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A Syrian Breakthrough
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The Russians and their Syrian allies have cut the main supply line of the rebels to the north of Aleppo, the Azaz corridor. In our last report, we wrote about the Azaz corridor, “a narrow strip of land connecting Turkey to the rebel forces in Aleppo. Though it has been narrowed down to four miles in some places, the Syrian [government] Army can’t take it, despite the Russian aerial support. For the success of the whole operation, it is paramount to seize the corridor and cut the supply lines, but there is a heavy political flak and military difficulties. At the last Lavrov-Kerry meeting, the American State Secretary six times implored his Russian counterpart to keep hands off the Azaz corridor. The Americans do not want to see Russian victory; besides, the Turks threaten to invade Syria if the corridor is blocked.”

Now the deed is done, the corridor is blocked. It was not a great battle that we would expect, instead a minor move towards a few Shia villages, but the corridor was so narrow that it was enough. My correspondents in the area tell of rebels running towards the Turkish border. They are followed by many civilians, afraid of the final battle for Aleppo which is probably coming – unless the rebels will vaporise and disappear. If and when Aleppo and the whole Aleppo district will be taken by the Syrian army, we would be able to congratulate Putin and Assad – and Syrian people – with a great victory.

Until now, despite a few months of fighting and bombing, the Russians and the Syrians had few few spectacular achievements to show for their efforts. The warfare has been anything but a blitzkrieg, instead house after a house; small villages changing hands. Now things began to move, with Syrian army coming to the Turkish and Jordanian borders and cutting off the supply routes of the diverse rebel groups. The surrounded Islamists in Aleppo pocket still can fight for a long time, but it seems they have lost much of their fighting spirit.

The Saudis unveiled their plans to send their crack troops to Syria, ostensibly “to fight terrorists”, but as a matter of fact, to prevent their defeat and to safeguard a part of Syrian territory under Salafist control. This could be a dangerous development, and President Assad promised that unbidden guests will go back home in coffins. However, the Saudis have no troops to send: their army is stuck in Yemen and has quite a hard time there fighting the indomitable Ansar Allah. Even there the Saudis have to rely upon Colombian mercenaries. If they will send the remainder of their forces to Syria, their homeland will remain exceedingly vulnerable for any unexpected development, be it an Ansar Allah counter-offensive, Iranian intervention or a large-scale Shi’a rising.

The Russians raise alarms that a Turkish invasion into Syria is imminent. Russian media is foaming at the mouth about the perfidious Turks; a veritable Two Minutes Hate ritual (vide Orwell) on the state-managed TV channels being repeated a few times a day. The idea is to scare Turks stiff so they will not move while the operation in the North lasts. On the other side, the Russian opposition draws frightful scenarios of Janissaries slaughtering the Russian boys on the Syrian terrain. The Turkish media also tries to instil fear in the Russkies by saying what they can do.

If you ever dived among the Red Sea coral, perhaps you encountered a peculiar fish called Abu Nafha in Arabic, a sort of blowfish. It turns into a balloon to scare off its potential enemies. This tactic is not limited to aqueous kingdom. The Brits are the best at it, and they unleashed a veritable panic campaign to undermine the Russian morale.

In a quick succession, they broadcasted a few films on the BBC. They began with Putin as mega-oligarch, the richest man on earth, with forty (or four hundred?) billion dollars in his pocket. This was a favourite topic of Stanislav Belkovsky, a corpulent Russian Jewish opposition writer, who produced a few books about Putin in the best tradition of gutter journalism. He described the Russian president as a super-rich latent homosexual who wants to escape from Kremlin and enjoy peaceful indolent life in the warm seas. Mind you, he wrote that before Putin’s comeback in 2011. If Putin was so keen on retiring, he had a good opportunity to do it, instead of running for a new term of presidency.

Now BBC blew the dust off this book and made a film about corrupt, rich and lazy Putin. The US Treasury acting undersecretary Adam Szubin immediately confirmed: yes, we know for sure that Putin is fabulously rich and exceedingly corrupt. Bill Browder, once Russia’s largest foreign investor, sentenced in absentia to a long jail term in Russia for his tax evasion and other tricks, said to CNN: Putin has US $200 billion. He keeps it on his offshore accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere, revealed Browder. As if it is possible to keep a large fortune hidden from the eyes of intelligence services! If Putin would have money hidden abroad, it would be confiscated or frozen by the US, years ago. You do not have to be a genius to know that: you can’t hide big money. A few million dollars, yes. Not even tens of millions.

Such allegations seem a necessary part of a black PR campaign. Whoever they dislike is always described as the richest man in the world. Even such modest man as the Belarusian president Lukashenko did not escape this fate, let alone Putin. They called Muammar Gaddafy “fabulously rich”, and Saddam Hussein, too, but somehow nothing was found after their death, ever. Once, a ruler could keep riches in his strong room, modern money is just a licence issued by the US, and this licence can be revoked anytime.


Putin’s friends and colleagues grew rich, true. There are many stories in Putin’s Russia that remind of the rise of Halliburton and Vice President Cheney, of Enron and Blair’s deals. Putin encouraged his supporters to build their own wealth in order to counteract the immense strength of the oligarchs. Russia is not cleaner than its Western “partners”. She is not a corruption-ridden mafia state she is depicted by her adversaries. Capitalism is capitalism, and it is ugly enough without exaggerations.

The British masters gave a voice to a Russian defector who said Putin is a homosexual and a paedophile. Who needs proofs for such allegations! Anyway, the Daily Mail illustrated this report with a picture of Putin kissing a small boy amid crowds, as the politicians are wont.

The most scary instalment in the British intimidation campaign was the mockumentary The Third World War: Inside the War Room. It appears like a real news report: Russian residents in Latvia demand autonomy, as they were disenfranchised by the nationalist authorities. The government sends troops against them. Russian humanitarian convoy brings them food and medical first help. NATO decides to send reinforcements. Very soon there are nuclear bomb exchanges, and the world goes down. I must admit this film can frighten anybody, worse than Freddie Kruger did.

It seems that much of this campaign of fear is connected with the ongoing battle for Aleppo. The US and its allies do not intend to enter the mettle, and it is a good news, but they try to scare the Russians so they will let the rebel enclave be. Meanwhile the Turks did not cross the border, though the reports say so, somewhat erroneously. A Turkish Islamic philanthropic body called IHH arranged for refugees a large camp near the border crossing, on the Syrian side. I know the IHH, and I have visited them a few years ago in connection with their humanitarian work in Gaza. This action does not amount to intervention, and hopefully it will not go any further. The Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmed Davutoglu said that the Turks will fight for Aleppo, but probably they will not dare without Western support.

Turkey can open a new supply line to Aleppo, this is just a technical problem. From the west, Aleppo region borders with the former Syrian province of Antakya (Antioch of old), or Liwa Iskenderun, in Arabic. The French colonial masters passed the province to Turkey in 1939. Now it is called Hatay. The rebels recognise Hatay as a part of Turkey, while the Syrian government views it as an occupied territory, like the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Theoretically, the Turks could supply the rebels via Hatay, but there are no good roads, only old country roads unsuitable for large bulk transports. And probably there is not enough time left to build a new road. Still, keep this possibility in your mind.

A new campaign in the Western media speaks of – you guessed! – genocide the Russian bombings amount to. Cruise-missile liberals and their favourite newspaper, the Guardian, already published a few articles in the same weepy tone they used agitating for invasion of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would like to call for ceasefire, but only after the rebels agree to lay down their arms and participate in elections. Otherwise, a ceasefire will just prolong suffering. As the first attempt to restart negotiations in Geneva ended before it actually began, the sides took a timeout until February 25. If by that time the Russian bombing and the Syrian army offensive will install some good sense into rebels’ heads, they still will be able to find a place in the parliament and in the government. And then a ceasefire will come in anyway.

Israel kept itself a very low profile regarding the Syrian war. They hoped, as the Jewish saying goes, that the work for the righteous Jews will be done by the evil-doers like Daesh. Now this hope is being severely tried by events on the ground. And Israeli politicians began to speak loudly of what a disaster the defeat of Daesh will be for the Jewish state. The first one was Yuval Steinitz who said that loud and clear, he was followed by others. However, this information (Israel supports Daesh) has been hidden from readers of the US – and Russian media. In both great states, people are made to believe that Israel is horrified by Daesh and prays for its annihilation.

The Russian success in Syrian war could not be achieved without President Obama’s cautious neutrality. Perhaps he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, after all. An American president could turn this excellent Russian adventure into sheer hell, even without going to war. Let us give praise where it is due: Washington quietly allows the Russians to save Syria, despite Israeli wailing and Saudi shrieks.

The defeat of war-mongering Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire is the sign that the American people want peace, peace in the Middle East and peace with Russia. Now this is within the reach.

Israel Shamir is based in Moscow and can be reached at [email protected]

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Syria 
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  1. Putin is corrupt and the Russian Mafia, of which he is a part, has taken very good care of him. I don’t know how much he is worth and it doesn’t really much matter. While what he is doing in Ukraine is simply murder, what he is doing in Syria is the right thing. Anyone who thinks overthrowing the Assad regime will result in good things need only look next door in Iraq to see how stupid such a notion is.

    If the US had left another strongman in place in Iraq, things would have worked out. The US foreign policy establishment is too stupid, however, to see past its own nose.

  2. CK says:

    One of the historical behaviours of mercenaries was to discover that ownership was better than employment. Many things go better with oil.

  3. 5371 says:

    [I don’t know how much he is worth]

    Not surprising, since you know jack shit about anything at all.

    • Agree: Realist
  4. bjondo says:

    president putin is no 3rd world punk like the piss pots in israel and DC stealing anything they can touch.

    he gets his salary.

    putin like chavez, nusrallah, castro, assad, is worth the world.

    so many worthless mercenary/terrorists, so many useful organs, so many in need.

    put their hearts, lungs, kidneys, tongues, livers, spleens to better use.

    obama, kerry and their jew network of war tanks are out matched and have lost.

    never back down to amuderka or the loudmouthed, shit one.

    chicken shit bullies need to be kicked, stomped, bloodied the same as they do to the weak.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  5. “Perhaps he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, after all.”

    I still think it isn’t worth more than all of Alfred Nobel’s gunpowder fortune to blow it to hell.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    President Obama’s cautious neutrality

    … in the last 6 months. Before that he was a major player in escalating the war. So, after all, Obama deserves judgment from The Hague, not retroactive validation from The Norwegian Nobel Committee.

  7. Kiza says:

    Every eight years there is one year in which few new wars are started or escalated – yes, easy to guess – it is the US Presidential election year. This is the year when only the wars of the next 7 years are being cooked up. I am sure that Mr Putin counted on this when he chose to intervene in Syria to stop the war that the US started on behalf of its owners: Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He has to finish this war before another US presidential crazy decides to start a global nuclear war, we should all keep our fingers crossed that Putin succeeds. I am not betting on Trump getting elected and/or successfully resisting the mighty US war establishment.

    As to a Red-Sea blow-fish, my suggestion is to dive into the sewerage pipes of Istanbul instead to find anything which resembles the British propaganda. The ex-KGB/FSB defectors from Russia in London are dime-a-dozen, prepared to say anything to survive in the inhospitable and expensive environment of their new home. To survive, they supply the staple material to the British establishment and the gutter media. For example, if not writing about Putin’s pedophilia, the Daily Mail would have to remind its readers that “…five women murdered by a serial killer were prostitutes, and thus practically deserved it”. “The Daily Mail (aka, Hate Mail, Daily Fail, Daily Heil, Daily Moan and so on), the second-worst of the British gutter press (only Rupert Murdoch’s Sun is worse)…”

    Daily Fail, the Lieardian (Guardian), the Independent (from the Truth), the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) and so on regularly deliver the pig swill for the dumbed-down and impoverished British masses. But the greatest irony is that it is this most pedophiliac “elite” in the World, the British establishment elite, accuses Putin of being a pedophile and a homosexual. Talk about the power of self-projection!!! Ha!

    As to the plans and intentions of the Jewish state, even the Istanbul sewerage content does not compare.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  8. tbraton says:

    “The US Treasury acting undersecretary Adam Szubin immediately confirmed: yes, we know for sure that Putin is fabulously rich and exceedingly corrupt. ”

    If the U.S. Treasury is anxious to find “fabulously rich and exceedingly corrupt” politicians, you think they would look closer to home and bust up that criminal Clinton foundation enterprise.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  9. Putin I would like to meet.

    His adversaries, I would like to go to their funerals.

  10. Wally says: • Website

    Leave it to a hasbarist to claim the will of the eastern Ukrainian people is “murder”.

  11. Wally says: • Website

    “The Saudis unveiled their plans to send their crack troops to Syria, …”

    Saudi “crack troops”? Is this a joke?

    Almost as absurd as saying Israeli “crack troops”.

    • Replies: @tbraton
    , @Kiza
    , @Israel Shamir
  12. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The banksters have said Assad must go and their mercs n charge of the USA, England, Germany, SA, France and others will keep fighting by hook or crook until Assad is gone, dead or we all get vaporized by a real World War.

    This is what the USA has been reduced to; needing to fight endless ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel’ to keep our economy afloat.

    As for Putin, he’s up for reelection in May 2016 and having Russia fight a ‘good’ war is good for votes.

    Let’s see what happened AFTER he gets reelected, if we’re still around.

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
  14. utu says:

    I would like to hear more about the evidence that Israel supports Daesh. Some citations form Israeli Hebrew language papers, what various politicians said… That would be fascinating. We are lacking this kind of information. There are many pro Israel think tanks and media and propaganda organizations like MEMRI that find (or manufacture) and distribute the most compromising and negative news from the muslim world about muslims.

    Mr. Israel Shamir just wrote one line in todays article about Israel’s support for Daesh but I think this issue deserves at least one well researched full article so people in the West and in Russia (*) would know what is really going on, what is behind the facade of pro Zionist press.

    (*)BTW: Why Russia has such an ineffective media? I read only their English language outlets like Sputnik, RT and Russia Insider and they are really very mediocre. No match for propaganda of British and American TV and press. There is no spark, no zest, no energy, no creativity… They don’t even know how to lie.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
    , @RMM
  15. Historian says:

    Not long ago, the British media was cackling with glee when Putin disappeared from public sight for a week. They said it was because his mistress had given birth to a son.

    Now they’re saying he’s a homosexual pedophile?

    What will they come up with next?

    • Replies: @schmenz
  16. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Q, please explain your incessant comments regarding Ukraine, even when that has been addressed by neither the author nor any commenter in the thread.

    Are you of Ukrainian heritage, associated with the USG, or what? Your doctrinaire view sounds like what Americans are told by their TV, other mainstream media, and Uncle Sam. But perhaps you have first hand knowledge.

    This is very important to you, and I would like to know why.

    Thank you.

  17. Sherman says:

    Israel does not support Daesh.

    Granted, Israel has legitimate concerns about a sharing its northern borders with a strengthened Assad, Hezbollah and Iran as all three parties are unambiguously sworn enemies of Israel.

    But this does not translate into support of Daesh.

    Granted, Israel has tried to cultivate ties with relatively moderate rebel forces in Syria but it has not been very successful in this regard.

    Israel Shamir should stop throwing around inflammatory and unsubstantiated nonsense.

  18. annamaria says:

    ” And Israeli politicians began to speak loudly of what a disaster the defeat of Daesh will be for the Jewish state.” That explains pretty well the hysterics by the presstituting MSM in the US/UK.

    And here is an amusing line from the strategizing (from behind) quartermaster: “If the US had left another strongman in place in Iraq, things would have worked out.” Oh boy. Please read PNAC documents to avoid sounding amusing.

  19. annamaria says:

    Mr. Szubin’ CV suggests his strong ties to the US secret services. What then is Mr. Szubin attitude towards the Saudis Princes (9/11, Mr. Szubin?) and towards the ISIS making money on trading oil with Turkey and Israel (till the RF stepped up and bombed jesus out of the terrorists).

    “Adam J. Szubin serves as the Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. In this role, Mr. Szubin leads the policy, enforcement, regulatory, and intelligence functions of the Treasury Department aimed at identifying and disrupting the lines of financial support to international terrorist organizations, proliferators of weapons of mass destruction, narcotics traffickers, and other actors posing a threat to our national security or foreign policy. During his tenure at the Treasury, Mr. Szubin served as the Director of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) from 2006-2015 and, earlier, as the Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence…”
    As a Director of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) from 2006-2015, Mr. Szubin was quite lenient towards Turkey’ and Israel’ oil-trading with ISIS. Interesting. Looks like a service of a loyal zionist.

    “Israel kept itself a very low profile regarding the Syrian war. They hoped, as the Jewish saying goes, that the work for the righteous Jews will be done by the evil-doers like Daesh. Now this hope is being severely tried by events on the ground. And Israeli politicians began to speak loudly of what a disaster the defeat of Daesh will be for the Jewish state.”
    Is it why Mr. Szubin is livid about Putin? – because the tribe’s interests came under a threat?

  20. KA says:

    “f the US had left another strongman in place in..”
    The kind of strongman that US is missing?

    A lot of anger and hatred have sipped in the electioneering polemics and have been over the years showcased in FOX- — No one respects America ,no one fears us .

    Until now the argument was that we should not be spending billions in nation building . I think we should not spend any strong leader also abroad .

    We should bring them back and prevent them leaving the country . We need strongman .
    Hey! Will Saddam do ? He is gone . Can we have Kabila ?

  21. “The Russian success in Syrian war could not be achieved without President Obama’s cautious neutrality. Perhaps he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, after all. An American president could turn this excellent Russian adventure into sheer hell, even without going to war. Let us give praise where it is due: Washington quietly allows the Russians to save Syria, despite Israeli wailing and Saudi shrieks”

    That was good for a laugh. Give the folks at Langley, Virginia, just a bit of time and they’ll find their way to screw things via the Saudis and Turks, the troglodytes at the Department of Defense are no doubt making their own plans to poke Russia with a sharp stick ASAP with an eye to initiating their belief in Jesus return via the literal Armageddon they pray for at the Pentagon Bible study…

    …as well Susan Rice and Sam Power will have their panties in a bunch over any missed opportunity at ‘humanitarian intervention’ whilst looking at any opportunity to stab Lavrov and his boss in the back over agreements reached and then how is it people fail to grasp John Kerry is little more than a paid cartoon actor along the lines of Foghorn Leghorn? On top of it all, it had recently come out Obama doesn’t even read the intelligence reports, he just asks his ‘girlz’ what to do. And then, the wider NATO nations intelligence agencies mischief on behalf of the several corporate boards and executive mafia lusting over the region:

    Israel Shamir’s fault is to attribute some semblance of common sense to what is essentially a cluster fuck of sheer lunacy –

    • Replies: @tbraton
  22. Tom Welsh says:

    “While what he is doing in Ukraine is simply murder…”

    You seem to be confused. Mr Putin is not in charge of the Kiev junta: that would be Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, together with their Nazi pals.

    Moreover, Putin has precisely NOT done ANYTHING in Ukraine. The Yanks hoped he would send in troops, in response to their outrageous and inhuman provocations; but he was too clever for them, and kept his assistance for the Novorossians to the minimum consistent with saving them from the attempted genocide planned by Washington and Kiev.

  23. annamaria says:

    You could check the facts and, if the facts cooperate with your opinion, you would have a chance to refute Mr. Shamir. Otherwise the “nonsense” is all yours.

    “Israel aids Muslim jihadists in Syria with weapons, air strikes, and medical care for the wounded”

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  24. tbraton says:

    That’s almost as absurd as the plan announced a year and a half ago by the Obama Administration to train “moderate Muslims” in Saudi Arabia. Here is what I posted in response to a Pat Buchanan piece in TAC:

    tbraton says:
    September 12, 2014 at 7:18 pm
    “The strategy that President Obama laid out Wednesday night to “degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL,” is incoherent, inconsistent, and, ultimately, non-credible.”
    The key word is “incoherent.” Pat, you nailed this latest nonsense, although you seem to have missed the ludicrous news that Saudi Arabia is going to be the training ground for “moderate Muslims.”

  25. Kiza says:

    Crack troops means, in this context, troops on crack and on captagon. Also, Saudis use Columbian mercenaries in Yemen.

    This is why they are called the crack troops.

  26. tbraton says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    ” On top of it all, it had recently come out Obama doesn’t even read the intelligence reports, he just asks his ‘girlz’ what to do. ”

    Ah, but you left out one important point. If he did read the intelligence reports, his reading of those reports would be far better than the reading of any of his subordinates. Why, I believe Obama would tell you that himself. He’s sooo good. How do you think he got into Harvard Law and won the Nobel Peace Prize his first year in office without lifting a finger?

    “Israel Shamir’s fault is to attribute some semblance of common sense to what is essentially a cluster fuck of sheer lunacy -”

    That’s where I have to strongly disagree with you. I have been maintaining for several years now that the hallmark of our policy in the Middle East is incoherence. And “cluster fuck”? That’s the kind of language I would expect to hear if you were running for President of the U.S.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  27. @Wally

    As an Israeli paratrooper (though superannuated and retired) I take exception to your remark. Israeli crack troops can crack anything ))) and they proved it to all neighboring armies and states.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @L.K
  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    isnt it a coincidence that all worst wars started by zionist jews . pol pot was a zionist jew , stalin and mao zionist jews. even they manage to conceal hitler was a zionist jew . holocaust never happen and concentration camps too . but hitler really did kill 30 million ukrain and russia orthodox christians . dont listen to tge jews news .

  29. @tbraton

    A dry observation would be, our foreign policy is only as messed up as the zoo-act that puts the leadership in place. Strongly disagree all you like. The morons elected by ‘cluster-fuck’ are the ones who bring on-board the policy-makers, Obama is no exception. In any case, here’s the better satire:

    Speaking of ‘if you running for president’

    • Replies: @tbraton
  30. krollchem says:

    Israel’s support for ISIS is indirect, although there are reports of IDF advisors to ISIS being captured by Iraq forces. I would like to see more evidence alone these lines. I am sure Israel is not concerned about ISIS and prefer it to Hezbollah, Iran and other Shia groups.

    It is well known that Israel provides broad medical support to Al Qaeda in Syria and has treated hundreds of these Islamic terrorists in Israel. In contrast Israel has bombed Syrian Army forces IN SYRIA.

    Israel is also illegally occupying the Golan Heights and covets the oil reserves under this land. For Israel the weakening of Syria by ISIS and Al Qaeda helps ensure the continued control of the Golan Heights.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  31. schmenz says:

    Maybe that he is the reincarnation of the Marquis de Sade?

  32. tbraton says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    I read your argument before the Supreme Court a month ago. I want fresh material.

    BTW one argument I haven’t heard raised (and it wasn’t raised in your argument) has to do with the placement of commas in the relevant provision dealing with “natural born.” Here’s the provision in question:

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    I would contend that the comma after the phrase “or a Citizen of the United States” shouldn’t be there. Everybody is interpreting that provision as if the comma ain’t there, such as: “or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution.” The comma, however, means that the phrase in question, “or a Citizen of the United States,” actually modifies the preceding word, “Citizen.” Thus, the sentence should be read (with the phrase deleted): “No person, except a natural born Citizen. . .at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” (Of course, we would have to ignore the slight problem that it is unclear what the difference is between “a natural born Citizen” and “a Citizen of the United States,” but that is a minor problem.) That means that no one is now eligible to run for President, since everyone who was a natural born citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution has long since bitten the dust. I rest my case, your Honor.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  33. There is no revolution in Syria. Assad’s opposition are mercenaries in the employ of the Anglo/Zio Empire. Now that Russia has brought a modern air force to aid Assad the imperial mercenaries are being systematically destroyed. If Israel, Turkey and the Saudis want to divide up Syria they will have to fight Russia or get the Pentagon to do it for them. Its beginning to look like the later will not happen at least until after the American elections. If imperial aggression can be defeated in Syria it can be defeated everywhere?

  34. RobinG says:

    “Israel is also illegally occupying the Golan Heights and covets the oil reserves under this land.”

    And water.

  35. @tbraton

    “I read your argument before the Supreme Court a month ago. I want fresh material”

    If you want fresh stuff, you’ll have to go to the professional comedy writers, I do a satire probably once a year on average. Speaking of breaking down the intent of original language in our constitution .. you might find this one interesting:

    ^ not a satire, but I have done a satire on language generally:

    ^ on Chomsky’s theory

  36. @Kiza

    the Big Brother Corporation (BBC)

    Good one, Kiza! My Irish crew used to call it the ‘Brit Bollix Corporation’.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  37. @utu

    I would like to hear more about the evidence that Israel supports Daesh.

    Well, for openers, I read that Israel is the largest consumer of Daesh oil smuggled out through Turkey (through the hands of Bilal, Erdogan’s son):

    It is also well known that jihadists fighting in the Golan area against Syria and Hezbollah have been treated by Israeli hospitals when wounded, and later released to fight again after convalescing:

    (There are even Israeli sources on this, although they cynically try and represent this policy as ‘humanitarian gesture worthy of the Jews’, etc., etc.)

    And some Israeli high officials themselves have nearly said as much. This is Stockman’s ContraCorner:

    Regarding the Syrian civil war, senior Israelis have made clear they would prefer Sunni extremists to prevail over President Assad, who is an Alawite, a branch of Shiite Islam. Assad’s relatively secular government is seen as the protector of Shiites, Christians and other minorities who fear the vengeful brutality of the Sunni jihadists who now dominate the anti-Assad rebels.

    In one of the most explicit expressions of Israel’s views, its Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, then a close adviser to Netanyahu, told the Jerusalem Post in September 2013 that Israel favored the Sunni extremists over Assad.

    “The greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc,” Oren told the Jerusalem Post in an interview. “We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.” He said this was the case even if the “bad guys” were affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

    And, if you might have thought that Oren had misspoken, he reiterated his position in June 2014 at an Aspen Institute conference. Then, speaking as a former ambassador, Oren said Israel would even prefer a victory by the Islamic State, which was massacring captured Iraqi soldiers and beheading Westerners, than the continuation of the Iranian-backed Assad in Syria.

    “From Israel’s perspective, if there’s got to be an evil that’s got to prevail, let the Sunni evil prevail,” Oren said.


    But yes: a nice Saker or Shamir piece tying it all together in one neat package would be grand.

    • Agree: tbraton
  38. @anonymous

    Or maybe ‘Quartermaster’ is just the new moniker for ‘AP’. Remember him?

  39. Wally says: • Website
    @Israel Shamir

    Put down the pipe

    Everyone knows all about Israeli ‘crack troops’ who got their butts kicked by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    I will admit, however, that Israeli ‘crack troops’ are a formidable foe for women and children rock throwers.

    • Replies: @marwan
    , @Wizard of Oz
  40. The Russian success in Syrian war could not be achieved without President Obama’s cautious neutrality. Perhaps he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, after all. An American president could turn this excellent Russian adventure into sheer hell, even without going to war. Let us give praise where it is due: Washington quietly allows the Russians to save Syria, despite Israeli wailing and Saudi shrieks.

    I had the same feeling myself somehow. Overall, he was a pretty forgettable president at just the wrong moment. However, I give Obama all due credit for two things:

    1. not attacking Iran
    2. not (directly) attacking Syria

    You could whine that these are only ‘negative’ achievements; fine. But both may have prevented (delayed?) WW3, and both involved standing up to the Zio-lobby–in the case of number 1, very publicly.

    The defeat of war-mongering Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire is the sign that the American people want peace, peace in the Middle East and peace with Russia. Now this is within the reach.

    My sense of the thing is that, as long Bernie or Trump wins the election, we’ll probably survive another 4 to 8 years after Oh-Bummer retires. The main thing is to defeat the Hildebeast as well as well Sheldon Adelson’s little Cub Scout troop, also known as the other GOP presidential contenders.

    • Replies: @utu
  41. marwan says:

    2006 lebanon war casualties :

    israel : 121
    hezbollah : 573

    • Replies: @Max Payne
    , @L.K
  42. OT:

    Is Trump f*cking up here? Does anyone know anything about this:

    If he’s serious about this, then maybe the AIPACkers have gotten their meat-hooks after all.

    • Replies: @tbraton
  43. Max Payne says:

    Israel: nuclear power
    Hezbollah: third world militia

    Objectives achieved: zero

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @OLD JEW
  44. @Seamus Padraig

    The BBC brand has been leveraged to the point of parody and has become a running (pathetic) joke to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, sadly, in a nation with newspapers like Murdoch’s trash-rags the beeb still retains credibility amongst the thoughtless cretins who make up the present-day British masses. Never underestimate the effects of the plummy gob although even that is wearing thin.

  45. utu says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    “Perhaps he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, after all. ” – Ray McGovern interview for Salon

    “You may recall that [at the RT conference] I cited a secondhand report from a very reliable source who told me that his source was at a small gathering where President Obama was talking to well-heeled supporters. There was a lot of criticism to the effect, “You’re supposed to be a progressive. We put you in there and gave you a lot of money, so why don’t you act like a progressive?” Finally, Obama stands up and he says, “Look, it’s all very well for you to criticize me, but don’t you remember what happened to Dr. King?””

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  46. Wally says: • Website
    @Max Payne

    And a complete Israeli retreat with their “crack troops” running back to mama, and of course the countless destroyed tanks left behind.

    1 Hezbollah Fighter vs 10 Israeli Soldiers – July War 2006

    ‘How Hezbollah Defeated Israel’

  47. tbraton says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    “Yet this troubling fact does not prevent Trump from lambasting the nuclear deal and pledging to tear it up just as soon as he becomes president. ”

    As far as I know, that quote above from your linked article is absolutely false. Trump has spoken out against the “deal,” but he has made it clear repeatedly that, if elected, he will abide by the Iran deal. I have posted numerous times to that effect. I notice the author does not cite any link in support of his statement. Numerous other Republican candidates, notably Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, have made such statements, but not Trump.

    • Replies: @tbraton
    , @Seamus Padraig
  48. OLD JEW says:
    @Max Payne

    Mr. Payne,

    You wrote:

    “Israel: nuclear power
    Hezbollah: third world militia

    Objectives achieved: zero”.

    You are correct.

    Nukes are powerless against HEZBOLLAH.


    One does not mobilize reserves and keep them “sitting ducks” at the border for 3 weeks, waiting for Prime Minister Olmert to make up his mind.

    Soldiers ought not be toys for politicians.

    A minor achievement though:

    Hiss Holiness Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah is no longer ever, ever, in danger of sunburns.

  49. tbraton says:

    From an article of a week ago:

    “The head of a messianic Jewish ministry believes the next president of the United States should consign the Iranian nuclear deal to the “trash bin of history.”

    As the New Hampshire primary draws closer, most political pundits believe that one of three candidates will eventually secure the Republican nomination: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Donald Trump. Jan Markell says it’s imperative that the next president – whoever it may be – scrap the Iranian nuclear deal brokered by Barack Obama and John Kerry. In her eyes, that narrows the choice.

    “Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have both stuck up for God’s covenant land in a very prominent way,” says the founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries. “However, I believe only Ted Cruz would throw out the Iranian agreement.”

    Markell is concerned that Trump won’t make the same commitment.

    “Donald Trump has said that he is willing to leave it on the table, but he’ll review it and possibly just make some changes,” she tells OneNewsNow. “Well, it needs to go into the trash bin of history. The Iranian nuclear agreement is going to ignite the spark of Armageddon. The Bible talks about the Battle of Armageddon.”

    Iran, she adds, is a world sponsor of terrorism and shoudln’t be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.”

  50. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So the Saudis are threatening to send some Columbian mercenaries into Syria? Yes, that sounds like a real game changer. It’s hard to get a clear picture of what the actual facts are in this conflict. How many rebel groups are there? What’s their number of combatants? What percent are outsiders who’ve come there to fight for the cause? How many Iranians directly involved in the fighting? How many killed and disabled so far on all sides? Any American special forces secretly embedded with their favored rebel groups and, if so, have any of them been killed?
    Turkey has a large military that looks good on paper but hasn’t been involved in anything major since the 1920’s except for going after the lightly armed Kurds with air power. It’s probable that if things really came down to it they’d be shown to be inept and unmotivated.
    All the links I’ve followed purporting to ‘prove’ that Putin has stolen gazillions have been unconvincing; just a lot of assertions with no evidence whatsoever. My own take on his personal psychology is that he is motivated by things other than just money. He might like the perks of flying around and indulging himself in various sports, for example, but doesn’t strike me as being the greedy, grasping type for whom nothing is ever enough. Previously, the Russians were ‘godless communists’ and that was good for many years worth of propaganda. Now that they’re neither we still get the propaganda tsunami but just on different themes, that’s all, it never changes.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  51. marwan says:

    Hezbollah leader Nasrallah regrets war :

    October 2015 israel bombs hezbollah convoy and missie launch sites . 30 hezbollah fighters killed . No retaliation from hezbollah .

    December 2015 Israel assasinates senior hezbollah commander . No retaliation from hezbollah.

    February 2016 Israel bombs hezbollah base . No retaliation from hezbollah .

    February 2016 captured hezbollah fighters condemn hezbolaah role in syria , calling it illegal intervention

    December 2015 hezbollah cuts fighters pay in half . lebanese shiites refusing to serve .

  52. @Wally

    Presumably you are trolling to stir those who have strong pro Israeli sympathies as your “everyone knows all about Israeli crack troops” gibe as if you weren’t aware of the illogic of putting down one IDF failure to achieve its objectives as relevant to the general proposition. I doubt that the IDF is now as formidable relative to its adversaries now that it has had years of conscript doing little more than policing Palestinians but no one would regard the average conscript as one of the “crack troops” anyway. You would have to concede, would you not, that the paratroops who carried out the Entebbe rescue raid would have qualified up with US Rangers, Navy Seals, SAS etc.? Entebbe comes to mind because, on my only visit to Israel, I met the retired general (now founder/leader of a great charity for disabled children) who jumped first into Entebbe airport to secure the control tower.

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @Art
  53. @anonymous

    The mystery about Quartermaster for me is why his comments appear as if he is on my CTI list which, by that name at least, he is not.

    Because you picked on his minor reference to Ukraine in which he was using it to make his point about Syria without wanting to appear to be generally approving of Putin I checked some past Comments and couldn’t find an obsession with Ukraine although I did find him using very much the same words previously and you asking him the same question.

    If I follow the opinion of a friend of Ukrainian heritage who knows more about Ukrainian-Russian relations and how the Maidan affair started (inter alia) than all the bloggers on UR combined I wouldn’t see a problem of inveterate bias with a distinction between Putin’s attempting to breakup Ukraine by (partly proxy) force and what he is doing in Syria with the support of its government and mostly against ISIL savages. That Quartermaster uses the word “murder” for shorthand may be unnecessarily provocative when he is making an arguable distinction.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  54. @annamaria

    I’m not always impressed by the evidence in your links and I don’t find the CODFA people listed under “About” particularly impressive but the piece you linked, before descending into some of the more farfetched gossip made a pretty good case for saying, unsurprisingly, that Daesh isn’t seen right now as dangerous to Israel’s interests in the way and to the degree Iran and Hezbollah undoubtedly are. Accordingly looking after wounded jihadist/ISIL fighters – which is more than acceptable humanitarian behaviour (if not returning them to Syria to fight) – is a rational and very likely way of minimising damage to Israel from jihadist savages apart from what additional advantages might accrue.

    The headline of the piece that you quote does not accurately reflect the contents as a refutation to Sherman as you seem to be implying. I think Krollchem’s version is about right, although if it was he that referred to Assad’s as being the duly elected government (I’ve just read that somewhere)…. well!!!

  55. @utu

    Yeah, I read that. I follow Patrick Smith regularly.

  56. @tbraton

    Alright. Thanks for your input, t.

  57. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Thank you.

    There has been at least one instance where Q introduced the same assertion about Ukraine, standing alone, to an unrelated article and comment thread. I don’t claim to have seen all of them, but the statements I’ve noticed are strident and conclusory, and thus unconvincing and uninformative.

    Most UR columnists and commenters see Ukraine from a different perspective, perceiving the USG and NATO as fomenting the tragic, ongoing events to serve interests other than those of the people who live there. Based on what I have read and seen (including a purported “ambassador” of Uncle Sam on the phone and out with Ms. Nuland encouraging the Maidan insurgency, a clear breach of diplomatic protocol, and Joe Biden’s son and others from outside Ukraine availing themselves of key roles in the aftermath), I share that assessment. But I am here to learn, and await countervailing evidence, as distinct from invective.

    I hope that Q lets us know more about this.

  58. bjondo says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    really impressed by this charitable retiree/founder/terrorist.
    entebbe like most jew stories bull shit.
    idi amin their puppet learned how to be a cannibal from his israeli handlers
    entebbe was built by an israeli co.
    the entire operation was a false flag, fake.
    jews are so incompetent that one was killed play acting hero stuff.

    if nasser was president in 73 and not the clown, sadat, israel would only be a bad memory.

    of course what would we do without skunk water – jew sweat weaponized.

  59. Art says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Hey Wiz — I sure hope Moshe at Hasbara Central is paying you well – you deserve it — Art

  60. Art says:

    Israel does not support Daesh.

    Hey Sherm – to think that Israel is not involved in the Syria conflict is preposterous – it would be totally out of character – the truth is, it cannot keep its hands out of its neighbors politics – we all know that it thrives off the blood spilled by the Sunni/Shea conflict — Art.

  61. Max Payne says:

    Israel does not support Daesh.

    I’m a professional bullshitter myself but sometimes I like to listen to a REAL expert.

    Please continue.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  62. RMM says:

    “Israel supports Daesh”
    You might look at the transcript of a meeting between Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon with the Brookings Institution (4/12/2015 ) –
    Question: “I’m Elliot Engel. You met with our [House of Reps Foreign Affairs] Committee the other day. I’m wondering if you could share with us tonight what you told us when you met with us, why you look at Iran as the greatest strategic threat to Israel – more than Daesh, than ISIS. Why Iran concerns you more.
    Ya’aron: “Iran is actually a [former] superpower. … I am afraid that with more money now, without political isolation [i,e., with the now sanctions lifted]– so, without external pressure, this regime is going to enjoy more room to maneuver… That’s why “we prefer Daesh to Iran.”
    – “You know that we have a very clear strategy regarding Syria. We don’t want to intervene. … And we have the Sunni Arab camp, the most significant camp in the region, looking for leadership. And it appears to be that we, Israel, are on the same page with this camp. … In order to avoid… Western boots on the ground – …and you can’t defeat the Daesh without boots on the ground, let’s empower the local boots on the ground, mainly the Sunnis, also the Kurds.”

    • Replies: @utu
  63. utu says:

    I wonder if there is any evidence that Israel directly provide money, weapon, training, intelligence or was it left to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey? We know that the $400 millions officially spent by CIA (in operation in Jordan) on training and equipping the so called moderate rebels to large extent ended up in Daesh hands. We also know (from Hersh) that gen. Dempsey and his DIA purposefully sabotaged weapon supplies as a gesture of good will to gain trust of Assad by providing junk weapon from Turkey to the moderate rebels. So certainly there was Turkish channel used by CIA.

    All these issues might be moot now as Turkey started shelling Kurds and Syrian army in Syria this morning. The war some parties wanted might be on its way. The ones responsible for the war will got away with it unless they are not on the winning side.

  64. annamaria says:

    John Yoo, the torture proponent and shame of the US judicial system, has emerged as a promoter of additional US nuclear installations in Europe. Turkey has been already in possession of NATO nuclear bombs. The Military-Industrial-Complex on the march. What can go wrong?
    “One Cannot Depend on American Politicians:”

  65. utu says:

    John Yoo has a good chance of getting a position in Trump’s cabinet. At least after Trump’s utterances on torture (an much worse) would suggest so.

    • Agree: Stephen R. Diamond
  66. bjondo says:

    israel/jewry is totally involved in syria, iraq, yemen, iran. and ukraine. N others.

    what jewry/israel does not do itself is delegated to the zionized u.s. and the other jew pet countries.

    yinon plan
    perle-wolfiwitz plan – 7 countries in 5 years.

  67. FredAG says:

    “Even there the Saudis have to rely upon Colombian mercenaries.”

    Doing the jobs Saudis just wont do…

  68. L.K says:

    you r clearly a zionist bullshitter.

    Your figures are pure propaganda. Here is how ass*oles like u ‘work’…

    You took the number of IDF kia as admitted by the idf itself and as for hezbollah, you pick BS zionist or UN ‘estimates’ for their casualties.
    Very objective.

    Former high ranking MI6 intel officer, Alastair Crooke, stated after the war of 06, in a detailed study on it;

    But by any accounting – whether in rockets, armored vehicles or numbers of dead and wounded – Hezbollah’s fight against Israel must be accorded a decisive military and political victory.
    Even if it were otherwise (and it is clearly not), the full impact of Hezbollah’s war with Israel over a period of 34 days in July and August has caused a political earthquake in the region.”

    He also wrote:
    “It is impossible for Shi’ites (and Hezbollah) not to allow an honorable burial for its martyrs, so in this case it is simply a matter of counting funerals. Fewer than 180 funerals have been held for Hezbollah fighters – nearly equal to the number killed on the Israeli side.”

    A number of hezbollah wounded later died of their wounds, bringing the total deaths perhaps to 250. That is it.
    The combined casualties for the idf sissies was of more than 1,360 kia, wia(as per what they admit).

    It is doubtful hezbollah suffered even that many casualties because if it had, the only brigade they deployed to fight the whole war would have become somewhat ineffective, something that never happened.
    The idf sissies, using their most elite troops, could not even totally take villages 1 km from the border. pathetic.
    This, despite the fact the israelis had a huge numerical superiority, not to say anything about the even more disproportionate firepower advantages of the zio trash.

    That is why u need the US and wahhabi nutjobs to fight your wars for u.

  69. L.K says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Wally is correct mr.Israel Shamir.

    Your israeli ‘crack’ troops, including the paras, got their butts kicked in lebanon in 06, despite massive numerical and firepower superiority. Deal with it.
    Ever heard of little towns like Maroun al-Ras and Bint Jbeil?
    Here is a list of idf ‘crack’ troops that fought in jbeil:
    Paratroopers Brigade
    Recon company
    101st battalion
    890th battalion
    Israel Golani Brigade
    51st battalion
    Recon battalion
    Egoz unit
    Israel 401st Armored Brigade
    52nd battalion
    Israel 7th armored brigade
    Israel 847th armored brigade
    Units from air force and artillery

    5000 idf ‘crack’ idf sissies against 100, 150 local hezb tops. Still they could not take the town.

    Cel Pat Lang, a green beret vet, puts it best about you idfers;

    It must be said that they[the Israelis] have typically been lucky in their enemies and that if they had faced more serious enemies, they would have had a much different experience than the ones they had. In the Golan Heights the Syrians gave them a very difficult time in 1973[…]The Jordanians gave them a run for their money in 1948-49. Hizbullah delivered a hint of the inherent limits in such a socio-military system in 2006 and now we are seeing whatever it is that we will see at Gaza.

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
  70. @L.K

    Since the Israelis are so useless and weak I guess people like you can look forward to the Hizbollah flag flying over the Knesset sometime this year?

    And all you Arabs pretending to be Europeans can have a big party to celebrate your huge military success.

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