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Israel Moves Rightwards
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People do not like liberals – well-wishing, wishy-washy liberals. They prefer man-eating crocodiles. Israelis voted out their liberal PM Lapid and returned Bibi Netanyahu to Balfour Street. Bibi was out of office for all of one and a half years, and at that time enlightened Israelites (mainly Ashkenazi Jews) voted and voted to find who should take his place. They decided they wanted anybody who is not Bibi. You’d think there would be plenty of candidates, but no! Despite five rounds of elections, no stable government was formed. Politicians are very selfish creatures, and they can’t agree easily. Now after all they voted – not only Bibi back into power, but two awful racist reactionary believers in Jewish supremacy, named Smotrich and Ben Gvir. These two guys, or rather their party called Religious Zionists, gained an unbelievable 14 seats in Parliament (Knesset). Their like had never had so many seats before.

Meir Kahane was the first of their ilk. He won one seat in the 1984 elections; the next elections he was banned from running, and an anti-racist law forbade his followers from running either. Parliamentarians didn’t want to hear him, and when he did speak, he spoke to an empty hall.

There was a religious Zionist party MAFDAL at that time, but it was soft and liberal compared to Kahane. There were fierce extreme nationalist parties like Moledet, but they were small and not religious.

New Religious Zionist Party embraced sheer Kahanism and became the third biggest party in 2022. Its leader Ben Gvir reportedly had a portrait of Baruch Golstein, mass killer at the Hebron Mosque, in his living room. He also called for the deportation from Israel of an Arab politician, Mr Ayman Odeh of Hadash. He had a long list of offences committed as a leader of settler youth and was indicted a few times for hate speech. He is an Oriental Jew by birth, and a lawyer by profession. Bibi Netanyahu supported a merger of his party with two other radical groups and ensured their participation in the elections. The US had already in May this year removed Kahanists from their list of terrorist groups.

At the same time leftist parties Labour and left-of-Labour Meretz crashed. Meretz is completely out, while Labour is down to 5 mandates. Both parties were led by feminist women, and both activated the gender agenda, like the US Democrats. This proved a way to disaster as Israel has real problems – relations between Arabs and Jews; expensive housing; low salaries – and gender problems do not matter much. This Knesset will have fewer women than it has had for years; because the Meretz is out with all its ladies.

When Israel was established, Labour and MAPAM (the former name of Meretz) were the biggest parties, while Herut (the former name of Likud) was a tiny party. Things changed, and now the leftists have lost. And they are not even mourned. American media tried to hide this confusing news. Mondoweiss reported:

The main New York Times news story — which was buried in the print edition on page 10 rather than put on the front page where it belonged — partly sanitized Ben-Gvir’s party by calling it “an ultranationalist religious alliance” that is “far right.”

Even more offensively, the Times report then insinuated that “many right-wing Jewish Israeli voters” had supported Ben-Gvir because they were “unsettled by Arab participation in Israel’s outgoing government.” This is astonishing media malpractice. The implication is that Jewish Israelis turned toward an extreme racist mainly because they were “unsettled” that the previous government, led by Yair Lapid, had been supported by a small party representing some Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The truth is more along these lines: “Many right-wing Israeli voters are ‘unsettled’ that any Palestinians live in Israel or in the occupied territories at all.” Any cub reporter could have gone to the Ben-Gvir party’s post-election celebration last night and gotten some hair-raising racist quotes in a couple of nano-seconds — but the Times has a long-standing tradition of hiding such viciousness.

The Times report did improve. Reporter Patrick Kingsley smuggled in some telling details about Ben-Gvir, including that “until recently, he hung a portrait in his home of Baruch Goldstein, who shot dead 29 Palestinians in a West Bank mosque in 1994.”

National Public Radio’s coverage was even worse. Daniel Estrin’s 3-minute on-the-spot report simply called Ben-Gvir “a far right provocateur” — but failed to mention that Netanyahu will now have to give him an influential ministry. Even worse, Estrin described Ben-Gvir’s campaign as “calling for tough law enforcement against Palestinians and Palestinian citizens of Israel.” The insinuation is clear: it’s the Palestinians who are ‘lawless’ — instead of second-class citizens living under what all major human rights groups have called a system of “apartheid.”

By contrast, the Washington Post did much better. Its very first sentence accurately reported that the election results are “a stunning victory for Israel’s far right — a once fringe, aggressively anti-democratic, fundamentally racist movement that in a number of weeks may man the country’s most influential seats of power.”

But maybe the Post’s senior editors got scared by how honest their reporters were. Because at 8:30 a.m. this morning, you couldn’t find this news report anywhere on the paper’s online home page.

Now it will be a serious struggle for the Biden administration to stop Ben Gvir from taking a seat in the government. But it is doubtful this will succeed.

Haaretz newspaper came out with the headline: Israel Election: A Quasi-fascist, Ultra-religious Government for a Country That Deserves Better. It isn’t true: the country does not deserve better. The Left pushed for gay community, while Arabs and Russians were discriminated against. When the Left ruled they kept half of the population disenfranchised. Monopolies ruled in Israel, even then. They had a choice – to link up with Palestinians or with settlers. They preferred neither and received nothing.

This is also a part of a global pattern. The Left lost in Sweden, too. The idea of the Left that they can ban right-wing parties is a mistake. But the idea of banning far left and far right is a sure way to lose.

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  1. The J right wants the West to destroy brown people.

    The J left wants brown people to destroy the West.

    Both amoral supremacist sects, just one hates white people more than brown

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  2. J says: • Website

    Israel is America’s touchstone. During the weeks before the elections, the Palestinian extremists initiated a wave of terror and street murders. The leftist media tried to hide what was happening, and focused on homosexual and trans rights, which are detested by Jewish tradition. The people, as Shamir wrote, had “real” problems.

  3. A123 says: • Website

    Leftoids attempted to misuse law enforcement against Judeo-Christian Populists, including Netanyahu and Trump.

    Will Israelis use this opportunity to fix the deranged courts that are damaging the nation. (1) (2)

    Founded 74 years ago, Israel developed its system of law and governance in an ad-hoc fashion, and generally in crisis periods. Political fragmentation, defense against constant existential threats, and the lack of a written constitution left a power vacuum that the Israeli court system has slowly and intentionally filled without a popular mandate to do so.

    The Israeli Supreme Court, not a popular-representative body, unilaterally declared a written constitution in the 1990s, a surprise to the lawmakers who had passed the statutes the Court decided to “constitutionalize.” The Court then endowed itself with the power of judicial review of parliamentary legislation despite the absence of a duly ratified constitutional document. And the Court departed from its own tradition of restraint effectively to eliminate any limitation on standing and subject-matter jurisdiction in constitutional cases. These are just a few elements of a long and continuing appropriation of policy-making power by the judiciary.

    Within Israel, demand for judicial reform—including revising the method of judicial selection and limiting the Court’s vast authority—is bipartisan and extends back nearly 40 years. While the cause is more popular on Israel’s right than its left today, the foremost advocates of these reforms have often been legal luminaries affiliated with Israel’s left or political center.


    Over the past 30 years, Israel’s judges and state lawyers have rejected all checks and balances on their powers. Acting without legal basis, they have seized more and more powers from the elected leadership of the country.

    Efforts to enact legal reforms to check the power of the legal fraternity have been stymied time after time because support for those reforms always fell a few votes shy of a majority in the Knesset. As the legal fraternity grew more comfortable exposing its radical, post-Zionist worldview, the Left, a minority in Israeli politics that nevertheless controls nearly every media outlet in the country, realized that with the legal fraternity on its side it didn’t require a parliamentary majority to impose its policies on the public.

    Once that reality set in, the Left demonized every politician who sought to reform the legal system as an enemy of democracy, and when possible as a corrupt crook. Invariably, those politicians would find themselves under criminal investigation and even on trial for non-criminal behavior.

    Voters gave Netanyahu and the right the largest mandate the nationalist camp has received in two decades. They expect the incoming government to clean up the mess that Lapid and his colleagues are leaving behind, and to push Israel forward. The only way for Netanyahu and his partners to meet these expectations is by making far-reaching reforms to the legal system.

    Time is of the essence, and the time to move is now.

    PEACE 😇



    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  4. Notsofast says:

    he’s backkkkk….bibi returning to claim his throne means he will pick trump for president, as he preferred the way trump licked his ass, as opposed biden, who kept trying to sniff his hair.

    • Replies: @Kim Jong Il
  5. Ben Gvir was active as anti-black, too. He invited at his own expense a hundred of illegal Africans to the swimming pool Gordon in the North of Tel Aviv; saying the people of North Tel Aviv like illegal Africans because they never meet them.

    • Replies: @Kim Jong Il
  6. Notsofast says:
    @Kim Jong Il

    why, the hair on his fat zionist ass, of course.

  7. Are there degrees of being genocidal megalomaniacs who imagine that they are the master race? I’m not sure how meaningful it is to draw distinctions between different shades of Zionist, as “far right” or “moderate”. They all aspire to a Jewish state, suitably cleansed of goyim. There is room for differences of opinion regarding such details as methods and timing, but not the ultimate goal.

  8. Israeli politics is so Rightwing that it has fallen off the edge of the spectrum. What it really is is hatred, that Judaic perennial, and its attendant, fear. Xenophobic hatred of the goyim, and genocidal hatred of Arabs and the Palestinians in particular, and internecine hatreds. Much of it the fault of corrupt Western regimes bought by Jewish money, who have allowed the barbaric, apartheid, terror State to get away with one atrocity after another. When you get rewarded for bad behaviour, it becomes what you are.

  9. @A123

    Blast-I thought you must have been ‘sectioned’ ie immured in a psychiatric institution. Oh, I see-you’re in Israel.

  10. Saba says:

    This is the true nature of the apartheid entity where should be eliminated.

    • Replies: @A123
  11. mevashir says:

    Haaretz newspaper came out with the headline: Israel Election: A Quasi-fascist, Ultra-religious Government for a Country That Deserves Better. It isn’t true: the country does not deserve better. The Left pushed for gay community, while Arabs and Russians were discriminated against. When the Left ruled they kept half of the population disenfranchised. Monopolies ruled in Israel, even then. They had a choice – to link up with Palestinians or with settlers. They preferred neither and received nothing.

    Israel you are SO correct. Israelis don’t deserve better and the rest of us deserve to be disentangled from this monstrous perversion of a society.

    Check out this article at TOI:

    My comment:

    Jacob Davidson: you completely misrepresent Kasher. He did not attack religious Jews or Judaism. He said their insularity served a purpose preserving Jewish identity during the long years of Galut. But those attitudes in a supposedly independent self-determining Jewish State are no longer appropriate and must be modified.

    You ignore the blatant exortionist concessions demanded by these religious extremists Kasher is criticizing, such as:

    1. Increased State financing for Haredi schools that refuse to teach even the most basic secular core-curriculum, thus ensuring another generation of people unfit to participate in the modern world or to contribute to the development of an independent vibrant Jewish state.

    2. Rescinding sales taxes on soda pop and cigarettes, two favorite Haredi indulgences that the rest of Israeli society have deemed deleterious. Of course when the Haredim get diabetes or lung cancer, they expect the national health system to save them.

    3. Continuing refusal to do any form of national service.

    That Netanyahu would empower these extremist demands just so he could return to office and avoid conviction and jail is shameful and shows that he does not truly have Israel’s best interests at heart.

    That Israelis would vote for this charlatan and grifter shows that they unfortunately deserve no better.

    Hopefully US Jews and well meaning people elsewhere will wake up and realize that we have nothing in common with this monstrous perversion of Jewish identity and cast Israel adrift.

  12. A123 says: • Website

    Here is the true nature of the Apartheid entity occupying Jewish Palestine.


        Muslim Colonies are the Problem
                Muslim Decolonization is the Answer

    It really is that simple. Fixing the Israeli Judicial system will allow rational development in the Jewish religious lands of Judea.


    • Troll: Gordo
    • Replies: @Saba
    , @Anon
  13. Anon[161] • Disclaimer says:
    The real problem are the liberal American Jews who write a blank check and give carte blanche to Israel, despite the fact that its values are the antithesis of those that these same liberal American Jews profess. America’s Jewish community is a terrible enabler of Israel’s worst behavior. They will mutter complain and whine but refuse to take decisive action to curb Israeli abuses of our trust. Friedman’s article is a perfect example of this whiny useless hand-wringing which accomplishes nothing in the end. Israelis know this and simply follow their own course completely disregarding the complaints of the American Jewish community. So if you don’t like Israel’s behavior you can blame American Jews for failing to hold it accountable and for failing to enact policies that could curb its excesses. Such policies would include the BDS movement. Cutting back or terminating American financial aid. Announcing a ban on tourism to Israel. American Jews have many tools at hand to challenge the Israelis but they refuse to employ them. They are all talk and no action. And ultimately they are the ones to blame for this tragic situation. American Jews are so self-hating that they will travel to Israel for an expensive bar mitzvah where they are abused and attacked at the Western Wall by Orthodox Jewish extremists all aided abetted and ignored by the Israeli government. And the American Jewish community does nothing and pretends it’s all an illusion.

  14. Saba says:

    Stop your lies at once a supporter of zionist baby killers. You have been exposed to all liar. You will be forced out of occupied Palestine.

  15. Anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not Apartheid because Jews aren’t even allowed to live in Palestinian territories. However Israel has Palestinian citizens who are treated as second or third class. That’s why it’s Apartheid. Israel also controls the security of all the Palestinian territories and degrades and destabilizes their societies. That’s why it’s Israeli apartheid because they’re the ones with the power over the Palestinians and not vica versa.

    You really are an Asshole-123 and the rest of us just need to wipe you and flush you away.

  16. anarchyst says:

    Israel practices official “apartheid” to a much greater degree than that of any other country in the world—the former South Africa included.
    Every vehicle driver in Israel proper and in the illegally occupied territories is identified by his or her vehicle license plate as well as personal documentation (identity papers). License plates are coded as to the ethnicity and religious persuasions of the owners, and are used to deny basic “rights” to those who are of “the wrong ethnicity”.
    There are roads and thoroughfares that are designated “for jews only”. “Jews-only” roads and thoroughfares are state-of-the-art, paid for with American taxpayer dollars, while roads used by Palestinians are poorly maintained, with many military “checkpoints” which adds further misery to the lives of Palestinians.
    Any Arab or Palestinian who attempts to use “jews only” roads or thoroughfares is arrested and heavily fined.
    This policy even extends to “footpaths” which are designated by “jewishness”.
    Palestinians and other Arabs are forced to go through humiliating “checkpoints”, even being delayed for HOURS, if they are even allowed to pass, at the whim of the jewish “authorities”. This even extends to medical emergencies, where ambulances are routinely delayed by jewish authorities, “just because they can”.
    In Israel proper, and in the illegally occupied territories, Israeli officials make rules and laws as they go along, ignoring the (official) laws (rule of law) already in place.
    On a whim, any Israeli official can declare that a building, other structure, planted farmland, water wells, and other basic facilities owned by Palestinians are “illegal” and subject to destruction by Israeli forces.
    This even applies to buildings, lands, orchards and crop-producing lands which have been in Palestinian possession for centuries. All the Israeli military has to do is to declare the Palestinian-owned property to be a “military zone”. No other laws or permissions are needed to expropriate land from the Palestinians. Quite often, Palestinians are forced to demolish their own homes in order to avoid being heavily fined.
    Water is heavily restricted in Gaza and in the Palestinian areas while jewish settlements can use all the water they want.
    Sewage from illegal jewish settlements is routinely dumped on Palestinian land without regard to the pollution problems that it causes.
    The old belief that jews poison the wells and farmlands of their perceived “enemies” is actually true, as (illegal) jewish “settlers” routinely poison Palestinian-owned wells and croplands.
    This is a continuing process that is forcing Palestinians off their land and facilitating the building of jewish “settlements” in the illegally occupied areas.
    Let’s turn to the treatment of Christians in Israel proper. In the tourist areas, jewish authorities try to keep the disrespect for Christianity to a minimum so as not to insult their brainwashed Christian zionist tourists. In fact, the hatred for Christian churches, and Christians in general is so pervasive, it is not surprising to see jews “spit” when walking past a Christian church.
    The Israeli authorities plan specific itineraries for Christian zionist groups and American politicians so they do not witness the overt, outright hatred that jews have for Christians, You see, “it’s all for show” when it comes to begging for American dollars from the American taxpayers and from these misguided Christian zionist groups.
    Jews are experts at “graffiti”, calling it “price tagging” which they use to good effect as the authorities generally “look the other way” when the vandalism and destruction of Christian facilities by jews is going on.
    The irony of the situation is that the Palestinians (true semites) who have lived in the middle east for centuries and even millennia are reduced to being unwelcome in their own land while jewish interlopers, most of them who are not even “semites”, from the United States and Europe are overlords in Israel and in the illegally occupied territories.

    • Thanks: Notsofast, Ann Nonny Mouse
    • LOL: A123
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @A123
    , @Warren
  17. Arami says:

    [Pope Francis called female genital mutilation a “crime” on Sunday and said the fight for women’s rights, equality and opportunity must continue for the good of society.]

    I don’t know whom the Pope is talking to. But FGM is NOT Islamic and was and is practiced in few African countries like Egypt, Sudan or Mali. FGM is African not Islamic. The Pope is part of the CIA/mosad propaganda army said the following garbage in Bahrain, an Iranian territory up to 1974 where was taken away from Iran by the British evil empire through political pressure.
    [Francis was responding to a question about women’s right en route home from Bahrain. He was asked whether he supported the protests in Iran sparked by the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained by morality police after allegedly violating the country’s strict dress code for women.Francis didn’t directly respond, but gave a lengthy denunciation of how women in many cultures around the world are treated as second-class citizens or worse and said: “We have to continue to fight this because women are a gift.”]
    We should say to Western/zionist propagandists that Mahsa was NOT killed, like so many Palestinians who have been killed on a daily basis. She died as a result of Cerebral Hypoxia. She had an operation at the age of 8 removing a tumor from her brain and was on medical care and medication at the time of her death.
    The Pope, if he cares, should talk about the Ukrainian Sex trafficking run by Israeli Jews or talk about so many whore houses in the West and exploitation of women in the criminal societies of the West and occupied land. I know he is a COWARD and he is part of the western propaganda campaign. Therefore, we say if you don’t want to talk about the facts then SHUT UP.
    One of the Jewish mafia members, Roya Hakakian, a CIA/Mosad agent, who spread lies on the social media, is relating Egyptian cultural behavior to Iran. She should be arrested and put on trial to be held for his criminal activity on the social media.
    Roya Hakakian
    @RoyaTheWriter 1h
    Dear #popntif:
    Thanks for speaking against female genital mutilation. How about doing the same for mandatory dress code laws in the Islamic countries where, at least in Iran in the past few months, have led to the deaths of many young women?

    EXPOSE Roya Hakakian a CIA/MOSAD AGENT all over the world.

  18. Anon[590] • Disclaimer says:

    Superb comment. Thank you. You have nailed the brutal reality and painted an ugly picture that speaks absolute truth.

    As for the pope comment just above, notice he doesn’t say anything about transgender surgery which is nothing more than total sexual mutilation rendering the person sterile for life.

  19. A123 says: • Website

    How much did Khamenei pay you to post those lies?

    Everyone serioys knows the TRUTH — Muslims are horrible to Palestinian Christians. (1)

    Palestinians: Why Are Attacks on Christians Being Ignored?

    Palestinian Authority has failed to take real measures to punish those who attack Christians or Christian holy sites in the Bethlehem area.

    The attacks by Muslims on Christians are often ignored by the international community and media, who seem to speak out only when they can find a way to blame Israel.

    Another disturbing situation is that the leaders of the Christian community in the West Bank are reluctant to hold the Palestinian Authority and their Muslim neighbors responsible for the attacks. They are afraid of retribution and prefer to toe the official line of holding Israel solely responsible for the misery of the Christian minority.

    Sadly, it is safe to assume that the plight of the Palestinian Christians will only intensify in light of the silence of the international community and the all-too-justified fear of retaliation burdening their own leaders.

    Islam closes Mecca & Medina to Infidels. Christians should have equal rights in their Holy City of Bethlehem.

    Palestinian Christians do not want to live with those who serve the anti-Christ Muhammad. They are brutally intimidated into silence by Muslim thugs. The cover up is perpetuated by Fake Stream Media co-conspirators, like WaPo and the BBC.

    PEACE 😇


    • Troll: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Anon
  20. Cking says:

    Netanyahu’s return to power is an insult, an outward display of contempt on the American people made possible by the equally the contemptuous Wall St. owned, two party political system.

  21. Jim H says:

    ‘The US had already in May this year removed Kahanists from their list of terrorist groups.’ — Israel Shamir

    Let’s recap: even as the “Biden” administration hammers on the dire threat of largely fictitious white supremacists — invisible to ordinary Americans — it greased the skids for the Israeli equivalent of white supremacists to gain a ministry in the new Israeli government.

    Windsock Joe, the man of malleable principles, has outdone himself.

    Hopefully, Joe will have the opportunity to visit Israel soon, to celebrate Netanyahu’s return and sniff the hair of ousted ladies from Meretz in sympathy and solidarity. It’s the least he can do for America’s eternal ally. /sarc

  22. Warren says:

    You used the term ‘illegally occupied territories’. However, there are no illegally occupied territories. In any reasonable system of jurisprudence, something is illegal only AFTER a court with proper jurisdiction passes a verdict that said activity is illegal. Which court with proper jurisprudence passed such a verdict about the Israeli presence in the West Bank and when did that court do that? It seems that you have no understanding of international law.

    You wrote ‘Water is heavily restricted in Gaza’, but that is impossible. There is no Israeli presence in Gaza; therefore, how can Israeli do anything in Gaza?

    You wrote ‘Palestinians (true semites) who have lived in the middle east for centuries and even millennia’, but any honest historian will tell you that most of the families of the Palestinians came to what they call Historic Palestine’ AFTER the start of the modern Zionist movement. Even Bobby Kennedy – brother of President Kennedy – visited Israel in the 1950s and upon returning to Boston, wrote a series of articles about what he saw in Israel. These articles appeared in the major Boston newspaper. Anybody can look up these articles. He stated that most Palestinians come to what they call Historic Palestine AFTER the modern Zionist movement began and he gave statistics to back up his statements.

    What you did not write was that Palestinians constantly physically attack Israelis and that this is the reasonable, logical, and necessary reason why Israel institutes such defensive measures.

    What you did not write was that before the war in 1948 there were many Jewish settlements in the West Bank, that were LEGAL under international law because of Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. During the war in 1948 the Arab armies ethnically cleansed the West Bank of Jews. Ethnic cleansing is a war crime; why were no Arabs put on trial for committing these war crimes?

    What you did not write is that in 1948, most Palestinians left Israel without ever seeing an Israeli soldier. This is proven by opinion polls taken among Palestinians in Jordan and Lebanon.

    What you did not write is that because of Israel, most Israeli Arabs have a higher standard of living than most Arabs in Arab countries. This includes Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Libya, etc. For example, in 1948 there were just 4 Arabic-language high schools in all of what Palestinians call Historic Palestine. Today there are scores of them. The Israeli Arabs have much better health care, pensions, etc than most Arabs living in Arab countries.

    Why do you write ridiculous anti-Israel propaganda?

    • Agree: A123
    • Disagree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Troll: anarchyst, Kali
  23. Anon[455] • Disclaimer says:

    According to the original UN Partition Plan, the West Bank belongs to Jordan. And international law states that territory conquered in a war, whether that war is offensive or defensive, cannot be incorporated into the belligerent nation. That’s the reason why West Bank settlements are considered illegal by all countries on Earth except for the United States, which is occupied and owned by the Zionists.

    You claim Israeli Arabs have access to health care and pensions. I believe that Hamas provides these things in the West Bank. Israelis themselves don’t even have access to pensions so how do the Israeli Arabs have such things?

    Whatever you claim about the wonderful life for Arabs under Israeli rule, it’s all paternalistic and condescending because those Arabs are written out as second or third class citizens in the Jewish supremacist state. So I think they would be willing to take a cut in their standard of living in order to have true independence and autonomy and not to be living under the constant oppression of the Israelis.

    When I last visited Israel 17 years ago, I met a Palestinian Christian woman in Jerusalem. She and her husband ran a very successful business and they lived on the West Bank. She told me that their community got along very well with the Palestinian Muslims and that the two groups had solidarity and considered Israel to be their common enemy and oppressor. She said it was common for her business to endure four hour delays at checkpoints making it almost impossible to deliver their products to their many customers.

    She also told me that her village dates back 2,000 years to the time of Christ as do many Palestinian communities. Certainly some Palestinians migrated after the Zionist came but far lower percentage than the Jews who migrated and took over the land. Those Jews number 95% of the 1948 Israeli population they are the true invaders.

    It’s interesting that all the people in the Unz Review that claim that Israel treats the Palestinians with benevolence are either Jewish or Christian Zionist Americans who have never lived there and who simply are brazen spewers of Zionist propaganda and disinformation.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse, anarchyst
    • Replies: @Warren
  24. @Warren

    They’re proliferating too, there are more goyim in Palestine every day. All sorts of good news!

  25. Anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    For example, in 1948 there were just 4 Arabic-language high schools in all of what Palestinians call Historic Palestine. Today there are scores of them. The Israeli Arabs have much better health care, pensions, etc than most Arabs living in Arab countries.

    I’ve read that there were these amenities at Auschwitz too, including free cremation and burial plans for the Jewish vacationers.

  26. saba says:

    Where are the terrorist members of the FDD who days and night are spreading disinformation about CIA/Mosad directed ‘protest’ in Iran? These terrorist LIARS never talk about their country’s crimes against humanity, Israel. Zionist Biden recently said the following foolish words: “We are going to free Iran”. One should tell this traitor that if you know how to free, then first free yourself from the chains of zionist mafia and then free your country. Leave Iran for the Iranians because THEY HAVE FREED THEMSELVES from your control 43 years ago. Do you remember?
    We demand Biden, who knows how to free, first FREE Palestinians from the Jewish mafia occupation. Where are the pimps and whores of the west (who call themselves politicians), from Germany, Sweden, Canada, US, Italy, Denmak, France, who all were cutting their hair and mustache for Mahsa who died as a result of Cerebral Hypoxia. She had many operations on her skull to remove brain tumor starting at the age of 8 and she was on medication and doctor care at the time of her death.
    But 18 year old Musab Nafal was healthy killed by bullets fired at him by the Israeli soldiers, like they killed the Journalist Abu Akleh.

  27. Anon[455] • Disclaimer says:

    Palestinian Christians do not want to live with those who serve the anti-Christ Muhammad. They are brutally intimidated into silence by Muslim thugs. The cover up is perpetuated by Fake Stream Media co-conspirators, like WaPo and the BBC.

    A prominent Syrian Christian theologian told me once that Arab Christians long ago learned to get along with their Muslim brethren. He said they view Islam as a heretical form of Christianity, and they do not claim that Mohammed is the anti-Christ. Rather the Arab Christians, usually Orthodox or Maronite, consider the other denomination to be “anti-Christ.” That’s why a Muslim family has held the key to open the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for many centuries, because the different Christian denominations that use this venerable building cannot agree among themselves how to delegate authority and responsibility.

    The only Christians who claim that Islam is “anti-Christ” are the recent Evangelical invaders, aka the Christian Zionists, who paved the way for the Khazarian Jewish takeover of that land. They are also the Amen corner for the bogus war on terror and apologists for the 9/11 Zionist Terrorist Charade. So thanks traitors to God and to America. Your eternity in hell is rapidly approaching.

  28. A123 says: • Website

    Muslims have the religious duty of Jihad — Violence towards Infidels (primarily Christians and Jews). This is undeniably true across the globe.

    Here is a limited collection of a few atrocities performed by the followers of the Anti-Christ Muhammad: (1)

    “You Think You Can Run Away?”: The Persecution of Christians, September 2022

    [In the video, the 36-year-old mother of three] appears naked, with both of her arms and legs cut off. One of her eyes is clearly gouged out. A severed finger appears sticking out of her mouth, and another appears to be sticking out of her private parts. The Muslim soldiers videotaping their handiwork… can be heard laughing and joking in the background. Video footage similarly showed Azerbaijani soldiers overpowering and forcing down an elderly Armenian man, who cries and implores them for mercy, as they casually carve at his throat with a knife. — Video, September 13, 2022, Azerbaijan/Armenia.

    Bashir threatened the Christians: “If you continue insisting that Jesus is the Son of God, then Allah will kill all of you.” — “Bashir,” before drowning five Christians, Morningstar News, September 8, 2022, Uganda.

    Read the full article. And rember, this is only a partial list of the horror…. For one month…

    The reason why Judeo-Christians are 100% united is the recognition of the shared existential threat. We fight Satan/Allah/Lucifer in Jewish lands. And, we have the same fight against the Anti-Christ Muhammad in Christian lands.

    The path to peace is exclusion of all of Muslims from all Infidel lands. Sadly, there is no other way.

    PEACE 😇



  29. Mevashir says:

    Christians traditionally saw Judaism as the anti-Christ religion. Only the Christian Zionist Evangelical traitors to God and Christ changed that up to create a bogus alliance with Jews. Whatever attacks you cite pale into absurdity compared to the 9/11 Zionist Terrorist Charade and the ensuing bogus GWT that killed countless innocent Muslims and squandered trillions of dollars thereby enriching further the Jewish banksters who finance Christian Zionist harlot pastors and churches.

    So keep spewing lies out your Ahole123.

    What’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

    The big blue robs you
    While the big red eats your bread
    And both pander to the lies
    Of the shameless Zionist spies.

    Here’s what Revelation 11 says about the Jews and their harlot capital:

    The Witnesses Killed and Raised –
    7When the two witnesses have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the Abyss will wage war with them, and will overpower and kill them. 8 Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city— figuratively called Sodom and Egypt— where their Lord was also crucified. 9For three and a half days all peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will view their bodies and will not permit them to be laid in a tomb.…

  30. Levtraro says:

    Muslims have the religious duty of Jihad — Violence towards Infidels (primarily Christians and Jews). This is undeniably true across the globe.

    You say so but my rather extensive experience with muslims is the exact opposite. Those that cared about my religiosity told me that Jesus was a prophet and if I become a muslim I would not be rejecting Jesus. I am not religious so nothing they could say would work but I got the impression that they are peaceful toward people they think are Christians.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @A123
  31. @A123

    islam = occultism + terrorism.

    your next question?

  32. Anon[455] • Disclaimer says:

    Those that cared about my religiosity told me that Jesus was a prophet and if I become a muslim I would not be rejecting Jesus.

    That’s right. Muslims revere Jesus and Mary, while the real anti-Christ Jews call Jesus a demon sorcerer and his mother Mary a harlot. Maimonides boasts in his Letter to Yemen of the role of the Jewish leadership in killing Jesus!

    See pages iii,iv,xvii here:

  33. A123 says: • Website

    The second pillar of Islam is deception. Also known as Taqiyya and/or Kitman



    Their goal is to physically doom the Infidel in this world and their soul in the next.

    Those that cared about my religiosity told me that Jesus was a prophet and if I become a muslim I would not be rejecting Jesus.

    They were trying to deceive you into turning away from Jesus Christ and towards their Anti-Christ Muhammad. Lying about The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit is expected behaviour for the followers of Lucifer/Allah/Satan.

    PEACE 😇

    • LOL: Levtraro
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Anon
  34. anarchyst says:

    It appears that I have incensed a IDF unit 8200 troll who has had to respond to the TRUTH about israel.

  35. Anon[261] • Disclaimer says:

    You are the perfect shill for the Zionists: gullible ideological naive and stupid. As the Israelis told me when I lived there: “The Christian Zionists are useful idiots for us. Nothing else.”

    I must admit you write pretty well considering you have Hebrew Nationals up your ass, down your throat, and in your ears. I guess that’s why you’re called A123!

    Be well, and watch out for HIV.

  36. @A123

    Who, slimy, lying, racist, troll, do you think Moslems inherited THAT from?

  37. @A123

    Coming from an apologist for a cult that preaches hatred of all goyim, accounts their souls somewhere between those of the cultists and those of animals, that has committed and PRAISED genocide against its enemies, some mythical ie the Book of Joshua, some real eg the Kitos War genocides, the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians etc, that celebrates TWO genocides of the goyim, at Passover and Purim, every year etc, this is some real chutzpah. In all the monotheisms flowing from Judaism there are adherents who are xenophobic monsters, and the many who are not. Take your stinking hypocrisy and blood-thirsty hatred and shove it.

  38. @Warren

    An even more filthy liar than A123. I thought it impossible. Note the banal Talmudic casuistry, the pilpul, in the hands of a racist buffoon.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  39. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    You know, I actually feel sorry for you. I saw how vicious the Israelis are towards the Christian Zionists. They had zero respect for them and use them the way a pimp would use a whore.

    Your name reminds me of this appearance of the Jackson 5 on the famous Carol Burnett show. Those nggrs got the staid Ms Burnett to wiggle her ass on camera and it looked damn sexy:

    Look what they did here with Carol’s co-host Vicki Lawrence:

    I think that’s what the Zionists have done to you. They wiggled some nice Jewish cunt/ass in your face and made you lose all your powers of reasoning.

    • Replies: @Anon
  40. A123 says: • Website

    American Jews are also moving towards Judeo-Christian MAGA Populism (1)

    “This is a time for us to unite along with other Jewish communities, and endorse the candidate whose values most align with our community’s,” said CHRC chairman Max Cohen in a statement to their campaigns.

    “After meeting with Lee Zeldin, Michael Henry, Paul Rodriguez, and Joe Pinion, that means voting Republican down the ballot.

    “We need candidates who will fight for the pro-yeshiva and pro-safety laws that our community desires.

    “Additionally, our state is in crushing debt, and the cost of living is unsustainable due to the high taxes and high inflation. We need people who are competent, literate, and responsible.


    The sexual deviance of Muslim SJW’s drives away observant Jews and Christians. The DNC is well on its way to being the Islam party led the degeneracy of Ilhan “Incest” Omar.

    PEACE 😇


    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  41. @A123

    One must doff one’s hat to a Judeofascist troll who accuses others of ‘sexual deviance’. That great Judaic figure, Jakob Frank, in particular, would be bent double.

  42. Johan says:

    Democracy, law and governance in Israel is a mere simulation of Western institutions. It is all for the show. If there would not be the eyes of the world, they would have embarked on a full land grab and slaughtering of the whole non Jew population, read: canaanites, as soon as they were strong enough for it.

    Simulate a modern western nation > slaughter, thievery and land grab > create propaganda campaigns to throw dust in the yes of the rest of the world, that has been the strategy the whole time.

    The country is an old testamentic anachronism in modern times, a poison. Jews who are not into it should best go live somewhere else.
    Through simulation of Westen democracies, they also get its liberal anarchists, this is an unintended pain in the ass, in simulating the democratic West, you also catch its diseases.
    Even worse, Israel is and old testamentic anachronism with powerful modern technology which it owes to modern Western countries, which makes the country all the more dangerous, a fatal combination of old testamentic spirit and modern tech.

    There is no hope for this country, even if ‘enlightened’ Jews would win, they would soon find themselves six foot under the ground.

    Besides, the Western democracies are themselves simulations of an enlightened world, and their technological power is a threat in itself.

    Simulation is the keyword.

  43. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    Hello Mr. Shamir,

    May I suggest that the word “racist” not be used since it is quite subjective and undefinable. Instead, I would recommend the word “ethnocentrism” which is objective and scientifically definable, namely an innate predisposition for having preference for one’s own ethnic group to that of others, and the magnitude of strength of that preference can vary by individual and by race; it can be assigned a quantitative value, similar to other personality traits.

    Also, may I suggest not using the phrase “Jewish supremacy,” since that is also a subjective phrase. The phrase “Jewish ethnocentrism” would be a much more objective phrase.

    According to my personal morality, I can sympathize with extreme right-wing Israelis in many ways, but not in all ways. I can understand if they would like to sterilize all non-Ashkenazi people in Israel in an effort to create an eugenically/transhumanistically advanced Israeli population. But, as long as the non-Ashkenazi Israelis agree to peacefully get sterilized, then I think they should be treated well and allowed to live out their lives to the fullest in Israel, as long as they don’t intentionally try to cause problems. But, I don’t sympathize with the desires of Israelis to harm other nations and people outside of Israel. The Unz Review website is filled with data on how the Ashkenazim constantly attempt to and succeed in harming other nations and their peoples. Much of this is explained by Professor Kevin MacDonald and Mr. Ron Unz. I know that ultra right-wing Israelis want to expand Israel to include the entire Middle East, with all the Arabs removed from the entire region. I have personal ethical problems with this. Yet at the same time, I understand that the Ashkenazim have historical claims to much of the Middle East, and had the Roman Empire never conquered Israel, then the Israelis back then may have created their own empire that included all of the Middle East with all of the Arabs eliminated. It is a matter of fact that the Arabs created their own empires back then via war. We have the Islamic Empire that conquered North Africa, Portugal, Spain, and almost France. Then there was the Ottoman Empire. So, the current Ashkenazim may feel that it is their right to build now what was denied to them in the past. And, I understand that in the end, nature is all about “Might Makes Right,” “Survival of the Fittest,” and “The Law of the Jungle.” So, if the Ashkenazim are strong enough to simply take by force what they want, they will succeed. And, as it so happens, the Ashkenazim are indeed strong enough; in fact, they are the strongest of all people.

    But, all that being said, I suppose that if it was up to me, I would tell Israel to just keep what they now have in the Middle East and stop expanding into Arab-occupied lands. But, this would just be wishful thinking. There is the fantasy world that I envision, and then there is the cold hard reality of the laws of physics. I wrote the following regarding what I think could happen with the Ashkenazim:

    Will the Hassidic/Haredi Ashkenazim inherit the Earth?

    Now, let’s consider the Haredi/Hassidic Ashkenazim. They are the only Group-Selected population left on Earth, and they are relatively intelligent. They are the most anti-feminist population group, where females are forbidden to work and must get married around age eighteen and have ten children by age thirty – roughly one child per year, but not past age 30, since reproduction beyond this age can lead to defective offspring. Thus, their population is increasing exponentially by a power of ten. There is the question though of how much dysgenics/mutational load they may be experiencing. The requirements of continuing membership in Hassidic/Haredi communities is quite demanding. One must be hyper-religious to accept their highly intricate religious code of conduct. Their religion regulates every aspect of their lives, such as their sophisticated all black head to toe religious costume, how they maintain their hair, how they eat, what time they eat, what time they sleep and wake up, what activities they do at every hour of the day, the exact course of study males must pursue in school, their marital and reproductive duties, etc. One would also have to be highly Industrious to be persistent in carrying out all these rituals, and intelligent enough to read, study, and often memorize all the hundreds of religious books. Thus, mutated and dysgenic offspring who did not acquire the genes to maintain this lifestyle will leave the community and instead choose an alternative community such as the Reform Judaism sect or the secular Ashkenazi sect. However, the Haredi/Hassidic community possesses no mechanism to remove genetic mutations for overall physical health, or a possible overall incrementally decreasing IQ average. And, the Haredi/Hassidic community use modern technology in every aspect of their lives, such as cell phones, homes, clothes, and cars manufactured in factories, modern medicine resources such pharmaceutical medicines and hospitals, IVF and computer genetic databases to prevent two prospective mates from marrying each other if they both carry recessive genes for diseases, foods prepared via high-tech farming methods, etc. And, the Haredi/Hassidic don’t study science and mathematics in school, but only religious texts, so they will not have the knowledge to self-design and manufacture all their required products and services. Thus, there is the important question of how they will sustain themselves once the Gentiles become too unintelligent to make all their products and services for them. If we can overlook this, then the Hassidic/Haredi are indeed growing exponentially by a power of ten, and they are relatively intelligent compared to the Gentiles. They also have more political and economic clout than the Gentiles, as well as the most powerful ally in the world – the highly intelligent Elite secular Ashkenazim. What this all allows the Haredi/Hassidic to do is exponentially expand their land in an outwards direction and combine a multitude of resources to remove any Gentiles out of their way. They will soon, here in America, expand outwards from New York City washing away all the Gentile inhabitants and making all of New York City an exclusively Haredi/Hassidic community. Then they will take all of New York State, all of the East Coast, Eastern America, all of America, all of North America, all of South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and Asia. The Gentiles will go extinct, and the Haredi/Hassidic will represent a new major leap in Hominid evolution, as significant as when the Homo Sapiens replaced the Neanderthals. The entire world will be exclusively populated by perhaps six billion Haredi/Hassidic Ashkenazim. However, over time, the Ashkenazim of the different regions of Earth may end up becoming genetically different due to different environmental pressures selecting for different gene frequencies. One of the sub-groups of the Ashkenazim may end up acquiring the prerequisite genes to alter their brains to one that embraces radical eugenics/transhumanism, and this group may end up successfully applying it, becoming God-like and expanding throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.


  44. Warren says:

    To Anon[455]:

    You wrote, “According to the original UN Partition Plan, the West Bank belongs to Jordan. And international law states that territory conquered in a war, whether that war is offensive or defensive, cannot be incorporated into the belligerent nation.” This illustrates that you do not know anything about international law or the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict. The fact is that according to the original UN Partition Plan, the West Bank would have belonged to the Palestinians, not to Jordan. Moreover, the Palestinians themselves along with the Arab League openly rejected this plan. By rejecting this plan the plan became a legal dead-letter. Therefore, this plan has no bearing on the status of the West Bank. Following the ’48 war the West Bank was illegally occupied by Jordan. During this illegal occupation the Jordanians ethnically cleansed Jews from the West Bank. The Jews were there legally under Article 80 of the U.N. Charter. Ethnic cleansing is a war crime; why was Jordan never prosecuted for committing this war crime? When the fighting stopped after the ’48 war, there was never a peace treaty. The documents signed were temporary cease-fire agreements . The boundaries between Israel and its neighbors were specifically declared to NOT be international borders. Because of this, when Israel entered the West Bank in 1967, Israel did not cross any international borders. Therefore the West Bank cannot be occupied territory. Every unbiased scholar of international law agrees with this analysis.

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