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The Liberation of the Slaves
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Donald Trump’s electoral victory unleashed pent-up tectonic energies on the unprecedented scale. The world has been changed, much more than could be expected from any election of a US president. Just a short time has passed since election day, but it appears that the New World Order has received a shattering blow. There is a great feeling of freedom in the air, as if the vote broke the chains of a generation, and we suddenly found ourselves free.

As the first sign of this new freedom, there are reports that the dreaded TTIP and TTP, the twin agreements almost imposed by Obama administration on the world, are as good as dead. Trump killed the agreements, said the Germans, and it is a very good news. Just for that, it was worth electing Trump.

Silly activists say they stopped the TTIP and TTP by their own efforts. Bunkum! Without Trump, the agreements would have been duly signed and ratified despite all the protests. Let us give him his due.

I congratulate Trump on choosing Stephen Bannon. He is so heavily demonised by the NWO forces, so fervently called “an anti-Semite”, that he’s got to be good. If Trump will persevere and keep him, it will be additional proof that Trump is fearless, that the magic of political correctness has stopped working and that the word “anti-Semite” does not ruin a career anymore.

I feel sorry for the poor guys and gals who walk the American cities proclaiming their love and fealty to Obama and Clinton. They were zombified into blind trust that the NWO regime was forever, that docile blacks, emotional latinos, delicate gays and clever Jews will always vote as they are told by smart women in pants, while the workers of Detroit would forever cringe under the whip of white male privilege. They watched too many movies and lost touch with reality, like royalists worshipping portraits of the deposed and dead king.

We were all slaves, but slaves of two kinds: slaves willing and unwilling, house slaves and field slaves of the NWO. The “Not My President” crowd are house slaves; they learned to love and obey the masters. Trump freed them, too, but they do not yet enjoy it and beg to be returned to bondage.

Europe is full of house slaves. For a generation, the only way to advance was to become a happy slave, and so they did. There are tens of thousands happy house slaves in Sweden, who learned by heart all the slogans of the NWO, though they carried Sweden to disaster. They agreed to radical feminist rule and to migrant takeover, and all of a sudden it is not needed anymore. Now they face freedom and they do not like it.

But for us, for the field slaves, Trump’s victory is sheer bliss. We hated the slavery, and we shall enjoy freedom, and we shall see through the cheap tricks of our former slave masters who try to frighten us back into the cage.


The New World Order is Dead

We called the old regime “The New World Order”, and we feared it would last long. It came into being sometime in the late 1960s, expanded in eighties, came to its fruition in the beginning of the third millennium, and collapsed just a few minutes before destroying the world. Within this short lifespan, the West experienced an unusual form of highly ideological governance, of futuristic enslaving of the Man, as Orwell predicted.

The majority of the population has been demonised; ordinary people who worked, had loving wives and children, went to church were called ‘fascists’, or “privileged white males”; their traditional Christian faith was outlawed and pushed out of the public space; normal gender relations were cast in a negative light; the propaganda of homosexuality became as pervasive as the Communist propaganda in Leonid Brezhnev’s days, parents and children relations were out of sync; quite ordinary words were banned.

“Hate speech” became the leading NWO crime; “bigot”, a mild term previously applied to elderly colonels, became the worst label one can put on a man, while the mortal sins were tolerated or encouraged. “Anti-Semitism” became an unforgivable crime, and it included disapproval of the Federal Reserve, dislike of Janet Yellen, of Goldman Sachs and rejection of the New York Times. When Donald Trump spoke against international financiers, the ADL screamed “Anti-Semitism!”, though he did not mention Jews at all, for we know who are these financiers. “Greed” went out of use altogether, though it was considered the worst sin or the father of all sins. Probably “greed” became a hate word, too.


The Jewish Century is over

Yuri Slezkine described our times as The Jewish century. It appears that this Jewish century is over, with the election of Trump. The Americans collected enough courage to vote for their interest, instead of doing what they are told. This was a big surprise for the Jews who already planned to enjoy the Jewish millennium. The NWO had been built to last, but so were many other human enterprises, including the Third Reich.

Probably you did not enjoy these last years of NWO rule, unless you belong to the one per cent of the very rich and very powerful, and maybe not even then. Probably you had less security in your job and your income, probably you had to watch your mouth more diligently, probably you felt yourself out of place just by being a straight white Christian man. Perhaps you did not like that your country had been stolen from you and repopulated by foreigners. Perhaps you did not enjoy it when Lena Dunham called for your extinction. But you had no way to even object, without being called a Nazi, and that was a deadly label.


However, the Jews enjoyed the best time of their history. Whoever they accused of anti-Semitism, was expelled from public life. Chemi Shalev, an American-Jewish-Israeli Haaretz columnist, bewept these great times: “It is probably no coincidence that during Obama’s tenure, American Jews reached a pinnacle of social and cultural acceptance. Being American Jews was hip. It was cool. It was the thing to be. Pew Research Polls repeatedly confirmed that Jews were the most loved and most admired religious group in all of America.”

And what did they wish for, these most-loved and most-admired and, by the way, wealthiest Americans? “They support immigration, pluralism, multiculturalism, social reform, government intervention, separation of church and state, gay marriage, abortion rights and on and on. It is easy to see, in fact, why so many of Trump’s radical supporters would view the Jews as their mortal enemies” – concludes Shalev.

Reality is more complicated than he claims. Shalev said “the Jews” wanted NWO. Perhaps this is true regarding the unelected leadership of American Jews. But a sizeable and powerful minority of Jews do not agree with “the Jews”. Some of them prefer Zionism. Zionism is full negation of everything “the Jews” want: no separation of Jewish church and Jewish state, no goy immigration. “The Jews” defend the Muslims from being registered by Tramp, while Zionists register every Muslim under their rule. Until now, the Zionists and liberal Jews did not quarrel, for the Zionists organised the Jewish state, while “the Jews” told the goyim how they should live.

Now the difference caused a split: NWO enemies claimed their support for Israel and Zionism should protect them from (still dangerous) accusation of anti-Semitism. Though Zionism is evil enough, it is evil localised, in comparison with the universal evil being spread world-wide by “the Jews”. It would be better to reject both varieties, and so do many people (including those of Jewish origin). Hopefully, rather sooner than later, we shall reach the point when accusation of anti-Semitism will be met with a disinterested “Is it so?”, and this will remove the unpleasant necessity of choosing between two evils, but we are not there yet. A cautious politician chooses one evil, whatever he considers a lesser one.

In England, Jeremy Corbyn preferred anti-Zionism, but he had to pay for this indulgence by “fighting anti-Semitism”. He sacked some of his supporters, offered extra protection to Jews, but the Jews immediately attacked him. In the US, Trump and his people prefer to flirt with Zionists, and Zionists defended him against the liberal Jews. In France, too, Marine Le Pen befriended Zionists to secure her movement from the broad-fronted Jewish attack.

Zionists are willing to accept Trump and Le Pen. Zionism flourished in 1930s as a Jewish National Socialist movement; it was built to fit Jewry into fascist-dominated Europe and the Middle East. Zionists loved Mussolini and admired Adolf Hitler. They have no problem with befriending any right-wing movement (no comparison is intended). If they would build their Jewish state on a remote unpopulated island, it would be their internal matter, but their Palestine project created too many problems for others.

Zionists are problematic allies for Trump, and the neo-cons are their extremely dangerous offshoot. They should be kept as far from power as possible, for they will charge a high price for their support and lead America into new wars.

Donald Trump can find better Jewish allies than Zionists or liberal NWO Jews. Do not forget: many Jews (as well as non-Jews) voted for Sanders or for Jill Stein. Now Bernie Sanders is looking for a new opening, and Jill Stein is available. Both are known for their anti-NWO and moderate non-Zionist positions; they could be adopted into Trump’s administration. Sanders actually expressed his willingness to work with Trump.

Such a step was made by Menachem Begin, the Israeli right-wing leader, when he came to power in Israel in 1977. He had made Moshe Dayan, a leading figure of Labour whom he defeated in the elections, his Foreign Minister. This wise and daring step strengthened his positions immensely, and undermined Labour for many years.

Trump’s administration with Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein in an important position (Secretary of State? Secretary of Commerce? Secretary of Labor?) would be immune to many attacks and accusations, and it will heal the tear in the society. It will also solve the Jewish problem of Trump and make the NWO Jews and extreme Zionists irrelevant.


Saving Europe

Though NWO excesses were bad enough in the US, they were even worse in Europe, and for West Europeans, Trump’s victory is as important for them, as nomination of Mikhail Gorbachev was for East Europeans. The US troops are still based in Europe, but the spirit is gone. Europe is about to become independent, just before the point of no return had been crossed.

The problem is that many years of American dictate obliterated native European leadership. The European politicians were trained to rule in the name of the NWO and by the US leave. The nationalist far right has ambitions, but no serious leaders of national calibre (excepting France).

A Russian-American professor compared the impending liberation of the West with liberation of the East 27 years ago: “The one party system which the West had since the collapse of the Soviet Union is over. So is the dominance of one ideology and simplistic preachy press”. Indeed, like in the Soviet days, the multiparty system had been practically dismantled in Europe.

There was no difference between “left” and “right”, as the two parties became identical, competing which one will show more fervor embracing migration, fighting anti-Semitism, denouncing white male privilege, imposing austerity, cutting social state, taking children from their parents, eliminating production jobs, restricting the church, giving more money to rich bankers, fleecing the workers and beefing up the security services and the NATO military.

This process started after WWII, as Europe was partitioned and subjugated. Western Europe has been as thoroughly colonised by the US, as the Eastern Europe had been subjugated by the USSR. The colonisers of the Western Europe, the NWO builders from America – I hesitate to call them “Americans”, for many of these people were immigrants from Europe who used the US as their tool to create One World Government. For them, 1945 victory was a great chance to crush national forces, to promote compliant politicians in sync with their plans.


After the Soviet withdrawal in 1990, the NWO people took over the whole of Europe. PC control became total, radical feminism and juvenile courts destroyed the European family, the very concept of parenthood, of fatherhood and motherhood had been delegitimized; millions of migrants were transferred into Europe to replace its population, and every objector has been called a “Nazi”.

The Germans are a special case: after the terrible air bombardments of 1945, after the intensive Holocaust education, they were infected with an exaggerated form of guilt feeling. This once proud and industrious folk had been brought down and turned into obedient slaves. Now they do not want to part with their American masters. Merkel promised Obama to keep the fire on until his return, after the years of Trump pass.

It reminds me of the Roman Empire’s retreat from Britain. Though the legions went home, the post-Roman British rulers claimed they ruled in the name of Rome. Perhaps this ruse will be played again in Europe, and new European leaders will claim they still have American imprimatur – until Europeans will find for themselves their new independent leaders.


Russians are cautious but jubilant

The Russians are happy with Trump’s victory, but they still are not sure. Could it actually happen? Do they see what they think they see? However, the advent of Trumpmania is just around the corner. If Trump will make it to his inauguration, if he will keep neocons and Washington warriors out of important positions, he will have the Russian bear eating out of his hands. And this is likely to solve many problems of the world, from Middle East to East Europe.

If Donald Trump is a belated answer to Mikhail Gorbachev’s peace initiative, he can draw the American troops home, and the Golden Age is likely to descend upon troubled mankind.

Meanwhile we should be happy with the forthcoming retreat of the transhuman agenda, with the end of liberal tyranny, with termination of mass migrations and with attempt to restore the ruined fabric of our society.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Hillary almost won and got more popular votes because US is an Invasion-Democracy or Dispossession-Democracy. She nearly won because of foreign-invasive votes.

    The Voting Power of historic white Americans have been reduced by massive infusion of People of Color invaders from around the world.

    Just think. Imagine if 20 million Chinese or Hindus entered Poland and voted for the globalist party against Polish nationalist party. Suppose the globalist party wins and promises to bring in 20 million Chinese or Hindus.
    What kind of democracy would that be?

    A democracy that works against the Will of its native population is no true democracy.

    As all elections are national, politicians should serve the native folks. If nationalism is so horrible, then the entire world should be made to vote in US elections. Why not globalize all elections if Americanism is a universal ideal and should be offered to all?
    Why not turn national identity and citizenship into something like ‘friends’ on facebook?

    Once nations surrendered to globalism, politicians take money from globo-donors and work against national folks and national power.

    Worse, the elites, radicals, and cucks use media and academia to fill the minds of native folks with the notion that Invasivism is good for their nation because ‘Diversity’ is an unconditonal good.

    If US were a nativist democracy than an invasivist one, someone like Hillary wouldn’t have had a chance to begin with.

    The fact that Merkel may win again despite her invasivist policies goes to show that elite power has manipulated media and academic power to turn even the native masses against their own interests.

    Thomas Frank asked “What’s the matter with Kansas” and posited a theory as to why Conservative masses vote against their own economic interests. He argued that Conservative masses have been manipulated emotionally and culturally to favor Wall Street that works against their material interests.

    But someone should ask, “What’s the matter with Sweden?” or What’s the matter with white folks?
    Why do they work against their own racial identity and interests? Who filled their hearts and minds with self-hate and self-loathing of the very notion of white identity, white power, and white unity?

    That is the more important question as life is more meaningful centered around identity and culture than around money and consumption.


    What man of true worth would give up his wife and kids and culture in exchange for money?
    Ask a decent man what is most important in his life, and he will say, his wife and the kids with his wife. Only a trashy moron would say the most important thing in his life is his car, his house, his record collection, his movie collection, and etc. Now, those are nice things to have, but they cannot be the center of life.

    If we take Americanist materialism to its logical limit, it turns into this:

    “But most of all, he loved his Cadillac Seville”. (When I saw this in the theater, whole bunch of Negroes were going wild and cackling like hyenas cuz their culture has become so debased.)

    Also, if you lose your car, you can buy another one. Cars are made to be interchangeable. But if you lose your spouse, he or she is not replaceable by just another person. If you lose your kids, they are gone forever. You can’t just buy new kids and feel attachment to them as with clothes or videogames. It’s like the sense of loss the father played by Tom Cruise feels in MINORITY REPORT.

    It’s like what Michael says in the opening of THE GODFATHER III. He says children are the most precious thing. When he dies, all the money and stuff he owns will not care for him and will just pass to other people. But his children will remember him and tell of him to their children, Michael’s grandchildren. (If III is deeply flawed in one area, it is going easy on Kay. The silly wasp ho killed Michael’s kid in II. Aborted the poor kid out of ‘racist’ hatred against Sicilians whose line ‘must all end’ according to her silly head.)

    And family has deeper connection with culture, memory, and history. It’s like what Michael feels when he returns to Sicily and takes in the sights and sounds of his pa’s homeland.

    The tragedy of Sicily was that Sicilian folks got to killing one another. The tragedy of white folks in the present is PC has made the Big White Family hate one another.
    While American Indians were doomed cuz of lack of numbers and technology, they were also disadvantaged because their tribalism divided them and made it impossible for them to form a united front against white invaders. PC is said to be anti-tribalist, but its effect on whites have been neo-tribalist based on rabid ideological venom that says whites are no good and must welcome their own demographic and genetic doom and demise.

    America is a great nation filled with opportunities, but its downside was the “Take me to America, GI” syndrome. Its promise of better material life blinded so many people to the deeper worth and value of their own heritage and culture.
    But we can also understand why so many wanted to come to America and leave the past behind. To a lot of immigrants, their homelands were about oppression, exploitation, cruelty, tyranny, corruption, and etc. They wanted to try to luck in the US. But once they were in America, they begin to feel something for the old homeland because despite America’s advantages, its main culture was still in-the-making and always changing and uncertain and sometimes trashy & shallow(as Pop Culture increasingly crowded out all else) and radical & conformist(as ideology gained an ever bigger foothold in moral life of the nation).
    This nostalgia was felt more strongly by gentiles than by Jews. A Polish-American still sees Poland as his homeland. But Jews from Poland saw it as just another gentile way-station(associated with bitter memories) before they arrived in the Promised Land of America. So, even though there are Jews from various European nations, they don’t feel the kind of connection that gentiles do. If Jews felt any hankering for their homeland, it was the ancestral land of Israel which Jews can claim as their true homeland for historical reasons. Jews love the Promise of America, but they are always on edge because US is 98% goyim. Jews feel America is their empire and property than their home. They have nightmares about Real Estate developer Trump sending them an eviction notice.

    Even though blacks, Muslims, and even Mexicans are less caring about Jews than whites are — if anything, whites are exceedingly philosemitic in America — , Jews side with the non-colored because whites are more numerous and have more power(and more potential to hurt Jews IF they were to turn anti-Jewish). But this had led to strange politics. The rise in ‘antisemitism’ among whites is largely due to Jewish hostility. I can sense this myself. Most of my life, nearly all white gentiles I knew were virulently pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, and Jews could do no wrong. If I said a half-sympathetic thing about Palestinians or Arafat, they should scream, “Arafat’s a terrorist!!!!” and give me dirty looks. That is why pro-Jewish they were. But we are sensing more skepticism and even anger among whites when it comes to Jewish power. There is the viral power of the internet but also the realization that too many Jews feel like Tim Wise whose anti-white hatred is near-Nazi like.

    Anyway, Hillary came close to winning because of ‘naturalized’ invasivist foreign votes and because so many white minds have been colonized by the GLOB virus.

    I mean what is the point of national elections if invasivism replaces nativism? Imagine if 50 million Chinese were allowed to enter Russia, be ‘naturalized’ and vote. The Chinese will vote for measures that will eventually turn Russia more Chinese with more Chinese immigration.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @woodNfish
    , @Rehmat
  2. anon • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Mr. Shamir’s articles are always fascinating to read, but I don’t know what to make of this one. His optimism sounds far too simplistic considering the immense difficulties and diabolical forces that Donald Trump must overcome.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  3. Unfortunately, even if manufacturing comes back, the rich will use their robot slaves, not free people.

  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I have one word for you fools: Kushner.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Chaban
  5. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    After eight years of heated squabbling about what bathroom a trans type should use I’m fatigued with the subject. The constant demonizing of Putin and impending confrontations with the Russians have been increasingly anxiety-provoking. Indeed the past twenty-five years have seemed like living under one occupation government after another. Rotten trade deals putting people out of work, one unwanted war after another costing us trillions, crumbling infrastructure, the culture becoming decadent, total disregard of law in winking at illegals pouring in by the millions, the supposed leaders have been shown to actually loathe the average American. ClintonBushObama, what’s the difference? It’s all been a long running pornographic cartoon.
    During the campaign the Clintonistas were running a reign of intimidation where people who liked the Trump message were afraid to be publicly identified. People were vague and guarded in conversation and generally avoided things like signs and stickers even as the Clintonistas waved their banners and wore their buttons everywhere. I’m glad that part is over. Now I feel as if I can speak freely, the hell with anybody who doesn’t like it. Even many of those who were caught up in the propaganda blitz will start coming around as a sense of healthy normalcy starts to settle in.

  6. Diogenes says:

    I believe it’s premature to celebrate the death of the “New World Oder”, Mr. Shamir.
    The election of Trump is just a wake up call or alarm bell for the self absorbed “Liberal” globalists and capitalist class. If they are at all wise they will take measures to pacify the “deplorables”, hinterland hicks, “lumpens” and other economically stressed middle class Americans. Clearly, the “Left” in America has been totally destroyed except for the now discredited and disingenuous voice of Bernie Sanders, the pied piper who appealed to the younger educated urban youth. A backlash against economic injustice should have gravitated to “left” in the form of social democrats [in the mold of FDR] but none are to be found in today’s America. Instead American discontents have flocked in mass to a disingenuous, dissembling ,uneducated, amoral, authoritarian, “Right wing”, demagogue who can offer no reasonable of improvement but is rather to make the domestic situation worse.
    Mr. Trump will make the necessary accommodations with the “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” if he is to rule as a Figure head President and the disaffected revolting masses, actually a minority, will be disappointed and find no relief from their long standing immiseration. There is no simple political fix to remedy their malaise. Victimizing “visible minorities, immigrants, Muslims, etc is not the solution; the solution is a revolt and rebellion against the 1% class in a more powerful form than BLM or Occupy Wall Street movements. Time to get organized and fight for yourselves.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @KA
  7. I have wondered what event would mark the end of the Anglo/Zio Empire as the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Soviet. You are saying this is it. This election. Donald Trump is it. If so, this is what I have hoped to live to see. I love your writing. I always learn something. Keep up the good work.

    • Replies: @survey-of-disinfo
  8. utu says:

    The power of Orthodox and Hassidim! Why Putin cultivates them? Why they all supported Trump?

    Orthodox and Hassidim do no want to run and arrange your life unlike the liberal Jews. They can provide you with the shield that protects you from the accusations of Antisemitism. Putin is accused of many things but never of Antisemitism.

    The bromance triangle: Putin-Netanayahu-Trump.

    It seems that deal was struck with the Orthodox and Hassidim and Zionists: Trump will let Israel call all the shots in Middle East and Zionists will give Trump respite from the relentless assault by the liberal Jews (NWO Jews).

    Still what is unexplained why Netanyahu allowed Putin in 2015 to engage in Syria? This is the biggest mystery. What was Putin’s offer or threat?

    It seems that Russia will be saved after all and will be kept as a major player for the end game to tackle China. Russia never wanted to be pushed to be an ally of China. Brzezinski policy of Russia elimination was replaces with Israel centric policy.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
    , @Sam J.
  9. @anon

    Yes, there are many difficulties ahead, but historical optimism is right and necessary attitude. That’s why there were so many Dem-ordered polls predicting Clinton’s victory: people want to know they are on the victorious side.

  10. @utu

    The Jewish state is an important player, but not that important as you imagine. Israel could not influence Russian decision to enter Syrian campaign: it has no tools to influence Russian decision-making. There are no dozens of Jewish senators and parliamentarians, as in the US, there is not much of trade, so Netanyahu could not forbid or allow Putin to do this or that. The Hassidim are doing their small business, and meanwhile they have no real positions of influence in Russia, ditto Zionists. In short, the Orthodox Jews have little real power in Russia – or in Iran, where they are also well treated.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  11. Urim says:

    Hope he’ll take rose-coloured spectacles away and stop these deceptive White Helmet “heroic deeds”

  12. Wally says:

    The Brexit thing and the Le Pen run will tell us much more.
    We’re certainly moving in the correct direction.

  13. Montefrío says: • Website

    One hates to be a one-trick-pony, but unless and until national monetary sovereignty replaces the monetarization of ledger-entry debt, entire societies will remain enslaved by central bankers and their subordinates. I doubt Trump will try it out, but the infrastructure project would be the ideal program in which to do so, even if only on a partial basis.

    As for Bernie and Jill, a cabinet-level position would be a bridge too far. Maybe an ambassadorship, Bernie to Israel, say, or better yet Venezuela, and Jill to Sweden or Mali.

    Overall, the pendulum has been swinging back to traditionalism, but how far it will swing remains to be seen. Another good piece by Mr. Shamir.

  14. Such a step was made by Menachem Begin, the Israeli right-wing leader, when he came to power in Israel in 1977. He had made Moshe Dayan, a leading figure of Labour whom he defeated in the elections, his Foreign Minister. This wise and daring step strengthened his positions immensely, and undermined Labour for many years.

    Bernie Sanders is no Moshe Dyan!

  15. Realist says:

    “The Voting Power of historic white Americans have been reduced by massive infusion of People of Color invaders from around the world.”

    That is true and whites allowed it to happen.

    • Replies: @SPQR70AD
  16. @Anon

    A couple more.:

    Adelson. Netanyahu.

  17. There’s a dizzying amount of optimism in this article.
    I sincerely hope the author is in many respects, proven correct.
    A Le Pen presidency in France would indeed suggest the neoliberal structure is teetering.
    Mr Trump’s apparent unwillingness to pursue criminal indictments against HC already suggests that systemic factors will continue to impede “change”

    • Replies: @boogerbently
    , @oldnik007
  18. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    ‘Bibi’ will now have a direct line into the daily presidential security briefings. Which he would of got thru Hillary anyway, but this one is more reliable. Blood is thicker than loyalty…

    Keeping Up With the…Kushners, Bannon Hit Squad, Trump Transition Team

    At 6:37 a.m. on Wednesday, three NBC reporters announced that Donald Trump had “taken the unprecedented step of requesting his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, receive top-secret clearance to join him for his Presidential Daily Briefings.” By mid-morning Wednesday, the New York Times was denying the rumor. But by evening, ABC News was reporting that the “intelligence community” had confirmed the story to its reporters.

    Let’s wait and see what Trump as president actually does, instead of tossing garlands at his feet.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  19. Trump has two months to fill a thousand jobs all over the map. Big task. His first need is to place people who can do the work needed to keep the ship of state afloat. That said, expect that if this past year rang out with one word, TRUMP, next years’ tocsin will be, YOU’RE FIRED, as he culls the litter.

    • Replies: @CK
  20. Che Guava says:

    I agree with much, but just in the last 24 (or 36) hours, Trump announced that on his inauguration, he will order the investigations into Hill’s illegal e-mail handling, and into the Clinton Foundation, to not continue.

    Pretty much a ‘stand down’ order on both points.

    I would imagine it leaves many Trump supporters fuming.

    As I said in an earlier post, since she was clearly a dodgy crim. re. the mail server, the best approach would have been an indictment, then a pardon. She is clearly frail.

    The Foundation is another matter. If the Augean stables of that are not cleared, it continues on its corrupt trajectory, the world gets the brat Chelsea in charge of it in ten or so years, and as US Prexident a little later.

    More I could comment upon, but like Mr. Shamir, not a US citizen.

    Still, Trump’s approach is a massive failure and betrayal of his supporters on that point.

  21. Rehmat says:

    But, but, but …… Russian journalist Alexander Bratersky claims Donald Trump is an agent of the New World Order ……

    He wrote in an article at ‘Russia Insider’, entitled, “Trump’s Jewish Ties May Be Key to Moscow’s Outreach”, claims that Putin’s support for Donald Trump is based on common denominator – their Jewish family ties.

    “Jewish Republicans are pinning a lot of hope on Trump. Furthermore, many Middle Eastern commentators expect that Trump intends to ‘Israelize’ US policy in the region,” Bratersky said.

    Mawan Bishra, editor Al-Jazeera English posted at The Jew York Times: “Expect America’s new president to work closely with Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump has embraced Netanyahu’s positions on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and on abandoning the two-state solution. Instead of Americanizing the Middle East, Trump seems set on Israelizing” America, stirring fear of Muslims and trying to wall out the other.”

    Bishra is too late to acknowledge that reality. Former Congressman Paul Findley, said that on October 15, 2007: “There is an open secret in Washington. I learned it well during my 22-year tenure as a member of the US House of Representatives. All members swear to serve the interests of the United States, but there is an unwritten and overwhelming exception: The interests of a small foreign country almost always trump US interests. The nation of course is Israel (here).”

    Bratersky confirms my early post in which I called Donald Trump, a Judas Goat….

    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @Reuphen
  22. Chaban says:

    He’s got nothing to overcome. He’s one of them.

    God! the goyim are so gullible.

    • Troll: CK
  23. Chaban says:

    Here is the comment I posted on another article on The Unz Review:

    And — he’s not repealing Obamacare after all; he has changed his mind on the “foreign registry”; he has “changed his mind on torture” (not that that matters anyway… it’s been going on since the dawn of time and will keep on going, regardless of what politicians say); and the wall is not necessary after all… perhaps a fence in some places… Remember that AT&T/Time Warner merger he pledged to block? Yeah well, that was also a lie.


    He is thinking of appointing Romney Secretary of State. Oh and — did you see the dithyrambic article on his son-in-law Jared Kushner in Forbes today? Turns out Jared is quite the orthodox chosen one… spends a lot of energy to further an agenda favoring a very special chosen kind of people…

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I predicted (I may even have posted comments here on Unz about this) this guy, Trump, would be installed towards the end of the primaries. It was just too easy. Remember that to kill a politician, you just don’t cover them at all, either positively or negatively. No. Publicity. Period.

    I also theorized that this is extremely bad news for western Europe. For me, Trump was installed to calm the fears, and mounting rebellion, of the western world in the face of the current invasion. A few hints on what may come were dropped during the campaign: Trump’s repeated message on how difficult it is for Europeans to immigrate to the U.S. (it is!)

    They will reform the immigration system to facilite the immigration of Europe’s top human resources (once easier, the most qualified Europeans will come rushing to the U.S. They are all desperate for a way out anyway), leaving the lower classes to fend for themselves, destroying the only true competitor the U.S. has ever had. WWI and WWII were just rounds 1 and 2… and the organized migration of the last two years sets the stage for the kill… if you go to Paris or Brussels, you can see it’s already basically over.

    You see, the elites are ALWAYS ahead of the sheep. You CANNOT beat them at their own game, using their own rules, as some people suggest Trump did (by the way, it turns out sonny-in-law Jared relied quite a bit on “perception management” through social media in the campaign he ran for daddy-in-law).

    They know the mood has been extremely anti-maintstream in the last 2-3 years. They knew that by attacking Trump, they would make him popular (ref. the “Kiza” binary system of thinking above [another commenter who claims she always believes the opposite of what the mainstream media says]… only the sheep would rely on such absolutes… do you think the elites are not aware masses of people now think as you do?). The more they went after him, the more the plebs got behind him. You people actually believe those who control the mass media were not aware of that fact? Those people rule the world. They control almost all the wealth in this world. YOU don’t. They are alway ahead of you.

    Please don’t resort to the “you would have preferred Hillary?” argument. It. Does. Not. Matter. Who. Reads. Teleprompters. From. The. White. House. They are all just “faces” cast by the elites for strategic purposes.

    Remember how happy Arab leaders were in 2008 when their “brother” Obama got elected? Even Assad was! Gaddafi would write personal letters to his “brother Baracka” for crying out loud. Ha ha ha! The truth is, Obama and Trump are on the same team.

    The Trump casting was designed to stifle the mounting white disillusionment to make sure they go back to sleep and do not thwart the plan that has been in place for the last 70 years. The worst thing that could happen to those people is for white countries (particularly western Europe) to realize what is going on right now, when they are so close to reaching their goal.

    And now Europe will pay for it. Big time! (I pity all those European nationalists that are ecstatic right now… look what happened to Gaddafi, Mubarak and a few others… look at the hell they unleashed across the Arab world following the election of their “brother”… which, to pre-empt the kind of argument coming my way, does not mean I want those people in Europe… on the contrary, I want them all out).

    And if I were Putin, I would keep my guard up right not, more than ever.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  24. macilrae says:

    Now Bernie Sanders is looking for a new opening, and Jill Stein is available. Both are known for their anti-NWO and moderate non-Zionist positions; they could be adopted into Trump’s administration. Sanders actually expressed his willingness to work with Trump.

    Although not, I think, mentioned by Drudge, the name of Tulsi Gabbard has been mentioned as a possible Secretary of State (or even Defense). A young, female, minority Democrat and Sanders supporter with impeccable credentials – very compatible with Trump on foreign policy; she had a meeting with him on Monday. What a brilliant stroke that would be.

    As you say, however, he has to make it to his inauguration, otherwise we get Pence.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @RadicalCenter
  25. @WorkingClass

    > I always learn something [from my Jewish teachers].

    This entire circle jerk — regardless of ideological position! — is apparently staffed by Jewish authors, thinkers, advisers, leaders, power centers, and dissidents. Enjoy your faux liberation.

    • Replies: @nsa
    , @woodNfish
    , @WorkingClass
  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Jewish state is an important player, but not that important as you imagine. Israel could not influence Russian decision to enter Syrian campaign: it has no tools to influence Russian decision-making. There are no dozens of Jewish senators and parliamentarians, as in the US, there is not much of trade, so Netanyahu could not forbid or allow Putin to do this or that

    That’s why Russia is much much much “anti-Semitic”, after all.

    I guess the word that has seen the higher number of antonyms in human language history is “disobedient”. “Anti-Semite” has become one.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    From Bloomberg Economy.

    Trump Shouldn’t Bully the Fed … U.S. President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly criticized Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen during his campaign. British Prime Minister Theresa May has questioned the Bank of England’s recent actions, for a while putting Governor Mark Carney’s tenure in doubt. The long-cherished principle of central-bank independence seems to be under attack.

    Where you are mistaken, I think, is in thinking these people have any awareness of their prepotence.

    No. They believe all is being fair.
    After all, “if you have a brain” you’ll launch a successful start-up in the Silicon Valley or reap huge profits as a hedge fund manager. Or you’ll paint your skin black and collect food stamps.

    Don’t want to paint your skin black and can’t learn 5 languages, work as a programmer in the Valley, shoot films for Hollywood or ride the waves in Wall Street?

    Bad. We see you are the typical uneducated white. The kind of loser who objects to no-borders/no-barriers for peoples and goods.

    I mean, it’s like a zoo.
    Who’d object to a no-cages policy?
    Certainly not we tigers and lions, we winners.
    It would be you losers, non-lions and non-tigers.

    Shame to the losers.

    Meanwhile, have you noticed?
    We are in love with calling the others “bullies”.
    We can’t decide yet whether we prefer calling non-lions and non-tigers “bullies” or “losers”.
    While in doubt, we’ll keep calling them both.

    In the name of central banking independence,
    Don’t let central banks be bullied, please!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  28. KA says:

    They are coming -

    the way came after Obama in his first few months after winning election- Tea Party, Cairo Speech, Gate controversy at MA ,Afhhanistan and Iraq withdrawal,being Moslem,birthed,death panel The crises were generated and then amplified by MSM . You can see same in much worse form against Trump this time,
    the donkey will be Moslem Gay Latino Black and weird comment of some obscure context on Jewish people . Some of them will dance to the rhythm of CNN. MSNBC. WSJ. GUARDIAN BBC ,NYT . Unfortunate but fact that the peasants keep the Church and the Royals in play by their penchant with amnesia for the momentary gain of fame .

    Issue was antiwar in Obama’s time . Same is the issue and is the immigration . Take care of them Country will heal . It is not filthiiness of wealth ,it is the sense of community,belonging,sense of control and existence of hope that cure evils of racism bigotry,hatred and revenge.

  29. utu says:

    “I mean, it’s like a zoo.
    Who’d object to a no-cages policy?
    Certainly not we tigers and lions, we winners.”

    I like it.

  30. CK says:
    @Robert Magill

    4000 jobs that serve at the pleasure of the president.
    Some require confirmation some don’t.
    Plus a bunch of jobs coming up that he chooses but that serve pre-determined terms and he cannot fire.

  31. nsa says:

    Lenin’s famous dictum: “the best way to control the opposition is to own it”. MSM: uniformly kosher. Pop Alt sites: Drudge – jooie, Breitbart – jooie, Unz – jooie. At a minimum…..very suspicious, no?

  32. Che Guava says:

    Mr. Shamir,

    I always like your posts, but the below is rubbish, except in the sense that some Zionists reached accomodations with German Nationalism

    Zionism flourished in 1930s as a Jewish National Socialist movement; it was built to fit Jewry into fascist-dominated Europe

    Zionism was the first form of national socialism in the 20th century sense, and was formed in the 19th century.

    I would love to see anyone meaningfully refute that.

    I know that nobody can.

    Offering my odd theory, during young Mussolini’s missing years, mainly in Switzerland, the main influence for his starting to formulate Italian fascism was contact with Zionists there.

    Since there are no records to do with Mussolini’s life over that time (strange in itself), we can’t know … but we do know that was his milieu at the time.

    My opinion is that Zionism was the inspiration for Italian fascism.


    • Replies: @Art
    , @Israel Shamir
  33. Rehmat says:

    How can one forget Donald Trump’s Hindutva mentality like Tulsi, when he said: I LOVE INDIA. I LOVE HINDUS…..

    Trump was the keynote speaker at an election fundraising event held by the Republican Hindu Coalition at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. Trump praised India as America’s best ally in Asia (against China), and promised the Hindu audience that if elected he could be the best man Hindus and India ever had in the White House.

    Amid Bollywood-style performance Trump said: “If I’m elected president, the Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House, that I can guarantee you.”

    I’m sure, 2.3 million-strong Hindu community being non-White has nothing to gain from Trump and his racist supporters. But, Trump will gain a big bundle as he is already in the process of building two five-star hotels in India.

    “We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism when I’m president. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with India in sharing intelligence and keeping our people safe mutually. The US and India will be best friends,” added Trump.

    Donald Trump, a typical brainwashed American is not supposed to know that like Israel, India too is a terrorist state. India which joined USSR block in 1948 will never be a party in United States designs against Russia.

    • Replies: @macilrae
    , @RadicalCenter
  34. macilrae says:

    Well, taking a scan of her declared politics I’d go so far as to say that I’d rather see Tulsi in charge of State than, shall we say, John Bolton.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  35. woodNfish says:

    Hillary almost won and got more popular votes

    She did not win the popular vote, Trump swept the country. Something close to 4 million fraudulent votes for HRC have been discovered. The left tried to get her elected through vote fraud, but the wave of conservative voters overwhelmed their efforts.

  36. woodNfish says:

    I feel sorry for the poor guys and gals who walk the American cities proclaiming their love and fealty to Obama and Clinton. They were zombified into blind trust that the NWO regime was forever, that docile blacks, emotional latinos, delicate gays and clever Jews will always vote as they are told by smart women in pants, while the workers of Detroit would forever cringe under the whip of white male privilege. They watched too many movies and lost touch with reality, like royalists worshipping portraits of the deposed and dead king.

    You are feeling sorry for people who willingly sold their souls to the Left. They weren’t “zombified”, they are just morons – grubers, and your description of them as “docile” is also wrong as we have seen from their violent attacks on Trump supporters and in the riots after the election.

    Zionism flourished in 1930s as a Jewish National Socialist movement; it was built to fit Jewry into fascist-dominated Europe and the Middle East. Zionists loved Mussolini and admired Adolf Hitler. They have no problem with befriending any right-wing movement (no comparison is intended).

    There is no comparison because fascism is a strain of socialism. The only reason anyone ever accused the Nazis of being right-wing is because they were nationalists. Well, so are the chi-coms and no one accuses them of being right-wing! It is a leftist smear against the right and a lie. Nationalism has nothing to do with being right or left and everything to do with being patriotic.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  37. woodNfish says:

    Learn from them. Never trust them.

  38. @survey-of-disinfo

    There is more to life, love and politics than Jews. Those of you who are obsessed with Jews will not be happy with Trump. As long as there are Jews you will not be happy with anything. How are you not Jews yourselves, impatiently watching for your Messiah.

    • Replies: @survey-of-disinfo
  39. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Trump’s economic plan; cut taxes on the rich and estates worth over 10 million, a repeat of the Reagan ‘trickle-down’ economics, which didn’t work then and won’t now. But he sure sounds butch when talking tough about renewing America.

  40. Art says:

    I feel sorry for the poor guys and gals who walk the American cities proclaiming their love and fealty to Obama and Clinton. They were zombified into blind trust that the NWO regime was forever, that docile blacks, emotional latinos, delicate gays and clever Jews will always vote as they are told by smart women in pants, while the workers of Detroit would forever cringe under the whip of white male privilege. They watched too many movies and lost touch with reality, like royalists worshipping portraits of the deposed and dead king.

    How true – great proses – kudos!

    Peace — Art

  41. Durruti says:

    “I called Donald Trump, a Judas Goat….”

    Of course.

    The American so-called ‘democracy’ is a Professional Wrestling style scam. It is comparable with an Antonino Rocca v Buddy Rogers, performance, (although not as good).

    Casino Trump and Killery Clinton are both Judas Goats. They mislead their followers into the blind alley of support for the Jewish Oligarchs’ Zionist New World Order. Americans (through their Zionist puppet government, and Zionist controlled Banks, and Zionist controlled economic system), \$bankroll/support the Occupation of Palestine, and the rest of the Middle East (with genocidal results for the indigenous residents).

    Now, the kind and gentle Israel Shamir, desperately wishes for a miracle, the return of a sane government here, and other sane governments-there, and the end of the New World Order, simply because the Rubes participated in a rigged political election, and, somehow, chose a mid-level mafioso, a Gambling Casino Establishment Owner and Real Estate Speculator, to become the ‘President’ of the United States. Shamir wishes for a Miracle. Is he religious? Can Shamir base his hopes on any kind of religious theory, (as his political theory is a bit too convenient)?

    Any religious theory would label the Zionist puppet candidates, and they include Johnson & Stein, as Judas Goats. To be fair, Johnson and Stein have not received their 30 pieces of silver yet (and never will).

    The Republic has been destroyed since the Oligarchs, through their MOSSAD/CIA, overthrew our Democratic Republic on November 22, 1963, and assassinated our last constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, in the Coup D’etat in Dallas.

    And their lies the conundrum of our age. Do we examine the Truth, the Violent overthrow of our Sacred American Republic?

    Do we dare discuss this First Modern ‘Arab Spring’ government change? And it took place in our America, where the oligarchs crossed the Rubicon (Potomic) with their troops.

    The Question before history – is:

    Do we fix? Do we even attempt to fix? Or do we relapse into the search for the easy path, the path of acceptance, that all is lost, or, at best, some group of Oligarchs will right all the wrongs, and restore our freedoms? This wonderful miracle will be gifted to us Rubes, on a silver platter, with no sacrifice (on our part), needed. The Zionist American Congress, and the Courts, and the State and local political structure will change its shape, from – bought prostitutes, to Statesmen of the necessary quality. No problem! Don’t worry! We can have it all – without having to do this:

    How easy it is. Turn on! Tune out! Mommy and Daddy will come to the rescue. Jesus did not have to die. all he had to do was vote for Trump, or LBJ, or apologize for overturning the Jewish Banking system (Money Changers tables in the Temple). Why struggle? Good is easy. Ask the Palestinians, the Native Americans, or the Vietnamese.

    Forget the Republic! Forget our murdered President, JF Kennedy, his brother Robert, ML King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, John Lennon, Padraic Pearce, Patrice Lumumba, thousands of other martyrs, and 100 million slaughtered in World Wars I and II, and to the present. And all these conflicts were designed to destroy Christians, Nations, Russians, Serbs, Germans, French, and British, and gut Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. All gutted – with the exception of the Jewish Oligarchs. They remain, to pick up the loose change.


    Forget! Forget!


    The Republic is Dead; Long Live the Republic!

    Durruti – for the Anarchist Collective alias: Peter J. Antonsen

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  42. Art says:
    @Che Guava

    My opinion is that Zionism was the inspiration for Italian fascism.

    Oh my – another black mark for Juda/Zionism!

    What is it – birds of a feather – why do the evil types gravitate to tribalistic Judaism?

    Peace — Art

    • Replies: @annamaria
  43. @Che Guava

    Che, “flourished” is not the same as “appeared” or “was formed”. Have a look at this recent treatment in Haaretz I doubt Zionism could influence Mussolini – it was too small. It is usually said that National Socialist Zionism appeared around 1905, not in 19th century. However, it flourished later, and its pro-fascist version is connected with Zhabotinsky.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Che Guava
  44. @woodNfish

    Indeed there can be left and right nationalism. North Korea is nationalist, so is Cuba. There was a left wing of NSDAP, but it was decimated after 1934. Hitler did not consider himself belonging to the Left.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  45. Reuphen says:

    It’s better to be a Judas Goat than to be a goat of the Arabs which is what you are! While Christians and Jews are naturally coming together, the Arab-Paki alliance is totally unnatural and ungodly at best!

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @Rehmat
  46. I liked what Israel Shamir said yet the NWO is still controlling the finance, the media and a large portion of the military industrial complex, so we should not hope too much from Trump. Trump’s election is like the Brexit an indication that people are not happy with the NWO, but the elite running the NWO has no consideration for people. For them, this election is an anecdote, it is like carnaval, it will last just a few days. In the US and in their European dominions, the system is so corrupted that a tsunani would be necessary to change anything.

    I enjoyed Trump’s election for the perspective of a world war 3 was dwindling with him. Today I am not so sure that we will avoid that war for several reasons:
    1) The US and Europe are bankrupted and the elite has no peaceful solution to erase the debts and do a reset
    2) The US are over confident in their military power, the Pentagon and the CIA. They think that a third war will be similar to the first two, that the war will happen in Europe and that they will benefit from it.
    3) Among some christians in the US, there are some not negligable people waiting for the Apocalypse with first the restoration of Israel power over the world for thousand years and then the last judgement allowing the choosen to enter the Paradise and the other to go to Hell. These christians are like the djihadists, they want the war and they are more powerful than aknowledge. In addition you do not need a lot of people to provoke a war.

    So I am pessimistic

    Concerning Shamir’s analysis relative to Jews and Zionists, it is too intricate for me.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @Anonymous
  47. annamaria says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Hopefully this is a sign of “family business.”

  48. Truth says:

    Hey guys, The Donna’s not going to have Hill/Billy arrested, he’s going to “help them heal”…

    And he’s not going to get rid of Obamacare, he’s going to “alter it a little”…

    And he’s not going to build the wall “all the way across the border”…

    Hey, I’ve only been voting for 30 years now, so maybe some of you old heads can help me out; aren’t politicians usually in office for a few years or at least a few months before they start backsliding on campaign promises? I mean, isn’t it just a little, unusual, for a dude to do it BEFORE HE’S INAUGURATED?

    Well the good news is, KellyMan Conway asked me to share the Donald’s (un)official campaign song with you…

  49. annamaria says:

    Reality is more fascinating than fiction: “Il Duce’s Other Woman: The Untold Story of Margherita Sarfatti, Benito Mussolini’s Jewish Mistress, and How She Helped Him Come to Power”

    • Replies: @Art
  50. Otto Zeit says:

    Q: What is “Antisemitism?”

    A: I don’t know — but if you can tell me what “Semitism” is, I’ll tell you whether I’m opposed to it or not.

    • Replies: @OutWest
  51. @macilrae

    So far, too many reckless warmongers are being seriously considered for Sec of State and Sec of Defense.

    Would love to see Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, even RAND Paul, even some lefty anti-war person like Tulsi Gabbard instead of John Bolton, Rudy Guiliani, or these freeking generals.

    I still expect that Trump will cooperate with Russia against ISIS — which presumably will start with an end to the obvious US arming/equipping of ISIS and an end to condemnation of Russia’s efforts to keep Assad in power instead of jihadists. Don’t think Trump will continue badgering and sanctioning Russia over Crimea, either.

    But I’m worried that Trump can be convinced to get more belligerent against Iran, which is not in our interests and is not necessary.

    • Replies: @macilrae
  52. @Anonymous


    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and hope to see your comments here again —

  53. @Rehmat

    The USA should work closely with Russia and India alike to remove Muslims from all our countries and destroy Islamist jihadis everywhere.

    But you’re right about one thing, worshipper of the pedophile prophet: we shouldn’t trust India or Hindus either. I don’t want them immigrating here, just working together with us to fight Islamic terrorism, increase trade, and expand student & cultural exchange programs between all non-muslim peoples.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  54. Art says:

    Reality is more fascinating than fiction: “Il Duce’s Other Woman: The Untold Story of Margherita Sarfatti, Benito Mussolini’s Jewish Mistress, and How She Helped Him Come to Power”


    Oh my – another Esther – another Salome – the power behind the throne – still propagating and celebrating a long line of Jewish darkness and death.

    How many generations have there been – how many more will there be – can they never love humanity?

    Peace — Art

  55. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    While Christians and Jews are naturally coming together,

    Is that based on the Christians and Jews profound love of Jesus Christ, which those Muzzies worship?
    Or maybe both religions undying respect for JC’s Mother, also held in Islam as sacred?

  56. woodNfish says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Socialists are leftwing. There may have been a more communist faction of the Nazis that Hitler was able to remove, but they were still socialists. We know he hated communists, but they are all part of the same ideology – communism, socialism, fascism. Very little difference between them, and they are all leftists and authoritarian.

    There is nothing comparable on the right because real conservatives believe in individual freedom and responsibility, not government or anyone else telling us what to do or how to live. An extremist on the right is an anarchist – no government at all. And I don’t are what you were taught in university or anywhere else, that was lies and propaganda to smear the right and transfer Nazism to the right, which is BS. But leftists knew if fascism was associated with them, it would not be good because their fellow Jews were never going to get over it.

    Look around at how authoritarian, intolerant, and violent the left is – riots after the election, rampant voter fraud and intimidation by the Left including the media labeling all Trump voters racist and deplorables. It all harkens back to Kristallnacht . All of these actions are hallmarks of fascism and socialists which is what the democrat party is today. The right can’t even organize a protest against the protesters because we are individualists and don’t organize, hence our extremists are anarchists who don’t want any organized authority. We don’t organize protests, we don’t boycott, we don’t protest, but we do reach a limit where enough is enough and we vote the bastards out. And if pushed far enough, we will fight. The Leftist pussies had better hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • Replies: @5371
  57. well, we know for sure trump would not start a war with russia, that is for sure. so right on.

    but alot of his domestic policies and appointments are riling up alot of americans in usa. I am one of them. some of his appointments are so bad that it almost seems like he made them while being held under gun point, they simply don’t make sense other wise to any logical person. and during his presidency, he might have the power to appoint 3 supreme court judges, this could get ugly, super, uber ugly and last decades.

    despite all that, trump is still a better choice over shillary, because there is a good chance she could start ww3.

    • Replies: @Chaban
    , @RadicalCenter
  58. Chaban says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    You sound like a Gaddafi in love with his “African brother Baracka (sic) Obama”.

    All those people falling for words again…

    The U.S. has tried all kinds of angles against Putin in the last four years. They’ve all failed.

    Trump is the latest strategic shift… honey vs. vinegar.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  59. Rehmat says:

    Pity – how the Israeli hasbara filth love to suck their own AZZ or quote their CURSING Talmud ……

    In May 2014, Netanyahu during a speech he delivered at his ruling Likud party’s Yaakov Vider (religious branch) said that Talmud should become the Constitution of the State. He proposed to adopt Hebrew calendar (based on Moon-sighting like the Islamic calendar), and the Jewish Shari’ah (Gemara and Minsha), which is totally barbaric when it comes to women’s rights.

    “I’m going to personally be involved in the law defining the state of Israel as the nation-state for the Jewish people. It’s a very important law that will influence how Israel will look like in the future,” Netanyahu told his hareidi Jewish audience.

    “I want to anchor in this law, that it will be a Basic Law that the state of Israel arose and exists on the basis of Torah and the Jewish traditions,” Netanyahu explained – promising to define the Hebrew calendar as the official state calendar….

  60. @Chaban

    I respect your point 🙂 because I have made it my self in a number of comments on unz 😛

  61. @Astuteobservor II

    You’re right. Thank God he won instead of her, and I’ll wager he keeps us out of war against Russia and moves us to a less belligerent, encircling stance towards Russia.

    Also very important, a Trump nominee to the Supreme Court is far likelier to uphold and restore Second Amendment rights than Shrillery.

    A Trump nominee to the Supreme Court is far likelier to vote to repeal Roe v. Wade / PPFA v. Casey and return the abortion issue to the States (where it belongs under the Tenth Amendment).

    And how about immediately repealing Obama’s Kingly Decree — I mean “Executive Order” — deferring deportation of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Trump may do it, Shrillery promised quite the opposite, plus acceleration of the Muslim colonization of America through admission of “refugees.”

    My main concern is that these warmongering nuts Trump is considering for State and Defense may convince him to further sanction, isolate, economically harm, and provoke Iran, even escalating to a completely unnecessary non-defensive war. Comparatively, though, it was a higher likelihood that Shrillery would have gone the warlike route re: Iran than Trump.

    We all need to be calling and emailing the Trump transition team, and then the Trump White House, to demand that he keep his promises on these issues, especially keeping us out of war, deporting illegal aliens, restoring Second Amendment rights, and cracking down on sanctuary cities and on people/companies that hire illegal aliens.

    I’ll be urging him to close most of our military bases abroad, too, but not counting on too much therer.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  62. @Jean de Peyrelongue

    If being a realist is also being a pessimist, then I am too because your observations appear to be very sound to me.

  63. Anonymous [AKA "ericw"] says:

    bannon sounded good but …
    >Breitbart News has become popular with white nationalists. But the site has also unapologetically backed Israel.
    Breitbart News Network: Born In The USA, Conceived In Israel Larry Solov 17 nov 2015

  64. @WorkingClass

    There is more to life, love and politics than Jews. Those of you who are obsessed with Jews

    Sorry sweetie, you got the wrong number. The true power in the world would not parade itself with a bulls eye painted on its face. (I personally find anti-semites to be a bore.)

    I have merely pointed out to you facts regarding the overt actors on the scene across the board. It is an observation of public and interesting facts.


    Not sure what _you_ mean by “Messiah”.

    An “anointed” king with focused consciousness, like the Pharaohs of the First Kingdom of Egypt?

    Or the awaited redeeming-renovator Saoyoshant of the followers of the Iranian prophet?

    Or the awaited Bodhissatva of Compassion?

    Or possibly you mean the awaited Guided One (Mahdi) of the Muslims (who is not a “Messiah” — the Messiah in that narrative joins the Guided One and they double-team the nasties)?

    As for the Hebrews, they had their Messiah (from Nazareth) and per their historic form [cow, gold, moo], they blew it.

    And as for the critters running the show today, they are awaiting the anti-Christ.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @annamaria
  65. The Liberation of the Slaves

    Slavery is freedom. Got it.

    Tolstoy wrote the following over a century ago and you can bet yer shekels the rats have perfected the system since then.

    The slavery of the workers in our time is only beginning to be admitted by advanced people in our society; the majority as yet are convinced that among us no slavery exists.

    A few typos, but otherwise a fine summary: Tolstoy, Slavery of Our Times, Chap 8, 11 July, 1900

  66. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe he’s just looking at this in a long view. In the near to mid-term, the battles ahead are fierce, but the tide has already begun to turn, and entropy and the patterns of history are on our side

  67. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    IMO, our physical reality is a gigantic mosaic … library … of recognizable patterns. When one or more of the patterns are shattered … the why/how is irrelevant … our consciousness is compelled to create/adopt a new pattern.

  68. Hibernian says:

    “our last constitutional President, John F. Kennedy”

    I think you have him confused with Calvin Coolidge. Perhaps understandable; after all, they were both New Englanders.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  69. Anonymous [AKA "Montu"] says:

    Yet another excellent comment from Israel Shamir.

    I share another viewpoint here – flawed, to be sure – but one that is also from the economic Left.

    ‘8 Reasons to Love Trump’

    The author is a Nicaraguan former ambassador:

  70. Rehmat says:

    That democracy if it ever happened in Jew-hating Polish Catholics, it would be far better than the Jewish fascism in occupied Palestine.

    America’s internationally-known author, womens’ rights activist, Marianne Williamson, is a Zionist Jew and blind supporter of Israel. She considers the Islamic Republic of Iran to be non-democratic, oppressive and its government not ‘sane’. She said she has no problem with Ahmadinejad, because he doesn’t rule Iran. She has problem with Ayatullahs who rules Iran from behind the screen.

    Marianne Williamson was recently interviewed by Kevin Barrett PhD on the Truth Jihad Radio in 2012.

    “The way I look at Israel, I look at Israel the way I look at United states: The people of Israel are not the government of Israel any more than the people of the United States are the government of the United States. So even though I don’t, for the most part, agree with the government of Israel at all – and also as a Jew, because I am a Jew and committed to the existence of Israel,” Marianne told Barrett….

  71. TheBoom says:

    But a sizeable and powerful minority of Jews do not agree with “the Jews”. Some of them prefer Zionism. Zionism is full negation of everything “the Jews” want: no separation of Jewish church and Jewish state, no goy immigration.

    Many Jews are both Zionists and “the Jews.” They see no contradiction in one law for them and one for the goyim.

  72. Anonymous [AKA "balidora"] says:

    No position for Bernie Sanders in the Trump administration. Can’t stand that radical old POS.

  73. edNels says:

    You say ”almost” but see, that this fn’ idear ever was……!!

    [“dreaded TTIP and TTP, the twin agreements almost imposed by Obama administration on the world,…”]
    ever was spoke of… See that the idear was ‘floated’, to great cheers.. with plenty of msm support…

    Hey, I only try to make a point… i ain’t the guy to do this work of telling it!

  74. 5371 says:

    You’ve changed the meaning of “right” and “left” very considerably from what they were when introduced in politics, why should everyone else use the words as you do?

    • Replies: @woodNfish
    , @woodNfish
  75. edNels says:

    Bottom line: anytime that any people, who sit on any resource… like a continent, here and there, and, too any place or area where there is weirdly.. some stuff, like mineral wealth, forget it.
    Well ok, so we must come to understand the reality…

  76. Rehmat says:

    In the West, the politicians have to love Zionism to prove their subservience to the Zionist entity and local Jewish lobby groups. It also provide some many western politicians a platform to vent their hatred of Muslims and Islam whom American Jewish author Naomi Wolf called THE NEW JEWS.

    Trump, Hillary, Obama, McCain, Le Pen, Hollande, Theresa May, etc. are among those political leaders. Jeremy Corbyn is being forced to join that racist crowed by the British Jewish Lobby and Murdoch-controlled mainstream media.

    British veteran journalist and author Alan Hart has called Zionism as a CURSE for the Jewish people. On the other hand, British chief rabbi Mirvis has claimed that one cannot be a JEW WITHOUT BEING A ZIONIST.

  77. annamaria says:

    “…to remove Muslims from all our countries…”

    What kind of ethnicity allows you to preach about “all our countries?” Moreover, considering the easy access to the information re the last 16 (almost) years of the US/NATO “humanitarian” interventions in the Middle East, it is hard to believe that the Unz Review reader could be unaware of what exactly has been spurring the Islamic radicalism in the Middle East and beyond. For example, there are well documented facts that the war in Iraq (that produced a mass slaughter of civilians there and destruction of important cultural sites) was a war of aggression (see Nuremberg protocols). NATO’ bombardment of Libya, which involved mass causalities of civilians, is a crime against humanity. The arming of radical jihadis by the US/Saudis resulted in a massive loss of life in the Middle East and the flooding of EU with desperate refugees and opportunistic subsaharan migrants; the latter used to be controlled by Qaddafi (you know, the one that “we came, we saw, he died”… and more).
    The Islamist jihadis make two groups: 1. people who try to defend what is left of their native lands and culture and who suffered the loss of the loved ones (children, lovers, siblings, parents…) and 2. the religious fanatics supported by Saudi Arabia with the US-made & supplied weaponry and logistics. Do you have anything to say about the well-documented involvement of US/Saudis in promoting the radical Islamists in the Middle Eat?

    Writing with such a disdain about “all muslim people” betrays some strong ethnic hostility of the kind that has been an inspiration and engine for Ziocons’ treasonous influence on the US government. This very specific hostility resulted in the undue influence on the US foreign policies that have been emptying the US coffers and destroying the US values.

  78. macilrae says:

    Obviously the names coming out are being deliberately leaked and there may be quite a bit of subtlety to the process – leaking names such as Romney to show how close they came and how deeply ‘respected’ they are.

    Probably this is wishful thinking on my part.

  79. Durruti says:

    “I think you have him confused with Calvin Coolidge.”

    Some in my neighborhood agree with you.

    But what do you think about the major points of the Missive?

    I prefer to choose the Assassination of our elected President, John F. Kennedy, one who honored the Constitution & heroically attempted to defend our Republic, as the key shift in the control of America, away from its citizens, and to the hands of the Foreign and domestic Oligarchs.

    Former President, Jimmy Carter, has also declared that America is no longer a democracy, but ruled by Oligarchs.

    Statesman (former congressman), Ron Paul, refers to the “Deep State.”,d.eWE

    And Giraldi,

    Happy Thanksgiving,


    • Replies: @Hibernian
  80. woodNfish says:

    No I haven’t. Communism, socialism, fascism have always been leftist. The collectivist ideologies. As I wrote fascism has always been a part of socialism and was only used to smear the right. Same with the KKK which was created by the Democrat Party and is still a leftist group no matter what you’ve been told. I don’t accept media lies as truth.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  81. woodNfish says:

    Why do you accept academia’s and the media’s lies and propaganda as truth? The Left took over academia to control the message and they do. They use it to smear and lie about the Right. The KKK was created by the Democratic Party, yet today everyone thinks it is an extreme right faction. It isn’t and it never was. The KKK is leftist and always has been.

    It is common use to call Leftists “liberals” and “progressive” when they are neither. They do not believe in liberty – they are authoritarian and you will tow the ideological line or they will deal with you violently as you can see with any protest against Trump. There is nothing progressive about authoritarianism, it is regressive.

    “Liberal” and “progressive” are PC words Leftists hide behind to mask what they truly are. They are aided in this charade by academia and media propaganda and lies. Using the simple technique of , “If you hear it often enough it must be true.” It isn’t true and if you accept their lies and propaganda, they win.

    You accuse me of changing the meaning of words. I haven’t. I simply refuse to accept the Leftist lies and propaganda. I believe words have meaning, and so does the Left. If they didn’t believe this, they wouldn’t have created political correctness and they wouldn’t hide behind phony labels. The Left understands that words have power. I am doing what I can to try and take that power away from them, by getting you and others who read this to think about the truth of words.

  82. Che Guava says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Thanks for the reply, I will read the Haaretz article. Have come across the name Zhabotinsky, but only in passing, and forget the significance.

    Still think there may be something to my hypothesis about Mussolini’s missing years in Switzerland, many exiled Zionists were also there, and it fits your ‘around 1905’ timescale, which precedes any similar European or Asian movements by many years.

    “flourished” is not the same as “appeared” or “was formed”

    Yes, I know, but it was already present among exiles in Switzerland during Mussolini’s own missing years in exile there (mainly missing even from his autobiography). One can assume they were present in his milieu at the time.

    An aside, I hope it is interesting enough to be worth your time to read.

    I would like to write at length of the parallels and differences between the Italian and Japanese fascist systems. However, I would expect a second university degree for it.

    Of course, one could write about the similar degrees of cruelty between Germans on the eastern front and Japanese forces wherever they could.

    Or, to repeat a theme that all should know, the greater barbarities at a distance of Curtis LeMay and ‘Bomber’ Harris.

    I am only really interested in writing on the first, anyone who reads should know about the second and third.

    At one of the sites of battles between the Shogunate loyalists and Imperial forces in the 1860s, there is a monument that is a present from Rome in 1923, the plinth has ‘era Fascista MCMXXIII’ and ‘SPQR’, the whole inscription is in Roman capitals, but in Italian (I can’t read much Italian, but can read all of it on the plinth).

    Atop the plinth is a column from Pompei, atop the column is a phoenix, I wish that the phoenix had been from a Futurist artist, but not, but not too bad. It is like gargoyle meets phoenix.

    The touching thing is that it is dedicated not to the victorious Imperial forces, but to a small remnant of the Shogunate forces, very young people, they had a mistaken idea of how things were going, and decided to die.

    Some commited proper ritual suicide, some by other means.

    The monument is a tribute to them.

    In any case, thanks for the Haaretz link, and the reminder of the name.

    God bless you, Mr. Shamir.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  83. Hibernian says:

    JFK was careful and only sent 20,000 troops, about 1 Division, to Vietnam. This was arguably constitutional under the powers of the President as Commander-in-Chief, without a Congressional declaration of war. Johnson’s massive escalation, in contrast, was not, unless you call the Tonkin Gulf resolution a declaration of war, which it was not. I see your point.

  84. Hibernian says:

    The only thing leftist about the KKK is that its members tended to be poor. The right/left dichotomy began with the French Revolution when the Deputies defending the ancien regime, or as much of it as could be salvaged, were seated toward the right in the assembly hall. The KKK was organized to defend the South’s ancien regime, or as much of it as could be salvaged.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  85. Art says:

    (I personally find anti-semites to be a bore.)

    Really — you find the US media, US congress, and US president being in the control of Zionism – BORING?


    Peace — Art

    • Replies: @survey-of-disinfo
  86. @Che Guava

    Saigo Takamori also fought for Shogunate, if I am not mistaken. A great inspirational figure.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  87. Sam J. says:


    I’m afraid you’re right. I was very hopeful but the people that Trump has surrounded himself with in the past made me always wonder if it was a set up. I’m not a 100% but it’s looking that way. Keys are some of his appointments look bad and one of the very biggest is his not pushing the removal of illegal immigrants. If he were to pronounce how terrible it would be for the illegal immigrants as soon as he got in office the large majority of them would leave before he even got in office. My guess is he deports a couple million while the press screams genocide and racism. The problem being I think there’s at least 30 million in the country and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if there were 40 million.
    Even worse the internet has been given to the UN and they will rapidly start censoring it.

  88. Sam J. says:

    “…Orthodox and Hassidim do no want to run and arrange your life unlike the liberal Jews…”

    There’s no difference between the liberal Jews and the Orthodox. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter. A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people.

    They’re just playing one group off of another. Both have end goals of ruling us all. Poorly I might add.

  89. edNels says:

    I am taking my time to read this article Mr. Shamir.

    Now here is a point that caught my eye:

    But for us, for the field slaves, Trump’s victory is sheer bliss.

    I don’t see how you say this. I did see the movie, with Kirk Douglas and/or the other guy, as slaves (jewish slaves) in Egypt, they broke rocks in a quarry, and by god they didn’t like the work that much, no sing songs to work with rhythm there!

    My point is that the concept of a Jew enslaved is bogus they don’t do slave.

    They do EXCEPTIONALISM, and that trait is encouraged within the satellite Christians as a condition to enter the kingdom, or nominal tribal membership…!

    There’s no way you mean that statement about you being self ID’d field slaves

    That is a bridge too far!

  90. SPQR70AD says:

    not only allowed it more then half the whites seem to gleefully embrace their genocide. look at all the young white kids marching for hellary after her defeat

    • Replies: @Realist
  91. SPQR70AD says:

    you know I was starting to wonder about Israel Shamir thinking he lost his way but this article he has written is superb. has beautifully outlined the organized jews plan to destroy the west which was first implemented when they forced the Romans to nail Jesus to the crosss

    • Replies: @utu
  92. nsa says:

    Jooie Jill is a cartoon……rug muncher of the unshaven leg variety, quack, multi-millionairess many times over, arch hypocrite. Campaign filings indicated she had some \$8.5 mil tied up in minor alternative outfits like…..Chevron, Duke Nuke, Conoco, Toho, JP Morgan, Deutsche, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Merck, Phillip Morris, Raytheon, ad nauseum. This stuff is as hilarious as it is endless….Bernie with his 3 homes, Al Gore with his low bank CA waterfront (not too worried about rising sea levels?), Obomber with his 1 gallon per second fuel burn 747). There is a special place in hell for………

    • Replies: @edNels
  93. woodNfish says:

    The KKK was created by the democrat party as their militia. That makes it a leftist organization= just like the rest of the democrat party.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  94. utu says:

    “I was starting to wonder about Israel Shamir thinking he lost his way but this article he has written is superb.”

    The article is uplifting and hopeful like last several articles from Shamir but there is no beef that would warrant that level of hope. But I am open minded and am ready to listen particularly if it is optimistic. In the meantime I tell myself that Israel Shamir knows more than he can reveal and that’s why he is optimistic.

    I agree that it is the Zionists (supported by Orthodox and Hassidim) who decided that they did not like the direction where the NWO was going. They like NWO but in a but different form. They want Israel to be in the center, near the driving seat. They do not trust the liberal Jewish elite of the West. Also there is no place for Russia in this NWO. Russia can survive only as nationalistic country which is unacceptable to the liberal NWO. So Russia will be pushed into the fatal embrace of China which Russia also wants to avoid. Trying to go with the Zionist is the last chance for Russia to survive and a chance for the Zionists.

    The Zionists are looking to their old allies, i.e., old European nationalists from Germany, Italy, Poland. But until recently there were no nationalists in Europe. Besides the old right had always strong antisemitic tendencies. But the New Right is no longer Antisemitic, quite the opposite. It is Islamophobic and it considers Israel as a shining example of how to deal with the Arabs and Muslims. Breivik was pretty explicit about it.

    What about the invasion of Europe by Muslim refugees? Who was behind organizing the marching columns of young men going to Europe, to Germany in summer 2015? It costed lots of money. Who was behind terrorists attack in Paris, Brussel, Nice and Munich? What if it was organized to give the boost to the New Right in Europe? So who could have been behind it? Russia and Israel?

    What about Trump that his first speech on June 15, 2015 focused on illegal immigrants, immigrant rapists, criminals and on the border on the wall? It was almost 2 months before we saw pictures from Hungary where they were in the process of building their fence and we saw the marching columns of the invasion trying to cross it? Did Trump know ahead of time or was it a pure coincidence and his luck?

    Anyway, there is the bromance triangle: Trump-Netanyahu-Putin.

    But watch out, Jill Stein, the no so secret anymore Wunderwaffe of the NWO.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  95. utu says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Mr. Shamir, any ideas what Patriarch Kirill was doing in Antarctica in Feb 2016 and why John Kerry went to Antarctica on the election day? And any news on Assange?

  96. Frank M. says:

    As much as I like Israel Shamir’s articles, his enthusiasm here is unwarranted. The election of Donald Trump, where the American people were denied any competent leader, and instead forced to choose between the two worst candidates, Clinton and Trump, is not a cause for celebration, but a manifestation of the rock-bottom that America hit.

    Just because masses rose up does not mean they know what they are doing, or they are doing something good for themselves, for their country, or for the humanity. The best example of this is Brexit. I know the British people were lied to, manipulated, and urged to leave the EU by the entire Rupert Murdoch’s media and others. Regardless, the decision to leave the EU is the worst decision the British people made in their modern history because the ramifications will be so disastrous for Britain. Now that they voted to leave the EU, the Europeans will force Britain to march to Every order from Brussels, or she will be cut out of the EU market, which will destroy the British economy, sink its currency, and probably force Scotland to leave the United Kingdom. In the end, Britain will crawl back and ask for forgiveness.

    Though the masses in Europe and America may not know it, their own populism is directed and nurtured by none other than The Powers That Be. The populists in Europe are turned against Muslims. And that serves the Powers fine, since any animosity between Europe and the Muslim World is a plus for Israel. The populism in America is different. The “Slaves” are turned against one another, away from the masters who control everything. Thus, you have millions of white Americans who are angry for losing their \$30/hour manufacturing jobs, and taking their anger on their black and Latino neighbours, who either work at McDonalds or at blueberry fields! You can see how ridiculous and disastrous that is getting.

    Mr. Trump can tear up TPP, and that is a good thing. But that is it. He is not a threat to the powers. He is actually one of them. The idea that Trump, the billionaire, who gamed the system, and evaded taxes for decades, and impoverished the nation, is all of a sudden, a populist leader who will make America great again is a bad joke!

    However, Shamir is right about one thing: the Jewish century is over. As low point as the election of Mr. Trump has been for America, there is a silver-lining in it: it is prelude to the real revolution. In that revolution, the American people will be led by the most competent, fearless, and unifying leaders, who will bring all the slaves together for common purpose. These new competent leaders and the masses they lead will, in no time, make America great again.

  97. edNels says:

    I like that youuie, make some damned good points nsaaay.. haha

    BUt I have to disagree with how you talked about my favorite pol… Jill Stein.

    I think she is cute, authentic, talks about real issues, etc. etc… And, she’s an underdog!

    I did vote for Trumph, but I was thinking Jill! Everything she says is my exact same thinking!

    • Replies: @anon
    , @utu
  98. Realist says:

    Right you are.

    Half of the whites in this country have an IQ of 100 or less.

    Ya can’t fix stupid!

    • Agree: edNels
  99. I read again the paragrah on “The Jewish century is over”.
    If I understand, “the Jews”, the very rich controlling the finance, the Media, the laws and probably the UN in charge of selling the NWO ideology are willing to extend their power over the whole world. For them the common people in India, China, Europe or America are all the same and they deserve equal treatment. Agreement like TTP, TTIP, CETA etc binding others are means to achieve peacefully their goal. NGO, color revolutions, proxy wars are Tools used against recalcitrant tribes.

    The Zionists used to be a secular movement coming from Russia, searching a home for the Jews. Under the pressure of William E. Blackstone and Louis D. Brandeis, they choose the Palestine to settle down, the place where the Messiah was supposed to come. With that choice, Blackstone was able to enlist a large number of US christians to support Israel’s creation. It is true that in the 30th the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis which were fighting essentially the first category, the mondialists. At that time, the Zionists were mostly socialists and atheists. Under the pressure of those radical christians waiting for the Apocalypse, the Zionists became an extremist movement. In the last 50 years, they have collaborated with the “Jews” but the Zionists are the terrorists when the Jews are the gentlemen.

    The third category is populated by the regular Jews, the normal people but usually better educated, more entrepreneurial and fantastic musicians. They have contribute a lot to mankind without trying to reduce the others into slavery. But today, they are trapped by the two others categories and it is not an easy position. In Europe, this category has almost disapear, for all the goyim are seen as antisemite.

    • Replies: @Jean de Peyrelongue
  100. anon • Disclaimer says:

    If Jill Stein is an underdog, it’s in the worst sense. Why does she now care about allegations of fraud, to favor a candidate whose campaign has consistently attacked and humiliated her? She was accused of taking Clinton’s votes, of being a puppet of Putin (this said by low-ranking Russian quislings like Evgenyia Chirikova and Nadezdha Kutepova) because she now wants Clinton as president? Who paid for Jill Stein’s campaign debts?
    I had some illusions about ‘Dr.’ Jill Stein, but to me it became clear that she, like all green parties, is nothing more than pedantic minions of the empire. Like the pedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit, and Joschka Fischer, butchers of Yugoslavia, and heralds of the war for the destruction of Russia.
    May Doc Stein take full advantage of what he has received from the clintonists, while Madam President does not nuke the world to ‘free’ the crimean tatars.

    About Herr Fischer, a note that summarizes the whole trajectory of the green parties:

    “Many leading Greens began their political careers in 1968 with protests against the Vietnam War. Having climbed the social ladder, they have turned into imperialist warmongers. This process is epitomized by the figure of Fischer. Unlike many of his colleagues from wealthy families, Fischer came from a modest background, and entered protest politics as a school dropout. He has internalized this social ascent. In arrogance, ruthlessness, greed and contempt for the population at large, he surpasses all others.”

    • Replies: @edNels
  101. utu says:

    Why Jill Stein is going with it is really a good question? She already collected more for the recount in 24h than what she had for her own election.

    Jill Stein, Working for NEOCON Team Hillary, is Pushing for Recount in 3 Key States to Make Killary Our President (or to kick off civil war)

    • Replies: @edNels
  102. Che Guava says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Sorry, esteemed Mr. Shamir, you are mistaken on that.

    Saigo’s rebellion was nine years later. At the time of the battle I mention, he was an Imperial loyalist.

    He fell out with the new govt. over his idea of an immediate invasion of Korea.

    Was banished from the inner circle, went back to his home fiefdom, set up a school, and led the last major rebellion against the new order, not for the Tokugawa Shogunate, but for the samurai order. Sure, if it had been successful, it would have been a new Shogunate, with modern trappings.

    Even there, his home fiefdom, Satsuma, had a diferent idea of samurai. The separation of samurai and farmers was not strict there, they even boasted of it (in English, something like ‘our loyal yeoman peasants are our strength’).

    Of course, the invasion of Korea eventually proceeded, with a few of his former colleagues still in power at the time.

    … but I agree, as an educator and as a soldier, and a brave person, he is inspirational.

    The invasion of Korea idea, not so admirable. Have you visited the old palaces in Seoul? Very beautiful and sad, clearly looted.

    The patchwork of rebellions, wars, and assassinations in Japan at the time is very complex.

  103. Hibernian says:

    The Democratic Party was not the left wing party when the Klan was founded, especially in the South. The Klan was founded to intimidate blacks and dislodge the pro-black Republican Party from power in the Southern states. Leftist influence in the Democratic Party goes back to the 1880s, but as late as the 1970s the head of the John Birch Society was a Democratic Georgia congressman, Larry McDonald, who died in the very suspicious KAL airliner shootdown by the Soviets.

  104. annamaria says:

    “I personally find anti-semites to be a bore.”
    You mean that the malicious supremacist destruction of the Middle East is a trifle that deserves no attention? “…US Department of State calls for hindering Russia’s struggle against IS…”
    Here is an important clarification: it is a growing anti-Zioconism worldwide, which for scoundrels from the Lobby is, of course, a sure sign of anti-semitism. The deeds of a Fifth Column of Israeli-firsters have been creating a backlash against certain tribal behaviors. What else would you expect from the country that has lost the trillions of dollars – and many American lives – to the ziocons’ clever designs for achieving a dream of Eretz Israel?
    Painful to read: “Russia’s defense Ministry states that the US’ calls for other countries to prevent RUAF fuel tankers from making port calls is the sabotage of Russia’s efforts to defeat terrorism in Syria. By now Russia has accomplish what all the Western coalition members couldn’t: after one year more then 2000 settlements have been returned to peaceful life with all the necessary government services functioning and providing people with necessary support. 80 terror armed band formations have been eradicated. Hundreds of thousands Syrians have returned to their homes and started rebuilding their lives, said spokesman for the MOD General Konashenkov. But the Obama administration is calling the other country to prevent Russian fuel tankers from having free passage is a clear prove that the fight with terrorists has never been on the US agenda.”

    • Replies: @edNels
  105. Che Guava says:
    @Israel Shamir

    I checked that Haaretz link, but it is in modern Hebrew, so I am unable to read it (not that I could if it were in ancient Hebrew, either).

    Did they also post it in English? I find the approach of Haaretz to that very strange, they post much in English, this is the second or third time that I am offered a llnk to something that may be interesting to read, but it is only in that artificial language, in a script that I can’t read.

    • Replies: @edNels
  106. edNels says:

    Good point at the beginning, (I will read the rest later..) the point that is so overlooked, in broad daylight.. That the midd East is populated with…. SEMITES! and most of ’em ain’t Jews!

    Oh, ”Let’s go kill us a bear!”… to ”Let’s go shoot some Ragheads! ”

    And the spinmasters, mostly Jewies, mostly Kahsarians, Eastern Europe/Russia/usw. etc.

    So Kahsarians, are Semites??? no, but we don’t need to look too close at that THAT!

  107. @RadicalCenter

    regardless, this is pretty funny 🙂 found it on reddit political humor sub.

    alot of trump voters is in for a rude awakening.

  108. oldnik007 says:

    there are ongoing investigations into clinton foundation and the new york police
    were astounded and shocked at the emails of weiner and sre investigating.
    therefore trump has no need at this time to do anything but wait ad see, as we all will.
    he’s not president yet…

  109. @Art

    Really — you find the US media, US congress, and US president being in the control of Zionism – BORING?

    The various replies along this vein that I got here equate observation of facts with anti-semitism. I reject this notion and question the motivation of you and other posters who wish to equate objective observation of facts with a strain of dysfunctional mental and emotional process.

    The working model of anti-semitism for me is the hypothetical situation where a crime has been committed, and a set of suspects are presented, and the anti-semite will invariably claim that “the Jew did it!”, even if there are no Jews among the suspects! It is intellectually lazy, morally reprehensible, and ultimately appealing to dim wits.

    The case that I high lighted here — the FACT — that the preponderent majority of voice across the spectrum (from foam at the mouth NeoCons to Mr. Shamir) are Jewish was spinned as “obsession with Jews”. And that is certainly not the case since quite frankly I don’t find that particular tribe to be the most worthy of obsessing over.

    So in this case, the crimes have been committed, and all the suspects are Jews, and to say “that Jew did it” is neither a case of “obsessing” over that particular strain of biped, nor is it a case of anti-semitism. It is really just a plain statement of facts.

    As far as the other commenter (annamaria) who wishes to place the burden of the entire geopolitical mess/crimes on the shoulders of Jews, I like to point out that there are, in FACT, other strains of bipeds involved, and not just Jews. Seriously, give it a few spins in your head: if Jews really had total control they would get it over with and implement their desired end state. And yes, to claim that the entire blame belongs to Jews is not merely boring, but also counter productive, as we really need to nail down who are the enemies of Humanity on this planet.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Art
  110. edNels says:
    @Che Guava

    hey Che,

    I also do have a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance along with the King James Bible… right here!

    Do you derive your understanding of Hebrew from your astuteness or from your family upbringing which is not to impune either but to seek to get at the thrust of your innuendo…. or what the hell do you mean by what you done says..

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  111. edNels says:

    Yeah, I agree with your sort of healthy skepticism about all of those punks… I just like what Jill says,, of course I know that she is/ Well put it like this: they do these false deals to rat out who whould be likely to go with that version of BS… It is a type of Flypaper to get the youngsters to go jump on this or that bandwagon…

    Everybody knows it is a Crock!

  112. edNels says:

    you may actually be nutty sir.

    I am totally sure that what Jill Stein said, was and is… correct!

    I don’t care one little bit what religeon/sect/race she may be….

    I mean what she said is correct, and I agree with that… She is ‘Green’, well good, if you care anythingabout the future of the biosphere… (sorry to drop a big word on you doofus idiots)

    Of course, even a dweeb like me knows… that these things are just a bunch a’ bull.

    • Replies: @anon
  113. dahoit says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Mr.Shamir,I think you make too much of the alleged split between liberal and conservative Jews concerning Israel and Zion.
    Seems like one hive to me,and the zionists who defended Trump were who?Certainly not Boot,Krauthammer,Kristol and their ilk,all right wingers.
    Even the American Conservative was anti Trump,another incredible twist on American politics.
    I salute your courage for resisting the borg.
    Jill Stein voters certainly weren’t Trump voters,so whats the angle with the recount crap?She stole Hell Bitch voters.Maybe they defrauded her for HRC?She certainly had a dismal showing.

  114. annamaria says:

    “…as far as the other commenter (annamaria) who wishes to place the burden of the entire geopolitical mess/crimes on the shoulders of Jews, I like to point out that there are, in FACT, other strains of bipeds involved, and not just Jews….”

    Of course there were “other strains of bipeds involved,” see Cheney and a swarm of war-profiteers of various ethnicities. However, here are the words of an informed neocon, which you are free to refute: Tom Friedman, “I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened”
    More: “Mearsheimer and Walt, the two preeminent realist scholars in international relations theory, maintain that both Israeli leaders and the Israel lobby in the US urged the Bush administration to invade Iraq—a course of action, they contend, that was not in the geostrategic interests of the US but that Israel saw in its interests.”
    The striving for Eretz Israel by Israel-firsters has converged with striving for super-profits by weapon-manufacturers, mercenaries, and oilmen. Plus there has been the sensitive issue of “indispensable” dollar (see the tragic fate of Qaddaffi who was the best and most able leader of North Africa).
    The Lobby and ziocons are perceived in the context of Holocaust museums and this context makes the rabid warmongers’ activities absolutely indefensible. To add insult to the injury, there are the belligerent Kagans (a progeny of East European Jews) who have entered into cooperation with Ukrainian neo-Nazis. This is beyond the pale.

    • Replies: @edNels
  115. utu says:

    I read it and I am not impressed. It is a mishmash of everything this guy knows about Jews and his and their anxieties.

  116. Art says:

    Art: Really — you find the US media, US congress, and US president being in the control of Zionism – BORING?

    The various replies along this vein that I got here equate observation of facts with anti-semitism. I reject this notion and question the motivation of you and other posters who wish to equate objective observation of facts with a strain of dysfunctional mental and emotional process.

    Your reply is 100% straight out of Hasbara Central. They say any condemnation of Jews is purely emotionally based – our words are never based on facts or observable events. When it comes to Jews, we Gentiles must not think logically – we must not believe what we see.

    When we see the ADL and AIPAC control congress and the president, we must ignore it. When Israel viciously attacks Gaza – we must bite our tongue. When we see apartheid walls, we must ignore them.

    Whenever we are honest and believe our eyes, and then say something against Judaism, the Jews say we are being emotional. Clearly, our godly natural humanity is their enemy.

    We must not be human when it comes to the Jews. The Jews steal our humanity from us.

    Peace — Art

    • Replies: @survey-of-disinfo
  117. edNels says:

    Hi Anna…

    If i wasn’t mistaken, there was one so called Annamarina… Right or Wrong?

    Dear Anna

  118. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Judas Goat Jill Stein, Following in Sanders’ Footsteps

    by Stephen Lendman

    Her campaign to recount votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin exposed her phony progressive credentials – showing she’s for Hillary, not peace, equity and justice.

    Who ever heard of a progressive supporting a war goddess, Wall Street tool, racketeer, perjurer – dirty business as usual, not beneficial social change?

    She’s Sanders with a gender difference, otherwise just the same – a con artist, Hillary supporter, indifferent about using her medical skills to help heal a sick nation, how I mistakenly described her political mission.

    She double-crossed me, fooled me, suckered me, betrayed me and 1.2 million + voters supporting her. She changed me from ally to adversary, never again backing her for any public position.

    She raised millions of dollars overnight, more pouring in, dirty money. Is it largely from dark forces supporting Hillary, endless wars, Wall Street, neoliberal harshness, and police state tyranny?

    Was her campaign self-serving all along, not populist? Is she more opportunist than advocate for progressive change? Is she corrupted like all the rest – unfit to serve in any public capacity?

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed for supporting her, thinking she’s different, a true progressive, when all along she supported what real activists condemn.

    She fooled me once – never again!

    Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at [email protected].

  119. @Art

    They say any condemnation of Jews is purely emotionally based

    That is not what I have told you. I am telling you blanket condenmnation of X, Y, Z, or Jews is wrong headed, intellectually lazy, and morally reprehensible.

    When we see the ADL and AIPAC control congress and the president, we must ignore it. When Israel viciously attacks Gaza – we must bite our tongue. When we see apartheid walls, we must ignore them.

    Sure, but ADL and AIPAC are not representative of the entirety of the Jewish people — that is their line. And again, you have not heard from me to turn a blind eye to the cooption and corruption of the American body politic.

    our godly natural humanity

    The title of this thread is “Liberation of the Slaves”. What I am telling you is that if you harbor hate in your heart, you remain a slave: a slave to darkness and injurious to your Godly Soul.

    100% straight out of Hasbara Central

    Don’t be ridiculous. I am a Muslim and a follower of the Sons of Ali (AS). And if you ever deign to learn how to fight against darkness while maintaining the pristine luminance of your Godly Soul, you have no better teacher than Ali Ibn Abu Talib (AS).



    • Replies: @Art
  120. Che Guava says:

    Ed, I have also read Bibles with detailed concordances. Don’t understand the point of your post at all.

  121. Art says:

    Art: They say any condemnation of Jews is purely emotionally based

    That is not what I have told you. I am telling you blanket condenmnation of X, Y, Z, or Jews is wrong headed, intellectually lazy, and morally reprehensible.

    You say you are a Muslim. I can understand you wishing not to be group labeled. There is a difference between Jews and Muslims – 85% of Jews are Zionists – 85% of Muslims are NOT ISIS type jihadists.

    The 15% of Jews who are not Zionist are not vocally against the Zionists (maybe 5% are). There is only one rational way to see Jews and that is see and acknowledge their dark side as expressed tribalists. Zionism flows out of Judaism. The only thing that they fear is being labeled as “Jews.” That is the only check on their tribal darkness.

    The title of this thread is “Liberation of the Slaves”. What I am telling you is that if you harbor hate in your heart, you remain a slave: a slave to darkness and injurious to your Godly Soul.

    That is an insult – we Americans are slaves to the ADL and AIPAC and the lying Jew MSM. The Great American people are the slaves of Zionism – opposing that slavery is not hateful – it is a good – it is rational.

    People who label that opposition as “ pure hate” are wrong – PERIOD.

    Peace — Art

  122. – in Albanian
    Ndërkohë, ne duhet të jemi të kënaqur me tërheqjen e ardhshme të agjendës indiferente, me fundin e tiranisë liberale, me përfundimin e emigrimeve masive dhe me përpjekjen për të rivendosur strukturat e shkatërruara të shoqërisë sonë.

    Israel Shamir mund të kontaktohet me anë të mailit [email protected]

    Ky artikull është publikuar në The Unz Review.

  123. @Jean de Peyrelongue

    I just read Philip Geraldi’s paper concerning concerning how Trump and his team are considering Iran. Trump seems to be closed to the Zionists and it is not a good sign.

    So far the US have been able to destroy Irak, Libya and creates lot of problems to Syria, Yemen and Ukraine without trigerring the third world war.

    Can Trump do to Iran what Bush did to Irak ?
    Is Iran as weak as Irak was ?
    Can Iran strike back and erase Israel ?
    Can it be done without triggering a major world crisis ?
    How the US will convince Russia and China to stay aways and not to take actions against them ?

    If Trump is actually marching with Netanyahu , it is not a good news for peace, it means that Trump is happy with the US and Israel being rogue states.

  124. OutWest says:
    @Otto Zeit

    Broadly, Semite is a descendant of Noah’s son Sem, the father of the Middle East people. It took on a special meaning during the 1860s in Germany in that christens were considered to be a Jewish sect. Since Jews were the only Semites in Germany the term was used to distinguish Jews from Christians.

    Strictly speaking, this renders the term inappropriate in the Middle East where most everybody is a Semite.

  125. Anonymous [AKA "dj1925"] says: • Website
    @Jean de Peyrelongue

    anonymous says

    “the long-cherished principle of central bank independence seems to be under attack”

    All national central banks (except for half a dozen) are controlled by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is the preferred weapon of the NWO. So much for in dependence.

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