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Donald Trump has chosen the wrong career. His flamboyant style would make him a popular and much loved Kabuki actor. The Japanese call it aragoto, literally a “rough business” style of heroic drama, featuring a big bold warrior with red and black makeup and a huge sword. The warrior trumps up to the scene with thundering strides and shouts his sky-rending Shibaraku (‘Wait a moment’, or better, ‘cease and desist’) call. His appearance in the UN General Assembly would be remembered with delight by Kabuki devotees for years and years if it were performed in Tokyo Kabukiza theatre.

In Japanese art, there would be a place for Kim, his adversary, in the play called Tora-no-O, Tiger’s Tail. He would be The Man Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail.

Trump and Kim could star together in a rap battle, calling each other out:

– He is surely a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire!

– I will surely tame the mentally deranged dotard with fire!

– Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime!

– A frightened dog barks louder!

They could assume stage names Rocket Man and Orange Dotard, as rappers wont. It could be fun.

However, for an American President in the United Nations his speech was unbecoming and shockingly brutal. The people of the world listened to his United Nations General Assembly speech, and experienced a touch of nostalgia for the late Mr Adolf Hitler, a kind and mild man of subtle messages in comparison to the fiery US President.

The German Chancellor allegedly killed six million civilians, and this sublime sacrifice (do not ask me to what deity, this is just a translation of the Greek ‘holocaust’) is considered the worst crime in the bloody history of mankind. Mr Trump publicly and loudly promised to incinerate five or six times that amount. While the German never boasted of that crime, the American already boasts of his still undone crime. His desire to “totally destroy North Korea”, to wipe out an entire nation of 25 million, and in addition to cause the death of millions of Koreans in the South of the peninsula as well, secures him a unique place among the villains.

Kim, the brazen King of the North, dismissed Trump as a ‘barking dog’ who, people say, never bites, and this is surely a comforting thought, but not as comforting as a muzzle for the beast. This barking dog is obviously dangerous and should be restrained, or put out of its misery. The hound has been hounded by his domestic enemies, and thus he became possessed by a demon, for just a few months ago Trump was a peace-loving creature who wanted to attend to the US infrastructure, who refused to bow to AIPAC and was friendly to Putin. It’s Mrs Clinton who was the warmonger. But invocation magic worked on him.

Once, the magicians did invoke Beelzebub’s name, and the Evil One would make his appearance. The Americans and their Jewish masters are obsessed with Hitler’s Germany; Hollywood outputs a Hitler-related movie every month at least. They invoked the names of Hitler and Gestapo so often that it came to haunt them.

In a divine intervention of poetic justice, Trump’s nemesis bears the Gestapo chief’s name, and applies the methods deliberated by his German namesake. Many of Mr Trump’s leading supporters lie awake in cold sweat night after night expecting Mueller’s thugs to pick their locks and force entry to their bedrooms in predawn mist as they did to Paul Manafort. This Gestapo-style terror knocked the wind out of Trump’s sails. The American billionaires and politicians are not that brave. They can roar against a small far-away state, but feeling vulnerable at home reduces their courage to naught. Adolf Hitler had Mueller on his side, but Trump cuts a miserable figure of a wannabe Hitler persecuted by Mueller.

Donald Trump invoked Hitler to reject attempts to solve Korean crisis by negotiations. He called this attempt by South Korean president ‘appeasement’, like in Munich in 1938. This is the favourite derisive term of Trump’s demon Bibi Netanyahu. For Bibi and for the new, possessed Trump, whoever does not submit to the Jews is a Hitler who should be annihilated. This is thoroughly anti-Christian attitude, for we know Who said Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. If somebody in Trump-Kim High Noon scene has to be a new Hitler, it is surely not the plump Korean.

Every statesman on the planet knows you can’t cross the US. America is powerful, vindictive and vicious, and you must obey or else. They will destroy you and/or your country sooner or later for your disobedience. If they can’t invade, they will bomb, if they can’t bomb, they will starve first – and then bomb, and only afterwards, invade. One should be crazy to resist. But the little Korean resisted. He is definitely crazy. But we humans adore such crazy rebels against supreme authority, be it Che Guevara or Luke Skywalker. Or McMurphy.


Yes, by his suicidal courage, Kim reminds me of ‘Mac’, Randle McMurphy, the protagonist of Ken Kesey’s novel and Milos Forman’s movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Probably you remember his hopeless stand and a futile, doomed fight against the almighty Nurse Ratched. She rules supreme over the inmates. Against her will, there is no appeal. The inmates tremble before her. But she can’t break Mac. She is forced to burn his brain, to kill him by other means, and this evil deed releases the inmates. Until then, they supported and obeyed the Nurse like the nations of the world obeyed the Judeo-American power. Incineration of Mac’s brain puts paid to her dominion. In revulsion, the placid inmates leave the ward, chose freedom and leave her behind, broken. This is human nature. There is no way for the US to prevail in its fight against Kim the Bold. They can kill him and thirty million of other Koreans, but they can’t prevail.

Perhaps Kim’s stand is unreasonable.

Perhaps, if/when radioactive dust will be blown by winds over the Korean peninsula, and the few surviving Koreans winter in tents near Ussuriysk on the Russian side of the border, reasonable people will say – Kim didn’t have to resist the bully. He should have keep his mouth shut, like we do. But even then we will think – even if we do not say – God damn the mega-killer from Washington! And Kim was bold guy, too bold for his own good, God bless him.

We are used to the fact that Americans do whatever they want – they invade independent countries, wage wars of conquest, seize consular buildings and disregard conventions and treaties while risking not more than a protest note. Insanely bold Kim promises to hit Americans if they hit his country. We are horrified, but we are secretly happy that somebody dares to say that.

Everyone wants to live, and the Russians, of course, are happy with the prudence of their leadership. But they look at Kim like the docile inmates of the asylum looked at McMurphy. Russia is upset and concerned with this conflict. Korea is next to Vladivostok, a big Russian city, and the consequences of the conflict will have to be cleared up by Russia and China. Russia offered Americans a reasonable solution – a double freeze. The Koreans freeze their tests, the Americans freeze their manoeuvres. The Koreans accepted the Russian proposal, and the Americans arrogantly rejected. “This would be a reward to the Koreans,” the State Department said.

Is it really a reward – right to live on one’s own land without facing threats of nuclear genocide? It seemed to us that this is an inalienable right of every nation. The new president of South Korea and the people of South Korea are not eager for a new Korean war, where millions of their brothers and sisters in the North and in the South will perish. South Korea wants negotiations and a peaceful solution. What right does Trump have to refuse – and still claim that he acts in the interests of South Korea? If Kim survives this campaign, it will be a huge breakthrough for humanity. But if he does not, and Trump incinerates Korea and sends millions of Koreans to paradise, then America will achieve only the hatred and contempt of mankind, as Nurse Ratched did, when she fried the brains of the rebel McMurphy.

It would be good if the Pope were to exorcize the demons of Trump, so he will became the Trump Americans voted for. But then, Trump is just more outspoken than the rest of the people in power. Liberal Americans propose to starve the Koreans to death, instead of bombing them. The idea of letting the Koreans live their own way has no buyers on Capitol Hill.

The Russians were dismayed with Trump’s plans to reform the UN and eliminate or undermine their right of veto. They noticed an uncanny similarity of Trump’s call for the UN reform 2017 with Adolf Hitler’s call to reform the League of the Nations in 1937. They aren’t likely to agree to any attempt to cancel their veto. They will not leave the UN, either. They tried to walk out once, and it did not work out well.

In January 1950, the Russians were dismayed by America’s steadfast refusal to transfer the seat in the UN Security Council to the new Chinese Government of Chairman Mao. They insisted the seat should be occupied by Kuomintang-ruled Taiwan. The Russians boycotted the Security Council to their peril: the Security Council (sine Russians) voted to invoke military action by the United Nations for the first time in the organization’s history. The Russians could have blocked the action in the Security Council, since they had absolute veto power, but no Russian delegate was present. In just a short time, a multinational U.N. force under American leadership arrived in South Korea and the grueling three-year Korean War was underway. The Russians immediately returned to the Security Council but they never could reverse the decision, and until today the US troops in Korea use the UN banner.

The Russians remember that, and they will never repeat the mistake. Even if Trump takes his allies out, the Russians and the Chinese will remain and they will keep the Security Council running, if necessary, without the Americans.

The Americans want to have the UN without the Russians. Trump-proposed declaration of intent to revamp the UN has been endorsed by many small states, but the great ones declined to join. In a brazen act, countries that were hesitant or unwilling to sign the declaration – which include Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa – were not invited to the launch. An organization without them, will not be the United Nations, perhaps NATO 2.0.

The Russian feelings towards the US hardened a lot in the aftermath of the General Assembly. The Russians helped the Syrian government army cross Euphrates and seize the east bank, despite American demands to stay away on the other side of the great river. For the first time ever, they threatened the Americans present in Syria with using their supreme fire power if their troops will be jeopardized like they were a few days ago, when the Islamists led by American instructors made an attempt to snatch a group of Russian policemen.


The dream of many American politicians to begin a war with Russia does not seem as improbable as it was a few months ago. There are people who believe it is unavoidable – for a strange reason. They say this will be a fulfillment of the prophecy of the Armageddon battle as described in Ezekiel, 39 and in the Revelation, 16. They say that as the present battlefield spreads over Euphrates to Babylon, the deep-seated neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has been activated leading mankind to utter destruction. In plain words, prophesies we are aware of tend to be self-fulfilling. It just remains to be seen whether it will begin in the Far East in Korea or in Syria, in the Middle East.

It would be better if Trump were to take up Kabuki acting…

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. utu says:

    Mr. Shamir, thank you for writing this.

    • Agree: Cortes
    • Replies: @Sowhat
  2. right to live onv one’s own land without facing threats of nuclear genocide? — Israel Shanir

    Shamir is often a very good and entertaining author, but his analysis in this instance is faulty to an extreme. He would like us, his readers, to go along with his turning common sense upside down! Who is facing threats of nuclear genocide and who is making such threats? Kim Jong-un is making the threats, demanding that he has some kind of right to develop and deploy nuclear weapons against the South which has no such weapons, and South Korea is forced to face them. That is the unadorned truth of the matter.

    Shamir’s distortion of the history of the UN vote in 1950 — condemning North Korean aggression against the South and surprise attack by the North upon the U.S. Army — was a diabolically clever and cynical move by Stalin and Molotov that had nothing to do with the China seat on the UNSC. That issue was a classic stale-mate: Russia could not have forced the UN to seat China on the Security Council. USA,UK and France also had — each one of them as much as Soviet Russia — veto power.

    What a pathetic excuse for an article by someone who knows better

    • Troll: Cyrano
  3. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    Excellent article! One thing I remember about a few months ago was Trump showing up at the AIPAC conference kissing some serious ass, so you must be referring to before that when he threw little hints at being an independent player but even back then didn’t he have Sheldon in his corner??

  4. And then Shamir tries to make out that Kim Jong-un is some kind of popular hero, a kind of David against Goliath USA. What pathetic drivel! What is the difference in how the billionaire autocrat rules over North Korea and how Stalin ruled over the Soviet Union before he died? Is there a dime’s worth of difference between those two psychopathic murdering absolutist dictators?

    What is Shamir’s game anyway? Is Kim sending checks to Shamir’s secret bank account? Or is Shamir just trying to cover Putin’s ass after Putin with Xi cooked up the most cynical piece of Russian diplomacy since the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1039? Maybe the alliance of Russia with China is necessary, at this point in history, for the survival of Russia … but please do not expect thinking Americans (readers of Unz Review) to accept your sleazy propaganda as though it were any kind of valid analysis of the Korean situation today.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Sergey Krieger
  5. “What is Life Really Like in North Korea?”

    BTW, readers probably figured it out on their own, but for the record, there’s a typo in comment #3 —

    Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (aka ‘Stalin-Hitler Secret Agreement to carve up Poland’) was signed in 1939, not 1039.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  6. Halcyon37 says:

    >Mr Trump publicly and loudly promised to incinerate five or six times that amount. While the German never boasted of that crime, the American already boasts of his still undone crime. His desire to “totally destroy North Korea”, to wipe out an entire nation of 25 million, and in addition to cause the death of millions of Koreans in the South of the peninsula as well, secures him a unique place among the villains.

    No, what he said was North Korea would be destroyed if they started a war first. Are you just ignorant or intentionally omitting the fact that North Korea constantly calls for the destruction of South Korea, Japan or the United States? Do people consider the North Korean government not even human beings who have free will? Why is North Korea never criticised like they’re animals who have no agency?

    >Is it really a reward – right to live on one’s own land without facing threats of nuclear genocide?

    Really really stupid argument. North Korea has had deterrence in the form of enough artillery to pulverize Seoul, kill millions and devastate the world economy since essentially the end of the Korean War. Moreso when they got chemicals weapons and missiles to devastate Japan the world’s 2nd/3rd largest economy. A nuclear weapons doesn’t give them any deterrence any more than the Kaiser’s fleet made Germany avoid a horrendous blockade in WWI. Its sheer hubris by the Dear Leader and his fat blob progeny to hold the title of “we got the nuke first” over South Korea because that’s all that have left. Of course to understand this point you would have to actually know something about Korea beyond the very basics which you clearly don’t do. The idea that this is all about the little nation that could trying to hold onto its soverignty against the Evil Empire is beyond ridicule it deserves nothing but contempt.

    We can agree the US government does many many bad things that are too numerous to mention here. I would agree its on par with some of the most evil governments in the world. However people have this weird binary view where just because the US government/Globalists/Anglo-Zionists are bad therefore anyone resisting them must be good hence the “North Korea is good school of thought”.

    North Korea’s crimes are also too numerous to mention in totality but exactly what part of deterrence was kidnapping a 13yr old Japanese girl suppose to achieve?

    You going to defend that? The South Korean civillian airliner that North Korean agents bombed? Killing a unarmed south korean civillian because she accidentally wandered into a restricted zone in a NK tourist site? Shelling a civillian island? Kidnapping hundreds of innocent people all over the world (WHICH THEY ADMITTED so don’t chalk it up as US propoganda).

    Don’t give me that BS about North Korean lives or genocide (Trump threatened no such thing). You don’t give a damn about North Korean lives. If you or anyone did you spend more than 5 seconds thinking about why 20 million North Koreans have to live like those women in Josef Fritzl’s basement. Why aren’t North Koreans allowed to leave the country? National security? The US is trying to overthrow governments in Iran, Russia, countless others and the people of those countries have freedom of movement. The North Korean government is just a bunch of selfish SOBs who put their needs and survival above their people’s. There is literally zero reason why North Korea should exist (and not be absorbed into the South) if you are only interested in the mental and physical well being of the North Korean people as opposed to columnists who are sick of the US/Globalist Empire.

    Sure you may call South Korea a US colony but they’re a well fed US colony at least. What is North Korea getting out of its soverignty?

    I don’t like the other side who makes the US out to be the good guys and North Korea the villians either. Its quite possible both are quite evil. But I’m sick of people like you whitewashing the crimes of North Korea. This is one of the most repugnant governments in the history of the planet. All the prison camps, the suffociation of the spirit, the starving people. I’m sorry as frustrated with the US Empire as you may be if you can’t even devote one sentence to criticising North Korea you have no moral authority to criticise anything.

  7. “… pick their locks and force entry to their bedrooms in predawn mist as they did to Paul Manafort. This Gestapo-style terror knocked the wind out of Trump’s sails.”

    Wasn’t the Gestapo known for at least knocking on the door in the middle of the night before dragging their quarry to the building that no-one stops to watch? NKVD too, now that I think about it. They only picked Manafort’s lock as a professional courtesy; thousands of average Americans have been awakened to their doors being smashed in, a couple flash-bangs tossed in, dogs being shot, etc. As Trump might have tweeted before the Deep State gained control of him, “Sad!”

    Bannon was right to some extent that there is no military solution to this … the piece he was missing was the qualifier, “… for sane people who have a conscience.” The fact that we repeatedly use the starvation of millions of innocent civilians in undeclared wars on their leaders shows the lack of conscience on the part of ours, because that route is more disingenuous to our values than making outright war against their nations, albeit not by much. I’m not qualified to render a diagnosis of insanity, but I think I have enough information to inform my opinion.

  8. ” The people of the world listened to his United Nations General Assembly speech, and experienced a touch of nostalgia for the late Mr Adolf Hitler, a kind and mild man of subtle messages in comparison to the fiery US President”.
    The above gave me a genuine LOL moment…though nothing else did.
    It’s no wonder Paul Craig Roberts is now referring to the US as the “fourth Reich”. Makes one almost nostalgic for the days of GWB: he was merely stomping on weaker nations – not directly poking a sharp stick at a bear AND a dragon at the same time…
    The US gave birth to itself from revolution: nothing less will likely save it…save all of us….

  9. Parbes says:

    The U.S. government and ruling elites are nothing but a collection of evil criminals that constitute the greatest threat to the planet. They should be punished accordingly, preferably by their own people – but that would require today’s American population to be something other than a mixture of braindead ignorant sheeple, chauvinist jingoist patriotards, and narcissistic degenerate hedonists.

    In other words – the vast majority of Americans deserve whatever happens and will happen to them.

  10. Ram says:

    I have come to the conclusion that even the Philippines has a better President. The US is now at the bottom of the pit.

  11. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    It’s definitely theater, as in Theater of the Absurd, finely crafted to keep Americans scared stupid, sitting at home, trembling in fear, waiting for the next savage assault from someone, somewhere.

    Keeping us Americans scared stupid is one way the PTB or the Deep State or the Zio CON Thugs keep us in line, too fearful to ask what in the hell is happening.

    Why is the nations infrastructure shot to hell? Why is college so expensive and why does my family’s ObamaCare health insurance cost more each year than a new car?

    And the one question they don’t want you to ask or even think about, why in the hell do we need to spend close to one TRILLION each year on defense against some outraged camel jockeys 8,000 miles away?

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  12. It is clear that the Trump presidency has been hijacked, and has slowly morphed into the very thing that Americans rejected during the election. How can this happen in plain view and with total disregard to those who elected him? Where is the outrage?
    Thank you Mr. Shamir for the thoughtful and sobering voice.

  13. Seraphim says:

    @ invocation magic worked on him.

    Mr. Shamir, you might be on something!

    Who peformed it? The Lubavitcher house dybbuk Jared?
    Or maybe his namesake Tony Kushner, the famous gay (and oh so, Anti-Zionist!) author of an English adaptation of the famous play of S. Ansky (alias Shloyme Zanvl Rappoport): “A Dybbuk, or Between Two Worlds” – Меж двух миров [Дибук], translated by the author in Yiddish: – דֶער דִבּוּק צִווִישֶן צְווַיי ווֶעלְטֶן ‎, Tzvishn Zwey Weltn – der Dibuk – written between 1913-1916 and prepared to be staged in Moscow in 1917 by no less than Stanislavski himself). Ansky died in 1920 and eventually the play was staged in Warsaw the same year. It made it quickly to New York at the ‘Yiddish Art Theatre’ in 1921 – where it was an instant ‘hit’. Later on Leonard Bernstein dabbled in it too. So, the dybbuks float around Manhattan for quite a long time – ‘Alexander ragtime band’, ‘Putin on the Ritz’ – prescient – and, of course ‘God bless America’ – Irving Berlin, aka Israel Beilin).
    Or the spirit of the beautiful film celebrity Nadia Kujnir (Kushner)/Goldenberg-Herescu /Cantacuzino/Silverman (better known as Nadia Grey).
    Ironically (or not so), Ansky was a Socialist-Revolutionary and is known also as the author of “Di Shvue” (Yiddish: די שבֿועה‎, literally: “The Oath”; also known as “Di Bundishe Shvue”) the anthem of the socialist, General Jewish Labour Bund.
    The ‘Russian connection’ goes far! But close enough to the Trump Towers! Across the street from UNO!
    Pure Kabuki!

  14. Anonymous [AKA "Jerry Harmon"] says: • Website

    That “reality” imitates Kabuki instead of the reverse reveals the “exceptional” nation to be an utter farce were it not for the tragic and ungodly consequences that may result. It’d be a tragicomedy were it a work of fiction. Sadly its not.

  15. David says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    In January 1950, the Russians were dismayed by America’s steadfast refusal to transfer the seat in the UN Security Council to the new Chinese Government of Chairman Mao. They insisted the seat should be occupied by Kuomintang-ruled Taiwan. The Russians boycotted the Security Council to their peril: the Security Council (sine Russians) voted to invoke military action by the United Nations for the first time in the organization’s history. The Russians could have blocked the action in the Security Council, since they had absolute veto power, but no Russian delegate was present.

    As far as I can see there isn’t a misstatement of fact here.

    Shamir didn’t say that Russia could have forced the UN to do anything. He didn’t say that the USA, UK and France didn’t have veto power.

    “Shamir’s distortion… was a diabolically clever and cynical move by Stalin and Molotov…” What?

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
    , @Thirdeye
  16. Ron Unz says:

    One ironic aspect of this very dangerous confrontation with North Korea lies in its origin.

    As I recall, when David Frum, a fanatic Jewish Neocon, helped draft Bush’s speech denouncing the “Axis of Evil,” he and his other Jewish Neocon friends decided that Americans might get a little suspicious if all of the countries included were Muslim Middle Eastern states that Israel didn’t like. So along with Iraq and Iran, they casually tossed in North Korea to make their motives less blatant.

    Naturally, that riled up the North Korean leader, and he became even more concerned when America soon afterward invaded Iraq and had its leader executed. As a result, he moved full-speed again on his nuclear program to prevent something similar from happening to his own country.

    It would be a little unfortunate if nuclear war breaks out due to David Frum’s attempt to hide his fanatic Jewish motives…

    • Agree: Dan Hayes, utu
  17. Nobody can get away from Putin! In this article about North Korea, Russia gets 22 mentions, Putin himself gets two. Putin pops up everywhere! Ukraine? Putin! Syria? Putin! Iran? Putin! And now even North Korea! Putin’s link seems to be that NK needs to import motors (and probably a great deal more) for the rockets they are firing off and those motors are being obtained illicitly either from or via Russia. In other words, if Putin puts a stop to that traffic, North Korea’s nuclear programme grinds to a halt.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  18. macilrae says:

    I thought Lavrov’s response to Donald’s speech was brilliant (as Lavrov generally tends to be). Instead of ridiculing Trump he actually found in his words some remarks worthy of praise and avoided being personal – thereby distinguishing himself. At the same time he lashed out at US foreign policy – scoring all the needed points. This is diplomacy as it used to be conducted – Trump and Netanyahu are of course beyond the pale in this regard and the rest of the world knows it.

  19. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    [So along with Iraq and Iran, they casually tossed in North Korea to make their motives less blatant.]

    I love your statement because this is the TRUTH.

    There is NO WAR against N. Korea. This is a SHOW designed by the illiterate zionist ‘advisors’ (Israel) to engage the dummies to prepare them for an attack against Iran. Do you remember what did General Clark say ” seven countries in five years.”

    ALL THE FACTS ON THE GROUND agrees with this observation.

    The ziofascists must know that they cannot destroy a civilized nation, instead an apartheid entity erected on a stolen land of Palestinians with the help of criminal empires will be destroyed at the end and their hoax and manufactured history will be exposed to the world.
    The zionist tribe has no right to Palestine, they ARE COLONISTS.

    • Agree: Sowhat
    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  20. Anonymous [AKA "Shepherd"] says:

    Thank you for very nice article, and expression of truth that even in the end kim will be remembered as che. It is unfortunately the prophecies under eschatology whether Islamic, Judea or Christian that is taking place. Trump and the big guys are just role playing towards a total catastrophe which even they cannot stop and is bound to happen.

  21. Who the hell made the U.S. the ruler of the world and to say who can have nuclear weapons , hell ISRAEL has thousands of nukes and nobody says jack shit, decades ago JANES of London said that the Israelis had 400 nukes and so now they sure as hell have 4 or 5 times that many.

    If Dangerous Don the Con Trump would shut his mouth and realize that China is not going to let Un start a war with nukes things would settle down , but the zionists who rule the U.S. are hell bent on another war and this one will go nuclear as China has said they will defend NK if NK is attacked, so the Zionists have got America on the path to another war as this is what Zionist Neocons do.

  22. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    Grandpa, you may be getting along in age, but you show no proof of picking up some moral wisdom along the way, which is really a shameful waste of life.

    Whatever the plump tyrant may be, his actions now are in self-defence, against the provocations of a Satanic enemy, which thinks the way to help hapless commoners everywhere, is to displace, maim or kill them by the millions!!

    You have corrupted your soul for being an apologist for the Evil Empire man. Nothing good will come of that.

    • Replies: @Parfois
  23. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    All the prison camps, the suffociation of the spirit, the starving people.

    Aww, your achy breaky heart!

    I take it that you bravely investigated these “facts,” perhaps lived amongst those “wretched” people, and can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that every bullshit which is spewed by western press-whores is the truth… you know kind of like how Christuism dogma is portrayed… The Truth?

    Anyway, when it comes to discussing evil in the present time, and the Evil Empire is the main context, its evil dwarfs every other by such orders of magnitude, it would be intellectually deceitful to mention much of others, in the same breath.

    It would be belittling the Evil Empire. You need to give the deep respect-of-horror, where its due.

  24. I do get so tired of all the melodramatics of political denunciation. According to Shamir a speech at the UN was so brutal it exceeded the horror of WWII and killing 6 million jews in camps. It’s distracting and I can not take it seriously.

    Whatever ones opinion, words like “brutal” if we truly know what they mean can never really apply to speeches. If you think words are brutal you must be blessed never to have witnessed actual brutality in your life.

    This is not an argument in defense of Trump or attaching him. Just a pet peeve. In today’s style of public debate 2 eggheads will have a mild disagreement with each other on TV, get slightly snippy and terse, and people online will write that they have “destroyed” and “annihilated” one another based on who’s opinion they supported. And if the other side gets away with having an opinion without being “destroyed” for it then it is labeled the worst human atrocity since human skulls became an architectural style in the killing fields of Cambodia.

    • Agree: Grandpa Charlie, Alden
  25. Che Guava says:

    Very good article, Mr. Shamir.

    I was wanting to visit Nth. Korea, studying the procedure. working out how, but at the time, the Japanese govt. (‘Liberal-Democratic’ party, neither liberal nor democratic) was playing a Kabuki game of making peace, with no intentions of it. This around 2001..

    After that, thinking to visiting N.
    Korea is not a good idea, not because of there, but on return. as a lie, ruling party in Japan did not at all want tn make peace, but trouble. Korean permanent residents, partiicularly North-aligned schoolgirls, were subjected to abuse, and having to change to Japanese-style uniforms, though I can generally spot the uniforms, the drunken fascists dont seem to able to, which is. good..

    Am not to expressing myself well here, Mr . Shamir, but always gtateful for your good wriimg

  26. @Ron Unz

    Very good and sound explanation! Was it ever published?
    Israel supporters had an additional reason, anyway, for choosing NK: Kim supplied Iraq, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah with missiles.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Ron Unz
  27. edNels says:

    This is one of the best articles that tells the truth, I think. Especially this summation, which is exactly what I think, from my own readings and etc. (not whatever religeously trained) but I see this in some way. :

    They say this will be a fulfillment of the prophecy of the Armageddon battle as described in Ezekiel, 39 and in the Revelation, 16. They say that as the present battlefield spreads over Euphrates to Babylon, the deep-seated neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has been activated leading mankind to utter destruction. In plain words, prophesies we are aware of tend to be self-fulfilling.

  28. @Grandpa Charlie

    UK and France also had — each one of them as much as Soviet Russia .

    I can’t remember when UK, or France vetoed any resolution at all! They go whatever the US decides, in other words, their ‘veto’ is just available in case the US is cornered, or else. The only countries who veto any resolution: The US will veto anything against Israhell, in several instances. Now that Russia, and or China use their veto power, the other three are crying wolf. So I hope Russia keeps it up, vetoing the warmongers resolutions against some country who refuses to submit to their will.

    God bless Russia!

  29. utu says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Was it ever published? – That NK was inserted into the Axis of Evil by Frum to deflect from Israel was pretty obvious from the day one. Whether it had an impact on NK’s leadership decision is speculative. But the lesson from invasion on Iraq in 2003 was unambiguous to everybody: better get nukes.

  30. Che Guava says:

    That is illogical.

    I am not to condoning the few kidnappings by NK, but the logic is clear.

    Ever visited the old palaces in Seoul? To be-there is movmg. Any art inside was stolen by Japan.

    Requests from Sth. Korea for returning of cultural treasures are always refused.

    Under Japanese rule, all of the Korean peninsula was a slave state. Several hundreds of thousands were kidnapped and made to work in mines and industries, as slave labour in Japan.

    That is not to excusing the Nth. Korean kidnap campagn, with fewer than twenty victims, but to placing it in context, and long ago.

  31. Ron Unz says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Very good and sound explanation! Was it ever published?

    Well, at the time everyone I knew was saying that, so I’d assume it’s still up on the web somewhere. Supposedly, the first draft of the speech had three Middle Eastern Muslim countries on the list—maybe Syria?—but then they decided that was just too ridiculously obvious, and substituted in North Korea as a pinch-hitter.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  32. @David

    Thank you, Syntax Police, for correcting me! What I meant is this: “Shamir’s distortion of the history of the UN vote in 1950 — condemning North Korean aggression against the South and surprise attack by the North upon the U.S. Army — [and Soviet Russia’s absence at the crucial vote] was a diabolically clever and cynical move by Stalin and Molotov that had nothing to do with the China seat on the UNSC.”

    The Permanent Mission of the USSR to the United Nations in New York was called the “Permanent Mission” because it was permanent. According to Wikipedia, “Yakov Malik was the sole Soviet representative that walked out of the UN .” Stalin did not shut down the UN mission or order all officials to return to Moscow. Stalin instructed them to boycott the SC, that’s all . Thus, it would have been no more than a short walk for some Soviet official or another to appear before the vote and announce that the USSR was employing its veto power to kill Resolution 82. Since that did not happen, it’s only sane on our part to consider the Soviet’s absence for the vote to be “a diabolically clever and cynical move by Stalin” and also to conclude that Mr. Shamir “who knows better” has written a piece of “sleazy propaganda”!

    As for misstatements, here are two counterfactual implications by Shamir:

    1. “In January 1950, the Russians were dismayed” … that’s BS. January 1950 was well into the Cold War: the Berlin Blockade was 1948-1949

    2. “No Russian delegate was present.” Not present on the floor of the SC, but there undoubtedly were delegates present in the building — if only because the UN was very useful to Stalin for espionage purposees.

  33. @Ron Unz

    I’ll buy the idea about the Axis of Evil, but not the idea that Kim Jong-un’s insane obsession to destabilize his nation and the region for the sake of nukes and ICBM’s is somehow rational.

    1. Just as the Republic of Korea (the only legitimately elected government on the Peninsula) has or had no need of nukes, considering USA’s obscene possession of enough to destroy the planet several times over, so Kim Jong-un had/has China’s nukes and, arguably, Russia’s as well. People cite the case of Libya and what they allege about what could not have happened if Gaddafi had just one little old nuclear weapon … but that’s conjecture, not fact. Most likely, if Gaddafi had gone ahead with development (assuming that he had anything like the requisite preconditions), the same thing would have happened that did happen … only sooner. The cases are not at all parallel: there is no big brother China next to Libya.
    2. Arguments that Kim Jong-un needs them because what if he should lose big brother China next door, what if he did not want to have to worry about Big Brother constraining him. That’s also absurd: China, if the Standing Committee so decides, can/could shut down and pull the rug out from under Kim in so many ways, not even requiring nukes. They don’t do that because of their Confucian philosophy: “the Enlightened man discusses cases in order to delay executions.” (I Ching)

    But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t already put the pieces in place that they could not … as the godfather gangster said to the Sean Penn attorney character in Carlito’s Way , “The sand pit is dug, it’s all ready, one button, I push one button from here” (the godfather was being held at Riker’s Island.

    Just as USA is hardly the cause of every good thing that happens in the world, so USA isn’t always the cause of every evil development. It’s bogus that Kim’s insane obsession with nukes is somehow caused by USA’s policies and practices. Yes, it’s all part of the same great Net of Indra … but that’s another discussion.

    • Replies: @Parfois
  34. Sowhat says:

    Great humor and accuracy.

  35. @Halcyon37

    Well said, Halcyon37! I especially like —

    “The idea that this is all about the little nation that could trying to hold onto its soverignty against the Evil Empire is beyond ridicule it deserves nothing but contempt. ” — Halcyon37

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  36. @Grandpa Charlie

    And what’s your problem with NK? Did they stick finger into your pie? Bombed you? I will be quite frankly but I see USA and her population as ultimate evil, far worse than Nazi Germany as it was just a case of temporary madness with them while USA is always this way. Country and people that cannot and don’t want to understand other and plainly have unstoppable need to stick nose where it does not belong and in constant need of self congratulation and chest pumping. Be what about you minding own business and staying in your backyard? Too much to ask? USA believing own drivel is slowly moving towards getting the lesson of her short life. And I don’t mean Vietnam like black eye. It is a mortal wound because USA cannot afford to lose war against peers. It will be the end and considering USA is a parasite on the world neck it will be ugly for USA population. Learning about what bombs and missiles can do would be beneficial as well.

    • Replies: @Parfois
    , @Grandpa Charlie
  37. Joe Wong says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Probably it is obvious, American tax payers (the 99%) carry the burden of that one trilion each year, while the MIC, obligarchies like Bush, Clinton, and other elites get kick backs in various forms, like speech fees, contracts, consultant fees, investment, etc. in return so they can live in a decadent life of the 1%.

    • Replies: @Parfois
  38. Parfois says:

    @ Anonymous

    “Grandpa Charlie), you may be getting along in age, but you show no proof of picking up some moral wisdom along the way, which is really a shameful waste of life.”

    Indeed Kim’s expletive for Trump (dotard) can also describe Trump’s supporters whose world view is as deranged as the dotard’s.

    As Seneca lamented long ago, there is nothing as pitiful as an old man who has nothing to show but his age. And his senility, I would add.

  39. Joe Wong says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know the video “I Am a Ukrainian ” espsoide, Kuwait girl telling Iraqi pulling babies out of incubators in Kuwait in the Congress, Suddam Hussein has WMD, etc. “What is Life Really Like in North Korea?” is just another CIA, NED sponsored production playing the same old same old American zero-sum cold war rhetroic, hoping to keep the whole world in constant terror, animosity, and chaos.

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @Jeff Davis
  40. Joe Wong says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    USA is 10,000 miles away on the other side of the Pacific. USA is not an Asian nation, and American is an alien to Asian, American became rich and powerful through imperialism, colonialism, selling opium, religious indoctrination of the conquered, ethnic cleansing, genocide, slavery, racial discrimination, regime change, weapons trade, shock and awe, skillful propaganda, etc.

    American is a toxin and a plague to Asian, They have done enough damage to Asian already, they are not wanted, not invited and not loved in Asia, go home Yankee.

  41. Joe Wong says:
    @Michael Kenny

    I am not sure about NK nuclear programme, but the great leap forward of NK missile technology definitely has something to do with Putin, this master stroke kills many birds, at least 5 birds.

    • Replies: @MarkinPNW
  42. Parfois says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    @ Grandpa Charlie

    It has been said and condemned at the Nuremberg Trials that wars of aggression is the ultimate crime imaginable because they encompass all the evil humans can command.

    The Third Reich was justly condemned for such crimes by the victors of WWII, to which the US attached itself in the later stages of the war to reap the rewards of victory.

    However, if one looks at the most salient individual acts of deliberate war criminality where many thousand of defenceless civilians were purposely incinerated in a single event, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki stand out as the most horrific mass murders in human history. All these great crimes were committed by one nation: the United States of America. No other nation even comes close to such abomination, not even the Jewish criminal state of Israel due to its relative infancy and promise for great feats of cruelty.

    Nazi Germany was an abomination in “civilized” Europe but its conduct can easily be explained and a rational cause is easy to find because of the unfinished business of WWI. The root cause of that war was not Germany’s ambitions but England’s hostility to the rapidly growing economic power of Germany. Hitler made a pact at Munich with the French and the English for the purpose of allowing the Germans free rein to the East both as a bait and as a compensation for the excesses at Versailles. In a nutshell, Germany had justifiable grievances in a place in the world where the nations and their borders were never fixed permanently, hence the existence of genuine concerns about sovereignty and security.

    But the United States of America is in a league of its own. It is not surrounded with states capable of threatening its security and in fact there are no states anywhere in the world capable of causing harm to the US. Yet, this country with the safest record of any other (never been invaded, except when the Canadians burnt the White House two hundred years ago) uses its security as the implausible excuse to threaten, destroy, invade and occupy many countries. And cause mayhem and mass murder by the millions.

    Hitler, in spite of his faults, was a nice man compared with the White House residents past and present. During WWII Germany had stockpiles of chemical weapons but they could not be used without Hitler’s consent and he never allowed his generals to use them. The only Europeans who died from such weapons were the Italians because the Yanks deployed poisonous gas in war zones – obviously with the intent of using them. Why else would they ship it to Europe?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  43. Parfois says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    Usually I tend to differentiate between the deeds of the US government and the people of the USA, some of who are opposed to their government’s abuse of power internally and externally. There is also the recognition that the people per se are not responsible for the crimes of their rulers because they, themselves, are also victims of that abuse – hence their ruling elite are the real enemy of us all.

    On the other hand, when they vote repeatedly for legislators and presidents who consistently in living memory have a predisposition to unleash “shock and awe”, “fire and fury” and other obscenities against little countries incapable of defending themselves, then there is something fundamentally wrong with such society. Only in a totally totalitarian state can we see instances were there is almost zero opposition to laws and resolutions that in a saner society would be the source of controversy and dissent. But not in the “democratic” USA where the House and the Senate often indulge in such a luxury of near unanimity. All that this tells the world – and is proof of – that the USA is a parody of a democracy and that it is ruled by a monolithic power structure headed by the Jewish oligarchy. Yet, if the people of the USA acquiesce to this state of affairs and support it as well – then they are part and parcel of this monstrous excrescence called the USA and are as guilty as their rulers for its crimes against humanity.

    Often it is said that the people of the USA are “brainwashed” as if it exculpates them from the crimes of their rulers – in fact the same excuse of a soldier who is told to commit a war crime or plain murder as the “pilots” who control the unmanned aerial vehicles who spread “spats” in the Middle East. But they are all participant in a gigantic war against the free world – those few countries brave enough resist US domination. Hence as criminals as their leaders unless by acts of disobedience and resistance they can establish genuine innocence. It is their moral duty and civic responsibility to remove the oligarchic cancer from their midst. Until then, they are all guilty.

    And when it comes to the “Grandpa Charlies” of Yankland my hope is that, one day someone, somewhere, will sit at his console and deftly move his joystick and guide the ordinance to produce a spat on the ground where before there was a blob of lowlife germs contained in a human-shaped shell.

    • Agree: Sergey Krieger
  44. Parfois says:
    @Joe Wong

    “Probably it is obvious, American tax payers (the 99%) carry the burden of that one trilion …”

    Not really. Taxation does not pay the wars, etc. It’s only purpose is to drain (absorb) liquidity from the economy, that is, taking the money from the taxpayers to prevent them from spending it, which would be inflationary.

    The budget is funded from virtual bookkeeping accounting – just digits in a double-ledger account. There is no real money (cash) involved, the only “value” supporting the budget is a valueless dollar sustained by the fact that the world out there pays for dollars as a trade and reserve currency. Basically everyone on this planet is paying for Uncle Sam’s wars and enrich the ruling oligarchies in the US and vassal states also known as “allies”.

  45. @Sergey Krieger

    Feel better now, Sergey, having gotten that off your chest?

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  46. Parfois says:

    @ Shamir

    Great article, both pungent and a pleasure to read. It warms the cockles of the heart to know and feel that there are people on this Earth like you who keep he flame of the human spirit shining in this dark world.

    Sometimes I ask myself what’s the point of acquiescing to this state of affairs because a more robust stance against the Ogre will cause retaliation and pain to the resistance – the fear that allows the bully to intimidate the schoolyard. In the case at hand, why the Russians don’t state unequivocally that an attack on North Korea will get a corresponding response from Russia? And the same applies to any other country on the Ogre’s crosshairs.

    It may all be hot air, bluff and chest-thumping, in which case the prestige of Russia will rise across the globe for no pain. If it leads to conflict, why not tackle it now (nip it in the budd) rather than let it fester into gangrenous hostility that only fire can cauterize?

    I know, it is a high price to demand of Russia to sacrifice herself for the greater good of mankind by confronting the Ogre headon. On the other hand, we all die soon or later – so in the long term it makes no difference whether it is done piece-meal or in a great conflagration. But there is a chance in the latter case that some will survive and they will be able to tell their descendents the story of an Ogre who was eating the people from everywhere on Earth until one great tribe (Russia) rose in defiance and slayed the Ogre although they all perished so that others and their children could live in peace and never again allow Ogres (Capitalism) to grow.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
    , @Cyrano
  47. Kiza says:
    @Joe Wong

    The Hasbara trolls are becomng desperate – getting every Korean hooker to deliver a BS story about North Korea.

  48. MarkinPNW says:
    @Joe Wong

    I heard that NK is getting its rocket motors or tech from Ukraine, whose missile industry (leftover from the cold war when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union) lost its Russian Military contracts after the coup of 2014, and then “somehow” discovered an opportunity to do business with NK. Considering who is widely believed to have sponsored that coup (the US CIA and/or state department), it just makes things curios-er and curios-er.

    After all, the more and better the NK missiles, the more demand for THAAD, Aegis, etc anti-missile systems from the US MIC.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  49. To Joe Wong, et al.,

    Michael Rosenwald at WaPo has published selected “best of insults” by whoever it is in NK that has been put in charge of scripting insults (Minister of Crude Vituperative Remarks as Approved by our Dear Leader for use against such as Grandpa Charlie?) …

    For example, about President Barack Obama …

    “… still has the figure of [a] monkey while the human race has evolved through millions of years. … It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the bread crumbs thrown by spectators.” (Kim Jung Un, 2014.)

    BTW: I still wonder about what the Dear Leader and Dennis Rodman do when they are off-camera together?

  50. @Grandpa Charlie

    If it were only me… Unfortunately for you many feel same way. There is no way Russia and Russians can be suckered into 80’s state of shared humanity thing with your kind.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  51. @Parfois

    Russians are prudent by nature, that is cautious. They want to postpone their direct confrontation with the Ogre as much as they can. It was the same versus Germany: they would never attack. Hitler attacked anyway. Russians can’t change their nature – they are non-aggressive. Probably the Ogre will mistake prudence for weakness, and then things will happen.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  52. @Grandpa Charlie

    So who are you really, Grandpa Charlie?

    Comments like these always make me wonder where they come from. Clearly, Kim is not the one doing the threatening. His desire is for safety through nuclear deterrence against the world’s great military monster, the world’s leading State sponsor of terrorism, the country that terrorizes the entire planet, and does so — shhhh, don’t say it too loudly — on behalf of Israel.

    So, who is Grandpa Charlie, really?

    Well, let’s make a list of the possibilities. It’s a short list;

    One of the Hasbara bots assigned keep track of Israel Shamir and apply some push back wherever he shows his face.

    Or perhaps a CIA or NSA bot, with basically the same job. Frankly I think this unlikely, since neither the CIA nor the NSA has the sort of subtlety for such “countermeasures”.

    And then finally, Grandpa Charlie could in fact be a grandpa, an old Korean War veteran steeped in the Kool-Aid of anti-communism, untouched by reality or sanity since 1953.

    So Charlie, I put it to you: fess up, who are you and what set of circumstances led you imagine reality in the darkness of your colonic Vistas?

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  53. Very interesting writing by Israel Shamir as usual. Food for thought.
    One wondered during the campaign whether Trump and his big brain could find a way to speak to nations in a more diplomatic manner than he managed to do with his U.S. political opponents. So far, not so good. When the president of the world’s leading military & nuclear power – at the behest of his wire-pullers – treats statecraft like a storyline from professional wrestling, the future of the planet appears less bright than glowing. Trump is hardly the first president to talk like this, but is ratcheting it up when he should be toning it down. Even with the low quality of politicians in our “democratic” system, when it comes to mushroom clouds going off, it has always been assumed that cooler heads will prevail – until one day they don’t.

  54. Kiza says:
    @Israel Shamir

    It is my strong impression that the Russians are not only non-aggressive then also credulous, because they again fell for another US deconflicting contract and almost got caught with their pants down. When will they learn that when the West, particularly the Israelis and US, sign something that is what they intend to do opposite on. Very simple, deconflicting means conflicting, this is where to expect an attack.

    Finally, using water as a weapon in a country desperately short of water is both a sign of desperation and by now a common US war crime. Just like in Iraq, many Syrian children will also die from dysentery due to lack of water which US and its terrorists used to make it difficult for Syrian troops to cross Euphrates.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  55. Kiza says:

    It is more than that. As far as manufactured crisis go, North Korea = Ukraine. Ukraine is on the Western flank of RC, North Korea is on the Eastern Flank. Afghanistan and Tajikistan are the Southern Flank of the encirclement with anti-missile defence/offence.

  56. @Joe Wong

    I watched the video, and found it odd that the circumstances in North Korea as described by the young woman seem the mirror image of the circumstances in the United States: The propaganda from the mainstream media in the US has the same one-sided character as that in North Korea. The demonization of the enemy is the same as here in the United States, though North Korean reports of US brutalization of the planet tend to be more grounded in fact.

    American citizens live in an oligarchic dictatorship much as the North Koreans do. The style of authoritarianism is different, but the results are the same. One difference: the US is wealthy, or used to be, so the oppression is less well,… oppressive: enough food to eat, plus internet and cable. And, of course the MSM helps to keep the masses unaware of the tyranny, and politically impotent. Grandpa Charlie’s anti-Commie saturation is a good example. And then the god like ruler business,… well on one hand we had the imperious Queen Hillary, and on the other hand the warrior knight on the White Horse, Donald Trump. The wealthy and powerful have always been deified.

    Here’s my YouTube truth to answer your YouTube “truth”:

  57. @Jeff Davis

    “So who are you really, Grandpa Charlie?” — Jeff Davis

    I am a citizen, a veteran, a resident, and I was born in this USA. My personal information is NUNYA business.

    I find ad hominem argument to be puerile, and I don’t engage in it, especially here at UR.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  58. Murali says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    I totally disagree with your comment. How would you like if a guy from different part of town takes up position in your back yard and practices decapitation rides with your neighbor (who by the way seems to be reluctant partner in this charade). So why not accept the Russian offer of mutual restraint and start the negotiations (Oh I forgot the evil Russians have undermined our democracy by telling the truth to the dumb American’s at least that is what the MSM says). Like Iraq’s WMD and Libya’s R2P (by no less than Noble Laurette Obama) who is going to trust us?

  59. george says:

    For American audiences substitute Pro Wrestling for Kabuki. Pro Wrestling is a better metaphor because potentially something can go wrong in pro wrestling and someone can get hurt. An actual fight can even break out.

    Shoot (professional wrestling)

  60. Moi says:

    Should be pretty obvious by now that the man is wacko.

  61. @Grandpa Charlie

    No ad hominem. I’m challenging your credibility based on the msm, establishment propaganda-based, reality-disconnected point of view.

    If you are to be believed, you’re a grandpa-age vet, possibly a Korean War vet. Even if you’re younger than Korean War era, as a vet — I’m a Vietnam-era vet myself — you were once subject to the military acculturation (brainwashing?). If you were a career military guy, then it is to be assumed that you are totally under the residual brain-rape of the flag-draped patriotism culture.

    No ad hominems here, just a search for facts to explain your point of view. (I would say “idiotic” point of view,, but you seem to be sensitive to being identified as a less than well-informed individual.)

    • Replies: @Kiza
  62. MBlanc46 says:

    Trump is Hitler. Right.

  63. Thirdeye says:

    Here’s where the problem lies:

    The Russians could have blocked the action in the Security Council, since they had absolute veto power, but no Russian delegate was present. In just a short time, a multinational U.N. force under American leadership arrived in South Korea and the grueling three-year Korean War was underway.

    That statement is deceptive by omission. It implies that the UNSC resolution led to the war, when in fact the war was already underway following the north’s invasion of the south.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  64. Kiza says:
    @Jeff Davis

    I really like your turn of phrase, but not sure why you are wasting time with another brainwashed US walking dead zombie. The character has been mind-raped many years ago, then he probably participated in some huge war crime (is there any other kind of US war), now he is desperate to blame the victim and MSM are helping. There is a class of US visitors here who come to share with us their MSM knowledge of the World. You do not know what is worse – consuming the original or listening to these miserable brainless souls regurgitating it.

    PS. US produced books and movies (Born of 4th July etc) created a false impression that most vets wake up to the Smedley Butler syndrome, but 99.9% do not. They would love to go back and kill even more.

  65. Kiza says:

    I thought that the country was called Korea, not North and South. Miraculously, under US directorship of the World, countries keep invading themselves.

    Is it not fascinating how you shitbags like to tell others when it comes to your own business: “NUNYA business”, but when others have their own business, it is always your business to jump in and kill millions. This is why you call yourself an exceptional nation: no human logic or morality apply to your below-animals.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
    , @Quartermaster
  66. Seraphim says:

    What Russians seem slow to admit, is that ‘Israel at large’ is their real unforgiving enemy.

  67. The 6 million were only the Jews. Hitler also killed another few million including Gypsies, homosexuals, Communists, Slavs and the handicapped. Of course, there were also the 20 million or so who died defending Russia.

  68. Anonymous [AKA "i can see"] says:

    Correct, Israel Shamir does not have moral standing in his commentaries. He is a Judeo-Communist and cannot criticize the diabolical nature of “communism”. It is in his DNA.

  69. @Parfois

    The only Europeans who died from such weapons were the Italians because the Yanks deployed poisonous gas in war zones – obviously with the intent of using them. Why else would they ship it to Europe?

    I didn’t know that.
    Do you have more information, or sources for information about Allied deployment of poison gas in Italy?


    • Replies: @MarkinPNW
    , @Quartermaster
  70. Anonymous [AKA "bob raymond"] says:

    god’s chosen assholes

    • Agree: Kiza
  71. MarkinPNW says:

    You can see here;

    As you can read in the article, the presence of US Chemical Weapons in an active theater of war threatened a big public relations disaster. It was supposed to remain a secret, but the German bombing of the ship containing the Mustard Gas threatened the Secret with getting out!

  72. Has anyone else realized that the way the orange hair talks, the words coming out of his mouth, are very similar to the way fat boy kim and NK?

    that is who we elected as our president.

  73. Thirdeye says:

    That’s a knee-jerk response if I ever read one. USA bad! Therefore Kim Il-Sung good! Kim Il-Sung invasion of south a big fat lie!

    • Troll: Cyrano
  74. Cyrano says:

    Wow, man, your comment was awesome. And I thought that there aren’t other people who think like me. Thanks. By the way, I always thought that the Ogre deep down inside knows that it’s not good enough to fight Russia, that’s why it collected – what -27-28 conglomerations of fools to provide the cannon fodder if the big (conventional) showdown ever materializes.

  75. @anonymous

    Your post is idiocy. It has been known for years that the Norks and Iranians have been cooperating on various things. Presently, they are cooperating in the development of Nukes and missiles.

  76. @Ron Unz

    It has been known that the Norks and Iranians have cooperated in many things. The addition of the North Korea was not included as a cover. You’re very naïve if you seriously think that.

  77. @Sergey Krieger

    I’m sure there are many that feel the same way. Emphasis on feel.

    Bluntly, your posts are simply a schemozzle of ignorance and naiveté. The Norks have been in a state of war they imposed upon themselves and the UN in 1950. The Fat Boy’s grandpa started the war, and the poor boy is having a hard time living with the consequences.

  78. @Kiza

    If you really want to deal with the partition of Korea, you need to talk to Stalin and Mao. Stalin got the original partition, and Mao maintained it. Kim was their home boy, and that’s that.

    Before you talk about animals and such, you need to look in the mirror and be sure you’re not simply talking trash and are actually informed on the matter. So far, your record on Korea is pretty dismal.

    By the by, Kim started the war, and the Kim dynasty has been whining since they didn’t get their way in the early 50s. Instead of being a knee jerk moron, it would behoove you to actually learn something and think before you post.

  79. @SolontoCroesus

    The US deployed Chem weapons in case the Germans changed their minds and used theirs. The Germans were aware of the presence of US Chem weapons and because they refrained from using theirs, the US refrained from using theirs.

    Looking back at it, Hitler had problems with their use because of his WW1 experience. He knew they were hard to control once used, and they accomplished little in WW1.

  80. Randomguy says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    How could North Korean troops surprise American troops on the peninsula? We’re they on holidays? Touring museums and eating in exotic resteraunts?
    Your statement begs the question why US National troops were there, and not back behind their own borders.

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