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Autumn in Palestine
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Autumn is beautiful in Palestine: overripe blue-green figs, unpicked pomegranates pecked by birds, heavy grapes turn red. Now is the olive harvest time, and the burghers of Bethlehem and its twin city Beth Jala (everyone owns a plot with olive trees) bring heavy sacks full of green and black olives to the local oil press equipped by the latest Italian machinery. They watch like eagles over their olives from the moment they come to a moving band and until greenish viscous oil pours out from the pipe on the other end. This is a very important time for them: this precious liquid (costing from $8 to $15, depending on the exact origin) is a staple food for the Palestinians.

In the same time, a few hundred yards away, in a fashionable café Bonjour the students of Bethlehem University frolic around big wooden tables and smoke their waterpipes. It is a mixed crowd, relaxed boys and cheerful girls. The girls don flamboyant and coquettish headscarves that frame their pretty smooth faces. These Islam-prescribed scarves do not have to be black and grim. The boys, tall and gracious, sport casual wear of the latest cut. They came from all corners of Palestine, from Jenin in the North to Hebron in the South, and even from the remote Gaza to this hospitable and liberal city. They speak perfect English with foreigners, this new generation that grew in the relative prosperity of recent years.

Meanwhile busloads of tourists and pilgrims proceed into the ancient basilica erected by St Constantine above the cave where the Virgin gave birth to Christ. This still is a Christian city, even more so is Beth Jala, its neighbour. The Christians and Muslims live together, as they did for fourteen hundred years, since Islam came here, a model of cooperation and friendship.

Just a mile away from the Church and the café, Israeli soldiers shoot tear gas grenades at small kids, black smoke of a burning tyre laced with white smoke of tear gas. They already had their kill of a day: a passer-by was frightened by the stray dogs and run away, but they shot him in the back and killed him. An elderly woman in a car was killed, too: the soldiers said she drove too fast and endangered them. Fearless kids of the Aida refugee camp throw stones at soldiers, though a new Israeli law stipulates no less than two years of jail for this offence. There is no punishment for killing kids.

The perfume Bethlehem wears is the scent of tear gas, its music a symphony of gunfire, muezzin’s calls and church bells. But the people pay less attention to this low-volume violence than they did in 2002, when all were mobilised to the struggle.

Some things changed in Bethlehem: bright young things in jolly cafes, SUVs, supermarkets, nascent middle class. Some things remained as they were years ago, that is the church, olives and soldiers. Of them, the Jewish soldiers appear the most anachronistic relic, Herod’s men stuck in the past amidst blossoming modernity. They are out of place and out of time.

It was not so obvious years ago, when all of Palestine was a wonderful relic of old times, with old men riding donkeys, girls fetching jars of water from the spring and boys picking olives. Then, Palestine felt immemorial, unchanged since the days of Christ, a living past. Jewish soldiers were also a part, a cruel part of its past. I loved the backwardness of Palestine, and would wish it remained forever like it was when I first came here fifty years ago.

But the world changed. Palestine woke from its slumber, too. Its cities grew tenfold, industries prospered, a new generation grew up. They travel abroad, study in the US and Russia, visit the Gulf. Instead of a donkey or a battered Peugeot, they go around in new SUVs. And the permanent Israeli siege seems to be out of place, like an interfering supervision of spanking schoolmaster for an adult, or of a prison warden for a free man.

The Israeli army hangs around the city, controlling its exits and entrances, with the enclave of Rachel’s Tomb fully enclosed by walls and blocking the main street and the road to Jerusalem. The enclave is stuck like fishbone in the throat; it is a place of frequent friction, for here the soldiers are actually inside the city. Aida refugee camp lies next to it, adding willing youngsters to the inflammable mixture. However all Palestinians, young and old, rich and poor, are extremely dissatisfied with the present conditions of permanent house arrest.

There is no feeling of general uprising on the Palestinian street, not yet. But nobody I asked was ready to bet whether the present wave of unrest will surge into a new intifada (uprising) or will it die out. Much depends on the Israeli government of Mr Netanyahu, and they do not mind some escalation.

The Jews want a small controlled Palestinian uprising to provide a plausible and visible reason to kill young activists. For them, uprisings and suppressions are like mowing a lawn, something to be done every ten-fifteen years. As a new generation grows up and the horrors of previous suppression are forgotten, that’s the time to jumpstart a new uprising and to kill the active and the best. Only placid and obedient stay-at-home should survive. This scheme worked before, but in the very volatile situation in the Middle East, this may be dangerous. That’s why the signals are mixed.


Real improvements in the Palestinian economy and its integration in the global trade made Palestinians not too keen to try. The last four years were quite good for them. The Palestinians could be envied – in comparison with the neighbours, with the civil war in Syria, with the harsh military dictatorship in Egypt. Palestinians live better, and they are not eager to die. Moreover, there are open and loud voices calling to stop suicide attacks. “Palestine needs you alive, – wrote a Palestinian activist in Ramallah, – Rage. Rebel. Flood the streets and the roadblocks. But don’t die.”

They try a “smart resistance”, in words of Jonathan Cook, a wonderful young British journalist who settled a few years ago in Nazareth, married and ‘gone native’. He is one of the reliable Palestine watchers, not subdued or bribed by the Israelis. We met in a pleasant restaurant in Nazareth; the venue was full – the Palestinians of this Galilean city are doing well on tourism. They opened many small hotels, and seem to be rather content.

They were also under Jewish military rule until 1956, but not anymore. In a way, Nazareth could be a model for Bethlehem and other Palestinian cities. Integration has more attraction than a new partition. Palestinians of Nazareth would not like to become subjects of the PNA (Palestinian National Authority) in Ramallah.

The idea of integration (One State solution) is mooted for years, since I made it public in 2002, but it did not move forward a single inch. This is true about the generally accepted Two State solution, as well. Politically, things do not change at all. For years, there are no negotiations, and it seems nobody believes in their renewal. Violence leads nowhere, and non-violent resistance also brings no fruits. Not in vain, Netanyahu promised there will be no Palestinian state while he is at the helm.

However, it is a mistake to consider him as the only obstacle to peace. Netanyahu is surely awful, but so are other Israeli politicians. He is not worse than the Zionist Left, former Labour now called the Zionist Union. He actually eased many restrictions; there are now much fewer roadblocks than there were during Labour rule; now Palestinians over 50 can travel all over the country without a permit. Young people can get a working permit and work in Jerusalem, earning a bit more money. Labour was and is strictly against integration. They are for separation; for all practical reasons they support Netanyahu. They are more interested in gender agenda, gay rights and women empowerment. Palestinians are of little interest for them.

The Zionist Left is hostile to Bashar Assad and to Russia; they love Tony Blair and Mme Clinton. A left-of-Labour luminary Nitzan Horowitz attacked Putin in terms you’d expect to hear from an American neo-Conservative. Putin is a “macho” (probably the worst word in the gay Zionist lexicon), he is an ex-KGB. “It is the primarily the United States and the U.S.-led Western coalition that is bombing Islamic State targets. Only a small portion of the Russian assaults have been against ISIS targets. By chance? By accident? No. And no. Putin is mainly attacking the moderate pro-Western Syrian opposition groups”, writes Horowitz.

Palestinians do support the Russian offensive in Syria. The students hope Putin will save Palestine, too. They admire this strong man of Russian politics. But Putin is not keen to make Israel an enemy. The Russians do work in Palestine; building culture centres, taking young people to study to Russia. They work with the PNA and with Abu Mazen, the man vilified by the Israelis as the inciter to violence.

Abu Mazen is not a very efficient or a popular ruler. His term of office ran out years ago, but he still sticks to the president’s chair. The Israelis do not allow new elections; it seems he is not very keen on it, either. His grip on his own party, the Fatah, is weak; many Palestinians prefer Hamas, the Palestinian offshoot of the Egyptian Ikhwan, the Muslim brotherhood, who are perceived as honest, clean, non-corrupt and caring for the poor. Abu Mazen and his milieu are neo-liberals; the wealthy grow rich, the poor stay poor. While strong on nationalist rhetoric, they are not concerned with social justice. The talk about poor and rich divide is a taboo in Palestine.

The nationalist agenda is in decay, too. Palestinians are annoyed by Abu Mazen’s declaration that “security cooperation with Israel is a sainted and untouchable tenet”. They consider him weak, inefficient, and – for some – even an Israeli puppet. Netanyahu undermined his position, and now Abu Mazen probably is not able to do much. His diplomatic game in the UN goes on, slowly and rather successfully, but it is not translated to the facts of the ground. “We hate Abu Mazen”, say the bright young people in Bethlehem and the street urchins fighting the soldiers in one voice. The intifada will be not only against Israelis, but against the PNA, as well, people tell me.

The Palestinians need, want and deserve freedom of movement, jobs, decent life, end of discrimination, basic equality with Jews. Their situation pushes some of them, the more desperate ones, into suicide attacks of Jews. They have no weapons, so they use knives. Such attacks usually end with death of the attacker. This mini-intifada of knives, or of el-Aqsa, is still a single-man (or woman) fight. No political movement stands behind this housewife or that kid with a kitchen knife. Remember, that during the Intifada of 2002, Fatah and Hamas supported the rebellion; not so now. Only in the second month of the upheaval, the Palestinians used guns in a few ambush attacks.

Netanyahu tries to push them to insurrection. At first, he sent his bulldozers to uproot millennia-old olive trees off the church land near Cremisan Monastery. The land will be used for a new Jews-only settlement. The Jewish fanatics burned the Church of Loaves and Fishes at the Sea of Galilee shore, and naturally they were not found. The settlers burned alive a Palestinian family – an eight month old baby, his elder brother and parents – in Duma village and they weren’t detained either, though their identity was known to the authorities. The Jewish government permitted to shoot at Palestinian children from Ruger 10/22 sniper rifle and casualties grew, notably a Bethlehem kid Aboud Shadi.


Aunts aren’t gentlemen, wrote P G Wodehouse. Jews aren’t, either. The idea of fair play, or some rules, of sportive behaviour even at war is totally foreign, “goyish”, for Jews. They are after results; for them, the goal always justifies the means. They use ambulances to get close to their targets. A few days ago they came to a Hebron hospital disguised as a Palestinian family accompanying a woman giving birth. While inside, they snatched a wounded man from his bed and shot his relatives dead.

They really do not care for sanctity of hospitals or churches, of children and women. There was a Christian hospital to the South of Bethlehem; the Jews established a fictitious Swedish church to buy the hospital and the land. Afterwards, the “Swedish church” disappeared while the building was transferred to the settlers. The man behind it was the infamous Mr Irving Moskowitz, the US Bingo king, but this thieving deal was approved by the Jewish state.

The Palestinians are too nice to do such nasty things. But in the end, God will not allow injustice to win. Jewish karma will make them pay for their evil deeds. Pity that so many people will suffer until things are settled.

First published in The Unz Review

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel/Palestine 
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  1. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir with all the useful information you have. Yes, we do feel sorry for the Palestinians, of course, but we must not forget that the Judaists are exterminating even more white goyim by flooding our nations with 3rd world aliens, who will are attacking whites one-on-one or through terrorists attacks, such as the one in France on 11/13/15

    Judaists such as Barbara Lerner Spectre, Jew York Times, George Soros, etc. openly promote 3rd world alien invasion into white nations. For example:

    This terrorist attack in France is a very simple case of 3rd world aliens being imported by our politicians on the orders of their Jewish masters–for this exact purpose–to rape, murder and kill whites and to exterminate them, by proxy, through one on one crime or terrorist attacks like this or the London train bombing, etc. The Judaists use B&B on our politicians—bribes and blackmail, to make sure they flood our nations with 3rd world aliens to dilute the white majority for easier Jewish control and to kill whites too. Immigration as weapon for ethnic cleansing of whites.

    At least the Palestinians have some Jewish groups supporting them–such as J-street. We have none!

    And last week, the Judaists thus killed more whites (in France) than Palestinians. Like somebody famous once said, we are all Palestinians.

    And the gullible whites, especially white Christians, think that their assassins, the Judaists, are God’s Chosen People, because they worship Jews-us and believe Jews-us is God, and are therefore willingly putting their head in the noose opened by the Judaists, based mainly on the Jesus myth, even though Jews-us never existed. See:

    White race being exterminated—for a myth.

  2. Mark Green says: • Website

    Thank you, Mr. Shamir, for another nuanced and informative look at the lives of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. I’ve long wondered about what an average day is like for these disenfranchised souls. We hear about the roadblocks. We see the demolished houses, the poverty. This non-Jew can certainly empathize with their sense of powerlessness. Even superpower America, I believe, operates under its own ghostly version of a softer and gentler Israeli occupation.

    There’s a subliminal sense of guilt and hesitation involving Jews that now permeates the very air we breathe. Be careful of what you say.

    Indeed, a case can be made that crypto-Israelis manage our news, create our entertainment, interpret our history, fund our political campaigns and even establish our taboos. It is said that we live in a ‘post-Holocaust’ world. Can you show me a Western political leader who would counter such a claim? None would dare.

    The effectiveness of Jewish teamwork in gaining a dominant hand in Western culture–and then maintaining it–is the stuff of legend. Unfortunately, any rational critique of this phenomena is derided as anti-Semitism. Jews are nothing if not cohesive, dismissive, disarming and gifted.

    But it is heartening to hear that it’s not all completely bleak for these young Palestinians. And I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that Bibi’s regime isn’t totally heartless in its treatment of Israel’s indigenous non-Jews. But their future is obviously bleak. Israel wants the land but not the gene pool. Palestinians are low-achieving tribe of gentiles who will never have a place inside the Jewish state. And even the Two-State idea has been quietly put to sleep. Then again, the Two-State solution was a charade. Negotiations merely bought Israel time. First, the Middle East needed a small makeover.

    The pacification of Egypt and Jordan was Step One. Then came the destruction of Iraq and Libya. But Iran, Syria and ‘Lebanon’ still need fixing. Thus, the Greater Israel project remains very incomplete. Give it time.

    In the meantime, Israeli power in Washington is such that it doesn’t really matter if the Jewish State abides by various provisions in any particular peace agreement or not. The Israelis simply do as they please. US support remains unconditional.

    Meanwhile, Israel wants their indigenous gentiles gone or–like Israel’s ‘black Jews’–forever invisible; a lower caste that’s totally under Israel’s watch and supervision. Palestinians are simply a throwaway, conquered people. This is why no Israeli, on either the Left or right, has any Palestinian friends or even pretends to.

    In the US, Jewish screenwriters commonly depict muscular black actors in bed with lovely young blondes. These Hollywood subversives think nothing of the genetic and cultural consequences of glamorizing black/white sexual interplay. Yet nothing like this EVER happens on TV in Israel. Arabs and Jews do not wed in film or in actual practice in Israel since it’s prohibited. And Israeli media would never advance Arab-Jewish gene-mixing as entertainment. Israeli Jews would riot!

    And so your examination, Mr. Shamir, of the critical, enabling role played by the Israeli Left in this process rings especially true. The Israeli Left mirrors what we see among liberal Jews here in the US. If these compassionate, educated, and refined Jewish peaceniks did not exist, they would either be invented by Likud or an executive producer at HBO.

    Indeed, ‘progressive’ Jews in America have played a pivotal role in not only legitimizing the racist underpinnings of Zionism, but even in prolonging Israel’s cruel, 48-year-long occupation. They’ve managed to put a poignant, earnest and sympathetic face on racial supremacism for decades. How smart is that?

    The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. And they’ve done that, too.

    Leading anti-establishment Zionists like Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, Howard Zinn, the (mostly Jewish) Chicago Seven, Jewish Voice for Peace, etc. are just the tip of the Jewish liberal iceberg that has transformed America in my lifetime and made certain that the American understanding of the Palestinian Question remains forever under Jewish supervision. It’s an absolutely brilliant accomplishment.

    In the geopolitical game of mass deception, the Israelis and their US cousins are without peer.

  3. Thanks for another very informing and nicely-written article, Mr. Shamir.

  4. Odysseus says: • Website

    Can we please get back to the tradition of using editors? An otherwise interesting article, obviously written by an intelligent person with deficient English, is ruined by myriad errors such as the following:

    -He is one of reliable Palestine watchers-

    I think that I know what the author intends with this bit but it is not good enough to “get it”. The sad thing is that now I will probably hear from one of the numerous, intellectually under-fed people of today who think that this kind of thing is fine. They will say “we know what he is getting at so stop nit-picking.” I tell you, we are losing the language and that is part of the problem about which so many of you are complaining.

    This is not intended as an insult to the author. The article is interesting but we all need editors to put things into shape for the final presentation. The truth is that nearly every author on this site makes errors of this sort in their writing. Just a little editing would make a big difference. I realize that it is probably not “in the budget” but I cannot help lamenting this lethal illness in our modern literature and media.

  5. Marais says:

    “Jewish fanatics burned the Church of Loaves and Fishes at the Sea of Galilee shore, and naturally they were not found.”

    “They really do not care for sanctity of hospitals or churches, of children and women.”

    They also don’t care much for the sanctity of law. According to a Yesh Din study of 1000 Palestinian complaints filed 2005-14:

    • 92% closed without indictments;
    • 85% closed without finding perpetrators or evidence;
    • 7% got to court, of which:
    -23% were summarily dismissed;
    -25% ended with guilty verdict but without any penalty or imposition of criminal record;
    -33% ended with full or partial conviction = 2% of all cases.

    Source: Leslie Susser ‘Analysis: Tackling Jewish Terror’ Jerusalem Post 12 Sep 2015

    • Replies: @Art
  6. Rehmat says:

    Israel Shamir should know that Muslims though mass victims of Judeo-Christian Holocausts, are commanded to feel more closer to Christians than Jews. Holy Qur’an says that “Believers would find more friends among Nasara than Yahud as the later will never accept them as believer in one God”.

    Holy Qur’an has dedicated an entire chapter (Surah Mariam) to Saint Mary and her son Jesus. Contrary to that no book of the Bible is named after Jesus or Mary.

    Under Zionist-controlled media, a great majority of Christians don’t know the close bond between Christianity and Islam.

  7. Art says:

    “33% ended with full or partial conviction = 2% of all cases.”

    Well well – 2% of the cases against the Jew where found in the Palestinian favor.

    How proud the Jew must be of this record of magnanimous jurisprudence.

    Of course, his kingness Mufti Netanyahu thinks it should be ZERO.

    p.s. Siting the JPost as a source of honesty is for fools or hasbara operators.

  8. Sherman says:

    I’m glad Mr Shamir is buddies with Jonathan Cook.

    Mr Cook is an interesting fellow. He lives in Israel with his Lebanese – er, excuse me, indigenous Palestinian – wife. He earns a living traveling the globe writing and giving interviews about how brutal and oppressive Israel is.

    What I find amusing is that Cook never notes the irony that if Israel is indeed as brutal as he claims it is how does live in Israel, publish his venom, give anti-Israel interviews to Iranian and Arab media, enter and leave Israel with no problem and is completely free to do whatever he wants to do in Israel.

    I mean, would Iran or any Arab or Muslim country allow such a propagandist to live in their midst?

    BTW, Cook is fifty years old. He hardly qualifies as “young”.

    • Replies: @Robbo
    , @Rehmat
    , @Israel Shamir
  9. Karl says:

    500 years from now, every parking ticket in Ramallah, will be in tri-lingual Hebrew/Aramaic/Coptic

    Everyone in this room knows it.

    “Al-Andalus” disappeared. Just disappeared.

    As will “Palestine”.

    • Replies: @Art
  10. Art says:

    “Al-Andalus” disappeared. Just disappeared.

    As will “Palestine”.

    Only if evil can triumph – the Jew are to bent on force, to twisted, to paranoid, to schizophrenic, and to self consumed to survive.

    Israel will self implode – that is what has always happened to The Jew.

    Long live Palestine!

  11. Robbo says:

    There had to be one……Shermans are everywhere

  12. Rehmat says:

    Did it ever occur to you that Israel Shamir is Jewish by birth while Jonathan Cook is a Christian all the way.

    How ironic that a Jew and a Christian are united against the Zionist entity.

  13. Hugo says:

    I believe that Judaism and it’s associated culture is the world’s most corrosive influence. However, Mr. Shamir needs to be more straightforward about the Palestinians. This article portrays them as angels and they are not. Nor have relations between Muslims and Christians gone as smoothly.

  14. @Sherman

    Dear Mr Sherman,
    nobody is that thoroughly brutal and brutally thorough. Even in Berlin of the Third Reich in 1943 hundreds of Jews lived peacefully, and when deported, their spouses demonstrated and obtained their freedom. If Hitler was not that brutal, nor is Netanyahu.
    I am also a living proof of Jewish humanity, as I am still alive – so I was told.

  15. Israel will bear the punishment they deserve for their evil deeds, as the Palestinians will. It is prophesied that two thirds of Jews will be killed during the Great Tribulation and all of us will stand before God to be judge for our actions here.

    • Replies: @Marais
  16. Les juifs veulent un petit soulèvement palestinien sous contrôle, pour avoir un prétexte plausible et visible afin d’abattre les jeunes militants. Pour eux, les soulèvements suivis de répression sont comme un gazon à tondre régulièrement, une opération à renouveler tous les dix ou quinze ans. Dès qu’une nouvelle génération grandit et que les horreurs des suppressions antérieures commencent à tomber dans l’oubli, c’est le moment de déclencher un nouveau soulèvement, pour moissonner les meilleurs et les plus actifs. Seuls devraient en réchapper les plus placides, ceux qui restent sagement chez eux. Ce schéma fonctionnait autrefois, mais dans la situation très volatile du Proche Orient, cela peut devenir dangereux. Voilà pourquoi on perçoit des signaux brouillés.

    Lire la suite sur

  17. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Jews want a small, controlled Palestinian uprising, to have a visible, plausible pretext to kill the young activists. For them, followed by uprisings of repression are like a lawn to mow regularly, an operation to renew every ten or fifteen years. As soon as a new generation grows up and the horrors of the previous deletions begin to fall into oblivion, it’s time to trigger a new uprising, to harvest the best and most active. Only should escape the more placid, those remaining wisely at home. This scheme worked once, but in the situation very volatile in the Near East, this can become dangerous. That is why we perceive scrambled signals.

    • Replies: @Marais
  18. alexander says:

    To any who care,

    One of the signature concepts intrinsic to Nazi Germany…was “lebensraum” (living space)..the idea was to use military force to take land and property that belonged to the “untermenchen”(sub humans)…in the Slavic states, Poland and Russia.

    Why, if this was the central tenet of Nazism, is it not even given lip service to Israels” land grabbing” in Palestine ?

    Even the most “progressive “websites , like “Mondoweiss” for example,,seem to cuddly -coo Israeli “lebesnraum” by referring to it as “colonialism” recalling , by proxy early american expansion into north america..

    “Not “the central tenet of Nazi Germany.

    Did Sheldon Adelson donate one million dollars to the “Liberal” website to keep”lebensraum” off any “liberal” critical analysis?

    Did “jewish “americans, having spent sixty years studying” in depth “the horrors of Nazi Germany, suddenly forget “en masse” the concept of “lebensraum” ?

    I have seen “no” discussion of it anywhere ?

    Does any one know why that is?

    Please help in this query…thank you .

  19. KA says:

    1 “A Palestinian state will never be established in the heart of the Land of
    2 Bennett: It’s eithSIS would move into any area Israel would vacate in the West Bank, Education Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday as he warned against the creation of a Palestinian state and attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his support of such an idea.

    “Either you will be here, or ISIS,” will be here, Bennett told students at Ariel University, which is located in the Samaria region of the West Bank.

    His statement came as the world continued to reel from Friday night’s terrorist attacks in Paris, in which at least 129 people were killed.

    “A Palestinian state will never be established in the heart of the Land of Israel,” he added, saying, “a state in Samaria is a strategic mistake that must be uprooted.”

    Bennett distinguished the views of his party, which opposes a Palestinian state, from that of the Netanyahu-led government and parties in the opposition.

    “The Likud under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership supports a Palestinian state, as does [Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor] Liberman. [Yesh Atid party head] Yair Lapid supports the Saudi initiative,” Bennett said.

    “They are leading the state of Israel and the world in general astray,” he said.

    Interesting attack on Netanyahu who has already sad that there would be no Palestinian state.
    Is Bennett just posing as more hawkish ,only who can deliver Israel the ever eluding security? It is also the same old play out of the same old cookbook – using the tragedy to further Israeli interests .

    • Replies: @annamaria
  20. Marais says:

    Israel will bear the punishment they deserve for their evil deeds, as the Palestinians will.

    There is no greater conceivable punishment than spending blissful eternity with the likes of Rev. Hagee, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Increase and Cotton Mather.

  21. Marais says:

    Merci pour votre traduction de 17.

  22. annamaria says:

    Still no word about the official Israel’s borders. Is not this convenient?
    Without a pretense for the special victimhood and special “most moral” character, the state of Israel is just another playground for ethnically-inert but ambitious politicians. Nothing undermines Israel’s legitimacy more than the illegal settlers frying Palestinian child alive and the “most moral” IDF’ fighters killing kids playing on a beach (in addition to the habitually practiced torture, sabotage, and provocations agains the colonized population).
    A state of Israel was a beautiful dream that turned into a live monster.

    • Replies: @Avery
  23. Avery says:

    {Still no word about the official Israel’s borders. Is not this convenient?}

    No more inconvenient than the genocidal, Islamist Turks from Uyguristan gobbling up 40% of Christian Cyprus.
    But of course Muslims have the Allah-given right to take somebody else land, but Israelis don’t.
    Right ?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  24. The Jews may control all media,
    Use their Ziobrain Waves to force sweet innocent French-Arab girls to detonate their suicide vests,
    Zionazis have caused every war since WW1, and even forced Potato Eating hicks to execute Jewish children at gunpoint with their propaganda techniques…

    But somehow, their genocide of Palestinians seems more like giving a room full of hamsters fertility treatments.

    The population of Palestinians has grown 8 fold in 50-60 years.

  25. annamaria says:

    Avery, what is your agenda on the Unz Review? My post was in response to a specific topic. Why so much irritation and why the attempt at overriding the topic? You show disappointment when the readers make criticizing remarks about Israel.

    • Replies: @Avery
  26. Avery says:


    My agenda is the same as yours, except for our side.

    You call it irritation: I see it as pointing out the hypocrisy of the denialist Turk poster [KA] who endlessly rags on Israel and the wrongs done to Palestinians, yet denies the genocides committed by Turks against Christians.
    What Israel does and has done to Palestinians, is a pinprick compared to what genocidal Turks did to 4 million Christians between 1915-1923.
    How many Palestians has the State of Israel killed or murdered since its founding ?
    25,000 ? 30,000 ?
    Compare that to about 4 million defenseless civilians, women, children, babies savagely murdered by Turks.
    Am I irritated when a denialist Turk rags on Israel ?
    You bet, and then some.

    I have no problem with readers in general criticizing Israel for its war crimes and land grabs: all true and well deserved criticism.
    My own criticism of Israel’s criminal actions and its psycho leaders is on record

    But when denialist Turks rag on Israel, while their criminal, genocidal, IslamoFascist state occupies 40% of Christian Cyprus, then I am going to override the so-called “topic”.
    When Islamists rag on Israel while at the same time being completely silent about the crimes of Islamists against Christians, and their own Muslim co-religionists, then I am going to override the so-called “topic”.

    And there is no “topic”: we post whatever we want, as long as moderators approve.

    Thanks for asking.

  27. Svigor says:

    Aunts aren’t gentlemen, wrote P G Wodehouse. Jews aren’t, either. The idea of fair play, or some rules, of sportive behaviour even at war is totally foreign, “goyish”, for Jews. They are after results; for them, the goal always justifies the means. They use ambulances to get close to their targets. A few days ago they came to a Hebron hospital disguised as a Palestinian family accompanying a woman giving birth. While inside, they snatched a wounded man from his bed and shot his relatives dead.

    I agree with this, and my impression is that it is largely this Jewish contempt for decency that has infected American leftism with same. But don’t worry, it’s spreading to the right as well, if too slowly.

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