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Mike Moore’s flabby mug always looks indecently exposed, like middle-aged female genitalia. The fat slob could lead the old hags’ march without the pink pussyhat. Just his own visage would suffice. He is actually similar to George Soros: the same obscene pussyface. For me, his appearance would doom him: like Oscar Wilde, I believe that ugly creatures are immoral as well. It’s enough to look at Madeleine Albright, another pussyface, for a proof. But if you need more, his Stupid White Men has been the most execrable book produced in the US in this century: there he claimed that were 9/11 passengers black, the hijack would never have succeeded. Now the Pussyface bared the hidden plans of Putin and called for enthroninge Clinton because Trump is a Russian spy. Years ago he spoke against the Iraq War; now he calls for the nuclear Armageddon. With such enemies, we should not give up on Trump.

Trump is down, cry the fans and haters alike. He’s been defeated, broken, never to rise again. He is a lame duck soon to be impeached. He will crawl back to his golden lair leaving the White House to his betters, or even better, he will run to his pal Vlad Putin.

No, my friends and readers, Trump is fighting, not running, but things take time. It is not easy to change the paradigm, and the odds were heavily slanted against Trump from step one. Still, he got this far, and he will go on. Stubborn guy, and he perseveres. The corrupt judges chain his hands; the CIA and NSA reveal his moves to the NYT, CNN, NBC; but he stands up, ready to carry the fight to his – and American people’s – enemy, the hydra of so many triple-letter heads.

There are sprinters who want to see victory right away, and they despair at the first setback. A power-intoxicated judge opens America’s gates for the ISIS advance troops, voiding a very moderate and sensible executive order, and they wring their hands. Terrible, but what could Trump do? To do nothing because his order would be overturned? He had to try, so the people will see and judge the judges. Line the judges up against the (Mexican border) wall at sunrise? He can’t do it yet, though it would make sense.

Flynn had to leave, and they exclaim: all is lost. It would be bad indeed, if Trump were to take it lying down, but he did not. At a very public and well-covered press-conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Trump said: “Michael Flynn, General Flynn is a wonderful man. I think he’s been treated very, very unfairly by the media — as I call it, the fake media. It’s very, very unfair what’s happened to General Flynn, the way he was treated, and the documents and papers that were illegally — I stress that — illegally leaked. Very, very unfair.” These are fighting words, of a man who lost a battle, or a skirmish, but he still fights the war.

Perhaps it would be better to keep Flynn, but politics is an art of possible. Trump’s words of support for the dismissed general were already out of line.

Trump had met with Netanyahu, and the faint-of-heart bewailed the US President’s surrender to the nefarious lobby. The other way round. The ADL, the Jewish assault crew, attacked him for refusing to mouth their favourite word “antisemitism”, Haaretz declared “Yes, Trump is an antisemite”, the NY Times editorialised why he did not condemn the a-s word as demanded; Rabbis called his remarks “terrifying” and “anti-Zionist” for Trump refused to tromp the well-trodden impasse called “two-states solution”. By the way, Palestinians do support one-state-solution mentioned by Trump and do not believe in the mythic two-states-solution, the Middle-Eastern equivalent of squaring the circle. Trump deftly applied his weapon of choice, Bibi Netanyahu’s support; with this weapon a-blazing, Trump was able to beat off the bouts of a-s hunters without doing what they wanted.

It would be better to forget about Jews altogether, but it can’t be done while they own all the fake-news media and the hearts of ordinary Americans. Refusing to condemn a-s is as far as an American politician can walk without falling of the earth’s disc altogether.

After this explaining-away, let us admit that the first month of Trump’s first term was an uphill one. We hoped the defeated forces would be reasonable and allow the new president to implement his agenda, but they carried on their arrière-garde battle. His task is huge: Trump endeavours to bury globalising capitalism before it buries European and American workers. Without Trump, America and Europe would be invaded by millions made homeless by R2P wars. Without Trump, the American and European workers would work in hamburger joints, while the financiers would bloat off their blood and sweat. Such a U-turn couldn’t pass unopposed.

Look back at people who achieved radical changes of such magnitude. I will not mention names so you won’t be scared. None of them had a specially nice personality, but they had charisma, iron will, good memory, vision and perseverance; they were master tacticians, i.e. they felt when it was the right time to retreat and when to advance. Perhaps Trump has these qualities. But besides, they usually had a loyal and supportive party, or at least an army or secret services at their disposal. Trump has none.

These additional tools are necessary to overcome the undemocratic and unelected elements of the government. In the US, the judiciary and media, two “powers” out of four, are profoundly un- or even anti-democratic. The media is owned by the media lords, usually rich Jews, and it promotes their agenda. Judges are instinctively anti-democratic; they despise democracy and popular opinion.


The judiciary is also heavily Judaised: three out of nine (or four out of nine) Supreme Court judges are Jewish. President Obama had tried to install an additional Jewish judge, and pro-Jewish elements will fight to prevent a non-Jew “stealing” his place. There are so many Jewish lawyers and Jewish teachers of law that this puts its imprimatur upon the whole profession. No radical change can be entertained and implemented unless these powers are limited.

Trump has no loyal party, no reliable and loyal secret services. The US intel is against him, spies on him and delivers the goods to his political enemies. The Republican Party is suspicious of Trump. There are too many Republicans sharpening knives for his back, beginning with the old traitor, John McCain. Republican Senators and Representatives owe a huge debt to (a large extent Jewish) donors; they need the support of the media in order to get re-elected.

Trump should establish control over his party, by placing his loyalists and weeding out his adversaries in the party apparatus, in the Senate and Congress. I’d advise him to break, humiliate and unseat a prominent hostile Republican Senator, even if the seat would go to a Democrat. It is not an impossible task. This would instill some fear in the meek hearts.

Bringing the secret services under control is relatively easy: begin a witch-hunt after the traitors who leaked the contents of classified phone conversations to the media. This is high treason; a lot of people of dubious loyalty can be dismissed just in case of suspicion. A one-way ticket to Guantanamo will help to focus minds of potential traitors. They should be treated as harshly as poor Bradley Manning was. And anyway, the secret services are overblown; the US can’t support one million spies. Eighty per cent should go. They should enter the labour market and be useful. The remainder will be loyal.

The media can be subjugated by various means. Usually media holdings are not highly profitable and are susceptible to hostile takeovers; some holdings can be broken using anti-trust legislation. Hostile media lords can be brought to heel by checking their tax returns. In case of the NY Times, their system of multi-tier shares is plainly unjust and can be attacked by shareholders. The best and most radical measure would separate advertising and content by banning political content in ad-carrying publications, as I argued elsewhere, but it would need the approval of Congress.

The judges are human; hostile judges who think they are above the president and congress can be subjected to thorough inspection with some prejudice. Life tenure should be abolished in the courts and in the universities.

So the task of President Trump is formidable but not impossible. Cut the security services down to size of, say, British or French services (it is also a lot). Remember that after WWI, the US had no secret services at all, and prospered. Terrorise a media lord and a Republican senator. Discover the corruption of District judges. Open a can of worms in the Clinton Foundation. Try some neocons for lying to the Congress. Mend bridges with Bernie Sanders. Call your supporters to enlist in the Republican party and achieve your dominance in primaries. And yes, it will take time.

Now you understand why the pessimistic assessments of our colleagues Paul Craig Roberts and The Saker are at least premature. In the face of the ancient regime’s hostility, Trump will need at least six months merely to settle properly in the White House. Just for comparison: Putin had spent five years consolidating his power, and another five years solidifying it, though he had full support of Russian security services and a most authoritarian constitution written by the Americans for their stooge Mr Yeltsin.

President Putin remembers that it takes time. For this reason, he is not unduly upset by President Trump’s delay with normalising US-Russia relations. The fake news of Russian disenchantment with Trump are exactly that, fake news. Russians believe in positive developments for US-Russia relations, and they do not hold their breath.

But why I do believe that Trump will win, at the end? The US is not an island; it is a part of the West, and the West is going through a paradigm change. Cuntfaces lost, Deplorables won, and not as a fluke. Remember, Trump was not the first victory; the Brexit preceded him. Between the Brexit vote and the Trump election, the British government hesitated and postponed acting upon. The Brits weren’t sure whether that vote was a sign of change, or a fluke. After Trump’s victory, the Brits marched on.

The British judges – every bit as evil as the American ones – tried to stop Brexit by insisting that the case be sent to Parliament. They believed that the Parliament would throw the case out, and leave England in the EU, as their media demanded. But they were mistaken. Though the British public voted for Brexit 52:48, the British parliamentarians approved it 83:17. The Deplorables won hands down.

Now let us cross the English Channel. The French Establishment preferred François Fillon (centre-right, a moderate Republican, in American terms) to inherit the chair of pussyfaced President Hollande. His victory appeared assured. But as he readied himself for the move to the Palais de l’Élysée, an unpleasant fact has been revealed. This modest member of parliament misappropriated (stole, in plain English) a cool million dollars of French taxpayers’ best by claiming his wife worked as his parliamentary assistant.

Now nobody wants to touch him with a barge pole, and the chances of the Queen of Deplorables, Marine Le Pen winning the May elections in the first round became highly plausible. She will be opposed by a soft socialist Emmanuel Macron, and he is not very impressive. His rhetoric of calling her “bitter” and “enemy of liberte-egalite-fraternite” as she is not keen on Arab immigration, probably will fall on deaf ears. People are bitter, and they aren’t sure that more Arabs means more equality. So Marine may win, and France will become an ally of Trump’s America.


Fillon accused “shadowy” forces of seeking to crush him, and probably he is right. This revelation took air out of his sails, and it came in the right moment, just like in the case of DNC emails. In both cases, the crime, or at least dishonest dealing of the culprit was real, and he (or she) deserved defeat. In both cases, only a real powerful and “shadowy” force could make it stick. This is not Russia: Russia is not in this league yet. It is a “shadowy” Western force standing for nationalist capitalism, against globalist liberal “invade-invite” force. This force helped Trump reach White House, this force caused Brexit, this force removed Fillon from Le Pen’s way. It is probable Frau Merkel will lose the forthcoming elections, ruining Obama’s preposterous plan to install Germany as the liberal globalised world’s cornerstone.

The Masters of Discourse are being defeated in all the West. Temporary setbacks of Donald Trump can’t change this tendency. Nationalist productive capitalism is set to inherit from the financiers, the media lords, the minority promoters, the transgender toilets and women studies. The battle is not over yet, but meanwhile it seems the Deplorables are winning, and Pussyfaces are losing.

We do not know who stands for the Deplorables. When Brexit won, the Masters of Discourse said the pensioners, lumpens, chavs did it. But then, the Parliament approved it. Mme Clinton despised the deplorables, but now Trump sits in the White House. With France and Germany in the queue, a new force is coming to the fore. It is supported by native majorities. Who leads it from behind? Industrialists, people of spirit, or just the Spirit of Time, the Zeitgeist? Whatever it is, this force will help Trump, if he will persist.

Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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  1. If President Trump wishes to push back, he should announce that the new Cold War has been cancelled because its bogus and America must spend its resources elsewhere. The multi-billion dollar a year plan to place American troops in Eastern Europe and open new bases in Germany will be halted. (This formally began as Trump took office). All new military bases opened under Obama’s plan will be closed within a year, and all units and equipment moved back to the ports whence they just came and sent back home.

    Meanwhile, American military aid and exercises with non-NATO nations in Europe will be suspended until further notice (mostly Ukraine and Georgia). This would slap down the deep state warmongers and as President, Trump can do this with just a proclamation, which is how warmongering Obama started with mess.

    • Replies: @chris
  2. utu says:

    “Though the British public voted for Brexit 52:48, the British parliamentarians approved it 83:17. ”

    This indicates to me that all this Brexit was engineered from the every beginning. Perhaps the Masters have some internal factions and one decided for Brexit. Was Trump election engineered from the beginning? What constitutes the faction among the Master that was behind him? When Comey over week before election announced reopening investigation into Clinton emails it was actually the announcement by one faction to mostly clueless media that Trump despite everything would win. Perhaps only NYT and WSJ heard it correctly.


    Erdogan has implemented much of this in Turkey, but it looks more like the attempt to erect a personal dictatorship than anything else.

    Also, a leader of the AKP youth wing in Kulp, near Diyarbakir (in the mainly Kurdish south-east) was reportedly arrested with nine or ten other people as part of an investigation into a paedophile ring, but it is getting little coverage in Turkey, as the media are mostly afraid to cover stories that present the AKP in a negative light, although the AKP’s youth wing seems to be a real sink of corruption, since another local leader elsewhere in the Kurdish south-east was arrested with heroin last month.

  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Alone with the people.

    We say Trump needs to do this, he needs to do that.

    What we should do is create a powerful News Network on the Net that exposes all the horrible crap carried out by the GLOB in Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and etc.

    MSM won’t do it. It pushes the narrative of Russia is Big Bear and Putin is Hitler.

    Deep State must be put on the Moral Defense in order for it to be de-legitimized.

    There are voices on the net that address issues of globalism, but it’s still fringe news.

    But if it is possible to mount a COORDINATED News Attack against MSM.

    Trump can’t do it alone. His supporters have to do it. And it must not be about crappy 14/88 crap and other nonsense. And it has to be about more than what is happening now.

    Americans need to be awoken to the fact that the US has been the main globalist-imperialist wrecker of nations since end of Cold War. The whole narrative and paradigm must be changed.

    Americans need to know what happened in the 90s that led to rise of Putin.

    Change the narrative and spread it all around, and the MSM and deep state will be put on moral defensive.

    MSM that calls Putin a killer will have to face the fact that the US has been the main killer.


    Also, tension in a mosque in Gaziantep when the imam calls for referendum participation, implying a vote for yes. Erdogan and his cronies have suggested that a no vote is tantamount to being a terrorist and a partner with Satan.

  6. Cyrano says:

    Americans like to think that they are the guardians of the western civilization, while I think that such a job description might be a bit too ambitious for their actual role. I think that the Americans are primarily guardians of capitalism – or as they like to call it – “democracy”. Western civilization existed before capitalism appeared on the scene, and hopefully it will exist long after capitalism draws its last breath.

    While for US everything begins and ends with capitalism. Everything that US had done in at least the last 100 years has had one purpose only – to preserve the sacred system. Even the multiculturalism madness came into existence with this goal in mind – to prove to the third world that capitalism is the right system for them, because it’s so humane and egalitarian, even more so than that other hated system that also begins with “c”.

    The hospitality of capitalism towards third world immigration is supposed to prove the altruistic nature of the system and thus eliminate any doubts about possible alternatives. Even NATO was created for the same purpose of preserving democracy (capitalism) in the west, not because they were afraid of the military invasion of Europe by USSR, but because after WW2 communism enjoyed certain level of popularity in Europe that US saw as threatening to their main purpose of existence.

    The current trends of globalization and thirdworldization of the west are supposed to be evolution of the capitalism in order to extend its life span, while in fact it looks more like trying to dope a dying horse for the purpose of wining one last race. Trump appears to be one of the people who sees that if the system needs to be reformed in order to extend its life, than the current evolutionary metamorphosis is a wrong one. Capitalism is only worth saving if it can be done without bringing down the civilization that spawned it.

    • Replies: @David Davenport
  7. And speaking of partners with Satan… Turkey is remarkably like this these days…

  8. Every time I think Israel Shamir is making sense and telling me something I don’t know that I should think about he follows up with a mad rant that can’t, surely, be intended as unfunny satire. I finally gave up at his characterisation of the British judges decision that there was no Royal Prerogative, exercisable effectually by the PM, to repeal the 1970s legislation which made the UK part of the EU. Surely IS knows that the referendum had no legal effect.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  9. mcohen says:

    trump reminds me of rocky from the stallone that same profile.time is right the pieces are in place 2017.sisi trump and netanyahu.the founding of the palestinian state consisting of gaza and the sinai is the way forward.
    seaport,airport and a revenue stream from natural gas,the possibility of a saudi to gaza oil and gas pipeline,tourism and hotels with access to beaches on the med desalination plant,all must be developed..this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create facts on the is the time.the odds are looking good

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @sarz
  10. Adam, as you reported to us back in December our carrier fleet was headed to drydock because the Russians demonstrated a device that disabled one of our warships by affecting all the copper aboard. This report bears you out.

    “Global 2/19/2017
    During the first week of January 2017, there were no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere in the world…
    No carrier is at sea anywhere in the world for the first time since WWll.”

    Nothing in the MSM about this, of course, honest reporting would dampen the Russian hating by noting we were not attacked even with our fleet disabled.

  11. Thanks. I have respect for PCR and Saker. I was sorry to see them write Trump’s obituary prematurely. Trump has not been driven from office yet. He has not been abducted and imprisoned yet. He has not been martyred yet. He has not surrendered yet. He represents the domestic resistance to the evil empire. Trump told the whole world that the corporate media are enemies of the people. That alone is more truth than we got from Clinton, Bush and Obama combined. I say let Trump be Trump. He got this far by his own lights. We are lucky to have him. The world is lucky to have him. Thanks again.

  12. I received an interesting news from a reader in Belgium. He writes:
    Like Soral, I think that Fillon wasn’t the establishment’s candidate. Alain Juppé was, but he didn’t make it through the primaries of Les Républicains (LR), mainly because he stands for old politics. Fillon’s win of the LR primaries was therefore a small-scale Brexit/Trump sort of phenomenon. But the establishment had Macron as backup. Macron is a strange bird. He started as a scheme by President Hollande to fight Prime Minister Manuel Valls within the government. Hollande didn’t like Valls and used Macron to sabotage him. And when the establishment lost Juppé in the LR primaries they staked their money on Macron. And they made him an ‘independent’ candidate because it’s a certainty to everyone that the ‘socialists’ are going out. So in short, Macron started his political life as a time bomb against Valls and then he became an entirely fabricated presidential puppet pushed by the establishment through the mainstream media, against Fillon. And I think you’re right that Macron won’t make it. The French people are well past these fabrications/manipulations. They can feel in their stomachs that something’s not right with Macron. And they also know that Macron (in his pre-political life) made a million euros per year at the Banque Rothschild, and that he’s gay while married to a rich older woman, and that he speaks like a robot (an indication that he’s emotionally hollow). Still, Macron is all the establishment really has at the moment, against Fillon.

    You see, there are two major problems with Fillon. Firstly, he’s a conservative and a practising catholic. The establishment will gladly have any type of liberal or any type of non-catholic, but the combination ‘conservative/catholic’ is something they can’t have. Someone like Fillon could sabotage gay marriage and gay adoption, promote family values, even protect the French blue-collar working class against Brussels. Now, they can’t have all that 🙂

    Secondly, Fillon is a personal friend of Putin’s. Now that the NWO has lost control over Moscow and Washington, and perhaps over Britain, they can’t afford to lose France too. To them a president who’s befriended with Putin is definitely a step in the wrong direction. And the two left-wing candidates Hamon and Mélenchon won’t accept austerity by the banksters, and Le Pen is the real opposition to the system, which makes Macron the only candidate the system has left. But Fillon is more popular. That’s why Fillon had to go. Therefore the establishment came up with the scandal of the fictitious job of Fillon’s wife. But Fillon didn’t resign: for cultural reasons fictitious jobs don’t pose a moral problem in France. And now that the people of France understand that the establishment wants to get rid of Fillon, they’ll certainly vote for him !

    So now the establishment will try to grab Fillon by the balls. Because to them a controlled Fillon is better than Marine Le Pen whom they can’t control. So they’ll let the scandal of the fictitious job pass, and they’ll find something else on Fillon. A dirty secret the French people wouldn’t accept. And this time the establishment will quietly sabotage Fillon. And from then on they’ll give him their full support, through the mainstream media and otherwise, because they’ll know for sure that he’ll dance to their tune.

    Filip Lagey

    • Replies: @Krollchem
    , @Veritatis
  13. Durruti says:

    Israel Shamir,

    and the Dream World.

    Casino Trump is not the Messiah! He is another Zionist puppet of the Zionists. Those who voted for him may have good hearts, but Casino Trump is a mid-level Zionist Mafioso, and little else.

    As for the ‘Saker’ he attacked the Palestinians as Terrorists just a few months ago (the Saker’s own words slandering the Victims of Zionist Terror – if that is possible). He also praised the Zionist Land Thieves for their methods of suppressing the Palestinians. I forwarded lengthy quotes of his diatribes – here on UNZ.

    I quote – at length from the Saker’s own article, 2016: The Year of Russia’s Triumph

    “The Russians need to revisit the kind of terror campaign the Palestinians waged in the 1970s against the Israelis when they attacked not only Israeli cultural centers, but also Jewish daycare centers, schools, and synagogues. Russian Orthodox churches”

    ” The Israeli example is crucial here because the Israelis rapidly realized that they simply could not count on the local police forces to protect them. This is why they organized various local organizations directly attached to a synagogue or school staffed by volunteers who could do many very useful and fully legal things to protect Israeli/Jewish targets such as, for example, begin to occupy all the parking spaces around a synagogue 48 hours before any religious holiday to make sure that no VBIEDs (aka “car bombs”) could be placed next to the synagogue. There is *a lot* a well educated group of volunteers can do to legally protect an exposed civilian target. They can do even better when they work with the locals cops and the security specialists at the embassy. The Russians urgently need to study the Israeli experience in dealing with a kind of threat which they will soon face. Remember, the Palestinians also began by attacking diplomats, officials and aircraft, but as soon as these targets were “hardened” they turn to daycare centers, schools and synagogues.”

    Saker is a Zionist mis-direction agent, sent to America – to obfuscate and otherwise confuse the opposition to the Zionist New World Order. Saker does his job of sowing confusion, and attempting demoralization of the Resistance. He is hardly the only agent in our midst. Shamir has seen part of the Saker’s anatomy, but has hesitated to identify the beast. “Now you understand why the pessimistic assessments of our colleagues Paul Craig Roberts and The Saker are at least premature.”

    Paul Roberts, at least has a track record.

    Shamir, and so many others, hesitate to peruse the events in Dallas, on November 22, 1963, (the First Modern Arab Spring), and to apply the conclusions. Shamir is a good egg; and well worth reading and learning from.

    I hesitate (take no pleasure) in identifying agents. Well, Hollywood Obomber, Bin Laden, and Reagan, the Clintons, and Casino Trump, Native American .00001% Warren, Jill Stein, most of the Hollywood actors, (excepting Mel Gibson and Vanessa Redgrave-yes, she is a Briton-), and the pathetic Congress of Prostitutes; do I need a verb?

    If I am in error, (and it would be the first time), let Andrei Raevski explain his anti Palestinian diatribe.

    Respect All! Bow to None!

    For the Republic!

    God Bless America!


    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
    , @Seraphim
  14. @utu

    British MPs voted overwhelmingly to enact Brexit because to do otherwise would be catastrophic. Most would have lost their seats at the next election and a UKIP government would have been installed who really would have taken Britain out of the EU.
    Large parts of the Print Media were and are hostile to the EU, despite both main parties being pro-EU. Unlike the US where you have a completely supine globalist MSM.
    Failure to endorse Brexit would have resulted in the sort of antagonism and disorder that would have made Mr Trump’s troubles seem very minor by comparison.

  15. geokat62 says:

    the founding of the palestinian state consisting of gaza and the sinai is the way forward.

    Surely, you jest? Much to your chagrin, the way forward is a 1SS.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  16. Sparkon says:

    Bringing the secret services under control is relatively easy: begin a witch-hunt after the traitors who leaked the contents of classified phone conversations to the media.

    Please; there are no witches.

    A Witch Hunt, as it is widely understood, derives in meaning most directly from the true witch hunts that took place during the so-called Little Ice Age, i.e. it is a chase after scapegoats: convenient dupes who are blamed for something they didn’t do.

    So, while I agree Mr. Trump should identify and take legal action against traitors in the intelligence and security services, I would think that an excellent and careful writer like Mr. Shamir would brandish accurate terminology, like say: housecleaning, or even Kick Ass and Take Names, and reserve witch hunt for situations where it is appropriate, like the demonization of coal and CO₂ as the cause of climate change, runaway global warming, and all the rest of that green hooey.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  17. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What happens in the US affects the rest of the world. It’s been exporting it’s ideology, exporting it’s mind-rot ‘popular culture’, using NATO to subordinate it’s members and terrorize those outside it, sailing around the world threatening and bombing yet more countries. The planned military clashes with the Russians over Syria and Ukraine would have touched off another cold war and lunatic arms race for the next 45 years with all the accompanying hysteria that would have deformed everything. Now the various countries of Europe have an example before them and can start rediscovering their roots. The major link in the chain that held them, the US, has been weakened and the other links are now in the process of being broken. The old R2P was an Orwellian lie, a pretext to bomb and invade other people’s lands. We now have a new one, a real one. It’s not just what happens here for us but the responsibility for the peace and freedom of the entire world has fallen upon us. No more war incitement, no more holding the world hostage to nuclear brinksmanship, no more destruction of people’s cultures and traditional ways of life in service of the dictatorship of the decadent.

  18. @Wizard of Oz

    A referendum usually overrides laws. In our modern understanding, the people is the ultimate sovereign, even if for technical reasons the people’s choice is upheld by the monarch. The people’s will expressed in a referendum is above a parliament’s decision, so May was right and judges were wrong. The parliament acted wisely when it submitted to the sovereign will of the nation. A ruler that trifles with a referendum’s result undermines his legitimacy.

    • Replies: @edNels
    , @Wizard of Oz
  19. @Sparkon

    I agree with your correction; however, this case of treason can be used for housecleaning (if you prefer) and not just to locating and punishing culprits. It is a good occasion to remove some dead wood.

  20. Miro23 says:

    Who leads it from behind? Industrialists, people of spirit, or just the Spirit of Time, the Zeitgeist? Whatever it is, this force will help Trump, if he will persist.

    Well,” Zeitgeist” is German and “L’Air de Temps” is French with the Anglosphere’s “Spirit of the Time” just lacking the same feeling, maybe because of the Anglospheric disbelief in such vague notions.

    Scientific rationality would seem to be solider ground, but what does this look like in social affairs?

    Hayek came up with an example in his interesting book, “The Road to Serfdom” (1944):

    “The important point is that, if we take the people who’s views influence developments, they are now in this country in some measure all socialists. It is no longer fashionable to emphasize that “we are all socialists now”, this is so merely because the fact is too obvious. Scarcely anybody doubts that we must continue to move towards socialism.”

    Surely an example of the Zeitgeist in action, in the unquestioning acceptance of “Scientific” Socialism, though the Scientific Socialists themselves would have rejected the idea that they were Fashionistas.

  21. @Durruti

    Friend, you are unjust to the Saker. Yes, the remark you quoted was unwise. He probably wrote it in order to convince people who sympathise with Zionists. Do not forget, for Saker, for Trump and for Putin Israel/Palestine is of minor importance. Even Saker’s anti-Zionist diatribes are better understood as anti-Jewish. He refers to Zionists to escape the accusation in antisemitism. Still, it does not turn him into a Zionist or Jewish agent.
    Zionism is a less important stream of Jewish ideology, comparing with globalism, priority of finance over industry etc. Trump can’t be a Zionist tool, like he can’t be a tool of Saudi Arabia or of Belgium. It is a matter of size)))

    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @geokat62
  22. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Michael Moore only opposed the invasion of Iraq because George W. Bush was a Republican and a religious conservative. He would have been enthusiastically in favor had the initiative for war been made by a Democrat president, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Clinton or other .

    • Replies: @Jake
  23. Che Guava says:

    Interesting article on many points, as always, I am agreeing on most.

    Don’t want to spend a lot of time on replying tonight, but disagree with the US having no secret services after WWI.

    They had army and navy intelligence units, the former not very active, the latter not bloated in that period.

    Like Japan, they also had a network of volunteers to give information.

    In the case of the US, I would suppose that the State Dept. was the main coordinator of it.

    In the case of Japan, I could go into some detail, but it is off-topic, so won’t.

    However, do want to include one off-topic point.

    The most interesting tale of last week, even beating the treachery towards Trump, was the assassination of Kim Young Nam.

    I really feel sorry for him, on a morning broadcast today, they had a collection of the security camera footage.

    He is clearly collapsing as he is entering the room with a bed at the airport. That brought me to tears, with memories of the Aum Shrinrikyo attacks. He also seemed like, if you met him, you would enjoy his company. Cheerful. A writer here with over ten years of friendship, was close to tears, too.

    I have no doubt about the two women who molested him being the direct cause.

    Yet the narrative, that they’d done the same thing with water four or five times before, makes no sense.

    Nobody has come forward to say that he’d (the narrative specifies middle-aged men) been molested by water in that way.

    It would have been so irritating to receive that for no reason, for anyone, one of the four or five would have said it happened.

    That one of the assassins was wearing a T-shirt or T-shirt dress (from the low-res shots, ) with LOL on it has only two possible explanations.

    They really were lured into it as a ‘reality’ TV troll event (as the Indonesian claims).

    The LOL was meant to imply that it was the case, when it was not.

    There is nobody in the frame with a video camera, recording the incident, in what I have seen, which doesn’t assist the former claim.

    Sarin, tabun, I forget the codename for the one that was even worse than tabun, VX (the US copy of one of those, all developed in Germany, with all use verbotten by evil Adolf), any of them can kill or incapacitate forever after even minor contact with the skin. So why are the two molesters still standing? If it was such an agent,
    they must have been wearing very high-quality surgical gloves to still be standing now.

    How panic-stricken their rush away appears, also contradicting the claims of the Indonesian woman.

    Mr. Shamir, excuse me for raising this irrelevant point in this reply. I think you may find it of interest.

  24. @Robert Magill

    The USS Carl Vinson is deployed in the South China Sea this moment. It left port Jan. 5. This is a Google search away. 50℅ of naval aircraft are not presently flightworthy which probably has nothing to do with Russian electronic warfare tech and everything to do with exceptional unscheduled usage in combat operations the last 10 years, but in any case accounts for the reduced deployment of the remaining carriers.

  25. @utu

    The Masters is not the only obscure and active entity behind the scenes. Apparently there are other bodies and ideas. God is one, but there are many demigods.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  26. Mike Moore’s flabby mug always looks indecently exposed, like middle-aged female genitalia. The fat slob could lead the old hags’ march without the pink pussyhat. Just his own visage would suffice. He is actually similar to George Soros: the same obscene pussyface. For me, his appearance would doom him: like Oscar Wilde, I believe that ugly creatures are immoral as well.

    For the sake of Yaweh, who the (bleep) would attempt to read 2,300 words of that sort of crap even tho it’s all true?

    Have some respect for the time of your readers if ya want ’em to read your stuff, OK?

    Make yer point in 600 words or less or just can it.

    Good grief.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  27. Che Guava says:

    Sorry, I forgot, the FBI was also a very active intelligence agency in the USA after WWI, with powers super-boosted by Prohibition and permission to combat Commumism.

    I used to have a book which had a true quote from an FBI person, which I must badly paraphrase below, the real quote is much better:

    Any communist group, we have the leadership and control.

    Which seems to have been true for the CPUSA from almost a hundred years ago.

    Look at Browder and his brat.

  28. DaveE says:

    I think you’re right, Mr. Shamir and I’m glad you said it so optimistically. These episodes are not a defeat, just some badly-needed life-lessons for Mr. Trump. I don’t think Trump realized until recently what he was up against.

    Running a business is pussy-face (great term BTW…. I’d like to borrow it) work compared to taking on the biggest ethnic Mafia the world has ever seen. Pushing worker-bees around, “cutting deals”, bossing contractors and architects is easy. Especially when YOU have all the money to do the pushing.

    Mobsters, on the other hand, don’t follow orders quite as obediently.

    Right now, Jeff Sessions holds the key to Hell for these wiseguys. He might just be the Most Powerful Man in the Republic. “Pizzagate” and the pedophile arrests could take this scum to places that are known for being deadly to perverts and child molesters, with guards who tend to look the other way.

    I’ve read that ALL the major media companies have been losing money for years. I spent my young adult life in the TV biz; I’m certain it’s true. The Mob keeps these outfits running for propaganda purposes only; they’ve long ago given up on turning a profit, at least on the operations end.

    The media, simply put, is done. It’s been years in the making. No with the IQ of a turd takes them seriously. Trump put the nails in the coffin before he even set foot in office, quite an achievement IMHO.

    And yes, Trump did a masterful job (albeit accidentally) of exposing the corruption of the judiciary to a still-naive America. Judges, however, are political animals and the winds of change are blowing hard. In general, no one ever stands up to the bastards, so they start thinking they’re Gods.

    Trump calling the Seattle judge a “so called judge” was brilliant. No three words ever did a better job of putting a douchebag in its place.

    I can’t recall a time in my life (57 years) when more people have done more “growing up” and awakening than these last 18 months in America, thanks to Trump and the forces that seem to be guiding him.

    Like you, sir, I’m feeling pretty good about the progress we’re making. Only a pussy-face or a snowflake would ever think this is going to be easy.

    My biggest fear is that Trump, being kind of insecure and (definitely) egotistical, will let his lower nature get the better of his higher instincts and judgment.

    In the meantime, carry on…..

  29. Z-man says:

    “Jews…own the hearts of ordinary Americans”. Not true.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  30. @jacques sheete

    You could make your point in four letters: TL;DR or just TLDR (too long; didn’t read), and add LOL if you feel generous.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  31. @SimplePseudonymicHandle

    The date of the Global Security report is 1st week of January. All carriers out of service at that time. You can ask Shamir if his assessment of Russian action is correct

  32. Jake says:


    But with a caveat. I have an acquaintance whose wife (a United Methodist) still sings the praises of Bill Clinton for bombing Serbia. You see, the Serbs are white and Christian. When she manages to support some Democrat warring against non-whites and non-Christians, she does so only after finding a racially correct reason. Bombing Khadaffi was great – because he was mean to black Africans and had European-educated (and thus white influenced) family and political allies.

    If warring by Democrats helps whites and/or Christians, it too would be opposed by Michael Moore.

  33. Jake says:

    This article has the funniest opening of any I have ever read on this site.

  34. Hey, you know somebody had to do it.

    • LOL: Talha
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  35. @SimplePseudonymicHandle

    The date of the Global Security report is 1st week of January. All carriers out of service at that time. You can ask Shamir if his assessment of Russian action is correct

  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Mike Moore’s flabby mug always looks indecently exposed, like middle-aged female genitalia.

    wtf? I agree he looks like a slob, but … sheesh. Why not limit your insults to him? Insulting women also seems kind of pointless.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Why not limit your insults to him? Insulting women also seems kind of pointless.”

    Okay, it wasn’t pointless, but it was a little mean and kind of icky.

    • Replies: @Veritatis
  38. Durruti says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Israel Shamir,

    “Friend, you are unjust to the Saker. Yes, the remark you quoted was unwise. He probably wrote it in order to convince people who sympathise with Zionists. Do not forget, for Saker, for Trump and for Putin Israel/Palestine is of minor importance. ”

    I parse: “for Saker, for Trump and for Putin Israel/Palestine is of minor importance. ”

    The treatment of Palestine and its people, are the fulcrum upon which the Jewish people will be Judged, and possibly condemned for all eternity. Although the Rothschilds, and other Jewish Oligarchs rule from the shadows, all Jews will be blamed, and most deserve a portion of the blame.

    Add the total political and financial domination of the American body politic (America’s Government), by Foreigners who serve another idol, their particular Golden Calf, (the Jewish control of the Media, Hollywood, Education), ensure political control. They operate through AIPAC – MOSSAD and a dozen Banks- (they are even training our police), and we have a Country that is not sovereign.

    Our politicians take money from an organization that bares the name of a Foreign Nation, AIPAC American Israeli Public Affairs Committee). Treason is committed by the Foreign Bribers, AIPAC, and by our so-called ‘political Representatives’ who take the money from the foreigners. And some of these political hypocrites complain of Casino Trump’s relations with Russian President Putin.

    Against All Odds, we citizens must hope to wrest our National Sovereignty, and our honor from this disgrace. It is a disgrace that we have not had a Constitutional Government, or President, since John F. Kennedy. Casino Trump, Hollywood Obomber, Psycho Murderer Killery Clinton, earlier, non elected Vice President and President Ford, unelected Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, the resignation of President Nixon, and Vice President Spiro Agnew, and so much more unconstitutional government is so conveniently forgotten.

    This totalitarian foreign control of our Nation, in tandem with the intimidated, brainwashed, and assassinated, silence of the American People, has set the stage for untold human suffering, with hundreds of cities and towns destroyed (in other people’s countries), and millions slaughtered. Within our own country, many of our cities, and our once proud Middle Class have suffered economic decline. Detroit and a dozen other cities, have the appearance of having been bombed. And do not attempt to drink the water. NAFTA-North American Free Trade Agreement, has done as much harm to our people as The Patriot Act, or the National Defense Authorizations Act, or a foreign invasion – wait a minute!

    The destruction of the Middle East, including Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Syria, (and just outside), the overthrow of the elected Ukraine government, and the invasion of Afghanistan, are the fruits of the mis-identification of our Nation’s enemies. The unconstitutional American leaders make war for the benefit (mostly), of foreign Oligarchs. The Zionist financiers benefit from the destruction of Syria, and Iraq (through which nations they aim to expand their military and financial control).

    The attack on the Palestinians, all attacks on the Palestinians, merely open the door to the exculpation of the True Terrorists, who control our Planet. The Palestinians are the final victims of World War II. Their misfortune has spread to all their Arab neighbors. You wrote; “He [Saker] probably wrote it in order to convince people who sympathise with Zionists.” I wrote this response -to your response- with the hope of convincing someone; conversely, the Saker was writing in support of these Zionists. They are already “convinced” that Palestine (and the world), is theirs. They need no further convincing.


    • Replies: @Art
    , @Anon-og
  39. The world needs Fascist Democracies. Like what Israel has.

    A Fascist Democracy isn’t just about blood and soil.

    It isn’t just about a nation of blood and soil protected by bullets.

    It is a nation of blood and soil protected by bullets and decided by ballots.

    A Fascist Democracy is a nation of blood & soil and bullets & ballots.

    Israel shows it is possible.

    John McCain, the cuck servant of globalism claims to be for universalism and against nationalism of ‘blood and soil’. But universalism of whose supremacy? Which group shall rule the world? Isn’t it the GLOB?
    But then, McCain is totally supportive of Israel that is premised on blood and soil and strong borders and militarism. But then, Israeli democracy is strong precisely because of unity of blood and soil and national pride. In contrast, look what’s happening to Western Democracies as they opt for Diversity and rejection of blood and soil as basis. They are falling apart.

    Democracy is good, but it must be premised on something strong like blood and soil and militant pride.

    What is good for Israel is surely good for rest of humanity, especially since all American and European leaders heap praise on Israel and its need to be a Jewish nation.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  40. Art says:

    The American people do not want more war. Trump needs them – they are his home guard.

    Trump must achieve something on the peace front – NOT the war front.

    It is time to take down McCain. He is Mr. War – mister send in the troops.

    Trump must attack McCain as a warmonger – the American people will like that.

    Peace — Art

    p.s. McCain’s military record is abysmal – even thou his grandfather and father were admirals, the Navy did not want him because he was a screw up – ask the sailors of the USS Forrestal

  41. mcohen says:

    charging !! what do you mean charging ? there already is a 1 state called israel.why not a second state called palestine.or would you have the arabs remain stateless.gaza and the sinai has huge potential for a state.access to the red sea,the suez and the med,great beaches ,it has huge potential.the problem is the mindset,the drive to make progress.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  42. Art says:

    The treatment of Palestine and its people, are the fulcrum upon which the Jewish people will be Judged, and possibly condemned for all eternity.

    Hear hear — the Jews will also be forever condemned by history for extinguishing Western democracy as a form of governance.

    Destroying American democracy is an epic crime against humanity.

    Peace — Art

  43. chris says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I would go further and urge Stoltenberg and Lithuania to feel free, to go ahead and attack Russia on their own, if they feel that strongly about it, but to just leave us out of it, thank you.

  44. geokat62 says:

    gaza and the sinai has huge potential for a state.access to the red sea,the suez and the med,great beaches ,it has huge potential.

    Tell you what, if this is such an attractive offer, why not have the Israelis and Pals just do a land swap deal – historic Palestine for the Pals and Gaza and Sinai for the Jews? Don’t forget, the potential is huge.

    • Replies: @mcohen
    , @Talha
  45. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    Excellent post, Durruti

  46. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    What is good for Israel is surely good for rest of humanity…

    Good luck getting liberal Zionists admitting to that. Why just ask Barbara Lerner Spectre, Founding Director, of Paideai Stockholm:

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
  47. @Z-man

    Not mine, any way. I think they own the hearts of MSN watchers and guile-able Churchianity.
    An older neighbor of mine, told me that he still remembers when way back if you dealt shrewdly and took advantage of some one, that some one will say to you ‘you jewed me!”

    “Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise” So go ahead, and you will be demonized and called anti semite!

    • Agree: Z-man
  48. geokat62 says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Do not forget, for Saker, for Trump and for Putin Israel/Palestine is of minor importance.

    \$6 trillion, 4,500 US soldiers lives, and the enmity of most of the Muslim world, and you’re suggesting I/P is of minor importance?

  49. edNels says:
    @Israel Shamir

    If I recall right, California had a couple of referendums overridden by judges, and it was eye opening, but it is just part of how the system works. If there is an edgy issue referendum that even ever gets to a point that it can even be expressed, and formed up to a vote, that’s nice, but then it can be killed at the next stage, which is the safety valve, and both lets off steam, and provides an important Object Lesson: to those who dare to question things, don’t because you are not supposed to do that, and get in line and STFU!

    ANd all them ever improved laws that nobody reads… and then what is really enforced of any of it, is capriciousness on steroids too. If they enforced half of ’em… that’d be the day!
    How about going with the basics of the Constitution, and common Laws, simple to understand. No, it must be improved and made better. A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party of impossible double talk.

    Maybe England still has its brain on straight enough that they have to pretend to oblige, but wait a little longer, and the Babble factor of the new populations, and that will go.

    A referendum usually overrides laws.

    A ruler that trifles with a referendum’s result undermines his legitimacy

    Ok, but ”legitimacy” isn’t what matters, it’s power that matters. Who cares about legitimacy? Some monks in some Cloistere somewheres? The Ruler don’t need no stinkin’ Legitimacy!

  50. Sean says:

    It is not easy to change the paradigm, and the odds were heavily slanted against Trump from step one.

    A few years ago there was a study of literature that showed the apparent paradigm change wrought by Freud was not what it seemed.

    The researchers were investigating literary evidence for what they call “a cultural theory of mind,” or what might alternatively be called folk-psychology. Specifically, they programmed computer software to search the texts “To explore the way that people use language related to the Freudian notion of a subconscious goal.” The texts studied consisted primarily of American and British novels, all of which appeared on at least one “great books list” of the 19th and 20th century and which were available electronically, with an average of 118,000 words per novel, totalling over 20 million words. The researchers report “a gradual shift beginning in the middle of the 19th century that continues to grow into the 20th century through the last of our data points [see below]. We believe this evidence argues for a “Pre-Freudian Shift” in the mental models that people had about their capacity to be aware of their own desires.” They conclude that, “From this perspective, the work of Freud can be seen in a context of widespread cultural change, as an effect rather than an instigating force.” As W. H. Auden put it, Freud may indeed have been not so much a person as “a whole climate of opinion,” but what this research establishes is that this climate-change in folk-psychology began long before he patented it, and would have happened naturally, even if Freud had never turned psychoanalysis into the most successful and profitable franchise in psycho-therapy.

    There is more- First, I challenge you to find any better prose writer from the 20th century. Freud does everything a writer should do. He teaches you: despite occasional references to his clinical authority and experience that he will be unable to share, for the most part he does not condescend to readers the way someone like Heidegger so often does… Instead, Freud generally treats the reader as someone with sufficient intellectual ability to learn the things he himself has learned. He is lucid, often disarmingly so. He is rarely if ever pedantic, having no time to waste given the number of topics in which he has a sincere interest. These are some of the reasons he was short-listed for the Nobel Prize in Literature, and really he should have won it ….

    Freud gave an up to date weather report on the climate of opinion , and that”s why he succeeded. When the background assumptions have changed, someone sensitive to an alteration in unspoken assumptions and appetites (as Trump is) can, if he be a great rhetorician, articulate a sea change that already happened and seem to be a world-shaker.

    In my view Trump only seemed to be wagering against the odds or against powerful interest groups. The media mouthpieces for powerful interest groups were certainly caught out by the shift Trump gave voice to (they haven’t got the memo yet), but they don’t matter all that much, as Trump’s election showed. I don’t go for this stuff about neocons and the deep state being a one. To the extent that the intelligence professionals have a collective view of the Middle East policy of neocons, it is a very jaundiced one. See to learn how much mutual suspicion there is. Most of those who make up the Deep state as going to be influenced by the wider society. They started far from Trump’s positions; sure, but they are closer now than ever before.

  51. @geokat62

    Here is what Israeli style multiculturalism has already achieved in the US:


    1. US-Israel both are national democracies with no effective constitutional limits on their national government law making power. Government powers are based on the PC whims of whomever is appointed to the Supreme Court.

    2. US-Israel are dominated by an organized, super-majority of voters who self-identify as a victim cult that is forever oppressed by Nazi. This victim cult is recognized by the central government as a bunch of entitled-by-law protected class groups. This victim cult advertises itself as being anti-Nazi.

    3. US-Israel define a Nazi profile as being white-gentile-Christian-straight-gringo-healthy-independent-militia-occidental-law-abiding-male.

    4. US-Israel have 2-party systems that dominate national politics

    5. US Republicans = conservative Judaism = Israeli Likud Party

    6. US Democrats = secular Judaism = Israeli Labor Party

    7. US-Israel have a super-majority of protected victim class voters, special people that demand and receive thousands of class based federal entitlements by law in exchange for their votes.

    8. US-Israel are fascist and aggressive proponents of the American-Israeli protected victim class supremacy scheme in the world

    9. US-Israel coordinate their attacks and sabotage of Israeli enemies in the middle east

    10. US-Israel coordinate their black operations

    11. US-Israel share their military technology and intelligence

    12. US-Israel are international pariah states for the same reasons

    13. US-Israel have biased immigration policies in favor of victim cult people.

    14. US-Israel cover for each others transgressions in the UN

    15. US-Israel military and foreign aid agreements are heavily biased toward victim cult enrichment

    16. US-Israel relationship is such that Israel can attack the US Navy, and be rewarded for doing so (USS Liberty)

    17. US-Israel contains many Judeo-Christian (aka Jewish Messiah) devotees, people that venerate Jewish Old Testament morality.

  52. @Israel Shamir

    Mr Shamir, you are a very erudite man and you know as well as I do that there are many ways to look at God and History. You can view God as Prime Mover ( Aristotle ) who lets humans make their own mistakes, or you can accept the Christian God who can and does intervene in human affairs.
    You can accept the idea of History being moulded by Great Men- as my fellow countryman Thomas Carlyle expounded- or you can accept that powerful forces mould history.
    Or maybe it takes Great Men to help push these powerful forces. Let us hope that Donald Trump, despite his faults, because of his faults, is one of these.
    Even if he is not, he has taken more abuse, vituperation and vindictiveness in the last 18 months than most politicians take in several lifetimes.

  53. Seraphim says:

    People would completely miss out on the Christian Orthodox and Russia empathic perspective from which the Saker appraises the facts. They would miss also on Israel Shamir’s same perspective. World politics do not revolve exclusively around the Palestinian problem. Certainly not Russia’s. Russia recognizes Israel as a member of UNO and follows in its regard the same principles it founds her foreign policy, recently reiterated: ”post-West world order,’ when each country, based on its sovereignty within the rules of international law, will strive to find a balance between its own national interests and the national interests of partners.”

    • Replies: @Durruti
  54. Miro23 says:

    A Fascist Democracy is a nation of blood & soil and bullets & ballots.

    I won’t disagree that the base has to be blood and soil, but blood doesn’t have to be 100%, and soil needs to be non-expansionist. Other countries and races have a right to their own blood and soil without interference. Some minority blending seems OK if, 1) the minorities are relatively small in number and 2) they are committed to become “Americans” or whatever – accepting a new ethos, culture and the “melting pot”.

    The problem comes with the traditional warfare blending method. For example, Spain has been invaded/settled by Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs who have now become more or less indistinguishable from the native Iberians and Basques, but it has been a long and often violent process (2000 years).

    Same for Great Britain that is the racial result of warfare between Celts, Norse, Danish, Anglo-Saxons (Germans) and Normans (French) with invasions basically displacing the Old British (Welsh). It’s not a big issue now but it surely was while it was in progress.

    Settlement without integration is an invasion, in the US case with a small Jewish racially defined elite aiming to knock out Anglo-Americans (the previously dominant race) with Open Borders and large scale Latino/World immigration, making a straightforward invitation to conflict and chaos.

  55. Krollchem says:
    @Israel Shamir

    There is a good chance that Marine LePen can win the French Presidential election.,314239

    It is important to realize that the EU is a dictatorship that has eliminated French sovereignty. It is run by four unelected presidents and one unelected Commissar:

  56. @Cyrano

    Even NATO was created for the same purpose of preserving democracy (capitalism) in the west, not because they were afraid of the military invasion of Europe by USSR, but because after WW2 communism enjoyed certain level of popularity in Europe that US saw as threatening to their main purpose of existence.

    That’s old school Commie propaganda. The USSR certainly did want to invade western Europe.

    I notice you haven’t mentioned Hungary and other eastern European nations.

    Hungarian Revolution of 1956 – Wikipedia

    The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 or the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 (Hungarian: 1956-os forradalom or 1956-os felkelés) was a nationwide revolt against the government of the Hungarian People's Republic and its Soviet-imposed policies, lasting from 23 October until 10 November 1956.

    ‎Imre Nagy · ‎Hungarian People's Republic · ‎Pál Maléter · ‎Ernő Gerő

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  57. Durruti says:

    The moral is everything. Oppression is the denial of everything.

    Seraphim writes: “World politics do not revolve exclusively around the Palestinian problem. Certainly not Russia’s. Russia recognizes Israel as a member of UNO and follows in its regard the same principles it founds her foreign policy,”

    In 1948, the Soviet Union was the first nation to recognize the State of ‘Israel.’

    By doing so, the Soviet Union also recognized the dis establishment of the Palestinian people’s struggle for independence. The Soviet action preceded the same actions by the leading imperialist nations of the West.

    Many forget the Palestinian General Strike for Independence in 1936, which was followed by an insurrection, which was suppressed by the British Army in much bloody fighting. As with the 1916 Irish Easter Sunday uprising, the Palestinians had their National aspirations dashed. In 2017, they are an imprisoned people in their land of birth, with the majority existing exiled in diaspora.

    In 2017, the Palestinian suffering is the central moral disaster that is at the epicenter of the World’s human political/social dis function. The Hebrews committed the Jericho Holocaust (the first celebrated – by song – fable or history of Genocide). In 2017, the crime against the Palestinians, and by extension against the Arab peoples, is executed in plain daylight, and before a cynical audience.

    He who watches a crime being committed, and does nothing… (Hell! he who even denies the crime and excuses by mislabeling of victim and victimiser).

    In 2017, the ongoing imperialist and Zionist butchery in the Middle East lies at the heart… destroys the human heart. A rescue of the Palestinians would jump-start the repair of the world’s damaged human moral foundation. The rescue must begin with the moral, and only then may delivered by Hezbollah and other Partisans of freedom.


    • Replies: @Seraphim
  58. Why are so many Europeans in suicidal mode even when they must realize that current trends spell doom for their own kind? Have Europeans lost the old way, the vitality and health? Or is it something else?
    In some ways, it seems ludicrous that so many Europeans are so afraid of speaking the truth or doing what is right out of fear of being called ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’. But maybe it’s not so strange. Maybe, the mentality is easy to understand.

    Suppose you’re a soldier in a hopeless war. You know it’s better for your side to surrender and sue for peace. Continuance of war will lead to more deaths, even total erasure of nation off the map.
    Suppose there’s a battle ahead where your commander orders you and others to charge against the enemy. In your heart of hearts, you know it’s nothing but a suicide mission. You know it serves no purpose. You know you have a better chance of surviving if you desert and run… or plot a mutiny. BUT, you fear being considered a coward or traitor. So, you decide you will charge and die with the troops for the sake of … honor. You fear what others will think of you if you act like a Negro and run like a mothafuc*a OR act like an Italian, soil your pants, and run to mama to hide under her dress.

    PC isn’t about honor, but it messes with your mind in a similar way. Humans have certain sense of pride and right & wrong based on social norms and official ideals. And since of WWII, white people grew up with the cult of WWII guilt and the evil of ‘racism’. It is so sacred to them they would rather die in faith to this creed than turn against it. We say this mentality has become overly pathological — pathologically altruistic — , indeed to the point of collective suicide.

    But consider Germany and its warrior cult and ideal during World War II. As the war wore on, Germans and Japans could have saved many more lives if they had surrendered earlier. I mean it was hopeless. Many more lives could have been saved if Germans and Japanese had been like French in 1940: choose quick defeat, humiliation, and peace(under German rule) than refuse to surrender, fight for honor, and lose many more lives(like Poles who kept resisting).
    The Germans and Japanese kept fighting and fighting until they were totally defeated and crushed. Their sense of loyalty and honor trumped everything. And they feared being considered a ‘coward’ or traitor’. To die in huge numbers was more bearable than losing one’s sense of honor and loyalty by acting like an Italian and surrendering.

    In the final scene of Kagemusha, all the men decide to die with honor in a futile battle than say NO WAY and run like Italians like in FAREWELL TO ARMS.

    In a way, the values & themes have changed, but the mentality remains the same in the current West.

    Europeans used to be nationalist and warrior-like. They used to revere the war heroes and great men. Today, Europeans are pacifistic and so ‘nice’.
    And yet, both modes of outlook, the warrior and do-gooder, have something in common: Idealism and pride of ego. The themes have changed, but the mentality is the same.
    Both the Warrior of Honor and Progressive of Conscience are motivated by ‘higher ideals’ that are dearer than life. In a way, such outlook is surely a strength because it leads to greater courage in war and greater commitment to peace. Consider the heroic British soldiers who stand and fight in ZULU against the odds.

    BUT, it is also a vulnerability because the participants become so wrapped up in their conceit of pride and reputation. Both the warrior hero and progressive do-gooder can become pathologically mindful of how OTHERS think of them in accordance to the prevailing ideals or norms. Like a samurai willing to slit his belly for sake of honor, the white warrior and white do-gooder are willing to surrender even life itself for reputation.

    Consider films like PATHS OF GLORY, CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE, and GALLIPOLI. All three are about obvious suicide missions, and many knew how hopeless those operations were. But no one dared to say HELL NO, I WON’T GO since he feared being seen as a coward or traitor. So, they just obeyed and charged into sure death. (In LORD JIM, the hero chooses death at the end to redeem his reputation.)

    Today, Europeans don’t invade anymore. Instead, they INVITE the world with faith in Diversity as a strength and wonder. Even though facts say otherwise, the redemptive European idealism since end of WWII was founded on being so Nice, Inclusive, & Tolerant and denouncing all particularism. These have become articles of faith, sacrosanct in the current definition of ‘Western Values’. Just like many Christians were willing to die for God than save themselves, today’s Europeans would rather die for what they deem Sacred than save themselves. Their pride, prestige, and egos are invested in Diversity and Inclusion. (Muslims have some of this too. Some will choose to die for Allah. Suicidalism for the higher good or sense of ‘justice’)

    So, if the past cult of heroism drove warriors into hopeless battles for the sake of honor, the current cult of redemption drives do-gooders into hopeless attempts to be Good People, even at the risk of life and limb.

    From the suicidal charge to the suicidal embrace. In the former, soldiers feared being considered cowards & traitors to the nation. In the latter, do-gooders fear being considered ‘racists’ or traitors to ‘social justice’.

    In the past, the ideal of the warrior led Europeans to invade even when it was suicidal. Today, the ideal of the do-gooder leads Europeans to invite even when it is suicidal.

    From pathological militarism to pathological altruism.

  59. Reb Israel, Who is the Converso on the SCOTUS? Sotomayor or Alito? And if it isn’t the latter, is he a Morisco (perhaps named after some Ali, going way back)? Please shed light on it!

    • Replies: @mcohen
  60. Veritatis says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Good article, and I must say I agree with commenter Lagley, thank you for posting that. It is clear Fillon was “taken down” if not out by hidden elites. Not that I’m completely exonerating him from the Penelopegate, I just don’t have enough information. It was an unpleasant surprise when a “Mr. Nobody” won the primaries against Sarkozy and Juppé. Fillon is no Trump, however, and is behind on the polls (ever reliable as we’ve seen) to Macron. Le Pen is winning with around 26% of vote intention all over France.

    It seems curious so much effort would be expended against a rather traditional economic conservative. A friendship with Putin would of course be beyond the pale. But also, imo, there’s the fact that Fillon is a practicing catholic, that actually goes on yearly retreats to a monastery that was a center for the Vendée resistance to the Revolution. If Fillon has a mind that is catholic-trained, as I think he does, he is dangerous because he has the mental structure, the clarity of terms, the understanding of human nature and what constitutes a reasonable polity to promote human dignity. He could wage the battle of ideas with the globalist-social progressives and “lift the veil”. He has specifically said he would change the law allowing homo marriage ( not retroactively), laying down the gauntlet. Marriage was, and is, a linchpin in the development of Western societies, a key institution, so it is not just another cultural issue.

    But I don’t think he is a nimble enough politician to win.

    Anyhow, it is imperative that the first round is not won by 2 anti-establishment candidates: Le Pen and Fillon. I have a hard time understanding how the French could elect a groomed wimp with a suspect personal life like Macron. He’s handsome, that’s about it. Then again, the Americans did lead the way electing Obama.

  61. Veritatis says:

    Agree, it sounded personal, bitter.

  62. joe webb says:

    another leftie johnny one-note. France is going for FN because of race. Brexit was because of Race, Trump is largely because of Race, even while he of course denies it and is setting out to the ghetto with his tool-box of Words.

    No Leftie will ever get it. It is not Economics, It is Race, fundamentally, with economics only a distant second. People say it is economics, but it is not. It is not safe to say Darkie, etc. You can only say, illegal immigrant with your tail between your legs.

    Joe Webb

  63. Seraphim says:

    Russia was never averse to the emigration of Jews to Palestine. Russians were too happy to see the back of them. There were voices asking “the Jews to all go back to Palestine, but as they will not go of their free will, we must force them to do it, for their right place is in their former kingdom of Palestine. Let them get their rights from the Sultan, not from Russia where they are strangers… Russia would make any sacrifice to help the Jews to settle in Palestine and form an autonomous State of their own”. That was proposed in 1911 when “the six million (!) Jews in the Russian Empire have been living in the shadow of fear of renewed massacres” as reported in the New York Times of August 2, 1911, when the Duma was discussing the abolition of the Pale of Settlement. Of course, that proposal was taken as a proof of antisemitism!
    Herzl himself requested that the Russian government assist the Zionist Movement to transfer Jews from Russia to Eretz Yisrael already in 1903.

  64. Cyrano says:
    @David Davenport

    That’s old school Commie propaganda. The USSR certainly did want to invade western Europe.

    And you acquired this knowledge exactly how? By having access to the secret archives of the USSR? Or maybe you took one hard look at some old cold war photographs on which the Russians looked like mean people and thanks to your superior intelligence you were able to deduct that the Russians have certain genetic predispositions towards invasions, how exactly did you form your highly esteemed conclusion if I may ask?

    If Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe wanted to enjoy the pleasures of living under “democracy” then they should have also had the privilege of being liberated by the greatest democracy of them all instead of by USSR. Too bad they couldn’t vote on that. Such a shame that democracy has limitations like that. Sometimes you want them to liberate you, but they are nowhere to be found, and some times you don’t want them to, but they liberate you anyway – like Iraq, and Libya and almost Syria – all beneficiaries of unwanted liberation. People are hard to please some time.

  65. @Intelligent Dasein

    Great song.

    I’ll take Collins over Gabriel.

  66. @Priss Factor

    Great observations.
    As far as the Germans are concerned they are to this day suffering from the status of being ” Wrong” and their most fervent obcessive desire, need, is to finally be “Right”.
    For this reason they have adopted the mind-set of : “Wir sind die Guten, die Gutmenschen” ” : We are the harmless good guys : and the Americans, the British, the eastern Europeans, excepting their leftists, they are now the dangerous , the treacherous bad guys, the Fascists, the “Rightists” : “Die Rechten”.

    I had a buddy in Germany years ago ( I lived there for decades ) who said that every morning when he looked in the mirror he hated himself for being born German, in spite of the fact that he had a prestigious job ( clinical Psychologist) and he had inherited a huge fortune.

    Germany is collective looney-bin and it cannot be helped, period. They have to drag themselves out of their neurosis and it could take centuries, providing they do not obliterate themselves with their insane politics first.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

  67. @Priss Factor

    Europeans used to be nationalist and warrior-like. They used to revere the war heroes and great men. Today, Europeans are pacifistic and so ‘nice’.
    And yet, both modes of outlook, the warrior and do-gooder, have something in common: Idealism and pride of ego. The themes have changed, but the mentality is the same.

    Both the Warrior of Honor and Progressive of Conscience are motivated by ‘higher ideals’ that are dearer than life.

    This is a sexual polarity shift (in the psychological sense). It appears to have been engineered from top. (It is quite likely that the upper most segments remain (masculine) as before, but that is a question mark.)

    The benefits (to the rulers) of governing a feminized society should be self evident. The main drawback is in martial matters, as you note. But that will not be an issue in the long term as we transition to robot armies, etc. Remember that women were the original “computers”.

    • Replies: @Talha
  68. @Priss Factor

    Classic case of choosing collective mass suicide for sake of warrior pride and honor

  69. Agent76 says:

    Feb 8, 2017 Donald Trump on Asset Forfeiture

  70. Talha says:

    Salaam Bro,

    Somewhat related to this topic – if you have 5 minutes, this is an awesome read:

    Wa Salaam

  71. utu says:

    Removing Flynn was very damaging. The next target is Bannon and Miller. I think that Bannon is the most important. He is the only one that has some coherent vision of goals and transformations. Not all of them are politically feasible but they can try. If “they” succeed in getting rid of Bannon and Miller Trump administration will become the wet dream of republican establishment. Trump may go along with this hoping that he will avoid his own removal, say, by impeachment. However, if Trump wants to survive he must double down on his campaign promises. He must fight. Republicans are his greatest and most duplicitous enemies. His objective should be to eliminate Paul Ryan and VP Pence. Some think that Priebus should be got rid asap.

    Roger Stone: Priebus ousted Flynn, wants Miller & Bannon to go next.

  72. Talha says:

    The potential – let me tell ya – YUGE!

  73. mcohen says:
    @Pachyderm Pachyderma

    that is funny,reb israel,and remember he is also ex paratrooper

  74. More on France
    Thierry Meyssan wrote to me: Thank you for your support to Trump. I share your point of view. However, you seem to be intoxicated on France: the opponents of Fillon are exactly the same as those of Trump.

    See :
    The National Front of Marine Le Pen is a composite party. 1/3 of its members come from the left (that is, they have social concerns), while 2/3 come from the right (they are mostly concerned about security). Most of its constituents express strong frustration, which is not always good advice.

    François Fillon was a solitary candidate, even if he is a former prime minister. He rallied to him the “old France”, that is to say the Christians. There are two reasons for this: first, a reaction to the Islamophilia of the ruling class, while the Islamists are increasingly aggressive, and then the systematic destruction of Christian values ​​for the benefit of globalization over the past eight years.

    Nobody knows what would happen if Marine Le Pen will be elected. She should choose in its party between the two currents that form it. And it should find many allies to hold the state. Fillon, meanwhile, would return to the traditional values ​​of the country and fight the terrorism manufactured by the CIA.

  75. Sparkon says:
    @Priss Factor

    Suppose you’re a soldier in a hopeless war…

    Based on the rest of your post, I think you should have written:

    Suppose you’re an actor in a hopeless movie…

    For the love of all that is right and just, if you’re going to discuss historical events, and want to cite a reference, please use a history book, and not a movie, let alone a Hollywood movie.

    In the past, the ideal of the warrior led Europeans to invade even when it was suicidal. Today, the ideal of the do-gooder leads Europeans to invite even when it is suicidal.

    If not for disastrous strategic mistakes by the man with the little moustache, Germany might have prevailed in WWII against both the UK and the USSR.

    For example, Germany’s destruction or capture of the BEF trapped at Dunkirk in 1940 would have been a serious moral defeat for Churchill and England.

    Even more significantly, If the Luftwaffe had continued its air campaign against Fighter Command’s airfields, and also knocked out those towering and conspicuous RADAR installations, the day would have come when the RAF and all those dashing chaps in their Hurricanes and Spitfires would have had no runways to take off. The Germans would have established effective air superiority over the island kingdom, and the outlook would have been very bleak indeed for the warmonger Churchill, who at least would have had plenty of scotch in his bomb shelter.

    But probably, AH was an agent of deception all along; a tool of murky interests. If he really wanted to oust the Bolsheviks, he would have had long range bombers and heavy tanks to kick in the front door at Moscow, and see if the whole rotten mess would really collapse.

    Even without the proper weapons, the Wermacht probably could have seized Moscow before the onset of the rainy season in 1941 if AH had concentrated the Heer’s formation along the Moscow axis as most of his generals advised, rather than scattering his already too light forces for attacks on Leningrad, and especially for the attacks south of the Pripet Marshes, which in addition to scattering his forces, also alienated the Ukrainians, who probably hated Stalin as much as anyone.

    And so a potential ally was turned into a mortal enemy.

    Against all odds.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
    , @Uebersetzer
  76. Cyrano says:

    Another armchair general longing for the glory days of the great leader. You are overestimating the value of both Ukrainians as “allies” of Germany and the importance of taking Moscow for the final outcome of the war. Napoleon did take Moscow, did it do him any good in the end?

    Apparently after the first onslaught, Stalin sent feelers to Hitler, willing to let him have whatever he managed to get hold of up to that point – Ukraine, the Baltics and parts of Belorussia – just to buy time because he knew that he decapitated the Red Army with his paranoia driven purges of the late 30’s.

    He used the Bulgarian ambassador as a go between, a good choice since Bulgaria as a Slavic nation was also one of the most loyal German allies. (Smart people those Bulgarians, as Germany’s ally they managed to save almost all Jewish people in their country from the concentration camps fate, and were not foolish to send soldiers in the fight against USSR either. Apparently their motto was: “Always with Germany, never against Russia”)

    Anyhow, when the Bulgarian ambassador heard what Stalin wants him to do, he apparently told him: “Why are you afraid of them (the Germans), you should be able to beat them even if you have to retreat to the Urals”. Which is almost how it played out. Smart people those Bulgarians indeed.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  77. Seraphim says:

    It is probable that AH did not really intend to ‘oust the Bolsheviks’. He had reached the opinion that Stalin did it already.
    One should remember the thawing of relations which led first to the August 19, 1939 German–Soviet Commercial Agreement, extended on the 23 August into the Non-Aggression Pact.
    “Just before the signing of the agreements, the parties had addressed past hostilities, with German Foreign Minister Joachim Ribbentrop telling Soviet diplomats that “there was no problem between the Baltic and the Black Sea that could not be solved between the two of us.” Diplomats from the two countries addressed the common ground of anti-capitalism and anti-democracy, stating “there is one common element in the ideology of Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union: opposition to the capitalist democracies,” “neither we nor Italy have anything in common with the capitalist west” and “it seems to us rather unnatural that a socialist state would stand on the side of the western democracies.”
    A German official explained that their prior hostility toward Soviet Bolshevism had subsided with the changes in the Comintern and the Soviet renunciation of a world revolution. A Soviet official characterized the conversation as “extremely important”. At the signing, Ribbentrop and Stalin enjoyed warm conversations, exchanging toasts and further discussing the prior hostilities between the countries in the 1930s.
    Ribbentrop stated that Britain had always attempted to disrupt Soviet-German relations, was “weak”, and “wants to let others fight for her presumptuous claim to world dominion”. Stalin concurred, adding, “If England dominated the world, that was due to the stupidity of the other countries that always let themselves be bluffed.”Ribbentrop stated that the Anti-Comintern Pact was directed not against the Soviet Union, but against Western democracies, and “frightened principally the City of London [the British financiers] and the English shopkeepers”.
    He added that Berliners had joked that Stalin would yet join the Anti-Comintern Pact himself. Stalin proposed a toast to Hitler, and Stalin and Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov repeatedly toasted the German nation, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and Soviet-German relations. Ribbentrop countered with a toast to Stalin and a toast to the countries’ relations. As Ribbentrop left, Stalin took him aside and stated that the Soviet Government took the new pact very seriously, and he would “guarantee his word of honor that the Soviet Union would not betray its partner.”

    England’s alarm was understandable. It went into overdrive to stop the convergence. Practically Hitler was pushed to attack. He fell back on the Brest-Litovsk mentality: securing the absolutely vital inflow of petrol, coal, wheat from Southern Russia. That was his real objective. He believed that a Blitzkrieg like in the West would bring Russia on her knees and made to accept a new Brest-Litovsk peace. When it did not happen he concentrated on the overall objective, the oil fields of Baku. He never looked at Ukraine as a potential ally, but at its incorporation in the Reich.

  78. Nah, before the Germans invaded they assumed the USSR was a rotting edifice and one kick would send it crashing to the ground. There was an annihilatory quality to German behaviour in the east from June 22, 1941 onwards – they systematically killed “Commisars” and “partisans” rather than treating them as negotiating partners for a new Brest-Litovsk, let huge numbers of the POWs they captured in the summer and autumn of 1941 simply starve to death, and slaughtered huge numbers of Jews in the territories they overran because they assumed, in line with their ideology that they were “carriers of the Bolshevik bacillus”. But they did not equip their own soldiers with adequate winter clothing.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  79. sarz says:

    The Palestinians to Sinai? How about the Ashkenazis to Birobizhan? Now is the time.

  80. @Sparkon

    The Germans overran most of Europe without heavy tanks and long-range bombers, so why would they think they needed them to defeat the USSR? Some commentators and even article writers on this site seem obsessed with national IQ scores, but the Germans really did think the Soviet Union was a vast mass of subhumans with a small aristocracy consisting mainly of Jewish commissars, and no real challenge to German might.

  81. Seraphim says:

    Brest-Litovsk was not a ‘negotiated’ peace, but one imposed on a defeated enemy. The dismantling of Russia and the total control of Germany’s “Lebensraum’ was the real objective of Imperial Germany’s war.
    Of course, Hitler had the same objectives. Ironically, had not been for Stalin, he would have ‘negotiated’ a new Brest-Litovsk with the old hand of Brest-Litovsk, Trotsky.

    • Replies: @Uebersetzer
  82. Sparkon says:

    I wrote:

    disastrous strategic mistakes by the man with the little moustache… an agent of deception all along

    But you wrote:

    Another armchair general longing for the glory days of the great leader

    That’s just a little off the mark, no?

    Just to be sporting, I’ll go ahead, and play into your hands. With the luxury of hindsight, and fantasy at our fingertips, I need not limit myself to any mere armchair general. No way. If we’re going act from armchairs, I’m bustin’ a Full Führer with an umlaut. and marching on Moscow.

    At this stage of the war, German tactical superiority gave the Heer the upper hand against the Red Army, but German generals could see that the Soviets had some very good weapons. There was no time to waste. Strike Moscow! Seize the railheads. Decapitate the Bolshevik leadership. Take Stalin’s head back to Nuremberg on a pike. Better yet, leave it in Moscow. Expel the Soviets. Make peace with Russia.

    Now go ahead on, mischaracterize that.

    • Replies: @Uebersetzer
    , @Cyrano
  83. @Seraphim

    Brest-Litovsk was bit of both – peace imposed on a defeated enemy who had had a regime change, but the Germans obviously preferred the Bolsheviks who wanted out of the war, to the Tsar and even the Provisional Government who wanted to continue. Whereas in 1941, the Germans were killing people who had Communist Party membership cards (or were Jewish because this was considered to be more or less the same thing), not talking to them.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  84. @Sparkon

    German generals and probably even Hitler were well aware of the details of Napoleon’s campaign (German chief of staff Halder even noted in his diary where Napoleon’s army had been on given dates in 1812, as compared to Hitler’s army in 1941). Taking Moscow in itself had availed Napoleon little, and it did not even provide his army winter shelter after it was burned down. Moreover the Russian army still existed. In 1941 the Germans were torn between going after Moscow and going after the Red Army – not necessarily the same thing. It would have been a blow to morale if Moscow had been lost (German leaflets urging Soviet troops to surrender claimed Stalin had fled to Kuibyshev, and in fact some government institutions were evacuated there) but not necessarily decisive.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  85. Seraphim says:

    I was obviously referring to the collaboration of the ‘Trotsky gang’ with the Germans and Japanese in order to bring down Stalin. They would have applied the same policy of defeatism and national immolation they applied at Brest-Litovsk.

  86. Sparkon says:

    Yes, but Napoleon and his Grande Armée had nothing like the Wehrmacht’s mechanized armored formations to conduct so-called lightning warfare, or Blitzkrieg in Western media, so the parallel with 1812 is only good so far, but let me take a step back.

    Barbarossa as it played out was a disaster for Germany. If Stalin was really ready to launch his own attack, Germany should have broadcast to the world some evidendce or proof of the impending invasion, or even suffer the tactical defeat, and play the victim for once, rather than relinquish the moral high ground by attacking first.

    But as I say, the guy is an enigmatic figure who made so many mistakes, at least in retrospect, that it’s difficult now for me to take him at face value. There are reports he was England before WWI, but without digging in to all of that, let’s just consider that he was reportedly assigned to infiltrate DAP, later NSDAP, and rose to be its leader.

    In July 1919 while stationed in Munich, army Gefreiter Adolf Hitler was appointed a Verbindungsmann (intelligence agent) of the Reichswehr (army) by the head of the Education and Propaganda Department (Dept Ib/P) in Bavaria, Captain Mayr. Hitler’s assignment was to influence other soldiers and to infiltrate the DAP.

    Finally, recall Churchill’s “Bodyguard of Lies,” and bear in mind: not all of these units have stood down.

  87. Cyrano says:

    For all that heralding of supposed German tactical superiority, the Wehrmacht was in reality a one trick p(h)ony – because the blitzkrieg wasn’t even very original nor universally successful. Blitzkrieg was a known concept as far back as Sun Tzu and one of the main practitioners was also Alexander Suvorov – the best military leader that Russia ever had (never lost a battle).

    Going back to German tactical superiority – blitzkrieg was only effective against relatively small (territory vise) European countries, against Russia it accomplished diddly. Sure the Germans encircled and blitzed huge parts of territory, capturing half of European Russia, but in the end they run out of steam. Russia simply was too large, had lot of territory to trade in order to buy time and regroup for the blitzkrieg to be effective.

    You do seem to live in a fantasy world where Hitler only hated Russia because they were run by Bolsheviks – expel the soviets make peace with Russia – really? In the end it was Stalin that forced that loser to face his own justice, but yeah it must be a nice dream for you about Hitler taking Stalin’s head.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  88. Sparkon says:

    Better that Stalin’s head, and/or Hitler’s too -along with a couple others- end up on a pike somewhere, anywhere, than the Western nations be tricked once again into slaughtering each other on the battlefields of Europe.

    Russia simply was too large, had lot of territory to trade in order to buy time and regroup for the blitzkrieg to be effective.

    Yes, this is true, and that is why the correct military solution for Barbarossa, once you’ve made the mistake of attacking in the first place, is a direct, all-out thrust on Moscow. That action was the only possibility for the Germans to defeat the USSR in WWII in the opening months by unseating the Bolshevik leadership before new, dynamic Red Army generals could marshal Russian patriotism, mesh with some pretty good Red Army equipment, along with a flood of Lend Lease, and throw the invaders out.

    But it’s all a racket, kept afloat by rivers of blood.

    Let’s hope we don’t get tricked again.

  89. @Sparkon

    The French were not trying to occupy Russian territory and they did not have large numbers of troops simply trying to hold down western Russia – at most they had a few troops guarding supply depots along the route from Vilna to Moscow, but no attempt to occupy the surrounding countryside. A significant number of German troops and armed collaborators were occupied in holding down Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and parts of ethnic Russian territory. They never entirely succeeded in controlling the territory they overran but unlike Napoleon they were trying to do so.

  90. @Israel Shamir

    Test case:

    60 per cent of thecpeople vote affirmatively on the referendum proposition “Profession, practice and preaching of the Muslim religion are henceforth to be regarded as acts hostile to the people and state of the United Kingdom and it is the will of the people that no criminal liability should attach to any killing or other act of violence against Muslims within the United Kingdom”. Unfortunately an old fashioned policeman charges someone with the murder of a Muslim and the highest courts all uphold the validity of the prosecution. Distinguish that case if you can.

    • Replies: @Israel Shamir
  91. @Sparkon

    Hitler’s army was separated from Napoleon’s by 130 years, yet the differences, though real, can be exaggerated. His armies were still horse-drawn to a surprising degree and on the Eastern Front at least both sides were still using cavalry. A German soldier whose unit was attacked by cavalry in a local Red Army ambush in 1941 said he had seen two men in his unit killed with sabres – “eighty years after Sadowa” (a battle in the 1866 Austro-Prussian war).

  92. @Sparkon

    Originally sent to keep an eye on a radical right group on behalf of the army, Hitler ended up by taking it over (but was he directed to do so or did he so of his own initiative?) It is widely suspected in Germany that the radical right fringe even now is so heavily infiltrated by the state, especially Verfassungsschuetz as to be virtually an arm of it.

  93. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I bet it won’t cheer you, Shamir, but only Jews can write as well as you, with regards to idea-density (this short piece is so full of effective ideas) and charisma.

  94. @Wizard of Oz

    Here are two impossibilities meshed: such a referendum would never be proposed anywhere, not in the UK, neither anywhere else; and second, such a referendum would never be approved by the Brits. So off it goes.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  95. @Israel Shamir

    My test question was a request for a logical answer not one one of empirical probability.

    Nonetheless, suppose a referendum vote supported the restoration of the death penalty in the UK but the UK courts declared that the government and Parliament couldn’t give effect to it because of European Court rulings….

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