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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! A Year of a Good Old Enemy!
Russia is the Enemy Number One
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St Petersburg, the Tsars’ seat and still the most civilised city, the culture capital of Russia, enjoys its wonderful Yuletide. Fluffy snow had covered the streets, decorated hills and seashore, softened the air, and turned this fascinating city into a fairy winter tale. Christmas trees adorn the city squares and private dwellings. The magnificent imperial cathedrals are open for prayer, confession, liturgy and communion. In its Opera House, the best performers sing Wagner’s Ring and Verdi’s Aida; the ballet stages the Nutcracker; Beethoven’s Ninth extolls Joy in the Concert Hall; the Hermitage Museum presents Raphael followers with paintings brought from all over Europe, as if the plague had never ventured out of Wuhan.

It’s not art only Leningrad is known for: the colossal nuclear icebreaker Arctica had been launched recently off its shipyard to make the ice-bound seas navigable year round. Shops and restaurants serve their plentiful customers. Schools function as usual. The masks are supposedly obligatory in the public transport and shops, but people take it easy. The main thing the Russians had learned from the late years of Soviet decay is to sabotage the stupid decisions of the authorities, and now they fully employ this art. They do not fight; they do not quarrel; they say “yes” and ignore the corona prohibitions like they ignored Brezhnev’s rules. It is probably one of the best places to be in the world ruled by Bill Gates and his Ethiopian WHO supremo. Still Russia is under threat, not of a new virus mutation, but of something much worse.

The projected victory of Joe Biden immediately manifested the choice of the Free World’s Enemy No. 1. Until December 13th, it was China or Iran. On December 14th, the electors were certified, opening the way for Biden’s inauguration; and on the same very day the alleged hack of the US government networks was declared to be the Russian Hack. President Trump pooh-poohed this claim but Joe Biden immediately slapped his wrist. Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia!

Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the leader of Israel Lobby, tweeted that Trump’s comment was a “scandalous betrayal of our national security” that “sounds like it could have been written in the Kremlin.” You’ve got the message, if you do not call for action against Russia, you’ve got to be a Russian agent.

As if on cue, the US politicians of both main parties went on calling for vengeance to be meted on Russia. Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was the first who attributed the hack to Russia. The Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said alleged Russian hack ‘virtually a declaration of war by Russia on the United States’. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican senator and leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted that “America must retaliate, and not just with sanctions.” It is an act of war, he said to newspapers. A Democratic Colorado congressman Jason Crow compared the hack to Pearl Harbor, implying the US may and should nuke a couple of Russian cities like they did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This is a good reason to worry for Russians, as the Americans are likely to “retaliate”. In 2019, the US had launched an unprecedented cyber-attack targeting Russia’s electric power grid online, as the New York Times reported. That was ‘retaliation’ for alleged Russian involvement in 2016 elections, debunked since then by Mueller’s investigation. That was under Trump, whom Biden described a Putin’s puppy. Now Biden says he will put Moscow on a tighter leash. Scott Ritter sensibly mused that if ‘Biden seeks to put a shorter leash on Russia, he may find Putin’s bite is far worse than his bark’. Perhaps. Putin is a soft-spoken guy with a big stick, and such people are dangerous for their enemies.

This week, the US applied new sanctions against 45 advanced Russian industries including Rosatom, the leading builder of nuclear power stations and Soyuz rocket maker Progress. The West-dominated Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled Russia wouldn’t be able to use its name, flag and anthem at the next two Olympics or at any world championships for the next two years. The US closed down two of its consulates in Russia, leaving only the Moscow Embassy open. The embassy may also be closed or slimmed down for its persistent interference in Russian internal affairs.

Russia well may feel itself threatened and besieged just like the Soviet Union was, though in transition to its present state, Russia withdrew its troops from dozens of countries including East Germany and Baltic states and fulfilled every wish of anti-Soviet politicians since 1991. It is so unfair, for the USSR offered an alternative to the Western ways of development, as opposed to Putin’s Russia that subscribes to every notion of Western discourse. 9/11, Moon landings, whatever – official Russia accepts official version.

Russia agrees to the climate agenda, and Putin sounds as a true believer that the world will become uninhabitable unless CO2 emissions are lowered. The global warming does not threaten Russia at all, for it is a northern country where temperatures today go down to minus 50 degrees Centigrade (-58 F). It can stand a lot more warming, but Putin abides by Greta rules.

Russia agrees with European (and Biden’s) approach to Corona crisis. It is not a safe haven for Covid sceptics. Putin thinks that vaccine is useful and necessary, and Russia had started mass vaccination campaign in beginning of December. The only difference is that he supports Russian vaccines, and they are cheaper, less ambitious, easier to handle and are generally better and safer than the gene-modifying Pfizer and Moderna. Oliver Stone took it!


Putin approved of a deal between Sputnik-V producers and the Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca. Sputnik is better, but “the move is seen as a long-awaited vote of confidence by a Western manufacturer in Sputnik V, which is the target of a foreign-backed smear campaign.” Sputnik-V had been smeared all right. One example. It is the most popular vaccine in Africa, and ferociously anti-Russian Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) speaks of “Russian Disinformation Popularizes Sputnik V Vaccine in Africa”. Anything Russians say is Disinformation, you know. Still Putin perseveres to manage within these harsh limits. He is no Covid sceptic, no way.

If you are looking for a stiff upper lip response to the Covid, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is a better choice. He refused vaccination for himself, but allowed it for his citizens, both with Russian vaccine and the Western ones. (Actually, Putin also refused vaccination, for Sputnik V is recommended to people between 18 and 60.) His country Belarus had no lockdowns, its churches and theatres remained open; schools and offices functioned as usual. He was punished by foreign-financed and organised after-election protests that almost unseated him, though his victory was more plausible than that of Biden. In order to squash the protests, he was forced to accept some Corona restrictions; masks were introduced but weren’t enforced. The world would be different if Lukashenko were to rule Russia, as many Russians hoped for, but it didn’t pass to happen. Putin is much softer towards the West, but he is still blamed for all the West doesn’t like.

Whatever Putin does meets the US disapproval. In the conclusion of the recent Karabagh war, Russia saved the Armenians from total crushing defeat and allowed the Armenian separatists to preserve and secure their towns and villages in this area of Azerbaijan. Still, France and the US, the countries with big Armenian diasporas, are unhappy and try to undermine the armistice by encouraging Armenian nationalists.

In the same time, Germany opened the Second Front against Russia. While it took three years for the US to open the Second Front against Germany in 1944, this time the Germans did not wait a single day. Well, Germans have a long obsession of fighting Russia, and perhaps they think this time it will be successful, with the US and England on their side, and Russia quite isolated.

They picked up the old British claim that Russians employ internationally forbidden chemical weapons. In 2018, the Brits claimed the Russian GRU (Military Intelligence) poisoned a swapped traitor Mr Skripal with a forbidden nerve agent, the deadly Novichok, a mass destruction weapon allegedly invented by the Soviets. (I wrote about this event). It was quite a fancy claim; now we would call it ‘fake news’, for it is not realistic to employ a weapon of mass destruction against a person with such meagre results (Skripal survived the alleged attack). The Brits did it in order to involve the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and accuse the Russians not just of killing, but also of a severe war crime, turning the founding member of the UN and a permanent member of the Security Council into a rogue nation.

Now, the Germans picked up the British script using the alleged poisoning on the Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. They claimed President Putin personally ordered the FSB (Russian equivalent of FBI, a competitor to GRU) to poison Navalny with the fearful Novichok, and they tried to poison him for three years, but repeatedly failed. At the last attempt, it was said, they poisoned him, but he was flown to Germany where good doctors of the Charité hospital had saved his life. Presence of Novichok had been established, according to the Germans, by their army experts, and confirmed separately by Swedish and French labs. Again, OPCW was involved. None of these reports by military labs had been made public; none were released to Russian authorities. Russia is a member of OPCW, but Germany stipulated that the military reports should not be shown to Russia, and so they weren’t. You should trust gentlemen on their word.

The long saga of Navalny poisoning began in August (I wrote about its first season) and now it was revived. The latest developments took place last week. The British medical journal The Lancet had published the medical report of the Charité clinic. It debunks some of Navalny’s claims. Navalny said that he was poisoned twice, once before his flight, once in Omsk hospital. The Times wrote: “Russian spies tried to kill Putin’s fiercest critic with the deadly nerve agent Novichok before he could be flown to Berlin, Western intelligence sources reveal”. Nothing of this sort, say the German medicos. In Omsk hospital, Navalny received the same treatment he got in Berlin, and anyway he was overseen by German doctors. The report says Navalny suffered of a poisoning, but there is no reference to Novichok save the later quote of the military source. Here is more about it.

Meanwhile Navalny and his people staged a telephone conversation with an FSB agent who was allegedly involved in the affair. It sounds extremely phoney, for we do not really know who talks with whom, time readings are contradictory, and what the “FSB agent” says makes little sense, but gives reason for much mirth. FSB poisoned and laundered Navalny’s underwear? Bollocks! As all investigations of this MI6 tool, BellingCat, it offers a wealth of details but makes little sense.

However, Navalny story on top of Skripal probably will be used in further undermining of Russia’s international position. If you add the sanctions, cyber-war and general poisoning of relations, we can’t look with great hope to future, as usually we do in this time of the year. It is dark, but perhaps it will become darker.


The harbinger of darkness is the new mutant virus in England. Whatever they say about it, makes little sense and has even less evidential basis. Its ‘appearance’ means there will be no way out of eternal Covid hell. There will always be new mutations, new restrictions, new documents and limitations. Bill Gates became rich by his updates; now he intends to update the virus and its vaccine annually. What’s more, they say children can carry the new virus. Probably it is an attempt to enforce distant learning and to close schools, to finish off mass education. Our betters think our children should not study that much; it is enough if they can read what their smartphone tells them. On the same occasion, it will separate the old and the young; let the old die in loneliness, let the young ones be indoctrinated in the New Normal.

The Great Reset, Green Deal, New Normal – if indeed this is the future, why should we mind a good total nuclear war that will wipe mankind off? A terrible end may be better than endless terror. On the other hand, God created us and provided for us; he won’t suffer us perishing in lockdowns or other man-made disaster. Merry Christmas to you, and a Happy New Year, despite all the ill omens!

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. My most grateful thanks once again for a refreshing article.

    Two things. Would you be so kind as to attempt a further and deeper explanation of Putin’s seeming desperate desire to win the approval of the rest of the modernist Western elites? Or is his wholesale swallowing of the MSM narrative, on matters such as the plandemic, for instance, just a case of turning the other cheek so as to avoid a nuclear war?
    And lastly, please accept my appreciation for the paragraph with which you end your interesting article: A true death is infinitely better than a false life. And as the Muslims remind us, “But God is the best plotter!”

    • LOL: Pheasant
    • Replies: @anon
    , @HallParvey
  2. Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. These stories about Russian attempted poisonings are about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Does anyone really believe a ruthless superpower is going to go through the trouble of tricking cockroaches like Navalniy and Skripal into taking poison only to give them a substance that fails to put a definitive end to them? Why not use some simple cyanide, to say nothing of ricin, tetrodotoxin, batrachotoxin, or botulinum toxin? The last one is the most toxic substance known to man, and if Nancy Pelosi’s private plastic surgeon has access to kilos of it with which to paralyze her wicked witch’s face, surely so does the FSB.

  4. Better to be an enemy of satanic Zioamerica than its ‘friend’, aka whore.

  5. MKL says:

    Thank you very much, Israel. Great article with a perfect ending!

  6. It seems that you Mr. Shamir have absolutely no personal knowledge or evidence to support your loudly asserted prejudices about the Skrioal and Navotny poisonings. Maybe it is explained by your envy of Bellingcat..

    Given your lack of knowledge why not settle for the common sense view that Occam’s Razor isn’t a bad approach to understanding the simple connection to simple messages? Directed at potential traitors in Skripal’s case, and troublesome opponents of Putin in Navotny’s case.

    • Troll: Alfred, annamaria, frontier
    • Replies: @sally
  7. Ghali says:

    Jews, like Shiftty Schiff, hate Russia and the rest of humanuty.

    • Replies: @aleksander
  8. Seraphim says:

    Can you be sure that Navalny didn’t soil his underpants and that was really the ‘poison’?
    OTOH can you overlook the continuity between Jacob Schiff and his spawn Adam Schiff? C’mon Man! We are not all that stupid. Not the Russkies for sure. They stage the ‘Nut(s)cracker’ as a warning! They should play ‘1812’ (with the canons) to wake them up from their dreams. But no, they play the ‘European anthem’, Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’, composed (contrary to the politically correc,t Beethoven was an admirer of Tsar Alexander I) in praise of the ‘Concert of Europe’ realized at the Congress of Vienna ! What wimps!

  9. Dumbo says:

    As for the hate of European leaders such as Merdel towards Russia… Is it China or the U.S. (“Anglo-Zion”) behind it? I wonder what purpose does it serve. A Russia – Europe alliance could only be beneficial to both. There is no much reason for enmity. Commies are long gone now – or rather, they are in the U.S. now, and call themselves “Democrats”.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Zarathustra
  10. GMC says:

    Enjoyed the article – as far as Belarus goes – and I’ve discussed with a couple Russian friends over the phone . I saw it as another Maidan ops – Lukashenko told the EU that they could send in a team to watch the elections – the EU said No thanks. Then Lukashenko told IMF, WHO and the West to F…k off again so they started the Coup. But you can’t have a coup during a Coronavirus pandemic , so the Ukraine /US/ big pharma sites didn’t target Belarus, like they have Russia’s borders – the coup must go on , and since the main opposition has fled to to the EU and her CIA handlers , keep those Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian protesters out there on the streets. My one Russian friend – disagreed with me, so we made a deal. When the protests die down and the coup looks defeated – let’s see if Belarus gets a taste of the Coronavirus shuffle. I agree with Mr. Shamir – Russia , especially on their borders – look like they are – Out to Lunch !

  11. JWalters says:

    “chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the leader of Israel Lobby”

    No coincidence that these are the same person. The Israelis have ALWAYS had the most to gain from the highly distracting, well-documented Russiagate false flag. And they are the only ones that control the media enough to (1) bury all news of Israeli crimes, and (2) blanket the USA in a false story. Remember, the entire story Americans have been told about the establishment of Israel is a giant lie, perpetrated now for SEVEN DECADES.
    “War Profiteers and the Roots of the ‘War on Terror’”

    Who else could do that? Who currently holds all the establishment political and media puppets in self-censoring fear?
    “Charges of Anti-Semitism & the Silencing of Dissent in Europe” (and America)

    The Israelis. And more specifically, the banking mafia behind the Israelis. For the Israelis themselves are a pipsqueak bunch of religious fanatics. But their puppetmasters are stupendously wealthy, sociopathic criminals.
    “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

  12. anon[934] • Disclaimer says:

    You make it sound like ending mass education is a bad thing, Gilad. Readers of Foucault would be extremely happy about such a development. I say let the home-schooling revival begin

    • Replies: @annamaria
  13. Tom Welsh says:

    “You should trust gentlemen on their word”.

    And I do. But none of those people involved in this and similar affairs are gentlemen (or ladies).

    If someone lies expansively and imaginatively for a living, you would be unwise to trust anything they say – even “It is midday”.

  14. Tom Welsh says:

    As for the “telephone conversation”, no one who has read about the “telephone intercepts” in the MH17 case should believe in them.

    There is a big assumption behind all such tales: that “our” authorities are good and well-meaning, and that we can trust them because they would never lie (or do anything wrong).

    The world is divided into those who routinely make that assumption (the vast majority) and those who doubt it (a tiny minority of thinking people).

    And, as the politicians says in the old joke, “that’s good enough for me”.

  15. Tom Welsh says:

    All of these stories – Navalny, the Skripals, MH17, Assad’s poison gas, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, etc. etc. etc. all the way back to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the murders of the Kennedy brothers, and the sinking of the battleship “Maine” – serve primarily to demonstrate that our citizens are tragically uneducated.

    Back in 1914 John Alexander Smith, Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford University, said this to his class of new undergraduates:

    “Gentlemen, you are now about to embark on a course of studies which will occupy you for two years. Together, they form a noble adventure. But I would like to remind you of an important point. Nothing that you will learn in the course of your studies will be of the slightest possible use to you in after life, save only this, that if you work hard and intelligently you should be able to detect when a man is talking rot, and that, in my view, is the main, if not the sole, purpose of education”.

    Unfortunately, those undergraduates were in a tiny minority and today there seem to be hardly any people – even among the intelligent and well educated – who can detect when a man (or woman) is talking rot. Unless maybe they don’t wish to know.

    • Agree: Dumbo, Joe Levantine
  16. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin has been a cautious moderate in his foreign policy, extending Russia in the minimum way possible. But he can’t be president forever. After him, who? It’s very possible that Russia will end up taking a harder line. At that point American confrontationists may get what they’ve been spoiling for which looks to be a loser for everyone. The Biden lineup is composed of war lovers whose sport is to attack smaller weaker countries and who may have deluded themselves into thinking they’re ready for bigger targets. There’s an air of unreality about them. This long-standing propaganda demonization of Russia is like the blowing leaves before an oncoming storm. They are prepping us. It’s hard not to be pessimistic.

  17. Renoman says:

    America, the World’s cartoon Nation is a constant egg in the face of truth and civility.

  18. sally says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of What.. Even Oz would be embarrassed by ur babbel..

    Russia, China, Iran are not nearly the problem that the powers that control the USA, Britain and Israel are..

    IS has made a good article, let’s keep it that.. thanks IS.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Thanks: DaveE
    • LOL: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Ugetit
  19. anon[235] • Disclaimer says:


    Both Russians and the peoples West (and East, and South..) of Urals have governments that per media accounts are at odds, but at the occult Global Government level are in fact all signing on the dotted lines and saying what they are told to say to their populations. There are conflicts of a sort (purported “cyber” and “election” attacks) and hate hours for each target audiance, and a sort of a global Negative Cults of Personality.

    Meanwhile Chairman Gates’ utterings are faithfully and immediately propagated globally by ALL media outlets. This is a very interesting phenomena.

    So yeah, someone was playing 5D-chess, but guess who has ended up check-mated?

    The silver lining of this piece is that we can now, based on the utterly defeated tone of Israel Shamir, possibly take him off the list of paid-disinformation-agent and find him a place in the long line of useful idiot with a pen. “Leningrad” indeed, Israel.

  20. It’s important to remember what Russia is, a vast country with massive natural resources: abundant gas, oil, gold, and timber. It has a population of only 146 million (US is 317 million) and a military that operates on a budget that is 10% of the Pentagon’s, to guard all that wealth. It is a plum that Washington badly wants to pick.

    The Pentagon is developing plans for what it calls “great power conflicts” after wasting $5 trillion and 19 years failing to win the “war on terror”. Meanwhile, China and the Russian Federation have forged defensive and economic ties, anticipating just such a maneuver from the imperialist west.

    Influential neocon and Carter’s former National Security Advisor Zbignew Brzezinski outlined Washington’s ultimate plan for Russia more than twenty years ago. Couched in the usual politicized neoliberal jargon, it reads, “Given (Russia’s) size and diversity, a decentralized political system and free-market economics would be most likely to unleash the creative potential of the Russian people and Russia’s vast natural resources. A loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic — would also find it easier to cultivate closer economic relations with its neighbors. Each of the confederated entitles would be able to tap its local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow’s heavy bureaucratic hand. In turn, a decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization.” (Zbigniew Brzezinski, “A Geostrategy for Eurasia”, Foreign Affairs, 76:5, September/October 1997)

    This is our oligarchs’ game plan for Russia. In order to eliminate a challenge to American global hegemony, and to help themselves to its abundant resources, Russia must cease to exist as a national entity, instead becoming three weaker smaller states susceptible to external exploitation. This is regime change at its worst, to create a pretend-democracy faux free market entity not unlike the one that exists here, where the American republic once was. Putin has done a masterful job of preventing this from happening and restoring the shattered country he inherited to great power status.

  21. As a Russian/Ukranian living in London, floating in mostly leftie circles, I do enjoy the cognitive dissonance when Russian action is discussed.

    All of the explicit groupist statements (about the only accurate statement by the racists is that Slavs are not a race but an ethnicity!) light up in a wonderful hippocracy when I mention the Talmud, and get called a racist (although again, ethnicist, or groupist – for my personal term), even if I relate the ideology to the actions of Israel directly!

    .. I suppose the used car salesman’s ‘shithole countries’ insult is a lot less polished than the ‘fake financial product’ salesman’s “gas station masquerading as a country” quip, and moderns seem to take offence to any words that are straight, and not bent.

    • Thanks: GMC
  22. unit472 says:
    @Ray Caruso

    It is puzzling these alleged poisonings by Russian security forces. Are they so infatuated with James Bond type plots and gadgets to the point they lose sight of the objective ( if killing enemies was the objective)? Trotsky got it with an ice pick to the head. Crude but it worked. Some other Russian politician was gunned down right outside the Kremlin. Not very subtle but, again, the man was very dead. Hell, if you’ve got to do it James Bond style the Russians had a proven poison, Polonium, that had all the cachet of a high tech Three Letter organizations handiwork but actually worked. These novichok poisonings just don’t get the job done so why use it?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  23. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dane Yorick

    why would any god create humanity in the first place, far less to be plotting humanity’s path all the way through?

    life appears to me to be totally relative and as such gods wont make lesser than themselves as no form on life I know of does. they replicate themselves for all the obvious reasons we know. humanity, all life forms, even the gods themselves would have evolved out of nature in conditions propitious for their evolution like worms do every time we put together the right ingredients together in the garbage

    regardless of Muslims and others in their religious concoctions there are no gods and there is no one at all plotting positively to save humans. and what a gigantic waste that would be. Ridiculous! humanity would have to smarten up and save its collective self of we are toast. and soon too!

    to me Putin came out of Yeltsin, hand-picked and as all things are relative, there we are.

    so Putin does not know what his sucking up to the west produces? I mean even Merkel feels her oats to side with the USA and open up against Russia. Putin must know that suck up produces, encourages even more imposition by the bully. so why does he do it then…a leader of a top 5 country so suck up that he surely is having a deadly effect on progressive alternatives world wide.

    its the same with China. the Americans/Zionists are all over Chinese so called unstoppable advance to the biggest economy in the world. we know what they are…Anglo Zionists…so what effect are they having on the BRI and Chinese power. I have never been to China to see and prove for myself, but all the reports cry out that China is a terrifically totalitarian country, under full, draconian social control…surveillance, censorship etc., etc., etc.

    and the citizens of every country have allowed the current status quo to have full control, tell us what to d, do whatever they want, set up to depopulate, are depopulating right in front of us, i our faces and we actually pay for it, our own death, extinction of our classes. look at it right there in and amongst us, in front of us, not hidden away or secret. journalist writers, commentators all over the place are crying truth right in front of us. and yet Bill gates walks around smirking, confident setting up our destruction and everyone leaves him alone! isn’t that the nearest to god we can come?

    if Putin really wanted to attack the west why would he hack useless nonsense when he/Russia has more than what he is alleged to have hacked? Putin would assassinate and color revolutionize the west as the USA, Germany, France are all ready for revolutionary manipulation. Assassinate the whole passel of them… not necessarily Gates but the guys behind and above him. kill them all. Behead Israel, neutralize that nation: Russia can do that. Israel lives off the rest of the world. the whole system of financial parasitism does. attack that! neutralize the system.

    Putin does nothing at all to attack the west, even attack in self defense…while the west attack Russia all the time. what the hell is that!?

    I mean Russia is reputed to have the best weapons but given the aggression of the USA towards Russia, that has been neutralized?

    or are the West’s leaders are assured somehow that Russia will not use those weapons on them! how can that be given the surface situation in the world?

    The specter of Yeltsin rises above Putin and slightly behind Putin to the right, with it’s left hand on
    Putin’s left shoulder, as if to signify ‘that’s my boy!’

    • Replies: @DinoN
  24. Alfred says:

    Are they so infatuated with James Bond type plots and gadgets …

    It is the public of the West that is infatuated by these things. MI6 and its equivalents are only too happy to create these fake scandals to please their public. So far, the Russians have been quite patient, but don’t be surprised if they start revealing what the MH-17 story was really all about, who and what carried out 9/11 and so on.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  25. @Ray Caruso

    Pause and think again. If the aim is to put fear into hundreds or thousands of potential traitors and opponents a drawn out story of drawn out suffering is much better then a simple death notice or even news of quick death.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  26. “Now Biden says he will put Moscow on a tighter leash.”

    Roy Horn, born Uwe Ludwig Horn of Siegfried & Roy, had the white tiger Mantacore on a stainless steel chain yet it bit him hard but didn’t kill him (just to show who’s the boss) and the sweetie-pie Uwe ended up in practical comma for a long time and in the end died of the covid curse due to the weakened body.

    Let that be a lesson to all chickenhawks from the lesbian of the New York Times (Masha Gessen) to the shifty Adam Schiff.

    Russia is the nuclear tiger with nothing to lose!

    • Replies: @HallParvey
    , @Trickster
  27. MLK says:
    @Ray Caruso

    I continue to. be fascinated by the conspiracy of silence from all concerned over Nord Stream II.

    For some never explained reason, this most valuable long-term geopolitical/geo-economic objective for Russia is downright boring to the rootinest tootinest anti-Russia claque.

    The Navalny set-piece was exquisitely timed to delay completion of the pipeline until after the US election. Russia just so happened to allow Navalny to go to Germany for medical treatment. Merkel just so happened to use it as a pretext to delay — not cancel — the project until (hopefully) Trump was gone.

    Trump has been a monumental problem for the powers that be. He wisely made prodigious efforts to reduce tensions with the other nuclear superpower. Yet he also drove a hard-bargain when it came to geopolitical horse-trading, with Russia and all other powers. Thus Russia could have Nord Stream II but only in return for commensurate gains for the US sovereign.

    Let me make it simple for all of you would-be geopolitical analysts, Shamir included. There is no more baldly obvious treason than the USG consciously driving Russia into a strategic relationship with China the way it did during Obama’s presidency.

    China won the post-Cold War hands down. Telegraphed by its taunting label, a “Unipolar Moment.”

    Nothing is free in this world. It was evident to me at least, beginning with Snowden roll-out, that there was no price in the form of the national interest the powers that be wouldn’t pay to memory-hole their malefactions.

    If they succeed in installing Biden then our great republic will enter uncharted territory. A Yeltsin (circa 1996) who cannot even credibly fulfill the role of figurehead/pitchman like Bush and Obama.

  28. @sally

    Despite the low standards you apply to “Israel Shamir’s” blowhard opiniinating perhaps you would like to earn some intellectual credibility by tackling the detailed points I made about the Skripal and Navalny poisonings
    together with my later observation that drawn out reports on drawn out suffering was much better calculated than efficient killing with little publicity to frighten the thousands of potential traitors and opponents who need to be deterred.

    • Replies: @John Q Duped
    , @Curmudgeon
  29. Ugetit says:

    Your first sentence is hilarious and true. The rest of your comment deserves a thumbs up too.

  30. Israel you must love Putin very much to put lipstick on him like a PIG!

    Yes, Jewish hatred is well known for Putin.

    Shamir, the GateKeeper!

  31. “In Soviet America, government is plague!”

    –Yakoff Jerkov

  32. @anonymous

    I only caught a fleeting report of a joint military exercise between Russia and China. Assuming that is true, it’s a most welcome development. Doubtless, the incoming illegally elected Biden/Harris Administration will do all it can to stop such budding friendship by reversing Trump’s anti-China policy, and directing the country’s ire toward those evil, sneaky Russkies. China always goes where the money is, and there is still some left to take from the dying USA before it breaks into pieces. And the Biden crime family, with the entire mainstream fake news press behind them, must be allowed to keep its ill-gotten gains. Hunter will soon receive a presidential pardon from old White Joe.

    Would the bought and paid for Washington politicians have such hostility toward Russia if it was not a White led country? If Russia had 25% blacks in their Duma would that be enough for the white male hating demo-rats to cease their irrational madness, and stop the USG-instigated Second Cold War before it turns Hot?

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  33. Trickster says:

    A very entertaining article indeed. As usual, the US is always “sending” a message, delivering a “warning”, drawing a “line in the sand” and now “putting on a short leash”. The bullshit jargon our fearless leaders come up with is truly astonishing. Meanwhile the people receiving the message wipe their ass with it !

    I had a good laugh when troops were deployed to the Russian border to “warn Putin about Russian aggression”. All good press but it turned out to be a battalion with a few light vehicles and some tanks. They caroused around the border driving their vehicles back and forth and doing some fire drills before disappearing from the MSM propaganda circuit. The Russian commanders on the other side must have wondered who these idiots were. This is like sending a 5 year old to the Hells Angels clubhouse to warn them about their loud parties.

    Putin is a trained KGB operative who attained the rank of Colonel and once head of its replacement the FSB. I dont imagine you get to that level in such an organization by being a clown. In the meantime our erstwhile President to be was nicknamed Lunch Bucket Joe and with the personality of a coffee cup. His multicultural Jamaican-Afro-American-East Indian-Black -Chinese wannabee Jew VP just makes things worse in terms of perception. A Mutt and Jeff combination !

    Some folks say Putin is desperate for the approval of the West. I doubt it. This guy has things well under control with the rope around Europe’s neck without them even realizing it. I think it is the Russian character to be patient until patience runs out. Stalin did everything to appease Adolph but when the chips were down was an animal. The short leash the Fuhrer placed on Stalin turned out to be not a very good idea.

    Beware of men who continually smile !

    Also stop sending these messages and drawing lines in the sand. Its all so much bullshit. If you are going to rumble then rumble away. Otherwise you are a PUNK

    Talk + No Action = Bitch !

    • LOL: Dumbo
  34. @Dane Yorick

    Would you be so kind as to attempt a further and deeper explanation of Putin’s seeming desperate desire to win the approval of the rest of the modernist Western elites? Or is his wholesale swallowing of the MSM narrative, on matters such as the plandemic, for instance, just a case of turning the other cheek so as to avoid a nuclear war?

    The use of the word “seeming” is appropriate. Remember that Putins sport is judo, derived from Japanese Jiu Jiutsu.

    Wikipedia definition of Ju Jiutsu is (partial),”Jū” can be translated to mean “gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding”. “Jutsu” can be translated to mean “art or technique” and represents manipulating the opponent’s force against themselves rather than confronting it with one’s own force.

    Putin is not playing 5 level chess. He is practicing the art of Ju Jitsu. And why not, since it’s what he knows.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @John Fisher
  35. @Temporary Insanity

    “Now Biden says he will put Moscow on a tighter leash.”

    A leash is a line connecting two entities. The only question to be answered is, “Who will be leading.”

  36. Am I too understand Russia hacked the election for Biden now? How does that even fly with the left, or are they still having a hissy fit over their fantasy 2016 Russian hack? Also how would hack work with mailed in ballots, that apparently bred in sacks in the wee hours after the election? Didn’t I read Sydney Powell blaming Venezuela for the Dominion voting machines? Guessing she has old Venezuelan oil claims in needing of making good for her retirement. The US is officially insane. Who am I kidding, just incredibly stupid with a mix of evil. We really need to decommission the nukes and biologicals. Maybe even the conventional weapons.

  37. Trickster says:
    @Temporary Insanity

    The US is planning to deploy its elite Division as the spearhead unit. Their uniform is Red dresses with matching Gucci handbags and pink high heels shoes. Would you want to be a Russian soldier watching these “fellows” charging toward you ?

    Gender equality and sensitivity in action fighting to preserve democracy and freedom !

    Be warned Comrade Vlad, you got the message, we have drawn our line in the sand and the leash is on order from Amazon !

    • Replies: @Temporary Insanity
  38. Z-man says:

    It is probably one of the best places to be in the world ruled by Bill Gates and his Ethiopian WHO supremo.

    Good one!

    Adam Schiff, a Democrat, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the leader of Israel Lobby

    It’s amazing that the tribe still didn’t help Trump more (all he had was
    Douche-a-witz, lol) since he humiliated himself in front of millions in bowing down to The Cabal. Trump was stupid to put his eggs in the pro Zionist basket. He alienated an entire swath of America Firsters.
    Yeah isn’t it convenient that this ‘Russian hack’ happened just before Sleepy Joe’, takes office. A ‘Hiden’ administration that is even more dominated by The Cabal. Heaven help us.
    But one has to be proactive. American Nationalist party NOW!

  39. @follyofwar

    I think it is more about wanting to control the resource rich and strategically located Russian real estate.

    • Agree: Realist
  40. Emslander says:

    It is a plum that Washington badly wants to pick.

    I’m confident that the Pentagon knows very well that American military strength is an illusion inside a soap bubble. Military strength comes from spiritual assurance and economic vitality. Our country is more ripe for being picked from the tree than Russia ever was or ever will be.

  41. Avery says:

    {Whatever Putin does meets the US disapproval. In the conclusion of the recent Karabagh war, Russia saved the Armenians from total crushing defeat and allowed the Armenian separatists to preserve and secure their towns and villages in this area of Azerbaijan. Still, France and the US, the countries with big Armenian diasporas, are unhappy and try to undermine the armistice by encouraging Armenian nationalists.}

    Shamir, you are well informed about goings on in Russia, but you have no clue about what’s going on in Armenia, or about so-called ‘encouraging Armenian nationalists’.

    Nobody in Armenian Diaspora is encouraging anything. I can’t speak for French-Armenians, but here in the US people are stunned, like being hit over the head with a 4×4. There were lots and lots of American-Armenians who fell hook-line-and-sinker for the SorosaAgent Nikol-the-Türk, and who are now too confused and disillusioned to do anything.

    And people in Armenia are trying to get rid of Pashinoğlu and his evil wife without violence, because nobody knows what exactly the Traitor has signed on Nov 9th: Turkbaijanis continue their slithering grab of more Armenian lands to this day.

    • Replies: @Jake
  42. The sign reads standing against hate. Very true! Actions of Zionist controlled US amount to hate.
    Putin is truly a cool head. He will be not provoked like Hitler.
    Skripal and Navalny are nobodies in Russia and do not rise any attentions in Russia.
    Only west make them their heroes. They are no item in Russia.
    West got Ukraine. That was a success against Russia, but now west is finding out that Ukraine is only a burden.
    I cannot figure out what west want to achieve with these constant attacks on Russia.
    Russia will not be destroyed. Russia will always survive. Position of Russia will only strengthen and influence of Russia will only grow.

  43. Alfred says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    If the aim is to put fear into hundreds or thousands of potential traitors and opponents a drawn out story of drawn out suffering …

    And I suppose the alleged and evidence-free hack by Russia of all data on the spies working for the West and much else besides is part of this scare tactic. 🙂

    But I thought Russia was a “gas station”

    Russian hack was ‘classic espionage’ with stealthy, targeted tactics

  44. Jake says:
    @Ray Caruso

    That is the standard British spy story nonsense. It is far too complicated to be figured out because it complication is bound up with its utter simplicity. And it fails to kill, which is pure luck for the Good Guys, who then re justified in whatever they might do in response.

    Average Joe WASP Citizen falls for it 100% of the time, at least short term. And he never learns long term that Anglo-Zionist Empire lies as it breathes: it is innate, and without it Anglo-Zionist Empire cannot exist.

    • Agree: Alfred
  45. Jake says:

    Never trust anything to do with either the Brit WASPs or the Yank WASPs. They are both bound inextricably to Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Avery
  46. @HallParvey

    Interesting comment, and most likely true with regard to Putin. So thanks for that contribution.

    However, it is interesting that you would begin a comment with reference to “use of the word…” and then proceed to use a word (which is key to your point) that must have an unlimited number of spellings.

    Here are the spellings in the order they appeared in your comment:

    Jiu Jiutsu
    Ju Jiutsu
    Ju Jitsu

    Between the Jiu (or is it Ju) and the Jiutsu (or is it Jutsu or Jitsu), you used it four times, and each time with a different spelling. LOL

    Was this intentional? I mean, is this martial “art” so elusive that even the naming (and spelling) of it escapes identity?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  47. Anyone who wants to understand the Skripal story should read journalist Rob Slane’s excellent blog, the Blogmire, which is, I suggest, the finest open-source investigation of any event ever put together. Slane and his loyal group of commenters have pored over every aspect of the case and every statement put out by the authorities. In so doing they conclusively prove the British government has no credibility whatsoever in the incident.

    Sergei has of course not been seen or paraded about in the almost two years since the incident on March 4, 2018. Someone purporting to be Yulia was brought out once, but may well have been a different person. That needs to be explained. Some have speculated they were squirreled away, perhaps to New Zealand.

    Another possibility is that Sergei Skripal was not poisoned but was actually successfully extracted by the Russian secret services in an operation that left MI6 with egg on its face. This possibility has been discussed and considered seriously in Slane’s blog, perhaps even by Rob himself. Consider the following points:

    The British authorities changed their narrative literally dozens of times, suggesting they were making the story up as they went. The final version of the narrative, that both Skripals were poisoned by Novichok placed on the door handle of Skripal’s house made no sense whatsoever, as both allegedly collapsed at the same time, perhaps four hours later, and the Novichok as submitted to the OCPW was deemed pure, uncontaminated by weeks of rain and air pollution.

    All double agents must always be suspected of being triple agents and Skripal was reportedly in contact with the Russian embassy in London. Skripal’s house must therefore have been under 24/7 CCTV and agent surveillance. His house was situated at the end of a dead-end street. No film, however, has been divulged showing the two alleged perps coming up to the house to put the Novichok on the door handle. No doubt this is because it didn’t happen. (This is one of the few points, by the way, made by the Russian government).

    At the end of the affair the British government decided it needed to painstakingly replace the roof of Skripal’s house, even though the Skripals were allegedly poisoned as they were leaving the house for the last time. None of the other buildings involved, including the home of a supposedly poisoned police detective, needed the same treatment.

    The British government changed the timeline of the path allegedly taken by the Skripals that day. Originally they cited multiple witnesses to indicate Sergei and Yulia had gone to Zizzi’s Restaurant, and then to the Bishops Mill Pub just before they collapsed on the park bench. Then without explanation on 13 March the timeline was reversed: they were now said to have gone to the pub first, then to Zizzi’s. Nevertheless investigators pored over the pub parking lot for some weeks. This may well suggest the authorities were trying to deflect attention from something significant that happened at the pub.

    The Skripals were poisoned on March 4. On March 5 an Aeroflot jet left Heathrow on a scheduled flight to Moscow. The next time that particular jet body returned, it was shanghaied by the British authorities in a most unusual and illegal manner. The pilot and crew were ordered off the plane in what is considered to be an act of international piracy and a police dog was brought on to circle the passenger section, but for only a very few minutes — just long enough to search for someone’s or something’s scent. The search apparently ended when the dog focused on one particular seat.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  48. Agent76 says:

    May 4, 2020 Moscow’s Gilded Ghetto! Why Are Russia’s Super-Rich Fleeing From Russian Beverly Hills – Rublyovka!?

    Less than a decade ago, Rublyovka was one of the hottest suburbs in the world, with an influx of billionaire residents to live with the likes of Vladimir Putin and Roman Abramovich.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  49. If Americans knew the real Putin, they’d want him as our President. Watch this news clip of Putin showing up at a closed factory to scold its billionaire owners and demand it reopen.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  50. Trinity says:
    @John Fisher

    Jew Jitsu is a the Jewish martial art of self projection.

    White nations slaughtering other White nations for the benefit of World Jewry?


    • Agree: Realist
    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  51. annamaria says:

    Private schools can be a good thing, yet children need to play together to grow and become normal humans

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  52. @Wizard of Oz

    One of the last weapons of defense one can use when attempting to discredit an opponent is by using the: “you haven’t even attempted to disprove my detailed points” trick.

  53. Realist says:

    As for the hate of European leaders such as Merdel towards Russia… Is it China or the U.S. (“Anglo-Zion”) behind it?

    You can bet it’s the US.

  54. @Wizard of Oz

    the detailed points I made about the Skripal and Navalny poisonings

    If your detailed points are:
    1) potential traitors in Skripal’s case; and
    2) troublesome opponents of Putin in Navotny’s case;
    Skripal was a proven traitor. He was traded for an agent incarcerated by the UK. If you want to continue rescuing caught agents, you don’t poison your trade/their agent.
    Calling Navalny a troublesome opponent is like saying the Green Party candidate for POTUS is a serious threat to the Uni-Party.
    I can only assume the point is the top of your head.

  55. annamaria says:


    Putin has been rebuilding the foundations of the Russian state’s strength. He must be patient.

    As for a special selection process of stink-tanks ‘thinkers’ and various military ‘advisors,’ the true American patriots and experts in military affairs have been disgusted by the astonishing level of incompetence among the ‘thinkers and advisors.’ Some of the ‘thinkers and advisors’ are ‘persons of easy virtue’ serving mega-war profiteers, and some are ideological lunatics propagating the bloody myth of Eretz Israel.

    Most probable, there is indeed a cabal of Banksters that, like an infectious disease, has been torturing humanity. The amazing idiotic stories of Skripals’ and Navalny’s poisoning and the dirty games around the MH17 tragedy, Syrian tragedy, and the Olympics – all these stinky stories are garbage produced by specific people to make money and advance their careers.

    • Replies: @unit472
  56. annamaria says:

    Zbig had been following the ideas of his handlers, the banksters.

    For example, Adam Schiff’s Russophobia has been quite on a display recently. Would not it be fair to demand reparations from the whole Schiff family for the genocide in Russia? Jacob Schiff (1847 – 1920) had financed Japan during the 1905 Russian-Japanese war and he paid for the revolutionary propaganda among the Russian POWs there.
    Afterward, the Jewish American banksters (supported and promoted by the Rothschilds) financed Leon Trotsky (Leib Bronstein) and his relocation to Russia so that Trotsky can agitate the local terrorists towards a revolution in Russia.
    The bloody subhuman Bolshevik revolution was a fruit of Jewish effort, where American Jewish bankers played the leading role.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Thanks: Trinity
  57. DinoN says:

    What is your problem with Muslims?

  58. Vigilius says:

    Israel Shamir is brilliant .
    Total nuclear war ? Or as
    T.S.Eliot said at the end of his poem Hollow Man :

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.[

  59. Pashinyan had no choice, neither before not in the war. This war could teach you and your ilk to be less cocksure of your superiority, and to learn that “Turk” is not (repeat, not) an insult.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  60. Anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    America’s New War Steps Against Russia :

    $453 million for Ukraine.

    $290 million will go to countering Russia.

    $173 million for NATO (Moldova, Armenia, pre Baltics, Macedonia, Greece)

    $132 million for Georgia

    Read also ”An Open Letter to Americans” on Wall Street and Bolshevik ”Revolutions”


  61. unit472 says:

    If Putin is rebuilding “Russian Strength” he isn’t doing a very good job. He’s been in power for 20 years and, other than maintaining the Russian nuclear arsenal, he has little to show for it. Not suggesting Putin is in anyway Hitler but Hitler had, within 7 years of taking power, unified the German speaking world and built the world’s most powerful army. Xi Jinping, in his first 7 years, has built up Chinese military and economic power to near peer status with the United States while Russia has been eclipsed by South Korea economically.

    Whatever Putin’s doing it isn’t working so maybe Russia should get some new blood at the top.

    • Disagree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @annamaria
  62. It is probably one of the best places to be in the world ruled by Bill Gates and his Ethiopian WHO supremo.

    In spite of how much I dislike the place, I often come, reluctantly, to the same conclusion.

    I’m glad you recognize the central role of Gates in all of this.

    Bill Gates became rich by his updates; now he intends to update the virus and its vaccine annually.

    I thought I was the only one to notice that irony. But is it irony?

  63. Cyrano says:

    There always will be a bright star on the dark skies of humanity. It’s called Russia. Throughout history, whenever a western power started to suffer from delusions of grandeur – they always turned to Russia to prove them wrong.

    I don’t know what it is, why Russia always has to be the final proof of greatness for some wannabes greats. This is where the Russians are different, they don’t need to “prove” that they are better than anybody, and yet the history is full of evidence of this.

    The world doesn’t need to worry about anything this time around either. The chance to prove that someone is better than the Russia, passed during the 90’s, when Russia had that disaster of a president – Yeltsin. But even an idiot like Yeltsin did something remarkable as his final act – he elected Putin as president, thus saving Russia and some of his disastrous legacy as Russia’s first president.

    Whoever said: “They will sell us the rope with which we will hang them” – got the script a little bit wrong. The current “greats” are perfectly capable of hanging themselves, except that this time the rope most likely will be made in China.

    • Agree: annamaria
  64. Whats to fear from Putin. Russia was finished by world war 2. Anyway are russians white? how long have they been walking upright ?

    • Troll: frontier
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @annamaria
    , @karel
  65. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    The Great Reset, Green Deal, New Normal – if indeed this is the future, why should we mind a good total nuclear war that will wipe mankind off?

    I like the above comment at the end on the desirability of nuclear war when faced with the utter evil of the Covid manipulations. Frankly, Mordor is a valid alternate name for Washington D. C. We need to grasp this reality and admit that dealing with this preternatural, even supernatural, evil by any means will eventually be utterly necessary.

    It must be taken seriously that Biden will force the issue sometime in his Administration. If things continue as they are we will have the consequences of nuclear war without the nukes. One does not shut down whole economies or adopt Green policies with impunity. These are the hand of Death.

    It will take a little longer, but it will come. World War II did not start in a day and it took awhile for people to grasp what they were dealing with, but in the end the results were of considerable consequence. So it will be again.

  66. My Enemy hates Putin for 2 things:

    Standing up for a Godly order within Russia

    Fostering hope for a Godly order elsewhere.

  67. Sparkon says:

    If Putin is rebuilding “Russian Strength” he isn’t doing a very good job. He’s been in power for 20 years and, other than maintaining the Russian nuclear arsenal, he has little to show for it.

    Well, I suppose that depends on your point of view.

    During his first tenure as president, the Russian economy grew for eight straight years, with GDP measured by purchasing power increasing by 72%, real incomes increased by a factor of 2.5, real wages more than tripled; unemployment and poverty more than halved and the Russians’ self-assessed life satisfaction rose significantly.

    Photo: Kirill Zykov / Moskva News Agency

    It seems that all the gleaming new skyscrapers in Moscow’s International Business Center have been built since Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin took charge.

    For a long time, the tallest, arguably most impressive structures in Moscow were MGU (Moscow State University), and Ukraine Hotel, both in the Soviet style of grandiose architecture, and both built in the 1950s.

    Whether you like them or not, skyscrapers are an excellent visual reference to the economic vitality of a city or country, and one need only look at the many gleaming new skyscrapers in Chinese cities to appreciate that fact.

    Hitler had, within 7 years of taking power, unified the German speaking world and built the world’s most powerful army.

    Unfortunately for Germany, it was the Soviet Union that had built up the world’s most powerful army before and during WWII.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @unit472
  68. Putin is under zionist control as revealed by the chemtrails in the skies over Russia and the Russian governments swallowing the blatant lie of the covid-19 hoax and scam and psyop and the vaccinations for a non-existant virus, which virus only exists in the pyscopathic minds of the satanists in the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, the WHO, UN Agenda 2030,the World Economic Forum etc., etc..

    The Russian people and the people of America have a lot in common, both are ruled by a zionist communist government and a communist central bank, from which this control has its genesis.

  69. profnasty says:

    It’s no coincidence Vlad Lenin came out of London. It’s the Old Jew Jake The Snake Rothschild.
    His live crew, Zuckerberg, Fink, Simon, Kushner.
    Communists all, and the source of all Evil.
    Adolph Hitler, by comparison, was a saint.

  70. @Dumbo

    You could be right!!!
    Kissinger’s real name was Pissinger.

  71. R2b says:

    Great article! Why? IS is showing doubt about Putin. Same play as Trump, but the russian way, and corner.
    People are the same everywhere.
    Every normal influenza, by the new standard, has been a pandemic.
    No one recognizes that obvious fact, but a few.
    Used to updates and viruses in their computers, its a relative small transition, introducing it by updating shots and virus-mania.
    And a convinient chip, instead of a paper, to confirm it all.
    Have ye all read Revelation of John?

  72. anonymous[228] • Disclaimer says:

    But he can’t be president forever.

    It’s so cute that you think that. Totes adorbs. Putin and Xi Jinping and Rocketboy and whoever’s in charge of Iran and probably Netanyahu are with us in their current roles for the rest of their natural lives. I do not have a problem with that. It is the way of the world. What is the common denominator? The U.S. We need to stop starting or seeking to start wars, stop invading Syria, stop killing people (to the extent possible; we could start with not droning our own citizens).

    • Replies: @Vigilius
  73. @Trickster

    I am rolling on the floor and laughing my derriere off… thanks!

  74. @Peripatetic Itch

    Thank you for that recommendation and link to theblogmire!

    It looks like an excellent site, and you have demonstrated another proof of the axiom that Unz commenters always deliver!

  75. @Carlton Meyer

    Imagine any amerimutt golem doing this for the nation.
    That would be violating freedumb and the NAP.

  76. @Jake

    This. These subhuman golems have done enough damage to the world. We should extract everything from them with all available means.

  77. @Agent76

    Likely that the jig is up. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. The SANE nations, are not going to tolerate parasites any longer.

    The parasites were wrecking havoc everywhere under the protection of the (((West))), with the biggest havens being the JewSA for these usurious billionaires.

    Muttmerica is going down the toilet, so is the protection for these bastards. Soon there will be no place for them to hide, and they will either contribute or get nationalized.

    • Replies: @Per/Norway
  78. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dingo bay rum

    ukrop schweinhund.

  79. @HeebHunter

    i hope and pray that you are right.

  80. Vigilius says:

    Angelas Markel is 15 years in Office .
    Helmut Kohl was 17 years in Office.
    Willy Branth 23 years in Office .
    Jacques Chirac 17 years government and 18 years Mayor of Paris .
    No body is forever !
    So Putin term is fitting in European standards.
    USA has different story : Presidents -Sons, Wifes, Daughters etc are
    possible successors .
    Double or triple standards ?

  81. @Ghali

    The Jews HATE Russia with passion. Which is why I love it.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @annamaria
  82. annamaria says:

    “Whatever Putin’s doing…”

    — Take some effort to learn the numbers.
    Moreover, the Russian Federation has been working on its recovery against the provocations and sanctions imposed by the rabid gangster-states that feature such paragons of modern ‘western values’ as Browder/Cardin and other Clintons/Cheneys.

    Godspeed to Russian recovery. And the continued patience to the Russian government with the obnoxious zionized idiots populating the EU/UK’ and ZUSA’ governments.

  83. annamaria says:
    @Dingo bay rum

    It seems that we have Mrs. Nuland-Kagan and her loyal Banderites on this forum to inform us about “bad Russians.”

  84. @Afterthought

    Shamir can’t even bring himself to say SAINT Petersburg. Leningrad? That’s good, Shamir. Very 1980s of you. You can take the Jew out of Russia, but you sure can’t take away his Jew hatred of the last great white Christian nation on earth – Russia.

    Leningrad. LOL. Try taking a flight to Leningrad. You’ll be standing at the check-in counter at the airport all night.

    What a loser.

  85. “He won’t suffer us perishing in lockdowns or other man-made disaster.”

    What a goofy, sentimental stab at theology. Oh, but He will, Shamir. He will. Life is a but a puff of smoke as the Good Book says, and God is much more interested in souls than man’s plans or pleasure on this earth.

    I guess God allowed the Holocaust, too, according to you. (Although Ron disagrees with you.)

    But He won’t tolerate lockdowns!

    A 10-grader could write more logical sentences than this turkey.

  86. karel says:
    @Dingo bay rum

    Absolutely right, Dingle Bell. Germany won World war II and the humble Hitler committed suicide as he felt that his mission was accomplished.

    • Replies: @Dingo bay rum
  87. Vojkan says:
    @israel shamir

    Well, when we Serbs call Bosniaks “Turks” it sort of is.

  88. unit472 says:

    Oil prices rose during Putin’s first 8 years in office peaking, I believe, in 2008 at close to $140 per barrel. Skyscraper construction tends to show speculative excess. In 1930 New York there was a rush to build the world’s tallest building culminating in the Empire State Building, soon dubbed the Empty State Building as it opened in the midst of the Great Depression. Dubai did much the same thing during the first years of the 21st century as oil prices rose and money poured into the Gulf emirates. Now they have to digest those buildings in an era of low oil prices. Not going to be easy. New York is in trouble too as there are many new towers that were built in 2019 and 2020 just as covid changed work habits. Lots of loans are going to go bad on those new towers.

    As to the Red Army, Stalin had shot most every senior officer in the prelude to WW2 such that tiny Finland fought it to a stalemate in 1940. The only thing that kept Russia in the war in 1941 was German supply lines became too long to sustain their offensive and Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor allowed Russia to pull its Far Eastern army back to defend Moscow.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  89. Trickster says:

    Alfred, I understand you live in Ukraine so you would have a sharper eye for the Russian character

    So see, I never lived in Russia but I know a few Russians and have read a bit of history. They are a very patient people, courteous, hospitable and and the few I know go out of their way to keep their word…and expect you to do the same. They really appreciate it when you do them a favour or help them especially when you expect or want nothing in return.

    In my opinion once they are your friend it is a true friendship.

    Yet, when they reach the limit of their good nature they tend to be very unpleasant. Could you confirm or refute my observations and add any more that may be relevant.

  90. Trickster says:

    Alek- I have seen the photos of St Pete’s buildings and they are truly magnificent. They make our US equivalents look like chicken pens.

    Russia is a great country, always was, always will be as are its citizens. The towns and villages lost in the steppes while simple are simply beautiful. The region I like the most is the Kuban. More than anything else though is the fact that the photos and images show only whites. Take a photo of a US beach and the image is riddled with darkies.

    I also like Putin very much. A real statesman and highly intelligent, a man who cares about his country unlike the morons we have parading around Washington.

    Long live Russia !

  91. Sparkon says:

    The only thing that kept Russia in the war in 1941 was German supply lines became too long to sustain their offensive and Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor allowed Russia to pull its Far Eastern army back to defend Moscow.

    That’s mostly propaganda – Soviet propaganda – which Nigel Askey has done a good job of thoroughly debunking.

    Askey has shown there was no significant movement of Red Army troops from Siberia or the Far East to the Moscow front at any time between June 22, 1941 and the end of the year, for the plain and simple reason it wasn’t needed.

    So the question is; who stopped the Germans in December 1941 if it couldn’t possibly have been hordes of newly arrived Siberian or East Front troops? The answer is a massive number of newly mobilised and deployed divisions and brigades. The Soviet land model shows that 182 rifle divisions, 43 militia rifle divisions, eight tank divisions, three mechanised divisions, 62 tank brigades, 50 cavalry divisions, 55 rifle brigades, 21 naval rifle brigades, 11 naval infantry brigades, 41 armies, 11 fronts and a multitude of other units were newly Mobilised and Deployed (MD) in the second half of 1941. If Mobilized and Not Deployed (MND) units are included then this list is considerably higher.

    Forty-one new armies. Think of that.

    I would add, even at the height of the Wehrmacht’s success against the Red Army in the battles for Smolensk (July – September 1941), the German army had already suffered enormous losses of men and material from which it would never recover, despite destroying or encircling the Red Army’s 16th 19th, and 20th armies.

    The Red Army could afford to absorb these losses, the Wehrmacht could not. Indeed, in August 1941, the Soviets had sent three entire armies to join the British in the Ango-Soviet invasion of Iran.

    By the time of Zhukov’s counterattack in early Dec. 1941, the German army formations around Moscow were mere shadows of their establishment strengths, and the Heer’s Army Group Center was very nearly destroyed by the counterattacking Red Army.

    Japan could not advance even 10 miles against the Red Army at Khalkin Gol over the summer of 1939. Stalin was determined to avoid a two-front war, but in my opinion, the Red Army could have crushed the Japanese at any time during the war had it chosen to do so. The IJA fought WWII with mostly WWI-era weapons.

    At the time of Barbarossa, the Wehrmacht’s Heer did not have any tanks capable of defeating either the famous T-34, or the heavier KVs. Although the T-34 and KV models suffered from various shortcomings themselves, both had a high-velocity 76mm main gun capable of knocking out any German tank.

    The Wehrmacht was doomed from the time it set foot in Soviet Russia.

  92. Avery says:

    I never do.

    British Imperialists in collusion with Turks created the artificial state with the stolen name “Azerbaijan” to have a base under the belly of the (Christian) Russian Empire, and to have control of the hydrocarbons in the Caspian Sea region.

    British hostility to Russia is nothing new: they have been dreaming of dismembering Russia for at least two centuries. A couple of reasons:

    1) Not to allow ANY continental power to become too powerful, and interfere with British Imperial conquests and exploitation of world’s resources (Mackinder heartland theory 1904).
    This also applied to other continental powers, namely Germany and France. Brits always worked to prevent great powers on the continent from forming alliances that could potentially be against British Imperial designs. Brits, being an island and lacking natural resources, have always worked to steal, control, and exploit the natural resources of other peoples.

    2) Theft and exploitation of Russia’s practically unlimited natural resources.

    The latest war against Artsakh and Armenia was conceived and planned in the West/NATO by British Imperial interests (BP), Turks, quiet acquiescence of US (possibly even France), ……and Israel’s active support: Israel has been using Azerbaijan as a base to carry out various operations against Iran, and did not want to lose that base. In the case of an Armenian victory or even a no-loss/no-win by either side, Azerbaijan would most likely break apart and Israel would lose their very convenient base against IRI.

    • Replies: @Jazman
  93. @aleksander

    Actually, it is easy to fly to Leningrad. The code name is LED, as it ever was)))

  94. Avery says:

    {You can take the Jew out of Russia, but you sure can’t take away his Jew hatred of the last great white Christian nation on earth – Russia.}

    Where do you get that Shamir hates Russia?
    I read most of his articles, and don’t see it: maybe you can give some examples of his alleged ‘hatred’ of Russia.

    Calling a city by its old name implies nothing.
    There is a city in Republic of Armenia called Gyumri: its old, original Armenian name.
    It was renamed Leninakan in Soviet times, and changed back to Gyumri after 1991.
    Old timers in Armenia from Armenia SSR days still occasionally call it ‘Leninakan’ in random conversations: just the force of habit, nothing more.

  95. Trickster says:

    Who will be leading ? And who will be doing the pulling ?

    Its like a walk in the park where a dude with skinny bow legs weighing 140 pounds, out of breath because of health problems is walking a leashed pit bull.

    The only problem though is that HE thinks he is walking the BIGG DOGG when in fact to the amusement of all, the animal has him all over the place. Other travellers in the park give a wide birth to our erstwhile and fearless handler as his muscular beast rampages through this haven of peace and relaxation. Our gasping and geriatric walker grasping his walking stick in one hand and the “short” leash in the other, yells, screams, shouts, calls and threatens. Alas, the DOGG is deaf to all admonitions, commands, pleas and threats. It is obvious even to the most naive, uniformed and half blind half wits just who is on the short leash, who is walking who and just exactly who is in control.

    Oh shit ! The fucking pit bull almost ate a Chihuahua and snapped at its handler ! The bull even ate the muzzle …….and attacked the walking stick !

    Short leash or long leash it makes no difference. Notice any similarities ? LOL

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  96. @Afterthought

    My Enemy hates Putin for 2 things:

    Standing up for a Godly order within Russia

    Fostering hope for a Godly order elsewhere.

    Well said brother!

    It always that Mammon which counts and not Spirituality. But Hope is around the corner and always been.

    My Shia family and friends don’t like when I suggest that Ruhallah Khomeini was installed by CIA to save Islam, from the Satan the Shah of Iran. Through the Shah, the Muslim world were in mini skirt from the fashion magazines printed in Iran based on USA fashion magazines, both in Arabic and Farsi. But they are coming to see my point of view.

    USA and former USSR now Russia have always been allies and not enemies. Putin was brought by CIA to save and revive Christianity. Thus, Christianity will be back in USA like Russia instead of pornography.

    USA and Iran are the best of friends, and their plan is coming to fruition soon. Israel is in a big mess with Netanyahu at the helm, the 29 standing ovations have really gone through his head. Four elections in 2 years and the fifth one is around soon too, with no stable government. Fake Covid-19 is the final nail in the coffin.

    Best regards,


    • Replies: @John Fisher
  97. @Trickster

    Who will be leading ? And who will be doing the pulling ?

    Short leash or long leash it makes no difference. Notice any similarities ? LOL


  98. @Larchmonter420

    Well, that is a most creative way of getting to a most hopeful conclusion. I may be missing a telltale sign of irony or sarcasm, but if the CIA has been pulling strings in order to save Islam from Western decadence and revive Christianity through Russia, that would be their greatest deception ever.

    Or perhaps you mean it in the “cunning of reason” sense, or “too smart by half”!! Yes, they plan, but God is the best planner of them all!

    In any case, I notice that your comments are always filled with a manly spirit and with Hope, and I for one appreciate that.

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  99. annamaria says:

    Don’t forget that Jewish money (Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb & Co) had financed the Bolshevik revolution.
    The Jews found their Russain Amalek and behaved with their sadistic ethnic hatred towards Russian people and Russian civilization.

    Yuri Slezkine in his book The Jewish Century:

    … in June 1918, Lenin ordered the killing of Nicholas II and his family. Among the men entrusted with carrying out the orders were Sverdlov [Jewish], Filipp Goloshchyokin [Jewish], and Yakov Yurovsky [Jewish].

    Russian monarchy was exterminated by Jewish Bolsheviks.

    Along with the genocidal Lazar Kaganovich guilty of Ukrainian famine (between 6 and 8 million people died of starvation), Filipp Goloshchyokin (Shaya Itsikovich) presided over genociding the people of Kazakhstan.

    After Joseph Stalin ordered the forced collectivization, Goloshchyokin ordered that Kazakhstan’s largely nomadic population was to be forced to settle in collective farms. This caused a deadly famine in Kazakhstan, known as the Goloshchekin Genocide, which killed between 1 and 3 million people. 38% of all Kazakhs died, the highest number of any ethnic group killed per capita in the Soviet famines of the early 1930s.
    The tribe continues polluting this planet with their holobiz museums despite the numerous well-documented evidence of Jewish genocidal practices in Russia.

    • Thanks: Robjil
  100. @karel

    There are so many soviet lovers on this site.They can’t believe russia is a failed state probably from ironically their great victory in world war 2. Russia lost half its population and still is trying to be a civilized society. All they have to look forward to is more mosques going up in moscow. My best wishes to these knuckle walkers amd their simian followers on Unz review.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  101. @John Fisher

    Well, that is a most creative way of getting to a most hopeful conclusion. I may be missing a telltale sign of irony or sarcasm, but if the CIA has been pulling strings in order to save Islam from Western decadence and revive Christianity through Russia, that would be their greatest deception ever.

    No pun or sarcasm intended. For a lack of proper identification, I used CIA. Even if I had used the Deep State it would have not conveyed the proper identification. I started to look at things, different ways since Obama gave Crimea to Putin on a Silver Platter. Instead of listening, reading, looking and so forth, I started to concentrate on body language. At that time, I made a comment on Saker’s blog that both Obama and Putin are in cahoots. People thought that since English is not my language, therefore they started to teach me the meaning of cahoot.

    Also, I look at what is on the ground. I see Syria was not destroyed nor left ungovernable. Assad is in charge. Iran is in Syria, which is not important as the civil war in Syria was already won by Assad. What is important that Russia is back in Syria and the whole of Middle East. The same Russia (USSR) was kicked out from Middle East by the Evil Kissinger as per the terms of lost war of Yom Kippur. The same Russia was invited back to Syria by John Kerry on live TV. Imagine, live TV!

    If you are interested, I will make my case further as I don’t like to make long posts.

    Best regards,


    • Replies: @John Fisher
  102. annamaria says:
    @Dingo bay rum

    Relax. Look how many people from your tribe prefer to live in Moscow and other Russian cities instead of the barbaric apartheid state of Israel. What did Austrian Jews (civilized by the European culture) use to say about their eastern brethren?
    Of course, it is surprising and even unbearable for the chosen to observe the tolerance of Russians. This tolerance is exactly what makes Russians different from the perennial hunters for Amalek.
    Perhaps you need first to learn a thing or two about Silver Age in Russian St. Petersburg, as well as about the Moscow School of Mathematics at Moscow University at the beginning of the 20th century, before spouting your obnoxious epithets for the commenters on the UNZ forum.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  103. Relax. Look how many people from your tribe prefer to live in Moscow and other Russian cities instead of the barbaric apartheid state of Israel. What did Austrian Jews (civilized by the European culture) use to say about their eastern brethren?

    Well said!

  104. @Larchmonter420

    Thanks, Larchmonter. Yes, I am interested in more, if you can bear the longer comment. I’m still not quite sure I understand where you are going with this, but I like the intrigue (and especially the ending).

    By the way, are you the same Larchmonter that posts on Saker’s blog? That one has 455 after the name, you have 402. I guess it doesn’t matter one way or the other. I’m not being nosy, just curious. If so, I always appreciate your comments on Saker as well.

    Merry Christmas!

  105. Jazman says:

    First, the path to the West for the South Caucasus was closed forever. Secondly, the outer perimeters of the region are protected from each other by Turkey and Iran, while they do not fit into the Russian zone of influence. Thirdly, Pashinyan is turning from a little pig into a guarantor of trilateral agreements until the agreements become irreversible. Azerbaijan unblocks Armenia and becomes an important link in the global North-South ITC corridor between Russia and India via Iran. Ilham Aliyev will have to distance himself from Turkey if he wants to maintain personal power, under the supervision of Iran and Russia. As for the Turkish expansion fueled by the pro-Armenian media, this is nothing more than speculation. The Turks can want anything. He will eat something, but who will give him ?! Dreams and harsh geopolitical reality are two different things. Russia, if necessary, can press Turkey to the nail at any time. Ankara is well aware of this. Russia never finishes off its useful players, manipulates them, and this is geopolitics and nothing personal, and the self-regulating balance of power in the region cannot be disturbed, despite the hysteria in the media.
    In contrast to Turkey, Russia has enough levers of influence – through other countries, without directly interfering, ranging from Iran to Egypt and Algeria. It was the neighbors on both sides that drove Turkey out of Libya. Regarding the “Azerbaijani tail of the Turkish Sultan”, which is sticking out in the wrong place, I can say that the tail will be chopped off, but that later, with the use of an Iranian sword, under Moscow’s mark.

  106. TheIdiot says:

    Shamir’s last paragraph is most interesting and is long overdue: by some 30 years.

    Clausewitz is a required reading at West Point, Sandhurst, and many
    top military academies around the world, including Germany and Russia.

    But Jewish nation is the only nation that fully understood and implemented Clausewitz fundamental doctrine (that the war is continuation of policy and therefore policy in the times of peace is no more than a continuation of war by over means). This is not another anti-Jew rant.

    This is to explain why and how USSR (ignored Clausewitz) perished and Russia will follow in the steps of USSR as it follows the same military doctrine that the USSR followed.
    This is also to explain why and how a gang of terrorists (embraced and understood Clausewitz) defeated British colonial forces in Palestine, defeated armies of Arab neighbors and continues to control the narrative at least in the entire MEA region.

    When facing an adversary (or a bully) much stronger than yourself and an adversary whose ultimate goal is your annihilation you do not play by the rules of the game established by that bully. Because it is a sure path to your defeat and to your annihilation. You neither declare wars, nor sign (or adhere) to treaties. Because every day of your life has to be a fight of survival, every day for you is a war: in times of non-hot war it is/must be even a greater struggle, than in times of a “hot” war.

    Your only chance against the bully who is determined to destroy you, is the guerrilla tactics, non-stop war and action, disproportional response, alsways. Because the bully controls “the international community”, “courts”, “public opinion”, “rules of engagement”, “red cross”, “white helmets” etc. you have to ignore all of it.

    You have to pre-empt and to fight back without announcement and without diplomacy, without denying or admitting. When they bring down your power station you bring down their network, when they cross your territorial waters you sink them, when they cross into your airspace your shoot them down. When their spray you with a virus you respond with half a dozen and so on. Follow Clausewitz and the underdog when pushed into a corner has no choice but to use tactical nuclear weapons and make that clear in his military doctrine: in is not an eye for an eye: it is a leg for finger.When you combine Clausewitz with Game Theory you only begin to understand Mossad and Israel. And you for sure will know how and why the birth country of Shamir is no more, with RF in line for next territorial “collapse”.

    Thumbs up to you, as always, Shamir. But this time particularly to your last para.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  107. this is nothing more than speculation…
    I was fairly lost thru the first half of your post. You started to bring me around in the latter part.
    Then i remembered: other than money or power the only thing that matters is fucking someone over. Preferably your enemy but if one isn’t available, then whomever is available will do.
    That shows everyone you got the money and the power.
    I prefer to think no one knows what they’re doing or where things are going when they pretend they do.
    I’m cynical tho.
    I still don’t get that first part. That makes no sense in regards to money, power or fucking anyone over.
    Seems Willy nilly.
    They have a better plan than that don’t they?
    Happy New Year from the Great State of Tennessee

  108. Shamir’s last paragraph is most interesting and is long overdue: by some 30 years.

    But Jewish nation is the only nation that fully understood and implemented Clausewitz fundamental doctrine (that the war is continuation of policy and therefore policy in the times of peace is no more than a continuation of war by over means). This is not another anti-Jew rant.

    Follow Clausewitz and the underdog when pushed into a corner has no choice but to use tactical nuclear weapons and make that clear in his military doctrine: in is not an eye for an eye: it is a leg for finger. When you combine Clausewitz with Game Theory you only begin to understand Mossad and Israel. And you for sure will know how and why the birth country of Shamir is no more, with RF in line for next territorial “collapse”.

    Both you and Shamir are hasbaras disguised in sheep’s clothing. It was Moses (as) who tried to tell the Jews that the appropriate response for an eye is NOT leg but it is an eye. Those around him tried to intentionally misunderstand him. The Prince of Peace Jesus (as) took it a step closer to humanity by “turn the other cheek”. There was no way to enforce it so he endured to instill the love of God and love of mankind, that forgiveness is better than revenge. Prophet Mohammad (saws) took it to conclusion, basically separating a crime against individual and crime against society. If an individual kills someone, then the surviving family of the murdered has a choice. To forgive the murderer and state cannot interfere in this decision. This is encouraged. But if eye for eye is required than it is the state’s duty to enforce it. However, if an individual kills bunch of people, then it becomes crime against the society and it becomes the state’s business for retribution.

    Good times are ahead for the mankind! That Messiah/Messiah/Mahdi is around the corner is going on for 4000 years for Judaism, 2000+ years for Christianity and 1500+ years for Islam is way, way, far off. Clausewitz or not, one cannot destroy HOPE!

  109. @John Fisher

    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks, Larchmonter. Yes, I am interested in more, if you can bear the longer comment. I’m still not quite sure I understand where you are going with this, but I like the intrigue (and especially the ending).

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! No, I am Larchmonter420, and 420 in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh has a special meaning of being “con artist”. I am Mohamed and you will find me on Saker’s new blog as, “Mohamed”. And, on his old blog as, “Shia”. Saker and I go long, long way.

    Good times are ahead for mankind! Even a child knows that Covid-19 is FAKE, though we find all the countries are willing participants in it, beside Israel. Yesterday Benny Gantz spilled the beans, “While you tweeted, I safeguarded the justice system” and created a working mechanism to fight the coronavirus, thwarted “unnecessary lockdowns” and “saved democracy,”. However, Israel has no choice but to participate in the FAKE virus, as they will become odd man out.

    I see you are busy in Michael Hudson’s thread. Money as notes, or digital coins have no value in future as we are almost there to cashless society. Therefore, it is debit/credit at the FRS level, and makes no difference as long as all debits are equal to credits, which they always are. Thus, one don’t need a multiplier of creation of money, one can keep on creating endlessly.

    Lord Keynes is the Father of Fiscal Policy and where as Milton Friedman is the father of Monetary Policy. Covid-19 is to destroy the wealth at the highest level as we hardly need very much for survival. Before McGovern people were taking about “Negative Income Tax” and McGovern in 1972 was pushing it as a Presidential Candidate against Nixon. Milton Friedman defines it differently than McGovern. You can watch it on YouTube! The IMF calls it “Universal Basic Income”.

    USA had no choice but to transfers the manufacturing jobs as they were becoming obsolete by automation. China in turn helped USA and bought bunch of T-Bills which were useless for them. But now we almost the whole world has reached to automation and no need for multiplier to create money anymore. The problem is with those who are hard working and are proud to take a hand out. But with Covid-19 people need money and are getting there, whether proud or not.

    Best regards.


  110. @John Fisher

    My favorite quote of Karl Rove:

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    And, my paraphrase of the above quote:

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own drama. And while you’re studying that drama — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new dramas, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re drama’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    China, Russia, Iran, KSA are the vessels for the Empire. You have to look at the Elephant in the room, which is responsible for the demise of at least 200 million Christians in the last 100 years.

    Best regards,


  111. annamaria says:

    “disproportional response, alsways. Because the bully controls “the international community”, “courts”, “public opinion”, “rules of engagement”, “red cross”, “white helmets” etc. you have to ignore all of it.”
    — Thank you for explaining so well the absurdity of holobiz museums.

  112. Johan says:

    Migrate from the Gates of hell to Belarius for the time being, from there on to Russia at sixty?

  113. Johan says:

    So what if in the hereafter they also believe in the Corona virus? The advantage would be that the tax collector cannot get at you, the whole pocket filling hierarchy will be unable to rip your wallet, they cannot vaccinate you, no social distancing, no masks, etc. Counting our blessings? but the whole global gossip & parrot circuit might bore you to death though in the hereafter, while you are dead.
    I positively assert that we should agree upon a secret sign of recognition once we arrive there, we will be communicating as such a non-belief, but be silent of it to avoid tedious discussions of those who eagerly smell non-conformism, until the psychosis dissolves, by al means, they don’t have fear death out there. ‘What did you say, yes Covid, terrible isn’t it, no, I happen to fall from the stairs and broke my neck, but nevermind me’, just the usual obliged expressions of sympathy. Or perhaps reconsider Belarus?

  114. Vaterland says:

    Shamir, I find your articles comfy to read. But I have absolutely no idea why you had to insert these anti-German pieces. There is no German obsession to fight Russians. The exact opposite in fact. Both the German right and left have been continually on the Russian side, including very controversial issues like Crimea. Northstream 2 is also not being cancelled. What more do you want? Unless you are committed to send Armata tanks to Berlin and remove American bases from German soil, more is unrealistic.

    We may disagree drastically about WW 2, but I also find it disrespectful to our common Soviet Past. Do I have to remind you that East Germany was part of the Eastern Block for more than half a century? Were we not the symbol of Soviet success? If anyone hates Russia and Putin it’s the ‘International Libtard’. Der Spiegel, an OSS founded paper, which is part of this current Navalny op with bellingcat and CNN also agitated against the AfD as Russia’s Trojan horse. And the last thing Angela Kasner/Kasmierczak/Merkel or Heiko Maas and Steinmeier do, is to continue an imagined policy of German/Nazi aggression against Russia. The current government is the most anti-German government one we’ve ever had. Merkel’s ancestors fought against Germany in both World Wars, Maas went into politics “because of Auschwitz”, Steinmeier is the white/German guilt pastor par excellence. These people hate Germany, they hate Germans. There is not a single leader in the world who threw away their national flag in disgust, except for Angela Merkel. It’s totally ridiculous to imagine any form of German imperialism from this government!

    Big revelation incoming: Merkel is very much a loyal servant of Washington, B’nai B’rith and the trans-atlantic deep-state to which she owes her career. And Washington has been agitating for confrontation with Russia for years now. In the Cold War half of Germany was part of the Warsaw Pact, half if it of “the West”, the US Empire. Today all of it fell under the auspices of the empire. German sovereignty never materialized. Not with the end of the Cold War, not with German reunification, not with the collapse of the Soviet Union or with any US president.

    Washington has been trying to push Russia and especially Germany into war with each other for almost a decade now. And it’s not the first time. Just think of Bernard Baruch and the Schiffs. The money masters, so called masters of the universe are enemies of both nations. Stalin and Hitler is long in the past. But we are alive now. And the last thing you or anyone else should do is portray the Germans as enemies of the Russians. It’s irresponsible. And it’s just not true. If Germans were so obsessed with fighting Russians, why were Russia and Prussia allied against Napoleon?

    I find it so profoundly tragic. My own time in St. Petersburg was among my most profound and well cherished days alive. The minutes of silence at Dostojewsky’s grave, the St. Issak cathedral and its choir, the Eremitage, all its rivers in the ice, the artistic subway stations, also my time with a Russian veteran from the war in Chechnya and all the beautiful Russian people. For some it is Venice, for me it is St. Petersburg in the snow. Only Kyoto comes close. Yet Russians and Germans are not allowed to have peace.

    Now, I am willing to see you first and foremost as a Russian Christian, but stop pushing such narratives, Israel. Only Washington profits from conflict between Russia and Germany; it’s the last thing any German nationalist wants, no matter whether he is a monarchist, a republican, or even those who think positive of Hitler and NS today. Russia’s conflict is with Washington and its vassal politicians, not with us.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
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