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The Coronavirus, Fear, and Poverty
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In these Corona times, I often listen to Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. This black cloud has a silver lining. With the virus roaming outside, teenagers deign to spend more time with their parents; wives are at home cooking dinners instead of hanging out with gorgeous strangers in posh cafés; we do not have to plan expensive holidays on far-away islands; there is more time for reading books or playing checkers with the kids. The enforced modest lifestyle (no restaurants, no parties) is suitable for Lent, this sombre period of time before Easter. We can live for a while with this calm domestic Lent, 1956- style.

Despite my age, the disease does not worry me at all. One dies only once, and it is unavoidable. It’s the heavy-handed government interference that is a real pain in the neck. It is lockdown I fear, not the disease. Consider the example of Israel, this pilot project of the Masters of Discourse.

In Israel, as in a few other countries, they ordered the most severe lockdown: people aren’t allowed to leave their apartments unless to shop for food. Even a lonely walk along the seashore or in the park is forbidden, and there is the police and the army to enforce the ban. Balmy weather, blue Med, green hills, but you have to stay indoors. A recommendation to stay home and take it easy can be taken into account; this total imprisonment of citizens is a step no tyrant had tried.

The authorities have us where they always wanted: in the grip of fear, shopping for bread as the only permitted activity, no protests, no demonstrations, social distancing instead of solidarity. The first victim of coronavirus in Israel is a chronically ill 88-year old Holocaust survivor. (But for the virus, he would live forever.) The second is an old lady with the whole spectrum of diseases crowned with the corona. The third and the last one is a nonagenarian. The malady is not too bad, but the remedy is much worse. After the lockdown was announced, six hundred thousand Israelis applied for unemployment benefit, as small and medium businesses sent their workers home without pay. The laid-off workers would be able to take out loans, to be repaid with interest after the emergency is over; nobody says where they will get money to repay.

The internal security (Shabak), the external security (Mossad), and the police force have united to create and activate a futuristic system of total surveillance. Now they know and follow all Israeli residents all the time. If a person has fever and is considered a potential virus carrier, the surveillance system traces everybody he had been recently in touch with, or just passed by, and texts them that they must go into seclusion for a fortnight. Now they track all movements and all meetings of all Israeli residents at all times. Secret police forces of the world never had such magical abilities; now they do. The Jewish state is the testing ground for the total surveillance world project. The corona will pass, but total surveillance is here to stay forever, predicted Yuval Noah Harari. Only fear of the pandemic could make people accept it, and the corona panic did it.

The virus worries are peanuts in comparison with the terrible consequences of the massive shutdown. The real economy will disintegrate, and the workers and the precariat will be ruined and impoverished. They will work for their daily bread or die. Only financiers will survive and prosper – financiers and their liberal troops. That is what they hope for. Fear and Poverty is our future if they have their way.

The world is divided between those wishing to submit to the lockdown and those who preserve some sanity. The Masters of Discourse, the liberal media and its adepts are all for lockdown. The Guardian and the New York Times preach the mortal danger of the virus. TV networks are spreading panic. I have tried to watch Israeli TV News; there was no news, just hysteria online.

President Trump had made a valiant attempt to keep America functioning; but being accused by the New York Times of complicity in the mass murder of America’s senior citizens he acquiesced and allowed them to lock some states down. He still mulls over some way to save America, but will he dare? His British counterpart Boris Johnson has already surrendered after some initial resistance.

There are islands of sanity. Sweden is standing firm as a great positive example. Though people have been warned to cool it and minimise their outings, industry works, schools and kindergartens are open; cafés and restaurants function; trains are running and no army has been brought into Swedish towns. The Swedish liberal media owned by Bonnier tried to spread panic but it was quickly brought to heel by the threat of a hostile takeover of the newspapers. Swedish elites understand that if they allow the country’s industries to collapse in the lockdown, Sweden would be thrown back into its 19th century poverty. This is too steep a price for sticking to the party line. Sweden has its own independent mind and a strong self-preservation instinct that allowed her to refuse the Euro and to navigate between the 20th century warring camps.


Russia is still free and open, more or less. The Russian president sticks to the middle way. He went to visit Corona-stricken patients in a hospital near Moscow, like Napoleon in Jaffa. In a speech to the nation, he granted everybody a fully paid holiday week beginning this weekend. No lockdown for Mr Putin and his subjects, so the Russians can spend this extra holiday the way they like. He also declared tax and mortgage holidays, and to offset the expense he slapped the rich Russians with a tax on offshore transfers and on interest on bank deposits, signalling that the Corona crisis won’t be used to rob the workers for the benefit of the bankers. Previously he approved of some protective measures, closed the borders, but still Russia is free. Very low numbers of infected Russians make Putin’s strategy appear to be justified.

A tug-of-war is going on between the Russian adepts of the Masters and the Putin supporters. Putin’s enemies, the Moscow liberals, called for Israel’s example to be followed, terminating the country’s production. Meanwhile they shot themselves in the foot by closing down the museums and theatres leaving them without income. Putin added much to his popularity in the country by refusing to lock down, while Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin is free to introduce more local restrictions to be cheered by the liberals.

Tiny Belarus is the last bulwark of freedom – they do not give a damn about the virus, though they closed the borders. I always admired their President Lukashenko, whom the Western media called The Last Dictator of Europe. He said that physical work in the fresh air and a shot of vodka for lunch will keep you safe, and he is probably right.

After viewing these differing modes of response, we conclude: the liberals, the shock troops of the Masters of Discourse, want a state of siege and lockdown enforced by the army and police. They want our society to commit economic hara-kiri and to doom our children to the poverty our parents escaped. Fear, poverty and surveillance is their suggestion for us.

As always, they try to claim the high moral ground saying they do it for the sake of the old vulnerable people. As always, they lie. It is not moral to prolong the life of old and sick people at the expense of our children’s future, at the price of economic devastation. And the old aren’t powerless. The EU and the US are being led by old people, for these are safe and stable countries with social elevators being out-of-function for many years. Trump is 73, Biden is 77; Soros and Pelosi are even older. They are scared by the Corona.

The financiers behind them see in the Corona crisis a great opportunity to scare mankind and to buy their assets for a small price with the money they will get now from the Federal Reserve System (FRS). The trillions of dollars released by the FRS will be handed to the big financiers and they will buy the world. They will enslave mankind, establish total surveillance and end the pathetic era of individual freedoms and liberties. If they can punish you for going out for a walk, they can do anything.

Who created COVID-19? It is an interesting but less important question now. Who created the panic and who is using the panic to reach their goals, this is important. I call this obscure entity ‘the Masters of Discourse’. They have the media; they have talking heads and experts. Corona panic is not a natural phenomenon; the virus is not particularly deadly; very old and sick people may be speeded away, but it is not a bad thing, for the present attempt to keep everybody alive forever can’t survive even such a weak epidemic as Corona.

The Russian writer, Count Alexei Tolstoy (a distant, younger relative of Leon) charted an imaginary attempt of bad guys to take over the world. Five American tycoons spread the panic that the Moon is about to fall on earth and kill everybody. Unbeknownst to all, they shell the Moon with their powerful missiles, and shatter it to pieces. As people panic and the stock market drops, the Five Tycoons buy all and become the masters of the world. But the fear that was supposed to entrap citizens sets them free. They disregard the stock market and dismiss the whole private ownership system as irrelevant. At the end of the short story, a young man enters the inner sanctum of the Five Tycoons and asks them to get out for the place is needed for the youth club.

In real life, the scheme is equally neat. Mankind is being scared into panic by the disease. The panic stops the production; shares fall down; the bad guys get trillions from the FRS and use this money to buy the assets of the world. The world will be devastated by lockdowns; people will lose their means of earning their bread. The established system of total surveillance won’t allow them to rebel. In the end, the obedient and useful ones will be fed by the generous Masters, while the disobedient will die out.

In a way, it is a replay of Joseph in Egypt plot of the Bible. In the Biblical story, Joseph hoards the grain while the harvests are good, and sells food with handsome profit when harvests are lean. In the process he enslaves the Egyptians. Our Masters do not wait for years; they create hardship by forcing people to stay away from their work, and then they buy all there is to be bought.

It is a hare-brained scheme, actually. Its success depends on our passivity, but we do not have to be passive. We can refuse panic, deny lockdowns, forbid bailout of the bankers and the tycoons. Instead of the socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor we have now, we can make the rich to pay for the rest by making the biggest capital transfer since Reagan and Thatcher, in the opposite direction. Let the whole expense of the Corona crisis be carried by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other beneficiaries of the recent bountiful years. At the very least, the Europeans and the Americans can take a leaf from Putin’s book and provide full salary to their laid-off citizens. I think these measures will end the Masters desire to induce panic.

And then we shall see the Corona crisis as a nice opportunity to spend more time with our dear ones, and perhaps incidentally relieving the old and sick of the tiring burden of a fruitless life.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. Beb says:

    Israel, life is not a “tiring, fruitless burden” to the old and sick. It is still exciting and full of adventure, even for them. You will understand as the years pass.

  2. fenestol says:

    Lockdowns are self-defeating. Before the panic, I shopped twice a week for groceries. Now due to shortages, I shop every day. Closed schools mean that zero-immunity kids run amok in grocery store isles. Restricted hours in service businesses ensure peak levels of crowding.

    The best way to deal with lockdown supporters is to give them what they want: Supermax prison cells are available.

  3. A Tale Of Two Pandemics: Media Downplayed Swine Flu Outbreak Under Obama

    The day after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic, and President Donald Trump gave a national address, CNN’s front page was almost entirely devoted to coronavirus.

    Although everyone seems to have forgotten the swine flu was even a thing, it infected nearly 61 million people in the U.S. from spring 2009 through early 2010. And it claimed as many as 18,000 lives, according to a Centers for Disease Control study published in 2011. In total, the disease is now believed to have caused more than 200,000 deaths worldwide.

    (As of this writing, confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. are a little over 1,700, with 40 deaths attributed to the virus. Worldwide, confirmed cases number fewer than 130,000 and just over 4,700 people have died.)

    The swine flu was a serious enough outbreak for President Barack Obama to declare a public health emergency in late April 2009.

    Yet the press barely covered any of these events.

    When the WHO declared the swine flu “unstoppable” on June 11, 2009, CNN didn’t even lead with that story on its homepage. It was in a pile of links on the side of the page.

    A week later, there was no mention of the swine flu anywhere on CNN’s home page.

    The WHO’s announcement rated only a photo on the New York Times’s front page, with a story that was buried on page A11.

    When Obama declared a national emergency, CNN didn’t get around to mentioning the death toll of the disease until the 10th paragraph. By that point, millions had been infected and 1,000 people in the U.S. had died.

    The day after Obama’s declaration, CNN carried only a single link to the swine flu story in its “Newspulse” section. It ranked below the headline: “Wayward flight’s co-pilot denies arguing.”

    The Times’ story about Obama’s declaration didn’t mention the death toll in the U.S. until the fourth paragraph. Two days later, the swine flu was off the Times’ front page again.

  4. Thanks for the inclusion of the Swedish example. IMO, the real pandemic is one of panic and it’s being spread by the news media at the behest of a handful of mad geezers who wish to control humanity. You may be right that resistance is possible. Let’s try some, shall we?

  5. China:”The Last Man Standing”. They showed the world what it takes for a modern, free society to conquer a plague. They did it in words and pictures for us to see and learn. It worked! Now we know what it takes and we’ll… do something else. China is back in business and all the “free” countries are struggling to even begin. Damn those dirty Commies. Bah humbug.

  6. I have a bet with myself (but no wager; I don’t have anything that I’d want) –
    When the Masters have their bailout, and the stock market recovers, we’ll see the same lack of attention, and a weighting-to-the-positive by the media that was apparent during Obama’s swine flu epidemic. We’ve been flim-flammed. Again.

    • Replies: @Calculator
  7. Who created COVID-19? It is an interesting but less important question now.

    People who care enough to answer that crucial and interesting question will not allow this issue to be swept under the rug. There will surely be repercussions.

  8. Dumbo says:

    It’s interesting to know that things are like that in Israel… I guess it puts to rest the idea that the virus was created by the Mossad… Or maybe not… But it’s like this in most places in the “West” now… Authoritarian measures and economic breakdown and not much more. And it’s not even clear if locking people in their houses work. Limitation of travel to reduce contagion to other regions works, yes, and isolation of clearly sick/positive people works too, it’s what they did in the Middle Ages, but locking everybody in their homes? The healthy with the not healthy? What’s the point of that? Let people walk and just not cough in other people’s faces, maybe wear masks. Even though you can’t find masks anywhere.

    The corona will pass, but total surveillance is here to stay forever, predicted Yuval Noah Harari.

    Great… Another Israeli f***r that for some reason became popular everywhere and is considered a great intellectual. Now he’s suggesting to “abandon nationalism and embrace globalism”.

    It is not moral to prolong the life of old and sick people at the expense of our children’s future,

    The problem is more that, I am not sure if this is saving them too much, in some ways locking old people away from their family and then making them die in a hospital without any family around (or even a priest) is worse than just dying at home.

    Anyway, I think this may be one of those cases in which the cure (?) is worse than the disease.

  9. gfhÄndel says:

    Thanks Mr Shamir for giving the Folie à milliards the regard it deserves.

  10. Dumbo says:

    Also, while it kills mostly the old, it has killed some younger people too, the trouble is not the flu, it’s the pneumonia that can be a side effect and come after it.

    Who created COVID-19?

    From what I read recently (I think even here), it was a Chinese-American production, Chinese scientists with American money. Chinese scientists were studying (creating?) SARS coronaviruses in Wuhan, with partial American financing. Then the virus escaped. (Or was released).

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  11. “There are islands of sanity. Sweden is standing firm as a great positive example”

    Completely disagree.

    “The Swedish liberal media owned by Bonnier tried to spread panic but it was quickly brought to heel by the threat of a hostile takeover of the newspapers. Swedish elites understand that if they allow the country’s industries to collapse in the lockdown, Sweden would be thrown back into its 19th century poverty.”

    the JEWISH Bonnier family ARE part of Sweden’s elite. That makes no sense whatsoever.

    The more likely reason is that the Swedish government is petrified of trying to lock down Malmo, Rinkeby and other immigrant heavy areas. Let us not forget that migrant riots have been rocking Swedish cities regularly for the last few years, not to be outdone by grenade attacks and bombs.

    The Somalis, Afghans and other third world parasites would erupt in violence at a hint of a lockdown. This isn’t a fantasy, you can just look at how much fun the French police are having in St Denis and other suburbs of Paris.

  12. J Adelman says:

    Say whatever you want, Racism has no place in our Society.

    The smug white people who have always considered this country their private preserve are an endangered species. The demographic trends cannot be denied. In less than 3 decades white folks will become a minority in this country. So enjoy it while you can, Bubba, your days of driving the bus are numbered.
    We will defeat Trump and take back Senate as well.

  13. Key comments from a great article. Note that such stats never appear in our corporate media.

    Wake Up! Your Fears Are Being Manipulated

    “Right now, in real time, behind the backs of the coronavirus, is the every-year, plain-old influenza. Some 12,000 people have died, with over 13 million infected from influenza just between October 2019 and February 2020. The death toll is screamingly higher (as of this writing, coronavirus has infected 60,653 and killed 819 Americans). Bluntly: more people have already died of influenza in the U.S. than from the coronavirus in China, Iran, and Italy combined. Double in fact.”

    Now the Senate voted 96-0 to give trillions of dollars to Wall Street and corporate America, and the House of Representatives will not be allowed to debate or research details as Nancy Pelosi promised not to call them back from recess and do a “voice vote” from whoever she invites to confirm this.

  14. @Robert Magill

    It’s always cute when people buy into the Chinese narrative.

    • Replies: @Herald
  15. EdNguyen says:

    Something tells me you will, too.

  16. utu says:

    It seems that the baptism did not take and was rejected by his Stalinist-Jewish immune system.

  17. cortesar says:

    I never doubted that Mr.Shamir will be on the side of sanity
    On the other hand I did not expect Sweden to be “that” country
    When time of crises comes all masks fall, those who wear one of “compassion” cannot barely hide their fear and/or interests
    We see many who cheer for the destruction of the today hoping that in the chaos of tomorrow they will become something else than losers that they are
    I see fear unbecoming to a Man, I see the consequences of a total effeminization of society in which rational thinking of men has been replaced with hysteria of women (and effeminate men)
    Could you picture any occidental society of the past giving in such a hysteria, of course not, but these were evil patriarchal societies so toxic and masculine,none of them having exactly half of female minsters

  18. @Dumbo

    The noble, innocent, humane, morally superior Chinese have been caught on video deliberately spreading the virus. I asked Godflee Loberts to contrive an excuse for this. I figured he would say that those were actually American soldiers cleverly and racist-ly disguised as small Chinese people, or maybe it was a CIA plot(!)—but for some strange reason, he never replied. Knock me over with a feather.

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  19. cortesar says:

    Number #1 this week on our Social Distancing Top 50

    • Thanks: Haruto Rat
  20. @J Adelman

    White people founded and built this country and we are its rightful owners. This is obvious, of course. Our Achilles heel is our misdirected charitable nature, which is the only reason people like you are still breathing. If you think you know what it’s gonna be like in 30 years—cuz muh extrapolations—you are a damned fool.

    • Replies: @J Adelman
  21. Anon[205] • Disclaimer says:
    @J Adelman

    Let me guess, you live in an egalitarian enclave full of smug limousine liberals such as Boulder, CO? Your kind preach for diversity everywhere along as it’s not in your backyard. I’ve know your type and can spot you a mile away.

    Whether Trump wins or loses is irrelevant. We’ll happily accept a voluntary secession so that we can proudly embrace our ethnic European heritage and build another great nation as we’ve done many of times in the past.

    And we’ll watch your kind destroy yet another nation as you’ve done many of times in the past.

    • Replies: @J Adelman
    , @James Stark
  22. Agree with Mr Shamir in all respects except his view of the virus itself.
    This virus is a tricky bastard. It’ll leave one person with no symptoms, another will be a bit sick, another may need a while in hospital & another may need a full lung/heart bypass.
    Yes, odds against you increase with age. But you cant know if you’ll dance thru it or drown in your own mucusy blood froth.
    Nearly 40% of hospitalisations are of 20 to 54 year olds.
    Its just another mere “flu” ? No mere flu has overwhelmed hospital systems. No mere flu has the military’s trucks lined up to cart away the covid corpses.
    Yes, Elites are exploiting this big-time: but that doesn’t mean to say that we’re not in the shit big time.

  23. Antares says:

    You don’t have to take it personally.

  24. As Israel Shamir notes above, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko represents quite the counterpoint to prevailing perspectives of government leaders, re this ‘pandemic’

    • Replies: @MarkinPNW
  25. “Leon” Tolstoy? Is that, Mr Shamir, a sign of your sloppiness or just an unchecked Autofill?

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  26. J Adelman says:

    I am absolutely astonished that you know where I live.
    Your whining and screeching does nothing.
    You and your people will be an extinct species soon.
    Miscegenation and Diversity will wipe you and your people out
    Trump can’t do anything.
    As soon as he is gone, people like you will be targeted and sent to prison for spreading hate.
    Bye bye to 1st and 2nd amendment.

    Your people’s situation is similar to that of the Nazis in March 1945.
    It all will come down and you will be gone.
    It’s tick tock for you, My Friend.

  27. J Adelman says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Absolute nonsense.
    America is not a White country.
    It was and is for everyone who shows up.
    Your people are dying, less and less are being born each year.

    We and people of color are determined to make sure that the events that took place in Europe in 1940s never take place again, even if it means wiping the Whiteness out.

    Whites in America are like the bad guy in every horror movie ever made, who gets shot five times, or stabbed ten, or blown up twice, and who will eventually pass — even if it takes four sequels to make it happen — but who in the meantime keeps coming back around, grabbing at our ankles as we walk by, we having been mistakenly convinced that you were finally dead this time. Fair enough, and have at it. But remember how this movie ends. Our ankles survive. You do not.

  28. The total lockdown started in China and was started in China. It was successful, only temporarily and was lifted after four month. People are going back to work now. So I can hardly believe that this has anything to do with population control, Israel or what ever you like to call it. It’s all a bit far fetched.

    • Replies: @Antares
  29. @Hippopotamusdrome

    They had the bright shiny object of the economy to distract them at the time.

  30. Read this great piece on the way the administration intends to spend your money in the shadow of Corona

  31. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Don’t worry about Israel, I’m sure their US Congressional lackey’s will find a way to siphon off more of our wealth and ship to that Apartheid nightmare.

    Look on the bright side! This COVID was a blessing for Israeli PM Nuttyahoo, who was getting close to being tried and probably found guilty for all his corruptions. Now, Bibi is using the COVID scare to cancel public gatherings, like trials, so his incarceration is on hold.

    As for Trump doing everything he can, I disagree:

    President Trump had made a valiant attempt to keep America functioning; but being accused by the New York Times of complicity in the mass murder of America’s senior citizens he acquiesced and allowed them to lock some states down. He still mulls over some way to save America, but will he dare?

    Probably because he, Jared, or Princess Bimbo don’t have a financial interest in either company, he’s resisting doing the right thing. Besides, that’s one billion that could go to those TBTF banks, so they can get their cons up and running…again.

    Set to Approve $4.5 Trillion to Bail Out Corporations, Trump White House Objects to $1 Billion Price Tag for 80,000 Ventilators

    White House Cancels GM Joint Venture to Mass Produce Ventilators Over Fears Its Price Tag Could Exceed $1 Billion—or 0.05% of Latest Stimulus Bill

    — Mediaite (@Mediaite) March 27, 2020

    I can feel Trump’s pain, the man is an adulation junkie that hasn’t been going to those Munich-like rallies and getting his fix of adoring Trumptards gushing all over the man that drained the Swamp by hiring creatures from that Swamp.

  32. Excellent article, thank you Israel Shamir . The problem is that everyone I know is passive and brainwashed by the mainstream media. Regrettably , until the MSM , both nationally and internationally, is truly independent and no longer owned by the 5 or 6 corporations who are controlled by the MIC, the FED, Wall Street , the Council on Foreign Relations and the families who own most of the World’s assets we, I am afraid , are doomed to serfdom. has an excellent short essay on the power of TV and the media in shaping the narrative on 9/11, see: “The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11-The power of TV Imagery”

    • Agree: Tom Welsh, St-Germain
  33. What a tragedy: this night in Israel, two more victims of Corona: woman, 76 and a man, 93. But for the Corona, they would live forever!

    • Agree: Maiasta
    • Replies: @Maiasta
    , @bjondo
  34. @Beb

    Friend, I am 72, not 27, and I learned the lesson of Ecclesiastes 12: ” the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them”. Re-read this great and short book to find an answer.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  35. Antares says:

    So I can hardly believe that this has anything to do with population control

    I think the same, but it is too early to draw conclusions anyway. It is nasty but doesn’t look like biological warfare, although some ‘targets’ in Iran were hit. It looks like a media hoax except that Iran would not be in. It doesn’t look like the final ‘take over’ of society, no matter how much we expect that to happen. I’m still clueless.

    Someone close to me recently had a very nasty flu, has recovered, and has not infected me, so I don’t worry.

    • Replies: @Anon
  36. @J Adelman

    You must be trolling. That can be fun while you see who knows what you are up to. Or it could be malicious to generate anti-Semitism. But don’t you think it is at best in very bad taste and insensitive and perhaps irresponsible to behave like that in these days of dangerous Covid 19 and financial disaster for many?
    (Happily the junior members of my extended family are cousins who get on extremely well with one another, are very smart, and have a lot of East Asian and Ashkenazi genes, unlike me).

  37. @israel shamir

    Yes “Vanity of vanities saith the preacher”…. It won me the Chapel Reading Prize at school: a copy of The Reader’s Bible”, still on my shelves but unopened for 30 years I’m afraid.

    • LOL: Che Guava
  38. Svevlad says:

    I don’t think they will succeed. What they gonna do, arrest 7 billion people out for their blood, when even their own armies desert them?

    I thought so.

  39. The Chinese virus has killed a poor 88 year old Holocaust survivor therefore, China must pay reparations into the Israeli coffers. A trillion shekels would be nice to start with …

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  40. J Adelman, that’s Jewish correct? Why do the vast majority of Jews want to eliminate white people?

  41. Tom Welsh says:

    As of this morning, I see that six nations have had more than 1,000 deaths (each) from Covid-19. Those six nations have also over 1,000 cases considered “serious or critical” right now.

    And in China (one of the six) the epidemic seems to have run its course. It took about six weeks in China; if other nations follow a similar course, it will all be over by mid-May.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  42. Tom Welsh says:

    “Where are all the mercenaries paid for by the king?
    Have they joined the mob, you say – doesn’t money mean anything?”

  43. @Wizard of Oz

    More like a hidden desire to think that Leo was one of the Tribe member.

  44. Why are Departament of Terror and Mr.Pompeo hesitating in sanctioning Mother Nature for not following their schedule for economic boom and prosperity?
    I sure she is aware of their exceptionalism and superiority over others like Mr.Adolf was.

  45. I was singing your song until it got to the Putin worship. At that point I had to send the band home and close the auditorium.
    The guy’s a power hungry thug just like the entire Bolshevik loving cadre of clowns who supposedly run our world. We all know they are just card board cut outs, the front for the global vulture capitalist and their corporations, our true rulers.
    I must say though, old Vladi boy is the “meme queen” of the world.

  46. @Tom Welsh

    But it won’t happen. Not a chance.

  47. @Svevlad

    I have found “order follower’s” to be a very loyal, dangerous, and uncaring group. A pension and a paycheck tops all else in their eyes.

  48. @J Adelman

    Have you ever wondered why they are centenarians for mass murder these days?

    There is even an american expression for this paradoxon.

  49. Greg Bacon says: • Website
    @Really No Shit

    Actually, the BERMAN Law Group of Florida is suing China for an unnamed sum, probably as much as they can extort from China to make the pests go away.

    The Berman Law Group Files Class Action Complaint Against the Chinese Government for Their Alleged Failures to Contain the Coronavirus

    It’s a class action suit, so they’ll probably let Gentiles join, but remember, holohoax survivors get paid first!

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  50. @J Adelman

    Our ankles survive. You do not.

    Your ankles survive? Didn’t know that ankles were on the endangered species list.

  51. @jbwilson24

    Exactly right. The Swedes and other European countries with large Moslem and African populations know what’s coming if they try to enforce a curfew or lockdown. New Orleans will be fun to watch too.

  52. @Robert Magill

    Yay Commie China. If we can’t believe that their propaganda is factual, who can we believe?

  53. Thim says:
    @J Adelman

    Adelman, hmmm. Is that Polish?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  54. Delta G says:

    What kind of nuts are in the excrement they feed you? Are they exotic or just ordinary? Have you taken the time to savor the subtle flavor and texture they add to your most wholesome gruel?

    Enjoy my friend.

  55. Anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    It looks like a media hoax except that Iran would not be in.

    Well, there are two factions in IRI and one initially did not want to go along with it until their members started to drop like flies.

    You both display an admirable analytical calm and while I agree with both of these data points (1) China’s lockdowns were lifted, and (2) Islamic Republic of Iran is (in the main) going along with the Pandemic line, it needs to be pointed out that:

    1: Communist Party of China already has a total lock on non-party member Chinese. Communist China citizens were already subject to “Total Surveillance Regime”.

    2: What sort of Iranian or Shia Muslim ideological gang goes and builds a Pyramid in Tehran to serve as the Islamic Republic’s Parliament building? (Reminder that Iranians have been somewhat active in architecture and they never ever build a Pyramid in Iran …)

  56. @fenestol

    I agree with you and yours was a good comment. It is amusing that the powers that be are all for this social distancing b/s and yet my supermarket is always full of people, jostling each other, breathing on each other and not keeping the correct “social distance”. In squeezing by several people crowding the bread isle not one of them wore a mask and several of them were elderly. The whole thing is hysterical madness and I get the feeling people are getting completely fed up with the whole situation. The whole thing is a load of bull !

  57. Saggy says: • Website

    President Trump had made a valiant attempt to keep America functioning; but being accused by the New York Times of complicity in the mass murder of America’s senior citizens he acquiesced and allowed them to lock some states down. He still mulls over some way to save America, but will he dare?

    How could IS write such idiocy? Maybe he missed this, two months worth of Trump’s statements on CV ….

    I think some sort of retraction is in order. Or, maybe IS is trolling us?

  58. @Really No Shit

    Yes, and dont forget her survivors will suffer severe trauma for the next 75 years at least. Any settlement will also have to take that into consideration and pony up an appropriate annual income, adjusted for inflation for all of them. Do you think there should be a claw back of their remuneration received from say the German or any other Euro country now providing them with Holo income ??

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  59. Anon[294] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Vlad the Meme Queen. Love it. He’s wearing the Presidential Suit complete with two filters ’cause Putin takes one breath for himself and another one for Mother Russia.

    I also agree with the cut out part. We’re headed straight to something like Elysium unless an actual act of God type of event (say an actual factual natural disaster) knocks out the technology based command and control structures globally. Then of course we’ll have to deal with local warlords (former prepers gone bad) but at last no more Irish Gangs to mess around with our “precious fluids”.

    I mean seriously folks, does anyone here have a solution that does not involve mass psychological manipulation or mass murder to deal with Humanity’s evolving synthesis with Machines? If it wasn’t the current set, it would be have to be, inevitably, another set “domesticating the Human” (in the very insightful words of Huxley).

    That or Humanity collectively graduates to a higher level of consciousness, in which case it will self organize. (I’m not holding my breath.)

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  60. @Jeff Albertson

    Not only flim flammed again but in 2021 when Budweiser20 makes its debut we will forget we were had in 2020 and get suckered once again. The powers that be know the herd instinct works every time and bad news travels fast, good news stays home and self quarantines

  61. @J Adelman

    Dear Me. You are scaring us whites. You are right though Bubba wont be driving the bus, he will be under the bus.

  62. Saggy says: • Website

    The counterargument to the article, provided by a tearful doctor in Madrid, where they are taking the ventilators from patients over 65 to use on younger patients –

  63. Good news out of the UK! “Prof who predicted 500k UK deaths now says 20k will die,peak in two weeks” and this professor’s study was partly relied upon to formulate the US response to the “planned-demic”!

  64. Emslander says:

    I’ll bet a reasonable number of people one gallon of unpasteurized Guernsey milk that the ANNUAL death statistics for 2020 are wholly within the range of expected deaths. In other words, the people who die of this would have died anyway in 2020.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  65. @Emslander

    … the people who die of this would have died anyway in 2020.

    This is not just about old people with poor health dying somewhat earlier. It is also about those unlucky healthy and younger people who had to endure agony and might have died if they had not received intensive hospital care, possibly having subsequently incurred permanent lung damage, compared to otherwise not even having been sick at all.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  66. ‘Hear, hear’ Listen to Israel Shamir, he’s no Irish.

  67. Agent76 says:

    March 24, 2020 This doctor was already treating patients with Trump’s ‘gift from God’ drug – before FDA approval

    On Tuesday morning, the controversial and experimental coronavirus treatment program being run by a Hasidic doctor who claimed he had kept more than 500 symptomatic patients out of the hospital was shut down. By afternoon, after intervention from the White House, it was up and running again.

  68. @J Adelman

    No, you POS. It’s tick tock for YOU.

    People are waking up, asshole.

    Why don’t you move your ass to israel and whine about some real racism?

    And to think that my father and both of my uncles fought to save your bitchass in WWII.

    You are a hate filled anti-white bigot dumbass. You don’t deserve to remain in this country that you hate so much.

    Rot in hell cunt.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @anon
  69. Wally says:
    @Robert Magill

    Bernie Bro Magill said:

    “China is back in business and all the “free” countries are struggling to even begin.”

    So who will buy China’s stuff if other countries are out of business? Oops!

    China’s culture of lies has helped spread coronavirus :
    China lied about origins of coronavirus outbreak:
    China Lied And People Died: Chinese Scientists Destroyed Wuhan Coronavirus Evidence in December :

  70. Agent76 says:

    March 25, 2020 Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

    Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago has been discussing a do-not-resuscitate policy for infected patients, regardless of the wishes of the patient or their family members — a wrenching decision to prioritize the lives of the many over the one.

  71. @Greg Bacon

    The absurdity of suing the Chinese government in an American court for an alleged tort ccommitted in China is so blatant that the only true inference must be that The Berman Law Group are shysters using it to advertise their class action services. I would advise avoiding that firm.

  72. @Thim

    My best guess is that he is an anti- Semite posing as an idiot Jew.

  73. @J Adelman

    You should leave America you DISLOYAL piece of shit.

    • Replies: @The Grim Joker
  74. Agent76 says:

    Mar 26, 2020 What the $2T coronavirus stimulus means for federal employees, retirees and contractors

    The massive bill, which the Senate passed in the early Thursday morning with a 96-0 vote, has two parts.

  75. Tadeo says:

    You’re gonna love it in a couple of weeks, when the hospital’s ICUs get all swamped and see army trucks carrying thousand of body bags to mass graves. Here in Spain, 760 people are dying every day. 35% of them under 50. So get your shit together and prep up because this is no false flag. This is fucking real…

    • Replies: @Alfred
  76. My Swedish informant suggests that we witness the epic struggle between financiers and industrialists. In this struggle Sweden decided to stay neutral, as she did in the world war. In three weeks Sweden will have immunity for corona and preserved industry and agriculture – as she had after the world war.

  77. Herald says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    It’s always cute when people buy into the Chinese narrative.

    There’s no danger of a he-man commie hater like yourself doing that. You make us all feel proud.

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  78. ricpic says:

    Fake Alzheimer’s successfully and you can still go anywhere without repercussions.

  79. Alfred says:

    In the Biblical story, Joseph hoards the grain while the harvests are good, and sells food with handsome profit when harvests are lean

    This is a Jewish myth – a myth they probably filched from some other people. It has no foundations in reality. The Jews were not in Egypt at that time and there was no Exodus from Egypt. Repeating this nonsense gives it an air of reality. Propaganda is not a recent invention as that painting of Napoleon attests.

    The ancient Egyptians put huge statues on their southern border to try to keep the Nubians out. That was also propaganda.

  80. ricpic says:

    You’re right, Beb. I’m 78 and I’m painting fantastic pictures I could not have imagined painting five years ago. A few aches and pains and a greater need to nap does not mean the end of the thrill of either conceiving or executing new ideas. In my case visual. In someone else’s case writing or building things. Possibilities are endless. What a lack of imagination to think that age means the end of fecundity.

    • Replies: @polistra
  81. Alfred says:

    Check the website of MOMO – European monitoring of excess mortality for public health action. There is a small bump of extra deaths in Italy this past week for those over 65. For those between 15-65, there are no excess deaths,

    EURO MOMO – outputs – zscore 65+ years

    EURO MOMO – outputs – zscore 15-64 years

    It is a power grab. Obvious.

  82. Alfred says:

    No mere flu has the military’s trucks lined up to cart away the covid corpses.

    I believe that video was pure Hollywood. The soundtrack confirmed it and the fact that they did it in the dead of night. It is so easy to fool people. 🙂

    I mean, if you can show them videos of a couple of planes making three huge buildings blow up – because of the carpets and desks catching fire – you can convince them of anything.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  83. Tsigantes says:

    Israel has a point. My dear mother-in-law who died at 104 (we went out to a beach restaurant to celebrate) said life wasn’t worth living after 90. Her 40 year old car died when she was 90 (she never mastered reverse), it was too difficult to get in and out of the sea by herself, the cinema next door ‘had precipitous steps, she fell at age 102 and had to have an operation and surrender her independence, her hearing failed, her eyesight blurred irreparably ….one indignity after another in a long and hard working life. But still, she didn’t want to die…..

  84. Wally says:
    @Robert Dolan

    “And to think that my father and both of my uncles fought to save your bitchass in WWII.”

    – No they didn’t.

    – Your father & uncles were terribly mislead in believing they fought to stop the ‘extermination of Jews’, which never happened, but you should know better by now.

    – You’re lending credence to the fake “holocaust” nonsense, therefore perpetuating undeserved Zionist influence.

  85. @Hippopotamusdrome

    This one is easy. In 2011 the economy breaking quantitative easing was just ramping up. Now that it has ruined the Federal Reserve Note the jew mob needs to shift the blame and focus elsewhere.

    This site is now spending all the trust it built up over the years in an attempt to push the jew line.

    Ron Unz is proof that jews will never help any nation solve its jew problem

    • Replies: @Wally
  86. polistra says:

    Amen. I’m only 70, but I’m doing more writing and graphic art than ever before, and some of it is commercially useful as courseware. Making things is an excellent way to preserve mental and physical health in general.

    The worst thing about the shutdown is that it prevents ordinary people from making things. A barber or cook or schoolteacher can’t sit in front of a computer to make things. And the shutter-downers KNOW THIS.

  87. Johan says:

    Ain’t it time we stop the constant desecration of the word ‘liberal’ when mentioning liberals, by means of collective usage of the term ‘crypto communists’? Else, long term the word is going to be so polluted though association, meaning the exact opposite, the word being a crude lie, a despicable mockery of its original meaning, that a whole new word needs to be invented, inevitable association not being able to get rid of the horrid stench which clings onto the word.

  88. Johan says:

    “Corona panic is not a natural phenomenon; the virus is not particularly deadly; very old and sick people may be speeded away, but it is not a bad thing, for the present attempt to keep everybody alive forever can’t survive even such a weak epidemic as Corona.”

    Indeed, the panic is not a natural phenomenon, just as the belief in human caused climate change, the global spreading of LGBT+, and the latest decades forced immigrant policies are not phenomenon which emerge from the electorate (the support initially is not that significant). Knowing people at large, be there much fools and fanatics, these phenomenon do not emerge from the people, they have too little bottom-up support to spread globally, so there is reason enough to assume that these game changers are all deliberately top down forged and fed, from the top of the global pyramid that is.

    Many people experience these proceedings and events as unreal, because it is a real power acting out its influence, of which the effects seem unreal (officially this power doesn’t exist).

    • Replies: @Alfred
  89. Johan says:

    Calling Sweden, crypto communist ‘progressive’ owned mental asylum Sweden an ‘island of sanity’, and a ‘great positive example’ made me frown too.., to say the least..
    Perhaps Ishamir looks upon the situation in a manner which is too isolated from other ‘unreal realities’ which have emerged in the century of ever growing technocratic control. If Sweden has an approach which is ‘positive’, it only seems so, and it is because of very doubtful and particular reasons and interests.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  90. @J Adelman

    Jews always fall from the catbird seat. This time will be no different.

  91. Alfred says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    The guy’s a power hungry thug

    If Putin were a power hungry thug, why is he not shutting down Russia like Netayahu is shutting down Israel?

    All I can see in your post is envy. 🙂

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  92. Alfred says:

    Here in Spain, 760 people are dying every day. 35% of them under 50.

    How about a link to some data?

    The morbidity data for Spain for the age group 15-64 shows a drop compared to its expected value for the week ending Thursday March 27, 2020

    EURO MOMO – outputs – zscore 15-64 years

    Please stop trying to scare people. It is normal in epidemics for some localities to have a higher morbidity than the rest of the country.

    • Thanks: 9/11 Inside job
  93. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Don’t let him get your knickers in a twist. If you and everyone else ignored him he would be like a tree falling in the forest, nobody would hear him.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  94. @animalogic

    Enough with the drama, animalogic. Turn off the TV before you have a fainting spell already.

  95. @J Adelman

    Say whatever you want, Racism has no place in our Society.

    Bien sûr ! It is reserved for and the private preserve of garden spots like Zimbabwe and Zuid Afrika.

  96. Maiasta says:

    As usual, Israel Shamir speaks sensibly. As he says, the success of this idiotic plan to crash the economy depends on the people’s passivity. This is why it is essential to organise to defeat this thing. Mass civil disobediance must be organised to disrupt the lockdown policies (mass public parties?). And above all, the propagation of bogus science cannot be left unchallenged. Without specific RNA sequencing tests and clinical studies to see if this thing really is killing people, there is zero basis for the spurious mortality statistics that are so casually being thrown around. We should categorically reject all such statements such as “X number have been killed Sats-CoV-2 in Italy” etc. until such time as causality is clearly demonstrated.


    • Replies: @Herk
  97. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Anyone who points out an inconvenient truth to Godflee Loberts is a “troll.” And anyone who asks a question that Godflee Loberts cannot answer is also a “troll.”

    Glad that’s settled.

  98. @Herald

    There’s no danger of a he-man commie hater like yourself doing that. You make us all feel proud.

    I will translate your post to its true meaning:

    I’m mad that you don’t give a good shite about sitting at the imaginary cool kids table along with us other commie cocksuckers. You make us feel ashamed.

    • Replies: @Herald
  99. Emslander says:

    Every sickness and death is painful and sad. I have the greatest sympathy for anyone who suffers. If I were treating them, I would use all means available.

    It is possible, if you are talking about public policy, however, to step back from the suffering to fashion the best response. Closing down the country and putting another $2T or $6T onto our bar tab may not help any of the suffering or prevent any of the deaths.

  100. “Who created COVID-19? It is an interesting but less important question now. Who created the panic and who is using the panic to reach their goals, this is important.”

    The crowd that created COVID-19 are probably the same ones behind the panic. The real question is what is their goal? One aim may be depopulation, as Agenda 21 is rolled out by Gates & Co. The other is Control + Ownership = Power. It’s interesting that control via lockdown is exercised in Israel just as goyim are enjoying everywhere else, i.e. Jews are not exempt from the globalist plans for total dominance.

    Some commentators suggested trade wars with China would trigger a financial crisis leading to the collapse of the dollar, thus ushering in a new global currency and government. Others thought Princess Thunberg and her Climate Change eco-warriors would bring about a revolution of sorts, while populists battled Antifa and the immigrant hoardes to overturn the globalists. Turns out a flu pandemic was far more effective in destroying world trade and economy, thus achieving all of the above. Has-been Brown may have played his hand early, but wasn’t this the plan all along?

  101. lloyd says: • Website

    This may be a bit off the track. But I met a young Dane in China who knew nothing about the 1864 Prussian invasion of Denmark and her loss of territory. Even now part of German territory. The Danish defeat devastated Denmark’s history and led to a mass of refugees including the Prime Minister in the defeat to take refuge in New Zealand. Hardly anyone knows that in New Zealand either. But that is to be expected. He also refused to believe I could be a University teacher presumably because I didn’t wear a suit and speak ponderously.

  102. anastasia says:

    the big money is going to the globalists. 2 trillion, and up to 6 trillion.

    The chump change is going to the small businesses which are already out of business, and will not be coming back.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  103. @J Adelman

    Methinks you and your ankles are engaging in internet theater with a particular agenda in mind, in which case I say, carry on.

  104. Maiasta says:
    @israel shamir

    The satirist CJ Hopkins points out that they have replaced the “War on Terror” with a more productive War on Death:

  105. No poverty for the Kushner family:”The Kushner family could be getting very rich thanks to the Coronavirus” by Alan Macleod ,

  106. Wally says:
    @James Scott

    “This site is now spending all the trust it built up over the years in an attempt to push the jew line. Ron Unz is proof that jews will never help any nation solve its jew problem”

    – Must be why Ron Unz writes & publishes “holocaust” revisionist material himself, and why he allows other Revisionists to publish & post their take downs of the “holocaust” narrative at his site. *

    Come on guy, get a grip.

    * examples:
    American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz:
    The Last Days of the “Holocaust”:
    Babi Yar: The [alleged] Einsatzgruppen ‘Killings’:
    What Happened to Jews Sent to the Aktion Reinhardt Camps?, by John Wear :
    Teaching Holocaust, Don’t know much about history, by Philip Giraldi :

  107. @Anon

    They are obviously a non-white. Liberal whites don’t talk like this. They put on blinders to maintain their virtue and pretend non-white racism isn’t real.

  108. Welcome to the everyday life of Palestinians. And Lukashenko is a hyooooooge d|ck.

  109. Herk says:

    Most excellent comment, Maiasta!


    • Thanks: Maiasta
  110. @anon

    He’s a Tim Wise wannabe shitdick.

    You’re right……not worth my time.

  111. bjondo says:
    @israel shamir

    93 is a beginning for some dreamers. He had plans and flowers for Gal Gadot.


    Your narratives are good reading and filled with common sense.

    On the bright side to this shut down, discovered I love ghost towns.

    5 dancing shlomos

  112. JamesinNM says:

    If we intentionally do something to eliminate the old or frail, isn’t that murder? How will Jesus respond at the final judgement? We should care equally about every life. I do agree, this situation was probably created by the NWO, and while those who choose Christ will get to spend eternity in heaven, evil will suffer the second death and burn for eternity. So as 1st Corinthians 13 says, we have faith, hope, and charity but the greatest of these is charity. So choose Christ and charity and have faith that God is still in control with nothing happening without his permission. Such crises separate the wheat from the chaff.

  113. aandrews says:

    Coronavirus: The Italy Situation is Exaggerated Massively
    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    March 27, 2020


    When you talk to Coronavirus Doom Cultists and point out that this actually isn’t a big deal and shutting down the entire society is an insane response, they inevitably mention Italy having a high mortality rate.

    But the details of this are not really stated.

    Firstly, calling it the “Italian outbreak” is kind of wrong, because most of Italy is fine. It would make more sense to call it the “Milan outbreak” or the “Lombardy outbreak,” as virtually all of the cases – and all of the problems with logistics and so on – are in Milan and surrounding areas.


    In 2018, 80,000 Americans died of the flu.

    In New York City, there are currently just over 5,000 cases of hospitalization with Coronavirus, while in 2018, there were over 23,000 people hospitalized with the flu. I’m sure the hospitals were really struggling then. But you didn’t hear about it.


  114. Seraphim says:

    Nobody, or extremely few people to my knowledge, seemed to have noticed (least of all to protest) that Churches have been closed and services banned. For sure the Easter pilgrimages to the Sepulcher of our Saviour and the ceremony of the Holy Fire and the Resurrection services and the communion with bread and wine will be banned and I am very much afraid that this ban will be the only one which would stay in place after the hullabaloo about the Cow (or is it ‘bat’?)vid will die out.
    Well yes, Lukashenko is right, with the slight proviso that it should be a shot of vodka for dinner too (actually he recommends a glass); I won’t go that far as some of our ancestors who would have it at breakfast too, washing their mouth by the same token.
    Now, the wise Solomon said also:
    “Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts.”(Proverbs 31:6), because his Prophet father said: “[God] makes grass to grow for the cattle, and green herb for the service of men, to bring bread out of the earth; and wine makes glad the heart of man, to make his face cheerful with oil: and bread strengthens man’s heart” (Psalm 103:14-15, Septuagint of course).

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  115. First: I couldn’t give less of a damn for the happiness, well being, and freedom to roam around of the so called citizens of the illegitimate racist fascist apartheid colonial zionist settler entity in Occupied Palestine. Let them go to hell; I couldn’t care less. They’ve been oppressing the people of Palestine for seventy years. Let them be oppressed themselves: if it’s by their own, so much the better. They deserve no pity and I have none for them.

    Then; to get to what I wanted to say.

    In private life, I’m a dentist. Dentists are allegedly one of the most at risk professions for getting infected with COVID-19. Yet I am not scared of this allegedly lethal virus, basic precautions (masks, gloves, eye protection) and sterilisation are more than sufficient to prevent infection by it. My assistant is not scared of it either. My patients aren’t scared of it. But I am not permitted to work because of the Modi regime’s lockdown, and the local state government imposing a supplementary curfew. So I have to listen to people calling me begging for some temporary solution for their tooth pain and I can’t do a damn thing despite knowing that I could fix their problems. I am also faced with the fact that if this malarkey goes on for a few months more I won’t be able to afford the rent and insurance on my clinic because just because I can’t work and have no income doesn’t mean that fixed expenses don’t keep recurring.

    Yes, some people will get very, very rich. Most of us, I daresay, won’t be among them.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  116. MarkinPNW says:

    Especially now that the spring equinox brings more vitamin D to those who spend time outdoors.

  117. @Johnny Walker Read

    Whether he’s a “power hungry thug” or not, his response is far less thuggish than that of allegedly democratic governments across the western world, and India. Why do you suppose that is? Do you have an explanation? No?

  118. @J Adelman

    As a non white person myself, you doing soooooooooooooo much like a real non white person and totally not like a troll.

  119. Whitewolf says:

    The best way to deal with lockdown supporters is to give them what they want: Supermax prison cells are available.

    The reaction of many people to the government/media hysteria over this virus is disappointing to say the least. Obviously way too many people are still prepared to buy into the msm narratives and trust their politicians.

    From the face to face interactions I’ve had with people most seem a bit bewildered by all the restrictions and shutdowns. They like myself see it as a major overeaction even if the numbers thrown out are in any way legitimate. Then there are maybe 10% that buy fully into the hysteria and want to shame people that don’t practice “social distancing” or other Orwellian rules their masters deem necessary to “keep them safe” lol. I feel sorry for those sheep.

    Just from a quick browse through some recent corona-hysteria-19 articles the death tolls mentioned were in the order of 1%. That would put it in the same league as the regular flu which mankind has lived with for decades without going full 1984.

  120. Seraphim says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Russia bashing would never stop. The slightest admission that Russia, or China do and fare better than the Americans is a prick into the hot air balloon of their ‘superiority’.

  121. @Seraphim

    This could have severe repercussion for religion and the churches. Considering that it’s mostly old people who go to church and since they’re told to isolate and distance themselves for their own protection who knows how church attendance will be dealt with. Maybe they’ll start attending catacomb churches and then we could see the police raiding them to prevent the aged from congregating. But if they start arresting Jews for spitting in front of churches and at Christians for spreading germs that would be something. China is atheist so no problems for them there, but their temples are the shopping malls, and consumer oriented capitalism would not want those closed down permanently, unless they think they can make more money from e-commerce via amazon and alibaba. The world is in for some major changes … I think.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  122. If you thought that running to the hills was the answer think again. Norway has banned people from staying in their vacation homes in the countryside during the pandemic and ordered them to leave for the cities, with 2,000 euro fines being imposed on those who don’t obey. So they want the mostly retirees who moved to their vacation homes to avoid exposure back in the urban areas to add to their coronavirus mortality statistics. Nice governments you people elected.

  123. Alfred says:

    Not Roos of London surely?

  124. Seraphim says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I was on a trip to China last year. To my surprise I saw a number of churches in different towns from the high-speed train we were traveling with. “The last will be first and the first last” (Matthew 20:16).

  125. @The Grim Joker

    Can blood begotten from a stone? Once the shekels are in it ain’t going back out!

  126. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Yes, Putin is such a caring and loving individual. I don’t know what I was thinking when I questioned the mans moral character. The story of his rise to power will prove you were right.

    I have been trying to call attention to the facts behind the bombings since 1999. I consider this a moral obligation, because ignoring the fact that a man in charge of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal came to power through an act of terror is highly dangerous in itself.

    Russian human-rights defenders Sergei Yushenkov, Yuri Shchekochikhin, Anna Politkovskaya, and Alexander Litvinenko also worked to shed light on the apartment bombings. But all of them were murdered between 2003 and 2006. By 2007, when I testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the bombings, I was the only person publicly accusing the regime of responsibility who had not been killed.

    The bombings terrorized Russia. The Russian authorities blamed Chechen rebels and thereby galvanized popular support for a new war in Chechnya. President Boris Yeltsin and his entourage were thoroughly hated for their role in the pillaging of the country. Putin, the head of the FSB, had just been named Yeltsin’s prime minister and achieved overnight popularity by vowing revenge against those who had murdered innocent civilians. He assumed direction of the war and, on the strength of initial successes, was elected president easily.
    P.S. Oh by the way, in case you didn’t get the memo, the “war on terror” is now over. The new enemy on the block is that of an even stealthier enemy, a nasty cold/flu virus. Looks like you might have to update your web site to reflect these changes.

  127. @Seraphim

    For you comrade, a portrait of all your hero’s..

  128. @Alfred

    For you my friend, a special gift that will give you many hours of pleasure while you are self-quarantining. No thanks needed.

  129. @Robert Dolan

    Adelman is either a dickhead troll or he truly believes the shite he writes. In either case it is better to ignore him completely, the more people respond the more nonsense he comes back with.

  130. @Johnny Walker Read

    The “National Review” is such a reliable and respectable outlet. I’m sure you’re proud of yourself for citing it.

  131. Robjil says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Chechen terrorism was a ZUS creation.

    Chechnya is a good place now. No ZUS terrorists are allowed to play in Chechnya any more.

    Today, Chechnya is quite safe and stable and its capital, Grozny, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Russia.

    However, with the end of the conflict in 2009, stability has returned to the region and Russian and foreign tourists alike have begun to return to this beautiful, historical and untouched region.

    Grozny, Chechnya’s capital, has undergone massive renovations and infrastructure projects, providing its citizens with a brand new city and tourists with a long list of sites to see.

    In addition, outside of the capital, Chechnya is home to unbelievable natural beauty, a long and interesting history and a hospitable local culture.

    Can anyone say the same about Kosovo, Libya, or Iraq? All recent ZUS empire conquests?

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  132. Robjil says:
    @J Adelman

    America was super “bad” since 12 23 1913. The Zion Age began.

    WWI for the Balfour. WWII for Israel.
    WWIII since 9/11/01 for Eretz Yisrael, greater Israel. That date on Jewish Calendar is 12 23 5761.

    So what will change if the ZUS is less Euro Caucasian? White is a color and not a people.

    Will it be a huge plantation with Zio rulers lording over them?

    It did not work so well in Haiti or in the distant past in Iraq. Here is something about that slave rebellion in Iraq in the 800s. This is the Zio lords future at the rate they are going. People don’t like being slaves.

    The Zanj Rebellion was the culmination of series of small revolts. It took place near the city of Basra, located in present-day southern Iraq, over a period of fifteen years (869−883 AD). The insurrection is believed to have involved enslaved Black Africans (Zanj) that had originally been captured from the African Great Lakes region and areas further south in East Africa. It grew to involve over 500,000 slaves who were imported from across the Muslim empire and claimed over “tens of thousands of lives in lower Iraq”.[1] The precise composition of the rebels is debated among historians, both as regards their identity and as to the proportion of slaves and free among them – available historical sources being open to various interpretations. The revolt was said to have been led by Ali bin Muhammad, who claimed to be a descendent of Caliph Ali ibn Abu Talib. Several historians, such as Al-Tabari and Al-Masudi, consider this revolt one of the “most vicious and brutal uprisings” of the many disturbances that plagued the Abbasid central government.[1]

    The largest of these rebellions lasted from 868 to 883 A.D., during which time they inflicted repeated defeat on Arab armies sent to suppress the revolt. For some 14 years, they continued to achieve remarkable military victories and even built their own capital —Moktara, the Elect City.

  133. Russia takes one for the Globalist Team.

    MOSCOW – We knew it was coming, but we naively believed that it would take longer than one week, and more than three dead grannies, to shut down Russia. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin – the fink of our time – has ordered all restaurants, shops and non-essential businesses to close their doors starting on Saturday. The city’s cherished parks and museums will also be shuttered. His decree was followed a day later by a fun little update from Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, who casually dropped on Friday that the new restrictions being implemented in Moscow would actually be extended to the entire country. Putin listens to less important bald guy Mikhail Mishustin. To his right, important Moscow guy Sergey Sobyanin.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  134. Herald says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Some people can’t take compliments graciously, but maybe you’ll mellow with time.

  135. @Johnny Walker Read

    Even more amusing is the thought that the Russian government cares at all about the most Covid-19-vulnerable members of society – the elderly. Their so-called pensions – a comical pittance – barely cover the cost of basic necessities. Pensioners with serious ailments have been increasingly neglected by the country’s eroded, inept public healthcare system. It’s not at all uncommon to see grandmothers begging in the streets of Moscow, their pathetic cardboard signs requesting spare change so they can buy a loaf of bread, or medicine that will keep them alive for another week.

    The current COVID nightmare – we’re referring to the global totalitarian measures that will eventually murder us all, not the unimpressive respiratory illness – reminds us of a rather jarring incident that happened last spring. At the time we were living in a very swanky part of Moscow, a speedy ten minute metro ride to Red Square. One day, while walking to the neighborhood grocery store, we absentmindedly bumped into yellow police tape roping off the sidewalk. Looking down at the pavement we saw a wrinkled human foot peeking out from a blood-stained blanket. Naturally we were curious as to what the hell had happened. After mulling about, we learned from neighbors that Mr. So-and-So, who was old and sick and had no money and no family, had decided to jump from the eighth storey window. For as long as we live, we’ll never forget that mangled foot
    Again, God bless mother Russia, the bestes place on earth!!

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