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From Corbyn to Stalin to Rothschild
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(1) England

Jewish logic is astounding! The Jews fought Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour tooth and claw. Their newspapers claimed he is a new Hitler. Their Chief Rabbi issued a fatwa against Corbyn. Israel’s Foreign Minister said he hopes Corbyn will lose British election. And Labour had been soundly trashed in the British elections. Jews could congratulate themselves with this result: they’ve got what they wished. But such a response would be too simple-minded for Jews.

When the results of the elections became known, immediately, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz responded with: “The blaming of the Jews for this historic defeat has already begun. It will only get louder.” Well, this is the nature of elections. If you actively support one, winning side, you’d be congratulated by the winners and blamed by the losers. This is just, this is right. But it is not good enough for the Jews. The smart people want a better deal: to be congratulated by the winners, while the losers should just regret they haven’t had you on their side. They can’t blame you for it will be antisemitic act.

This is the great Jewish trick: they always win, and they never lose. When their side loses, they say they didn’t act qua Jews. Even if they pull the Jewish solidarity card, and say that as Jews they have to be for unlimited immigration everywhere but in Israel; or as Jews they want Corbyn to lose; you are not allowed to “blame” them for the result. The Jews are always blameless. You may congratulate them with the result, never blame.

Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian journalist who had worked overtime blowing Corbyn antisemitism hoax into flame, twitted “I predicted Labour would be defeated”. He was corrected: “it was not predicted, it was manufactured by you!” And the Jews responded with “How do you dare to blame a Jew?”

And now, if you are unhappy with Corbyn’s defeat, should you blame the Jews? Yes and no. No, because whatever Jews say, it is Brits that vote. No, so they won’t think that Jews decide everything. And still, yes. They contributed their energy to his defeat. The Jewish onslaught on Corbyn had one immediate unfortunate consequence: Corbyn have tried to accommodate the attackers and sought a compromise with wealthy Remainers at the expense of the workers. And a politician who accommodates Jews is likely to be defeated twice: once, by a politician who is totally, without reservations, on the Jewish side; and the second time, by your supporters who would leave you. This is what happened to Corbyn. He went towards Jews, away from the British working class; while on the Jewish territory, he was easily defeated by Johnson, the eager friend of Israel.

Corbyn had a chance: if he would unleash a Night of the Long Knives on Blairites after his victory in the party, if he would allow the party members to deselect the pro-Remain Blairite Jewish MPs, if he would drop silly pseudo-left notions of climate change, green economy, gender discourse, migrants, if he were to stick to the hard left class line, he would surely win. People are sick of fence sitters.

Instead of being horrified by Jewish fatwa, he could make it his banner. Instead of blessing Jews with the Hanukkah and getting “Go f*ck yourself” in return from Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, he could bless the British people with coming Christmas. But then, he won’t be Corbyn.

This development has a long history. The close aide to Jeremy Corbyn and a leading Labour strategist Seumas Milne had published a piece in the Guardian (he was then the paper’s leading columnist) called “This slur of anti-semitism is used to defend repression”. That was in 2002, and he wrote: “Since the French revolution, the fates of the Jewish people and the left have been closely intertwined. The left’s appeal to social justice and universal rights created a natural bond with a people long persecuted and excluded by the Christian European establishment. Despite the changed class balance of many Jewish communities, Jews remain disproportionately active in progressive political movements throughout the world” but now they accuse the Left of anti-semitism.

I replied to him then:

In civilised New York, a girl eager to brush-off an insistent admirer does not have to be rude. She slips him a phone number to call, and there a recorded message informs him, “The person you are calling does not wish to remain in contact with you. If you want to listen to a sad poem, press ONE, if you want to cling to unrealistic dream of reunion, press TWO, if you want to have counselling and advice, press THREE.”

The Milne’s article is a rejected lover’s complaint. Apparently, he can’t overcome his rejection by the Daughter of Zion. He laments the glorious days of their alliance: “Since the French revolution, the fates of the Jewish people and the Left have been closely intertwined. From the time of Marx, Jews played a central role across all shades of the left.” Mr Milne and the Left are in need of some advice and counselling (press THREE).

Everything that has a beginning, Mr Milne, has an end as well. Before the French Revolution, the Jewish people supported despotism against the aristocracy, and the Magna Carta was signed by King John despite their opposition. After Napoleon, the Jewish people had had a long alliance with the Left. It was long, but not everlasting. This alliance was severed in the aftermath of the failed 1968 revolution. Since that time the Jewish People have built a new alliance, with Globalisation forces.


Give it a thought, Mr. Milne: if the Daughter of Zion could ally herself with the Left, why could she not change her partners? Should she be considered a permanently beneficial force, next to God Almighty? Jewish leadership benefited from the union with the Left while it was an aspiring force, struggling with the traditional upper classes. After their aspirations were satisfied, they had no more interest in such an ally.

Why should one describe as a ‘natural bond’ rather than a ‘marriage of convenience’ this relationship with the rich Jewish bankers and newspaper owners who had supported the Left? It was quite an unnatural bond, formed against the obvious class interests of the involved sides, and its collapse was inevitable. The Left accepted the help of rich Jews, disregarding their motives. It paid a heavy price: alienation from the working classes who had had a long and painful history of Jew-Gentile relations, alienation from the Church, and the uncompromising hostility of the upper classes. The Jews used the energy of the Left until it ran out, and then ditched it. Now, the Left can dial a phone number in New York and listen to the pre-recorded message. (Read this article in full here.)

Since 2002, the Left didn’t part with Jews; instead, it went to the desert the wealthy Jews wanted to send it, to the desert of identity politics and climate bull, to the desert of accommodating Jews and disregarding Christians. This policy came to the natural end in the 2019 elections. The new leadership of the Labour should learn its lesson and complete the disengagement from the Jews.

They could learn much from Joseph Stalin, whose 140th anniversary had been celebrated yesterday in Moscow and elsewhere. This great and victorious leader of the Left didn’t stray away from his course of liberating mankind on fashionable nonsense; he had no use for Derrida’s deconstruction; he was a friend and a patron of the Church; he didn’t encourage gender changes and perversions, he developed industry instead of promoting green sources; he banned abortions; immigration was tiny (mainly American workers and engineers fleeing the Great Recession).

As for Jews, he was a friend, but not a slave. He didn’t hesitate to jail and execute the treasonous ones, he rewarded the loyal ones, he saved millions of Jews from the Nazi death machine. Jews – from Tel Aviv to London and from Moscow to New York – worshipped him. Eventually the fickle Daughter of Zion ditched him, but she always does.

His enemies accuse him of running the Gulag archipelago of jails and prisons, of harsh prison terms, but now in the age of Totalitarian Liberalism this complain appear jaded somewhat. The US penitentiary system has more prisoners than Stalin’s ever had, in absolute numbers and relative to population. No jail in Stalin’s days could compare with Guantanamo, where untried prisoners pray for death, or with Belmarsh prison where Assange is being kept.

Or indeed with “the highest security prison in Rhode Island, where he slept in halls with 50 bunks, shat in door-less toilets next to murderers and human traffickers, took group showers with cannibals and child rapists in the world’s last outpost of legalized slavery, earning ten cents an hour, paying a dollar for a bottle of water in a private prison complex where free cold water no longer exists. To make the maximum off of prisoners, no fresh water is provided, only access to hot water and ice, so that prisoners have to constantly pay for cups. Otherwise they don’t get to drink. Sometimes prisons withhold earnings from hourly wages, reducing them to two cents” – and that is in the US under Obama, not in Russia under Stalin. Ivan Denisovich of Solzhenitsyn had enough cold water.

After the last week sentence of Adolfo Martinez (16 years of jail for protesting LGBT flag), I think the myth of “cruel Stalin” may fade into oblivion, with many other myths of the period.

The Russian people were invariably anti-Stalin by 1991, as a result of insistent and permeating government propaganda. But now, in 2020, 70 per cent of Russians have a favourite view of this historical personality, a contemporary of Hitler and Churchill. Yesterday, thousands of Russians had brought their red carnations to his tomb at the Red Square. Will the Brits remember their Labour leaders in 70 years?

(2) Rothschild Leaks

– “Jewishness has once again become a way of avoiding scrutiny and accountability. Only anti-Semites dare to see a link between the sale of Alstom, Macron’s career, the Rothschilds, and the Jewish community.” – told me a knowledgeable Jewish person, well versed with goings-on within the French Jewish community and in the higher business, banking and political circles of the Republic. I’ll call him JT. (My regular readers have met him in my preceding essay, and now he has his own Twitter account and a blog).

I almost hung up on him. When I see ‘Rothschild’, my hand reaches for the click-out button. I do not wait for ‘reptilians’ or ‘Rockefellers’ of another boring rant against bankers-and-Jews. What could one add to this over-researched (since 18th century) topic! However, JT added to our knowledge in this long piece.

He says that while Rothschilds are not as big as many other giant banks, and they have fewer assets, they have unique influence in politics, based on hundreds of years of experience. Joining Rothschilds is “considered a kind of rite of passage for executive appointments in the government”. That’s why Macron joined them looking for a political career. A short list of Rothschild alumni in the world’s largest corporations gives us Shell, De Beers, the Guardian – the newspaper that smeared Jeremy Corbyn as antisemite, the Economist, etc. They have hidden and secret contacts with other groups and persons of importance. And yes, they are often Jewish.

“As with the rest of the Jewish community the Rothschilds use their Jewishness to intimidate journalists into disinterest, and the Holocaust to prevent any appeal for transparency. Everyone who is anyone uses Jewishness for political purposes, and statesmen flock to this media-unfriendly brand.”

Their specialty is hiding wealth, and crooks running decrepit countries such as the Ukraine (Peter Poroshenko) hide and manage their stolen loot with the bank.

With offshore comes secrecy, influence, and tax avoidance. It is a considerably sought-after service, especially when laundered through the “Rothschild” brand.


JT makes an interesting observation. There were so many leaks of offshore banking – Panama leaks, Luxembourg Leaks, Bahamas Leaks, Paradise Paper Leaks – but none of them had revealed Rothschild’s offshores. There is a system to this madness: all the leaks are connected with the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) financed and controlled by George Soros’s Open Society foundation and by Pierre Omidyar. They are the people who are promoted as a new Wikileaks, and their Glenn Greenwald as a new Assange.

But observe the difference. Julian Assange and his Wikileaks had made all the secret stuff available for you and me. We all can read the State Department cables. And Julian is locked up in the high security prison.

Glenn Greenwald has got the treasure trove of Snowden Files, gigabytes lifted from the NSA and CIA computers, likely to reveal the 9/11 conspiracy, planning of Middle Eastern wars, their spying on the American people – and he sits tight on it. We shall never see any of it. Not surprisingly, Greenwald prospers, eats well and sleeps well at his home with his boyfriend.

The brave researcher, Max Blumenthal wrote in a long and extensive piece about Omidyar’s activities:

Greenwald pledged in 2014 to build a secure “reading room” where outside journalists could review files at the publication’s New York City office. That room has not materialized. In October 2017, he published a cable from Snowden files that revealed Saudi Prince Salman bin Sultan explicitly directing a faction of Syrian insurgents to “light up” Damascus and “flatten” its civilian airport on March 18, 2013. The cable also revealed that Saudi Arabia had supplied 120 tons of explosives to the armed opposition, resulting in attacks on the Syrian presidential palace and locations across Damascus. That cable had been in the possession of The Intercept’s founders for over four years, but it was inexplicably held. Had it been released when they got it, people would learn that the so-called “moderate rebels” were, in fact, waging a campaign of terror on behalf of foreign sponsors – and perhaps, the Syrian war would be over sooner.

I wonder what was the reason of Snowden’s escape to Moscow? Why did he have to run away at all? Why did he have to steal the stuff nobody ever saw excepting Greenwald and his boss Omydiar? I really do not care that the greedy Feds intend to pocket Snowden’s royalties for the book he published. Let Omidyar compensate him.

Omidyar had bought Greenwald to assure that nothing of substance contained in Snowden’s files ever became public, and Greenwald sold the files and his own soul, provided he had it in the first place. The leaks that he publishes are those that fit into his schemes like Trump’s links to Putin.

And now sit tight for a surprise. Omidyar is the main backer behind the efforts of the infamous Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to run internet censorship by tech giants, reported Whitney Webb. Omidyar provided the capital to launch the ADL’s “new Silicon Valley center to fight intolerance” and to team up with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft — to create a Cyberhate Problem-Solving Lab for ultimate censorship.

Glenn Greenwald pretended for years to be a Palestine supporter, a harsh critic of Israeli apartheid. How come, Glenn, that now you play in the ADL team that brands Palestinian activists as hatemongers and antisemites? You pretended to be for peace and against US wars. How come that your team fights against Tulsi Gabbard, the only anti-war contender for the US presidency? Is that the voice of blood or the voice of blood money you earned? When you agree to accommodate a mysterious money-man, you end up in the embraces of ADL, apparently.

JT says that of all the countless mentions of Rothschild in the ICIJ databases, even relating to Jeffrey Epstein material, only two files are accessible, and they come from auditors, not ICIJ or their privatised leaks. The rest remains inaccessible. The ICIJ might even be described as “leak catchers,” a term corroborated by Mintpress’ expose of Omydiar’s activities. And Rothschilds and their clients remain safe and protected.

In the next issue, we shall continue reading JT’s papers.

(3) Christmas

My blessings to our readers with glorious Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ! As my present to this occasion, I shall send free of charge my e-book Our Lady of Sorrows about the fate of Christianity in Palestine under Israeli occupation. Just send an email with subject Our Lady to [email protected] And my e-group had been moved from Yahoogroups to [email protected] All are welcome to join.

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  1. Rahan says:

    Stalin and Mao uprooted violently the institutions of their nations, in order to use the crisis to transform them into peer competitors of the West, thus saving their sovereignty.

    I’d rather hang myself than live at a time like this, but it worked. Neither Russia nor China were conquered or colonized. Both Russia and China in 2019 not only have the highest standard of life they ever had, but are also capable of making any aggressor of thinking ten times before trying anything.

    The West is undergoing a similar collapse of institutions, only it’s happening in a clandestine manner, and it’s not a transition meant to lead to a new life of the nation, rather it’s a terminal transition meant to extinguish the nation and replace it utterly with alien people and alien institutions and alien categories and alien patterns of thought.

    Keeping in mind that today’s Russia and China achieved what they have to a large extent by borrowing from the West the practices which the West has now forgotten, that’s some irony there, boyo.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Felix Keverich
    , @barr
  2. @Rahan

    Stalin’s economic system had to be dismantled before Russians could attain a middling level of income and a whole bunch of countries managed to build nukes without starving their citizens. Only the communist countries have to starve their citizens.

  3. Absolutely brilliant piece by Shamir. Should be required reading by the Left.

    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
    , @Gyre07
  4. sarz says:

    Stalin “saved millions of Jews from the Nazi death machine” says Shamir. I think the secret of Shamir is a kabbalistic one. There is no there there. But there are multiple masks. One of them ‘believes’ in the Holocaust. That mask keeps Putin happy because without their remembered victory over great evil, the Russians are nothing. That’s who popped up in that space. Without a there there it’s hard to keep it all straight.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  5. utu says:

    The usual bait and switch by Israel Shamir. Start with the Jews and then switch to insane glorification of Stalin.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @israel shamir
    , @Wally
  6. Onebornfree says: • Website

    I. Shamir says: “They could learn much from Joseph Stalin,” .

    Yep, those Brit- comm. dunderheads sure could “learn much” from Stalin. Ho! Ho! Ho! 😂

    “Regards” onebornfree

  7. ivan says:

    Shamir is an irritating fellow but he has his moments. He has some material that cannot be obtained from elsewhere and writes well. Stalin, all by himself made the Russian Orthodox Church an agent of the Soviet state. Shamir who is always bleating about the Light of Christianity, is surely intelligent enough to know what happens when a Church becomes a handmaiden of the state.

    And of course I agree with everything he says about the American prison system. But he should spare some of his invective for the prison systems of his beloved Russia and China.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
    , @JUSA
  8. ivan says:

    Mr Shamir is surely correct in taunting Corbyn about grovelling before the establishment Jews. With the Jews you lose. So there is no point in playing their games.

  9. German_reader says:

    “he was a friend and a patron of the Church”

    Laughable, the Bolsheviks killed thousands of priests and blew up many major churches. Repression may have been somewhat relaxed during WW2 to generate support for the war effort, but Stalin “a friend of the church”? LOL.

    • Agree: utu, Alfred
  10. Biff says:
    @Felix Keverich

    Evidently you’re an ‘idiot’.

  11. @German_reader

    Many Russian churches were destroyed in Khrushchev’s days, for this enemy of Stalin was a great enemy of the Church. Stalin’s powers were quite limited until mid-thirties, and afterwards the Russian church had its revival. Practically all older priests and bishops of the church were ordained in Stalin’s days.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  12. @ivan

    Church becomes a handmaiden of the state

    It is far from unusual – Anglican Church has the Queen for its Head, the Swedish church has its bishops ordained by the Parliament, Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Church maintained symphony with the Imperial power. Russian church had been led by a state body (Synod) since Peter the Great. It is the Soviet authorities who allowed the Russian church its independence; the Patriarch is elected without state interference. However, as Putin is a church-goer, the relations between the State and the Church are quite all right, but not more than that. The state does not want to take the church as its handmaiden)) and the church manages quite well, certainly better than in any European or North American state.

    • Replies: @ivan
  13. @utu

    Glorification is too strong a word. For a person of the Left, Stalin and Mao were the state leaders who succeeded to withstand enormous pressure and carry the torch of liberation from greed. They weren’t soft and fluffy, like Salvador Allende; they weren’t as universally popular as Evo Morales – but they managed, while others collapsed. Russians do not glorify him, but respect his memory. I am far from glorifying him, or George Washington, or Napoleon Bonaparte – they were heroes of their times.

  14. Ghali says:

    Great article. I have always warned that Glenn Greenwald never be trusted. He is the scum of journalism. He is following in the footsteps of what the Guardian newspaper did to Julisn Assange.

    Here is a good article on Palestinian Christians by Jonathan Cook:

  15. TKK says:

    No jail in Stalin’s days could compare with Guantanamo, where untried prisoners pray for death, or with Belmarsh prison where Assange is being kept.

    Or indeed with “the highest security prison in Rhode Island, where he slept in halls with 50 bunks, shat in door-less toilets next to murderers and human traffickers, took group showers with cannibals and child rapists in the world’s last outpost of legalized slavery, earning ten cents an hour, paying a dollar for a bottle of water in a private prison complex where free cold water no longer exists. To make the maximum off of prisoners, no fresh water is provided, only access to hot water and ice, so that prisoners have to constantly pay for cups.

    When I go see my federal clients, they are drenched in sweat- from their Pilates Class. After we talk or we Skype, they can bang out an email to me before they receive top notch dental care that their case manager schedules at the hint of tooth ache. They meet with psychologists if they have a case of the sadz.

    For the ones not getting their Masters or Ph.D, on our dime, they study HVAC, carpentry or IT and graphic design. Others laze the day away reading, working out or working on their case.

    This is federal prison, not state.

    However, even the State prisons have access to water. And commissary. What makes State Prisons intolerable are the black inmates.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  16. TKK says:

    After the last week sentence of Adolfo Martinez (16 years of jail for protesting LGBT flag), I think the myth of “cruel Stalin” may fade into oblivion, with many other myths of the period.

    Again, you aggressively mislead readers.

    His 16 year sentence is because he is an HFO- Habitual Felony Offender. He had two other significant felonies in Iowa, with lots of misdemeanors thrown in the mix.

    The “hate crime” enhanced the sentence, but any third felony would have triggered HFO sentencing.

    Furthermore, the knucklehead stated he was doing the Lord’s work and that no one could stop him from going after gays. When facing prison for a hate crime, he gave the State a hate predicate on a silver platter with his own words. This is AFTER he broke into a strip club to burgle the place.

    You present a false narrative- that he was given this harsh sentence for simply burning the LGBT flag to sensationalize your article.


    JAIL is a temporary facility for sentences less than 364 days or pre trial/plea confinement..

    PRISON is for 365+ or sentences shorter connected to a suspended DOC sentence or VOP or parole revokes.

    No one is sentenced to 16 years in JAIL.

    • Replies: @Pop Warner
  17. The Jews invented and implemented communism as a cudgel to beat down the goyim.

    Yet today, the only countries in the world who are free of the Jew are those who are currently or recently communist. Deeply ironic, no?

    It only goes to show how deeply adaptive and parasitic the Jew truly is. They quickly abandoned Communism once they realized how much better Jew-run capitalism and “democracy” serves their purposes.

  18. This sentence is incorrect: “Before the French Revolution, the Jewish people supported despotism against the aristocracy, and the Magna Carta was signed by King John despite their opposition.”

    In fact the Magna Carta had one or two clauses singling out Jews and giving them explicit rights.

    • Replies: @Cycling Goddess
  19. El Dato says:

    His enemies accuse him of running the Gulag archipelago of jails and prisons, of harsh prison terms, but now in the age of Totalitarian Liberalism this complain appear jaded somewhat. The US penitentiary system has more prisoners than Stalin’s ever had, in absolute numbers and relative to population. No jail in Stalin’s days could compare with Guantanamo, where untried prisoners pray for death, or with Belmarsh prison where Assange is being kept.

    What the fuck am I even reading.

    Seriously there is some good stuff in this article, but this is complete bullshit.

    None of Gitmo or the Assange show is excusable and in any functioning legal system, there would be politicial operators and judges looking at life inside. But this is not at all like a good, fat Bolshevik regime.

    [Stalin] he was a friend and a patron of the Church;

    The mind boggles. Maybe from an alternate SciFi show ordered by wealthy financiers???

  20. German_reader says:
    @israel shamir

    Stalin’s powers were quite limited until mid-thirties

    Stalin was a top figure in the Bolshevik regime right from the start, and the most powerful single figure since 1922 when he became general secretary and acquired control over the party apparatus. It’s nonsense to claim that he somehow was opposed to the persecution of the Church, but just couldn’t stop it.
    What he actually was responsible for, is things like this (along with mass killings of priests and laymen):

    • Replies: @Robjil
  21. geokat62 says:

    This great and victorious leader of the Left didn’t stray away from his course of liberating mankind

    Liberating mankind, really? Bolshevism 1.0, communism, was built on a lie that something natural (an individual’s self interest) could be suppressed and replaced by something artificial (class interest). That’s why the Soviet Union collapsed.

    The same thing will happen to Bolshevism 2.0, egalitarianism. It is built on the lie that there is no such thing as race or groups, and that every human being is the same and, therefore, interchangeable. That is why, like communism, today’s clown world (built on political correctness) will collapse. It’s just a matter of time.

    And we have Jewish Supremacists to thank for both these strains of Bolshevism. These false ideologies were introduced to promote their group interests at the expense of the interests of their host societies. The price of Bolshevism 1.0 was the gulags, repression, and mass executions. Only time will tell whether the price of Bolshevism 2.0 will be greater or less than its predecessor.

  22. GMC says:

    My opinion on Stalin and/or Russia’s other histories – and how the Russian people reflect on it, is that they aren’t fanatical, but are mostly educationally compassionate about their centuries of history, writings, wars, peace etc. They seem to accept that , whether it was good or bad – we are still here and are the same Russian people we were back then. They will be proud enough to accept the past, their history, no matter how anyone else sees it. They also know that most of the West will use the History against them in propaganda. I see a huge Stalin statue everytime I go to the big market place – at first I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret it – today , I have learned to see it as their history – Their History.

  23. @sarz

    With or without a holo-hoax, the Russians still beat the Germans and saved their own country. That’s a good bit more than “nothing”.

    • Replies: @sarz
  24. Corbyn had a chance … if he would drop silly pseudo-left notions of climate change, green economy, gender discourse, migrants, if he were to stick to the hard left class line, he would surely win.

    Well, it looks like some of the communists in your current home of Sweden are getting ready to do exactly what you recommend:

    Let’s hope this is the start of a promising trend.

  25. sarz says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Of course the Russians (Soviets) won. That’s not the issue. The claim is that they won against great evil (ie, against the perpetrators of the Holocaust) and not against a country fighting off a well-laid plot of conquest. Russisn self-respect at the present juncture of history is a delicate thing. So the ‘necessary’ lie. That’s why the Auschwitz documents that came out in Yeltsin’s time have been sealed again. See Germar Rudolf.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
    , @Avery
    , @WHAT
  26. Robjil says:

    He did change his ways in 1938.

    Thus Stalin was Purimized in 1954. It took awhile for the Top Jews to do the job but Stalin was going against the Jewish Zion Supremacist plan. So he had to “go”.

    That Purim night, a few days before the Jewish doctors were due to go to trial, and just thirty minutes after Rabbi Silver’s foretelling of Stalin’s vulnerable fate, Stalin was said to have “collapsed in a fit of rage” during a meeting in which his supporters expressed opposition to his evil plan, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. That Purim, thousands of Jewish prisoners were freed. Joseph Stalin died on March 5, just a few days later, to the great relief of Russian Jewry. “To this day, I am choked with emotion every time I think back to that Purim of miracles,” recounts Mrs. Batyah Barg.

    May we continue to re-experience the miracles of our holidays each and every year.

  27. @Trevor Hardy

    Shamir is lying scum. Soviet Union had smaller crime rates and more than 2 times smaller population than USA. so most prisoners of Gulags were peasants (a lot of Ukrainians of course) and political prisoners and of course Shamir doesn’t mention death rates were very high, at some point same to Auschwitz. also Shamir “forgot” to mention Holodomor and that soviet worker monthly salary was worth liter of milk and 2 bars of soap. also Shamir doesn’t mention that there was no rule of law and independent judges. Also barbarity of Cheka was unbelievable and shocking to German army in 1941. they found boiled alive bodies. toddlers with nails in a heads and a lot of other mutilations and torture signs.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  28. MLK says:

    Not for nothing, only two of the comments so far even mention Corbyn. Shamir, of course, does but his heart isn’t in it.

    For a very simple reason, Corbyn was a loser from the get-go. After Labor’s recent historic wipeout, what kind of an idiot blames/accredits Jews?

    With his Stalin nostalgia, Shamir, perhaps unwittingly, is conceding that if you’re going to vanquish counter-revolutionaries you have to apply a Leninist/Stalinist power politics heavy head.

    On the one hand, as with Shamir, usually but not always, I enjoy informed provocation; On the other, it all amounts in the end to a middle schooler’s mental masturbation of the psychopathic variety one is supposed to keep to himself after reaching the age of thirteen, or reserve for historic battles/wars.

  29. Hibernian says:
    @israel shamir

    “..liberation from greed. ”

    Yeah, to make an omelet ya gotta break some eggs. Millions of them.

  30. David says:

    I think Greenwald is smarter and more honest than 99% of journalists and commentators. He’s been the best at pushing back against the MSM’s slandering of Trump.

    And this intro to a 30 minute interview he did of Gabbard seems “pro” to me. I wonder what Mr Shamir is thinking of when he says Greenwald’s team is fighting against her. (I didn’t watch the interview.)

    • Replies: @israel shamir
    , @Tom Welsh
  31. How much will Corbyn be paid to engineer his own defeat? Yes! Jews have energy, nay, plethora of energy but what about the dumb British voters who apparently can’t see which end is up… you just remember, it takes two to tango!

    • Replies: @Jake
  32. Glenn Greenwald too? I guess Omidyar’s money can buy a lot of cocks down in Brazil…

  33. @Felix Keverich

    Russia suffered a vicious period of impoverishment and actual starvation in the 1990s under Yeltsin and his neoliberal advisers.

    David Satter reported that reliable estimates stated 5 to 6 million Russians died prematurely.

  34. @David

    Against Tulsi: The billionaire’s target is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a military veteran and member of Congress from Omidyar’s primary state of residence, Hawaii. Gabbard recently announced a long-shot campaign for the White House centered on mobilizing opposition to U.S. regime-change wars and interventionism.

    Mark Ames described the billionaire’s attacks on Gabbard as “very particular to Hawaiian politics and Omidyar’s love for the military-intelligence world. Tulsi [Gabbard] has learned from her past mistakes and moved left on major issues, while Omidyar has moved gradually to the right — which is where he was already aligned overseas.

    This December, The Intercept published an article entitled, “Tulsi Gabbard is a rising progressive star, despite her support for Hindu nationalists.” It was one in a long series of sharply critical pieces leveled at Gabbard by Omidyar-backed publications. Omidyar’s local Hawaiian outlet, the Honolulu Civil Beat, promptly re-published the article.

    This article homed in on Gabbard’s relationship with American supporters of Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India and leader of a party, the BJP, that has stoked lethally violent attacks on Muslims in the past. The article based its case partly on the arguably bigoted assertion that Gabbard had many donors with “names that are of Hindu origin.” It noted only in passing that Gabbard had recused herself from attending the 2018 World Hindu Congress, a gathering that has been criticized as a global hub of Hindu nationalism. Three weeks after publishing the article, The Intercept published an apology for “a parenthetical sentence about donations to Tulsi Gabbard from individuals with names of Hindu origin, as identified by an expert.”

  35. @AnonymousUkr

    soviet worker monthly salary was worth liter of milk and 2 bars of soap

    How come that with such salaries Ukrainians multiplied, instead of dying off; while since victory of your friends in Kiev, Ukrainian population shrunk by a third?

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @AnonymousUkr
  36. @German_reader

    The best defence of Stalin re Church was that of Patriarch Alexis I who eulogised the dead leader:

    • Replies: @ivan
  37. Tom Welsh says:

    What a shame that Mr Milne should remain an unwanted suitor! But if he had done his research with due diligence, he would have understood that his beloved is already in one (at least) relationship.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  38. Agent76 says:

    May 31, 2016 Who Are The Rothschild’s, A Look Into The Corporate Dynasty

    Who are the Rothschild Family? This wealthy and influential family has funded wars, and helps sculpt the face of history. The 300 year old family line has become a corporate family dynasty, their wealth and influence are incalculable.

    Jan 21, 2017 Rothschild Wealth Is Now Greater Than 75% Of World Population Combined

    The House of Rothschild, the richest family in the world, controls more wealth than the world’s top 8 individual billionaires combined – and even more shockingly, more wealth than 75% of the total world population.

    • Replies: @Jake
  39. Tom Welsh says:
    @israel shamir

    With such a poor diet, it’s no wonder the Soviet population shrank to such catastrophically tiny numbers. (290,938,469 in July 1990 according to the 1990 edition of the CIA World Factbook).

  40. Tom Welsh says:

    “I think Greenwald is smarter and more honest than 99% of journalists and commentators”.

    If only that made him smart and honest!

    • LOL: Old and grumpy
  41. I’m getting to the point where I am so sick of Shamir’s propaganda insertion’s that I will opt not to read the shit that flows from his pen in future.
    Just an inherently dishonest man imho.
    The world needs more truth not deception.
    Orthodox Christian? Yeah, right.

  42. ivan says:
    @israel shamir

    “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all of these other things will be added unto you…”. Leaving aside the issue of Korba the Dread, about whom we are in total disagreement, it has to be said that a Church that suborns itself either willingly or unwillingly to a temporal power and that too one that is driven by atheism or Marxist materialism as its state religion, is not at first glance seeking the Kingdom of God.

  43. @TKK

    If burning a fag flag is a hate crime, then burning an American flag is treason. You can’t have it both ways. Either burning a flag is constitutionally protected speech or it isn’t. The fact that it showed up among his charged AT ALL is inexcusable and simply codifies the special status of anal sex fetishists and body dysphoria sufferers

  44. @sarz

    There may well be some modern Russians who take credit for ending the ‘holocaust,’ but in Stalin’s day, the holocaust narrative in its contemporary form simply did not yet exist–not in Russia and not anywhere else, in fact. For years, Russians considered it sufficient to celebrate the survival of their Motherland.

  45. @Felix Keverich

    The Boleshevik revolution, and Stalin’s Russia, could not have survived through 1925 without the 10’s of millions of dollars in gold and cash shipped to Moscow by military transport from Wall Street, and yes, even our own government. Along with the gold and cash sent were equipments and plans for factories, and railroads and oil drilling, even the Manhattan Project plans for the so secret nuclear bombs arrived safely. This was all run from the White House by Harry Hopkins who took his orders from Wall Street not FDR. Read Major Jordan’s Diary, it’s avilable in PDF format on the web, free.
    Also, Stalin can not explain why 10,000 russian Orthoodox churches were burned yet not 1 synagogue.

  46. JUSA says:

    And of course I agree with everything he says about the American prison system. But he should spare some of his invective for the prison systems of his beloved Russia and China.

    Somehow I doubt the prisons of these countries, esp. that of China, are the gang ridden rape factories that US prisons have become. Blacks and Hispanics have turned our prisons into true hell on earth with their low IQ, beastly nature. White guys who end up in prison pretty much have to get themselves into solitary confinement ASAP or they get beaten and become someone else’s bitch instantly.

    Read Face to Face With Race for an uncensored account of what it’s like in our glorious prisons. I suspect the only places worse are the prisons in Latin America, Caribbean and Africa, home of 16 of the world’s 20 most dangerous cities (the remaining 4 are in the US, all black heavy cities).

    • Replies: @Andrew Colet
  47. The popular definition of “antisemitism” is unfair and wrong. It is important that it be rejected. We must make a distinction between actually hating Jews and practicing antisemitism.

    Today any fair-minded fellow who voices a cautious criticism of Israel, or even observes that the Supreme Court is 33 1/3 % Jewish. is an antisemite. No! Not by mere virtue of those initiatives can it be said that he hates Jews, and he should not be given the slur of “Antisemitic!”

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  48. You know, there’s lots of juicy Rothschild-centric kremlinology in DT’s article, but in terms of actual things that happened to Macron, it’s clear that the career trajectory of this mediocre mama’s boy began its incongruous climb after his US junket with the German Marshall Fund, which is where CIA would have bagged him as a skin on the wall. Fixation on his Rothschild sinecure comports with CIA propaganda that blames everything CIA’s been doing since the 50s on the Jews who run the world. Macron has evidently been retroactively sheep-dipped as a cartoon sneaky Jew’s domesticated frog. CIA has lots of ways to bribe him, or kill him if he gets out of line. How many paramilitary divisions with impunity does the rab ha-kolel have?

    • Replies: @Jake
  49. Gyre07 says:
    @Trevor Hardy

    The “Left” today is famous for it’s violent response to cognitive dissonance; so, I very much doubt you could get a single one of them to completely read anything by Shamir. But it’s a nice thought.

  50. @Pop Warner

    Burning the American flag is a hate crime against degeneracy, which is what the US flags has represented for a long time.

  51. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Whatever else can be said about Stalin. He did drag Feudalistic Russia kicking and screaming into the 20th Century.

    Also Israel has a point about the Industrial Prison complex that holds more prisoners than both the USSR and Red China did combined. Of course the latter had the murderous “Cultural Revolution” under Mao that killed millions and of course in the USSR there was the Holodomor but then there was the Genocide committed against the indigenous populations of the so called “Free World” that still continues today under Rothschild’s banner in Palestine and in Central and South America under various rapacious corporate interests.

    That is all parties concerned have blood on their hands.

    Funny Trump pointed this out but was of course shouted down by the Neoliberal media who believed in “American Exceptionalism” and “Innocence”.

    Once again a thought provoking and interesting article Israel.

    May I recommend a book before closing:

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  52. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @Pop Warner

    First of all I think anyone has a right to burn a flag especially if it is one that they own. Those who burn someone else’s flag should be forced compensate the offended party but putting someone away for 15 f**king years!!! That’s totally f***king insane!!!

    • Agree: renfro
  53. Parfois1 says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Precious! As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Thanks for the gift.

  54. Jake says:
    @Protocol of the Elders of Fairfax

    The CIA and the Mossad, as well as the Saudi General Intelligence Presidency, are creations of British secret service. All are products of WASP culture playing global imperialist. From the creation of Israel, you cannot meaningly separate what the CIA does from the Mossad. Each acts of, by and for parts of the Deep State of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    Jews have wanted to have total; control of France for centuries, because France was the ‘eldest daughter of the Church.’ Assuming that the horde of Jews in France are not controlling the horrors growing in that country is like assuming that Jew sin NYC are not controlling the horrors in that city.

  55. Wally says:

    Ah yes, the same utu who believes in the laughably impossible ‘Nazi gas chambers’.

    See utu slapped silly here:

  56. @israel shamir

    For a person of the Left, Stalin and Mao were the state leaders who succeeded to withstand enormous pressure and carry the torch of liberation from greed.

    There are many kinds of greed. There is greed for money but also greed for power. Stalin and Mao were pigs of megalomania, and the cults of personality around them speak volumes. Stalin refused to share power. Mao had even loyal comrades purged, tortured, and killed.

    IF Stalin and Mao only pushed back against imperialism and built up national economies, that would have been all fine and good. But the USSR was just another empire. And Stalin created a system of ideological greed that tolerated no dissent. One could argue Stalinism was fueled by idealism and messianic vision of the future, but it was about the intellectual greed of those who believed they knew best.

    Still, Stalin did succeed in creating a massive economy, and his reign was not without cultural achievements. Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Eisenstein, Bolshoi Ballet, Sholokhov, Akhmatova, etc. Artists lived in fear under Stalin, but they still got some stuff done.

    But Mao? Stalin killed millions to build heavy industry. Mao killed millions to destroy the economy along with the dead. And there was virtually nothing of cultural worth during Maoism.

    • Replies: @ivan
  57. @JUSA

    Its interesting you mention that africans and south americans have a beastly nature and are prone to homosexuality.

    But consider this over 2000 years ago think back to when the Romans christianized the British Isle. Just prior to this time the indigenous ppeople of the British Isles were practicing some form of sexual transmutation for spiritual purposes similar to Tantric practices.
    Then when the romans came they forced christianity on to them, monastic form of christianity and the natives were restricted from their tantric practices, as the romans wanted to prevent inheritance of wealth to the heirs but instead the state would inherit it.
    Due to this pedophilia set in to the bloodline of these natives because they were pent up with energy and limited in their sexual practices.
    Then when the vikings came they destroyed all the books that still contained some detais of the Tantric druid practices thus destroying the esoteric scientific knowledge that had been recorded for centuries.
    The vikings were also very fond of homosexual acts and many of the male monks were raped amongst the regular people.
    Then over centuries this pedophilia + homosexuality permeated the bloodline and ancestral genepool. This is why there was no hesitation in doing buck breaking to the strong african man to keep him subdued.
    This is why when the white man gets raped by black man then its most probably this ancestral energetic karmic twist of fate playing out to carry out a balancing act.
    Not sure about the whole mexican/latinos being prone to beastly homosexual acts but it could be due to the same fact sthat the Aztecs/Mayans parcticed homosexuality and pedophilia anyway due to their pagan practices. ALso when the spanish came to them they were also of a homosexual tendancy and homosexuality is quite rampant amongst this ethnic race, much more so than pedofilia incidentally.
    It’s just karma playing out, its not ok but eh what can you do the sons must pay for the sins of the father, its unfortunate.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @JUSA
    , @Torcuato
  58. @Crazy Horse

    Whatever else can be said about Stalin. He did drag Feudalistic Russia kicking and screaming into the 20th Century.

    If another faction of Bolsheviks had won out(and if Stalin had been purged), the USSR would still have embarked on modernization. Perhaps not so dramatically, esp. as the Trotskyite faction wrote off Russians as lazy/useless and hung their hopes on communization of Industrial Germany. Still, industrialization was baked into communism.

    Furthermore, even if Russia hadn’t gone communist, modernization would have followed. Czar Nicholas wasn’t opposed to industrialization. Also, the Provisional government of Kerensky that removed the Czar was committed to modernization. And if the Bolsheviks hadn’t sabotaged the war effort, Russia would have been one of the victors over Germany in WWI.

    It’s too bad neither Russia nor Germany failed to produce a man like Ataturk who had a sense of limits and proportionality.

  59. Jake says:

    And yet Jews are so poor they need English-speaking Evangelicals to donate small fortunes to save the millions of desperately poor Jews of the world from starving.

    Some things are so stupid only the religiously committed WASP can believe them.

  60. Jake says:
    @Really No Shit

    The con artists always makes thew same defense: he chose to get buy the shit I sold, so it’s his fault at least as much as mine.

    The con artists tells a truth, but he still should spend a long stretch in prison.

    As to why Brit voters fall for it – WASP culture guarantees it. WASP culture is the product of a Judaizing heresy.

  61. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @Straight Arrow from Alabama

    The fact is that most Jews are not semites by definition since it is a linguistic term applying to an area where Hebrew and Arab languages are spoken.

    Also most of them don’t even originate from that but from near the central Caucasus who’s original language was Yiddish. Thus they are nothing but a bunch of Carpet Baggers claiming to be “semites”.

  62. Avery says:

    { That’s not the issue. The claim is that they won against great evil…..}

    Holocaust or not, what do you call invading another country with the intention of, ummm, “removing” its inhabitants – Slavic peoples – in order to claim thus depopulated lands for your own Germanic peoples? Benevolent guests?

    Did Hitler write about gaining Lebensraum in the East or didn’t he?
    What was to become of the 10s of millions of Slavic peoples who were living there?

  63. Anon[156] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The article was garbage. Twisting history like an anaconda. Pretending a mastery of English which the auther doesn’t have. It’s garbage. Unlike other articles here which sometimes provide a good belly laugh from the commenters at unz this one doesn’t even provide that. They take the author seriously. Seriously?
    I see a man in the throes of self agrandizement working up some new si-fi version of the world.
    Apologies for any spelling errors but I writing from a phone which seems more intent on butchering meaning than anything else. Or maybe a site likewise. Don’t be afraid I will never disclose that empire wears peculiar clothes.
    Have a little balloon with that banana your worship? Again I apologize for the butcher of the English language this site pursues. Hardly worth commenting here.

    • Replies: @ivan
  64. Parfois1 says:

    Thank you Shamir for the lecture on the acutely and timely exposition of the degeneracy of the Left Movement by the teachings of the Frankfurt School and Tavistock Clinic (also known improperly as “Cultural Marxism”). As it was intended by its Jewish promoters, the Left moved Right, its energies wasted on peripheral non-class issues, economic and social inequality – the raison d’etre of Socialism – ignored to such an extent that the working class gets an ever-diminishing proportion of the wealth it creates while the few multibillionaires amass untold richs. The lesson for all to see is that the leaders of the Left, like the leaders of the Soviet Union since Stalin, have sold themselves to the union of Jewry with Capitalism and betrayed the working class.

    The much maligned Stalin by the “Western” Capitalism discourse is understable. He became the useful tool for the Cold War propaganda as Hitler was useful for the rising of Jewish power in Western societies. Eventually, both were merged into the the “Nazi-Bolshevik alliance” so loved by the UR’s “Wallies” followers of the Judeo-Bolshevik line of attack against Socialism, oblivious of the fact that Stalin and Hitler, Soviet Union and Germany, represented the very opposite poles of the political spectrum and the focal point of the most brutal fight in human history. They were enemies fighting each other, one for survival, the other carrying the banner of Western Capitalism for competition, expansion and Lebensraum. Yes, Hitler was, though unwittingly, the fighting dog for London, Paris and New York, hence the Munich Pact, the “Phoney War” and Barbarossa.

    It is only too understandable that Stalin was and still is much maligned by the Capitalists. It proves that ignorance is widespread, propaganda works (read what Goering said about it at Nuremberg) and that he was a great Russian and Communist. And I say Russian, not Georgian, because he was the only true Russian in the top leadership of the Soviet Union, all the others were either Jewish or intellectuals tainted by “Western culture”.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Torcuato
  65. Jake says:
    @Felix Keverich

    Only the Communist ones ‘have to starve’ their citizens? Putting aside the huge Irish potato famine of the 1840s, are you totally ignorant of the smaller local famines that would devastate various parts of the British Isles seemingly every decade, when the British Empire was the largest and wealthiest in the world?

    How did lands so green have so many small famines that killed so many and drove even more to emigrate? Shouldn’t such a super rich and powerful naval nation have been able to bring food stuffs from other parts of the UK and the worldwide Empire to save the poor of the suffering parts of the UK?

    What kind of sheer luck was at play that allowed such famines that destroyed the working poor of most areas of the UK and allowed the UK super rich to have total control of even more land?

  66. Jake says:
    @Andrew Colet

    You have been taking some really bad dope, or else you are insane, or else some group of leftist freaks thinks somebody might believe this and paid you to try to foist it off on the unsuspecting.

  67. gsjackson says:
    @Pop Warner

    Agreed. Burning an American flag (without creating a safety hazard) is constitutionally protected speech because it is clearly expressing a political position and registering opposition to the U.S. government — the sort of expression that was at the very heart of First Amendment free speech protection when the BOR was drafted. Burning a poof flag is clearly also expressing an opinion on public issues, and should enjoy the same constitutional protection.

    And of course, the whole ‘hate crime’ thing has it bass ackwards. That a crime was committed out of a principled belief — e.g., homosexuality should not be normalized or Jewish influence on American politics should be lessened — ought to be a mitigating factor, not an exacerbating one. But we all know where ‘hate crimes’ came from and whom they are primarily designed to protect. And they play hardball.

    BTW, PCR in a recent column suggested that flag burning can be criminally penalized by a 1968 act of Congress. It was overturned by a 1989 SCOTUS decision.

  68. Malla says:

    What is ignored is that the Rothschilds had become enemies of the Romanovs because the Romanovs were the only power in Europe who had stood in the way of a Rothschild plan for a kind of ‘United Nations’, few centuries back. The Russian Romanov had destroyed the Rothschild ‘One World Govt precursor’ aspirations. From that moment on, the Rothschilds had decided that the Romanovs were enemy number 1. And soon we see the spate of attacks on Russian Emperors all carried out by their minions, Jews.
    People do not remember but before the National Socialists came to power in Germany, the Romanovs were considered some kind of ‘Hitler of their day’ with the 6 million figure appearing all the time in he controlled press. This is, even after the Romanovs tried their best to improve the conditions of Russian Jews but more they placated the Jews, more the Jews became belligerent against the Russian state. But the Western press was wailing and screaming about the 6 million Jews being killed/tortured by the evul Tzars. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote it was not the “evul YT Russians” who were racist towards Jews but it were the Russian Jews who were racist towards native Russians. As is often the case when we hear about “evul YT racism”.
    Though in fairness I must mention that there were some good patriotic Russian Jews who had opposed the Bolshevik revolution and these same Jews had admitted that the Bolshevik movement was predominantly a Jewish movement (Jews with whom they did not agree with). So some Russian Jews were good and fought for good.

    • Agree: Robjil
  69. Shamir’s disclosures about Greenwald are an eyeopener. If true, the cesspool is more turpid than the most anxiety ridden nightmare .

  70. @israel shamir

    Да, и “Сталин и Мао слушают нас” были словами в тексте песни “москва-пекин” который была написана в 1950 году после договора о союзе между СССР и КНР.

    I just sent you an email to info at hope to hear back. Also, you might find the content below interesting, from the Twitter of Duke of Qin.

    The Great Firewall was one of China’s most forward looking policies and resulted in the development of an entire ecosystem of domestic internet companies found basically nowhere else. The idea that it’s removal would be fighting the global misinformation war on equal footing is patently absurd because the majority of Western media companies are de-facto US government owned organizations which has total gate keeper control over who goes in to the system. In addition, requiring that the Chinese fight misinformation in English is again a non-starter simply because language proficiency issues means that any kind of argument conducted in English would immediately disadvantage the Chinese. This is akin to demanding a 12 year old fight a 24 year old boxer in a “fair fight”. The fairness being only in the confrontation and disregarding the base levels at play. If the Western liberasts had any balls, they would challenge the Chinese on Zhihu and Douban, but a tiny insignificant China hands capable of doing so inevitably end up running for the hills, being regularly out trolled by the native speakers or just as quickly get banned. There is nothing stopping Westerners from going inside the firewall to debate the Chinese, they are unable to do so, so they instead demand that the Chinese surrender the high ground and volunteer themselves to be surrounded. In addition, it is plain as day that the ostensible freedoms of Western social media are rapidly vanishing under a tide of government misinformation, corporate compliant shadow bans, “ngo” bot campaigns, algorithmic tweaking, search obscuration, etc all designed to reinforce a status quo that the Western states momentarily lost control of due to the internet originally bypassing the traditional gate keeping networks that keeps all mass media organizations playing the same tune. The reason that Tik Tok is going to be banned in the US has nothing to do with security nor reciprocity, it is simply because it isn’t a US government controlled media company, thus the tools it has in it’s arsenal for “curating” the consensus are not under US government control. This is it’s biggest crime.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  71. @israel shamir

    what are you comparing Holodomor, shootings and demographic pit which started way before independence and emigration. Russian slavic population plummeting way worse than Western European. and no Russian speaking Mafia who sells Ukraine to Russia and sabotaging reforms are not my friends. they are dominating Ukrainian politics even now.

  72. WHAT says:

    Lol. Russians have defended themselves from the west for ages, reliably castrating those who made attempts at the Motherland.
    Trying to somehow single out WW2 in the face of this unbroken perseverance reeks of sad anglo self-medication.

  73. @TKK

    Shamir cites one extreme example and go to the other extreme. I hope you both don’t end up in a prison bathroom and drop the soap.

  74. @gmachine1729

    Friend, I did not receive the letter, not even to junk folder! Send it again, perhaps to israel.shamir AT
    I can’t make this photo stick, sorry!

    • Replies: @gmachine1729
  75. Skeptikal says:

    “Putin Brings the FACTS! Europe Made Deals With Hitler But Now Wants to Blame Russia For WWII!”

    This is a must-watch for UR commenters, and for RU Himself.

    Putin’s op-ed on the true causes of WW2 and the exhibits drawn from the State Archives will be explosive stuff.

    Timed, I bet, to appear a few days before the Great Victory celebration in early May.

    • Disagree: Torcuato
    • Replies: @Wally
  76. Wally says:

    Hitler, schmitler!

    – That would be the Hitler that did not do the now refuted nonsense that he is alleged to have done.

    – ‘Allied’ Europe actually should have made a deal with Hitler to stop the Communists, instead Stalin made deals with the ‘Allies’. We wouldn’t be in this mess today if they had done so.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  77. JUSA says:
    @Andrew Colet

    This must be History 101 in “LGBTQ Studies”.

  78. Hodd says:

    Oliver Cromwell set out to destroy the British monarchy, whose king he eventually beheaded, and used Jewish finance to fund his revolution.

    In the 1690s half the entire British merchant fleet was destroyed in a storm. The aristocracy again turned to the Jews to fund the reconstruction of the fleet.

    Throughout the 1700s Britain fought a series of campaigns throughout Europe and the American colonies. Ultimately it fought Napoleon, defeating both his navy at Trafalgar in 1805 and his army at Waterloo in 1815. More than a century of war was paid for with Jewish money.

    By 1815 Britain was bankrupt and by 1825 the Crown ran out of gold. At this point they invited Rothschild, the only banker with enough gold, to issue Britain’s currency.

    The Crown did a deal with Rothschild that the Bank of England would be a joint venture between the Crown and Rothschild, each holding 50% of the shares. Rothschild put up their 50,000 Guineas but the 50,000 Guineas from the Crown never materialised.

    When Queen Victoria came to the throne we know from our history books that she was £36,000 in debt! We also know from our history books that the British press attacked the Crown, parliament and Rothschild for selling out Britain to a bank that based its wealth on lies. (See how Rothschild cleaned out British investors by spreading false rumours the British had been defeated at the Battle of Waterloo.)

    To stop the press criticising Rothschild’s coup in issuing the nation’s currency he bought up the entire British press.

    After buying Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire for a few pieces of gold in 1829, Rothschild took 98% of the Bank of England’s share capital and gave 2% to the Crown.

    Since the Queen of England is the richest woman in the world, without doing any work or holding very much land, if it is true that Rothschilds own 75% of the world’s assets or wealth, just imagine how stupendously rich the Queen is? And this in a country where (officially) 20% of the people exist below the poverty line and about 250,000 people sleep rough homeless each night.

    While the Queen and the Royal family are clearly useful idiots to the Rothschild’s scam to defraud the people of their wealth, I do think the ‘Anglo’ part of the ‘Anglo-Zionist’ empire or conspiracy is totally inaccurate. It is a Jew projected lie to hide the purely Ashkenazi Jewish mafia that works out of Israel.

    We are all economic slaves to the Rothschild mafia. Period.

    The other problem is that modern day Israel and modern Jewry who think of themselves as Zionists are in actual fact, not Zionists at all. Anyone who has read the original work will note that the author promoted the idea that the Jews should share Palestine on an equal 50/50 basis with the Arabs. Thus modern people who claim they are Zionist, are not. They are nothing more than a bunch of fascist thugs much much worse than anything Hitler is claimed to have promoted or done.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  79. Truth3 says:

    Greenwald is a well paid Gatekeeper for the Jews, nothing more.

  80. @Wally

    Allied’ Europe actually should have made a deal with Hitler to stop the Communists, instead Stalin made deals with the ‘Allies’. We wouldn’t be in this mess today if they had done so.

    Stalin made deals with Hitler. He only made deals with the Allies after Germany invaded the USSR.

    You don’t need a reference for the Hitler-Stalin pact; I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

    You won the Cold War and stopped the communists anyway, albeit a half-century later, so the mess you’re in is of your own doing. So stop blaming Churchill, Stalin, FDR, or even Hitler (who you don’t fault much) for the troubles of today.

    • Replies: @Wally
  81. Wally says:
    @Commentator Mike

    – Zionist controlled Wikipedia?
    Why not just cite references from the ADL?
    – It’s revealing that you make excuses for the fact that the ‘Allies’ handed over half of Europe to the Communists
    You ignored:
    The Soviet Union Conspired [with FDR] to Foment World War II and Infiltrate the U.S. Government: By John Wear
    New Documents Show: Roosevelt colluded with Stalin:
    Why Germany Attacked the Soviet Union, Hitler’s Declaration of War Against the USSR – Two Historic Documents:

    Commentator Mike further hammered here:

    • LOL: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  82. @Wally

    Come on now, wikipedia may lie but I’m sure the info on those treaties is correct. Anyway I though you were a truth-seeker and not a competitor in some debating competition beaming with glee because you hammered someone, or think you did. Anyway may you have a Merry Christmas and many happy returns!

  83. geokat62 says:

    While the Queen and the Royal family are clearly useful idiots to the Rothschild’s scam to defraud the people of their wealth, I do think the ‘Anglo’ part of the ‘Anglo-Zionist’ empire or conspiracy is totally inaccurate. It is a Jew projected lie to hide the purely Ashkenazi Jewish mafia that works out of Israel.

    Spot on! They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

    Now we know: King Rothschild reminding Prince Charles who’s in charge.

  84. ivan says:
    @Priss Factor

    Left to Chiang Kai Shek, China would have evolved into something like Taiwan in a matter of decades, without all that bloodletting. When Communist China under Deng was in the process of opening up, much of the initial capital and advice were provided by the overseas (capitalistic) Chinese, many of whom not incidentally are Christians. In short even if one does not care as many in this forum do not, for the multi-million dead as a result of the constant churning that Maoism inflicted on the Chinese, simply on economic performance alone, the Chinese were sub-par under actual Communism.

    And the same can be said about Russia under Communism. Sergei Witt and all those modernising aristocrats would have turned Russia into an industrial powerhouse within decades. It was inevitable, since Russia was so well-endowed with the material bases of modern industry and agriculture and the fruits of modern education were just coming to bear when the Communists destroyed all for decades.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  85. ivan says:
    @israel shamir

    Boss I can’t read Russian, but if Alexei I, did indeed eulogise Stalin it just goes to show that he was a puppet. Stalin had of course been a tryout for a seminarian himself, and knew the propaganda and sociological value of a “national church”. His lovely visage was nowhere to be seen when thousands of priests were shot and their children left to the tender mercies of the marauders and the environment. Nowhere to be seen when churches were dynamited, the most famous in 1931, the grand Cathedral of the Saviour, when Stalin was already the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union. So we know all about his great “love and esteem” for the religion. As to his later new found “respect” for Russian Orthodoxy it was no more than a realisation that the muzaks were not going to fight Hitler for The Great Helmsman, but they would die for Holy Mother Russia, the self-knowledge of which was implanted in the hearts of Russians by none other than the Church herself.

  86. ivan says:

    You are being silly. Read this site for the wealth of information it contains that you can obtain nowhere else in such trenchant form.

  87. Torcuato says:

    anyone who praises stalin is not to be taken seriously.
    pure farrago.

  88. Torcuato says:

    Millions starved/killed by stalin woult disagree with your ignorant comment.

  89. Torcuato says:
    @Andrew Colet

    you sure are obsessed with it.

  90. @ivan

    You could be right but then it’s in the domain of “if”. But once civil war started the brutality of White Russians and the Koumintang had the masses running to the Reds for protection. Read up on Admiral Kolchak, he disgusted even his Czech, US, and other allies by wiping out entire villages and torturing people, so that even his allies were happy to hand him over to the Reds for execution for his crimes.

    • Replies: @ivan
  91. Interesting. I read a blog about Omidyar and Greenwald connection way back at the end of 203. Here it is:

    PayPal Is a Huge Weapon for the Powerful

    … have a look.


  92. George says:

    Not sure why, but I think this is relevant.

    The case for regime change in Jordan
    Nowhere is the rule of a minority over the majority more blatant than in Jordan.

    INTO THE FRAY: Alternative Jordans?
    The feasibility of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” will be dramatically impacted by the nature of the regime east of the Jordan River and its prospective stability.

    “Teetering on the brink?”
    “Clamor for regime change”

    I could not help but notice Jordan was not in the orignal “Muslim 7” regime change list.

  93. a broken clock is right twice a day. stalin was lucky to defeat nazis.

  94. barr says:

    Could they ( Soviet China Cuba ) have pursued a different course in order to attain safety prosperity and peace at home ? Could Stalin have opted for “Westminster” like democracy to have a living standard as that of Brit or American of 60s?

    There was a much powerful animal was looming over their shoulders watching their moves and inserting itself ( means it’s interests ) in the middle of the politics science education culture and religion – all in the name of the free flow of ideas and free commerce .

    To successfully guard against such a force , one has to become a match , in reality a superior bigger but identical match or has to develop different strategies .

    USA complaining against Soviet Chinese or Cuban systems is like wild boar complaining against the presence of the venom in the bites of the dragons.

    Political systems at some level are evolutionary in origin .

    Today Iran or Cuba wouldn’t be able keep whats left of their countries if they adopted “Westminster” esque democracy.

  95. @israel shamir

    I did just that. No response from you yet though. Also, ever considered switching out of Gmail? Почему? Гоолге один из худших актеров американского либерализма.

    Яндекс foxmail

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  96. Ian Smith says:

    A self hating Jewish tankie! Oy veh!

  97. ivan says:
    @Commentator Mike

    They were all cruel. That is how civil wars are fought, and the reason why a civil war is described as the cruelest possible war. Doesn’t mean anything. I suppose it was sheer kindness on the part of the Communists to kill the Archduke in his hospital and slaughter the unarmed Royal Family.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  98. @ivan

    They were all cruel.

    Agree. But I still think there was too much unnecessary brutality on all sides. I can’t see the point of even killing the Royals (Mao let the Emperor live); maybe it was some Talmudic ritual sacrifice by those in charge of the revolution.

  99. ivan says:

    …maybe it was some Talmudic ritual sacrifice by those in charge of the revolution. You don’t say . Of course it was. They had to get some returned Jewish thugs from New York to do it.

    mene, mene, tekel, upharsin and all that. Everybody else can forgive and forget but not the holy chosen ones. And these are the same people who say them Arabs bear a grudge.

    Generally it was pointed out at that time by perceptive observers that a Gentile in the hands of a Jew had no chance at all.

    The Empress was found dead shielding her hemophiliac son. The stuff about Rasputin had to do with his alleged ability to get some relief for that young man.

  100. Honorable Mr. Shamir

    Have been a big fan of Israel Shamir for 20 years, back to the days of Win 98se. And no doubt, will not stop being a fan as a result of this ridiculous editorial. This is no cause to throw Mr. Shamir out with the bath water.

    But I conclude Mr. Shamir has not spent any time with Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago (in 3 volumes). Just a chapter or two, from either of the 3 volumes, would do. Then he could gain some perspective for what a monster Salin (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) truly was.

    It is nauseating listening to Mr. Shamir heap praise on Despot Stalin, and not just for the way he ran the DEATH camps. Hitler had labor camps, Stalin’s camps were death camps because most people who wound up in said facilities had neither the health care, clothing nor food to survive, and most didn’t.

    Solzhenitsyn was fortunate in landing a good job (several of them over the 11 years), the result of his educational background, where he escaped the death-spiral of the work details, and as a consequence, lived to tell the rest of us what the camps were like.

    Either Mr. Shamir is ignorant of the facts concerning Stalin, or he’s become just as dishonest as the thugs he criticizes in his editorials while making up excuses to gloss over Stalin’s 30 reign or terror.

    Too many more important and demanding duties to deal with to waste more time on this but page after page could added here to document my position.

    Mr. Shamir, you should be ashamed of complimentary remarks on Stalin. Can’t begin to understand where this is coming from.

    Don’t take my word for anything. Who am I??? Mr. Historian?? Nope. GO READ SOLZHENITSYN’S ACCOUNT and decide for yourself if Mr. Shamir has any clue what he’s saying….

    Whatever, that’s my 2 cents worth.

    jw nx0t radio
    south-central missouri

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