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Second Month of Ukraine War
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The second month of Ukraine War was quite slow moving. Line of contact hardly moved. Ukrainians fought insistently. After one month, the most important event was not a military victory, but financial one. Russians couldn’t sell their oil and gas for euro or dollars. Putin ordered to sell gas for roubles. This is the end of sanctions: Putin turned sanctions upside down. Europeans complained: they say it’s unfair. They proposed to buy gas but to keep Euros on a closed account. They say it would be fair, but Russians refused this scheme. Rouble is going up, dollar and euro are going down to pre-war values.

The Poles plan to enter the war and snatch Western Ukraine. It was part of Poland before the WW2. Before Stalin joined it to Soviet Ukraine. Now is the time to restore it to Poland, decided Poles. Poles think it is the time; some Russians agree, and some Russians disagree. Russia has no interest to keep Galicia.

Hungarians want to restore Hungary rule over Western Ukraine. And Romania, too! Then Ukraine will be divided between its four neighbours; Poland, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

NATO planned to enter the war; but didn’t after all. Kosovo is not a part of Ukraine, but Serbia claims it. They say, if Russians claim Crimea, they can claim Kosovo. And China can claim Taiwan. (China claims Taiwan but softly.)

Why the war began? The problem started with a Putin’s complaint. The Russian president wanted NATO to roll back from Eastern Europe to old Soviet borders. The Ukrainian President wanted NATO to stand firm. As the result, Ukrainians were supported by NATO. Russia expected it, and began the war.

The atrocities (Ukrainian upon Russian) are a part of Banderite tactics. Even in 1944 they did it many times, and Ukrainians suffered the results. We know of these tactics, though Mr Khrushchev tried to silence the horror. He sided with Ukrainians, and released captive Banderites. Yesterday in Istanbul there were a peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. Surprisingly, the peace talks were successful. The sides agreed to lay off Kiev.

The Russians lost many soldiers; so did the Ukrainians. Now people can’t understand what was the reason for war. Putin is known as hard-line politician; why did he agree to cease-fire? Or maybe he didn’t? In a day or two, we shall know. Today, it’s not clear. Some people claim the agreement of Mr Medinsky with Mr Zelensky is the agreement of Russia and Ukraine; others deny it. Rouble rally is the result, they say.

Very dubious result, anyway. Russia will retreat from this agreement; or will interpret it differently. Rouble is now pegged to gold at 5000 Rouble per gram.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Really. A gold rouble?

  2. Notsofast says:

    at the current exchange rate to the dollar that puts gold at \$1843 per troy oz. which is about \$90 less than spot, sounds like a bargain, goodbye petrodollar.

  3. anon[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Shamir is way behind the curve in his understanding of this.
    I recommend readers to ‘the duran’ channel and the separate channels of its two hosts, Alex and Alexander.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @republic
  4. Is Israël next after Ukraine to be neutralized by Russia ?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @Dirk Gently
  5. Do we really trust Russia in the middle east After Ukraine War?

    • Troll: Notsofast
  6. Kiza says:

    Europeans complained: they say it’s unfair. They proposed to buy gas but to keep Euros on a closed account. They say it would be fair …

    Yes, this is probably the most important piece of information because it captures the essence of the whole current war. This war, like almost all wars ever, is about stealing other people’s property. Namely, the West is trying to destabilise Russia by militarily propping up Ukraine, to regime change and then continue the pillaging of Russia from the 90’s, which was interrupted by Putin. But until then, why not steal as much of gas and oil as you can by choosing how you pay for those commodities. Put sale proceeds of gas and oil into a bank account which, according to one of those annoying ass-fly countries of the Baltic, should be used for the needs of Ukraine and other threatened countries such is their own. Why steal only the Russian Central Bank reserves when you could steal so much more? This is the key to understanding the Western mindset and their main reason for establishing the conditions for this war. It is to STEAL, STEAL and STEAL SOME MORE.

    This “contractual issue” re payment currency for gas, reminds me so much of this Western claim that Russia breached the Budapest Agreement which recognised Ukraine’s borders including Crimea. Naturally, the same Budapest agreement explicitly stipulated that neither the West nor Russia are allowed to influence Ukrainian internal politics, that Ukraine must remain neutral. Soon after, the West did a little \$5B coup on a legitimately elected Ukrainian government. Yet, somehow that breach of Budapest Agreement was not relevant, whilst the acceptance by Russia of a legitimate referendum in Crimea and the subsequent change in Ukraine’s border was the only breach. The Western mindset of might-makes-right: “all contract clauses apply to you, but only the clauses I choose apply to me”. In other words, the contracts we sign are not worth the paper they are printed on, “nedogovornosposobnye” (incapable of making agreements). They completely forget that they do not have the might over Russia any more, neither economic nor military, but their mindset still remains.

    How surprising is it then that the Western reading of the gas contracts is their right to pay for gas but into the account that they control and thus decide what the money will be spent on, that is free gas?

  7. Notsofast says:

    putin has signed a decree today, demanding ruble payments for gas. the decree takes effect april 1st and requires “unfriendly” countries to open russian accounts to accept gas payments. the value of the ruble has already returned to pre crisis levels, if the e.u. wasn’t so stupid they would load up on rubles while the exchange rate is good.

    • Replies: @Dirk Gently
  8. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Then Ukraine will be divided between its four neighbours; Poland, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

    And ((Zelensky)) can move to Israel and become president of the Bitter ((Jew)) War Criminal Club, and plot Putin’s assassination?

    No, I think it’s better that ((Zelensky)) and his Zionist cronies go on trial for War Crimes against ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.

    His financier and string-puller, ((Ihor Kolomoisky)), needs to be the #2 Zionist in the dock.

    Why should ((Jewish)) war criminals be allowed to walk the streets anywhere, when they’ll inevitably plot more crimes against humanity, due to their murderous “culture” of endless, anti-Goyim hate, “revenge” and greed, and their Zionist agenda to assert their “chosen” privilege as some kind of entitled, Satanic caste?

    • Replies: @animalogic
  9. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The defining characteristic of Jews, is their utter and brazen hypocrisy, and their ability to lie without a conscience tempering their tongues.

    Jesus said it to their faces. He was crucified for doing so.

    God Damn the Jews… because God (Christ) already did. To their faces.

    • Agree: Dirk Gently
  10. @Chris Moore

    “Then Ukraine will be divided between its four neighbours; Poland, Hungary, Romania and Russia.”
    Oh, man! This is a dream of mine.
    Can we imagine the damage this outcome would do to NATO & the EU? (& by extension, the US)
    Imagine Poland biting off a huge chunk of Galacia? (maybe even a bit more than what they formally had).
    Turn the Ukraine into a mere rump. Ultimately Ukrainians themselves will profit from the changes.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  11. @Kiza

    EU payments — energy for rubles

    πaying in rubles is not a solution in itself. How it is done, how rubles are acquired, with what? (gold, Euros, \$, where the accounting is done?). Nobody here seems to want to go there. Let’s clear this up and out, (not done in Russia’s public communication either) before running with the bone as dogs (EU paying in rubles as if this has even meaning).

  12. @anon

    And also, among others, Col. McGregor, Scott Ritter, and Gonzalo Lira (whose podcasts originate from some Ukrainian city). They’ve all said this war is essentially over, with Ukrainian soldiers dying in great numbers for the sake of the neocon Biden Regime.

    Assuming Mr. Putin has lost as many troops as Mr. Shamir claims, I do wonder if his go-slow strategy might backfire if the war drags on. It may be noble to minimize Ukrainian civilian casualties, but isn’t it counterproductive to unnecessarily lose ones own troops when a more vigorous prosecution of the war might have ended it already with fewer Russian losses?

    Washington bombed Libya (for no good reason) back to the stone age from 30,000 feet without losing a single plane or soldier. Then the republicans held a year-long hearing of the Benghazi incident in which 4 American combatants (which included the US Ambassador) were killed by Libyan “terrorists” who were looking for some well-justified payback. Washington sees any death of its soldiers as a war crime, while then SOS Hillary Clinton cackled in delight watching Qaddafi murdered in the street with a bayonet shoved up his rectum. Talk about chutzpah.

  13. republic says:

    Also moonofalabama and The Saker

  14. The Russian 331st. Parachute Regiment no longer exists. It has been destroyed by ineptness and Russian stupidity.

    These Russian War Criminals are all dead. Have a nice day!

    • Replies: @HallParvey
    , @Badger Down
  15. @TaterSalad

    It has been destroyed by ineptness and Russian stupidity.

    Now that the military dead wood is out of the way, in much the same way that all wars have in the past, the real warriors can rise to the top and destroy their enemies.

    The Russians have no patent on ineptness and stupidity. This war is only going to make the bear more dangerous. It may have a cleansing effect on the Russian military.

  16. in latest debacle, flagship of Russian Baltic Fleet – a Moskva-class heavy cruiser – has been sunk by Uke anti-ship missiles. Windbag Putin and his military now trying to cover up by claiming it was an “accidental explosion”.

    since he clearly has no idea how to fight/win a war against a 10th-rate military power like Ukraine, Tsar Putin should stop throwing away lives. Just slink away and “claim victory”. Remember, Putinistas, there’s supposed to be a “Victory Day” parade in Moscow on May 9th. Though Haxo suspects the attendance level will be lower than usual.

    • Disagree: Badger Down
  17. @Sarasin Bio

    “Is Israël next after Ukraine to be neutralized by Russia ?”

    If Pseudo-Israel is neutralized, it will be not only not a day too soon, but 74 years too late.

    Ashkenazis need to go back where they belong, Khazaria, and stop trying to pass themselves off as descendants of Abraham, when the know full well that they are descendants of Noah’s grandson Ashkenaz — it’s in their name, for crying out loud.

    And considering what the Ashkenazi did to the Rus’ from 1917-1991, and then the (((Oligarch))) swindles of public resources during the privatization auctions under Yeltsin, and that Israel openly promotes itself as a haven for Jews caught swindling, embezzling, or engaging in any other sort of financial crimes, ANYTHING done to Israel is more than well-deserved.

    I say this as a Christian who stands for truth and the rule of law.

  18. @Kiza

    >> This is the key to understanding the Western mindset and their main reason for establishing the conditions for this war. It is to STEAL, STEAL and STEAL SOME MORE.

    It’s not the Western CHRISTIAN mindset, it’s the mindset of Ashkenazis living in the west (who, via fractional reserve banking giving them the legal right to create money out of thin air, have thoroughly corrupted the governments throughout the west, running them all as puppet states. Remember, the mythology of the Golum (a clay figure which comes to life to do the owner’s bidding ONCE THE OWNERS WORDS ARE PUT INTO ITS MOUTH) is not a part of Hebrew lore. It appear until the middle ages, and it comes out of Khazaria.

  19. @Notsofast

    >> if the e.u. wasn’t so stupid they would load up on rubles while the exchange rate is good.

    EU banks, just like American banks are all connected to the Rothchilds. The Rothchilds are Ashkenazi. And the Ashkenazi absolutely ABHOR the Rus’ (which is why they fomented this war between the northern Rus’ and the southeastern Rus’).

    • Replies: @Derer
  20. Mystery as ‘dead’ captain of sunk Russian ship filmed at ‘survivors’ parade. Did he save his computer by any chance like the Italian captain who sunk his cruise ship but saved his computer upon leaving?

  21. GDPBULL says:

    It was wrong for Transylvania to be taken from Hungary and given to Romania after WWII.

  22. @animalogic

    Since before the murders in Odessa in 2014, Ukrainians have been killing Ukrainians. As a rump state, they might enjoy some peace.

  23. @TaterSalad

    Never trust the BBC. Though in this case your link contradicts you:
    “However, while the regiment has suffered considerably, Ukrainian claims that they have been wiped out are an exaggeration”

  24. bwuce wee says:

    this is seige warfare, it is supposed to be prolonged to wear down the resistance of the enemy. everything putin has done i predicted to my firends beforehand. if you have studied the military campaigns of history, it is easy to do. BUT, apparently no one in washington is avle to predict these events?!?!?! either they are really bad at their job, or they are professional liars. on second thought: 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other…

  25. Primary reason fot the slower than possible Russian advance in the Donbass, Russian Eastern Ukraine, is the now never mentioned habit of Ukie military…especiall the vile Azov Battalion…to use women and children as human shields, especially ethnic Russian women and children.
    The Russian military NOT willing to plow through ethnic Russian women and children to get to Ukie uniformed forces and do what needs doing.
    Who can possibly believe that the many civilians recently hustled out of the Azovstal steel mill, located IN the Donbass region, were there of their own volition ?
    Russians afraid of Russian forces come to remove the Ukie yoke and help establish Luhansk and Donetz states independent of Ukraine ?
    Please…whatever the official media and agency jive and lies that you see and hear…
    at least, be skepticle and remember past episodes of official jive and lies.

    Maidan coup d’etat color revolution in Ukraine 2014, perped by Obongo/Hillary/Nudelman-Kagan as fronters for NWO/Money Magic interests is the largest money laundering operation in the known universe.
    That and NATO…reason for existence gone…sweatily aggressice to include Ukraine in its perverted club…regardless of that being in Russia’s front yard.

    Khazar NWO hates White Christian Russia because it’s in the way…of planetary conquest.
    ZOGUSA plus the stooge states in NATO, especially ZOGUK and ZOGDEUTSCHLAND, being the frontline Flying Chimp troops that press the unclean NWO conquest agenda.

    THAT is why things are as they are.
    The current shitstorm suffered by The People is INTENTIONAL !
    Never forget that, and those responsible for it.
    Long past time to RISE and drive the rats and snakes into the sea.

  26. The Ukrainian President wanted NATO to stand firm.

    … or did NATO want the Ukrainian President to stand firm?

    Seems to be rumors of an awful lot of NATO personnel embedded with the Ukronazi battalions here and there around Ukraine.

  27. Derer says:

    Then Ukraine will be divided between its four neighbours; Poland, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

    Slavic Zakarpatia was by Versailles agreement in 1918 incorporated into Slavic Czechoslovakia. Nazi puppet regime in Hungary annexed that region for 6 war years and after the war Stalin attached it to Ukraine to have access to Hungary. It should rightfully belong to Slovakia and not Hungary.

  28. Derer says:
    @Dirk Gently

    “And the Ashkenazi absolutely ABHOR the Rus’”

    Agreed. Despite the Russia is their forefathers resting place. One would think that the resting places of our grandfathers are sacred and not hated.

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