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Is Putin a Lousy Dancer?
He's getting blamed for all of Hillary's problems
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Putin as Caesar

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A lousy dancer blames the uneven floor, and Mme Clinton had proven to be an unexpectedly lousy dancer in the competition for the presidency against the blundering New York tycoon. We would expect her to win or lose graciously, as befits a former First Lady, but gosh, she is clumsy – and blames her lack of grace on poor Mr Putin.

He is sure hell of a guy; visitors to Berlin’s AltesMuseum queue up to witness his similarity to the marble bust of Caesar. This is so uncanny that Ms Clinton may be forgiven for claiming the almighty KGB switched the first-century original for a Russian-made fake. You know Putin served in Berlin in his early years.

Caesar was renowned for his multitasking; he could dictate seven letters at once, wrote Pliny. But even Caesar lookalike Putin can’t play the role prepared for him by Ms Clinton and other mainstream Western politicians, that is to bear blame for all their shortcomings.

Last week Frau Merkel had lost an election in her native state of Mecklenburg to a new nationalist party. An honest politician (if such a creature can be envisaged) would confess that by inviting hordes of refugees (however deserving) to Germany and by surrendering German sovereignty to the secretive TTIP rules, she had landed a double blow upon German workers, and they voted against her. Instead, she blamed her defeat on Mr Putin.

Ms Clinton decided to blame her spectacular lack of success on Putin, as well. If she were honest, she’d admit that she is unpopular, even among her own milieu. The scandals around the reptile—sorry Clinton—Foundation do not die but multiply daily, as it seems that the greedy couple charged per meeting and per government contract.

Did Putin ask her to rake millions of dollars from Haim Saban, the Zionist billionaire, or from Wal-Mart, the scrooge of American trading companies? Did Putin beseech her to use a private email server and to mix official and personal business? Did Putin force her to swear she will destroy American coal mines if and when elected? Did Putin convince her to open America’s gates to one and a half billion Muslims, as she said?

Did Putin falsify the Democratic primaries to bring Hillary Clinton her victory over Sanders? Did Putin write the fiery speeches of Sanders unmasking Clinton’s alliance with the “giant vampire squid” of Goldman Sachs and hundreds of thousands dollars they paid her for her “talks”?

Did Putin organise Clinton’s diary in such a way that even the partisan newspaper, the New York Times said she spends her pre-election time with the ultra-rich instead of speaking to her voters? She goes to the places where people pay $250,000 per person to meet her – by Putin’s advice?

Did Putin push her to call people who consider vote for Trump “racists and bigots”? Did he tell her that will scare them rather expectedly annoy them?

No, he’s a great guy, but such a feat is well above his abilities. Clinton should be afraid of the American people who do not want to take her lip, her greed and her chutzpah for granted. And apparently she is. That’s why she blames her own mistakes on Putin.

Clinton’s supporters, her tame intelligence officials and senators say they are worried that Russians will meddle in the election process and “sow public distrust”. Russians are not needed for this job. Their work – if that is what they want – is being done by Clinton and her supporters.

How can the public trust Clinton who, while being a Secretary of State, solicited Qatar for private donations, and then authorised shipment of American weapons to Qatar’s client terrorists? How can the public trust Sanders, who condemned the Clinton Foundation as a source of corruption, and now has endorsed Clinton while establishing his own foundation under the same rules he condemned?

The claims that Putin is likely to interfere with the results of the US elections are ostensibly based on some obscure hacking incidents in Arizona and Illinois. There is no tangible proof of anything, less of all of Russian involvement, but such a possibility is discussed. My bet is that the establishment wants to prepare Americans for voiding or overturning the election results in the likely case of Trump’s victory. If Trump wins, Clinton’s gang (including the incumbent) will scream “Putin did it!”, they will void the results and pass the buck to the Supreme Court where Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her colleagues will proclaim La Clinton the winner.

“Nobody ever meddled in the US elections, before Putin came” – this claim of Clinton and her supporters in the media and the intelligence community sounds as improbable as a harlot’s protestation of virginity. Putin has no tools or opportunities to meddle. Putin’s Russia has the GDP of Italy, Julian Assange correctly explained when he was asked why he does not attack Russia. Russia is just not in the same league as the US (or China) – though this thought is very painful for a Russian who remembers the greatness of the Soviet Union.

Russians do not meddle in the US elections, and Putin did his best stressing his non-preference: we’ll work with whoever will be elected by the American people, he said in the tense interview with Bloomberg’s Micklethwait. “We are ready to work with any president, but, of course to the extent that the future administration is ready. If someone says that they want to work with Russia, we’ll welcome it. And if someone wants to get rid of us, that will be a completely different approach.”


Putin really does not want to meddle and interfere in what he considers “internal affairs” of another country. He is too much of a gentleman. He famously did not interfere in the Ukrainian affairs in February 2014 when he could have the whole of Ukraine by supporting the overthrown president Yanukovich. He did not interfere in the Georgian affairs when his troops stood at the doorstep of Tbilisi in 2008. He is even less likely to interfere in the US elections.

It is the US that usually meddles in other states’ elections by promoting pro-American politicians, and often successfully. In Europe, from Sweden to Italy, in South Korea and Japan, in Israel and Saudi Arabia, – pro-American politicians lead ruling parties and opposition parties, as well. Only new far-right parties had remained relatively free and that is their key to success.

It is less well known, but the election (or selection) of Mikhail Gorbachev to the post of Communist Party leader in 1985 was achieved by successful US and British “meddling”. His main competitor Mr Grigory Romanov’s plane was delayed until Gorbachev had been enthroned, while Gorbachev’s visit to London was been presented as the sign of universal approval.

The US leaders meddled in the Russian elections in 2011, when VP Biden called upon Putin to remove himself from the race, the US Ambassador McFaul had met with the opposition and Hillary Clinton encouraged the rioters on Moscow streets.

It goes without saying that modern Russia is quite unable to meddle in the US internal affairs with any chance of success.

The claim that Russian hackers provided fodder to the Wikileaks has no basis: now we know that the damning DNC correspondence was leaked by a DNC staffer, the late Mr Seth Rich, who was subsequently assassinated by persons unknown. I would not believe in the story of state-employed Russian hackers for two reasons: Russians are sticklers for rules, and besides, they are forever watched by the NSA, as we learned from Mr Snowden’s revelations.

However, meddling is a normal and usual thing. Israel always “meddles” in the US elections; remember a few months ago the candidates competed about who would be the best at licking AIPAC’s boot (or whatever they are supposed to lick), and Hillary won, hands down. You can read the fascinating Unz story how the British agents successfully “meddled” in the US Presidential race of 1940 ensuring re-election of President Roosevelt and eventually pushing the unwilling US into the Second World War. This story could be supplemented by the Jewish-American meddling in the British politics in favour of the pro-war Mr Winston Churchill.

As for Clinton vs. Trump, in the beginning of the election campaign Kremlin had no preference indeed. Many Kremlin officials preferred Ms Clinton as a familiar face, while they viewed Mr Trump as a dark horse. The pro-Western camp within the Kremlin walls (yes, it exists and it is quite strong) tried to build bridges with Clinton campaign, using Ms Elizaveta Osetinskaya of RBC as their envoy in Washington.

However, the violently anti-Russian propaganda churned by Clinton’s campaign and by Hillary personally changed the mood in Moscow. Anti-Russian hysteria of such magnitude has not been seen even at the height of the Cold War, in the Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan era (notably Republican politicians). The campaign against Putin’s Russia mirrors the campaign against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and we remember that the newspaper columns were followed by columns of tanks.

Now the prominent US newspapers and sites publish aggressive anti-Russian philippics. Putin is the 21st century’s Hitler –says Newsweek. “President” Vladimir Putin of Russia should not be trusted . I put “President” in quotes as in 2012 he was not properly and freely elected and so does not deserve the respect that the term gives.” – fumes Forbes.

What would you do, if you were a Russian president? Mind you, Clinton people passed a message to Kremlin saying: this is just a PR campaign, take it easy. Still, Putin has all reasons in the world to be worried.

Some American strategists of neocon vintage – and some generals, too – believe they can destroy Russian missiles by a sudden nuclear first strike. They call it “pre-emptive”, though what is it supposed to pre-empt, is a riddle.

Russians must consider that the media campaign may prepare the Western populace for such a strike. President Obama is aware of this consideration, and that is why he proposed declaring a No First Use Nuclear Policy. However, his proposal has been assailed by the U.S. cabinet officials and allies, reported WSJ.

In the last month, the Russian military has experienced sudden high alerts, checks and inspections. Forces of the Southern Military District, as well as parts of the forces of the Western and Central Military Districts, the North Fleet, the High Command of the Aerospace Forces, the command of the Airborne Troops were set on full combat readiness.

A general feeling is that the world war is possible, if not imminent. President Putin has strong nerves, but no system is totally foolproof. It is possible that the present Clinton-led anti-Russian campaign is aimed at the US voter. But it is equally possible that these calming messages should facilitate a powerful nuclear strike at unprepared Russia.

Perhaps what we think is a replay of 1939 is a replay of 1941, when Germany suddenly attacked Russia, despite their non-aggression treaty. In 1941, the attack had been preceded by many calming and comforting messages from Berlin. A Russian leader must consider such a possibility, for such campaigns of hate can find dynamics of their own.

This article was first published in The Unz Review.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

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  1. frank says:

    You know Putin served in Berlin in his early years.

    No, he served in the city of Dresden.
    The city of the greatest mass murder up to now, an actual holocaust, where 650000 people died in one great bombing raid.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  2. It seems to me that we are in the economic and propaganda phase of WWIII already and not due to Russia or China.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  3. What appears to moi . The little guy the 99 percent is to many actual realities
    One: The derivative and bond market in the world is over leveraged at 500 percent. ( All reputable economist agree on this fact.
    Two: The derivatives and banking crisis of 2007 was only over leveraged at 120 per cent. ( All reputable economist will confirm this)
    Three.:Qauntantive easing is basically printing money and flooding the market with paper. What is backing this paper. ( Faith in their value) No gold no silver actually backing these currencies Euros. US dollars.
    Four:Nixon and Kissinger came up with a great scheme . No longer have gold to back the US dollar but create the petro-dollar . Hence all petrol is from that day on traded in US dollars the green back
    Five Qadaffi was going to create a gold backed currency called the Gold dinar and was going to insist on trading only on the newly created currency. (TRhreat to the US FED and ECB reserve)
    Six: The Chinese ,Iranians and Russians have been purchasing gold bullion at industrial levels , but the price of gold has not moved much in the last 2 years. ( Proof of the western oligarchs manipulating the gold market.
    Seven: Why not audit the federal reserve. ( I bet that after Nixon , 1971 that fort knox has no gold .)
    Eight. The west is so over loaded with debt they have only 3 options. 1,Restructure the debt, 2, zero the debt, 3, War will always get rid of whatever debt is around . WW1WW2 r proof of this.
    Nine: we r due for a market correction and a 500 percent correction is huge circa 500 trillion dollars worth with no gold to back that green back.
    Ten: Retired general Wesley Clarke blew the whole game for the one percent SEVEN COUNTRIES IN FIVE YEARS INSTALL PUPPETS FOR THE WASHINGTON CONSENSUS.
    Wake up sheeple or we r really going to have a nuclear winter. Iran, China and Russia will not be extorted by the one percent that is 4 sure. They r waiting for the possible scenario as we speak they do not want a war but the one percent due. Wolfowitz doctrine war is good for bussiness.

  4. Moscow is MY Shining City on a Hill!
    God Bless Vladimir the Great!

  5. It’s getting totally unhinged. If HRC is going to be POTUS, then how is she going to be able to work effectively with Russia after all this BS?

  6. Rehmat says:

    Mr. Shamir, if you study western history from some objective source, you would learn that both Hillary and Putin are mass murderers like the good-old Caesar. Hillary destroyed Africa’s most rich, socialist and stable country – Libya for Israel.

    Putin, on his part, killed tens of thousands and made over one million Chechen Muslims as part of Russian imperialism and a revenge for Red Army defeat in Afghanistan.

    “I have been a combat soldier and have covered twelve high intensity wars from the front, but I have never seen anything that equals the heroism and boundless courage of the Chechen Mujahideen, who have no formal military training, have no heavy weapons and are even short of anti-tank rockets. There is almost no medicine or morphine for their wounded and no shelter from massive Russian bombardment which includes banned fuel air explosives, toxic gas and napalm. If taken alive by Russian they will be tortured first and then executed,” – Eric Margolis, a Canadian columnist and broadcaster……

  7. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The Obama administration is using our tax $$$$$ to destabilize Venezuelan Society. This is the kind of socialism that former Ronnie Reagan Yoots have a soft spot in their hearts for(The crowd).

    The Democratic Party is waging a scorched earth policy against Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia and Native Born White American Males. As a direct consequence of post-1965 US Immigration Policy, the US has been demographically transformed to the point where Hillary Clinton has a very good chance of being elected POTUS on NOV 8 2016…..It…..I refer to Hillary Clinton as an “It”….will get a majority of the Electoral College Vote.

    Dorothy:”Toto…I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore….”

  8. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @Andrew Nichols


    Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to work effectively with Russia.

    Here is what Donald Trump should have said last night to Matt Lauer:”Hillary Clinton is old farting adult diaper wearing Lesbian violent psychopath who wants to pre-emptively nuke Conservative Orthodox Christisn Russia….thermonuclear exterminating millions of Conservative Orthodox Christian Russians….in the name of homo-pedophile-tranny pervert legal filth marriage…..I Donald Trump…am opposed to this..”

    Thought experiment:What would have happened today if Donald Trump had said this last night?

    Hillary Clinton is not a member of our species…Hillary Clinton is an It!!!….not Human…

  9. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Putin’s Russia has the GDP of Italy, Julian Assange correctly explained when he was asked why he does not attack Russia. Russia is just not in the same league as the US (or China) – though this thought is very painful for a Russian who remembers the greatness of the Soviet Union.

    Julian Assange might be a good coder (and a hacker) and a political activist (evidently not a very smart one, granted his place of residence for the last several years) but he definitely has a weak basic math foundation, which is not that rare among “coders”. But Russia’s GDP is 1.6 times larger than that of Italy. this is not to mention its structure. And while Russia is definitely not in the same league as China or US in terms of PPP GDP it is not just the size of GDP but its structure which matters. As per geopolitical weight–this is a whole other story since one can not compare financial sector to state-of-the-art weapon systems, but then again, this type of ignorance seems to be a very popular one. So, opinions of a hacker hack on these issues are as valuable as mine opinions on hacking business, that is zero.

    • Replies: @Regnum Nostrum
  10. @frank

    Where do you get your evidence for a 600,000+ figure for deaths in the 1945 Dresden raid when the commonly quoted figure is of the order of 25,000?

    • Replies: @frank
  11. frank says:

    Not having any military background or experience, I cannot comment on Putin and his involvement in the Chechen war.

    However, being exposed to Russian Television (a.k.a. propaganda) by family members, I can tell you this:

    1. The average Russian is as brainwashed as his western counterpart. The displayed level of slavish submission on spotting a gubernmint agent in uniform just makes me sick.

    2. Neither did I fail to notice the ongoing whitewash of the worst atrocities committed under Stalin’s rule, especially during WWII. The communist mindset in regard to history lives on.

    3. Looking closer at “romantic love stories” (which, BTW, are equally boring as western TV productions), all of the “admirable” hightech products, be it cars, TVs, smartphones, cameras, or whatnot, are imports. There is no domestic production – which is consistent with available statistics. Well, the exception being weapons – just like in good old soviet times …

    In conclusion, I don’t expect anything good from Russia in general, and from Putin in particular. Especially not to be the savior of the West.
    Rather, I suspect that the BRICS block is just another Antithesis, setup by the same old suspects, to create the NWO Synthesis they wish to implement. Putin (check out to read more about his mobster period in Leningrad/St. Petersburg in the mid-’90) is just another pawn in the political Kabuki performed for the 99.9%.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Anonymous
    , @5371
  12. @falcemartello

    How and why do western oligarchs manipulate the gold market so that it has not risen much despite (according to you) massive buying by China and Russia? Perhaps you should consult some of those reputable economists you claim to rely on before answering.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  13. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The great security geniuses of the US can’t keep any secrets from being continually hacked by interested parties, it appears. This doesn’t say much about their capabilities. Assange and the unknown others are performing a public service of the highest order. For the first time in history we are getting the inside scoop on the dirty dealings and the lies and methods of manipulation of our so-called political leaders, all this in almost real time rather than a generation later as has been the case previously. I’m just loving this. Whoever they are, keep it coming.

  14. jake says:

    Of course Putin caused all those things. It is simply inconceivable that Hillary and Merkel and various Western globalists could be responsible for the endless stream of bad things that appear in their wake.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  15. frank says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I’ve seen photocopies of reports stating that firefighters and other emergency services had been pulling about 165000 corpses out of the rubble on the very first day after the raid. About 60000 of those corpses could be fully or partially identified. That number summed up to said figure in the following days. Dresden, near the eastern border, was full of refugees in the early month of ’45. Most of the victims were never identified. Anyway, that were white/German lives, which obviously don’t matter.
    While this documents might still be kept somewhere, they are obviously ‘verboten’ for historians that do not fall in line with the official story. You might try the WayBackMachine or something similar to see how this victim figure was redacted down over time, to please whatever agenda.
    The current political system in Europe/Germany instead fosters mass-murder-promoting deadheads shouting “Bomber Harris, do it again” and welcoming ISIS soldiers with flowers and plushies…

    • Replies: @El Dato
  16. Kiza says:

    When Gods or God want to punish some people they take away their brains first. The Western peoples richly deserve punishment for the constant killing, raping, stealing and lying to themselves about it. Thus the Western peoples eventually get “leaders” such as Mutti Merkel and the Clinton crime family.

    I am in total disbelief that anyone with even only two firing brain cells would believe that Putin or the Russans are to blame for anything and that Mr Shamir would bother writing an article about it, which got the most idiotic comments from the online pests such as “Wizard” and Rehmat.

    • Replies: @White Nationalist
  17. @NoseytheDuke

    I share that view. We’re also in the scapegoat phase as well.

    Prior to WW1 Germany, in 1909, the Belgian Minister in Berlin reported to the Belgian Foreign Office, ” As always, when everything does not go as the French, English or Russian politicians want
    it to, the Temps shows its bad temper. Germany is the scapegoat.”

    Similarly, we all know who was to blame for everything prior to WW2…

    We are also in the game playing phase similar to what went on prior to both wars, and it seems that after a certain point the games take on lives of their own. The sadistic psychopaths create a Frankenstein that they can’t control.

    Trouble is, as you’re obviously aware, that they never pay for their crimes and mistakes, we prols and peasants do.

  18. @falcemartello

    Good points.

    The gold manipulation/theft schemes are extremely interesting though not a bit surprising.

    For those who don’t know how the gold markets are manipulated, here’s a decent primer.

  19. El Dato says:

    How the hell do you pull 165000 corpses out of the rubble on the very first day????

    Let’s not go overboard here, this is useful for no one. It’s the same bullshit as the not6million, just in reverse.

    But I agree with the British bomber command having gone completely cookoo at the end.

    WayBackMachine or something similar to see how this victim figure was redacted down over time, to please whatever agenda.

    The Internet is scarcely a good point for doing research like that. Better hit a library

    Idly I will just quote Anthony Beevor in “The Fall of Berlin 1945″…


    On 13 February, two days after the Yalta conference ended, Soviet might was reconfirmed with the fall of Budapest. The end of this terrible battle for the city was marked by an orgy of killing, looting, destruction and rape. Yet Hitler still wanted to counter-attack in Hungary with the Sixth SS Panzer Army. He hoped to smash Marshal Tolbukhin’s 3rd Ukrainian Front, but this was the compulsive gambler throwing on to the table the last few chips left over from the Ardennes.

    That night, the British bombed Dresden. The following morning, which happened to be Ash Wednesday, the US Air Force followed in their path and also attacked several lesser targets. It was intended as a rapid fulfilment of the promise to the Stavka to hinder German troop movements by smashing rail communications. The fact that there were 180 V-bomb rocket attacks on England that week, the highest number so far, did little to soften the planners’ hearts. Dresden, the exquisitely beautiful capital of Saxony, had never been seriously bombed before. Dresdeners used to joke, half-believing it, that Churchill had an aunt living in the city and that was why they had been spared. But the raids on 13 and 14 February were merciless. The effect was in some ways comparable to the Hamburg fire-storm raid. But Dresden’s population was swollen by up to 300,000 refugees from the east. Several trains full of them were stuck in the main station. The tragedy was that instead of troops passing through Dresden to the front, as Soviet military intelligence had asserted, the traffic was civilian and going in the opposite direction.

    Goebbels apparently shook with fury on hearing the news. He wanted to execute as many prisoners of war as the number of civilians killed in the attack. The idea appealed to Hitler. Such an extreme measure would tear up the Geneva Convention in the face of the Western Allies and force his own troops to fight to the end. But General Jodl, supported by Ribbentrop, Field Marshal Keitel and Grand Admiral Dönitz finally persuaded him that such an escalation of terror would turn out worse for Germany. Goebbels nevertheless extracted all he could from this ‘terror attack’. Soldiers with relatives in the city were promised compassionate leave. Hans-Dietrich Genscher remembers some of them returning from their visit. They were reluctant to talk about what they had seen.

    • Replies: @frank
    , @5371
  20. El Dato says:

    Mind you, Clinton people passed a message to Kremlin saying: this is just a PR campaign, take it easy.

    Thus admitting to bullshitting world & dog for rank politicial gain while risking God knows what of unintended consequences. It should led to immediately being pulled in front of a court. Unless the deed will eventually be done for real.

    A quote from Raico’s lecture on WWI (“The World at War”):

    Kaiser Wilhelm to Tsar Nicolas: “Nicky, Nicky! Are you mobilizing? What the hell are you doing?” Nicolas: “No, no, nothing to it, nothing to it. These are just people who, you know … like to get together … and march …”

  21. Rehmat says:

    The acronym “BRICs” was initially formulated in 2001 by economist Jim O’Neill, of Goldman Sachs, the world’s biggest Shylocks.

    In 2006, Brazil, Russia, India and China – which together represented a significant share of the world’s production and population. The four countries have very cozy relationship with the Zionist entity.

    In July 2014, pro-Israel Canadian news magazine ‘Outlookindia’ online news magazine in an article, entitled “Holy Land’s Pin-Up Warriors” claimed that Israel’s current Gaza Massacre made the Zionist entity a role model for Hindu extremists to deal with India’s (Muslim) neighbors (Pakistan and Bangladesh).

    “To a large number of Indians who want to see the country emerge as a “tough nation”, Israel is a ready role model. This is a country that has survived in the teeth of constant hostility, winning several wars against a united Arab force; and, as the legend goes, never gives in to hostage-takers, kidnappers and those who try and use ‘terror’ as a tool to marginalize it. Added to all this are accounts of its commando rescue operations in bestsellers like 90 minutes in Entebbe and incidents like that in Srinagar in June 1991, where five of six Israeli tourists escaped after managing to overpower their Kashmiri captors. Such events have bolstered its macho image and deepened Indians’ admiration,” claimed the article.

  22. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Wall Street casinos are in deeper doo-doo than they were in 2007, with about 700 TRILLION in bad debts on their books.

    When they blow up this time, will that also be blamed on Putin?

  23. Cyrano says:

    About the “Canadian journalist”.- Of course he’ll be praising the bravery of the Chechen Mujahedeen. It takes a hero to recognize heroes. That a-hole once claimed that he has fired on Soviet troops in combat in Afghanistan. I guess if the Soviets knew what a fearsome warrior is fighting against them, they would have surrendered right then and there. The “Canadian journalist” is a total phony and I don’t know why he is even being published in this respectful magazine.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  24. @Andrei Martyanov

    As soon as I had read the line comparing GDP between Russia and Italy I knew that Generalisimo Smoothie would react because he is as predictable as a five year old. He is also impervious to facts but quite good at calling everybody who disagrees with his dogma a hack. Everybody is a hack except him. Even though his intellect has a kevlar like resistance to facts I have to agree with Julian Assange. By comparing Russia’s and Italy’s GDP as equal he was trying to be nice because Russia’s GDP is actually smaller and shrinking. The not so very good situation of current Russian economy has been admitted during one of his Q&A sessions by Putin himself, but hey, he is just another hack. The feeble attempt to save the day by bringing in the structure of Russian economy did not help. We all know what the structure is. Heavily dependent on exports of energy and suffering from low prices. As usual Generalissimo Smoothie closes his rant with the usual fantasy about Russia’s superior, modern weaponry. How can a country with weak economy have a state of the art weaponry only he knows. Unless he means all those foreign made components which upgrade the antiquated Russian hardware but that is an old argument.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  25. frank says:
    @El Dato

    How the hell do you pull 165000 corpses out of the rubble on the very first day????

    Virtually every male in Germany between 16 to 60 was obliged to some kind of service at that time, mostly military. Females to an “Arbeitsdient” (work service).

    How the hell do you pull 165000 corpses out of the rubble on the very first day????

    I’m well aware that there is hardly any trustworthy internet source.
    But watching propaganda sites like Wikipedia over time would reveal how, like in this instances, victim numbers were redacted from 65000 down to 35000 and even 25000 over the last ten years.

    It’s the same bullshit as the not6million, just in reverse.

    I will not comment this – I currently live in a country where even asking for proof of the “oficial story” is punishable by law. Does anyone know an instance were it is the truth that needed to be protected by law ?

    BTW, does anyone honestly believe that TPTB started just recently (say, 50, 100, 200 years ago) to lie to us about our history ?
    This one item is just a drop in an ocean of lies …

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You’re right.

    “War!!! What is it good for?”

    War is the way the United States solves all its economic woes. The economy will grow into all that confetti the Fed printed up. All those long-shot bets will come in winners.

    We can’t make things worthy of being exported to the world, but we do make a lot of military hardware. A good red-blooded war will get the wheels of industry turning, creating full employment. Hell, even the unemployable rabble of our inner cities will be able to find work on a line somewhere or sweeping a floor. Or we could just airlift the gangbangers to the front lines and let them try their sideways-gun shooting style on the Russkies. What fun! I’d pay to watch a reality show of that anytime! A Hollywood moneymaker.

    War also benefits the nation by killing off a lot of the surplus population and by restricting the birth rate–fewer traffic jams. Too, war puts the spurs to research and invention, and finally, war will enable the medical profession to practice techniques for which it wouldn’t otherwise receive sanction e.g. head transplants. Think of the commercial spinoffs.

    LET’S ROLL!!!!

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  27. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    As soon as I had read the line comparing GDP between Russia and Italy

    I will respond to this drivel of yours but only to the benefit of others who read this thread. So, you say it is:

    By comparing Russia’s and Italy’s GDP as equal he was trying to be nice because Russia’s GDP is actually smaller and shrinking

    So, we will use Western sources and “methods” of assessment and will go to the World Bank:

    You may observe where Russia is and where is Italy in terms of GDP. I deliberately omit here forecast figures–they are easily obtained from either IMF or World Bank sites. Now, if we go further, to say June 2016 we may observe this: see Figure 4.

    Which deals with industrial, that is REAL economy, output–it speaks volumes but since this may not be enough, we may take a look at this. Bloomberg–hardly a Russia’s sympathizer.

    The not so very good situation of current Russian economy has been admitted during one of his Q&A sessions by Putin himself

    Nobody here states that everything in Russia is peachy what have been pointed out to Israel Shamir is the necessity to sometimes check the facts by such celebrities as Assange. I surrender without a fight to Assange’s expertise in computer hacking but his opinions on the ratio of GDPs of Italy and Russia are way off. As for that:

    with the usual fantasy about Russia’s superior, modern weaponry.

    Unlike you, who never served a day in your life I have among my friends many American combat veterans and officers–they do have opinions on those issues which differ vastly (rather dramatically) from yours, or, for that matter any other people who think that they can perform open heart surgery after community college vocational certification in plumbing. Yes, Russia leads the world in a number of crucial dual use technologies and the volume of your vitriol is not going to change it in any way. So, get to your parents’ basement and register on some uber-patriotic teenage forums and get all those good vibrations by living in the parallel universe. Yes, Russia doesn’t produce Ferraris, she produces spaceships, reliable ones, mind you.

    • Replies: @Regnum Nostrum
  28. TheJester says:

    Putin is the greatest diplomat since Bismark … it’s no contest. He is clearly focused on avoiding war while protecting the strategic interests of Russia and its people (which includes its borders). He has been immensely successful.

    We could have hope the same from our country’s diplomats. However, that seems hopeless, given the current nomenklatura. Disappointment at every turn.

  29. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    War also benefits the nation by killing off a lot of the surplus population and by restricting the birth rate–fewer traffic jams.

    This thesis is dubious–United States’ losses from all its 20th and 21st Centuries’ wars can hardly be described as heavy or having any measurable impact on demographics or population control. So this argument is not valid in this form. US loses more people annually on highways than in wars.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  30. Rehmat says:

    The “Canadian journalist” is not Eric Margolis, who was fired by The Sun under pressure from the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai B’rith. Outlook India will never publish Eric’s article though they’re published at UNZ.

    I’m sure Eric Margolis didn’t authored the article where B’nai B’rith claimed that 4 million Canadians hate Jews considering Muslims only make one million amongst Canada’s 35 million population.

  31. Anonymous [AKA "Hansdorf"] says: • Website

    Looks like you have very little knowledge about technology in soviet union/ russia. Ussr had first radio notmarconi and developed the transistor as well as tv. They just did not rush out to commercialize it like the west does. Ussr aircrAft are nust as good if not better than the west and lets not corget the space program where us kept blowing up ro kets while ussr was orbiting satellites and people

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @frank
  32. 5371 says:

    Americans only use TVs, phones, cameras which were made in the US of A. LOL.

  33. 5371 says:
    @El Dato

    Note how the sleazy Englishman Antony Beevor tries underhandedly to blame it all on the Russkies.

  34. Avery says:

    American Jets Vs Russian Jets

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  35. utu says:

    Guardian might be right:
    Almost everyone gets Russia wrong – apart from Obama

    “what Russia is doing in Syria and Ukraine is not borne out of strength, but out of desperation. The idea of using our military purely to “show strength” against Russia in some sort of macho capacity may only make things worse.”

    • Replies: @attonn
  36. attonn says:

    Is Shamir one of those senile men who always predict war every time the Pentagon moves its aircraft carriers few inches to the left or to the right?
    This article is ridiculous, as are any parallels with 1941, 1914 or whatever other wars the author wants to dig up.
    Nukes changed everything, and they make Russia untouchable.

  37. attonn says:

    The Guardian obviously can’t even master the English language anymore. The opposite of strength is not desperation, but weakness. Desperation is synonymous with fear, discomfort, unhappiness, concern, worry, etc.
    As such, the sentence you are quoting makes no sense.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  38. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    This is 20 years old TV presentation called Top Gun Over Moscow. Things changed dramatically since then. Some of them are irrelevant altogether.

    • Replies: @JL
  39. @Kiza

    Kiza — Israel Shamir wasn’t smearing Putin, it was a ruse – he was making a joke about Clinton et. al, blaming Putin for their shortcomings.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  40. Shamir cant help being a jew saying Germany deserves the muslim invasion just because Hitler tried to prevent another 60 million Europeans from getting slaughtered like in Russia

    • Replies: @attonn
    , @Israel Shamir
  41. CalDre says:

    Nice article.

    One critique however as this WW II propaganda is constantly repeated and it actually is dangerous to take a one-sided view of history. In particular, the claim “1941, when Germany suddenly attacked Russia, despite their non-aggression treaty.

    In this regard we must understand why Germany initiated Operation Babarossa. In this regard, we must note that the Soviet Union was amassing millions of troops in the Kiev and other forward regions, the western-most areas of the USSR (I think the current estimate is 5 million troops while an additional 14 million were being prepared), which is only a day or so from Berlin. We should also remember Communism’s goal of International Revolution and the active role of subversive Communist groups, supported by Stalin, throughout Europe.

    It was Germany’s conclusion that the Soviets were preparing to overrun Europe and subject the entirety of Europe to Stalinist, atheistic totalitarianism. Accordingly, for them, Operation Barbarossa was a pre-emptive defensive maneuver designed to protect not only Germany, but all of Europe from Stalinist “slavery”.

    Now, to put this into a modern perspective. Let’s imagine that ISIS had an army of 5 million soldiers a day away from Brussels. ISIS had repeatedly indicated it wanted a global Caliphate and its goal was to “free” the entire world under Islamic rule. There were massive number of ISIS agents active in European countries attempting to impose Sharia law on all of Europe and, indeed, the Islamists had a large parliamentary presence in most European countries. In addition, jihadists controlled many European newspapers and television networks, which they were using to advance the Islamist ideology.

    I could go on with the analogy, but, frankly, I do not think that the EU or US would wait for the moment of invasion to attack the massing troops. The US and EU have shown the absolute willingness to attack countries for no reason whatsoever, certainly they would be prepared to do so if they faced an existential threat. In that regard, “aggressive” Nazi Germany is no more aggressive than the current world powers (at least, the “Western” ones plus Israel).

  42. attonn says:
    @mr. meener

    If you like to make up ridiculous numbers, why stop at 60 million? Why not go with a cool billion?

    • Replies: @mr. meener
  43. @Wizard of Oz

    Paper gold! There have been many reports of this when massive amounts of paper gold have been dumped to keep the price low. No doubt you missed them as I don’t think that the Murdoch press has covered this.

  44. @Regnum Nostrum

    Italians do indeed make a lot of awesome products, it is fitting that such a beautiful people would create beautiful things. Clothes to die for, the most beautiful and impractical motor vehicles, home furnishings as if from another era and don’t get me started on coffee machines. Bravo to them!

    Italy also has some major problems.

    Russians on the other hand don’t have those kind of luxuries so they have evolved to be quite practical in many other matters and none more so than in producing tools to protect Russia itself.

  45. @Andrei Martyanov

    The Forth Turning by Straus & Howe covers the four “seasons” of the cycle

  46. @CalDre

    Except for the Lebensraum speech of late 1938 (from memory) that has been recently cited on UR. And fertlity rates in the 1930s were still significantly greater than those of our rich ageing Western states today. Lebensraum was a theme that made sense as a source of aggression as it now does not.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  47. @attonn

    If you are going to be s pedant you had better get it right. You can contrast and compare without using opposites so your logic is wrong and your condescension unjustified.

  48. @NoseytheDuke

    Of course one could use derivatives and/or sell short but that is not so much manipulation as speculation which can blow up in the faces of the speculators.

    What you seem to be suggesting is selling gold certificates but, in the end, how is that different from selling call options or futures and bearing the risk that one’s speculation will be misjudgment?

    I haven’t read of the sales of paper gold that you refer to. Can you supply links?

  49. CalDre says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    It’s called the “Obersalzberg Speech”. There are several versions of that speech, one of them (by Lochner) seems more like war time propaganda. Lochner’s version (which he claimed to have received from an anonymous source) included an Armenian genocide reference as well as Hitler commenting on the killing of Polish civilians, but neither of the summaries US forces allegedly captured in Austria from General Winter and admitted into evidence (on that basis alone) at the Nuremburg Trials contained those parts. Lochner’s version is thus a fraud and the other two summaries are possibly accurate, it is unknown as they were not properly authenticated (they weren’t signed and those that allegedly took the notes did not testify, thus in a normal court of law they would not have been admissible due to lack of authentication; Nuremburg, having been a kangaroo court, heavily modified rules of evidence and admitted any document the US claimed to have captured from any German as authentic).

    In any case, even if Hitler did make the speech, it had to do with Poland, not the Soviet Union. It is important to remember in this regard that Poland contained a large chunk of Germany carved off following the end of WW I and hence the Lebensraum reference was nowhere as aggressive as, say, “Manifest Destiny”.

    If you care about Hitler’s motivations in attacking Stalin, I suggest you read his authenticated proclamation of war on the USSR, where he explains Operation Barbarossa, with an open mind. Amazingly, many people who consider themselves experts on WW II have never read this extremely important document.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Avery
  50. @NoseytheDuke

    Also why would western “oligarchs” want to keep the price of something down which Russians and Chinese were buying?

    I think he’s been caught uttering pretentious overblown rhetoric when the reality may have been about unsuccessful speculators – albeit including overpaid hedge fund managers and trustees of Ivy League endowments.

  51. @CalDre

    RE 1941: Russians definitely did not want a war. We have now so many archives open, all the protocols of the Politburo are known, so many memoirs written and published, that there is no doubt whatsoever: Stalin believed in peace with Germany. Enemies of Nazi Germany went to jail in Russia in 1940. Russians thought they found a modus vivendi with Germans by supplying them with raw materials and importing their technology. You can read Pravda in 1940-41: they actually supported Germany’s fight against Britain. If Hitler would not attack Russia, Nazi Germany could exist even today, next to strong Soviet Union. This was the Russian logic behind Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Until now, not a single evidence has been discovered to hint (let alone prove) that the USSR planned to attack Germany. As for the Communist Revolution, Stalin was not keen on it at all: his line was Building Socialism in One State, as opposed to Trotsky’s World Revolution.
    However Hitler was so unimpressed by the Red Army performance that he thought Russia will collapse at once.

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @Rurik
    , @SolontoCroesus
  52. @mr. meener

    I did not say Germany deserves a Muslim invasion; I said that the refugees deserve to be saved. Not necessarily in Germany: their best way to salvation would be achieved if the West and its Gulf friends were to cease their attempts to undermine Syria.

  53. @attonn

    For last ten years, there is a strong body of opinion in the NATO that the nukes are not an answer to everything. They say that Russia can be defeated with one powerful stroke, while its surviving missiles will be intercepted by Aegis and suchlike. So though MAD was the paradigm in 1980s, it is not so now.
    You can read my articles – I am not a man to forecast war, usually, but such possibility can’t be discarded today.

  54. @Rehmat

    Chechen war (or rather Two Chechen Wars) were cruel and bloody, mercifully they are over, and now the Chechens are the strongest supporters of Putin. It is not necessary to dish in the war’s horrors, unless you try to get some Chechens to volunteer of Daesh. Some wounds are better left alone to heal with time.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  55. frank says:

    Not sure what to make of this comment, judging by the awkward spelling.

    Ussr aircrAft are nust as good if not better than the west and lets not corget the space program where us kept blowing up ro kets while ussr was orbiting satellites and people

    As a proven fact, with technology infusion from the “evil Nazi’s”, i.e. engineers from Peenemuende (von Braun, Dornberger), and the aircraft designers that didn’t make it to Argentina or the US.

  56. Anna says: • Website

    Surprisingly, you ask the autor to learn more about the history of your country, but you talk about events in Russia, not bothering to delve into its history. Terrorists in Chechnya and Chechens are not the same. There was the same rabble, what we can see in ISIS now. And they just cut the heads of all indiscriminately. But for you it doesn’t matter, right? You call some fighters of ISIS “proper”, even if they cut off the child’s head. You have no right to talk about the actions of Putin, when in your country and in your city, no one killed people so brutally. I know a man, who for several years was a slave in Chechnya. And I trust his words more than words of journalists.

    • Agree: Kiza
    • Replies: @Rehmat
  57. JL says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Yeah, though I bet the competing concepts of making military equipment battle ready, as opposed to technologically superior, remain. Having never served, I know very little of these matters, but I’ve spent a lot of time flying in helicopters of all kinds (as a passenger). I hate the Western-made plastic, fuel efficient, computerized junk. Give me a Mi-8 or Ka-32, with two engines, over powered, under engineered, and tons of extra heavy steel, any day of the week.

  58. @Andrei Martyanov

    I always pay back in the same currency so get ready to deal with some offensive language. It is not me whose comments are dripping with vitriol. Your reply, as I expected, reflects a primitive, limited mind prone to insults and ceaseless boasting, most likely to compensate for a severe inferiority complex. All your responses are short on original thought and rich on links and dispariging remarks. I have no need to endlessly mention all the “famous” people I have met or the superior education I have received. I have read all of your responses and they boil down to a few lines repeated ad nauseum. “I studied in a military academy, I served in the army and so I am an expert on all things military. I have met some famous people and Russia is number one when it comes to weapon systems”. I am sure the famous person you like most is the one looking at you from the mirror. Your conclusions concerning my age, living quarters, education and anything else have nothing to do with reality and only confirm my previous conclusion about your perfunctory thouht process and proclivity to jump to conclusions, almost always the wrong ones. I am glad for all the Russian conscripts who avoided your command. This brings me to your favorite boast. “I studied in the military academy and I served in the army”. Unlike you I am not proud of serving in the army and unlike you against my will, a fact you do not seem to remember, and I left my country just to avoid a repeat of that experience. We used to call career officers “green brains”, most of them were as stupid as you are and drunk most of the time. When it comes to military I share my opinion with Albert Einstein. Here it is.

    This topic brings me to that worst out-crop of the herd nature, the military system, which I abhor. That a man can take pleasure in marching to the strains of a band is enough to make me despise him. He has only been given his big brain by mistake; a backbone was all he needed. This plague-spot of civilization ought to be abolished with all possible speed. Heroism by order, senseless violence, and all the pestilent nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism — how I hate them! War seems to me a mean, contemptible thing: I would rather be hacked in pieces than take part in such an abominable business.

    Are you still proud of having been a part of the herd dressed in camouflage? You were given a brain by mistake even though it is not a very good one.

  59. Kiza says:
    @White Nationalist

    I believe that you misunderstood my comment, because I put people who believe in Russian/Putin attempts to influence POTUS elections in US and Mr Shamir in the same sentence.

    The first time this crap come out of the mouth of a DNC campaigner I thought he would be sanctioned for making such a fool of himself in front of the nation. Instead, the whole Democratic Party establishment took on the theme of Trump as Putin’s stooge, Putin manipulating the US elections. This is so beyond idiotic and moronic that I hereby claim that US has no future, even if Trump wins. In a country in which such stupidity can be employed in the public discourse, people are the mindless, basic impulse rabble, already beyond the depiction of the Idiocracy movie. The US people are at a level below animals and do not deserve much of my attention even though these idiots could destroy the World. If they want to elect or cannot prevent election of a wrinkly, corrupt and mean vagina into the WH just because she is a vagina, which will then kill many millions of now breathing men, women and children, let them elect. It will all come back to them.

    The smart ones can still leave US.

  60. @CalDre

    Very interesting. I don’t claim to be an expert on WW2 and certainly hadn’t read that artful concoction. (I wonder who actually wrote it. An Albert Speer of the German foreign office perhaps. Certainly no Nazi thug.).

    But it doesn’t help dispel the truth of Hitler’s aggressive intent to obtain Lebensraum in the East, with no exclusive focus on Poland, where German settler colonialists could replace ethnically cleansed others, with variations no doubt where it was best to preserve the cheap labour of Slavs. The Wikipedia article on Lebensraum – which you may want to criticise – traces the Lebensraum push back through Mein Kampf to the Septemberprogramm of 1914 and further. To me it is simply what you expect before modern birth control and feminism put an end to exploding populations in the civilised world.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  61. Avery says:

    {If you care about Hitler’s motivations in attacking Stalin, I suggest you read his authenticated proclamation of war on the USSR,…}

    What is the point of reading about Hitler’s motivations?

    Every criminal has valid – in his or her mind – motivations for committing a crime. Nazi war-criminals invaded USSR unprovoked and caused the deaths of about 25 million human beings, including ~10 million civilians. Civilians murdered outright, killed as a result military operations, dead of disease and starvation brought about by the criminal invasion.

    Read the authenticated story of war-criminal Siege of Leningrad someday, and what its civilian population went through.

    Who gives a s___ about the coward’s motivations?
    The little coward was too chickens____ to go down fighting when the hated Red Army Untermenschen came to drag him out of his bunker and hang him.

    It was nice though that Red Army troops got to authentically piss on the ashes of the criminal Führer of the mythical 1,000 Year Reich right in the center of Berlin.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  62. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Nukes changed everything, and they make Russia untouchable.

    It is not black and white, in the last 20 years US led the way away from nuclearism. This was based on real and presumed superiority in the conventional arms. There are too many contingencies for escalation to nuclear threshold to describe them here, but if you read the latest issue of Russia’s Military Doctrine you will find there a significant departure from pure nuclearism too. Russia does understand that conventional war is not only a possibility but has a significant probability of occurring. Most importantly, there are ways that this war may not even escalate to a nuclear threshold at all. Even in 1980s it was clear that nuclear war could only be fought in counter-force mode, rather than counter-value, today a salvo of conventional Precision Guided Stand Off weapons can, indeed, have operational and strategic impact which could be comparable to that of the nukes.

    • Replies: @5371
  63. CalDre says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wikipedia is extremely unreliable source, particularly when anything affecting the Empire is involved. The idea of “Lebensraum” is way beyond the scope of this article but all I can repeat is that I do not think this concept had any bearing on Germany’s decision to invade the Soviet Union. Rather I do believe that Hitler feared the subjugation of all of Europe to the totalitarian Bolshevik yoke (whether or not the Soviets actually intended to do this in 1941, something Israel Shamir debates based on Politburo records in a comment above, is another matter).

    I would also note that Germany had numerous Slav allies (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, parts of Yugoslavia, parts of Baltic States). This really should have put to bed the claim that Germany’s goal was the subjugation and destruction of Slavs. The main bone Hitler had to pick with the Russian people was not that they were Slavs, but that they allowed themselves to become ruled by internationalist Jewish Bolsheviks who committed numerous genocides against the Russian people, particularly the Orthodox Christians and the kulaks. This was not a future Hitler wanted for Europe.

    If Britain and France had not declared war on Germany for invading Poland (or had also declared war on the Soviet Union for doing the exact same thing), and if Stalin had not massed many millions of troops on his border with Germany, WW II could have been avoided in my opinion.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
    , @Wizard of Oz
  64. CalDre says:

    “What is the point of reading about Hitler’s motivations? …. Nazi war-criminals invaded USSR unprovoked

    It seems you do believe motivations matter, in your second point. No, the invasion was not unprovoked, as you put it. The whole point of me pointing to the speech, is that you can understand the provocations. And they were not minor ones; indeed, the future of civilization was at stake.

    Did Nazis commit war crimes in USSR? No doubt. But less than the Bolsheviks and Stalinists did. Which is exactly why the Nazis invaded in the first place. To put it bluntly, if the Communists had not been internationalist totalitarian mass murdering barbarians, Operation Barbarossa would never have happened at all.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
    , @Avery
  65. CalDre says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Israel, nice to have your comment, I’m a big fan of your writings and agree with a lot of your analyses (e.g. I have written Comment 52 myself many times!). However this is one point on which I don’t think we have agreement, so let me make some counterpoints.

    First, I do not think memoirs are very helpful. The post-WW II propaganda was so tremendous, and the losses for the Soviets so severe, and the political and thought control so extreme, I do not expect anybody to admit on plans to “take over the world” 50 years after the fact and thus switch blame for WW II to the USSR. To the extent any memoirs came out after the collapse of totalitarianism, when independent thought was even permitted, there might be a bit more room for belief but frankly I don’t even trust memoirs written in the “West”, they all tend to be rather self-serving.

    Although I laud a lot of the data that has been revealed in the opening of the various archives (including proper attribution for the Katyn Massacre and the Auschwitz death books), I am not sure what Politburo minutes you are speaking of. Can you provide a link to more information about these minutes that prove Stalin was happy to have only Russia subjected to his reign?

    Now I think what is relevant to look at in terms of Stalin’s intentions is his acts, not Politburo minutes. (And in fact I wonder if the Politburo minutes make reference to these acts?) Many of these acts are mentioned in Hitlers proclamation of war (, but they include (i) Soviet actions regarding Finland, (ii) Soviet actions regarding the Baltic States, (iii) Soviet actions regarding Bessarabia and the rest of Romania, (iv) Soviet actions regarding Yugoslavia and its then parts, (v) Soviet actions in Spain, (vi) Soviet actions in supporting Communist revolutionaries throughout Europe, particularly in Germany prior to their defeat by the Nazis, (vii) Soviet mass production of tanks, airplanes and other weaponry, and (viii) Soviet massing of 5 million troops on the border with Germany while Germany had virtually no troops on its border with Soviet Union. There are probably some items I have forgotten but you get the gist, I’m sure.

    Moreover, after WW II, Stalin did in fact export Communism to all of the countries vanquished by the Red Army, calling his totalitarian nightmare “liberation” (and many Russians continue to refer to “liberation” of those countries). While I can understand the implementation of a buffer zone, given the Napoleonic War and WW II, there was no reason to subject the buffer countries to Communism. I think this proves rather clearly that Stalin’s goal was to impose Communism wherever he could. And may I remind you of Kruschev’s banging of his shoe at the UN?

    I understand that Stalin “betrayed the revolution”. To me this is not because he ceased wanting Communism globally (as Trotsky claimed), but because he purged a good number of the Jewish leadership of Communism (and made it more “nationalistic” in that sense alone).

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  66. Rurik says:
    @Israel Shamir

    As for the Communist Revolution, Stalin was not keen on it at all: his line was Building Socialism in One State, as opposed to Trotsky’s World Revolution.


    what the ….!

    I suppose Churchill and FDR had for beg and plead with Stalin to take as his war booty all the Baltic and Eastern European states just for their own good, huh?

    that Stalin wasn’t hell bent on imperial domination is absurd. Look what he did to Ukraine in the early 30s for God’s sake- (or the Katyn forest) to get a handle on the kind of man Stalin was. There was oppression and torture and mass murder galore under that maniac. The last thing anyone needs is an attempt to resurrect the reputation of that monster.

    If Hillary is ever able to foist a war against Putin, it will only be because of the fear and loathing that the Baltic states and Eastern Europe (justifiably) have towards an unrepentant Russia. Russia needs to repudiate the horrors of the Soviet madness, not resurrect Stalin (of all people!) as some kind of benevolent statesman who was forced by those mean Nazis to slaughter (and torture and gulag and pogrom) millions of his own people, not to mention millions of non-Russians.

    for me it’s amazing that people would be willing to go to war, perhaps end life on this planet in order to assuage their national vanity. Everyone wants to be considered the heroic people who saved the planet from the evil Nazis. But this is absurd. The truth is, that had there never been any Bolsheviks to murder the Romanov girls in a basement, and then set about genociding and enslaving and cruelly dominating the people of Russia and Eastern Europe, (like Bela Kun in Hungary for instance), that there never would have been any Nazis- as a direct consequence of communism and as a resistance against it. The communists were agitating for control of Germany as Hitler came to power as a repudiation of that evil plague on mankind. That he became Nietzsche’s monster who fought monsters, is the tragedy here. The first monster on the scene were the Bolsheviks. And Stalin was their blood stained patron saint.

    this is unfolding in Germany again even as we speak. The world’s contemporary Bolsheviks, -the Zionists-, are demanding that Germany capitulate once again to their genocidal hatred of all things German, and open their borders to unlimited immigrants from the Muslim and African world. And as the German women are ravaged on the streets- much like they were when last Germany was forced to submit to the Fiend in 1945, there is going to be some resistance from the patriot German people who don’t like seeing their daughters raped and assaulted and insulted and their ancient country de-Germanized. And right on cue, the world’s Bolsheviks/Zionists are going to shriek that these nationalistic Germans are resurrected Nazis!!!! Just as they’re saying about the right leaning, anti-immigrant parties that are arising all over Europe as a response to the demand (from the Bolsheviks/Zionists) that Europe de-Europe itself.

    I guess there’s just nothing new under the sun, eh?

  67. Cyrano says:

    To put it bluntly, if the Communists had not been internationalist totalitarian mass murdering barbarians, Operation Barbarossa would never have happened at all.

    That’s right man. The Germans actually invaded Russia to save the prisoners from the Gulag. They were in fact the greatest humanitarians the world has ever seen. How did anybody miss that?

    • Replies: @CalDre
  68. Cyrano says:

    Moreover, after WW II, Stalin did in fact export Communism to all of the countries vanquished by the Red Army, calling his totalitarian nightmare “liberation” (and many Russians continue to refer to “liberation” of those countries).

    Ask any of the countries that had the pleasure to be occupied both by Germany and USSR and you’ll find out who did they prefer more. Take Poland for example – did they fare better under German occupation – some 20% of the population slaughtered by them -or under the Russians. But yeah, Nazis were great man, all they ever did was preemptively liberate countries that were about to be overrun by communists. Keep reading your propaganda, you don’t have the brain for this.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @CalDre
    , @utu
  69. Cyrano says:

    I would also note that Germany had numerous Slav allies (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, parts of Yugoslavia, parts of Baltic States)

    You are a moron, aren’t you? Only Bulgaria and Yugoslavia are actually Slavic and only Bulgaria and parts of Yugoslavia (Croatia) were ever Germany’s allies – vast majority of the Slavs were enemies of Germany.

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @utu
    , @Wizard of Oz
  70. CalDre says:

    That’s right man. The Germans actually invaded Russia to save the prisoners from the Gulag. They were in fact the greatest humanitarians the world has ever seen. How did anybody miss that?

    Nice strawman. Obviously Hitler would have been content to let Russians suffer the consequences of their own stupidity had he not been worried about a Communist world takeover (since at the time Europe was still controlling the world, a Soviet takeover of Europe would have inexorably resulted in a global Communist takeover).

    But the fact is Hitler understood that the plan was to impose Communism over the entire world. Now if Communism had been a nice, helpful, enlightening, spiritual system, he may well have been OK with that. Since, however, it instead involved totalitarianism, multiple genocides, gulags, starvation, and every misery imaginable, well, suffice to say, the Germans did not wish to meet that fate.

    Is it really that difficult to grasp the obvious? Even the other “Allies” started a Cold War against the USSR due to the same reason – but unlike Germany, they were not facing 5 mullion troops and 10,000s tanks and airplanes massed on their border with no conceivable defense (other than a surprise attack, and even that didn’t work).

    • Replies: @5371
  71. Rurik says:

    Take Poland for example – did they fare better under German occupation

    hands tied behind their backs, the best of the Polish people were marched to the edges of pits and shot in the back of the head, by the tens of thousands

    if you were a Polish communist who sympathized with what the NKVD did at Katyn, then I suppose the Nazis were unlikely to treat you with kid gloves. But if you were a regular Polish citizen, perhaps a relative of one of the people shot like a dog at Katyn, then …

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  72. CalDre says:

    Take Poland for example – did they fare better under German occupation – some 20% of the population slaughtered by them -or under the Russians.

    So, let’s take Poland – close allies with Germany and bitter enmity with Russia. Good example.

    And look which way even Ukraine is looking? Hmmmm.

    Even Baltic States are joining EU and NATO due to the bad taste in their mouth of Soviet occupation.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  73. what scares me the most is how the DNC staffer who leaked the papers got assassinated and got almost zero air time in the media.

    that scared the hell out of me.

    isn’t this the same kind of secret police bullshit that we were all warned about “dictatorships/fascism”?

    that is why my fellow americans, buy guns, you are gonna need it.

  74. 5371 says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    [Even in 1980s it was clear that nuclear war could only be fought in counter-force mode, rather than counter-value]

    Don’t see this at all. If you have any worries about the outcome of a counter-force exchange, you have to add a counter-value element at a pretty early stage. Very unlikely that once nuclear weapons are used in any way we don’t see millions of civilian deaths.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  75. CalDre says:

    Now, now, no need to start with the ad hominem insults, is there?

    I agree, I was mistaken, there were only those three Slavic allies, the others just had Slavic influences and I overstated my case – but still, there were some.

    As to vast majority of Slavs being enemies, do you have data on that? I mean, the vast majority of Slavs were ruled by Stalin, and Stalin was the enemy of Germany, granted, but as to the individual Slavs, I am not sure they supported Stalin, they didn’t really have much choice. Just to take one example, I am sure large parts of Ukraine would have rather aligned with Germany than Russia, but no choice was afforded to them; nonetheless many Slavs fought alongside the Nazis against the Red Army.

  76. 5371 says:

    [the plan was to impose Communism over the entire world]

    Such had nominally been the plan for the first fifteen to twenty years of Bolshevik rule (before long it was no more than a figleaf to hide the disappointment of the hopes of world revolution with which they had started). But by 1941 we were well into the era of socialism in one country. The USSR had passed a constitution and sought international engagement and recognition in every way. There was no longer such a plan, and the Germans were as aware of the fact as everyone else.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  77. CalDre says:

    I addressed the “one state socialism” claim in Comment 65. At a minimum you might agree that an objective observer, looking at the actions, might conclude differently?

    And where is your proof, that the German rulers believed Stalin was content to stay within existing borders? As I have noted several times, Hitler’s proclamation of war is to the contrary.

    • Replies: @5371
  78. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Don’t see this at all. If you have any worries about the outcome of a counter-force exchange, you have to add a counter-value element at a pretty early stage.

    As I said–too many contingencies to talk about. By late 1970s it was clear, with the improvement of CEP (accuracy) of nuclear weapons’ delivery systems, that counter-force had a rational factor behind it. As much as it sounds terrifying, but in its own perverted way, millions as opposed to tens of millions of civilians projected killed in counter-force exchange was, from purely arithmetic point of view, an “improvement” over outright counter-value which would create a global catastrophe with possibly irreversible consequences. In the end, the arrival to PGMs and US drifting away from nuclearism (see Yuri Solomonov’s–Bulava’s chief designer–interview in 2008 precisely on this issue) was, ahem, a desire to fight the war but without strategic nukes, tactical ones? Well, this is a totally other story, especially in naval warfare.

  79. Anonymous [AKA "Krokodil Gena"] says:

    Dude, get your facts straight. Putin came to power and stopped the war in Chechnya. This is number one. Number two. The war in Afghanistan was to stop converting the country to a heroin factory, which it became after it was “liberated” by the States. Open your eyes and pull bananas own of your ears and start utilizing your brain.

    • Replies: @utu
  80. Cyrano says:

    You are absolutely right, the Polacks would have preferred the Germans as occupiers rather than the Soviets. Than what was the Warsaw uprising all about? They must have gotten confused or maybe just got tired of the German kindness.

    Or maybe they staged the whole event knowing that the Russians were going to be their next masters and they just wanted to preliminary kiss Russian’s butts, pretending that they also hate Russians’ enemies.

    Actually they were hopping to stage a little show of how they liberated themselves without Russian help – hence no need for Russian occupation afterwards. Unfortunately, Stalin was too clever for them and saw through the whole charade and let the Germans slaughter them before any ideas of Poland “self-liberating” themselves took hold.

    But, yeah, life under German occupation was very joyful for Poland, I bet they still commemorate with nostalgia every September 1 when the Germans came to pre-emptively liberate them from the Communist menace.

    • Replies: @utu
  81. 5371 says:

    Not being content to stay within existing borders (which the Germans notoriously also were not and had never been) and having a plan to impose communism over the entire world are two different things.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  82. Cyrano says:

    Even Baltic States are joining EU and NATO due to the bad taste in their mouth of Soviet occupation.

    I didn’t realize that the Soviet rule of the Baltic states was plagiarism of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  83. CalDre says:

    Not being content to stay within existing borders (which the Germans notoriously also were not and had never been) and having a plan to impose communism over the entire world are two different things.

    Actually, speaking of staying within boundaries, Germans weren’t that bad as many others up until WW II, most notably England, France, Portland, Spain, Netherlands, and, yes, Russia. You do recall that in the 1500s (before a German “Czar” took over) Russia was but the tiny Grand Duchy of Moscow? So much expansion in the next 300 years …. As to WW II, aside from reclaiming the lands stolen from her after WW I, I don’t think Germany would have done much aside from the British and French declarations of war on her and Stalin’s existential threat to her future existence.

    And you’re right, they are two different things, the claim I was responding to was that Stalin believed in “one-state socialism” and had no expansion plans at all. Communism has always been (and to this day still is) all about “globalism” (in the sense of global government, not global harmony) – the whole “proletariat ownership of the means of production” fairy tale was meant to sucker in the “useful idiots”.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  84. CalDre says:

    I mean to write Balkan but somehow it came out Baltic ….

    Anyway, Bill melted in her hand (onto her blue dress), not in her mouth. 🙂

    • Replies: @RobinG
  85. 5371 says:

    [Germans weren’t that bad as many others up until WW II]

    You’re preaching to the choir on this. I have frequently defended Germany against the charge of war guilt for WW1. I was pointing out that they understandably never accepted the Versailles-imposed borders as final. The USSR was also a revisionist power, and with equal justification.

  86. Rehmat says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Israel Shamir – could you give a similar advice to the Organized Jewry to forgive German nation after killing 1.7 million German Christians and sucking $93 billions from the German taxpayers since 1950s?

    Putin’s installed Kadyrov family is no less ruthless than the ex-KGB Islam Krimov dictator of Uzbekistan who died recently. Both never represented the interests of Muslim majorities in those countries.

    Only some fools still believe that Daesh is run by Muslims and not by the CIA, Mossad, and MI6.

    The original Chechen separatist Islamic movement, now headed by Doku Umarov – doesn’t recognize Ramzan Kadyrov’s government in Grozny or Akhmed Zakayev’s government-in-exile.

    The Muslim population of Russian Federation is between 20 t0 25 million. Seven (Chechnya, Daghestan, Ingushetia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Karachay-Cherkessia) of nineteen republics are predominant ethnically Muslims. Islam is the second largest religion in Russia after Christianity. Zionist entity which is threatened by Native population demographic explosion (Jewish population increases by 0.3% as compared to Palestinian population increase of 2.3%) – has been propagating fear among the Russian majority that by 2050 – Islam will become the religion of Russian majority due to higher birth-rate among the Muslim minority …..

  87. Rehmat says:

    That’s another BS coming from a professional hasbara idiot.

    Which is my country, dude, not the Zionist entity, I hope?

    The ISIS is a Zionist filth headed by a French Jew aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was trained by Mossad. He is another Crypto-Jew like French Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Last month, former French president, and Israeli Mossad agent Nicolas Sarkozy announced his bid to reoccupy the Élysée Palace in 2017. He seems very optimistic to beat the incumbent Jewish president Francois Hollande, the whore of Zionism whose popularity, according to a June 2016 poll, has dipped to less than 14% as compared to Sarkozy’s 21%, and Le-Pen’s 33%.

    Sarkozy in a book Tout pour la France (All for France) released last week explains his election manifesto: France needs him, just as France needed Charles de Gaulle in 1958.

  88. utu says:

    Putin started 2nd war in Chechnya. For this he had FSB do several false flag apartment bombings in several cities.

  89. utu says:

    “majority of the Slavs were enemies of Germany” – Not really. Only Poles and Serbian were enemies of Germany from day one to the last day of war and they did not provide cannon fodder to Wehrmacht or SS. Slovaks provided two divisions during invasion of Poland in 1939. Czechs tried to stay away swearing on loyalty to Reich and mostly succeeded in not getting involved. Croats created SS division (just like Bosniaks and Albanians). Ukrainians had several SS divisions.

  90. utu says:

    ” Take Poland for example – did they fare better under German occupation – some 20% of the population slaughtered by them -or under the Russians.” – Between Sept 17, 1939 and June 22, 1941 more Poles were killed in Soviet occupation zone than in German occupation zone. In the Soviet occupation zone Polish Jews betrayed Poland and collaborated with Soviets making lists of Poles to be arrested, killed and deported. June 22, 1941 German invasions saved many lives of Poles, Ukrainians and Belarusians who were Polish citizens under Soviet occupation but at it endangered lives of Polish Jews.

    The number “20% of the population” is, in my opinion, way too large. This number was arrived as follows: Zionists claimed that all Polish Jews, i.e., 3 millions, were killed and Polish Communist government for the sake of balance threw in 3 millions of non-Jewish victims. These were political decisions. No historians or demography experts were present when it was made.

    • Replies: @Avery
  91. utu says:

    Hitler did not seem to have much imagination left by the time of Warsaw uprising. He should have given Warsaw to Poles instead of massacring them and destroying the city. This really would have pissed Stalin off. Instead he did killing the future troublemakers that Stalin would have to hunt down and kill.

  92. Avery says:

    {The whole point of me pointing to the speech, is that you can understand the provocations.}

    A genocidal war-criminal a priori manufacturing a ‘justification’ for a war-crime he is about to launch: how original.

    {But less than the Bolsheviks and Stalinists did. Which is exactly why the Nazis invaded in the first place.}

    What Bolsheviks and Stalinists did or did not do to their people was non of anybody’s business but their own peoples’. States commit crimes against their own citizens all the time. Would you like me to list the crimes US has committed against its own citizens since its founding?

    {Which is exactly why the Nazis invaded in the first place.}

    Nazis invaded because they coveted the vast lands inhabited by Slavs for their demented notion of Lebensraum. The Nazi savages invaded another country that had done nothing to Germany in order to exterminate the indigenous Slavs and steal their land.

    Thankfully, the heroic Soviet peoples destroyed the genocidal Nazi invaders and raised the Red Banner over the lair of the Nazi freaks.

    Also, it was nice of the Nazi Schweinhund pigs to leave pig carcasses all over the rich Russian soil to fertilize it for the future Slavic generations.
    Master Race pig-fertilizer is the best. No?

    • Replies: @mr. meener
  93. Avery says:

    {The number “20% of the population” is, in my opinion, way too large}

    Your opinion means nothing: what are your credentials?
    An anonymous poster
    Do you have any facts to disprove the consensus figures of 2-3 million non-Jewish Poles murdered by Nazis during WW2?

    {These were political decisions. No historians or demography experts were present when it was made.}

    Were historians or demography experts present when Nazis killed and murdered ~10 million Soviet civilians, or in your learned opinion is that that is way too large too?

  94. @CalDre

    It is surely important to understanding to avoid anachronistically ruling out of account the demographics and geopolitics of times past. Long after French and British populations began to stabilise and not present problems about how they were to be fed high birth rates continued to make feeding their people perceived problems in Germany and the USSR. And boundaries and defensibility remained on their agenda in a way that mention of Alsace-Lorraine hardly touches on.

  95. utu says:

    “10 million Soviet civilians” – Do you know how this number was arrived at? Does it include Soviet citizen that were killed for treason or collaboration with Germans? Doe it include victims of Soviet partisans, Polish and Jewish partisans and Ukrainian nationalists? Does it include all those former Soviet POW in Germany that died in Gulags where they were sent after liberation? Does it include the families of Cossack that were returned to Soviet Union by Brits and were killed by Soviets? Does it include all those who died of diseases and malnutrition? Does it include population on former Polish territory of Polish citizens who were forced to accept Soviet citizenship before June 22, 1941?

  96. @CalDre

    No doubt WW2 as we know it with the USSR involved *could/even might* have been avoided. But presumably that would have meant that not only Czechoslovakia but Poland remained under German occupation apart from the part occupied by the USSR!

  97. @Cyrano

    My impression is that CalDre is not one of the morons on UR threads and being careless about who is Slavic is hardly relevant to moronic status anyway. However, I would add that, applying what would appear to be Hitler’s racial-genetic rather than cultural criteria, all the Eastern Europeans were probably very similar and aptly described as Slavs. There is probably up to date DNA research bearing on this question of which I am not aware. Are you?

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  98. Gentlemen, let us try and be polite; save vitriol for some other occasions. I want to show my respect to all my readers. It is not necessary to dwell so heavily on the past – let us deal with present. Regarding the past: Russia of Stalin did not want war as much as Russia of Putin does not seek war. Russia is not that strong – it can’t attack and win. It can withstand attack and inflict heavy casualties on its enemies. It is rather a hedgehog than a wolf. Its main problem was and is the desire of its elites to be friendly with the West. But not much can be done about it.
    It would be good if you’ll understand and convey to your friends and readers this simple message: Russia is not an aggressive state; it is not eager to enter a confrontation, let alone a war. But it is not a rabbit either)) and it is better to live with Russia in peace.
    As for East Europe and ex-Soviet republics: I visit them all, and I keep in contact with them. All of them suffered after the collapse of the USSR, none gained. All of them suffered huge population losses, Baltic states lost about third of their population since 1991, partly by immigration to the West, and partly by high mortality. But this is a long story, I’ll write about it one day.

  99. @attonn

    amazing how many communist jews here. the guy that was there and wrote books about it Solzhenitsyn gave that number and an Israeli historian did not doubt it. but you are right it was not 60 million it was 66 million. to bad you were not there

  100. @Israel Shamir

    Israel east europe suffered under the communists

  101. @Avery

    funny how you defend the biggest mass murderers in the world the communists and jewish Bolsheviks. but then again you must be one of them. Hitler saved Europe from the same genocide the Russians endured by smashing the Russian armies that were massed on their border. Hitler also saved the Spanish from the communists led by Bolsheviks who were slaughtering catholics and their priests and nun. It was a mini slaughter that was going on in Russia

    • Replies: @annamaria
  102. @CalDre

    Yes!!! I have been screaming what you have written for years. Hitler saved Spain first then tried to save Europe and the whole west can see the results of Hitlers failure to stop the Bolsheviks

  103. Avery says:

    {funny how you defend the biggest mass murderers in the world the communists and jewish Bolsheviks. but then again you must be one of them.}

    Sure am: a Communist, a Jew, and a Bolshevik to boot.

    {Hitler saved Europe from the same genocide the Russians endured by smashing the Russian armies that were massed on their border. }

    smashing the Russian armies that were massed on their border.‘: that revisionist lie by desperate ne0-Nazi revisionists and Hitlerite defenders of the genocidal Nazi mass-murderers – which you obviously are – has been thoroughly debunked (e.g. by US historian Col Glantz, and others). But you can keep repeating it, if it makes you neo-Nazi revisionists feel good. Make sure you polish your jack boots, put on your SS uniform, stand up smartly, and….keep shouting:

    Heil Hitler!
    Sieg Heil!

    ‘smashing the Russian armies’

    Obviously you are delusional. It’s the other way around: Hitler’s invading mass-murderers were the ones which were smashed and ground up outside Moscow, at Stalingrad, at the Battle of the Kursk,…….
    80% of Wehrmacht, their best units, were smashed by the glorious Red Army.

    After they smashed the genocidal Nazi invaders, they raised the Red Banner over the putrid lair of the degenerate Nazi cowards: Hitler shot himself; Goebbels and his vile wife shot themselves, after murdering their 5 children; drug addict Goering escaped the noose by committing suicide, Himmler fled like a rat, but was caught and also offed himself. .

    Too bad the psychopaths did not commit suicide before 1939.

  104. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website
    @Israel Shamir

    Russia is not that strong – it can’t attack and win. It can withstand attack and inflict heavy casualties on its enemies.

    Russian military posture is manifestly defensive both in intent and capability. Russia can fight and win a conventional campaign against any combination of the enemies only in her immediate vicinity, the same goes for Russia’s maritime A2/AD bubble. Syrian campaign is very limited in scope and force. Russia can also conventionally rearrange the stones in any European capital or in most of continental US but this is a deterrent and the farthest extent of Russia’s “force projection”. I stress, that this is about conventional capabilities.

  105. annamaria says:
    @mr. meener

    “Hitler saved Europe from the same genocide the Russians endured by smashing the Russian armies that were massed on their border. Hitler also saved…”

    Your ideas, no doubts, make a lovely song for the Kagans’ and such ears. However, you have been trying to divert the readers attention from the main thrust of the present paper, namely, from the facts-supported statement that Russian Federation is not seeking any confrontation with the US/EU and that RF has plenty of land and natural resources to do without other peoples’ land (unlike Israel, the manager of the US politics, and the financial plutocracy of the US/UK, which needs wars to postpone the inevitable crash of the US $). You might be indeed very passionate about the history of the 20-th-century Europe, but somehow your posts create an impression of trolling.

    • Replies: @mr. meener
  106. Rurik says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Russia of Stalin did not want war as much as Russia of Putin does not seek war.

    can’t argue with this Mr. Shamir, except to point out that perhaps Stalin didn’t want war, but he certainly wanted imperial hegemony over others (even better if he could achieve it by other means than war), whereas there is zero evidence Putin seeks the same.

    As for East Europe and ex-Soviet republics: I visit them all, and I keep in contact with them. All of them suffered after the collapse of the USSR, none gained

    and how many would like to return to the good old days, eh?

    any? even one person?

    If there is going to be war, it will be because these states fear and loath an unrepentant Russia, who beats her chest during the May day parades, and acts like a liberator, when she was anything but.

    Putin seems to understand this. He’s not stupid. He knows that all these countries you mention are thronging into NATO because they remember all too well what the Red Army “liberation” was like. They’d even actually prefer a war with Russia rather than to return to the good old days you’re (curiously) implying they pine for. If there is going to be a war between Russia and the West, it will be because Putin has not done enough to mollify the fears (that are driving them into NATO) of these countries- that he has no designs on them (that Crimea has helped exasperate), and that he admits that the Soviet madness was a horror show for all involved. (perhaps impossible due to Russian nationalistic vanity)

    To provide for peace, Putin will have to piss off some of the ultra Russian nationalists who like beating their chest and pissing on Germans, but what are the stakes involved here?

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Avery
  107. Avery says:

    {who beats her chest during the May day parades, and acts like a liberator, when she was anything but.}

    Yes, USSR was a liberator of Europe.
    If not for the sacrifice of the peoples of USSR and the Red Army, Western European states would be mere provinces of United Germania. Western provincial capitals would be ruled by an Über Gauleiter, and every official building would be flying the swastika.

    Eastern Europeans would be exterminated to make room for Lebensraum for the alleged Master Race.

    Every May 9th, all of Europe needs to kneel down and thank the heroic peoples of SU for saving and liberating them from the genocidal Nazi psychopaths.

  108. Avery says:

    [‘It’s practically impossible to integrate Muslims into Western Europe,’ says Czech president as he blames Islamic culture for Cologne sex attacks]
    {The president of the Czech Republic has claimed it is ‘practically impossible’ for Muslims to integrate into modern Europe.Speaking on local TV, President Milos Zeman also blamed the New Years Eve sex attacks in Cologne, Germany, on ‘Muslim culture’. Zeman is known for his fiery anti-migrant comments and has previously accused refugees ‘with iPhones’ of exploiting their children to get asylum in the EU.}

    [Hungarian PM: We don’t want more Muslims]
    {Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that his country does not want to take in large numbers of Muslims, in defence of Hungary’s response to the surge in refugees trying to enter the country.
    “I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country,” Orban told journalists outside the EU headquarters at Brussels.
    “We do not like the consequences,” he said, referring to the country’s 150-year history of Ottoman rule during the 16th and 17th centuries.}

    [Angela Merkel Declares: We Will Bring In More Muslim Immigrants Into Germany] (July 2016)
    {Angela Merkel has declared that Germany will be accepting in more Islamic refugees. Even after the recent attacks in Germany, she still wants to bring in more Muslim terrorists}

    Too bad Western Europe fell under the jackboot of reptilian, Godless, anti-Christian Neocons, who are well on their way to completely Islamize formerly Christian Western Europe. On the other hand, Eastern Europe, who did not have the ‘benefit’ of decades of Neocon anti-family de-Christianization, still has the Orthodox Christian cojones to reject forceful Islamization as ordered by Neocon infested Imperial Washington.

    {and how many would like to return to the good old days, eh?
    any? even one person?}

    And how may Western Europeans would like to be forcibly Islamized by their V-Neocon rulers? Eh?
    Any? Even one Christian?

  109. Rurik says:

    Every May 9th, all of Europe needs to kneel down and thank the heroic peoples of SU for saving and liberating them

    while I agree that they certainly didn’t want to live under Nazi rule, your characterization is exactly the kind of idiotic cartoon narrative of pure good vs. evil that I find so unpalatable, and responsible for so much human tragedy.

    kneel down and thank them for saving them and liberating them? Does that include these people?

    they were starved to death by the millions by your heroic Red Army rapists

    or the people slaughtered at Katyn, or the untold millions who died in the gulags or were raped in the streets of Europe or worse, by your heroic (and notorious) Red Army rapists

    your kind of blind hatred of all things Nazi is perhaps understandable, being as you’re simply human and probably have wounds and grievances, no doubt many do, but to pretend that it was all a one-sided conflict between pure good and pure evil is stupid and sophomoric, in the extreme.

    I hope if there is a war, it’ll be fought by people like you (indeed, you personally), and not some innocent young cannon fodder like it usually is.

    • Replies: @L.K
  110. @Israel Shamir

    but USA was intent on militarizing USSR; also, USA had already attempted to destroy Bolshevism in USSR, so it’s reasonable to speculate that USA funded BOTH Hitler and Stallin to fight each other, w/ USA standing by to gather up the spoils.

    USA propaganda — the Why We Fight series, written & produced by Jews w/ Communist leanings, focused on the “World Island” – the claim that Germany wanted to grab Central Russia in order to “dominate the globe.”
    If you consider that bit of propaganda as projection, as I do, then it’s obvious that the goal of FDR administration and the Jews who were hyperactive in it, was to to control Central Europe and thru that means, the world.

    Nuland’s activities are a continuation of that Jewish agenda, using the USA and the “deplorable” Clintonistas/neolibs to carry it out.

    PS Frank Capra’s name is pasted all over the Why We Fight series. A wikipedia entry on the series uses his name 46 times, and trips over itself to focus on Capra’s big idea, the bible verse, “The truth shall make you free,” but that same wiki page fails to mention that Julius and Philip Epstein, or Samuel Spewack, alone or with his on-again off-again wife wrote most of the segments — according to the credits at the end of the reels. Capra was a patsy, exploited to put a non-Jewish face on the propaganda campaign — the first segment ends with a rousing rendition of “Onward Christian Soldiers.” But Capra did not create ideological content, Jews Epstein, Spewack, and Theodor Geisel did that.

  111. Cyrano says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I’ve read some researches and it’s interesting. It turns out that the purest Slavs are the Polacks – some 67% of their DNA is Slavic. Second came the Ukrainians, the Russians are only third in terms of the % of their DNA being Slavic- which is not surprising, after 200 years of Mongol rule and all other kinds of mixing up with everyone.

    On the other hand, there are probably a lot of Eastern Europeans with some % of their DNA being Slavic. After all, it’s hard to resist the Slavic charm. Why, even the Germans can probably boast of some Slavic heritage (although I doubt it that they are inclined to do so) – thanks to some involuntary recipients of genetic material on the German side benefiting from the largesse of the Soviet soldiers liberating Germany from the Nazis – again probably involuntary liberation from the Nazis as far as the Germans are concerned.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @5371
  112. @Israel Shamir

    All of them suffered after the collapse of the USSR, none gained.

    It depends on what you mean by “gained”. The population “gain” in the Baltics after WW2 was artificial (based on colonization) to begin with. Remember, that in the Baltic states a pretty big chunk of Soviet population was in fact Soviet military and their families. It is only normal that they left, along with other Russians (who chose to do so – most of them didn’t). Many Russians also migrated to the West after the Baltics joined EU. This is not something unusual – it happened all over the ex-Soviet sphere (we have tons of Russians in UK, Germany, USA, etc).

    While the collapse did have terrible consequences, those were suffered by all over ex-USSR. I guess if a centralized system fails, it fails absolutely. We can contemplate whether a gradual, steadier and socially less damaging disintegration had been possible. If the Soviet Union had lasted a few decades longer, our languages could’ve entered a stage where they would go extinct, the stage at which the Belorusian language is now. The use of our languages expanded after the collapse. I would call that a gain. Not to even mention many other things, like freedom.

    I agree that to even think of a war with Russia is absolute insanity. The thought is almost a little insulting. However, Russia does have an agenda in the “nearest abroad”. We can debate about the levels of interference (or aggression as in the case of Ukraine). It is normal for Russia to have interests in the region, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

    Anyone who understands Russian, would be advised to listen to the rants of Alexander Dugin – he is quite popular in Russia. He believes Finland should be re-incorporated in Russia.

    By the way, not all KGB / CheKa files have been opened. In fact, they were recently “made secret” again for another 30 years. No, the archives are not available.

  113. L.K says:


    Avery is an Armenian LIAR who lives in the US.
    He loves Russia, alright, but chooses to live in zamerica.

    I call him a liar bc that is precisely what he is… he has no shame in lying either, even when caught he concedes nothing & just keeps on lying. Like with his silly crap about Turks from Turkey being nomads from China.

    Another big liar on this thread is comrade Smoothie. This one even makes up casualty figures in order to prove an alleged red army fighting ‘superiority’ on the eastern front.

    • Replies: @Avery
  114. Rurik says:

    After all, it’s hard to resist the Slavic charm. Why, even the Germans can probably boast of some Slavic heritage (although I doubt it that they are inclined to do so) – thanks to some involuntary recipients of genetic material on the German side benefiting from the largesse of the Soviet soldiers

    it always amazes me the visceral revulsion I feel every time I read something like this

    a proud sub-human who gleefully, with cruelty and derision- mocks the women (and often little girls) who some of his sub-human ancestors brutally raped

    there’s something very repulsive about a rapist, especially a sub-human who giggles that this is the only way he can ever get laid and pass on his genes

    no wonder there’s so much resistance to the removal of all those monuments to the Red Army Rapists, when there’s men like you around who like to remind all those countries how the Red Army “liberated” their women and children. I bet you giggle often at the thought, and only wish you could have been there too, huh?

    I’d bet money on that last one

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  115. L.K says:
    @Israel Shamir


    Regarding the past: Russia of Stalin did not want war as much as Russia of Putin does not seek war.

    False analogy.
    Putin’s Russia and Stalin’s Soviet Union, not to mention the 2 men themselves, r entirely different creatures.

    Yes, Putin’s Russia is not seeking war, in fact, it has been moderately reacting to the US Empire’s numerous aggressive provocations.

    Stalin is a different story, the man was not known as a breaker of Nations for no reason. Stalin & his regime were heavily responsible for WWII and for the war with N.S Germany.

    But he won the war, and so, as with the Anglo-Americans, wrote the ‘history’.

    • Replies: @Avery
  116. annamaria says:

    Why the rivers of blood in Syria:
    “Syrians in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights rallied in protest against the Israeli occupation, illegal oppression of Syrian culture and identity, outspoken plans to permanently annex the Syrian territory and Israel’s use of the Golan for military action against Syria and the support of Al-Qaeda and ISIL linked insurgents in their fight against the Syrian State.”

    This is so gross: the US/Israel have been actively supporting Al-Qaeda, while, at the same time, the US make incoherent attempts at commemorating 9/11. The US have become a Kaganat of Nuland & Co, including the disgusting Ms. Pletka and the whole anti-American AEI:

    A replay of Purim on a grand scale.

  117. @annamaria

    But your posts create the impression of stupidity. the kagans should be hung as traitors. I think Putin is the greatest leader I ever saw. I am talking abut COMMUNIST bolshevik Russia and the slaughter of tens of millions of Christians. Has nothing to do with Russia under Putin and we are making a grave mistake by having the neo-cohens force us to be hostile to Russia and we are driving them to be allied with China a potent combo. We need to be allied with Russia to keep china in check. The very small % of whites must stick together or be eliminated forever

  118. RobinG says:

    “I mean to write Balkan”

    And what is “Portland”?

  119. 5371 says:

    There’s no such thing as “Slavic DNA”.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  120. Avery says:

    Being called a ‘liar’ is clearly an improvement.

    The previous accolades offered to yours truly from the neo-Nazi Schweinhund mongrel.POS™, completely unprovoked, include:

    {armenian POS} (lower case ‘armenian’ to enhance the accolade)
    {little armenian insect}

    As I previously noted in other threads, in retort to the unprovoked attacks and insults of the neo-Nazi, I wrote:

    {Better being an Armenian, a known noble ethnos, than being a mange mongrel.POS™}

    As to being supposedly ‘caught’: I already debunked the story about an Armenian doctor having supposedly having said invadonomad UygurTürkoğlar and Armenians are supposedly the same people: the link @Wiki is from Hürriyet, a rabid UygurTürkoğlar misinformation and disinformation ‘news’ site.

    Same with Raziboğlu’s alleged DNA ‘proof’.

    {He loves Russia, alright, but chooses to live in zamerica.}

    Nope: Avery loves America, alright. But Avery also loves to debunk the anti-SU, anti-Russia disinformation spread by neo-Nazi revisionist Schweinhunden. Sore losers who can’t comprehend how thems Rooosians ended up pissing on the ashes of their Heil Hitler!

    Heil Hitler!
    Sieg Heil!

    Now what else have you got, you neo-Nazi Schweinhund mongrel.POS™.

  121. Avery says:

    {Stalin & his regime were heavily responsible for WWII and for the war with N.S Germany.}

    Neo-Nazi revisionist LIARs desperately trying to shift the blame for WW2 on the victims of the Nazi invasion and resulting war crimes, murders, killings of ~25 million peoples of SU.

    {But he won the war, and so, as with the Anglo-Americans, wrote the ‘history’.}

    Yep, SU crushed the genocidal Nazi invaders who were planning to exterminate all thems Slavic Untermenschen, in order to steal their lands for the alleged Master Race. That is the true History.

    Here is your Master Race.
    And my favourite: invading ground-up Nazi Schweinhunden being prepared to fertilize the rich soil of what was supposed to be Lebensraum.
    Poetic justice, No?

    • Replies: @L.K
  122. Cyrano says:

    It melts one’s heart to hear great humanitarians like you talk. If your nation was subjected to the German barbarism like the Russians were, I doubt it you’ll have so much sympathy for those swine.

    I still think that the Germans got off way too easily. The Russians should have thrown the book on them, just keep the gas chambers churning until there are none of them left. Even some reasonable Germans admit that they deserved what they got, yet a gentle soul like you comes along and defends them.

    Great humanist you are. Why don’t you go and cry over the carnage inflicted upon true innocents around the world suffering the brutal effects of imperialism of another great western humanitarian state – the US, instead of bemoaning the cruel fate of the Germans, you degenerate.

  123. Cyrano says:

    There’s no such thing as “Slavic DNA”.

    Yes there is – R1a.

    • Replies: @5371
  124. Cyrano says:

    LOL – is that Lot of Lucidity? Go do some reading, son, instead of wasting your time here.

    • Replies: @5371
  125. 5371 says:

    You really don’t know your arse from your elbow, do you?

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  126. L.K says:

    Avery, the sad armenian LIAR, goes: “That is the true History”

    Duh, no boy, it is comic book level Mickey Mouse BS.

    As for the facts, let’s hear what Russian historian M. Nikitin, who researched the goals of the Soviet leadership in Soviet archives, particularly during the May-June 1941 period, had to say on the subject. He summarized his findings as such:

    “We once again repeat that the fundamental goal of the USSR consisted of expanding the ‘front of Socialism’ to the greatest possible territorial extent, ideally to include all of Europe. In Moscow’s opinion, circumstances favored the realization of this scheme. The occupation of large parts of the continent by Germany, the futile war, the increasing dissatisfaction of the population of the occupied territories, the dispersion of Wehrmacht forces on various fronts, the prospects of a conflict between Japan & the USA – all these factors were thought to give the Soviet leadership a unique chance to smash Germany by surprise attack, and to ‘liberate Europe’ from “rotting Capitalism”.
    Nikitin added that the data from the archives plus the huge military offensive preparations of the Red Army “unequivocally proves the intention of the Soviet leadership to attack Germany in the summer of 1941.”

    I see you are such a persistent and shameless liar that you still, at this point, keep on repeating your idiocies about people from Turkey being Uighurs from China.
    You really are pathetic.

    Now, be a good boy, and go play with your toys.

  127. Cyrano says:

    No, but I bet you look like one.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  128. annamaria says:

    Russian fascists joined with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, radical jihadis, and Russian Filth Column; they are the base on which the US deciders are planning to attain a regime change in Russian Federation:
    “None of these people are offering a real economic or political solution – the only thing they care about it seizing power by force.”
    The leader of opposition, Mikhail Kasyanov, has received moral support from Eliot Higgins (of Bellingcat fame), an “expert” from Atlantic Council that is a ziocons-stuffed sinecure:

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