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The world began its countdown to the most dramatic event of this dramatic year, to the US Presidential elections. Will Trump make it? Will this great orange man who beat Coronavirus and came back from the clutches of death manage to beat Sleepy Joe and his multitudes? Or will the Dems take us all into the night of eternal lockdown, where heavily armed Black and Antifa activists patrol the streets and Big Data corporations rule? It is all up to the American people, and to the steady nerves of their captain on the bridge of the White House.

It’s not the same for us. The difference is greater than it has been for many years. It is a chance to stop the disintegration of manhood and womanhood into multigender distopia, to acknowledge the Divine Will of “male and female He created them”. Class struggle is surely important, but from this point of view there is little difference between the two; while saving our children from forced instruction in homosexual lore, or even castration in due course (“transgender rights” for eight-year olds) now takes a front seat. Trump is rather weak; we would like to see a stronger man who would take US troops out of the dusty fields of Afghanistan and Iraq. Indeed, a man who would be able to overcome Twitter and Facebook and forbid them to censor him. But we have what we have, and this well-intentioned man will have to do.

The battle for SCOTUS nominee Amy Barrett nomination is going well. She can answer the annoying insinuating questions of the Dems. She is a good warrior. As a wife and mother, she is immune to the usual attacks and assertions of a sexual character. There is a good chance she will go through the ordeal with flying colours. This is tremendously important – her defeat would make Trump’s defeat almost certain. Her success will give Trump a fighting chance.

However, the final decision will be made on the streets. Recently the aftermath of the elections was wargamed. One possibility was played out in Belarus. Its president Alexander Lukashenko is a sort of Trump. He kept industry in his country instead of shifting industry to China. He is a macho man. He bravely discounted the fearsome virus Covid-19 and refused to plunge his nation into the quagmire of lockdowns. He won the elections, but his opponents refused to recognise the result and demanded his resignation. They took huge crowds to the streets and marched to the President’s Palace. Many demonstrators wore masks stressing their adherence to Covid-loyalism. Lukashenko took a helicopter and flew into the besieged compound, accompanied by a few soldiers and his teenage son, and armed with a submachinegun. This vision of a decisive president armed and ready to use his weapons rather than submit was enough to repel the hostile crowds. He won. Not forever, but not many things are forever in this world. He is doing well in the meantime.

Another possibility played out in faraway Kyrgyzstan. This country had been undermined by the flow of guest-workers from abroad: they were made unemployed by the Corona crisis. After the Parliamentary elections, crowds of disaffected unemployed converged on Parliament, took it over, sent the President into hiding and enthroned their candidate as the Prime Minister. Their candidate seems to be a frontman for local mafia, or more precisely for the mafia godfather who goes by the name of Kolya Kyrgyz. The legitimate president accepted his defeat and retired, while the new Prime Minister assumed the Presidential post as well.

What will happen in the US: the Belarus or the Kyrgyz solution? It depends entirely on you, Americans. You will have to brave the streets and support your president against his armed opponents, and do it with all the hostile media against you. It is a hard job, but an enviable one: what you will do, will decide the fate of your country and of our planet.


Will Russia try and influence the US elections? Well, no. Russia wants to sit it out. As nobody can predict the result of the US elections, Russians want to bide their time. However, there are forces dreaming of starting a war between Russia and its powerful neighbour Turkey. This war would be disastrous for both states, and the cautious President Putin is determined to avoid it. So was the last Russian Tsar Nicolas II keen to avoid war with Germany. Will Putin succeed where Nicolas failed? It is still uncertain.

Unwilling Russians were pulled into the WWI willy-nilly by well-organised public opinion that demanded that Russia “save the Serbs”, as this Balkan nation had been attacked by Austria with German support. Now, the media pushes Russia into war with Turkey in order “to save the Armenians”. This is the background of the Qarabagh war.

Anti-Turkish feelings are strong in the West; partly as a result of the activity of the Armenian Lobby, and partly due to the rise of a powerful and independent Turkey after a hundred-fifty-year-long lag. The US is unhappy that Turks buy weapons and generally play ball with Russia. France and Germany dislike Turkey asserting its rights in the Middle East and North Africa. Greece has its long-term obsession with Turks arising from old disputes and ending with oil exploitation rights and the flight of refugees. However, Armenians are unique in their feeling they can make the Russians fight for them.


Armenians are faux-Jews, another “people who dwell alone”, engaged in trade and discourse. They imitate Jews: Jews have their Holocaust, legally protected against denial. Armenians actually succeeded in protecting their own tragedy of 1915 by a similar law in France. The result was tragicomic. They brought an important Jewish historian (and warmonger of the first degree) Bernard Lewis to the court in Paris, and he was found guilty of denying their tragedy, just like David Irving. But David Irving got three years in jail, and now his name is always preceded with the title “discredited”, while Bernard Lewis was fined one franc and his name graces various petitions.

Imitation is not the real thing: if famous Jews are Einstein and Rothschild, the famous Armenian is Kim Kardashian. However, like Jews, they have a lot of feelings of superiority towards their neighbours. I came across Armenians in 1988, when they explained me that they are so smart that Azerbaijan survives only thanks to their guidance. They occupied privileged positions in Baku in those days. I told them that there are Jews who are obsessed by a similar feeling of superiority, but Jews would never share it with a stranger, but at most with their own wives in the kitchen. This feeling played a bad trick on them: they pushed Azeris out of the areas where they were in the majority, and in response they were pushed out of Baku where they formed the middle and upper-middle class.

Again, it reminds me of Jews. If Jews illegally occupied Palestine and expelled its native inhabitants, the Armenians illegally occupied a part of Azerbaijan and expelled its native inhabitants, too. They had made this land grab at the beginning of the 90s, when the USSR collapsed. Armenians contributed a lot to this collapse, as eighty years earlier they had contributed to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Armenia was the first Soviet Republic to leave the USSR; thanks to its powerful diaspora, Armenia defeated the much more populous Azerbaijan, as Israel defeated populous Arab countries. Now Azerbaijan attempts to regain the lost territories and return home one million Azeri refugees, just as Arabs tried to return Palestinian refugees back to Palestine. In my view, refugees should be allowed to return, whether Palestinian refugees to what became Israel, or Azeri refugees to what became Artzakh. People should live together without ethnic cleansing.

For 30 years, Armenians had the possibility of finding a modus vivendi with Azerbaijan on advantageous terms; there were many options. But, like Jews before 1973, they thought this was unnecessary. Azeris commenced the war in the end of September hoping to restart the peace process. Russia convinced them to cease fire on condition of renewing negotiations, but the Prime Minister of Armenia stubbornly refused to negotiate. The war resumed, and Azeris did liberate a part of the occupied territories. Now there is a new cease-fire; if the Armenians won’t negotiate in the earnest, the hostilities will resume.

Armenians shifted their fight into the media and PR; they call upon the world to prevent “genocide”. (Killing a few dozen Armenian soldiers is “genocide”, while killing thousands of Palestinians or Azeris does not count as genocide.) They try to suck Russia into their war, to fight Azerbaijan and Turkey. The Armenians have a very strong position in Russian discourse, mainly supporting a “patriotic”, loyalist, Putinist line. In Soviet days they were a minor element outside Baku, but after the collapse a lot of Jews left for Israel, and the Armenians, more clannish even than Jews, took over the vacated places and became the top dogs in the Russian media.

The Armenian diaspora in Russia is longstanding and well established. The Russian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs are partly of Armenian extraction, though this doesn’t mean too much. The RT head Mrs Simonyan is an ethnic Armenian, but she was rudely attacked by Armenia for her lack of support for the Armenian cause. (Not every Jew is a Zionist or even a supporter of Israel.) Now the Armenian Lobby pushes for war – as the US Jews pushed America into its Middle Eastern wars.

Armenia is a member of CSTO, a new (and much smaller) version of the Warsaw Treaty. This is the main claim of Armenians on Russian help. However, Qarabagh is not a part of Armenia; it is an internationally recognised part of Azerbaijan. That’s why the Armenians try to provoke an Azeri attack on its own territory. The last provocation took place last night (Friday night), when Armenia fired a SCUD ballistic missile on the Azeri city of Ganja located over a hundred miles from the fighting area. A dozen civilians were killed, fifty wounded, a few houses destroyed. This is a step towards open war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, something that the Azeris were loth to entertain. They prefered to fight on their own ground, on their own (even if occupied) territory. Now the Azeris will be under pressure to respond to the source of fire, and that will be Armenia proper. Would this force Russia to enter the fray?

Meanwhile, Putin is trying to avoid such a confrontation. He has spent too much effort wooing Azeris back into the Russian orbit after this oil-rich republic was lost to Moscow in the days of Yeltsin. Then the Azeris remained loyal to the Soviet Union, while the Armenians allied themselves to Yeltsin’s democrats, and Moscow supported them. Russia’s efforts to improve relations with Baku and abandon unilateral support for Armenia were successful: Azerbaijan also turned from a pro-Western position to a more balanced one that recognizes Russia’s interests.


Putin wishes to limit the armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and not to allow Russian troops to be involved in the war, as well as keeping foreign troops out of Transcaucasia. Another task is to keep the oil and gas wealth of the Transcaucasia and Turkmenistan in the system of Russian oil pipelines. This calls for shrewd politics. A very useful text for understanding this aspect is the Wikileaks-released confidential dispatch of the US Ambassador in Baku 09BAKU109 (I published it here in Russian and English). It says that “Russia has stepped up diplomatic efforts to lure Azerbaijan away from its political, security, and energy links to the West. They note that this is part of a broader Russian effort to regain its position as the political and economic arbiter of affairs in the greater South Caucasus region. Recognizing the premium the Aliyev regime places on stability, Russia will likely continue attempts to show that the West is an unreliable partner, that westward orientation and democratization lead to chaos, and that the road to regime stability runs through Moscow.”

This was written in 2009, and since then Russia succeeded in making a friend of Azerbaijan. Now Putin is naturally unwilling to risk this achievement for the sake of Armenia which is rudely described by many Russians as “a suitcase without a handle – it is difficult to carry and a pity to throw away”. More of a liability than an asset, as many Americans view Israel, too.

Turkey is a very important partner for Russia, despite many disagreements and even minor confronations in Syria and Libya. Turkey holds the key to the warm seas by controlling the Bosphorus. The warmongers claim that Turkey wants to take over Transcaucasia and other Turkic-speaking states in Russia and in former USSR. This is impossible: Turkey is a successor state to Byzantium, and it never crossed its historical borders. Commonality of language is a good thing for cultural ties, but hardly enough for union in one state. Race and ethnicity is even less of a reason. Adolf Hitler, being a race romantic, believed that the racial unity of Germany and Britain would bring about their partnership, which explains the Dunkirk debacle; but reality slapped him in the face. The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine is another proof that race, ethnicity and language are of little importance in politics. Accordingly, there is no chance for Turkish expansion into former USSR Turkic-speaking territories.

However, Turkey wants to play a role in Transcaucasia, and it is a perfectly legitimate wish. Putin recognises that, and he is ready to accommodate it, as we learn from his phone conversation with Erdogan two days ago. Indeed the Minsk group co-chaired by Russia, the US and France in 1994 achieved precisely nothing, as all three chairs have powerful Armenian lobbies. Active involvment of Turkey is likely to take the peace process out of the bog where it is stuck, and bring about a modus vivendi between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This modus vivendi will allow Azeri refugees to return home, while preventing the expulsion of Armenians from Qarabagh. Azeris promised to guarantee the autonomy of Qarabagh, so it seems a possible win-win solution. As a Homer scholar (and a translator of Odyssey) I am certain that a compromise is better than an outright victory. The Greeks and Trojans had many options to end the war with a compromise, but they pushed for victory and all perished. Hopefully, the Azeris and the Armenians will take this advice to heart, and Russia will be able to remain sitting on its hands, at least until the US elections are over.

P.S. What happened with the Armenians in 2015? Armenians suffered during WWI because they fought against the Ottoman Empire – and lost. They sided with its enemy. They were promised almost the whole of Anatolia by the Allies, and Turks would have experienced the grim fate of Azeris but for the sword of Mustafa Kemal. Armenians made a good attempt to ethnically cleanse the Turks and the Kurds, but failed.[1]A good summing-up by an American historian: Speech given by Dr. Justin McCarthy at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, March 24, 2005. They were interned or deported by the Imperial government. Likewise, the Japanese were interned by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Germans were deported by Britain, the Palestinians were deported by Israel, the Turks were deported by Greece – and many perished.

Since then, the world has changed. The Ottoman Empire is gone; if Armenians want to return to Lake Van, they may be allowed to come back while fully recognising Turkish sovereignty. The Armenians are advised to take care of the present. Because of their obsession with the past, their republic is in dire straits. Whoever can emigrate does so. There are more Armenians in Moscow than in Yerevan. Playing into neocon hands won’t improve their situation. Instead of aggravating the situation and dreaming of redrawing maps, they should cool it and make peace with their Turkish, Azeri and Kurdish neighbours.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.


[1] A good summing-up by an American historian: Speech given by Dr. Justin McCarthy at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, March 24, 2005.

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  1. Cortes says:

    Thank you for this fascinating essay. It’s always good to have the chance to read analysis of current events containing such a wealth of historical information.

  2. “….this well-intentioned man”. Stopped right there for extended laughter:

    Trump has done nothing but suck Jewish dick, kiss black ass, and massage hispanics for 4 years….

    while shitting on the Whites who voted him in. If

    Trump wins, expect more of the same. If

    Biden/Kamala win, expect more of the same.

    • Agree: mark tapley, Realist
  3. Shamir calls the presidential election the most dramatic event of the year. The fake election for the presidential puppet actor is just a Zionist script in which both actors are playing their part. The agenda will go on same as before. Shabbos goy Trump has done nothing but push the Zionist agenda for Greater Israel. As Trump said “I am the greatest friend Israel ever had in the White House.” He abrogated the treaty with Iran and did Israel’s dirty work by murdering Soleimani and launching missiles into Syria. He has aggravated tensions with Russia and China and supported bigger gov. while trying to project a conservative image just like the criminal Bush clan did. The senile self proclaimed Zionist Biden is no different. Does anyone think that in a real legitimate election that these two scum bags would be presidential contenders. The presidency has been controlled since Wilson.

    Putin is probably taking then proper course by letting the Armenians and Azerbaijanis fight it out among themselves. One thing for sure, if Jewmerica saw an opportunity to promote the Kazar thugs of Israel they would be heavily involved just as state department official Jew Victoria Nuland was in the Ukraine. If the U.S. would stop giving the thugs of Israel 11 million per day and supplying the Israeli Foreign Legion (U.S. military) the Arabs would be able to take care of the rest.

    The slaughter and starvation of 1.5 million Armenians was instigated by the Rothschilds in order to remove the Armenians as a threat to their move to control the oil of the Black Sea region. They sent in Zionist communist Vladimir Jabotinsky as editor of the Young Turk Newspaper along with the formation of a political group in 1891 led by Jew Emmanuel Caruso. They began massacring the Armenians in 1895 and by 1908 they are able to take over the Government of Turkey. The Armenian Holocaust was engineered by the Jews in 1915. Jew Mustafa Kemal was funded by the Bolsheviks. The Armenians were never a threat to the Turks.

    As Shamir says “the world has changed.” It continues to change in response to the Zionist agenda that brought about the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the slaughter of the Armenians and the establishment of the Zionists bridgehead in Palestine.

  4. Steven80 says:

    All of that is correct – the Armenians are no saints. What they do, is they correctly calculate that their mutual interests to have a weak, divided Turkey close to them coincide with those of Russia, Greece, France, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, Cypruss and of course, Israel. In my opinion – armenians may well succeed in the long run.

    Demographics and economics are like gravity and no political talking can change them. Turkish women now have less than two kids average, and all the population growth in the former empire comes from their kurdish areas, arabian war migrants and economic migrants from the central asia. Most of those new people are not erdogan’s dream citizens – they vote for opposing parties, kurds languange and folklore is related to persia and most arabians are treated as second hand citizens and resent the turkish state. By the way, in the last elections the traditional kurds ironically sided with the “liberals” that advocate for gay rights etc., in order to oppose the ruling nationalists.

    The economic situation in turkey is no good at all – a friend of mine was on vacation in marmaris last month and told me the locals seem very worried and as unemployment is very high nearing 20% and their money have lost half of its value in the last three years. The turks have burned almost all of their currency reserves as erdogan is trying to suppress rising of interests and there is looming banking crisis. On top of that, the turkish army has now about 350tsd personnel on the ground – compare it with abour 580tsd just ten years ago, and all of this is result of demographics, erdogan purges and weak economy. This army was not doing well in syria and they have no good pilots now as erdogan sacked the competent airforce.

    So yes, turks make drones are are much stronger than armenia, but there is fast decline in their economy, poplulation quality, political support for expansion, army capabilities, and international support. Almost all the turks that have european passports have left the country this year. It will take time and continuous media campaigns boosting armenian victimhood, but it may play well in the long run. Sooner rather than later the turks will be in a weak position and some of the stronger powers around (Russia, Iran) will be happy to hammer them hard and carve part of their state as independent kurdistan or another armenian province. This will only happen if turks are kicked out of nato and they know it very well, so the key task for armenians is to boost the anti-turkey media campaign in the west. And they are doing it well. In the long run, the armenians may well succeed.

    • Replies: @sally
    , @Blade
  5. Biff says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Trump wins, expect more of the same. If

    Biden/Kamala win, expect more of the same.

    The puppets really don’t matter much in this race – the deep state controls both – this election is really a contest between the ‘deep state’ vs ‘Trump supports’

    It’s the (un-controllable)Trump supporters that the rulers worry about. Hence the war against the most likely Trump supporting demographic – white males.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, PetrOldSack, Cyrano
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Erebus
  6. Realist says:

    The puppets really don’t matter much in this race – the deep state controls both – this election is really a contest between the ‘deep state’ vs ‘Trump supports’

    Yes, your distinction is important. This election is really a contest between the ‘deep state’ vs ‘Trump supporters’…not between Trump and the Deep State. Trump is a minion of the Deep State.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  7. Realist says:
    @mark tapley

    Excellent points…all

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  8. Erebus says:

    – this election is really a contest between the ‘deep state’ vs ‘Trump supports’

    Ya know Biff, I’ve been thinking that the so-called election is the tip of an iceberg of an internecine battle between the Saban & Adelson camps within the Deep State.

    I’ll agree or disagree with myself better after I see how the Biden laptop scandal develops. The Chinese side of that scandal has the unmistakeable whiff of some serious Chinese underworld involvement, which in turn makes me wonder if/to what extent it was orchestrated by Adelson.

  9. It’s been said when General Douglas MacArthur was running for the presidency back in the US, Japanese who came to revere him put up a sign, “We play for MacArthur’s erection.” They got the ‘l’ and ‘r’ confused.
    In the US, the only politics in town is goyim playing for Jewish Supremacist erections. US politics is just Viagra for the Jewish Pud. Even when Donald Trump, much loathed by Jews, became president, all we got was more ‘Muh Israel’ and playing for Jewish hard-ons. It’s a Portnoic World.

    It’s beyond Jews as godhead. They are godpud as well. Jewish Power constitutes the god-mind of America. But mind without hysteria and violence can only go so far. So, Jews have groomed ‘woke’ whites as the furies and black thuggery & Antifa goonery as the fist. But there has to be some sweetness in the mix, and homos play the role of angel-fairies. How often have we seen BLM and globo-homo signs side by side?

    Now, given that the Jewish Mind directs ‘woke’ hysteria and black violence at the white community(and rest of middle America), why does it get away with such foulness? Shouldn’t most Americans be furious with the Jewish Mind, white self-loathing hysteria, and black thuggery? After all, if someone spews hatred and threatens/attacks you with violence, you would naturally hate that person and push back. But then, maybe not when the aggressive force comes with the aura of divinity.

    It’s like the stories in the Bible. God does lots of violence to humanity. He sends plagues, floods, fires, pestilence, and etc. And yet, the Biblical message is not to hate or oppose God but to get on your knees, apologize, beg forgiveness, and seek atonement/redemption before God. As the Bible says God is righteous and true while humans are sinful and bogus, it doesn’t matter what horrors God visits upon mankind. God has the right to judge and punish, and humanity deserves to get kicked in the butt. So, God could destroy your community. He could smash your property. He could wipe out your kinfolks. He could whup your ass. But He is right, and You are wrong and deserved all the misfortunes because of your systemic sinfulness. Pagans thought likewise. Aztec gods were fearsome and monstrous. Aztecs believed the gods often acted violently toward people. So, did the Aztecs hate the gods and curse them out? Did they unite to wage war on the gods? No, they groveled before the gods. Gods were super beings, and whatever their motives, they were greater than mankind and could sit in judgement and punish as they wished. Aztecs even offered human sacrifice to the gods.

    So, even though it’s generally true that people hate whatever force that does them harm, the dynamics plays out differently IF the people (1) believe that the fearsome power is divine or morally superior by some degrees and (2) believe that their own side is especially foul and disgusting. It is why Germans today feel hardly any hatred and rage toward the Allies that smashed their nation and killed millions. Germans, rightly or wrongly, believe that they were so awful, vile, disgusting, scummy, loathsome, and worst-ever that they deserved to be smashed/punished and were, if anything, saved by Allies from their own diseased German souls that led to Wagner and Hitler, even if the ‘saving’ entailed millions of deaths and raped womenfolk. So, if you were to point out that Allies firebombed Hamburg & Dresden and killed a lot of innocent people, the German response will be, more often than not, “Oh, we deserved it, so thank you, thank you very much for kicking our vile and sinful Germanic butts.”

    And a similar mentality explains why so many white people in US and EU are supportive of Jewish Power and BLM even after the alliance of Jewish Mind and Black Fist led to so many eruptions of violence that paralyzed entire areas of US and Europe(and parts of Canada as well). Given that Jewish Power called for mass hysteria all across the West and that blacks & self-loathing white Antifa took up the challenge by looting, pillaging, burning, and attacking ordinary people, one would think most people would be totally livid with anger toward Jews and blacks. But as they’ve been brainwashed and browbeaten by academia, news media, and entertainment(as well as ‘acceptable’ political discourse), their mentality is neo-biblical. They don’t see it as virulent Jews and violent blacks acting like scumbags and destroying peace & stability in the West. They see Jews and blacks as divine forces of historical justice and spiritual sanctity. Jews are the holy Holocaust people, and blacks are the MLK people who are also good at rapping and playing basketball. And in an age when ‘twerking’ is the most celebrated expression of ‘Western Values’, it’s an added bonus that blacks are very sexual with dongs and buns. Thus, Jewish Mind and the Black Fist are seen as divine. Therefore, their hatred and violence come with spiritual pedigree. It’s the violence of righteous judgement.
    In contrast, whites have internalized the notion that their race is especially guilty, foul, lowdown, disgusting, putrid, and irredeemably sinful, mainly because it committed wrongs against holy Jews and noble Negroes in the past. (After all, whites need not feel ‘white guilt’ about what they did to Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians. Indeed, Muslims matter ONLY AS a immigrant-minority that can be used by Jews against ‘white supremacist’ nativists in the West.) So, just like Biblical Jews only blamed themselves more when God hurled brimstone and hellfire at them, whites-as-sinners grovel even more when the Jewish Mind and Black Fist concoct another round of Kick-Whitey’s-Ass. Or to put it in the pagan context, when the Jewish Mind and Black Fist are angry and do violence, whites offer White Human Sacrifice in the form of more sucking up to Jews, more sucking up to blacks, more purging of whites, more promises of promotions for blacks, more support for Israel, and etc.

    It’s all satanic because when one group of people worships other groups as godly and divine, it is worship of man-as-god. Jews are not gods. Black feet don’t come with divine toes worthy of kissing. Homos are not angels, and true worship isn’t celebration of sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting.

    But that’s where we are in the Sicko West.

  10. This article is also available in French

    If you want to share it on the Facebook, you can use this link:

  11. Cyrano says:

    Trump is “deep state” only by his genetic origin. He believes that he is smarter than the “deep state” and refuses to be bossed around by them. Trump could be right in his belief that he is smarter than the deep state, but that’s not the quality that they are looking for, obedience is the quality that the deep state appreciates the most in a president. That’s why they want Joe Biden, because he doesn’t even have the mental capacity to be disobedient.

    • Replies: @Realist
  12. @Priss Factor

    So, if you were to point out that Allies firebombed Hamburg & Dresden and killed a lot of innocent people, the German response will be, more often than not, “Oh, we deserved it…”

    Bro’, they are so far gone now, the standard response wavers between “what are you tallking about?” and “..but, you know, it was wartime…” The Germans have been turned into self-loathing shadows of their forefathers. It is pitiful to observe.
    But then again, that has been The Plan against White man for a while now, chemical castration and intellectual rape of White children. Mostly Monsanto and Montessori… no wonder black people look down on them these days.

  13. Realist says:

    Trump is “deep state” only by his genetic origin. He believes that he is smarter than the “deep state” and refuses to be bossed around by them.

    Perhaps you can explain why Trump hires and surrounds himself with Deep State denizens such as Pompeo, Bolton, Wray, Mattis and many others?

    • Agree: Gleimhart Mantooso
    • Thanks: Biff
    • Replies: @Cyrano
    , @Curmudgeon
  14. Cyrano says:

    Those that you mentioned are not “deep state”. They are deep state civil servants, errand boys if you like. Trump is definitely not their errand boy, like most of the previous US presidents were.

    He’s not even on their payroll. Last I heard, he is donating his deep state salary, to show them that even though many question his business acumen, he is still capable of generating his own income, independent of the welfare payments from the government.

    In order to qualify as a genuine member of the deep state, you need to have deep pockets which are filled thanks to individual talent. Trump qualifies as a deeper because he doesn’t need their charity in order to finance his personal wealth like the other errand boys do.

    But to answer your question, why does Trump surround himself with showmen from the deeps – it’s because there is very limited talent pool outside of the deep state (not that there is any in it), and if Trump auditions for completely new talent that has never climbed the charts of the deep state, what little support he has, will be completely gone. Trump does need some support from deep state celebrities, even if some of them are past their prime. The only other option is dictatorship and Trump is not strong enough for that.

    • Replies: @Realist
  15. Realist says:

    Looks like you have it all figured out.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  16. Cyrano says:

    No, you do. In a country of 300 million people, they are trying to convince you (which doesn’t seem too hard) that the best candidates that they can come up with, are Trump and Biden. Marvelous, marvelous thing, that democracy is. Enjoy it. And keep spreading it around the world, the world is yearning for your fabulous democracy.

    • Replies: @Realist
  17. Realist says:

    I have never been a fan of democracy.

  18. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Shamir, once again you brought much needed clarity and reason to a murky geopolitical situation.

    The “Faux Jews” analysis is very interesting!

    As a side note, isn’t the post-Maidan disintegration of Ukraine along ethnic and linguistic lines proof that language and ethnicity are central to geopolitics? You appear to have reached the opposite conclusion. Would you please clarify this point or refer the readers to your relevant writing on this subject?

    Thank you for writing this very important article!

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  19. @Anonymous

    Indeed I consider geopolitics based on location, not on the people. The difference between East and West Ukrainians is not all that big, ethnically, genetically, linguistically, historically – but their territories had different affiliation for hundreds of years. Ukrainians that moved into Russia proper (mainly into Siberia) were assimilated in second generation. Russians who moved into Ukraine, were often assimilated into Ukrainian culture. So, yes, soil is above blood and tongue.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Ray Caruso
  20. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @israel shamir

    In the grand scheme of things, those are small differences indeed. Thanks for the reply!

    It would appear that assimilation of ethnic Russians into Ukraine was weaker in Donbass and Crimea for demographic reasons.

    Looking forward to your next article.

  21. TKK says:

    My admiration for Putin grows.

    Putting aside his financial capers and possible fascination with neurotoxins-

    He is the smartest man in the room.

  22. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    This is an anecdote from my visit to Armenia, part of a tour of that region. In Yeravan, I wanted to visit the famous Armenian “Chess House,” which is actually a compound occupying an entire city block. I must have really looked like a tourist, because one of the chess coaches (the coach of one of their national teams) immediately approached me and politely asked if he could help me. I explained that I was a tourist, and a chess player in the U.S, and I hoped to see the famous Chess House. He embraced the opportunity to help me, spending about 20 minutes giving my wife and me a personal tour. Meanwhile, schoolchildren were arriving with their chess workbooks to have a lesson. My guide explained that chess is a required subject in elementary school.

    As the U.S. unravels, I often think of the sensibility of the kind chess coach, and the children proudly toting their chess workbooks.

    • Thanks: GMC, Skeptikal
  23. GMC says:

    Well, great article and if I may add – Israel uses Georgian airspace to its Airbase in Azerbaijan and the pro American president of Armenia has the 2nd largest US/Israel/NWO Embassy in the world. With a nation of only 2.9 million people , that should raise a Huge Red Flag to the Kremlin. They should tell the Armenian Prez to let the Jews and the Americans fight the Azerbaijanis and Turks as Israel Shamir points out.

  24. johnwho says:

    Speaking of elections, we here in Canada just had a non-confidence vote here which the minority Liberal government won.
    It didn’t have to be a non-confidence vote but the Liberals made it one for the specific reason of making sure the leader of a commission into liberal malfeasance was a liberal. Sort of like Trump making sure a committee on government dishonesty in Washington was a tried and true Trump supporter.
    The stakes were high, vote against the liberal get out of jail free card and you will pay by having an election in Canada right in the middle of the covid virus catastrophe – meaning thousands more people here will die.
    The NDP (left leaning) party would not say who they were going to support, even right up to the actual vote the leader Jagmeet Singh would not say. He played the crisis to the last second for air time and to look like a hero and probably fooled a lot of people for votes in the next election. He didn’t fool all us; who watched him sneak in an extra 1400 largely Indian party members in the two days before the last NDP convention to make sure he stole the leadership of the only party which really supports public medicare and public education and public roads and so on.
    So both criminals won: Trudeau got control of the commission investigating Trudeau corruption and Singh got control of many hours of high media attention to make himself look like a hero when the next election rolls around.
    Our Canadian choice was to hope that the Canadian government didn’t vote to have an election in the middle of a pandemic and cost even more thousands of Canadian lives.
    Some choice.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Curmudgeon
    , @A.K.Patal
  25. padre says:

    Neither of them deserves such a big words!I can not imagine either of them saving America!

  26. It’s a pro Turkey harangue… the new Ottomans buy their weapons from the White cultures, be it Russian or American, then how is it that they are powerful? If the West knew that their demise lies in bickering with each other they would be able to do something about the inexorable downward spiral to destruction, outsiders notwithstanding.

    The problem of Armenia is that of the Israel in that, that both those peoples don’t know how to earn their keep by the sweat of their brows… one is dependent on Russia and the other on the U. S. And they are biting the hands that feed them!

    • Agree: Alternate History
    • Replies: @G J T
  27. Steven80 says:
    @mark tapley

    mark, there is a lot of evidence ataturk was related to the donmeh, a cwrypto-jewish organisation that was behind a lot of political maneuvering in the ottoman empire. it was centered in thessaloniki, where ataturk was born, and although he was most probably has slavic roots (pomak, to be exact, from the rhodope region, evident also by his appearance), there is a lot of evidence has has been playing with the sepharadics.
    the jews in thessaloniki (called spanish jews by the locals) were enormously powerful in the empire, and numerous – there were 40 thousand of them at a point of time in the town. If you are interested, have a look at The Burden of Silence: Sabbatai Sevi and the Evolution of the Ottoman-Turkish Dönmes

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  28. Shamir has written another historically illiterate essay. His disregard for the truth is obviously more than casual; it can only be deliberate. Turks, including Azeris, are no more “native” to the Caucasus and Anatolia than Arabs were native to Spain. Both groups of Moslems moved to their present locations during the Moslem invasions of Christian lands. Unlike Israelis, Armenians are indisputably native to their land. Armenia was the very first Christian state, and Armenians have always been right where they are now. I would bet that if pressed Shamir would also express regret that the Arab conquest of Spain was finally undone by Christian valor and his beloved Moslems expelled.

    Shamir’s sympathy for Moslems must be equated to a hidden antipathy toward Christians and, by extension, toward Whites. Moslems are true enemies of all traditionally Christian peoples. This enmity precedes the creation of the State of Israel by 13 centuries and has nothing to do with it. Nor is the enmity a thing of the past. They invade our lands. They slaughter our people with guns, bombs, knives, and semi trucks. They rape and torture our children. Anyone who considers Moslems or their sympathizers to be friends is a fool of the highest order.

    • Agree: Yevardian
  29. aaa678 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Interesting points.

    Aztecs let Cortez into their city because they believed he was a god. Shows how groveling before supposed gods can be extremely harmful

  30. @israel shamir

    If soil were above blood, then Afrikaners would be Zulus and “African Americans” would be something beyond the misplaced Congolese that they are. That idiotic contention is at the heart of the “conservative” theory of race, which is that in time non-Whites will become perfect Americans and start voting Republican. Soil is not only not above blood but it has no effect on blood. Bangladeshis in London will never be Britons. Somalis in Minnesota will never be lutefisk-eating, ice-fishing Americans.

    • Agree: TKK, Montefrío
  31. anon[386] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark tapley

    Turkey is a successor state to Byzantium

    Israel completely forgot about Ottomans.

    The Ottoman Empire is gone; if Armenians want to return to Lake Van, they may be allowed to come back while fully recognising Turkish sovereignty. The Armenians are advised to take care of the present. Because of their obsession with the past, their republic is in dire straits. Whoever can emigrate does so. There are more Armenians in Moscow than in Yerevan. Playing into neocon hands won’t improve their situation. Instead of aggravating the situation and dreaming of redrawing maps, they should cool it and make peace with their Turkish, Azeri and Kurdish neighbours.

    & That read like an official communique from some quarter. (Tel Aviv, Israel Shamir?)

    Did you notice, Mark, that Israel religiously avoided mentioning Israel’s very strong presence in Azerbaijan?

    The most interesting question for me is who is the target audiance of this sort of paid for content.

    The most vulnerable and exposed player here wasn’t even mentioned. Iran. But that wasn’t in Israel’s script, which matches most of the “alternative” pens and blogs for hire’s. No, what Israel doesn’t want to mention is that with Israel making an entrace in Persian Gulf and Israel supporting Azerbaijan and hoping to start an ethnic “balkan style” war, Iran is now looking at two difficult potential fronts.

    • Agree: Alternate History
  32. @Haxo Angmark

    Yup. It’s all just a dog and pony show .

    “The World Is a Business, Mr. Beale”

  33. @Priss Factor

    Great analogy of the current state of affairs for the “White man” and the world he/she lives in. The only saving grace is there are far more Whites who despise all you discuss in your look at the world we now inhabit than we think. The big question, as always, is what will we do about it. Thanks for the many great insights.

  34. utu says:

    “The most interesting question for me is who is the target audiance of this sort of paid for content.” – I do not have an answer but the question occurred to me before.
    Obviously I do not have a proof that Israel Shamir is some kind of agent of influence but his activism is very curious and make you wonder who benefits by his activism. Look at his advocacy of Palestinian causes. If you were a Palestinian would you like that a prominent advocate of your cause turned out to be (1) Stalin apologists and denier of communist crimes (2) deniers of Pol Pot crimes, (3) anti-semite? Would it occur to you that the PR of your cause is actually more harmed than helped by a person like this? Would you consider a possibility that behind Shamir’s placing himself on the side of the Palestinian’s cause is something more than just a strange mish-mash of idiosyncratic and iconoclastic and abhorrent views and his alleged love of just causes? Furthermore, what do we know about him? Norman Finkelstein said that Shamir “has invented his entire personal history. Nothing he says about himself is true”. Shamir is a very unique person. His emigration form the USSR must have been very unique itself. In the decade 1960-1970 only 4000 people were allowed to emigrate from the USSR. In 1969 3,033 people got exit visas to Israel. One of them was 22 years old Shamir.

    • Replies: @anon
  35. sally says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    What happened with the Armenians in 2015? Armenians suffered during WWI because they fought against the Ottoman Empire – and lost. They sided with its enemy. They were promised almost the whole of Anatolia by the Allies, and Turks would have experienced the grim fate of Azeris but for the sword of Mustafa Kemal. Armenians made a good attempt to ethnically cleanse the Turks and the Kurds, but failed.[1]

    What is not said is the Turks starved to death millions f Armenians trying to appease the Allied forces. It was summer time in the hot valley.

    I agree with the comment of Biff, whichever outcome USA conducted elections produce, Americans are always the loser <in charge globalist use the USA to control and exploit America. It The Declaration of Independence says: "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, ..and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed.

    Then it explains why and when the governed are justified in saying:
    ..But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such.." <= The American Revolutionaries blamed the government for the plight of the British Colonist, but revolutionaries of today might blame the 5 members of the 7 layers of political control<=these people are not state actors, instead they are private actors and players many are controlled from foreign places.. Among them
    private__Layer 1: Global Oligarchs, control entire nation state franchise system.
    private__Layer 2: Local Oligarchs, own+control local "named" nation state franchise..
    public___Layer 3: Functional Government structured in accord with founding documents.
    private__Layer 4: Two party system:function to <=TO CONTROL THE MASSES
    private__Layer 5: the Electoral College: function to <=CONTROL ACCESS TO PRESIDENCY.
    public___Layer 6: the 340,000,000 who constitute the governed masses.
    private__Layer 7: 92% privately owned, main stream media.


    the USA and the public it governs are the only public parts of the "private parties who use the USA to control of the masses for the benefit of the private non state actor parties. basically this is the same situation the American colonist found themselves in in 1776, the X Indies companies, the ship and barge owners, and the cotton and tobacco fields were all owned locally, but controlled and regulated from London, Hence nearly all profits were removed from America to British benefit.

    The Presidential election is fake its designed to falsely imitate a democratic process. (Since no American can vote for the POTUS, the election is but a sham). So what is its purpose. The purpose is to provide billions in campaign funds to the 6 owners of the private media (remember the USA provides a tax subsidy to every person that pay the media 6 <=advertising is tax deductible. Because advertising in media (TV, Internet, Magazines, Newsprint, and the like is tax deductible; these tax deductible advertising expenditures are revenue to the 6 media owners <=allows to continue 24/7 propaganda and to develop better surveillance methods during the space between this election and the next elections)

    information environment <=Because audiences are connected by these devices, to content programming, the origination:destination system <=constitutes an origination controlled, information environment.

    _8% of the global mainstream media MSM is owned <=by several thousand private persons and
    92% of the global mainstream media MSM is owned <=by 6 private persons,
    _8% of the wealth in USgoverned America is owned <= by fewer than 100 persons.
    92% of the wealth in USgoverned America is owned <=by the 340,000,000 other Americans

    • Replies: @A.R.
  36. sally says:

    I would take the Christian Armenians over the Muslin Turks any day .. and twice on Sunday..

    something about this war is not yet making sense..

    • Agree: Alternate History
  37. @Ray Caruso

    Spoken as the true enemy of all mankind. Satan could not have put it better.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  38. Anon[203] • Disclaimer says:

    Thousands more people would not die if you had an election right now you nitwit.

    It still astounds me that after all this, after all the lies and grift and powergrabs there are still people afraid of the coof. You are a canadian, aren’t you.

    Remember, if this “pandemic” happened in 2014 you wouldn’t have noticed.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  39. Anon[203] • Disclaimer says:

    This is an interesting article. It’s a jew trying to convince a largely christain readerbase to support muslims against christains in a conflict that would be difficult to imagine having less to do with the home countries of probably 99 percent of the userbase.

    • Agree: Alternate History
  40. G J T says:
    @God's Fool

    Maybe at one point, several decades ago, you could consider what Israel has done and is doing, to be “biting the hand that feeds it.” But at this point Israel and the US are essentially one government. None of our politicians act in a way contrary to Jewish and Israeli interests, and in fact specifically serve those interests above anything still resembling American interests. Not only that, but our tech and financial sectors are now totally under Jewish-Israeli control. The Israelis control everything, all the way down to our local emergency response infrastructure. If the Jews wanted to take down America for good, they could do it overnight; it is not the other way around.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
  41. A.R. says:

    You say millions of armenians were starved to death? How many armenians existed before World War 1? 100 million? Maybe 200 million?

  42. anon[127] • Disclaimer says:

    That comment was general in nature. I mean all of them, the whole spectrum, the entire space, and not one specific source nor one specific narrative.

    Three possibilities: (1) these are genuine busy bodies who are ultimately generating content and we are idle hands consumers wasting our lives while pretending to be “engaged in important discussions”. (2) Various alternative (c.f. QAnon) are constantly inserted and when necessary the MSM branch of propanda department picks up these ‘second unit’ productions. (3) The other possibility is demoralizing middle tier of targetted nations. Soldiers, colonels, and what not reading crap online and getting confused and misaligned with the upper echelon.

    For example, I just re-read Miles Mathis on Ickes’ history, and how he was very much a member of the establishment press until (he alledges a change of assignment in) 1990. So here, Ickes, is a useful asset, mixing nonsense with actual insights, and MSM can drag out at opportune moments to undermine growing support for say resistance to the Covid-19 being used to create permanent dystopian societies (which is exactly what was done by BBC).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. @Realist

    Perhaps you can explain why Trump hires and surrounds himself with Deep State denizens such as Pompeo, Bolton, Wray, Mattis and many others?

    An optimist (and I’m not one) would suggest that these people were given enough rope to hang themselves. Who among them has any credibility left? If re-elected, “You’re fired” Trump has burned through a pile of these types, so they won’t be considered for appointment. There may actually be method to his madness, but I’m not holding my breath.

  44. @johnwho

    The NDP isn’t a “left leaning party”. It, like Blair’s “New Labour” ditched its traditional support decades ago to cash in on die-versity and racial politics. It is a globalist front that changes direction with the wind.

    As for people dying, check your statistics to see how many “excess” deaths – that being more deaths than seasonal flu – there have been since this fiasco began. The story keeps changing because the facts don’t fit the narrative.

  45. Blade says:

    You should not talk too much about things you don’t know. Economic woes are caused by Turkey becoming too independent, and doing things in its interest but not in Western interests because somehow some NATO countries managed to ally themselves with terrorists. That is not a sign of weakness for Turkey. There are certain sanctions and also COVID going on. Otherwise, Turkey is able to produce most of what it needs. Historically Russia is our enemy, yet NATO allies & Arabs have done more to undermine Turkey’s stability than Russians. Including a coup attempt, an attempt to start a civil war through PKK, supporting a terror state in North Syria with much help from brain dead FM of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu… As for army, you think youth Turkish population gone down 1/3 in 10 years? Turkey has the youngest population in Europe. It is a deliberate policy to make army professional, smaller and more effective, so the service time is reduced and also it is possible to waive service by paying. It is better than drafting every schmuck who has no business holding a gun. WW2 is long gone, warfare has changed.

    Turkish army wasn’t doing well in Syria? In a limited operation without real force (other than drones) Syrian army got decimated. It would take Turkish army less than a week to reach Damascus. We don’t because you remember how much your media and governments cried when Turkey just invaded some of Syria.

    On the topic of birth rates, Kurds have a slightly higher birth rate because they are less urban, but unlike your anti Turkic sources claims it is not like Turks are having 1 kids and Kurds 5. Ratio is more like 2/3.2, and will reach equilibrium as Kurds are also fast urbanizing and getting more education. This is a good thing, Turkey should not have more 100M population. You are also wrong that Kurds vote for gay parties, their vote is pretty much split in half like the rest of Turkey. Regarding Arabs, I agree. However, no one invited them and no one gave them refuge in Turkey as its against our laws and agreements. So you should either support Turkey in Syria or shut up and let Syrians in. We are not your gatekeepers.

    Sooner rather than later the turks will be in a weak position and some of the stronger powers around (Russia, Iran) will be happy to hammer them hard and carve part of their state as independent kurdistan or another armenian province.

    The weakest Turks have ever been in their history was 100 years ago. Even then you and your friends have failed. Incidentally it was Russia that provided arms during the Turkish conclusion to WW1. Unlike your dreams neither Russia nor Iran would want Turkey split because it would mean two weak and dependent NATO satellites than one strong independent country. Turkey will grow stronger. You should be more worried about your browning countries, collapsing demographics, and degenerate culture.

    • Replies: @Steven80
  46. @ploni almoni

    Spoken like an idiot who can’t come up with a real argument.

  47. @Ray Caruso

    “Amalek must be destroyed.”

  48. Von Rho says:

    I heard from a Brazilian born Armenian engineer that Armenian mathematicists were who made possible the Soviet space conquests . Well, at least Mikoyan was Armenian. Could some one clarify us if is this true?

  49. @Realist

    Thanks for the compliment. I forgot to respond to Shamir on the Supreme Court nominee. Recently Zionist Jew Ginsburg finally died. She promoted homosexual perversion all the time. Both the New Testament and the Old (Law of Moses) are clear, calling this an abomination. There were 3 Jews on the court and one Gentile that always voted with them. Jews are less than 2% of the population but they comprised a third of the court.

    I am not an expert on legal issues but homosexuality as well as the abortion or religious issues or segregation are not even within the federal jurisdiction. Or wouldn’t be except for the unconstitutional 14th amendment. These are all violations of the 10th amendment. Notice that all three branches of our Zionist government work together to subvert the constitution and suppress our liberties. I know nothing about the present nominee but you can be sure she is a member of the Zionist clique and has been for a long time or she would have never been picked. They are not going to make the mistake of putting up another Bork again.

    • Replies: @Realist
  50. Dr. Justin McCarthy is, unfortunately, a poor choice to quote by Israel Shamir. He is an unabashed Turko phile, Holding the opnly honorary doctorate fro Bogazici University in Istanbul and three awards, all from Turkish government sources:

    Şükrü Elekdağ Award of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations
    Chairman’s Education Award of the Turkish American Friendship Council
    Order of Merit of Turkey (1998)

    These bona fides do not make for an unbiased interpreter of Turkish complicity in the first genocide of the 20 th century. Many historians disavow Dr. McCarthy’s interpretations, including those hIsraeli historians who one might assume have interest in downplaying the Turkish genocide of Armenians in order for the Jewish Holocaust not to be eclipsed:

    Auron, Yair. The Banality of Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide. New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 2003, p. 248.

    Charny, Israel W. Encyclopedia of Genocide, Vol. 2. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 1999, p. 163.

    • Replies: @Blade
    , @ivan
    , @Meena
  51. @mark tapley

    Well said, Sir. This is another light and shadow show by proxies while the major players jockey for position. Unfortunately people are dying and economies are being ruined, while megalomaniacs strut and bellow.

    • Thanks: mark tapley
  52. Blade says:
    @Alternate History

    I haven’t seen anyone refute Dr. McCarthy’s writings or statistics (he is an expert in population statistics). Instead all you can do is character assassinations, or openly threatening anyone who disagree with genocide claims. How about Bernard Lewis? Stanford Shaw? Heath Lowry? These are just some top experts in late Ottoman / NE history who openly “deny” genocide. So, what exactly is wrong with Dr. McCarthy’s claims? Any proof or evidence?

  53. A.K.Patal says:

    You disparage Mr. Trudeau the liberal leader and Mr. Singh the NDP leader. And apparently, you support Erin O’toole the conservative leader. And who is Erin O’toole? He is one of the worst politicians in Canada whose biggest ‘asset’ is being Netanyahu’s ass kisser! He is on the record for taking his picture with the Israeli flag and saying, “I am with Israel yesterday, today and always!”

    Well, compared with O’toole, Messrs. Trudeau and Singh are not bad at all.

  54. @anon

    The most interesting question for me is who is the target audience of this sort of paid for content.
    Hard to answer indeed, unlike figuring out who paid for this masterpiece.

  55. ivan says:
    @Alternate History

    The Zionists and their supporters in the West have only one question : Does it help the Zionist project. Since Turkey was for a long time a passive supporter of Israel, the Zionists and such humanitarians as the ADL for years prevented the acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide in general discourse. Such whoredom is typical of the Zionists and worse still the special brand of nuts endemic in the US known as the Christian Zionists, the sufferings of others have significance only in so far as it aids the cause of Holy Zion. All others be damned. Which is of course not to say that Jews as such are indifferent to the sufferings of the Armenians. The first time I came across this story was in :

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  56. Steven80 says:

    Blade, Turkey shot itself in the foot economically. Blaming the west will not change that Erdogan appointed mr. Nobody as head of the central bank and forced him to lower interest in times when investors were dumping the lira. I work in finance and I can asure you, there are very bad signs for anyone willing to invest now – huge external debt, dependant central bank, expensive energy, low reserves, and now with the tricks forbidding short trades, Turkey will just get smashed – not because western investors follow political orders, but because turkish politicians make economic mistakes. By the way, you probably think volkswagen cancelled their factory because of political pressure…
    About population – I dont deny it is young, I said it is harder to rule, because it is less turkish. As you noticed, multiculturalism dosn’t work well in the west – why you think it will work better in turkey? do you think kurds will forget that the turkish army still destroys villages and towns (Cizre comes to my mind) or arabs that still want to get iskenderun back?
    Of course nato will try to undermine a loose cannon. But you should be grateful, otherwise what is protecting you from russian nukes? what about if tomorrow putin decides he doesn’t need istanbul at the straits? Do you think it will never happen- think again. The price you pay for having the west behind your backs is the very existence of turkey. Right now only israel/usa hostility to Iran prevents those conutries and russia from fully supporting free kurdistan. Do you really think turkey can stop weapon transfers in the mountains if other powers want it? do you think turkey can survive naval blockade and severed land links to the EU? You live in an illusion.
    The turkish army was repeatedly beaten by not only tiger forces, but by regular troops. I don’t know where you get your information from- you can easily see in twitter what are syrians dong to the turkish outposts, and how inexperienced are the boys serving in the turkish army. don’t forget there’s been a civil war in syria and their commanders and army men are all battle hardened. I really, really doubt damacsus could be taken by the current turkish army, even if there was political will for this. Bt don’t take my words for granted- read this from a senior military analyst and former president advisor:
    And lastly, every country wants its rivals to be weak satellites – this is the sole purpose couutries like Austria, Belgium, Macedonia, Taiwan etc. exist. Why would anyone strong wish for a strong neighbour? So it would be harder to negotiate, harder to fight, harder to pressure? Of course both Russia and Iran want weak Turkey. Of couse Bulgaria and Greece want weak Turkey. Don’t be fooled that Turkey will be in this position forever – now your country has more enemies than in WW1, and only nato is saving you from dissolution. If it wasn’t so, erdogan would have quit when they tried to kill him in 2015. But he knows he has no choice.

    • Replies: @Blade
  57. Alvin says:

    Thank you for clearing up the fake Armenian genocide. There are three things in common with the so-called Jewish and Armenian genocides:

    1. It never happened.

    2. The groups claiming genocide/victimhood status are asshole people.

    3. They are themselves capable of committing genocide on others.

  58. As this article was published, President Putin spoke at Valdai Club on the topic. He stressed that Russia is equally close to Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russia wants the conflict to end, Armenia can’t keep Azerbaijani territories forever, Russia does not intend to quarrel with Turkey as Turkey is an important and reliable partner. This talk of Putin confirms what I wrote and puts an end (of sorts) to attempts to ignite war between Russia and Turkey. This is very timely intervention.

  59. Realist says:
    @mark tapley

    Notice that all three branches of our Zionist government work together to subvert the constitution and suppress our liberties.

    Yes, I noticed that a number of years ago. The Deep State has a stranglehold on our country and until the White people in this country do something about it…it will continue. This country will not be as intended through the electoral process…the Deep State will not go quietly.

    • Agree: mark tapley
  60. @G J T

    You’re right about the Elders of Zion to be able to shut down the U. S. tomorrow if it suited them but doing so prematurely (as another outpost, somewhere in the East is not ready yet to migrate to) would bring it down on them as well…

  61. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    What part of McArthur ( Jews) did the Japanese (White) get wrong of? Was the Book of Revelation hiding the deeper dangerous much sinister apocalyptic future from the white sheep ?
    Did Scofield serve himself or the Jews or both by finding the space already in existence in the hubris of the western claims of false magnanimity , responsibility , exclusivity , entitlement , right to avenge and righteousness ? Did Cheney and Bush serve themselves or the Jews or both using the same space created anew after 911? Did even they ( Scofield , Bush Cheney ) even notice the creation by the Jews ? Scofield was running away from civilization He was brought back but for a price
    Bush could have been run out of the town had he resisted the lassoing after 911. If Trump could be kept occupied with false charges and threatened constantly with impeachment , Bush could easily have been impeached over failures surrounding 911. Cheney Bush saved their asses by singing hosanna to Sharon Wolfowitz and Kristol
    .American mind allowed the coronation of Bush again not out of a decision to look into its past and correct the direction but out of self – worship that prevents it from dropping those claims of false magnanimity , responsibility , exclusivity , entitlement , right to avenge and righteousness . Scofirld roamed spiritual domain
    Bush Cheney the earthly world .
    Accepting nuances , allegories , explanatory power of myths would have helped USA to ignore a charlatan like Scofield . Accepting humility , understanding other’s grievances , learning history not taught by the makers of the histories , exploring the contradictions , and inconsistencies would have helped America avoid the decisions that 911 provided and neoconservative imposed abusing the haze and the fog of those self – anointed moral attributes that American claim exclusively ( variant of Kipling ‘s burden
    For every Kipling , you get few neoconservatives who will flatter and abuse Kipling’s extended family ) without any doubt .
    Destruction is hidden inside the seed .

    Thinking of white as an unified body is new
    Who were those who were fighting in 400 BC or in 1 AD or in 400 AD or in 1600-1890 AD in the landmass of Europe and taking the European fight to the ocean and to the distant shores ? When did this land mass become Home of White ?
    Post ipso facto . Jewish destruction of white was already wrought by the white .
    It was in the seed .


    Was the attempt of the Britain to remake Middle East in the image of the Jews supported by religious ultra national white fault of white ? Yes it was . Why couldn’t they see ? Because seeing would have thrown the moral balance off .
    How could they lose ? They lost because ultimately their assumptions , pretensions, illegality and immorality were transcended and overpowered by the pretensions , illegality and immorality of the Jews. English promised the Arab if freedom . Jews promised the white of safeguarding the colonial interests
    Europe had its own long 911 but the actors were all white .
    After the 911 of the 21 st century , Jews saw opportunities They directed the anger fear and passion to the dark abyss of no return .
    They also created all the ingredients for 911 of 20 th and 21 st century . They could because Balfour and McDonald and Lloyd and Churchill could roam the landscape soaking their fake lying hubris with piety and democratic ideals just like Bush sr, Margaret , Clinton ,entire US Congress and media would after 1990.

    Look into the mirror . Don’t break it . Fix yourself .

    Aztec god allowed violence , rapes , human sacrifice and burning of babies . But without Aztec god , they possibly would be doing it every moment and to their own parents children friends and siblings and acquaintances . God just made it more ceremonial , localized , and kept it contained .

    Our western fear of God functioned similarly .

    God became dictator . No troika or politburo. Violence was pushed behind as violence was arrogated by state that professes sane god . It still left enough space for humanity to move along without getting caught in any street fights and getting stalked by daily numerous constant violences of different kinds which are the results one sees in the moral and political vacuum

    Riot breaks out so easily after a devastating earth quake, tornado , court verdict , corona shutdown and after defeat of leaders . These are the reminders that mankind can’t operate without an oppressing and controlling force .

    Fear of Jewish power is not maintained by New Testament . It is by corruption , by filthy dishonest Bible Belt and by politicians who respectively use the Bible selectively to justify and democratic ideals plus national interests to justify

    Common white guys may not be as corrupt and self serving as these religious and political leaders are but they love the false glitter and ornaments , they love the false claims , they entertain the false superiority, they condone , they ignore , they pretend .

    They have to pay before those religious and political leaders do , That’s the way system works .

    People believe in messianic religion but lose the principle – don’t force
    It applies to secular affairs .
    Someone will come out of woodshed and abuse you .

    About the degradation of cities in the west , at least London ‘s owes it to white immigration from Eastern Europe .

    • Thanks: Ivan
  62. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s important to keep in mind that Miles Mathis is too insane to be a mental patient. People who rely on him can safely be ignored.

    • LOL: Ivan
  63. Blade says:

    One look at your source, and all I can see is that his source of information is UAE media: almasdarnews, al-monitor etc. In case you didn’t realize UAE is just waging a propaganda war against Turkey, who by the way failed hard against Turkey first in Qatar, then Somali, then Libya, and soon Yemen despite outspending Turkey by billions.

    Basically everything you write is yapping about things you have no clue about. I don’t understand Western confidence when it comes to passing opinions about things they don’t know. I have never seen a Turk talk about Arabs in France or Natives in the US yet I keep seeing these Turkey experts who probably could not point Turkey on a map trying to lecture us about our country. It would be funny if it wasn’t pathetic. You just need to understand one thing, Turks have been around for thousands of years. We destroyed many empires, including Rome. NATO was surely not around then. Don’t worry about Istanbul getting nuked (you sound pretty insane actually when you say that). I will answer to only one thing since pretty much everything you wrote is wrong, but I am not a lecturer for every ignorant on internet.

    multiculturalism dosn’t work well in the west – why you think it will work better in turkey?

    Turkey is not multicultural because of Kurds. This is yet again ignorance, but I keep seeing this so will briefly respond. Kurds are not another culture, they are an another ethnicity. Their culture is mostly identical to that of Turks. In your lalaland I don’t know what you people imagine when you think of Kurds or Turks, but in real world most Kurds are pretty much integrated, live no different than other Turkish citizens and don’t want foreign backed terrorism ruining their lives. If Syrian Arabs were to stay then you could speak of multiculturalism, that’s why I want them out. Even that however, is not like bringing 10 million Hindu or Chinese or African into our country since North Syrians contain a lot of Turkmens and assimilated Turks. Syria itself was part of Ottoman Empire just a century ago.

  64. @anon

    The foremost journalist of ww2 Douglas Reed said long ago that the Zionists plan was to destroy all the nations and replace them with a global totalitarian system. The Yinnon Plan for Greater Israel conducted by the Israeli Foreign Legion (U.S. military) leaves only two opposing States in the Arab region, Syria and Iran. I had not thought of what you mention but there is no doubt that the process of balkanization used against the Arabs and in the Balkan area during the Clinton administration will be employed to further weaken and fracture all opposition to the Zionist agenda. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

  65. @ivan

    The Zionists hav always tried to bury the Armenian genocide issue. First because it leads back to the Anglo Zionists in Britain and the Zionist Jews program to overthrow the Ottoman Empire by infiltrating the govt. with crypto Jews led by Caruso and Jabotinsky while the Anglo Zionist Prime Minister Balfour agreed to establish a bridgehead (homeland) for the Kazars. All of this aligned with the plunder of Russia and the Rothschilds drive to control Black Sea oil. Crypto Jew Kimmal with Bolshevik financing aided the Rothschilds by taking the port of Batu and then ceding it to the Bolsheviks.

    The financially and intellectually prominent Armenian Christians were an obstacle to the Rothschild’s plans so they were eliminated starting in 1909 and by 1915 had murdered ap. 1.5 million. In 1922 the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna was destroyed by the Kemmalists to eliminate 100,000 Greek and Armenian Christians:


    — “Shortly after the revolution in July 1908, it soon became known
    that many of the Young Turks’ leading members were Freemasons. It was
    noticed that Jews of all colours, native and foreign, were enthusiastic
    supporters of the new dispensation, till, as many Turks expressed
    it, every Hebrew became a potential spy of the Young Turks. Turks
    began to remark that the movement was rather a Jewish than a Turkish
    Revolution.” —

    The so called Christian Zionists are just useful idiots for the Zionist cause that pour money and votes in for the Kazar Thugs. Not being able to read the scriptures for themselves they instead follow the asinine “notes” of the convicted embezzler and Harold Untermeyer shill Cyrus Scofield.

    The second reason for deflecting the Armenian Holocaust is that the Zionists don’t want anyone to focus on a real holocaust including the Jew’s murder and starvation of millions of Ukrainians and 30 million Russians. They want us to only focus on the fake holocaust of the Kazar hucksters. With the phony little Ann Frank garbage thrown in.

    • Replies: @AB_Anonymous
    , @ivan
  66. JDR says:

    Arliza Aliyev, grandfather of Ilham Aliyev, was born in Tanahat Armenia in 1884, a time when Azerbaijan didn’t exist.

  67. Meena says:
    @Alternate History

    Again blaming Turkey for the assault on Armenian is like blaming Syria for heavy handed attacks on the moderate protesters , who poured in the streets, and later on hardcore separatists .
    Ottoman suffered for decades from the collective aggressive policies of the banking , diplomats, and the military of France Russia Britain and later America . It was weakened from within . This was abused by Armenian and by Greek citizen of Ottoman , Like jihadist and like certain opposition group of Venezuela, they conspired with foreign forces to break the core of the empire apart .

  68. ivan says:
    @mark tapley

    Crazy man, Christopher Jon Bjerknes had collected much material on the Armenian Genocide, and the Zionist role in it in :

    The book as such is a massive compendium of newspaper cuttings and old opinions that are no longer bruited about in our time.

    Truly the “Controversy of Zion” as Douglas Reed put it, has cost certain populations dearly.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  69. @ivan

    I have not read Bjerknes book on the Armenians yet or on the plagiarist Einstein, only listened to an interview. I think Reed’s book is still one of the best on the Zionist syndicate. Written in the 50’s it was not published until after his death in the 70’s. I guess he wanted to go on living a while longer. It would no doubt be hard to get it published today. Or even it was it would not get any publicity and very little circulation since the Zionists control most book publishing in Jewmerica. You can buy anything on Amazon except the revisionist (truth) history about the Jews.

  70. @Steven80

    Ataturk was a Sephardic Jew from Spain . As you indicated these were Zionist Jews that were part of the syndicate’s plan laid out at the First Zionist Convention in 1897. Herzel’s proposed (homeland) in Uganda to be donated by their British lackies was torn from the podium and the move to establish the bridgehead in Palestine (and murder and displace the native inhabitants) was formalized. This plan naturally called for the overthrow of the moribund Ottoman Empire that was already in the works and the plunder of Russia so as to keep them and Germany from making alliances that would create a vast territory that the sea powers of Jewmerica, Britain and France could not defeat. This plan commenced with WW1 and laid the foundation for everything the Zionists have done since.

    The Armenians were an impediment to the Rothschilds plan to gain control of the Black Sea Oil fields and were natural enemies of the Jews so in 1909 the ethnic cleansing began and culminated in the destruction of the beautiful city of Smyrna in 1922 to get rid of Christian Greeks and Armenians.

    Over 12,000 Jews were welcomed to Crypto Jew controlled Turkey when Hitler came to power in 1933. The Jews are the worst perpetrators of racial crimes in all of history. The Zionists Jews are the originators of communism (Judaism) that is responsible for the murder and starvation of over a hundred million people world wide. Abe Foxman, Jew head of the ADL ignores this but only wants to focus on the fake holohoax and the other Zionist fables such as the little Ann Kike Frank crap. Thanks for the comments.

  71. Question for Shamir: when will the prophecy be fulfilled? When will Russia liberate Constantinople??? There are certain Holy Elders of the Orthodox Church who prophesied that, when the Tsar returns, a great war will ensue and Constantinople will be liberated …

    p.s. “Genocide” is a relative term. One must look at the results. Anatolia was 20% Christian before WWI. Now it is 0.2% Christian. Stalin gave Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan against the will of the local Armenian majority. Compare this to the Balkans. The Balkan Muslims like to adopt victim status in Bosnia and Kosovo and complain of “genocide” at the hands of Serbs and others. But despite the “genocide” in Bosnia, Muslims are 50% of Bosnia, 20% of Montenegro, 3% of Serbia, 60% of Albania, probably up to 5% in Greece, 30% in Macedonia, 8% in Bulgaria, 95% in Kosovo

    Now remember, Israel, these were lands that the native Christian Slavs and Greeks liberated at great cost, centuries of passive and active resistance.

    So when we consider the word “GENOCIDE,” think of the results. If the Yugoslavs and Bulgarians and Greeks had adopted the brutal and unscrupulous tactics of the Turks, there would be no Muslims in the Balkans today. Yet, they equal rights, the Mufti of Sandzak is a regular guest on Serbian television. This doesn’t exist in Turkey. The Greeks and Armenians in Istanbul are second class citizens. The Greeks in Istanbul cannot even re-open the Halki seminary on the Princes’ Islands. The Suriani Christians in Mardin and Midyat live in fear of their lives from Islamist Kurds. 90% have left for Sweden.

    So yes, when considering “GENOCIDE,” one must ponder the results. The complete eradication of all Christian communities in Turkey, whether Greek, Suriani, Armenian, versus the persistent presence of strong Muslim minorities in places like Thrace or Montenegro, which suffered centuries of brutal Ottoman occupation.

    One must take into account that modern Armenia is a tiny remnant of Armenian life in a large area where Armenians lives for centuries among non-Armenians before they were deported, massacred, etc.

    A bit of Christian idealism is necessary. The Turks are supreme cynics. They say one thing and do the other. Turkey is the most jingoistic intolerant country I ever saw in my life. They do everything to humiliate even the tiny Christian minority left in their territory. One must see Armenia’s position on Karabakh in this light.

    Putin is a businessman, not a man of ideals. But I hope for the advent of the God-annointed Tsar, who with the aid of the prayers of the Orthodox saints, will finally fulfill the prophecies and restore Constantinople to her former glory. Metaphysics will replace the petty calculus of materialist physics. In the Serbian Uprisings of the early 19th century, the Serbs rose with their knives and pitchforks and pushed the Turks out, razed all the mosques. If they hadn’t been so brutal to the pitiless and cruel Turks, the Serbs would still be second-class citizens in their own country, much like the thousand or so Greeks who live in Constantinople today.

    I hope Mister Shamir might consider this alternate “Orthodox monarchist” position, with all due respect to his pragmatic approach. But it irks me, this double standard, especially true in Middle Eastern historiography, which always tries to portray the Ottoman Empire as a beacon of tolerance, etc., whilst minimizing the terrible crimes perpetrated against the Christian populations of the Balkans and Anatolia. One cannot build a kingdom without God’s blessing. The Orthodox Oikumene of the Second Rome, Constantinople, had the blessing of God, whereas the Ottoman Empire arose through the conspiracy of Satan, as Saint Gregory Palamas the Hesychast reminds us in his debates with the Turks. But only when Christians return to their faith in a true spirit of repentance will God grant them victories. Otherwise, we should see the prevalence of Islam as the saints of former times saw it, punishment for our sins.

    Again, I repeat to Israel, “genocide” must be judged by its results. There are tons of monuments to Jewish victims in Eastern Europe. The Jews have privileged status in these countries. Muslims account for up to 15% to 20% of the population of the Balkans and have all their rights. Christians in Turkey live in constant fear of harassment by the Turkish authorities. They are nowhere in public life. That’s the difference.

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