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Banned by Facebook for Telling the Truth
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Harvard scientists insisted last year we had been visited by guests from a galaxy far, far away. Well, almost. The suspected spacecraft Oumuamua first drew close to the earth, but then it accelerated, sped by our planet and disappeared somewhere into Deep Space. What went wrong? Why did the little green men of Vega, the brightest star in the Lyra constellation, gave up what was presumably their original plan to visit us Earthlings? Could it be they read our internet communications, watched our TV shows, checked our newspapers and chose to postpone the actual encounter until a better times?

One can understand them. We have really made a mess of our communications. We humans need to discuss things in order to make correct decisions, and the field for discussion shrinks rapidly. At first, we lost the media.

Once, the newspapers competed, leaders had differing views, the pundits argued, the parties called for various actions. They vied for our pennies and votes and tried to convince us. Not any more. Now they know better what’s good for us. They do not care about circulation, they do not have to sell newspapers, for the advertisements are paid for by the rich, anyway. Once, minorities had been excluded from discussion; now, it is majority that is banned.

There is not a single newspaper in the US that supports the views of the US President. Nobody defended him when he was accused, brazenly, in-your-face, of being a Russian agent. Nobody supported him when he called to bring the troops home from Syria. Nobody came to his aid when he mulled parting with NATO. There are tens of millions of men and women who voted for him, but he has only his Twitter account at his disposal.

The media accuses Trump of paying too little attention to Israel’s needs. Israel needs US troops in Syria and in Germany, US jets in Spain and Qatar, US ships in Italy and the Gulf. Israel needs the US to lead NATO to contain Russia. If Israel needs it, the US should provide, says Daniel Shapiro, the ex-ambassador. Not a single American newspaper, not a single US statesman cared to reply that President Trump had been elected by the American people to do what is needed for them, not for Israel.

The US is not an exception. Millions of French people support the GJ, but not a single newspaper, not a single TV channel gives them a platform. They are called anti-Semites for they are revolted by Danny Cohn-Bendit and Bernard-Henri Levi, who are Jewish. They are also called homophobes because they want to ban same-sex “marriage”. They are being attacked by the bankers’ storm-troopers, the Antifa, and no media defends them.

Millions of Brits support Jeremy Corbyn, but all the mainstream media is against him, even the state-supported BBC, even the Labour Guardian. Corbyn is accused of anti-Semitism, for Corbyn speaks for the workers and against the bankers. Nobody defends him and there is no mainstream media to speak for him.

Only the minor Russian RT channel provides, up-to-a-point, some alternative views, defending the American, British and French people’s sovereignty, but they can’t do much. Paradoxically, RT does not broadcast in Russian and its English-language broadcasts can’t be seen in Russia. The rest of the Russian media doesn’t differ much from the Western variety.

The mainstream media from Tokyo to Paris to Los Angeles speaks in one voice. All other opinions had been pushed out of mainstream discussion. It is good that we have the internet and sites like Unz Review that allow us to express our views. The problem is with delivery. How can we deliver to the public? The real mainstream media has so many more views and viewers! For them, hundreds of thousands or even millions of views are not unusual.

We need our social networks to deliver the ideas and exchange opinions, to inform readers of our publications, to convince and rally. In over-populated, nuclearized world, with family and neighbourhood ties torn, there is no substitute for these networks. And Facebook and Twitter could help us. Google could help us.

Alas, they betrayed us, too. The social networks, by their bans and de-platforming took away from us the last possibility to communicate. An aging baby-boomer who dwelt in many countries under many rulers, I am taken aback by the new totalitarianism that crept in under the guise of new technology. Even in the grim days of Stalin and McCarthy the authorities exercised less mind control than does Mr Zuckerberg and his ilk.

And not only for politics. They want to draw and implement their agenda on all topics disregarding our views.

Facebook hates when men and women have wholesome sexual relations. This is taboo for them. Men are supposed to abuse women. Women are supposed to complain #MeToo style. Alternatively, men may lust after men, and women after women. They actually ban normal relations between the sexes.

I have been banned and my post removed by Facebook moderators for saying that French women are among the best. This is sexism and it goes against the community standards, they said. Can’t you, Mr Zuckerberg, keep your hands off other people’s communications? Allow me to have my own (highly favourable) opinion about French women! Oh no, he can’t.

I have been banned and my post removed for mentioning a Durham University editor who was fired for saying ‘women don’t have penises’. This is offensive to transgenders and goes against Facebook norms.


Facebook and Twitter censorship is insistent, annoying and discourse-distorting everywhere, but the Russian-language Facebook has been subject to particularly severe censorship. FB moderators for the Russians are mainly Ukrainians with a grudge against Russians. Apparently this is the condition by white they are chosen. They remove and ban practically every Russian reference to the Ukraine and its affairs, and never remove or ban Ukrainian insults. Russian poets, classic and modern, are being banned; what appears to these bumpkins as ‘PC rules’ are being enforced ruthlessly.

They ban people for allegedly non-PC posts and comments made years ago. Two years ago a man had quoted in his own FB blog a poem by Joseph Brodsky, the Nobel laureate, and two years later this quote was found and the man banned for a month.

Or an even better example. In 2006, a Russian philologist gave a lecture about origins of Russian language in a Moscow Bilingua café. In 2015, the lecture was posted by a user in Facebook. This week in 2019, it was removed and the user was banned.

Russians have no tradition of PC, for good or for bad. They do not hesitate to mention negroes or mulattos, Gypsies or Jews. They are not aware these words are considered insulting by the new lawgivers. They call the Ukrainians khokhol, or “forelock”, after traditional Ukrainian haircut. Khokhol had been used in Russian language for years, usually with positive or neutral connotation. A modern nicknames for Ukrainians are ukr or ukrop. Until now, nobody considered these nicknames insulting, like chico, okie and tex are not slurs. But for Zuckerberg, all such words call for ban.

I do not know of a Russian FB user who hasn’t been banned for at least a month. Thus, it is not just censorship, but a whole re-education program of the kind usually associated with Chairman Mao and his times.

Zuckerberg and his trained beasts actually decided to mould public discourse of Russian civilisation in their own shape and image. Poor Russians who survived such re-education by the Bolsheviks in 1920s and by anti-Soviets in 1990, are now being processed through the fine mesh of SJW talk. When the Soviets were disbanded, the Russians were promised freedom of speech. Where is this freedom of speech?

FB bans for posting links to the sites they do not like. I have been banned for posting a link to Links to RT and Sputnik are removed, too. Last week, FB removed and banned 500 accounts with 850,000 followers for publishing links to RT and Sputnik. A friend of mine, Mr Oleg Tsarev, a former member of Ukrainian parliament, a contender for Ukrainian presidency and the chairman of the Donbas parliament, had his account with two hundred thousand followers, and Mr Zuckerberg scrapped it without an explanation.

I asked my FB friends to report whether they ever were banned, and if yes, for what reason. Here is a shortlist of their responses: for speaking against Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian Quisling; for discussing Shevchenko, the Ukrainian 19th century poet; for mentioning forelocks; for posting picture of Putin; for speaking about victims of Ukrainian shelling of Donbas; for using such words as ‘pederast’ or ‘lesbian’; for saying women are more emotional than men; for posting a still from an Almadovar film; for arguing against a Ukrainian historian who claimed Jesus and Buddha were Ukrainians; for defending the Russian Church; for criticizing the leading pro-Western liberal Mr Gozman; for arguing against NATO manoeuvres in the Baltic states; for speaking against discrimination of ethnic Russians in the Baltic states.

And now for Israel and Jews. This is a major cause of FB bans. It is next to impossible to refer to Israel on Facebook – without being banned. I have been banned and my post removed for posting links to my own articles on . A link to an article telling of Palestinian church land sales to Jewish settlers had been removed, too. The Haaretz newspaper links were almost always removed and banned.

For instance, Haaretz informed its readers that a Palestinian mother of a teenager killed by Israeli soldiers had been imprisoned for 11 months for an angry post in Facebook. I was banned for reporting that to Facebook readers as for ‘hate speech’. Killing the woman’s son and imprisoning the mother is surely ‘love deed’, but telling of that is sheer hate.

Russian mainstream media steers away of Israel. The Russian editors are not necessarily Jews, but there are enough Jews in every newspaper to stop a critical item. If there are no Jews, every editor feels it would be safer for him to avoid the topic. Facebook is the only possible conduit for free information regarding Israel. Alas, it is equally partial. My friends anti-Zionist Jews have been frequently banned for their “anti-Semitism”. My FB blog with its few thousand followers and viewers allows the Russian readers to learn of Israeli developments. My audience is many times smaller than that of the mainstream hasbara. Can’t you tolerate even such a small window of free speech and real news, Mr Zuckerberg? Apparently he can’t.

In a really shameful episode, Facebook accepted the orders of Israeli military censors. In November 2018, a band of Israeli spies in Arab dress was stopped in Gaza Strip. The Israelis succeeded in escaping while their commanding officer, a high-ranking Druze, was shot dead. It transpired that the Israeli team had spent a few days or more in Gaza, pretending to be members of an international humanitarian relief organisation while actually spying and preparing the ground for shelling Gaza.

They were criminals since the laws of war expressly forbid combatants from using the Red Cross (and other relief organisations) as their cover. Israelis disregard this rule and do use Red Cross ambulances as their troop carriers. (Marwan Barghouti, a potential Palestinian Mandela, was kidnapped by such a fake ambulance.) Gaza security people managed to collect all the photos of the criminals and posted them online offering a million dollars for information leading to their full identification and apprehension. Israeli military censors forbade Israeli media and foreign journalists based in Israel from publishing the photos. However, a Jewish American dissident Richard Silverstein broke the ban and published the photo.

I tried to repost it, but shamefully, Facebook removed and banned the photo. It blocked the photo even in Messenger. I could not believe my eyes: I have placed the photo in Messenger, and it immediately disappeared! What is Facebook, then? Is it an international body – or an outpost of Israeli hasbara?

It is our luck that the Western Union does not (yet) belong to Mr Zuckerberg, otherwise we’d get even letters from our family censored by his sidekicks.


It is paramount to save social networks from Zuckerberg diktat. It should be a public facility, protected by law; it should be possible to appeal every block and ban in the court; no arbitrary decisions should be made. Censorship in peacetime is unacceptable; it is against the US Constitution, too. If we want to save mankind from destruction, we must open communication channels, and keep them open. And then, perhaps, the next scout from Vega will visit us.

P.S. In real time. While this article was being written, another post of mine has been blocked: “This post goes against our Community Standards, so no one else can see it.” This was repost of a link to Haaretz interview of Benny Morris, an Israeli New Historian, who predicts that soon “the [Israeli] Jews will remain a small minority within a large Arab sea of Palestinians, a persecuted or slaughtered minority, as they were when they lived in Arab countries. Those among the Jews who can, will flee to America and the West.”

Apparently life goes against their Community Standards! Shouldn’t people be allowed to read what one of the most important Israeli historians has to say? It is a pretty grim text. Morris expresses regret that Jews didn’t ethnically cleansed the whole of Palestine in 1948, and remove all non-Jews; and he says there is no chance for peace settlement at all. He also says that Trump won’t last a year in the office, and with his departure, Netanyahu will also go under.

In the comments to the article, an (apparently American) reader comments: “do America a favor and go elsewhere, we have enough racist bigots here already.”

P.P.S. Richard Silverstein has been banned for his publication in Facebook, and put up a vigorous fight against the ban.

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  1. Sadness says:

    Said this decades ago, say again today: Observation has shown that everything (let’s say) zionism, touches it destroys….including the folks it owns. As the ultra sect it is, it must own & does own life itself, including the planet. It has no alternative, any diverse way questions it’s very existance. It has been destroying the economics of the planet, therefore the planet itself, for over a century. Diversity is life, monoculture is, eventually, death. So sorry to keep repeating myself

  2. Rational says:


    That is why every state must pass a law banning political censorship online, by social media, search engines, ISP’s, domain registrars, payment processors. Long arm jurisdiction over all of them in every state.

    3 million dollars fine per day per person blocked—one million for the victim who was banned, one million for the state govt. and one million for the federal govt. to build a wall.

    Also make it a criminal offense to ban more than 3 people in a year. Put Zuckerthug and Bunder Pichai in jail.

    Call your congressman and legislator and demand this NOW.

    The time has come.

  3. The Zionist own and run everything…what don’t you understand. They decide what you see, hear, and read. They know what’s best for us. They are the chosen people.

    I’ve said this before. I don’t know how much money Ron Unz has but I heard it’s a lot..whatever that means. If Ron wants to really make a difference in the world he must start his own publishing and internet companies. He needs to put up his own type of Twitter and Facebook. That means he must have his own giant buildings of servers and streamers. He must have his own printers or hire out to printers that will print for authors who are being banned elsewhere.

    Ron could make a profit rather easily because he could charge for his type of Twitter (call it Rwitter) and Facebook (Unzbook). People will easily pay for such services let’s say 10 to 15 dollars a month. He must have his own distribution company for the products he produces.

    This is not as hard as it sounds. And finally he must have his own financial services so he can process credit cards and similar things like paypal so the Marxists can’t stop the financial pathways. It’s doable. Whether he’s interested is another question. This is a great site but it’s influence is negligible.

    If Ron decides to take them on I think he would send a shutter to the Main Stream Marxist Media that would cause them to literally explode.

  4. Mr. Shamir, Facebook is a complete and total cesspool. You are too good for it! Why bother with it? I deleted my account and I haven’t looked back.

  5. Biff says:

    Why the monopoly!
    I’m thinking, why hasn’t someone come up with another social media platform to compete with facefuck?
    Surely this can’t be impossible?
    Since they were disappearing people, I pre-emptively disappeared myself, and have been looking, and waiting for alternatives.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh, AnonFromTN
  6. I was more used with “orange man” or any white man is “literally Hitler”. But Zuckerberg, it turns out, is literally Stalin.
    How about, instead of filling screen after screen with suggestions that all the normies are on FB, you use your podium to advertise something interesting to read that is not on FB? Your begging for access to FB is only implying that 1. we, the readers of, are likely abnormal for wasting our time here, and 2. Zuckerberg’s purges succeed in making his website unbelievably interesting. I can’t see how will you benefit from either of these two statements.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @israel shamir
  7. anon[199] • Disclaimer says:

    Even in the grim days of Stalin and McCarthy the authorities exercised less mind control …

    Are you serious?
    McCarthy was a populist brought down by the Media and treacherous politicians, a Trump on steroids.

  8. Facebook and Twitter censorship is insistent, annoying and discourse-distorting everywhere, but the Russian-language Facebook has been subject to particularly severe censorship. FB moderators for the Russians are mainly Ukrainians with a grudge against Russians. Apparently this is the condition by white they are chosen. They remove and ban practically every Russian reference to the Ukraine and its affairs, and never remove or ban Ukrainian insults. Russian poets, classic and modern, are being banned; what appears to these bumpkins as ‘PC rules’ are being enforced ruthlessly.

    This is correct. Here is the Russian language moderators’ office in Dublin:

    Those few Russian nationalists who are active on Facebook (such as Egor Kholmogorov, who is occasionally translated at The Unz Review) have to keep switching between accounts every two to three months.

  9. JLK says:

    I’m thinking, why hasn’t someone come up with another social media platform to compete with facefuck?

    FB, Twitter, etc. should be relatively easy to replicate, and users can vote with their feet en masse very quickly. Yet their market cap is very high. I wouldn’t buy their stock.

    All most people need is the basic user interface, which is all they should want because beyond that FB is probably up to no good.

  10. Titus says:

    Mr. Shamir,

    You should be banned from UNZ and elsewhere for your obvious, unending stream of lies in your article denying Bolshevism is a Jewish operation. Seems you have a problem with Zionism but lend your full support to Jewish globalism/cosmopolitanism.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  11. This is why the North Koreans shut themselves off from the world. Smart move. Who the hell wants to invite this wonderful democracy and freedumb into their country?
    Opening up your country to Western media is a recipe for disaster. Iran, Russia and everyone else would probably be better off if the banned all western media.

    This is why the puppet politicians and fake media always bitch about China, N Korea, Venezuela or whoever not having a “free press”. Free press means opening yourself up to CIA subversion and coups.

    Best to stay off facebook, they’re digging their own grave, just a matter of time.

    Watch John Pilgers “the war on democracy”

    • Replies: @Justsaying
  12. @niteranger

    He’s doing quite a lot already, don’t you think?

    • Agree: Miggle
  13. Shamir is right!!!!!!!
    We are entering the era of VAGINA ENVY.(Look at all those transgenders.)

  14. @Anatoly Karlin

    I am an Americanski and use VK, never fb, with no censorship issues. Is it not viable for you to use the Russian social media like I do?

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  15. Wally says:

    And we all now that it’s the fake and utterly impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ that enables Jews to get way with their horrific behavior. The ridiculous “holocaust’ claims are their weapon and shield. And it’s scientifically impossible.

    Nothing changes until they are disallowed their Big Lie.
    BTW, Jews have been pushing their ‘6,000,000’ lie since at least 1823.
    American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz:
    – the comments are a must

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. @Rational

    Americans vs USA.

    Shouldn’t people be allowed to read what one of the most important Israeli historians has to say? House bill 522 i think,, 100% voted for it less 1.. understand it has moved to the Senate.

    Everyone interested in the first amendment should get familiar with 1A .. viewpoint discrimination.. Davidson v. Randall, should be extended to social media.. because the social media is now a part of the modern public square and denying access violates the first amendment (Packingham v North Carolina. Apparently the 1st amendment applies only to the government?


    writing congress is a waste of time, they are all in on it together.. and when the states pass laws that conflict with the interest of congress the courts just federalize it.. so state law no longer applies.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  17. @Anatoly Karlin

    I mean this actually as a reply to the author of this, Israel Shamir, but I guess much could apply to you too, Anatoly.

    Damn, I never knew Facebook censorship was that bad, especially against Russians. I don’t use it anymore. I also don’t use Gmail anymore and I hardly search on Google. I mostly ignore the English media now.

    You’re saying the mainstream media in Russia is also afraid of being critical of Israel? Is RT not mainstream? I know that RT is highly critical of Israel.

    It seems like Russians with their English literacy are trying to influence the English social media via Facebook, Twitter, etc? What about putting more energy on the actual Russian internet, with Yandex, vKontakte, etc? Maybe try to internationalize those to some degree?

    The difficulty of course is the national/ethnic/political boundaries. Sovereignty is quite real. What one can do is quite limited if actually on the soil of America or one its of staunch allies but even so one can boycott those Zionist media and use alternatives. Like WeChat, Yandex, Baidu. What’s nice is that Baidu works fine for English queries too, I feel no need to use Google. Of course, it is actually possible that those will eventually end up banned in US and its Anglo allies, just as China does not let in Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

    So to make a really major difference, one has to create regime change, that is converting US allies. The reality is that world geopolitics is such that large/powerful countries dictate small ones, with the small ones having pretty much no choice but to follow. Israel/Jews are an exception. They’re a small country/group that has managed to leech the vast resources Anglo world. As a individual to make a substantial difference, one has to be in decision making power. Those who are not can make a very small difference by contributing one’s labor to a certain organization or influencing decisions towards a certain direction, and all that over a large number of people adds up to a major impact.

    So, I think if you want to actually contribute to the overthrowing of the Zionist world order, I would say boycott all their media, unless when you really need it to get some information or communicate some message. You can easily use a Russian email instead of Gmail and you don’t really need Facebook either. Don’t waste time/energy contributing/communicating on platforms run by Zionist affiliated organizations; ideally, use platforms with very little risk of being taken over. An example, Disqus was started by two Asian-Americans, but it got bought by a Jewish controlled company. Really, the English language world is for now already solid Zionist territory. It’s best to detach from the English language world. Put more of your resources into places where you have better chance of winning. So, as a Russian speaker/reader, do more to influence Russian speakers/readers. Even better, promote the Russian language and its content more, encourage Russians to move back to their homeland. You are already doing so by doing so yourself as something who moved to the West at young age. I myself was heavily influenced by Soviet/Russian music, and that had much to do with a Russian friend of mine with similar views.

    I’ll make a list on my blog of viable media alternatives.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @AnonFromTN
  18. @Dacian Julien Soros

    Facebook has no (or little) original content. It does not compete with or with CNN. It leads users to the sites where original content is published. It is meta-site.
    So much is being published on so many sites that we need a community to cross-post. This is done by Facebook.
    I hope now you understand that you do not waste your time here instead of Facebook. Facebook can lead you here, that’s all. Or to Moon of Alabama, or to LRB or to wherever something interesting had been published. Facebook is like a map of Treasure Island, not the treasure itself.

  19. @Titus

    Titus, I bet you consider Christianity a Jewish operation, too.

    • Replies: @Titus
    , @Reuben Kaspate
  20. Miggle says:
    @Pinche Perro

    Agreed, Pinche. I’ve never been banned because I never signed up.

    There are so many excellent blogs / webzines and news sites, UR, RT, SOTT, Mondoweiss, IMEMC, Information Clearing House, Paul Craig Roberts’ site and than of Ron Paul, etc., etc. Who would want to sign up to “social media”? I never did. They are nothing, yet amazingly they create multi-billionaires. There may be something I don’t understand and Zuckerberg does, explaining why my bank account is not close to reaching the second billion; in fact, looking at the balance now, not even the first.

    But an author and journalist like Israel Shamir is in a totally different position from me. He may have reasons beyond my grasp, and yours.

  21. Kim says:

    So you may like to set up a new type of facebook but there are dozens of ways of ensuring that you can’t operate. Banks and funding operations like PayPal and Patreon will not work with you. Hosting operations will not serve you. I understand that at one stage Gab had trouble getting served and Google wouldn’t include it in searches.

    They have the internet substantially wrapped up. See Andrew Anglin at Daily Stormer.

    The only solution is anti-Trust action.

    Yet another job for Trump. The Stygean stables are deeper in mire than most can imagine.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  22. @Pinche Perro

    never went on it in the first place…

  23. One way to mislead all the text crawlers is to misspell words. Heaumeaux or other homonyms will do, or just add extra letters in Israael etc. Text crawlers also read jpg files, so photo text is also controlled. But if you want to duck the radar, be inventive, be Newspeak and fight Newspeak. I’m not sure whether censure is a bad thing as such. Ivan Goncharov made a living out of it and it fires literary imagination. One just has to find unbeaten track and speak out the heart.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  24. Benny Morris, an Israeli New Historian, who predicts that soon “the [Israeli] Jews will remain a small minority within a large Arab sea of Palestinians, a persecuted or slaughtered minority, as they were when they lived in Arab countries. Those among the Jews who can, will flee to America and the West.”

    Morris, in my opinion ‘anything he says is lies, than by coincidence’.
    This we see here, his prediction, about the FUTURE, of course, predictions never are about the past, I agree with, except ‘fleeing to America and the West’.
    Hope for them that still is possible.

    But ‘persecuted and slaughtered’, after zionists had driven the Palestinians from their land popularity of jews among Muslims went down, anyone surprised ?
    Slaughtered, when and where ?
    Deir Yazzin, Jenin, Lod, Ramle, did comparable things happen to jews living among Muslims ?
    Dropping bombs in a concentration camp, not slaughter?
    I of course will now be answered by long lists, events of which I do not know enough to debunk them.

    About truth, truth often was and still is, dangerous.
    The catholic pope burned Bruno alive, protestant Calvin burned Servetius alive.
    And how do we see the fates of Assange and Manning?
    For who’s interested, in a biography of Spinoza one finds flogging to death at the entrance of a synagogue mentioned.
    Spinoza left Amsterdam.
    Margaret Gullan-Whur, ‘Within Reason, A Life of Spinoza’, London 1998

  25. Che Guava says:

    You have a good point, but why not always avoid Facebook? I have read about it since it was Harvard-only, then student-only.

    That it had so much press coverage at those times, while it never had the accounts, clearly a conspiracy.

    I have somewhat friends, they say ‘You must go on Facebook’, I say ‘No, you have my telephone number and e-mail address, why are you trying to force me onto Facebook?’ They are generally stupid, but then, one must tolerate the stupid to have any social life.

    Back to the progation of FB. Google was quite similar, there were many search engines that were as good or better at the time, the NYT ran many articles to promote them, I was working at a U.S.-owned company at the time, it was neo-religious, ‘oh, you have to use Google’, it was the same kind of propaganda, earlier of course, as compulsory FB.

    I never used google (the mis-spelling of googol shows what morons they are), OK, I don’t want to lie, did a little early last decade (very few), other search engines are usually better.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Vojkan
  26. onebornfree says: • Website

    This “just” in:

    Facebook = CIA/NSA etc.

    Alphabet/Google/YouTube = CIA/NSA etc.

    Wikipedia= CIA/NSA etc.

    Always were, always will be. And thats just “the tip of the iceberg”.

    Regards, onebornfree

  27. @redmudhooch

    Best to stay off Facebook, they’re digging their own grave, just a matter of time.

    Not when you witness the millions of mindless posts and simple minded drive that fill the FB space. Not too different from the large zombie consumer base of the MSM. Unless one wants to give more credit than is due to the millions of zombies populating the social media.

  28. @anon

    McCarthy was also the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). It existed before him, but it was his vehicle.

    • Replies: @Ace
  29. Z-man says:

    … beware the POWER of the Cabal.
    Ari Fleischer, the American sounding 1st class Zionist, who has had unlimited access to the airwaves since his days in the Bush WH, was on Fox the other day cooly equating anti Israel views with anti Semitism as it was the most natural of ‘facts’. This tome was repeated all over Fox and OAN for the next 48 hours. Mind control, the Jews have won… almost.

    • Agree: Justsaying
    • Replies: @VirtualAnon34
  30. The mainstream media from Tokyo to Paris …[yap, yap, yap…]

    Stopped reading right there.

    Look, the word is mass media because that’s what it’s for, i.e., the unthinking masses. Even an ignorant moron such as myself can understand that the media use the term to help make mindless, mass-produced, garbage appear acceptable. It’s obvious that the term is supposed to suggest that “everyone” goes along with the message when it’s their own compostable ideas that they’re trying to introduce and promote. The interests of the “mainstream” or majority are in no way promoted, nor are they intended to be.

    Anyone who’s so mentally lazy as to use mass media’s own legitimizing term for themselves in the way they intend has nothing to say to me. Furthermore, I don’t come to UR to be exposed to the usual drivel mouthed incessantly by narcissistic, sociopathic, simple-minded, goons.

    Other acceptable terms are corporate media, propaganda media, or sewage media. No one with a lick of sense views it as “mainstream” in any way. Get a clue already!

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  31. “Even in the grim days of Stalin and McCarthy the authorities exercised less mind control than does Mr Zuckerberg and his ilk.”

    I’m sorry, but McCarthy’s appearance during those “grim days” was one of the few bright spots. His crime was to notice that a number of Stalin’s American errand boys and girls were the favorites of Franklin and Eleanor. Whatever “mind control” McCarthy may have exercised, it was brief and ineffective.

  32. Kudos to Mr Shamir for calling Stalin grim.

  33. @Sadness

    So sorry to keep repeating myself

    No apology necessary. The goon classes use every means possible to repeat their sick messages, so repetition of the truth is probably the least we can do.

  34. @Biff

    I pre-emptively disappeared myself…

    I, too, have done that. I’m a fan of boycotting the (bleeps).

  35. @anon

    McCarthy was a populist brought down by the Media and treacherous politicians, a Trump on steroids.

    Great point.

    He was also a realist smeared by the usual “mainstream” media and treasonous politicians and who, like Hitler, is reviled to this day because of it.

  36. @Che Guava

    This is one of the most quotable quips I’ve ever read.

    … one must tolerate the stupid to have any social life.

    May I use it, with attribution, of course? 😉

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  37. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:

    You can easily use a Russian email instead of Gmail

    Good advice. Yandex can even run email services for your domain, for free. Just like zoho, but Russia based.

    Really though, it’s just about compartmentalising your life and not putting all your eggs in one basket. Russia has its own ruthless powers that be, and China has a whole bundle of evil goings on that Godfree Roberts would never admit to but they’re both sovereign and that means they wont bend over when the Anglo sphere has a grudge against you.

    so one can boycott those Zionist media and use alternatives. Like WeChat, Yandex, Baidu.

    WeChat? Bad advice. End-to-server encryption means the Chinese government inspects all messages. Right now, they’re crouching tiger but who knows when they’re going to go all hidden dragon on us?

    Use WhatsApp. It’s got full end to end encryption and built in ways to verify no MITM attacks. Safe choice.

    For search engines, use startpage or If you’re performing really sensitive searches, use tor browser. Only need to use yandex or baidu if the search terms themselves are sensitive (very rare).

    • Replies: @gmachine1729
  38. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    I do not use Facebook . It is evident that they spy everything , you just look for a hotel in your computer and they send you hotel propaganda for weeks or months .

    But , commercial purposes apart , don`t you think that a system that spies so much ends up losing the sense of reality and thus dementing itself ?

  39. Tom Welsh says:

    When you think it through, there is really no getting past the conclusion that people have put their own necks in the noose. No one is ever compelled to use Facebook (as far as I know, although actually nothing would surprise me any more).

    The benefits of Facebook are nice: you can keep instantly in touch with people all over the world.

    But compare this tyranny with those of the Nazis, Stalin, or even McCarthyism. Those were strictly involuntary, and there was no escape unless you could somehow leave the country (as Charlie Chaplin did).

    Surely people can do without Facebook. It should even become a test of how serious and decent a person you are. If you have a Facebook account, it shows you are either not interested in politics and freedom, or that you are a slavish conformist.

    The current state of social media is actually a vivid demonstration of our society’s inability to construct and run anything for the general good of all. Either it is undertaken by government, and paid for by taxes – in which case it is instantly politicized and run in the interests of the rich and powerful. Or it is undertaken and paid for by a corporation, in which case it is instantly politicized and run in the interests of the rich and powerful.

    Where is the option of a true “res publica” – public interest – where something useful can be created for and on behalf of all the people?

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  40. @Z-man

    Funny how Ari Fleischer stands like a landmark in my mind for signaling the coming repression in America. I can’t forget his quip to everyone while working as press secretary for Bush, that chilling line ‘from now on you’re going to have to watch what you say’.

    Right out of the gate, Big Brother was Jewish. Zuckerberg and the rest of the media are just carrying on their tribal traditions.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  41. Shaun says:

    Unfortunately, since social media is not a branch of the government and are actually privately owned companies, whether publicly traded or not, they have every right to do with their property as they see fit. Nobody has any legal right to participate in it and are allowed to only after accepting the terms and conditions. Whether you read those and understand them is up to you. Dont like their conditions? Oh well. Go somewhere else. What does it accomplish to write whole articles whining about it?

  42. @Kim

    Yet another job for Trump. The Stygean stables are deeper in mire than most can imagine.

    If the Mad Hyena had been selected, we’d have a Stygian Witch to contend with.

    Instead, we have Trump who is no Hercules, but rather one of the creatures producing the mire in the Augean stables. Either way, however, you’re correct about the depth of the filth and the stench.

  43. anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Ukroruinas are a cancer for the EU , and for the USA . The west by financing a nazi antiucranian and antirussian regime has ruined the very ukranian people ( 2600 dollars per capita income 2018 , less than Sudan ) and has generated a loss of credibility for the UE and for the whole west


  44. Zionists control every facet of the U.S. gov and the MSM and the major banks via the Zionists privately owned and unconstitutional FED and the Zionists control their privately owned IRS and so anyone who tells the truth that reveals the Zionist control of America will be banned and or loose his job , like Rick Sanchez and others!

    Zionists are going to be the destruction of America , just as a parasite destroys its host, so shall America be destroyed for the satanic Zionist goal of a Zionist NWO!

  45. headrick says:

    True these seem easy to duplicate, but if somebody should try it. I have some advice. (From a friend) Never never use their email address to communicate back to them. The user does not know these people calling him and is maybe a little paranoid anyway. This should be an absolute iron clad rule- respect the privacy of the new subscriber. I only know- really know- two people in the internet world, from which I would send me , I would be happy to reply. Takes years. don’t rush it.

  46. I got banned from FB for saying the star of David was the new swastika

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  47. wayfarer says:

    There is no calamity greater than lavish desires. There is no greater guilt than discontent. And there is no greater disaster than greed.


    Manufactured Consent and the Homogeneity of Public Discourse

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  48. @israel shamir

    Yes, though I’ve seldom used Facebook for that purpose. But the gain in terms of the extent of one’s desired influence from posting links to a certain type of content on Facebook will only diminish given its current censorship trend.

    I think there are plenty of other channels if you merely want to post pro-Russia or anti-Zionist content where there is very little risk of being shut out. Just don’t do it through any media or platform controlled by Jews or even based in America. Instead contribute some quality content to a place where there’s a near guarantee that you won’t be shut out and encourage more people to join it. Leave Facebook and America to the people who won’t be convinced anyway.

    I’m making another attempt to create a WeChat group for this where we start by inviting people here to join. AnonFromTN a while ago was in the process of creating an account, it occurred to me today to help revitalize that. You can likewise try to create a vKontakte group and invite some Russians on here. I’d be happy to register an account if there is some group on there that I can join.

    We can also create a mailing list. Which reminds me of how I’ve been corresponding off and on with a Russian in Russia who helped with translating that poem on the USSR, remember that?

    Again, one person can’t really do much. You have to be part of a powerful organization whose interests and ideology are aligned with yours. Only then can you have a more multiplicative effect. And the most naturally coherent and cohesive organization I can think of is the nation-state. Companies are also very much subordinate to the nation state in which it belongs. Like, a company in America if it wants to be mainstream has to play by the American mainstream. Then you have large nation states and small ones, with the small ones often puppets of some large one because they don’t really have much other choice.

    I’ve written on my blog in Chinese that I’ve been watching a Chinese TV drama on communist secret agents within the KMT from 1927. That kind of media/entertainment can be categorized as mainstream in China, with backing from the state, with organizations supporting it, with an actual popular audience. It depicts many soldiers within the KMT as at least half-secretly disloyal to it. I also remembered seeing a few times a portrait of Lenin in a Chinese Red Army base. It was quite noticeable for me how in that context, because everybody is Chinese and moreover geographic proximity between the two sides, it was much more feasible for serious espionage to happen.

    In America, this is not possible. If you’re Asian, people can tell with just one look at you. If you’re Russian or Slavic, you can still sort of blend in but it’s still hard to truly hide. Moreover there is no actual serious guerilla army embedded in America engaging in subversion operations, and just about any powerful organization ideologically aligned with you is on the other side of the world and thus unable to support you much if you try to start your own. Somebody suggested becoming a food service worker at a place in America where rich Jews eat. I bet many here would applaud anyone willing to make such a sacrifice. There is most to fear from people willing to fight to the death. If you’re not like that but still quite averse to the current system, then your best bet is to detach from America to the extent that you are able to. If you are not able to physically leave, then at the very least you can start by withdrawing from the US internet and make some contacts with non-Americans with some money, status, and/or influence on the opposing side of the ideological spectrum. I’ve even made a guide for this:

  49. @JLK

    China has WeChat, Weibo, etc. Russia has vKontakte and Telegram. Plenty of Chinese in the West message amongst themselves through WeChat, not Facebook. You can too, just install the app on your phone and change the language to English if you don’t read Chinese.

    You see, just as Jewish control of finance in America can more or less guarantee that they win in internet entrepreneurship too, the Chinese government can easily make it such that Facebook and Twitter have no chance in China.

    As an FYI, I used WeChat (like Facebook messenger), Foxmail/QQ Mail (like Gmail), Weiyun (Google Drive/Docs), Zhihu (like Quora), and Weibo (like Twitter) while still in the US. You can too.

    • Replies: @TimeTraveller
  50. “Condition by white” —> “condition by which”

  51. @Anonymous

    I personally have nothing to fear from the Chinese government or the Russian government, why would I? I don’t really have anything to fear from the US government either, I’m not really a threat to them at all. But in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t really like America very much, so why I would I want to support its economy? Maybe it also has to do with how my ethnic background very much limits what I can get from America and also makes it difficult for me to have any real attachment or loyalty to it.

    In case you haven’t noticed, by using these internet services you are handing over more data and advertising revenue to Zionists and thereby at least implicitly supporting them.

    Really though, it’s just about compartmentalising your life and not putting all your eggs in one basket.

    I don’t think that really applies in this case. For the most part, you can only have one citizenship. You can also really only have one full time profession or employer. If you want to get anything substantial for yourself in terms of political support or career advancement, you more or less need to pick one country/political organization/profession and dedicate yourself to it.

  52. @jacques sheete

    Other acceptable terms are corporate media, propaganda media, or sewage media

    Germans have a more descriptive term: Lugenpresse (lying press).

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  53. anarchyst says:

    Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stolz…three women who were prosecuted for “thought crimes” against “you know who”.
    These women questioned aspects of the one religion that “shall not be questioned–“holocaustianity”, and “paid the price” with incarceration.
    Until we humans, as a collective, root out the “disease” of zionism, talmudism and judaism in general, we will see more of these cases.

  54. anarchyst says:
    @Trevor Hardy

    Actually, the jewish “star of david” ties in quite nicely in the biblical book of Revelation, being the “mark of the beast”. There are 6 points, 6 triangles, and an hexagon (6-sided figure).

  55. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    I do not know of a Russian FB user who hasn’t been banned for at least a month.

    What I cannot understand is why anyone of any self-respect would place themselves in the position of being published on not at the whim of a prick like Zuckerberg.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  56. m___ says:

    The wining of Shamir (again), the proposed solutions way crappy, the surroundings forgotten (randomly, Cloudflare, Patreon, Twitter, Google, Windows, whatever else (including, the hardware control (chips on chips, additional chips accessed over proprietary protocols, routers), Social media as such, Any human middle man, the hardware producer.

    When man wants to press a button, pass a message, is it important to be heard harnessing the most? Or is the idea to leave an original message, over time, wasted on immediate interests?

    As Dykstra said above, the truth is dangerous, may we add, networks are built one person at a time, not on shared gloating, but on sweat. His example stands, Spinoza, not to be wasted on history, marrying God and science was not the brightest of ideas admittedly.

    Wayward, backwards, technology, as a pen, a printed page, is to be understood as neutral to innocence, ignorance, and then knowledge. In a next step the crowds are going to disappear even to themselves in blandness, the real consequence being the middle-class becoming insignificant, since crowd control is automation, not what is said. There might be correlation and causation depending on the way one ventures into it. Does Shamir realize that twenty years from now that a similar persona will be worth the rags on his back?

    Crowdfunding?, a laugh, collecting a fraction of the trickle down of job serfs, what we need is Clowns. Assange, the block chain, printed books, not scribes and whiners who do not (Shamir), or do well understand media tools (Unz Ron?) and set up for abuse, are compromised to the neck. Which of both is worse.

  57. @gmachine1729

    Yes, as a stopgap measure one can boycott FB, Twitter, Google, and other services that practice disgusting PC. I don’t use FB or Twitter, use Google only occasionally. Need to stop using it altogether and switch to Yandex and/or Baidu.

    However, in the long run what needs to be built is a PC-free Internet. This would require huge investment that only governments of serious countries (like China or Russia) that are not subservient to the Empire can afford. These governments do have their own axes to grind, but at the moment they are not as disgusting as the Empire and its vassals, or Israel, for that matter.

    Russian and Chinese citizens should try to convince their governments to create this alternative Internet, best in cooperation. Honest sites like this one should migrate to the domains not owned by the Empire and hasbara. But first these domains must be created and equipped. I would gladly pay for service based in non-PC domains.

    I must say that current uniformity of opinions in lugenpresse and the rest of Empire/Israel-controlled media, including electronic one, can only compare to the worst days of Hitler and Stalin. That alone clearly shows that the narrative pushed down our throats is a set of blatant lies: censorship is only needed to fight the truth, as you cannot argue against it.

    Key point is, action, rather than bemoaning the current sad state of affairs, is needed. I wonder how many moaners are ready to act. Any volunteers (knowing full well that Big Brother is watching you)?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @m___
  58. republic says:

    Paradoxically, RT does not broadcast in Russian and its English-language broadcasts can’t be seen in Russia

    RT has broadcasts in many western countries, but most viewers use the internet to watch it. Any Russian can use the internet to watch any English language RT program. RT is not a good place for checking on dissident Russian news.

    What news sources do Russians use for non official Russian viewpoints?

    • Replies: @yurivku
  59. Why would Zuckerberg tolerate your post claiming that the French women are the best? Isn’t Zuck married to a slanty-eyed, yellowish, me-love-you-long-time dame? So to allow you to post such a comment would be equal to saying that the obedient little tramp he is married to, isn’t good enough… which emperor would allow such nonsense in his realm?

    And as to the “the little green men of Vega” turning back, they must have heard the shouts of “alla u ekbar” coming from the Middle East which must have frighted them into thinking that they would be mistaken for the promised virgins, being that there were seventy-two of them on the flying contraption!

    • Replies: @Alden
  60. anarchyst says:
    @All we like sheep

    One method is to put “snippets” out there without mentioning “the elephant in the room”. I’ll bet that a lot of people will investigate on their own, and find out that what they have been fed on the major “social networks” is not only one-sided BS, but lies and fabrications. The “tribe” is one of the easiest factions to “poke” with “snippets” without using the “h” word.
    Another way is to go to sites on public computers, either in libraries and businesses that have demo computers set up with Wi-fi access. I quite often put the computers on webpages such as The Unz Review, American Renaissance, and even The Daily Stormer and then watch the reactions of young people. More often than not, these young people are photographing the computer screens, maybe with a little chuckling, but that does “set the hook. More people should be doing this.
    Try it sometimes. It works.

    • Replies: @republic
  61. Anonymous [AKA "mayorone"] says:

    All it takes is to know a few logical facts of that holocaust story to know it is made up and fictitious.

  62. @AnonFromTN

    Language is a whole different matter. English serves as an international language for a reason: it has the simplest possible grammar (especially its American variety) and is written using Latin alphabet, which makes it accessible for many people. Quite a few commenters here use broken English, but the rest of us understands them perfectly well.

    Russian has extremely complicated grammar and uses an alphabet familiar only to several Slavic peoples. Most Slavic languages use Latin, with various additions to the letters to express the sounds specific for this group of languages. Chinese grammar is simple (as far as I know), but the writing makes it inaccessible to most. Thus, to be able to serve the maximum number of people, PC-free Internet must have many English-language sites.

  63. Railing against Facebook and other social media outlets is a waste of time since what Israel Shamir is describing is not a problem with such outlets but a problem with Humanity itself.

    Unfortunately, for the species, a large majority of its members are bone-head stupid and this allows for the rise of psychopaths and sociopaths just like Zuckerberg and his acolytes in Silicon Valley along with all the horrific political and business leaders that span the globe.

    There is no way to fight this. Believe me I spent a career trying only to consistently get the same results. True, I got rid of quite a few bad people or at the very least seriously harmed their career growth but there was always some new cockroach to step in.

    What intelligent people on Planet Earth need to do is either build a star-ship and leave this wretched corner of the galaxy or send out SOS messages to request help from a more advanced civilization where many of us would probably feel much more at home…

    • Replies: @m___
    , @jacques sheete
  64. republic says:

    I was a public library recently and tried to access American Renaissance on their WiFi network. It was blocked. It was also blocked on the libraries computers. I wrote a letter to American Renaissance and they told me that such blocking quite common in libraries, airports and other public places.

    Vdare was also blocked.

    Libraries use a filter ostensibly for pornography but it is also being used for political censorship.

    Lots of new anti freedom technology is being introduced into the public by the state using protecting children as the excuse.

    • Replies: @L.K
    , @Alden
  65. @Tom Welsh

    Well said. All of it.

    I am repeatedly astonished at the “collitch gradjits” and beyond who maintain Farcebook accounts and plaster all kinds of details about themselves and even their infant children (without their knowledge or consent, of course) for all the world to gawk at, and even after they’ve been told such facts.

    I think I need another planet.

  66. @wayfarer

    Manufactured Consent …

    They manufacture consent, then call it mainstream, so nearly everyone jumps on board. Heaven help us.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  67. m___ says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    Three licks from us.

    “Darn, this hillside is cold!”

  68. @AnonFromTN

    Germans have a more descriptive term: Lugenpresse (lying press).

    Thanks. I can’t wait for the day when such adjectives as “Lugen” are unnecessary in that context due to their redundancy.

    Your comment reminds me of Martin Luther’s Von den Jüden und ihren Lügen. I bet old Gutenberg is thrashing in his grave!!

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  69. Anonymous [AKA "Joe Gunn"] says:
    @Pinche Perro

    I did so as well; don’t miss it all. The majority of people on all social meduim outlets are dumbed down, pussy snow flakes, and possess the intelligence of a rock.

    • Replies: @Steve Naidamast
  70. @Steve Naidamast

    There is no way to fight this…I got rid of quite a few bad people …but there was always some new cockroach to step in.

    What intelligent people on Planet Earth need to do is either build a star-ship and leave this wretched corner of the galaxy…

    Yes, yes and yes.

  71. @Stephen Paul Foster

    I’m sorry, but McCarthy’s appearance during those “grim days” was one of the few bright spots. His crime was to notice that a number of Stalin’s American errand boys and girls were the favorites of Franklin and Eleanor. Whatever “mind control” McCarthy may have exercised, it was brief and ineffective.

    You are correct, and people who so mindlessly promote the usual propaganda unwittingly demonstrate how “mind” controlled they are. Worse, they typically think of themselves as both intelligent and knowledgeable, like those who sling around the word, “mainstream” as if they know anything.

    I think it’s hopeless.

    • Agree: lavoisier
  72. DD says:

    Why the monopoly? There is no monopoly. In fact there are no barriers to entry. MySpace collapsed when it began censoring Iraq war news from the troops (Myspace was the enlisted soldier’s network, Facebook was for more-thoroughly indoctrinated officers.) Now that Facebook is treating you like an ant colony, as they planned all along, you’d have to be crazy to be on it. Help Facebook collapse. Here are some of the obvious alternatives:

    You can compete with Facebook yourself – roll your own Diaspora instance. There is no reason in the world why you have to submit to corporate control. Just get the fuck off facebook, twitter all of them.

    You could see at the outset what commercial social networks were designed to do. This commenter does not exist on social networks. Has never existed on social networks.

    • Replies: @m___
  73. @Pinche Perro

    Yup, been gone from that propaganda mill/spy service for over 5 years. The only way to destroy monsters like FB is to quit feeding the beast, but Murkan’s aint smart enough to figure that out.

  74. @Anonymous

    That is sort of insulting to rocks… 🙂

    • Agree: Mulegino1
  75. wayfarer says:
    @jacques sheete

    Surveillance: In espionage and counterintelligence, surveillance is the monitoring of behavior, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or “protecting” people.


    Facebook Zuck’ing Itself Into Oblivion

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  76. @israel shamir

    I agree that used to be the case, but those days are long gone. With the implementation of censorship, the only road maps now on FB now will lead you to the land of propaganda, white hate, minority worship, benefits of mass immigration, wonders of interracial relationships, Spitefulness of all things moral, worship of all things disgusting and immoral.

  77. IstvanIN says:

    It is our luck that the Western Union does not (yet) belong to Mr Zuckerberg, otherwise we’d get even letters from our family censored by his sidekicks.

    Western Union doesn’t control mail service, national or international, and hasn’t been in the telegram business since the turn of the century.

  78. Skeptikal says:

    Thanks, Mr. Shamir, for the article.
    We desperately need an alternative to Facebook.
    I myself do not touch the stuff, but it is apparent that the modern world craves and needs this form of communication, and I do not judge that.
    However, the reason I do not want to be part of FB is the terrible and terrifying info I have read about this organization for years and years. My avoidance of FB is not just because I am an old fart.
    The news we continue to get about the total overreach of FB is just the newest bad news about FB. And it is not surprising, considering what I have read about FB’s early financing, once it left the nursery of Harvard College, where it all started as a campus-based social tool.

    When will Russia or China or India step up to the technological plate and launch a Facebook type of site that fills this modern need and is ideologically neutral? A nonprofit Facebook?
    Let’s call it PersonBook.
    Or CitizenBook.

    Facebook must somehow be devalidated and sidelined.

    • Replies: @blahWhatever
  79. m___ says:

    Key point is, action, rather than bemoaning the current sad state of affairs, is needed. I wonder how many moaners are ready to act. Any volunteers (knowing full well that Big Brother is watching you)?

    Nil, none, zil as to volunteers. Whining is an excuse for the passive subversive, the no-balls, low-drive, slow-life, pseudo intellectual. The only graft is getting by on producing nihilistic, irrelevant, incomplete, short-term sputters, almost all utter without even comprehending the toolkit they use. There are other jobbers and intermediates for that.

    No goals, no change, no cause, no plans. “Communication” for the heck of it. To refer back to our earlier comment, it is not the message, it is the automation. Crowd control is done, the joyous part is that the middle-class glory-days as mercenaries to assist the herding, are close to over. They are set up to be swiped into the sludge they tended to cater to. The Ukrainians?, what about AI? AI writes, and getting better at it.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  80. Skeptikal says:
    @israel shamir

    Well, I have found my way to all of the sites mentioned without ever touching down on Facebook.
    So, Facebook is totally unnecessary.
    Any thinking person who is a genuine truth seeker—not from reading a truth formula but from reading a lot of different types of sources and (1) developing a nose for reliable analysts and sources and (2) *thinking for oneself*—will soon enough find his or her way to the good spots on the Web. All of the good sites are linked repeatedly by various analysts. It really isn’t rocket science, and finding the good stuff is, IMHO, a ridiculous rationale or raison d’etre for going anywhere near FB. What a waste of time to take detours to where you really want to go.

    I am kind of surprised that IS actually said this.
    Just say no. To FB.
    It is a dangerous mind drug that also culls all info about you and saves it for future applications, who knows how.
    Fools! Get off FB. That means you, too, Mr. Shamir.
    Make one last post on FB in which you provide your “followers” the name of your own blog.
    God, even the word “followers” is horrifyingly cultlike.


  81. mith says:

    muppets …soon as anyone mentions their facebook account…I tune out… its a sign…you a re talking to a muppet.

  82. m___ says:


    Now what business model might that be?!

    Main question, who finances a bleeder? and on and on… No technicalities apparent, same with a twist? In earlier times, there were fables and “sprookjes” for infants, there was robust semi-lies for the adults. Seems fables graduated, most similar to dumbing down universities to narratives. MacDo for the masses.

  83. @jacques sheete

    It’s like:
    – How do you know the politician is lying?
    – His lips are moving.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  84. Miggle says:

    He knows better than you how big a task it is. But if he could make a profit easily, why don’t you start Bumbook and make a profit easily?

    And lapsing into typical American sheeple fanaticism concerning Marxism makes you … unimpressive. Marxism was not Bolshevism-Leninism. Leninism was totalitarian. Marx was for true democracy. His grandparents couldn’t vote because they were Jews. He just applied that rule, a social norm of his time, but instead to the bourgeoisie, the plutocrats, denying them (still mainly Jews, but only some) the right to vote.

    A dictatorship of the proletariat would be vastly more democratic than anything the USA has ever seen, genuinely the rule of the people. Why the twaddle about “Marxists can’t stop the financial pathways”?

  85. Agent76 says:

    Jan 20, 2019 The Indicted of Benjamin Netanyahu

    Rabbi Dovid Feldman interviewed on December 31, 2018

  86. Skeptikal says:

    Excellent video.
    Not in *that* way.
    The USA has made and then broken dictators and others as it saw fit to achieve its agenda.
    Saddam. Noriega. Osama. Etc.
    Why should it be any different with Zuck?
    Made by the CIA. Broken by the CIA or whatever.
    Still a valuable surveillance asset, but people are starting to peel off.
    Soon the whole truth will come out, and that will be the end of FB, and Zuck.
    Meanwhile, the powers that be that made Zuck are surely in the process of moving on to something else.
    “Smart” toasters???
    Stay “dumb”!

  87. @m___

    Pretty pessimistic. Who’s AI, BTW?

    • Replies: @m___
  88. @Skeptikal

    VK is Russian, WeChat is Chinese. They are both better than fb. Already been done. Why don’t people know this?

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  89. Whitewolf says:

    Noone can compete with FB because they are up against a state actor. A state actor with virtually unlimited resources. Ask yourself how FB and Twitter got so big to begin with. How Goolag got so big despite being just an average search engine in the beginning. There was nothing organic about the growth of these organizations.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  90. Ace says:

    ** A dictatorship of the proletariat would be vastly more democratic than anything the USA has ever seen, **

    I see you are an adherent of the ancient Chinese “Down Is Up” school of philosophy.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  91. Ace says:
    @ploni almoni

    Do you see the word “House” anywhere in your comment? Just curious.

  92. @Miggle

    And lapsing into typical American sheeple fanaticism concerning Marxism makes you … unimpressive.

    Do you even know what word, “fanaticism” means? Your risibly glib use of the term is impressive alright; just not in the way you think it is.

    Anyone still mouthing off in defense of “worldwide revolution Marx” is not only a fanatic but a dolt.

    Marx was for true democracy.

    You’re obviously clueless as to what that degenerate was for. I doubt even he knew what he was for from one day to the next.

    “ It’s possible that I shall make an ass of myself. But in that case one can always get out of it with a little dialectic. I have, of course, so worded my proposition as to be right either way.”

    -Karl Marx, Letter to Friedrich Engels, dated 15 August 1857

    Well, to any thinking person he was an ass. The clown would long ago have been tossed into the dustbin of history if he weren’t a mouthpiece for some of the rich Red sympathizers who publicized him in typical sewer subsidy fashion.

    Also, I got news for ya; no one comes here to obtain your evaluation of whether another commenter here is “impressive” or not or for anything else you think about them. Try to let that rattle around in your skull along with them there loose marbles, troll.

    • Replies: @Miggle
  93. Ace says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    McCarthy was not interested in mind control and exercised none. He pointed out the truth of communist infiltration of the federal government and people understood that and supported him.

    Please do not lend credence to the “mind control” nonsense, even in passing.

  94. Skeptikal says:

    Probably because “people” don’t waste their time on social media, or on media about social media (present article an exception, of course!).

    • Replies: @blahWhatever
  95. Skeptikal says:

    I think you are right. I have read about this, and commented up-thread.
    However, participation is still voluntary.

  96. RobinG says:

    But then ……for MLK Day

    New York Times op-ed by Michelle Alexander
    Martin Luther King Jr. courageously spoke out about the Vietnam War. We must do the same when it comes to this grave injustice of our time.

    • Agree: Miggle
  97. I don’t know why people still worry about the “media?” No one listens to them any more. Everybody with half a brain knows they lead the suicide by obfuscation. What do you think people would do if they knew the truth? Every night some climate scientist or other gives a talk to a couple of hundred people bemoaning the lack of action. Then they all go home and do nothing. Would it be different with anything else? It seems to me that sentiment against Israel is going by leaps and bounds in any case. The appalling truth is entering the minds of non-observant Jews. When you are trying to legislate aginst people not buying your stuff, you are in trouble. No that they are going to do anything. As far as American troops go, wherever they are, they are nothing but sitting ducks. They are not going to accomplish any of Israel’s wet dreams. They days of the American army as a fighting force are over. The brass is too stupid, the rest, lost in confusion.

    • Replies: @Ace
  98. @Skeptikal

    People sure complain about it a lot for not using it…while getting fired for things they posted/tweeted. 😉

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  99. @Ace

    ** A dictatorship of the proletariat would be vastly more democratic than anything the USA has ever seen, **

    I see you are an adherent of the ancient Chinese “Down Is Up” school of philosophy.

    Tsk tsk!

    He wrote that as if there’s something sacred about “democracy.” Dictatorship of the prols; whattabout us peasants and peons? 😉

    • Replies: @Ace
  100. Agent76 says:

    Jan 20, 2019 Zionist forces stage violent raid to arrest a child. Kufr Kadom, Palestine

    Israeli occupation forces violently raided Palestinian village Kufr Kadom, assaulted residents with live fire & arrest a Palestinian child. 19 Jan 2019. Thank you al Mayadeen News

  101. Anonymous [AKA "Gezzah Potts"] says: • Website

    Much appreciate your article Israel. The clampdown and censorship of dissident voices on the internet, and Facebook, and Twitter continues to gather steam. And now reports that a new app, NewsGuard is about to be rolled out. I have had my Facebook account suspended 5-6 times now for ‘breaching community standards’. Each time I was dobbed into Facebook by hardcore Zionists here in Australia who complained about my ‘anti semitism’ merely because I pointed out facts about the brutal occupation of Palestine, and the continuous war crimes committed by Israel. It is a blatant attempt at smearing those who stand up for Palestinians and obviously to squash free speech. We are becoming more like Orwell’s 1984 every month. Up is down and war is peace, and Any criticism of Israel is now deemed anti semitic.

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  102. @niteranger

    And finally he must have his own financial services so he can process credit cards

    Dunning-Kruger Alert.

    Seriously – have you been in a coma for the last 10 years?

    Paypal (and Stripe, and Skrill, and other transaction processors) can be worked around – but try working around a ban by VISA and MasterCard; those vermin can simply refuse to process transactions – they already do.

    Oh, they didn’t stop 5200 people in the Pentagon from buying child pornography; that’s not important.

    But they did stop permitting people from using their own money to donate to Wikileaks.


    And what about hosting? Where’s anybody supposed to host the infrastucture?


    There is an answer, but nobody’s going to like it because it has a steep learning curve and a slow development path, and nobody’s getting VC money for a ‘deck’ about it.

    It’s distributed peer-to-peer networking, taken to its deepest level.

    P2P itself has been around for ages – it’s how torrent work… you know, how we all get to watch copies of stuff, lent to us for free by people who pay for their own copy. That’s been around for quite a while…

    A much much deeper system exists, but it still has fuck-all traction. FREENET.

    FreeNet is the most mature current example (I first wrote about Freenet in a series of articles starting in April 2009 – the linked article is mostly an overview).

    As I wrote in a different post about freenet later that year, we are fast approaching the point at which we either find mechanisms to extirpate the political class, or they will end the world.

    I would love to live in complete accordance with the Enchidirion, or with the system of ethics that Aristotle set down for his son, Nichomachus. Master Kung, Siddharta Gautama, the phrases attributed to Jeebus, Ghandi… as a person who cannot so much as scold a dog without then giving it a big kiss, I am ‘wired’ to be receptive to these ‘teachings’ (which are, at bottom, the essence of efficiency and the Golden Rule).

    But the existence of this parasitic subspecies – the Rudds, Howards, Blairs, Browns, Stott-Despojas, Bushes, Obamas… and yea verily the Cheneys – there’s the rub. Their existence, and its absolute antipathy to human progress, requires that I advocate their genocide. It has got past the point where they are simply ‘sand in the gears’ – they are now in the process of eating our seed corn

    Almost ten years later I would not change a single syllable.

    A fuller system would also require P2P DNS. There is a now-almost-defunct project from around 2010, which came into being because folks like me foresaw the inevitable ‘capture’ of major tech platforms (by States and their gullible minions).

    Notice that the only control they currently exert is where it’s super easy to control the ‘front door’ (as it were): credential permissioning, which requires near-zero levels of back-end competency and can be administered by a half-wit.

    The next obvious move for them to try, is to go one level deeper, and control addressing (easy to do[1]) and backbone access at the ISP level (also easy to do[1]); problem is they don’t have anybody competent to implement it.

    More importantly, they’re unlikely to: genuine back-end tech competence requires +1.5σ-level intelligence. This prices out politicians; it’s also too high for the types of people gullible enough to ‘carry water’ for politicians (which includes .gov and .mil tech staff). Still, better to be safe than sorry, so ‘we’ need to continue to develop meshnets (as ‘we’ did during #OpEgypt): once IoT really takes off, the lax datasec embodied in IoT ‘things’ will enable gigantic clandestine ‘freenet’-style meshnets that cover entire cities.

    In the end, we win – so long as we recognise that this is genuinely ‘us’ against ‘them’. That includes realising that, just as they have no qualms about lying to us… they have no qualms about having their Myrmidons kill us en masse (and their trigger pullers will comply, as they always have any time a ‘crackdown’ is ordered).

    [1] easy to do for a competent network technician; impossible if your brain is of such low quality that it can get infected by SJW mind-viruses.

    • Replies: @JLK
    , @Biff
    , @niteranger
  103. Whitewolf says:

    The last time I tried to start a Twitter account it was locked before I even made one tweet. Lol. I take that as a compliment by big brother.

  104. Mulegino1 says:

    There is little shocking about this. The leadership of the Jews hated Christ for telling the truth- for BEING THE TRUTH Incarnate. The truth was and always has been toxic for the descendants of the children of the Devil.

    The “little Jews” are guilty insofar as they allow these international rodents and exploiters manipulate them., but it is the leadership of international Jewry that is the very vanguard of Antichrist.

  105. JLK says:

    Paypal (and Stripe, and Skrill, and other transaction processors) can be worked around – but try working around a ban by VISA and MasterCard; those vermin can simply refuse to process transactions – they already do.

    It’s actually a worse set of facts in terms of civil rights violations than the bakery that refused to make the gay wedding cake.

    It would be like if all the bakeries in the country were acting in concert.

  106. One would think given Facebook’s model, that would not censor speech unless it was advocating violence.

    But unless they are taking government money, or some other subsidies, they are a private entity.

    One could argue that tax breaks bar them from censoring ideas they don’t like. And that such subsidy requires them to be an open forum community.

    • Replies: @Ace
  107. Thanks for your continued posting, Israel; whatever we finally think, yours are contributions that enrich understanding and promote careful thought. Censorship by privately owned media monopoly is no more than a way to engage in legally protected deplatforming, a capitalist mutation of totalitarianism.

  108. OT Check this out Trump fans. Wally. This is the guy our hero wants for attorney general.

    William Barr’s Connection to Ruby Ridge, Defending FBI Snipers
    Trump’s AG pick was top cop during the federal siege and killing of Randy Weaver’s wife and son.

    Bolton. Pompeo. Haley. Pence. Haspel. Mnuchin……………………………..
    Can we just get 1 guy that isn’t a psychopathic criminal that wants to destroy America? Why isn’t our hero hiring some folks like PCR or Giraldi, lots of good folks out there but we get serial killers from the darkest depths of the swamp. Trust the plan goyims! Yall think that Cortez girl is awful?

    Not good!

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @cassandra
  109. Ace says:
    @jacques sheete

    At this juncture, I’d settle for “occasionally aware of the interests of the majority population.” Radical that I am. The odor of decay is in the air.

  110. Skeptikal says:

    The reasons people don’t use FB are a result of the general complaints about it.
    As for getting fired for posts/tweets, that has no bearing on anything I posted here. You must be thinking and winking about someone else.

  111. Ace says:

    Caitlin Johnstone wrote a good piece on the too-close relationship between the information utilities and government. The have no basis for arguing that they’re private when they are like lips and teeth with the government to coin a phrase. They should be regulated like public utilities and any messing with content must merit huge fines. Those scumbags.

    It’s an outrageous situation, like free-roaming Antifa filth, but the elites want it this way so that’s it.

  112. Ace says:
    @The Cleaner

    People are waking up to the realities of Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians. Muslims treat non-Muslims like dirt (except in Syria) so my sympathy for Muslims anywhere is nonexistent. However, the “biblical” claims to the “Holy Land” are ridiculous and we’re decades past the Technicolor wonders of “Exodus” and the happy, civilized Jews finally able to make the desert bloom. They did but who doesn’t understand that Israel is a vicious, dishonest, aggressive entity that’s a threat to life and limb in Syria, Iran, and Lebanon at a minimum. Israel is a militarized society and always will be. It no more belongs in the Middle East than one’s nose belongs on one’s elbow. They made a gigantic strategic mistake in choosing that particular part of the world to land on and the methods they used are now too well known. Days are numbered . . . .

    Israel’s no big deal any more and it never was a friend of the U.S. It’s just another country that chose to live by the sword and you can smell the panic as the neighbors arm themselves with ever more capable weapons. Dominance is nor more.

  113. m___ says:

    AI, alias “artificial intelligence”. The disappearence of the middle class is mostly a good thing. It is glue that holds the elites in place. They impede any change. Inertia incorporated.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  114. L.K says:


    But it is ironic that you mention “American Renaissance”.

    It’s been a few years since I last visited it, but back when I did, the one GROUP you could NOT criticize, even if one did so politely and factually, was the Jews.

    Posts containing criticism of Jewish power and influence did not get published or were quickly removed .

    • Replies: @republic
    , @anarchyst
  115. Biff says:

    try working around a ban by VISA and MasterCard; those vermin can simply refuse to process transactions – they already do.

    Electronic bank transfers.

  116. @m___

    Oh, that AI. It’s artificial all right, but hardly intelligence, except in a very narrow sense, like chess playing. Just shows that chess playing skill is not really intelligence (like we didn’t know it already).

    The middle class was a stabilizing factor for capitalist society created exclusively out of fear of communism. The fear is gone, so middle class will have to go, as it’s too expensive for the mega-thieves (elites, as you call them). Its disappearance destabilizes society, but the elites are extremely shortsighted, blinded by greed. They won’t come to their senses even when they are hung on lampposts. Which they will. Good riddance, too. But the turmoil that will culminate in that won’t be pretty.

  117. MaryLS says:

    Reddit is another one. I seem to have been banned from posting on several of their discussion boards. On one, I am banned for 99 years — now that should fix me. For me,the irony is that I simply expressed my opinion on several issues — no links to porn, racist sites, white nationalism, etc. I also am always careful to be polite. I do not even use any of the nasty epithets favored by the adolescents who seem ubiquitous on the site. I believe that my transgression was expressing conservative views. Well, my strategy is to wait out the 99 years and then to really give them a piece of my mind.

    • Replies: @republic
  118. @Miggle

    This is something the insanely stupid asshole libertarians on here cannot understand because their brains are too tiny:

    A dictatorship of the proletariat would not have to be democratic at all to be vastly more democratic than anything the USA has ever seen.

  119. @Miggle

    You have a child-like understanding of what Marxism has evolved into. It’s not the philosophy it intended to be. It has morphed. Your distilled ideology is without merit. Look at the real world!

    As far as starting such websites it takes a lot of money. I wrote code for websites for years which is none of your business. I do not have the money There are lot naive people who write responses to these posts and that’s fine. However, unless something like this happens you won’t be posting anywhere in the future. The next area to go will be the free websites provided by Google and WordPress such as Voxday. They will come for all of them because the Marxist Left Mob will attack everything and they will not be stopped.

    Things will not get better; they will only get worse. A few years ago no one thought it would get this crazy. Well you have no idea just how crazy …..crazy can get.

    • Disagree: atlantis_dweller
    • Replies: @Miggle
  120. Pft says:

    Look into Line. Popular in Asia. Kind of a mix between FB and Facetime

  121. Pft says:

    I only used it to comment on some sports blogs that required it. Set up a fake account until I got banned for some reason or another. Havent bothered since. My wife is an addict though. Almost needed ER care when she got suspended temporarily for too much activity .

    Never understood those who rely on it for links to news. Of course even googles search is censored and many blogs are self censoring so alt media is terminally ill. Might need to go back to underground magazines .

  122. @Kratoklastes

    Yes I am familiar with what you are talking about. I’ve written a lot stuff in a variety languages. The P2P DNS was The Pirate Bay’s baby but they abandoned it. Your answer:

    “Their existence, and its absolute antipathy to human progress, requires that I advocate their genocide. It has got past the point where they are simply ‘sand in the gears’ – they are now in the process of eating our seed corn.”

    I don’t think this will occur till it’s too late. Just look at Europe. America is no different. There are number of ways to slowly take them down. But if you want to win you must get a hold on the financial pathways. There are couple of ways this can be done but I won’t talk about them here.

    There is also numerous ways of attacking them using a variety of one time only attacks where the actor goes dark and disappears. The reasons the intelligence agencies are able to track these people is because they don’t disappear and or brag about their exploits. I know military hackers who play games all night testing each others government installations. What they fear most is the one time attack and the guy immediately goes dark and never shows that again. They are almost never able to get them.

    There are ways around some of these problems you have mentioned including many people are already talking about. Whether they will work out only time will tell. But it’s not SJW’s you need to worry about. It’s the actual institutions that they will be running because they will be put in charge due to their minority or magic status.

    • Replies: @m___
  123. Seraphim says:

    Isn’t a bit laughable that the ‘Oumuamua’ hoax’s proponents were ‘Professors Abraham Loeb and Shmuel Bialy’? That when skepticism was expressed Professor Loeb retorted that ‘he did not care what people said, commenting that: “Science isn’t like politics, it is not based on popularity polls”.
    And you know what? I never use the Suckerman’s Facebook. His face is enough to keep me out. Everyone should close their accounts with F… Unfortunately there are too many suckers in this world.

  124. Miggle says:
    @jacques sheete

    And lapsing into typical American sheeple fanaticism concerning Marxism makes you, too, (trying to use a mild word) unimpressive.

    You display for us the wrigglings of another indoctrinated brain, contentless apart from the typical American capitalist indoctrination. (You see, being a WASP I can sting if I want to, but I need to save my venom for the Christian Zionists.)

    You quote a letter from Marx that I didn’t know about. Thanks for that. But why didn’t you notice in those words the meek and mild Marx, with a joke thrown in?

    Karl Popper. a giant among philosophers, devotes most of his large book The Open Society And Its Enemies to Marx. I don’t mean he is devoted to Marx, but that Marx and Marxism is the subject he analyses over several hundred pages. You would no doubt consider Karl Popper a clueless nincompoop relative to yourself. Or a troll, like me. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with you.

    I confess to not having studied those hundreds of pages in great detail. I’ll confine myself to a few lines from the first chapter of the section Marx’s Ethics. The parentheses re Kierkegaard are in the original.

    But although Marx was strongly opposed to Utopian technology as well as any attempt at a moral justification of socialist aims, his writings contained, by implication, an ethical theory. … Marx did not combat wealth, nor did he praise poverty. He hated capitalism, not for its accumulation of wealth, but for its oligarchical character; he hated it because in this system wealth means political power in the sense of power over other men. … Marx hated the system because it resembled slavery.

    … Thus, by implication, he admitted his love for freedom; … Marx’s faith, I believe, was fundamentally a faith in the open society.

    Marx’s attitude towards Christianity is closely connected … (His attitude was not unlike that of his contemporary Kierkegaard, the great reformer of Christian ethics, who exposed the official Christian morality of his day as anti-Christian and anti-humanitarian hypocrisy.) …

    [Much more.]

    I might add to that an account of the grief and heartbreak of Rosa Luxemburg, a Marxist revolutionary, on learning in prison that Lenin, following the success of the Russian Revolution, did not call elections, but I need to stop.

  125. Anonymous [AKA "Antineocon"] says: • Website

    What this writer forgets to mention is that Jews control mainstream media in the US, and the same goes for Google and Facebook.

    Censorship and propaganda is a Jewish affair, you people have a problem.

  126. yurivku says:

    What news sources do Russians use for non official Russian viewpoints?

    Internet. ( ) and some more, livejournals ( …)

    Russian MSM is full of prov-govt propaganda, but actually not that shitty as Western MSM sources currently are.

  127. yurivku says:

    What is VK?

    VK = v kontakte (means be in a contact)

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  128. Miggle says:

    You have a child-like understanding of what Marxism has evolved into. It’s not the philosophy it intended to be. It has morphed. Your distilled ideology is without merit. Look at the real world!

    Even if I’m a child I have a better understanding than you.

    Marxism cannot evolve or it wouldn’t be Marxism, but simply a new political mindset, a new ideology.

    American capitalist propaganda has demonized Marxism so well that in the brains of the sheeple the word Marxist has become an adjective meaning demonic. So, when they want to express hatred of anything it’s called Marxist. Recently same-sex “marriage” has been promoted by Marxists, so they say. So they who want to express their disgust with it in a silly way say.

    And you call it the evolution of Marxism. You have a mouse-like understanding.

    • Replies: @niteranger
  129. republic says:

    real free speech is found on 4chan/pol

  130. Vojkan says:

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are private companies. They are entitled to do whatever they want with their sites. I’ve had accounts on the first two, never on the third whose customers inspire me nothing but contempt. The moment they censored me for expressing politically incorrect opinions, I closed my accounts. Moreover, my mood has drastically improved since they’re no longer part of my life.

  131. hates when men and women have wholesome sexual relations. This is taboo for them. Men are supposed to abuse women. Women are supposed to complain #MeToo style. Alternatively, men may lust after men, and women after women. They actually ban normal relations between the sexes.

    The State (and who controls its levers) and family are two competing institutions. This is what the State (who controls its levers) is aware of, but people who would form families aren’t.

    Also, as every primate study betokens, primate/human nature is against family too.

    It’s like when wedges full of enmity were driven between “owners” and “workers”, with “whites” and “minorities” and men and women. Same devices, same purposes.. Same, it should be said, success. Envy is the emotion to rely on to have bulks of people unknowingly work for you. Rouse their envy and vanity, and spoon-feed them all the lies they thirst for, craftily mixed with the lies you need. They’ll gulp the whole thing down, relieved from reality.

    The bans came to you due to a moderator decision, but some “of the people” reported you first.
    Anything that is not envy-appeasing vanity-supporting hypocritical twaddle will get the “people” you so much like offended and primed to attack (which they see as defence, without knowing it’s defence from truth that they thirst for).

    So? So all is as it should be. Indirectly, and unconsciously, the elite are chosen by the people.
    They are those most able to provide the people with what they most thirst for (without knowing it, because a thirst of theirs is to be ignorant of their thirsts). The elite are the genuine mirror reflection of the people

  132. @Vojkan

    I felt the same after quitting Facebook. I never bothered with Instagram. And yesterday I made a vKontatke. You guys are welcome to add me on there:

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  133. Che Guava says:
    @jacques sheete

    Sure Jaques, feel free, you know I also appreciate your posts most of the time.

    It was just a wandering thought expressed in English, but I suppose it may have a certain rhythm.


  134. yurivku says:

    You’re welcome. In Russia VK is mainly populated by youngsters , as a main online messanger they use Telegram (could by found on Google Play Marker or Apple shop).

    Both are products of Pavel Durov who’s currently (few years ago) moved to London, so they aren’t actually Russian -).

  135. republic says:

    site which shows which sites are blocked in China

    Chinese government does not currently block

    the following sites from Shanghai


  136. Che Guava says:

    The Cloudflare DDoS protection is currently going into an endless loop, may be browser-dependent, but having tried with three, it appears to be a server-side (Cloudflare) problem.

  137. Che Guava says:

    ‘Drastic’ is a word with a negative connotation. You probably won’t like hearing it, but ‘dramatically’ and ‘markedly’ are far better word choices.

    So, you start by statting how you believe in the rights of the mega-corpses to do whatever they want as privately, or private-stock-owned businesses. From my reading of U.S.A. history, that never applied to radio and television.

    More fool you for supporting their garbage after having left in disgust.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  138. Vojkan says:
    @Che Guava

    I use the Internet since long enough to remember Altavista. Having to move to Google from Altavista felt like having to move from a Ferrari F430 to a Fiat Panda.

  139. Vojkan says:

    The Russians inspire sympathy because they’re seen as counterweight to American hubris. Their record with regards to free speech is nonetheless equivocal at best and I don’t look forward to Russia overtaking the USA as world power n°1. I’d prefer a fully multipolar world and decentralised social networks under citizens’ rather than under any state or corporation’s control.

    • Replies: @gmachine1729
  140. MaryLS says:

    In theory they are entitled to do what they want, but when a private company has a monopoly and such a huge impact on the flow of public discourse, some constraints are warranted. These companies are currently abusing their power. Legislation is needed to ensure they are not violating citizen’s rights. Putting some limits on the entitlements of capitalists is not a new thing — indeed, it us a necessary thing if capitalism is to survive.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  141. Vojkan says:
    @Che Guava

    Maybe ‘drastic’ is a poor choice of word. I cannot force people to have the same opinion of FB or Twitter as I have but to me, suing social networks because they ban people whose opinions they don’t like is the same as suing the bakers who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. As I am fully supportive of the latter, I cannot be a hypocrite and support their right to refuse to serve people who spit on their beliefs while condemning FB or Twitter for banning people who go against theirs.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  142. Agent76 says:

    Sep 29, 2018 Facebook & the New Face of Regime Change

    Facebook and the National Endowment for Democracy have agreed to stop the spread of what the United States government and its corporate media denounce as misinformation, that is to say information in conflict with the establishment narrative.

  143. @Vojkan

    There is no such thing as real free speech. There will always be people in political power who you cannot really afford to piss off. But I do think Russian culture (at least what I’ve seen of it) is much better than the garbage one gets in America. One can start from the music.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  144. Vojkan says:

    Who’s going to pass the legislation? Social network giants, the big corporations, the MSM, the politicians are all in bed together. Without a decentralised citizen based alternative, nothing will change. And you can’t save people against their will.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  145. Rurik says:

    Can we just get 1 guy that isn’t a psychopathic criminal that wants to destroy America? Why isn’t our hero hiring some folks like PCR or Giraldi,

    he’s no hero, but I suspect the main thing motivating the members of congress (and the intelligence agencies and lugenpresse and thousands upon thousands of assorted apparatchiks),

    is the fanatical desire not to be exposed as the treasonous criminals we all know they are.

    And so they pick Mueller to head the fake ‘Russian investigation’, because Mueller was the head of the FBI during the non-investigation of 9/11, and so they all know he’s as guilty as they come. And therefor perfectly suited to stand as a gatekeeper to keep the rest of them safe by riding herd on the Trump administration.

    And that’s how the whole rotten swamp functions, including Donald Trump. Who swims in the swamp enough to know that appointing someone like PCR is a non-starter. In fact, we all know they’d never confirm such an appointment, because they themselves do not want to end up in jail.

    At least with his guys appointment maybe they’ll at least actually investigate the serial crimes of the Obama administration’s/ Hillary’s corruption/treason.

    Or the death of Seth Rich, or something of consequence. But I do doubt it.

    Also, not to diminish Mr. Shamir’s outstanding article, but he has on occasion censored my comments to his articles, I suspect when he deems them a little too “anti-Semitic”. 😉


    Regarding Ruby Ridge..

    This is Vicky Weaver right after her fourteen year old son Sam was murdered by a federal marshal’s bullet to his back.

    I’ve heard this photo poignantly described as the American Pietà.

    (she was subsequently shot dead by a federal sniper while holding her newborn baby in her arms).

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @republic
  146. Vojkan says:

    I agree. I too consider Russian culture far superior to American. The thing is that even in Russia, there are far more people who worship Lady Gaga than there are people who love Rachmaninov, and there are far more people who think that the Fifty Shades of Cr*p series is great literature while Dostoevsky and Tolstoy are dull because they are way too high above their intellectual abilities.
    You just can’t ask from people who struggle to make ends meet to have philosophical or musical expertise. Too much of their time is devoted to surviving and too little is left for culture.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  147. anarchyst says:

    Yes, I am proud to say that I have been permanently banned from American Renaissance for bringing up the Jewish Question.
    I have attempted to contact American Renaissance many times, but have never received the courtesy of a response.
    It’s their loss…
    I have noticed that American Renaissance is allowing some comments discussing the Jewish Question.

  148. @Stephen Paul Foster

    It wasn’t just F.D.R. ‘helping’ the S.U.?

    “ His book tells at least part of the story of the Soviet Union’s reliance on Western technology, including the infamous Kama River truck plant, which was built by the Pullman-Swindell company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a subsidiary of M. W. Kellogg Co. Prof. Pipes remarks that the bulk of the Soviet merchant marine, the largest in the world, was built in foreign shipyards. He even tells the story (related in greater detail in this book) of the Bryant Chucking Grinder Company of Springfield, Vermont, which sold the Soviet Union the ball-bearing machines that alone made possible the targeting mechanism of Soviet MIRV’ed ballistic missiles. “

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  149. republic says:

    Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi, was the name of the FBI “heroic” sniper.

  150. @Vojkan

    Of course, an average Joe (or an average Ivan) has neither time nor inclination to familiarize himself with high-level culture. In the USSR kids were made to read some good literature in school, but I don’t know whether this is still the case after “reforms”.

    In terms of scope, quality, and the number of top achievements only English-language culture can compare to Russian. Spanish-, French-, and German-language cultures do not even come close. German (Bach, Teleman, Mozart, Beethoven, and many other great composers) and Italian (Vivaldi, Albinoni, and many others) music probably has more top-notch composers than Russian music, but in literature those cultures are far behind.

    English-language is not all British. There is American culture worth the name. Say, Faulkner was a great writer, but very few Americans ever read him (my bet is that greater fraction of Russians read him than Americans).

    The key difference is that in Russia a professional who is not familiar with high literature, music, opera, etc., would be viewed as a freak. For those that are good only within the confines of their profession there is a Russian term, “professional cretin”, which is derogative. In contrast, in the US you can have a good scientist, engineer, or physician who never read or heard anything beyond baseball scores, and this is considered normal.

  151. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Russia threatens Facebook and Twitter and could block them in Russia .

  152. cassandra says:

    Here’s another article on Barr, by Larry Chin, at Chossudovsky’s website:

    Kavanaugh may have ties to the Clintons, but Barr’s career goes much deeper. We have a new movie: The CIA Does Justice. I’d love to know who’s picking these guys, and researching their bios for Trump. He makes every pick look like he’s trying to shoot himself in the foot.

  153. vojkan says:

    Are you serious regarding French culture? I’ll spare you the Middle Age but since the 16th century: Montaigne, Corneille, Racine, Molière, Voltaire, Rousseau, Châteaubriand, Balzac, Flaubert, Maupassant, Claudel, Céline, Bernanos etc. The only other country with a literature as rich as the French is Russia. The Anglo-Saxon world comes nowhere near. Regarding music, just Saint-Saëns and Debussy are worth any Anglo-Saxon composer. Debussy also happens to be a favourite of Sviatoslav Richter’s, and I think the opinion of the greatest 20th century pianist isn’t just some casual fancy. True, in terms of popular culture, the Anglo-Saxon world is unmatched. But culture isn’t only about music and literature. There’s also painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre. That is not to say that American culture is worthless. There are indeed great American writers and I listen to jazz almost as much as I listen to classical music. But to deem American culture superior to French, German or Italian and equal to Russian, sorry no.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @utu
  154. Ever since the invention of radio and TV, our ruling overlords have been able to beam their propaganda into each house or car directly. Those listening have no way of knowing the truth of what they are being told, no way to know how other people are reacting, no way of sharing rebuttals or opinions about the propaganda with other people.

    Until social media, that is. Now we can share our knowledge, our skepticism, our opinions and our jokes with other people, around the country and around the world. We can hear news from our friends in other countries that is banned from our imperial media.

    I think that our rulers created social media as a way of monitoring our reactions to their propaganda, in order to refine the ”message” and check to see if people were falling for it. They didn’t expect us to seize upon this method of horizontal communication to share news and views with each other.

    This is NOT Mark Zuckerberg. This all started during the 2016 election, when our overlords realized that they were losing control, due to people resisting the top-down information, and finding others who also resisted. We communicated without the spin of the talking heads, and our rulers became alarmed.

    At first, Zuckerberg blew them off, and scoffed at the idea that Facebook ads could have swung a \$2 billion election (the same as the more intelligent people in America did). But they put extreme pressure on him and on Facebook, culminating with hauling his ass before Congress to be lectured about the importance of limiting free speech (branded by the propagandists as ”fake news”).

    He succumbed, as did Twitter, YouTube and Google, and the censorship started two years ago, and is ramping up now.

    I have been banned 3 times by Facebook. Twice for sharing a picture of Nazis in Ukraine, flying a NATO flag along with their nazi flag. Once for supporting free speech, even for nazis, and pointing out that our government has been fasicist since Allen Dulles set up the Ratline and the CIA, and then blew off the head of the president in the middle of the day, in the town square.

    We are allowed to endlessly claim that Trump will someday bring fascism, but we are not allowed to point out that we already have a corporate controlled police state, with storm troopers kicking down doors and shooting dogs and people, with Big Brother monitoring our every communication, with thugs with badges allowed to grope travelers with impunity, including children and elders.
    We are also not allowed to say something as obvious as ”Women don’t have penises”. That is now called Hate Speech, and can get you banned from every social media space there is.

    In 1984, Winston lost when he was forced to look at four fingers and say that he saw five fingers. What the hell is this, where we have to look at a man in a dress and say we see a woman? Is there anything more Big Brotherish than this decree?

  155. Skeptikal says:

    Hmm , well I guess we need a citizens referendum!

  156. Alden says:

    Miggle , whatever Marx and Lenin wrote in 1860 1880 or 1910 in America Marxism Leninism and Trotskism has degenerated into men using women’s public bathrooms and liberal
    Parents demanding Drs inject male hormones into their 9 year old daughters and female hormones into their 10 year old sons in hope of the child changing sex.

    However wonderful you think Marxism is, the reality is that it’s morphed into weirdness pornography and general degeneracy. Another thing, in America Marxism and the CPUSA was and is a hostile immigrant Russian Jewish entity. The majority of American Christians of various European ethnicity plus blacks just did not accept a philosophy economic system whatever promulgated by a few thousand Yiddish and Russian speaking foreign immigrants.
    Marxism in America is still Jewish, pro pornography pro criminal pro transgender and whatever weirdness the marxists can come up with to keep them selves in the spotlight.

    Whatever the benefits and wonders of Marxist philosophy economics whatever, it was never accepted in America because very few Americans were involved in it.

    • Replies: @Miggle
  157. Rurik says:

    In 1984, Winston lost when he was forced to look at four fingers and say that he saw five fingers. What the hell is this, where we have to look at a man in a dress and say we see a woman? Is there anything more Big Brotherish than this decree?

    nicely put

    As they pathologize everything that’s normal and healthy – as wicked and vile, and exalt everything that’s depraved and degenerate – as holy and sacrosanct, the rest of us are walking around thunderstruck that the world has gone literally insane.

    We need to end the Fed, and take back control of our destinies. The Yellow Vests of France, the Brexiteers of England, the Deplorables of America..

    .. must figure out a way to end the Fed. Or the world will simply continue to reflect the values of those who can hit a few keys on their computer and create a few trillion dollars when ever it suits (((them))), in order to foist their agenda upon the rest of us.

    Which is why we have Eternal Wars for Israel, while the West commits collective suicide.

    ‘Such a deal ! ‘

  158. Alden says:

    You could waste a stamp writing a letter or submitting an online complaint to the local ACLU that the library violates the 1st amendment. Send a copy to the board of trustees, CEO president etc of the county library. It’s worth a try.

    Certified letters addressed to the library trustees CEO whatever are best. This ensures the letter will be at least read. Online complaints are read by flunkies who will ignore the complaint

    Cute various 1st amendment cases. Wikipedia has a long list. Read the cases and cite the most outrageous. Wikipedia has an article The Law and Obscenity.

    To make the letter look legal; it should be just one page cite the 1st amendment cases on that page. Explain the 1st amendment cases on following pages. Wikipedia actually gives the names of the cases. If you can find the cases online you can read the complaints and paraphrase then in your complaint to the directors trustees president of the library. Last I looked, Los Angeles Marin and San Mateo counties ca had Amren vdare and others although that might have changed.

    Have fun

    • Agree: wayfarer
    • Replies: @republic
  159. @vojkan

    I am not talking about American culture alone, but the sum total of English-language culture. In fact, the contribution of the US to English-language culture is way lower than one would expect: quality-wise Irish Joyce is about equal to American Faulkner, and neither country produced anyone comparable to them, even though the US has much greater population. British Shakespeare and Dickens are in the top tier of writers, while British population is nowhere near American (then again, British culture existed centuries before English-speaking people journeyed to America).

    I can compare music, as it speaks universal language, so I might underestimate French, Spanish, and German literature, which I can only read in translation, in contrast to English and Russian, where I can read the originals. BTW, now that I can compare with the originals, I know that the translations of English literature in the USSR were of superb quality, which cannot be said of post-Soviet translations.

    My impressions of Balzac or Zola (in translation) are that they are equivalent to Turgenev, who is a second-tier writer in Russian literature (still very good, most cultures do not have anyone equal to him). I enjoyed reading Montaigne and Molière, but I won’t place them at the level of Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky. I enjoy listening to Saint-Saëns and Debussy, but from my perspective German (including Austrian Mozart) and Italian composers produced a lot more really great music. Naturally, I am subjective. I am particularly fond of Baroque music, where Germans and Italians excelled: it is incredibly harmonious and optimistic, it sounds like the composers were sure that the Creation is great and the Creator is benign, whereas later composers (including Russians) clearly had their doubts.

    Overall, I agree that the US is culturally much poorer than large European countries. I guess the worship of money is incompatible with culture.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  160. Alden says:
    @Reuben Kaspate

    She’s not a tramp. She’s a Harvard grad and a physician. Maybe the women you know are all sluts and skanks who wear make up and short skirts. Reading your posts, one would think your only interaction with women is hiring street prostitutes or looking at porn DVDs

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  161. Alden says:

    More and more serious adults aren’t using Facebook. It’s turning into a chat room for welfare moms and kids. It might soon go the way of MySpace.

  162. @Miggle

    You are wrong! All ideologies evolve. Get a life.

  163. Titus says:
    @israel shamir

    That would be impossible since Christ called Jews children of the devil, told them they were no longer God’s chosen people, brought severe judgment upon them resulting in near total genocide, and declared them to be the enemies of God and man.

  164. Skeptikal says:
    @james charles

    Hmm , well I guess we need a citizens referendum!

  165. republic says:

    The key difference is that in Russia a professional who is not familiar with high literature, music, opera, etc., would be viewed as a freak. For those that are good only within the confines of their profession there is a Russian term, “professional cretin”, which is derogative. In contrast, in the US you can have a good scientist, engineer, or physician who never read or heard anything beyond baseball scores, and this is considered normal.

    I agree with that assessment.

    American professionals are very specialized and have few outside interests.

  166. republic says:

    I very rarely go to libraries,maybe once every 6 months. For some reason I don’t like the atmosphere. Maybe because librarians are leftists and push multiculturalism and the use of Spanish.

    Many libraries now are essentially big internet cafes, many actually throw out books in order to have more computer space!

    There use to be controls on loud talking and the use of cell phones, now talking on cell phones is common in libraries.

    There use to be common cultural standards, but the rapid decline of the white population has caused a big decrease in civility.

    Many minorities treat public space as if it was their own private space and disregard the rights of others.

  167. utu says:

    “The only other country with a literature as rich as the French is Russia. The Anglo-Saxon world comes nowhere near. ”

    French and English literature are comparable and basically they are self-sufficient. Russian literature does not come close though its greatness is undeniable.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Vojkan
  168. @utu

    There is no writer in English literature who can compare with Tolstoy or Gogol and no poet who can compare with Pushkin. In addition, both English and Russian literatures have a strong and rich second and third tier of writers and poets.

  169. Vojkan says:

    In my opinion too, no writer in the world comes anywhere close to Tolstoy, Dostoevsky… or Gogol. That said, Balzac is a little above Turgenev whom I find a lil’ boring like Zola, who you’ll notice I didn’t list as one of the French greats. I love Shakespeare, almost as much as Dostoevsky, but much more than Dickens. The problem is always that a lot gets lost in translation. Shakespeare in French or Racine and Corneille in English lose a lot because though you can translate the ideas, you cannot translate the beauty of language. Paradoxically, although I love Dostoevsky the most, I think his concepts are easier to convey in other languages.
    As for music, no one can and I believe no one will ever equal the German. It may have to do with the fact that German being a synthetic language, harmonies come to the German speaking more naturally than to people with a more analytical language like the English speaking. But that can be a subject of a long debate.

    • Replies: @Nonny
  170. Vojkan says:

    Being an assiduous reader with French as a second mother tongue, a sufficient knowledge of English to do without a dictionary, an insufficient knowledge of Spanish and Italian making the use of a dictionary mandatory, and with Serbian as my first mother tongue, I have had the privilege to get acquainted with literary works in several languages and as much as I consider the German to be the greatest with regards to classical music, I also consider the Russian to be the greatest with regards to literature, the Latin American coming a close second, so I beg to disagree with your statement and I am quite confident that I am not alone in that opinion.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  171. @Alden

    I smell MSG, i.e. a chinaman defending a Chinese woman… since she is a Harvard trained physician, she would make clearly a better spy for the yellow kingdom. They know how to find a fool…

  172. @israel shamir

    What about the claims of upending Christianity from within by gaining seats of power by children of conversos to this day, Israel? Any truth in it?

  173. @AnonFromTN

    I actually first knew of Lenin and Gorky in Chinese before I knew of them in English. Because I went through the first and second grade primary school Chinese language arts books summer after third grade. I had such a strong impression of the song “Moscow Suburban Nights” which I must have heard much before age 6 in China. Such that I asked my mom about that song after I moved to the US, including whether or not it’s popular in America, when I did not know what the Cold War war. My first learning of the Cold War was reading the English “What an Xth Grader Needs to Know” written by some Jew and I still remember vaguely how Stalin was portrayed in it. Something along the lines of “America was hesitant to ally with a guy who killed millions of his own people.”

    English language culture surely has stronger international influence than Russian, much a legacy of British Empire and of course also America. And Chinese culture has quite minimal influence internationally, because it’s so different linguistically and culturally, despite being so rich. After actually reading and appreciating Chinese poems, poetry in English basically feels like shit. I don’t read any English poetry anymore and I don’t listen to English music anymore either, much because it’s, uh, kinda shitty and tasteless in comparison. So China will have some trouble extending its political influence internationally that has to be compensated by extra in terms of hard power.

    The key difference is that in Russia a professional who is not familiar with high literature, music, opera, etc., would be viewed as a freak. For those that are good only within the confines of their profession there is a Russian term, “professional cretin”, which is derogative. In contrast, in the US you can have a good scientist, engineer, or physician who never read or heard anything beyond baseball scores, and this is considered normal.

    Yeah, especially many people in the “tech” industry. By that, I mean Google, Facebook, etc. The historical and political ignorance of Americans is utterly abominable. I also feel like Russians expect much in terms of mathematical knowledge, they see it as a “being cultured,” not as being a nerd. Even though that stuff is seldom directly useful at work in most contexts, it’s still a strong signal for good taste.

    English language culture especially what I’ve seen in America is quite shitty, especially the political side of it. The thing is since Americans don’t really learn foreign language, they haven’t seen anything else. Many regard this as the norm. So I guess kudos to RT to giving a more accurate story to English language audience. I’ve been pleased that has gotten almost 1000 visits since I created the page on like December 28.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  174. Che Guava says:

    The bakers don’t claim to host an even-handed platform for communication.

    They also pay their own gas, electricity, telephone, etc. bills, tax, and, if not owning the place, rent.

    The Internet behemoths of the U.S.A. *do* claim to provide even-handed platforms for communication.

    They pay minimal tax, and except for their own server farms and connections from there to the wider ‘net, rely on others to pay for *all* of the infrastructure costs (largely paid for by customer’s payments to providers and by taxpayers). … and it gets worse as *you* and *I*, and data on us are their real product. So, you pay for most of their infrastructure, and the mass of data on (or sucked from, in the case of their ‘digital assistants’ etc.) you is their product.

    I was saying that I have acquaintances who will not make contact except through Twit, FB, similar Japanese operations (the latter somewhat less evil in general, but most here, too, are recently mad for FB and Twit). Such people are sold on the line that Goog, twit, FB are essentially public utilities. The companies can’t have it both ways, in law, playing at being both public utilities and at the same time private organisations with more bias and creepiness than, say, the Church of Scientology.

    You really need to read much more on the economics, and what happens to companies trying to provide alternatives, what has happened to Gab in recent months is a good example of the latter.

    I was liking your comment on Alta Vista, for searching in English, Lycos was also fine.

    There has never been a time where there was not a way to avoid Google and find the info. one was looking for (except a few months early last decade).

  175. I figure some people here would be interested in joining the fan club I made on vKontakte for RT producer Michele Greenstein:

    I have also a collection of RT videos featuring her:

  176. @Vojkan

    Thanks for reminding me about Latin American literature. In fact, it is more powerful than Spain has ever produced (Cervantes and Lorca come to mind, but nothing else). Marquez, Llosa, Borges, and quite a few others brought it to the fore. I think part of its power and interest is the fusion of high European culture with Amerindian worldview, but the guys were just highly talented writers, which was the key. Similar fusion of Russian high literature with decidedly non-Russian worldview made Chingiz Aitmatov and Fazil Iskander fascinating writers.

    I like Thomas Mann (not Henrik, for sure) and Max Frisch, too, but I can’t read the originals in German, French, or Spanish, so I am judging by translations into Russian and English.
    Music-wise, Germans (in a broad sense) are great, but I wouldn’t place Italians (Vivaldi, Albinoni, Torelli, Corelli, and many others) any lower. Maybe it’s just my love of the baroque music: Germans produced a lot of great stuff later, but Italians did not (except opera, but that’s a different art form).
    Even the most difficult prose can be translated adequately by a talented translator (there are excellent Russian translations of Joyce, and the prose can’t be much harder than that), but poetry gets lost in translation. Russian “translations” of Shakespeare sonnets are essentially new poetry on the same theme (as far as I can tell, having read both the originals and translations).

    Anyway, art appears reluctant to take root in the US, probably because the worship of money is not conducive to art.

  177. Miggle says:

    Marxism in America is still Jewish, pro pornography pro criminal pro transgender and whatever weirdness the marxists can come up with to keep them selves in the spotlight.

    Those things are also called “socially progressive” in Newspeak. To call social subversion “social progress” does not mean the concept of social progress has evolved into that, into social subversion.

    Likewise to call social subversion “Marxism” does not mean Marxism has evolved into that, or evolved in any way.

  178. Nonny says:

    Please explain synthetic and analytical in your sense. English is a synthesis of Saxon and French, I think.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @AnonFromTN
  179. @Nonny

    English emerged as a result of synthesis and bastardization of three languages: Celtic, Saxon, and French. It was further simplified and bastardized in the US, which made it perfect as an international language.

  180. m___ says:

    “To stay on the funny side of all of it”

    Encryption and anonymity, on the other side of the problem, transparency and communality. Either end anihilates the other. To use encryption both ends must have a grasp of it, to be anonymous, the ego must be so, to broadcast, the message must be “cheap”, community is built on greed.

    The value of the tool, be it, to be versed into dumb systemics. If less then one percent of the population rules the other end, based on ideas and tools that are a pity, how much peering needs to be done?

  181. Anonymous [AKA "Alouicious"] says:

    Yep… Jewtube, Zuckerbook, even All will ban those who speak the truth. And all are owned by… well, you know.

  182. Anonymous [AKA "Anthony Hawkins"] says:

    Free speech is becoming a luxury of the past. I am happy that I am in my later years as I dread to think of the future; 1984 Orwell … what would he write now ??
    I blame a lot of the problems on the mobile phone; has created the perfect army of zombies. Easily controlled and with little or no desire for adventure, the unknown, real relationships, both good and bad.
    Life is a path of experiences and learning from mistakes, not a predetermined existence of consumerism.

  183. AmRusDebate says: • Website

    Thank you Mr. Shamir for writing here. Thanks to Jews such as yourself, myself, Atzmon, the world does not have the impression that Jews are uniquely left-wing, Anti-White, Anti-Freedom of Speech.

    Thank you for the compliment about French women. They are indeed the least well known of women, regularly subject to stereotypes (emanating from a history of Franco-phobia of the Sceptred Isles) of lasciviousness, and loose morals, while in reality being precisely the opposite – women of character, loyalty and authenticity. As with French parenting, French women are something the rest of the West should attempt to emulate, rather than denigrate.

    When it comes to your defense of Soral, word of advice. As Atzmon’s own experience shows, when he briefly flirted with the Egalite and Reconciliation org, pace Guilleum Duroches’s fawning, and amazingly misleading Unz article, he learned what he was dealing with.

    While I do not support the verdict of the court in sentencing Soral for one year of prison (and anyone knowing France knows that the court system in the country requires a second judgment for prison sentences, in which no doubt Soral will not do a day in prison, and wont even so much as incur a fine) on the basis of his observation about Jews, I think it important to hammer home the point to Unz readers that

    Soral is an Anti-Fascist.

    He is as antifa as one can get.

    He has never defended anyone’s right to free speech, except his own. Insults, calumny, threats, and doxing all included.

    True to his Antifa roots, he only hoots when it’s his ideas that are censored.

    When it comes to other people’s ideas, he punches them into silence, or has his henchmen do so (arabo-africans).

    This is why standing up for his right of free speech, is asking to asking that Antifa stand up for ours.

    Very smart. Very generous of y’all.

    While we can wax about Soral the martyr of excessive left-wing vigilantism of French courts, I suggest Unz readers stick to their guns.

    Soral is a government patsy, running a surveillance operation for the French deep state over the Alt-Right, beating up, shutting up, shutting down any developments in the country that would involve racial attitudes advantageous to French whites, he’s the figurehead of a powerful Arabo-African Islamic lobby in France, with unclear financial means, and his own forms of police and judicial support.

    While the judgment appears excessive (although in French terms it is meaningless) he should, and must be judged for his endless doxing of far right, alt-rigth, and any right of center figures on the French scene, his threats, his punches, his physical menaces.

    For that, he should be doing more than one year.

    I would like to ask a more relevant questions of Unz readers.

    A simian rapper in France, composed lyrics in which he called for the murder of white children in hospitals.

    He has been fined 5000 dollars.

    Where do you people stand on freedom of speech in his case?

    Do you want him to do time?

    Do you consider his lyrics fighting words, crossing the line between speech and action?

    If any of you have actually ever listened to rap, especially of the gangster variety, would you be for censoring the hundreds of other songs that mention “crackers” and “honkies” in a negative context, accumulating year after year in what can by some who love the idea of censorship for thee, but not for me, genocidal anti-white messages?

    Or do you sit back and relax and say – it’s just music. Guys work out to this stuff. They listen to this stuff in gyms, white, black, brown, yellow – they pump muscle to this stuff – nigger this nigger that, fuck the hoes, fuck the bitches, cracker, honky, cops, pigs, etc.

    My point is, this crap is verbal porn – not much more. Is there a difference between it, and say Kill the Boar songs where political organizations chant while their storm-troopers execute farmers?

    I’m honestly asking the question here, I’m not taking out a position.

    My only point is to broaden the debate, beyond “free for me, not for thee”. Soral being a case in point where we can agree with the excessiveness of the ruling ,but not with the noxiousness of the character, nor his platform, bringing to bear the far larger issues of what freedom of speech entails for all of us.

  184. @gmachine1729

    Partly because of a background of Latin at school I could read newspapers with many pauses to work out what was meant but never built on either of the two non English languages where a few more months in the country would have consolidated them as good for conversation or enjoying the nuances of literature. Happily all the members of my extended family still in education have three languages, except for the two who are doing a remarkably good job of learning Chinese though not as quasi mother tongue like some of their cousins with their languages.

    I recall, wistfully, enjoying Alexander Herzen’s diaries “My Past and Thoughts” and remember his tribute to the great Russian writers of the previous century who had given him and his contemporaries their glorious instrument. (I don’t think he paid tribute to Pushkin’s inheritance of Ethiopian genes).

    I wonder if anyone has done a good study of thepossible advantages for literature, or nuance or precision, of languages like Latin in which word order may be used without the constraint that English (and Mandarin) labour under of having to use word order, usually, to identify subject, object and verb. No doubt English’s vast vocabulary, with words of similar but slightly different meaning or usage from several sources, has its advantages and should promote the writing of subtle prose and poetry but it must run into the problem that most people/readers don’t know anything like the number of words available in the English language.

    A further stray thought…. Is English, with its huge vocabulary of subtley different words a particularly dangerous vehicle for con men and verbal tricksters who want to hide behind not-universally-known-but-authentic nuances and differences in connotations?

  185. @gmachine1729

    Telegram is banned in Russia – it’s a Silicon valley operation.

  186. JamesinNM says:

    Breitbart also bans the truth on certain topics, especially on Israel.

  187. @JLK

    There are several other platforms:

    is one.

    The real deal is that Facebook and Twitter get special treatment legally because they pose as neutral forums, like a utility open to all, while escaping the strictures of a utility, such as public management and accountability. They violate the terms of their status by censoring “content”.
    Now I have to find that article again, but Facebook, Twitter, and Google are liable for suit by their active censorship while posing as neutral “social media”.
    It is important not to limit private individuals doing as they wish with what is theirs, but these people are being allowed to play fast and loose with the law.

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