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Russian intelligence operations have taken a heavy hit recently. It is hard to evaluate the exact measure of things in the murky world of spies and counter-spies, but it appears that the Western spies have had extraordinary success in the subterranean battle.

The external, visible signs of the hit are less than mind-boggling. A group of Russian diplomats had been detained and deported after an attempt to learn what is cooking in the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It had been claimed they were members of a GRU squad caught in flagrante while accessing Wi-Fi network; not exactly red-hand assassination stuff. The Russians denied even that; however, the claim is not specially damaging.

In a different development, two (separate but interacting) fronts for Western intelligence, Bellingcat and The Insider, claimed they have discovered the real identities of the two Russians accused by the Brits of involvement in the weird case of the alleged Skripal poisoning.

None of these achievements is important by itself. It makes sense for the Russians to make an effort and discover what is planned against them in the OPCW of which they are members. The Russian officials complained that the Western members excluded them from their deliberations and did not share their data, thus defeating the very reason for the OPCW’s existence. This is connected with the alleged Syrian chemical attacks and with the Skripal case, where the best Russian defence against ungrounded accusations came from clandestinely obtained sources.

If the OPCW would function as it should by its charter, the Russians would be notified officially that the Swiss lab had established that the samples proffered by the British as taken from Salisbury, could not be produced in Russia. But the Swiss played coy, and the Russians had to steal the very product they were entitled to by right. The OPCW did not reveal on its own initiative that the samples from Syria weren’t obtained by the OPCW officials in Syria, but passed through the unverifiable chain of the White Helmets network. Nor did it reveal that the chemical weapons seized in Douma had been made in England, in Salisbury.

If the Russian intelligence wouldn’t try and snoop in the OPCW labs and discussions they would be rightly accused by their superiors of wasting their budget and not earning their salaries.

Ditto discovering the identities of Salisbury agents. There is nothing that connected the two men with Skripal, or with alleged poisoning. There is not a single frame of endless CCTV videos that shows them near Skripal’s house. Even by the British version, they could not possibly cause harm to Mr Skripal as he had left his home before their arrival to the vicinity and didn’t come back at all.

And anyway nobody has had access to Mr and Miss Skripal since the alleged poisoning excepting for a call Miss Skripal had made to her aunt in Russia that practically debunked the official British story. If she had not had the courage to make this call while slipping the observance of British intelligence, she would probably be dead by now.

If we want to find out who could poison Mr and Miss Skripal, we may ask the Brits a simple question, they know the answer to: who took the picture of them in the restaurant just a few minutes before they fell ill? Who did they dine with? Why did they turn off their phones for this meeting? Could it be connected with the D-notice (UK government prohibition to publish certain material) issued regarding a certain Mr Pablo Miller, Sergei Skripal’s former MI6 handler and a dweller of Salisbury?

The UK government is reticent about the involvement of Mr Skripal in the production of the Golden Rain dossier on Trump by the ex-spy Mr Christopher Steele of Orbis Intelligence, though it may explain some mysterious points of the story. That would justify the interest of American and Russian intelligence in Salisbury.

However, the presence of Russian spies in Salisbury can be explained by its nearness to Porton Down, the secret British chemical lab and factory for manufacturing chemical weapons applied by the White Helmets in Syria in their false-flag operation in Douma and other places. It is possible that a resident of Salisbury (Mr Skripal?) had delivered samples from Porton Down to the Russian intelligence agents. This makes much more sense than the dubious story of Russians trying to poison an old ex-spy who did his stretch in a Russian jail.

Likewise, the Netherlands story of Russian hacking connected with the Dutch commission investigating the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 sounds realistic. The commission refused Russians access to its findings; this unfair dealing would force any intelligence service in the world to try and learn what had been found.

Not that it was of any use. The Dutch commission indeed found out the numbers of the missile that destroyed the jet; the Russians went through their documents and proved that this particular missile had been delivered to the Ukraine (when it was a Soviet republic) and remained there. A scoop! Now we know what happened with the jet – it was destroyed by the Ukrainians, presumably by mistake, like they downed another Russian airliner. However, the Western media ignored this scoop altogether. They decided to blame the crash on the Russians, and so they did to the end. Even if Russian intelligence were to find and deliver to the Hague the Ukrainian soldiers who operated the missile launcher, the Dutch, as loyal NATO members, would look other way.

This already happened regarding Syrian chemical attacks – the Russians and the Syrians delivered the very kids who unwillingly participated in the White Helmets’ staged and filmed ‘attack, directly to the OPCW. It was of no use. These guys are not after truth, they are just repeating the narrative they learned by rote.


Still, Russian intelligence worth of its name would be expected to try and obtain maximum findings in order to help the government to clear Russia’s name of unjust accusations. There revelations of Russian activity weren’t particularly dangerous or vicious. But while this subject had been discussed, a very painful and distressing development had been revealed.

The Western intelligence services have achieved incredible knowledge of whatever happens in Russia. They have obtained extensive databases of Russian everyday life from traffic violations and fines to passport scans, from residence registration to taxi requests, from messenger chats to emails, allowing them to trace persons and events in Russia with uncanny precision.

Many databases had been stolen and sold by small-time crooks; Western intelligences had made a concentrated effort to buy whatever is available on the black market; some bases were stolen and sold for crypto-currencies on the deep internet.

The most valuable databases had been sold by the crooks and/or traitors, while the Information Security Centre of FSB (ЦИБ ФСБ) led by colonel Sergei Mikhailov who is now being tried for the high treason, did nothing to stop the leak.

It appears that by cross-checking a Russian passport, the Western services can find the passport holders with a deficient or faulty tracking history, insufficiently legended, in the trade talk, who are likely to be members of secret services. People have history, while agents have legends; if these legends are faulty, they are traceable. It refers only to low-level agents, to the operatives of not-very-high-class, who are likely to travel West with this sort of documents. High-class agents have a full legend, that is complete personal (probably fictitious) history, and they probably use foreign passports.

By monitoring messengers, the Western services could discover people who had sent or received messages congratulating them with the traditional Day of the KGB operative. This is very common even in Facebook, though it is usually done by retired agents or people who had casual connection to the secret services.

Much of this debacle can be learned through Pavel Vrublevsky, a prominent internet operator and businessman (he created Chronopay, the Russian system for online payments) who had been described as ‘cybercriminal No. 1 in the world” by an American expert, Brian Krebs of the Spam Nation fame. Vrublevsky was accused by Colonel Mikhailov of breaking internet security and had been sentenced for two years of imprisonment but released from jail when his archenemy Mikhailov had been charged with treason. Vrublevsky denied Krebs’ accusations. In his view, Krebs works for a Western secret service, and he helped the traitor Mikhailov. I have no idea whether it is true or not; however, Vrublevsky is free while Mikhailov is in jail. Pavel Vrublevsky gave me his explanation of the recent developments in the Russian services especially for

Russia is unique by its lax internet security and confidentiality rules and practices. For years, all the databases of Russia have been stolen and sold, while ISC FSB did nothing (or little) to fight it. Vrublevsky thinks the FSB had been misled by the Western services and concentrated its efforts on fighting viruses, worms and Trojans, while it was a money-and-time-wasting enterprise. The stolen databases allowed the West to get almost an complete picture of lower-level Russian spies.

Vrublevsky thinks that British intelligence convinced the GRU (probably we should say that GRU is not called GRU anymore but GU, the Chief Directorate of the General Staff, but it hardly matters) that Mr Skripal wanted to return home to Russia. Probably they were told that Mr Skripal intended to bring some valuable dowry with him, including Porton Down data and the secrets of the Golden Rain dossier. It is possible that Skripal had been played, too; perhaps he indeed wanted to go back to Russia, the country he missed badly.

Two GRU agents, supposedly experts on extraction (they allegedly sneaked the Ukrainian president Yanukovych from Ukraine after the coup and saved him from lynching mob) were sent to Salisbury to test the ground and make preparations for Skripal’s return. As we had learned from videos and stills published by the Brits, the two men had been carefully followed from the beginning to the end. Meanwhile, British intelligence staged a ‘poisoning’ of Skripal and his daughter, and the two agents quickly returned home.

There is not a single man close to Russian intelligence who thinks that Skripal had actually been poisoned by the Russians. First, there was absolutely no reason to do it, and second, if the Russians would poison him, he would stay poisoned, like the Ukrainian Quisling Stepan Bandera was.

However, by playing this card, the British secret service convinced the Foreign Office to expel all diplomats who had contacts and connection to the exposed GRU agents. The massive expulsion of 150 diplomats caused serious damage to the Russian secret services.

Still, the Russians had no clue how the West had learned identities of so many diplomats connected to GRU. They suspected that there was a mole, and a turncoat who delivered the stuff to the enemy.

That is why Vladimir Putin decided to dare them. As he knew that the two men identified by the British service had no connection to the alleged poisoning, he asked them to appear on the RT in an interview with Ms Simonyan. By acting as village hicks, they were supposed to provoke the enemy to disclose its source. The result was unexpected: instead of revealing the name of a turncoat, the Belling Cat, a site used by the Western Secret Services for intentional leaks, explained how the men were traced by using the stolen databases. Putin’s plan misfired.

The Russian secret service is not dead. Intelligence services do suffer from enemy action from time to time: the Cambridge Five infiltrated the upper reaches of the MI-5 and delivered state secrets to Moscow for a long time, but the Intelligence Service survived. Le Carre’s novels were based on such a defeat of the intelligence. However they have a way to recover. Identity of their top agents remain secret, and they are concealed from the enemy’s eyes.


But in order to function properly, the Russians will have to clean their stables, remove their databases from the market place and keep its citizenry reasonably safe. Lax, and not-up-to-date agents do not apparently understand the degree the internet is being watched. Considering it should have been done twenty years ago, and meanwhile a new generation of Russians has came of age, perfectly prepared to sell whatever they can for cash, it is a formidable task.

There is an additional reason to worry. Such a massive operation against Russian agents and their contacts could signal forthcoming war. In normal circumstances, states do not reveal their full knowledge of enemy agents. It made president Putin worry; and he said this week: we’ll go to heaven as martyrs, the attackers will die as sinners. In face of multiple and recent threats, this end of the world is quite possible.

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  1. utu says:

    Great story. If told many people would believe it. But now it is kind of late. So why it wasn’t told within few days or weeks of Skripal affair? Why it is the British media that has initiative and Russian media is reactive and defensive? The story that Skripal wanted to return and that two agents were lured in there should have been told right away and that it turned out be MI5 provocation should have been insinuated. And the two agents should have been interviewed on Russian media. Instead we get defensive inept and indolent Russian reactions.

    I do not know what is the truth. At this point I no longer care because we will never know but it will be the British version that will be the most popular. I like most people like good stories. Unfortunately for Russia the Brits have better script writers, director and actors.

  2. Hurray for Russia.

    But I still don’t understand what this has to do with proving blacks to be inferior.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @hunor
  3. wayfarer says:

    If the Chinese general Sun Tzu were alive today, he’d be contemplating scenarios of China going to war with the snake, Zionist Israel.

    And earnestly employing the use of hot Chinese spies, within close proximity of their global enterprises, large and/or small.


    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  4. ” Likewise, the Netherlands story of Russian hacking connected with the Dutch commission investigating the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 sounds realistic. ”

    How ?
    Suspect Ukraine was part of those who investigated.
    This comedy, or tragedy, has reached its top in designating the Russian officer who did it, and the intention to ask him why he did it.
    Russia had no motive, the west and Ukraine had, the Netherlands most objected to more sanctions against Russia, we had a considerable export, the day after the disaster no more objections.
    If it was an accident, a very lucky one, hitting a plane coming from Amsterdam.
    The MH17 show closely resembles the Sept 11 show.
    Memorials, remembrances, etc.
    Nobody yet has dared to ask prime minister Rutte what was so secret in the afternoon of the disaster that he asked vice prime minister Asscher, then on vacation in the south of France, to call him back on a land line ‘so that the Russians were unable to listen in’.
    My darkest suspicion, Rutte knew what was going to happen.

    • Thanks: Alternate History
    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  5. Anonymous[143] • Disclaimer says:

    Very good comment.
    You said everything I think and I want to add
    a couple of days ago there was an interview with Medvedev

    Here is copy and paste
    When asked by the interviewer about the two Russians, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, whom London alleges of being involved in the poisoning of the Skripals, Medvedev refrained from commenting.

    “I do not know. I will not comment, just because I am not acquainted with those people, neither am I acquainted with the comments to a sufficient degree,” he said when asked if he believed the two men’s story about the reasons for their visit to Salisbury, where the alleged poisoning took place. “I do not know. How can I know?”

    Would you fire this guy?

  6. @utu

    ” Instead we get defensive inept and indolent Russian reactions.”
    The reaction ‘if we want to kill somebody that somebody does not survive’ I cannot see as inept and indolent.

    • Agree: Alternate History
  7. Excellent piece by Israel Shamir which I think gives the correct explanation of the Skripal poisoning. This was a classic fishing, ‘click bait’ operation which produced a very valuable haul for Western Intelligence. The only question is whether Skripal cooperated with it – which I think he did – not knowing that both he and his daughter were meant to die. Hence Putin’s rage against Skripal a few weeks ago ( calling him a scumbag traitor etc, etc) after the Russian operatives were identified because retired agents are supposed to stay retired.

    Russia made a very serious mistake with the RT interview with the 2 operatives. Better not to say anything if you can’t give the whole story. The GU weren’t happy to show their incompetence, but compounded the original mistake with obvious lying. That was a propaganda gift to the Western media and has helped convince original disbelievers of Russian perfidy.

    Russia needs to step up its game especially in the media dept.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. Quite apart from the Skripal question, this is yet another demonstration that the sovok approach to espionage (characterized by high secrecy, overstaffing, and paperwork) – as in most other spheres – is uncompetitive in the modern world.

    There are about 10,000 people across the entirety of the UK’s intelligence branches (MI6, MI5, GCHQ, and DI). There are 22,000 people in the CIA. They are not the cream of the crop in terms of British or American human capital, but there are certainly consummate professionals relative to what passes for today’s Russian intelligence services.

    We have no idea of how many people there are in the FSB or GRU – they are state secrets – but they’re certainly much higher than in the US/UK in per capita terms, probably by an order of magnitude. Given they all need to be paid, this means salaries are relatively much less attractive (official ones, anyway – the FSB auto parks in some regional cities are full of Mercedes). Paperwork plus low salaries equals conspicuous penny pinching, as demonstrated by Chepiga taking out taxi receipts for his trip from GRU HQ to the airport. A related problem is that since there is now a free market economy, with many more attractive career options for talented people, the high quality people go to work in other spheres, leaving the intelligence agencies with the dregs; the sort of people who publicly parade in Mercedes on graduating from the FSB academy. This results in incompetence and low OPSEC, such as using passports with consecutive serial numbers; or which, in conjunction with police corruption, leads to databases of FSB employees leaking out into the Internet.

    Result of this farce: Russians don’t even know how many bydlo spies subsist on their taxes, but foreign intelligence agencies know not only the numbers but many of their precise identities.

  9. Kiza says:

    Although it is almost off topic, I did find one point in Putin’s Valdai speech quite telling. It was his point about the Russian automated system for detection and tracking of missile launches. Putin tried to boost the credibility of the Russian nuclear deterant by advertising this system for detecting the First Strike launches. Although I do not believe that this system is as reliable as advertised, I am most encouraged by the apparent Putin’s realisation that the First Strike is possible now if not even likely. If the Russians expect an attack they are much less likely to be totally surprised, as usual. In fact, never in history was such attack by the West more likely than now, for various reasons which would take a while to explain.

    I just hope that the Russian office corps is as prepared as Putin is to be productive martyrs (no more Arkhipovs please).

  10. Tom Welsh says:

    “Unfortunately for Russia the Brits have better script writers, director and actors”.

    Maybe, if your taste runs to “Dr Who” or “Carry On Spying”. That’s about the level of the Skripal nonsense.

    If it was meant for public consumption, the British government’s opinion of the British people is much lower than mine.

  11. @Anatoly Karlin

    ” British or American human capital, but there are certainly consummate professionals relative to what passes for today’s Russian intelligence services. ”

    On what this ‘certainly’ is based, I see no argument whatsoever.
    Already a long time ago, I must admit, the CIA director had to admit to senator Moynihan that he had lied about the CIA not laying mines in Havana harbour.
    A professional in espionage does not get caught.
    Daniel Patrick Moynihan, ‘Secrecy’, New Haven 1998
    Anyone acquinted with Sept 11 understands that the USA’s secret army, the CIA, was involved.
    Another blunder.
    As far as I know British secret services never get caught.
    How clever the Russians are, suppose quite clever, I for one do not think that the stupid stories about for example Skripal have any truth in them.
    Until now the asserted Russian meddling in USA elections have not been proved.
    Do not know of anything credible that Russian intelligence people are said to have done.
    But of course Russian intelligence does exist.

  12. The usual pro-Putin propaganda. We’re supposed to believe that Putin is a good, upstanding Christian but would seriously envisage a nuclear first strike!

    • Replies: @tac
  13. @Anatoly Karlin

    “A related problem is that since there is now a free market economy, with many more attractive career options for talented people, the high quality people go to work in other spheres, leaving the intelligence agencies with the dregs;”….

    A direct result of erasing ideology so as to erase personality cult towards highly respected people in former USSR….When you have no ideology ( or worst, share ideology with your opponent, i.e free market….) all what you have, from values to secrets, from scientific human capital to secret service officials, are out there in the global market for possible selling to the best postor….this is the principle of capitalism….. after all, it is said, almost everybody has a price….The challenge is finding out where that little bunch who have not are…..Obviously, in this scenario, the one who has the printing machine has a “little” advantage…How to overcome this…would be part of “what is to be done”…..

    • Replies: @FB
  14. @Anatoly Karlin

    Mr. Knowitall, why do not you limit yourself to range of topics where you got some knowledge and expertise? You sure have no clue about intelligence, no training to make any judgement. I have no clue either but I am not offering my opinion. Just reading. Also, you hatred towards people whom you call sovok is baffling. Everything you see in modern Russia is either built by those sovok or built upon their foundation by using what was built by them and most of those people who build things now are still Soviet union educated. The very capability by Russia to defend herself is USSR made. Not that Russia that you supposedly lost. I would go even further and tell you. Had the Soviet union been populated by people like you or the people that fit you ideal view of Russians in 1941, there would not be Russia left for you to “love”.

    • Agree: FB, Den Lille Abe, yurivku
  15. Tyrion 2 says:

    There is an additional reason to worry. Such a massive operation against Russian agents and their contacts could signal forthcoming war. In normal circumstances, states do not reveal their full knowledge of enemy agents.

    They had to reveal their capturing of the databases to “win” the Skripal story. They decided that doing so was worth it, but followed it up immediately by exploiting the databases to their fullest.

    There is no threat of war with Russia. Nor any major war at this moment.

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
    , @Giuseppe
  16. Tyrion 2 says:

    I don’t agree with your fantasy about Israel but I must get past that to make a purely realist amoral observation:

    Sexy, young women rarely make good spies when sent to form relationships with successful men.

    One night as a prostitute for blackmail material, sure, why not? She ain’t going to fall in love. Nor will he.

    But actually spying probably requires a relationship and what can a spy agency offer an ambitious, attractive young woman that a global CEO who loves her can’t?

    Such women are better used by spy agencies as rewards.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  17. If the Russians wanted to kill them they would be dead. Period. It is all FN hoax.
    The latest English came up with was that poison was smeared on the door handle and that both touched the door handle. Give me a break. Such a idiocy. Just imagine the exit procedure where both are touching the door knob.
    And than both Russians went to garbage dump carrying the little bottle and thru it there.
    What an exemplary citizen neat behavior by Russians,
    All English story is such a stupid idiocy that it turns my stomach.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @renfro
  18. However, the presence of Russian spies in Salisbury can be explained by its nearness to Porton Down, the secret British chemical lab and factory for manufacturing chemical weapons applied by the White Helmets in Syria in their false-flag operation in Douma and other places. It is possible that a resident of Salisbury (Mr Skripal?) had delivered samples from Porton Down to the Russian intelligence agents. This makes much more sense than the dubious story of Russians trying to poison an old ex-spy who did his stretch in a Russian jail.

    If Mr. Skripal has been poisoned by the stuff of which he himself took samples in Porton Down, this would run completely parallel to the earlier poisoning of Mr. Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko, who also became ill because of carrying poison (polonium) around.

  19. Eagle Eye says:

    If [Yulia Skripal] had not had the courage to make this call while slipping the observance of British intelligence, she would probably be dead by now.

    Both Skripals are most likely DEAD, murdered by British “intelligence” services.

    The formulaic and curiously uninterested treatment of the matter in the British media seems inconsistent with the Skripals still being alive.

    The article above suggests that the Skripals were unwitting or witting participants in a sting to expose Russian intelligence agents. More importantly, Sergey Skripal appears to have had a role in the creation of the DNC’s “dossier” to undermine the Trump presidencey.

    Whatever the background, Sergey Skripal became privy to important secrets that the Brits and their seditious allies in the U.S. Deep State do not want exposed.

  20. @Tyrion 2

    The “Mitrokhin Archive” was a much more monumental leak….but….WWIII did not started either after all…., although one would think that the process we are witnessing today could have its origins then,….or even before,….Thus….well….maybe it coud happen that we are arriving to the trascendence point….?

    Who knows….we do not, for sure…..

    Meanwhile…do not embitter yourselves….and do not forget enjoying the weekend!

    • Replies: @Den Lille Abe
  21. One way to do this is to go with Open Source Intelligence. Robert David Steel has some thoughts on this subject. But here is an interesting model, the Open Market Model:

    Assume that the information you need is out there somewhere, but you don’t know where. You have to draw a line or open a conduit for that information to flow to you. It comes to you in exchange for money or other tradable information. Which leads to another bit of market making, pricing the information. Every piece of information has some price associated with it. The price of losing control of it (keeping it secret), the price to acquire it and so forth. Being able to determine that price is what makes you professional. Would you know a diamond if you held it in you hand? Could you price it accurately?

    By establishing a market–an information exchange–for this information you should be able to get the information you need. Which is what intelligence is mostly about.

    The other part is analysis. What if you already have all the information you need, but don’t know it and therefore can’t act on it? Intelligence services are drowning in information, but they can’t separate the good from the bad, the relevant from the irrelevant.

    Pricing information forces you to evaluate its worth and relevance.

    As an exercise, say you want information X. Now try to write down how much it will cost you get get that information. If you can think it through and come up with a reasonably accurate price, that means you are something of a professional.

  22. @jilles dykstra

    MH 17 was actually MH 370 and was shot down by the Ukraine.

  23. macilrae says:

    In the Skripal case the British have not explained why, after claiming to have found the closest approach to a smoking gun in the form of traces of novichok in that hotel room, the hotel was not then immediately quarantined.

    And assuredly, with Putin’s name on the line, the Russians have to do a better job if they are to refute the standing accusations – the RT interview was something of a PR disaster.

    The Belloncat data, although superficially convincing, could so easily have been faked by anybody with reasonable knowledge of Russian internet infrastructure and some proficiency in Photoshop.

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @Anon
    , @renfro
  24. Wally says:
    @Sergey Kriger

    Indeed, this is the same gushing philo-semitic Anatoly Karlin who censors on-topic comments to his articles.
    He clearly prefers preaching to the choir.

  25. Wally says:

    I agree, the entire matter is a bad James Bond script.

    Where are the Skripals today? Why aren’t they allowed to talk?

  26. CalDre says:

    But now it is kind of late. So why it wasn’t told within few days or weeks of Skripal affair?

    It’s still not being told – believe it or not, Israel Shamir is not Sergei Lavrov. I hypothesized to the same state of affairs in early September re: Skripals.

    But I did not know about these massive intelligence security breaches in Russia. Wow, that’s huge. Even though it’s not clear to me how this indicates Putin’s plan misfired. If anything he got exactly what he wanted: confirmation that the “West” had access to the entire passport database. Knowing what your enemy has in intelligence is a huge win, now they can work on correcting it (hard as it may be, it would be impossible without knowing).

    • Replies: @Gigi
    , @utu
    , @Anonymous
  27. CalDre says:

    You are right, it could have been faked, anything can be faked today, even a video of Putin speaking (search for “deep fakes” and watch the video at ).

    But the fact is Russia has not really disputed the results so I am fairly confident that not only was Belling Cat right, but Israel is right, and now we have the situation where Russia knows that Western intelligence has full access to Russia’s passport database.

    • Troll: FB
  28. Gigi says:

    Agree. It will take time, but it is definitely a big plus.

  29. wayfarer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Had some experiences with Chinese and Mossad spies, not to mention Russian Jewish hard-drug dealers.

    Here are a few examples.

    There was an AMES postdoc at UCSD, a Chinese applied-math brain who had a 10-plus female handler. She’d stop by occasionally to check up on him. He always get extremely anxious when she was around. Couldn’t figure out if it was fear, sexual excitement, or a combination of both.

    There was an old Chinese man and his foxy young female protege, who enjoyed filming U.S. military maneuvers along the San Diego coast. I observed their operation for days.

    There was a swing-shift cleaning crew in a Southern California high-tech mfg facility that was all Chinese, in an area that typically employed Latin American crews. Its head honcho was a beautiful Chinese lady. They made it their job to sort through trash bins and save papers. The feds busted them.

    As far as the Mossad, I spent two years on a rental property in SD county, which was occupied by them as well. Mostly Israeli kids using the property and a local Israeli-owned vegetarian restaurant as their “scorpion den.” Got fairly familiar with some of their espionage work and methods.

    I don’t go looking for this stuff. I’m just able to recognize it. As an empath I can read people, quite well. It’s a natural gift.

    Can’t stomach Israel’s insensitive nature. That’s why you’ll typically find me pointing out their self-serving bullshit.


    • Replies: @niceland
    , @Tyrion 2
  30. FB says:

    This is a pretty good article…but also falls on its face at the end…

    Mr Shamir’s ‘inside’ information confirms my own take on Petrov and Boshirov…which I published a few days after that RT interview with Ms Simonyan…I wrote this on Col Lang’s blog on Sept 14…

    ‘Yeah those two ‘tourists’ do look the part don’t they…I would say they are probably GRU or something similar…but nobody ‘poisoned’ the Skripals…that’s total kabuki theater…another Potemkin village production from the reality masters…

    Something is afoot here though…perhaps these two were lured to Salisbury as part of a frame up plot, perhaps by Skripal himself…or perhaps the Brits caught wind of their plans to visit [on some standard spying mission, certainly not assassination] and put in motion the elaborate hoax…

    Everybody there protested loudly…including Andrey Martyanov [Smoothie]…I also added this…

    ‘…I disagree with everyone here it seems…these guys aren’t tourists…but they also didn’t try to kill anyone…that’s stupid…

    It’s some sort of spy game…

    Here’s one scenario…double agent Skripal makes convincing noises about flipping back…someone at GRU [or some similar outfit] sends these two to Salisbury to check it out…a very stupid move…which is why Putin is now miffed enough to display these guys publicly and their field career surely over…also a slap in the face to the silly Limeys for playing dirty pool…even in the cloak and dagger game there are unwritten rules…’

    This is now exactly the story that Mr Shamir is presenting here…but he is a day late and a dollar short…

    I also don’t agree with his take that this is all somehow a big loss for Russian intel…the Brits are the ones who have painted themselves in a corner…their Skripal story is a wet paper bag waiting to fall apart…the fact that they lured the Russians to Salisbury, under whatever pretext, be it Skripal or Porton Down/white helmets etc…was their only small tactical victory…because they could then later expose those two…after months of Russian denials…in order to show the Russians were in fact somehow involved…

    But that exposure came months later…all that time the Russians would have known that Boshirov and Petrov had been captured on candid camera…and would have had time to work on their countermove…

    Mr Shamir writes this like the game is over…that is ridiculous…the Brits have no way out of the Skripal hoax…there was never any poisoning…the original diagnosis of the Skripals in the Salisbury hospital was opioid overdose…that came out in the first BBC interview with the hospital staff…months after the ‘poisoning’…

    It was not until 48 hours after the Skripals were admitted to hospital…and the convenient intervention of Porton Down that the medical diagnosis was ‘changed’ to nerve agent poisoning…

    BUT…this is an unsustainable story that WILL FALL APART…the simple reason is medical and chemical fact…both nerve agents and agricultural pesticides are based on the exact same chemical compound…organophosphates…

    It just so happens that organophsphate poisoning is ‘one of the most common causes of poisoning worldwide…’

    ‘There are nearly 3 million poisonings per year resulting in two hundred thousand deaths.’

    That is the simple reason why emergency doctors EVERYWHERE are trained to recognize and treat this kind of poisoning…especially in rural, agricultural areas like Salisbury…

    That is why it took months for media to gain access to the medical staff at that hospital…the British spooks needed to do a lot of ‘persuading’ with medical professionals that would have wanted no part in such trickery and fakery…

    But this is a ticking time bomb that is bound to blow up in the faces of the very stupid Brits…

    So yes…they pulled off a minor coup in luring those two to Salisbury…but the game is very very far from over…

    As for Skripal…he is in on it for sure…as I speculated in my original comment on the matter..the Russian intel services are perfectly aware of this, yet Mr Shamir’s supposedly well connected source has zero knowledge of this…which tells me this source is actually a useless clown who ‘knows’ exactly what an internet commenter [myself] already knew two months ago…

    PS…the fact that the Brits supposedly have all kinds of database info on the Russian intel apparatus and personnel files etc…doesn’t mean anything…the author is a making a big deal out of this, but his story lacks meat on its bones…most ‘intel’ is open source material anyway…

    As for sensitive stuff that may have been ‘sold’ by ‘corrupt’ bureaucrats…one must ask if such ‘info’ is actually real or a clever plant…providing fake info is the oldest spy trick in the book and this article simply takes for granted that such a trick would not have been employed…why not…?

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @Fatima Manoubia
  31. FB says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    Ms Manoubia…nice to run into you again…do you remember ‘Stirlitz’…?

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
  32. Ever since 1991 anyone who knew something about computers in Russia knew that any database could be bought if you looked hard enough… Or just looked… And now you’re telling us that there were people who didn’t know that… And all of them had been employed by GRU… I’m sorry, I have so much respect for your works but this is BS.

    • Agree: FB
  33. Appreciated this article

  34. CalDre says:

    How would a fake database leak include the real data on the two GRU agents that just happened to be sent to UK? Maybe it was to make the data leak seem real?

    In spycraft it is always impossible to know how deep the deception goes. That’s why the very article to which you are responding started with:

    It is hard to evaluate the exact measure of things in the murky world of spies and counter-spies, but it appears that the Western spies have had extraordinary success in the subterranean battle.

    An acknowledgement you stubbornly ignore.

    • Replies: @FB
  35. M Edward says:

    None of this matters.

    All governments are corrupt and have no interest in the welfare of the native populations.

    All this he said she said crap is irrelevant, in the end we all will end up under a totalitarian police state run out of Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

    • Replies: @hunor
  36. Cyrano says:

    I think that a clear strategy by the western “intelligence” services is starting to emerge vis-a-vis the Russians. By accusing any Russian that they can get their hands on, of being a spy, they want to scare the ordinary Russians from visiting the west, so afterwards any Russian actually caught traveling to the west can be safely assumed to be a spy – since by the calculations of the clever western intelligence – only someone who is actually a spy while at the same time being Russian, would dare to travel to the west. How smart is that?

    Joking aside, it really is becoming unsafe for Russian nationals to travel to the west. Even though the west reserves the generosity of calling somebody equal only for those that are from the 3rd world – Russians clearly don’t deserve such generosity.

    Despite this, exceptions can be made and some unfortunate Russian soul could be accused of being equal with those highly evolved westerners and against their will can be offered protection from Mother Russia.

    Pretty much like it happened to Yulia Skripal. She was only visiting her gastarbeiter father in GB, who apparently expressed desire to return to Russia, against pretty much everybody’s wishes, and all of a sudden Yulia Skripal found herself bestowed with the western generosity of being declared equal, and was disappeared from public eye in order to protect her from those with whom she is clearly not equal – the Russians.

    Thank God at least MI-6 proved equal to the task and discovered her equalness in a nick of time and saved her. The moral of the story: Only democracy has the power to recognize who is equal and who is not. Then, on the other hand, capitalism can keep acquiring new monikers such as “democracy” – all they want, Russia still has better quality of equality, despite ditching socialism.

  37. Rich says:

    Stepan Bandera was a Ukrainian nationalist who fought to free his people from the clutches of the brutal Bolsheviks. If Bandera is a “Quisling” for temporarily aligning himself with the Germans, then call Stalin a “Quisling”, too, because he also temporarily aligned himself with Herr Hitler. How many Ukrainians died from starvation due to Russian Bolshevik bloodthirstiness? How many were murdered by the vicious Reds? Any Ukrainian who aligned himself with the Soviets was much more a “Quisling” than the great freedom fighter, Stepan Bandera.

  38. FB says:

    Yes…I ‘stubbornly’ refuse to take at face value this silly statement…

    …it appears that the Western spies have had extraordinary success in the subterranean battle.’

    Because it’s not backed up by anything other than hot air…as for that supposed ‘data’ about Petrov and Boshirov…that was put out by Bellingcat…

    Ie…mickey mouse stuff…as with everything these clowns do, it is meant only to bamboozle the most utterly stupid bipeds…

    A very nice clue is the fact that a Russian website called ‘The Insider’ is Bellingcat’s acknowledged partner here…

    If you read the article in English they claim to have ‘dug’ up a lot of info from various sources such the central Russian resident database…and passenger check in data for their flight to the UK…

    Big deal…that Shamir is building a mountain out of a molehill is more than clear…

    In fact this entire Shamir tale appears to have one subtle purpose…to publicize and glorify the Bellingcat outfit…

    …which irredeemably lost any credibility a few weeks back when illiterate poofter Eliott Higgins refused a debate challenge by the distinguished MIT physicist and former presidential advisor Ted Postol…actually calling Postol an ‘idiot’…a move that astounded even those willing to entertain Higgins on a semi-credible level…

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @Den Lille Abe
  39. @FB

    Same to you….yes,… I remember….and so do I Mr.Sorge…..

  40. @FB

    That is why it took months for media to gain access to the medical staff at that hospital…the British spooks needed to do a lot of ‘persuading’ with medical professionals that would have wanted no part in such trickery and fakery…

    But this is a ticking time bomb that is bound to blow up in the faces of the very stupid Brits…

    Indeed…a ticking bomb….since, as the path to war accelerates ( in case it is so…, but at media level, so it is…) opportunities to find the “Melita Norwood” of this case, the more in a field like Health Services…whose altruism is supposed….should not be difficult….to find people who wants to avert war at all costs…

    • Replies: @FB
  41. peterAUS says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Be that as it may, the “Western side” had (publicly known) Aldrich, Hanssen and Benghazi fiasco.

    Boils down to, from the comment below:

    When you have no ideology ( or worst, share ideology with your opponent, i.e free market….) all what you have, from values to secrets, from scientific human capital to secret service officials, are out there in the global market for possible selling to the best postor….this is the principle of capitalism….. after all, it is said, almost everybody has a price..


    Obviously, in this scenario, the one who has the printing machine has a “little” advantage.

    And, on top of it, in West, since the fall of The Wall, we’ve been having “Cooking the Intelligence to Fit the Political Agenda”.

    Incompetence vs blatant lying?
    What a choice.

  42. Kubarking says:

    This commenter begs to differ with M. Karlin’s assessment (8) of the relative competence of Russian sovok and CIA. “consummate professionals relative to what passes for today’s Russian intelligence services”? Mais non.

    CIA always gets caught. All they do is step on their crank, again and again. They depend not on professionalism but on what Russ Baker describes as a strange mix of ruthlessness and ineptitude. Both stem from impunity in municipal law.

    For example: CIA torture and coercive interference got comprehensively exposed, worldwide, in the ’70s. What happened? Don Gregg gave the Church and Pike committees an ultimatum: Back off or it’s martial law. CIA got busted again in the ’80s for the criminal enterprises under the Iran/Contra rubric. By then CIA had installed Tom Polgar, Former Saigon Station Chief, as chief investigator for the cognizant Senate Select committee, and Polgar assured Gregg that his hearings would not be a repeat of the abortive Pike and Church flaps.

    So CIA are clowns. They can afford to be clowns because they know they can get away with it. Getting away with it is their only skill, and the only skill they need.

    The persistent category error at this site is failing to realize that CIA is the state. They rule the USA.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  43. FB says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    Thanks for the Elita reference…had to look that up…fascinating…apparently a movie in the works now…we’ll see how they paint her…in Bridge of Spies I was pleasantly surprised how sympathetically Rudolf Abel was portrayed…even though most other aspects of the film were so dogmatically heavy-handed that it dropped to caricature…along with the blatant historical lies of course…still all of that was just the backdrop, so the characters had a nice ring of authenticity to them…

    Btw…do you still have my ‘number’…haven’t heard from you in a while…

  44. CalDre says:

    Well you are speculating 100%, whereas Israel probably has some sources, him being a pundit and all.

    Second, I read the Belling Cat post. It was obvious to me then that they are on to something, though they did not actually disclose their sources. This is what Israel was getting at – what was the actual source. Most likely it was MI6. And how did they get the data? That’s what the article is about.

    Of course it’s not possible to know for sure where they got it.

    Do you actually think the Belling Cat report is wrong? Who has disproved it? Show me the Russian reports (not just a dismissal) that all the allegations in that report are false. I have not found this, so if you can provide it, it may convince me.

    I always thought these two guys were Russian agents, though I don’t buy they were sent to kill Skripal. I’m pretty much on the same page as Israel on this, but as per my link above, I came to this conclusion back in early September already (actually before then but that was the first time I publicly took that position).

    Whatever you personally think of Higgins, he obviously serves a purpose in Western intelligence circles. Regardless of whether he wants to debate someone or not, which really has no bearing on anything. Geez.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @FB
    , @FKA Max
  45. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    The english with their skripals , their white helmets , their British Bullshit Corporation , their climate change , and their ridiculous Brexit are having a bad imperial menopause .

    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
  46. Agent76 says:

    April 07, 2017 Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons

    The Western media refutes their own lies.

    Apr 9, 2017 No More

    View the false flag here with actual footage.

    • Replies: @Den Lille Abe
    , @CalDre
  47. Agent76 says:

    This is how governments have rolled for centuries.

    The Hegelian Dialectic- Problem, reaction, solution

    The first step (thesis) is to create a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Fatima Manoubia
  48. FB says:

    If you take Bellingcat seriously then you are worthy of one time pity and no further attention…

  49. FB says:

    ‘Whatever you personally think of Higgins…Regardless of whether he wants to debate someone or not, which really has no bearing on anything. Geez.

    Almost missed that incredible piece of stupidity…

    Here is the context for your ignorant ass…Higgins is a fucking underwear salesman with no scientific education whatsoever…he has made a name for himself as a so-called ‘citizen investigator’ based mainly on supposed photo ‘analysis’…mostly to do with the bogus chemical false flags in Syria…and the MH17 crash in Ukraine…

    The founder of the online photo analysis tool used by Higgins and Bellingcat, FotoForensics…Dr Neal Krawetz has slammed the outfit as a complete farce…

    ‘I had nothing to do with their [Bellingcat’s] faulty analysis,” Dr. Krawetz said on his Twitter account.’

    Other image forensics professionals have similarly blasted these propagandists…including in the major German news outlet Der Spiegel…

    Meanwhile Prof Postol who is an eminently qualified and internationally recognized expert, has debunked the Syrian chemical hoaxes…

    So yeah, it matters to the truth about the issue of the Syria war whether or not this useless troll Higgins chickens out of a debate against the man he has been attacking…

    Here is the best comment in that thread…by Mark Sleboda…

    ‘WTF exactly makes a former lingerie salesman and WoW grandmaster w/out a college degree or military experience turned pro troll, then elevated to NATO quango tank propagandist an “expert” on anything much less chemical weapons?’

    WoW being the video game World of Warcraft…in which Higgins is apparently an avid gamer…some qualifications right there…

    Clearly you are a nitwit…why do you come on here and complain about the media, the Jews and the government if you are so stupid that an underwear peddler can control your little brain…?

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @CalDre
  50. renfro says:

    If the Russians wanted to kill them they would be dead. Period.

    That should have been the first clue.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  51. Anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    What they want to do must become what they have to do (mirrored: what they don’t want to do must be presented as something that they can’t do).

    You don’t need to observe politics to see this way of operation; “dating” a regular female suffices, as does being part of an organization — where the high-on dudes very soon become addicted to giving orders but all they know is they just do., and ensure everybody under them does, what only is/has/must (to) be done.

    It’s humans in all scenarios, why should the gameplay change.

    • Replies: @Agent76
  52. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    Are you expressing an expert opinion that the presence of some traces of a nerve gas in a room where Russian officers are known to have stayed should have led to the hotel being emptied of people until every nook and cranny was tested for the presence of the gas? Or are you just idly wondering why the representatolives of government might decide that public safety didn’t require a million dollar shutdown merely because traces of something toxic had been found in one room known to have been occupied by persons who probably had the nerve gas with them?

    • Replies: @macilrae
    , @CalDre
  53. renfro says:

    Beware Bellingcat

    For those that don’t know Bellingcat –Eliot Higgins —-“”is a nonresident senior fellow for Digital Forensic Research Lab with the Atlantic Council’s Future Europe Program. . He publishes the work of an international alliance of fellow investigators using freely available online information. He has helped inaugurate open-source and social media investigations by trawling through vast amounts of data uploaded constantly on to the web and social media sites.”

    The Atlantic Council is a ‘globalist’ and mostly neocon organization.
    The Chairman Emeritus is Brent Scowcroft, also a member of JINSA.
    Their International Business Board is—‘The IAB is composed entirely of chairmen and chief executives of significant global companies,”

    They bought the little twit Higgins to use for their purpose when his site became popular with would be Sherlocks. They didn’t employ anything more than a lot of us do dividing goggle, twitter and news sources to check out, seek out ‘connections.’ However Bellingcat claims their ‘news’ statements as confirmed facts when they aren’t. ….as in his report that he proved Syria used chemical weapons….which the Neos then broadcast.

  54. renfro says:

    Darn !
    I could have saved myself some time posting on this if I had seen your post first.

  55. renfro says:

    President Goldfish has burbled out more edicts on Russia.

    Trump says US will withdraw from nuclear deal with Russia
    US president confirms Washington plans to leave nuclear weapons treaty with Russia over claims Moscow violated deal.

    44 minutes ago

  56. utu says:

    In September I suggested creation of the following narrative as a damage control after the two GRU bozos were identified:
    Russia must step up with counter narrative that is strong and aggressive:

    (1) This was a false flag assassination attempt (possibly a victimless hoax) organized by MI5 against Russia and Skripals were innocent patsies.

    (2) Petrov and Boshirov were lured to UK (read The Little Drummer Girl to learn how this can be done). Petrov and Boshirov are small time businessmen/crooks engaged in smuggling steroids and hormones were approached on their business trip to Switzerland to visit Salisbury for… gay sex orgy…Yes, they were innocent gays still in the closet because of Putin… who were taken advantaged of by unscrupulous British MI5.

    (3) Putin welcomes all gays to come out from the closets and legalizes gay sex orgies in Russia so innocent Russian citizens do not have to travel abroad where they could be risking being targeted by British MI5.

    As we we know Russia did not step in with anything and Russia apparently left it to bloggers like Israel Shamir or you to come up with stories that counter the British narrative and to cover Russia’s ass.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  57. FKA Max says: • Website

    Regardless of whether he wants to debate someone or not, which really has no bearing on anything.

    He actually debated him yesterday, I believe:

    Eliot Higgins

    Rather heated debate with Ted Postol, who has now admitted his Khan Sheikhoun claims were total nonsense and is now claiming a 122mm rocket made a crater, not an explosive charge on the ground as he initially claimed, and was widely cited by war crimes denialists. 9:26 AM – 20 Oct 2018

    Quote from the article:

    There is not a single man close to Russian intelligence who thinks that Skripal had actually been poisoned by the Russians. First, there was absolutely no reason to do it,

    This, in my opinion, was the reason why Putin decided to go ahead with such a risky mission and put a highly decorated GRU officer on the case:

    could it be that the Skripals were poisoned (March 4, 2018) by Putin, et al. to distract from the 200+ Russian mercenaries allegedly killed by U.S. airstrikes in Syria (February 7, 2018) before the Russian election (March 18, 2018)?

    As to intelligence services vs. citizen journalists/researchers:

    It’s easy to think that the Kremlin and Western authorities generate strategic campaigns to “weaponize” information to win over local and global public opinion. But this view reduces citizens and civil society to mere targets, to be manipulated for military or strategic goals. In the digital age, social media enables ordinary citizens to do more than passively receive news — they are also as active and influential in opposing disinformation as they are in spreading it. Any efforts to fight digital disinformation thus may find it useful to mobilize the resources of engaged citizens and civil society.

    That is why Bellingcat is training ordinary citizens in their research methodologies all over the world/West:

    The core of the MH17 retweet network. A link between two nodes (profiles) is established if one profile has retweeted the other. Node and profile name size reflect the number of users who have retweeted the respective profile. Node color reflects profile type based on the user’s self-description, while the color of the links reflects the profile type of the one being retweeted. Full profile names do not reflect Twitter handles — “Vladimir Putin” is an anti-Putin troll account with the handle name of @DarthPutinKGB, for example. (Data: Accessed via Twitter Gardenhose API; Figure: Yevgeniy Golovchenko, Mareike Hartmann, Rebecca Adler-Nissen)


    • Replies: @FB
    , @FB
  58. niceland says:

    My apologies for off topic post.

    How long have you known you are Empath?

    I really wonder, how many come back from the article you linked with they feeling they might be one?

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  59. @Agent76

    Your elaborated propaganda video, fails to explain why if capitalism and communism are part of the same weapons used by the elites to prevail and create the world government, took them such efforts trying to erase all the communist around the world…..
    No wonder we have heard this same meme by those who today try to bring in fascism again, they happen to like the same books, the same authors, writers, the same things….the same gross behavior, the same hatred for culture except their favourite authors like Schiller, Plato, they have the same opinion abut women and they have the same concept of the people, who they call now “sheeple” instead of “masses”…..They pretend to be “new” or “alt”, but real communists, those who keep memories of ancient fascism, and who for sure will fight it hardest ( hence the urgent demonization again ) we knew them form the first minute they appeared in the net…pushing up The Donald to the top….

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Agent76
  60. wayfarer says:

    I’ve had the spectrum of “empath” characteristics my entire life.

    Not until recently though did I realize, there is science that supports this human condition.

    Had I been aware of this knowledge as a child / adolescent / adult, I could have avoided a rough path of trial-and-error and all the hardships which accompany that ignorant journey.

    Guidance had always been available, it was there had I only paid more attention to my heart and taken heed. I now listen quietly and carefully to my heart, as it has become my most trusted friend and guide.

    • Replies: @niceland
  61. FB says:
    @FKA Max

    What debate you belling catshit eater…?

    Why don’t you point us to this debate, instead of claiming bullshit here…?

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @FKA Max
  62. utu says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    we knew them form the first minute they appeared in the net

    Is it you Nadezhda or perhaps Dolores Ibárruri?

  63. FB says:
    @FKA Max

    ‘There is not a single man close to Russian intelligence who thinks that Skripal had actually been poisoned by the Russians. First, there was absolutely no reason to do it’

    This, in my opinion, was the reason why Putin decided to go ahead with such a risky mission and put a highly decorated GRU officer on the case.

    And where is the LOGIC in that ‘opinion’ of yours…you belong in a straitjacket…only an out and out moron could say something that fucking stupid…

    And btw…do you think anyone here is going to click on a washington post link…?…what kind of fucking retard posts links to fucking Jeff Bezos’ CIA ‘newspaper’…you’re so fucking retarded there is no hope for turds like you…it actually makes me depressed that there are humans so devoid of common sense that have been born and grown to adulthood…your mother should have had an abortion…

    • Replies: @Den Lille Abe
  64. FKA Max says: • Website

    You get triggered so easily, that is what I didn’t reply to you directly… it was actually today not yesterday…

    16.15 — 17.00

    On April 4 2017 the release of toxic chemicals killed scores of people in the Northern Syrian city of Khan Sheikhoun: the OPCW attributed the deaths to the Syrian Air Force. Two investigator experts bring very different tools try to shed light on what happened that day, followed by a conversation between them.

    Theodore Postol and Eliot Higgins. Archived link:

  65. FKA Max says: • Website

    Typo: “You get triggered so easily, that is *why* I didn’t reply to you directly…”

    Photographic evidence:


    Videographic evidence:

    Eliot Higgins and Theodore Postol come to verbal blows over what the forensic evidence shows about whether or not Sarin was used in an attack in the Khan Sheikhoun, Syria attack in April 2017 – and how it was actually deployed.

    • Replies: @FB
  66. Agent76 says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    The video is informative for people who would like to know more on topics. Here is more if you dare.

    Jan 7, 2014 Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1
    Time to look behind the curtain. Sources, full transcript and bonus footage

  67. Agent76 says:

    Maybe this way? May 16, 2013 The Psychology of Authority

    What percentage of people would obey if they were ordered to commit murder? The answer might surprise you.

  68. FB says:
    @FKA Max

    That’s what you have…a 45 second clip where a distinguished scientist is debating a mouthy and rude fucking clown…the moderator is heard asking…

    ‘Ted do you find anything useful in his [Higgins’] work’…?

    Postol answers with one word…’No’…

    The crowd laughs…

    And that’s what you’re going on about with your endless verbal diarrhea here…?

  69. hunor says:
    @M Edward

    That is the plan yes ! The great game . But they won’t succeed !
    No nirvana just painful awakening. Karma is a b…

  70. niceland says:

    Many thanks.

    For years and years I have avoided what I call “new age” spiritual material, well any spiritual material for that matter. The article you posted would normally fall into this category for me, and still does actually. What I find disturbing is that almost all of the traits described apply to me. This is problematic since I know for a fact they don’t to great many people.

    I did search for this “empath” phenomena and it seems to be on the border of science and speculation. I have never seen any of this before. The “rational” part of my brain is very skeptical. The other side is whispering, how can you ignore something describing you so accurately?

    Questions questions… 🙂

    Again, my humble apologies for off topic post.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  71. Giuseppe says:
    @Tyrion 2

    There is no threat of war with Russia. Nor any major war at this moment.

    There are certainly major wars at the moment but to you they seem to be background noise. Russia is under heavy sanctions, an act of war, and the threat of a hot war or even a nuclear one is real given the right catalyst. China, Iran and Venezuela are also under sanctions. The ongoing war in Afghanistan is in year 16. And there’s Yemen, where 8 million live with the threat of starvation due to US-backed Saudi blockade of a country that imports its food.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  72. tac says:
    @Michael Kenny

    Putin is one of the world leaders (although with many faults of his own) who has some semblance of reality to inform his thought process–a far cry from the Occidental “leaders” who are full of arrogance, self-delusion, and hapless servants to their short-sighted ‘rewards’. The latter will ultimately perish as what they stand for is simply skin-deep.

    Their fate–as well as those who put them up to this betrayal–is close at hand, and when it is realized it will be swift along with take down of the apologists as well as the perpetrators. They can kvetch all they want like the Hasbara super agent: PeterAUS–who along with his minions will dealt with with no afterthought.

    Here, watch the transforming world right in front of you very eyes:

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  73. @Fatima Manoubia

    Lovely video although I understood nothing

  74. @Kubarking

    ” Getting away with it is their only skill, ”
    What skill ?
    MI5 etc never has to get away with anything, they’re professionals.
    They probably killed Kelly, the Iraq WMD’s expert when Tony Blair told his lies, but it never got further than suspicion, though many in England are convinced Kelly was suicided.
    The CIA knows that they’re untouchable, media and politicians always back them.
    Moynihan, vice president of the Senate CIA oversight Committee, just resigned for a few months after the CIA director had to admit that he had planted mines in Havana harbour.
    My idea is that nearly anything went wrong on Sept 11, yet the CIA got away with it.

  75. @Agent76

    United States of America = Terror = ISIS = A threat to all of us.
    The United States is a menace, and harbinger of death, a place of evildom. Its own people cant, cleasen it, it must be cleansed by by fire and fury.

  76. @FB

    So how is your reply when you are angry. 🙂

  77. Tyrion 2 says:

    Having a feel for someone else is simply a matter of actually looking at them, while getting over yourself for the moment.

    Your post suggests you would struggle at the latter part.

    But it just short anonymous post on the internet, so may be you are a quite sensitive individual.

  78. @tac

    ” Putin is one of the world leaders (although with many faults of his own) ”
    Which faults ?
    He’s the only one who stated clearly that no human being will survive an all out nucler war.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  79. Whatever!
    What is strange to me is that gruesome murder of US ambassador in Libya being sodomized to death and than dragged his body after car around, plus murder of additional four embassy personnel hardly made a news. while there is unbelievable hula boo about country getting rid of treacherous operator who was hated by all country.
    Very strange.
    Looks like US is loving terrorist, while US is hating legitimate governments.

  80. @utu

    Most of my British colleagues are convinced that the Russians poisoned the Skripals, and any questioning of the narrative is treated with derision. Face it, the West has a superior propaganda machine.

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @EugeneGur
  81. @Agent76

    Well, your new propaganda video goes quite right… until it only focus on the Clintons and past administrations, as if there would not be representatives of Goldman Sachs and the CFR in the current Trump administration, starting with Bannon himself ( btw, that the pretended sacking of this minion was a fake so as to be sent to Europe in another mission to promote his far-right agenda and wished future Fascist International Order ), and, how not, again, naming Communists as a tool of these organizations like the CFR or TC….I insist, that the proof that communists, who today are almost absent of politics, except for solitary activists acting on their own, are not part of these organizations is the fact that they took such efforts to erase them in Latin America, Africa, Asia and everywhere around the world where they could put the harshest oposition to their plans of enslaving people.

    Then, that you bring in that Quigley, who is the headbed hero of the LaRouchians ( those who gatered around The Saker´s cafe, commanded by certain Bro93, and who were allowed by its very Christian owner to take over of it, and, associated themselves to expell from there, by plain bullying, anyone who dared to expose their weird ideas and incongruences, and mainly who dared to oposse the operation of propaganda they started for to rise up The Donald to power, really uncover where these elaborated videos could come from. Of course, there are a lot of things in them which are true, not in vain the La Rouche Organization was correctly deemed to have one of the best “intelligence services” in the world even by the CIA itself, which hence had no inconvenience in using it/them in its dirty operations around Latin America and the rest of the world, including the Basque Country….. No wonder also that they at certain time around the 70s disguised themselves as socialists to then start harashing and beatting real communists and socialists in the US ( they know all about infiltration…).This is why they are still in the business of continuing discrediting communists and socialists around the world and so hard promoting The Donald, along with Alex Jones ( they reinforce each other ). Frotunately, masks are falling at light velocity path.

  82. macilrae says:

    Are you expressing an expert opinion that the presence of some traces of a nerve gas in a room where Russian officers are known to have stayed should have led to the hotel being emptied of people until every nook and cranny was tested for the presence of the gas?

    Something of an expert opinion, yes, since my professional background has involved the detection and measurement of trace levels of toxic organic compounds in the environment – in which field my company was a world leader in the 1990s.

    (1) The hotel room used by the two Russians was swept for novichok
    (2) Remembering the extreme toxicity, the very first moment a trace was discovered a full quarantine should have descended on the premises – on the presumption that dangerously higher concentrations could exist elsewhere in the room or the building.
    (3) So far as I can understand, this wasn’t done and the hotel continued to operate.

  83. @Giuseppe

    Uuum. No. You are delusional. Tyrion’s thoughts are some of the few rational ones on this thread. The first sentence of his you quoted is observable fact.

    • LOL: Giuseppe
  84. Kubarking says:

    re M. Dykstra (78): Very true. MI5 also benefits from one of the impunity provisions in US law: the eyes-only intelligence liaison agreement. The courts exempted these secret agreements from congressional or judicial supervision. That’s how CIA can stop Trump from disclosing the proof of CIA-MI5 complicity in domestic political interference. Of course, CIA has lots of ways to stop Trump, such as killing him and getting away with it. This is another case where CIA is in complete control domestically and the only threat to their control is the outside world, which can challenge CIA impunity. That’s where a honnête homme like you comes in – you don’t live behind CIA’s Iron Curtain.

  85. wayfarer says:

    This last summer I migrated out of Yuma Arizona, as temperatures can range a high / low of 120 / 90 degrees Fahrenheit, each day.

    It can be an extremely brutal and unforgiving environment.

    I spent 12 weeks living on the streets of San Diego county where the temperature range is about 77 / 67 degrees Fahrenheit, each day.

    Got by with a mountain bike, backpack, YMCA membership, county library card, and a pet carrier.

    Had my cat Lily with me. She’s a domesticated feral.

    That’s the empath in me, couldn’t bare to ever leave her behind. She goes where I go, even if it’s a burden at times.

    We found a magic spot to sleep at night, in a fruit orchard of avocado and orange trees, with a thick ground cover of eucalyptus mulch.

    It’s about a $500 “camping ticket” if you’re caught sleeping in public. Yes, sleeping is a crime in California.

    Although Lily was quite the burden, she had positive attributes, like the pure unconditional love, and the calming purrs at night as we slept under silent stars. She became a valuable litmus test, enabling the rapid assessment of strangers we’d encounter each day.

    You know, the good, the bad, and the ugly people.

    Don’t have time for people’s bullshit when you’re just surviving. So if a stranger was indifferent to Lily, I’d write them off. As a lack of sensitivity was a red flag, which could indicate possible trouble.

    After twelve weeks on the streets, I was shocked at the insensitivity in this world. Far less than one person in twenty, acknowledged Lily.

    One of the most heart warming experiences was when two small children encountered the animal, and lit up like caring angels, wondering if she was real and asking to pet her. Without a doubt, empaths.

    It’s been my experience that empaths are outliers in this world. But if that’s what you are, try your best to understand it, embrace it, and work with it.

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @FB
  86. @Agent76

    This is what I am talking about, and why your videos squeak so much at certain point of footage, on how the left is suplanted to then be demonized by organizations and activists belonging to Fascist International from the supposed end of WWII, along the supposedly finished Cold War, to these very days….The thing is that, in spite of the continuos propaganda against the former US administrations, of which there are really true facts exposed, things have only turned the worst under the current Trump administration, and every and each one of them have had, and do have, a great part in advancing big corporate´s interests…in a continuous which have not known an end since….. ( well, try to put an aproximate date here ….).

    Show me one who in the past was a communist but now is in the antypodes, mainly those who now declare themselves as anti-communists, and I will for sure be able to show you how this person was more interested in money or power than in defending or representing people´s interests and rights. People just do not change so much, in its inner feelings and thoughts, if not because of spurious interests, which were there since the beginning, inscribed in its DNA…..

  87. Tony M says:

    This article from this writer falls far below the usually high standard for the Unz Review, following on from the laughable Red-ZOG article I’m seeing a pattern. Much of this seems entirely speculative, possibly even misdirection. Unquestionably the staged Syria chemical weapons attack was baloney, as is the whole Skripal farce. But the Bellingcat and databases theory seems rather thin, verging on absurd as the source of the alleged Russian’s identities, rather backing up Bellingcat’s preposterous story and investigative bona-fides, I doubt he has the ability to tie his shoelaces without his intelligence service sources and paymasters to give him instructions. Though I’ve no time for Craig Murray, as he was one of the Assad Must Go mob, on MH-17 asserts Putin dunnit -anyone suggesting otherwise is a ‘Putin-bot’, and supports Ukraine’s Banderists, perhaps from time in Poland assisted them during the late Soviet-era, but his continuing analysis of the Skripal affair knocks this effort for six.

    I noticed you said Cambridge Five -though you said MI5 in this connection, MI5 is domestic intelligence, you must surely have meant MI6. And the penetration obviously went far beyond just those five, other independent networks, such as Cairncross, Lonsdale the Naval spies, and others had no Cambridge connection. The defector in question is said to have given five names, but was clear that these five codenames encompassed six persons, that two had the same real name and acted together, shared codename and communication channel or were perhaps a married-couple -this of course leads to Victor Rothschild and his second wife Tess, both independently had the highest-level access, Cambridge background etc. same as the other spies. Clearly then Peter Wright’s fingering of Roger Hollis was to provide cover for them, the whole clumsy attempted banning of the dismal Spycatcher book, and limited hang-out chickenfeed within, merely to give credibility to his Hollis accusation and deflect from who the fifth and implicitly sixth man/woman really were.

  88. CalDre says:

    I’m not watching 10 minutes of boring repeats. Where’s the proof of the false flag? It’s just MSM clips from here to eternity it seems.

  89. CalDre says:

    [Comments containing excessive profanity may be trashed. Do so at your own risk.]

    incredible piece of stupidity… Here is the context for your ignorant ass

    Fuck you ignorant retarded fuck. You are so fucking inbred retard stupid you need to write that kind of garbage, you filthy tri-gender offspring of a drug-addled train-fucked whore.

    no scientific education whatsoever

    You mean no formal education? Who cares. Well, I am sure you are too stupid to learn anything on your own. So to a reptilian mind like your’s nobody else can possibly learn something outside an indoctrination center. Sure.

    Indeed, when you look at this thread – – it has “underwear salesman” written all over it. I’m sure even a Communist ditch-digger could come up with a presentation like that. Right, fucking moron.

    Other image forensics professionals have similarly blasted these propagandists

    I see, so this is the argument, that Belling Cat was, allegedly, wrong before, so he’s always wrong. Is that the best you can come up with? Because I’m sure no news source you use has ever been accused of being wrong before. By the way, manipulative, dumb-as-rocks idiot, I never claimed his MH-17 investigation was correct. I challenged you to prove his passport analysis was wrong. Which, of course, you have not done in the slightest. A black ant has 100 times the brains you have.

    chickens out of a debate against the man he has been attacking…

    Another idiotic comment that proves your utter idiocy. First even if Belling Cat is the total idiot you make him out to be, which may very well be true, there’s no reason not to debate the guy – idiots win debates all the time. Just look at the leaders of the various countries in “democracies” to see that being slimy, lying idiots is no bar to success in debates. Second, nobody is obligated to debate anybody, it doesn’t prove anything about their views being right or wrong. It’s simply utterly unrelated. You dumber than shit moron. So I’m sure you can’t grasp any of what I just wrote. Oh well.

    Clearly you are a nitwit

    Clearly I am vastly superior to you in every imaginable respect. You’re just a dumb trolling Communist moron of the lowest imaginable intellectual capabilities. Lower than a slug, an earthworm, an ant or an amoeba. Asshole.

  90. CalDre says:

    Another idiotic assertion. If you think that is proof of anything you’re dumber than @FB, if that’s possible.

    • Replies: @Cloak And Dagger
  91. CalDre says:

    First, bear in mind, the UK services did in fact do that with the restaurant and pub where the Skripals allegedly drank and ate, and this would have been only a secondary deposit of chemicals (i.e., some leakage from their bodies instead of a direct exposure like the hotel room). UK authorities also destroyed the Skripal car and the park bench where they were found. They had suggested possibly destroying the pub and restaurant at the time too, arguing it was impossible to remove the Novichok from every nook and cranny, despite the extremely indirect exposure. Thought it seems that plan was never carried out, it was being contemplated; whereas not only did they not test the hotel, they never even shut it down for an hour.

    “Million dollar shutdown” – no doubt the hotel would have lost less money than the bar and pub did.

    Incidentally, aside from the contrast in treatment I noted above, you have utterly failed to comprehend the depravity of the UK lies here. If you are to believe the UK story, the Novichok was released in the hotel room in March. It was not discovered until 2 months later. By that time, the room would have been cleaned maybe 60 times with perhaps 100s of guests who had stayed there. Yet they did not warn or interrogate anybody who had been in those rooms. Particularly not the people who had cleaned the counters and washed the sheets and towels. Not until some months later, in September, was anybody informed.

    The two month delay – as well as all the interim cleaning and packing/unpacking/using of the room – between the alleged release and testing means they had no way to know the magnitude of the initial release. The vast majority could have been wiped up already. Yet they did not test any neighboring rooms, nor, as noted, did they tell anybody or test anybody.

    If this isn’t the biggest hoax ever, I don’t know what is. I suppose the alternative is utter gross incompetence on the part of the UK officers, but do you remember those ridiculous pictures of the Brits in their yellow Hazmat suits when investigating an alleged secondary exposure (i.e., some of the mountains of Novichok, insufficient to kill the Skripals, which must have dripped off their hands, some 4 hours after exposure with interim meals and hand washing, and contaminated a park bench, requiring Hazmat suits?). This is the most bloodly obviously false story I have ever read.

    • Replies: @Anon
  92. Greg S. says:

    Craig Murray has been closely following the Skripal case since it’s beginning and has been highly sceptical of the official narrative. However, he has recently acknowledged that “Petrov and Boshirov were not who they claimed.” (

    Mr. Shamir’s theory regarding these men makes some sense: Russia knew the men were already “burned” so put them out as a fishing expedition. The rest of the theory is compelling but still has some gaping holes in it, such as the mysterious perfume bottle and the woman who died from it. To quote Murray:

    “The most dreadful thing about the whole saga is the death of poor Dawn Sturgess, and the most singular fact at present is that Boshirov and Petrov are only wanted in relation to the “attack on the Skripals”. There is no allegation against them by Scotland Yard or the Crown Prosecution Service over the far more serious matter of the death of Sturgess. That is a fascinating fact, massively under-reported.”

  93. CalDre says:
    @jilles dykstra

    no human being will survive an all out nucler war.

    Nobody knows that. And also if the Jew supremacists have their way, they will achive their global totalitarian Communist (YES, COMMUNIST, the evil USA is fighting FOR Communism you Communist fucking morons) without an “all out” nuclear war – the idea is to take out the Russian missiles so that there is no massive attack on cities of either side.

    But the whole nuclear winter leads to everyone’s death is a debatable event. It’s all a question of how much debris is thrust into the atmosphere and how high. And then there are the underground cities meant to ride out 5 years or so of low food production.

    It’s all not that straightforward. There is hope for the madmen.

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
  94. CalDre says:
    @The Alarmist

    The West has a monopoly on propaganda. They silence any other voice. They pretend to have a “free press” by having 10 different lying rags all published by the same folks telling the same lies (with some small differences that don’t matter in the scheme of things to maintain the illusion).

    All of this is perfectly predicted in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A must read for anyone who cares about understanding the state of the world today. Simply, a must read.

  95. CalDre says:

    Someone not caring about your cat is a bad person?

    LOL, that signifies that you are not an empath, but a psychopath. Why the hell should someone care about a cat? Did you care about the eucalyptus mulch you were sleeping on? Maybe it didn’t like supporting your heavy weight? Maybe some of them died?

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  96. CalDre says:

    Yeah, sorry about profanity! FB triggered me, I confess!

    Why does FB get to insult everybody in virtually every one of his posts though? He’s so rude all the time! I guess I should just block him ….

  97. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    I am glad to know you have been protected from everyday public sector incompetence and bureaucratic arse-covering.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  98. @CalDre

    It’s not just that Higgins was wrong, his output would be better described as disinformation which is a form of lying. Much of what has been attributed to Bellingcat is not only false, it is deliberately fraudulently so. It’s not an unwise strategy to assume that once a person has lied to you the likelihood is that they will continue lying to you and that everything they say should be considered suspect from then onwards.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @CalDre
  99. @CalDre

    Do they allow computers in mental institution?

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @CalDre
  100. CalDre says:

    Blah, blah. This goes leagues beyond that. Sorry, I guess according to you the UK government never tells a fib. The drastic difference in treatment proves it is a lie. Only incompetence was in how poorly the lie was executed.

    • Replies: @Anon
  101. @CalDre

    if the Jew supremacists have their way, they will achive their global totalitarian Communist (YES, COMMUNIST, the evil USA is fighting FOR Communism you Communist fucking morons)

    • Replies: @CalDre
  102. The Russians are the problem-according to completely unbiased dyke polemicist Rachel madcow. Course she’s a lying Jew pussy muncher who is only slightly less repulsive than Rosie o’donnell.
    This bitch is insulting to my intelligence, and yours; Ina rational world they would have less respect than a butt plug. Who wants to heare what these feminist Jew treacherous psychopathic vermin have to say? I don’t.
    Get thee to a jewry madcow.

  103. FB says:

    Nice comment…really enjoyed reading this, especially about your cat Lilly…I hope you have a great life…

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  104. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    “goes leagues beyond that”. You are indeed lucky 🙂

  105. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    “goes leagues beyond that”. You are indeed lucky 🙂

    • Replies: @CalDre
  106. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    I know little of Bellingcat or Higgins or their output though I remember seeing something that seemed sensible about MH17 (on which I am inclined to believe the simple explanation that it was an accident). Can you point to verifiable lies?

    • Replies: @tac
  107. CalDre says:

    I agree that he is suspect. And I specifically wrote, after reading his analysis, I could not prove him wrong (whereas I neither believed his MH-17 nor his Syria chemical analyses). My only big question was: if this is true, he must have had access to Russian’s internal security databases, so it hinges on whether he had such access. When Russia failed to disprove his accusations (which would be quite easy to do if they were not true), I concluded he was correct, these were both GRU agents (though, as per my link, I don’t think they were sent to kill him, and they did not do so – but yes, they are GRU agents). I assumed there was a mole in Russian security that had provided the database results. Until Israel wrote this article. Of course I don’t know if Israel is correct about the West actually having the entire database, but it sounds plausible and I have no reason to disagree – it explains what we know.

  108. CalDre says:

    I guess your comment proves they do, at least, in yours.

  109. CalDre says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    My Spanish skills are insufficient to decipher that.

  110. CalDre says:

    You are being disingenuous. This is not just some mistake at some low council level. This is being handled by the very top government officials. Reviewed by countless people, including countless scientific people, top in their fields. The lack of any safety precautions at the hotels is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE! no, not unlikely, UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE, if the story were true.

    You just are making stupid excuses to believe these stupid lies. Nobody with a smidgeon of a brain believes it. There was absolutely NO Novichok found in the hotel room. They’re fucking STILL not decontaminating it.

    I understand UK are mass murderers, imperialists, colonizers, extremely evil, but they did not have such unmatched success at killing, destroying and pillaging by being so utterly stupid.

    You’re theory is laughably, LAUGHABLY, impossible.

  111. wayfarer says:

    Really appreciate your technical expertise and posts, as well as the sharp cutting-edge humor. Lily and I are now back in Arizona, living about 400 meters from MCAS Yuma. Lots of low-level jet fighter training and full-afterburner unrestricted takeoffs, just about everyday.

    Watching this stuff, Lily has finally come to respect birds.

    • Replies: @FB
  112. FB says:

    Thanks for your update, wayfarer…and the kind words along the way…our household is no stranger to cats…we have rescued literally hundreds of ferals over the years and got our community to implement a trap, neuter release program…

    Cats are amazing sentient beings…so glad to hear about your Lilly…

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  113. Anonymous [AKA "skripal"] says:

    But the bellincat passports were faked, this has been demonstrated. So this whole story falls apart. Also why would uk/us intelligence reveal they have all sorts of secret Russian databases, that makes no sense. And it’s hard to believe russian intelligence would be so incompetent as to let all that information be compromised, again makes no sense. You can spin a million different stories to explain the skripal case that all sound somewhat plausible, doesn’t make them true.

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @The Alarmist
  114. Anonymous[436] • Disclaimer says:

    Aren’t you and FB part of some twin study? Is this meant to deny the horrible truth that you are monozygotes?

  115. CalDre says:

    But the bellincat passports were faked, this has been demonstrated.


    why would uk/us intelligence reveal they have all sorts of secret Russian databases

    They haven’t actually revealed that – only that they have access to it. That could be a leak or a spy just for this passport – or the entire database.

    it’s hard to believe russian intelligence would be so incompetent as to let all that information be compromised

    Right, so I guess Chelsea Manning and Ed Snowden are all lies too … because obviously someone would never be able to release real data like that.

    In fact, the Rosenbergs never existed. Neither did Jonathan Pollard. In fact, spies don’t exist, and data is never stolen. It’s all make-believe. No security system in Russia has been compromised, ever. No defector. Skripal himself isn’t a double agent who handed secrets to the Brits. Stuff like that doesn’t happen. You said so, so it must be true. Your name is skripal, after all.

    You can spin a million different stories to explain the skripal case that all sound somewhat plausible, doesn’t make them true.

    Except for your spin, right?

  116. tac says:

    start here and there is a plethora of more news pointing to Bellingcat as fake news propaganda site run by a ‘citizen journalist’:

    • Replies: @Anon
  117. @Sergey Kriger

    Had the Soviet Union not been supplied to the hilt by Great Britain and the United states … you meant to write.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @Avery
  118. Avery says:

    {…Had the Soviet Union not been supplied to the hilt by Great Britain and the United states }

    A psychologically comforting myth in US and UK to get the lion’s share of the credit for crushing the Wehrmacht: you know, those lower-form Russkies could not possibly have defeated the mighty* Wehrmacht without the help of superior-form Anglo-American supermen. Same as the myth of the D-Day.

    Yes, US and UK supplied Soviet Union.
    But nothing that made or would have made a difference in the outcome.
    The war on the Eastern front would have taken longer, but the Wehrmacht would have been ground to dust just the same.

    For example, SU produced about 65,000 excellent T-34 tanks 1941-1945 all by itself.
    That’s what defeated the Nazi German invasion, not the ~5,000 junk tanks sent from the West.

    US & UK waited, and waited, and waited…. (with Churchill’s scheming) to open the 2nd front, despite Stalin’s begging during the worst years of Nazi onslaught which reached the Volga river.
    Churchill was hoping that Nazi Germany and Soviet Union would destroy each other.
    When US&UK saw that the Red Army was going to roll all the way to the Channel, they opened a 2nd front in 1944, to prevent Stalin from taking and Sovietizing all of Europe.

    * at the Battle of the Bulge the bled out and broken down Wehrmacht chased US Army all over the place. Only the intervention of the USAF prevented a total rout. There was no Luftwaffe left by then, having been chewed up in the East by the ‘Untermenschen’.

  119. Anon[863] • Disclaimer says:

    That piece you link is at odds with what I think I remember learning of the second inquiry (not the Dutch Safety Board inquiry) so I am left wishing there was some reason to believe it or believe it was more credible than Bellingcat. It is virtually all assertion without the kind of footnotes/references which allow readers to confirm that what it asserts is true.

    • Replies: @tac
  120. @Avery

    Maybe Churchill did hope the Soviet Union and Germany would both be weakened but what sources can you provide for your allegations quoting Churchill’ s words, either diaries or spoken to others?

    You seem to think the US and UK could have successfully invaded France across the English Channel earlier than they did. What’s your evidence for that taking into account the elaborate preparation for the June 1944 landings and the strength of the German defence even then?

  121. @Avery

    Only addendum.
    US supplied mostly Studebakers And they did help considerably but only for speed of progress of Soviet army. They were used mostly for supplying ammunition’s for cannons and dreaded katyushas. Stalingrad and Kurks were strictly Russian affair. But once Germans were in retreat, Russians did put in front lines minorities like Tatars and Muslim minorities who were a bit less civilized and that did scare Germans to the death.
    There was no Wehrmacht at Battle of the Bulge. It was Hitler Jugend. 14 to 16 years old kids.

  122. EugeneGur says:
    @The Alarmist

    Face it, the West has a superior propaganda machine.

    Or the stupidest most gullible population.

  123. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    I remember going to garbage dump with my older brother. The garbage dump was full of Russian unexploded cannon ammunition. Older kids and adults were taking apart the ammunition and it was used to start fire in the stove.

  124. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    “There was no Wehrmacht at Battle of the Bulge. It was Hitler Jugend. 14 to 16 years old kids.”

    I don’t know where you got your information, but there were plenty of battle-hardened adult Wehrmacht & SS in the Ardennes Offensive of 1944/45.

    Are you thinking of the SS 12th Panzer Division Hitlerjugend? They were largely adult recruits who came up via the Hitler Youth.

  125. @Anonymous

    “And it’s hard to believe russian intelligence would be so incompetent as to let all that information be compromised, again makes no sense.”

    Think back a few years to the news that millions of US Fed workers OPM files had been compromised; shit happens.

  126. Anonymous [AKA "Brianeg"] says:

    Excellent article but I would like to add a few comments about the Salisbury affair.

    Few people question why and the timing. A few weeks before, Trump had said he was going to remove all US troops out of Syria. Since Salisbury, he has completely changed his stance.

    The information that Bellingcat has access to is far beyond a one man outfit and is the kind of information the NSA has access to.

    A few weeks ago, a lot of information appeared about the $2,1 billion bioweapon research programme entitled “Insect Allies” became known and the £170 million that went to Porton Down.

    Now let us suppose that Skripal at heart is a very loyal Russian. If he had heard that Porton Down was working on something like a plague to target Russia what would he do?

    Again, what would Russia do if contacted but send two individuals to collect information and samples and maybe as suggested to look at plans to extract Skripal out of the country.

    Certainly, if Putin thought that Skripal had set up these two characters by colluding with British Intelligence, he would regard Skripal as a scumbag of the worst sort.

    Since the stakes are now so high with America saying that the economic sanctions on Russia are directly related to the Skripal poisoning and other NATO actions equally tied in, there is no chance of the Skripals ever returning to the living world.

    Just think where this would leave the British Government? They would be in a position a hundred times worse than Saudi Arabia and the Khashoggi affair.

    • Replies: @FB
  127. @CalDre

    Another idiotic assertion. If you think that is proof of anything you’re dumber than @FB, if that’s possible.

    Both renfro and FB probably understand the competence of the Russians far better than you do. As they say: “you don’t know what you don’t know”, so a bit of humility before labeling people smarter than you as “idiotic”, would go a long way to supporting your own assertions.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @CalDre
  128. CalDre says:
    @Cloak And Dagger

    Oh, really? I should believe that the Russians can’t possibly fail at assassinating someone because the two Communist morons FB and renfro claim so? LOL. I couldn’t have less respect for those two.

  129. wayfarer says:

    On a final note, just wanted to say a thousand thanks for developing a feral catch-and-release program.

    Truly one of nature’s most magic creatures, the cat.

    Once they’ve gained your trust, you’ve got an almost unmatchable friendship, for life.

    I wish you all the best, FB.

    I’m dedicating this song to my cat Lily, and all the lonely nights we’ve spent together with one another.

    • Replies: @FB
  130. @Sergey Kriger

    lol if the 1941 Russia was full of people like today’s siloviki, they would join the Vlasov’s army. That I can guarantee you!

  131. FB says:

    Thanks Wayfarer…I’ll tell you the story real quick…a number of years ago the media in our town started going on about a ‘cat problem’…apparently a bunch of people started making a lot of noise about these homeless cats…it was really only a few cranky old buggers, but it blew into a big issue and city hall decided it had to ‘do something’…

    There were a number of these feral cat colonies and a number of kind-hearted citizens would go and feed these poor creatures…if the cats happened to be on the property of a corporation or something like that, they would simply call these ‘pest control’ people who would just trap them and hand them over to the SPCA…which actually puts down about 90 percent of all animals they get their hands on…it’s something like three million cats a year in the US…they simply don’t have the resources to deal with those numbers…

    But those cat colonies somehow persisted…so I went to city hall and proposed that we do the humane and effective thing, which is a trap, neuter and release program…where the cats are also vaccinated and given a clean bill of health… and when they are put back, they are provided with shelters and volunteers to feed them…these have been very successful all across the world…it took quite a bit of pleading and arm-twisting and lots of phone calls and knocks on doors to the local politicians involved…as well as getting the local newspaper behind our effort…which was happy to print some heart-melting photos of adorable rescued kittens and telling our story of dedicated volunteers etc…but we got our program…

    It turned out to be a most wonderful thing for everyone…it brought the entire town together…a local college’s veterinary school provided the vet services and a lot of volunteers and local cat rescue organizations all came in and we just started trapping the cats in the spring and fall when the new kittens come…someone donated shelter space and we had so many cute little kittens in there that word got out and teachers started bringing bus loads of young kids through there…I mean if you see dozens of these little kittens all in one place it is pretty overwhelming…all those little eyes looking straight at you…and sticking their little paws through the cages to get your attention…not to mention those tiny little voices…

    Many of those kittens would likely not have made it…instead we got them all healthy and neutered or spayed and found loving homes for them…some of the older ones or the ones with injuries or special needs that were not adoptable…well we just ended up keeping them…and our cat ‘household’ just continues to grow…we also have a number of volunteer ‘fosters’ who take kittens or adult cats into their homes until they are placed in a permanent home…

    There really is no such thing as a ‘feral’ cat…all it takes is for you to prove that you are trustworthy…the meanest tomcats always turn out to have the biggest hearts…here is a nice clip of one such case…

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  132. wayfarer says:

    That’s an absolutely incredible program you’ve developed. Everyone wins!

    Saving the cats is the best part. Bringing kids into it, is the next best part in my opinion.

    Can’t think of too many better combinations, than kids and kittens.

    Except for maybe tomcats and kittens. Especially tough old tomcats who’ve surrendered their hostile ways, and now offer gentle mentorship to orphans.

    That video is priceless. Brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy. Definitely will be watching it again and again, whenever I need my spirits lifted.

    It’s always been difficult for me to find sympathy for an indifferent humankind, but it’s people like you and programs like this one, that give me hope in humanity.

    Thanks so much for the development of this meaningful benevolent program, FB.

  133. FB says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, Wayfarer…it’s been an incredibly rewarding life journey for everyone involved…

    Cats really are special…you could be just sitting there reading or whatever and then you notice your cat off in a corner and he is just observing you with a steady, piercing gaze…and you think how long has he been studying me like that…?

    The prophet Muhammad was said to be very fond of cats…there is a story that while relaxing on his bed with his cat, he wanted to get up but didn’t want to disturb his dear friend…so he cut away his own robe on which his cat was laying…

    Cats are generally treated kindly in the Muslim world, especially among Arabs…and that excellent documentary ‘Kedi’ that takes place in Istanbul, Turkey is an example of that…in Egypt cats are likewise treated well and there are few people who are unkind to cats…

    Our own Western society could learn something from that…my observation is that I have never come across a dumb cat or a ‘bad’ cat…but the world is chock full of quite stupid and quite rotten humans…

    Many people are not suitable for having pets, cats in particular…so we have the situation where they adopt a cat, but then quickly lose interest and move on…this is how we have so many such abandoned cats…

    But if you get involved in the life of your cat and you treat her with dignity and respect, she will show you incredible gratitude and devotion…the likes of which you will hardly even get from your own children, sad to say…although here too it all depends on how much time and effort and genuine caring you invest…

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  134. @FB

    Cats saved the humanity. They were protecting Grain storage from pests.
    The humanity owes them.

    • Replies: @FB
  135. FB says:

    Agree…cats are also quite liked in Russia…here’s a charming little music video from a Russian folk singer…

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
    , @wayfarer
  136. FB says:

    You forgot to mention the one fact about lend lease that is never mentioned these days…Britain actually received three times as much as the Soviet Union…over $31 billion, compared to 11 billion…out of a total of $50 billion LOANED…

    Incidentally, it was paying off those loans that basically bankrupted the British Empire…a primary geopolitical aim of the US…they killed three birds with one stone…got Russia to destroy Germany, while also suffering unimaginable destruction itself…and took over the British global empire, supplanting the pound sterling as world reserve currency…[four birds actually if you count Japan…incidentally also thanks at least in part to the Soviet Union that crushed the Japanese in Manchuria]…

    It seems we always must here the same old song and dance from the simpletons here…

  137. @FB

    All this about the cats is good, but it sounds strange so much care towards little felines when there are still so many human beings in the streets….as well as in the “caravans”….

    Why they come to your borders? Because your government les ha cagado la vida always, look at what has just brought to the Brazilians….

    “BANNED The film the U. S. government didn’t want you to see!”

    “La Sal de la Tierra” (1954)

    • Replies: @FB
  138. wayfarer says:

    Now that was a rare cat treat, thank you FB.

    Here’s a cat treat that some people may enjoy, as well.

    “The Cat” by Banjo Paterson

    • Replies: @FB
  139. FB says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    Yes…you are right…many people need ‘help’…the number is staggering…

    Unfortunately, opening a re-education camp is a lot more difficult than opening a cat shelter…so we do what we can to save those who actually appreciate being saved…

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
  140. FB says:

    LOL…what a delightful little essay on the true life of the cat…it reads like something Mark Twain might have written…

    ‘But a cat has really more character than most human beings, and gets a great deal more satisfaction out of life.’

    ‘Just think how much more he gets out of his life than you do out of yours — what a hurricane of fighting and lovemaking his life is — and blush for yourself. You have had one little love-affair, and never had a good, all-out fight in your life!’

    How true…you know Winston Churchill used to say he is quite fond of pigs, of all things…because ‘cats look down on you…and dogs look up to you…but pigs look you straight in the eye…’

    Thanks for that steer…here is the link again…

  141. @FB

    Btw, I guess this will not be considered off-topic, since the thread about spionage has been turned into a cat-life one…..

    Your theory on the “Drone Attack” on Hmeymim being at hand of any peasant buying the tech online….definitely debunked….by MoD RF….In the end, even without engineer aeronautics degree, and even being a woman ( a gender you find sometimes so funny…), I was definitely right….As I told you, the nitty-gritty was not in the modeling complexity of the drones,…but in the coordinates….delivered by a US aircraft….

    P.S: You will not believe me, but my phone fell in the seashore, and even when it did not submerge itself totally, became disabled…, then, while I lost almost all useful funcitions of the phone, like being able to call/answer, an cyborg assistant of whom I had no idea of its existence before took a life of its own… started talking at untimely hours….saying “she had not understood me”….that I had to change the phone asap….lost a lot of data….including some passwords…..Anyway, do not you think that due your Trumpist stance….a fight would start sooner or later? ….I find myself incapable of respecting any person voting for The Donald…. under any alibi….

    I wish you the best with your cats…..I came to develop a real appreciation for gnus…while travelling through Africa….You know, they do not bother anyone there….they just want to live….and just so many want to kill them….( do not you think they are the communists of the Masai Mara/Serengeti? )…. When a herd wants to cross the Mara River, one separates in advance, descends the slippery terrain and tries to find a pass without too many crocodiles lurking … so that others then can follow him … If there is no luck, and the place is infested with crocodiles, there will be no going back, our scout friend will try, but he will not be able to overcome the palisade of earth that moves under his feet up…. I wondered how these heroes were selected … or whether they were volunteers …The Mara River runs full of stuffed corpses of gnus…..while the great migration is on….Life is hard….

    • Replies: @FB
  142. FB says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    No…I never put forth any ‘theory’ on the drone attack on Hmeimim…I simply pointed out that it would not be difficult for a knowledgeable person to assemble such a homemade drone with off the shelf equipment…which is quite sophisticated, something that the lay person is not aware of…

    The recent information from the Russian MoD provides ADDITIONAL information that was not known before…specifically regarding the flight path of the drones…ie that when they encountered electronic countermeasures from the Russian air defenses, the flight then turned back to get out of range of the ECM…they then regrouped and proceeded to attempt to penetrate through possible ‘holes’ in the ECM coverage…

    This information was NOT reported at the time…it is clear that the the story presented by the Russian MoD about the US Boeing P8 Poseidon electronic warfare aircraft that had been patrolling for eight hours over the Med sea as having directed this drone attack, is quite compelling and credible…the proof is in the flight path of those drones…had they been controlled simply by line of sight from the ground by terrorists, they would not have been capable of detecting the Russian ECM and would therefore have no reason for turning the drones back…

    I will also point out that at the time of my discussion on this issue, I pointed a clear finger of blame at the US…I was merely clarifying the issue of what is and is not possible in homebuilt drone technology…and that information I presented is perfectly true and valid, and I stand by that…the technology available off the shelf is quite sophisticated…a person who knows what they are doing could easily build drones with amazing capability…including visual sensors [camera] that allows the operator to see exactly where he is flying that drone to…

    The only real limitation is distance, because it is limited to line of sight using the commercially available radio remote control equipment…

    As for supporting Trump…I was impressed by his summit with Chairman Kim of the DPRK…it was a very pleasant turn from a US president…the kind of diplomacy that we haven’t seen in a long time…I praised him for that and gave credit where credit is due…so did some of the most prominent voices on the progressive left, including George Galloway and Finian Cunningham…two of the best political commentators in the world…

    Trump is trying to do things which are a step in the right direction…but he is being obstructed and undermined by a very powerful establishment and deep state…his campaign platform was very clear…better relations with Russia…pulling out of Syria and other foreign wars [Trump pushed very hard to get out of Afghanistan, but the military wouldn’t hear of it]…and even backing out of the Nato alliance…

    These are all good things…they amount to a U turn away from US imperialism…which is no longer sustainable and is dragging the US to the bottom like the Titanic…Trump seems to grasp this and so he should be supported in this, not least because nobody else is even remotely talking or even thinking about reducing US imperialism…it is the best choice that is realistically possible right now…every other choice is far worse…

    I am not alone in recognizing these facts…many have pointed this out…including the progressive writer Gareth Porter in his recent piece…Could Trump Take Down the American Empire?

    I have also pointed out that Trump is at best a step in the right direction…he has no inclination to tackle some of the fundamental problems of the system we live in, which is designed simply to enrich a tiny elite plutocracy that holds absolute power…the ordinary person in this system is simply a worker ant…nothing but a debt slave for the banking system that operates on usury…a self-destructive house of cards that will collapse without warning…

    As for gnus, or wildebeest…yes, I am very appreciative of all animals and very familiar with these sturdy members of the antelope family…their annual migration and their mass crossing of the crocodile infested Mara and Grumeti rivers is breathtaking and inspiring…while also tragic at the same time…I have not witnessed it personally but I constantly seek out documentaries on African wildlife…this is an area where I also give my support [modest as it may be] to worthy wildlife conservation groups and projects…

    The majestic lion is in danger of extinction, which would be an unforgivable crime against the universe…cheetahs too are in the same dire straits…thankfully the very adaptable leopard is doing great all across the world…a truly amazing cat that is successfully adapting to a world completely overrun by humans…our species is like an explosion of locusts…we are decimating the only home we have…I think I may be excused if I have more sympathy for animals than for our own kind…

    Here is a short clip you may enjoy…nature is full of surprises and oftentimes reveals much more ‘humanity’ than we ever do…

  143. @FB

    Returning to the spionage issue…finally decided to watch “Spy Sorge”…and liked to know about Agnes Smedley…but the film seem to have a slight anti-Stalinist touch….
    I spite of the great work Sorge did for the Soviet Union, and the world, some point out that he finally was recruited by the US OSS, since he seemed to be quite dissapointed with Stalin….Thus, as history does not stop showing, Stalin was right on being suspicious, although we have to recognize Sorge by his true value….as it was providing the intelligence to dismantle Operation Barbarossa…it seems that anti-Soviet minion Karlin is awarding that merit to another from his side….

    As it was you who told me about great spy Sorge, I wil cede you the floor in debunking those myths and fake rewrittings of history….

    P.S: Loved the costumes style in the film….very elegant….and to my taste….especially…..

  144. FB says:

    ‘…some point out that he finally was recruited by the US OSS, since he seemed to be quite dissapointed with Stalin….’

    I’m no expert on Sorge, but I have never heard of this…I place very little credence in this…

    Also this ‘theory’ is not in the film at all…which I think sticks quite accurately to the known historical facts…of course, in the matter of spying, not all facts may ever be known…but I think the basic facts of the ‘Sorge incident’ are well established…

    I think it was tragic and wrong of the USSR to deny the spy swap that Japan offered, which would have saved Sorge’s life…espionage is a cold hard business, especially in a time of war…

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
  145. FB says:

    Good comment…I do think that Skripal was in on the hoax…which is why Putin has denounced him in such forceful terms…

    So I don’t think there is a comparison to the Khashoggi incident, since the violence perpetrated by the UK state extends only to the Skripal cat and hamsters…the death of the woman in Amesbury may also be at the hands of the UK intel services, since they have cooked up the whole ‘chemical’ spiel…

    So it is pretty bad…I don’t see how the UK people think they are going to get away with this…you can be sure the Russian intel services are working 24/7 to blow the lid off this thing…it’s only a matter of time…

  146. @FB

    “I think it was tragic and wrong of the USSR to deny the spy swap that Japan offered, which would have saved Sorge’s life…”

    So did I…while reading about that a bit yesterday night and continuing this morning….although, according with his entry at Wikipedia ( from where I took out that idea on him joining in the end the OSS…. ), no country ever recognizes undercover agents…( no idea if that is true…sounds quite terrible and ungrateful….but I guess it goes with the mission…most probably it is because of that that Mr. Putin said this was only a job for very special oustanding patriot people ) and thus, he was for sure aware of that…and so, most probably accepted his destiny….

    • Replies: @FB
  147. FB says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    ‘…according…Wikipedia…no country ever recognizes undercover agents…’

    Well…this is not true at all…remember Rudolf Abel…he was caught in the US as an undercover spy [because of his alcoholic Finnish assistant]…and ended up getting traded for shot down U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers…btw a very good film on this with Tom Hanks called Bridge of Spies…

    I think the Sorge thing was possibly a political calculation because the USSR did not want to take a chance on antagonizing Japan at the time while it was struggling to hold off the Nazi offensive…a second front in the far east could have been difficult in 1941…remember that Sorge was arrested in October 1941…before the Pearl Harbor attack that brought on the US war with Japan…

    • Replies: @Fatima Manoubia
  148. @FB

    I missed that film on the screens… thus, I am unaware of Rudolf Abel story…

    May be you will find interesting, and may be even enjoy, this documentary on Soviet undercover intelligence and its organization….It seems that some agents are still unknown…..Sorge is mentioned…. and fairly recognized his vital job….As almost always happens with movies, it seems that the Japanese film failed to mention that his “ring” was much more numerous…..

  149. Anonymous [AKA "Dan Trumer"] says:
    @Malaysian Truther

    “The result was unexpected: instead of revealing the name of a turncoat, the Belling Cat, a site used by the Western Secret Services for intentional leaks, explained how the men were traced by using the stolen databases. Putin’s plan misfired.” (Israel Shamir)

    “Russia made a very serious mistake with the RT interview with the 2 operatives. ” (Malaysian truther)

    I don’t see it that way. Would this article have been possible to write at all without the Bellingcat-revelations? At least Russia knows know beyond doubt about a couple of vulnerabilities that they seemingly underestimated or ignored earlier on. While that by itself doesn’t improve the situation, it gives Russia at least the insights and knowledge to slowly rectify the situation.

    And, while it doesn’t make things better than they are, we should be fair to the Russian intelligence here: They play with a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the internet and digital warfare. The US and their allies control most of the crucial parts of the internet – both software, hardware and major data distribution centres. It is a lot easier for them to grab all sorts of data abnd databases and to trace and compromise.

  150. @Anti_Cult

    Thanks for the link.

    Precise diagnosis, as by an experimented doctor, of the situation in the US….and Brazil….If you notice the factor of demonization of certain sectors of society, the mass media element, the use of social networks and big data, the Christian fundamentalists factor, and the connivance of the traditional right and even center-right, has been defintive in Brazil too, no wonder Bannon ( the supposedly fired ), was there as the black hand behind…Then it is the Russians who meddle in elections….

    Then, you tell me, why people who bragg all day about being “so intelligent” like Pat Lang and some of his minions ( and most of other Trump followers in the net ) who, because of that, grossly despice people who they, in their very personal scale of measure, do not consider “so intelligent”, continue broadcasting that finally, after the midterms, when he wins, Trump will start finally to fight that already worn, from so much use, phantom “The Deep State” and “The Borg”?

    • Replies: @Anti_Cult
  151. FB says:

    Tried to read that very poorly written and completely irrelevant article…that truthdig website is a Soros front btw…

    This article like all anti-Trump screeds from the FAKE LEFT, tries to embody all of the evils of the American criminal plutocracy in the figure of one man Tronald Dump…not that I care for him in any way, but he was elected on a good platform and is trying to do some of those good things…ie move America away from imperialism…

    But the fake left doesn’t care about that…they don’t give a crap about the ravages US imperialism causes around the globe…they buy all that crap about ‘humanitarian’ interventions and R2P…they would love a war criminal and soulless ghoul like Killary…whose crowing over the grisly death of Muammar Kadaffi will be remembered in infamy throughout the ages…in the same way that Vlad the impaler, Idi Amin, and Count Dracula have been remembered with utter revulsion…

    Given the choice, Dump is the lesser evil by far…if allowed to actually take power he could actually do some real good in the world…

    • Replies: @Anti_Cult
  152. Anti_Cult says:

    I will address some of your points, sorry if it is not well organized. I am multitasking.

    I’m against R2P because I know that Imperialists don’t give a damn about ordinary people in the developing countries and it’s a sham to hide their real intention of bring about the puppet regimes.

    Regarding Chris Hedges, I disagree with you. He is not a fake left. He is one of the most honest reporters that I have ever seen in the US. His Gaza diary is a testimony of his honesty. As you know very well, exposing Israel’s crime by an author in the US means a death knell to his/her career.

    I consider WSWS as a pretty genuine left:

    I am not sure if Trump has any intentions to do what you claim. There are too many things that Trump has done that endangers the human life and cuases suffering in the developing countries. I will write only about Trump’s withdrawal from 2 major treaties( the Paris and Iran Nuclear Treaty) and subordinating our Middle East policy to Israel’s extreme right.

    If we believe in the climate change, the paramount danger to our planet and all species needs to be eliminated. Instead Trump did exact opposite, something that will impact our planet for the years to come. Tramp’s withdrawal and his failure to fight climate change is a crime against humanity.

    Tramp’s extreme hatred of Iran and love of Israel increased the suffering in the Middle East, he selected a war criminal like John Bulton as national security advisor and a blood thirsty person like Mike Pompeo as secretary of states, Friedman a colonial settler advocate as the US ambassador to Israel and a his son in law (who is a rightwing extremest even according to most Zionists) as an advisor to prepare his coming war with Iran. A war that will cause hundreds of thousands of casualties. The same war that he has promised to Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson. Trump’s Middle East policy is written in Israel, even in the UN diplomats thought his speech was written by Netanyahu. His UN ambassador is more pro Israel than Israel’s own UN convey.

    Because of his plan for Iran he also embraced Saudi Head-Choppers and supported Saudi Arabia’s war crimes against Yemen that has created a human-made famine where 10 million Yemeni people suffer from it.

    Trump is subservient to Netanyahu and the extreme right in the Israel so he kept his promise to Sheldon Adelson to moved the embassy to Jerusalem, cut all aids to Palestinian refugees(even hospitals) and gave a free hand to Israel to execute unarmed Palestinians on a daily basis. Do you remember May 14 when Trump was smiling and announcing the embassy move? At the same time Israel was killing 50 demonstrators and shooting 2000.

    Iran never violated that nuclear deal but Trump lied about Iran and destroyed that deal because he doesn’t care about anything except keeping his promise to his megadonor Sheldon Adelson to overthrow Iran’s regime. First by sanction and then by the military action. Notwithstanding the ordinary Iranians will suffer the most:

    Even Obama didn’t directly attack Syria but Trump did and we were so close to start a very dangerous war with Russia. Although Obama helped Syrian “moderate” head-choppers there was no US military presence in Syria before Trump and now, we are occupying 1/3 of Syria and no plan to move in the foreseeable future.

    You are such a knowledgeable person, a wonderful writer and you have a good heart but how come you can’t see how much suffering Trump is causing? Don’t you see Yemen’s, Palestinians and Iranians’ suffering?

  153. FB says:

    I remember Chris Hedges from his time as a New York Times reporter covering Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s…he was a card-carrying propagandist at the time and has never repented for his demonization of Serbs and his fake reporting…

    Lately he has ‘reformed’ somewhat and puts out some good material…his books lately predict the collapse of the rotten US plutocracy…which pretty much anyone with a properly working brain can see anyway…he really offers no insight to the thinking person anyway…

    Your statement that you’re not sure Trump wants to do some of those ‘good things’ I mentioned is not supportable…look up the fight between Trump and the establishment on Afghanistan…lots of nice Trump quotes there…such as ‘I just want to get out’…he was ‘persuaded’ to go along…

    That ‘persuasion’ includes the whole fake Russiagate…and threats of impeachment…did you somehow miss that ‘anonymous’ oped in the NYT where the writer brazenly admits undermining and outright blocking Trump on Russia relations…

    So your statement is crazy…Trump wants to do those things he ran on in his campaign…he is at least honest and plain spoken…he says what he means and he doesn’t bullshit…

    These people on the fake left who are undermining Trump are only aiding the deep state that has seized control of the presidency…this is a coup…a putsch…and it makes a mockery out of the idea of ‘democracy’…

    Like I said…there is much that I don’t like about Trump…mainly his support of Israel and Saudi Arabia…as well as his support for the plutocracy system where the rules of the game are tilted in favor of the super rich and huge banks and corporate interests…Trump is not going to bring in a fair shake for the little guy…I know that…


    And anybody else is just going to continue full steam ahead with imperialism…sorry but Hedges just embarrassed himself with that awful article…and I am still waiting for him to repent for his lies on Bosnia…

  154. Anti_Cult says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    You’re welcome. I think those smart people that you mentioned believed Tramp’s words and were hoping that he would deliver his non-interventionist policy. They knew Trump was a bad character( at least people like me who are from NYC knew what kind of charlatan he was/is) but they were hoping that an isolationist policy and ‘dawning the swamp’ would compensate his racism and extreme narcissism. Obviously Hillary was also such a bad candidate that some were ready to vote for anyone except her.

    The fact is that Trump never delivered those promises and didn’t care about them because he doesn’t really care about those issues, he only uses them as a tool to further his agenda and personal gains. Thus, Trump as a bully( most bullies are cowards from my experience) picked the weakest people in the US (like Muslims and other minorities) to hit heard to satisfy some of his followers, pretend that he kept his promises. This would keep ‘those smart people’ hopeful that he might deliver. No fat chance!

    One should be extremely naive to believe a narcissist and racist person like Trump will do anything for anyone except for himself( or maybe Ivanka). His picks like Steven Mnuchin(Financial crimes) and John Bulton(War crimes) should be in prison. How a sane person pick an Israeli agent like Nikki Haley that had recently confessed she didn’t even know what UN does when Trump offered her the position!
    How can a person that ‘cares about the people’ withdraw from from a climate change treaty or give tax-cut to the uber rich? Where everyone knows that the tax-cut for the rich never worked since Reagen and poor got poorer and middle class got shirked.

    Trump talks about non-intervention but he intervenes everywhere even in a larger scale than Obama. He talks the talk but never walks the walk. Meanwhile on some people, talking and slogans have more impact than the real deed. In conclusion, since Trump the world has become closer to a nuclear war than ever. He is a very reckless person and if it was not because of Putin’s masterful policies we all might have been deed in the last June after the Syrian Chemical Weapon hoax and subsequent US/UK/France bombing of Syria.

    BTW, Chris Hedges in not a liberal and he has always been against R2P and intervention in countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria. You can watch his speeches here:

  155. I think those smart people that you mentioned believed Tramp’s words and were hoping that he would deliver his non-interventionist policy.

    Really? Then, consequently, they are not so smart, or, as in the form they themselves usually claim it, they do not have such “high IQ” they award to themselves….Of course, there is something of truth in this; from life experience, I mean, taking out conclusions by simple observation of human beings, I have never met any really intelligent person who claimed itself to be so. Really intelligent people, not to mention real geniuses, are usually very humble people, astonished sometimes by the oustanding praising of any of their findings by others, when there are still so much work to do, and so much incognites to solve….

    Anyway, I suspect that the problem of the people I mentioned is that they, eventhough accustomed and trained to follow the methods of researching, simply, systematically avoid the sources and findings which could debunk the theories which could keep their candidate afloat, and that they do this because of greedy interests on a tax cut which could assure them their final years living comfortable enough, or because they are really fond on a rule which approach fascism at galoping pace….or both at the same time….

    You tell me, why it is that these such “smart people” could have ignored the unending ammount of lies their candidate is spreading non stop….Fortunately, others, not claiming for themselves any measure of intelectual capacity, so as to sound righter than others, but out of a bit of honesty, have done the work they, so biased and interested, refused to do…

    • Replies: @Anti_Cult
  156. Anti_Cult says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    I totally agree with everything you wrote. I don’t really have any answers to that question. I am as puzzled as you about why they are still ignoring the unending amount of lies that Trump is spreading non stop. I never trusted Trump and didn’t vote for either of the candidates. My choice was Sanders but unfortunately Dems cheated on him and bet on a loser like Hillary.

    BTW, thanks for the link. Here are some good articles about Trump and why the ruling class has problem with him. Also about his racism and the empire he has built on tax evasion and fraud:

  157. @Anti_Cult

    “I am as puzzled as you about why they are still ignoring the unending amount of lies that Trump is spreading non stop”.

    But I am not puzzled….I am pretty sure who these people are….They lie because for them to lie is their way of life….they lie even to themselves….this is the only way they can continue living….by self-exonerating themselves……That way, like their so called “humanitarian interventions” everywhere, they pretend to transform all the dirt they have done into good and heroic deeds….they just only happened to pass over there in Bolivia, “helping”, and out of casuality a man, whose son they have provided medical aid to, told them where Mr. Guevara was….with the known denouement….If they would have any hint of decency, they would run to ask forgiveness…at least to the Guevara de la Serna still alive and their descendants….before it is too late for them….

    You have to witness them today pretending that what the US has done for Central, and Latin America in general, is to offer those countries “well intentioned help”…..I am not sure the Central Americans, and Latin Americans in general, are really so gratefull of the kind of help they have received so far from the US….the kind of “aid” that brought them the Noriegas, Trujillos, Pinochets….and, as the “well intentioned help” from the US continues uninterrumpted to these days ( according to this “so intelligent” people ), also the Bolsonaros….

    Meanwhile…here in the Basque Country, I do not know whether for to fit with recent events….the second channel of Basque Public Television has broadcasted “La Casa de los Espíritus”…after all, it is “Día de Difuntos” here today…. when we mourn and remember our dead….We do not forget…..

  158. @Anti_Cult

    Thanks for the link, forgot to say…comrade?…
    Although…. I am more fond of the Third International….

    • Replies: @Anti_Cult
  159. Anti_Cult says:
    @Fatima Manoubia

    You’re very welcome, I also like the Third International!

    BTW, you might find this interview with Chomsky interesting, He give Trump credit because of his North Korea policy. But has harsh words for Israel and Trump cruel policy against Palestinians.

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