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Putin’s Disappearing Act
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President Putin has gone into hiding. Well, sort of. On September 14, he said that many people (“dozens”) in his inner circle have tested positive for the virus, and as a result he has to self-isolate. His sudden seclusion has sent waves of anguish across this huge country. His explanation was met with disbelief. Everybody around Putin is vaccinated and so is Putin, or so he claimed. Why would he need to self-isolate; how could all these vaccinated people become sick? Is the vaccine – fake? Or should we look for another explanation. Did he fall, or was he pushed? Will he come back? Is this the end of Putin’s era? Is Putin ill, or was he forced into isolation? Is it a conspiracy? The Russian government is, and always was manual, not automatic; the absence of the ruler at the helm of the mighty ship of the Russian state could spell trouble. The Russians do not believe the official version, but what is the truth?

A week before his announcement, on September 8th, a close friend of Putin and his former bodyguard, the man considered as a probable successor, the Minister for Emergencies, Mr Yevgeny Zinichev, died in unusual circumstances during an Arctic drill. The head of RT Margarita Simonyan said he died while trying to save a cameraman who fell off a cliff. Perhaps he was targeted as Putin’s successor, said rumours. Just before that, on September 7th, Putin went to a Siberian retreat with his Defence Minister, Mr Shoygu. What did they discuss far away from eavesdroppers? There were rumours that Putin suspected or uncovered a plot against him and preferred to minimise his contacts with the outside world and even with his own bodyguards. A very cautious man, President Putin knows that there are many powerful people and organisations that would like to see him dead and he doesn’t want to give them this satisfaction. For this reason, his enemies call him ‘The Old Man in the Bunker”. Still, Putin appeared on TV from his hideaway.

Alternately, there are precedents of rulers claiming force majeure when they wanted to miss an event or to avoid a meeting.

President Gorbachev learned of a plot hatched by Soviet hardliners and decided to stay away hoping to enjoy the benefits should the plot succeed and have his alibi if the plot fails. He went to his Crimean Phoros Palace during a tumultuous August 1991 and claimed he was detained by plotters; the plot failed, he returned to the capital, but he never got his powers back.

Likewise, the last Russian Emperor, Tsar Nicolas II learned of the planned demo of peasants and workers who intended to come to the Winter Palace to plead with the Tsar. He decided to stay away from possible trouble and went to his country residence Tsarskoe Selo. His officials machine-gunned the pleaders on the Bloody Sunday. This massacre caused the first Russian revolution of 1905-07, and the Tsar’s absence didn’t help him at all. On a different scale, President Trump went to play golf while his supporters gathered at the White House. It didn’t help him: he had lost the White House and he was accused of illegal actions. In short, staying away is not a good option for the ruler, but it is done, sometimes.

Let us consider this possibility. What could move Putin to do a Phoros-2? Now is a very eventful time and a healthy Putin would have to visit Dushanbe and deal with Russian parliamentary elections, among other things.

Dushanbe Summit

On September 16 and 17, there was the double summit of the SCO and the CSTO in Dushanbe. The SCO and the CSTO are two different international organisations, though their membership partly coincides. Putin was expected to come in person and deal with post-Afghanistan arrangements; though it could be dealt with remotely. But he was also supposed to meet with the leaders of China, India and Iran. Especially important was the planned summit with Chairman Xi, as the two leaders haven’t met face to face for a long time. There were rumours in Moscow that Putin is avoiding meeting the Chinese leader, though it was pre-planned for immediately after Geneva summit with Joe Biden. The Putin – Xi summit had been planned even earlier, to coincide with 20th anniversary of Russo-Chinese Friendship Treaty; then it was postponed because of the Geneva summit, and then just cancelled. Xi was supposed to come to Dushanbe to the SCO summit. When he learned that Putin wouldn’t come, he stayed at home, too. Thus this very important summit of two leaders didn’t materialise. Could it be that Putin does not want to be seen siding with China, in the context of the fateful triangle Washington-Moscow-Beijing? Perhaps. The Russian elites are divided; some prefer close relations with China, and others want to throw Russia’s lot in with the West. Putin is balancing these groups. Who will be first to make a deal with Biden, Putin or Xi? Perhaps Putin prefers to sit it out and allow Xi to try his hand first, at the next summit of the G2.

The physical place of Putin at Dushanbe had been taken by Alexander Lukashenko, the stalwart President of Belarus, and he visibly enjoyed the task. Years ago, after Belarus and Russia entered the Union State agreement, people mused that Lukashenko would lead both states, or at least deal with Russian domestic affairs, too. There was a feeling that Lukashenko would be better for economics, for agriculture, industry and social structure than Putin, who was more involved with foreign affairs. If Russia and Belarus would vote for the president, Belarusians would vote for Putin, while Russians would vote for Lukashenko, it was said jokingly. However, it didn’t happen. Lukashenko managed the Dushanbe session just fine and Putin spoke to them via video link.


It seems they failed to bring some sense into the stubborn head of Mr Rahmon, though they tried. Russia is ready to defend Tajikistan in case of a Taliban offensive or infiltration. But the Tajik President has much more daring plans. He speaks against Taliban interference in Tajikistan, but has hopes to resurrect the Northern Alliance, the group of Northern warlords, the enemies of Taliban. They are predominantly members of ethnic minority groups; many of them Tajiks, the second biggest (after Pashtun) ethnic group of Afghanistan. It seems Rahmon would like to break Afghanistan up and create there the second Tajik state and it would mean a new bout of civil war, something nobody else wants.

There was a report that Rahmon received and entertained Ahmad Massoud, the ‘Panjshir rebel’, and the former vice-president of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh (who declared himself “acting president of Afghanistan”, after the flight of Ghani). It is not clear whether such a meeting actually took place. It may be just one of many examples of fake news from Afghanistan produced by Indian fake news factories. If it were true it would cross the red line in relations between the two neighbouring countries.

Russia would not like it, either: Russia has established working relations with the Taliban; the talibs asked Russia to help them to regain their lawful seat in the UN; they suggested a state visit to Moscow. The “Panjshir resistance” has been defeated without a battle. Some of the ‘resisters’ roam the mountains and appeal to warlike US politicians for support, but otherwise they lost their war. Apparently, Massoud and Saleh found a refuge in Tajikistan; it would be fine for a humanitarian gesture, unless the ambitious Rahmon turns his country into a base in the Afghan civil war.

However, this development wouldn’t justify Putin’s sheltering, unless there are some security issues.

The Russian Parliamentary Elections

Russia will “catch up with, and overtake America”, said Nikita Khrushchev in 1957. The recent (17-19 September, 2021) Parliamentary elections could be seen as a new attempt to catch up with America’s election fraud. The Russians couldn’t overtake the Shining City on the Hill: the last US Presidential elections were so profoundly dishonest that nobody could beat them. But the Russians had a good try.

Russia has a mixed system of electing Parliamentary members: some are elected by a Party list and some by majoritarian system. In the places where people were allowed to vote freely and their voices were decently counted, – mainly in Siberia – the Communists won. Elsewhere, the ruling party United Russia got the seats. They utilised all the methods successfully applied by the US Dems. People were allowed to vote at home and the collecting teams harvested a lot of votes. More people voted than there were registered. The opposition was kept away from the count. The seals of the voting boxes were often broken. But the best method was digital voting, allowed in a few cities including Moscow.

Like the postal vote in Detroit, the digital vote in Moscow was totally at variance with the real paper vote. Here is the picture of the Moscow vote, on the left – the real vote only, on the right – the real and digital vote; green for opposition (predominantly Communist), blue for the government candidates. The digital vote in Moscow had an unusual feature: voters were allowed to change their mind and re-vote. So the government could see the results and “re-vote” as much as they wanted.

Russia’s ‘democracy’ is as limited as anywhere. The political process is controlled by a governing body called AP (Administration of the President); it is not even mentioned in the constitution, but they decide who can take part in the elections and who will make it to the parliament. They do dirty tricks, too, by creating splinter parties to steal votes from the opposition. The AP decided that the Communists should not get more than 20 per cent of the vote, while the ruling United Russia should have about 50 per cent. These were the instructions given to local bosses and they just followed orders. In a few districts where the local bosses decided to ignore the AP orders, the Communists got up to 30 per cent, and United Russia below 30%. Together with the Socialists, the Russian Reds could form the new government. They would gladly serve under Putin.

The Russian Reds are not similar to the US (and European) Left. They are against identity politics, against gender and race discourse, they love Christ and Stalin. The Russian Reds differ from the US (and European) Right, for they support massive nationalization, a comprehensive health service and free education; they are against oligarchs and do not like immigration. In short, they are much more Putin than Putin. And they are not West-friendly. Their rise would change things on the world scale. Now, for the first time since 1996, they became popular among young people as well as among the older citizens. Though they are very different from the pro-Western liberal opposition, they learned to do things together against the AP diktat. CPRF is basically a social-democratic party, perfectly fit to rule; but the AP considers them too independent.

The Communists rejected the results of the digital vote; the government responded in force. Many Communist candidates and their staff were arrested. The government forbade the protest demos and rallies, using the Coronavirus as their preferred pretext. What would they do without the Corona, I wonder! The West correctly accused the Russian authorities of manipulating the electoral results; wrongly they attributed the opposition success to Navalny and his pro-Western liberals. But the Reds are quite timid, for two reasons: they are rather supportive of Putin and his foreign policy, and they are afraid of being outlawed and banned, as happened under Yeltsin. The liberals overthrew the communists and shelled the parliament in the 1990s, and they aren’t going to allow the Red Return, I was told by a member of the Russian parliament, the Duma.

Moreover, the people took the outcome in their stride. There were no big rallies or demos; true, they were forbidden, but people accepted the prohibition rather meekly. There is no revolution coming, not even big protests. Apparently, the Russians have reconciled themselves to this ‘limited democracy’. So did we all: from Australia to the US, from France to Germany, real democracy has died. Instead, we have sanitary tyranny with some face-saving ‘elections’ corrected by massive election fraud.


Russians think they are doing fine. People have their salaries, their cars, their country houses; the cities are in good shape, there is not much of unemployment. Before the elections, the obedient Covid almost vanished; now it is likely to reappear, but that is the case everywhere in the world. So there are no strong motives for protest, like it was in 1991 or even in 2011. More and more people come to conclusion that the elections are just a farce. But it is not enough to move people for revolution.

I spoke to some people close to the Kremlin; they told me that they think Putin went into hiding because of the elections, as his security people weren’t certain how the masses would respond to the election fraud. It could be a replay of 1991, when huge masses of people overthrew Soviet rule. Now we see that it did not happen. People took it laying down. But security likes to overplay their hand. In Washington, London and Moscow, there are more police than protesters at practically any rally.

One week after the elections, and they were totally forgotten. On the day the results were published, there was a mass shooting; an 18-year-old man took a hunting gun and shot six students in his school. Such terrorist attacks conveniently occur when there is a need for drastic change of the agenda, and there are enough mentally troubled men to do a massacre unless stopped.


We do not know for sure why Putin decided to claim that he has to self-isolate. It is not totally impossible (though unlikely) that there is indeed an outbreak of Covid. Otherwise, it could be connected with the election uncertainty or with the pending Putin-Xi summit, or, indeed, a plot was discovered. Most probably Putin will emerge out of his shelter by September 29th, for his summit with President Erdogan, as they have much to discuss. But his seclusion won’t gain him brownie points in the eyes of Russians.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. You have Life?  Good.  Then Life has you as well  All of you! Every organ, every drop of blood and, of course, your brain: your mind. But I have free will!, you say. Of course you do. Sort of.

    Now Life is normally quite placid. Even though Life lives on by consuming itself; the feasting is benign, as it is with all Life’s wards; with one notable exception. You.  And the rest of the human race. We are Life consuming gluttons extraordinaire. Think Gettysburg, Dachau, Hiroshima and …factory farming: ad nauseam.

    This is not new, of course. Our behavior is old news. Life has cut slack to humans because we have a uniqueness that has warranted observation over time. Time may have just run out. Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere. Our pernicious conduct may have convinced Life that without its prompt.interjection; it is inevitable.Enter Mr.Covid 19. Force Majeure of modern plagues. Sponsor of the blame game to end all blame games

    • Replies: @sally
  2. On September 14, he said that many people (“dozens”) in his inner circle have tested positive for the virus, and as a result he has to self-isolate…. His explanation was met with disbelief. Everybody around Putin is vaccinated and so is Putin, or so he claimed. Why would he need to self-isolate; how could all these vaccinated people become sick? Is the vaccine – fake?

    Well, I’ve stumbled across claims Sputnik V’s testing was faked, or of low quality, but I assume its a decent vaccine albeit with manufacturing issues and is reasonable effective.

    Against its original target of classic Wuhan and the more transmissible Alpha. But against Delta which is even more transmissible and has some immune escape mutations, all vaccines are less effective for all their endpoints, and whatever “social distancing” Putin and this inner circle were doing will also be much less effective, we’ve seen that everywhere except maybe the PRC.

    Here’s the official results for Delta (search on that string), from a perhaps buffed 97.6% to 83.1% (the claim of “NO serious adverse events or vaccination-related deaths” is ludicrous, for example all vaccines if you can give them to enough people will result in some immediate anaphylaxis adverse effects, but we know that and how to deal with them), and 94.4% against hospitalization, the data is from Russia. The figures against Delta are perhaps plausible, we’ve seen worse from Pfizer/BioNTech in some studies I haven’t evaluated the quality of, but it’s what we might expect from a good “active” vaccine, which excludes the disappointing Oxford and by design the one jab version of Janssen’s.

    With these numbers we shouldn’t be surprised “many” for some value of many of his inner circle got infected with Delta, I assume this is from molecular “point of care” testing, like a small machine which spits out results in around 15 minutes that aren’t as accurate as a RT-PCR test. Which will catch asymptotic cases the vaccine organizations like Gamaleya or Pfizer/BioNTech don’t look for in their Phase III trials. Because it’s insanely expensive and likely to cause many of your study participants to drop out, only AZ/Oxford tried for one of their small Phase III tests, weekly visits to get a swab up your nose. So efficacy when measured against constant testing will be below the top line “prevents symptomatic disease confirmed by molecular testing” endpoint, here of 83.1%.

    So maybe the above facts will help … I can’t believe we’re back to Kremlin watching akin to the Cold War, a lot more openness so we’re not scrutinizing seating patterns for May Day parades, but I’ll leave this to the specialists….

  3. Rahan says:

    Mr. Shamir, thank you for this honest article.

    Now we wait the winter energy and product shortages in the West, and will Russia use the late autumn to do mandatory clot-shots of the population. As recommended by the IMF.
    The IMF expects Russia to initiate mandatory jabbing October-November. We shall see.

    There’s a major vax zogbot swat wargame planned in the city of Kazan, Tatary.
    To illustrate how to use troops during “epidemiological emergencies”.

    How I laughed when Alex Jones warned of all this twenty years ago. How I smirked and snorted with contempt.

  4. Most interesting assertions, albeit a few of them are a bit of a stretch, especially where they head off in the direction of conjecture. I’ll reserve overall judgment (if ever) after hearing others’ views on this these matters.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @Palinurus
  5. Andreas says:

    Most interesting. The alleged details of Mr Zinichev’s death always struck me as strange, if not implausible. And Covid has become an excuse for anything anywhere. Then there are the “elections” and oddities surrounding the summits. Given the timings and in the context of Russian history as presented by Shamir, something appears to be happening, or maybe not. Western propaganda seems silent. Russian politics is always opaque.

  6. they love Christ and Stalin.

    I do not believe that the Red scum who terrorized Russians for 70 years deserve a free and fair vote count. Certainly they never extended that favor to anyone else.

    And Israel needs to go back. To Israel.

    I spoke to some people close to the Kremlin; they told me that they think Putin went into hiding because of the elections, as his security people weren’t certain how the masses would respond to the election fraud.

    Israel is a fraud and his sources are shit.

    Putin has an approval rating of 60-65%. These are not numbers at which you ever see mass protests.

  7. @Anatoly Karlin

    The Reds did it better than your favourite Zhirinovsky))) And I enjoy that you rise to the bait so promptly!

  8. @israel shamir

    No, I voted for United Russia. There’s not much reason to vote for the LDPR now that Putin/UR has adopted most of the nationalist platform.

    I am also happy to vote for people not endorsed by Navalny’s point man in Lithuania.

  9. @That Would Be Telling

    I thought the Russian vaccine was aided by espionage of the Astra Zeneca one? Was that true or just a rumor?

  10. @Sebastian Hawks

    I thought the Russian vaccine was aided by espionage of the Astra Zeneca one? Was that true or just a rumor?

    Ridiculous rumor. What would the espionage be for in the first place?? Oxford—AZ which hadn’t made vaccines before is only making it at cost after getting strong armed by the U.K. government, which I’m sure they really regret now—had been doing Phase I trials on their platform for eight years and has of course published papers on their efforts.

    The basic concept can be described in one sentence, “Take an adenovirus, knock out the E3 set of genes that inhibit immune system responses, replace the E1 set of genes with DNA for your target protein(s), and supply the E1 genes in plasmids in the human cell line you’re growing them in.” It is I assume very obvious to anyone familiar with adenoviruses.

    The only things they have in common is both use a wild type, unstabilized spike protein, and they’re grown in the same human cell culture line, which is a very old and standard one from the early 1970s. If there’s anything “stolen” it would be from that detail of the Oxford platform and probably wouldn’t be hard given how many factories have been set up, not just by AZ but also by the Serum Institute of India (a private company that makes a lot of the Third World’s vaccines).

    But it’s not like that is new technology, or the knocking out or splicing in of DNA of viruses, and Gamaleya was way too fast to market to have not already been working on their platform. Note also Russia is not new to this general type of “active” vaccines, see most famously their collaboration with Albert Sabin on his attenuated live virus polio vaccine in the late 1950s.

    Different is that Oxford’s virus was gleaned from chimpanzee feces, the idea there being humans wouldn’t have immunity against it, and it uses the same vector for both doses, homologous vectors which are normally given close together, four weeks apart. Which is probably a mistake, immunity against the vector itself is thought to be an issue in zapping boost doses after the first “prime” dose.

    Sputnik V’s claim to fame is that it uses heterogeneous vectors, human adenoviruses Ad26 for the first and and Ad5 for the second. Janssen also uses Ad26 for their vaccine, but grown on a newer cell line, was intended from the beginning to be the very best single dose vaccine, but they also did a Phase III trial two doses eight weeks apart and just recently reported it had good results. Also had used that platform previously for the first dose of their Ebola vaccine, which got EU approval.

    The single biggest issue by far for Sputnik V is that it’s very hard to grow the second Ad5 based dose, so much the vaccine is pretty much unobtainum outside of Russia. Partner Argentina recently was the first to make more than test batches, “one million doses,” actually more than that, but with a 6:1 ration of first to second doses. Gamaleya is partly addressing this by doing the Janssen thing, just using the first dose as “Sputnik Light.”

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  11. GuestAug says:

    Why would he need to self-isolate; how could all these vaccinated people become sick? Is the vaccine – fake?

    I thought that by now everybody knew that the vaccines were nowhere near 100% effective against COVID. I live in the US and know personally vaccinated people who got COVID. It’s called breakthrough infection.

    What the vaccine does do is significantly reduce the risk of NEEDING HOSPITAL TREATMENT as a result of getting COVID. The breakthrough cases I know of were all rather mild.

    I do wonder if vaccinated people are more likely to be asymptomatic and thereby posing a bigger risk to others just because they don’t know they have COVID.

    • LOL: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Rabbitnexus
  12. Putin is a neoliberal lackey and the proof is that his administration is full of neoliberal Atlanticists like Nabiullina. His extremely meek responses to constant Amerikastani Empire provocations and insults is an indicator of what his neoliberal masters want.

    Not surprisingly Putin cultist the Faker is defeaningly silent about the election, while shamelessly asking for money from his echo chamber (and insulting those who express the slightest dissent).

  13. Blade says:

    I heard Putin is using COVID as an excuse to have a short break from politics to become a Russian brat in PUBG to annoy everyone else who plays the game.

  14. @Anatoly Karlin

    “I do not believe that the Red scum who terrorized Russians for 70 years deserve a free and fair vote count. ”

    So you’re admitting that

    1. The vote was rigged and therefore

    2. The vote had to be rigged which means

    3. Putin’s personal popularity has damn all to do with United Russia’s election performance, and also

    4. That since you favour rigging the vote count to not allow the Communists to win, you are in no position to squeal when United Russia is scattered to the four winds after Putin dies and the new party in power rigs vote counts to make sure United Russia never rises again?

  15. Miro23 says:

    A week before his announcement, on September 8th, a close friend of Putin and his former bodyguard, the man considered as a probable successor, the Minister for Emergencies, Mr Yevgeny Zinichev, died in unusual circumstances during an Arctic drill. The head of RT Margarita Simonyan said he died while trying to save a cameraman who fell off a cliff.

    There are some strange aspects to this. People like Zinichev are surrounded by lots of young and fit security and don’t need to intervene personally to rescue a cameraman in trouble – much less one who has fallen off a cliff.

    The risk of death can be seen, and he would have been stopped. Also the MSM has carried exactly the same story almost word by word while apparently being in conflict with local Russian sources/accounts.

    Then there’s the “heroic” way that Zinichev died. He didn’t just slip and hit his head which would have been more credible. Putin likes to build “heroic” situations and this looks like one of those – so basically I don’t believe it. Something else happened. This piece of theatre was preferable to having him arrested.

  16. Dear Mr. Shamir, with everything and almost everyone going bananas, bonkers, crazy; we need Russia to save us (US/Europe/world) rather than she needs the West these days. Please remember, they were only 120 Saints, including the 12 Apostles, who changed the world for the better.

    ring the bell from the church dom
    Putin roars, the Lion of Slavdom
    heard by all yearning Freedom
    who see the Star in the East
    to be saved from Sodom’s beast
    not to partake in demonic feast.
    greatest of all shame but now called ‘pride’
    in the age of universal deceit, Beauty has died.

  17. arami says:

    [The Russian elites are divided; some prefer close relations with China, and others want to throw Russia’s lot in with the West.]

    The same traitors are in Iran. The reformists, Iran fifth column, have done everything to keep Iran away from China and push towards the enemy of humanity US/Israel camp, but the recent election in Iran gave the power to people who put interest of Iran first not US and its extension Israel. The corrupt Rouhani regime was the latest agent in Iran and hope be the last too.

    Iran is ruled by the 5th column reformists for almost 32 years and people are angry about it. The US have done everything to keep these traitors in power, the last one was Hassan Rouhani who is considered by the majority of Iranian people a traitor, and they want him be arrested and put on trial along with many of his cabinet members, especially the foreign ministry. Both Russia and Iran should destroy the fifth column in their territories for good and do it now. I am not sure about Putin. He always shows a lot of affection for these traitors, especially those who have especial relations with the mafia tribe, otherwise he would have stopped Israel bombing of Syria by now. I don’t trust people who wants to satisfy all powerful players. You cannot trust them. You should be firmed against evil.

    [It seems Rahmon would like to break Afghanistan up and create there the second Tajik state and it would mean a new bout of civil war, something nobody else wants.]

    I don’t know why the author is trying to hide the hands the Jewish mafia in Afghanistan. The Jewish mafia is crying so hard since the great escape of US imperialism from Afghanistan, because they are working for the ‘Plan B’ where the Jewish mafia is at the center of it. The plan B is a CIVIL WAR in Afghanistan led by the friend of the Tribe, Ahmad Masoud.

    Ahmad Masoud, educated in the west, England and France, became millionaire and is directed by the Mafia Tribe headed by Bernard Henri Levy where ever he goes he brings war, destruction, terrorism and PARTITION on behalf of the criminal Jewish mafia. example: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia. He should be destroyed. He has done so much criminal activities for the interest of his criminal Tribe against other countries in the region and beyond to benefit Israel. It is time for him to go into his grave. Those people who work with this criminal must be isolated and arrested.

    Ahmad Masoud is fake and has no fighting quality in him according to people who know him, he is used by the Jewish mafia to start a civil war and partition Afghanistan. Why doesn’t Ahmad Masoud negotiate with Taliban with the help of the neighboring countries? Iran does NOT want a Civil War in Afghanistan. The Iran fifth column, the reformists, like Bernard Henri Levy, is trying to get Iran into a war with Afghanistan on behalf of the Mafia Tribe. These traitors were against Iran when Iran was invited to help Syria. The same traitors, now crying for Afghanistan, like Mark Dubowitz and Bernard Henri Levy, wanting to help Tajik against Taliban to destabilize Iranian border, like the zionist Tribe wishing to do taht. The fifth column in both countries, Iran and Russia, cannot be trusted and should be kept out of power, gradually to be destroyed. They have done so much damage for the interest of imperialism and Zionism, both sides of the same evil.

    Taliban must recognize Tajik and other minorities as equal to form an INCLUSIVE government, otherwise Taliban should not be recognized. This is good for Afghanistan and Taliban to sent a message to the Jewish mafia and its dogs, Bernard Henri levi, to get lost. Israel has no right to exist in occupied Palestine. Can Putin be firmed against the Mafia Tribe?

    The zionist Mark Dubowitz, from FDD, an Israeli think tank, who was advising the illiterate Trump and his secretary of WAR, Pompeo, a paper tiger, cry wolf in his twitter account, calling for a civil war in Afghanistan, day and night.

    No one, except the Jewish mafia, wants a civil war in Afghanistan, because chaos is good for Israel to spy and do terrorist activities against Iran. They think a Civil War makes Iranian border unstable and ripe for killing and spying, what today Mossad is doing in north of Iraq, with the help of their terrorists and informants, the Kurd.

    Today, Israel is spying from Azerbaijan with the help of Ilham Aliyev, where he should be careful about his cooperation with Israel against Iran. This dictator and servant of zionist tribe will be toppled in no time by his own people. Erdogan, the Trojan dog, is an agent of the west and the Tribe, where Putin should eliminate not to flirt with. Why Erdogan’s terrorists are still occupying Syria and conducting terrorist attacks on a daily basis like the AshkeNAZI in Israel against Syria with impunity after 6 years of Russian presence in Syria with all that ‘technology’? It is interesting to observe that the AshkeNAZI from Israel do not attack Russian position, only attack Iranian positions!!!

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  18. This piece starts and ends with pure speculation. For someone of Shamir’s standing, this was a waste of space and time.

    • Agree: Olivier1973
    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
    , @RobinG
  19. GMC says:

    Castro mainly had the US trying to kill him – ” they Say”. But Putin has had – how many countries against him now ? I’m surprised the guy is still around and kicking. And some of his enemies are right next to him – the Zionist jews, the pro Western politicians and oligarchs, the western bought political oppositions,big Pharma, not to mention all those Bioweapons labs on the 3 borders. Add in the US Embassy and we see a formidable enemy within or way too close for Russian survival.

    The Kremlin, Ru. Military, the FSB and others needs to conduct a rattlesnake roundup, similiar, but not quite as radical, as Erdogan did in Turkey. A very heavy handed Pro Russian Federation fist , is needed from time to time. The USA is an example of the wrong people gaining power and using that heavy handed fist, against the populace.

    • Agree: emersonreturn
  20. Tom Welsh says:

    “The liberals overthrew the communists and shelled the parliament…”

    I think that telling sentence explains a great deal about the world we are living in.

  21. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

    In short, staying away is not a good option for the ruler, but it is done, sometimes.

    Maybe it isn’t a good option, maybe it is. Surely, the brief list of examples of staying away with their outcomes you provided proves neither.
    Because the list if very brief; and because we don’t know what would have happened with Trump, the Tsar, and so on, if they had not stayed away: we don’t know if that would have turned out better for them.

  22. @Sebastian Hawks

    There were actually four vaccines.. the factory for CoviVac is now closed for a couple of months for upgrades though,, as the creators don’t want to share the tech, so there are three for now it seems!

  23. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Edit: just saw he wrote a little in a much longer article about it, without mentioning any of the irregularities committed by his deity Putin, naturally.

  24. Dumbo says:

    The breakthrough cases I know of were all rather mild.

    Actually that’s true of most cases, even without the vaccine, at least the cases I know, except for one, were all mild. With or without vaccine, there’s a low mortality rate, and when there is mortality, it’s in cases where the vaccine helps less (because of older age or co-morbidities). So really it seems to be mostly a scam in many ways.

    • Agree: Rich, Nancy, RadicalCenter, Robjil
  25. Russians are in trouble, unlike we Americans. Even if Fraudsident biden goes into hiding, his (((earpiece))) can be attached to any nearby microphone.

  26. Of course we should mention the hypothesis that Putin went into the bunker relative to a potential thermonuclear war….or at least that is the spin…

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @A. Hipster
  27. @GuestAug

    The vaccines do not reduce the risk of hospitalisation, or death. In fact they increase it. The CDC, Fauci and Biden etc have all been outright lying saying there’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It is the opposite in fact and anyone can see for themselves. The Delta Variant” is nothing but Vaccine reactions. The jabbed are unfortunately spreading the spike proteins to those around them so some others are suffering but most delta patients are fully vaxxed.

    look, this is typical of everywhere.

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @halsmail
  28. Palinurus says:
    @David from Alaska

    As usual from Mr Shamir, a concoction of assumptions and conjectures that will ultimately prove worthless. Really not worth considering seriously.

  29. Maddaugh says:

    Since Putin is a trained KGB operative and reached high rank therein, and sine Russians are more logical than the Beltway louts, we can assume that whatever the reason for his “disappearance” it will be a good one. Absence, makes the heart grow fonder. When he reemerges he will be stronger than ever.

    Here, Kamala has already disappeared. Rumor is she has returned to Jamaica to check if her family’s slave owning past is true. It seems Mad Maxine and Al Dullton are with her.

    We wish Joey would physically vanish into his basement. The guy is the walking dead, a Zombie who arises from the grave from time to time to say or do something stupid before stumbling away again. Its like a bad rerun of Tales from the Crypt.

    In any case, Joe may be here in physical form but God alone knows where he is mentally. Putin is physically absent but present in spirit but Biden is physically present and absent in every other regard.

  30. Z-man says:

    On the international stage there’s no reason for Putin to be ‘out there’ in front of the cameras at all. His main adversaries are ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden and his mongrel lap dog Boris Johnson. There is no benefit to Putin getting into pissing matches with the likes of those two, it would only diminish his stature at home and abroad to get ‘in the mud’ with senile Joe and Boris the mutt. Other ‘leaders’ can understand Putin’s reserve especially China’s Xi.

    • Replies: @Ukraine Tiger
  31. Thim says:

    Perhaps some plastic surgery. It takes a while to heal.

    • Agree: HbutnotG
    • Replies: @kemerd
  32. Maddaugh says:
    @israel shamir

    Israel, just for fun you should ban AK from your blogs. It would be amusing to see him hoisted on his own petard (LOL) and simultaneously served a dose of his own medicine.

    I am always entertained when I meet some some one who is an expert in everything as AK is. From Covid to Swordsmanship to Russian politics and everything in between the man is a genius. What is more, he is so right on everything, he brooks no disagreement and mercilessly expels all counter opinions, counter arguments, personal attacks and trolling.

    I think you need to take this misguided monkey under your wing and tutor him how to debate and defend his articles. If you promise to do this I will personally send you some soap, a towel, deodorant, clothing and footwear for the AK. I might even throw in an electric razor.

    It is my humble opinion that good grooming leads to a clear mind although AK may well prove to be the exception in this regard.

    • Agree: Dumbo
    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @israel shamir
    , @Parbes
  33. Realist says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    And so TUZ starts to eat its self.

  34. Disappearing is the new thing with Democrat politicians. Don’t know why, but just wish they wouldn’t reappear. In Putin’s case, it sounds like some variation of Clinton arkancide. Now is Putin behind it? Or is he on the list of targets? It did seem odd to me that Biden was OK with Nordstream 2. None of these musings means anything about the hiding Vlad.

  35. Provided Putin backs Russia and the people all he has to do is sit and watch the West continue to self destruct. He might want to think about somewhere else to sell all that gas as Europe isn’t going to need it.

  36. Dumbo says:

    LOL. A perfect description of Mr. Karlin. An “expert in everything” who accepts no disagreements. 😀

  37. Ladies and Gentlemen, in the far corner we have the fly weight champion Anatoly Karlin sporting blue, white & red shorts and in the near corner we have the bantam weight champion Israel Shamir sporting blue and white shorts and the referee for the title fight is the inestimable Ron Unz.

  38. @Justrambling

    I was actually contemplating a level of tonge in cheek but it seems not. The article does not sit well with me.

  39. @Z-man

    or as someone stated on this site recently: “the Bojo and Slojo Show”

  40. Agent76 says:

    Sept. 20, 2021 Putin Plans to Skip U.N. General Assembly After Sputnik V Vaccine Snub

    Though multiple political and health reasons will keep the Russian leader at home for this week’s high-profile gathering, Russian officials are outraged at what they consider Western bias.

    September 26, 2021 Caught on camera: Kremlin releases photos of Putin’s Siberian fishing trip

    Russian President Vladimir Putin spent several days hiking and fishing in Siberia in early September, the Kremlin said on Sunday as it published pictures of the president on the holiday.

    • Replies: @Neutral Observer
  41. TREG says:

    Very informative!

    This is why I come to; the comment section is often just as informative as the articles.

    A true feeling of free speech abounds here at

    Only if other sites like did the same then a true deeper understanding would arise thru such vital & interesting feedback.

    A deep admiration & loyalty to the virtues of Truth and Beauty are missing today, and the readers and writers at know this very well yet are struggling on.

    • Agree: W
  42. Layman says:

    +We do not know for sure why Putin decided to claim that he has to self-isolate.+

    That pretty much sums up the article.

    • LOL: Sarah
  43. Anonymous[907] • Disclaimer says:

    Depopulation meeting of the elites years ago!
    Conspiracy THEORY is a FACT revealed now, like so many others.

    • Replies: @anno nimus
  44. Nothing really happened.

    This is a nothingburger. People look too much into mundane things.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  45. Ross23 says:

    Sounds a dumb question maybe but are the communist party in Russia real soviet style communist? Or just another version of a left wing party.

    Changing your whole economic system is a bit of a one way street not something you can change every 5 years if you loose an election.

    Not saying Russia was ever a beacon of democracy but don’t see how you could incorporate that in a normal democracy flipping from capitalism to communism every time a different party comes to power.

  46. My opinion.
    Maybe Putin is really sick.
    The other possibility is That Putin is taking the pause. Most important is the relationship of Russia with Germany. Russia did have better relationship with Germany before Merkel.
    There will be a new Chancellor in Germany. France is now on the fence.England did leave EU.
    Germany and France are setting policies in EU. Rest of EU are only poodles.
    US is now becoming extremely aggressive toward China.
    So the relationships of major actors in the world are in chaos.
    So in my opinion Putin is taking the break, because he does not want to be blamed of interference.
    Putin is waiting until the dust is settled.

  47. @Maddaugh

    ban AK from your blogs

    No way! We should have some diversity of opinions; so AK is safe to say anything he wants in the comments to my texts. And it is good for readers to get exposed to a totally different point of view. AK is one of rare Russians who prefer Hitler to Stalin, a vlasovetz, as Russians say. Let him speak.

  48. halsmail says:

    Rabbitnexus , from my experience, this is not true. The Delta Variant” is not a Vaccine reactions.
    I had Covid 19 beginning of April 2021 and recovered within 5 days. I got infected again in july and this time the symptoms were worse but I was fully well again within a week. Both the times I took Ivermectin 12 mg for 4 days.
    I’m 64, have type 2 diabetes, psoriasis – a skin condition, slightly overweight (5′ 6″ tall, 70 kgs) and I exercise strenuously daily for 40 mins.
    I also drink more than whats healthy.

  49. Mefobills says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Putin is not a neo-liberal lackey. That is crazy talk.

    He has kept Nabiullina around, that is true. He has kept a significant column of Atlantacists around, also true.

    However, Nabiullina did allow ruble emission to buy all Russian mined gold, which in turn was stuffed into the Russian Central Bank. This also had the effect of bolstering FX, to prevent currency shorts by western bear raiders.

    Putin also listens to Glazyev of the Stolypin Group, but not enough to my estimation.

    From 2016, but gives insights into the triangulation that Putin engages in:

    On July 25 he mandated that an economic group called the Stolypin Club prepare their proposals to spur growth revival to be presented to the government by the Fourth Quarter of this year. In doing so, Putin has rejected two influential liberal or neo-liberal economic factions that had brought Russia into a politically and economically dangerous recession with their liberal Western free market ideology. This is a major development, one I had been expecting since I had the possibility to exchange views this June in St. Petersburg at the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

    With regards to the election, it was well known that the Communist faction was growing in power and influence, especially after Putin extended the retirement age.

    The Saker has commented on the growing Communist party influence, but what is probably new is the number of young people being attracted to the movement.

    Putin is not a liberal atlantacist. The Atlantacists have been attacking Russia consistently since Putin was installed into power.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Putin’s philosophy of the “cornered rat” or his philosophy of the coiled spring. I would push harder than Putin, which is why he is in charge, and not me.

    Basically, if you corner a rat on your balcony, he is likely to bite you rather than run away. Or, if you press on a coiled spring too much, it is likely to spring back and hit you. Putin uses Judo tactics and triangulation.

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @R2b
  50. @israel shamir

    As a Stalinist, what do you think of Enver Hodja?

  51. Mefobills says:

    MOSCOW, September 27. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Deputy Prime Ministers on Monday. He will also hold a meeting of the Russian Security Council.

    In other words, it is a war council. ALL DEPUTY PRIME MINISTERS are required.

    However, the format of the meeting this time – talking only with Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers – is unusual. Federal ministers usually also participate in meetings with the Cabinet. Such events are usually held every few weeks.

    America and the west have been provoking Russia to try and gin up a war.

    MOSCOW, September 26. /TASS/. Three Russian fighters Sukhoi-35S have been scrambled to escort a US strategic bomber B-52H, which approached Russia’s airspace, the National Defense Command Center told the media.

    If anybody is still confused on this front, it is the “democracies” which start wars. There are hidden interests and oligarchs hanging out in the “free market” to then string pull their puppets. Finance Capital makes prostitutes of democrats.

    Perhaps Putin (and China) don’t want the loving embrace of democracy bombs?

    Maria explains it:

    “The world is asking [the West] only for one thing – to return to the fold of international law. As you may know, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the UN with an idea of a hashtag – #OurRulesUNCharter. In other words, it is a call for returning to the fundamental principles that took decades to create, that have been approved collectively and that have performed the main function – they prevented the world from plunging into another disaster like those humanity experienced in the 20th century,” Zakharova said.

    But, how can the West return to lawful behavior, when it is run from behind the scenes with finance capital? These “holders of capital” and creditors, in many cases are sociopaths, who have money sickness.

    People like Soros are a good example of this type.

    • Agree: emersonreturn
  52. Schuetze says:

    Sputnik was developed by a bunch of Jews masquerading as Russians, and a bunch of racial supremacist Zionist Jews wanting to screw all Amalek Christians in Russia. Could it be that Putin got punked by his favorite chosen people?

    • LOL: republic
    • Replies: @R2b
  53. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    If I may, those neoliberal masters of his are in no way of Russian descent.

  54. Something big is afoot in the Kremlin / Duma for sure. Putin can’t hold onto power forever. Furthermore, the Putin plan is starting to run out of steam like all political plans eventually do. I can see a more nationalist/socialist type party taking power. I’d personally like to dig deeper into the CPRF and see what their stance is on different issues. I don’t care much for Stalin personally, but the Russian state should be Russian-first minded and have good social programs for their citizens. Whatever political slant takes hold will have to respect Russian and Orthodox traditions, the underpinnings of the motherland. If such a change happens I hope they realize that rural America isn’t against them. The truth of the matter is that decent working class people are sick of getting screwed over by elitist, globalist pricks with their crap ideologies and platitudes. We want our jobs and traditions back.

  55. R2b says:

    The suspension that Søren Kierkegaard wrote about, is now in all of us, that believe in a multipolar world.

    I recommend Robert Malone, the mRna-inventor, at Jimmy Dorey.
    He confirms that we have to wait a bit, but then, when flu-season (Norway btw), hits, we are up to some heavy duty.

    The destruction, (Deconstructionism/ Jacques Derrida), is about to incarnate.


    Store some up; water, battery, dry food, you get the point.
    It is a matter of (short, hopefully), time.

    Reality to become.

  56. Mevashir says:

    Thank you for this information. Another Unz article on the SCO summit shows a photo of the leaders in which Putin doesn’t look terribly happy. I often have wondered how the devoutly Orthodox Putin would speak with the Communist Xi:×284.jpeg

    • Replies: @Miro23
  57. R2b says:

    Who knows. You give no sources. So far, Putin is good. We will just have to wait, won’t we?
    And in the meantime, youcan continue wankerding off.

  58. R2b says:

    Stolypin was killed by…………..!

  59. @israel shamir

    I wouldn’t even comment your texts if you didn’t insist on pinging me every time you publish them.

    Vlasov was a true and consummate Stalinist, as a fellow Stalinist, you really should show him some respect:

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  60. @Agent76

    September 26, 2021 Caught on camera: Kremlin releases photos of Putin’s Siberian fishing trip

    Right. Without getting into the shamir/Karlin food fight, Putin often escapes to the hinterlands:

    Which invites an obvious question. If Putin is so money hungry and has Hundreds of Billions of dollars stashed away in foreign banks as claimed by the Putin Haters in the West, then why does he seem content to eat porridge for breakfast and walk in the woods for enjoyment?

    • Thanks: Agent76
  61. @israel shamir

    If Putin did get vaxxed, then I do not consider him as smart or cautious as led to believe. Vaxxes are for schmucks, The Little People, the mentally lazy, and timorous, easily intimidated.

  62. SteveK9 says:

    There were pictures of Putin today from Siberia. He seemed to be enjoying his vacation quite a bit. Maybe he just needed a break, although that is not nearly as interesting as all the speculation in the article.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  63. HbutnotG says:
    @Gorgeous George

    And stick “nano” everywhere in a statement. Same thing.

  64. Miro23 says:

    Thank you for this information. Another Unz article on the SCO summit shows a photo of the leaders in which Putin doesn’t look terribly happy. I often have wondered how the devoutly Orthodox Putin would speak with the Communist Xi:

    Putin is a European Christian who is at home in Europe – not Asia. Pity that US Jewry are causing so much trouble between Russia and the EU and preventing more useful deals like Nordstream 2. It would be nice if Europe could one day break out its US deep state fetters and determine its own future.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  65. Mevashir says:

    I agree. I think it would be wonderful if the Israelis would ask Russia to convene a peace summit for the Middle East. Russia appears to be the only country with credibility to both the Israelis and the Syrians/Iranians.

    • Replies: @anon
  66. Hal Duell says:

    Having read this post and its comments, and having read The Saker’s recent post and its comments, I’m more certain than ever that while there are huge developments afoot in the world today, no one knows which way the chips will fall. No one.
    So we speculate, and we dream, and we all have our favorites. There are so many balls in the air right now. But what we all want is some degree of certainty, of order. This will come. Dust settles.
    What was that line from The Leopard? Something has to change so everything can go on as before?

  67. cassandra says:

    Everybody around Putin is vaccinated and so is Putin, or so he claimed. Why would he need to self-isolate; how could all these vaccinated people become sick? Is the vaccine – fake?

    Well, pretty much. The vaccine was always an experimental affair after all, and unfortunately it seems to have failed. People seem to forget there’s such a thing as breakout case, but they shouldn’t be surprised when COVID erupts in vaccinated populations. Gibralter’s last wave was in a 100 % vaccinated population, and Singapore’s post-vax wave is worse than the first. After Delta, vaccine efficacy has plummeted, so it’s prudent to exercise caution if you’re in any group with memebers having a viral load, regardless of vaccine status. At this point, between the deline in efficacy between temporal decline and the appearance of Delta, and variations in one’s personal COVID hygiene, there’s no telling what anyone’s state of contagion is, vaccinated or not, except perhaps by a nasal culture.

    This isn’t to say that COVID isn’t a handy cover for all sorts of things.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  68. Agent76 says:

    Sep 27, 2021Watch Putin Catch Fish On His 72 Hours Camping Trip In Russia’s Siberia!

    Russian President Vladimir Putin spent several days on vacation in the Siberian Federal District. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu accompanied the President on his trip.

  69. Anon[211] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin should recognize Taliban and give a good dose of laxative to stop Tajikistan from stupid reckless demand of inclusiveness and from allowing India using the base to airlift support to nonexistent resistance in the north .
    Indian government is not inclusive , Israeli government is not inclusive , American government is Jewish heavy ,

    Their is peace for the first time in20 years in Afghanistan. Let them evolve without radical secularism‘s help of Tajik .

    A civil war in Afghanistan will affect Iran Pakistan . It is desirable to the Israelis and Indian but it will spill over into Tajik and China also .

    It seems that Afghanistan Iran China Pakistan and Uzbekistan have to chalk out a common agreed upon limited agenda outside UN and SCO to defeat Israeli by Indian agenda .

    America is trying to find an excuse to bomb Iran Pakistan in the name of fighting IS IS in Afghanistan.

    These countries shouldn’t allow it , Putin can join or try to suck up to Russian enemy – West .

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  70. anon[211] • Disclaimer says:

    Peace and Israel are heaven and hell and the twain will never meet .

  71. @arami

    didn’t russia just destroy a turkish drone today? possibly the turks are smart enough to know they hit a russian (esp. after the plane & diplomat) the turk will get hit badly with one of mother’s super toys. as the drone was today. russia isn’t wealthy yet…shall be soon bt not yet…she has tremendous weapons & a very smart educated political elite unlike the west. i suspect putin, lavrov, patrushev have all spent their time well, getting every thing set in place, knowing the demented empire is set on war. just like choosing good ground, timing is also vital. 5yrs ago mother was not ready…she gets closer every day. the demented empire loses more ground, more treasure, more blood each & every day.

  72. Ktulu says:

    Keep in mind Covid vaccines really don’t work all that well, it’s a thing everyone knows, and maybe with ‘rona going around his circles and with no successor Putin feels a bit naked.

    Also, I understand the west DDoSed Russia’s online election system which doesn’t exactly help with the legitimacy of the vote. Maybe that’s selfish of me as a westerner not wanting to see upheavel in Russia for fear it might upset the current anti-west balance of the world but what are we supposed to do over here, just keep getting fucked?

  73. @Anatoly Karlin

    “His [Tsar Nicholas’s] officials machine-gunned the pleaders on the Bloody Sunday.” Machine guns? Where has that even been alleged, even in the most lurid pro-Bolshevik accounts? Such an assertion does not enhance credibility.

    Of course even accepting inflated communist figures, the death toll was barely a weekend’s work for the Cheka.

    Rather than the way it’s depicted in history, which invariably gives the winners’ version — in this case the communists’ — Bloody Sunday, like virtually everything else we’re told about pre-revolutionary Russia, is a lie.

    What really happened was a successful provocation by Antifa’s precursor in Russia:

    • Thanks: R2b
    • Replies: @Tsigantes
    , @Seraphim
  74. Geowhizz says:

    Putin looked like he might have lost a bit of weight in the last image I saw of him. The pic was undated.

  75. Seraphim says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    I surmise that there are in the collective Russian psyche strains of ‘raskol’ and ‘Slavophile onanism’ which make them vote ‘communist’.

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  76. Ryan2 says:

    Did the cameraman survive?

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  77. @Anon

    America is trying to find an excuse to bomb Iran Pakistan in the name of fighting IS IS in Afghanistan.

    It would have to be a whopper of an excuse to bomb a nuclear armed nation like Pakistan.

    I’ve seen allegations “ISIS-K” was set up in Afghanistan by the US as it was pulling out, set up as in transporting a lot of men there who would be ill-disposed towards the Taliban, but it’s obviously hard to know what to believe about anything regarding our Deep State.

    As someone who’s watched from the US the self-evident madness of our half-hearted—even that gives is too much credit—occupation of that benighted country in the last couple of decades, I’d just as soon never think about the country and much of the immediate region again, but it’s not clear we in a Deep State owned US will be given that option. For example evacuated Afghans currently in US military bases are racking up quite a few sex and relationship crimes; that’s one of the problems of the “invite the world” concept, we must deal with the aftermath of heinous crimes by people and mostly against other people who should have never been allowed to live here in the first place.

    • Replies: @Anon
  78. What game is Shamir playing here? Nothing, but speculations and nothing serious. He should take holidays himself.

  79. Interesting. Putin disappears, and talking heads all over the world are abuzz. Including the ones who tell us that Russian economy is the size of Italy’s. Would anyone notice if Italian president or prime minister disappears? Maybe Italians would, but even that is uncertain.

    • Replies: @Avery
  80. RestiveUs says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    I’ll just stick with natural immunity, thanks.

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  81. He’s allegedly worth lots of cash. How much? Low-end estimates are something like three billion.
    Unless you invent a software phenomenon or create an all-inclusive retail service like the A-word place you probably don’t deserve to be worth that kind of bread. How did a low level spy come up with it?

    So I would imagine powers that be will always be interested in how Putin might safely go about protecting this kind of wealth. How dangerous might that be in Russia I do not know? But it probably prevents retirement.

    • Replies: @Decoy
  82. @RestiveUs

    I’ll just stick with natural immunity, thanks.

    If you already have it, sure. If you don’t, you’re a fool.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Herald
  83. Anon[990] • Disclaimer says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    There are things that you want to see and observe about your country – a normal civilized nation . But it’s not . It’s never been . It’s destruction is what warranted . That’s certain . Implosion from within will work .

    Afghanns are coming because these Afghans could be used as asset in future like Haftet of Libya, Cuban emigre of 1960, Nazi fleeing Germany . List is long
    They sometimes end up fucking some white chicks . Don’t take personally . They are already pretty fucked up by Epstein , by drugs , by neighbors , by step dads , and by Nevada Bunny Ranch , teachers , bosses in Hollywood

    About you not thinking about Afghan is as irrelevant as was Afghan ‘s thinking same about USA on 9/12 .

    USA and ISIS are entwined from Libya to Afghan and from Philippines to Mail and Nigeria .

    USA for last 20 years have been talking about securing Pakistan’s nuclear arms from terrorist ,
    Never it thought about securing its own from the hand of Dick Cheney or securing Israel which has been terrorizing neighbors solely out of the power imbalance given by nuclear capability and American F 16.
    USA has been bombing Pakistan . An emboldened Pakistan under Imran Khan has largely stopped that to the chagrin of America . But it would love to bomb if shown any sign of weakness .
    It doesn’t matter what American want about outsiders . They would keep on coming and you can’t change it because changing it would mean end of America that world knows for last 79 year – a war mongering thug lying nation .

    • Replies: @RobinG
  84. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    A man of Putin’s age might typically have some health issues which require him to lay low for a while, have surgery, etc. That’s nothing unusual. He drops out of sight and rumors are deliberately circulated much like whenever the N Korean leader isn’t seen; he’s dead, dying, there’s a body double being used and so on. Russia isn’t dependent on just one man, is it? They must have groomed some successors by now.

  85. @That Would Be Telling

    “that aren’t as accurate as a RT-PCR test.”

    PCR tests are completely useless for covid testing. It’s inventor Kerry Mullis said that it was not to be used to detect for infectious diseases. Here is him saying it on camera.

    Video Link

  86. Interesting speculation of what may be happening.

    Video Link

    • Thanks: Brás Cubas, Miro23
  87. RobinG says:

    Thanks, but US still has base in Balochistan, from which it drone-bombs “over the horizon” Afghanistan, and wants to strike Iran. Would be nice if Khan kicked them out.

    • Replies: @anon
  88. @Anonymous

    it is no secret at all. they do it in the open and are proud of it, too. the only thing that changed is the terminology. in the good old days, they would say you were uncivilized, savage and exterminate you. now they say they want to do you a favor and to grow your economy and “control” your population.

    “Sixth, the programs are racist. Just as the global population control program itself represents an attempt by the (white-led) governments of the United States and the former imperial powers of Europe to cut nonwhite populations in the Third World, so, within each targeted nation, the local ruling group has typically made use of the population control program to attempt to eliminate the people they despise.”

  89. anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting article. I’ll go out on a limb a little bit here, hope you bear with me.

    A number of things are becoming increasingly clear; the details can be found in our multiple discussions on this forum. Namely, the compulsory gene therapy campaign is the most important issue of our time and possibly the last few centuries, and is the cover for introducing an ultra-fascist world regime that aims to enslave a reduced world population at the genetic level. If you think this is wacky, please take a look at Australia and try to produce another reasonable explanation for Biden & others’ desiring a 98% “vaccination” rate in the face of natural immunity and other factors. (I don’t think “money” suffices here.)

    As is fairly obvious and has been stated by Bertrand Russel among others (“Impact of Science on Society”), for such a regime to work, it would need to be worldwide. Hard to justify permanent boosters and vaccine passports if the Russians are doing just fine without these “safe and effective” measures. But this means that Russia and China need to be part of the system.

    The problem with Russia and China is that they are strong and sovereign and their leaders are patriots. So most likely, there were plans in place for subverting or outright replacing Putin and Xi. Perhaps the recent reshuffle in China was Xi’s smelling a rat? Perhaps elements around Putin are also getting wise to what’s going on? Lukashenko (a giant among men) for one seems to understand what’s happening – at least intuitively.

    At this point, democracy clearly is dead; but that’s of relatively minor importance, since democracy is not a good in itself, but only a means toward the real good, which is responsible and capable government. Right now responsible government means rejecting the WHO’s lunatic measures and protecting the population against both the virus (which is not particularly dangerous) and the syringes (which are madness and evil given physical form).

    A resolute stance against compulsory “vaccination” and the flooding of the nation with ivermectin (or other treatments) would signal resistance to the global tyranny on the part of a nation. The expulsion of all transnational entities including the WHO would indicate a complete break. Those are the signs to look out for. One other potential stalwart in the fight against this tyranny is Bolsonaro, hopefully he and his allies manage to continue to protect Brazil.

    We are living in historically momentous times. The import of all of our actions is amplified exponentially for the duration of the crisis. Here’s hoping Putin, Xi and other world leaders live up to the task that destiny has imposed upon them.

  90. Any Russian ‘elite’ that wishes to join the crumbling West against China is plainly a wannabe Yeltsin, because with China ‘brought down’, Russia will be next for vivisection and Quisling rule, as the country’s riches are looted by the International Bloodsuckers.

    • Agree: Zarathustra, AnonfromTN
  91. @That Would Be Telling

    Stop lying, Big Pharma troll. If you are under sixty AND in good health, you have more risk of being killed by lightning than CoViD19. Getting the disease and developing strong, natural, immunity, is vastly superior to your owners’ rubbish, short-lived, experimental, injections, which do not stop you getting the disease and passing it on, and which exert selective pressure on the virus favouring viral escapees, and thus novel ‘variants’. Good for BigPharma profits, and that’s all that counts, eh.

  92. @cassandra

    AND, if the Medical Mafias and the BigPharma captured regulators would allow highly effective and safe early treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, instead of sending people home without treatment and told to call an ambulance (if they could afford it)when they turned blue, the epidemic could be crushed, with little chance of vaccine escapee new ‘variants’. But that would upset BigPharma profits, and THAT is ALL that counts. Unless there is also an even more sinister process at work.

  93. @Seraphim

    Since when? The Bolsheviks got 24% in 1917. The KPRF got 23% in 1995. The KPRF got about the same now (fraud-adjusted), of which something like 2-3% points could be ascribed to “Smart Vote”-subscribing Navalnyists.

    25% seems to be a consistent historical cap for the Communist Party in Russia in free and fair elections.

  94. mcohen says:

    Merkel,putin,Netanyahu,biden,xi…..time for a new generation to lead.

    those who came up in the age of the net.

  95. @SteveK9

    The pictures published today, but they are from his stay in tayga with Shoygu in the first week of September, as I mentioned in the article.

  96. Parbes says:

    Anatoly Karlin is a pretentious, conceited, part-Jew, Anglo-Zionist, anti-Soviet ideologue with globalist leanings, LARPing as a “true Russian nationalist patriot” for consumption purposes of a certain online demographic (or maybe he really is mentally conflicted in that way, who knows…). There’s also a good chance that he might be a psyops agent connected to one of the Western deep state disinformation agencies. His articles mostly contain tendentious biased pablum filled with highly questionable – to say the least – assertions presented as “undeniable facts”; and cherry-picked “numbers, statistics and poll results” that are frequently superficial, unreliable, out-of-context, not very relevant, or a distraction from the real important facts and issues. His “Comments” section nowadays – after he axed many commenters critical of his bullshit, including myself – is full of anti-Russian neocons, various Russophobic Western jingo-nationalist hacks, sly neoliberal globalist Jewish propagandists, backward Hindutva idiots, and the like; and mostly unreadable. The best that can be said of his writings is that they occasionally contain a good point or an interesting factoid neglected or omitted by Western media – but that’s about it.

    • LOL: sher singh
    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  97. sally says:
    @Robert Magill

    I cannot agree humanity has the ability to to destroy the biosphere.. Maybe a very few humans in the PIGO class of humanity have such ability, but everyone else on this earth has been made to depend on the PIGO class for basically everything?

    On another alternative news site, it was explained that no one is allowed to do anything without the permission of the nation state system (NSS <=the NSS is that global governing system which consist of 256 nation states [prison cells] whose borders enclose all of the space on the surface, beneath and above the earth. All humans live somewhere in that nation state regulated earth space.


    There is one exception to universal regulation. Those people who are in the PIGO class are exempt from regulation, they merely change the regulation to suit their needs. PIGO means I think (Private Imperial Global Oligarch). The private, I think, was meant to mean that the PIGO or his or her corporation severally or jointly have been granted ownership to everything on this earth? The NSS governs the people who are the governed people around the PIGO owned world. Private ownership in assets cannot exist without rule of law? It is not natural that persons own something. nature seems to have been designed to require humans to share in everything.

    Monopoly power can only happen by rule of law or abusive use of force? The nation state has control and a monopoly over both the rule of law and the use of force.

    The nation state writes laws and enforces them by use of force. Nation States grant (think land grant by foreign governments) private ownership to things of value (both tangible and intangible assets); they do this by writing laws which privatize identified value into privately owned assets and bestow in private persons monopoly power over the privatized value. Hence privatization and monopolization both happen by rule of law and the nation state makes the rules that are the law.

    These grants of ownership and monopoly powers operate nearly automatically. They privatize value (assets) bestow private ownership and confer gated, protected, exclusive use to the recorded owner of the assets (monopoly power). Privatization occurs by operation of law. The private and exclusive use of these assets is protected by the laws against unauthorized trespass or infringement by unauthorized use found in the rights the law granted when it issued a deed, a patent or a copyright to a private owner. Thus law privatizes ownership, transfers monopoly power to owners of record, and protects the owners exclusive rights in the recorded, privatized asset (assets are both physical and intangible) and by holding court to punish unauthorized use or infringement on the rights of a private owner of a privatized assets.

    To get the law to perform this majic, one need only record one's claim to private ownership of the asset (tangible or intangible) in order to own it.

    When a genius mind dreams up a new idea. governments, universities, and private firms, come forward to fund the development of the idea into a useful invention, work of art or recipe as to how to make or produce something. The ownership of the method by which that invention is made, becomes private (no one else can make that something by that method) when the inventor, author or artist records his or claim to prove his or she is the private owner of those methods, assets, writings, or art. Such is recorded in the government recording office maintained globally by the nation state system.

    No longer is it necessary to find gold, rule of law can create in anything the value of gold from hot thin air. Its the magic of the nation state system that can bring this result about?

    In this way, nothing on this earth cannot be owned by the PIGOs. The PIGOs merely direct the nation state the PIGO already owns, to allow to be recorded (deed, patent, copyright of method or procedure or software or art or whatever) what ever it is thePIGO wants to own.

    Private, I think, was also meant to mean that the power of the PIGO was so strong over the nation states (everyone in the world is born in one of the nation states, and everyone resides or is in transit between one of the 256 nation states.) that the PIGO is able to use such the structure and operational parts of government (NS) to accomplish any PIGO originated private goal or ambition.

    Without the PIGO nothing in this new world will be allowed to happen. The PIGOs have taken over. The PIGOs are in complete control, and not a single shot has been fired.

    After all of the foregoing, I want to ask you to please narrow your claim that "Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere." because not all humans, in fact, it is very few humans that have that ability. As things stand, only the PIGOs have any ability to act independently. everyone else is not only constrained and regulated by the nation state system but they are also regulated and restrained by the PIGO him or her self, as the PIGOs also own and control the productive output of all of the nation states which collectively control and regulate all of humanity.

    So I argue, that no one, but a member of the PICO class, has the freedom to do anything including destroying the biosphere.

    Maybe the statement should read "only the PIGO class of humans have the ability to destroy the biosphere", or better "except for the PIGO class of humans, no human has the ability to destroy the biosphere". We challenge all of humanity has the ability to destroy the earth, but instead should recognize, only those humans in the PIGO class, have the ability to destroy, and so it is only the PIGO class human that constitute the risk.

  98. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    On of the sickest backhanded criticism against Afghanistan and Syrian and Iraqis from the so called suddenly reborn antiwar (after getting goatfucked by them ) is their culture or dress or food habits or Shariah .Thye have no place in the West. Perpetual liar Danile Pipes made this pretty popular .

    We have some columnists from outside the USA-UK who embrace it very lovingly . They allow the same racial attitude that provides the emotional fodder for the wars .
    Often these cretins bring up the hallowed aura of IQ around their head to subscribe to that potentially violent puerile racism .

    Afghans and Iraqis wished that these cretins woke up in 1990,2001and 2003 against the wars .

    Their silence has a process tag .
    Its immigration and terrorism.

  99. Tsigantes says:
    @Jim Jatras

    Thank you K. Jatras, it is good to see a fellow Greek (you are, even as an American) and Orthodox insist on truth.

    A more reliable source of reporting are old non-English language newspapers, including Greek newspapers in Russia. These back up your assertion.

  100. Maddaugh says:

    In other words A Karlin is an arrogant jackass ? I wholeheartedly agree. What he writes about any topic is usually bunk and hence he is unable to defend his hocus pocus. Solution ? Ban critics. Like Linh, if these guys had their own website it would survive a few hours. They are both little boys !

    What I like about Israel Shamir is that his work is intelligent and he defends his writing with his counter comments. Shamir’s IQ in his left big toe equals that in the entire mush in Karlin’s bone head.

  101. Maddaugh says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    I wouldn’t even comment your texts if you didn’t insist on pinging me every time you publish them.

    LOL. Shamir gave you a taste of your own medicine and hoisted you on that big sword. He pings you because you are an asshole. Not only are your articles claptrap but your comments are equally stupid.

    Why dont you give up writing and get a job sorting used clothes at the Salvation Army. That type of work would be more suitable for someone with your retarded intellect, (and taste in garments) that is if they would even hire you. LMAO

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  102. Maddaugh says:
    @israel shamir

    Israel you should ban AK from your blogs

    No way! We should have some diversity of opinions; so AK is safe to say anything he wants in the comments to my texts. And it is good for readers to get exposed to a totally different point of view. AK is one of rare Russians who prefer Hitler to Stalin, a vlasovetz, as Russians say. Let him speak.

    Israel, you have me in stitches !

    You are a sadist preferring to verbally humiliate this miserable blockhead AK rather than dispensing with him with one sword thrust.

    Yes, I like that ! In other words your stiletto is deadlier than his big sword !! LOL

    • LOL: israel shamir
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  103. Agent76 says:

    Sep 28, 2021 The Russian and Ukrainian Spring 2021 War Scare By The Center for Strategic & International Studies

    The massing of troops and hardware by Russia along its border with Ukraine in April 2021 brought back memories of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine in 2014–15 and raised fears of another round of Russian aggression against its neighbor. Although the worst-case scenario did not materialize, Russia might have succeeded in sending specific signals to the Biden administration. In the case of Ukraine, though, the intended effect backfired. Russian threats and aggressive moves might influence the target audience in the West in the way Moscow may desire, but it is likely to have the opposite effect with regard to Ukraine. Another Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, now unambiguously wants his country to join NATO.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Olivier1973
  104. RobinG says:

    “…Russia’s incursion into Ukraine in 2014–15 …”

    Are you serious????? Then you’ll also lap up this bullshit —
    Exiled from Crimea, Tatars struggle to start over in Ukraine
    Note that this guys whole family – mother, sisters, and wife- dumped him in Kiev [to be used by Russophobe disinfo press] and returned to Crimea. The real question about the Tatar activist Nariman Dzhelial – – did he really conspire to blow up a gas pipeline??? Well, then.

  105. @Agent76

    Typical disinformation. The ukro-nazis are making plans to invade the New-Russian Republics and commit genocide there. Russia will not let it happen.

  106. Johan says:

    Boring account of the war of the people, by the people, for the people, which is democracy. Nothing new. And that tendentious whining about ‘real democracy’ or not which Shamir unfortunately popularly has adopted. It will ever belong to the game of democracy as corrupt games is the only form of democracy. Cheers to the oligarchy, they are a sign of intelligence during imbecile demagogic mob rule.
    I’m disappointed, Shamir can do much better.

  107. Avery says:

    {“Would anyone notice if Italian president or prime minister disappears? Maybe Italians would, but even that is uncertain.”}

    Not a good comparison.
    Italy is Italy, and not many people in Anglosphere know who the guys even are.
    A more apt comparison might be if Merkel disappeared, or Macron, or …..who is the current PM of UK, or Australia…..

    But going back to Russia: I think Russophiles should be very concerned about the fact that Putin’s “disappearance” is such a big thing both inside Russia and outside. That means that Russia’s future direction is entirely dependent on Putin. Not a good thing for any country to depend on any one man/woman.

    We have discussed this on many threads before: Putin is a smart, world-wise, patriotic leader of Russia. But there is no redundancy in Russian leadership (… far as I know). If China’s Xi Jinping “disappears” or has a heart attack, not much will change in China: the Party runs the country, and they will appoint another faceless, colorless apparatchik. In Russia’s case nobody knows what will happen after Putin.

    • Agree: Decoy
  108. Decoy says:
    @Mark James

    Rumor, rumor, rumor. Russia, Russia, Russia. Enough already!

  109. Herald says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    If you haven’t had Covid by now, you are likely immune, unless of course you have been panicked into rolling up your sleeve for one of Bill Gates depopulation shots.

    You don’t need antibodies for immunity, a healthy innate immune system will do the job better. Being injected with a hardly tested highly experimental “vaccine” every six months seems like a surefire way to fuck things up and big time at that.

    Remind us while you here of the Covid IFR. No need to make any downward adjustment for the inflated official death stats, we can do that later.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  110. Seraphim says:

    It doesn’t mean that Russia’s future is ‘entirely dependent’ on Putin. It means that people like to think that Russia exists only because of strong leaders.

  111. RobinG says:

    For someone of Shamir’s standing…..

    What standing do you have in mind? This is typical Shamir. (Time-wasting conjecture.) Brilliant writing, like he did on Zakaria Zubeidi, is the outlier.

  112. Instead of ludicrous speculations, here is some interesting information:

    Here at least there is some food for thought.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  113. @Avery

    In Russia’s case nobody knows what will happen after Putin.

    Putin has some serious selling points, but… When he disappears (or is forcibly disappeared), the next leader of Russia would be a lot more anti-Western. Western “leaders” would rue the day Putin is gone. In the last 20 years the Empire and its European vassals achieved almost impossible: prevalent admiration of the West in Russia turned into disgust. The next leader might not be as shrewd as Putin, who manages to win with fairly weak cards due to stupidity and shortsightedness of Western elites, but s/he would be a lot more hostile to the Empire and its camp and a lot more decisive. This will likely cost Russia more than its current policy, but it would speed up the demise of the Empire.

    • Replies: @Pamela
  114. Seraphim says:
    @Jim Jatras

    It is impressive how strikingly beautiful people those ‘bloody’ Romanovs were.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
    , @Jim Jatras
  115. Pamela says:

    I hadn’t realised, until reading this piece of excrement, that the writer is a typical Collective West shill, touting more Russophobic, Putin hatred than CNN.
    Putin has NOT “disappeared”. This is exactly like a similar piece of nonsense about 5 yrs back, when the same “Putin has disappeared” hysteria swept the western media shill.
    We got the “Putin is dead” followed by “No, no, didn’t you know, there’s been a Palace coup, and he’s been displaced” followed by “No, haven’t you heard, He is Paris with his mistress where she is having their child”.
    A short trip to the Kremlin Presidents web site showed Putin meeting with the head of Hungary, plus other Heads of State, having meetings etc etc.
    Same here. Putin goes off to Siberia for a few days fishing with his close friend Shoigu about twice a year. They constitute his only holiday. It’s a fairly routine and normal thing to do. There are videos released on YouTube. Anyone can find them.
    Also, he has been very public and very busy. He has had meeting after meeting, normal after an election, talking to new Heads of Regions, committees for this and that. There are heaps.
    There is a reason he does it all from his home + Office base via internet. It saves time. Putin has always been a President who considers a second lost a waste. He is notorious for not turning up for in person meetings until everyone is there and sitting down. Only then does the secretary call him, and he turns up. Waiting around is a waste of time – so he continues working until the meeting is ready to go.
    AS for the so called “rigged election” there were plenty of commentators in Russia predicting this from the West. The Europeans even tried to say the would move to get Russia expelled from PACE and other of their fake and useless organisations. And that was before the elections were even held. In fact many international observers {please note, America does not allow International Observers. Nothing is ever said about this} all stated that the atmosphere at polling stations was calm, happy, friendly, and all procedures for fair, controlled and open elections were followed. There is a small group in Moscow who are having a grizzle and thats all. The elections are now closed since the lady who runs them, Ms. Pamfilova, has declared that all camera films and supervisors have declared the elections fair and there are no complaints. Of course, the media of the Empire dont like it, and are employing shills like this writer to try to throw poop in the eyes of the Western readers.
    Dont believe a word of it. Much to the annoyance of the Bidenites and Europeans, Russia is happy and doing just fine.

  116. Pamela says: • Website

    You are correct, although it’s true to say nobody will know what will happen when there is a change of leadership anywhere.
    Did anyone predict the Afghanistan disaster when they shoe horned Biden in, for example?
    However, in re Putin, you can, in fact predict quite a bit.
    Putin said once, in a public Q & A – there are huge number of these, he is forever answering questions from the press and public, unscripted – “who will succeed you and what will happen?” that “I have been thinking of this for the past 20 yrs”.
    And when Putin thinks of something, it gets thoroughly attended to.
    He has putting one after another of young-ish men into positions as Regional Governors. Partly, I believe, to observe how they work.
    He has put a stunning contender – although no know if he will want it – into a major position after he kicked the arch-Liberal Chubais out – to run a huge productive outfit, after he already proved himself forging billion dollar contracts with US.
    He has said only one thing: first, the person must be young, but very mature, and second, the only power in Russia comes from the people. He might put a couple of prospects forward that he thinks are good, but the people must vote for them in the end. And, like yourself, I suspect a positive swing will go to the contender who promises more stringent responses to the West insults than the very mild, moderate and balanced Putin has allowed himself to do. Quite a few in Russia find this their only criticism of Putin – they think he has been too easy on the Empire and it’s poodles.
    So – I will make a suggestion as to what will happen in Russia when Putin retires. Not much. The only slight difference will be that there might be more social distribution of funds to the poor and pensioners, although in one of his meetings while supposedly “hiding”, Putin told the new Government that the biggest problem facing Russia now is poverty, and he wants it fixed in the coming year. Secondly, the new President will be much tougher on the West. Expect to see sanctions, closing down of NGO’s, removal of Embassy staff etc etc.
    And “Brother, you asked for it” will the worlds only response.

    • Replies: @Avery
  117. @Olivier1973

    I am fond of Thierry Meyssan and of his optimism; but his certainty that there is a deal between the US and Russia done in Geneva is not based on any fact at all.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  118. @Avery

    Xi is not colourless apparatchik! He is Mao-size statesman.

    • Replies: @R2b
    , @Avery
    , @Pamela
  119. R2b says:
    @israel shamir

    Anyway, the social enginering/ credit, is despicable.
    Pray that system fail.
    Batman Xi is on the street-pooles now.
    Putin avered a coup; that’s my positive bid.
    The negative?
    Don’t even think about it.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  120. Avery says:

    {…. but the people must vote for them in the end. }

    Yeah, and Russian people voted for the drunkard Yeltsin also, who brought Russia to her knees. Well, he didn’t, but he was physically there but not mentally present, so the Western Vultures, GloboSorosaGoons did. But, that’s what happens when people vote for an idiot or a traitor.

    Presumably there are mechanisms in place now not to allow another Yeltsin.
    But I am not sure: this seems to be a Russian thing.
    One leader can do great things and leap forward (Putin), but another can ruin everything (e.g. Gorbachev, Yelstin). There are no checks and balances.

    • Replies: @Pamela
  121. Avery says:
    @israel shamir

    Agree: but what I meant is that even if the individual happens not to be a statesman, the Party or some (secret?) mechanism will not allow someone like Yeltsin to bring the country to the brink of ruin/disaster/dissolution.

    I am no China expert by any means, but China had leaders before Xi – e.g. Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin – who were, if memory serves, just mediocre to average leaders, yet China continued her steady progress forward. I wish Russia could implement some version of the Chinese model.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @RadicalCenter
  122. RobinG says:

    “…some … mechanism…..” It’s possible.

    Russia arrests top cybersecurity executive in treason case
    “State news agency TASS cited an unnamed security source as saying Sachkov was accused of working with unspecified foreign intelligence services and of treason that hurt Russia’s national interests.”

  123. @R2b

    Anyway, the social enginering/ credit, is despicable.

    It is a wonderful thing. In France such a system exists for the driver license. One gets 12 points. Every time a rule is broken – if recorded of course – one loses 1 to 6 points depending of which rule was broken. Quite unfortunately not even 10% of the infractions are recorded. And when there is no point left instead to lose the license, I propose that the driver will lose his car.

    • Replies: @peterrabbit
  124. @israel shamir

    Sure, he is sometimes very optimistic and that gives also irrelevant analyses.

    a deal between the US and Russia done in Geneva is not based on any fact at all.

    Quite possibly a pure speculation, or did he get some confidentail leak? Nobody knows and only time will tell. Currently too good to be true, I would say (US leaving Syria and Irak).

    What I didn’t understand was his support of Trump.

  125. Pamela says: • Website

    Just about everything in Russia is different now from when the USA shoe horned Yeltsin in. That wont happen again. However, given how one unswerving characteristic of the Russia people is a love of stability, I’d say who ever gets the nod from Putin will get the peoples vote.
    But that’s the way Russia likes it. One thing Russians believe in and like is a single strong man at the helm who knows what he is doing and doesn’t let the West pull his strings, and who protects the people. Now, the West might not like that, being all for the collective approach of a sort of Committee with an ever changing Chairman. But thats your concern. They dont care, they know what they like, and it’s their business.

    • Replies: @Derer
  126. Pamela says: • Website
    @israel shamir

    I would go further and say he is a Deng sized statesman.

  127. Hegelian says:

    Globalists want Putin and Russia to capitulate and have killed many who refused.

  128. Shamir’s ongoing attempted character assassination of Gorbachev is getting funny. Did Gorby do something to personally slight Shamir?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Avery
  129. @Seraphim

    Indeed — in absolute terms, but even more so in comparison to the sociopathic theomachists who killed them and succeeded them.

  130. Seraphim says:

    Putin reappeared in the sunny Sochi all smiles and bonhomie:
    ”Putin & Erdogan all smiles in Sochi after Turkish leader voiced frustration with Biden & declared intent to move closer to Russia”@

    ”the Kremlin posted a photo with the two presidents smiling and shaking hands, along with a transcript of their opening remarks ahead of the encounter.
    According to the transcript, Putin was “delighted that our relations continue to develop and are progressing in a positive manner” and said Russia and Turkey were “cooperating quite successfully on the international stage, including on Syria” and Libya… Erdogan called Putin a “dear friend” and said he was happy to meet him in person”.

  131. kemerd says:

    ah! the simplest and most probably the correct reason.

    We’ll get to see if this is the case when we get some videos/picture of him after the sochi meeting with Erdogan

  132. glib says:

    Two days ago a number of oblasts were given a vaccine mandate. No vaxx, no movies, gyms, public events, and university work (students or workers). This goes well beyond the just medical professions as was advanced earlier.

    And, the authorities have specified that these vaccines effectively have 6 months validity. If you are keeping count at home, that is four shots a year. What is the difference with the West again?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  133. RobinG says:

    So glib, there are 24 months in a year on your planet? How many moons?

    • Replies: @glib
  134. Derer says:

    Israel, why are you interested in such a low quality rumors. There are competent international observers of any election except American fake election.

  135. Derer says:

    Russian voters elect a leader who is most slandered and hated by the foreign adversaries, enemies and sanction creators. Those that campaign for New York or Washington audience have no chance in Russia.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  136. glib says:

    No, just that one vaccine is two shots, and two vaccines is four shots.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  137. @Mr Blister

    Gorbachev was the great catastrophe of the 20th century, not just for the Soviet, but for humanity. Surrendering to absolute Evil thereby empowering them, was humanity’s coup de grace.

    • Agree: Avery
  138. @Derer

    If one is slandered by the Evil psychopaths who rule the West, one almost certainly must be extraordinarily upright and principled, as Putin plainly is.

    • Agree: Derer
  139. RobinG says:

    So are you claiming (or stating authoratively, if that’s possible**) that Sputnik-V is different….. because Pfizer and Moderna prescribe 2 shots for initial vaccination, but the boosters some months later are only one shot.

    (**Most vax critics here are repeating internet memes.)

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  140. hillaire says:

    I often have a chuckle, whilst scanning the alternative western (haha) media and it’s pro russian scribblers and so called thinkers/philosophers…. (funnily enough usually on the so called right)..

    how the saviours of the ahem, ‘white race’, will be vodka drenched toothless slavs dressed in tracksuits.. (I obviously exempt some of the more exotic balts from this descriptor )…. and how ras-putin is a ‘nationalist’ and put the jewish oligarchs in their place thus saving russia (even though he’s drowning in the little buggers)..

    casting the old beadys over izzy’s little essay… I’d say russia will dovetail perfectly with western perfidy…

    and whether the diminutive man of steel was hiding from the mobs… teeth chattering, while his henchmen rigged the vote….or whether the WEF has either got a hit on ras-putin or are secretly meeting him for his ‘special’ klaus robe fitting… funny handshakes and ice cold ‘dips’ all round..

    it looks suspiciously like a load of old bollocks… (my money is on the commies, just call me old fashioned but I like my villains smoking and grizzled and packing kalashnikovs/AK47.. a fine simple weapon for simpletons)..

    • Agree: W
  141. Avery says:
    @Mr Blister

    {Shamir’s ongoing attempted character assassination of Gorbachev is getting funny. }

    No, quote, ‘character assassination’ is necessary when it comes to Gorbachev.
    His stupidity or treachery is out in the open and for everyone to see.
    On public display.

    He was either a complete idiot/incompetent or a deep agent of the GloboWest.
    I have no inside knowledge, of course.
    But one has to be KoolAide addled not to see what’s on prominent public display.
    What kind of a leader of a Superpower degrades himself by doing an advertising campaign for his GloboWest masters: look it up. Gorbi doing a Luis Vuitton advertising.
    What kind of lowlife degenerate one has to be to do that?

    His thoughtless and hasty dismantling of USSR.
    His accepting GloboWest’s “promise” (sic) that NATO would never expand Eastwards.
    What kind of an idiot gives up Soviet Union’s immense strategic position in East Europe for a verbal promise: the man is either an idiot or was sucking up to the GloboWest, or worse.

    I know quite well that USSR could not go on as it was, because of its fundamental, inherent contradictions. But any normal leader could have easily wound it down in an orderly fashion.
    And instead of some verbal BS “promise” from lying scumbags of GloboWest, he could have demanded – and received – hard, on the ground, concessions before withdrawing the Red Army.

    {Did Gorby do something to personally slight Shamir?}

    I don’t know: ask him.
    So in your world every commenter that criticizes a public figure does so because he/she has a personal issue with said public figure?
    Are you for real?

  142. @RobinG

    Indeed. It’s a silly conjecture, because the payloads of all these first generation vaccines are the same for each one, it’s only that in the case of Sputnik V two different platforms are used to deliver the first two doses, two different strains of human adenoviruses, Ad26 and Ad5. Because if both were the same like Oxford’s one platform chimpanzee adenovirus, there’s a known issue with this technology of developing an immune system reaction to the vector itself, an activated immune system could target a second dose in quick succession.

    Wait long enough for the initial antibody fleet to wane and it shouldn’t be a big problem, as Janssen is reporting just now with two of their Ad26 based doses taken eight weeks apart or longer. For Sputnik V booster doses, the easier to manufacture Ad26 first dose would likely be fine if given six months or more later, although in all cases this sort of thing must be tested in the real world.

  143. @Maddaugh

    AK is quite intelligent, just irascible and rude to people who don’t agree with him. Especially dismissive and imperious when he’s dealing with people who don’t want to be bossed around and controlled like prisoners under the guise of the”pandemic.”

    Perhaps the constant face-diapering is reducing oxygen flow to his brain.

    Or hey, any guy tends to get more disagreeable if he doesn’t get laid for a long time.

    I, for one, still kinda root for The Chechen Swordsman. I hope he meets a girl who can see his inner beauty even though she won’t be able to see his pulchritudinous visage with the face diaper on. Or has he been “allowed” to take it off now?

  144. glib says:

    sorry, this website as it does sometimes is hiding the reply button. OK, the evidence is in your favor so let us assume two shots a year, to be confirmed at the time of third shot. I will ask again, what is the difference with the West?

  145. @Maddaugh

    Don’t know about this Stalin-is-better stuff. Not at all. But by all means do give The Chechen Swordsman a taste of his own medicine.

  146. @glib

    Earlier you said:

    Two days ago a number of oblasts were given a vaccine mandate. No vaxx, no movies, gyms, public events, and university work (students or workers). This goes well beyond the just medical professions as was advanced earlier.

    And, the authorities have specified that these vaccines effectively have 6 months validity. [Probably incorrect dosing pattern, which we shouldn’t have exclusively focused on in our replies.] What is the difference with the West again?

    And we didn’t try to answer your explicit question.

    Assuming this isn’t a communications mistake or the like, there’s so many possibilities we need more information. Could be Sputnik V isn’t as good as claimed (no adverse effects ever could only be true if the manufactured number of second doses is really awful), in practice in mass manufacturing isn’t as good as it’s claimed, or isn’t as good as claimed or desired or needed or judged to be required against Delta, which is a game changer. The latter emphasis is to point out authorities may have different goals. And/or have different constraints in trying to encourage or force vaccinations.

    I don’t recall the Sputnik V web site advertising anything wildly different than what my part of the West, the USA is saying about our three vaccines (OK, one jab of Janssen isn’t great, but that was baked into the decision to make a one jab version of it, and it doesn’t have much uptake here in part because of a predicted corrupt manufacturing failure). In my judgement “Biden” wanted to distract from other disasters he’s been causing and “got ahead of the science” in saying “he’d” start a massive booster dose program for all.

    Way premature, the real Phase III tests on this don’t have data to report yet, so on iffy data our FDA regulator slapped “him” down. Although in a pretty typical way pretty much anyone is going to be able to get a booster of Pfizer/BioNTech six months after their initial prime and first boost doses, they just have to self-attest they’re at higher risk. At worst, that’s probably mostly harmless, and the biggest focus for now is on the elderly: the data is thin, but of course their immune systems aren’t as good and their risk is higher so this is probably a good thing.

    • Replies: @glib
  147. Seraphim says:
    @israel shamir

    Prince George Mikhailovich is a Hohenzollern. He is the great-grand-son of Kaiser Wilhelm II. His mama descends from a branch that all monarchists consider traitors, conspirators for the demise of Nicholas II.

  148. RobinG says:

    There’s great variety here (USA), either by govt. or business. CA has mandated vaccine for school children. Several more airlines require their employees get the jabs. Court challenges abound, with diverse outcomes.

    I don’t understand TWBT’s first paragraph. At this point, we don’t know how many or how often boosters will be advised here, so why dis the Sputnik jab? TWBT goes into detail, but as a layman I can’t get excited by the revisions. They’re doing the best they can, as the info becomes available. A few vaccines, the ‘childhood’ bunch, are good for life, but lots aren’t. They lose titer. That’s why I get tetanus every 10 years. Our dogs got annual rabies shots. People get flu shots every year, with usually just a little tweak for expected (hoped for) variant.

    But now the hype is about antiviral pills. Nucleosides. This, I think, will make vax resisters more resistant, if they have a pill as an early remedy. Interestingly, amidst all the hype and excitement about the pill, they admit it’s only useful if used early… and had no effect if the patient is already serious. Well, I’m not convinced they really made comparable studies of early use of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, when they called them useless. (Maybe TWBT has the dope on such studies.) Have you followed the cases in India? When the 2nd wave hit there, it seemed like Covid was going to rip through that country, but after an alarming but relatively brief spike their cases and deaths subsided dramatically. What are they doing?

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  149. @Avery

    Is the State Council intended to be something like China’s system, a group advising and helping to guide and control the nominal executive?

    • Replies: @Avery
  150. glib says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    As the comment was within the context of what Israel says, the “difference with the West” is in forcing people to get a vaccine which will, apparently, not solve the problem it is meant to solve. Because, obviously, threatening people with unemployment is forcing. And all that for something that is really a very mild affliction, unless you are old or diseased.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  151. Avery says:

    Good question, but I can’t answer, because I don’t really know how China’s system operates behind what we publicly see.

    All I know, as a layman, is that China has had several Presidents/PMs – some very good as Mr. Shamir pointed out – and some not so good. But China hasn’t had a disaster like Yeltsin or Gorbachev (USSR, but essentially Russia). No matter who is at the helm in China, China continues its relentless advancement. The worst that happens is it either doesn’t advance as fast or maybe coasts for a while.

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  152. @RobinG

    I don’t understand TWBT’s first paragraph. At this point, we don’t know how many or how often boosters will be advised here, so why dis the Sputnik jab?

    I’m postulating reasons for this policy in two oblasts that glib is reporting. Sputnik V got politicized way too early in the process, when it was boasted to be the first “registered” COVID vaccine … a concept we don’t have in the rest of the West, and that got correctly criticized for being done one month before its Phase III trial started.

    That is, before anyone knew if it really worked; in due course a cleverly designed probably FDA strength trial was done. From memory Gamaleya gambled on a 3:1 vaccine/placebo ratio of subjects, would have been bad if the placebo group hadn’t gotten infections quickly, but in the context of a pandemic…. And the vaccine group was large enough to generate the necessary for this level of the process safety data; Phase IV “post-marketing” is the only way to find the rare side effects you won’t find when only 20K plus or minus subjects get the vaccine.

    Today I disrespect it for the claim that no one has every suffered a serious adverse effect from taking it. That’s just not credible unless the number given it is very small, anaphylaxis at minimum is all but certain, although while serious it’s something we’ve known semi-forever to be prepared to deal with. How well does it really work? I assume authorities in Russia might know better than what’s officially reported; due to extreme difficultly in manufacturing the second dose we simply don’t have independent confirmation yet. Note also glib might be getting information about a Sputnik Light based policy, that’s just using the first somewhat like Janssen’s vaccine dose of Sputnik V, with we’d expect constraints similar to Janssen and Oxford’s vaccines.

    That’s why I get tetanus every 10 years….

    People get flu shots every year, with usually just a little tweak for expected (hoped for) variant.

    Both of these vaccinations are “passive,” an analogue of the tetanus toxin called a toxiod plus an adjuvant is presented to the body, generally along with the same for diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) (TDaP), all those are bacteria. Flu is much the same minus the adjuvant in the US except for an option for the elderly along with a vaccine that has four times the normal dosage of outer flu proteins.

    But flu is much more dire when it comes to vaccines in that the human body cannot mount an immune response to anything “conserved” in the virus and we haven’t been able to do that through vaccines, so the annual reformulations for each hemisphere’s flu season are for new strains, that you have no protection against at all. And which strains to use are an educated guess made in March for the Northern Hemisphere. So there’s no great push for possibly more effective “active” vaccines, but see the nasal one(s).

    Maybe TWBT has the dope on such [“comparable studies of early use of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine” vs. the Merck/Ridgeback/EmoryU molnupiravir].

    Note that molnupiravir, which given its apparent effectiveness is well named after Thor’s hammer, is as you note a synthetic nucleoside anti-viral like remdesivir, just appears to be a particularly effective one which can’t be said about the latter. Like most or all anti-virals that interfere with virus replication, for acute infections, that is, not chronic HIV or herpes viruses hiding out, it has the requirement you mention that is must used early. Pretty sure to make a significant difference in an acute infection you need slow down virus replication before there’s too many of them, they’ve hijacked too many cells, etc.

    Although in sufficient time is true for all treatments including oxygen, too many people delay getting treatment until they’ve suffered irreparable and too often fatal damage, like from too many organs getting starved of oxygen. And thus I have become a bigger booster shall we say of COVID vaccines, for they work for people who are stupid or ornery or whatever about getting timely medical help. What can you do about someone who waits to call 911 until his wife is too far gone, and he’s too weak to be able to do CPR on her as the operator advised him to do?

    Or take a good friend of mine who did get vaxxed, but has sat on a referral his primary care physician gave him to an oncologist! People like him appear to be a lot like a subset of of anti-vaxxers who have an automatic reaction to reject or deny anything told them them by certain classes of people or institutions. His immediate reaction to the referral was to reject the oncologist recommended by his doctor, eventually picked the closest one to him as if that was a legit criteria for “you bet your life” doctors. I suppose there’s some overall for the species survival value in not following your tribe’s witch doctor’s advice, but today a lot of this is stark raving mad.

    So about your question, I ask are HCQ and ivermectin acting as direct anti-virals like molnupiravir, or are they thought to have other effects that reduce the severity of COVID? HCQ for example having indications for chronic dosing for lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. That is, they are not used “off-label” for these diseases, a critical distinction for the FDA EUA process and HCQ and ivermectin and COVID. HCQ for COVID was perhaps useful for its anti-inflammatory properties, and the long standard corticosteroid recommended for anyone with a case serious enough to require supplemental oxygen might suffice (using anything to suppress the immune system for any reason is a big deal of course). Unfortunately we in the West will never know if it could help after Trump promoted it.

    Ivermectin is subject to the same mechanism question which does not have to be answered, the mechanism behind a huge fraction of drugs is basically unknown (just came across an essay on that about a fifty year old chemotherapy drug), we know they have thus and so effects but how that translates into the the observed therapeutic effect is unknown. Not the case for ivermectin and parasites because it targets something critical they have that we don’t except where it can’t get to. Quoting Wikipedia:

    Ivermectin and its related drugs act by interfering with nerve and muscle function of helminths and insects. The drug binds to glutamate-gated chloride channels that are common to invertebrate nerve and muscle cells. Ivermectin binding pushes these channels open, increasing the flow of chloride ions and hyper-polarizing the cell membranes. This hyperpolarization paralyzes the affected tissue, eventually killing the invertebrate. In mammals, however, glutamate-gated chloride channels only occur in the brain and spinal cord and avermectins cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, recommended doses of avermectins are unable to kill mammals via tissue paralysis.

    So if it helps with COVID that’s not going to be that exact reason. I’m simply not following it (following a personal “Zero Covid” policy plus of course getting vaxxed), as I understand it no Randomized Clinical Trial (RTC) of sufficient quality has been done (and beware all Third World studies) and based on what studies have been done the NIH, which has the US lead in COVID treatment guidelines, says they can’t recommend or or against it, and provides a lot of well organized data and footnotes for any doctor who wants to try it.

    India? Good luck in getting good data out of it, and for COVID the government simply didn’t care about reality. First did a catastrophic extreme handed lockdown that directly killed quite a few people (yes, the government is truly that brutal, always has been), then declared it solved before Delta, first found there, became big, and then treated that wave as a political rather than medical problem. We’re talking Second/Third World arresting people who are revealing inconvenient truths sort of thing, like someone desperately trying to find oxygen for a relative on social media. So the government was way too late to have any effect except WRT to supplemental oxygen.

    Had for example all but completely neglected vaccination until mid-March when it embargoed exports, previously most of what was being produced without government help was being exported, India had in fact pledged to do a great deal of this. After the head of their biggest vaccine company had to flee the country, last time I checked was setting up production in the U.K. Note also you always adjust for things like demographics, it’s got the classic pyramid type shape with a huge fraction of young compared to the US or Russia.

    Or factor in that even if the government was inclined to be truthful about the death toll, it wasn’t previously capable of counting them all. I’ve stopped paying close attention to India, the best I know is that COVID perforce burned though the population as an alternative to trying another disastrous lockdown. Which, again, being relatively young as is the case with sub-Saharan Africa is not something that would cause comparable death tolls as a fraction of the total population like a country such as the US or Russia.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  153. @Avery

    But China hasn’t had a disaster like Yeltsin or Gorbachev (USSR, but essentially Russia). No matter who is at the helm in China, China continues its relentless advancement.

    The Cultural Revolution is a total refutation of your claims, it set back the PRC’s progress by decades, even in developing its nuclear weapons and missiles to carry them. There are consequences when you shut down your higher education system, there’s a “lost generation” called something like that that came out of the resulting lack of education as an initial ten million young urban intellectuals were sent to farms, and you punish and often kill most? of your most educated people.

    Scientists, engineers and politicians like Deng who was personally forced to labor in a factory for four years might be able to do some writing, but aren’t exactly been tapped for their real and very needed talents. And Yeltsin or Gorbachev weren’t to my memory mass murderers, the numbers keep going up for the Cultural Revolution, and need I mention all the previous campaigns of mass murder in the PRC or USSR??

    Now we have another not so great helmsman, and at the moment I don’t see Xi as being particularly good at the job, the crisis in fuel and electrical generation being only the latest issue. Common and widespread blackouts do not equal “relentless advancement” by any metric I know of except the Green who want to kill off most of humanity anyway.

    • Replies: @Avery
  154. RobinG says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    a personal “Zero Covid” policy

    What is that policy? Are you in personal lockdown?

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  155. @RobinG

    a personal “Zero Covid” policy

    What is that policy? Are you in personal lockdown?

    Exactly, retired and in a detached single family dwelling in my low cost of living home town. Although just walking around etc. outside is part of that, in my low density part of US Red state flyover country an infinitesimal risk aside from mosquitoes unless you then go into an enclosed space like somewhere else indoors. In which case I wear a fit tested 3M N95 mask, I still recommend as a reliable source for “you bet your life” stuff in the US.

    To the extent Delta cases might come from getting larger initial doses that should give me a substantial extra margin of safety at the cost of not eating out. Which given Bideninflation is something I’m avoiding anyway, now’s a time for most people in the US to tighten their belts as just about everything is getting more expensive, and the official US Consumer Price Index (CPI) isn’t hardly as honest as it was in the 1970s. With the recent lots of the world have electrical power and/or natural gas supply issues, and supply chain messes everywhere I’m sure I’m not alone.

    Following The Economist as of the end of July a Big Mac costs for the US as a whole $6, might be as low as $4 where I live; I think I can do without. Per the index, the Russian ruble is 60% undervalued…. On the other hand, bacon for my breakfast has gotten over 50% more expensive in the last couple of months, with a 6% increase in the last couple of weeks. For now as long as I can afford that we haven’t reached economic TEOTWAWKI, which has been forecast in my lifetime going back to the 1970s.

  156. Avery says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    {The Cultural Revolution is a total refutation of your claims}

    No it isn’t.
    Why start at the period after WW2?
    Why not go back to the occupation and ravaging and mass murders by the Imperial Japan?
    Why not go back to era of Boxer Rebellion, when China was occupied by various European imperial powers?
    How about when British Imperialists forced China at gunpoint to push opium on her own people?
    Mongol invasions?
    You are desperate to paint China in a bad light, so are grasping.

    {it set back the PRC’s progress by decades,}

    Nobody knows if it did or didn’t: nobody, including you.
    Nobody knows what could have happened: too many variables, too many unknowns.

    {, the crisis in fuel and electrical generation being only the latest issue. … do not equal “relentless advancement”}

    Yes, of course: I can nitpick something for pretty much any country.
    Nevertheless, let us compare India and China: you know, the proverbial Big Picture.
    Roughly same landmass, roughly same size population.
    India: fully democratic. More or less dysfunctional. No “Cultural Revolution”.
    China: authoritarian. Very much functional.



    It’s not even close.
    But it’s clear you have a beef with China, so you see everything in a negative light.

    btw: go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and see how many products you can find that say “Made in China” and how many that say “Made in India”. 20-30 years ago, I rarely saw anything at HD that said “Made in China”. Now, you can hardly find anything that ISN’T made in China.
    That is ‘relentless progress’ .

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  157. Ron Unz says:

    Yes, of course: I can nitpick something for pretty much any country.
    Nevertheless, let us compare India and China: you know, the proverbial Big Picture.
    Roughly same landmass, roughly same size population.
    India: fully democratic. More or less dysfunctional. No “Cultural Revolution”.
    China: authoritarian. Very much functional.

    Actually, I remember that back a dozen years ago some prominent international scholar from India whose name I forget pointed out in Counterpunch that a comparison of China with India from around 1950 to the present day revealed something interesting.

    Even if you fully accept the horrendous death toll of the famine produced by Mao’s Great Leap Forward—probably more than 35 million—far more Indians have died from poverty and hunger over those six or seven decades than Chinese. It’s just that for India, the losses are perennial and spread out over time, so no one pays any attention to them.

    • Thanks: Avery
    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  158. @Ron Unz

    Even if you fully accept the horrendous death toll of the famine produced by Mao’s Great Leap Forward—probably more than 35 million—far more Indians have died from poverty and hunger over those six or seven decades [starting around 1950] than Chinese. It’s just that for India, the losses are perennial and spread out over time, so no one pays any attention to them.

    For the “advancement” of a society, relentless or not, doesn’t it matter rather a lot who dies, gets stunted by starvation, or in the case of the Cultural Revolution, sidelined from their intellectual work for a significant period of time?

    How were deaths stratified in India during this period? Or sidelined by the License Raj, per Wikipedia and other sources very approximately 1950-1990? Moving to the present, I suspect one of the most important statistics about India pre-COVID was that the people were steadily consuming less calories.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  159. Ron Unz says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    Moving to the present, I suspect one of the most important statistics about India pre-COVID was that the people were steadily consuming less calories.

    Exactly. That’s one of the hidden stories of Indian life that gets almost no coverage from our worthless MSM. Back a decade ago, I published a major article contrasting China and America, and also included a couple of sentences on India:

    And although India is often paired with China in the Western media, a large fraction of Indians have actually grown poorer over time. The bottom half of India’s still rapidly growing population has seen its daily caloric intake steadily decline for the last 30 years, with half of all children under five now being malnourished.

    Unfortunately, the article ran in my print magazine and didn’t have a footnote, but I remember the source was a Counterpunch article, probably the same one I mentioned in my previous comment.

  160. RobinG says:

    Sputnik Over Delhi: Production of Russian Vaccine Kicks Off in India

    India’s COVID-19 vaccine production reflects its critical global position. The country is manufacturing its own, plus European, American, and Russian, vaccines.

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  161. @RobinG

    Various companies in India might be trying to manufacture Sputnik V, but outside of Russia no one but Argentina has managed to make more than test batches per Russia. The article links to a claim that Panacea Biotec managed to make a million doses of the second dose of the vaccine, which would be extraordinary news given the extreme difficultly everyone else is having with making it.

    Although embarrassing if true if they managed to crack that puzzle, and if so they haven’t shared or been able to communicate whatever they did to be able to make it. This being India and a biologic for consumption inside the country, we can’t be sure they really made real doses to begin with. I should also mention there’s also the option of Sputnik Light which is rather like Janssen’s vaccine as of now, one dose based on a Ad26 adenovirus vector.

    As far as that article goes, EU approval of Sputnik V is an irrelevant concept as long as no one can make very many doses of it, but is also credibly claimed to be rooted in Russian refusal to supply enough details about it, it’s manufacturing, etc. Brazil for example ran into these problems, including refusal to allow inspections of all relevant facilities in Russia which are table stakes for selling into the First World.

    The author is unaware that Indian vaccine exports were embargoed in mid-March (he dates it 1-2 months later), or that the government really didn’t give a damn about vaccine production and use in India until Delta hit them hard, he’s reading way too geopolitical significance in all these choices into a very parochial country. Also seems to be unaware of how very badly those actions of the government severely screwed COVAX, the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access initiative, a very undiplomatic posture. Per Wikipedia, including diverting 400 million doses of SII/Oxford for domestic use.

  162. @arami

    I’m even sad and disappointed to see Taliban wear the face diaper, the badge of irrational paranoia and mindless submission to authority. They’re human beings and men and should act like it.

  163. @Abdul Alhazred

    one of the first things a conspiracy theory novice learns is that Sorcha Faal is genuine fake news, a larper who makes up things …. Benjamin Fulford is similar.

    A guy like Alex Jones does not necessarily believe in things he says, but he does not invent them whole cloth like the two above.

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