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To the north of prosperous Hertzliya, the capital of Israeli high-tech industry with its plentiful sushi-bars, there is a pleasant beach below a steep, almost Pacific bank. It is an unattended shore, without lifeguards, and it is frequented by nature-loving foreigners and the Palestinian families on their outing to the nearby sanctuary of Sidna (Our Master) Ali. If you will walk even further north, beyond the signs forbidding your advance for the very real danger of avalanche, you will find yourself in a secluded cove, a rarity on the straight line of the Palestinian shore. It is a beautiful place for a swim in transparent waters of the Med. Big earth-coloured boulders guard the cove; at a second careful look you will understand that they are not a natural formation. They are bastions of the Crusader castle of Arsur, whose ruins rise on the plateau well above the beach. The bastions were overturned and dropped into the blue-green sea by Baibars, a great Arab commander, the vanquisher of Mongols and Crusaders in 13th century.

Above: The Cove of Arsur
Some 150 years earlier, the Crusaders easily conquered the Holy Land, and easily settled down. They built their castles and farmsteads, married local Christian Orthodox and Armenian women, and could live happily ever after. But they used to invite foreign adventurers and serve as the beachhead for their landings, and proved their inability to fit in as a good neighbour. They were given many chances, but they blew them all and remained a potential ally to any foreign aggressor.

Then, the ‘weak and feminine’ Levant brought forth Baibars. It is not enough to expel the Crusaders, he ruled, for it was tried by Saladin; but the Franks came back. The only way to get rid of them is to destroy the shore of Palestine so they will never be able to snatch it again. Castle after castle, settlement after settlement, city after city, Baibars ruined the seaside of the Holy Land: Caesarea, Askalon, Jaffa, Arsur. He regretted it, but the alternative was an eternal warfare in the region.

Above:The overturned bastions of Arsur
It seems that history is about to repeat itself. Unless some unexpected turn of events will occur, the sweet land of Palestine is doomed to perdition. The German-built, US-equipped nuclear submarines of the Jewish state poised to wreck havoc in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, make it abundantly clear – there is no way Israel will become a decent neighbour in Levant.

The Jews were given a good chance to strike root in the land of Palestine and make peace with the native population. But they blew it.

The recent unprovoked Israeli air strike into the depth of Syria reminded to those who has forgotten that the Jewish state is an aggressive entity dangerous for the region. Thirty years of calm between Syria and Israel were dismissed by Sharon’s generals as of no consequence. Nobody was fooled by their clumsy attempt to connect Syria to the bloody act of personal vengeance meted by the young woman from al-Halil whose brother and fiancé were murdered and father refused medical help by the Israeli military. Insightful Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad interpreted that well: “Israel has been urging America to invade Syria, but Americans seemed to be reluctant, so in order to force the US hand, Israel carried out the air strike”.

The problem of Israel is not the problem of Palestinian suffering anymore; it is the problem for the entire region from India to Ethiopia (Esther, 1) and beyond. Indeed, the fifth column of Israel-supporters instigates wars all over the world, from Chechnya to Philippines, from North Korea to Cuba. They push the world straight into Armageddon. John Bolton calls for takeover of Iran, Murawiec demands to beat Saudi Arabia. The rabidly Zionist New York Post lifts its sights to France, “one of America’s ugliest enemies” led by Chirac, “a moral pygmy whose lack of scruples is, fortunately, balanced by a lack of courage and power.” “France should be made to suffer, strategically and financially. The French stabbed us in the back. In response, we should skin them alive”, continues the newspaper, and judging by the Zionist record, it is not just a figure of speech.

The Jewish state is an extremely dangerous bundle of goods. It is part of Israeli military doctrine: act crazy, and people will be scared of you. The bogus threat of nuclear Iraq was modelled on the real threat of nuclear Israel. Its scientists practice chemical and biological warfare, as well. They actually tried nerve gas on demonstrators in Gaza, and water poisoning at the siege of Acre, as reported Abu Sitta in Al-Ahram.

Israel is involved in a long line of kidnapping and assassinations carried out on foreign soil. There is no immunity from the long arm of Israel: they killed in Norway (the notorious Lillehammer affair), they kidnapped in Rome (Vanunu affair), they bombed British library and American consulate (Lavon affair), they sunk USS Liberty, they tried to assassinate Joseph Mugabe, they probably assassinated the anti-Zionist US Secretary of State James Forrestol, were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, as Michael Collins Piper in the Final Judgment makes clear, for the American president insisted on nuclear disarmament of Israel. Recent assassination of Anna Lindh, the Swedish Foreign Minister, who supported boycott of Israel, still remains a mystery.

They are not particularly secretive: today we know who assassinated Count Bernadotte in 1948, and who committed mass murder of German POW in 1946, and who murdered the Egyptian POWs in 1956, for their perpetrators boast about it. Tomorrow we shall know who did other atrocities. But our knowledge won’t help, for Israel is a safe haven for criminals. Whenever caught red-handed, Israel brushed away the world public opinion, for as Ben Gurion, our first Prime Minister said, ‘what the goyim say is of no importance, only what the Jews do is of importance’.


This sad record refreshed by the air strike on Syria and the preparation for nuclear strike on Iran proves there is no way to make Israel a suitable member of the community of nations. It also answers the question whether the peace efforts and attempts to roll Israel back to its old borders are still relevant. They are not. In borders of 67’, 48’ or 73’, Israel remains a bridgehead of aggression, a threat to world peace and a physical threat to world leaders. Like the bloodthirsty sect of Assassins, who once plagued the region, Israel-supporters undermine or murder better rulers, and support weaklings who are prepared to act on their orders. Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank will not change its nature. The leopard can’t change his spots, as Jeremiah the prophet had said (13:23).

Israel’s behaviour is partly connected to the Jewish superiority complex, and its consequence, the apartheid structure. The South Africa before Mandela also was involved in destruction of its neighbours, Mozambique and Namibia, and in many plots elsewhere in Africa. This superiority complex should be treated by dismantling the apartheid state. The events of last year proved it beyond reasonable doubt. Dismantlement by peaceful means of democratisation is the only viable alternative to Israel’s otherwise inevitable ruination. While bringing the brinkmanship policy to the level of ‘calculated madness’, Israeli leaders failed to predict they will bring to life a whole generation that does not care whether they are dead or alive.

Until recently, fear of Israeli retaliation kept its adversaries at bay. In 1991, the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had powerful WMD, but he did not use it against Israel, for he did not feel desperate. He believed the threat of Israel to destroy Iraq if he uses WMD. He thought that he can survive the defeat. He did not understand that Israeli idea of war is drawn on the Jewish religious tradition that knows no mercy. If Saddam would know that bodies of his tortured sons would lie in a Baghdad morgue, that he would be turned into a homeless refugee, that his country will be ruined by ten years of sanctions and afterwards become prey to Zionist invader, he might be well tempted to do the Samson solution, and take the Jewish state with him into nether regions in 1991.

Saddam Hussein is gone, but by now, every leader in the world knows what he should expect if Israel asks its American Golem for his head. Paradoxically, the very cruelty of Israel turned its threat into an empty sound, for if they will do their worst anyway, it makes no sense to surrender to their demands.

The Jews of Israel repeated the folly of Napoleon in Jaffa. In 1799, the young Corsican general crossed the Sinai desert and marched north into Palestine. Rafah and Ramleh surrendered to his troops, for the Palestinian soldiers saw no reason to fight the passing European force. Napoleon proceeded to the port of Jaffa, where six thousand strong garrison of the city also preferred to surrender. They thought they will be disarmed and sent home, to their villages, but Napoleon was reluctant to leave so many enemy soldiers behind his lines and ordered to kill them all. It took the French three days to kill such mass of people. They were brought in groups from the Armenian St Nicolas’ Convent to the shore and bayoneted.

After this massacre, all Palestine took to weapons. Napoleon’s troops were ambushed at every orange grove, and when he came to the walls of Acre, there was no talk of surrender. People understood that it just makes no sense. They could as well die fighting. After a few months of fruitless efforts, Napoleon turned back, leaving his wounded soldiers to be slaughtered by advancing enemy. In the gentrified centre of Jaffa, there is a squat papier–mache figure of le petit caporal in his triangular hat reminding the tourists and the locals of backfiring nature of cruelty, but probably the Israeli leaders did not pay it sufficient attention when their policies brought the country on the brink of destruction.

The heavy feeling of looming disaster is one of the unmentioned reasons behind the ‘One State Solution’ we proposed and advocated. True, ‘one state’ would be good for the Palestinians; it would be good for Israelis. But a new partition, Two States’ solution could also alleviate the Palestinian suffering, as Prof Neumann and many moderate peace activists rightly noted. It could be even preferred by the Israeli and Palestinian elites, though an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza won’t solve the problem of refugees. However, in no way the partition would alleviate the threat to the world peace poised by the rogue Jewish state, and it won’t prevent the imminent disaster in the Holy Land.

Even a smaller Jewish state will be the seat of Mossad and its assassination unit, Kidon. Even a smaller Jewish state will possess nuclear weapons. Even a smaller Jewish state will be poisoned by its deeply rooted and extremely xenophobic ideology, and will remain a source of ideological contamination. Even a smaller Jewish state will be heavily involved in politics of subversion from Moscow to Washington, DC. And then, it is just a question of time, when a pushed too far leader of a state – be it North Korea, Iran, Egypt, or Russia – will remember the bodies of Saddam’ sons and decide to follow the path of Baibars and of Mongol sultans who removed the Assassins from their eagle nests. For without Israel, the US forces would hang around their bases in Georgia and Texas instead of seeking the Jew-haters in the five continents. Demise of Israel is inevitable; the only question whether it will be forcibly removed and the land destroyed, or it will be peacefully absorbed in the region.

Equality in the Holy Land – it is not only a moral demand; it is the only way to save the country of approaching destruction. Not us, not the do-gooders or peace-lovers, but the inevitable course of events leads us to the choice: equality or death.

Israeli cruelty, vengefulness and inability to respect others called hundreds of Palestinians to the horrible martyrdom. If, or rather when a potential martyr will be equipped with a miniaturised nuclear device instead of home-made dynamite, the sad story of the Jewish state will be over.


The Jewish belt of Israel is quite small, and just two well-placed half-megaton nuclear devices can wipe it off the face of Earth. It is possible that in its last throes, it will make true its threat vocalised by Prof van Crefeld of Hebrew University and ‘go down by taking the world along’, for Israeli nuclear weapons are trained, according to van Crefeld, at European capitals, as well as on the neighbours. But no amount of security measures will be able to stop a nuclear suicide bomber, and she may disregard the fate of people who failed to protect her and her family.

And then, some years later, the ruins of Tel Aviv will blend smoothly with the ruins of Arsur.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel/Palestine 
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