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Navalny Poison
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We do not yet know what has happened to Alexei Navalny; he is still in a medically induced coma in a German hospital. If it is poisoning, (and this is far from being certain) it is not clear yet what poison and under what circumstances he consumed it. Yet even so we are just as capable of speculating on what is “highly likely” as Mrs Theresa May, the former British Prime Minister during Skripal Affair. We must look for the usual (and politically convenient) suspects. You know the routine. A Christian baby is missing – it’s “highly likely” a Jew stole him for his nefarious rituals. A nursing mother’s milk goes dry – a witch is “highly likely” to be the problem. An enemy of the Russian authorities has fallen ill – it’s “highly likely” that Putin poisoned him.

Why wait for the medical reports when the story has already been written? The poison libel is well established. A KGB renegade Litvinenko was poisoned by Polonium-210 and expired painfully in London. Who shall we blame? Putin. (Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, had been poisoned by the same radioactive material at the same time, and it was suggested that Israelis are behind it, but such details would just confuse the reader). A retired spy, Mr Skripal (who allegedly authored the Steele Dossier with its pissing prostitutes that almost derailed Trump’s presidency) was supposedly poisoned by the military-grade nerve poison, Novichok. It happened in vicinity of Porton Down, the British chemical warfare centre, but don’t let it confuse you. Let’s blame Putin.

He quickly recovered but that was just further proof (as if we need any!) that Putin and his intelligence community love non-lethal poisoning with intricate poison.

The Washington Post recently drew a litany of the poison cases: Piotr Verzilov (the Pussy Riot leader), Vladimir Kara-Murza (a dissident) et al who were allegedly poisoned, but survived. These are people so minor that you have to be desperate to attribute their stomach troubles to Putin. Still, this is used to demonstrate Putin’s evil genius rather than his incompetence. The Washington Post claims that efficiency has given way to theatricality, and that dramatic, non-lethal poisonings with exotic poisons is proof positive (as if we need any!) that Putin was behind it all.

The poison libel is a well-established media narrative. Viktor Pelevin, a bestselling modern Russian writer, included in his thriller a rogue KGB general who had been “poisoned with a rare chemical compound, which is quite easy to trace – at the end of the last century, its batch was made by the secret laboratory of the Krasnoyarsk-PromChimstroy Co” – and he falls into a coma, and after him a potential KGB traitor was “poisoned by unique poison – such a composition had been made only at the chemical plant Yenisei around 2010” and he also fell into a coma.” This was published a year before Navalny fell ill.

This intricate baroque nature of poisoning is intended to emphasize the difference between the backward Byzantine regime (they cannot even poison properly, despite all their efforts) and, say, the efficient American “Company”, which has completely mastered the ability to infect its enemies with deadly cancer, as evidenced by the late president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. In 2011, the Latin American presidents were struck by the cancer epidemic. The ex-presidents of Brazil, Luis Ignacio Lula de Silva and Dilma Rousseff, were diagnosed with cancer. In the same year, the President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Kirchner’s husband, who also served as President of Argentina and was a friend of Hugo Chavez, had died of cancer the year before. The first Indian president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has suffered from cancer. Hugo Chavez had died of cancer, and he was certain the CIA did it. A long time before Chavez, Jack Ruby, who killed Harvey Lee Oswald, the alleged assassin of President Kennedy, died of cancer, but before his death, Ruby recounted in detail how he was implanted with a malignant tumour in the prison hospital.

The CIA is famous for knowing how to silently induce a fatal heart attack. This art has recently been employed against the healthy, vigorous Chinese ambassador to Tel Aviv. He suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack and no embarrassing questions were asked. No follow up was required. No skulduggery was even mentioned. This is how professional craftsmen operate, in contrast to (see above).

However, in the case of Skripal and Litvinenko, this fanciful method was applied to intelligence officers who went rogue. An ex-spy and the prolific author of spy thrillers, John le Carré, made the point that poisoning traitors was a Russian (and British!) favourite strategy. Alexey Navalny was/is a prominent dissident, why would they poison him? Such guys are usually shot at, like Mr Nemtsov was. Could Alexei Navalny be an employee of one of Russia’s special services? It’s surprisingly hard to rule out.

The role of the leading dissident is usually not given to a random dude, but is assigned to a reliable agent. This would explain the ease with which Alexei got himself out of difficult situations. He may be the only man in the history of Russian justice to be arrested in violation of a conditional discharge and walk free. “A conditional discharge is an order made by a criminal court whereby an offender will not be sentenced for an offence unless a further offence is committed within a stated period.” Usually a second violation activates the previous conditional sentence, and the culprit goes to jail. Not so Mr Navalny. Despite routinely breaking Russians laws, he always walked away scot free, only being held just long enough to arrange his release.


Even more suggestive is the previously unknown fact that Navalny’s wife is the daughter of a powerful ex-KGB operator and banker in charge of Russian assets in London, Mr Boris Abrosimov. Abrosimov is a colleague of the better-known ex-KGB colonel and a Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev, the owner and publisher of a few British newspapers, and his son recently became a peer of England. Mrs Navalny (nee Abrosimov) may have had her past erased from the internet, but the story of her mighty father was leaked by the Russian socialite, Putin’s godchild Ms Ksenia Sobchak.

All this goes to confirm that Navalny is deeply connected into the murky places where Russian and Western intelligence services and their bankers forge their secret bonds and wage their secret battles.

This is a more or less solid conspiratorial theory that a suspicious person might fall back upon if dissatisfied with the mainstream “Putin kills dissidents” version. But let’s give it a pass for now and go for a less obvious but much more sensible reason.

Since the Russian poison libel has been so well established and scientifically worked out to the tiniest detail, it would be foolish not to make use of it. And indeed in the case of Alexei Navalny, the Americans took full advantage of it – in order to block the progress of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. This vaccine is named Sputnik for a reason. Like the legendary satellite of 1957 fame, the Russian vaccine threatens to bring down the whole picture of the world, so carefully built up by Western craftsmen. In 1957, as in 2020, the Sputnik destroyed the myth of the ignorant Russian bumpkin. With a great shock, the Western elites discovered that the Russians are still able to do great and unexpected things.

Sputnik V threatens to nullify the cash profit of Bill Gates, the priesthood of the WHO and Big Pharma, who are already smacking their lips in anticipation of harvesting heaps of money at the final bell of the COVID hysteria. We are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars, about a global “Certificate of Vaccination” (the identification system ID-2020, or “the digital concentration camp”), about eternal COVID state of emergency for billions of the world’s inhabitants, about the New Normal, about the kind of annual updates that made Microsoft so hated and Gates so rich. And it all goes down the drain, because the damn Russians rolled out their cunning vaccine.

The plane with Alexei Navalny had not yet reached Berlin, but the United States had already imposed a ban on the institute producing the vaccine, and a secondary ban on the vaccine, and a tertiary ban on everyone who sells, buys or takes this vaccine under the threat of being banned from using the US dollar, disconnected from SWIFT and Twitter, from the entire American-led world. It is a threat not to be trifled with: when the US banned the Nord Stream-II, all European companies dropped the work like a hot potato despite the heavy sanctions they were sure to suffer for breaking their contracts with the Russians. They are scared to touch Iranian oil or Venezuelan money, for the US banned it.

If the choice were between the pandemic and America’s enmity, most countries and companies would promptly forget the platitudes about the suffering old people and the cruel selfishness of the maskless sceptics they have fed us with for the past six months. Let the old folks die; let kids sweat in the masks forever, but God preserve us from US fury.

This scheme may yet backfire. The American people are good and scared of COVID. They may not object to salvation coming from Russia, as the US astronauts scuttled over to the Russian compartment of the Space Station when theirs developed leakage. The pressure of US voters, the indignation of downtrodden people who are sick of muzzles and social distancing, and the fear of long awaited imminent global death might overpower the US ban. The nations of Europe and the world are already tired of these US bans and the costs they incur. The bans on Syria, Iran, China and Russia were carried out at Europe’s expense. The fight against the Russian vaccine may be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In this titanic struggle for the fate of the world, for life and health, for billions of people and dollars, the fate of Alexei Navalny plays a very small part. It is a measure of the desperation of the authors of this global warfare that they have been forced to use Alexey as a lever to push back the Russian vaccine. Now his work is done. The game has started. With the US ban in place, Navalny may recover and fly to New Zealand, to settle next door to Skripal, or even return to Russia. We cannot ever really know what actually happened to him, and it does not matter any more. What is important is the vaccine.

P.S. Personally, I do not think the Coronavirus is worth the effort spent on its containment, nor do I think a vaccine is necessary. But billions of people had been agitated into a condition of hysterics, and it is not likely to pass away without a vaccine, be it even a placebo. I trust that the Russian vaccine, created by the best ex-Soviet experts, who had rid the former USSR and Eastern Europe of many diseases, is at least safer than anything Big Pharma and Fauci (of AZT fame) is going to produce, and it would not identify us and demand for an update as the Gates’ Windows do.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. Steven80 says:


    I think you are wrong about Litvinenko poisoning – there is substantial info he was poisoned by the Russians because he knew Putin was involved in Ryazan apartment bombings in 1999 (that paved his way to power). Litvinenko was about to spill the beans and or at least they were suspecting him of doing so.

    The other poisonings are just stories created by someone’s imagination, but that’s not new and it seems the UK have an established tradition of using that particular narrative and selling it to the public. I read a story about a dissident from the Eastern block called Georgi Markov, who was killed in London in 1978 with poison delivered by an umbrella-like pneumatic device and miniature ball. The Soviets then only provided the device to a Danish guy hired by the Bulgarian communists, but were not involved themselves, however UK propaganda was immediate, fierce and against the wrong guys – same as today.

  2. mh505 says:

    A Christian baby is missing – it’s “highly likely” a Jew stole him for his nefarious rituals. [ …. ] An enemy of the Russian authorities has fallen ill – it’s “highly likely” that Putin poisoned him.

    The former is definitely more likely than the latter.

    • Agree: Emily
  3. A123 says:

    How many enemies did Navalny make?

    I was inclined to blame the Kremlin, but the more I learn about this guy the less likely that seems.
    — He made business enemies.
    — — He made criminal enemies.
    — — — He made even more business enemies.

    The police are going to need a large stadium for a line-up room. There are so many potential suspects, this may be an impossible case.

    PEACE 😇

  4. Work on the Nordstream II pipeline is continuing, isn’t it? I keep reading about American huffing and puffing, threatening sanctions to all and sundry. There must be something going on.

  5. The current London Review of Books, a pissy establishment rag posing as “leftist,” currently has a piece on the Navalny “poisoning,” using the occasion to reinforce the Skripal canard.

    Tools, tools, and more tools. There is often more intellectual life and independent thought on internet comment threads than in the mainstream “cultured” press.

    This is what we have come to.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  6. @Steven80

    I do not think Litvinenko knew anything that could be dangerous or even upsetting to Putin – he was, after all, a small fry in FSB branch of a provincial city. As for spilling the beans he did spill much more beans than he ever had. I have mutual friends with Litvinenko, and none of them ever considered him anything but an activist, keen to damage Putin’s “regime”. He died because of a complicated affair with Mr Berezovsky asking to deliver some special cargo from Israel. Apparently this cargo killed him. I had no doubt of Mossad involvement after Arafat’s death. Not that Mossad would kill Litvinenko – certainly not, but he was in the wrong place and in the wrong time, being pushed by Boris Berezovsky. In short, it is a complicated story, in my view more an accident than an assassination: he was too small a fry.

    • Agree: Brewer
    • Thanks: Steven80, Emily
    • Replies: @Derer
    , @KA
  7. @A123

    He indeed had many enemies, for he was doing a necessary and noble work of a mudslinger. Still the only people who used his illness were the US officials who banned the vaccine. Kremlin indeed was quite friendly to him.

    • Agree: Steven80, Emily
  8. @israel shamir

    I meant muckraker rather than mudslinger)) Sorry

    • Replies: @A123
  9. @Steven80

    Former Reagen nuclear advisor Dr. Gordon Prather was all over this when it happened. Polonium is a proscribed material and has a “fingerprint” of the reactor in which it was produced. He stated that it would be sa simple matter for the IAEA, which has all of the NPT signatory “fingerprints”, to confirm. Prather pointed at Israel because it would have been logical for the UK to have gone to the IAEA immediately, which it didn’t. A year later, the UK announced it was from a Russian reactor, but refused to allow any other party access to the sample, and the IAEA never confirmed, to be best of my knowledge.

    • Thanks: Steven80
  10. Cyrano says:

    I think they made a spelling mistake on his birth certificate. It should say Nahalny instead of Navalny. I can’t believe that intelligent nation like Russia can produce such a moron.

    He believes that the main objective of Russia should be to make the Americans like them. I think it’s exactly the opposite. The litmus test for correctness of any Russian action should be: If the Americans disapprove of it – you are on a right track, If a Russian action meets approval from the Americans – you are doing something wrong and you need to completely reverse what you’re doing.

    Leave the approval by the Americans as a raison d’entrée (as a matter of fact also as a raison d’main meal) for the lesser Slavs like Polish and Ukrainians and what have you. Russia doesn’t need “approval” from the ones whose historical and civilizational accomplishments they eclipse by a wide margin.

  11. A123 says:
    @israel shamir

    None of us have professional editors, and spelling auto correct periodically does some crazy things.

    “…necessary and noble work of a muckracker”, seems like a bit of a stretch. Navalany appears to have been quite capable of angering people while seeking personal gain.

    Regardless, unless someone comes up with solid evidence, I have to believe his death was a non-political matter — business, criminal, or personal.

    PEACE 😇

  12. I’m 80 years old and I also don’t think a Covid vaccine is needed, won’t be having the injection. But anyway, a limit have been placed on how much the Gates of Hell and his Big Pharma cohorts can charge for it, not more than the cost to an American of flying to Moscow, staying overnight, getting vaccinated there, and flying back.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich needs to make sure that trip is visa-free.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @Lawofkarma
    , @republic
  13. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Dozens of countries want Russian vaccine. Russia is ready to manufacture the vaccine in several countries to provide at a fraction of the cost compared to either American or European vaccine.
    This is what U.S. and rest of the West want to stop through sanctions and propaganda.

  14. Exile says:

    I think you are wrong about Litvinenko poisoning – there is substantial info he was poisoned by the Russians because he knew Putin was involved in Ryazan apartment bombings in 1999 (that paved his way to power). Litvinenko was about to spill the beans and or at least they were suspecting him of doing so.

    Everyone on Earth who cares enough to follow topics about Russia has heard everything there is to be said about those bombings. It’s not as if Russia or Putin’s government would have been massively destabilized by any “confirmation” regarding a subject everyone made up their minds on years ago. The Putin-haters weren’t going to hate him any more and his supporters weren’t going to like him any less. Russia is not the U.S. or Britain with respect to fickle public opinion and scandals.

    It’s entirely likely that Litvenenko was poisoned by the suspects cited but as Shamir points out, the “because” part is murky. There are a hundred reasons why some faction or even some individual in the intelligence services, mafias or elsewhere might have wanted Litvenenko dead and who might have had influence with the suspects to get it done.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  15. Loup-Bouc says:

    Another excellent article, Mr. Shamir. Each day I look to see whether you have published a new piece, so I may treat myself to a little reading pleasure.

    Again you deprive me of the itchy joy of rendering criticism. In this your newest article’s case, I cannot even quibble with your excellent effort — but only suggest that you check for typing/editing errors (of which I, too, am not-infrequently guilty).


    • Agree: ariadna, Mefobills
    • Thanks: israel shamir
  16. @Cyrano

    Navalny means person falling on person or object with overwhelming force.
    Nahalny I do not know what it means.
    Naha means naked woman.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  17. So the American people are good and scared of Covid? Not in my part of America, kiddo! I do not know anyone–including those that love wearing masks–that will even consider taking a Gates or whatever vaccine! “Mark of the Beast” and all that…. and not just Christians, either…we have quite a few atheists out here as well, and even liberals…in rugged rural remote far west Texas. In a population of about 15,000, only less than 200 Covid cases, and no deaths–1.3 percent, or less. Finally, while the article was interesting, I seriously doubt that folks out here will take a vaccine created by minions of Putin, let along one by Gates. Unlike you and PCR and others, I do not trust a man who hangs out with Chabaders…Putin in Russia, Trump in America.

  18. Dumbo says:

    A Christian baby is missing – it’s “highly likely” a Jew stole him for his nefarious rituals.

    Tsc, tsc… I see that Mr. Shamir is once again defending Epstein and his pals… 😉 To be fair, if it happened in Russia or Eastern Europe today it would be more likely that people would suspect gypsies rather than Jews. Although we shouldn’t forget Simon of Trent and that priest in Syria.

    What I find suspicious is that Navalny’s transportation to Germany with medical care was paid by some kind of cultural German NGO dedicated to the exhibition of movies, “Films for Peace”… Seems like it would be a front for something else.

  19. @A123

    To your list you can add the Chechens:

  20. “He (Skripal) quickly recovered”

    How do you know that? What is the evidence he is still alive?

    • Replies: @yurivku
    , @Curmudgeon
  21. Derer says:
    @israel shamir

    I like your piece on Navalny (Putin adversary with 1% support in Russia, 99% in US), especially the fairness. Navalny has busy history of switching, creating and abandoning failing parties and in process creating enemies. He also pleaded guilty to business corruption charges.

    About Litvinenko he was most likely eliminated by Berezovsky for two reasons, firstly the method of poisoning used that can be blamed on Russia; secondly, Berezovsky went berserk prior to Litvinenko case when Brits have minimized his residence protection and after Litvinenko’s death he demanded resumption of protection crying he will be the next – UK’s fools obliged.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
    , @Seraphim
  22. When Hugo Chavez was at the UN in NYC,calling W.Bush the devil,I felt there was a alpha ray cannon or something like that in the lectern,frying his pelvis as he spoke.

  23. republic says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    According to RT,Russia today,many Russians will not take it due to safety concerns.

  24. ariadna says:

    Mr Shamir is wrong. Putin did have Navalny poisoned! Putin plans ahead. Waaay ahead! He realized that Navalny’s 2-3% approval rating today may, just may, grow to a lot more in 40-50 years and he would not take that chance. I haven’t figured out yet why they didn’t use a poison that kills dependably, rightaway or kill him in a traffic “accident”. Poisons are tricky. Those cigars did not work on Castro, I seem to remember. Or… this must also have been carefully planned so he would be transported abroad to die outside Russia.
    At any rate I am sure Putin had him poisoned because I heard it on BBC. I never doubt BBC ever since they reported the collapse of Building 7 some 20 minutes before it happened.
    I am happy to share this insight with Mr. Shamir whose writings I always enjoy. Thank you, Mr Shamir.

  25. utu says:

    Poison laboratory of the Soviet secret services
    Mairanovsky and his colleagues tested a number of deadly poisons on prisoners from the Gulags, including mustard gas, ricin, digitoxin, curare, cyanide, and many others.[7] The goal of the experiments was to find a tasteless, odourless chemical that could not be detected post-mortem. Candidate poisons were given to the victims, with a meal or drink, as “medication”.[5]

    Finally, a preparation with the desired properties called C-2 or K-2 (carbylamine choline chloride) was developed.[5][8][9] According to witness testimonies, the victim changed physically, became shorter, weakened quickly, became calm and silent, and died within fifteen minutes.[5] Mairanovsky brought to the laboratory people of varied physical condition and ages in order to have a more complete picture about the action of each poison.

    Pavel Sudoplatov and Nahum Eitingon approved special equipment (i.e., poisons) only if it had been tested on “humans”, according to testimony of Mikhail Filimonov.[5] Vsevolod Merkulov said that these experiments were approved by NKVD chief Lavrenty Beria.[5] After his arrest, Beria himself testified on August 28, 1953, that “I gave orders to Mairanovsky to conduct experiments on people sentenced to the highest measure of punishment, but it was not my idea”.[5]

    In addition to human experimentation, Mairanovsky personally executed people with poisons, under the supervision of Sudoplatov.

    The KGB’s Poison Factory by Boris Volodarsky

    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @Derer
    , @Alicia
  26. Ugetit says:

    What’s described in your link was also described by M.S. King in his “War Against Putin.” It’s more of the same, i.e., the globalist mafia wants to recapture Russia and its resources and Putin, like Hitler before him, is in the way. Naturally the usual suspects lie about nearly everything to demonize the guy, destabilize Russia, and monopolize anything important as they consistently do.

    Their MO has long been so obvious that it’s a wonder anyone falls for their transparent and treacherous bumbling any longer, yet many who exhibit signs of intelligence in other ways,seem to fall for it all repeatedly.

    The big question is what to do about it. The best I can come up with is to assume that everything coming out of the usual mouthpieces are lies and other distortions of reality and to act accordingly, especially by exhibiting doubting behavior whenever someone confronts us with the usual claptrap.

    Rolling ones’ eyes may be a good start. Chuckling may be another especially after asking where they’re getting their info.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
  27. ariadna says:

    This just in from the impeccably trustworthy BBC:
    The German authorities have declared that it was established “beyond any doubt” that Navalny was poisoned with Novichuk and ask the Russian government “to explain itself.”
    Three questions:
    — Will this obliging gesture on the part of Germany be enough to forgive it for Nord Stream 2 linking Germany to Russia?
    I think not.
    — Will Navalny recover and be transported to London to join the Skripals and, like them, never be seen again?
    — Has a new ”leading opposition figure” been found and is being groomed to replace Navalny?

    • Replies: @Layman
  28. Now that you have busted the myth about the missing white Christian child and the Jew, the world can rest easily … your skiff is definitely heading back to the tribal port.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  29. yurivku says:

    I can’t believe that intelligent nation like Russia can produce such a moron.

    Actually more intelligent nation, Ukraine, produced him.

    • Replies: @Derer
  30. yurivku says:

    Nahalny I do not know what it means.

    it means (in Russian): sassy, impudent, cheeky, insolent, impertinent, saucy, audacious, pert

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
    , @Anon
  31. yurivku says:

    How do you know that? What is the evidence he is still alive?

    Brits said he’s alive, they never lie. Sorry for the rhime.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  32. Hibernian says:

    In this type of case, a “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?” scenario cannot be ruled out.

    Ruby recounted in detail how he was implanted with a malignant tumour in the prison hospital.

    It’s more likely he was chosen for his task because he was already terminally ill. Like Giuseppe Zangara, who carried out a hit on Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak disguised as an attempt on newly elected FDR, that somehow went awry, and resulted in the wrong man getting the bullet.

  33. utu says:

    Alexei Navalny: Russia opposition leader poisoned with Novichok – Germany

    Novichok nerve agent used in Alexey Navalny poisoning, says German government

  34. @Steven80

    I doubt if the USSR was involved in the Markov case at all.
    Markov’s death was due to a micro-engineered pellet (or ball bearing ) containing ricin. This was fired into his leg from an umbrella.
    Some years previously, Carl Zeiss Jena ( East German version ) placed an order with a British University Engineering Department to develop a small micro-engineered pellet. Seemingly, this was beyond the technical capability of any organisation in the Soviet Bloc. After a period of time, the pellet was developed and sent to Carl Zeiss . Obviously, the University kept MI5/MI6 fully informed about all of this.
    I know this because I have a close friend who was working for the Engineering Dept throughout this period. He knew the researchers who developed the pellet very well. Its development was an open secret in the Department.
    You can imagine the chagrin when the Dept found out that the pellet in Markov’s leg was the one they had developed. It quickly became a forbidden subject.
    My friend thinks the Bulgarians went straight to Carl Zeiss and placed an order. No need to tell Comrade Brezhnev or anyone else.
    There have never been any charges arising from this case, nor will there ever be. It would be far too embarrassing for the Inteligence Services to have this revealed in open court.

  35. GMC says:

    Lol And President Putin, while interupted on a3 day vacation in Crimea, stated ” What.? Novichokov again lol lol lol _ Get off my Beach. ! A little satire from Crrimea- boy if the sheep believe this again–they deserve their N W O Gov.

  36. Derer says:

    The CIA lies on Saddam’s WMD are closer to reality than your money making fictional sources.

  37. Derer says:

    Why was Navalny immediately shipped outside Russia? Most likely to fabricate any evidence possible to blame Russia. This is a geopolitical game more sophisticated than Iraq’s WMD. Who gains most from Navalny’s set up: Kremlin 0% (they must be stupid), Washington ruling clan 100% (they are sinister).

    Implemented Nordstream is a beginning of the end of Washington yoke on Europe and the NATO future that was working perfectly for US interest for long time but not for Europe. The elaborate scheme was designed by CIA/MI in cooperation with occupied Germany for more sanctions and enhanced opposition to Nordstream. People that send their young men to die in ME on a lie are capable of anything.

  38. d dan says:

    I smell a rat – a lame attempt by US Intelligence/deep state to drive an wedge between Germany and Russia.

    Germany has been behaving a little bit too “independently” lately: Nord Stream 2, allowing Huawei, refusing to criticize China for Covid-19, etc. So a murder/poisoning here and there would be a good reminder to them who is the “good” guy and who is the “bad” guy.

    Elsewhere, I saw an (probable agent of the state) anonymous sycophantize Germany:

    “Not only is Germany perfectly neutral thanks to equal trades with both US and China, but Germans are the most honest people in the world.”

    So, the anonymous vainly proclaims:

    “I think for this reason that China should invite a team of German scientists/doctors to help them investigate the origin of coronavirus, whether it did come from the Wuhan lab or how.”

    Sounds like some concerted efforts to put a leash to let Germans know who is the boss.

  39. Derer says:

    Yurivku: “Actually more intelligent nation, Ukraine, produced him.”

    Intelligent nation would not be approaching Zimbabwe level of mismanagement.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  40. anon[195] • Disclaimer says:

    CJ Hopkins gives a guided tour of “New Normal Gleichschaltung”:

    Meanwhile, back in Unz land, it is the latest episode of Wanker 007 vs Bloody Putin. Also, Unz land has additional material no doubt in the pipeline about the sudden Koran and Muhammad events in Europe. That’s entertainment!

  41. @ariadna

    Those labs don’t count. They are all for peaceful purposes, including the ones overseas.

  42. yurivku says:

    Probably you don’t know what sarcasm means 😅

    • Replies: @Derer
  43. The CIA assassination manual recommends against the poison method. Generally not reliable. Back before autopsies and coroners in the times of Cesar Borgia and Octavius it was a method of choice but that was a very long time ago.

    assassination can seldom be employed with a clear conscience. Persons who are morally squeamish should not attempt it.

    This clearly leaves most of us right out. : )

  44. Skeptikal says:
    @nosquat loquat

    I have been a subscriber to the LRB for years—maybe even decades!—-and I have become increasingly pissed off with quite a lot of their material. Obviously carrying water for someone.

    The book reviews are still great and interesting as are many of their other features and actual reviews, but much of the commentary part has become increasingly political and mindlessly reflecting 150% anti-Trumpism (hence no real analysis possible) and also Zionist positions.

    I have not noticed a single article (though I could have missed it) that critiqued the UK mass media’s pile-on Corbyn re the whole fake “anti-semitism” thing.

    The commentary on the USA used to be quite good, e.g., David Bromwich’s articles on Obama were some of the only sensible, skeptical analyses I saw that didn’t slobber about Saint Obama. And there was other material that was more intelligent than anything one could read here. I’ll admit that Slavoj Zizek was a bit of a pill, but he still had some interesting observations.

    But the quality of political commentary has really fallen—that is it increasing reflects mainstream “liberal” views and is quite tame and predictable. But with the imprimatur of intellectual fearlessness that the LRB confers. Like at The New Yorker.

    I wonder whether there is Zionist money in there somewhere now.

    They certainly have tarted up their physical rag and laid on tons of marketing dross (mugs, LRB cake shop, etc. —kind of like NPR or “public” radio in the USA, with all the logo’d trash such as umbrellas).

    All a bad sign for real intellectual quality, I’m afraid.

  45. Ragain. says:

    For a mysterious reason russian operatives use again a substance that failed to kill its marks and identify them unambiguously.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  46. It is obvious that he himself did consume some stuff that increased his heart rate and caused some nausea.
    But it is a good thing. He cannot go back to Russia. If he would want to go back it would confirm that it was a hoax. (Some people are really stupid.)
    Who would want to go back in a country where Government wanted to poison you?

  47. @ariadna

    “At any rate I am sure Putin had him poisoned because I heard it on BBC.”

    Don’t push your sarcasm too far: lots of people may actually believe you. Dangerous stuff!

    Btw: “Moon of Alabama” has run a few worthy commentaries on this recent russophobic idiocy:

  48. @utu

    That’s crazy. If Putin had him poisoned with novichok why did Putin allow him to be taken to Germany and saved, rather than staying in the Russian hospital and being cured and released?

    This tale makes it far more likely that it was Germany that poisoned him. But far, far, far more likely it was the CIA.

  49. I found this article interesting, but could not find confirmation for some of the information it provides. Some claims from the following sentence, for example:

    The plane with Alexei Navalny had not yet reached Berlin, but the United States had already imposed a ban on the institute producing the vaccine, and a secondary ban on the vaccine, and a tertiary ban on everyone who sells, buys or takes this vaccine under the threat of being banned from using the US dollar, disconnected from SWIFT and Twitter, from the entire American-led world.

    The part about the “tertiary” ban surprised me a bit, and I couldn’t find confirmation for it. The “primary” one seems to be true, and I found its confirmation here:

    Diplomat blasts US sanctions for targeting Russian scientists working on COVID-19 vaccine

    As for the “secondary” ban, I couldn’t find any confirmation, but it didn’t strike me as too implausible. What made me skeptical of the alleged “tertiary” ban is that here in Brazil it is almost certain that one or more states will buy the Russian vaccine (or have already bought it, I am not sure), and I haven’t heard about any impending sanctions on Brazil because of it.

  50. @yurivku

    Yeah, only someone who knows Russian or Polish would understand the nice word play here. (Didn’t think about this myself.)

  51. One thing in the article, if space were REAL the so-called ISS would have exploded immediately in the event of a so-called leak! Like when a couple of astronots almost drowned in their suits during a so-called spacewalk to repair some shit! Space is fake dude, just like the virus!

    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @Badger Down
  52. @Ragain.

    Methods to kill someone and get away with it.

    – Set up a scapegoat. Case closed. Examples: JFK, MLK, RFK.

    – Accident or “suicide”. Several cases in the USA.

    – Strait kill. No inquiry. Example: Seth Rich.

    – French method: thallium. Example: Félix Moumié. Assassin known. Got away with it.

    And when in Ukraine opponents are killed, nothing happens.

    Russia is thus a very special case.

    But why did they sent him to Berlin? Why did the plane land at Omsk?

    • Agree: Derer
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  53. @Ugetit

    “The globalist mafia wants to recapture Russia and its resources and Putin, like Hitler before him, is in the way.”

    Is that why Britain and France couldn’t go out of their way to “appease” Hitler? Hoping that Hitler will eventually help them destroy Soviet (Communist) Russia? Is that why Britain and France (and Poland) consistently refused Russia’s offers to form an anti-Nazi Germany coalition? Fortunately, it was the Soviet Union who saved their sorry asses from the annihilation by the German war machine. Had it not been for the Russians, most Europeans would today speak fluent German.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  54. Mefobills says:

    Shamir’s link to CIA heart attack method didn’t work for me.

    Here is Church committee. I wouldn’t be surprised if CIA assassination methods are much more sophisticated now.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  55. Cyrano says:

    Maybe it’s time to rename the Novichok into a Starichok – based on the fact that it has been around in the western propaganda for a few years. The “news” that it’s generating are getting pretty old too.

    Next time the west “reports” that some “key Russian dissident” has been “poisoned” – maybe they should use the name Postmodernchock – it might add credibility to their story.

  56. Poisoning? Yes…yes… Let’s use the same mythological toxin that worked so well earlier that it didn’t kill its intended victims nor kill anyone else who unwittingly happened to get in contact with them.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  57. @Mefobills

    Their methods and their lies continue

  58. @Olivier1973

    Send them to jail and have the cameras “malfunction” and the guards napping.

  59. As of today, we have been informed that the poison used in the Navalny case is the proverbial novichok. With the smoking gun in hands we may rightfully conclude that the Russian labs producing myriad of poisonous substances, or vaccines if you will, suck.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  60. ariadna says:
    @Robert Konrad

    “Had it not been for the Russians, most Europeans would today speak fluent German.”
    Not all bad then. Being able to read the German literature and philosophers in the original!

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Derer
  61. ariadna says:
    @Missouri Bear

    I dearly hope time is not real either because I have used 3o precious seconds reading your comment.

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  62. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    Another absolutely shameless and totally transparent smear of Russia by Washington operatives, either working on the ground deep inside Russia, or within Germany, poisoning people to sabotage Putin, or else simply a bunch of Washington propagandists, willing to tell any lie and spread any false narrative that have thoroughly co-opted every so-called American “ally” on the planet with Germany now playing this absurd role.

    Today’s accusation by Germany of “novochok poisoning” of Navalny is obviously the “West’s” next move in the never-ending struggle to put the kibosh on Russia’s multi-billion dollar investment in Nord Stream 2 virtually days before completion, or maybe its the next move in their gambit to seize Belarus from Russia’s orbit. The scenario they are floating regarding Navalny is totally preposterous and cannot really be believed even by that dumb compliant cow Merkel. Her capacity for dispensing American bovine feces is simply stunning.

    The lies these people tell and the economic damage they are attempting to inflict on their self-created “enemies” comes within a fraction of a femtometre of a full-blown casus belli and the launching of a thousand missiles. The Yankee bullshit artists have outdone themselves this time. There should be no American alive with half his wits and disdainful of warmongering who is not ashamed and fearful of what these fools are doing.

    Next we’ll hear that Putin ordered a hit on Biden using novochok. Already today’s headlines state that the Russian government and its “state controlled” press is laced with extreme slander and other forms of meddling against Mr. Biden’s campaign (of course, in cahoots with Trump no less!!). Thoroughly disgusting behavior by cretins without the tiniest smidgeon of honor.

    I’d warn Putin that his government is probably infiltrated by CIA, or double agents, at every level. Certainly every NATO country, even Germany, is secretly run by such creatures. No doubt about it when laughs like these just keep coming.

    • Agree: Derer
  63. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:
    @Zoran Aleksic

    Sheeeit! Russia has already been sanctioned by the shameless bloodsuckers in Washington for daring to develop a vaccine against Covid-19. Obviously, the world hegemon had already declared dibs on that endeavor and no competitors dare try to protect their own people. Washington will not stand for it!!

    • LOL: Skeptikal
  64. Derer says:

    You really fooled me with that one.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  65. @ariadna

    FYI, the BBC eventually stated that it got the info about the collapse of the still upright WTC7

    from Reuters. Reuters

    is a Zionist (((Rothschild))) operation. Likely

    somebody there err’d and got ahead of the 9/11 (((script))).

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @foolisholdman
  66. Hillbob says:

    Either the Russians are incompetent assassins or this Novichuk stuff is no good……re the Skirpals and now this er him

  67. Loup-Bouc says:

    Novichok’s creators – Leonid Rink and Vladimir Uglev – reject the German government’s claims.

    Leonid Rink and Vladimir Uglev assure that Navalny’s symptoms are not consistent with Navalny’s being poisoned with Novichok.

    According to Leonid Rink, had Navalny been poisoned with Novichok, Navalny would suffered fatal seizures and died. He would not have lived but become comatose.

  68. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    “Nahalny” hardly means “pert.” “Son of a bitch” would be more like it.

  69. Loup-Bouc says:

    Please see my comment of September 2, 2020 at 11:32 pm GMT (comment # 71).

  70. Skeptikal says:

    Best of both worlds: speak German AND Russian.

    Once you have learned one, the other is a lot easier (because of similarities of grammar structures).

    • Replies: @ariadna
  71. @InnerCynic

    Are you referring to Novichok which did kill Dawn Sturgess and would have sent a very strong message to anyone in Russia thinking of spying for the British? The Skripals appear to have been permanently damaged.

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  72. @Curmudgeon

    No, “the MD in the link above” – which, BTW is way out of date – was clearly referring to a misreporting of 40 alleged poisoning cases. It seems clear that the Russians sent the clear message to future possible Russian spies for Britain via the Skripals and happened to caatch Sergeant Nick Bailey and Dawn Burgess (who died) and her boyfriend as unintended collateral damage.

  73. @Loup-Bouc

    Israel Shamir can be entertaining and even say some interesting things on subjects he may know more about than most of us but if you can’t find even quibbles with that florid piece you are either a tunnel visioned (albeit educated) fool or profoundly uninformed on his subject matter. Do you really think he has time or capacity to write with implied authority on so many subjects?

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  74. ariadna says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    I seem to remember that the BBC reporter was ON THE GROUND and had the backdrop of the Financial Center behind her with Building 7 visible. Am I wrong? What a shame we cannot get the video. I hope I am right because I would hate to have my absolute confidence in BBC shattered like this or even just weakened.

  75. ariadna says:

    Sure… alphabet as well….

  76. Flo Blo says:

    The local tv channel in NY reported on 9-11 [4pm local time] that building number 7 had to be demolished because it was unstable due to the proximity to the twin towers. So that is why you heard it would collapse prior to its’ happening.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  77. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    You wrote:

    Do you really think he has time or capacity to write with implied authority on so many subjects?

    Mr. Shamir can much more than you are able. And the matter is not “authority,” but development of pertinent facts, supporting evidence, compelling analysis, and sound reasonable sense.

    You wrote:

    tunnel visioned (albeit educated) fool or profoundly uninformed

    That assessment is an apt description of you, except, in your case, the term “educated” ought to be “lightly educated” (cf. sparingly seasoned).

    I could have rendered some criticism of a few details of Mr. Shamir’s piece — as I have excoriated more than a few other authors’ articles for their fallacious, illogical, or grievously unsupported, oft absurd, particulars. See, e.g., my treatment of John-Paul Leonard’s monstrosity of toxic dreck, “Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?,”

    But Mr. Shamir’s “Navalny Poison” hits the mark enough to deserve general respect. And, but for a few typing or editing errors, it is well written. So, I opted not to criticize it.

    Also, I do not criticize writers’ general knowledge or entire life’s works, partly because I am neither a mind-reader nor a demigod. Likewise, I find absurd your comment’s closing question: “Do you really think he has time or capacity to write with implied authority on so many subjects?”

    Respecting YOUR writing (just the writing, not the substance), my consistent reaction is that you need much language-usage tutelage, starting with learning that the paragraph ought to be your unit of construction.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  78. Seraphim says:

    It was expected from day one. It was all so predictable. When I saw on TV the report of his ‘poisoning’ I told everyone present: ‘with Novichok’! Just the week before the German announcement, the Aussie TV ran the series: “The Salisbury Poisonings’, launched in UK in June. I said again: ‘that’s in preparation for an announcement that it was indeed Novichok’. Actually, if I remember correctly the BBC TV ran a fictional drama series about an attack on Britain with ‘Novichok’ few weeks before the Salisbury farcical drama.

  79. Seraphim says:

    Don’t forget that Berezovsky was found suicided shortly after his plea to return to Russia and probably spill some beans.

  80. TRM says:

    This again? If one raindrop of sarin touches your skin you die. Now something that is supposed to be 7 times more deadly has failed again to kill someone? LMAO. No. Just NO.

    Look if Putin wants someone dead they die. Just look at the Beslan school organisers. There were 8 of them I think. All DEAD.

  81. @Loup-Bouc

    I shouldn’t have wasted my time of course. There is no chance that an admittedly not abysmal IQ obsessive with considerable formal education like yourself is ever going to change. Your assessment of education levels is btw deluded. Sorry about not thinking that the making of that comment justified attention to paragraphing. I am quite a devotee of Robert Graves “The Reader Over Your Shoulder” after starting with Partridge, Fowler and Follett for written guidance. You know them all of course?

    I was just checking the article to see whether my lack of interest in the Navalny case was justified and found that Shamir was in typical huckster mode, trusting that there would be enough credulous readers not to rouse protest at his polluting UR. It’s too early, says Shamir, to know what ails Navalny so let’s just go for a wander round the cureent churning sludge in the Shamir mind. He even claims the same right as the PM of the UK to speculate about the poisoning of the Skripals, Sergeant Bailey, Dawn Sturgess (who died) and her boyfriend. And he makes a hundred more unsourced assertions (including ones about Americans) that you, with a legal background, would surely like to cross-examine on. So he believes a whole lot of other popular or fringe conspiracy theories. Yes, and he gets some things so patently wrong that he is really doing a circus act. No one knows how well Skripal recovered, for one. And Shamir simply doesn’t make it 100% clear whether he believes Litvininko and the Skripals were poisoned or not.

    Is he perhaps content with asserting at length the obvious uncertainty of Putiin’s personal knowledge and approval? Maybe he could do some serious reading and acquaint himself better with Russia. I have just listened to an ABC Radio National “Between the Lines” interview of Catherine Belton who has been in Russia for 15 years as a jourrnalist and written “Putin’s People: How the KGB took over Russia and took on the West”. If you read it and review it I shall read your review.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  82. @Flo Blo

    It is a mark of the true outsider-cum-obsessive truther that they pin anything on the fact that the BBC person gave the impression that WTC 7 was already down.

  83. I think that this gorgeous article is worthy of being presented also on Russian-speaking forums (for example – )

  84. yurivku says:

    Only complete imbecile (but we have some here) can call Ukraine “intelligent” nation.

    • Agree: Jazman
  85. yurivku says:
    @Really No Shit

    your skiff is definitely heading back to the tribal port.

    Oh, yes, one can’t get free of his ancestors..

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  86. Erebus says:

    This whole story is so ludicrous that I’m thinking it’s a Russian sting operation. Somebody’s getting punked. Maybe it wasn’t even Navalny that got flown out.

    Off-Guardian has a good take on it…

    Alexei Navalny has never held any elected office, his political party doesn’t have a single MP in the Duma, and he polls at roughly 2% support with the Russian people.

    Despite this, and in the middle of an alleged “pandemic”, Vladimir Putin deems the man a threat and orders him killed.

    The State apparatus responsible for unnecessary and seemingly arbitrary acts of political murder decide to use novichok to poison him.

    This decision is taken in spite of the facts that a) Novichok totally and utterly failed to work in their alleged murder of the Skripals and b) It has already been widely publicly associated with Russia.

    Rather unsurprisingly, the novichok which didn’t kill its alleged target last time, doesn’t kill its alleged target this time either.

    Compounding their poor decision making, the Russians not only perform an emergency landing, (they) take Navalny straight to a hospital for medical care.

    Despite Navalny being helpless and comatose in a Russian hospital, the powerful state-backed assassination team make no further attempts on his life.

    In fact, seemingly determined to under no circumstances successfully kill their intended victim, the Russian government, allow him to leave the country and get medical help from one of the countries which previously accused them of using novichok.

    To absolutely no one’s surprise, the Germans claim to have detected novichok in Navalny’s system.

    Vladimir Putin and the Russian government are immediately blamed for the attempted murder.

    And it’s still very early days. The litany of comically contorted, contradictory & retroactive changes to the official story will start emerging in the coming weeks.

    This whole story is so ludicrous that I’m thinking it’s a Russian sting operation. Somebody’s getting punked. Maybe it wasn’t even Navalny that got flown out.

  87. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Your comment is near-only blather, and much a lame ego-defense, including name-dropping (Robert Graves, Partridge, Fowler, Follett, three of which names identify hacks). It is not worth thorough, detailed retort.

    You put one assertion that epitomizes your failing to READ Mr. Shamir’s work (which, clearly, you see with abysmally warped-character-biased eyes):

    Maybe he [Mr. Shamir] could do some serious reading and acquaint himself better with Russia.

    Mr. Shamir was born in Russia, lived there until he was 21 or 22, was educated at Novosibirsk University (Russian Siberia), has visited Russia often, and has written compellingly (though sometimes romantically) of Russian affairs and Russia’s modern and older history. See, e.g.,

    Your ignorance is highlighted by your criticism that “he [Mr. Shamir] makes a hundred more unsourced assertions….” Your quip shows that you miss, entirely, Mr. Shamir’s point (which includes his article’s style).

    And “a hundred MORE unsourced assertions”? [My emphasis.] The article does not bear even 100 sentences (86 per my Word Perfect sentence-counter). Not every sentence is an independent “assertion.” E.g., in the article’s first paragraph, the last four sentences form one single assertion.

    Nor does the article pretend to be scholarship. It is an ironically light musing through the hell of U.S. psychopathy’s flailing at its self-begotten doom.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  88. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Novichuckles strikes again.

    Something Russian behind everything.

  89. Kemi says:

    The Big Question is this, What Russia was ecpecting from the West when their bandes Nalvany?
    It seems like the Atlantist around Putin have succeed convoncing Putin to allow this Guy to be used as a whip against Putin! Sometimes I wander when Russia will learn! The west want Russia ressource for its economical survival ! End Russia never get it, because all they want it is to be accepted and look like the WEST !

  90. @Loup-Bouc

    I am sorry if I am inadvertently showing disrespect to one who has recently impaired faculties but I would certainly warn against employing you as legal counsel in any cause which mattered.

    Name dropping? What a curious use of the term. It would appear to apply to quoting Shakespeare. If I really wanted to name drop so, for example, you might understand why I am not impressed by your learning, intelligence or common sense I would mention the SCOTUS judges who have been personal friends [not close buddies but lunch and dinner companions one on one] and closeness to some of the greatest Australian judges.

    Your point about Shamir being born in Russia is of course ridiculous – don’t you have junior counsel to help you in your dotage? – because it is Putin’s Russia that he waffles about.

    I could go on but you perhaps still have the insight yourself to see what a change you are now making to your approbation. Now it is irony you approve – or as I had already said he can be entertaining. I challenge you to be more specific by identifying the untrue things he has written that you say are justified as irony.

    Also, which three of Graves, Partridge, Fowler and Follett do you identify as hacks – and why? And with what meaning?

    • Replies: @Layman
    , @Loup-Bouc
    , @Loup-Bouc
  91. Alfred says:

    Great article. Thank you. It makes a lot of sense. But I am equally sure that Australia’s politicians will be blackmailed into rejecting a Russian vaccine.

    Don’t forget that in the corrupt state of Victoria, where Melbourne lies, kids are compelled to take a vaccine allegedly against HPV – Gardasil.

    This vaccine costs some \$400 per dose. It is totally unnecessary except for highly promiscuous kids. Furthermore, it is claimed to only work for a handful of the possible variants of HPV – if it works at all and if it does not contain some other noxious substances. There are over 100 versions of HPV and most of them are little understood.

    Personally, I suspect this vaccine is designed to reduce fertility. But we will only know in some decades – when my two teenage daughters have grown up.

    • Replies: @Onan the Barbarian
  92. Layman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Gents it’s so hilarious reading you two scholars fighting each other 🙂 Will you be continuing your disputatio (ie should I be buying more popcorn)?..

    My sympathies, I must say, are so far totally with @Loup-Bouc… You’ve accused him of not criticising Shamir but it would look much better if you provided a critique of your own… So far you’re telling him “you’re an idiot if you didn’t notice the mistakes” but nowhere do you indicate that you’ve noticed any yourself or which ones* – not very convincing to me…

    *apart from Shamir not having the same rights as the British PM to talk about Skripals!.. which I found puzzling…

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  93. @ariadna

    Your wishes are fulfilled ariadna, you see time is three dimensional and God has access to those extra time dimensions so hen may exploit them like a service shaft.

    For the maintenance of the Garden of Eden where we merrily reside.

    It is for us to figure out how to get a similar access.

    That may be harder for us though since there is a risk that those extra time dimensions are periodic.

    That would be bit of a disappointment I guess but if we practise our worship to the divine spirit we might get some useful tips.

    So dont forget your daily moment with your maker.

  94. @israel shamir

    Now that the German government has confirmed that tests have shown Navalny to have been poisoned with Novichok or one of that class of agents who are you going to nominate (with your reasons) among the enemies he has made in Russia as having access to such a poison? You make it appear that you know such crucial facts.

    Also, I have searched for confirmation of your implausible claim that the US government has raised some kind of ban against the Russian institution which is said to have the first effective, safe and proven vacccine, but it seems to be BS like the idea that Bill Gates is in the vaccine business for profit or that dozens of organisations round the world all working, mostly competitively, to produce a vaccine somehow relates to “Big Pharma” getting its way. Are you just misrepresenting the doubts expressed in this article which my search disclosed: ?

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  95. Alicia says:

    US diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood
    and pathogens for secret military program

    The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US military program. Internal documents, implicating US diplomats in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover were leaked to me by Georgian insiders. According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

    This military facility is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world. They are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a \$ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa……

    • Thanks: Alfred
  96. @Wizard of Oz

    Return to bbc for counseling.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  97. @Erebus

    There is a possibility that someone really wants to make Mr. Navalny a “hero of opposition” and will use him as his agent somewhere in the near future. At least that explains why he’s still alive.
    Let’s think where is the best? Maybe as another co-leader in Belarus?

  98. @Layman

    I suspect that Loup Bouc had medical /health reasons for retirement and would have once been perfectly capable of understanding what I was saying – but, I admit, on that premise, I wouldn’t have been saying it.

    • Replies: @Layman
  99. @Zoran Aleksic

    Is it beyond your command of English to explain what you have to say in support of whatever point you wish to make?

  100. It would have been so much easier to slip the Orange Man some Novichok or Polonium 210 than do these whole impeachment and COVID charades if TPTB want him gone.

  101. @Exile

    I think Shamir is probably correct, that it was an accident, because the dose of polonium Litvinenko got was massive overkill, involving IIRC, £200,000’s worth of polonium! Why spend that much on a costly material, to kill a relatively small operator, when other poisons are so cheap?

  102. @Wizard of Oz

    The strange thing about the Skripals and Dawn Sturgis and Navalny is that Novichok is supposed to be a “really deadly poison that kills almost instantly”. The Skripals got their dose from a contaminated doorknob and then went to a restaurant and ate diner and then went out and collapsed on a seat in a park, where they were found by the chief nurse of the British Army, who (I kid not!) “just happened to be walking by”. They were taken to the main hospital in Salisbury where they recovered and then completely disappeared. (The chief doctor of the hospital where they were treated, told The Times, that no one had been treated for poison gas poisoning in his hospital.)
    Dawn Sturgis, poured novichok, that the assassins left behind in a dustbin, over her hands a while opening the perfume bottle that it was in and survived until the next day.
    Navalnry, seems to have survived for now. Doesn’t sound like a very reliable weapon, does it?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  103. @Haxo Angmark

    Just think about that! I mean the story that “Building 7 had to be demolished because the two towers had made it unstable.” That would mean that after the planes hit the two towers, someone went into building 7, while it was burning (!) and wired it for demolition! God! What unsung heroes there are!

  104. @Wizard of Oz

    Really strange case that Sergeant Nick Bailey! He went into the Skripal’s house IIRC, and then went about his business elsewhere and much later collapsed. Also the Salisbury police, one might have thought, would have done a careful examination of the house to find out what had happened but “failed to notice” that there were pet guineapigs in there and a pet cat. (Fortunately for the Skripals’ other cat, it was out at the time the police locked up the house for a fortnight.) When they went back after a fortnight, they discovered that the guineapigs had died of starvation/thirst and the cat was in such a bad way that it had to be put down. The animals were, apparently, unaffected by the Novichok on the doorknob, but the government had men in Hazmat suits take the roof off as a precaution.

    • Replies: @vot tak
    , @Wizard of Oz
  105. utu says:

    The poisonous gangster in the Kremlin: As Vladimir Putin’s chief rival fights for life after a novichok attack, a new book by a man who’s lost three close friends to assassins asks why the West won’t confront Russia

    • Troll: Olivier1973
    • Replies: @Robjil
  106. @Alfred

    As it happens, I was a postgraduate at the German Cancer Research Institute, where Harald zur Hausen developed this vaccine, and I can assure you there is no evil intention behind it, or if there were, you could rely on it failing to materialise.
    HZH got a Nobel all right (oddly after the company manufacturing the vaccine “supported” the faltering Nobel foundation with a generous grant… honi soit qui mal y pense), but he is a complete nincompoop all the same (and a very unpleasant person too). It starts with the fact that his vaccine is based on recombinant proteins and will thus induce an antibody-based immune reaction, which does little good against viruses in general and particularly not against papovaviruses (to which HPV belongs); they are just too small and furtive to be good targets for antibodies, and moreover, they produce insane lots of chaff to saturate any antibody responses (approximately 8000 half-finished shells for each infectious virus particle produced). For an effective immune reaction against them, one must induce a cytotoxic immune response, which requires a fundamentally different approach.
    Let’s just say there is a reason why I have turned my back on molecular biology…

    • Thanks: Alfred
  107. Robjil says:

    Why doesn’t Russia or China confront the US for supporting Isis?

  108. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    You wrote:

    …the SCOTUS judges who have been personal friends [not close buddies but lunch and dinner companions one on one] and closeness to some of the greatest Australian judges.

    So, you engage in an exercise like a weird mutation of “hair of the dog that bit you.” Caught substituting name-dropping for argument, you drop “bigger” names.

    Your Australian-judge name-drop bears no effect on me, since I know nothing of the Australian judiciary — though, because of my (albeit rather spare) Australian government/society knowledge, I expect I would value the Australian judiciary little as I value the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    My valuation of the “SCOTUS” Justices? Of the current batch, only two are likely not corrupt. (I use “corrupt” to denote not only money-corrupt, but corrupt politically or racially biased or gender-biased or biased by religion or…….) The two? Kavanaugh and Alito.


    I had harbored hope that Gorsuch would be dispassionate and honest. But he proved otherwise in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia,

    I dislike Alito’s habeas corpus tendency. But he has shown that, in his case, the tendency is honorable.

    Kavanaugh is very smart and a straight shooter — much like the best SCOTUS Justice of the past 30 years, Antonin Scalia. Justices Souter and O’Connor shared the second best slot. Reluctantly, I must acknowledge that Justice Stevens was the third best. I regretted Stevens’s outrageous post-retirement statement that then Judge Kavanaugh was unfit for appointment to the Supreme Court.

    I disliked Scalia’s habeas corpus tendency (as I dislike Alito’s). But Scalia, too, showed that tendency honorable.

    Many believe a myth that Scalia was a heartless, cruel, “law-and-order”-and-autocracy-promoting “conservative.” The reality was the contrary. See, e.g.,
    Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36 (2004) (Justice Scalia for the Court),
    AND Kyllo v. United States (99-8508) 533 U.S. 27 (2001) (Justice Scalia for the Court),
    AND United States v. Jones, 565 U.S. 400 (2012) (Justice Scalia for the Court),
    AND Maryland v. King, 569 U.S. 435 (2013) (Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinion),

    Justice Thomas is clumsy, sloppy, intellectually unqualified — so much so that his behavior evades my being able, conscientiously, to opine whether he is corrupt.

    But the rest — Roberts, Gorsuch, Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor — all corrupt. Of those six, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Gorsuch are the least corrupt. Breyer is disgustingly pretentious, and supercilious. He destroyed antitrust law. Ginsberg, highly (characterologically) corrupt, also borders on intellectually ossified, a condition she has suffered since the 1960s, when first (in 1969) I encountered her professionally.Roberts is risibly pseudo-aristocratic and a venomous snake. NO, a moray eel,

    Still, my arguments have won the SCOTUS’s agreement more than a few times.

    I shall risk citing the first Supreme Court case in which I wrote a substantial part of the winning brief. My contribution involved, inter alia, a comparison of the American Congress/federal-Court relation versus the relation of England’s Parliament and England’s courts — vis-a-vis Parliamentary or Congressional admissions, exclusions, and expulsions of elected members.

    The case is Powell v. McCormack, 395 U.S. 486 (1969), . In December 1968, I was asked to join the Petitioner’s team of the Supreme Court case, because of work I had done with Marvin Karpatkin (now deceased), the then-head of the ACLU.

    For reason irrelevant here, I did not require being credited. So, my name is not noted in the record. And, on the petitioner’s-side, all named attorneys (of both Supreme Court and Court of Appeals proceedings) are now deceased. Hence, neither you nor any other Unz Review reader or author will be able to discover my identity. So, I shall be safe from your, or any other Unz Review reader’s (or author’s) harassing me.

    You wrote:

    Your point about Shamir being [sic, grammar] born in Russia is of course ridiculous — don’t you have junior counsel to help you in your dotage? – because it is Putin’s Russia that he waffles about.

    You disregard — I expect intentionally — my observations that Mr. Shamir visits Russia (often) and has published more than a few articles that discuss Putin’s Russia knowledgeably. I cited one or two in my last comment.

    You assert that Mr. Shamir’s article suffers numerous flaws of fact, logic, evidence……. But you do not prove any flaws, or even point to particular language of his article.

    You rendered the absurd assertion that Mr. Shamir put “a hundred MORE unsourced assertions” — in an article that bears only 86 sentences, rather few of which ALONE constitute an independent assertion. In my last-previous comment I put the example that in the article’s first paragraph, the last four sentences form one single assertion.

    You wrote:

    I am sorry if I am inadvertently showing disrespect to one who has recently impaired faculties but I would certainly warn against employing you as legal counsel in any cause which mattered.

    Unlike you, I provide facts, evidence, quotes, citations, and reasoning, not unsupported accusations — yours having begun this unfortunate colloquy:

    …you [Loup-Bouc] are either a tunnel visioned (albeit educated) fool or profoundly uninformed on his subject matter.


    There is no chance that an admittedly not abysmal IQ obsessive…like yourself [AND] don’t you have junior counsel to help you in your dotage?

    How curious: In another thread, my detailed, intensely evidence-based law-and-statistics arguments convinced you to alter your biased, FALSE view of (a) the frequency of Black violent crime and (b) the relative frequencies of Black violent crime versus non-Black violent crime. Even did you urge me publish an Unz Review article showing my proofs. Compare the following comments posted under John-Paul Leonard’s article “Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?,”
    June 27, 2020 at 7:05 am GMT (comment # 512)
    June 27, 2020 at 7:12 am GMT (comment # 513)
    June 28, 2020 at 1:48 am GMT (comment # 533)
    June 28, 2020 at 2:59 pm GMT (comment # 546)
    June 28, 2020 at 11:12 pm GMT (comment # 557)

    …don’t you have junior counsel to help you in your dotage? [AND] …warn against employing you as legal counsel…. [AND] tunnel visioned [AND] …recently impaired faculties….

    As you know, I am both law professor and practicing physician. With my many comments addressing matters of law, internal medicine, pathology, forensic medicine, and matters of statistical science — even with the language of my comments — I have manifested a rigor of degree and quality that belie the assertions of your ad hominem attacks. Though to much lesser extent, I have manifested clear rigor with my comment of September 3, 2020 at 10:56 am GMT (comment # 91) of THIS thread.

    My most recent litigation work has been in two post-conviction-relief cases — one a federal habeas corpus petition challenging state-court denial of post-conviction relief, the other a state-court post-conviction petition (akin to a habeas corpus petition). Both cases were very complex.

    I won the state-court case in the trial court. The state has declined to appeal. I won the federal habeas case in the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. The state has chosen not to seek U.S. Supreme Court review.

    Any federal habeas victory is amazing because, since the 1996 passage of the federal “Antiterorist and Effective Death Penalty Act,” 28 U.S. Code §2253 & 28 U.S. Code §2254, the average annual habeas corpus petition success-rate has been about 3%. Even more amazing was the state’s declining to appeal the state trial court’s grant of relief. The state trial-court judge said, in open court, that my petition and memorandum of law were “things of beauty.”

    I expect you will reply to this comment. Be notified that, whatever may be the content of your reply, I shall not respond. Your comments do not merit even my mere acknowledgment and do not deserve any space they occupy in an Unz Review comment-thread. My silence shall not imply my conceding to any assertion you state. If you libel Mr. Shamir again, he will need to pursue remedy.

  109. @Erebus

    Your Off Guardian piece shows great lack of judgement in declaring the poisoning of the Skripals a failure. For you to cite it is quite dopey. If you are sending a message, including to every 12 year old aspiring one day to join the FSB and his Mum and future spouse you want more publicity than a quick efficient death, which might even be covered up by the Brits, will guarantee you. As it was the Skripals were punished very painfully, probably not fully recovered, and everyone knows it.

    • LOL: Erebus
    • Replies: @Erebus
  110. vot tak says:

    That whole skripal op was a scam from the beginning. I don’t really give a govno about what the skripals went through, nor about bailey. What the goatbuggers did to the pets in the skripal house is about as messed up as it gets and I personally think those resonsible should suffer the same fate. There is absolutely no excuse for what they did there.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  111. @foolisholdman

    Have you seen the four part documentary or docudrama “The Salisbiry Poisonings “? What do you think of it? As far as I have seen it I would regard absennce of criticism of it as a pretty good confirmation of the story it told. I am not sure that it brought out the every day evidence of limitations on police (i.e. organised human) competence that you cite.

  112. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I post this merely to clarify one of my statements of my comment of September 3, 2020 at 11:52 pm GMT (comment # 114). In that comment I wrote:

    My most recent litigation work has been in two post-conviction-relief cases — one a federal habeas corpus petition challenging state-court denial of post-conviction relief, the other a state-court post-conviction petition (akin to a habeas corpus petition). Both cases were very complex.

    Because, in another comment of this thread (comment # 104), you asserted falsely that I have retired for “medical/health” reasons, I ought to have indicated that I worked one of those two court cases in the period December 2016 through March 2020 and the other in the period May 2018 through February 2020.

    Also, I have not ceased practicing medicine — curing and preventing disease. My own health remains perfect in ALL respects except one minor matter: My liver produces too little D1 deiodinase and too much D3 deiodinase; hence my free T3 level is a bit low and my reverse T3 level a bit high. I resolve that condition with 25 mcg thyroxine q.d. and 25 mcg liothyronine q.d.

    You hallucinate “facts” your emotional plague character needs to believe.

  113. vot tak says:

    Was navalny poisoned? Or did he suffer an acute diabetic reaction , as moa posits? My guess is bernhard is correct on this one. Dated a woman who was diabetic 50 years ago. What she told me then essentially matches what moa states and what is known about navalny prior to his reaction. He had alcohol in his urine, drank the night before, or through it. Skipped breakfast and only had a cup of tea. That’s asking for a diabetic reaction.

    My guess, the quisling had a diabetic reaction and the zionazi-gay psywar machine quickly perceived the situation and immediately went full bore on psywarring it.

    On the other hand, moa is a guardianista zionazi-gay source, while they do pretend to be in opposition to the “establishment”, most of their work reinforces this propaganda psywar, mostly through reinforcing their take away memes and their fellow sites* it’s possible the diabetic angle is to misdirected attention about navalny being poisoned by his handlers. He was useless now, since his conviction of corruption and fraud has essentially left him null and void, as far as continuing to be a viable asset in Russia for zionazia is concerned.

    My guess the whole propaganda campaign is a total fraud. Lukashenko has already said as much:

    Lukashenko claims Merkel’s remarks on Navalny ‘poisoning’ were fabricated, cites Berlin-Warsaw phone call ‘intercepted’ by Minsk

    “We have intercepted an interesting conversation, which… clearly indicates that this is falsification. There was no poisoning of Navalny,” the president of Belarus told Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, during his visit to Minsk.”

    No doubt merkel is being a zio-merkel. That is nothing new. The zio-merkel would love to see zionazia take over Belarus. But like with everything else zionazi-gay, there are multiple targets. Nordstream undercuts greater israel’s goal of using east Med. energy sources to dominate europe’s future energy suppliers.

    My opinion is this navalny false false flag has more to do with israeli efforts to shut down Nordstream, through giving their gluttonous fat merkel quisling an excuse to put more roadblocks in Nordstream’s way, while pretending to be german.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  114. @Loup-Bouc

    Before you posted this I was inclined to respond sympathetically because you reminded me of people I knew who were obsessive in their attention to detail and died of or with dementia. One was diagnosed as having frontal lobe dementia and the other I had lost touch with for a couple of years but was one of Australia’s most distinguished counsel in an intellectually demanding area and distinguished himself most notably in his final years by bitter attacks on the competence and character of judges of our highest court. I am not sure what kind of dementia he was diagnosed with. Sadly, I cannot expect to read your sometimes intriguing posts to UR for many more years. But I hope I am wrong.

  115. Erebus says:
    @vot tak

    My opinion is this navalny false false flag has more to do with israeli efforts to shut down Nordstream…

    Of course, Nordsteam II isn’t helped by this, but I think it’s more about the Russian COVID vaccine.

    As it’s the most advanced architecturally, and the most likely to yield long term immunity it also yields the most robust competition to the West’s short-term pseudo-vaccines. Floating another black cloud of doubt over Russia’s medical laboratories goes a long way to paying back the West’s politicians’ debts to the Big Pharma co’s that helped put them where they are.

  116. Erebus says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    As it was the Skripals were punished very painfully, probably not fully recovered, and everyone knows it.

    Wiz, it’s better to be thought a spittle flecked dotard at the onset of dementia than to start typing and remove all doubt.

    Doubtless you’re unaware that your beloved BBC released a video of Yulia. Here’s the painfully punished and not fully recovered Yulia Skripal saying what she’d been instructed to say, and after which she disappeared – no doubt to continue her painful punishments and/or recovery in private.

    Here she is an hour before her nightmare began:

    What’s immediately apparent is that her horrible experience with Novichok turned her from a rather ordinary, over-weight and somewhat frumpy young woman to a rather attractive, visibly younger one.

    Not only did the Russians fail to kill her, they turned her into a beauty. To prove the Russians really are dolts, they subsequently failed to see the glorious opportunity in the cosmetics business staring them in the face. No doubt the dose required to turn ordinary women into beauties must be carefully controlled, but the results speak for themselves and millions of women would kill (or die) for results like Yulia’s.

    Instead, off they went and failed to kill Navalny. I wonder if he’ll rise from his deathbed as a 25 yr old Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    More seriously Wiz, that the whole Skripal saga (and now Navalny’s) is nothing more than an utterly incompetently assembled pack of self-contradicting lies seems to have escaped your rapidly deteriorating faculties is the most obvious tragedy here.

    • LOL: vot tak
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  117. @Erebus

    You are obviously retired and lack company that will correct tendencies to ignore common sense and logic. You manufactured all of that out of my irrelevant ignorance of the evidence that Sergei Skripal’s daughter apparently fully recovered. The last time I took an interest in the Skrpal case UR obsessives were insisting that no one knew where they were or how they were. But what has any of that got to do with the fact that the Russians did not fail to be seen to be making life very unpleasant , to the point of potentially dying or suffering permanent disability for a renegade spy?

    You.may have too much time on your hands but you should try the discipiine of relevance if choosing to be disagreeable.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  118. Erebus says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    … you should try the discipiine of relevance if choosing to be disagreeable.

    It was not irrelevant to my main point. A point that, like so many others before went by you without so much as registering a blur in the corner of your eye.

    Casting subtlety aside…
    In claiming that…

    … everyone knows it…

    … you pontificated with your usual blustery, faux authority from your equally ubiquitous state of ignorance. This is symptomatic of the rest of your comments on Unz (when you’re not simply making stuff up), but the combination has its merits in exposing a temptingly rich vein of raw material for ridicule which we can address directly to the author. I thank you for the former, and UR for the latter.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  119. Layman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Well… Ad hominem attacks on don’t help you promote your cause, either… Seriously, I think you have some significant logical flaws in your argument. Appeal to authority (what @Loup-Bouc may have referred to as “name-dropping”) is another one, like here:

    the German government has confirmed that tests have shown Navalny to have been poisoned with Novichok

    It’s as if whatever the German government says must eo ipso be true; why would that be?.. Because they’re German? Or because it comes from a government? This seems a little… how do I put it… gullible…

    • Agree: ivan
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  120. vot tak says:

    I don’t disagree, good point.

  121. @Erebus

    OMG! Not content with establishing your status as seer on 9/11 matters you now intuit with great assurance that the West produces only short term pseudo vsccines in contrast to the Russian one(s) which your voices tell you about!

    If your knowledge of these things isn’t entirely psychic would you care to source and give detail of your allegation about Big Pharma putting the West’s politicians where they are? Given that there are about 6 major lobbies that own nearly all US politicians (in contrast to many other countries) and Congress doesn’t anyway have much control over the relevant agencies I don’t foresee your finding it easy.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  122. Layman says:

    — Has a new ”leading opposition figure” been found and is being groomed to replace Navalny?

    Yes he has been: Yegor Zhukov.

  123. @Cyrano

    Remember the dream team of five renowned world class heart doctors sent by the Americans to Yeltsin, the most disastrous leader in Russian history, for his heart operation? I bet they would be sending the best five assassins to rid themselves of Putin if they had the guts for it. Translation: Yeltsin bad for Russia and Putin good.

    I wish the empire would get a little bit creative about its machination. We are tired of boring stories of failed poisonings. I pity the Germans for acting like such a docile vassal for the Anglo Zionist empire when their interests for many centuries lied with Russia. Bismarck had a winning hand and he made sure never to antagonise Russia. Wilhelm II should have avoided a confrontation with Russia at the risk of letting go of the Austro-Hungary empire and chances are the German soldiers would have celebrated Christmas in 2014 with their families. Hitler doubled down basing himself on faulty intelligence and the Germans have been struggling in bondage to the empire unable to protect their vital interests. From vaccines to gas pipelines, it seems everything Russia does is antithetical to the modus operandi of the empire. When will the Russians give the boot to all Western related NGO’s and squeeze the Russian transatlantic agents outside the political theatre.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  124. Erebus says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    … I don’t foresee your finding it easy.

    Not surprising. Having never looked for anything yourself, you wouldn’t.

    I did the looking. Should you do the same, you’ll come to the same conclusion.

    As I generally try to respond to anyone who deigns to answer one of my posts, this is one of those times I wish that Unz had a “JOWLY, WATERY-EYED DOTARD IN A SPITTLE-FLECKED, BRANDY AND TOBACCO STAINED CARDIGAN” button I could press instead of actually having to type something.

    • LOL: vot tak
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  125. @Erebus

    Glad to share with Ron the provision of an opportunity for a wannabe to get his literary productions of anomalously extended adolescence into circulation. That school magazine editor was a snotty bastard all those years ago wasn’t he?

  126. @Layman

    You misconceive the reasons behind the form and abbreviation of my comments. I often try and use what I hope, or suspect, is in tbe mind of the reader (a number of possible readers) or not perhaps e.g. if he was ignorant of the authors I cited. In ciivilised conversation, with you maybe (since I don’t detect in you that curiously obsessional care about typos and paragraphing that Loup Bouc displays) I might expect something like a recognition that linguistic ineptness and inattention to English expression should be surprising in one who cited those authorities and some sly comment like “a pity perhaps that you may have overlooked Fowler’s repeated advice that ABC”.

    The authority of the German government is obviously different but it wasn’t really an appeal to authority as proof but a use of ny treating it as fact to elicit a response – obviously primarily from Loup Bouc though one never knows what paranoid fantasists are going to be provoked on UR . Was he (are you, for that matter) going to mount an argument that the prima facie credibility of AngelaMerkel on the nature of the poison used is wrong? If not, how does he accommodate its truth with his argument?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Layman
  127. @Erebus

    As the fascinating results of your research has never been pulled together on UR or, I daresay, a similarly widely read outlet, you will surely give us all the benefit of what must rank as one of the most important revelations on UR. It would not be an exaggeration to say that your credibility depends on it.

  128. Loup-Bouc says:

    The Lancet has published a review of the Russian “Covid-19″ vaccine. According to Sputnik, The Lancet’s review states: (1) no serious adverse effects were found; (2) because of the vaccine’s two-stage introduction technology, the vaccine appears to have induced long-term immune response in 100% of subjects vaccinated, with antibody levels 1.4-1.5 times higher than in non-vaccinated infected individuals who have “recovered” from “Covid-19;” (3) the vaccine’s effectiveness is not reduced by pre-existing anti-adenovirus immunity.

    My above-stated summary is not my opinion, but my best understanding of the Sputnik report of the findings that The Lancet published. The summary appears to be supported by other news sources, e.g., these:

    Here is what appears to be a 4 September 2020 “COMMENT” published in The Lancet:
    The label “COMMENT” may be misleading; the text may be a peer-reviewed article. Or, the “COMMENT” may be a peer-reviewed study-report. Whether “comment” or article (peer-reviewed or not), the text supports the above-stated summary of the above-linked Sputnik article, except that, like most “respectable” medical journal articles, it hedges a bit:

    Some limitations of the studies by Logunov and colleagues are notable. In the study of the frozen vaccine formulation, the population included young military personnel. Soldiers are likely to be fitter and healthier than the general population. Moreover, in older adults, immune senescence might make vaccines less immunogenic, and this age group was absent from this study. Sex imbalance occurred in the study arms because there was no random allocation. A control arm was conspicuously absent. Two participants were of Asian descent, with the rest of the participants of white European ethnic origin. Clearly, much more remains to be learned from the phase 3 randomised trial planned to include 40 000 civilian volunteers and, hopefully, broadly inclusive of groups at risk.

    But, otherwise, the “comment” or article comports with the above-stated summary of the above-linked Sputnik report.

    With the above-linked/above-quoted “COMMENT” published in The Lancet, compare this 4 September 2020 “article” published in The Lancet:

    That “article” comports with the above-quoted, above-linked COMMENT published in The Lancet, and it supports also the above-summarized, above-linked Sputnik report.

    I have a forensic reason for putting this comment’s references in the order in which they appear. If you read all the sources I link above, you will see that the farther from “sources” like CNN, the more they support the above-summarized, above-linked Sputnik report. That fact tells much of the relative validity and reliability of “Covid-19” vaccine “reports” of American and other Western “news” sources versus the validity and reliability of Russian news sources’ reports.

    That same fact tells also the care one must engage to test the various reports of effectiveness and safety of the sundry “Covid-19 vaccines” that will be marketed.

    I note that nothing suggests the Russian vaccine will alter one’s DNA or RNA, as will one or more of the American vaccines that, likely, will be forced on U.S. citizens. (Already, Virginia’s Democrat Governor has announced that he will force all Virginia residents to submit to whatever vaccine Fauci-the corrupt, the utterly corrupt FDA, and the equally corrupt CDC will declare safe and effective, despite its toxic and possibly fertility-diminishing ingredients or genetic structure.)

    RE: DNA or RNA altering vaccines, see, e.g., these:

    No one can know the long-term (even short-term) genetic and related side-effects of a vaccine’s alteration of DNA or RNA — partly because genetic “science” has not conquered the universe of genetic structures and operations, certainly not the world of effects of mutation or alteration of genetic structures or their chemical constituents.

    The next time you hear or read an assertion that DNA evidence has “proved” a certain individual was present at a certain place or engaged in contact with another individual in a certain circumstance, reject the assertion for being the toxic dreck that it is.

    Still, at this time, DNA evidence cannot prove who was present or had contact — but only an ESTIMATED mere PROBABILITY (often a not-great probability, sometimes an insignificant probability) of contact or presence. It can prove only that a person was NOT present or did NOT have contact. THAT is the TRUE state of DNA knowledge.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @RT
  129. Amazing new development, this German claim Navalny was poisoned by Novichok of Skripal fame. It is a fantastic accusation, on a par with witchcraft blame. This shows extreme disregard for the Western public. The inventors of this lie consider you dumb. No sane person would possibly believe “Putin” would poison a man with the brand poison and ship him to Germany, at that. Nobody is that dumb. However, the Guardian and the NYT supported this claim. These newspapers are evil, plain evil, in their relentless drive to stop the vaccine and the Nord Stream II.

  130. Erebus says:

    Yes, I just finished reading the original report which is available on Scribd.

    It is the use of a 2nd, different vector for the booster shot that makes it different from all the rest, and results in the production of both hunter & killer T-cells in addition to the 1st shot’s anti-bodies.

    The 2nd important point is that it was tested both in frozen and freeze-dried form with similar results. The freeze-dried version need only be kept between 2C-8C (a normal refrigerator or even drink cooler), so it can reach those parts of the world where the more elaborate vaccine delivery systems can’t.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Loup-Bouc
  131. Erebus says:
    @israel shamir

    I did expect them to come up with some variant on the poisoning story, but to have fallen back on the same Novichok accusation that destroyed their credibility with the nonsensical Skripal saga is flabbergasting. So flabbergasting that it begs for a conspiracy theory.

    Either the Germans are so stupid that they literally don’t know what they’re doing, or somebody has just punked the US/UK, and the German 5th Columnists.

  132. Loup-Bouc says:

    You observe, correctly, a few of the vitally special aspects of the Russian vaccine.

    More important (to me): Your observations’ contents and manner suggest you may be a physician or may have received education in immunology or a science or sciences critically related to medicine or immunology. If so, hello, colleague.

    I appreciate your treatment of Wizard of Oz, better re-named the Lizard of Ooze (a Li’l Abner cartoon character).


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  133. Loup-Bouc says:

    I just finished reading the original report which is available on Scribd.

    That “report” is the same as the “The Lancet” article I linked in my comment of September 4, 2020 at 10:00 pm GMT (comnment # 134):

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Wizard of Oz
  134. Anon[135] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    It seems something is trying to escape out of your thick skull . We can wait until then . Hope it smells right .

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  135. anon[135] • Disclaimer says:
    @israel shamir

    I am really rooting for the destruction of America as a country . Sometimes destruction is the only avenue left for salvaging the humanity .
    But I fear the parasite will migrate before the apocalypse , will present themselves as friend ,the only ally and then screw them royally .

    There is bible verse to help them
    God will bless those
    who bless Israel .

    Something like that .

    I hope Russia throws out the Evangelical before yesterday.

  136. Erebus says:

    In reply to both your comments…

    No, I’m not a medical professional but 2 close family members are, and topics surrounding COVID (the disease and its treatment) and vaccine/drug testing (more generally) respectively are matters of almost daily conversation.

    I think “Wizard of Oz” is almost perfect. The original was a proven fake, and our UR version proves himself a fake almost on the hour. He doubtless imagines himself “the man behind the curtain”, but then sets to typing, the curtain falls exposing a rather sad crackpot.

    Actually, I hadn’t read all of your post before posting my reply. I read it on Scribd because that was the link I received, and I called it “original” because the authors listed were the people that did the work.
    At any rate, it’s clear the Russians have gotten out ahead of pack with an inherently safe and effective vaccine. Much of the world has signed on or is in the process of doing so. Politics and corruption will now drive the bus.
    If you’re interested in the makeup of that “pack” and what they’re doing, the WHO helpfully lists them here. Scanning the list, it’s clear that the Russian vaccine is not like the others.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  137. Anonymous[436] • Disclaimer says:

    How frightfully clever. It must have been coined by a genius. Don’t be coy. Was it you? And may we know who to applaud with cheatt felt cries of “Encore”?

  138. @israel shamir

    There seems to be a fundamental problem with your excited inferences. What if Putin didn’t know and approve? Or he could have been misled. Or he could have decided that the cool thing to do was advertise his obvious innocence through the naive words of Israel Shamir. Or it could be that highly probable evidence was already likely to come out that Novichok was used. And disputed but playsible evidence could generate much more damaging discussion and widespread publicity . So, be content that you really still know nothing worth your or our time debating.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  139. @Loup-Bouc

    Well cngratulations on your ability to make bricks without straw. There is a non peer reviewd account in the Lancet online by and about a dozen or so Russian scientists having used 76 healthy young experimental subjects to find out something useful towards producing a safe and effective vaccine. Anything more? Any support for Ereebus’s extreme cla is which I note he has neither supported or repeated?

    • Replies: @Erebus
  140. Anonymous[436] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh dear. The insensitive suggestions about your mental health under the WoZ moniker may have just received support. Resorting to pre-adolescent name calling!!! Oh dear indeed.

  141. I personally wonder how that case could develop into that type of public relation disaster, which was fully clear it would happening like that after – whoever gave the green light – the transfer to GER !! Full of political acting Russia-Phobes who all just waiting to use it like those other fabricated case in the UK (Plut.>>Skrip.).

    By now, I thought Russia must have known –>FACTS don’t matter in the WEST anymore, it’s all about the AGENDA, the SPIN and of course the DOMINATION of TRANSATLANTIC POLITICS aka USA, pushing HER very own goals as much as possible !!
    Meaning–>> Defeat “evil Putin” regardless how and then plunder RUS & destroy HER at best (Yugoslavian secession & allocation ) as much as possible — >>for the sake of utmost control & hegemony !! (*)

    Why giving up the control to a hostile third party amidst ->NST4 !!, ->BelaRus, Covid jab & Co. !!??

    Why not inviting “WESTERN EXPERTS” to consult and video-documenting every ‘single’ step closely for the public eye. (BLOOD samples, LAB stuff, TEST results and so on…) And present seriously the findings of those Russian doctors (NO NERVE AGENT), to prevent & counter Western attempts to falsify, in the most public accessible way possible.

    Hence, propagenda is the WESTERN EMPEROR without cloth and especially WESTERN SHEEPLE are too much kept in check by corporate media. But this is ABSOLUTELY !!!!!! NOTHING !!!!! NEW !!!!!!
    IMO… this was totally avoidable !!

    I didn’t feel any pitty for Mr. N. (cocain, diet pills and whatever more) and all his liying ways (handsomely paid for by the West !). First he harmed himself and then he has been USED & transformed into another “perfect” VICTIM by third-party players.(Some believe in certain American Intelligence involvements.)

    ALSO… I’m bored by this case !!!!
    It’s sooooooo !!!! BLOODY predicatable in every way, at every angle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ponder about such amateurish (again IMO) handling to present it on the ‘silver plate of mass-exploitation’ to those who having a field day right now in GER & the WEST !! Now even shouting about “shameful Russians”(The Welt) and putting pressure on Merkel for rethinking NST4.

    There’s a fun aspect right now: Belarus claims it got an intercept of a phone talk between Berlin and Warsaw, which underlines the allegation that Berlin is lying. ( )

    ( *) Remember:
    The Strangulation of the Russian Economy in the 1990s Was a Deliberate IMF policy (Yeltzin and his American “FRIENDS” !!)

  142. Erebus says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    There is a non peer reviewd account in the Lancet online by and about a dozen or so Russian scientists

    Umm, there’s 32 authors in the byline. I don’t wish to put words in his mouth, but I can’t imagine Loup-Bouc wants to discuss complex matters with an interlocutor who either can’t count past 12 (“or so”), and/or is too lazy to ascertain the “facts” he spouts.

    The fact that the Lancet published it suggests it met their standards. We’ll see if any reviews appear that forces them to take it down appear, but from what I currently understand, it’s bullet proof as far as it goes (Phase 1/2).

    Any support for Ereebus’s extreme cla is which I note he has neither supported or repeated?

    I don’t remember making any “extreme claims” (if I read your tortured typing correctly). Review the list of vaccine developers I linked at #142 and chase ’em down. I’m not going to do your legwork.

    Suffice to say that there are good reasons why no Corona Virus vaccines have been successful despite decades of R & D. Specifically, most of them produce antibodies alright, but that yields short term immunity only. The so-called yearly “flu-shot” is a case in point. Short term immunity is almost an oxymoron, a “pseudo-immunity” hence, my use of the term “pseudo-vaccines”.

    Moreover, as Loup-Bouc pointed out, some of the ones the West are focussing on use vectors that have significant dangers attached to them. Dangers like serious “side-effects”, cancer, genetic complications and reduced fertility. The latter may be a feature rather than a bug in the Great Reset, but that raises other issues.

    Vaccines have to meet Adeno-viruses have a track record spanning almost 60 years and 100s of clinical trials of being safe. The problem is that they too have been either short-term, or ineffective due to pre-immunity whereby the subject’s immune system rejects the vaccine. Only the Russian technique of a 1 – 2 punch using different adeno-virus vectors can work because the 2nd dose is as efficacious as the 1st for those with no pre-immunity, and for those we are the possibility of being pre-immune to both is vanishingly small.

    In short, the Russian vaccine “architecture” wins.

    There’s a host of other issues surrounding this, but I’m out of runway.

  143. @israel shamir

    He was poisoned by novitchok.. OK, which one?

    Remember the poisoning of the brother of Kim-Jong Un in the airport? Not even a novitchok. In 15 minutes it was over. Hospital could do nothing.

    For the racist Navalny not even time to board his flight.

    Fact: Merkel and her government are lying.

  144. @Wizard of Oz

    What if Putin didn’t know and approve?

    Superb fallacy. Congratulations!

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  145. Blissex says:

    One of the most terrifying news I have read in a long time is this report:>

    «The luxury hotel his administration will occupy is inspected. The FSB and the SVR cooperate in this delicate matter. How secure is that room? How bio-contaminable is this bathroom?
    The court has established itself on foreign soil a week before he arrives. The hotel becomes the Kremlin. They have booked and sealed 200 rooms. There is a special lift uniquely prepared for the presidential use. Diplomats cluck and confer with pot-bellied FSO inspectors and clammy-handed protocol officers.
    His room is sealed: no one is allowed access to it. This is the work of the special security team. The hotel sheets and toiletries are removed and replaced. Their places filled with wash stuffs and fresh fruit under special Kremlin anti-contamination seals.
    Meanwhile everything he will need arrives by the planeload: Russian cooks, Russian cleaners, Russian waiters. Russian lorries bleep and dock with two tons of Russian food. He will sleep on this soil one night. Meanwhile, teams of diplomats engage in multi-session food negotiations with the host.
    The President cannot be served milk products, though that is contradicted by orders of Russian security services. The President cannot be offered food by the host – including the head of state or government. The embassy finds itself negotiating a tough position in countries with a rich culinary heritage: the President cannot consume foreign foodstuffs that have not been cleared by the Kremlin.
    There is uncertainty here amongst the negotiators. Perhaps the President is secretly lactose intolerant? More likely, he is merely paranoid about poisoning. Russian materials are shipped in advance for the Presidential platter, where local cooks will be supervised by the FSB, SVR, FSO and their team of tasters. The President has refused to even touch food at foreign banquets.»

    Perhaps I should be explicit as to why it is terrifying: *obviously* V Putin is not “paranoid about poisoning”, as in being killed by his hosts, other heads of state, with poison, it would be too blatant.
    All this strict anti-contamination only makes sense if there are substances that can damage his mind or make him obedient, without killing him.

    BTW the NewsWeek article presents the travel arrangements of Putin as those of an extravagant tyrant, but those of the USA president are far more extensive and expensive and even more paranoid; USA presidents travel in the style of ancient chinese emperors.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  146. KA says:
    @israel shamir

    The Man Behind Putin BY MASHA GESSEN MARCH 25, 2013 NY Times

    Berezovsky claimed to have been the mastermind behind picking a man with no public face, a former K.G.B. agent, to succeed Yeltsin as the president of Russia. He also said it was his idea to manufacture an entire nonideological pseudo-political pseudo-movement to serve as the new president’s base of support.


    Berezovsky also had another brilliant idea, which to his regret Putin did not grasp:
    creating a fake two-party system, with Putin at the head of a socialist-democrat sort of party and Berezovsky leading a neoconservative one, or the other way around.

    To his dying day Berezovsky seemed convinced that what killed Russian democracy was not his brilliant ideas (among other things) but their poor execution–

    I not agree with the caption of the write -up and there are more in the account that can raise few eyebrows . But the idea of having 2 parties under control of same forces seems to have met robust success in USA.

    Berezovsky seems to copycat another dishonest psychopath : Richard Perle ,when he says “but their poor execution”. One of the distinguishing features of these interconnected international mafia is not never to accept any responsibility . No shame . Given chance, Perle would jump into Biden and Trump’s ME war bandwagon . But he was too tainted .No body will touch him with a certified kosher pole even.

    The downfall of Berezovsky is scary to some . This is reminiscent of purging by Stalin and the resultant switching of the sides by the mafia . Russia whether as Soviet as Czar as Putin’s homeland has never accepted the immoral unethical anti Russian activities by selected few and has never allowed to be bought and sold at whims by the anti national rootless globalist . May be that’s what always been the issue, only issue putting Russia in the path of the danger from the suborned occupied US-UK-Germany .

  147. Layman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    …it wasn’t really an appeal to authority as proof but a use of ny treating it as fact to elicit a response

    So you didn’t really say you believe the German government but used it to provoke an opponent. Fair enough.

    Was he (are you, for that matter) going to mount an argument that the prima facie credibility of AngelaMerkel on the nature of the poison used is wrong?

    Me? Absolutely! Just like the credibility of Theresa May which you referred to earlier. Why would a politician’s credibility be higher than that of you or me or anyone else?! Quite the opposite; they say whatever they believe is politically expedient for them to say at any particular moment.

    First and foremost, neither the UK nor Germany were/are willing to demonstrate any proof that could be examined (a few photos of a couple of Russian boneheads in Salisbury is not serious). The UK never went to court to prosecute the Skripal case. This by itself invalidates all their claims. If Germany will produce something of use, good for them; I will change my mind then – but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  148. @Layman

    There are a number of reasons why I think that, on balance, Theresa May wouldn’t have lied (or Merkel – both daughters of Protestant clerics FWIW). One is that neither suffer the grotesque mind warping about Russia that afflicts Amrricans (something to do with America’s laughable conceit that it is a democracy, and one worth copying). The other is the possibility that they would be exposed as wrong by means over which they would have far less control than Putin, say, or Trump for that matter. And one possibility would be for Russia to raise a great shout of indignation and run a campaign for the UK to prove it by allowing independent investigators access to whatever and whoever they needed. She couldn’t have refused.
    As to prosecution you are just wrong. Russia refused extradition so they *couldn’t* go to Court – or is there now trial in absentia in English criminal law? I think not.

    • Replies: @Layman
  149. @Olivier1973

    I’m interested to know what you might have to contribute but as you don’t appear to know the meaning of “fallacy” (which connotes logical error) I must ask you to try again. I note that I did not commit any logical fallacy because Israel Shamir’s case is against claims of Putin’s guilt (accessory before the fact) and so it is simply a genuine theoretical counterfactual to point out that Putin might not have known about it. No need to assign it any particular degree of probability: it is possible.

  150. @Wizard of Oz

    The only “death” I was aware of was the assassination of the family cat. The Skripals have been permanently disappeared

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  151. Cyrano says:
    @Joe Levantine

    After WW2 Europe collectively transferred their national interests portfolio to US, believing that as long as the Europeans serve US national interests – this will have trickle down effect on the European vassals – thus serving their national interests as well.

    This was also supposed to prevent another European war, since in the past, whenever Europeans confronted each other protecting their individual national interests – it usually resulted in a war.

    Based on the current situation, does it look like US can handle their own national interests, let alone someone else’s?

    Propaganda can cover many shortcomings and deficiencies of any policy, but it’s not a long term solution. One day you’ll have to make a stand and defend the values that are worth defending and expose the emptiness of the propaganda cover-up. Propaganda can be used to beautify the ugly appearance of the truth, but eventually you have to deal with the real thing.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  152. as you don’t appear to know the meaning of “fallacy”

    And here a second fallacy. Strawman fallacy. Congratulations!

    I am not surprised at all that you cannot see your first fallacy.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Wizard of Oz
  153. @InnerCynic

    Well a very well made documentary or docudrama “The Salisbury Poisonings” showed Dawn Burgess having died after spraying on herself what she thought was perfume from a bottle her layabout boyfriend had found in a rubbish tip . where it was supposed the poisoners had made some effort to dispose of it. That she died and the boyfriend was ill seems to be indubitable fact.

    As to the Skripals being “disappeared” that was an early line on UR but now Erebus has told us about Yulia’s public appearances apparently completely recovered. I suspect Sergei remains in bad shape and the Brits don’t want to advertise the FSB success

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @InnerCynic
  154. Blissex says:

    «those of the USA president are far more extensive and expensive and even more paranoid»
    «the US president doesn’t eat anything that hasn’t been prepared by White House stewards and served by a White House heavy in waiter’s uniform. If the Prez is attending a foreign summit, his minders find out what’s on the menu before the trip, and fly the ingredients over from Washington.»

  155. Loup-Bouc says:

    Wizard of Oz wrote:

    …as you don’t appear to know the meaning of “fallacy” (which connotes logical error)….

    “Fallacy” denotes: (a) a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc; (b) a false or mistaken idea; (c) a misleading or unsound argument; (d) deceptive, misleading, or false nature; (e) erroneousness; (f) a mistaken belief; (g) a faulty or false generalization; (h) faulty of false measurement; (y) a deceptive appearance; (j) an error; (k) a delusive notion; (l) a false but popular belief; (m) “an idea that a lot of people think is true but is in fact false.”


    My sources are Mirriam-Webster, Webster’s Third International Dictionary, The Oxford English Dictionary, the Cambridge English Dictionary, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the Collins English Dictionary, The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology (CT Onions Ed., 1st printing 1966, printing I have 1974), I enclosed the last definition — definition (m) — within quotation marks because the definition’s language is cutesy-colloquial and ungrammatical [suffers number-disagreement (“a lot…think)] but the source is the “lofty” Cambridge English Dictionary (“lofty” as Wizard of Oz sees himself).

    So, “fallacy” denotes more than a few concepts other than “logical error” — the only meaning Wizard of Oz put as the concept that “fallacy” “connotes.” (The term “connotes” was Wizard of Oz’s term.)

    Wizard of Oz’s “connotes” usage is error (even fallacy) — unless Wizard of Oz intended to assert that the term “fallacy” implies whatever Wizard of Oz thinks “fallacy” means, or wants that term to mean, as if Wizard of Oz were (or perhaps IS) Humpty Dumpty:

    Alice: “I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory’.” [Sic]
    Humpty Dumpty: “Of course you don’t—till I tell you. I meant ‘there’s a nice knock-down argument for you’ !” [Sic]
    Alice: “But ‘glory’ doesn’t mean ‘a nice knock-down argument’.”
    Humpty Dumpty: “When I use a word…it means just what I choose it to mean….”

    Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

    The correct term is “denotes.” Wizard of Oz’s apparent intent was to argue that your “fallacy” usage, Olivier1973, conflicts with the definition (“meaning”) of “fallacy.” Wizard of Oz’s actual language cannot imply, logically, that Wizard of Oz intended to complain that you, Olivier1973, rendered an untenable implication or conditional implication of the term “fallacy.”

    To “connote” means: (a) to imply; (b) to suggest as secondary meaning; (c) to signify secondarily or in addition to; (d) to include or imply along with the primary meaning; (e) of facts, to imply along with; (f) to have a meaning only if conjoined with something else; (g) to imply attributes while denoting a subject; (h) to be associated with or inseparable from as a consequence, or to be concomitant; (i) to convey in addition to exact explicit meaning; (j) to imply or suggest in addition to the literal or primary meaning; (k) of a fact, to imply as a consequence or condition; (l) to intimate; (m) to mark along with or to suggest or indicate as additional; (n) to designate by implication; (o) to include in the meaning.

    My sources are The Oxford English Dictionary, The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology (CT Onions Ed., 1st printing 1966, printing I have 1974), Mirriam-Webster, Collins English Dictionary, Webster’s (1st ed.), and Webster’s Third International Dictionary, and John Stewart Mill. The Cambridge English Dictionary’s online edition states, cutely: “If a word, object, or situation connotes something, it makes you think of a feeling or an idea that is more than its basic meaning”

    Wizard of Oz epitomizes “pompous ass” — even an imperious, dissembling, scurrilous dolt who proffers no apprehensible, corrigible thesis and proves nothing, but merely attacks others with sophistry.

    Wizard of Oz near-never (a) cites a source that can support his assertions validly and reliably, (b) specifies precisely the object of his criticism and proves his criticism with valid, reliable, competent evidence and valid, fitting, sound and tenable logic or valid, reliable statistical analysis.

    Among Wizard of Oz’s more common illegitimate “argument” methods is: (a) putting a vague misrepresentation of something another person has stated, (b) asserting that the misrepresentation is a “fallacy,” and (c) challenging the other person to support NOT what the other person actually said, but Wizard of Oz’s misrepresentation of the other’s statement(s).

    Wizard of Oz near-never puts a non-mysterious position. Rather, Wizard of Oz attacks propositions of others for no apparent purpose other than to trouble those whose propositions Wizard of Oz attacks.

    Often when Wizard of Oz is confronted with redoubtable proof that his criticism is “fallacy,” Wizard of Oz will shift issues to avoid acknowledging the “fallacy” of his criticism. Wizard of Oz has done just that several times in this thread, e.g., in his comments criticizing my comments and in his comments criticizing comments of Erebus, Layman, and Israel Shamir and in his comment’s criticizing Israel Shamir’s article.

    I shall not present the details of such sophistry of Wizard of Oz’s criticisms of Israel Shamir’s article or of my comments or of comments of Erebus, Layman, and Israel Shamir — Wizard of Oz’s sophistic criticisms that have occurred in THIS comment-thread. Rather, the reader may decide for herself, because a better example occurred in another comment-thread, the comment-thread set under John-Paul Leonard’s article “Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?,”

    In that other comment-thread ( ], Wizard of Oz challenged my law-and-statistics disproof of the FALSE Alt-Right/white-supremacist/racist view of (a) the frequency of Black violent crime and (b) the relative frequencies of Black violent crime versus non-Black violent crime.

    Wizard of Oz conceded that my proof triumphed — and urged that I publish an Unz Review article showing my proofs. THEN Wizard of Oz shifted the issue to (a) whether I am “African American [actually, I am pure Finno-Ugric and have zero Black “blood”], (b) whether I am truly both law professor and physician, and (c) whether truly I decline to publish the article he urged quite and only to protect my privacy from harassment by the psychopaths who comment at Unz Review and author some of the articles Unz Review publishes.

    Compare the following comments posted under John-Paul Leonard’s above-referenced article “Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?,”
    June 27, 2020 at 7:05 am GMT (comment # 512)
    June 27, 2020 at 7:12 am GMT (comment # 513)
    June 28, 2020 at 1:48 am GMT (comment # 533)
    June 28, 2020 at 2:59 pm GMT (comment # 546)
    June 28, 2020 at 11:12 pm GMT (comment # 557)
    June 28, 2020 at 11:24 pm GMT (comment # 559)
    June 28, 2020 at 11:53 pm GMT (comment # 561)
    June 29, 2020 at 12:30 am GMT (comment # 564)
    June 29, 2020 at 1:40 am GMT (comment # 569)
    June 29, 2020 at 2:09 am GMT (comment # 570)
    June 29, 2020 at 3:06 am GMT (comment # 564)
    June 29, 2020 at 3:20 am GMT (comment # 575)
    June 29, 2020 at 5:06 am GMT (comment # 581)
    June 29, 2020 at 5:07 pm GMT (comment # 593)
    June 29, 2020 at 8:51 pm GMT (comment # 595)
    June 29, 2020 at 9:47 pm GMT (comment # 596)

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  156. Erebus says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Well a very well made documentary or docudrama but ultimately silly bit of blatant propaganda “The Salisbury Poisonings” showed Dawn Burgess having died after spraying on herself…

    FIFY. No charge.

    I suspect Sergei remains in bad shape and the Brits don’t want to advertise the FSB success

    I guess this passes for a stand-down from your original “suspicion” that they were both in bad shape, but your remaining suspicions are similarly unfounded. The fact is that Sergei’s “release” from the hospital was announced about a month after Yulia’s. He wasn’t shown in any videos, but I suspect that’s because they’d find his Novichok induced transformation into a svelte 35 yr old even more difficult to explain than Yulia’s transformation.

    • LOL: vot tak
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  157. @Erebus

    Have you seen the four part doco? Do you know who made it?

    And did Dawn Burgess die of poisoning from some discarded container?

    • Replies: @Erebus
  158. vot tak says:
    @israel shamir

    This “german” propaganda is zionazi-gay likudite desperation. The neocons are doing what they always do, doubling down. “Hey, the suckers bought it before, lets run this crap again”.

  159. @Olivier1973

    So what is the “first fallacy [sic]” given that Shamir’s survey of unknowns ignores the factual possibility that Putin personally might not have authorised or approved the poisoning if Navalny had indeed made other enemies.

    Now here is the sort of article that Shamir , admitting what isn’t known, could have earned credit for writing

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  160. vot tak says:

    No doubt the israeli colonial trump regime will make it certain that vaccine will not get distributed in pindoland.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  161. @Loup-Bouc

    Bravo! Bravissimo! 15 curtain calls later are we allowed to ask whether Shamir did indeed ignore the possibility that Navalny was poisined by Nonochek without Putin knowing or approving?

    Now here’s a more sensible article about what Shamir admitted was a case with uncertainties

  162. Layman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    …one possibility would be for Russia to raise a great shout of indignation and run a campaign for the UK to prove it by allowing independent investigators access to whatever and whoever they needed. She couldn’t have refused.

    You’ll be surprised but Russia actually did protest loudly and requested that UK comply with the OPCW protocol and provide samples. And the UK outright refused. You may want to look up, well, Wikipedia.

    As for the trial in absentia – ok (I’m not that familiar with the UK law) but UK may at least have tried and requested an extradition (it wouldn’t be granted of course as the UK never extradites anyone to Russia and Russia never extradites own citizens but still). Never did. It could have tried to prosecute the suspects on the Russian soil. There are international courts; OPCW at last. But obviously there was never any intention to prove anything in court to begin with.

    It appears that you have noble motives in trying to extol the virtues of the European leaders but I think this is misguided and – extremely naive. Plus, vehemently arguing a point without having a good grasp of the facts may indicate more interest in an argument itself than in finding the truth…

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  163. @Layman

    You do appear to be willing to be reasonable and civil but I think you fail to see the prima facie correct answer which is the simple one, the simple uncomplicated motive of sending messages from Putin or from those close to him. Doubts can be stimulated by concentrating on particular facts or factoids like the refusal of the Brits to hand over samples (which I assume to be true) when it is possible to think of several plausible reasons why that just made good sense, such as the ability of the Russians to say that they have performed tests and they show no Russian produced Novichok. Indeed the Brits would have been suckers if they had handed over samples. The Russians could also have said, absent some indisputable Skripal DNA attached to the samples, that all that was proved was that the Brits had access to Novichok!

    As to extradition my Googling had the UK government on the point of requesting extradition when it presumably dawned on them that it could compromise the refusal of the UK government to extradite to Russia – the situation being mutual. So the next best thing was done and Interpol and European Arrest Warrants were used to make it dangerous for the accused persons to travel out of Russia. I wouldn’t normally look to the Daily Mirror for information but this sounds about right
    I don’t think reading UR helps much in any search for truth and I don’t expect any interest I have in knowing the truth about the poisoning or whatever of the Skripals to be advanced much by by learning what anyone on UR knows. But I do suffer an itch when bad or sloppily expressed arguments are put. (Though not right up to Loup Bouc’s obsessional concern for the placement of the last apostrophe I’m afraid.) And hanging round UR where there are up to a dozen or so clever, sane, well informed people writing, at least occasionally, has its stimulating moments .

    • Replies: @Layman
  164. Erebus says:
    @vot tak

    I quite expect the Russian & Chinese vaccines to be officially banned in America (whatever the “regime”), and all the countries allowing its use to be sanctioned. If I was American, I’d hope the Johnson & Johnson effort is what is generally adopted as it promises to be the safest.

    OTOH, it looks like Mexico may be signing up with the Russians. If so, it’ll be possible for at least a few Americans to cross the border and get it.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  165. Erebus says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Have you seen the four part doco?

    I watched the trailer. That was enough. Admittedly, a skilfully polished turd but I counted a half-dozen lies in that alone so I can’t imagine a serious person sitting through more than a few minutes of it without hitting the OFF button in disgust.

    Do you know who made it?

    Why would that be more than a matter of supreme indifference to me?

    And did Dawn Burgess die of poisoning from some discarded container?

    That is also a matter of supreme indifference to me, and even less important to the core saga.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  166. @Erebus

    Be careful or our friend the super pedantic mythical monster will count up the number of factual statements in the trailer and tell you there were fewer than six so there couldn’t be six lies in it 😎

  167. Blissex says:

    «After WW2 Europe collectively transferred their national interests portfolio to US, believing that as long as the Europeans serve US national interests – this will have trickle down effect on the European vassals – thus serving their national interests as well.»

    That was not a choice as if there were other options: the great european powers discovered that they were not so great after all, and “ubi major minor cessat”. The european ruling classes could not fail to appreciate that in a few years the USA had funded, built, launched and equipped 151 (one hundred and fifty one) aircraft carriers, of which 60 were big fleet carriers.

    Still at least the english and french had illusions of regional overlordship, always under american protection, but the Suez crisis of 1956 showed that american protection means a limited independence as to domestic affairs, but almost no independence as to international affairs.

    Churchill explained this to V Bonham Carter: “When I was at Teheran [in 1943] I realized for the first time what a very small country this is. On the one hand the big Russian bear with its paws outstretched — on the other the great American elephant — and between them the poor little British Donkey — who is the the only one that knows the right way home

    Of course that “only one that knows the right way home” was wishful thinking, the USA elites are not entirely fond of snotty english toffs telling them what. MacMillan’s idea that the english elites would be to the american elites like the greeks to the romans was another example of the same wishful thinking.

  168. Blissex says:

    «I quite expect the Russian & Chinese vaccines to be officially banned in America (whatever the “regime”), and all the countries allowing its use to be sanctioned.»

    Indeed the entire research institute that developed the vaccine was sanctioned, and that includes anybody who has any relationship with it, on August the 27th:

    The excuse is that it has been discovered “just now” that institute is related to biological weapons research.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Loup-Bouc
  169. Layman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    the prima facie correct answer which is the simple one, the simple uncomplicated motive of sending messages from Putin or from those close to him.

    Sorry, pure rubbish. (At the risk of no longer appearing civil but sorry I just can’t put it in any other way). What kind of message would (not even) killing of a former spy that has been let out of the country long ago send to anyone?! Sorry but I’m not even getting into this, I can only handle logical and rational arguments not “gut feelings” like this one.

    Doubts can be stimulated by concentrating on particular facts or factoids like the refusal of the Brits to hand over samples (which I assume to be true) when it is possible to think of several plausible reasons why that just made good sense, such as the ability of the Russians to say that they have performed tests and they show no Russian produced Novichok. Indeed the Brits would have been suckers if they had handed over samples. The Russians could also have said, absent some indisputable Skripal DNA attached to the samples, that all that was proved was that the Brits had access to Novichok!

    Well, here you go! It all boils down to the Brits not being able to produce a proof that would stand in a competitive process where both sides are able to put forward their arguments. Hence the appeal to the media and NATO (things that can be controlled – with help from the US which undoubtedly was heavily involved) and not to a court or an independent organisation.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  170. @Layman

    Curious that you don’t see it. You are quite happy inventing (conceivably true though without credible back stories spelled out) motives for the West’s people but can’t recognise how simple and utilitarian, in the revived, post-Yeltsin Russia, it was – and is – to advertise
    1. “Tempted to betray Russia? Think there will be a nice civilised prisoner swap if you are caught? No, we will never forget and you will never be free”
    2. “Your President is not only a proud Russian man’s man with a loyal team of Russian nationalists about him, but he bores it up Russia’s enemies cleverly and effectively”.
    3. “FU, you pathetic little satellite of the US” [Cp. China arresting two innocent Canadian businessmen in retaliation for the Huawei extradition arrest).

    I am surprised you haven’t yet got the benefit, on UR, of having your imaginative grasp improved as well as the benefit of listening in on people who have had a lot of real experience in various areas of human activity – though, admittedly, sorting the latter out from those who merely simulate the results of experience by confident assertiveness could take a little time.

    Happily, one of the results of Ron Unz’s great and lively intelligence is that, though disinclined to admit error he shows signs of backing off on e.g. his failure to see, initially, that there was no reason to believe ObL’s denials of responsibility for 9/11 (partly because terrorist organisations always, allegedl claim credit) but that, not only was that easily explained but that the one big winner from 9/11 was ObL, with obvious implications for reasoning about motives.

    Ask yourself, perhaps, how good you are at handling uncertainty.

    • Replies: @Layman
  171. @Wizard of Oz

    What a stupid article! Pure propaganda.

    They write about “Novitchok”. Which one?

    They write: “Navalny ‘the most effective opposition politician in Russia’”.

    LOL. Navalny is more useful for Putin alive than dead.

    Navalny is more useful for the West dead than alive.

    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  172. @Olivier1973

    By such broad brush statements of opinion (which may be correct) as that on Navalny’s woth and on the quality of the article you implocitly claim expert witness status. May I ask what qualifies you as such?

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  173. Erebus says:

    Well, that didn’t take long. The USA’s mental illness is rapidly becoming the most prominent feature in the geo-political landscape.

  174. Loup-Bouc says:

    I appreciate your researching and referencing the “Addition of Entities to the Entity List, and Revision of Entries on the Entity List,” which “Addition” near certainly will deprive U.S. residents of likely the only sane alternative to the very dangerous, multiply toxic, even human genetic-structure altering vaccines that will, probably, be marketed in the U.S. for outrageously exorbitant prices. I had not been aware of the existence of the Industry and Security Bureau and its anti-utilitarian actions.

    I will refuse ANY vaccination (even the Russian one), for reasons irrelevant here. But I wonder whether a Russian source will be willing to sell secretly to U.S. citizens the needed doses of the Russian vaccination.

    I appreciate also the learning-background and sophisticated insights of you comment of September 6, 2020 at 5:29 pm GMT (comment # 173).

  175. Loup-Bouc says:

    “German Defence Minister Says Nord Stream 2 Sanctions Depend on Russia’s Steps Regarding Navalny Case.”

    • Replies: @Erebus
  176. Layman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    As I said, not even getting into this. There’s nothing to respond to in your latest post, just some bad psychology and some patronising… bye now…

  177. @Wizard of Oz

    “May I ask what qualifies you as such?”

    Yes, you may ask.

  178. The developer of Novichok commented on Navalny’s exit from a coma – in Russian

    ..”I rule out poisoning because there are no symptoms. But even if a concentration of 400 times less than the lethal dose was used, he would have come out of the coma, but myosis (pupil constriction. – Ed.) would have been all the same. There were no such symptoms here, ” Russian scientist Leonid rink, who was directly involved in the development of the combat substance, told RIA Novosti..

  179. Erebus says:

    … German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas suggested that should Russia not provide proof of its non-involvement in the poisoning… Berlin would deem the Kremlin as the culprit in the alleged attack on the opposition figure.

    There is no integrity left in the West’s leadership. Can anyone reading Herr Maas’ words not simply cringe? Bizarre, and disheartening.

    European civilization indeed brought us the modern world, but having done so it fell into a corrupt Nietzschean decadence from which it is unlikely to emerge for generations. Only Moscow understands Western values, and only Russia can save the West from its self-immolation, and even then only after it has hit rock bottom. Whodathunkit?

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  180. Loup-Bouc says:

    I confess that, for about a decade, I have not followed, much, the workings of Russian politics. So, I shall not resist being corrected (by legitimate evidence and argument).

    But, from the perhaps little I have encountered of apparently valid, reliable reporting, I have garnered the sense (a) that Putin has met very little effective opposition during most of his tenure, including the past several years and (b) that Putin’s popular support is fairly strong, consistently so — that Navalny has been, actually, a rather diminutive gad fly buzzing the perceptions of a somewhat small minority of ordinary Russians (rather than some “intellectuals” and those who long for return of communism or a socioeconomic structure like those of the neoliberal West).

    If my above-outlined perception is essentially accurate, then Putin would not poison or instigate or support the poisoning of Navalny. Rather, Putin would want to prevent it. Putin is extremely savvy (even brilliant). He would anticipate that the U.S.-dominated West would try to use a Navalny-assassination-attempt to trouble Putin’s, and Russia’s, position and influence, even by knifing such alleged assassination-attempt into the very-U.S.-hegemony-damaging and pro-Russia/China influence effects of Nord Stream 2.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Erebus
  181. @Loup-Bouc

    Your speculation is consistent with the view that Navalny was poisoned by a rival opponent of Putin, n’est-ce pas?

  182. Erebus says:

    (a) that Putin has met very little effective opposition during most of his tenure, including the past several years and (b) that Putin’s popular support is fairly strong, consistently so

    My understanding of Putin’s rise and reign is what in 2015 I naively thought Trump’s campaign & presidency promised for the USA.

    Namely, a technically legal “palace coup” by a faction of powerful men who saw that their only hope of maintaining any of their power/relevance was to take their respective country back out of the hands of the (((international faction))) that was strip-mining both of them.

    Putin came to power with a plan, and the backing of a powerful clique in the “power” ministries and security apparatus. The backers put the squeeze on Yeltsin, making him the political equivalent of an offer he couldn’t refuse, and suddenly a mild mannered, unknown apparatchik became President of Russia, but he certainly wasn’t alone.

    In draining the swamp, he also dammed the streams feeding it. The (((Oligarchs))) were informed “You can keep what you stole, but from today you will pay your taxes, and don’t even think about politics.” Most of them high-tailed it out, some bent to the new reality, and some (like Khodorkovsky) mounted a challenge and found themselves in jail, or with their assets seized.

    Without (((oligarchical))) backing, many political parties lost their raison d’etre, shrivelled and/or died, giving the Putin faction a lot more running room to implement their plans for rejuvenation. That the plan succeeded made it doubly difficult to start new parties, or for existing parties to gain any sort oppositional traction.

    Under that rubric, Navalny is at best a gad-fly. Even a welcome one as he flushes real grievances into the open and gives them an outlet that the govt can respond to. In terms of real political power, he’s a zero.

    To my eye, the Navalny saga is so outrageous that it has all the earmarks of a set-up. A set-up, moreover, that I can’t believe the Kremlin either didn’t see coming, or that it may even be a party to. If Putin’s office was unaware of Navalny’s situation as it developed, then I’d have to say that he’s got layers of traitors working under him that need draining as well.

    We’ll see how this little saga develops. I hope the tape of that call the Belarussians intercepted is a bombshell of a smoking gun, and further that the Kremlin will let the Germans et al dig a deep hole for themselves before dropping it on the table.

    • Replies: @ivan
  183. @Missouri Bear

    They were trying to repair some shit?
    I had no idea shit could be repaired!
    What was wrong with it?

  184. RT says:

    You are correct. More:
    1. no side effects, because russian vaccine is based on human adenoviruses (type 5 and type 26) as vectors which are well known to human physiology and already used in the vaccines against Ebola and Mers. As opposed to the vaccines of the other pharma companies based on mRNA and monkey adenoviruses as vectors, whose effects on human body are unknown and unpredictable.

    2-3 the two stage technology is actually two vaccines, first with human adenovirus type 5 and the second with type 26 as vectors. This approach avoids preexisting anti-adenovirus immunity interference and stimulates the cytotoxic immunity ( CD4 and CD8 were measured in 76 vaccinated) which is the main antivirus defence mechanism.

    Vaccines using non human species (monkey) viruses as vectors carry far greater danger for human health. I read that Johnson&Johnson are already quietly starting to follow Russian technology.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Loup-Bouc
  185. Derer says:

    There is a good chance now, when only English speaking country left the EU, it is a little bizarre for Germans to keep using English.

  186. vot tak says:

    The primary target of the zionazi-gays of this falae flag so far has been Nordstream 2, though no doubt the zpc/nwo will use it against anything Russian, including their covid-19 vaccine (as noted by Erebus).

    Keep in mind that Russian energy exports are a direct competitor to future israeli geostrategic planning of their own exports to europe of east Med. sources. The goatsods don’t actually have these reserves under their control, but zpc/nwo energy geostrategy for the euro colonies is based upon their phasing out Russian exports for israeli and israeli dominated sources.

    While lng from the usa is touted as the Russian replacement of nat gas, it is not even competitive with Russian lng and is a non starter. The zio-propagandists use usa lng as a way to avoid naming the real israeli source of competition to Russian gas. Disguising/ignoring/obfuscating the israeli angle, as per usual.

    The israelis have not secured this energy gold mine, the Syrians, Lebanese and Turks stand in their way, as does Egypt, Libya and an independent Palestine. A great deal of “greater israel” is about securing these resources. It’s not just about water or about leibesraum for the “master race”.

    • Agree: Erebus
  187. ivan says:

    Very easy to make up stories. There is no evidence that Putin was involved in the apartment bombings. On the other hand Chechens and Dagastanis would have had the motivation.

    I wonder how such mind-bending works? First spread rumours that Putin did it, then when no solid evidence backs it up, wait for others to forget about it, then reaffirm that everyone indeed had suspicions and conveniently assume that the rumours are in fact the truth. Never fails when it comes to all these rumours concerning the nefariousness of Putin. Much of which seem to originate from the fevered minds of the retarded British intelligence services.

    Is it any wonder then that in the UK of today we have the crystallized essence of Covid related fear-mongering?

  188. ivan says:

    Putin saved Russia from some of the worst predators in modern times who not incidentally were Jewish. He has the old KGB backing his set of oligarchs. Whenever I read of Putin and his oligarchic cabal and how horrible it is, I would think to myself that at least the Russian oligarchs would leave something for their fellow Russians, unlike the Jewish oligarchs who would steal the shirt on one’s back if possible.

    • Agree: Erebus
  189. vot tak says:

    Poland Ready to Offer Germany ‘Alternative’ to Nord Stream 2

    “Poland is ready to offer Germany access to its Baltic Pipe gas pipeline project in place of Nord Stream 2, Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller has said.

    Baltic Pipe is a proposed natural gas pipeline between Poland and oil-rich Norwegian waters in the North Sea which Warsaw currently expects to be completed by October 2022. The 800-950 km pipeline, construction of which is yet to begin, is expected to have a gas transportation capacity of 10 billion cubic meters per year from Norway to Denmark and Poland, as well as a 3 billion cubic meter per annum reverse capacity from Poland to Denmark. Poland’s state-owned gas company PGNiG has reserved a little over two billion cubic meters of gas to be pumped through the pipeline every year. Other countries have yet to express interest, with Germany previously expressing skepticism over the project, citing environmental concerns.”

    LOL, right on que.

  190. Loup-Bouc says:

    Linked below is an article of The Saker. Its brilliance obtains in its using ironic humor (some may call it sarcasm) to make a sensible forensic/legal case that could support a winning Russian claim brought against Germany (and its co-conspirators, the U.S. and U.K.) in the International Court of Justice.

  191. Loup-Bouc says:


    Shocking, vis-a-vis our previous acrid colloquy and your analogizing me to a pig. (The pig analogy did not offend me, despite your apparent intent, because pigs are among the most intelligent creatures, smarter than chimpanzee and all too many humans.)

    …stimulates the cytotoxic immunity ( CD4 and CD8…)….

    True and vital, but perhaps not enough.

    Do you recall that when Western allopathy tried to create an HIV vaccine, it failed because immunity would need to be intracellular. Not oddly, greed-driven Western pharmaceuticals firms and the CDC, etc., did not observe, at least publicly, that two NATURAL substances could (and did) induce HIV immunity.

    One such substance (present in certain vegetables) creates general intracellular immunity. Chinese medicine uses it in its natural form (as it occurs in the actual vegetable sources, which are dried, powdered, and ingested with soft food or in capsules).


    The other substance is a metabolate of a substance present in a healthy human mother’s milk. It is present in all or most mammals, but not sufficiently in post-infancy/prepubescent humans or human adults.

    The substance is absolutely harmless. It can be synthesized from certain vegetables, then concentrated to render it very effectively antiviral. Some naturopaths use it; but they tend to obscure its effect with problematic vitamin pills and other dangerous supplements.

    [The same substance is also a very effective anti-fungal and an antibiotic effective against sundry gram positive bacteria, (e.g., streptococcus, stapholocacus, staphylococcus aureus, and staphylococcus epididimis) and effective against certain Re-mutant or Re-mutating gram negative bacteria (e.g., Re-mutant Salmonella minnesota). Bacteria do not build resistance to it; and it does not kill lactobacilli.]

    When concentrated, that substance

    (a) induces cytokine-mediated innate immunity, yet prevents “storm”-level production/effusion of pro-inflammatory cytokines

    (b) binds to the lipid-protein envelope of the virus, hence prevents the virus’s attaching to and entering host cells — thereby prevents viral infection/replication

    (c) disintegrates the viral envelope, hence kills the virus

    What are the substances and their natural sources? I shall not disclose their identities or their sources, because

    (a) I use them often in my medical practice and need that they remain available TO ME, not snapped up by ignorant fools and hoarded so I cannot obtain them

    (b) I need to avoid pharmaceuticals companies’ pressing corrupt government agencies to harass me for my using nature’s very inexpensive remedies rather than obscenely expensive, toxic, inferiorly effective, even oft-ineffective pharmaceuticals

  192. Loup-Bouc says:

    Le Docteur RT:

    “stapholocacus” (which marred my previous reply) was a risible error, a contemnible misspelling of the grand Grecian name of a lovely microbe.

    I have flagellated the guilty digits and threatened them with death by autodafé.

    • Replies: @RT
  193. @foolisholdman

    Very reliable for frightening people, not least the people you want to frighten like potential traitors.

  194. RT says:

    Ne t’inquiete pas trop
    Lapsus calami
    Les raisins

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  195. vot tak says:

    Russia Unable to Probe Navalny Case Due to Germany Refusing to Provide Facts, Nebenzia Says

    “Germany still has not provided any evidence to confirm that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny had been poisoned with a Novichok-type nerve agent that would allow starting an investigation in the case, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia said during a UN Security Council meeting.

    “Any investigation should be preceded by evidence and by facts. Our law enforcement authorities do not have grounds to open an investigation. Our doctors did not find any chemical weapon substances in his [Navalny’s] analysis,” Nebenzia said on Thursday. “We received no evidence from Germany that would allow us to reach the conclusion that it was a crime by attempted poisoning and thus start an investigation.”

    Nebeniza referred to a statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that if Germany declines to provide evidence to back its allegations of poisoning, Moscow would regard it as a refusal to establish the truth and as a hostile provocation undermining the two countries’ bilateral relations.

    Earlier during the UN Security Council meeting, the United States, Estonia, France and Germany had called for a probe into the alleged use of a Novichok nerve agent against Navalny.”

    It is israel/zionazi-gays calling the shots here in this coordinated psywar attack on Russia. The obese zio-merkel thing (obesity comes naturally to these rightwingers) has made it clear that she is nothing but a tool of israel.

  196. Loup-Bouc says:

    J’apprécie votre pardon gracieux. Vous êtes très gentil et un diplomate savamment poétique.

  197. What a tempete !.. Do you all ( and Shamir first ) understand that Navalny for nearly 4 days before arriving in Tomsk filled his body with all available to his team – and expensive – bottles of whisky and cognacs with extraordinary foreign etiquettes ?.. Methylalcoghol is a usual compound …. He was throwing later in the plane, his body temperature lowered to 34 oC… Classics !..

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  198. Loup-Bouc says:
    @dr N.L. Gour Odnopozov, Amsterdam

    Navalny for nearly 4 days before arriving in Tomsk filled his body with all available to his team – and expensive – bottles of whisky and cognacs….

    Fascinating. What is your proof?

    • Replies: @Erebus
  199. @Loup-Bouc

    We move on and, since posting here I have discovered that you were a two headed mythical monster consisting of legL grad student Loup [?] and medical partner Bouc [?] and then undiscovered it when I found a person who could only have been you describing himself as a “humble” law professor on a 2008 blog.

    Here’s a question for those thickos on UR who persistently use the word “lie” and cognates without reference to the alleged liars real knowledge or intent to deceive. Are Loup-Bouc and I lying when we describe ourselves as “humble”? I 😉

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  200. @Loup-Bouc

    Now here I proffer a much more trustworthy source than Mt. Shamir. Listen to this on ABC RN’s “Saturday Extra” with the excellent Geraldine Doogue in the chair. Can I better qualify her in the minds of UR readers than to note (again) that, speaking about the Holocaust she gave the figures “four and a half to six million” without protest, apology or retraction.,-navalny-and-lukashenko/12650064

    • Replies: @Erebus
  201. Erebus says:

    Surely, the Russian doctors would be quite familiar with hyper-abuse of alcohol. If Navalny was suffering from the effects of a 4-day bender, the Russians would doubtless have that diagnosis in their files along with supporting test results.

    John Helmer provides a good overview here that includes some medical details you may find interesting. If they are indeed interesting, it would be much appreciated if you shared your thoughts.

    The Navalny saga will see no more closure that the Skripal saga. The media gleefully reports the booming salvos of accusations, and ignores the fact that all of them landed wildly off their mark. That is, if they left the launcher at all. Somewhat later, it polishes and packages those reports as a well-produced “docu-drama”, cementing the accusations in the insouciant public’s mind.

    I have no doubt we’ll see a beautifully produced docu-drama about Navalny’s career as a non-entity and his non-poisoning in a year or two. Hopefully, it won’t be in memoriam.

  202. Erebus says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Geraldine Doogue is more trustworthy than Mr. Shamir? You’re full-on daft.
    Her catalogue of awards speaks for itself – she’s a skilled stenographer who scrupulously stays within the Overton Window.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  203. vot tak says:

    Navalny False-Flag Authors Invent New Twist to Cover Lies

    “So now the Navalny poison episode takes on a new twist with German military intelligence subsequently claiming they found traces of Novichok on a bottle of water the Russian dissident had purportedly been drinking from. Rather, it sounds more like the authors of this false-flag operation have “bottled” – meaning became unnerved by the absurdities inherent in their own narrative.

    The trouble for the German side was that their narrative soon ran into contradictions from the Russian toxicologists who first treated Navalny when he apparently fell ill on a flight from Siberia to Moscow on August 20. The Russian medics said they had tested Navalny for a whole range of poisons, including organophosphate-type chemicals which attack the nervous system. The Russian doctors affirmed they found no poison traces. They concluded Navalny’s coma was induced by an existing medical condition, presumably diabetes. Furthermore, the doctors at the hospital in Omsk where Navalny was taken to on August 20, said they have original samples of his body fluids.

    It’s the latter detail which seems to have obliged the Germans to elaborate their narrative with the new element of a poisoned bottle of water. If indeed the Russians have Navalny’s biological samples showing no presence of toxins then the German version falls apart as a fabrication. That could only mean that the claimed detection of Novichok by the Germans was the result of deliberate contamination of his body fluids while he was being treated in the hospital in Berlin where he was airlifted to on August 22 from Russia.

    It is reported by Der Spiegel that Navalny’s family relatives kept the alleged bottle after he fell sick on the flight from the Siberian city Tomsk. They purportedly did not hand the bottle over to the Russian toxicologists in Omsk, but rather provided the bottle instead to the Germans when Navalny arrived in Berlin two days later.

    This “bottle twist” is a convenient and necessary foil to avoid the potentially damning contradiction from the Russian side. The Germans can now claim to have evideence that was not available to the Russians.

    As with the alleged assassination attempt on MI6 double agent Sergei Skripal, the latest incident involving Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny is undoubtedly a false-flag provocation to foment Western sanctions and hostility against Moscow.”

  204. @Erebus

    What splendid emulation of an old-fashioned snob! Actually she would have to be pretty special to be employed as a stenographer these days.
    I wonder why you wrote that empty reply. It is a virtual admission that you didn’t bother to listen to the linked interview, let alone her long series of Saturday Extra programs , but did a most superficial internet search. Superficial to the point of not noticing you were reading about the wrong person. Let me cite
    from her ABC Profile:

    During her career with both the ABC and commercial media she has won two Penguin Awards for excellence in broadcasting from the Television Society of Australia and a United Nations Media Peace Prize. In 2000 Geraldine was awarded a Churchill Fellowship for social and cultural reporting. In 2003, she was recognised with an Officer in the Order of Australia for services to the community and media. Geraldine tackles a wide range of subjects with rigour, optimism, humour and warmth

    If you had managed to find the right Wikipedia article you could have learned a little more about the awards that you belittle:

    She received a United Nations Media Peace Prize and two Penguin Awards for her role in ABC TV’s coverage of the Gulf War.

    But you did find one word that could be appropriately applied to your puzzling attempt at disputation. “Daft” . Indeed, the mot juste.

  205. Erebus says:

    … you could have learned a little more about the awards that you belittle

    Precisely the awards I belittled, in more than adequate awareness of their provenance and purpose.

    In a nutshell, she’s paid to lie convincingly and the awards merely acknowledge that her talents & long service in that regard may well be amongst the best Australia has to offer the 5-L-eye-ars. Like I said, they speak for themselves.

    Otherwise, I see no reason to be impressed.

  206. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Look, buddy. I told you I would not respond to your posts. So, you have tried several times to goad me to reply. THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I RESPOND TO YOU.

    In the post to which this comment replies, you show you are flagrantly nuts. Your lunacy shows both (a) per your post’s “substantive” content and linguistic quality and (b) per your trying obsessively to “find me out.” You need psychiatric help, sir.

    I have never posted as a “legL grad student” [your stupid language]. I have never been a “medical partner” [your absurd language].

    I have been a lawyer since 1968, and a law professor since 1972.

    I obtained a medical doctorate in 1993, then did an internship and residencies (1993-1998), then, in 1999, began solo medical practice, which, still, I continue.


    I have never posted with the name “Loup” or the name “Bouc.” I have posted only with the name “Loup-Bouc” (exactly the name “Loup-Bouc”), except in (I believe) just one case, the name “Loup_Bouc” (underscore rather than hyphen between “Loup” and “Bouc”) because the (online) journal [journal, NOT “blog” (see below)] did not permit hyphenated names.

    …describing [myself] as a “humble” law professor on a 2008 blog.

    I have not ever posted comments at, on, or in a “blog” — in 2008 or at any other time. Even can I not bear reading or hearing the flagrantly ugly term “blog,” which grates painfully against my taste, about much as does “Ebonics,” rap, jazz, rock, and “pop” “music,” even virtually every piece of “romantic classical” “music” (e.g., the tripe “composed” by Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mahler, Dvořák, Grieg……).

    Here’s a question for those thickos on UR who persistently use the word “lie” and cognates without reference to the alleged liars real knowledge or intent to deceive.



    (1) Your term “liars” ought to be either “liar’s” or “liars’,” the latter being both more likely and better, because of your language “those thickos [plural] on UR who persistently [hence several or many times] use the word “lie.”

    (2) You misuse “cognate” — unless, bizarrely, you reference non-existent Unz Review authors or commenters who tend to put many statements with sundry languages other than English, as if often many authors and commenters use foreign-language terms to assert that others lie (e.g., “vous mentez” or “tu mientes” or “lei mente” or “du bist ein Lügner”).

    (3) You try, ungrammatically, (a) to modify a noun with an infinitive (“intent to deceive”) and (b) to modify a noun with a preposition (“reference to the alleged liars”).]

    (4) Your language “thickos on UR” is risibly absurd. That language’s prepositional phrase “on UR” connotes that “thickos” stand, sit, walk, dance, lie…… “on” a journal [or magazine (?)] that exists only as a kaleidoscopic array of electronic “events” occurring solely in cyberspace.

    • LOL: Wizard of Oz
  207. Loup-Bouc says:

    John Helmer wrote, inter alia, this:

    Meduza, the Russian opposition website based in Latvia, has also published a detailed review of the testing on Navalny before he left for Germany. This includes snapshots of Omsk Emergency Hospital No. 1 reports identifying some of the tests which were carried out. Meduza also reports that the IPTB laboratory in Munich had samples of Novichok before the Navalny samples arrived for mass spectrometric matching: “A sample of the poisonous substance in question is typically needed for additional confirmation — mixing it with a sample of uncontaminated blood allows for comparing the mass spectrometry results. It looks like this is how the German chemists confirmed that Navalny was poisoned with a substance from the Novichok group.”


    What is missing from the BBC and Meduza records, compiled after Navalny had reached Berlin, and the Russian reporting while he was still in flight between Tomsk and Omsk, and then in Omsk Emergency Hospital No. 1, is the water bottle which was reportedly analysed by the IPTB in Munich./blockquote> Then Mr. Helmer shifted to sundry questions concerning, e.g., whether evidence shows Navalnaya took that bottle, or any bottle, from Russia to Germany, whether Navalny drank from such boittle.

    [I would add other questions: If the bottle contained a Novichok-bearing fluid, might the bottle’s exterior have borne traces of such fluid, hence of Novichok? If the true answers are affirmative (Novichok-bearing bluid inside & traces on bottle’s exterior), then why was Navalnaya or some other person not a Novichok victim. Apparently, a mere Novichok touch can kill, quickly. See my comment of September 2, 2020 at 11:32 pm GMT (comment # 71, this thread).] Then why are Navalny and Navalnaya alive?]

    But, alas, Mr. Helmer failed to pursue some matters that beg consideration vis-a-vis the Meduza statement contained in the above-quoted passage of Mr. Helmer’s article — matter like these:

    (a) the specific propriety of the testing method Meduza referenced (mixing the alleged poison with sample of uncontaminated blood and comparing mass spectrometry result)

    (b) the need, if any, of alternative testing method(s) — like whether 1 mg of atropine will abate muscarinic symptoms, which appear to occur in every serious case of organophosphate or carbamate poisoning [see below]

    Such alternative testing was/is needed, e.g., because, if Navalny showed symptoms consistent with come kind of poisoning, an unbiased, competent toxicologist and an unbiased, competent pathologist would runt tests of whether either an organophosphate or a carbamate compound was present in Navalny. If such compound were present, the next necessary question would be the precise chemistry of such compound.

    Novichok is an organophosphate poison [organophosphate acetylcholinesterase inhibitor], not a carbamate. If a carbamate compound is the only possible poison found, the poison is not Novichok.

    Organophosphates and carbamates can cause similar clinical findings: acute muscarinic and nicotinic cholinergic toxidromes; muscle fasciculations; marked muscle-weakness; rhonchi; hypoxia; bradycardia or marked hypotension; myocardial infarction; diffuse myocardial
    damage; diffuse myocarditis; seizure; marked excitability; lethargy; coma. If the patient’s apparent condition is serious, the symptoms will include the more alarming of those listed above in this paragraph.

    Absent such symptoms, Novichok poisoning is very unlikely if not impossible. Again see my comment of September 2, 2020 at 11:32 pm GMT (comment # 71, this thread).

    An expert pathologist may not need much, if any, toxicology testing to determine whether poisoning, if any, is organophosphate rather than carbamate. Many organophosphates produce garlic-like or petroleum odor, but carbamates do not. Hence, if garlic-like or petroleum odor is present, the poison, if any, is not a carbamate, but an organophosphate. If no such odor appears, a clinician cannot rule out either organophosphate or carbamate poison — if the case includes the more alarming symptoms, especially the neurological signs, listed two paragraphs above.

    Novichok “type” begs the question of WHICH type, one ever used or made in Russia or by Russian agents? If only a carbomate compound was/is found, Novichock was not involved. Then, if Germany would want to balme “Russia,” Germany would need (1) to devise a new theory that is inconsisent with the Novichok narrative and (2) to explain the inconsistency.]

    (c) whether, other than the BBC and Meduza records Mr. Helmer discusses, any arguably creditable evidence suggests substantially that a competent German toxicologist mixed the alleged poison with sample of Navalny’s uncontaminated blood and compared mass spectrometry results and a competent German pathologist reviewed such results when running and reviewing other pertinent tests of Navalny

    (d) whether, if a competent German toxicologist did the above-identified blood/spectrometry testing and a competent German pathologist reviewed such results together with running and reviewing other pertinent tests of Navalny, what other tests did the pathologist run and review, and were the other tests:

    (i) appropriate (vis-a-vis the entirety of Navalny’s actual condition)

    (ii) sufficient

    (iii) conducted and reviewed without bias


    Still, Mr. Helmer poses many considerations that are legally and medically pertinent and vital. Those considerations support a rebuttable presumption that Merkel is committing fraud (very likely because of U.S. pressure). Those considerations obtain reinforcement from Merkel’s slipping from (i) express adamant intent of going through with Nord Stream 2 to (ii) stating that the Nord Stream 2 deal’s execution is contingent on how Russia responds to Merkel’s allegation that a Russian source poisoned Navalny [see my comment of September 7, 2020 at 2:36 am GMT (comment # 181, this thread)].

    I confess that I care little for the Navalny kabuki. My concern is that likely this new mini-Russiagate will bar U.S. citizens’ having the choice of receiving the Russian “Covid-19” vaccine rather than being forced to submit to one of the genetic-structure-altering and otherwise toxic, yet likely ineffective, U.S.-produced vaccines that will be marketed early 2021.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  208. Loup-Bouc says:

    Magically (or black-magically) nearly my entire September 12, 2020 at 11:48 pm GMT comment was sucked into its two-paragraph quote of John Helmer’s article. The actual John Helmer quote ended with this language:

    What is missing from the BBC and Meduza records, compiled after Navalny had reached Berlin, and the Russian reporting while he was still in flight between Tomsk and Omsk, and then in Omsk Emergency Hospital No. 1, is the water bottle which was reportedly analysed by the IPTB in Munich.

    The rest is my language, beginning with this:

    “Then Mr. Helmer shifted to sundry questions concerning, e.g., whether evidence shows Navalnaya took that bottle, or any bottle, from Russia to Germany, whether Navalny drank from such bottle.”

  209. @israel shamir

    Yes! Crazy! Insane!

    The Skripals, obviously murdered by the Brutes, never to be seen again, one of them a totally innocent girl engaged to be married who was simply visiting her dad before marriage but is now finally disappeared, and Novichok blamed because it was a Russian invention and it had to be something that would allow the Russians, Putin, to be blamed. Novichok having thus been made well known, notorious, everyone would know the Russians did it if Navalny was poisoned with it. Or if any well-paid journalist said he was.

    But Putin the villain, having only the brain of a tadpole as everyone knows, and never having heard of any other poison, and despite that notoriety, gave orders for a political nobody, Navalny, to be poisoned with that one. Of course! Putin to blame!

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  210. vot tak says:

    German Gov’t Claims Three Labs ‘Independently Confirmed’ Navalny Was Poisoned With Novichok

    “According to the government’s spokesperson Steffen Seibert, special laboratories in France and Sweden have detected the nerve agent in Navalny’s body, confirming Germany’s findings.”

    The israelis are quite obsessed with killing Nordstream 2.

    • Replies: @Derer
  211. My suspicion with respect to the Navalny case and the behaviour of the concerned parties, is that it is all about background deals with some secret presents.
    If that hunch is correct insiders might have run the hit in collusion with the US.
    If so it wouldnt be the first time.

    What is Germany’s carrot?
    And Russias?
    I spare you from my own guesses.

    The MIC is a plague but its tentacles are all over the world.

    The west is at the rudder but they are used to make deals and and get those other parties to join and maintain the secrets.

    The evil anglosaxon empire is what is wrong with the world.

    Calling it anglozionist is correct but only specifies more detail about that empires mode of operation via proxies.

    The main factor is that the US/UK dominate a common power cartel and that they dont need to like each other to avoid open conflict.

    But the population on both sides of the atlantic are held in the dark and it is the British elites who have established their control over the US and not the other way round.

  212. Is the possibility real that Trump could be “Patton-ed”, “Martin Luther-ed”, “Navalny-ed” et al. ? Since gossiping busily about the elections is such a big thing here at, since talking has it´s own agency, could my suggestion even upper the chances, and when would be the most appropriate moment? Would be a great leading article, as to comments expected.

  213. Derer says:
    @vot tak

    “Independently confirmed”…what, that he was poisoned in Germany by CIA? Final words on Navalny for the illiterates,
    a) if he was poisoned by Novichok in a confined of the plane, all passengers would be infected;
    b) if he was poisoned by Russians, they would not let him to be diagnosed in Germany;
    c) why the info of Novichok is not shares with Russians, because Novichok from Russia has specific DNA that Russian experts would be able to identify.

    Unfortunately Germany is divided on Nord Stream into two major camps, one that succumbed to US pressure and NATO “cheap” security and the second one whose priority is business and economy and cheap energy supplies. Merkel government belongs to the second group.

  214. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I’d better revise that. I’ve commented in these terms to the Giraldi article on this same topic.

    Porton Down, I guess, synthesized a non-lethal variant of Novichok, needed to stir up Russophobia while not imposing the need to return dead bodies to the families where biopsies will discover the Porton Down fingerprint. A bottle must have been rushed from Britain to Germany.

    But it’s possible that Iulia and her dad and Alex will be allowed to go home in five or ten years when no traces are left in their bodies, when Boris Johnson and Angular Merkel are long retired, and Germany is paying though the nose for liquified fracked gas, and all’s well.

  215. vot tak says:

    Berlin struggles to answer RT’s question on fate of Navalny’s mysterious associate who fled Russia for Germany

    “German government spokespeople were grilled by RT Deutsch during a press conference on Monday. The officials, however, failed to provide any actual answer about the woman identified by Russian authorities as Marina Pevchikh.

    “I can’t tell you anything about this. We must not forget that an attempt was made on the life of Mr. Navalny with the use of a poisonous substance. But I can’t tell you anything about the location of an individual,” Steffen Seibert stated.

    The associate of the Kremlin critic was reportedly together with Navalny in Tomsk before his alleged poisoning. Unlike all other individuals who interacted with him on that day, she did not cooperate with Russian investigators and fled the country to Germany.

    Pevchikh has spoken on the matter with Meduza, a Latvia-based Russian language news site, claiming she was never approached by the police. She also said her name is actually Maria, not ‘Marina’.

    German officials have also failed to explain how a Russian citizen managed to obtain a permit for entering the country that fast. Still, little is actually known about Pevchikh, who is believed to hold a UK residence permit – or even citizenship. Moreover, only a few photos of her exist, despite her close association and repeated trips alongside Navalny, who is a very public figure.”

    That m.p. sounds a bit “spooky”, as in mi6.

  216. Erebus says:

    The “Navalny kabuki” is an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. In Europe, it gives the US’ satraps some mud to fling at Nordstream 2 in a last minute attempt to kneecap the project before it crosses the finish line.
    I think they’ll succeed in stopping it temporarily, just as sanctions succeeded in slowing it down. At worst it’ll wind up in a court where it’ll go ’round ‘n ’round until the clock runs out on the US’ influence in Europe generally and Germany specifically.

    Nordstream’s a more quixotic lunge than the quite clear American interest in a home-grown vaccine. No matter how safe / effective it is, none of the right people make money on the Russian vaccine, so it won’t ever see the light of day in the USA. As you say, Americans will be railroaded into one of the various vaccines that the right people make money on, whatever the consequences to public health.

    America suffered more than any other country from the disease, now it seems it’ll be forced to suffer more than any other from the cure.

    PS: It wasn’t “magic”. The error happened at “… IPTB in Munich.</blockquote>…”
    The bolded “<" was missing.

  217. @Wizard of Oz

    It would be small potatoes to kill off some drug addict or nobody just for the sakes of making this already ludicrous scenario more dramatic. If the substance was as deadly as we have constantly been told then there would be bodies everywhere. And yet, curiously, there aren’t any.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  218. Thank you, Mr. Shamir. You have put things into perspective.

  219. @InnerCynic

    I don’t know what point there is to be made about the toxicity of Novichuk [spelling?] or what you remember being told about it constantly or otherwise. Whatever was used appears to have been good enough for sending messages to, inter alios, potential spies, Western governments and anyone the Russians want to intimidate. Mind you a drone strike would have made even more of an impression, but unless done by satellite control from a high altitude drone, getting out of the country my the assassins might have been a problem.

  220. By the way, the Novichok has an amazing anti-aging effect
    Just see –
    It is in Russian. I recommend Yandex fo translation –

    • Replies: @Erebus
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