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Greece: the Pearl Cast Before Swine
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Greece is the pearl of Mediterranean, the place generations of foreigners from Lord Byron to Graves to Fowles have fallen in love with. From philosophy to feta, from history to yoghurt, from poetry to honey they provided the example to follow. Their priests preserve the pristine faith; their fighters defeated Mussolini; their Helen is the epitome of female beauty. They also make lousy wine called retsina and listen to loud dreadful music called bouzouki so we would temper our Hellenophilia.

Now they have given us another example to follow: how to beat banksters at their own game. The spectacular victory of the Syriza government in Greece at the national referendum was quite unexpected: the polls wavered between an indecisive result and straightforward support of the EU plans around 51:49. However, the Greeks strongly confirmed the mandate of the government. The main problem was and remains the Syriza’s resolve and determination.

The ruling party took an unnecessary risk while calling for referendum, for they had already won the elections under their own slogans just a few months ago. This implied their wobbliness, as if they would prefer to lose and pass the hot potato to somebody else. Moreover, they did not try to win the referendum: no campaign for NO, no media coverage of demos for NO. Did they wish to lose or to win with a slightest possible margin? Possibly. The Greek people rejected the stratagem and called upon them to proceed.

Now it is the business of the government to organise a smooth and fast Grexit from the Eurozone and switch to the new Drachma. A really decisive government would leave the EU and NATO, turning the tables completely. Refusing the bailout is good but not enough.

The Greeks were right to reject paying the debts, for these debts were forced upon them by the giant vampire squid, Goldman Sachs, in words of Matt Taibbi. “The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”. As we now know, Goldman Sachs (you do not have to be an anti-Semite to hate them) cooked the book,s falsely pretending Greece had a high credit rating though they knew of its huge debts. When the debts snowballed, they pulled the rug and collapsed Greece’s rating, bailing out banks at the expense of the European taxpayer.

Out of €320 billion, Greece received and used about €20 billion, while the principal sum went to the banksters. Greece could not pay it off: after five years of trying, the country is in worse shape and in deeper debt than it ever was. Austerity has destroyed lives and infrastructure. The bankers planned to sell all Greek assets: harbours, railways, lands; and you can envisage yourself who would buy it. The negotiations between the EU, IMF and Greece were dishonest, explains Ashoka Mody in widely read and technical essay. That’s why the Greeks elected the far-left party Syriza and its far-right counterpart INIL to break the rules of the rigged game.

Greece is a small country and it could not take on the whole EU banking and political establishment on its own. Fortunately, there is a country able and willing to help. That is its sister in faith, Russia. Greece for Russia is like Italy for Catholics, like England for the US: the source of culture and religion. The Greek priests had brought their faith to what was to become Russia. Greece and Russia share the same Byzantine legacy. Arnold Toynbee, the British scholar of history, spoke of few European civilisations, some abortive (Far Western and Scandinavian), and two fully developed: Western European, based on the Church of Rome, and Orthodox Christian, based on the Church of Constantinople. Russia and Greece belong to the last one.

The EU is a reincarnation of the Roman Empire and that of Charlemagne. It is at home in France and Germany, but completely foreign for Swedes and Greeks, for Letts and Bulgars, for Ukrainians and Russians. It has over-extended itself and brought huge calamities upon its people and on their neighbours.

Mind you, this is not the first time the people of the West have colonised the Orthodox Christian East: in 1204, they smashed the Byzantine Empire and established their kingdoms and duchies, eventually erased by the Turks. After Greece was restored in 1821, it went back under the Western tutelage, and remained there. In 1945, the Greeks made a heroic effort to liaise with Russia, but Churchill employed the defeated German troops to smash the Greek independence movement and installed his agents in Athens. Soviet Russia did not object much, as under the Yalta agreement Greece was going to the West, while Poland was going to the East. Now the West has both Poland and Greece. The Greeks were frog-marched to NATO and to EU, and they would have remained forever captive but for the bankers’ greed.

Russia is the only part of the Byzantine world that remained independent and adhered to its faith. Russia is a natural partner for Greece and its Balkan neighbours. Now Russia can help Greece: by buying its wine, cheese and olives that do not sell well in the West, by sending pilgrims to venerate shrines under its cruel blue sky, by encouraging its industries, by giving its youth a meaning of life beyond caring for German tourists. And the Greeks are fond of Russians, so their sympathies are mutual.


The Syriza party, and its partner ANEL were famous (some would correct it to ‘notorious’) for their pro-Russian sympathies. However, since they were elected, they began a game of playing Brussels against Moscow, like a young tease who encourages two suitors to keep both in her thrall. The Greek expert and London Lawyer Alexander Merkoulis listed the Russian attempts to help Greece. They offered five billion euros to build a gas pipeline to Greece, and Greece would be able to sell gas to Europe. Miller of Gazprom went to Athens with prepared documents, and came back empty-handed.

Tsipras promised to come to Moscow for the May 9 celebrations, and failed to show up at the last moment. He agreed to extend anti-Russia sanctions while sitting at the St Petersburg forum. This undermined Russian trust. “The Russians must be getting increasingly fed up with someone who repeatedly takes them to the Church door – and then at the last moment runs away”, said Merkoulis.

It appears that the Ukraine story has repeated itself. Russia offered huge credits to the Ukraine in 2013, it could buy its industrial output, invigorate its industry and agriculture, but the then President Yanukovych did not dare. He ended in exile, his country ruined; it will take them 20 years to regain the positions they had in 2013, say the EU experts.

Greece is not likely to go for a civil war: they had it in 1945, but the old wounds may reopen. The most pro-Russian area of 1945 insurgency – the Isle of Crete – heavily (75%) voted against the EU in the recent referendum. The Syriza government will try to renegotiate with the IMF and the EU by bluffing them with the Russian alternative. Even if they will get relief, their economy is not likely to come back to normal.

The problem is not Greece, the problem is the EU. This body has a triple purpose. It is (1) a union of bankers against people, (2) a harness with which the US can drive colonised Europe, and (3) a tool for de-industrialisation and de-education of this most developed continent. Under the EU, masses of beggars from Romania and African refugees descend on the North. Under the EU, once-industrial Latvia and Hungary became basket-cases, their high tech moved elsewhere. Under the EU, the social welfare system has been dismantled, while sexual education of children and gender games have gone into a high drive. That is why nations – from Sweden to Italy, from England to Spain – call to break up the union.

Greece would be better off out of the EU. Everybody would. Distressingly, its Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis, a stubborn negotiator, a son of 1945 fighter, who could lead his country to freedom, has been dismissed following the referendum. Alexis Tsipras will try to negotiate himself, and he is a smooth operator, say the Greeks.

There is just one problem, that of guts and their lack thereof. Too many leaders hesitate and contemplate instead of acting. We mentioned Yanukovych, but this is a long list of names, beginning with Allende, a man of peace killed in a coup. The leaders that stood up to the vampire squids – from Nasser to Putin – were branded “a new Hitler”, but actually managed better. The US always dares: to conquer Panama and Granada, to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, and this daring is a secret of its success.

Still it is too early for despair. The referendum was a victory, and a victory can do wonders even to wet and wobbling leaders. It would be a shame to cast the pearl of Greece to the banker swine.

Israel Shamir can be contacted at [email protected]

• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: Eurozone, Greece, Russia, Syriza 
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  1. 5371 says:

    If Greece actually leaves the EU, or the Eurozone, there’s plenty of business that can be done. But there’s no upside for Russia in just being the stud that Greece flirts with to make Yurp jealous, so Yurp will love Greece again.

  2. SFG says:

    I wouldn’t make too much of this ‘civilizational affinity’. The Greeks are sick of the austerity and just want to give the Germans the boot. Russia wants to see the EU fail because it is a rival power, just like the USA wants to see it succeed because it is an allied power.

    Both are more conservative than France or England or the USA, but the Russian Orthodox church is pretty much Russian by now.

  3. Kiza says:

    Wow, what a write up. Israel, you are simply amazing and funny too, about retsina and bouzouki.

    “The EU has a triple purpose. It is
    (1) a union of bankers against people,
    (2) a harness with which the US can drive colonized Europe, and
    (3) a tool for de-industrialization and de-education of this most developed continent.”

    Yes, Tsipras is a sleazebag who wants to play Russia off EU because the attraction of the West is just too much for the Greek elite, the same one which pillaged Greece together with its Western masters and created most of this debt. It is always the same story, which just keeps repeating itself over and over: the corrupt, compradorial elite works for foreign interests and against national interests and gets to share in the spoils. It does not matter which colors the scum wears, leftist or rightist, they all serve the same purpose.

    When they got rid of Varoufakis, it was a sign that EU banksters are taking radical action after defeat. Tsipras will ensure that the referendum victory is turned into another Greek defeat, this is why he was permitted to power. Essentially, he is offering the asses of the Greeks to the EU banksters again, just under better conditions, as if it was never enough how many times they have done it to the Greeks already.

  4. It’s possible to be too daring. The disabling element of surprise does wear off.

    Power rarely surrenders its authority willingly. If its own powers begin to fail and it weakens, it tends to lash out desperately and violently to hold on to what it gained through force. Ironically, this begins often to occur at the point of greatest power achieved, which is unsustainable and which in reaction it attempts to extend even further, causing further weakness. To those caught in its throes, it is not pleasant.

    Thus the period in the west that we have evolved to, managed democracy, inverted totalitarianism and Superpower, while ascendant and yet inimical to stated western ideals, contain the contradictions for their own eventual demise. One could hope that occurs soon and entirely peacefully, but the major player involved has a record of preference for militarism.

  5. Dan says:

    Greece is a ticking bomb, let it explode in the West’s hands. There’s no reason for Russia to rush, and besides, as the author said, the overtures of Athens to Moscow were more PR stunts meant to impress the E.U. Despite Russia’s repeated calls for help and that it would be provided if Greece asked for it, Syriza pretended they didn’t listen. That’s why I don’t believe Syriza intends to leave the E.U. in the cold and walk into Russia’s sphere of influence. They would have done it already.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  6. Jmaie says:

    “This implied their wobbliness, as if they would prefer to lose and pass the hot potato to somebody else. ”

    This is exactly what they wished, Varoufakis had to go when their plan failed.

    • Replies: @5371
  7. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    “They also make lousy wine called retsina and listen to loud dreadful music called bouzouki so we would temper our Hellenophilia.”


    • Replies: @Seraphim
  8. Realist says:

    The MSM including Fox is dismissing the Greek vote as ‘the Greeks didn’t know what they were voting for’.

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    But is it good for the Jews?

  10. All debtors worldwide should be permitted to vote on whether or not they’ll make good on their obligations. It’ll be cute!

    • Replies: @5371
  11. Tom Welsh says:

    As Paul Craig Roberts points out, Tsipras was recently visited by Victoria Nuland. Roberts suggests that she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. That might also explain the curious readiness of many other European “leaders” to sell their own nations and people down the river in the interests of the US ruling class. Do what we say, and retire presently with an income of millions per year. Or don’t do as we say, and end up sodomized with a bayonet like Qadafi. That’s how the paragons of Western civilization spread their influence.

    “If reports are correct, Victoria Nuland has already paid a visit to the Greek prime minister and explained to him that he is neither to leave the EU or cozy up to the Russians or there will be consequences, polite language for overthrow or assassination. Indeed, the Greek prime minister probably knows this without need of a visit”.

  12. 5371 says:

    In fairness, that’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, so unlikely to be true.

  13. HdR says: • Website

    Great article.
    Its is all about courage and threats. The courage of Hellas against the threats of de facto the USA. They know if they “lose” Greece, Russia will gain. Obama pushing for debt relief at the cost of EU taxpayers is a likely scenario, meanwhile threatenign with a secret coup d’etat.

  14. 5371 says:
    @Kyle McKenna

    1. There are plenty of debts even of individuals which don’t get paid, whether the debtors are “permitted” not to pay them or not. Why do you think interest rates differ for loans of the same amount and term?
    2. The calculus about whether or not to stay current on obligations is completely different even for an association or company as compared to an individual, let alone for a state.
    3. Sovereign defaults have been extremely common in history, and in the great majority of cases the default has been a good decision.

  15. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The European Union=Social and Cultural Filth+Anal Warts=Democratic Party Family Values…

  16. Nador says:

    It is actually pretty easy to prevent Goldman Sachs from cooking your books: do not ask them to do it. Sure, the bankers are not nice people but it is mostly the Greeks’ irresponsible spending that led to their current unfortunate position.

    Dienekes has also commented on it:

    • Replies: @big bill
  17. Sorry, I can’t spend another half hour explaining at length why this is mostly wrong only to press Publish Comment and see it disappear.
    1. Goldman Sachs was just doing the everyday sleazy business of Wall St financial services and lawyers. It was the German and especially French banks which were being protected – now by taxpayers – from the healthy remedies of bankruptcy and/or government takeover as in the UK. And it was those banks, long after the GS sleaze, which did the foolish lending to a corrupt borrower.
    2. Germany in particular had the additional motive of preserving the Euro by making default by the Greeks a miserable prospect.
    3. Now Grexit seems likely (two cheers) the EU will provide most of the help it will need – and here is an opportunity for Cameron – and the idea it would leave that big free trade and free labour movement zone is absurd. As for leaving NATO with Turkey next door!!!!
    4. Greece, like the rest of the world, has changed greatly since 1945. Anyway the idea that Greeks then loved atheist once Orthodox Russia is wrong. They were Communists! Remember Communism?

    Suggestion: visit Greece as I did in May. The armchair view isn’t enough. But do celebrate the beginning of the end of the misbegotten Eurozone. Sadly it may take a generation.

  18. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The European Union=desecration of Orthodox Christian Russian Churches by a degenerate Russian Porno star who later had intercourse in public while 7- 8 months pregnant….Pussy Riot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    White Patriotard AMUUURICA!!!!!=Social and Cultural Filth!!!! on Social and Cultural Filth steroids!!!!!…ship the White Patriotards off to the glue factory for processing….

  19. The problems with this article are things called “facts”. And the big fat Greek fact that really stands out more than anything else is that during the six years since so-called “austerity” was introduced, the Greek debt has continued to grow. Can you liberals do math? That means Greek governments did little or nothing to change course, regardless of whether you blame Goldman and banksters, or not. There will always be creepy money lenders. You have to learn to avoid them.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
    , @Wizard of Oz
  20. Yes of course Russia … and China? Another card to play I think – they are sitting quietly back, waiting, smiling. They are thinking of tourism; that enormous Greek industry – what a heaven for those (now deeply unloved) Chinese tourists; what investment opportunities: where will all those Europeans have to go to take their holidays now?

    It seems to me that Syriza has everything to play for and that Europe has the losing hand.

  21. Flower says:

    I’m rather underwhelmed with this author. The EU is definitely NOT a ” reincarnation of the Holy Roman Empire”. How silly. But it is an effective argument today because it 1. mentions a part of history that maybe 12 people on the planet really understand, and 2. It disparages religion.

    The EU is a con. A long con, but a con nonetheless. First of all, it is not a “union”, it is a bunch of bankers who have agreed to do away with all those pesky money/banking laws/traditions, and replaced it with a ginormous, yet hollow, “Trust Us, We Promise!” Any of the EU’s thoughts toward the people (i.e. non-bankers) are basically in the “Gee I hope these aholes don’t catch on too quick” category.

    Without equivocation, if you want a better, truer analogy than The Holy Roman Empire, here it is: The EU was designed and executed to be another FED. It is designed to take a cut out of every monetary transaction in Europe. From 6 y-o Johnny putting quarters (or Francs or Pounds or Lire…) into his piggy bank, to a quick 40 billion dollar “loan” to set up the first self-sustaining Fusion reactor, the EU (or, if it’s in the USSA, the FED) gets a piece.

    An interesting note: Thanks in great part to such historically notable people as Fredrick the Great (Adolph’s idol) and Otto Von Bismark, The Holy Roman Empire (or, what was left of it) became Germany. How’s that for irony, Izzy?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  22. @Epaminondas

    “There will always be creepy money lenders. You have to learn to avoid them.”

    Avoid them in my personal dealings, yes, but I’ve always got time to watch them choke down a large helping of Just Desserts.

  23. Boomstick says:

    The loans were “forced upon” Greece by Goldman Sachs? Doesn’t that deny agency to Greece, or are they supposed to be minors or incompetents who can’t enter into contracts?

    One party to the agreement had an army, air force, and navy, and the other didn’t, so I don’t think there was force going on in the way you claim there was.

  24. big bill says:

    it is mostly the Greeks’ irresponsible spending that led to their current unfortunate position

    Which “Greeks” are you referring to? All of them? Only those that “spent irresponsibly”? The individual “Greeks” who knew about the Goldman Sachs scam? The “Greeks” who believed what they were told?

    Which leads me to wonder who is truly responsible for the Madeoff scam. The people who believed Madeoff and lost their life savings? After all, they willingly went out and irresponsibly selected Madeoff from among an infinite number of investment opportunities.

    And what about the hundreds of millions of Americans who are “irresponsibly spending” their money on Social Security? When it collapses and they are left destitute, are c they to blame?

    • Replies: @Nador
  25. @Flower

    Unfortunately this ends up classified as a rant to ignore because you don’t know enough to distinguish between the EU and the Eurozone as to which some of the things you say may approach approximate truth though I won’t stop to verify….

  26. @Epaminondas

    Maybe “creepy money lenders” doesn’t put you in the category of those who are careless or ignorant of Goldman’s role – and who in Brussels, Paris and Berlin was complicit – but it does imply wrongly that Goldman’s was acting as lender rather than entrepreneurial London, HK or Wall Street lawyer…

  27. Nador says:
    @big bill

    I was referring to the Greek nation as a whole. Of course it was not individual Greek teachers or bricklayers who asked Goldman Sachs to cook their books. It was their elected officials. Still, they chose their political class, they also made it clear that it was not an accidental mistake that they chose irresponsible politicians by electing Syriza and now voting no on the referendum. So yes, I do think the average Greek citizen is far from blameless for the current trouble.
    As for the Americans who spend their money on unsustainable social security: yes, individuals do share a responsibility for their political class and its decisions- though admittedly a small and unequal one. If American voters show a consistent preference for politicians who promise the moon (as Greeks did) then they do share responsibility for the consequent bankruptcy.

  28. Seraphim says:

    @Greece is a ticking bomb, let it explode in the West’s hands

    Not a few people use the imagery of the “Trojan horse” when talking about Greece. But they can’t agree against whom is the horse to be used.
    Many say that SYRIZA is a stooge of Soros, therefore its role is to fool the Russians.
    But judging by the real venom spewed by the Western MSM, their unrestrained display of contempt and barely disguised hatred against Greece, I would be inclined to believe that the real target is the European Union, the parodical re-incarnation of the perennial enemy of Byzance, the parodical “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation” (Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation, Imperium Romanum Sacrum Nationis Germanicæ).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Dan
  29. Priss Factor [AKA "AOL"] says: • Website

    “The Greeks were right to reject paying the debts, for these debts were forced upon them by the giant vampire squid, Goldman Sachs..”

    Greeks were FORCED to borrow money?

    Come now.

  30. Priss Factor [AKA "AOL"] says: • Website

    “Tsipras promised to come to Moscow for the May 9 celebrations, and failed to show up at the last moment. ”

    Never trust a Greek.

    Trust me. Lying is their second language.

  31. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Eek, it’s a Greek.

  32. Seraphim says:
    @Priss Factor

    It is rather “Rebetiko” music, more Turkish and Gypsy than Greek.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There is no titanic struggle of epic proportions in the background here, just a small nation that lived beyond its means and now can’t repay its debt.

    Also lol, at Greece calling other nations “parodical”.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  34. Dan says:

    Indeed. Sorosyza has been playing the U.S. game all-along. To understand this you need to know that the U.S. is waging an overt war against Russia and a covert one against Europe, and Germany in particular, by using the Tsipras regime. Putin read this ploy which is why he contacted Lagarde and Hollande to warn them what would happen if the U.S. plan would go through and in attempt to prevent it from happening.

    However the westerm msm venom is increasingly directed against Germany and its hardline stance while Greece is portrayed as an almost innocent victim of German aggression/genocide. Now why would the fervently anti-Russian western media support a country if that country was indeed a Russian “trojan horse”? The only explanation is that Syriza is a U.S. trojan horse meant to bend German resistance in the only sphere where Germany isn’t following U.S. dictates, which is in running the economic affairs in the Eurozone. Germany knows that if this plan succeeds it will have to redistribute its wealth to the poorer countries so that the Euro-globalist project is made to run more smoothly. That was the plan all along and why the Eurozone crisis was created in the first place and Soros has clearly outlined it.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Seraphim
  35. 5371 says:

    [the westerm msm venom is increasingly directed against Germany and its hardline stance while Greece is portrayed as an almost innocent victim of German aggression/genocide]

    What on earth are you smoking?

    • Replies: @Dan
  36. Dan says:

    You are obviously struggling to keep yourself up to date, are you inside a mayonnaise jar?

    • Replies: @5371
  37. Seraphim says:

    @Greece calling other nations “parodical”

    “Parody” is a Greek term, but if the “Holy Roman-German Empire” can be called a parody is not because Greeks called it so, it was because it was a parody of the real Roman Empire (misnamed Byzantine).
    OTOH, the MSM is abuzz with warnings that Greece might “fall to Russia”, and that might have dire consequences. I ask why all the kerfuffle if it is just about a “small country” of parvenus who do not know their place and want to eat at the masters table?

  38. Seraphim says:

    @overt war against Russia and a covert one against Europe, and Germany in particular

    What really the “Atlantic Empire” fight against is an entente between Russia and Germany. It was what Sir Halford Mackinder warned against in his celebrated 1904 seminal address to the Royal Geographic Society in 1904 in London, “The Geographical Pivot of History”:
    “The oversetting of the balance of power in favour of the pivot state, resulting in its expansion over the marginal lands of Euro-Asia, would permit of the use of vast continental resources for fleet building, and the empire of the world would then be in sight. This might happen if Germany were to ally herself with Russia.
    Greece is part of “Russia’s underbelly”, the key to the straits.

  39. joe webb says:

    Israel Shamir is a communist, Hudson and the other guy are dopey leftists, and Paul Craig Roberts went ’round the bend several years ago.

    Aren’t there any, I’m sorry to say, “moderates” around who are capable of discerning the truth and telling it?

    Greek IQ average is 92 and communist resentment of more talented people, and Greek vices like evading taxes, driving while crazy, and spending other people’s money on la dolce vita, and statist bureaucracies that are huge…this is all part of the deal.

    None of these leftist bizarre rants about the ‘banksters’ are willing to discuss the other side of the picture….German ants and Greek grasshoppers.

    There seems to be an Unz Review policy of unleashing looney lefties, and , in this case, no conservative voice of sobriety to be heard. Shamir is a confessed communist, and, genetically a Jew, so maybe that means nothing whatsoever.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @5371
    , @vinteuil
  40. 5371 says:

    Just mumbling “Soros” and “conspiracy” like a punch-drunk boxer does not convert nonsense into sense. It seems to have escaped your attention that today is not opposite day.

    • Replies: @Dan
  41. 5371 says:
    @joe webb

    If you think “Greek IQ average is 92” is a fact, you are wrong. Furthermore, it makes you appear very unintelligent.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  42. Dan says:

    The “conspiracy” part you uttered it yourself, as if in your limited imagination “Soros” has to followed by “conspiracy”, while skipping all the thinking parts in between. Or perhaps it is that you’re making sh*t up to change the subject because it’s hard for you to swallow the fact that you were chastised for your worthless earlier remark.

    • Replies: @5371
  43. 5371 says:

    Please explain, my incoherent friend, how “game”, “covert war”, “ploy”, “trojan horse” and “plan” amount to something other than a conspiracy. Also, if those were the “thinking parts”, I’d hate to see you when you aren’t thinking.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    Bouzouki music is sort of like Balalaika music.

    Ought to sound familiar to Russians.

  45. joe webb says:

    well Hippo, like a mexer who wrote a letter to the editor decades ago with regard to California’s late Senator Murphy and his remark that mexicans made good field labor for the bracero program at the time cuz ‘they were built close to the ground,’ said mexer stated that he might be built close to the ground, but he could still reach the ballot box….

    (No black could have so written)

    So my intelligence such as it is , is sufficient to read Richard Lynn’s IQ and Global Inequality, pages 144 and 147 respectively for Greece and Turkey and Greece’s IQ average is reported as 92 and Turkey’s is 90.

    This racial argument clearly relates to Turkey’s 400 year occupation of Greece, as well as the whole propinquity argument as it applies to southern Europe, and its gonads fondling the Turkic and Arab people’s similar.

    If northern Europe had been closer, it likewise would doubtless have done the same more or less, especially since we Nordics are sooooo altruistic and luvvv the darkies, which includes their private parts to be sure.

    By the way, Richard Lynn appears to have parsed out matters even more in his 2012 book on more or less the same stuff presented in my copy of his 2006, but it is hard to find.

    Any similarity of Greece today to the ancients is purely coincidental. Lynn or somebody else writing authoritatively I guess, guessed that ancient Greece probably had an average IQ of about 115…to have produced what it did produce.

    I reach for my Richard Lynn like the putative Goring comment about reaching for his revolver, whenever I hear the words Culture , Shamir, and other communist and liberal assertions.
    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Seraphim
  46. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You see such words as something totally irrelevant and unthinkable in the context of international politics as your feeble mind wants desperately to try to avoid thinking much about anything, looking to cling to your round the clock blissful nepenthe with nary a notion to disturb your oblivious tranquility.

  47. 5371 says:

    I never doubted it was possible to fill out a list or table with such dubious data. I merely questioned its relationship to reality.

  48. 5371 says:
    @joe webb

    Richard Lynn is a massager of his figures, in much the same sense as massages take place in Oriental massage parlours.

  49. vinteuil says:
    @joe webb

    “Israel Shamir is a communist, Hudson and the other guy are dopey leftists, and Paul Craig Roberts went ’round the bend several years ago.”

    Yup – that pretty much sums them up.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  50. Karl says:

    >>> in 1204, they smashed the Byzantine Empire

    Raise your hand if you think that the Byzantine Empire was ever annointed by God to rule over all those lands and all those peoples

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  51. Seraphim says:

    The Byzantine Empire was the ONLY ever properly anointed.

  52. Seraphim says:
    @joe webb

    There is a real obsession with IQ. It gets a bit tacky.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  53. joe webb says:

    please explain what ‘tacky’ means. For example, an IQ of 100 is just not enough to go to a decent college profitably. An IQ of 110 is enough for the average good college. An IQ of 120 is pretty much required for doing professional work, although I have seen in Murray/Hernstein The Bell Curve, that med schools at least used to require a minimum of 114, until they started negroizing the whole thing.

    The wealth of nations …..totally dependent on IQ and half way decent temperments. The average IQ if Greeks at 92 puts Greece in the same league as, say, Turkey. How is this unimportant?

    Joe Webb

  54. mick says:

    Maybe we could crowdfund Greece back to prosperity and after they recover you get a holiday there that pays back your contribution ?

  55. 5371 says:

    I was very reluctant to come to this conclusion, because I never judge based on the unfounded and bankrupt dichotomy of “right” and “left”. But I must now admit with regret: Tsipras has shown himself to be a faggot.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  56. joe webb says:

    a “faggot”??? Gee willikers.

    As a bio-cultural type guy, with bio first and culture second, I recognize that biology makes homosexuals, with maybe a wee little one or two % of homosexuals getting weird cuz they are pussies, so to speak, and try something else.

    There is no Reason to condemn homosexuality in this way of ‘faggot,” etc.

    They are freaks of nature, but so are many others where the biology wires got crossed.

    Homosexuals should not have the rights of marriage cuz marriage is for children, not sex, etc.

    Homosexuals , like Jews, are bringing on a large blow-back, maybe sooner or later. They should stay more or less in the closet, or at least stop mau-mauing the rest of us with their Gay Pride. Pride goeth before a fall.

    I have known a few Gays…they are anything but gay…such is the euphuism of the times.

    Joe Webb

  57. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bank of Montreal holds in a custodial account the sum of 600 billion US dollars in favour of the sovereign democracy of Ellas (Greece) and 50 billion US dollars in favour of the other Greek state, Cyprus (the north of the country occupied by Turkish troops since 1974). The total amount is incorporated in 7 International Bills of Exchange, a liability of the FED. With their triple A rating, they can easily be used as collateral by both countries’ Central Banks and liquidated within a few days. The deposit has been confirmed by a Greek Court Ruling no. 67650/13 dated 28/06/2013. The deposits were officially communicated to both countries in 2012, i.e to the government, the judiciary, Parliament, the President but also to the ECB, the IMF and the European Commission. The establishment won’t touch it. An initiative to free Greece of its largely concocted debt, was brewing for years. The mechanism behind the move is mostly made up of Greek nationals living abroad. The man chosen to lead the charge is a native Greek, Artemis Sorras. A fiery personality who has been given the necessary financial instruments to start a real revolution. There have been thousands of presentations across the country for the past three years. Waking up the Greek nation to its rich history and setting up the stage to unite under the flag with no dogmas, no political parties and to establish true Democracy. Artemis, whom i’ve met in person, has taken on all of the so called elite that pull the strings around the world. He cannot be intimidated. He remains steadfast to his mission. He has released tonnes of documents that reveal what is really happening behind the scenes. Like for instance, secret bank accounts holding trillions of dollars in the form of Trusts for almost all the nations of the world. And how the Banksters are really using OUR funds to enslave us. And much much more. This could be the game changer we all hope for. Because it has the fire power (sovereign bonds, gold bonds) but also the political leverage based on a historical nation (ethnos) which has been under persecution for at least 1500 years….

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