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The G20 leaders have reached a consensus of a magnitude previously observed at Warsaw Pact summits. News in brief: they want to vaccinate us, and then, before we become restless, switch to combating global warming. If we survive masks and vaccines, austerity will kill off the survivors.

Remember, before the pandemic there was Greta? Greta will return, as soon as everyone gets a jab. This Save-The-World program appeals to a significant part of humanity, including Russians, Europeans, Americans. First, a jab to save us; then, save the planet from warming. So much of this world-saving is straight out of a comic strip. Now let us take time to look at what is happening.

While you were spending your weekend preparing for Thanksgiving, the leaders of twenty of the world’s leading countries held their Online Summit. Usually they come together, talk, discuss problems on the sidelines – this time it was all online. Although the summit was formally hosted by Saudi Arabia, Zoom is Zoom – the hosts of the summit had few opportunities to show off their hospitality. And there was little controversy. The leaders generally agreed with each other.

The main dissenter – the Orange Monster, aka President Trump – could have shoved a cane into the spokes of the-too-fast-by-half-chariot, but he had no time for them. He was immersed in his battle for the White House in the courts, and in his spare time he played golf.

The previous G20 summit tool place in March, and there they decided to open the gates for lockdown and destroy the world, as we knew it. Before March, the Covid obsession was still a minority interest. Russians just laughed about it. After the March G20 decision, it became the top priority. The November Summit affirmed the March decisions, and went further, much further.

While President Putin stressed at the summit that the main danger to the world is unemployment, poverty, and economic depression of unprecedented scale, other speakers gave the impression that they were satisfied with the current situation, because it allows everything to be rebuilt. Build back better, is the slogan of Joe Biden:

For some, Covid is a plague, but for our leaders it is an Overton window. I’d advise them to eat a slice of lemon before speaking. This, of course, will not help against Covid, but at least it will wipe the blissful smiles off their faces.

(“Eat a slice of lemon before speaking”, was advice given to a lady who complained of getting too much male attention in Italy).

The Chinese leader Xi proposed introducing worldwide QR codes so that without them people could not irresponsibly roam the planet. Nobody objected, but they did not support this initiative either. Xi is afraid that the wily Westerners will impose their own sanitary passports allowing only people injected with Western vaccines to travel. This possibility worried Putin, too, as Russia has developed two or three of their own vaccines. If the Chinese and Russian vaccines aren’t recognised by Europe, their people won’t be able to travel.

The WHO fancied that this virus was not the last; there will be more pandemics, and only vaccinations, masks and generous contributions to its budget will save us. They also promised a new wave of Covid in January, and then another, and so on until the earth will be covered with vaccines. To help poor countries, the leaders declared that the repayment of debts may be postponed, and that vaccines will be supplied to the impecunious nations for free. Free for them, but you will pay for them.

(Not that they need it. Poor countries do not suffer of Covid. China’s neighbour Mongolia, despite open border with China, had no Covid. Poor Cambodia, ditto. Africa, none, excepting South Africa. )

The EU representatives called for Global Rebuilding – Build Back Better. That is, we will rebuild everything, but better and in way which is inclusive, green, sustainable. And much more expensive. And at your expense. The struggle for the climate is austerity under another name; it calls for a radical drop in living standards. We shall tighten our belts, and we will regret that Covid did not relieve us from unnecessary torment.

In past forums, Trump has constantly spoken out against the fight against warming, but this time he resigned himself. And his likely successor, Joe Biden, has already pledged to return America to how it was with the WHO and the Paris climate agreement.

So the worldwide rebuilding, perestroika seems to be as inevitable as Gorbachev’s in 1986. The Russian perestroika killed more people than Stalin’s Gulag; it destroyed the livelihood of millions. The wealth of the Russian people has been looted by Messrs Abramovich, Deripaska et al. From the earliest days of these changes, a minority of Russians weren’t optimistic about the outcome, but they were marginalised and their voices were silenced. Now the same is in store for the disaffected and dissidents – if all 20G take this disastrous route, this is well-nigh unavoidable. I do not know what is worse, the Covid lockdown or climate austerity, but there is no need to decide for we shall have both.

A few numbers regarding climate austerity. The Russian perestroika reduced CO2 emissions by 5 per cent year after year for ten years. The Great Depression was even better: a 10 per cent drop in emissions year after year. Millions of Americans died (The Grapes of Wrath), and nobody told them they were saving the planet. Optimistic researchers with the Global Carbon Project say the emissions should be cut by 5.5 per cent per year over the next 45 years. This is a deadly collapse; what we have now is a preview of what they have in store for us and our children. (You can check the numbers here).


The Chinese do not mind this, as they do not mind lockdowns, face recognition and social rating. Their popular film The Wandering Earth shows a world that fights global warming the Chinese way and depicts a future so grim that 1984 looks Utopian beside it. Even so it was still considered a positive and encouraging film by the Chinese audience. We should not accept Chinese methods of fighting diseases or climate change or indeed general governance. They are too different.

If they insist on fighting global warming, let us begin with them personally. Let Gore and Greta and their followers live ecologically on average salary. It is not difficult to live green if you are a millionaire. Do it on the average income. After you pay electricity, water, rates, transport, school you won’t even think of paying much more for making your car “green” and CO2-neutral. You’d be happy to survive as it is. I’d make it a law: every green activist should surrender his assets for safekeeping and manage his green life on the average income for at least one year.

The summit called for further digitalisation, for increased information flows across borders, for a combination of distance learning with conventional learning. Perhaps some digitalisation is unavoidable, but do we need more of it? We need more freedom, and digitalisation appears to be strongly repressive. It is a good tool for tyranny. Any tyrant of old, be it Hitler or Borgia, would be able to achieve much more in union with Zuckerberg. We need to stop the data giants, tax them to the hilt, make their life miserable, change their CEO by users’ vote at least once a year.

Distance schooling is probably the worst innovation of its kind. And rich folks know it well. In New York, the public schools were barred, but private schools operated normally all right, because distance schooling is no better than learning by watching telly. It also kills social fabrics and habits, making children boorish and unable to communicate. It is unnecessary, for children practically do not suffer of Covid. The main reason of going distant is to make our children even more stupid than they are likely to become anyway after watching YouTube. Another reason is to make them asocial and unable to act together against their betters. It should be outright forbidden, not encouraged.

A detailed declaration was prepared and drawn up before the summit and confirmed by the leaders. It also contains approval of the previous March declaration which began the triumphant march of lockdowns around the world.

Of course, the summit did not make binding decisions – only declarative ones, but they were detailed and unambiguous. Vaccinations, a perpetual fight against pandemics, smoothly turning into a fight against global warming, more austerity accompanied by QR codes on a global scale. What we have is what we shall have, this is what they decided. Masks are now and forever:

The leaders agreed to strengthen the WTO (the United States will return to as it was before under Biden) and strive to create a unified global tax system. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) will be at the centre of efforts to coordinate cryptocurrencies in relation to debtor countries, banks and other financial institutions. Some analysts were expecting a departure from the dollar as a reserve currency, but this has not yet been debated.

In the ongoing discussion between liberal globalism and nationalism, the G20 went for globalism and liberalism on steroids. Though President Trump still hopes to conclude the elections in his favour, the G20 already went the Biden way. It is difficult to understand, as the WTO, IMF, WHO are universally disliked by Russians, Americans and many Europeans, too. This is a sad and discomforting decision.

Humanity has made a big step towards unity at this summit. I am not sure it is worth rejoicing. Disagreement is a dangerous thing and leads to wars, but unanimity can be even more dangerous if it is the unanimity of experts and not peoples.

A comforting thought before you despair: declarations of unity were adopted earlier, in particular, when the League of Nations and the UN were created, but then disagreements took over, and a blessed diversity of opinions came back. I do not think we are ripe for that much of unity.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. ariadna says:

    I am depressed to find this article excellent. My only consolation is that I am not young.

  2. The tribe merely yearns for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim. And THEY run the governments in the West. Follow the money!!!

    • Replies: @Mike_from_Russia
    , @WHAT
  3. Patriot says:

    I’m a Ph.D. scientist who graduated from (at the time) the top university in the world. I say this not to brag, but to bring some aurthority to my comments, below:

    1. Global Climate Change (GCC) is real and it is probably caused by humans.

    2. Virtually everything proposed to fight GCC it is bull shizt and should be ignored.

    The reason is because everything proposed treats SYMPTOMS instead of the CAUSE. The cause of climate change is too many people on earth. Our 8 billion humans release ever-increasing amounts of greenhouse gases while simultaneously destroying ecosystems that would normally cleanse the atmosphere.

    Want to stop GCW? Then reduce human population. Fewer humans would produce fewer gases and allow healther ecosystems that would absorb more greenhouse gases.

    If you buy a Tesla, recycle, or turn down your thermostat, you are a FRIGGIN IDIOT, because these activities do nothing to attck the cause, and are actually counter-productive, because they distract you from acually solving the problem.

    GCC is just 1 of maybe 1,000 environmental problems (loss of farmland, pesticide pollution, species extinction, ocean dead zones, rain forest burning, over fishing, lead contamination, radiation, etc., etc.). Lowering human population woud not only reduce GCC, but reduce all the other 1,000 environmental problems, as well.

    All Western nation have declining populations except for immigration. Ending massive immigration of low-consumption Third-Worlders into high-consumption Western nations is a 1st step.

    A physician who only treated symptoms instead of attacking the underlying cause of illness (for example, not using an effective antibioic to treat a lethal infection), would have his medical license revoked. The politicians who propose carbon-credit schemes and other usless, expensive,, distracting measures should likewise be kicked out.

  4. Svevlad says:

    Yeah yeah I wanna see what they do and how long it lasts.

    Most of them are old fucks. Their children, the heirs – total degenerates. Big on words, but utterly incompetent to walk the walk.

    The insanity in rage shall grow in all sides so far we’ll get Aztec-style human sacrifices, every month. This “reset” will collapse after 2030. After that, we start entering the age of malthusian industrialism as prophecised by Anatoly Karlin

  5. sabretache says: • Website

    May the almighty, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, deliver us from crass, ignorant, self-promoting ‘scientific’ ‘experts’.

  6. Cortes says:

    When you “take one for the team” I’ll applaud. Bullet, rope, drowning, so many ways for you to show how much you care.

    • Agree: SIMP simp
    • LOL: Biff
    • Replies: @Patriot
    , @Thomasina
    , @Druid
  7. Christo says:

    “I’m a Ph.D. scientist who graduated from (at the time) the top university in the world. I say this not to brag, but to bring some aurthority to my comments, below:

    1. Global Climate Change (GCC) is real and it is probably caused by humans.

    2. Virtually everything proposed to fight GCC it is bull shizt and should be ignored.”

    Double hockey sticks and all that 🙂

    The world is gonna end , one day, no matter what the ants on it do.

    Good on you, smart guy. I’ll burn a tire just to help.

  8. J says:

    Yes, but what about the Jews? Not blaming the Jews? Adon Shamir, I feel most neglected.

  9. I like how you think Communist Russia was better than perestroika.

    It was. You are right. A majority of Russians, most of whom know whereof they speak, agree with you.

  10. Patriot says:

    Hey, Ignorant AH,

    Biden and his fellow travelers are about to spend $10 Trillion of our money on useless Climate remediation. They also plan to open the borders. I’m offering a simple solution to solve both of these disasters.

    Do you really think that your grandkids are gonna like sharing America with 1 billion Third Worlders, while not being allowed to heat or cool their 100 sq ft ecoapartment, eat meat, or own a car b/c it uses too much energy?

    • Agree: lavoisier, TKK
  11. @J

    Jews want to be blamed, indeed. This is the function of Jews nowadays.
    The country’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein, and Anette Kahana, chair of the anti-fascist Amadeu Antonio Foundation, claimed “Corona protesters have an anti-Semitic narrative,” says Klein. “For the first time, we’re seeing groups that would normally have nothing to do with each other united in the protests: right-wing groups, left-wing extremists, Islamist groups. And anti-Semitism acts as a binder and that’s new.”
    But the proof of corona protesters’ antisemitism is quite odd: at a coronavirus protest a young woman compared herself to a famous Nazi resistance fighter, Sophie Scholl, and then was accused by a security guard of “trivialising” the Holocaust.
    In other words, if they decided to connect Jews to Corona, they will do it, I mean the Jewish representatives like Kahana will take it.
    I hope it will satisfy your anxiety.

    • LOL: DCThrowback, Nisbe
    • Replies: @animalogic
  12. @Patriot

    Want to stop GCW? Then reduce human population.

    Isn’t that what the vaccines are for, or are you looking for a faster-acting genocide?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  13. It’s always and perpetually all about the…


  14. Israel Shamir is a witness to the truth. Were it not for his work, we would far less about what is going on in the world. I only wish he were more sympathetic to the Tsarist monarchist cause. Kerensky and Grand Orient freemasonry, together with Zionist bankers, conspired to destroy Russian Orthodox civilization. Tsar Nicholas II was according to many the “katechon” mentioned in II Thessalonians, i.e. “the power that restrains.” Saint John Chrysostom identified the “katechon” as the Christian emperor. This understanding existed both in the West and the East. Even Cardinal Newman in the 19th century identified the “katechon” as the remnant of the Christian Roman order, i.e. Christian monarchy, etc. The only Soviet leader with a slight redeeming quality was Stalin, since he squashed the Trotskyite internationalist faction which was inherently hostile to traditional Russian culture. The execution of the Romanovs was an event akin to covid-19. It was the end of the Christian order in a visible sense. Lenin was a traitor and syphilitic. The demise of Christian monarchy, especially symbolic in the regicide of the Romanovs, removed the last bulwark standing in the way of the anti-Christ forces. A little more than a hundred years later, the same demonic clique that brought us the Bolshevik Revolution will bring us forced inoculations. Perhaps Israel Shamir would agree that the work of Oleg Platonov is instructive in this regard. It’s clear that the Protocols were not originally written in Russian but had to been in French. Contemporary mainstream scholarly consensus is that it was written by a coterie of Russian monarchist anti-Semites, viz. Prof. Michael Hagemeister. However, Italian-Jewish Prof. Carlo Ginzburg of UCLA posits a French origin to the Protocols, which adds to the mystery. Of course, Ginzburg writes that it was French anti-Semites who penned the French original. But if it was a group of anonymous French anti-Semites, then why did they never publish their forgery in French? They just gave it to a Russian agent and kept it in the closet? So maybe it’s all true in the end, Madam Glinka obtained a copy of the Protocols from her spy Shapiro who infiltrated an exclusive Jewish Masonic lodge in France, she translated it into Russian and sent it to Saint Petersburg. Is it so crazy??? The Protocols writes that the two remaining obstacles to Zionist power are the Papacy and the Russian autocracy. Thus the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II was a symbolic event, the bloody baptism which inaugurated the horror of the Anglo-Zionist-Atlanticist order, the end of true Christian sovereignty and the advent of this godless age whose pinnacle will be the advent of antichrist in Jerusalem. Now they’re going to kill us with their vaccines. And even Putin plays along with this charade. Paradoxically, we would be safer today living in Belarus under a benign authoritarian like Lukashenko than in London, Paris or Madrid, behold to the vampirism of the Rothschilds, Soroses and the other neo-liberal cannibals who want nothing more than to destroy and demoralize all humanity.

    p.s. Isn’t it ironic in the end, all those fancy decadent Western universities in which they force students to read Adorno, Horkheimer, Marx, Trotsky, Gramsci, Arendt, Leo Strauss, Claude Levi-Strauss, Sir Isaiah Berlin, Judith Butler, Derrida, Foucault, Chomsky, etc. …. all of it total piffle, drivel …

    But if one had just read the works of Sergei Nilus and Oleg Platonov on the Protocols in light of the work of other “conspiracy” theorists such as Nesta Webster, one would have a much truer and closer approximation of the real state of world affairs which is coming to fruition in the demonic machinations of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. Christ said: “Tell the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    Thank you Sergei Nilus for opening our eyes to the evil forces operating in the world, even is this is an “inconvenient truth” that many complacent Christians don’t want to discomfort their sense of security and fealty to our so-called liberal “democracies,” which I prefer to refer to, in light of Metropolitan Ioann of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga, as “illeberal demonocracies.” We live in demonocracies, the rule of demons and demon-possessed pedophiles like Epstein and his ilk. There is no more traditional Christian aristocracy was once existed in Spain, Austria-Hungary, Russia. Today we have a “kakokratia,” “kakocracy,” the rule of “kakos,” the rule of the worse, the tyranny of the scum of the earth, who hate God, beauty, justice, peace, and whose sole desire is to drag humanity down to hell where many of these demoniac bankers ardently desire to go. Forgive the rant. Thanks to Shamir, some light is being shed on this terrible conspiracy. In short, Lenin no, Trotsky no, Zinoviev no, Stalin maybe … Stalin was a bit like Nebuchadnezzar, God’s punishment for the apostasy of the Judaeans, a bit of bad and a bit of good also … But I disagree with this attempt to rehabilitate the USSR. It makes me uncomfortable, although I realize that many who lived in the USSR feel nostalgia for the stability of the regime. I am more of follower of Solzhenitsyn, who by the way had some positive things to say about Stalin though he abhorred Communism …

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  15. Biff says:

    The planet and nature in general is doing just fine.

    • Agree: Levtraro
    • Replies: @Patriot
  16. Thomasina says:

    “When you ‘take one for the team’ I’ll applaud.”

    I’m so tired of this bullsh*t.

    Someone mentions the ONLY intelligent approach and the clowns come out of the woodwork with “you first”, as if the guy was implying people should “off” themselves or start killing people. What a crock!

    Responsible birth control is what he was getting at, but you already know this.

    The world is already drowning – in a sea of people – and your attitude is supplying the rope and the bullet.

    • Agree: lavoisier
    • Replies: @Nisbe
  17. @israel shamir

    ““Corona protesters have an anti-Semitic narrative,” says Klein”
    I’m sure this is the case.
    I made out a shopping list yesterday & to my surprise & dismay discovered it was antisemitic: inadvertently I had put the cheese right above the bacon!

  18. @Patriot

    “everything proposed treats SYMPTOMS instead of the CAUSE. The cause of climate change is too many people on earth.”
    “Want to stop GCW? Then reduce human population”
    Let’s say we agree with the diagnosis — & its hard not to agree: sheer numbers are fundamental, although not exclusive.
    However — the prescription is, to say the least …. tricky.
    Given the available time lines — can we measure in decades ? — clearing out a major population bulge would involve something rather drastic. The more drastic the greater the chance that the whole thing would get out of hand (“go pear shaped” as they say). What do I mean ? Push comes to shove one or two of the “nuclear club” would resort to use of nuclear weapons — & then there would be radical population reduction but… the cure would be worse than the disease: ie how much “push” would the Israelis need before they “pulled the pin” on Arab pressure or incursions ?

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  19. Dumbo says:

    What a strange disease! In the U.S., it affects African-Americans more than most, but then in Africa, it basically doesn’t exist! 😀

    In some countries, such as Germany or France, lockdowns reduce the number of cases, but in others (such as Japan), there are no lockdowns nor forced closures and the cases mysteriously vanish as well.

    This is all such a joke. Of course that after injecting all of us with an mRNA vaccine and then implanting a microchip on our ass, they will go back to the “global warming” scam, peppered with a few instances here and there of “terrorism” and “shootings”. Not a moment of peace. Never let a crisis go to waste, is their motto. No rest for the commoners, is their obsession.

    It would be funny, only that those jokers are the only ones laughing. They want us to be bio-tech-slaves. No vaccine and no microchip? No travel, no job, no life for you!

    • Agree: NomadDad
    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
    , @Che Guava
  20. @Mark Matis

    Our opinion of Stalin in Russia is now changing.In fact, his reign was squeezed between three world wars. Yes, Yes-three! And he was able to stop the third world war. Or you think that the Dropshot plans and rehearsals were just games. They were planned by the same people who had previously achieved the highest productivity in world war II – killing 300 thousand civilians in 2 hours.
    And with atomic weapons they were ready for much more

    • Replies: @Mark Matis
    , @Mefobills
  21. Max Payne says:

    Optimistic researchers with the Global Carbon Project say the emissions should be cut by 5.5 per cent per year over the next 45 years.

    • LOL: Agent76
  22. @Patriot

    I’m a Ph.D. scientist who graduated from (at the time) the top university in the world. I say this not to brag, but to bring some aurthority to my comments, below:

    I stopped reading there. This is not how a genuine scientist would attempt to present his case, especially when he can’t spell “authority” properly.

  23. @Mike_from_Russia

    Well of course you are correct. Surely that was why Bernie’s campaign claimed the gulags “paid a living wage”.

    Jew lie!!!

  24. Dumbo says:

    I’m a Ph.D. scientist who graduated from (at the time) the top university in the world.

    Which is the “top university in the world”?

    I don’t believe much in “global warming”. But I agree that massive immigration from non-white to white countries should stop.

    • Replies: @Patriot
  25. Dumbo says:

    Don’t worry, “they” don’t want to do anything bad. They just want to kill us and rape our corpses.

  26. Patriot says:


    That simply isn’t true. Please look up % of original forests, coral reefs, fisheries, elephants, rhinos, gorillas, redwoods, glaciers, prairies etc. remaing today.

    Go to China, India, Haiti or Africa and tell me that things are OK. Anyone with eyes can see that they are not OK.

    Expanding on my original post, virtually ALL current conservation fads (low-flow toilets and showers) are ultimately useless if human population or immigration keeps expanding exponentially. For example, say each resident cuts their water or energy use by 25%. Such a sacrifice is absoutely swamped when massive immigration causes even greater water and energy use than before. So what now? Reduce use by 50% followed by 75% ?

    And, yes, it will take generations to reduce world population. But imagine the alternative. America with 1? 3? 6? Billion people? Already with only 331 million people in the USA, the gov reduces our freedom (water use restrictions, Calif power-grid shutdowns, banning plastic, expensine pollution controls, etc.). Imagine the draconian mandates your grandchildren will be forced to endure when America has 2 billion people, all fighting for scarce and declining resources.

    We SHOULD continue to recycle, but our main effort must always be to attack the actual cause of ALL our environmental (and many of our social) problems — TOO MANY FRIGGIN PEOPLE ON EARTH

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Levtraro
  27. Patriot says:

    UC Berkeley, which in the 70s was ranked #1. Of course that is no longer true, since massive, uncontrolled immigration from poor and needy low-IQ Third World people (mainly Hispanics) bankrupted California, causing the destruction of its once great University system.

    In the 1950s to 70s California WAS a paradise. Everybody had a good job. Blue-collar workers lacking a high school diploma could easily afford a new 4 bd room house a few miles from the beach. In 1973, tuition at Berkeley was only ~ $119 a trimester — basically free. Today (except for the rich and welfare recipients) California is a dystopia — a disaster. Freeways are gridlocked about 6 hrs a day. 10 million cars and trucks inching along for hours, burning fuel and making CO2, daily!

    California is now so poor and disfunctional that a few years back they had to fire janitors at UC campuses, and require professors to sweep floors and empty waste baskets (bad use of Nobel Prize brain power) They can’t provide reliable electricity and can barely provide water to the ever growing masses of foreign born immigrants who now live there, and who, by the way, have absoutely no interest in conservation or the environment, but mainly focus on making money and bring more of their relatives to America.

    • Replies: @Alden
  28. @The Alarmist

    Did Trump hurt his re-election chances when he pushed so mightily for these demonic unproven corona vaccines to be administered by year’s end? I had nightmares of being strapped down by two burly MP’s, then injected by Bill Gates.

    Now that Biden is soon to take over, will the Trump vaccines be discarded in landfills? Or will they just be re-labeled as Biden’s vaccine ? After all, didn’t Kamala, and many other democrats, say they would not take Trump’s rushed vaccine?

  29. @Patriot

    Cows and other animals producing methane gas is also a significant cause of green house gases.
    Vegetarianism is the answer.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @Alden
  30. Biff says:

    You are simply bad at math, or unable to grasp the geologic evolution. The planet is four billion years old, and the sun is projected to last at least another ten billion years. In one(of the ten left) all of what you are lathering about will not matter at all – the people will be gone, and nature will heal thyself, it will cleanse itself, because that’s what nature does. It will evolve into its natural order and ‘go on’. That’s what nature does, and it really doesn’t need a billion years to do that – a million will probably suffice.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Patriot
    , @Alfa158
  31. Patriot says:


    Thats a bit nihilistic, but you’re essentially right. But in the near future, we could make a better life here in America for our children an grandkids.

    Do you have kids?

  32. @Patriot

    I is a gender studies scientist from Yale, where the only criterius for admition is daddies abillity to afford the feas. I wassunt clever enuff for a real educshun at MIT or some where like that. Winter is when the earth is furthest from the Son on it’s elllipitikle sircut. One dai I’se ganno marrie Greta Toornborg.
    My people wil soon get ridded of you ungrateful plepps, then you all will see whoose boss. Nuffing we do for you is ever good enuff, but now we have vaxcines, and this time you will lissen. (I am smiling so handsomely now, and my wife is grinning so hard, the top of her head is about to come right off)

    • Replies: @Palinurus
    , @semeonx
    , @Poco
  33. Alfa158 says:

    Agree, Greta Thunberg is the drunk looking for her car keys under the streetlamp, not because she might have lost them there but because the light makes it easier to search.
    She used to fly around the world haranguing countries that have already solved the problem. Taken by themselves, developed countries, (the Anglosphere, Europe, Korea, Japan) have sub replacement fertility and declining green house gas emissions. Immigration is more than offsetting that, and the developing countries contain six billion people who want to First World standards of material wealth. The Earth can’t handle four billion more automobiles.
    If any of these people really cared about the environment and were as ruthless as they pretend to be about it, they would zero out emigration to developed countries and work on cratering the Indian and Chinese economies. They don’t.

    • Agree: Patriot, Nisbe
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  34. Alfa158 says:

    That’s probably true except that the Earth won’t have 10 billion years of being able to support life, but more like 500 million to 1 billion years. The Sun gradually gets hotter as it ages, and the Earth’s orbit is already near the inner edge of the zone of habitability for a wet planet.
    Regardless of CO2 levels, without human intervention our planet will naturally go into runaway greenhouse effect on its own as the water vapor level rises in the atmosphere. Mathematical models predict that the water vapor greenhouse will make Earth even hotter than Venus with surface temperatures above 1,000 Fahrenheit.
    Still plenty of time left to heal either way.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  35. Soliton says:

    Given that the at the top Universities in the world you generally get the top indoctrination in the world, the only fact that one starts a post like that is the proof of his level of indoctrination.

    (One basic tenet of the indoctrination is: you will only get the top education from us and you will be regarded as an “authorithy” by just mentioning your credentials)

    But even if we assume his “authorithy”, from what we know, he may have a PhD is Musicology: still an invaluable topic but it does hardly make you an expert in climate change and overpopulation.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @mirpaz
  36. lavoisier says: • Website

    Excellent overview and unfortunately very true.

    Human overpopulation is a massive problem that is not being addressed. Lifeboat ethics are the future and we can no longer live in a world where people should have the right to have as many children as they want. Especially since many of these irresponsible breeders are being subsidized by the labor of others.

    I also like how you very modestly presented your credentials at the start of your comment.

    Lifeboat ethics must be embraced, particularly by the high fertility and dependent Third World peoples, and the sooner we accept this reality the better.

    • Thanks: Patriot
  37. lavoisier says: • Website

    Mandatory birth control is the solution to the problem. One child policy should be forced on the people who are dependents on welfare. This is humane to the children and to the larger society that cannot absorb continued human population growth.

    One does not need to resort to nuclear holocaust.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Alfred
  38. From my blog:

    Nov 30, 2020 – COVID Censorship

    The oddest thing in COVID politics is the outright censorship of discussions. Youtube has quickly deleted videos by medical doctors who state this is not a pandemic or suggest cheap cures. A recent exception is Dr. Roger Hodkinson who offered his informed perspective to Edmonton’s City Council on how governments responded to COVID-19. He called for the end of restrictions, mask use, testing, and social distancing. This was just posted Nov 19th so perhaps Youtube has yet to ban due to Thanksgiving and it hasn’t many views yet. Or maybe this is allowed because its a formal government meeting and he is an expert in the field.

    Hodkinson is yet another medical doctor to suggest that ample Vitamin D makes one nearly immune to COVID-19. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D and most elderly are severely deficient. Your body creates Vitamin D naturally when sunlight penetrates the skin and interacts with the fat underneath. Due to fun with technology, people spend much less time outdoors and some elderly people never feel sunlight, especially during the winter months. Darker skin is more difficult for sunlight to penetrate so such urban people are often severely deficient in Vitamin D, which explains their higher rate of COVID-19 deaths. Vitamin D is rare in food so most people get little. Experts agree on this, yet our governments never mention the need to take Vitamin D supplements or getting out into the sun, they just scream about wearing masks. Is this because sales of Vitamin D provide no profits for the politically powerful pharmaceutical industry?

    Multi-vitamins provide the recommended 600 units, 200 to 400 more are recommended for the elderly, obese, or those who rarely feel sunlight. Some doctors recommend 5000 units a day during the winter and to resist this virus. Vitamin D supplements (called Vitamin D3) are cheap and everywhere. One problem is that oral Vitamin D3 is very difficult for the body to absorb. One must take supplements for weeks before it has spread throughout the body, so taking it after getting sick does not help much. It also repels other viruses and common colds.

    I had read about this in several places and then saw Joe Rogan talking to an expert who advocated 5000 units a day. Rogan said he now takes 5000 units after his doctor and others told him the same thing, so I bought some at Costco, they are 2 cents for each small 2000 unit tablet. Two of those plus my multivitamin gives me 5000 a day.

    • Agree: NomadDad
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  39. utu says:

    Poor countries do not suffer of Covid. China’s neighbour Mongolia, despite open border with China, had no Covid.

    Seems like more disinfo and demagoguery from Shamir. Planting doubts and undermining the belief in teh effectiveness of countermeasures by Shamir. Is low infection rate in Mongola because they are poor or because they got really serious about countermeasures like closing borders, masking, contact tracing, isolating suspect carriers and lockdowns? Why poor country like Mongolia can do it?

    Davaadorj Rendoo, an epidemiologist at the National Center for Public Health in Ulaanbaatar. (August 2020)

    On January 10, we issued our first public advisory, telling everyone in Mongolia to wear a mask.

    We have been doing tests since January. We even started randomly screening pneumonia patients for covid-19 but never found a patient.

    We did not detect a single domestic case until March 9. One French national working in the southern province of Dornogovi was discovered to have had coronavirus. For that French national, we undertook very extensive contact tracing and identified 120 people who had had some contact with him.

    One side effect of this lockdown has been a significant reduction in cases of seasonal flu, pneumonia (a very serious problem every year), and foodborne and digestive illness.

    We don’t know how long the state of emergency will last. Some of our highest officials have said we will close our borders indefinitely. We cannot take anything for granted.
    Any individuals caught lying about their travel history and health information at the borders stand to be penalized.

    On 27 January 2020, the Mongolian government announced they would close the border with China. They began closing schools on the same day.

    In February 2020, the Mongolian government cancelled Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian New Year. Around the holiday, severe limitations were placed on travel within the country.

    Mongolia to impose five-day lockdown after reporting 1st case of local COVID-19 transmission (November 2020)

    The Mongolian government made the decision after the country confirmed its first locally transmitted COVID-19 case earlier Wednesday.

    At least over 70 people in close contact with the couple have been isolated, with two of them testing positive for the virus so far.

    Any country could emulate Mongolia if only there was a political will and less disinfo agents like Shamir.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Mike_from_Russia
  40. Dumbo says:

    Give it a rest. Covid is fake. This hysteria was OBVIOUSLY concocted by Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Wall Street – coincidentally the only ones who had some kind of benefit from this. I just saw a video with some Big Tech hotshots gloating about the “digital acceleration”. And Time Magazine celebrates the “great reset”. Now almost no one is scared of this stupid virus anymore, people have more reason to be scared of the vaccine. I would say “it’s just the flu, bro”, except it isn’t – in most countries it has killed substantially less than a regular flu and pneumonia. Actually, maybe we should say “it’s just pneumonia, bro”.

    • Agree: NomadDad, Alden, John Fisher
  41. Carlos22 says:

    To think people used to laugh at David Icke theories as mad. What he said 20 years ago is becoming true.

    God knows what this vaccine has in it nothing good I suspect.

    The only consolation for me is I had my youth before all this shit.

    • Agree: Alden, NomadDad
  42. GMC says:

    Russia is now in bed with the WHO , most likely , in order to peddle their vaccines. All those antibiotics that I could buy over the counter have stopped and don’t even look for Hydroxyquinine any more. But don’t worry – those US Bioweapons labs are fully secure now – says Ukrainian comic President Zelinsky. The first CD-19 wave in Crimea had about 5 to 10 folks a day getting the virus – Today – 200 to 300 a day and yes of course the Russians let the Ukie gates open until a couple of weeks ago – too late – idiots – I still can’t smell or taste anything yet. snafu.

  43. WHAT says:
    @Mark Matis

    You are way too low on that count. Try GAZILLION TRILLIONS, it sounds better and has about the same claim to reality.
    By the way, there were no THREE MILLION RAPES in Germany either, Goebbels and his proxy Beevor have lied to you again.

  44. @Soliton

    You’re right about the level of indoctrination, even in STEM courses, in Western Universities. Just look at the number “biologists” denying the existence of race, for example. The term for that is science denialism, a result of indoctrination.

  45. @utu

    Google Covid Mongolia statistics
    Cases – 831 , Recovered – 365, Deaths – 0
    For comparison USA
    Cases – 14.2M , Recovered – – , Deaths – 276K
    At least over 70 people in close contact with the couple have been isolated, ..
    -old soviet shool, Russia did same first time

  46. @what about the Tsar

    “The Protocols writes that the two remaining obstacles to Zionist power are the Papacy and the Russian autocracy. Thus the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II was a symbolic event, the bloody baptism which inaugurated the horror of the Anglo-Zionist-Atlanticist order, the end of true Christian sovereignty and the advent of this godless age whose pinnacle will be the advent of antichrist in Jerusalem. Now they’re going to kill us with their vaccines.”

    Elan Carr has the Vatican under control, with a little help from Callista Gingrich
    (Nov 19 2020)

    Read the title again:

    Elan Carr Explains the Church’s Fight Against AntiSemitism

    Catholics do as the Jew demands

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  47. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Want to stop GCW? Then reduce human population.”

    So kill yourself first, asshole, to set an example. If you don’t have the guts to do that, I’m sure there are plenty of others here who’d do it for free- my self included. 😈

    And the same goes for every one of those G20 assholes too. Get it done- NOW!

    Regard[less], onebornfree

  48. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Any country could emulate Mongolia if only there was a political will and less disinfo agents like Shamir.”

    So fuck off to Mongolia, or any other of the other, too numerous to list, countries already wholly run by pro-lockdown university edumacated idiots in suits with advanced degrees in totalitarianism. I’m sure you’d be “happier” there, you frickin’ idiot.

    “Regards” onebornfree

  49. @J

    I’ll blame you Jew. Besides, I’m running low on Irish Spring and my cat jumped and broke my lampshade.

  50. Palinurus says:
    @paranoid goy

    Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Hilarious! Thank you for the laugh.

  51. @Patriot

    PhD “scientist” in what? Sociology?

    You people are idiots.

    It’s called advanced nuclear, solid state salt batteries, fusion and Thorium, renewing the top soil through terraforming jungles where there are deserts, and economic nationalism along with meritocracy and the reinstatement of the glass-steagall act.

    No more speculative infinite growth International Banker casino Commie Zionist Freemasonic scams.

    No more endless global immigration and free ticket to welfare and free healthcare for 3rd world immigrants that overpopulate their own countries.

    Solved your problem with “too many people” right there, buddy. Hmmm, I wonder why somebody with a PhD couldn’t figure that out. Hmmm. A PhD in being a disinfo agent, maybe? How is Tel Aviv this time of year? Can you get me a job with Mossad’s Unit 8200?

    If anything, if we get fusion and terraforming right, we’ll be well on our way to becoming a multi-planetary species.

    But yeah, keep believing banksters and their fake religions and education mind control. I’m sure it will solve all of the world’s problems based on the bible, the original graphic novel that started this current shitshow off and is a dead end evolutionarily.

    But of course I’m sure your “light”-bringing Kabbalah Transhumanism AI singularity will really mesh well with us being animals. Totally not a mental illness of inbred schizophrenic psychotic psychopaths at all, I’m sure.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Thanks: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  52. Levtraro says:

    Yes, but global vegetarianism would imply clearing even more arable land thus destroying even more terrestrial ecosystems.

  53. Levtraro says:

    One interesting aspect of your comment is the connection beween global warming and immigration. I think asking to stop and revert 3rd world immigration into the USA and the EU because it contributes significantly to global warming is a really cool argument. Even better would be to get relevant data, conduct the statistical modelling, and publish results.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Trickster
  54. Levtraro says:

    The biosphere survided collision with a space rock a few dozen km in length 66 million yr ago that caused more harm than all of humanity can cause in any possible way, including detonation of all the thousand atomic bombs built already. What we are doing to the planet is just having a minor impact, the planet will go on with new life for a very long time after we go extinct. Global warming is a threat to our civilization, not to the planet.

    • Agree: Patriot
  55. Aardvark says:

    A physician who only treated symptoms instead of attacking the underlying cause of illness…

    Isn’t that what most pharmaceuticals do, suppress or manage symptoms?
    Physicians in general are not at all about getting to the root cause as it would destroy the recurring revenue stream of office visits and tests so prescriptions can be renewed.
    Let us not forget that the patients share this failure as well as too many are not willing to make the required lifestyle changes to correct their underlying illness.
    THX1138 portrayed it 50 years ago…a future society on a steady diet of pills.

    • Replies: @Trickster
    , @Malla
  56. gotmituns says:

    Besides there being too many people on the planet due to “advances” in science and medicine, All the intellectually deficient/retards and other assorted shitbirds who would have died at birth a hundred years ago survive and reproduce making things far worse for normal people on the planet.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, Patriot
  57. semeonx says:
    @paranoid goy

    And wasn’t that a creepy episode. (Bill and Melinda – grinning, duping delight ?)
    Very creepy. I am interested in hearing thoughtful opinions on that episode. Cleary an important and revealing moment.

    • Agree: John Fisher
  58. Lock up that turd, er, nerd Zuckerberg and his ungrateful (to America) buddies in Silicon Valley…

  59. @Dumbo

    You sound like a typical fat, unattractive woman who is consumed by a delusion that men are trying to “control” her.

    In reality, you are an impulsive drug addict with ADHD, who has never had a proper authority figure or enlightening experience in your entire life, and who has no understanding of civilization, or even basic human nature.

    High time preference is a threat to national security, and the #1 high time preference people in the world today are Trump supporters.

    Jail ’em.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  60. profnasty says:

    I wanna talk to the smarty pants guy.

  61. @Patriot

    The climate changes. Has forever. Remember learning about the ice age? Gone, but not done by humans. Earth can do the change thing all by itself, and do far more with the help of the sun and moon. I will blame humanity for its abuse and misuse of all things regarding water.

    • Replies: @Trickster
    , @Patriot
  62. @JohnPlywood

    Why is the liberal attack nothing but name calling? You didn’t even provide a counter argument. Just a series of names leading to a threat. Who is the real risk?

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  63. Holy cow this is absolutely spectacular. Kitsons in Los Angeles. We The People are fighting back!

  64. Trickster says:

    I am a Junior Kindergarten drop out from at that time the worst school in the Congo. I checked out because breaks were not long enough. I say this not to impress but to bring some authority to my comments below:

    1. Climate change as caused by humans is nonsense. The Sahara was once fertile and that was long before we had billions in population, and long before we had nutty Al and looney Greta and of course Phd experts like you.

    3. If climate did not change, the world would not change and earth would still perhaps be a barren rock. This is COMMON SENSE and does not require the sanctimonious and self righteous philosophical waxing of yet another highly educated dunce flashing a Phd

    2. You are an ass and my your Phd is worth less than my JK report card. In simple terms you are a useless cunt.

    Your theories and opinions are shit. We on UR are looking for ideas and opinions that make sense and stimulate thought. The only thing your half wit ideas and simpleton opinions stimulate is my bowels.

    Please send us copies of your Phd certificate from said prestigious university so we can wipe our asses with it. You are a village idiot and instead of reading UR I suggest you go back to Mutt and Jeff or Mickey and Goofy

    WARM regards ………LOL

    • Agree: NomadDad
  65. Alfred says:

    1. Global Climate Change (GCC) is real and it is probably caused by humans.

    Nonsense. It was warmer when the Romans had vineyards in Yorkshire. That was the peak of the Roman and Chinese empires. The Romans sent an ambassador to China.

    However, that happy period did not last and the climate cooled down. That resulted in smaller crops, famines and the collapse of both empires.

    The climate changes – depending above all on the sun. The idea that the output of the sun is unchangeable is beyond the ridiculous. Currently, the sun is less active. This eventually leads to more cosmic rays hitting the earth and the creation of more clouds – and cooling.

    CO2 is around 0.04% of the atmosphere. There is 50 times more CO2 absorbed in the waters of the oceans as there is in the atmosphere. When the earth warms up, CO2 is released – with an 800 year delay.

    I don’t know where you got your education but physics, geology, history, chemistry, thermodynamics and common sense are definitely not your strong points.

    Empirical Evidence Shows Temperature Increases Before CO2 Increase in ALL Records

    Your second point is more sensible.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @glib
  66. Trickster says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    O and G

    We, the old fools who were glad to graduate high school with a pass mark are in no position to argue with someone with a Phd from one of the top universities in the world.

    Too much of something is good for nothing ! This is true for everything including an education.

    And what passes for common sense and intelligence these days would make our ancestors weep. If this is what a higher education breeds then where will we be in the next 50 years ?

    These are the thinkers, movers and shakers and leaders who will lead us into a prosperous new future going where man has never been before ! We are already in a world of shit with the present crop of experts and they seem to be growing dumber by the day.

    God help us !

  67. @Old and Grumpy

    Most of the “conservatives” on the “right” are just a bunch of ex-liberals who decided they were conservative because a black guy righteously stole their bicycle, or because they had to pay taxes when they wanted to go spend that money at the gay bar. It shows in the blatant disrespect for authority, obsessive identification with crime victims and particularly rape accusers, paranoia about being “controlled”, bizarre and cuck-like worship of women, etc. An alarming number of them are ex-hippie women, wiccans, vegans, conspiracy whackjobs, etc. For this reason, the so-called “right wing” is prdictably being flushed down the toilet of history, with their demigod Donald Trump taking the lead in a race around the drain, because such people are obviously incapable of generating anything but failure — and they are stubbornly stupid in their quest for failure. Hence the rapid decline of “conservatism” from 2020 onward.

    There’s an image that is seared in to my brain, which exemplifies what the new right-wing is. It’s this comparison between two statues of the Roman Laocoon. The one on the left is from the 100 BCE, the one on the right is from 300 CE. The late Roman statue obviously being a perverse degeneration of the human form and an example of how far Roman society had deteriorated.

    That image on the right is the soul of the new right-wing. Every time I see a Trumptard or COVID conspiracy comment on the net, that image of the 300 CE statue is what I think of. And you know it’s self-evident. You’ll never be able to write another comment without thinking about that statue ever again. I guarantee it.

    • Replies: @NomadDad
    , @John Fisher
  68. Trickster says:

    Pleeeeeeeaaaase- do not ask for data or we are liable to get two dozen 3000 word comment/ articles (a la Karlin) with graphs and charts proving to us that soon New York will be 70 degrees below and the North Pole will be a sunny tropical paradise.

    I can tell you that temperatures in Europe are going up because all the niggers invading the continent are keeping themselves warm burning pallets outdoors as well as burning neighbourhoods when they get pissed.

    Unfortunately the temperatures in Africa are not declining as scientists hoped they would. Some parts of South Africa (which is closest to Antartica) are registering 45-50 degrees celcius.

    Also since they have nothing to do all day, the ones left behind procreate to fill in the void of those who have fled to Cracker country. It kinda keeps the supply topped up so that Europe does not suffer a deficit of parasites.

    Hope this satisfies your curiosity.

    Very Sincerely
    Professor Trickster (Phd, ABC, Cpa, XYZ, Mba, PIZZA etc )

    • LOL: John Fisher, Nisbe
    • Replies: @John Fisher
  69. @Patriot

    “1. Global Climate Change (GCC) is real and it is probably caused by humans.”

    Are you claiming that if there were no “humans,” then the climate would not change?”


    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  70. Trickster says:

    Quite right !. If anyone wants to know why there is so much ill health one only need park outside the local fast food outlet. There you will see at breakfast, lunch or dinner time:

    1. A long line up of cars
    2. People guzzling all sorts of sugary sodas (extra large) with a comforting cigarette at the end
    3. Food being stuffed in mouths while looking at the old cell phone for the latest bit of triviality
    4. Kids being given breakfasts of a donut and chocolate milk
    5. General obesity, flabby and weak bodies
    6. Youth who look old and beat up, many already bald with big guts overhanging their pants
    7. The “elderly” usually in their early 60’s stumbling, shuffling and dragging oxygen bottles

    As for pills, I worked with a guy once who took his pills as a display of fashion ie in public with a great display of showmanship. I notice the same trend in some movies where the star downs pills with alcohol and lights up a cigarette. At one time kids were spitting black juice all over the place because the baseball stars were chewing tobacco and spitting before every throw.

    Its fashion my friend….and no amount of common sense and persuasion is going to convince the rabble and gullible that big Pharma and the Doctor cannot cure their self inflicted ills with a pill.

    Predators prey on stupidity and you are so right. If patients took personal responsibility for diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes we would need fewer Doctors and Drug hustlers…….

    But that ain’t going to happen and the movers and shakers know it !

  71. Patriot says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    GCC IS real and is probably caused by human activities. But that is NOT what I’m arguing about, here.

    Western politicians, including Biden, want to spend $10 Trillion of your money to “Save the Planet”, while moving a billion Third-World people into Europe, Canada, USA, and Ausrtalia.

    I’m suggesting a cheap and easy alternative to both these coming disasters.

    This solution costs $ virtually nothing: Simply end most immigration into Western (high-carbon footprint, high consumption) nations. This will allow Western populations to slowly and naturally decline over generations, as THEY ALREADY ARE DOING. It’s only immigration that is causing population growth in The West. In my short lifetime I’ve watched paradise California turn into distopian Hell, as immigration caused CA population to explode from 10 to 40 million = 4-fold increase in a single generation!!!! My beautiful home, CA is now a disaster.

    Worst is that as Californians have fled the disaster they created, they have Californicated the rest of oncr beartiful West.

    This solution keeps Western nations nice, and allows us to spend the planned $10 Trillion on more useful things.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  72. @lavoisier

    One child policy should be forced on the people who are dependents on welfare.

    Why? Is having a kid (supported by others) a “right”?

    Welfare must be conditional on either permanent sterilization or on implantable temporary sterilization. I’ll accept a responsibility to feed my fellow citizens who are too lazy or incapable of feeding themselves, but only if they are prevented from multiplying. It’s insane to pay for the creation of a bigger batch of malingering deadbeats. And for any preexisting kids, why would I think that someone who cannot feed herself is capable of raising a responsible citizen?

    • Agree: Patriot
  73. @SolontoCroesus

    Catholics do as the Jew demands

    Derp! No shit? That couldn’t possibly be because they prance about in dresses claiming to worship a Jew, could it?

    Get on your knees white man and suck YHWH (((& Son)))’s cock. Beg the JewGod for forgiveness for your original sin (being white).

  74. @Allen Trombone

    the Bible, the original graphic novel

    Great comment, I thought I was alone in seeing it. And the irony in the Jews once again stealing our Gods (ie Thor) for fun and profit..

  75. Poco says:
    @paranoid goy

    Sighuntist not scientist. Lern too spel.

  76. gotmituns says:

    Worst is that as Californians have fled the disaster they created, they have Californicated the rest of oncr beartiful West.
    That’s the thing that gets me. They louse up where they are and move and do the same things where they move to that loused up where they came from. What’s that about?

    • Agree: Patriot
    • Replies: @Trickster
  77. Agent76 says:

    Oct 18, 2020 Holocaust Survivor Vera Sherav: The Importance of Informed Consent In The Middle of a Pandemic

    So important to watch this. Tragedy. Wisdom. Love. Strength. Perseverance. Truth!

    Nov 24, 2020 Thousands of doctors declare lockdown harmful to public health

    Thousands of doctors and medical scientists are taking a stand against the nation’s lockdowns, and are calling for the country to reopen. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more as scientists say the lockdowns have devastating consequences for public health

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  78. @Patriot

    1. Global Climate Change (GCC) is real and it is probably caused by humans.

    “Evidence” promoted by doomsayers who have been spectacularly wrong about every predicted environmental catastrophe over the past 70 years. Clearly you’re not of them, so why carry their water?

    Earth has passed the climate “point of no return” so many times we’ve lost count.

    • Agree: Alfred
  79. @Alfa158

    Regardless of CO2 levels, without human intervention our planet will naturally go into runaway greenhouse effect on its own as the water vapor level rises in the atmosphere.

    You would best take a gander on over to the website WattsUpWithThat and check out the ideas of guys like Willis Eschenbach and Pat Frank. Willis has shown that it is the water vapor from our great oceans that stabilizes our climate through emergent phenomena like thunderstorms that develop over the tropical oceans whenever the atmosphere heats up. The thunderstorm clouds block much of the sunlight from reaching the earth and prevent further warming.

    Pat Frank has shown, in peer-reviewed studies, that the substantial uncertainties in things like cloud cover propagate at every step in the calculations of your climate models, making them useless for any prediction whatsoever.

    The runaway-greenhouse hypothesis was invented by the astronomer Carl Sagan in 1961 to explain the 800 degree temperatures on Venus and thereby to put down the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky as to the origin of Venus. Its applicability to Earth is extremely dubious since the atmosphere of Venus is 95% CO2, with essentially no water vapor, and no oceans. Its atmospheric pressure is also 90 times as high as that on Earth.

    The oceans hold 50 times as much CO2 as the atmosphere and would release it as the Earth warms, by Henry’s law — the reason your beer goes flat outside the refrigerator. If CO2 also caused the Earth to warm we would be subject to a positive-feedback loop running into a heat death with every modest variation in climate. It hasn’t happened in four and a half billion years of Earth history, so it’s not ever going to. We call that a reductio ad absurdum in logic.

    Put your mind at ease. The problem with CO2 is we have too little. It’s the key limiting factor in photosynthesis and food production.

  80. Alfred says:

    One child policy should be forced on the people who are dependents on welfare.

    In general, I would agree. However, those on “welfare” should include most politicians like Joe Biden and a great many others who are on welfare in the full sense of the term.

    Jewpedia calls it a “conspiracy theory” 🙂

    Ukraine Conspiracy Theory

    • Agree: SS-The Independent
  81. Mefobills says:

    Here’s another view of Stalin:

    I disagree some with some of the take from Russia Insider. Stalin was good ole’ uncle Joe at first, because finance capital out of wall street/london funded the communist movement.

    Our (((leaders))) turned against Stalin after he morphed communism from being the (((international)) to becoming national.

    National communism was created by Stalin in order to motivate the peasants. Even today, they call WW2 the great patriotic war.

    After WW2, finance capital turned even harder against their former creation. Much of what we know about Stalin is propaganda, for the same reason what we know about Hitler is mostly propaganda.

    Hitler was a bigger threat to finance capital than Stalin. National socialism was more of a threat than national communism.

    Germany’s most unforgivable crime before the Second World War was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.

    • Agree: John Fisher, GeeBee
  82. Miro23 says:

    The NWO Rubicon is probably compulsory vaccination. They’re hesitating because there’s big (but unfocused) public opposition – and their coup may fail.

    But it’s still sad that the Western public are so weak that they’re reduced to banging their pots and pans in the street (public action that stopped compulsory vaccination in Demark).

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  83. “as soon as everyone gets a jab”

    “Getting a jab” is a war propaganda phrase used by brainwashed zombies.

    We are now calling it “the death shot”.

    Pass it on!

  84. @Carlton Meyer

    our governments never mention the need to take Vitamin D supplements or getting out into the sun, they just scream about wearing masks. Is this because sales of Vitamin D provide no profits for the politically powerful pharmaceutical industry?

    Exactly. But worse. The regulations preclude the expedited approval of vaccines and emergency-use authorizations for new drugs like remdesivir if there are effective therapeutics already in existence. So they have to suppress any acknowledgment of therapies like Vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Vitamin D was pretty much ignored, though the Brits are now providing it to some nursing-home patients. Ivermectin was ignored except in a few countries where it has long-established use as an anti-parasitic in humans. And they launched a vitriolic attack on HCQ, as soon as Mr. Trump endorsed it, that involved the total fabrication of a 96,000-patient sample over supposedly five continents.

    The lock downs of course keep people out of the sun, while the masks block the sun from reaching your face. If this second wave causes more fatalities than the first, they will just mandate more lock downs and more outside mask wearing. Who’s to know?

    Great comment. Thanks.

  85. @TheTrumanShow

    Are you claiming that if there were no “humans,” then the climate would not change?

    The climate-change alarmists claim we are increasing atmospheric CO2 by burning fossil fuels like coal and heating limestone to make cement. Meanwhile any competent geologist will tell you that those great beds of coal were laid down by ancient forests locking up atmospheric CO2 some 300 million years ago in the Carboniferous Period, when there were no decay causing micro-organisms to break the dead trees back down into their constituent parts.

    Meanwhile the limestone was laid down from great coral reefs in the Silurian Period (and later) some 440 million years ago. The corals also locked up enormous amounts of CO2 by incorporating it into their shells, which formed huge sedimentary layers as they died.

    Geologists also tell us that those carbon-sequestering trees and shell fish caused the CO2 level in the atmosphere to drop from about 18 time current levels to levels approximating current levels, or lower. (The levels rose at other periods.) Curiously there is no evidence that world temperatures rose and dropped in sync with those changes. But there is reason to believe that when CO2 levels dropped not that much lower than ours, many plants stopped growing and died, with possibly disastrous consequences for animal life, including shellfish. Photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide.

    So if there had been any sentient shellfish or tree species alive at those times, they would have been screaming how they were fouling their own nests — how they had to figure out how to recycle their own bodies or go extinct. Little Miss Saint Greta Treefern was yelling, “How dare you!”

  86. If they took all the money from the rich, they could pay for combating global warming without bothering us average people a bit.

    You forgot that part of it.

  87. @Alfa158

    Every Somalian shipped into Minnesota increases its annual carbon footprint by a factor of One Hundred and Sixty.

    They clearly should be burnt upon arrival.

    • Agree: Patriot
  88. odd,

    we three chez nous lead a very “green” life, yet only make 50% of my city’s median household income.

    in fact, it seems the more money, the less “green” someone lives.

  89. @Verymuchalive

    I bet he can spell Gamma.

    • Replies: @Nisbe
  90. glib says:

    Also of note, Alfred, we are at the top of the Milankovitch cycle, it is going to be bloody cold in a couple of thousand years. All this CO2 will mitigate the drop but not nearly enough.

  91. Alden says:

    Uni teachers sweeping floors and emptying waste baskets. Wonderful news!!!!! You were in the engineering science part of the campuses at the time were protected from the Marxist missionaries who ruled every subject but hard science and math.

    While you were studying engineering, the other students became brainwashed liberals.

    The reason there are too many people on earth isn’t natural increase. It’s unnatural increase because the missionaries give Africans Indians and Asians unnatural amounts of food and medicine that they can’t produce themselves.

    Are you aware of the 700-1100 AD warming period that enabled European style farming in Greenland? And that it was followed by the little ice age 1300-1850 AD? Or the ending of the last ice age when there were only about 1 million people on earth?

    My family is in the electrical industry. We have greatly, benefited from the switch to green clean power. So much that I believe climate change is a giant plot by the electrical industry from the copper mines to every aspect. The green clean electrical lobby is even trying to eliminate gas stoves in favor of all electric stoves. I won’t go into the difficulties of cooking well on an electric stove. Suffice it to say they need regular replacement and can’t really be repaired.

    A few years ago billions were spent to refit the perfectly functional electricity on the Golden Gate Bridge with alleged clean and green electricity.

    Not only do these measures do no good, but they benefit the electrical industry, plumbers manufacturers of pipes and plumbing fixtures, solar panel industry. Solar panel electricity goes right into the grid and they sell it back to the homeowner. When installation maintenance and replacement is considered solar panels are only money saving for at least a 4,000 space; a supermarket, store, gym, something like that, not a home.

    • Agree: Patriot
  92. @Patriot

    You are the typical ivory tower academic idiot. The planet could EASILY support 20-30 billion people if there was not so much wealth inequality. It all comes down to better and more efficient use of resources and managing human beings. Africa alone if its resources were well managed could easily support a thriving middle class. Look at Ted Turner and some of the biggest landowners in the world. What’s destroying our planet is not the number of humans but our excessive and unnecessary hyper consumption. Eliminate the rich and build up. I live in an area that plows over farmland to build McMansions. If Americans downsized and simplified their lifestyles we would never use as many resources as we do now. Who the f$&k needs aisles and aisles of toothpastes, fizzy water, and copious amounts of other crap. The entire global economy based on plastic and consumption feeds the rich. And feeds idiot academics like yourself who have zero common sense. No, the Earth cannot support 8 billion people striving to live like the average American family with a 2500 sq ft house, 3 car garage, 2 cars, and cheap crap they don’t need. Suburban sprawl in America is a disgusting use of resources. Id live in a 500sq fr apartment as long as I had a few acres of land to enjoy or millions of acres of untouched wilderness to explore.

    • Agree: SS-The Independent
  93. Alden says:

    Vegetables require vehicles for bring the seeds to the farms, planting , weed and pest control, harvest , transport to packing canning and freezing plants, transport to warehouses ships and distributors, to retail stores, transport to homes and restaurants.

    Beef cattle, lamb and goats are probably the most environment friendly food . They live on the range, can walk around, eat and take care of themselves, from birth till the truck they walked into drives off to the slaughterhouse.

  94. Syd Walker says: • Website

    I find it sad beyond words that the author of this thread, and most commentators so far, display such (willful?) ignorance about environmental issues in general and climate change in particular.

    This ignorance, typically masked by the use of cherry picked factoids which are useful for gotcha moments but not for rational deliberation, seems increasingly to be combined with a spiteful, cynical attitude that reminds me of the very Mammonities they purport to oppose.

    “If they insist on fighting global warming, let us begin with them personally. Let Gore and Greta and their followers live ecologically on average salary. It is not difficult to live green if you are a millionaire. Do it on the average income. After you pay electricity, water, rates, transport, school you won’t even think of paying much more for making your car “green” and CO2-neutral. You’d be happy to survive as it is. I’d make it a law: every green activist should surrender his assets for safekeeping and manage his green life on the average income for at least one year.”

    It’s true that if my own income was raised to the national average I’d have more ability to be choosey about specific products, but crucial to reducing greenhouse impact is simply to consume fewer unnecessary products, and that I manage to do reasonably well. Vegan nutrition helps too. And for the record, I’ve been alarmed about the prospect of rapid anthropocentric climate change since the 1980s, before I’d heard the name Al Gore let alone Greta Thunberg. You imply the international movement of people concerned about climate change issue has been magicked up by a few prominent activists. That’s utter nonsense – and deeply offensive to millions of people who cared enough to read the documentation, understand the issue and raise the alarm despite a torrent of disinformation funded by powerful vested interests with huge budgets to mislead a confused general public.

    Now for a brief reality check, from my somewhat parochial perspective as an Australian.

    Have you noticed, Mr Shamir, what’s happened to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and native forests over the last half decade (three unprecedented mass bleaching events and unprecedented fires including last year’s forest holocaust – the most extensive in recorded history).

    Why don’t you visit Australia sometime? I’d be delighted to introduce you to plenty of environmentalists who live frugally and work very hard to do their best to conserve what’s left of our magnificent environment. Your sneers about “Gore and Greta” remind me of the Zionists who liked to frame their criticisms of Palestinians in terms of Arafat’s alleged corruption. A silly distraction at best. Ugly disinformation at worst.

    “Optimistic researchers with the Global Carbon Project say the emissions should be cut by 5.5 per cent per year over the next 45 years. This is a deadly collapse; what we have now is a preview of what they have in store for us and our children. (You can check the numbers here)”

    Intrigued that the Global Carbon Project might be calling for a reduction in greenhouse emissions of around 250% (!!!) over the next 45 years (that’s deep into negative emission territory!), I visited “here“, hoping to check out the original source of the claim.

    But the reference turned out to be an article in Spiked, a right wing British online rag well-known for ridiculing environmentalists, which made the improbable claim without burdening its readers with any additional reference.

    Can I make a suggestion Mr Shamir? If you want to sneer at environmentalists, and lend your sneers extra credibility by providing hyper-linked references, at least have the intellectual honesty to link to their own material instead of inaccurate piffle put out by their detractors.

    Apart from anything else, this would save time for (the minority of?) your readers who bother to check references. I just visited the Global Carbon Project website, had a quick look around and used its search box to find references mentioning 5.5% or 5.5 per cent. There are none. Perhaps you can supply one? I can’t find any – and it wouldn’t be the first time Spiked invented “facts” to astonish and erage their credulous readers, Daily Mail-style.

    This raises other questions for me, Mr Shamir. You seem to be writing increasingly on the topic of global warming. Do you really know what you’re writing about? Have you ever read anything from official sources? Or do you just recycle naysayer propaganda, much of it in “mainstream” media, conveniently packaged by the minions of Mr Murdoch?

    Here’s a suggestion for some reasonably up-to-date reading material. It’s not very long for an intellectual of your stature, and there are plenty of illustrations:

    And here’s one more suggestion if you only get your opinion about Greta Thunberg from what fellow sniggering detractors have to say about her.


    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  95. mirpaz says:

    I have been laughing my heart out. Incredible the idiosyncrasies and contradictions, as well as the sarcasm…I really needed the laugh.
    I had an argument about vaccines. I told my acquaintance: “If you are immunized, you are saved from the virus. Why you have a problem with someone that does not want to be inflicted with a vaccine that was produced in such hurry? remember the Tamiflu, where Rumsfeld was part of the company that produced the useless jab?
    Just pondering …

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  96. @Miro23

    Well, that ‘ Western public ‘ ( weak…banging their pots and pans ) does NOT include US/us…with ( still…YET ) a 2nd Amendment and a majority armed to the teeth…from which about 100 millions are really pissed off now ! Do ya think that this could be a ‘ reason ‘ for ‘ their…” they’re hesitating “…like you put it ?!…How someone will enforce a vaccination on millions ready to defend their lives/bodies/families , with deadly force ?! Huh ?!…Now, think about: this comes from a guy born/educated on ‘ the other side ‘ ( Eastern-Europe, under the so-called ‘ socialism-communism )…And…if many have guns, but not brains and/or cojones, there still that 15% of population which worries ‘ intelligence agencies ‘ ( like CIA – crime/cocaine inc. ), because could NOT be brainwashed ( see ‘ MK- Ultra and Monarch programs )…Or, like Andrew Lobaczewski and the group who did some studies in ‘ ponerology ‘, that about 25% are born with a conscience/awareness, 35% WITHOUT one, and the rest of 40% with a very weak one ( sheep mentality )…how you gonna get read of those one on four ( the real humans – an informed man/people is unfit to be a slave )…?!…Oh, yeah, we definitely are living those ‘ interesting times ‘…

  97. Put simply : They trying to fix problems caused by too much capitalism with more capitalism. Again.

    I think Shamir is overthinking this a lot and giving them too much credit. Rest assured it’ll never work. Things will get worse for everyone I’m sure. More likely that we’ll have a nuclear war breakout that’ll roast us all.

    The Injuns have had enough apparently

    Tens of millions of workers throughout India joined a one-day general strike yesterday in opposition to the pro-investor economic reforms and associated austerity measures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party-led government.

    The huge mobilisation, which organisers said involved 250 million people, is a powerful expression of growing mass anger, not just against the Modi administration but Indian bourgeois rule as a whole. It demonstrates the readiness of workers to fight the ruling elite’s onslaught on jobs and wages, along with working and living conditions

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Malla
  98. NomadDad says:

    Take the Luciferase vaccine and be gone, rebbe.

  99. Che Guava says:

    Japan is not quite as you imagine.

    Of course, it depends on the place in Japan.

    Certainly, there was no enforced lockdown, but for some time there was a plea for a voluntary one, most of my colleagues are still largely living shut-in.

    In Tokyo, the govt. keeps expanding the scale of testing, so they keep the numbers up.

    There is a constant corona panic generation on TV, not so much in print now. Many people know that it is a lie, I have played my small part in that.

    You would do better, if looking for exemplars, to look at continental Asia. For example, China stopped testing, massive mask-free parties have been held in Wuhan itself. The same kind of thing in Vietnam, Korea, most places.

    A bar that I never entered, near my workplace, closed two or three weeks ago, after remaining open througout the panic. I regret not having supported them, but my closest friend spent some time there waiting for me to finish work, said (just before it closed, I wanted to go there) it’s not much good.

    My favourite karaoke bar is now gone. There was a brief re-opening in July, although the boss, a very good man, turned the last night i had the time to go into a private party.

    I am very sad that the corona panic has ruined his labour of love.

    I wear a stupid mask on the trains, but it is only from politeness.

    I never stopped going to work. After work, on the strees, however, it was pretty weird, so many rats (the rodent, not the human version).

    izzy Shamir’s article, as usual, very good.

  100. hotrod31 says:

    It would be comparatively simple to end massive immigration of low-consumption Third-Worlders into high-consumption Western nations … if only the greedy avaricious bastards from Western nations would stay in their own countries and STOP creating wars specifically fomented to steal the resources from Third-world countries.

    • Replies: @Malla
  101. Che Guava says:

    I posted a reply to you. It is about 100 in this thread, not antagonistic. Mr. Unz has made great comment software, but the timeout on reply connections seems a bug, not a feature.

  102. Trickster says:

    What;s that all about is about being niggers. We have the black ones, the brown ones and now the white ones. At one time it made sense that there could be no construction without destruction. However the rallying cry of these cretins in there can be no destruction without more destruction.

    Its a black thing. They fuck up a neighbourhood, flee what they ruined to a pristine area and then fuck that up only to flee once again. Monkey see monkey do and what was once an Afro thing is now common sport for all colours and creeds.

    There ARE people who like to watch things burn, hear glass smashing and so on. These sounds are soothing and like a symphony enable them to sleep soundly in the filth and rubble they created.

    What do you expect a person to be entertained when they dont go to the movies, play video games or watch TV ?

  103. @Trickster

    Pleeeeeeeaaaase- do not ask for data or we are liable to get two dozen 3000 word comment/ articles (a la Karlin) with graphs and charts proving to us that soon New York will be 70 degrees below and the North Pole will be a sunny tropical paradise.

    If you want to see this principle at work on an exponential scale, look at the MOAB of thread deflections from poster That Would Be Telling in the Whitney vaccine article.

    Now your comment has me wondering if Karlin isn’t from the same unit but just given an elevated status. In other words, Karlin has simply moved up the ladder:

    1. Begin by being a minor gaslighter (the apprentice) in comment threads by supporting the higher ranked devil (the craftsman) in same comment thread doing the heavy lifting.

    2. Promoted to the heavy lift gaslighter of a comment thread (the craftsman), now supported by the lower ranked devils (the apprentices).

    3. Promoted to writing articles of insufferable gaslighting (the master craftsman), elevated above the comment section division but supported in same by the lower ranking devils (the apprentices and craftsmen).

    Now, one can only guess how the trainers and promoters and overseers (the Screwtapes) of this army of social arsonists (the Wormwoods) arrive at their positions. LOL

  104. @JohnPlywood

    That image on the right is the soul of the new right-wing. Every time I see a Trumptard or COVID conspiracy comment on the net, that image of the 300 CE statue is what I think of. And you know it’s self-evident. You’ll never be able to write another comment without thinking about that statue ever again. I guarantee it.

    Methinks you are projecting (but this also assumes you are writing sincere thoughts and not merely trying to fuck with people’s minds).

  105. @Syd Walker

    seems increasingly to be combined with a spiteful, cynical attitude that reminds me of the very Mammonities they purport to oppose.

    For someone who accuses others of cherry-picking and ad-hominem sneers you seem to be doing a lot of both yourself. You want us to read and accept the IPCC reports. I’ve read them. They are an exercise in futility, with executive summaries that bear no relation to the conclusions of the actual science they report. Their so-called prediction confidence-levels also bear no relation at all to what confidence levels have meant for many years.

    That said, you want us to believe that your cherry-picked Australian bush fires this past year were due to climate change when such fires have occurred several times in Australian history and the IPCC does not even consider them a high-confidence result of global warming.

    You also want us to accept that the Great Barrier Reef is dying from global warming, though that is seriously disputed by one of your better marine biologists, Peter Ridd, who has been fired from his academic position for his views. I also note you claim to be a free-speech advocate, but I look in vain on your Twitter feed for any defense of Ridd.

    The IPCC clearly tells us to expect winters with less snow and shorter growing seasons. In contrast the past two winters in the Northern Hemisphere have both had near record amount of snow, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and this winter is shaping up to be the same. Two of the past three years have also seen shortened growing seasons up here in North America. I do understand such news takes a while to filter down to you in Australia.

    North America is also the only continent that has long had confidence-inspiring coverage of local temperature stations. Some of that data even excludes contamination by the urban heat-island effect for the most part, and it shows that North America has cooled by one degree Celsius these past five years.

    For the record, since you seem impressed by your own, I was first introduced to the global-warming hypothesis (then called runaway-warming with reference to Venus) in 1975. I believed it for 30 years, bought two hybrid cars and campaigned for the Canadian Green Party in the 2011 Federal election. I became skeptical when the temperature rise paused for 15 years despite continuing large increases in CO2 concentration. You recently cited that continuing increase in your Twitter feed, but again I looked in vain for your response to the critic who noted that temperatures should have risen as well.

    I’ve spent the past five years researching the issue in detail. I do rather resent those of you who feel the need to roll out an ignorant 16-year-old slip of a girl to tell me about physics I learned in university.

    • Thanks: roonaldo
    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  106. “ Any tyrant of old, be it Hitler or Borgia…”

    Funny Mr, Shamir that you skipped Stalin and Mao.

  107. Syd Walker says: • Website
    @Peripatetic Itch

    Hello Mr Itch

    There are only so many hours in the day so this won’t be a lengthy reply.

    I took the trouble to respond to Israel Shamir’s article because (a) on some other topics I respect his insights, and (b) he’s a widely published author, influential in some circles. Neither of these factors, I’m guessing, applies in your case.

    You come across as a pompous curmudgeon and I strongly suspect that were you ever to engage in debate with Greta Thunberg she’d give you a humiliating intellectual trouncing.

    One thing about Greta is she doesn’t cower behind a pseudonym. Why do you do this? You claim to have run as a candidate for the Green Party. That makes you something of a public figure – especially if you’re to cite that as part of your resume. So why the anonymity? What are you scared about?

    I’m not interested in debating with you on the handful of contrarian talking points you raise. I have looked at the contrarian’s case often in the past. Sometimes I learn from it. But nothing they say has changed the reality of the chart posted below. To deny this is to stick your head in the sand.

    I won’t join you in your pathetic and utterly reckless attempt to avoid facing an uncomfortable reality.

    (source )

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  108. @Patriot

    It’s a weird name ” patriot ” that doesn’t fit with a Ph. D scientist, because science supposed to be impartial except for the proven and reexamined truths, anyway, never mind this minor note, but: did you forgot to tell us the special nature of your Ph. D from the one of the top universities? was it in environmental and ecological science, or may in any other unrelated subjects that have nothing to do with climate cycles or environmental changes?, at least to give some credit to the horrible suggestion that is your only choice, that is to reduce the number of population of the planet? And how many, Mr. Ph. D scientist you think is enough to get rid of in order to guarantee the healing of the planet?!!

  109. @Syd Walker

    Your statement:

    You claim to have run as a candidate for the Green Party. That makes you something of a public figure – especially if you’re to cite that as part of your resume.

    is a wee bit removed from my statement:

    I believed [in global warming] for 30 years, bought two hybrid cars and campaigned for the Canadian Green Party in the 2011 Federal election

    Merriam-Webster definition of campaign for:

    to lead or take part in a campaign to support (someone or something) or to achieve (something)
    I campaigned for her when she ran for governor.
    a time when women were campaigning for the right to vote

    So you either can’t read, or, more likely, you choose not to read, and yet you claim I’m the one who is the “pompous curmudgeon.” Then you throw out a graph you generated yourself from an internet graphing tool and claim I’m the denier.

    I see on your Twitter feed that you want anyone who campaigned for Brexit to be thrown in the Tower for treason. Coming from a self-professed free-speech advocate that about says it all. You are a troll.

    • Replies: @Tom Rogers
    , @Syd Walker
  110. Che Guava says:

    Good reasons to not visit

    Airports shut.

    World’s supidest policies in Victnria.

  111. @Peripatetic Itch

    You like calling people trolls, don’t you, dickhead?

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  112. @Tom Rogers

    You like calling people trolls, don’t you, dickhead?

    To each his own, I guess. I did call you out for trolling quite recently though mostly I just accept that you are one of the more extreme racists that Ron has to put up with on this site. However, I try to avoid salacious insults and I do try to avoid ad hominems as part of the argument. In contrast here’s a selection of your, admittedly, much more creative comments over the past while:

    Learn to spell before you call other people nitwits, dickhead.

    Well you should know. You’re a sleazy arsehole.

    He’s fucking useless.

    Oh dear, has Patrick burnt his cock again?

    she will flower as a full conservative and MAGA, MAGA, MAGA! Am I close?

    [Cue Hail to the Chief] MAGA, MAGA, MAGA!

    For me, the Trump presidency is summed up in the fact that his last ‘conservative’ appointment to the Supreme Court is a white woman who has adopted black children.

    Now here’s the comment I called you out for. It was perhaps a close call but I still think you went over the top on this one:

    The problem is that, maybe for reasons of personal vanity, Trump has gone off-script and is alleging fraud. Trump, America’s first Reality President™, has decided he wants this last episode to be a bit more entertaining than usual. The first series, frankly, has been a bit boring and not lived up to its promise. The fans thought they’d get, as a minimum, a sex scene with Stormy Daniels, a Southern Border Wall, maybe a surprise war [Nov. 26]

    • Replies: @Tom Rogers
  113. @Peripatetic Itch

    And? I insult people who insult me. You insult me, I insult you. That’s the way it works in the real world, fucktard. If you’re civil with me, I’ll be civil with you. If you were actually in front of me in person, I would knock your lights out.

    However, I don’t accuse people of trolling or being trolls. The reasons for this are:

    (i). I’m intelligent and have an IQ over 130.
    (ii). The term ‘troll’ is a buzzword dating back to the early days of the web and has always been used by insecure, infantile fucktards like you who can’t cope emotionally with disagreement.
    (iii). Calling somebody a troll ironically itself amounts to disruption of a forum. It’s essentially a form of psychological projection.

    As an aside to the above, I note that the Jewish owner of this site has included ‘Troll’ as a reaction for commenters, which perhaps suggests he wants us at each other’s throats like this. Nevertheless, you have chosen to use it, so I am telling you, not him.

    My comments about Trump are a completely accurate and fair assessment of his presidency. He has done nothing of any weight as president. He is just a greasy property developer from New York who made it big and blagged his way into the presidency by jumping on a bandwagon. Besides which, it is not trolling to say something that you disagree with. The reason you think it is trolling and keep calling people trolls is because, as explained above, you are an emotionally stunted, low IQ idiot.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  114. Syd Walker says: • Website
    @Peripatetic Itch

    My apologies for misreading your sentence, Mr Itch. My bad. In retrospect, it did seem odd to me that you’d run for the Greens, although stranger things have happened.

    Clever of you to focus on that single inaccuracy. A nice distraction from having the rest of your piffle demolished.

    You are the guy who just remarked:

    “I became skeptical when the temperature rise paused for 15 years despite continuing large increases in CO2 concentration.”

    What are you talking about? Which pause?

    “I see on your Twitter feed that you want anyone who campaigned for Brexit to be thrown in the Tower for treason. ”

    I rack my brains on this one Mr Itch. Throwing people in the Tower (of London?) isn’t my style – not even in my fantasies. Which tweet are you referring to? I just wasted 15 minutes trying to find it. I’m reluctant to call you a liar, so why not supply a reference to show you’re not?

    But where is Israel Shamir on this? I didn’t make my initial post, with due respect, to debate with you, Mr Itch. I was hoping Mr Shamir might be willing to correct his inaccuracies, which are rather more serious given the extent of his readership.

    This is a crucial time in history when we need need a chorus of voices raised for urgent, effective action on climate change/energy & transport policy. Lulling people to sleep with demonstrable falsehoods and cynicism is not what I expect from a “truth-teller”.

  115. @Syd Walker

    What are you talking about? Which pause?

    As I patiently explained to you initially, global temperature data are defective for at least two reasons: First there has always been a dearth of temperature measuring stations outside of North America and perhaps England. Second the few existing stations outside them are often located in cities, which have elevated temperatures because roads and structures reflect less sunlight than vegetation. This is called the urban heat-island effect. It has nothing to do with the so-called global warming, though urban residents are commonly encouraged to consider their particular discomfort as part of the climate crisis.

    What actually happens, moreover, is that the establishment climate community commonly reports temperatures from isolated places without stations as an interpolated temperature from the existing temperature station surrounding it. The mid South-Atlantic Ocean, for instance might be interpolated from Rio, Lagos and Cape Town. That temperature would be reported independently, though clearly it is not independent, and the urban heat-island gets conflated as global warming for all four locations, then averaged.

    In other words, your graph is worthless. Capiche?

    Throwing people in the Tower (of London?) isn’t my style – not even in my fantasies. Which tweet are you referring to? I just wasted 15 minutes trying to find it

    I’m sure. Took me thirty seconds. The second is the key one, which you endorsed by retweeting. I include the first to corroborate your agreement. Spare me from having to explain that the Tower of London is the traditional English prison for treason:

    Syd [email protected] . Nov 30
    As Britain crashes out of the European Union, probably with an economically devastating “Hard Brexit”, a pro-Brexit rag called The Mail on Sunday shows a majority wants to STAY IN THE EU.
    Are[sic] these maniacs are laughing at the public they tricked into national self-destruction?

    Syd Walker Retweeted
    Dr Matt [email protected] . Nov 30
    When opinion polls gets to 75% – 90% PRO-EU we might start the processes necessary to #REJOIN the EU. We’ll obviously need to have PROSECUTED and CONVICTED those who deceived the British people with a wall of PROPAGANDA and committed various forms of TREASON before we can REJOIN.

    I’m reluctant to call you a liar,

    I’m sure. Do I get another of your sham apologies?

  116. @Tom Rogers

    If you were actually in front of me in person, I would knock your lights out.

    It does seem like I’ve triggered you in some way or other. In past times I could have had you charged with threatening assault but these days it seems the one who does the triggering gets charged. That said, you have now got me quite anxious, in a way that takes me back to the day I found myself smack dab in the middle of a class four tornado.

    The term ‘troll’ is a buzzword dating back to the early days of the web and has always been used by insecure, infantile fucktards like you who can’t cope emotionally with disagreement.

    You’ve got me there, but I think Ron and the UR community would rather go with the Merriam-Webster definition:

    a person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content

    to which I might add, Someone who is other than he purports to be

    I’m intelligent and have an IQ over 130.

    Who am I to argue? Not every smart person I know can string big words like insecure, infantile and fucktards in the same sentence. And get the punctuation right, to boot. How old did you say you were?

    My comments about Trump are a completely accurate and fair assessment of his presidency.

    Actually I called you out more for how you echoed Miss Hillary by characterizing his supporters in the voting public as her low-life “Deplorables”, wanting little more than salacious sex scandals, and more war, when Mr. Trump promised less war:

    The fans thought they’d get, as a minimum, a sex scene with Stormy Daniels, a Southern Border Wall, maybe a surprise war

    And now you say he “blagged his way into the presidency”, which suggests the same kind of trickery and collusion Hillary and the Dems accused him of for four long years.

    So yes, I have to conclude you are something other than what you purport to be. I doubt you ever supported Trump. That certainly fits my definition of a troll.

  117. Malla says:

    The Rockefellars were and are big in the medicine business, tailor making it to make maximum mullah.
    Anthony Ludovici complained about the healthcare policy of the modern World, about concentrating on curing diseases rather than concentrating on creating a healthy population. He even personally praised the “evul” Nazis for actually having a health policy for creating a healthy population for Germany during its short reign there. He saw it with his own eyes during his visit there often commenting on the excellent and superb health of the SS men.
    Also look out out for Dr. Weston Price’s research on food.
    And maybe try homeopathy. No side effects, no harm. But use Modern medicine too in parallel.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  118. Syd Walker says: • Website

    Thank you Mr Itch.

    You’ve reminded me why I don’t debate the issue of climate change with anonymous know-alls. Mark Twain was right:

    “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

    I could respond to your petty and misleading points, giving you a chance to reply again with more of the same, but on reflection best not to do that. Bye.

    My only reason for commenting here was to stand up for inconvenient reality, on an issue of crucial global importance which Israel Shamir ridicules (along with environmentalists who’ve helped raise the alarm). He must live with his conscience on that. We’ll see how things pan out.

  119. Malla says:

    to steal the resources from Third-world countries.

    What bullshit. Most Westerners are neither interested nor take part in any resources stealing. And most Third World leaders ain’t no angels.

  120. Malla says:

    Modi came up with his farmer bill (with no opposition in Parliament due to COVID) because his multibillioniare pal, Ambanis of Reliance Industries is coming up with his online grocery behemoth. So the farmers are to be screwed. But worry not, Modi the thug sultan will keep on winning. Because he is “man of the people, with humble background” “voice of the common man”, or whatever bullshit, the people are awe struck.
    Third World populations are whore slut populations who love thug sultan type leaders (Right winged or Left Winged ) like Modi, Erdogand, Lula, Chavez who end up screwing up their own countries like a thug screws, beats and demeans his slut whore girlfriend (brown black masses).
    White Race is the Captain Save-A-Hoe, trying to save the brown black masses i.e. whore slut. Colonialism partly was enlightened rule over brown black masses by honest White Colonial Officer types after rescuing the brown black masses from Oriental Despotism Big Chiefs and Thug Sultans.
    TRANSLATED: Colonialism partly was nice relationship with slut whore (brown black masses) and decent guy (White rulers) after rescuing the slut whore (brown black masses) from the bad boyfriend (Big Chiefs and Thug Sultans). White Man’s Burden = Captain Save-A-Hoe’s burden. But like any slut whore (brown black masses) rejected nice guy boyfriend (White race) and went back for Thug boyfriend who beats her and demeans her as is to be. The Thug boyfriend (Thug psychopath third World leaders) says sweet lies into the ears of the slut whore girlfriend by which the slut whore (brown black masses) blames everything on the nice guy (White race) for all her misery. Like a slut whore girlfriend who never blames her thug boyfriend or herself of all her problems but some nice nerd guy, the brown black slut whore masses will never blame themselves or their popular thugard leaders (Modi, Erdogand, Lula, Chavez) for screwing things up but the White race or the West.
    What the White race need to do is isolate itself as much as possible from the brown black world who forever will be ruled by Big Chiefs and Oriental Despots till the end of time, forever exploited till the end of time, their cries rising to the uncaring universe till the end of time.
    The Brown Black races were designed by nature to be ruled by Thug Sultans and Big Chiefs third world rulers. YT foolishly spread liberal ideas in these populations and now YT pays the price. From Oriental Despotism they emerged, to Oriental Despotism they shall always return to, it is their natural vibration.

  121. @Malla

    But use Modern medicine too in parallel.


    Your comment was quite good, and linking to Weston A. Price Foundation even better.

    So why end it with an endorsement of Modern (large cap M is interesting) medicine?

    • Replies: @Malla
  122. Malla says:
    @John Fisher


    There are many ailments for which Modern medicine is more effective compared to Homeopathy or traditional medicine, in other ailments it is the other way round. I know of people who have on principle avoided Modern medicine completely (Allopathy) only to completely succumb to some disease and died. Even if pharmaceutical companies scam people in Modern Western medicine, it is still effective. Modern Western Medicine was responsible for the reduction in mortality in the Third World and hence the boom in Third World populations after all. So best to try all medical branches, keep eggs in all baskets.
    One could also try Unani medicine, or traditional Islamic medicine, quite effective, trust me. But beware of quacks, buy stuff from big reputed suppliers only. Interestingly “Unani Medicine” literally means “Greek Medicine”, Greek medical knowledge was discovered and worked on further in the Islamic World. Unani=Greek (Sanskrti -Yavanas = Greeks) from the term “Ionian”. Modern Western Medicine, Homeopathy (rediscovered by German doctor Hanneman) and even Islamic Unani medicine have their links with the Ancient Greeks.
    One could also try Indian Ayurveda or TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) but again beware of quacks, look out for reputed companies. And avoid animal parts of wild/endangered species in TCM. Animal cruelty and animal extinction are not worth it.
    If I am not mistaken, the Rockefellers played a big part in driving Homeopathy out of the market with propaganda that it is quack, as it is hard to make a lot of mullah from Homeopathy. Tho he himself took Homeopathy medicine for himself and family. One of my ex-gf was a Homeopathy doctor. Cured me effectively of some ailments.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  123. @Malla

    Thanks. I agree in almost all respects. Perhaps your statement “use Modern medicine in parallel” sounded too much like a call use it “by all means” rather than just consider it as one of many possible approaches to healing. In that case, I don’t disagree either.

    But it would be interesting to see a list of Modern medicines that can be considered restorative of health. They mainly treat symptoms, some of which may even be the sign of activity in the body that is already working to restore health.

    • Agree: Malla
  124. Nisbe says:

    Let’s start with cutting all foreign aid.

  125. Nisbe says:

    Speaking of holocausts and survivors:
    “There Are Just 100,000 Holocaust Survivors Alive Today” – By Melissa Chan, July 3, 2016 4:43 PM EDT
    “There are 192,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel” – By DONNA RACHEL EDMUNDS JANUARY 16, 2020 20:48


    The holocaust is big business and a racket, every time I hear someone trying to use the bullshit expression “holocaust survivor” (and it is bullshit because it is an expression Jews use to milk money and compliance out of everyone) to try to get more credibility, the more inclined I am to consider them a likely liar. Related:

  126. Nisbe says:
    @Skylark Thibedeau

    Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.
    Long live the SDL.

  127. @Syd Walker

    Syd, I do not believe in anthropogenic global warming. Scientists I discussed it with convinced me that human factor is negligible even comparing with a single volcano. We are not that big yet. Coincidence of Covid and Greta seems to me too much for a sheer coincidence; it is rather a policy of austerity using whatever they can. Let first the rich folks switch to eating locusts, then we shall consider the proposal again.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
    , @Johan
  128. Syd Walker says: • Website
    @israel shamir

    Very nice to get a reply Israel. Thank you.

    It would be interesting to know which scientists have misinformed you so significantly. I’d certainly be inclined to avoid their opinions “moving forward”. Advice so erroneous is dangerous.

    Below are a couple of paragraphs extracted from a recent article in the American Association for the Advancement of Science journal. Here’s a link to the article:

    “CO2 out-gassed to the atmosphere and oceans today from volcanoes and other magmatically active regions is estimated at 280 to 360 million tonnes (0.28 to 0.36 Gt) per year, including that released into the oceans from mid-ocean ridges

    Humanity’s annual carbon emissions through the burning of fossil fuels and forests, etc., are 40 to 100 times greater than all volcanic emissions

    So Israel Shamir – if you can find authoritative scientific sources that support your very different opinion that “human factor is negligible even comparing with a single volcano” please share them. I’d like to study them and I’m sure the AAAS would be interested too.

    If you can’t substantiate your claim, I make a simple but heartfelt request: please stop promoting falsehoods!.

    The consequences of misleading people on this topic are not trivial. We should not squander whatever time we have to change the underlying structure of our civilisation so our way of life is sustainable. Not on unnecessary “debates” that have no foundation in reality.

    • Replies: @anon
  129. anon[270] • Disclaimer says:
    @Syd Walker

    Shamir would do well to admit his mistake. But he is on the same level as Karlin, Unz, Salier, PCR, Derbshire and other UNZ lunatic columnists.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  130. Syd Walker says: • Website

    Israel Shamir has been significant influence on my thinking for a couple of decades. There are gems to be found in his writing, but I do find the turds of intellectual dishonesty off-putting.

    No-one knows everything. Most of us are better off not writing about topics we don’t understand sufficiently to express an informed opinion. Why Mr Shamir thinks he needs to opine about matters ecological is beyond me. If he intends to continue this sideline, there are some excellent free online courses he might like to take, such as

    By all means, once he understands the reasons most climate scientists think we have a deeply alarming global problem, he’s welcome to look for flaws in their arguments, pick holes and generally do the work of an informed critic. But that’s impossible without the most basic grounding in the fast-evolving field of climate change science.

  131. Johan says:

    The only expertise required concerning human caused climate change seems to me the knowledge of human nature. I do find it credible that the host of the mental inn called Earth in various ways suffers from the forementioned situation, added to it, the possibility of having itself destructed through nuclear war or something of the kind. Perhaps many people find such to be credible, without being able to track what the problem is, so it finds an outlet in the most curious kinds of thoughts and beliefs.

  132. Johan says:
    @israel shamir

    The Catholic establishment once went just a bit too far, at least, this is what history writers speak about, nothing new under the sun, except different priests.. Who’s going the nail the pamphlet on the wall. Or are there too many opportunities for too many people, so to turn the madness might be impossible this time? The human caused human caused climate change appears to have had too little appeal to ‘ordinary people’, so the Covid crisis appears to be a stroke of genius, appealing to each and everyone. Then hardly anyone but about all appear to be to blame.

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