that Assange does not exist. The allegedly law-protecting Scotland Yard always follows the banksters’ orders. The M16 has become a collection of opportunists afflicted with self-imposed dementia: see the hapless Steele affairs, the incredibly stupid Skripal affair (Skripal has been connected to M16 for years), and the M16 poodeling to the US desires re Assange affair. The deciders (banksters & major war profiteers) have castrated their obedient servants dwelling in the (in)Justice system and police. A spectacle of Indecency.

    • Replies: @m___
  54. annamaria says:

    Hey, “Brabantian,” now we know why the UK police do not allow Assange to leave the Ecuadorian embassy and why the secret Grand Jury in the US ruled that “Assange will be charged according to the US Patriotic Act that define specific computer crimes as terrorist attacks , as well as the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 1-a). The very Vice President of the United States has unambiguously described Assange as “cyber-terrorist.”
    — You see, Assange is a “cyber-terrorist” but the Awans — and their loving handler Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her brother who handles the investigation of the “worst breach in the US cybersecurity”) are OK. Not a peep about the “cyber-terrorism” of Awans, which became possible thanks to Debbie’s efforts and preferences.
    — Assange has insulted the global “deciders” by making the inconvenient truths about war profiteering and the lawlessness in high places available to all of us. As a result, Assange has been living in confinement and became deprived of all electronic communication. — Still not enough for you? — It seems that “Brabantian” knows for sure that nothing works better than a smear. It is surprising that in your battle cry for “real justice” you have omitted to mention the honey trap and the international arrest warrant for Assange. There is your soul-mate, “Judge” Emma Arbuthnot, a wife of a ziocon and prominent war profiteer, who also questioned Assange courage and upheld the arrest warrant. The despicable war profiteer Emma Arbuthnot had the gall to accuse Assange in cowardice (like you, “Brabantian):”-2

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  55. m___ says:

    You captured the note fully.


    Your twist on it is more interesting then our’s. Concrete as in literally concrete, real-estate, mansions, “investment buildings”, anything material, …since capital is not a realized asset, and can melt out of control. Capital has as only function that it can be materialized out of nothing and return to ditto as easily. Essentially make believe with an expiration date. Not it’s first use in economics theory, but as other digitized realities it has evolved to such. At least the physical assets of “bunkers” soothes the prime human drifts of our critters posing while supposedly holding the tiller.

    Maybe you do not belong at the comment section, an outlet as compared to a department store(bloggers). You should be paid for your comprehension, your sense of relevancy, your oversight.


  56. m___ says:


    As far as Assange, when he would be invited to really look into it, by any data of relevance, he would himself forge an opinion of quality. Evading controversy is not Assange’s strongest.

    Snowden evidently by his recent silence is compromised. Wether how to percentile outside pressure to free will, no idea.

    Wikileaks since Assange’s silencing, should be handled with extreme caution.

    With regard to 9/11. Circumferential evidence alone, any military operative with experience must see 9/11 directed out of a cave in Afghanistan as a joke. Ditto the whole of the operational successes of Al Qaeda graded against the “9/11 op.” and the discrepancy speak for themselves. Explosives experts, engineers must be hard to convince. Planes flying into buildings, none ever had a fraction of similar impact. The question is not why, not if, but who benefitted from the Holywood sequel.

    Our guess, Assange has not given the issue much thought. It is amazing how his reverse engineering, his energy, his isolation could even nail such a body of current events, the number of players, in such a short span of focusing in the first place. Again a grade A intellect. Regardless of where his analysis leads him, it contains relevancy, quantification, oversight.

    Assange’s ultimate intellectual test, when his isolation draws out, we do not wish it to, is deep thinking using factoring that is highly abstract. Keeping alert and better, not loosing any skills as to interact with computers. We do not know how his autonomy is further restricted, and we do not want to be returned half a man. We got ourselves a hero, and they are few and far apart. His minimal tools, stay fit, a pencil and a scrap of paper a day.

  57. m___ says:

    The deciders (banksters & major war profiteers) have castrated their obedient servants dwelling in the (in)Justice system and police. A spectacle of Indecency.

    Next stop, herding done outside the media. Anything media is loosing effect, and extremely costly, it positions top media moguls within the power nuclei with voting rights. Not desirable. As alternative media shows, it could theoretically be twisted against, or at least redirect absolute interests. The venue to a simulacrum of control would be hard– and software combined global efforts. Still not good enough. Back to the future.

  58. Alden [AKA "Vera Figner"] says:

    So that means the pro illegal immigration anti fa anti White racists* can harass and attack ICE employees and their families.

    * pro immigration anti White anti fa racists aka lackeys and running dogs of the cheap labor capitalists who want you and me and every other White person in America gone so the cheap labor capitalists can rule over a land of docile brown serfs.

  59. @Brabantian

    Got any credible evidence to back up your ravings? Didn’t think so. Tor, btw, is open source. Do you know what that means? Besides, as another commentator pointed out, the USG by and large invented the internet as we know it. Give your head a shake and try again.

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  60. @animalogic

    Whether Assange is a “great guy” or not is irrelevant. He is a human being and human beings are fallible, imperfect creatures. The establishment media types who constantly point out Assange’s character flaws (real or imagined) are propagandists trying to distract public attention from the facts of the matter: the hounding and persecution of a man who is doing the job journalists ostensibly signed up to do.

    • Agree: RobinG
    • Replies: @animalogic
  61. @Michael Kenny

    You have just outed yourself as an idiot. WikiLeaks only publish what people “leak” to them. If you have information regarding the misdeeds of the Russian Federation, by all means, forward it to WikiLeaks.

  62. @m___

    You strike a few resonant notes.

    • Replies: @m___
  63. @Sparkon

    Surely anyone who believes that crap from Veterans Today that ignores the fact that Assange has been banged up for 6 years is failing some pretty basic test.

  64. Anon[759] • Disclaimer says:
    @Michael Kenny

    Supporter? Maybe admirer as one might admire Napoleon or Julius Caesar without forgetting the people they damaged or putting Putin at such an elevated level. But you could quote and cite.

  65. @Lincoln Blockface Squarebeard III

    Completely agree. I thought the author maybe over did the Assange “great guy” thing, which as you say IS irrelevant.
    Highlighting whatever Assange’s personal points often plays into the hands of anti-Assange propaganda.

  66. @republic

    More important than Julian Assange’s or Snowden’s take on 9/11 is Dr Paul’s or Craig Murray’s position.

    Craig Murray really believes the official version of 9/11. It’s very strange but he does.

    I don’t believe that Dr. Paul believes the official version but being an intelligent man he knows that he must pretend to believe it otherwise his credibility will be destroyed…And he needs his “credibility” to continue doing what he’s been doing.

    So sometimes you need to pretend to believe in the “great lie” to do some good or just to carry on living.

    • Replies: @republic
    , @Wizard of Oz
  67. m___ says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Glad you concur that we live in a layered society, casts, classes, networks(cross-bands) are usable terms and politically incorrect.

    The systemic failure of society is the bandwidth of it’s composition. In all too narrow, and at the top too low on the scale of what is needed.

    Outlier individuals, are systemically filtered out by education, media, academia, human nature. That makes floating ideas of quality to the top layer, where they can be executed not realistic. Power seeks to preserve itself at all costs, hence mediocre ideas broadcasted to the mean of society, and applying them with a twist of in-group(elites) opportunistic goals. That is what could be called the theory of smart(opportunistic), versus intelligent(moral). To say building on quality data in the interest of all standing and future human, thinking and organizing for the long term, to smooth cycles of ignorant head butting policies, done by the better minds of our nature(real meritocracy).

    AI, biology of genetics, could in a timely matter shift the whole of the bandwidth up. A little as the internet(precursor of AI, since it allowed for better data gathering to independent minds), call it better access to relatively uncensored ideas, had a less then twenty year(two thirds of a human generation) impact on independent middle class brains tuning in, thus possibly disrupting and dynamically tilting mean cognizance and formal knowledge of what is going on in society.

    Again making use of technology and science(understanding the how has little to do with making use(drivers of cars and mechanics, engineers, resulting urbanistic challenges in scaling order), better data is not a given to most of society, but the possibility present can have an indirect impact(Assange is not understood by most of the public, still emotionally affects the corporate and public sector beast as no other) by stirring discontent and opening eyes inside the middle class serfs that cater to the elites.

    That of course can be dangerous, is emotionally frustrating, makes the middle class more expensive to the elites, thus is almost invisibly, but efficient. A little bit like the Roman Empire eaten by Christian ideas.

    If there is two cents in the above, and the pattern is not new, Assange should spawn other “martyrs”, eventually having some unanticipated outcomes as to how societies are organized, and floating better ideas to the top. Having the elites recognize markers beyond which they risk dangerous dissent. Giving in to concepts of quality since the body of society pushes them to perform, rather then the body sucking up to the slime and grouse they secrete. Societies have whom they deserve at the top by the nature of their proper body.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @edNels
  68. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for replying.

    However, it takes about five minutes of good faith research to learn that Assange through his lawyers disclaimed any commitment to surrender himself upon completion of the truncated sentence of Manning ordered by President Obama. (Manning had to remain imprisoned for about four months after Obama left office.) The statement on which you rely was one of numerous Wikileaks tweets about Manning, and not something “Assange said.” What Assange did say many times before and since was that Manning never should have been imprisoned at all.

    So what was the point of your comment? I have read it again, and can’t tell if you’re trying to diminish the credibility of Assange, of whatever it is you think of as “journalism,” or of this particular Shamir column.

    • Replies: @m___
  69. m___ says:

    Shamir tunes in to the emotional aspects mostly of “affair” Assange. That can be done by him rightfully so, since they are acquainted as to his own words.

    The systemic aspect for society of Wikileaks and Assange, is more important though. It will have historical value, and adds to the tool of journalism, and how it is to be done. Lessons learned are at university level. The New York Times(in method, and cost-benefit, morals including equality of Gentiles to Jews) is an old cow compared. Wikileaks is an example of how “democracy”, “globalism” should be done, and can evolve. Wikileaks carries important social and political lessons, not taken thankfully by inferior middle class players in media and other branches of crowd control.

  70. Deschutes says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I’m from Michigan myself and yes, it does kinda suck. Especially the metro Detroit areas…Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Southfield, Redford, Inkster etc. The Great Lakes are quite nice though–but if you live in metro Detroit you hardly ever see them!

  71. Deschutes says:

    I think you’re being overly dramatic. The spooks may be quite perturbed with Julian, but they won’t kill him or track him for life. I think if he walks out that embassy door he’ll of course be arrested and extradited to USA for a Chelse Manning type kangaroo court and jail experience. Probably do 3-5 years in the hole, then be let out due to outside pressure.

    • Replies: @niteranger
  72. Deschutes says:

    Hopefully you’re joking, right? Trying to add some slapstick cum nutter commentary comedy to the thread?

    ….but something tells me you’re serious. Lay off the crack bro!

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  73. Deschutes says:
    @Michael Kenny

    You need to stop making a fool of yourself in public like this.

  74. annamaria says:

    What an amazing exposure of loyalty to the Deciders’ interests!
    Meanwhile, “The ‘Murder’ Of Julian Assange,” by Kurt Nimmo:

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  75. republic says:
    @James Brown

    You comment on Craig Murray got me interested in what Stephen Hawkins thought about 9/11
    He said that it was not important!

    • Replies: @James Brown
  76. @m___

    Just beginning my 3.45 am quick read….. I think I found your subsequent post less resonant but I am happy to find ideas sparking productively or at least positively in this one. Thoughts on where driverless cars can take city planning and how and where we live are big bit on AI they are *huge*….

  77. @James Brown

    What is the summary “official view” of 9/11 that you regard it as impossible for any honest intelligent person to believe?

    Let me guess

    1. The four planes were highjacked by 19 Al Qaeda related Arab males

    2. They hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon

    3. WTC 7’s fire was started by burning matter from one of the Twin Towers

    4. Collapses were caused by gravity on top of heat weakened steel structural support

    and the reason you say this should be found incredible is because the tiny fraction of people who may or may not be American professional architects or engineers (but claim to be) have been portrayed on the Internet by one Richard Gage’s website as saying the way the buildings collapsed is incompatible with that scenario.

    From close attention to truthers on UR and reading their links that seems to be it. Right?

    If so, wouldn’t it be pretty easy to crowd fund a top level scientific-engineering appraisal of the “official” collapse theory? Should you initiate that?

    • Troll: Rurik
    • Replies: @James Brown
    , @annamaria
  78. edNels says:

    Your comment is full of meanings I just wanted to reflect on a couple of points.

    The systemic failure of society is the bandwidth of it’s composition.

    Seems to me, that when bandwidth is fully utilized/saturated, time for faster bigger one, society/internet move too slow. inverse to private profit incentive, so limit numbers is efficient, not great, grand govenment infrastructure plan. Because, not wanted BTW, not in the cards.

    Outlier individuals, are systemically filtered out by education, media, academia, human nature.

    and a well known quote of a complacent elite type to anyone with ideas of up and coming… break through fantasy. ”Your son never can meet ‘my daughter’ much less to talk to her”

    AI, biology of genetics, could in a timely matter shift the whole


    This is being accomplished, but putting away the relics of past is slow to begin with, (sensitively?) middleserfs must not be panic too make waves! the herd still believes in fairy tale old, someday AI will produce superman, maybe unisex version with both genitalia! (wouldn’t surprise anybody as per trends).

    A new word is needed instead of Elite. The dog’s fees are at the top of the food chain, so are the fleas elites? Certainly not! By the way, some talk about the .001% of powerful, and below that .01% of peripheral power, and really down and down to about the 10% level is were the useful idiot class starts to be. Above \$100k pa (+/-) These are buffer and facilitators and mechanics/ organizers and historically: TAX PAYERS… (now obsolete/ (QE…). Below that is where the robots can be worked in completely in the short term when the time is right.

    Beyond that the cumbersome expensive 10% middle class/middle income level will soon be atrited/liquidated, leaving the .01% running scared. And the heck with ’em the spineless brown noses. (Yond Cassius’ lean and hungry…!) (Robot )”Jeeves, show them out!”

    That of course can be dangerous, is emotionally frustrating, makes the middle class more expensive to the elites,

    There it is: the invisible hand again, Free Market ideology. The middle income-classes are too expensive, so they will be avoided and replaced. Constructive destruction as it were.

    • Replies: @m___
  79. RobinG says:

    Nobel Peace laureate MAIREAD MAGUIRE:

    I would like to make a special appeal to the American President DonaldTrump and his Government, to close down this Grand Jury which has been established to try Julian Assange and Wikileaks based on their publications , and confirm the US Government will not extradite him to America, but recognize that he too ….. has a right to have his rights protected under law.

    • Replies: @m___
  80. @Deschutes

    You are naive. Why don’t you trace a number of individuals who screwed with anyone from the agencies over the years from ex-agents to directors of the CIA? Assange’s fame won’t help him at all. He’ll end up being suicided.

  81. @Wizard of Oz

    Of course you must be joking. If you aren’t then you should take your “questions” and “doubts”, to NYT or WP.
    Readers of NYT, WP and other propaganda outlets believe that “Truth” is something authorities tell them.
    There is nothing I can say to convince you that the official version of 9/11 is a lie.
    Lots of people with intellectual authority and moral courage have already done so.

    If you still believe in the official version is because you are not interested in truth.
    Maybe one day you will be. Only recently Ron found out that that the official version of JFK’s assassination is a lie.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  82. @republic

    And Stephen Hawkins was right. 9/11, Who murdered JFK are not important.

    He was right if he meant that what is important is the “power structure” that can commit these crimes and worse and get away with it.

    For the first time in history, I believe, we have criminals that can “create reality” and make millions of people believe and die for it.

    While people spend time discussing past false flags and past crimes, the mafia is creating new realities and new narratives.

    I bet that at the moment they are thinking about the “false flag” they need to sell to the masses so they go and destroy Iran and get re-elected.

    “It’s power, stupid”. How to destroy this “power structure” is what people should be discussing.

    While this “power structure/mafia” is in place, the official lies will always be what most voters will believe…even in the age of the internet.

    • Replies: @m___
  83. m___ says:
    @James Brown

    Relevancy is the beast to ride, sadly it comes with cognitive dissonance. Context, rationality, relevancy, are concepts that go beyond general comprehension. Capital(ad hoc) is another such a concept, it is sufficient not to believe in it, and look… our Gods just dissipated.

    Burke condensed it rightfully, human nature wins every time in imposition from conceptual aspirations, and rational projections. Burke calls it aspirations as to human nature. Better Burke.

  84. m___ says:

    If or as a Nobel prize laureate, you should not be proud of conventional title-ing. Nobel prices and the whole of the carcass of Western society is rotten to the core. The foundational, intrinsic ideas of the Western world are un-repairably alienated from “elite” behavior.

    We call referencing to convention, and the shame of it, the “Chomsky et al.” psychological complex. Be a Steven Pinker or assume independence before you speak out, it is the first condition of credibility. At best wake up.

  85. republic says:

    The Brits and the Ecuadorians are working on a defenestration ending for Assange.

  86. annamaria says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “Collapses were caused by gravity on top of heat weakened steel structural support.”
    — What kind of structural engineering degree could produce such confidence?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  87. @James Brown

    Total failure to respond to what I carefully put to you. You don’t even cite your claimed (existence of people who are) intellectual authorities. Richard Gage presumably!

    And what responsible person with your beliefs could fail to try and do something about it? Your internet wailing doesn’t even cost you a postage stamp or the effort of walking to the post box. Go crowdfunding so you can hire some brains.

  88. @annamaria

    You really won’t get that job with Russia Today if you don’t learn to read. Where in my post was anyone’s confidence in that summary of part of the hypotheticsl, or presumed, official view expressed?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  89. annamaria says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Perhaps you need to re-read your own post before insulting the Unz readers.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  90. @annamaria

    You would amaze if you weren’t repeating your ADD type off the mark style of reply. What I said was ” Let me guess”… “that your (JB’s) version of the official story was”…
    1, 2, 3….
    4. Collapses were caused by etc”

    Your attempt to pick your particular choice of fight was just bizarre.

    You could have asked me whether I had confidence in that version of the official story that I posited. That would have made sense. But you didn’t.

  91. @Brabantian

    Interesting, for sure. But you have to give sources for all these accusations. Where and how have you come up with this thesis? My first reaction is to agree with what you say, from my own observations of the super-dodge Shamir, also my personal ‘litmus test’–that would be, 911, which, like all modern giants of intellect, Assange failed. And the general sense of wonder, as in, Just how deep are the Lies? Every possible resource and limitless money are relentlessly used to keep all the dumb goys dumb, evil seems to have absolutely free reign. And lying agents and organisations are everywhere, it seems.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  92. Ilham says:
    @Israel Shamir

    If CIA/Mossad REALLY wanted to remove Assange, he would have been eradicated years ago (in any one of a dozen different ways).
    – Like the 9/11 narrative, Wikileaks has too many elements of a Hollywood script, to ever be considered real.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  93. @Ilham

    Ilham, you do not believe in God, that’s your problem. God can run such scripts that Hollywood can just dream of. And it is God who is all-powerful, not CIA/Mossad.

  94. @daniel le mouche

    There are subjects that should not be touched by-the-way; they can be treated separately, but if you just mention them, your discourse will be bogged down. These subjects are 9/11, Holocaust, JFK, Moon landings, UFO, blood sacrifices, pedophile rings. Do not complain if a writer avoids these topics – they are deadly.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @daniel le mouche
  95. Rurik says:
    @Israel Shamir

    These subjects are 9/11, ….

    Do not complain if a writer avoids these topics – they are deadly.

    yes of course, but being as 9/11 was the pretext for the Eternal Wars, (intended to make the 21st century resemble the last one)- that means that ‘respectable’ writers will avoid even mentioning the very cause of the destruction of several nations, and the consequent staggering horrors visited upon so many millions of innocents.

    Not to mention the historic evisceration of our God-given rights, leading to the eventual universal enslavement of humanity. (This is what is meant by the unilateral power ; )

    DNAA, a direct consequence of 9/11, has wiped away all notions of individual rights going back to the Magna Carta. They now operate a Ministry of Love in Cuba.

    That seems kind of significant to me.

    Already there are laws against questioning the kosher narrative vis-a-vis the Holocaust, and thousands languishing in ‘Western’ prisons for the “crime”. When will they add 9/11 to the subjects verboten to mention? Sadly it seems, they don’t have to. Authors self-censor.

    Failing to critically discuss 9/11, when it’s obvious that they’re lying about it, and using it as a pretext to menace the people of the planet, murdering and maiming millions, destroying nation after nation, wiping away hard won rights, earned in blood of better men than we…

    .. sort of says something about us, no?

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  96. @Israel Shamir

    I appreciate your response, Mr. Shamir. Fair enough–you consider such topics ‘deadly’. But why are they deadly? What exactly do they signify, the end of ‘legiitimacy’ and ‘respectability’, your career, perhaps they even endanger one’s life? I can see how they bog one down, because the arguments, as seen daily at Unz, are endless and neither side can convince the other. But if you know/believe something, shouldn’t you tell the truth as you see it? A writer shouldn’t be a politician, it seems to me. We need truth tellers. Look at Paul Craig Roberts (he’s about the only one). To me, the true respectability of such famous writers as Pilger, Alexander Cockburn, Chomsky, Zinn, etc. is called into question by the fact of their unwillingness to touch especially 911–in Cockburn’s case, he was consistently mocking, sarcastic and excessively belligerent on the subject… why?

  97. @Rurik

    Agreed. 911 and the Holocaust are the two as you say ‘verboten’ subjects, because they are the engines driving all draconian laws and brainwashing. These are THE topics for truthful and courageous writers.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  98. @daniel le mouche

    Yes, these subjects can be treated, but not in the passing way. Provided these good guys you mentioned do not know and did not learn these particular subjects, it is prudent to avoid them, not to get bogged down and lose one’s position. Actually there are more ‘banned subjects’ – it is enough to mention Jesus Christ, and you are out in the cold, as I have learned on my own example. A few days ago, the Church celebrated St John’s day: did somebody noticed it, in your reading? And it is much much worse then missing 9/11.

  99. Rurik says:
    @daniel le mouche

    These are THE topics for truthful and courageous writers.

    I see a lot of diligence vis-a-vis the Holocaust, but for me the issue of critical importance is 9/11.

    9/11 was/is the seminal event of our lifetimes. Indeed, of the century, if not of the millennium.

    It is the turning point, when our lives went from a trajectory based, as I mentioned, on the freedoms won with the Magna Carta, to the Declaration of Independence. All of that ended on September 11, 2001.

    at 22 seconds in, he tells the truth

    then he goes on to describe how we’re all going to become Palestinians, with check points and total surveillance and little old ladies treated like terrorists on domestic flights between Utah and Kansas. Already our local police forces are sent to Israel for training.

    also what’s remarkable about watching that guy on the BBC tell us it was Osama who did it, even as the toxic dust was still puffing out all over Manhattan, and building seven was yet to fall..

    .. is that he was obviously one of the people who knew the attacks were coming. Since it was his Mossad operatives who were arrested after dancing and celebrating while ‘documenting the event’.

    So this was a Biblical level event. An event intended to end the era of human freedom, (imperfect as it was) and plunge the world’s people into an era of Zionist total domination.

    Entire nations would be utterly destroyed, and sent reeling into the stone age for generations. America would no longer be a nation with a constitution, but that document and its protections would cease to exist. If the zio-government considered you (an American citizen) a potential threat, they now could send a drone to assassinate you, and your sixteen year old son for good measure.

    I recall as a boy, a sort of morbid fascination with the methods of torture used in the Medieval ages, like the dungeons of Europe, or what the Apache was known to thrill to.

    But never in a million years would I ever had been able to imagine that my own country, the America I grew up in, would be operating an open torture facility.

    When some shithead like Obama talks about preventing criminal immigrants from flooding our nation, and says ‘this is not who we are’.

    Well, in the America I grew up in, torture would have been first on the list of things which are ‘not who we are’.

    Now I read of Iraqi mothers being forced to listen to their little boys screams as they’re raped in some CIA black site, and I know that the America I grew up in is dead. It’s been murdered by Zionists and their legions of treasonous scum in Washington, DC.

    And we can all trace the exact date of the coup d’état. September 11, 2001

    The day of the Fiend.

  100. @Rurik

    Agree but I’d suggest that maybe you’re exaggerating a little bit when you say : ” 9/11 was/is the seminal event of our lifetimes. Indeed, of the century, if not of the millennium.”

    Maybe it’s of “your lifetime” but even that would not be correct because you don’t know what will be the rest of your lifetime. You can just speculate.

    9/11 wouldn’t have been possible if the USA wasn’t over total control of the Zionists. But that control didn’t start on 9/11. So maybe the “seminal event of our lifetimes.” is when the USA was colonized by the Zionists. Some would argue that happened when they got the Fed.

    All the wars (and 9/11) are only the consequences of that colonization.

    It doesn’t make sense talking of being a “pessimist” or an “optimist”,but allow me just to tell you that we must always remember that good will always triumph over evil .

    You may dismiss this “fact” as something that can only come from a naîve, ignorant guy.

    I believe that it’s highly likely that we will see the destruction/self-destruction of Zionism during our lifetimes. Nothing is permanent in this life. Even evil.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  101. @daniel le mouche

    “We need truth tellers. Look at Paul Craig Roberts (he’s about the only one). To me, the true respectability of such famous writers as Pilger, Alexander Cockburn, Chomsky, Zinn, etc. is called into question by the fact of their unwillingness to touch especially 911–in Cockburn’s case, he was consistently mocking, sarcastic and excessively belligerent on the subject… why?”

    Chomsky is a buffoon. IMHO, You should not waste your time reading or listening to him.
    Cockburn was a good writer and a “radical” who wanted to be invited to “the party”, so he knew where the limits were. Most Counterpunch’s writers are radicals in the sense Cockburn was a “radical”.

    Zinn was a great historian and a truth teller. He found out that the “great war” he fought on, was a big lie. Chomsky still believes that in the II WW the USA fought for “justice and freedom”.

    I admire PCR but we need to accept that those who refuse to take on 9/11 and other big lies, have to earn a living or they just don’t want to risk their life.

    PCR is a very courageous man but he has nothing to lose. His career is over, and he knows that his life isn’t in danger because the Zionists tend to eliminate only the decision makers.

    Lots of people read PCR, but that is irrelevant for the Zio-Mafia.
    Their power and objectives are not threatened by PCR’s articles. Most American people don’t read PCR.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  102. @Rurik

    Very well said. The unique in world history thing about the United States was its Constitution: mainly, its Freedom of Speech, and its Right to Bear Arms against a despotic government, something no European can seem to comprehend as a GREAT THING. How these scum have managed to trod their jackboots on our sacred Constitution is, as you hinted, a most unforgivable historic act. There must be hell to pay, Americans must rise up.

    • Agree: Rurik
  103. @James Brown

    Agreed, PCR is marginalized. I disagree about Zinn. I personally saw this man speak in 2008, and someone during questions raised his non-stance on 911. You know what he said? He said, quote, ‘That was a long time ago… Let’s talk about the present.’ This, coming from a famous historian–7 years ago is a long time, and the past has no meaning for the present. A very strange comment, no? Agree Chomsky is a POS, a very arrogant man. But all these big names have huge egos.

    • Replies: @James Brown
  104. @Israel Shamir

    ‘Provided these good guys you mentioned do not know and did not learn these particular subjects, it is prudent to avoid them, not to get bogged down and lose one’s position.’

    Why on earth would someone who claims to understand the modern world shy away from this all-important subject (see Rurik’s comment below for the significance of 911)? It’s I would say either complete moral cowardice or outright lying. Chomsky’s great brain can’t figure out this most obvious thing (he has repeatedly said he just doesn’t think it would be possible to pull off)? And Cockburn very agressively and actively mocked any kooks who dared question the narrative. Guys like Pilger, as far as I can tell, just pretend it doesn’t exist.

    As for St. John the Baptist’s feast day on June 24, I have no idea why that should be considered as important as 911.

  105. @daniel le mouche

    “A very strange comment, no?”

    Zinn at that stage, could have told the truth if he wanted. Maybe “tribal fidelity” can explain why they always stick with the “big lie”. You can see it with that “great historian” and very “honest” intellectual: Norman Finkelstein.

    NF defends Palestinians with all his passion and intelligence. He’ s a “radical” but like Chomsky, he believes all the official version of history he gets from the government and the MSM.

    More interesting for me is the case of Dr. Ron Paul. I consider him to be a decent and an honest man.
    I’ m sure he knows that the official version of the 9/11 is a lie.

    But Dr Ron Paul has million of people who listen to him, read him, admire him.
    Sometimes the MSM even invite him. Dr Ron Paul has influence and “credibility” that PCR doesn’t have.

    Do you believe that Dr Ron Paul should tell the truth about 9/11 and lose everything including his family ?
    In his place, would you tell the truth about 9/11?

    It’s more reasonable to admit that there are battles you can’t win and concentrate your forces on those battles you can win.

    In spite of that, I still see Dr Paul as an honest man. Chomsky and Finkelstein are intellectually dishonest although lots of people don’t know that. They are supposedly fighting for social justice.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  106. Rurik says:
    @James Brown

    So maybe the “seminal event of our lifetimes.” is when the USA was colonized by the Zionists.

    I would definitely agree that the seminal event of the last century was the creation of the Fed.

    that event led to the unprecedented betrayal of Germany at Versailles, and set in motion the horrors of world war II, and perhaps the eventual death of Western civilization.

    (thanks Woodrow, [may you Rot in Hell]

    But this is a new century. And a new millennium.

    I know a little about the mind-numbing horrors of the last century, culminating in WWII. I saw their id at Waco. I knew their motivating principle. It was laid out by George Orwell in his characterization of Room 101.

    ”The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. …

    … Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?”

    ‘yes CFR, PNAC, AIPAC.. we do’

    The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy. Already we are breaking down the habits of thought, which have survived from before the Revolution. We have cut the links between child and parent, and between man and man, and between man and woman.

    anyways, this is the goal, and always has been. To revel in the abject subjugation of mankind. To mash their faces in their abasement. To exalt in the suffering of others, and gorge on their humiliation.

    Perhaps an event will come about that will knock 9/11 out as ‘the seminal event of our time’, but insofar as 9/11 was the event intended as the pretext to set in motion the Total Police/surveillance state, with a Ministry of Love in Gitmo, and check points, with the Eternal Wars, just like Orwell imagined it.

    If someone is speaking from the Ministry of Truth (msm), then we all know they’re lying. If CNN is audible, what you’re listening to are lies. If you’re reading the NYT, you’re reading agenda-driven lies, mixed of course with half-truths. NPR was on the other day saying they’re unbiased. And only report what’s true.

    Anyways, yea. Nothing comes close to 9/11 as far as I can see.

    Not Assad’s chemical attacks, not the lies about MH17 or Gadhafi, because these things are all a direct consequence of 9/11, which as you rightly point out, was a direct consequence of the Fed.

    If you want to talk about the seminal event of the last century, insofar as it also threatens this century as well, it was the Fed. The Fed set it all in motion, and you could even go back to Rothschild’s treachery vis-à-vis the Napoleonic wars, and even before that, you could trace the death of human freedom to the advent of fiat money. When the ancient bankers figured out that a symbol for gold, was just as good or better, than the metal itself.

    From there they figured out that they could write more symbols for gold than they possessed in their vaults, and the rest is history.

    good will always triumph over evil .

    I’ve always been a ‘glass is half full’ kind of guy. It’s not my nature to be gloomy, and one thing that buoys me is the loss of Hillary Clinton.

    I suspect that had she won, a pall of gloom would pervade this earth, as the hag unleashed her infinite wrath upon a hapless world.

    But she didn’t win. And England voted for Brexit. And Italy and Austria and Hungary have elected sane and moral leadership. And Russia has a world-class statesman at the helm.

    So yea, in spite of it all, there is reason for hope.

    • Replies: @James Brown
  107. @James Brown

    I agree on Chomsky and Finkelstein, and all the other respectable ones who get invites to Democracy Now. These are the intellectual gatekeepers, they regulate the parameters of acceptable thought. They’ll lull you to sleep. And I say, F*** them.
    For Ron Paul, why not? There was the Scottish Parliamentarian who said it–sure, they crucified him in the press, mainly through the effective means of mockery, but to my mind he had guts. They certainly won’t kill you for saying it, unless you’re someone like Hugo Chavez, who they would’ve killed anyway. But the truth needs to keep being hammered home, by different people in all sorts of positions, of power or otherwise, to make some sort of counterweight for the State’s 24-7 pummelling of our collective consciousness with lies, filth, garbage.

  108. @Israel Shamir

    ‘A few days ago, the Church celebrated St John’s day: did somebody noticed it, in your reading? And it is much much worse then missing 9/11.’

    I assume this to mean that we have so fallen by the wayside, in the Christian sense, that some single event like 911 pales in comparison. If so, I certainly see your point, though I’m one of the lost ones. Still, 911 continues to excuse a worldwide police state the likes of which has never till now been even dreamt of by our ‘elites’: total lockdown… militarized police forces, 100% surveillance, impossibility of forming a true movement against this all-powerful elite, the near total discarding, and in so very few years, of the Constitution, the powerful PC mob mentality, and on and on.

  109. @Deschutes

    Assange and wikileaks were exposed by several wellinformed observers as a psyop created by western intel and the honey trap in Sweden was setup at a time when otherwise the hero status was at risk. Some authors who debunked Assange were Daniel Estulin, Wayne Madsen, William Engdahl and Webster Tarpley. I also found several docs on the web which are now gone where there were more revealing facts.
    Wikileaks declared intention to and did support imperial color revolutions in the ME and collaborated with chinese opposition and the limited hangout they have provided wasnt leaked to them by oppositional elements but rather from the regular power insiders. Like you should expect from a psyop. Wikileaks were involved with people who installed trojansin chineses computers and used them for false flag cyberwar. To cast blame on China.
    Whether or not he goes in and out of the embassy I dont know but he sure is a fraud and nobody to admire. He might have been dumped by his masters so he may be suffering. But since he is a fraud he is dangerous as long as people trust him.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  110. @annamaria

    Dont you think it is right to communicate to people the fraudulent character the whole thing. It was created to exploit the public and get them to support the imperial regime changes. And other globalist projects.
    But most of you didnt even notice.

  111. @Lincoln Blockface Squarebeard III

    About Assange being able to leave I dont know but several wellinformed analysts eposed the wikileaks for being a psyop by the western intel like he says. The world is run by cynical illusionists who know how to manipulate the publics perceptions. They didnt even hide what their intentions were clearly describing themselves as part of the Us regimechange operations.
    Aiming for the east and ME.

  112. @annamaria

    Wikileaks was created as a psychological operation. They have to feed you with some bait to make it seem authentic.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  113. peterAUS says:
    @Peter Grafström

    Wikileaks were involved with people who installed trojansin chineses computers and used them for false flag cyberwar.

    Source/link, please?

    Or, briefly:
    Who were the hackers? What trojans and when? What “chinese” computers?

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  114. annamaria says:

    “…several well-informed analysts exposed the WikiLeaks for being a psyop by the western intel…”
    — You mean, we shouldn’t believe our lying eyes but trust, instead, to some mysterious “well-informed analysts?” Thank you very much. The absolute majority of decent and principled people stand by Assange, whereas others, like a wife of a ziocon war profiteer James Arbuthnot, certain judge Emma Arbuthnot, had the gall to accuse Assange of a lack of courage. Perhaps she needs to pay attention to her husband’s amoral dealings before attacking the courageous whistleblower. It is not for nothing that the bad-mouth Emma was called “a disgrace to the English justice system.”
    “Security Intelligence Consultancy” SC Strategy Ltd has only three directors. One is the husband of the judge [Emma Arbuthnot] in Assange ruling. One is the former Head of MI6, Sir John Scarlett, who is synonymous with crooked security operations and personally wrote the notorious dossier of lies on Iraqi WMD, thus causing the subsequent deaths of millions of people. One is Lord Carlile, who was notably close to protected Establishment pedophiles Greville Janner and Cyril Smith. Is the British Establishment not endlessly fascinating?”
    — Since you are so enthusiastic about “several [very anonymous] well-informed analysts” of the uncertain level of expertise, here are the details of the expertly written report by Assange lawyers:
    “Assange’s lawyers said that the five and a half years Assange has been confined to the embassy were “adequate, if not severe” punishment for his actions. The maximum penalty for skipping bail is six months in prison. They pointed to the December 2015 United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention report condemning Assange’s detention as “arbitrary, unreasonable, unnecessary, disproportionate.” The UN had called on the Swedish and British governments to immediately end his “deprivation of liberty” and pay him compensation.
    Assange’s legal team said their client had repeatedly offered to cooperate with the investigation in Sweden, but prosecutors had refused to talk to Assange until 2016. It has since emerged that Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) pressured its Swedish counterparts not to question Assange in Britain. They also encouraged Swedish prosecutors to proceed with extradition proceedings rather than drop them, as they were preparing to do as far back as 2013.
    Assange was justified in seeking asylum in the embassy, his lawyers argued, because he had a legitimate fear he would be extradited to the US. Jennifer Robinson, said that the US administration had made clear its intention to bring a prosecution against WikiLeaks. A US grand jury investigation has been ongoing since May 2010, with the purpose of bringing a case against Assange over WikiLeaks’ publications.”
    In case you have missed, here are more relevant details: “Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange”

  115. RobinG says:
    @Peter Grafström

    “HSC explicitly encouraged the Germans to prevent jewish assimilation and to exterminate them, saying they ought to do the jews what the Romans did to the chartagaens.”

    Did you mean Carthaginians? (Where did you get your spelling?)

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  116. @Rurik

    “Anyways, yea. Nothing comes close to 9/11 as far as I can see.”

    Maybe it’s because you believe that II WW was “the great war”, the war for “justice and freedom”.
    The war that the USA was forced to fight against the evil/Hitler.

    If one knows that that is a big lie, then one knows that the total control of the USA and the western world started when the Zio-Mafia managed to bring the USA into the war.

    And if one knows that the II WW is the result of the I WW, then the”he”seminal event of our lifetimes.”and the official date of the “death of Western civilization.” should be 1914 not 9/11.

    9/11 is -in historical terms- an epiphenomenon. An important one but still an epiphenomenon.

    (Like JFK’s assassination is, in historical terms- an epiphenomenon, in spite of all the noises.)

    I believe it is more correct to choose 1492 as the”seminal event of our lifetimes.” “because it’s when all the criminal colonial enterprise started.
    The mindset of those who still hold power in the western world started in 1492.

    But it doesn’t really matter when all this started. What matters is what’s going on at the moment.

    One doesn’t need fiction to understand what’s going on, even when the fiction is 1984.

    But if one needs fiction, I believe Huxley(and not only in the Brave New World) got it better than Orwell.

    ” What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one.

    Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism.

    Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance.

    Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture”.

  117. Rurik says:

    Maybe it’s because you believe that II WW was “the great war”, the war for “justice and freedom”.

    you gotta be kidding

    And if one knows that the II WW is the result of the I WW, then the”he”seminal event of our lifetimes.”and the official date of the “death of Western civilization.” should be 1914 not 9/11.

    emphasis mine 😉


    I learned a new word today!

    (Like JFK’s assassination is, in historical terms- an epiphenomenon, in spite of all the noises.)

    for the ‘greatest generation’, I would posit that the JFK assassination was the ‘seminal event’ in their lifetimes.

    But there’s something about all these events that is salient. All the men at Jekyll Island are long dead. So too are most of the people who had anything to do with JFK. But the men who conceived and perpetrated 9/11 are still alive. And more to the point, still in power.

    I believe it is more correct to choose 1492 as the”seminal event of our lifetimes.” “because it’s when all the criminal colonial enterprise started.
    The mindset of those who still hold power in the western world started in 1492.

    Obviously when you say ‘our lifetimes’, you’re speaking metaphorically, or consequentially, or something. I meant it literally.

    And as far as 1492 goes, that was the year nearly eight centuries of Muslim, African domination, oppression, slavery and rapine, came to a glorious and long-awaited end.

    Unless you pine for the suffocation of Europe under a Muslim, African boot, then your interpretations of history are curious at best.

    Both Orwell and Huxley were correct. But the reason I see Orwell’s vision as ascendant over Huxley’s, is because Huxley imagined a world where people would copulate with their chains, being so enthralled with Soma and feel-goodisms, that they’d love their servitude, and even be bread specifically for it.

    But what fun is that for our ruling class?!

    What fun would it be to fly over Libya or Iraq and drop Soma from the skies until the Iraqi people were complacent and eager for Zio-domination?

    There’s no fun in that. Just ask yourself, it every last Palestinian were to agree to move to Jordan or even just to commit mass-suicide, then what would the Jewish supremacists do?!

    Do you think being a Jewish supremacist has any meaning if you don’t have victims to humiliate?

    During the Holodomor, Stalin’s ((goons)) could have simply shot the Ukrainians wholesale, and them moved on to others. But they didn’t. They lingered around and presided over a mass-starvation that lasted months. They waited ever so patiently for these people to die very slowly. Excruciatingly. That must have wasted lots and lots of important man hours, but they did it anyways, because they enjoyed it.

    Just consider the state of affairs in the US or UK. Jews are the undisputed rulers of the land. They own the central bank, they own the media, Wall Street, the courts and the Christian preachers. They have it made, man!

    But that isn’t good enough, because they see the hated goyim also thriving in some hamlets. So even as the ZUS is a golden goose, that just keeps on giving, they’re still motivated by a deep and abiding need to see their victims suffer. So they demand unlimited immigration, and cultural rot, and a thousand other outrages against their cash cows, the American people. They’ll crash the whole system out of their psychotic imperative to make others suffer.

    This is the dilemma you see, because they’ll never be satisfied with a Brave New World type of existence, because their slaves will have smiles on their faces, and that defeats the whole point.

    • Replies: @James Brown
  118. @RobinG

    I take my chances with spelling 🙂 but you understood notwithstanding. Unfortunately the concerned British elite have mostly escaped the historically interested. The invisible intelligentia and close-knit brotherhood behind wars and revolutions, religious clashes cults and financial machinations.
    You seem to quote from a different article. If you have some substantial critique regarding the topic you bring up reply there.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  119. @Rurik

    “And as far as 1492 goes, that was the year nearly eight centuries of Muslim, African domination, oppression, slavery and rapine, came to a glorious and long-awaited end.”

    You got it wrong. 1492 is the beginning of the genocide of the native Americans. Something, by the way, that Hitler and his partner in crime, Churchill, admired and applied with great success when they had the opportunity. It’s a long story and irrelevant why 1492 should be considered the ”seminal event of our lifetimes.”
    Yes, our lifetimes. Literally. Superficially people talk about “past”, “present” and “future”but in reality there is no such thing as “past” or “future”…There is only the present. But let’s not go there. If you are interested just read Saint-Augustine or even Huxley.

    “But the reason I see Orwell’s vision as ascendant over Huxley’s, is because Huxley imagined a world where people would copulate with their chains, being so enthralled with Soma and feel-goodisms, that they’d love their servitude, and even be bread specifically for it.”

    You didn’t get Huxley. IMHO , Huxley was saying that people will willingly surrender their freedom in exchange of “happiness”. Big Brother is ruthless but in the USA and other “democracies”, the fascists are not following (completely anyway) 1984’s model to get the consent from the people.

    They’re giving people “bread and circuses” and keeping them busy with “bread and circuses” and confused with 24 h/7 news channels.

    People are “happy” although they are slaves. Of course they don’t know they are slaves. They have 450 channels and when they go to shopping they can choose …well…whatever they want.

    This is the reason why most Americans do not know what happened after 9/11 or who is responsible for that crime.
    Even if the mafia had decided to put to referendum most of constitutional changes and laws that basically mean that American people are losing their freedom, you can bet that American People would have voted “yes”.

    Why ? Because they ‘re “happy” and they believe they are being protected by the mafia

    “Just consider the state of affairs in the US or UK. Jews are the undisputed rulers of the land. They own the central bank, they own the media, Wall Street, the courts and the Christian preachers. They have it made, man!”

    Agree. What I disagree is that you seem to believe that Russia is an exception. Putin, according to you is a “great statesman”.

    Here, I’d like to suggest to you that you’re completely wrong.

    Only those who are brain dead or dishonest would disagree with what you wrote above.
    But I’d argue that it’s only ignorance of what’s going on in Russia that allow people to believe that the forces that control the USA and UK don’t control also Russia.

    They do. The apparent contradictions of Russia’s foreign policy (Russia “saved” Syria”, Russia has good relations with Iran….) are just that.

    I don’t know what’s really going on but I believe that we have enough proof to, at least, have some doubts about Putin and his Russia.

    Should we believe that Russia’s secret service didn’t know about the coup d’état Nato was preparing in Ukraine ? If not, why did they let it happen ?

    We’re told that Russia lost 40 M fighting the Nazis. Why then allow a Nazi government in Ukraine killing Russians ?

    Why should Putin be friend of that fascist, the king of Israel ?

    Why Putin refuses to sell S-400 to Syria and Iran but sells it to Turkey ?

    I believe that the forces that control the USA and UK also control Russia.

  120. RobinG says:
    @Peter Grafström

    Well, much of your comments seem gleaned from the LPAC files, perhaps even copied, although the misspelling would suggest not. You cite Lyn ex-pats in your vilification of Assange. Julian is just one [fairly young] guy, who did one big thing. He’s a computer savant who’s used his talent to expose some secrets. It seems unreasonable to expect him to know all about everything in the world.

    A hallmark of Larouchies is their cultish fervor. Notably, they see British scheming everywhere, and they don’t tolerate different opinions well. Since they’ve been groomed to believe in their own superiority and Lyn’s infallibility, its not surprising. There must be something Julian’s done that gets under their skin. Perhaps it’s just resentment, since he’s gotten so much attention. It’s funny that one of the critical memes is that he grew up in some sort of cult. Too close to home? 🙂

    Your long history post was very interesting. I wonder how S2C has done with parsing through it. Do you think everybody else was sitting around twiddling their thumbs while the Brits were maneuvering, or were the Brits just better at it?

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  121. @peterAUS

    I posted a list of links in answer to your comment. It isnt here now so perhaps they didnt let it through.
    I expect the mod should have informed me if there was some problem but I have obtained no explanation. I will wait to see if this one gets through.
    If you have a temporary email I can send the list.

  122. @RobinG

    The British controlled the narrative and that is why the majority dont see Britains scheeming everywhere. They still control it since the establishments in the west are ignorant about it.
    There is a constant stream of British-made so called documentaries pumping their biased selection of material. People are thereby being brainwashed on a regular basis.
    Carroll Quigley exposed them and in parallell Anthony Sutton exposed the americans. There is reason to believe, in my view, that they were both supported to do that by the big guys on both sides of the Atlantic. Quigley by the Rockefellers and Sutton by the Rothschilds.
    That doesnt detract from the credibility, it just alters the emphasis a tad. Quigley is more heldback with regard to the Rockefellers, while Sutton is more cautious concerning the jewish element of the bolshevik leading bolshevik circles. I mean he could have avoided to raise that issue if he wanted to but seems like he wanted to openly downplay it.
    Quigley needed the Rockefellers permission to access the private archives of the CFR and more.
    Docherty and MacGregor’s Hidden History from 2013 and the sequel, both linked at , exposes Britains scheeming behind the firstworldwar and offers insight into what Quigley was writing about. That is a good start since this is completely marginalised info. D&M reveal in accessible manner what the (British-made) angloamerican establishment meant for fomenting needless war.
    Regarding Larouche, some people who left the ‘cult’, ought to be seen as credible when spotting other examples of cults. The Cia preys on the vulnerability of people like Assange in order to create spies and double agents. They may deliberately produce lots of young adepts around the world as a biproduct of their bolstering of all sorts of organisations intended to open up rival nations for subversion. The cultish aspect of Larouche notwithstanding , he encouraged his coworkers to do independent research, and there is a lot of good material at Larouchepub. The so called Executive intelligence review archives.
    Some of them served long prison sentences without loosing faith in the quest.
    Britains influence on China becoming Maoist involving the angloamerican establishments John Dewey and Bertrand Russel isnt widely realised.
    As for your question towards the end, one wealthy British oligarch, of Venetian roots, Aubrey Herbert praised his compatriot oligarch agents for having a rare talent for gaining trust and affection from the establishment of targeted nations, while playing them against each other.
    Bulwer Lytton for instance was offered the crown of Greece at one point. He played a significant role in bringing about the cults behind nazism in Germany while the mentioned Herbert oversaw the breakup of the Ottoman Empire.
    So these powerful individuals recognised they were better at it like you wonder. I think the British must have been more intelligent in the Victorian era. In other nations like France and Germany I suspect the intelligentia was more to be found in science and academia proper(I mean not intended for imperial power but simply for truth seeking). While in Britain there was an emphasis for sports creating a more adventurous character. Hitler admired the British education for the elites for the way in which the adepts were encouraged to FEEL their inborn superiority and natural role as a dominating people rather than a deeply reflecting and independently thinking one. Emotion vs reason.

  123. I try posting two links and see if it is accepted.
    But then some technical problem arouse in both my connection to unz and web.archive
    I now try removing authors name
    April 4, 2010
    Suspicions that Wikileaks is part of U.S. cyber-warfare operations

    Wikileaks Syria file benefits Cia/Nato

    Use for this item

  124. m___ says:

    The whole of the comment.

    Thanks, you are refining the issue, your suggestions are valuable.

  125. Johan says:

    If it is true that Assange is pro-Israel, it could be said at minimum that anyone who does not target Israel, the world’s foremost terrorist and parasite state, a danger to the whole world, and anyone who does not address the Anglo-Zionist empire (formerly known as the Western world) is not of real importance (not at all a hero like the article claims, but rather at minimum a misguided useful fool). And perhaps even power mongering parties are engaged here in fighting and ‘liquidating each other’ by exposing the garbage of the enemy…
    The Russians are right to distrust everyone from the Anglo-Zionist empire..

  126. I don’t understand why Israel with the influence it has worldwide, has not been able to have Julian Assange freed and have a monument built honoring him in the center of New York for exposing war crimes by a secret military capable of exterminating the Jewish people again?
    Bill strick

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