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Will you cut down on your indignation, won’t you, my American friends? Do you have to replay your Salem Witch routine again and again? I refer to the notorious case of Jeffrey Epstein, for sure.

I can understand (and sympathise with) the practical reasons behind this case. A Trump’s counterattack on Clinton clan; a payback for the Jewish networking abilities; even political blackmail that had to be bridled. I can understand and approve of the hard-nosed reasoning behind the Operation Epstein II. Clintons had it coming to them, after what they did to Trump, and Bill Clinton is the most likely prospective victim of the affair. The Jewish networking in the US had become too powerful to suffer. Epstein had been able to blackmail too many powerful men, and blackmailers are likely to come to trouble. If Epstein was involved in a Mossad scheme, as Acosta implied and our colleague Philip Giraldi alleged, he is a legitimate target.

But there is no room for indignation. Cool it! In the worst case, it is similar to Al Capone tax evasion. Epstein had been tried, admitted his guilt, was sentenced and punished. Now they want to do it again. Fine, for practical reasons mentioned above. But calling him “paedophile” is as ridiculous as calling Julian Assange “a rapist”.

Perhaps he had sex with 14-15-year old girls, and it is considered to be a crime nowadays in the US. (So is bringing a bottle of booze into Pennsylvania.) Some years ago, it was perfectly permitted, and the best American poet of all time, Allen Edgar Poe, had married his Virginia when she was 13 (and he was 27). Mind you, girls (and boys) nowadays are much more sexually aware than their grandmothers were at this age. They are being taught everything there is to know about sex in schools in a very young age.

In Europe (perhaps, in the US too?) children of kindergarten age are forced to learn about homosexual and heterosexual relations; parents who object to such early introduction into adult life are liable to have their children taken away from them and given into care. In the UK, children aren’t allowed to stay away of sex education, because, you know, they all see a lot of pornography, they say. They often go beyond seeing, at 14. In our over-sexed society, you can’t blame them, but childish innocence is gone at very early age.

Did Epstein cause some damage to these young creatures? None of them claimed they were virgins or forced into sex. They probably had enough sexual experience to teach Epstein a trick or two. And since when are you bothered by this consideration? What is worse, for a sexually experienced girl of 15 to have a mutually agreed sex with man, or for eight-year boy to be castrated? Who will suffer more damage?

Castration is not only permitted in the US, it is encouraged and court-enforced, as in the case of James Younger, a Texan boy. When he was three, his divorced mother began dressing him as a girl and calling by the name “Luna.” His father Jeff Younger has been banned by the court from teaching James that he is a boy and banned the father from dressing his son as a boy. Additionally, Younger cannot share religious teaching with his son on sexuality or gender. The courts have required the father to pay at least 50 percent for future boy’s chemical castration at the age of 8.

Now, my indignant friends, please decide. If a boy age 6 can decide he wants to be castrated, and this will may be enforced by a court, why a girl age 15 can’t decide she wants to frolic with a guy in the hay? If a boy of tender age can be given to homosexual couple for adoption, into a situation that his chance to avoid sexual relations with the adoptive parents is nil; why a nubile girl can’t have sex with Epstein?

You should decide whether you want to be Victorian and defend maidenhood, or free and modern and allow castration of boys and their molestation by their adopted “parents”. You can’t have both.

#MeToo movement that allowed for this prosecution became too overwhelming and powerful accusation ground. There is no defence against it; like there was no defence against being declared a witch by Salem court, or indeed a Trotskyite and British spy by the Soviet Special Tribunal of 1937. If they said you are, then you are. Managed by old lesbians who compete with men for fresh pussy, this movement is openly misandrous. As a result, the US has a problem with sex. Underage heterosexual normal sex, in particular. An American judge sentenced a young woman to 22 years of jail for bedding 13-year old boy, though any boy I know of would be envious of the “victim”. Calling a man who has sex with a nubile girl ‘paedophile’ is not only misleading; it plays into hands of perverts who are real paedophiles.

The case against Epstein is so much of hot air. A feminist journalist Vicky Ward compiled Epstein’s profile for the Vanity Fair in 2003. She had met with many girls who were close to Epstein. Nothing damaging was included in the article. In 2011, after Epstein was already sentenced, Vicky Ward wrote in her blog “Jeffrey had his sexual peccadilloes”, that’s all. Now she says there were some claims, but apparently nobody wanted to go public. Today, I am sure, you can find a thousand of girls who will swear under oath they were molested by Epstein when they were twelve, and only a fistful of dollars will help them to recover. Indeed, such claims are a win-win proposition. If he pays, so well, and if he doesn’t pay you lose nothing.


I understand, gentlemen, your desire to Lynch the wealthy and obnoxious Jew, but at some point you have to kick your habit of submission to old hags and recognise normal man-to-woman sex as perfectly ok. Otherwise you American men have little chance to regain your ground in other competitions.

Before you will enquire in your comments whether I would like my underage daughter to be bedded (with her agreement) by Epstein, please ponder whether you would like your underage son to be chemically castrated “because that is what they want”.

No doubt, Epstein was not a model of gentleman. It is very possible that Mr Epstein had it coming to him for many reasons, as any friend of Dershowitz richly deserves. But then, save on outrage. This explosion of public feelings against him shows the Americans can’t cure themselves of Salem-style hysteria. And hysterical public is easily manipulated.

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  1. Rational says:


    Are you getting Alzheimer’s? Or did Mossad knock on your door and tell you they have videos of you on the Lolita Express?

    What Judaist Epstein did was despicable beyond belief. And he used the “honey trap” to lure other powerful men and video them to blackmail them, for Mossad.

    Now you know why our politicians support the alien invasion, and other evils. Mossad has their tapes.

    He and many others like him deserve life in prison.

    I cannot understand why you are defending this scumbag and downplaying his evil.

    • Agree: Parisian Guy
  2. sarz says:

    The target is Trump. His war for Israel, that the Rothschilds have been warning against, threatens the entire dark ocean of Jewish capital. He has to be brought down. Epstein is not an Israeli operation. If it is Mossad that too is Israeli only insofar as this private army needs the cover of sovereign immunity.

    See Epstein’s arrest : Rothschild vs Trump

  3. Thanks, Mr. Shamir, it’s good to hear a different point of view! If no girls were forced, if they did it for $ or other reasons, yes, let’s stop our righteous indignation and remember that 13 and 14 year old girls are…well, remember Nabokov’s Lolita? I know a woman who told me that when she was 14 years old she was having hot stolen sex with her music teacher. If Epstein was spying for Mossad, that’s a different story, but our jewed screwed country would never punish him for that.

  4. Jessie says:

    Re: “Americans can’t cure themselves of Salem-style hysteria. And hysterical public is easily manipulated.”

    Exactly right. Americans are hysterical puritans. And they are also obliged to sin, so they can be ‘saved’.

  5. Thank you for a gust of ice fresh air, Israel. In fact, not more than 2 hours ago I was speaking with a friend about the fact that with smart phones and tablets in the hands of the very young, exposure to porn is all but guaranteed.

    It seems that lately, the US has gone backwards. It used to be that sexual knowledge was demanded that the prohibitions should come down. And they did.

    But then Dworkin et al came on the scene in the late 70s. Fat lesbians screaming that all hetero sex was rape, and they won the argument somehow. They won by ensconcing themselves in the universities and in the law.

    But it’s easy to see how they were able to. America goes from one witch hunt to the next almost always around sex.

    That somehow people forgot the history of consensual sex (over the past 1,000 years) and somehow think that sex is now (like it was in the early 1900s) a “fate worse than death” is lunacy at its most extreme.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  6. This is not about somebody like Kevin Spacey getting called out for having sex with somebody who’s a couple of years under the limit. This is about trafficking, and if I’m not mistaken, these are different girls than in the original conviction. Some of them claim to have been coerced and held against their will. And like it or not, Epstein got an _extremely_ light sentence for that, in comparison to what a normal sex-offending Joe would get in the USA. I know of people who were convicted for possessing a handful of pornographic images of underage girls, not even soliciting them, but getting them second-hand, and served several years in Federal prison for it. That’s one of many reasons for the outrage at Epstein’s treatment. Furthermore, though Epstein seems to have treated “his” girls far better than the unfortunates groomed by the sex-slavers of Rotherham, isn’t this essentially the same kind of crime?

    • Agree: Rabbitnexus
    • Replies: @joe2.5
  7. It has always seemed to me that the pedophile is one who is lacking the stones to “pick on somebody his own size,” so to speak. Someone afraid of sex with a grown-up. Or maybe just afraid of sex. Or growing up.

    I mean look at this guy Polanski. He manages to corner a 13-year old and then he thinks he has to drug her, as though “un-stoned” she might still be too much woman for him.

    It’s quite unsurprising to see Bill Clinton riding the “Lolita Express.” He snags himself a Monica, and the best he can think to do with her is douse his cigar in her vagina monologue. Rather a waste of an otherwise serviceable if chubby woman.

    Oh … Woody Allen.

  8. I’m not going to bother with most of what I found wrong and offensive about this article. Others will I am sure. However I take issue with a couple of statements of fact, which are not. There HAVE been accusations he raped some of them outright and indeed many of them were virgins before.

    I don’t agree there are two choices here. “Victorian defense of maidenhood” is a false analogy for one thing. People aren’t happy this rich privileged bastard has been using his position to abuse girls too young to know better even in the best scenarios and there’s obviously a very big ugly iceberg under this tip. It isn’t a desire to turn back to Victorian values to simply want vulnerable children protected from powerful creeps. I’d suggest also that many like me are far more interested to see other big names brought down by this. Epstein is hardly an icon for lots of deluded people, but Prince Andrew and Clinton among many other names are.

    I get the points about hypcorisy and ‘what else do they expect?’ but it doesn’t mean public outrage isn’t in order in this case. I’d also suggest the word “indignation” is innacurate and loaded. OUTRAGE is the feeling out here.

  9. @restless94110

    This isn’t a witch hunt. Indeed it will almost certainly end up as another cover up. It is about coercian and even outright rape and trafficking. The ages being young is only part of it, but it certainly makes clear the nature of this trafficking and blackmail operation. It’s been known to many people for over a decade that Epstein was running a pedo blackmail operation mainly on his island. You’d have to have been trying very hard to ignore everything which has been out about it not to know this.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  10. “This is not about somebody like Kevin Spacey getting called out for having sex with somebody who’s a couple of years under the limit. ”

    If I’m not mistaken, it was one of Spacey’s victims, if we may call him that, who called out Spacey after he grew up. Apparently the victim found the experience objectionable for some reason, even though he was a mere “couple of years under the limit” at the time. But it’s all ok anyway, because in his defense, Spacey revealed he is “gay.”

  11. Some good points by Israel Shamir. I’m still against Epstein, but let us not allow this scandal to divert our attention from the real depravity of every-day life in ‘woke’ America.

  12. joe2.5 says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Shamir doesn’t seem to oppose what you are writing. What you described in your post is just as much a manifestation of Dark Ages American Puritan mass hysteria as the sexually marked aspect of the Epstein case. As for using this case to the max against Zionist manipulation and the police state system, the author gave his full blessings for that. If, now, anyone was really detained against her will, that should still be proved or anyway treated separately –as a real crime.

  13. One should note that the ‘law’ is just an opinion, crafted by legislators (sociopaths, liars, the true criminal class) and backed up police (thugs with badges protected by special laws).

    The simple fact that laws vary by jurisdiction proves that law is just an opinion. Further proof might include speed limits that always end in a 0 or 5 and hence have no scientific backing and marijuana IPO’s taking place while people sit in prison for possession for what is now legal to purchase as long as the state gets its cut.

    Rape is a crime of violence with a sexual component. The violence is the problem. One can argue whether a young person has the mental maturity to voluntarily engage in sex all day long and never arrive at a factual conclusion as it depends on the individual involved. No one can know the mind of another person, not even the frauds in the psychology or psychiatry ‘professions’. Therefore writing laws that state a given age for when sex is permitted is just more opinion and shouldn’t exist.

    If someone can have sex with no remuneration as in a normal relationship, then sex for remuneration should not have a social taint. The sex happens either way, so the sex isn’t the issue. Anyone that objects to a voluntary transaction between two individuals needs to examine why they object as it makes no sense.

    Epstein is probably a blackmailer working for the CIA and Mossad. Blackmail is frowned upon but shouldn’t be. If you’ve done something you’re ashamed of you shouldn’t have done it. To tell the world of your misdeed is just informing the public of your less than stellar character. This should be applauded by the voting public when the blackmailed person is a member of the political class.

  14. Truth3 says:

    If Shamir has taken to Christianity as his earlier works intimated, he needs to be ex-communicated.

    Leopards can’t change their spots, obviously.

    His recent works show a real softening of his previously obvious lean towards shaming the devil’s people.

  15. @Rabbitnexus

    It is about coercian and even outright rape and trafficking.

    Trafficking is fake news. It’s the new word for prostitution. Coercion? Define it. Outright rape? Who was outright raped?

    The ages being young is only part of it, but it certainly makes clear the nature of this trafficking and blackmail operation.

    The ages make clear the nature of the (fake) trafficking and the (probably real) blackmail operation? You’re right about the last half:Puritan Americans can still be blackmailed by consensual sex with others.

    It’s been known to many people for over a decade that Epstein was running a pedo blackmail operation mainly on his island


    I agree with Isreal that the word pedo is over used and has been broadened (just as trafficking has been broadened) to include teen girls. It was not a pedo operation.

    You’d have to have been trying very hard to ignore everything which has been out about it not to know this.

    I know all this as does Isreal. We are not impressed. This is just more Puritan America falling for another witch hunt.

  16. A reader’s letter:
    Terrific article Israel! People with principles are now forced to defend rather unprincipled types, like Epstein and Weinstein and R.Kelly from the pernicious allegations of highly principled puritanical hysterics. In these cases, I’m forced to be on the side of guys I wouldn’t want my daughters or sisters to consort with. Better with them than with the likes of those MSM hypocrites ranting about sexual abuse of children while saying not a word about children being shot by the IDF at the weekly Gaza demonstrations.

    In most European countries, Epstein’s accusers would be ignored because they were all of legal age. The American assumption that the nomenclature ‘underage’ gives the law the right to prosecute for sexual felonies and gives Media hysterics the right to tar and feather is the cause of this particular American lunacy. It couldn’t happen in any European country. In Italy and Germany the legal age is 14. Do Americans think their teenagers require more protection from than Europeans believe theirs do? Of course not. Americans can’t give up on their self-contradictory mores and manners that allow them to beat up on the ‘monster of the month’ even while knowing full well that it could be someday used against them.American self-destructiveness at its most telling
    Best regards,
    Michael Robeson

    • Replies: @A.R
  17. swamped says:

    “Before you will enquire in your comments whether I would like my underage daughter to be bedded (with her agreement) by Epstein, please ponder whether you would like your underage son to be chemically castrated ‘because that is what they want’”. NO. So now would you please stop evading your own – & many other’s question: would you like your underaged daughter to be bedded, i.e. raped, by Epstein (or any other lecherous lout). Or indeed, would you want your daughter to respectably marry a 27 year old man – poet or not – when she is 13? And so, if execrable Epstein “had sex with 14-15-year old girls” but, “some years ago, it was perfectly permitted,” are you implying it should still be permitted; maybe also along with lynching, which was also permitted some years ago, & seems a particularly apropos punishment for filthy Epstein today? You’re too cagey to say one way or the other but if the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t refer to your daughter as “underage” if you don’t consider 15, 14, 13, underage yourself , like most decent people do.
    The way to”kick your habit of submission to old hags” – a perfectly legitimate aim – is NOT to recognise ab-normal man-to-girl serial sex as perfectly ok. It’s not! & fortunately most normal men don’t do an Epstein. That doesn’t touch the hags at all, it only lives up to their worst stereotypes about men & gives them the upper hand! If these overaged jews want to prey on the shiksa, let them go after the old hags & leave our young ‘uns alone!

  18. I always liked the Shamir’s writings.

    Here, he should have abstained, because:

    1) He don’t know the facts. A) There has been rapes, B) there has been also cases where the girls were afraid to oppose the Epstein’s will. This a case of abuse of power/authority from a rich adult to a poor child. When the child is so afraid that he accepts to be raped, it’s still a rape. C) there is at least one case where a girl was detained on the island D) There is at least one case where the girl was threatened to make her compliant.

    2) Shamir does not understand there is nothing consensual when you propose 300$ to girls who never before had just a part of that sum.

    3) Shamir is unable to understand that yes, there is damage done when you turn a young girl in prostitution. One died from suicide years later, other became drug-addicts.

    4) Shamir knows nothing about child and teenager psychology. They don’t have full ablility to do choices in exercising actuaal free will. They are influenceable. This is the only actual reason why the law forbide such relationship.

    5) Shamir believes the indignation is about sexual activity of teenagers. It is not.
    The indignation is because Epstein used human beings as if they were practical things.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  19. As usual, stating that which can’t be said in PC-sensitive mass media.

  20. The roots of abominable feminism may well be childhood sexual abuse. One monstrosity seems
    to beget another. How many man-haters have come out of Epstein’s stable of pet children?
    We also see that child molesters don’t fair very well in prison, because criminals seem to
    have been disproportionately victims of child abuse themselves, and they’ve grown up rather
    resenting it. If these are the cases, then child molestation has social consequences and
    society has the right to react accordingly, “indignation” being the least of it.

    Leave the kids alone. If you must act out your fantasies, do it the honorable way, pay a
    27-year-old hooker to pretend she is 13. If you get a good deal, she may even bring her own

  21. Anon 2 says:

    Einstein, Weinstein, Epstein – a gallery of fools.

    Einstein was known as an inveterate womanizer both in Germany and the United
    States. When his second wife (and first cousin) Elsa died in 1936, he was only 57
    (he died in 1955 at 76). There was an article in Physics Today years ago about how
    Einstein spent his vacations in the Hamptons, etc. in the 1930s and ‘40s. People
    recalled how his behavior was so lascivious they had to hide their wives and girlfriends
    from him. In today’s climate he would’ve been Me-tooed for sexual misconduct.

    As to Epstein, there are now rape charges, and the story is only getting started.
    In his Manhattan mansion they found hundreds, if not thousands, of underage
    photos of girls. Possession of child pornography is a crime. One photo showed
    a six-year-old girl in a skimpy dress bending over. Epstein has severe problems.

  22. A.R says:
    @israel shamir

    A legal age of 14 or 15 in Europe does not mean that a person over the age of 18 can have sex with them. That is misrepresenting the issue. It means persons of 14 or above can have sex with eachother as long as both are under 18…

  23. @Parisian Guy

    Shamir does not understand there is nothing consensual when you propose 300$ to girls who never before had just a part of that sum.

    That’s capitalism, friend! You sound like a Commie!))
    Seriously, all of us had to do things for money – to wash floors, to carry heavy loads, – things we won’t do otherwise. Was it consensual? Is the work of a skivvy consensual? Is a work of a Walmart employee consensual? None of these girls was starving, presumably.
    For sure, he did not behave as a gentleman, no doubt about it. But you use words ‘child’, ‘rape’ – these are heavy words; not sure they are suitable.

    • Replies: @hobo
    , @Parisian Guy
  24. “For sure, he did not behave as a gentleman, no doubt about it. But you use words ‘child’, ‘rape’ – these are heavy words; not sure they are suitable.” – Shamir

    Are the words “statutory rape” more suitable then? We put those laws in to protect young girls from defective schmucks whose wallets are thicker than their d… di… dinguses.

  25. hobo says:
    @israel shamir

    from the Telegraph:

    The worst one that I heard from his own mouth was this pretty 12 year old girls (3 girls) he had flown in for his birthday. It was a surprise birthday gift from one of his friends and they were from France. I did see them, I did meet them,” she said.

    “Jeffrey bragged afterwards after he met them that they were 12-year-olds and flown over from France because they’re really poor over there, and their parents needed the money or whatever the case is and they were absolutely free to stay and flew out.”

    This is also capitalism and, for all we know, may well have been technically consensual to the extent that 12 year olds are capable of making informed decisions. Are you okay with this? What if they were 10? or 8? Where would you draw the line and on what basis?

  26. This article is mind boggling to me. Why is Israel Shamir doing this? One would think this would be the loose string that unravels everything.

    I am curious as to why all of my favorite reporters usually on RT News have been giving some rather bland, short, or hollow reporting on Epstein. Is there really nothing else there than what it being reported? Is the rest just conspiracy mongering?

    I am getting more info from the MAINSTREAM media on this than I am from the usual crowd I get info from such as The Grayzone, Aaron Mate, Real News Network, RT NEWS, Jimmy Dore, etc. They’re all reporting it as a rich, white privileged guy with an illegal kink skirting the law for decades, not the meater stuff underneath. What gives??

    Are we going to find out Russia is involved? I am either having to turn to the mainstream media or conspiracy sites for more info! Now I can’t trust Israel Shamir too??!!

  27. A reader wrote to me:
    There is nothing benign about a rich man paying a poor and financially desperate 16-year-old girl (or even a 23 year old woman, for that matter) to let him use her body for his sexual gratification. If I am not mistaken, this is what Jeffrey Epstein was doing (with girls around the age of 16 years.) I would be very surprised to learn that Epstein’s girl-toys were financially secure individuals who just happened to want to “frolic in the hay” with an old man. If anybody has such evidence, I am not aware of it.

    Michael Robeson replied:

    Dear Mr. Spritzler,
    Do you mean to say that men should be allowed sexual intimacies only with financially secure females? And don’t females, financially desperate or otherwise, use men for their frolicking gratification, with the added benefit of financial benefits? Such as those from Mr. Epstein, Mr. Weinstein and any male tourist visiting Bangcock?

    • Replies: @Parisian Guy
  28. @israel shamir

    My current understanding is that you would have not published this article, if you previously had read all the available testimonies from the girls.

  29. @israel shamir

    whataboutism + pilpoul

    Where will it go, next?

    There is another doable option: remove this article for let’s say five or ten days. Have second thoughts about it. Watch the girl testimonies coming. Then decide where this article belongs.

  30. Holy crap says:

    This is the most jewish thing I have ever read. I could hear your erection snapping off from intense pressure as you were writing it.

  31. @israel shamir

    Why don’t you send your nieces and nephews over to my place this weekend? I found a few spare shekels in the couch.

  32. Arioch says:

    > And hysterical public is easily manipulated.

    Perhaps it is a coinsidence, it must be, but few days ago i experienced a wikifall.
    I opened wikipedia to check few details about fall of Berlin in 1945….
    ….and i ended in Pre-Code Hollywood and finally in one little story from 1921

    The jury began deliberations April 12, and took only six minutes to return with a unanimous not guilty verdict—five of those minutes were spent writing a formal statement of apology to Arbuckle for putting him through the ordeal; a dramatic move in American justice. The jury statement as read by the jury foreman stated:

    Acquittal is not enough for Roscoe Arbuckle. We feel that a great injustice has been done him. We feel also that it was only our plain duty to give him this exoneration, under the evidence, for there was not the slightest proof adduced to connect him in any way with the commission of a crime. He was manly throughout the case and told a straightforward story on the witness stand, which we all believed. The happening at the hotel was an unfortunate affair for which Arbuckle, so the evidence shows, was in no way responsible. We wish him success and hope that the American people will take the judgment of fourteen men and woman who have sat listening for thirty-one days to evidence, that Roscoe Arbuckle is entirely innocent and free from all blame.

    After the reading of the apology statement, the jury foreman personally handed the statement to Arbuckle who kept it as a treasured memento for the rest of his life. Then, one by one, the entire 12-person jury plus the two jury alternates walked up to Arbuckle’s defense table where they shook his hand and/or embraced and personally apologized to him. The entire jury even proudly posed in a photo op with Arbuckle for photographers after the verdict and apology.

    Well, American public, high on rightousness, destroyed man’s life anyway.
    Of course not in ultimately rightous way, like they did in Gaddafi or Hussein – USA public was much softer 100 years ago. But nothing refreshes you better in the morning than a little lynching

  33. “But nothing refreshes you better in the morning than a little lynching” – Arioch

    I seem to remember, sometime in the previous millennium, watching the television news. The police were ushering a convicted pederast through an airport or train terminal on his way to prison. In the background you could see a man using a pay phone, but he was only pretending to be on the phone. Next thing you knew, the man on the phone rushed over to the pederast and shot him in the head – dead.

    The man was the boy victim’s uncle. The uncle went on trial for murder. The jury unanimously found him not guilty. Now that *was* refreshing.

  34. Two Minute Hate
    Friends and readers, you have experienced Two Minute Hate, as prescribed by Dr Orwell. For technical reason, they turned into a week of hate to Epstein. You waste your time reading this site, if you do not learn to avoid these calls for hate. The Unz Review is the only place in the known universe where you can encounter all unorthodox views, and thus train yourself and wean from being manipulated by mass media. The UR is not left, nor right, not Jewish nor anti-Jewish – it is a very tolerant platform with unlimited freedom of speech.
    The Masters of Discourse, issue Two Minute Hate calls are your and our enemies. We should be extremely suspicious to whatever they offer. Epstein is a good case to learn. The Masters want to sever attraction between men and women. So we are called upon to hate Epstein who liked young women; we are called to hate whoever touched a woman; the wave of MeToo and harassment cases is to build a wall between men and women.
    No way – I won’t agree! Far from being a wonderful human being, Epstein never forced anybody, never bothered pre-nubile girls, never bothered boys. This is good enough.
    @Parisian Guy wrote: “you would have not published this article, if you previously had read all the available testimonies from the girls” – I do not intend to read the testimonies. I would not trust them at all. If these girls went to Epstein to get a few hundred dollars, they are the sort of girls who would say anything at all for a chance to get a million.
    @hobo asks what is the right age limit. In my view, nubile girls should be allowed to marry.
    I do not believe that Epstein could find in France three white girls so poor that they would beg for bread. Probably their parents were ready to prostitute their daughters. It happens on the outer margins of society. Not much of a case for criminal law.
    Pay attention that homosexuality is supported by Masters of Discourse, by media, by public, by law in the US. Your boys age of eight are allowed and encouraged to claim they are homosexual. Do you think they won’t practice it with homosexual men? At the bottom line, Epstein is persecuted for he preferred women to men.
    If you will understand that, you will be free from the call to hate.

    • Agree: ploni almoni
    • Replies: @Parisian Guy
  35. Indeed, pedophilia goes a long way toward severing the “attraction between men and women.” And pederasty contributes greatly to the homosexuality that the “Masters of Discourse” so crave for themselves and for us. Among both straights and homosexuals, having it all, lusting for children, are designed to finalize the queering of society. Pedophilia only serves to further ccommoditize sex and sever it from love and *adult* male-female relations. One might suspect that not a few useful idiots of the “Masters” were passengers on the “Lolita Express.”

    “I do not intend to read the testimonies. I would not trust them at all. If these girls went to Epstein to get a few hundred dollars, they are the sort of girls who would say anything at all for a chance to get a million.” – Shamir

    That’s useful, isn’t it?

    Let us put that one succinctly: “The victims are not trustworthy because they were probably whores.”

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  36. anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    I agree with Shamir’s general points. Not all the details of his arguments, mind you.

    I also don’t care so much about expressions of indignation.

    Except that it clouds the most serious and interesting aspects of the case. Blackmailing heads of state? Thats some serious shit.

    And then you get the forces that determined who and how the US legal system intervened. There are people who want it all exposed and those that want it investigated as little as possible.

    Allegations that a 17-year-old was forced to have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew, which prompted a crisis at Buckingham Palace earlier this year, have been removed from a federal court case by a judge in the US.

    Judge Kenneth Marra ordered Virginia Roberts’s accusations about Andrew, the Duke of York, to be struck from the record and denied her attempt to join a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of the prince and a convicted sex offender.

    “At this juncture in the proceedings, these lurid details are unnecessary,” Marra wrote in his order, issued at the US district court in southern Florida on Tuesday morning. “These unnecessary details shall be stricken.”

    A blackmail victim’s worst nightmare is legal prosecution of the perpetrator.

    Epstein may be disappeared before the public hears the details. Is it Trump’s enemies or his friends that are behind reopening the matter?

    Sex offenders are common. Epstein isn’t.

  37. Mike-SMO says:

    As to Jeffy Epstein, is a “Honey Trap” kosher? Whatever the local laws and mores, pictures of a Mr. “Big” would entrap or neutralize several generations of inflential people. Divorce, civil suits, prosecution. Who would do such a thing?

    Then there is Acosta’s comment that Epstein was “intelligence”. “Whose?”, I might ask.

    The “sweet young things” were not the focus of this game. The girls might not be so innocent. Epstein might be a whore-master or an accomplished pervert. “Intelligence”, sounds a special alarm. Deep State? Swamp Critters? Mossad?

    Nice job stirring up the dust, Shamir.

  38. @israel shamir

    – I do not intend to read the testimonies. I would not trust them at all.

    You can read them, then decide if they deserve to be either trusted, either rejected, either undecidable.
    You already knew that you coul do that. Nevertheless you decided to not give it a try. Can you honestly tell to yourself that you were not afraid to discover you had been wrong? (Nota Bene: this is a question for yourself. I’m not asking for an answer).

    If you will understand that, you will be free from the call to hate.

    Hum, what makes you believe I followed some call to hate? Where did I expressed hatred? Even if you could disagree, I only expressed my opinion about what the facts are.

    Furthermore, I did not see so much “call”. Human beeings love to hate, therefore they don’t need to be called a lot before indulging to hatred. Anyway, I can agree with you that lot of hatred have been expressed, and one may doubt that the true deep cause of the hatred was so pure than it is allegued. Sure, here is working some psychological collective mechanism akin to the one which powers lynching and the witchcraft trials. This is one problem, and I understand that you wished to speak about it.


    The problem of Epstein is not related. Whatever the hysterical behavior of the public is, that tells nothing about Epstein’s actual crimes. The only way to give him a fair trial is neither to follow the public opinion, neither to contradict it (that is your error), but to rationaly examinate what Epstein did. Therefore, you, dear Shamir, you have to look at the testimonies and the police detective testimonies.

    I don’t buy your theory about a persecution of heterosexual by homosexual in this case. It is only your fantasy, and there is no fact which supports the idea. The reasons for the current “persecution” of Epstein are real and serious. They do exist. What didn’t exist until now, is your rationnal will to look at them.

    By the way, here is actually the kind of hysterical hatred for underage sexual activity, the like of what you spoke about. It made an unfair punishment:

    If these girls went to Epstein to get a few hundred dollars, they are the sort of girls who would say anything at all for a chance to get a million.
    Unsubstantiated accusation. Is it rationaly possible to stick on it, and concurently allegue that you are fighting for a fair trial? The police detecive Recarey, and his boss, have concluded that the testimonies are trustful, because they are too many, they are consistents, and the girls did not knew each other. What makes you believe that you have a better understanding than the police detectives who interviewed the girls? You are proud to ignore the testimonies!

    Beware to not be the one who actually preached “Ignorance is strength” when you believed to denounce “two minutes hate”
    You did not

  39. Silent says:

    Thank you, Shamir. Treating these issues with some sort of intellectual honesty is badly needed, and a society that seeks to criminalize healthy human sexuality is doomed.

  40. “. . . some sort of intellectual honesty …” – silent

    I was always of the impression that intellectual honesty does not come in*”sorts.”*

    And there’s nothing healthy about pedophilia and pederasty.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  41. I find this Weinstein piece by a writer I normally love troubling. I am a woman who was sexually used as a teenager under similar circumstance. It took years of therapy to repair the damage. I have also watched interviews of the girls used by Epstein. These girls were poor and the power differential is troubling. Sex snd love are best kept in the realm of real Eros, the sacred, and a positive relationship. Epstein did not use Jewish women. He preyed on poor young non-Jewish girls. It is troubling that the Jewish men like Weinstein and Epstein seem to hate and abuse women. ..who are non Jewish. Israel (the country) has a dark history of pornography, sex trafficking, and sneeze…so typical of power hungry Jewish men. Shame on you Israel, you have not addressed real suffering and trauma on the part of these women.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  42. Not just the Jewish pornography industry, it was the Jewish Frankfurt Marxist wave that took over the USA and promoted a sexual revolution that trashed young women. Marcuse and the pact worked to destroy Christian values like marriage and virginity until marriage. This Jewish attack on Christianity and moral sexual practices has trashed young women and allowed them to be exploited. Jews led the way. This trashing was reserved for non-Jewish women….too often be exploited by Jewish men.

    All of the cries of anti-Semitism do not deal with the REAL fact. Jews hate Christians and want to exploit Christian…NOT Jewish women.

    If the Mossad could kill Maxwell when he demanded money to pay his debts from Israel. Epstein will die before he can spill his guts in a prison cell by some “accident”. He will never live to tell his tale. His victims will need years of therapy to recover from their scars. Sexual license is great for creepy old men and careless young bucks, but destroys the lives of vulnerable young women.

  43. @Fenian Lady

    When I hear someone say “Power Differentials” I want to reach for my Browning.

  44. @Farmer Bob

    Why do you say “probably” whores. If sex with a sexually active person below a certain age is automatically “pedophilia” then money for sex is automatically prostitution. I am not saying these darlings should be prosecuted for prostitution. But, sex, is rarely, if ever, actually free. Unlike hypocrisy. And if puberty is natural, so is sex. Stigmatizing it is a waste of time, and prohibiting it also.

  45. @Farmer Bob

    Neither healthy nor unhealthy. You must have seen things on your farm that would make a Christian’s mind swoon and a Hindu go berserk.

  46. Quite a funny discussion, Shamir as a punching bag has a very strong resistance. As an old lady, I would remind all of you guys that many things we do belong to the univerese of sin and guilt: young daring girls who get in trouble because they suppose every man should prosternate themselves as respectful knights in front of their unique beauty, and men who become blind and beasts in such hot circumstances. After the good moments and the bad ones fall in the past, we may honestly recognize that we had not been fair, trusty or kind; as soon as we forgive the one we remember as a kind of rapist or trying to behave as such, we can forgive ourselves too. Generally, young girls are absolutely unable to see things this way. After beauty, good lovers and rich guys fade away, we grannies can help to bring back some calm. My indignation in the Epstein case is about discovering that the ones who declare wars against big countries like Irak are just drunken comrades who play politics as they play sex, as normal pleasant games to enjoy, with no remorse for any dreadful decision, until they lose their power, and meet defeat and punishment. As a Frenchie, I appreciate Mr Guillotin and his “widow”, the useful machine, who taught humbleness to abusive kings and queens, once upon a time. La guillotine is a cleaning nice tool! Very much needed against israeli agents indeed, nowadays.

  47. AmRusDebate says: • Website

    Here here Shamir.

    Agree with hysteria take-down.

    No one points out that parents of said “victims” were active facilitators. They literally sold their daughters. Sold them!

    This being said, Epstein case never received closure, and massive cover-up took place. Deserves 100% exposure.

    Nor should we rule out unanticipated sexual predation in some cases…

    • Replies: @AmRusDebate
  48. @AmRusDebate

    latest update:

    This actually does call for outrage Mr. Shamir.

    Note that the family did “sell” her as I pointed out above….

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