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America Repeats Russian Follies
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Russians are amazed by the waves of madness washing over the United States. The recent riots, looting, destruction of memorials, hardball election politics and rumours of impending civil war do not fit the US image in Russian eyes. A Latin American country, say, Colombia or Guatemala, perhaps, but not the United States. The country they admired so much is no more, they say. They regret it instead of gloating, as you may expect.

Far from feeling hostility, for many years (at least since the early sixties) Russians considered the US a model to follow. Nikita Khrushchev, the powerful ruler (1953-1964) who ditched Stalin and removed his remains from the Mausoleum on the Red Square, was fascinated with the US. He imported US corn (maize) and considered this American staple the key to Soviet prosperity. Those were the days Russia discovered jazz. The brightest young things of Russia aped American fashion, as recalled in the 2008 period piece Stilyagi (The Hipsters). Under Brezhnev’s ‘mature socialism’ this fascination with things American became more sedate, but it remained a strong element of counterculture, and it allowed for the quick surrender of the Soviet Union to the US in the Gorbachev era. Love of America remained a hallmark of Russian elites, but now it has been supplanted with bewilderment. They can’t possibly understand why this great civilization is committing suicide; but then, who does?

Russians perceived the US as a dynamic and orderly society, allowing ample space for individualism, seeding its pop culture and making no ideological demands. This last quality was so attractive to Russians that they enshrined it in their new post-Soviet constitution. Article 13 states: Ideological plurality shall be recognized in the Russian Federation. No ideology may be instituted as a state-sponsored or mandatory ideology. Russians felt so strongly about this because even though their own ruling ideology had decayed and collapsed, they were still required to pay tribute to it for many decades. While writing a dissertation, a scientific or polemic article, the author was supposed to quote Marx, Lenin and a more recent Party document, and stress a continuity of his own ideas with the ideas of the founders. They did not believe it, but they reflexively repeated it by rote because it was expected of them. Ditching these ideological duties had a profoundly liberating effect on the people, and they naturally thought that following all American customs would lead them to American prosperity and freedom.

Even then the new orthodoxy was already forming in the US, but it took a few years until an awareness of this change seeped into Russian minds. By 2010, the Russians were so free of ideological limitations that Westerners could no longer even grasp the shocking possibilities. Russians had become, and remained so until very recently, completely politically incorrect.

At that time it was perfectly acceptable to advertise a flat for rent to ethnic Russians only; natives of Central Asia and Caucasus need not apply. Ads for employment would specify sex, age and height of the desired applicant, like “A female secretary age 21-33 height above 173 cm (5’7 feet) is wanted by a law firm”. A philosopher might present arguments for slavery. Mass murder and ethnic cleansing weren’t beyond the pale to discuss. Africans could be described as ‘monkeys’, while Armenians and Georgians were ‘greaseballs’. In the politically correct Soviet days such terms of endearment were totally unacceptable, but with the fall of the old ideology, everything became permissible.

The very terms “Left” and “Right” have a totally different meaning in Russia and in the US. In Russia, the Left pushes for nationalization, for the expropriation of large enterprises and natural resources, for empowering workers and for raising the living standards of the working class. Its practical slogan is “Reverse Yeltsin’s privatisation, restore the Soviets”. The American Left had similar ideas until it was revamped by Cultural Marxism into a minority cult for hipsters and severed its connection with the workers. The Russian Left is represented by the Communist Party (CPRF), the biggest opposition party in the Parliament, and by a few smaller communist parties. While the American Left is led by Jews, feminists, gays, some token “People of Colour”, and fights discrimination by gender and race, the Russian Left is predominantly ethnic-Russian and fights for a massive redistribution of wealth and power from the oligarchs to the people.

Only in the last ten years have Russians become aware of the new ideology practiced in the US. The demands of America’s version of political correctness were too outlandish for them. ‘Wokism’ is unknown in Russia, except to tiny pockets of Moscow hipsters who are as foreign and strange to the average Russian as the Précieuses ridicules of Molière to his contemporaries. Russian hipsters attract more ridicule and derision than fear and hatred.

However, there never was much for a moderate ‘woke’ person to complain about in Russia.

Traditional feminism was never a problem there: the Soviets practiced equality between men and women. Women could vote from the earliest days of the revolution. There were female ambassadors and ministers, and female railway workers, too. Female managers and CEOs were not unusual, as you can see in this popular movie. Russian women worked just as hard as men, as depicted in The Girls. Russian women once envied the lifestyle of the American housewives of the 1950’s who did not work and instead took care of home and family, but this luxury soon disappeared in the West as well.

No one fought over abortion: Russia is very liberal from this point of view, and was so for many years, at least since 1956. Before the advent of family planning, abortions were extremely frequent; now they are less so, but they are legal and covered by social medicine.


Jews weren’t a problem either, for the majority of Russian Jews had already emigrated to Israel or to America, while those that remained in Russia were the assimilated children of mixed marriages. After that the Russian Jewish Lobby disappeared (if it ever really existed). Jews were equal but not dominating. Russians weren’t indoctrinated in Holocaust dogma, so this was not an issue, either.

There were no racial tensions; Russia had very few blacks, and they were extremely well treated. Famously, a black man imported by the innovator Tsar Peter I had a good career, married the daughter of a nobleman, and his descendant became a great Russian poet. There were slaves in Russia, but they were white. Russian serfs were integrated with the rest of the Russian people after their liberation in 1861. Anton Chekhov, the playwright, was the grandson of a serf. People with different ethnicities weren’t discriminated against historically. Tatar and Georgian, Ukrainian and Polish nobles were accepted equally at the Tsar’s Court, and later their representatives sat in Soviet parliament. So while Russians could never understand America’s problem with race, they could always congratulate themselves for being cutting-edge progressives.

US ‘wokeness’ is globalist, and is designed to undermine and supplant traditional cultures. However, it seemed at first to be an innocent fashion statement. Russia began to get used to the new crazy standards as though they were any other artefacts of America’s McCulture.

The first showdown was over gay pride. Homosexuality is not a part of Russian culture, as normal boy-to-girl sexual relations weren’t heavily restricted. There are fewer men than women of reproductive age and a man could usually find a wife. Homosexual relations were practiced in jails, not in schools. America’s insistent promotion of homosexuality abroad, with its gay parades, gay marriages and gay adoptions brought the first major jarring note into what was once ideological harmony between Russia and the US. The first quarrel between Putin’s Russia and the US occurred on this ground. In Russia, gays are tolerated, not discriminated, but not celebrated, either; while the new ‘woke’ narrative demanded the glorification of homosexuality and would not accept anything less. Putin’s adamant refusal to accede to this demand bought him many brownie points in Russian public opinion, and started Russia’s drift to ideological independence.

The harder the Americans pushed an issue, the less the Russians wanted to embrace it. An attempt to import #MeToo into Russia was completely unsuccessful. The broad idea of harassment just doesn’t click in Russia. There were no witch-hunts like that of Weinstein, no show trials to entertain the masses. The campaign against males didn’t even register in the Russian conscience. Russian men are still kings to their women, and Russian women are supposed to cook and clean the house and attend to the children besides working a full time job. Men are supposed to pay the bills in the cafes and open doors for the ladies. Russian men are not ashamed but proud of their virility, and the English term “toxic masculinity” has no Russian counterpart.

As time went by, the US mania of ‘wokeness’ has climbed to new heights. Cancel Culture and the destruction of monuments to great historical personalities look familiar to Russians. It appears that Russia and the US have developed in opposite directions, for the folly that Americans embrace today is the same folly Russians embraced and rejected a hundred years ago. After the Great Revolution of 1917, Russians also defaced and removed many memorials of its historical past, but those attacks against history did not last long, and the memorials have been restored back to their previous glory. Moreover, the post-Soviet Russians continued to erect new monuments to people who were disgraced and defeated. While American ‘wokes’ destroyed monuments to the Civil War generals who fought on the losing side, Russians erected memorials to Admiral Kolchak (who fought against the Reds and was defeated and executed by them), and to General Mannerheim (who fought against the Reds in the Civil War and against Russians in World War Two, but wisely made peace with Stalin). Statues of Tsars and Communist leaders embellish the squares and gardens of Russian cities.

The witch-hunt formed against J.K. Rowling by the Trans Lobby echoes similar stories about Russian writers who were “debunked” and “disgraced” in the 1920’s through the 1930’s, though for different reasons. If you read The Master and Margarita, the novel by Michael Bulgakov, you will encounter the art critic, Latunsky, who hounded the politically-incorrect writer. ProletCult and NaPostu were names of some of the Russian ‘woke’ movements of that time, and many Russian writers came to grief for not conforming to their procrustean requirements.

American Universities were the battlefield of the ‘woke’ culture war, where the defeated side has been defenestrated or at least forced to leave. Russians went through this stage too, 70 years ago, when Lysenko and Vavilov solved their differences by appealing to Stalin. Nowadays, Russians do not campaign against politically incorrect scientists. A Russian scientist may say and write whatever he wants. He will not lose his Nobel Prize like James Watson. No Russian scientist will be described as “disgraced”, a “conspiracy monger”, or that he has “lost credibility” as Dr Mikovitz was, though Russians recognise these terms as a feature of their long-gone past.

Russians now argue over what period of Russian history corresponds to the present day America.

The riots and race problems correspond to the latest Soviet period of Perestroika 1988-1990. Then there were riots in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia. Armenians rioted in Qarabagh and Azeris in Baku and Sumgait. There were riots in Baltic states, and the security forces hesitated to interfere.

The present attempt to rewrite American history by anti-colonising scholars resembles the 1986-1990 campaigns to completely rewrite Russian history. The Tsarist Empire was presented as the pinnacle of development, while Stalin besmirched as the destroyer of Russian culture.

The advanced age of American candidates for Presidency resembles 1984-1986 of Russia, when three Soviet leaders of advanced age died in the course of three years. This parade of superannuated leaders was terminated by election of Gorbachev who was relatively young and able to speak without a prompter. Russians compare Biden with their Chernenko (76) who led Russia in 1984-1985.

Witty Viktor Pelevin in his new novel suggests a different date:

“Modern America is a Brezhnev-style Soviet Union circa 1979, with LGBT in the place of the Komsomol, corporate management in the place of the Communist Party, sexual repression in the place of sexual expression, and the dawn of socialism in the place of the death of socialism. However, there is a difference. One could escape Soviet Russia, but one can’t escape America (meaning its influence is global). In Soviet Russia, one could listen to the Voice of America, and there isn’t one now. Only three slightly-different Pravdas and one many-faced immortal Brezhnev, who fiercely fights with himself for the right to suck Bibi Netanyahu”.

The popular blogger Dmitri Olshanski disagrees. For him, America is like the Russia of the 1930’s. He looks through recent American movies:

“Biopic of the feminist icon Gloria Steinem… Two women at first do not get along, then they are friends, then they merge into one… Bassam Tariq tells the story of a Pakistani rapper taken down by a hereditary disease… the consequences of an environmental disaster caused by industrial pollution of local water with mercury. Feminism – Lesbianism – Greenpeace – Pakistani Migrants. It is not like Brezhnev’s Russia, where artists knew how to cheat censors and smuggle forbidden subjects; it is Soviets 1930s, when with increasing ferocity the unfortunate cinema-goer was overwhelmed by steel foundry, rough workers’ hands, plan fulfilment”.

Olshanski concludes with a call to vote for Trump, as “he is the only statesman able to block matriarchy, thirty-eight genders, canine language of triggers and privileges, dumping Shakespeare and Churchill off the ship of modernity”.

“Dump Pushkin overboard the modernity steamboat” was the slogan of Russian wokes in 1912.


Apparently, some American follies remind Russia of 1912, of 1920, of 1935, of 1970s and 1980s. Being all lumped together, they show that Russia and the US learned a lot of each other, and not always the best things. But that is just human: we often adopt bad habits of our friends, and keep these habits even after parting company.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks, Shamir. The key reason was your statement that the Judaists left Russia—for USA!

    The Judaists own and operate this country, and that is the reason for all the problems. 90% of America’s problems, such as multiculturalism, the alien invasion, whore mongering (femanimalism), homosexuality, and now this racket called “woke” are all Jewish scams to fool the goyim into self-destruction.

    The Judaists are flooding the airwaves and the internet with fake messages like, look, everybody is doing their bidding and has become “woke”. They invent fake terms like “woke”, BLM, etc. as cover for their real agenda, which is the same—to push the white goyim into self-extermination. Those who resist are labeled “haters”, “white supremacists”, etc.

    Eg. BLM = blacks weaponized by Judaists to exterminate white goy.

    Judaists behind the Democrats:

  2. Russians compare Biden with their Chernenko (76) who led Russia in 1984-1985

    My first thought was Yuri Andropov, but he actually got things done during his career and he seriously worked at rooting out corruption.

  3. cortesar says:

    Watched Borat so you do not have to
    New bottom of debasement, vulgarity and ugliness
    Zeitgeist one would say
    The attack on white America is blatantly open, disgusting is not even the word, a stronger one needs to be invented to depict more accurately this jewish assault on truth and beauty
    For those who still harbor some understanding for the chosen I strongly recommend watch it, you will understand why every people on the face of earth who who had misfortune to live with them (regardless of creed, religion and race) have hated them with deep passion

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Druid
    , @carlos22
    , @Trevor Hardy
  4. Wyatt says:

    Famously, a black man imported by the innovator Tsar Peter I

    My new favorite way to describe both the sources of and the current impetus for the problems in America: You enshrine property rights. You do not give rights to property.

  5. Rahan says:

    The Russian Left is represented by the Communist Party (CPRF), the biggest opposition party in the Parliament, and by a few smaller communist parties.

    Here they are:

    The political system of the Russian Federation today is 3 tiers.
    1) On the federal level a congress + a senate
    2) On the state level–state parliaments (about 80 of those)
    3) On the municipal level–about 20 000 municipal councils.

    Thus, while on the federal level you’ve only got the 4 major parties (Putin’s center-right + the communists + the nationalists + the social democrats), whereas minor competitors of those, and also various pro-western liberals and greens, exist either on the level of state parliaments, or municipal councils.


    And last but totally not least

  6. Rahan says:

    Witty Viktor Pelevin in his new novel suggests a different date:

    Every Pelevin novel is of course mandatory reading, however they stopped translating his stuff for self-evident reasons.

    The last ones to be translated though, are still brilliant, and available in English. The man himself has stated that he has nothing against people pirating his books, BTW.
    This one is the last translated novel, where he started going off the reservation far too boldly:

    Already deconstructing through pop culture allegory the parasite-predator system, but still had not yet began having characters literally contact CIA agents through forums for hypno-porn transvestites, or KGB-coerced Russian Jews on acid in sensory deprivation tanks sending “messages from God” to US presidents, or MtF feminists practice neolithic Castanedian magic against men…

    Once that started going down the translations mysteriously stopped.

    • Thanks: Mikael_
  7. Adûnâi says: • Website

    A friendly reminder that the Soviet Union was the last Aryan ethnostate. A society not outright hellbent on destroying itself, at least. It was the American Christian rot that ate away at its foundations. We Aryans are indeed genetically defective… You say so yourself!

    Those were the days Russia discovered jazz. The brightest young things of Russia aped American fashion, as recalled in the 2008 period piece Stilyagi (The Hipsters).

    The death of Brejnev in 1982 looks and feels like the death of EVROPA, the land of Faraday and of Chopin. This is the best variation of the Funeral March I’ve ever heard. Where else can you find such beauty and order anymore? Not outside Juche Korea!

    A rule of thumb – if a [neo-]Christian American instinctively hates and smears something, it must be good. When the heart of your Empire is robbed and raped by your own leader, as was with the body of Russian Hero Stalin on 31 October 1961, where is the future? Blasphemers cannot live. And we Aryans are a race of blasphemers. First against Perun and Wotan, then against Stalin and Hitler, now against our blood itself.

    P.S. Stop comparing neo-Christians to the Soviets. No standards in science give birth to Fomenko.

  8. “Russians erected memorials to Admiral Kolchak (who fought against the Reds and was defeated and executed by them), and to General Mannerheim (who fought against the Reds in the Civil War and against Russians in World War Two, but wisely made peace with Stalin)”:
    If the memory of Mannerheim was honored during the post-Soviet period and personally by President Putin, it seems to me that it is mainly because Marshal Mannerheim served with value and loyalty as officer the Russian Empire from 1889 to 1917, commanded the 12th Russian Cavalry Division and the 6th Russian Cavalry Corps, participated in the Russian-Japanese war and carried out a great ethnographic mission on horseback to China.

    • Replies: @Pop Warner
  9. Juri says:

    For me, US reminds Russian Empire before 1917.

    Crumbling defunct Empire where everybody understood that we can`t keep going the old way but there were no idea what to do and most of disunited and dysfunctional people of Empire did not care.

    Only communist’s had organization and idea what to do next .

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
    • Replies: @GMC
  10. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    You can view this differently. We can bitch about the synthetic conflicts of US divide-and-rule indoctrination. Or we can ignore the diversions of US propaganda and focus on the actual conflict.

    There were two great revolutionary movements in the 20th century. Each one took a piece of Kant’s philosophy and ran with it. One was a flash in the pan. The other is still cooking.

    Communism took Kant’s antinomies, refracted through Hegel, and produced eschatology that didn’t pan out. Human rights took the categorical imperative and produced an ethical framework that governs the civilized world.

    Does the state exist for your sake, or do you exist for the state? The whole world decided the former except for two countries, the US and the USSR. When the Soviet Union collapsed, elites grabbed in a panic for the nearest support, which turned out to the Helsinki accords. So at that point, the USSR came around. Now only the US uses you as an instrument of state. Nobody but the USG asserts absolute sovereignty, impunity and the power of life and death without recourse.

    Does the economy exist for you, or do you exist for the economy? The whole world decided Option A except for one country, the USA. And even now only the US thinks that you should starve unless you propitiate the economy.

    The state demands you pick a side and fight: Democrat or Republican? White or ally? Left or right?

    Fuck that shit.

    Are you a statist or a humanist? That’s the only conflict that matters.

  11. @anon

    Unfortunately the long lingering American cancer has metastasized, the West is dead, it just hasn’t been buried yet.
    And it will be a most unpleasant journey to the cemetery.

  12. anon[269] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, Red Baron, it will suck to be stuck in the USA. But the USG’s final paroxysms matter less and less to the outside world. Independent countries are insulating themselves against illegal US economic pressure. Russia now controls US escalation with superior missile and ECM technology. Satellites like the UK will suffer to the extent their elites bend over for US demands. In the civilized world, development will advance with diminishing US interference.

  13. All true or I wouldn’t say how jealous we should be of Russia for having already been rolled by the usual suspects. Nothing succeeds like failure.

  14. Early on in this article the writer asks, “[Russians today] can’t possibly understand why this great civilization [the USA!] is committing suicide; but then, who does?

    Later he provides the answer:
    “Jews weren’t a problem either,” [in Russia, in the days after the end of the USSR].

    Which country will be next to have a Problem?

  15. Franz says:

    Thanks for the funeral footage. Quite moving; I can recall a friend of mine, CPUSA member, who went in to mourning at Breznev’s passing (I still use the CPUSA rendering of his name in English.) My friend was deeply saddened at his death. Her one and only visit to Russia was during his years and she was impressed at the general dignity and seriousness of the people. A sad reminder how numbing and frivolous the Carter/Reagan years were at the same time.

    One of the stilyagi, Vasily Aksyonov, had a novel published near that time (both in Russia and the US) called The Island of Crimea. In it he postulated an “alternate history” in which Crimea was independent, a principality sort of like Hong Kong. I read it wondering why Aksyonov didn’t go full on and imagine it as a wholly upside-down situation, where Crimea had retained the ancient pagan folkways of the region and managed to “convert” the rest of Europe… Not possible, I guess, Aksyonov was a jazz lover and could only take the idea part way.

    Like your blog, BTW.

    • Thanks: Adûnâi
  16. @anon

    This binary take is very western – society exists for the individual and the individual exists for society. You have duties from the latter part and get privileges through the former part.

  17. GMC says:

    Nice short and sweet article – spot on . Last week I was commenting on a website and was referencing to the fact that the Russians called Obama – a monkey – and I was banned for life from the website – And I’m a Veteran . lol America has lost it.

  18. My fear is that the Globalist Oligarchs know exactly the kind of Dystopian Hell they are leading us too. The White Communists and Anarchists of Antifa and the Black supremacists of the BLM are just their pawns, their shock troops to try to intimidate the American Majority.

    I think the Globalist Oligarchs jumped the gun though out of their fear of Donald Trump, and more precisely their fear of the Americans who elected Donald Trump in the hopes he would reign them (the Globalists) in.

    The Globalist Oligarchs should have waited a generation or two longer to try to stamp out America and her Freedoms. Now the Patriots are experiencing a great awakening and realizing the danger that their Constitutional Republic (their Motherland) and their cherished Freedoms are in.

    There will be blood. There may be a second Civil War although I am inclined to believe that we are more likely to see the breakup of the USA into smaller nations with some bloody skirmishes in between. Except for the hardest of the hardcore Commies and Anarchists in Antifa I don’t see the American left being willing to do what they would need to do to defeat armed Patriotic factions. When the shooting starts most of them will do what they did when Kyle Rittenhouse made his stand with an AR15. They will run and hide and cry victim on CNN.

    • Replies: @Jake
  19. GMC says:

    Yep, and if I may add – the Russian Bolshevik ” civil war ” was funded from outside, until the big interior looting could occur, whereas the New US Bolshevik revolution is funded, planned, and looted from within/start to finish. Spacibo Juri

    • Replies: @Robjil
  20. The U.S. doesn’t resemble any phase of Russian history as much as it resembles post-Apartheid South Africa. We see the same invidiousness, the same irrationality, the same barbarity. The U.S. is only 13 percent sub-Saharan as opposed 80 percent, but the fierce negrolatry of American society will make up for that under its laughable creed of “all men are created equal”. Into the cannibal’s pot we go! (Or you go. I’m leaving.)

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, GMC
  21. Robjil says:

    The demonizing of police is very similar as how the 1917 Bolshevik revolution started.

    All these persons were indiscriminately subjected to insults by a jeering populace surrounding the Tauris Palace*. Particular joy burst forth at the appearance of any okhrana* suspects or policemen, derisively nicknamed “Pharoahs” (Faraony). Regular hunts were proceeding in the garrets,. Many policemen have been hurled from the roofs.

    p. 104 Russia’s Agony by Robert Wilton which published in 1918.

    *okhrana – were the secret police of the Tsarist government.

    Why were the policeman called Pharoahs? It was obviously a Torah/Old Testament allusion. This points to a Jewish point of view in these attacks on the police in Tsarist Russia. The Bolshevik Revolution was thought as a new Israel by these Jewish rebels. The Pharoahs ( policemen) were killed by the Jewish and Shabbos Goys to let “my people”( Jewish people) rule Russia.

    This Tauris Palace is also called Tauride Palace. It was like our Capitol building, it was center of the Tsarist government. The Duma* was in this building.

    At the end of November, the elections for the Constituent Assembly were held, and the Bolsheviks won a quarter of the vote. Although the opening was postponed to January, delegates met on December 11 at the Tauride Palace after making their way through Bolshevik soldiers. The opening was set for January 18, 1918. On January 15, Lenin was injured in an assassination attempt. The Assembly met on January 18, the Palace packed with Red Guards, soldiers, and sailors from the Aurora and other ships. After hours of waiting, debating, the passage of a program that had much in common with that of the Bolsheviks, and in an increasingly disrupted atmosphere that threatened violence, the delegates were escorted from the building. On January 19, the Executive Committee of the Congress of Soviets dissolved the Assembly.

    * Duma

    The First Duma met for the first time on May 10th, 1906 in the Tauris Palace. The First Duma was dominated by the Kadets who wanted Russia to have a parliament based very much on the British model with legislative powers.

    • Replies: @GMC
  22. Jake says:

    US/Anglo Wokeness is indeed Globalist. It is the expression of the ideology, and therefore the religion, of Anglo-Zionism’s creation of The Numinous Negro crossed with Leon Trotsky. So it is, in effect, understood by starting with Oliver Cromwell and adding Victorian devotion to an empire upon which the sun never sets, and then adding Abolitionism, Radical Republicans, Woodrow Wilsonism, FDRism, Martin Luther King as martyred Messiah, the Holocaust as unofficial State religion overshadowing even the Sacred Negro, and wrapped nicely with Feminism and Queerism.

    It is a monster, and its appetite is insatiable.

  23. MLK says:

    To his credit, Shamir sticks to his wheelhouse. He writes about Russia and Russia perceptions of the US and Americans, despite the misleading article title.

    It’s tempting to think that pernicious foreign influences are to blame when your national project goes off the rails. This is especially the case in an era of instantaneous global communications. A massive globalization con job for the ignorant.

    If you don’t recognize your neck of the woods and its denizens, much less your country and its people overall, in the globalist presentation, then why would you accredit it elsewhere?

    If you want to understand the US at the moment, much less have any chance of applying reasonable probabilities to where we might be heading in the short, medium and long-term, it’s found in American history, not seeming and partial analogues elsewhere.

    Indeed, when the story is sad enough, the long avoided condition-precedent to renewal is driving out pesky foreign influences and corruption.

    It took China a century, and then another 25 years waiting for the guy who did it to die, to rise again.

    Say what you will about him, Putin has been methodically getting the job done in a more gentle manner. Basically rebuilding Russian sovereignty while letting Russians figure out for themselves that no one, including the Americans are all smiles und sunshine.

    A principal driver of the problems in the US at the moment derive from the Soviet Union before collapse and China post-1989. In short, while the rest of us were celebrating the collapse of communism, slowly but surely America’s governing elite jealously desired their systems of control.

    During the Soviet era this was limited, as reflected in American popular culture, to the built-in advantages our spies thought their spies had. Nothing in comparison to the current China Dream of perpetual party control. No need to go through the exhausting and often failed task of earning the consent of the governed when you can just keep everyone under surveillance and in line.

    Not to point to fine a point on it, but you know nothing about the US of A if you think there is any chance at all that we will join the Borg. We Americans are too attached to our constitutional republic thingie. And, besides, the proponents of the New Normal are thoroughly discredited. If you can’t see that in their Antifa freaks and filth leading the charge then you’re as well and truly blind as they are.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  24. Jake says:

    You underestimate the desires of most Leftists today to shed blood, at least as witnesses, in order for them to feel purged. They want blood. They will gladly kill to enslave us in the name of freeing all the sacred blacks, browns, gays and Jews.

    And when that shooting starts on that scale, they will begin slaughtering all the blacks and browns and Jews who fail to agree with them.

    The Oligarchs of the Anglo-Zionist Empire know exactly what they are doing. They want a New World Order in which the vast majority of whites are serfs and in which ‘legal’ Christianity serves the Anglo-Zionist Oligarchs.

    The smartest among them know that that nightmare for us is but a globalist expansion of the basic WASP drives to keep the vast majority of the natives of the British Isles down in their places, while acting to control the Globe in order to make Anglo-Zionism the one and only ideology able to set standards.

  25. Jake says:

    What you call ‘Christian America’ is not Christian in the sense of historic, Apostolic Christianity. It is Modern and Modernist. It is the inherent fruit of the Judaizing heresy Anglo-Saxon Puritanism.

    Your worship of blood and race makes you a white version (assuming you are white and not another SPLC or ADL employee) of a Talmudic Jew , which makes your ideas parallel to, and many times unwittingly allied with, the ideas that necessarily come of and from Judaizing Anglo-Saxon Puritanism.

    It is either Christ and Christendom (historic Christianity) or Chaos that per capita is owned and controlled largely by Jews.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  26. There is often a tendency to re-write history, but never learn from it. We keep repeating the same follies.

  27. Yes, the difference between the first Bolshevik Revolution and the one we have now is that the original was a takeover from the outside…..but now organized jewry is on the inside.

  28. anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting point, ILya. Yes you do have responsibilities to society. But I was not talking about society, I was talking about the state. Two very different things. The state is an accidental assemblage of customs and buildings and institutions with value comparable to the underpants you have on. Like your underpants, you change them or trash them whenever you see fit. They’re yours, you’re not theirs.

    No, in law the state bears duties, the humans have rights. It’s that simple. This is universal consensus, not Western, set down in large part by people who aren’t from the West: Ricardo Alfaro, H.G. Wells, P.C. Chang, Charles Malik, Hansa Mehta, they’re Southern, not Western.

    Anyway the state bears duties not just to me-me-me the individual but to society as a whole. That’s what economic, cultural, and social rights are. Confounding state with society is a fundamental propaganda trick of all statist regimes. Pat Buchanan is the poster boy, always saying we when he’s talking about state crimes and derelictions that we did not do.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes, lavoisier
  29. Fr. John says:


    The reason ISRAEL Shamir doesn’t ‘see’ the forest for the trees, is he is an ISRAELI. Yes, he calls himself an ‘Orthodox Christian,’ but his multicultural/multiracial Ethnos blinds him to the reality he purports to discuss, objectively! And with even the Phanar in the lap of the US CIA, how is honest ETHNIC ISOLATIONIST Orthodoxy to regain her position of deserved primacy?

    As Fr. Seraphim Rose said, forty years ago, ‘In the end, ALL the Churches will worship Antichrist.”
    One of the defining marks of antichrist, is to DENY THE INCARNATION OF JESUS in ONE DNA-SPECIFIC ETHNOS!

    THIS is the crux of all multiculturalism, multi-racialism, and the ‘we’re all one race- the human race’ B.S. No, we’re not. Or rather: ‘No, if you are not Caucasian, you are NOT a human… as the Bible/Christendom/Europe (this includes historic Russia) defines it.’

    Shamir is like Finkelstein, like Unz himself, like most intelligent Judaics… who see a problem, but never are willing to admit that the problem is THEIR RACE, itself!

    Who killed Christ? Let’s start there. Who is the SUPREMELY GUILTY RACE? Well, here’s a comment you WON’T hear from your local Novus Ordo ‘let’s love the gays’ RC ‘Vatican Ewww’ nancy-boy ‘priest,’ to whom Franky the Heretic’s latest missive sounds ‘fabulous!’

    But it’s true. And, as the old saying goes, “What Rome does, her erring daughters will eventually do, as well.” It’s time to throw off this baggage, and restore REAL Christianity, and REAL Political Order- not the crap that presends to be such, today.

    “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
    (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)-

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
    , @anon
  30. I’m guessing it is due to some extent with the mass migration of former Russian Empire Jewry. To me the more interesting thing is the white, gentile professional class embrace of the current revolution. I have seen first hand the contempt the educated feel for their ancient farming and labor roots. Its kinda some weird mix of superiority and inferiority that drives them to obsessively need more power at the expense of those hated distant relatives. Almost like they need to show the contemptible rubes the supremacy of their college degree. Also it is very female in thinking. All progressive ‘isms are driven by the heartbeat of feminism.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Juri
    , @anon
  31. The best thing Russia did was to get rid off its Jews and the worst thing America did was to import the same fuckers…

    As to the Paki, it’s the paki disease, i.e. the social custom of screwing very close relatives as they practice in the Middle East from whom those converts to satanism, i.e. Islam, picked it up.

  32. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “Your worship of blood and race makes you a white version (assuming you are white and not another SPLC or ADL employee) of a Talmudic Jew…”

    By and large, yes? Again, you Christians are so insane, you will blame Jews for wanting to survive. There is no higher sin to you idealists than racism, the love of your own people, and the hatred of all others.

    (Incidentally, this is why I cannot fault the Russian people for keeping fidelity to Stalin – expecting your enemy to keel over and die is like cursing at gravity.)

    What even is the future you yearn for? That of eternal peace, where the sheep of nations are shepherded by the sign of the crucified Jew, and now-straw-eating lions are reduced to such a denigrated fate likewise?

    • Replies: @Suicidal_canadian
  33. @Jake

    You underestimate the desires of most Leftists today to shed blood, at least as witnesses, in order for them to feel purged.

    This is so true. Unless one reads tracts written by abolitionists before the American Civil War, it is difficult to imagine the intensity of piety and need for redemption that drove them and drives their descendants today. “Burning with righteous fervor” was a phrase used to describe them. They were “consumed” by their own passion for redemption and felt that only some great sacrifice could appease the angry, vengeance-hungry God that glowered above them.

    The problem, as always, for the rest of us who have sinned less and are therefore less driven by the need for redemption, is that these people feel that until they have dragged the rest of us through the purifying flame, then humanity in general–and therefore they themselves in particular–shall not be worthy of redemption. We must all pay for their sins, and a simple “No thanks, I gave at the office” won’t satisfy them.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  34. Juri says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    To me the more interesting thing is the white, gentile professional class embrace of the current revolution.

    As Hitler said Jews and communists.

    Jews monitored us for a long time from their ghettoes and discovered after witch hunt that there are genetically mad whites who could be used as anthropologic weapon.

    Approx 2% of whites are with some psychic disorder. When you rally them up, you get an army. Those mad whites infiltrate everywhere and they are ready to spread hatred a lies 24/7.

    This how Big Lie works . Jew invent lie and mad whites screaming it million times. Jews even wrote a book about this. “Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook ”

  35. He will not lose his Nobel Prize like James Watson.

    Watson has been badly treated, but as far as I know he has not in fact lost his Nobel Prize.

  36. Wokenism is a symptom of dying empire. Russian Empire was dying ~100 years ago, the US Empire is dying today.

    No healthy Empire ever succumbed to wokenism.

  37. anon[306] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    The antagonism between traditionalists and Westernized Russians is a historic matter that predates feminism. No doubt Pyotr Alekseevich (and like minded Russians) also looked down at the bearded boyars that wanted nothing to do with the West.

    More broadly, in context of the clear case of Western supremacy over others in the past few centuries, the phenomena of a subset of a nation/culture looking West and feeling ashamed of contemporaries who adhere to traditional mindset is nearly universal. Nothing Russian specific about it at all. (And let’s not drag in the Irish in again. This phenomena is structural in nature.)

    The solution is culturally sensitive adaptation. Some nations are good at incorporating foreign innovations, while maintaining their national character. Learn from them.

    The inferiority/superiority complex you mention is likely to be more factual. You will also find this phenomena amongst Iranians, Indians, Chinese, etc. Pretty much any formerly dominant cultural complex in Asia will have intelligent members who go through this phase. It is perfectly natural, given the international context of pervasive immersion in civilizational/cultural propaganda products of the West that this class consumes cradle to grave.

    Success is the antidote here. Once these formerly dominant cultural complexes get past the ‘modernization’ hump, they can reassert their local flavor of the human experience. The urgency of the Globalist efforts to culturally homogenize the globe was and remains precisely to address this possibility. For some, it is a “fact” that cultural differences are the root cause of conflicts and wars. For the rest of us, the cure is worse than the disease. This is the actual point of contention.

  38. After WWII, Dr Mengele,Et Al >Nazis> the die was cast. There’s no Republic, going on countless years. JFK assassination a deep state nail in the coffin. USA walking dead (zombies) are intentional manufactured. Henry Ford wrote a book, warning US. Tim Geithner and Hank Paulson, via Louis Brandeis’ penning in the Federal Reserve, 1913, sold US down the river. World Zionist Congress, 1897, made certain Brandeis was on the Supreme Court, to legally (not lawfully) steal US Constitutional Right to “coin our own money”. In 1948, countless children injected with toxic vaccines died, children who didn’t die were diagnosed with multiple labels. Parkinsons is only one of countless numbers of “dis-eases” that when forensics are applied, viola the 1948 vaccine agenda is found. Gates knows what vaccines do and the new world order agenda of one half billion humans is etched on the granite Georgia Guidestones. Kissinger’s label for Americans is useless eaters. What is our solution? I choose to practice what the great Taoists practiced during times in China that the Emperors were vile, too. 5 Elements “food” and being as close to EARTH in daily practices (Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Yoga, Et Al). This too shall pass

  39. @Pierre-Olivier Combelles (France)

    It still contributes to Shamir’s point, though. Most of the Confederate generals served under the stars and stripes in the Mexican War (Lee was a colonel). The generals who later clashed in the Civil War were comrades in this previous conflict, and Grant and Lee reminisced on that war during Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. Stonewall Jackson, before the war, openly flouted Virginia law by opening a religious school for slaves so they could learn to read and write. Lee of course also lived his postwar life as a school administrator, being President for 5 years of what is now (but not much longer) known as Washington and Lee University.

    Those two were among the most famous Confederate generals, and the list of good deeds by others could probably fill multiple volumes. But that’s not good enough for Wokeists. All good deeds by these men will never, in their minds, make up for fighting for the CSA and in turn (according to Wokeists) fighting for slavery and white supremacy. To think that we would build a statue for Lee’s service in the Mexican War or Jackson’s efforts to educate black slaves is unthinkable in modern America. And Wokeists now understand that it wasn’t just the South that was White Supremacist by modern standards, but the North as well. Of course, toppling the statues of White Union veterans doesn’t need to be rationalized beyond the subject being a White male in American history. Russia today will build monuments to men who fought both with and against them, but the US is so engrossed in their Cultural Revolution that even those good men who never rose up in rebellion and did deeds that were progressive and tolerant for their time deserve cancelation. Where Russia has found nuance in their history, America has lost it completely.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
    • Replies: @anon
  40. @Rational

    The writer of this essay is exactly right. On foreign affairs, both parties are reactionary. But both want to rule, and for the Democrats the 2016 loss to Trump was a signal for revenge, led by Hillary. She led the attacks on Muslim countries in the Obama administration, determined to court Jewish money. In America, with most people only wanting more money, Jews are frequently idolized. The tie between US and Israel began under Truman and has simply gotten stronger since then. There is no question that Jews dominate the media and Hollywood, along with Wall Street. If Trump loses, the US will again act against foreign countries, but disunited as it is, it will no longer succeed, especially against Russia and China.

  41. The zionists are taking America down the same path that they took Russia down in 1917 and the results are going to be the same, and the same zionist family bloodlines are involved in this bolshevik revolution in America.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  42. @Adûnâi

    A friendly reminder that the Soviet Union was the last Aryan ethnostate.

    Anti-Communist is code for anti-White

  43. “Russians perceived the US as a dynamic and orderly society, allowing ample space for individualism, seeding its pop culture and making no ideological demands. ”

    No surprise that on the “alt” Right, Nrx, whatever they call themselves now, American individualism is denounced, while Throne and Altar tradcaths, Dugin and other European weirdos like Guenon and Evola are lauded. Down with individualism, societies must have a unifying ideology, etc.

    Connected with Russian funding, perhaps? Ask “Vote Biden” Spencer.

  44. “Homosexuality is not a part of Russian culture”

    Apart from Ivan the Terrible, Tchaikovsky, Gogol, Nijinsky, Diaghilev, Bakst, Erte, Eisenstein, Tchelitchew, Nureyev, true.

    OTOH, they would not be caught on a float, and would likely agree with this:

    “In Russia, gays are tolerated, not discriminated, but not celebrated, either; while the new ‘woke’ narrative demanded the glorification of homosexuality and would not accept anything less. ”

    The point is that a good deal of Russian culture was produced by a homosexual minority who were tolerated but not celebrated within a heteronormative culture (most of the above were married, sometimes several times), which seems about right.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  45. @Rational

    “the Judaists left Russia—for USA!”

    Actually, it started even earlier: Trotskyites fleeing to the USA, setting up camp in the cafeteria of CCNY, and later taking over the Republicans as “neo-conservatives” — who hated “The Soviet Union” because they hated Stalin, who dared restrict their undermining activities, and hate “Russia” because they hate Putin for the same reason.

    Of course, Germany added their own heaping helping of Judaists in the form of the Frankfurters.

    American politics has long been Trotskyites vs. Frankfurters, disguised as Left/Right.

  46. @MLK

    “It took China a century, and then another 25 years waiting for the guy who did it to die, to rise again.
    Say what you will about him, Putin has been methodically getting the job done in a more gentle manner. Basically rebuilding Russian sovereignty while letting Russians figure out for themselves that no one, including the Americans are all smiles und sunshine.”

    A related point if I may: you are allowed to say that about China, because Mao didn’t have to fight the Phoenicians. You can barely say it about Putin, because the Phoenicians still hate losing their first big conquest. Hence, the Russia-hate on the Left today, like the Soviet hate from the neoconned Right in the past.

    What you CANNOT say is the same thing about the Austrian corporal. “Mistakes were made, but he freed his country from the Phoenicians, and then in a few decades they recovered fully.”

    Well, first, because he didn’t — they lost. But more importantly, because they lost to the Phoenicians, he and they become the symbols of Ultimate Evil about whom nothing good can dare be spoken.

    BWT: if Trump loses, 10/1 odds he replaces the corporal as Literally Literal Hitler.

  47. @Jake

    I have no doubts there are murderous psychopaths among the militant Left, but I would say they are for the moment a small minority within a minority. Most of your Commies and Anarchists in America are like cockroaches and will scurry into the shadows when you crush a few of them. They are not made up of the same stuff the Bolsheviks were. They are role playing revolutionary. They are not willing to die for the cause. That’s why they run when there is armed resistance. The real test for us (who are the real resistance) to the Globalist Cabal will be when they are able to deploy armed robots with AI. Then they can label us in the resistance as “terrorists” and unleash that kind of technology on us. That’s why the next few years in history are so critical to any freedom loving human.

    By the way. I am a Brown Man with significant Native American blood, but my loyalty is not to any race or even any tribe (even though I do have tribal sympathies I wasn’t raised Native American). My loyalty is to the American Republic (that my grandfathers believed in and fought for) and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I consider myself like the Roman who was loyal to Rome right through to the end. America is my Rome. I am also a Orthodox Catholic who believes that all of us are made in the likeness and image of God. We are living in very dark times. Even my Priest was talking about if this is the times mentioned in the book of St. John of the Apocalypse.

  48. @Jake

    “‘legal’ Christianity serves the Anglo-Zionist Oligarchs.”

    As in the MSM hysteria about “China persecuting Christians.” Christianity is perfectly legal in China, as long as it minds its own business. What the Chinese don’t tolerate are “home churches” which are fronts for CIA/Soros “democracy” promotion; i.e. sedition. Conversely, those are the “legal” churches over here.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  49. carlos22 says:

    The irony is the original 90`s Sacha Baron Cohen movie Ali G would be considered racist now & is quite funny.

    He wouldnt dare make something like that again.

    Looks like the left are overlooking his past in this election period, they may come for him later, they never forget.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  50. @Fr. John

    Israel Shamir is preposterous as a representative of, and spokesman for, Christianity. His recent article expressing animosity for Armenians and sympathy for Turk and Azeri Moslems made it crystal-clear he’s not on the side of Christians. No point of view that is even remotely coherent considers Moslems to be anything other than irreconcilable enemies of all Christians. Shamir wants to single out Armenians as being different from other Christians and, therefore, expendable. But Armenians are not different, certainly not from the point of view of the enemy. Turks attacked Vienna, at the very heart of Europe, with as much savagery as they attacked the once-magnificent Armenian city of Ani, which is now ruins. And that’s to say nothing of Constantinople, once the greatest city in Christendom but today a giant cesspool of sodomitical Turkery. Shamir is just another Jew out to sow chaos and disunity among Christians.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  51. @James O'Meara

    Several of the individuals you list were Jews. At least one, Nureyev, was a Tatar; like all Turks, Tatars are inclined toward sodomitical practice. Tchaikovsky was probably asexual. The list is hardly representative of Russian culture.

  52. People aren’t pooping on the streets because they unlearned basic hygiene. Rather, the incidents reflect shameful levels of inequality in the city

  53. Poco says:

    If there are tiny pockets of wokism in Moscow their adherents should be executed now, before they become a problem. Also, expel any woke visiting professors. Save yourselves.

  54. Rogue says:
    @James O'Meara

    Did you get the above info from the Daily Stormer? Cos your comment sounds exactly like Anglin’s.

    Whatever, it’s uninformed rubbish.

    Home churches are where the Christian church has mushroomed in China in the last few decades. It is there that Christianity has exponentially grown. Of course there could be some political dissidents or activists among them (we are talking literally millions and millions of people), but the vast majority are not. Rather, they’d just prefer the state to leave them alone. There are a number of books on this subject if you care to research it.

    China is a totalitarian surveillance state, and so wants to keep tabs on it’s citizens – including it’s religious citizens. Hence they dislike people meeting in homes where they can’t keep tabs on them. But how would you feel about the government wanting to know your movements and attendance records every time you went to church, and to listen in on all that’s going on? Well, maybe that’s gonna come to the West before long.

    If the MSM is making a noise about Christians being persecuted in China, then they are using Christian persecution (which is real, or certainly was real) as an excuse to attack China – in the same way the MSM used to attack Robert Mugabe about his treatment of White farmers in Zimbabwe – because they hated his hostile attitude towards homosexuality.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  55. Notsofast says:

    How is it a person of jewish heritage can make fun of slavs, but a person of slavic heritage can’t make fun of jews. I asked this question to a serbian friend and he told me borat was funny. ? ! He also told me how impressed he was with security in isreali airports. Go figure.

  56. @Ray Caruso

    Again, Ray Caruso is the amalek of humanity.

  57. Robjil says:

    What type of Christianity? Scofield Bogus Christianity for Israel uber alles? That Christianity is bogus. The first Christians of the first 300 years would not understand this Israel mania. It is not Christian. The Chinese government is right to worry about this. It is not a religion. Scofield Fake Christianity is a political agenda and not a religion at all. Non-Scofield Christians are the real Christians.

    The very special case in Asia is China, which restricts and often persecutes its surging Christian demographic that is mostly Evangelical. Even the largest estimates put Christians under 10 percent in China, but even so, on its current growth trajectory, China may within current lifetimes have the numerically largest Christian population of any nation. Chinese Christians are disproportionately middle class and educated, making their influence in society larger than their percentage of population might otherwise imply. Israel-friendly attitudes by Chinese Christians inevitably some day will influence Chinese relations with Israel.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Rogue
  58. @ThreeCranes

    If you want to know the intent of the abolitionists to drown the country in blood before the War between the States, carefully reading the verses of The Battle Hymn of the Republic is sufficient.

  59. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “The smartest among them know that that nightmare for us is but a globalist expansion of the basic WASP drives to keep the vast majority of the natives of the British Isles down in their places…”

    As I now know you’re an outright Christian, it is fascinating to observe your using the Christian/liberal language. As far as I am concerned, the term “native” conjures up an image of an Indian savage in my mind. And it is known that Christians love their natives – see the “First “Nations”” of Canada (what a preposterous combination of terms!), see the pet niggers of America (whom they continuously venerate like the Neanderthals – “the Cheddar man was “black””).

    The truth is that the Aryans are not the natives of the British islands. They were vicious conquerors from the steppes, blond and blue-eyed. The real natives were the Anatolian farmers. Still, it doesn’t give any legitimacy – the right of conquest has a priority, as does the racist world outlook.

  60. vot tak says:

    An article that includes some interesting Russian views on american culture:

    Apparently, Republicans are having more sex than Democrats. But is it better?

    “Indeed, the survey reminded me that, as a Russian-American who has lived in America for over 25 years, I still find American “bro” culture somewhat bewildering, especially in regards to women. I’ve dated a lot of “macho” Russian guys, and while they may seem to be the same on the surface, there are some significant differences. All of them enjoyed a good snuggle, and they found the concept of “locker room talk” very confusing.

    “In Russia, you’d never dream of talking about giving graphic details about the woman you’re sleeping with,” one Russian ex-boyfriend recently told me. “Your friend asks you if anything happened, you say yes, and then you go back to talking about the car engine.”

    In fact, the entire idea of treating sex like it’s a game – in which the woman essentially loses and the man wins if it happens – has always felt like a distinctly American phenomenon to me.

    “I can understand treating women like they’re a prize, but not like they’re a conquest,” my Russian ex said.

    “The misogyny in the United States is very specific,” Martin said. “It’s so much worse than mete machismo. It’s like sex is an aggressive game that men win by getting women to have it.”

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  61. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @vot tak

    A curious direction of research. Another point of he Russian culture is that they seem to refer to sex as “giving” (about the female): “she gave [me]”. From here, a word has been derived – davalka, “the one who gives”, a harlot. It always struck me as ultimately not patriarchal.давалка

    IIRC, women had more power in the North Sea cultures and in the steppe cultures, but not in the civilised lands of the Mediterranean (Rome, Greece, Syria; not sure about Egypt).

  62. They regret it instead of gloating, as you may expect.

    Then they’re idiots.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  63. Rogue says:

    The first Christians of the first 300 years would not understand this Israel mania.

    Indeed, nor for that matter the mainstream Protestant churches for most of their existence either.

    Not all evangelicals are Christian Zionists. I would loosely describe myself as evangelical but am not a Christian Zionist – though will admit I used to be a number of years ago. But look, errors within Christian doctrine are not confined to only Christian Zionism – though I do now consider that doctrine faulty.

    As for the Schofield Bible I’ve never seen one – the church I used to attend many years ago (which was very Christian Zionist then – but not so much now) never mentioned his name and encouraged attendees to use either the NIV or KJV Bible.

    I doubt Chinese Christians are for the most part Zionist – the books I’ve read by persecuted Christians in China over the decades (house churches), hardly mentioned Israel at all. Indeed, only in passing as I recall. The link you provided is obviously from a Christian Zionist site. They are more assuming stuff about evangelical Christians in China, it seems to me, than actually knowing.

    China remains officially a communist state and all communist governments have been hostile to religious belief, unless they can thoroughly regulate it. I wouldn’t go defending them too much.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  64. GMC says:

    I believe , by 1917, they had Saint Petersburg , pretty much bought off , since the violence was minimal, until the fight between the ” armies” – anyways. It’s a very amazing history with a lot of twists and turns, but much of the evil evil Pravda has been left out of the general populace eyes – both in Russia and the world = another Zionist Crime syndicate cover – up. Spacibo

    • Agree: Robjil
  65. Very much on target. About 98% of what Israel Shamir says here applies just as well to Ukraine. They are the reasons I find life here so comfortable.

    I find it perplexing that Unz so thoroughly embraces Russia and deprecates Ukraine as “Ukrnazis” when they are so similar. In these regards, let’s celebrate the commonalities and hope that the two countries recognize their collective interests vis-à-vis the decadent West and bury the hatchet.

    • Agree: israel shamir
  66. Robjil says:

    The newer Bible interpetations don’t seem to counter Isreal uber alles mania that started with the Scofield Bible. Here is bit about the sad spectacle of what converts worldwide do with newer versions of Scofield Fake Christianity (SFC). SFC is bit like KFC, fried stuff for the masses= manna for Israel.

    Christian Evangelical support for Israel has, indeed, spread far beyond the traditional confines of Bible Belt America. Wherever the trans-denominational Protestant movement is on the rise these days – and that includes large swaths of South America and Asia – so, too, is a desire to engage with the Holy Land. This sentiment, to the great satisfaction of those involved in fundraising for Israel, is increasingly getting translated into dollars-and-cents support.

    (Almost all Christian charity donated to Israel comes from Evangelical groups. That does not mean, though, that all Evangelical groups are Zionist-oriented. As a case in point, World Vision, the Evangelical relief organization accused last week by Israeli authorities of having been infiltrated by Hamas, is active in Gaza and Arab East Jerusalem.)

    According to the latest Pew report, there are an estimated 285 million Evangelicals worldwide, and they account for 13 percent of the total Christian population. Although its main stronghold is the United States, Evangelical Christianity has gained a huge following in recent decades in the developing world.

  67. anon[219] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fr. John

    “ Who killed Christ? Let’s start there. Who is the SUPREMELY GUILTY RACE? ”

    And my dog didn’t bark in my London home last year making the thievery of the entire city of Milan possible this year .

    Grow a pair and confront your stupidity.

  68. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    They regret it instead of gloating, as you may expect.
    Then they’re idiots.

    FYI, every civilized culture has a rule that you don’t kick the fallen.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  69. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “FYI, every civilized culture has a rule that you don’t kick the fallen.”

    Unless it’s a faggot who’s the target – then you can only hit it with your feet.

  70. @cortesar

    The J’s that now dominate American society, culture, politics, economics, media are making us all miserable. We are their slaves. We must Resist.

  71. anon[302] • Disclaimer says:

    The popular blogger Dmitri Olshanski disagrees. For him, America is like the Russia of the 1930’s. He looks through recent American movies:

    “Biopic of the feminist icon Gloria Steinem… Two women at first do not get along, then they are friends, then they merge into one… Bassam Tariq tells the story of a Pakistani rapper taken down by a hereditary disease… the consequences of an environmental disaster caused by industrial pollution of local water with mercury. Feminism – Lesbianism – Greenpeace – Pakistani Migrants. It is not like Brezhnev’s Russia, where artists knew how to cheat censors and smuggle forbidden subjects; it is Soviets 1930s, when with increasing ferocity the unfortunate cinema-goer was overwhelmed by steel foundry, rough workers’ hands, plan fulfilment”.

    The difference is that the Soviets 1930s were obliged to follow the party’s guidelines, while Hollywood woke today voluntarily and happily makes films of ultraliberal propaganda. These films that woke hollywood always wanted to make, whereas until 30 years ago they were forced to pretend some respect to the conservative mentality, and, yes, to dilute and disguise their progressivism.

  72. America is supposed to have “won” the cold war. Who Knows? Russia may end up having the last laugh,,,,

  73. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pop Warner

    ” Most of the Confederate generals served under the stars and stripes in the Mexican War (Lee was a colonel).”

    Cognitive dissonance is in the DNA of everybody . We love Lee as the legendary confederate soldier who fought against Northern states ‘s attempts to impose culture politics economy on the southerners.

    But he was an illegal combatant a mercenary an icon of an illegal invasion participant in writing of a notorious chapter in human history.

    Morality ,legality of wars or mercenary or group militia or coordinated terrorism depend on the beneficiaries if they happen to write the history. Mexican just doesn’t agree . Neither Lee made a big yahoo about USA’s attempts to impose the ethnic balance,economic dispensation, sovereignty,and possibly religion on the Mexican

  74. They can’t possibly understand why this great civilization is committing suicide; but then, who does?

    Occam’s razor.


  75. Far from feeling hostility, for many years (at least since the early sixties) Russians considered the US a model to follow. Nikita Khrushchev, the powerful ruler (1953-1964) who ditched Stalin and removed his remains from the Mausoleum on the Red Square, was fascinated with the US. He imported US corn (maize) and considered this American staple the key to Soviet prosperity. Those were the days Russia discovered jazz.

    Surely, the Soviet elites and Soviet youths were fascinated with different features of Americanism. Leaders and managers were impressed with American industry, enterprise, and engineering. The youths were into American popular culture. But even in the US, there was a division as well as a connection between industry and leisure. Industry had roots in Protestant Work Ethic, self-restraint, discipline, organization, moderation, and delaying gratification. In contrast, especially with the rise of youth culture in the Rock n Roll Fifties, the new expression among the young was “Let’s Live for Today”, a variation of the Negro “Let the Good Times Roll”. The American Sixties mocked the ‘conformist’ Fifties. Hippies gave the middle finger to the military-industrial complex, good ole patriotism, and the traditional family. And blacks rose up and burned US cities and triggered mass white flight from.
    The mantra of the youth culture was, “We wanna be young forever and don’t want to be like our parents with their middle class 9 to 5 jobs.” Like Dustin Hoffman’s character in THE GRADUATE says, he wants to be different. It went from THE WILD ONE(where normal small town folks are the good people harassed by bikers as neo-barbarian outlaws who need some taming) to EASY RIDER(where drug-dealing bikers are the good guys searching for truth whereas the small town folks in the South are vicious redneck villains). Youth culture merged with the anti-war movement, giving the impression that the New Culture was anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-bourgeois. But was it truly leftist? Not in the classic sense because much of youth culture and counterculture was based on consumption of capitalist products like TV shows, youth fads, Rock music, and other forms of pop behavior. As it was said of the May 68 Movement in France, it spoke Marxism but drank Coca-Cola and wore Blue Jeans. The hippies were likely to have posters of both Che Guevara and the Beatles. In a way, it didn’t make much sense. Guevara and Viet Cong were about discipline, organization, self-sacrifice, and sober commitment to the revolution. In contrast, Beatles, Beach Boys, and the Rolling Stones were about having fun and leisure made possible only by industrial civilization of capitalism. Hippies could be merry pranksters because they could afford vans mass-manufactured in factories. Youths could put off growing up because there was an over-abundance of food and other products; unlike youths in the past, they could put off the future and live it up.

    But many in the Capitalist West feared that the fruits of capitalism would rot from too much leisure and self-indulgence. Many felt that the Communist East would eventually win. Not because communism was more productive but because capitalist prosperity fostered decadence, narcissism, hedonism, immaturity, and impossible expectations. The spartans would defeat the athenians. And when US couldn’t prevail over rice-and-rat eating Viet Cong, the morale sunk further in the West. But the 60s generation eventually had to grow up and be productive. Also, the ever-adaptive and fluid character of capitalism found a way to incorporate ‘youth rebellion’ and ‘leftist subversion’ and turn them into corporate brands. New Capitalism would stress rewards than virtue. The capitalism that was rooted in the Protestant Work Ethic stressed the virtue of hard work, sobriety, saving, delaying gratification, and long-term planning. The new capitalist ‘ethos’ was ‘get paid, get laid’. The danger of Dionysianism was lack of focus and discipline in favor of fun and pleasure; but, it could be made to fuel ambition and industry if a shameless society told everyone, “It’s glorious to be stinking filthy rich.” In earlier times, there was always a sense of capitalism being sinful, greedy, and dirty. This owed to Christian influence, especially the puritanical kind. So, capitalism back then had to be justified as a means of hard work, saving, and using wealth for social good. Also, the rich were less ostentatious, especially in Protestant countries. It was seen as bad form to show off one’s wealth. When rich Americans displayed their wealth more conspicuously in the late 19th century, it was called the ‘Gilded Age’ and the oligarchs were called ‘robber-barons’, and there was a backlash.
    There was a fusion of Dionysianism and capitalism in the Jazz Age and Weimar Period of the 1920s, but the Great Depression and the sacrifices demanded by World War II sobered up the elites and masses again. The Depression led both FDR and Adolf Hitler to power. During the New Deal, capitalism had to be revised and justified on moral grounds. And during WWII, capitalism was redeemed a force of patriotism. During the Cold War, capitalism was made synonymous with democracy and the free world in a struggle against communist tyranny.

    But with the rising Middle Class and the explosion of youth culture, capitalist ethos underwent a fundamental transformation. It faced the danger of being seen as the enemy of youthful spirit and mini-revolutions unleashed by the Counterculture. It was the Power of the Man. It feared being associated with the norms of earlier times. It didn’t want to be seen as ‘square’ and ‘lame’, or ‘bourgeois’. So, capitalist ‘ethos’ went from the Apollonian to the Dionysian model. Capitalism figured that the masses could be made to work hard not for greater virtue and saving but for more vice and spending. “Work harder, get paid more, get laid more.” The people in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET are indeed motivated to work harder and longer… in expectation of more drugs, more women, more fun. There are already signs of this in Billy Wilder’s THE APARTMENT.

    The US military followed a similar trajectory. During the Vietnam War, the rock-and-youth culture seemed antithetical to military discipline and organization. The military didn’t know what do about young men in Vietnam who were more into smoking dope than shooting guns.
    Ultimately, youthful Rock n Roll mindset was incorporated into military ‘ethos’. Rejigger war as a grand Wagnerian Rock and Roll spectacle. We Will We Will Rock You. Shock and Awe. In JARHEAD, we see the military use a scene from APOCALYPSE NOW as pep rally for war. In a way, youth culture was rebellious, but it also made young people more immature and easily manipulable, like dogs. While John Wayne war movies like SANDS OF IWO JIMA is no great work of art, they make the viewer focus on stories and characters. Same goes for TWELVE O CLOCK HIGH. In contrast, New Hollywood made violence far more immediate, visceral, and spectacular. So, even an ostensibly ‘anti-war’ movie is more exciting than old pro-war movies. And the thrilling moments can be screened to soldiers to pump up their fighting spirit. Like Rock n Roll. The Clash was a leftist rock band, but ‘Rock the Casbah’ became the anthem of American Soldiers bombing and invading the Middle East.
    Even when Ron Kovic joined the military, it wasn’t for fun and good times. He joined to serve his nation, to be a patriot and hero. It was a self-sacrificing act. Today, soldiers still get killed and many end up maimed, but the idea is the military is a fun, cool place to be. Recruitment centers bait young men with video games. And the military serves much better food, even lobsters. And if you get killed, family gets big bucks to blow at Las Vegas.

    Anyway, the US found a way to fuse hard-work mentality with house-party mentality. No more need to appeal to virtue, dignity, and sacrifice to make people work harder. No more talk of saving money to take care of your family. Just appeal to how they’re gonna have more money, spend more money on fun stuff, and come closer to living like their favorite skank-ass celebrities. And there is always debt and more debt. But can this last forever? While more fun is an effective incentive to make people work more, it degrades morals, souls, and families, and that means more kids will grow up in dysfunctional environments. Also, when a society has gotten so permissive, more fun isn’t as enticing anymore. There are tattoos, piercings, video-games, gambling, pornography, hook-up sex, countless TV shows, free music, and etc. easily accessible all over. At least in the 70s and 80s, teens had to flip burgers to make extra money to buy records and go to movies. Now, some young slob can sit at home and get all the free music and free movies he or she wants. And many young skanks can make easy money by showing their bare butts on some internet sites. And when so many are taking drugs, legal or illegal, they may be further sapped in energy. Dionysianism has failed all those children of parents ruined by or dead from opioids and other drugs.

    They can’t possibly understand why this great civilization is committing suicide; but then, who does?


    America is not a great civilization. It is a great experimentation. As a civilization, it is an outgrowth of European History, mainly that of Anglos and Germans(and Irish). Anglos laid the foundation, Germans did much of the hard work, and Irish did much of the dirty work. Negroes in the South did a lot of the hard work too, but unlike Germans, Negroes are worthless when left to their own devices. Germans have an inner-overseer. There doesn’t have to be an overseer to whip them and say, “work harder, you Kraut”. They have an internal overseer or inner-seer who guides them to work and be disciplined. In contrast, unless an overseer is threatening blacks with the whip and calling them ‘no good lazy ni**er’, blacks just want to go jungle-boogie mode and tear things apart(as they done in Detroit and so many places).

    America is both a continuation of Western Civilization and a break. This break led to a grand experimentation that resulted in many fruits, often as poisonous as sweet.
    Americans as individuals were freer to pursue whatever works. They were more pragmatic and result-oriented. There was less sentimentality about the past and less reactionary forces to hamper the advancement of whatever worked better. This led to rapid advances in technology and industry. But this relentless American pursuit of the ‘better’ was more questionable in other fields, especially pertaining to pleasure. Pursuit of Happiness could be a positive thing. But so often, what offers immediate pleasure comes with dangers. The Protestant Work Ethic mentality and Christian morality once served to counterbalance the primacy of pleasure. But as social restraints eased through the years, the pursuit of better-pleasure led to the rise of ever more licentious pop culture and social attitudes that, though ‘liberating’ in the short term, had long-term negative consequences. But because of the popularity and profitability of the ‘better’ in entertainment, the norm spread worldwide and has become global. Rap music is a good example. As most people are dolts, they find immediate pleasure in rap culture. Michio Kaku praises it as an example of global culture. But what is its effect on the souls of youths? It’s utterly degrading. A world full of youths yapping like moronic ghetto jivers in da hood? This is progress? Seeking the better in science/technology and the higher(or deeper) in the arts/culture is surely different from seeking the ‘better’ in pop culture and lifestyle. (But then, the advancement in science leads to more technological ease of access in pursuit of pleasure. Paradoxically, achievements of higher intelligence encourage more mass stupidity. Video-games are more advanced than ever but people who obsess over them are more immature than ever. Smart phones have created an army of dummies. Smart people know that most people are dumb, and so new technology must cater to mass-stupidity for mega-profits, which explains all those superhero comic book movies. Lots of high-tech wizardry in service of utter nonsense.) And yet, they all have something in common in that they’re part of the American obsession with unfettered pursuit of the better. In some cases, there is better truth and better depravity as a unity, as in PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT. Philip Roth was artist enough to bare his soul and explore his psycho-cultural self. But what does it say about humanity if the light at the end of the tunnel is ‘boing’?

    Anyway, because America is an experimentation than a civilization, it can go terrifically well or spectacularly wrong. In some ways, it’s more dangerous than in Russia. Russia had deep civilization prior to the Revolution, and this civilization persisted through the Revolution and outlasted it. But because America is an experimentation, when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong and there isn’t much to fall back on.
    Now, America could have developed as a civilization IF it put race, history, and identity above ideas, ideology, and ‘values’. And there was a time when America was gloriously race-ist and laying the foundation of a race-based civilization. But in the end, largely due to neo-puritanical preference for principles & values, the impact of mass-immigration, rise of Jewish Power, and white ‘guilt’ & ‘fever’ about blacks, the bedrock of white race-ism crumbled away, and Americans came to defend, justify, and promote their country as an experiment in ideas and ‘values’ than as a unique civilization. Or, in one of the great ironies, Americans came to claim that what was unique about Americanism was its total universality. Anyone can come here and become an Insta-American, and American Values can be spread around the world and people can become Ersatz-Americans in their own nations. Never mind the melting pot; America became a pop-tart. In time, this vision of a nation as an experiment in ideas than a civilization with roots & culture took hold in Western Europe as well, which is why Ireland is now a New-York-San-Fran wanna-be. And it is also the future of Poland as idiot Poles have the Polish Disease and feel inferiority complex as Slavs associated with those ‘Oriental Despotic’ Russians and desperately want to win approval from the ‘more evolved’ West that is now all about globo-homo and Negro-worship.

    But, this experiment-uber-civilization didn’t happen overnight. The Nixon and Reagan landslides from late 60s to the 80s suggest that there was a silent-majority of America as a mostly normal white Christian majority nation-state. The sentiments were there even if inchoate and vaguely articulated. Back then, the insane experiments of the Counterculture could be weathered because the US still had many older folks who came of age in a more civilizational America. Though George McGovern was a decent man, his support from freaks and weirdos got a big NO from the American People. But fast-forward to today, and all the older folks from the Nixon era are dead and gone. And the ‘Greatest Generation’ are dropping dead like flies or are senile. Today, the boomers are the old folks, and their formative experience was pop-culture-as-main-culture. They aged badly and ungracefully. Compare boomer Jews with older generation of Jews who were more serious. Whatever one thinks of George H.W. Bush, he was a better man than his clownish sons. Billy Boy Clinton? Hillary? Trump and Biden? With elders like these, who need immature punks?

    In a way, PC was a continuation of boomer culture and a rebellion against it. It was the product of the ‘long march through the institutions’ by the boomers but also a Generation X rebellion against what they perceived to be boomer slovenliness, sloppiness, and excesses. Many of the X-generation felt things had to be cleaned up. Gentrification of neighborhoods also led to gentrification of ideas and speech. Of course, there are two sides to PC. One aspect emphasizes niceness, i.e. we should watch what we say to get along better. But another aspect of PC is aggressive and actually urges certain groups to be nasty in order to be ‘authentic’. So, blacks must be enraged, homos should be fuming(more often than flaming), Jews should be pushy & obnoxious, and yellows/browns/hindus/etc. should take cues from Jews and hate on whitey; and ‘good’ whitey should be nasty toward ‘bad’ whitey deficient in ‘white guilt’.

    Granted, the seeds of global experimentalism were in the concept of civilization itself. In its emphasis on the city and its connections to other cities around the world, the civilizational ideal de-emphasized the link between city folks(especially the elites) and their roots in the countryside, their bond with common folks, & deep sense of culture. So, the Civilization vs Kultur conflict in the 19th century.

    With boomers as the elders, with PC as the reigning ideology, and with Jews-Negroes-Homos as the official idolatry of the US, is there anything remaining of the vestiges of American Civilization? Even so-called ‘conservatives’ are apt to say American Values or Western Civilization are not about people, race, culture, or heritage. Rather, they’re just a set of ideas and values. But this is stupid. If one defines a civilization by its ideas and values, is America not America if democracy were to be replaced by autocracy? Was America not American when it had slavery? Was Germany not part of Western Civilization when under National Socialists? Were the Middle Ages not part of Western Civilization because it was semi-theocratic and had no use for liberal-secular values?
    Also, if ideas and values define Western Civilization, then all the world is part of Western Civilization because they’ve adopted so much from the West. There are parts of India and China, even Iran, where a white Westerner can go and find much that is familiar and in line with the Western lifestyle.

    Look at most American youths, and they have no sense of history or roots. The entirety of their mindset revolves around the two PC’s of Political Correctness and Pop Culture. For many young people, the defining ‘identity’ is as potheads. They belong to the nation of grass and the memory of Bob Marley & Jerry Garcia. Many Antifa types only know drug culture and ‘ideas’ they gleaned from Kurt Cobain, The Clash, Rage against the Machine, and Tranny-mania. Their mentality is entirely experimental without any vestiges of the civilizational, let alone kultural. And US ‘conservatives’ aren’t much better. Their idea of ‘conservatism’ is ‘money is good’. Notice their total subservience to Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Big Tech even as they spread degeneracy and shut down genuinely conservative voices.

    Russians perceived the US as a dynamic and orderly society, allowing ample space for individualism, seeding its pop culture and making no ideological demands. This last quality was so attractive to Russians that they enshrined it in their new post-Soviet constitution…
    Even when the new orthodoxy was already forming in the US, but it took a few years until an awareness of this change seeped into Russian minds. By 2010, the Russians were so free of ideological limitations that Westerners could no longer even grasp the shocking possibilities.

    And yet, it was American dynamism and individualism that led to the current state of affairs: The Rise of the New Idolatry. It’s wrong to believe that the US became increasingly ideological under PC. Rather, it became more idolatrous, which is the true underpinning element of PC and ‘wokeness’. There are two meanings to individualism, one humanist and the other narcissist. They are apposite and opposite. The humanist idea of individualism says that each individual is deserving of basic dignity, freedom, and set of rights. No matter how humble you are, you should be free and responsible for what you do. This has been the good side of American individualism. But there is another side to individualism, often associated with celebrity, wealth, glamour, and etc. This leads to idol-worship of certain individuals as demigods, the new royalty, the superduper heroes, or awesome beings. Take the Elvis Cult. Or Beatlemania. The worship of Jerry Garcia. The mindless adulation of Michael Jackson when he died. Chris Hedges calls it the ’empire of illusion’. In a way, it’s about individualism as the classic American success story. Elvis, a truck driver, becomes a great star, makes millions, and becomes idolized by millions of fans. But if one person can become so great an individual, it means other individuals are losers and nobodies who exist only to idolize the super-stars. It is a kind of imperial-individualism founded on vanity, narcissism, and egotism(even megalomania). It is what Pier Paolo Pasolini warned as ‘consumist fascism’, the tendency of capitalism to make the masses idolize the rich, famous, and glamorous as super-human and to pathetically ape their image and style. Rather than being content with oneself as a human with dignity, one fixates on the super-stars and dreams that he/she can be a mini-mussolini as pop idol. This is the Trumpian Irony. He came to political prominence as the champion of the little guy. He said while the Hillary Campaign was about “I with Her”, his is about “I’m with You”. But Trump would be nothing if not for his celebrity, riches, and sham-glam antics. He is an American Idol.

    How did imperial-individualism shape current PC and ‘wokeness’? How did it lead to the Tri-Supremacism of Jews, Homos, and Negroes? It’s simple. Jews are rich, smart, & powerful, therefore objects of awe to anyone who aspires to be successful. Even Trump relied on Jewish connections to make his billions. Jews favored the homos, and besides, homos are creative and stylish, and this has great appeal in a capitalist world that is obsessed with vanity, narcissism, fashion, and the image. People, especially women, can’t get enough of ‘gay’ froopy-doopery because it’s associated with dressing well and looking good. And Negroes dominate sports, music, and sex culture, what most Americans are obsessed with. Because Jewish individuals succeeded in business & brains, homo individuals succeeded in arts & fashion, and because black individuals succeeded in sports, funky music, & sex, their imperial-individualism have turned them into godlike beings worthy of worship.

    There is no real ideological underpinning to PC and ‘wokeness’. If PC is really about equal justice, one of the main moral themes would be, “We need to treat Palestinians and Jews equally in foreign affairs.” But where do you see anyone saying “Palestinian Lives Matter”? And if ‘marriage equality’ is so crucial, shouldn’t there be calls for Same-Family Marriage(or incest-marriage), and polygamy? Yet, most people are not interested because incest-sexuals and polygamists are hardly fashionable. Also, they have no support from Jews and powerful groups. (Trannies, in contrast, have come far because of support from homos who are supported by Jews. And pedo-sexuals have made more strides than incest-sexuals and polygamists because there are elements in the Jewish and homo community that are into child-sex.)
    So, if we connect the dots, a strain of American Individualism led to the current PC, which is more about idolatry or ‘idology’ than ideology. In foreign affairs, it all comes down to “Is it good for Jews?” And we must all serve Jews because they are so rich, smart, and awesome. Both political parties are all about Jews, Jews, Jews. Biden and Trump compete to suck the Jewish dong. If PC were truly for equal justice and anti-imperialist, it should demand that the US leave Syria. But PC folks have done everything to hamper Trump’s effort to leave Syria because Jews want US to remain and undermine Assad. When PC is predicated on appeasing certain groups than applying moral logic to world affairs, it is not about ideology. Same with BLM. If PC is truly ideological and predicated on racial justice for all, it would condemn not only white bigotry but black thuggery that does harm to so many non-black groups, as well as to other blacks. But blacks are sacred, blacks are cool, blacks are badass. So, one must never criticize blacks or condemn their behavior. Even when blacks do wrong, we must rationalize and find excuses for black pathology, such as ‘systemic racism’.

    Now, why do Jews and blacks have such power? Because so many Jews and blacks have succeeded as imperial-individuals. GOP officials kowtow at the feet of billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer. So many Americans worshiped Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. Naturally, narcissistic form of individualism had the effect of lionizing certain individuals who happened to be Jewish or black. This turned so many people into mindless Philo-Semites and/or Philo-Negroids. And no one dares to blame the HIV crisis on homo behavior because homos are so very holy. Why does the Pope refuse to judge the homos and even speak in favor of ‘gay marriage'(so-called ‘civil union’ is just path to ‘gay marriage’) when he surely objects to incest-sexuals and same-family-marriage? It’s because the current pope-a-dope is likely a closet-fairy or some shallow idolater of whatever is fashionable. Still, the vaunted status of Jews, blacks, and homos owes to their success as imperial-individuals in key fields. This is especially due to the factor of psychological association. While it’s true that the success of Michael Jordan or Michael Bloomberg doesn’t mean that all blacks are good at sports or all Jews are good at wealth creation, when enough blacks or Jews become dominant in a certain field, public psychology begins to feel awe for that group as a whole. “Jews are so smart”. “Blacks are good at basketball.” And such mass perceptions pave the way for idol-worship.

    Of course, there is also the factor of the Holocaust, Black Slavery, and past ‘homophobia’, but none of these guilt-trips would amount to much without the success of Jews, blacks, and homos. If Jews had an average IQ of 90s and dominated nothing, the Holocaust would now be a footnote in history books. Holocaust is seen as tragic because GREAT JEWS were killed. And if blacks sucked at sports & pop music and didn’t excite whites with jungle fever, most people would yawn about slavery and Jim Crow. White people would feel, “So, a bunch of losers picked cotton and had to drink from another water fountain. Big freaking deal.” It’s like no one cares about Jim Crowitz in the West Bank because Palestinians are regarded as ‘losers’. Most people think of Ukrainians and Arabs as losers, so who cares if millions of Ukrainians died in the Great Famine or if hundreds of thousands of Arabs perished as the result of Wars for Israel. That the biggest victims of American History, the American Indians, hardly get any love is testament to the lack of moral logic in PC and the power of imperial-individualism in determining which groups receive the most awe and admiration.

    The lesson for Russians is that they should embrace humanist-individualism but be wary of narcissistic-individualism or imperial-individualism. Given human nature, people are hardwired to idolize others as stars, celebrities, heroes, and the like. I mean, what Russian doesn’t look up to Alexander Karelin as a ‘national hero’ for scaring wrestlers around the world half-to-death? Still, this mustn’t be allowed to become cancerous. The problem of capitalism is it’s an never-ending hype-machine. Under communism, there were famous actors and athletes who were much beloved, but there was a limit to their fame, fortune, and glory. In communist Cuba, athletes win medals for the nation, for the people. It’s not just about me, me, me. But under capitalism, the imperial-individual becomes a superstar and there is no limit to his/her fame, fortune, and idolatry. This leads to the sick culture of celebrity-obsession.

    Jews weren’t a problem either, for the majority of Russian Jews had already emigrated to Israel or to America, while those that remained in Russia were the assimilated children of mixed marriages.

    While many Russian Jews may cause little problem, Jewish Globalist Power has been a huge bane on the Russian nation. It goes back to the Bolshevik Revolution. Then, it returned with the Globalsheviks in the 90s who were about gangster-capitalism than communism. And all the sanctions and encirclement of Russia have been engineered by World Jewry. The fact that Jews openly and rabidly defame and smear Russia while Putin and Russian government must either keep mum or praise Jews/Israel is downright insulting to Russian dignity and pride. Jews pulled off the foul Russian Collusion Hoax, but Putin can’t even say, “The damn Jews done it”. That is shameful. Jews can be rabidly and virulently hateful toward Russians, but no one better say anything about Jews lest it be ANTISEMITIC! Now, there’s no use hating Jews for no reason, but when Jews hate your kind, you should hate them back.

    There were no racial tensions; Russia had very few blacks, and they were extremely well treated… People with different ethnicities weren’t discriminated against historically. Tatar and Georgian, Ukrainian and Polish nobles were accepted equally at the Tsar’s Court, and later their representatives sat in Soviet parliament. So while Russians could never understand America’s problem with race, they could always congratulate themselves for being cutting-edge progressives.

    This isn’t really true. How does one understand so much anti-Russian sentiments among Estonians, Lithuanians, Poles, Georgians, Chechens, and so many groups? And part of the reason why the USSR fell apart was due to increasing ethnic tensions within the empire. Russians got tired of dealing with non-Russians who seemed resentful and parasitic. If all was hunky-dory within the empire, why did the Soviet Union fall apart, as Yugoslavia did as well?

    One difference between the US and USSR was the former lacked the totalitarian power to enforce everyone to bow down to the prevailing narrative of harmony among the races. In the US, there was far more freedom for Jews, blacks, and white masochists to call attention to social injustice. Especially as Jews took control of the media, the powers-that-be could make everyone more aware of race problems and get upset. In contrast, even though racial and ethnic tensions did exist in the USSR, the state had total power and could enforce everyone to go along with the narrative that all groups were equal, happy, and harmonious. In the US, Jews and blacks had the power to organize on their own and cause problems. In the USSR, if any ethnic group wanted to set up a Civil Rights Organization and criticize Russian chauvinism or the Communist Party, it would have been crushed. The same was true in Yugoslavia under communist rule. Everyone had to agree that everyone got along well with all others and that there were no ethnic tensions; they were all happy comrades under the sun. If Anglo-Americans had totalitarian power in the US, they could have used police-state tactics to suppress outward signs of racial tensions. It could have compelled the likes of MLK, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton to say, “America be da best country in da world, and white folks good and we all be gittin’ along cuz da constitution say we be free and equal, and dat must be cuz da white man say so, and who we Negroes to say otherwise?”

    At any rate, given the BAMMAMA factor(blacks are more muscular and more aggressive), the one great advantage that Europe had over the Americas was NO NEGROES. Russia could afford to treat its blacks nice because there were so few of them. But when blacks reach critical mass in demographics, they’re trouble. Europe, despite WWI, WWII, and Communism, was a blessed place in having virtually no blacks, whereas the US, though rich and powerful, was burdened with a large presence of the most savage and monstrous race. But Western Europe gave up this advantage by letting in tons of black savages. Poland will likely follow suit as it suffers from the Polish Disease. Will Russia also follow suit? The problem with blacks is it doesn’t take too many to undermine the system. It would take a lot of Chinese or Turks in Russia to cause problem. But even a few blacks can lead to disaster because blacks succeed in sports and undermine national idols. As people are so obsessed over sports, black faces in sports means the populace may come to accept and admire blacks as ‘our heroes’. This weakens their resolve against black immigration. I mean, how can they say NO MORE to blacks when their heroes are black? This will be the undoing of Japan where black athletes are taking over. Same could happen to Russia, so Russians need to wake up to the Negro threat. Jews and Negroes are alike in that only a small number can do great damage. Even a small number of Jews can fleece an entire economy, as they did in Russia in the 90s. And even a few blacks can topple the native-national heroes in sports. Look at the UK. It used to have white boxing champions. Even if they lost to US blacks, they were national heroes. But now, blacks dominate sports in UK and France, and whites cuck to Negro Idolatry. When a people idolize members of another race as ‘our heroes’, they are psychologically finished. Even if Russian athletes aren’t the best in the world, Russians need to support their own ‘national heroes’ and not let the ghastly Negroes take over. Just look at the psychological damage done by black domination of sports in the US. White men are now white boys, sappy cucks to Negro manhood, and white girls are jungle-fever whores.

    US ‘wokeness’ is globalist, and is designed to undermine and supplant traditional cultures. However, it seemed at first to be an innocent fashion statement. Russia began to get used to the new crazy standards as though they were any other artefacts of America’s McCulture. The first showdown was over gay pride. Homosexuality is not a part of Russian culture…

    Because it is globalist, it isn’t really American. Or British, French, Irish, or whatever. Indeed, it wasn’t long ago when American, British, French, Irish, and other cultures were resolutely against globo-homo nuttery and especially tranny lunacy. Globo-Homo didn’t flow out of national cultures but was imposed on them by the Empire of Judea, or EOJ. So, it is less a case of ‘US wokeness’ than globalist PC imposed on the US. It’s like the British Imperialists imposed reverence for British Queen and Country on the Hindus in India. Hindus on their own wouldn’t have fallen for that crap. If the US and other goy nations had proud and independent elites, they could have stood up to Jewish Power and influence. But as goy elites have been colonized(intellectually, financially, and/or politically) by Jewish Power, they feel it is their duty and obligation to serve as proselytizers and enforcers of whatever Jews demand. As the masses are mostly sheeple or easily toppled dominoes, when their elites don’t stand up for national values and culture, they just follow along. This was true throughout history. When the Romans defeated the rulers of rival domains, the masses just caved to Roman power. The only exception were Jews. Even though Jewish elites collaborated with the Romans, many Jews took up arms or prophecy to say NO. The difference between Jews and pagans was that most pagan folks had no sense of higher truth/power than of their own rulers. In contrast, Jews believed God was bigger than any bunch of Jewish elites, and they felt betrayed when Jewish elites cut a deal with the Romans. Also, the Jewish Covenant informs every Jew that he is equal in the eyes of God. This is why white folks need to invent their own covenant with the Power. It’s been the greatest source of power for the Jews.

    An attempt to import #MeToo into Russia was completely unsuccessful. The broad idea of harassment just doesn’t click in Russia. There were no witch-hunts like that of Weinstein, no show trials to entertain the masses.

    Even though #MeToo got out of hand, the real outrage was that men like Harvey Weinstein were able to get away with that kind of behavior for so long, especially because Hollywood claims to be so ‘progressive’ and concerned with women’s rights. In truth, Hollywood has been about Jewish Supremacism, and Jewish men and women there didn’t care about ‘shikse’ whores being exploited by men like Weinstein and other nasties. (Hollywood is also where plenty of Jews and pedos exploited children.) Then, why did #MeToo happen? Why did the Power allow the bitches to scream foul about the likes of Weinstein and other Jewish men in the media? It could be that the scandal got so big that even Jewish Power couldn’t suppress it any longer. There are limits to everything. It’s like Anthony Weiner got so out of control that he had to be abandoned by the Power. But then, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell got away with their perversion for a long long time.
    Some believe that the #MeToo movement was an unforeseen byproduct of anti-Trumpism. Jews were so obsessed about smearing Trump as a misogynist that they encouraged feminist fury, but it turned out that many women in Hollywood and media had bad things to say about hornball Jewish men who’ve been overly grabasstic. It’s like Mao failed to foresee that the Hundred Flowers Campaign would get so out of control. Mao expected constructive criticism of the bureaucracy, but as more and more voices piled on, Mao and the entire party apparatus became the target.
    Anyway, #MeToo was just a passing fad. So is BLM. Jews see them as attack hounds. Usually, the ‘outrages’ are kept inside the kennel but, when expedient, unleashed with coordination with deep state, big media, and globalist industry, all of which are controlled by Jews. Same with Covid. Would there have been this hysteria about Covid if Hillary were president? No way. Also, consider the difference between Ferguson and Minneapolis. While it’s true that Obama and Eric Holder did play the race card, their thoroughgoing investigation of the Michael Brown case was to reduce racial tensions. They figured that, absent of a total investigation, a lot of blacks will spread the meme of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”. Blacks will say the incident was covered up as just another case of white police brutality. But due to the exacting investigation that interviewed everyone and combed over every piece of evidence, the final conclusion was that Michael Brown did charge the officer who shot in self-defense. But in the case of Minneapolis, there was no attempt by the Power to get to the bottom of what really may have happened. Rather, Jews in media, deep state, and big industry just pushed the ‘systemic racism’ trope, and it was directed at Trump. Under such circumstances, it was difficult for Trump and Barr to get to the bottom of what really happened. By then, George Floyd wasn’t just a ‘victim’ but saint-angel.

    So, how much of this ‘wokeness’ is a genuine movement with legs of its own? Or is it just a tool of Jews who choose which outrage-dogs to let out? Too much of ‘wokeness’ falls into the category of “If Jews want it, they get it.” If ‘wokeness’ is truly about social justice and has legs of its own, how come it hasn’t led a campaign for PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER or PLM? How come it doesn’t organize mass protests over the blacklisting of BDS? How come it has said nothing about Obama’s neo-imperialist destruction of Libya and Syria? How come it doesn’t condemn the US’s recruitment of quasi-nazi types in Ukraine? It’s because such would upset Jews who hold the real puppet-strings of ‘wokeness’ and steer it toward “Is it good for Jews?” Now, Jews do miscalculate at times, and #MeToo was such, where much of the ire ended up targeting Jewish men. But more often than not, ‘wokeness’ is about making whites hate themselves and making non-whites hate whites. It’s about making people suck up to Jews, homos, and blacks as the idols of Tri-Supremacism. No Jewish Supremacist Power, no ‘wokeness’. Even though blacks are often the central actors in the Wokeness Play, the producers behind the scene are mostly Jews.

    It appears that Russia and the US have developed in opposite directions, for the folly that Americans embrace today is the same folly Russians embraced and rejected a hundred years ago. After the Great Revolution of 1917, Russians also defaced and removed many memorials of its historical past, but those attacks against history did not last long

    No, they are wholly different. Superficially, there are some similarities. But the fundamental differences is sincerity vs cynicism and idealism vs decadence. As dangerous and destructive as the communist revolution was, it was a genuine movement to create a just order and a bright future. It was driven by idealism and commitment, even if of radical and fanatical bent. Whatever one thinks of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and the rest of them, they were true revolutionaries with a messianic view of history. And while Jewish communists may have subconsciously and even consciously had Jewish interests in mind, they were no doubt invested in creating a new future based on Marxist(or Marxist-Leninist) principles. So, even though communist violence was insanely and criminally destructive, one can at least credit the radicals as genuine idealists committed to a real revolution. This cannot be said for what is happening in the West. The power pulling the strings is utterly cynical. It’s like George Soros doesn’t care about migrants and refugees. If he did, he would use his money to stop the Wars for Israel that led to havoc that unleashed the refugee crisis. No, he is a cynical Jewish Supremacist who is simply seeking to undermine goy white nations to further the interests of Jewish Power. Same is true of globalist Jews who control the West. These people don’t really believe homos are holy. They know BLM is utter BS. They know #MeToo bimbos are idiots who played whore to horny men. Their ONLY interests is Jewish Supremacism and personal wealth/power. That’s it. And they figure they need to crank out ‘wokeness’ and other forms of PC to energize blacks and Diversity against whites and to make whites feel more ‘white guilt’? Why is this so crucial to Jewish Power? Because Jewish Hegemony depends on Jewish control of white folks, especially Northern European types. Without Jewish control of Northern Europeans, Jewish worldwide hegemony becomes deeply compromised. So unlike Jewish communist leaders of the past who were sincere in their revolutionary commitment, the current bunch of Jewish globalists who fund ‘woke’ nonsense are cynical Jewish tribal-supremacists who are toying with idiot goyim to boost their own power, wealth, and influence. That is it.

    Now, it may be true that the ‘woke’ footsoldiers on the streets are sincere in their commitment. They are true believers and really mean it. But, they are completely useless as ideologues because there’s no rhyme or reason to their various manias, lunacies, and hysterics. A communist, high or low, knows what he is about all the time. But the wokemons have no clue. If the Power says they must be nutty about A, they get nutty about A. If the Power says they must be batty about B, they get batty about B. If the Power says they must be loony about C, they get loony about C. People who never cared about Confederate statues are suddenly overcome with rabid fury to bring them down. People who never cared about trannies are suddenly so sure that a man with balls can be a ‘woman’, and if you disagree, YOU SUCK! The very people who were okay with Stop-and-Frisk that curtailed black crime are foaming at the mouth about BLM. People who praise pornography, rap machismo, and slut-culture are suddenly shocked, shocked, that Trump said something about ‘pussies’ or there’s misogyny in Hollywood. One day, they are marching with ‘pussy hats’ or vagina-costumes. Next, they are obsessed with Trump’s ‘Islamophobia’. These are people who cared nothing about all those Arabs/Muslims killed by Obama and Hillary. So, even if these clowns are sincere, they are more schizoid than ideological. Their minds are like TV-sets that simply pick up and replay signals from central command. They are indeed like NPC’s, part of some hive mind.

    Whatever one may say of communism, it was a sincere attempt to reform society and change the world. In a way, it was a form of Neo-Protestantism, with Karl Marx as much a modern Martin Luther as the Jewish Prophet of Old. Just like Luther and Protestantism struck at the corrupt, confused, cluttered, and elaborate structures of Catholicism and demanded a faith based on clarity of principles, Marx sought to clarify what History is really about and formulate a theory of justice based on that focused understanding. The Catholic Church was the product of the New Faith merged with paganism, Roman imperialism, contradictory canonical laws, moribund tradition, and obscure rituals. It was so labyrinthine and confusing that the idea was that most people would never understand it; they had to leave it up to the experts, the insiders, the hierarchy. But as far as Luther was concerned, anyone could read the Bible and realize for himself what Jesus and the Apostles really meant. And it was rather clear, not obscure. So, why not do away with the obscurantism and syncretism(with paganism) of the Catholic Church that only fostered confusion, ignorance, and lots of corruption, and instead found a new kind of Christianity based on clarity and principles drawn straight from the source? Likewise, Marx believed that historians and social scientists emphasized too many factors that were either secondary or illusory in the true movement of History. History was really a struggle for power. As the real world is a material one, control of material wealth determines true power. Those with more wealth are of the higher class, those with less wealth are of the lower classes. Then, class conflict is the key to history.

    This idea had an impact not unlike Martin Luther’s vision of the New Church. In this sense, the Russian Revolution was like a neo-protestant reformation writ large in the East. Russian History and Heritage were rich, varied, deep, multifaceted, and complex. But such layers of thought, values, traditions, and hierarchies also meant that the Russian Idea was never simplified and purified into a consistent principle or shining ideal. There was Christianity that spoke of compassion for the poor, but there was also Tsarism that reduced people to subjects of a tyrant. Did God belong to every man, or was the Tsar chosen by God to be father to his people? Is Russia European or Asiatic? Is it part of Western Civilization or a world unto its own? All this led to richness but also confusion, lethargy, and/or apathy. So, imagine the excitement generated by Marxism that promised to sweep away all the cobwebs of Russian history, culture, and politics. Society would be purified to make way for real reform based on the clear laws of history. Finally, Russians would be liberated and awakened from historical hibernation of Tsarist-Orthodox-Oriental byzantinism.

    The hope was that Russia would benefit from communism in the way that the Anglo and Germanic world benefited from the Protestant Reformation. A house-cleaning of History and the Soul. But the Neo-Protestantism of communism had one major flaw. If Anglo Protestantism merged with Anglo Capitalism & the virtue of work ethic and if Germanic Protestantism merged with capitalism & moderate socialism, Russian Neo-Protestantism of Marxism-Leninism merged with communist contempt for property-and-investment economics. Even though Protestantism proscribed excessive individualism and self-indulgence, it provided sufficient leeway for individuals to engage in enterprise and build industry. In contrast, communist Neo-Protestantism totally snuffed out individual enterprise in favor of an economy that would be centrally managed by experts and commissars committed to the Revolution. This could work for huge public projects but was fatal to most forms of economic activity.

    Anyway, for the Russkies, the Neo-Protestantism of Marxism-Leninism seemed amazing, at least for a moment. Imagine someone with blurry, fuzzy eyesight who is fitted with a pair of glasses that makes him see things with sudden clarity. Imagine a village shrouded in fog that is suddenly bright under sunlight. Imagine someone feeling hot and heavy under too many layers of clothing who is suddenly stripped down to essentials. Russian history and culture was rich and complex but also heavy and burdensome. At the beginning of the Revolution, the Russian people felt like Atlas with the burden of Heritage lifted from their shoulders. The future promised to be a fast train ride to progress and freedom. (But then, communism turned into another labyrinthine burden on the Russian people.) Despite its ultimate failure, one can understand why communism had such appeal to so many Russians. It was like going from the Old Testament with all its contradictions to the New Testament with consistency of vision and principles.
    In contrast, there is nothing in today’s PC that is about clarity of vision or purity of purpose. It is a decadent indulgence of freaks, gimps, tards, degenerates, perverts, and etc. It’s revolution anime-style, with purple-haired fatso trannies, junkies, hipsters, and Negroes animated not by hunger or justice by ‘Muh Air Jordans’ and ‘Muh X-Box’. It’s not about Les Miserables but Les Imbeciles.

    For Jews, the communist revolution was their last attempt to merge with rest of humanity. Even though many Jews became rich through capitalism, many Jews hated it as Jews became associated with avarice and greed. Business, high or low, is about haggling, and many young idealistic Jews got tired of being associated with money-grubbing. And yet, they didn’t want to be proles either. Communism promised them positions as intellectuals, commissars, scientists, engineers, and managers. A society run by idealists than based on haggling and competition among greedy businessmen. Marx himself said the Jewish Question could only be solved by eradicating capitalism that brought out the worst in Jews. Communism would destroy much of the goy order and goy culture, but it would also entail Jews favoring a new identity of ‘comrade’ over tribal identity and personal wealth. With communism, Jews would leap at the opportunity they missed in the formation of Christianity that could have merged the Jewish World with the goy world.

    And perhaps, Jews might have merged far more with the larger humanity if not for Nazism, Zionism, and Americanism. Nazism led to greater solidarity among Jews and a deep sense of tragedy that made Jews feel obligated to preserve Jewish identity. Zionism and Israeli power made Jews proud of Jewishness as national identity. And Americanism made Jews rethink capitalism. If anti-capitalism and anti-Jewishness had been far more prevalent in Europe — with capitalism often associated with Jewish greed — , capitalism wasn’t something to be ashamed of in the US. A rich Jew might feel defensive in Europe as the ‘dirty Jew’, but a rich Jew in the US could feel pride as a successful businessman. There was far less shame in enterprise and profits in the US. So, if many Jews in Europe felt compelled to forsake capitalism in favor of communism, many Jews in the US indulged in capitalism without inhibition.

    Now, Americanism also offered Jews a way to merge with humanity. Jews could choose to be American along with so many other Americans. Jewishness could be secondary or forgotten. But over time, Jews became more mindful of their Jewishness. For one thing, they had less reason to be apologetic for being Jewish in the US. Being a Jew in the US was far less problematic than being a Jew in Europe. And if Jews were anxious about their wealth in Europe, they could be proud of being both Jewish and rich in America. Also, unlike communism that had a leveling effect between the talented and the untalented AND unlike Europe where Jewish advancement was hampered by discrimination & restrictions, Jews in the US were far freer to succeed. This meant that American Jews, in gaining far greater success than other groups, were more likely to swell with Jewish pride and feel contempt for dimwit goyim. At one time, many American Jews sincerely believed in nurture-over-nature, but over the years, Jews realized that nature beats nurture by a mile. Of course, Jews will not admit it, but they KNOW.

    But all said and done, Jewish Hegemony owes to Jewish control of Northern European types. Core America was created by Northern Europeans, especially Anglos and Germanics, the two most talented white folks. Jewish Power would have been limited if only latched onto Latins, Slavs, Hungarians, and the like. The white folks that really broke through the sound barrier of history and exploded all over the world are the Anglos and Germanics. Even though Germany failed as a world empire, German-Americans became the backbone of much of US industry and management. Anglos were excellent elites, and Germanics were the best managers and engineers. And Irish were good at doing the dirty work that needed to be done, like being policemen and beating a Negro upside his head when acting crazy.

    In a way, the very advantage of Anglos and Germanics made them vulnerable to Jewish manipulation. More scrupulous than most peoples, Anglos and Germanics founded and operated a far cleaner and efficient system based on principles, rights, and rule of law. They were more fastidious and conscientious. This led to more wealth and power for them, and more racial pride in their achievement. But the primacy of rules and principles could mean that smarter Jews could beat them at their own game. Beat Anglos in schools and beat Germans in business. Naturally, Anglos and Germanics reacted with some degree of prejudice, resentment, and discrimination, BUT their commitment to principles and culture of conscience meant that Jews could guilt-bait them for having failed to honor and practice their own rules.

    Given that Anglo-Americans had the most power in the US, it’s surprising that Jews were more successful against Wasps than against ‘micks’, ‘wops’, and the like. Irish were ruffian potato-munchers and not above dirty machine politics to keep the power among their own kin. And if a Jew appealed to Eye-talians for fair play, the ‘greaseballs’ acted like Joe Pesci in CASINO and told the Jew off. It’s like Jimmy and Tommy decide to ‘whack’ the pestering Jew Morrie in GOODFELLAS. So, Jews could only go so far in organized crime and machine politics. In contrast, Anglos were more committed to fair play and were loathe to be seen as tribal and atavistic. Germans were more volk-oriented(and this accounts for Anglo disdain for Germans in WWI and WWII), but Germanics in the US were happy to play second-fiddle to Anglos and be good citizens. So, Jews could more effectively embarrass and pressure the Anglo elites to clear the way for Jewish success and advancement.
    Now, this wouldn’t have been so bad if Jews who took over as the elites shared in the same sense of honor and shame. But even as Jews baited Anglo hypocrisy and moral failures, they as the new elites were shameless in their tribalism, supremacism, arrogance, and contempt. Whatever rules that apply to Anglos don’t apply to Jews. If anyone criticizes Jewish Power in the way that Jews once did with Anglo power, he is hounded and destroyed as an ‘anti-semite’. Bill Buckley for all his duplicity could be shamed into a corner. But forget it with the likes of Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Alan Dershowitz, and Sabrina Rubin-Erdely. Jews denounce whites for Jim Crow but then compel whites to support Jim Crowitz in West Bank. Jews denounce apartheid South Africa while conveniently overlooking the fact that Israel supplied it with nuclear arms technology whereas Mandela was allied with Arafat and PLO.

    In a way, Russian corruption, lethargy, and lack of conscience have a silver lining. Sure, they’re a drag on Russian progress and productivity, but it means Russians are less likely to be morally manipulated by Jews. If a Jew goes to an Anglo, “Why didn’t you let in Jewish refugees during WWII, the Anglo gets all apologetic and pledges to do all he can to right past wrongs.” But if a Jew denounces a Russian for killing all those Chechens, the Russian says, “Maybe too much vodka. I need go sleep.” A bear is harder to manipulate than a hound.

  76. @Adûnâi

    Agree 100 percent. Christianity fails in competition with Judaism because:

    1. It is not hostile to outgroups
    2. Treats outgroups with universalist morality
    3. Has no racial component
    4. Has no focus on building wealth and actually thinks wealth is sinful

    To defeat Jews it would be a good idea to learn their tactics and improve on them, and that means becoming clannish, hostile, ethnocentric, devious, and money minded people. Ultimately all white cucks including amish and mennonites will get slaughtered in the end.

    • Agree: Adûnâi
  77. There are many layers, but one chief difference: Russia has no significant racial minorities.

    You can change ideology, some aspects of relations between men & women, give homos some rights, juggle with aspects of your religion or irreligion, assimilate most Jews,…. but you cannot:

    a) assimilate visibly different other races. In past 50 years Euro-Americans have dropped from 85% do 62%. Now, imagine that Russians constitute 60%, or in near future, 50% of Russia. It would make all gay, religion, history,.. questions insignificant. London is not even 50% white, let alone English; Moscow is 93% Russian. Demography is destiny.

    b) assimilate Muslims. During the 19th & 20th C Jews, apart from a marginal minority, quickly assimilated: in Germany, Einstein was Albert and in France Pissaro was Camille. Who in his right mind thinks that Muslims in France, UK, Germany or US would change their names to Marcel, Brian, Karl-Heinz or Kevin? They’re unassimilable like Hindus.

    So, visibly alien race in big numbers & Islam/Hinduism are detrimental to any European & Europe-derived society.

    And hate speech, dope, gays, … this all is of secondary importance.

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