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Paolo Roberto, 50, a native of Sweden (his father was an Italian), had made a name for himself: a well-known boxer, he had his own TV show, he appeared in many programmes; Swedish girls loved to dance with him in Dancing with the Stars; he also had a profitable business: he imported Italian olive oil and gastronomic products sold in the large Swedish supermarket chain CO-OP. All that glory vanished in a moment. Swedish police trapped him as he visited a girl of dubious character and then paid her for her services. It was a honey-trap. The policemen appeared from their hiding places and whisked Roberto off to the local precinct where he was booked and the nation alerted. He didn’t deny a thing; he expressed extreme remorse.

In Sweden, it is perfectly legal to be engaged in prostitution. Today no one in Sweden can tell a woman what to do with her own body, be it abortion, sex change or prostitution. Yet it is a crime for a man to pay a woman for sex.

It is not sane; it is as though selling crack were legal while buying crack is the only crime. Usually it is other way around, a casual user goes free while the pusher is arrested. But it does not matter; Sweden is not the only country in the world with such a strange law on her books.

Roberto was charged for this crime. It could be worse: Sweden has some extraordinary crimes in its law book, one of them is Rape by Misadventure or Careless Rape which is committed by a man who has sex with a woman who ostensibly agrees to or even solicits sex but inwardly she is not willing. She may be doing it for money, or boredom, but not for pleasure, and the man carelessly overlooked her conflicting emotions. It is Swedish Rape. Pity they never apply the same logic to working people; we often do even less pleasant things for money, to buy food or pay rent, but the landlord is not punished for raping his tenants.

This new definition of rape deserves Victor Hugo’s pen. It is Swedish Rape to have sex without a condom. It is Swedish Rape if the next day, or a few days later, the woman feels she may have been raped. Or cheated, or underpaid, or mistreated. For this ill-defined offence, Julian Assange has already spent ten years in various detention halls. If he would have killed the girl he would be free by now. Note that you may be guilty of Swedish Rape if you claim to be infertile and your partner becomes pregnant. Are you guilty of rape if you claim to be a Jew but aren’t? This is an Israeli contribution to the concept of rape. But I digress.

Paolo Roberto is charged with paying a woman for sex, the crime Judah, son of Jacob, committed with Tamar (Genesis 38). The 25-year-old girl consented, but that does not matter. She came from a rather poor South European country, so probably her consent doesn’t mean much. Or perhaps she consented just in order to entrap the guy and this is how Swedish justice works. Swedish prisons would be empty if police weren’t allowed to entice and entrap Swedes.

The consequences for Paolo were terrible: he hasn’t been tried yet; he hasn’t been found guilty; his likely punishment is little more than a fine; but he was dropped like a hot potato by Swedish TV, by Swedish sports, by the Swedish chain that marketed his olive oil. His company was bankrupted overnight. The man was crushed like a bug. It was not Swedish law that crushed him. In the eyes of Swedish law he is still innocent until proven guilty. Swedish law did not force the supermarkets to remove his olive oil (actually, a very good one, I used to buy it) from its shelves. Paolo was lynched by the New Puritan spirit that is part and parcel of the New Normal.

Once upon a time, Sweden was an extremely liberal and free country. Swedes were known, or even notorious for free sexual mores. Independent and brave Swedish girls weren’t shy, and they were comfortable with very unorthodox ‘family’ unions. But, while the US has always espoused its own brand of politically-correct Puritanism, the global media is now dragging along the other Western states in its wake. France and even Sweden participated in their own renditions of the American BLM protests, called for #MeToo, and seem eager to trade in their own cultures for the New Puritanism.

This rising Puritanism is a contrarian response to the personal freedom we enjoyed since the 1960’s, and a jaded weariness with the excessive commercial sexuality of the mass media. The media sells everything with a lot of sex. You cannot turn a TV on, daytime or night, without seeing an implied or explicit act of copulation. They sell cars, snacks and sneakers by displaying naked bodies. This flood of pornography is turning the public mood against sex. Who should we blame for this blatant exploitation of sex? Men.

The Old Puritanism was hard on women; the witches were burned, and the whores were evicted from their homes. The New Puritanism is hard on men. Men are being taught that hanky-panky can have serious consequences. On the site of one of their destroyed statues of Jefferson, the Americans should erect a statue of Andrea Dworkin, the obese lying feminist who famously said that every intercourse is rape, and Penetration is Violation. She is an icon of New Puritan America.

They could not outlaw sex per se, so they invent sordid stories of incestuous sex, of paedophilia, of abusing priests, each storyteller trying to outdo the last. The vast majority of these stories are sheer inventions, like the witchcraft stories of the 17th century in Old Puritan New England. We are in the midst of a global media campaign, and men are the targets. The Patriarchy will be diminished by the systematic demonization of boys and men.

In the current media frenzy I cannot trust any story, any accusation of a man involved in a sordid sexual crime: these media campaigns are too often employed to unseat a commercial competitor or destroy the popularity of a political rival. Often the man is not even accused of any crime, but only of frivolous behaviour: a touch, or an immodest proposal; natural acts celebrated in the days of my youth. Yes, my young readers, in the 1970’s you could touch a woman’s knee and suggest she accompany you on a passionate weekend at a seaside resort, and she would often agree. This libertine era is over completely. Even to me, it now seems mythical, like Atlantis. It is gone.

The US is the media’s inspirational model of the New Puritanism. Remember the women who lined up to claim that the future Supreme Court judge tried to kiss or even rape them when they were kids in college? The most credible of them would not even allege he behaved criminally; just immorally according to New Puritan standards. Now every relationship must be re-evaluated in the light of the New Puritanical historical revisionism. Women who pose for a picture with a presidential candidate now have a certain amount of power over him. During a media campaign the allegations come fast and furious, but upon investigation they turn out to be spurious and motivated by self-interest or politics.

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Violent demonstrations have broken out in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Thousands marched, dozens were arrested, but more citizens continued to arrive and join the protests. The people of the only Jewish state are upset and unhappy. They expected a better outcome from their fight with corona.

Israel was the first state to implement a full lockdown. The Chinese did it earlier, but their lockdowns were local rather than national; even if they covered a hundred million men at their peak, it was always less than ten per cent of the huge Chinese population. The Italians applied it earlier, but it was also a local measure. Israel did it with gusto, went full steam ahead and locked down its entire people, incarcerating old men in their houses and forbidding everything; from a walk in the desert to a dip in the sea. It was a decision that influenced other nations.

When Sweden debated whether to lockdown or just recommend social distancing, the liberals called for Swedes “to follow the Israeli model”. The heavily Jewish liberal Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN), owned by the Bonnier family, referred to the Israeli example in its struggle to lock Sweden down. In other European states, the Israeli model was often brought up as an example.

The Israeli model worked. Very few Israelis died of coronavirus. It was hailed as a great success and proof that Jews can excel at anything. But there was an obverse side. The Israeli economy collapsed; millions applied for welfare; unemployment is now rampant. All the hard-won economic achievements of recent years went down the drain. Their old people had died lonely, deserted, unlamented. Today, Israel is a failed state with a ruined economy and unhappy citizens. They won the round vs. corona, and led other nations into perdition; but instead of an encouraging pat on the shoulder they were destroyed.

It is not much fun to play the Judas goat, if the safety gate fails to open. The whole idea is that you lead sheep to slaughter, but at the last moment the owners whisk you out through a side gate, while the sheep proceed to be killed. Without this certainty, no goat would lead the flock to the butchers’ knives.

What went wrong? Israeli leaders presumed that their mission was over after they had led the world into lockdown, and demonstrated encouraging statistics. That was a presumptuous presumption. The slaughterhouse managers wanted their favourite Judas goat to lead the nations into the Second Wave quarantine. The Israeli media had made a U-turn, from victorious proclamations of Corona is Defeated, to the re-release of the message We Shall All Die. In order to support the paradigm change, Israel embarked on an extensive testing programme. In addition, the definition of severe illness has changed. Under the new definition, low oxygen saturation is a sign of severe illness by itself. Very soon, the best results of extremely low corona deaths morphed into a fear of a fast spreading severe illness. Israel became so contagious, that Israelis weren’t allowed to travel to Europe.

The government decided to shut down restaurants and swimming pools on weekends, made wearing masks obligatory, and created a panic, despite no new deaths and empty hospitals. But the restaurant owners rebelled. They said they had bought food for weekend guests and they wouldn’t obey orders. And the virus retreated: the government surrendered and postponed the lockdown of restaurants and spas till Tuesday. This change convinced the Israelis that the lockdown is not the result of disease, but of government calculations. Now it is a big question whether the Israelis will obey the new quarantine orders, and how police will treat them. Meanwhile, Israeli police, as brutal as anywhere, applied full force on the order offenders. Some young people without masks were severely beaten up, taken to jail and fined; no doubt, for their own good.

The return of coronavirus helped PM Bibi Netanyahu to escape the annexation imbroglio. He primed the trap himself: during the three rounds of elections the country has been going through for the past year, Bibi promised to annex the Jordan Valley and/or the Jewish settlements, to satisfy the settlers and other nationalist voters. In the end, he survived the elections; his weak contender Benny Gantz agreed to take the second seat in the Israeli government; his trial proceeds slowly, and his enemies failed to remove him by virtue of indictment. Now he was expected to deliver on the annexation promise. He was not keen to do it, for the Jordan Valley and settlements are anyway under full Israeli civil and military control.

Israel has all the benefits and none of liabilities of the West Bank occupation. The Ramallah government (NPA) polices the area and takes care of the needs of the Palestinian population. If they have no money, they go to Europe to ask for help. Israel does not spend a penny on its captive population, except for prisons. If Israel wants to take a part of Palestinian land for a Jewish settlement, for roads natives are forbidden to use, for military bases, for nature reserves natives are not allowed to enter, no need to ask, just help yourself. The fiction of “temporary military occupation” is the best for Jews. While paying lip service to the dream of two states, Jews have everything, and it is not even called ‘apartheid’ (though it is much worse than South African pre-1993 apartheid). What would be the profit of annexation? The (legally doubtful) title, and possible troubles of being called an ‘apartheid state’, of requests to provide for the natives, of possible conflict with Arab neighbours. It’s really not worth it.

On the other hand, expanding the Jewish state over places mentioned in the Bible is an idea popular with settlers and romantic Zionists. Even the promise of taking over Hebron and Shechem causes Jewish hearts to beat excitedly. That’s why Netanyahu promises it but postpones it year after year, claiming that the current US president would not allow it. President Trump undermined this nice scheme, saying that Israel can decide whether or not they want to annex these lands, and the US would accept whatever decision they make.

Did Trump say that because of his love of Israel or of Jews? Not exactly. Trump wants to cause a schism among the US Jews. For some Jews, hatred of Trump and support of BLM is paramount; for other Jews, the Jewish state and the Land of Israel are more important. The first kind can’t be persuaded, but the second kind can be turned over. And Jews are the biggest donors, the main media figures and a decisive force in any elections.

The Democrats are aware of this ploy, and they have tried to stop it. They have convinced Israelis that Biden’s electoral victory is unavoidable: “Don’t even think Trump will retain the White House. And do not dare to annex anything. After November, we shall allow you some advance; not now.” The Dems are not amateur like Trump, they are professional. They have a finger in every pie, and their own Shadow State Department to deal with Israel and the Middle East. Such an arrangement is unusual, nay, unprecedented for the US. They convey the feeling that the power in the US has fallen by chance or misfortune into the hands of ignorant Rednecks; these four years will pass in a few months, and the US will be again led by sophisticated globalists. It makes little sense to try and agree with official Washington for their days are numbered.

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The relentless advance of coronavirus terror has been broken. Recalcitrant Serbs rebelled against their President when he ordered them back under house arrest. After two days of street battles with dozens of policemen hospitalised, the sturdy protesters won; the authorities surrendered and gave up their plans to lock Belgrade down. Shops, pubs and restaurants in Belgrade will have an early evening curfew; but this is much better than the full lockdown they intended. Prime Minister Ms Brnabic complained that she could not understand why her people were protesting. She must be uncommonly dense, this lady, if after two days of protests she could not understand that people do not want lockdowns. This is a rare reversal by the authorities, said the BBC correspondent in Belgrade. This is an understatement in the best English manner. I think it is a precedent.

Until now, there were countries that avoided lockdown altogether (Japan, Sweden, Belarus), but there wasn’t a country where people demanded and then obtained their freedom. Serbia is the first one. This small (pop. 7 million) country in the Balkans has a long history of resistance – they fought the Turks for centuries; they resisted Nazi Germany longer than France; they had the strongest guerrilla movement outside of Belarus, and yes, they fought mighty NATO for quite a long time. The Germans bombed Belgrade in April 1941, followed not long afterwards by America (aided by the British of course). In 1944, on Easter Day, six hundred American bombers carpet-bombed Belgrade, destroying its palaces, theatres, railway stations, and hospitals. That was America’s Easter Bunny gift to the Serbs.

In 1999 Bill Clinton bombed Belgrade again, for three months, killing a lot of Serbs and causing immense destruction. The Serbian president was seized and murdered in the court cells underneath The Hague. My American friends, if you are in the mood to apologise, you can “take a knee” for the Serbs, for the crimes more recent and more tangible than the 18th century horrors of your ancestors. The US chose to lob bombs at the Serbs for good reason: Serbs do not surrender easily. These strong-willed giants have guts, more than the rest of the Balkans put together. No doubt today many of the evil geniuses at Coronavirus HQ are regretting that Serbia wasn’t completely erased from the face of the earth, so that it would not have become such a troublesome example to a rather pliable and docile global populace.

But it’s too late; we have absorbed the lesson. The only way to avoid a renewed lockdown is a popular uprising, for nothing less will convince our authorities to refrain from locking us up. Like a boy who finds the candy jar, they just can’t help themselves. Lockdown makes life too easy for our rulers: the subjects stay indoors; they fearfully venture out only for shopping; they are obedient; they are on the dole and so they are dependent on the good will of the state. Unemployment rises steadily with every week of lockdown. Small companies go down. Only the digital giants will survive the deluge. People are disposable, a burden on the economy. Even their labour is no longer needed. Soon, independent, hard-working folk will be replaced by a new species dependent on government subsidy and demanding only more entertainment; a modern version of the panem et circenses (bread and circuses) mob the proud Romans were reduced to, as Juvenal wrote circa 100AD.

Why did the Serb government decide to lock their people up? Ostensibly, it’s because of 13 deaths “linked” to the Covid. That’s 13 too many, the President recited piously. Bear in mind that hundreds of people die every day in a country of millions like Serbia, and that this is perfectly normal. What’s so special about 13 people who died of pneumonia and may have been carriers of a new coronavirus? It was only a few years ago that thousands of Serbs fought and died for their freedom – that’s what they were fighting for, at least. Now their rulers do not think so much of freedom. Good thing that the people (as opposed to their rulers) are made of different, sterner stuff.

The Serbs I spoke to do not think this was an independent decision of their president; rather, an order sent down from some obscure Covid HQ, probably via the WHO. There is a covert guiding hand that devises new hardships and pressures governments to lock down economies and people. The authorities are naturally keen to return to the lockdown. It’s inertia, the great force of inertia. After they, and so many bureaucrats enacted the global culture of coronavirus, established ZOOM-based education, painted spots for 2 m distance, ordered millions of masks with a decent profit for themselves, trained an army of civil servants and disciplined the people, they are loth to drop it. They are used to it now and enjoy its fruit.

Peter Hitchens wrote about this in his column: “When this madness began, I behaved as if a new and fanatical religion was spreading among us. Be polite and tolerant, I thought. It may be crazy and damaging but in time it will go away. Now it is clear that a new faith, based on fear of the invisible and quite immune to reason, has all but taken over the country. And it turns out to be one of those faiths that don’t have much tolerance for those who don’t share it. Its evangelists will not leave you and me alone, but constantly seek to force us to join. This is why I make such a fuss about the demand to make us all wear muzzles. This is not about health. This is about power and freedom, and has less and less to do with Covid-19. This obsession with telling us how to look, and turning us from normal humans into submissive, mouthless flock animals all decked out in a compulsory uniform is, in my view, part of an unprecedented assault on our personal liberty in general. Stay at home. Stop working. Don’t see your friends or relatives. Submit, submit, submit. Get used to being told what to do. It seems we really have become a nation of surrendered masochists.”

In the US, a new wave of the alleged Covid pandemic is supposed to remove President Trump, after RussiaGate and the impeachment fiasco failed to do the job. They manufactured the new wave without ‘re-seeding’ the country (as Larry Romanoff suggested) by the simple expedient of newspaper reporting. “New Cases in the U.S. Soar Past 68,000, Shattering Record” – screamed The New York Times. They do not tell you that this number means nothing. The new cases are not sick people: it is predominantly perfectly healthy people who by faulty and dubious methods were declared Covid carriers. The more you test for a virus, the more positive results you will get. George Floyd carried the new virus; still he was healthy enough to fight the police.

A Russian virologist correctly said: if we were to test healthy people for any flu virus, we would get enormous numbers of ‘infected’ results. Everyone carries some virus, this or that. But we never check healthy people because we never, until now, had the need to create the illusion of a pandemic. In 2020, the need for such an illusion became paramount, for the Covid operators intend to destroy the world economy, break our stamina and unseat Trump. It is worrisome that Texas and Florida, previously Trump bastions, gave in and began to enforce the masks because of these spurious tests.

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Homo homini lupus est, said Plautus. Our new masters beat the old Roman comic dramatist at his game by establishing Homo homini toxic est as the new norm. They have trained us to be afraid of each other, to wear masks, to keep social distance, or even better, to stay home. They prefer it this way, with us locked away, out of their way, ordering things by Internet and forfeiting our homes to digital debt collectors. A junkie would sooner part with his syringe than they would drop their lockdowns. For a while, we entertained the hope that they might end their morbid preoccupation with our health after a month or two. Now we know better.

Even if they decide that Covid-19 was eradicated, they have the next virus already lined up. There is a worthy candidate, a new strain of swine flu called G4 and they have great hopes that it has the potential for triggering a pandemic. If it fails the test (as all the predecessors did) they will find another one, don’t worry. The law of supply and demand is on their side. There are so many viruses, and so many gullible people who are pathologically unable to doubt whatever the New York Times says, that this music will never end.

The First Wave is history; the Second Wave is upon us, and throughout it all we are kept in isolation, with small breaks to forestall saturation. The Chinese, the fathers of lockdown (they pioneered it late January) have already locked down Beijing again. California is back under self-imposed siege; Moscow will return in the autumn. Israel is preparing a new lockdown to justify to the settlers its avoidance of the much-advertised land grab. The French have to wear masks, and so do New Yorkers. England has fewer deaths than ever this June, but English kids now think that social distancing is normal; they have learned that men are toxic to each other. Turkey improved the idea by letting people work weekdays and locking them in their homes on weekends. In the US, the riots during the lulls between lockdowns are supposed to convince us that to stay home is best for all.

There are good practical reasons for this strategy, and they have nothing to do with epidemics. It is the Digital Revolution, as I wrote, and such a transformative process takes a much longer time than a few months. Indeed, the Bloomberg Silicon Valley High Tech Index steadily grows, promising a 42 percent annual return (compare that with a negative rate on cash deposits). Lockdowns (not disease) provide the disaster that Disaster Capitalism needs to run its course. The lockdowns are an Americanised version of the Shock Doctrine, says Mike Whitney.

State structures, Intel agencies and security also like it, for the pandemic panic allows them to introduce a system of total surveillance. They do it by stealth, claiming they won’t spy on us when the danger is over; but as all smartphones are already equipped with relevant applications the surveillance net draws ever tighter. They support lockdowns to control our society.

As we look deeper into the unfolding disaster we notice features more designed to instil paranoia than profit and peeping should require. If you spell ‘Covid’ in Hebrew letters and read it from right to left, as Hebrew words are read, you will get דיבוק, “Dibouk”, the demon of the Cabbalists, the evil spirit likely to enter and possess a person suffering from ‘emotional intensification’, noted Bogdan Herzog, a Romanian mystic from Timisoara. Dibouk is a popular figure of Jewish folklore, the subject of plays and films. Herzog’s analysis continues: maybe the analogy with demonic possession is not superficial but profound. What if COVID is more psychological than biological? Perhaps through extreme fear induction (“emotional intensification”), people behave ‘as if’ possessed by the Dibouk? They certainly seem to act as though mesmerized, unthinkingly obeying the conflicting demands of the authorities and accepting unprecedented limitations on individual freedom.

That sounds bad enough, but Herzog takes it one step further: Perhaps the problem is not of psychological but of a spiritual nature, as the Jewish Cabbalists insist, and the only possible cure is a kind of exorcism? Perhaps for this very reason the churches were primary targets during the lockdown? Indeed churches were closed both in the East and in the West for the first time ever, even while shops were open. The Lutheran Church of Sweden had its churches open for services, but the most important function, the communion, was stopped. This is a most deadly spiritual attack, for the continuous divine sacrifice of the Eucharist sustains the very existence of society. “Is this the real reason Eucharist was forbidden during lockdown?” – asks Herzog. If the churches were open and communion given, the evil Dibouk would be gone.

(As it happened, the only Christian Orthodox country that had communion this last Easter was Belarus, a small East-European state led by the indomitable Mr Alexander Lukashenko, a.k.a. the “Last Dictator of Europe”. Some years ago I was accused of providing him with secrets about the American meddling in the Belarus elections. Though it was a false allegation, it is well known that both the Americans and the Russians meddled in Belarus, considering Lukashenko too stubborn and fiercely independent for their likes. Both Russians and Americans wanted to loot Belarus, buy their industries and take over their agriculture; Lukashenko told them no. Belarus is the only ex-Soviet state that was not de-industrialised, privatised and broken up; the only one that didn’t send waves of economic refugees to work abroad. Putin was reportedly envious that Lukashenko dared to take communion at Easter and had his military parade on VE-day, while Moscow followed WHO advice by closing churches, postponing the parade and locking the city down; however last week Putin and Lukashenko apparently made up and unveiled the memorial to Soviet soldiers at Rzhev, the “Verdun of WWII”, together.)

This idea of a spiritual enemy had occurred to me 20 years ago when I wrote:

“For two hundred years or more, Christendom tried to live without God. Some denied His existence, some didn’t, but believers and unbelievers explained our existential problems without appealing to God’s presence in the Universe. Occam’s Razor rules: ‘Do not multiply entries beyond necessity’. That is why we do not usually appeal to spiritual categories while explaining mundane events.

While we relaxed in our totally material world, another principle of medieval logic, the Law of Manifestation, was preparing to ambush us. This law decrees that ‘an existing entity will eventually manifest itself’. A non-manifesting entity could be called non-existent as well, without loss.

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We made it! As a man after prolonged illness gets up on his feet, slowly and uncertainly, and makes his first steps, so mankind is rising from its sickbed. There are nurses, doctors, heirs and lawyers who want to keep the patient in bed forever so they will enjoy a free run, but he is rising, his own master, despite their frighteners. Now is exactly the middle of the year AD 2020. From Christmas to Midsummer, the day grows; from Midsummer to Christmas, the night increases. St John the Baptist Day adds a religious meaning to the cosmic significance of the events, amplified this year by the solar eclipse.

In the US, the pivotal event is a Trump rebound. At Tulsa, Okla he began to regain lost ground. The situation was not looking good for him. Twitter again trolled Trump by flagging his joking presentation of the Fake News Media. The Supreme Court rejected two of his initiatives, offering additional protection to LGBT identifying people and to young illegal immigrants in regard to DACA. The Army demonstrated its hostility to Trump, apologising for a photo-op with their Commander-in-Chief. The Secret Services leaked the President’s whereabouts. More and more officials declared their allegiance to the New World Order by kneeling to it rather than to God.

Trump had been made irrelevant, the man in the bunker, whose authority hardly reaches the fence of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. American cities did not recognise his rule; police were resigning en masse. The mass media made a superhuman effort to torpedo his Tulsa rally. They reported non-events, such as “six staff members had tested positive for the virus” as the main headlines. The rally attendees were scared off by the promise of violence and disease. There was not a single Trump-friendly mass media source; even Fox News followed the agenda set by the New York Times. In addition, the venue had been overbooked by a factor of a hundred by DNC agents who played dirty (yes, they said the kids did it).

Trump managed it all right. He called for the reopening of schools; he joked about slowing down the charade of virus testing; he proclaimed that monuments should be cherished, not destroyed. Yes, he could have done better. He could have declared the faux pandemic officially over, instead of giving out irrelevant masks to the audience. (Those who wanted masks weren’t likely to come to the rally). He could have called for the arrest of seditious mayors, for the break up of the media monopoly, for a windfall tax on Twitter, for looting Wall Street for the benefit of Joe Public. He could have learnt from his own mistakes. But still, he made the grade. Now he has some time to grow, to enlarge his base, to sow fear and dread in the hearts of his adversaries, for they are too cocksure of their victory.

Trump should learn the lessons of the Bolton Affair. It was a mistake to bring Bolton into the White House. Bolton was a warmonger and a top agent of the Israel Lobby, the man who made it his sacred task to do what Israel wants. Such people always conceal the dagger in their sleeve to stab you in the back. Iran and Korea are two big mistakes of the Trump presidency bearing the Bolton footprint; but his whole foreign policy was a long series of errors. Trump should have listened to his own speeches from his own election campaign 2016, and follow them to the letter. Bring home GIs; make peace with the countries of the world. Let Russia and China, Venezuela and Cuba, North Korea and Syria live as they see fit.

Donald, you were right when you promised to end the “invade the world, invite the world” policy; why didn’t you stick to this promise? On December 7, 2016 you promised, “We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes”. Why didn’t you? Do it now; you still have four months to run. Fulfil your promises now. The Talmud teaches: a man won’t be judged for failing to be a Moses, but he will be judged for failing to be himself. Be yourself, and you will win.

Do not bother with racism or anti-racism. It is a faux-agenda, like gay or homophobe, like fem or trans, like toilet gendering. Real people aren’t interested in this sort of nonsense. Blacks are not interested in anti-racism, either. It is mainly White Wokes that are, and they will follow whatever the newspaper tells them to follow. Seattle has very few blacks but many Wokes, that’s why it is the centre of the ‘anti-racist’ campaign. Even if Trump went around kissing the sneakers of black youngsters, he wouldn’t change anything. Blacks are not hostile to him, not at all, but people who speak for them, the Dem Wokes, definitely are.

Trump should do something, and I do not mean responding by Twitter. He is not a Hitler, but is that good enough? President Trump does not send troops to meet the rioters, he does not arrest the mayors of the cities who told him to buzz off, he does not depose the generals who apologize for taking photos with him, and he does not take action against the corporations that support the rioters. The popular satirist C. J. Hopkins argued in his column in the Unz Review that this is smart. Trump refused to play the role of Hitler, and didn’t give his opponents any reason to remove him and seize power.

Yea, he won’t make a convincing Hitler. But he will do an excellent Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president who was afraid to act against the colour revolution instigated by the State Department lady, Mrs Nuland, and in the end was forced to flee to the Russian city of Rostov.

Opponents of Trump do not pull any punches. Read their headlines.

  • The Seattle mayor told President Donald Trump to “go back to your bunker”.
  • Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser: Trump is living in my backyard.
  • Armed Group Protects Confederate Statue in Kentucky: Arrest Them for Insurrection and Sedition.
  • Trump Exposes 1100 Graduating West Point Cadets to Possible Coronavirus Infection So He Can “Dominate” the Weekend Media.
  • This Is Deadly’: Trump Scraps Protections for Transgender Patients and Those Seeking Abortions.

But Trump is folding and retreating. They told him – how dare you to stage a rally on June 19? After all, this is a holiday for Black Americans, the day when Lincoln freed the last slaves. On such a holy day, it is impudent of Trump to show his face in public. And Trump retreated, shifted the rally to the June 20, although there were ostensibly thousands of requests for the rally.

I’m not a conservative, no way; I am not a supporter of the current regime. I think that a revolution – even the fake one, organized by Soros out of the GayLib crowd, lightly sprinkled with Africans for colour – will do some good for America and the world. The American troops are already leaving Germany after only 75 years of occupation. There are more than 100 major bases overseas that can be evacuated if the revolution persists. Fine and dandy.

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Who could have guessed that the Floyd protest was the best Coronavirus vaccine? The same people that warned us that the virus is the deadliest plague and staying-at-home is the only escape, now commanded us to march amongst throngs, shoulder-to-shoulder against police! It appears they have the dreadful pandemic under their command, on tap: now it’s coming, now it’s not. Not every demo has the same curative potential: it is very dangerous to demonstrate against lockdown, but it is perfectly safe to demonstrate against police, they say.

Rarely has the gear-change been so smooth. Yesterday it was lockdown, today – let it burn. The masks they insisted we should wear have also changed their meaning. It is not the amulet against the plague anymore, a piece of cloth magically scaring the virus away; now it is the insignia of revolution. After the colour-coded Orange, Purple, Green revolutions; after the flower-coded Rose and Tulip revolutions, welcome to the Mask Revolution!

The mask is a sign that you accept the official Covid story for the real thing, just as wearing garlic implies you believe the vampire attack is imminent. Covid is the New Normal; now it is integrated with the Woke narrative. Beautiful white faces at the demo are protected with masks; handsome black faces do not need masks, for it is obvious they are on the right side.

The masks are necessary to cover the defeat. Coronavirus didn’t work. The virus has disappointed its admirers. Our colleague Anatoly Karlin promised Corona Will Kill Millions & Crater the World Economy. Oops! Not only did his beloved Corona-chan not kill millions, it could not even, in many places, provide its fair share to improve on last year’s death count. Look for example at Norway’s death toll. With Corona (in 2020), fewer people died than without Corona in any one of the preceding five years. And Corona didn’t contribute much to the total, the freeloader hussy!

Norway went through a very painful lockdown to achieve this unnecessarily low record-breaking toll. Its neighbour Sweden had no lockdown at all. Swedes were and are free to move, to go to the café, to work, to play. Swedes did not stop the normal course of their lives. And the result is fine. Swedes died this year with Corona like they did without Corona in, say, 2018.

Corona added – not millions, not thousands – just 400 deaths to the previous crop of 2018. And seeing this result, the Norwegian Prime Minister said: we should have been more like Sweden. Such an admission was hard for a Norwegian, as there is an old rivalry between the neighbours; but she did it anyway.

All over the world, recognition that “we were duped” grew on people. In sober Germany, the special committee of experts established that millions were not cared for as a result of government measures. Up to 125,000 patients who will die / have already died due to postponed surgery. Thousands committed suicide; life expectancy shortened; millions have severe psychiatric problems, they concluded, as a result of lockdown. (The German government tried to hide the report; German media kept mum).

Lockdown saved no lives and may have cost them, said Nobel Prize winner, professor Michael Levitt of Stanford University. He predicted that the UK would be rid of Covid within weeks – and his prediction became true within a fortnight.

Coronavirus is vanishing so quickly in Britain that we can’t find enough contagious people to make viable vaccine trials on healthy volunteers, said an Oxford researcher, and some scientists are considering purposely infecting volunteers with the virus. It is very far from the dreams of vaccine makers, of Bill Gates and the WHO, of Contagion the movie, of billions waiting for the saving vaccine. There are not enough sick people even to test their products.

The story of coronavirus is over. It will live with us like so many viruses, but it won’t be accompanied by its more potent twin, the fearvirus. Some people are very upset. The Coronavirus fantasy of “millions dead” collapsed, but the lockdown strategy did crater the family economy and created windfall profits for Deep Pockets. In the UK, thousands of renters are about to become homeless. In the US, 40 million became unemployed, but Deep Pockets added half a trillion dollars to their wealth.

Now they have to justify their actions, otherwise people will demand an answer. Maybe, God forbid, they will demand a special 105% Pandemic Windfall Tax.

They, and their media, jumped on George Floyd’s death as a great opportunity to change the agenda in midair.

The Masters of Discourse have formed the public agenda for years; there are people formed by the agenda. They think and do as they are told. They march when they are told. They stay at home when they are told. They are good people; they want to be righteous; they like virtue and signal that; they are easily swayed by claims of moral superiority. They take their marching orders from leading liberal newspapers. They are short of critical facilities; just tell them what is right and good and they will act accordingly. Ostensibly, they are better human beings than self-conscious egotists who despise virtue and embrace every prejudice. Alas, their moral superiority is based on a lie.

They are devoted members of the Alternative Jewish-for-Gentiles Woke Church of the West. Some of them are fanatical believers; others are hypocrites or just regular worshippers. Bear in mind the quasi-religious quality of this movement; in vain will you look for logic or plain sense. As they are a Church, they delegitimise all other lines of thought and behaviour. If they were led by wise and good shepherds, they could form an important moral force in the world. But no such luck.

The creation of this obedient ‘woke’ flock is the greatest achievement of the Masters. The Coronavirus panic enhanced it. People became psychotic, mentally weak, malleable. The Masters provided the narrative of moral superiority: they claim their adepts do not lock themselves up out of self-preservation, but to save the frail and old from certain death. Whoever does not agree with them, wants the frail to die for the GDP. Whoever does not wear a mask, wants to kill old people, as in this dialogue:

Paul Williams
Me – Can’t wait for rugby and tennis to return.

Twitter – Are you saying you want everyone to die from Covid and you’re happy to cough in the face of pensioners, whilst simultaneously licking the rims of their teacups, Paul?

This is surely a lie. It is not just GDP that has suffered, as our colleague Karlin claimed invoking Dulce et Decorum Est Pro GDP Mori! in his attempt to keep the high moral ground; you know, we care for old men, but you – just for soulless GDP. We speak of thousands of lives lost due to lockdown, and of an immeasurable loss of freedom.

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I like conspiracy theories; they attempt to inject meaning into otherwise meaningless sets of assorted facts. They bring Logos into our life, as our friend E. Michael Jones would say. An enemy of conspiracy theories would write in the New York Times denouncing Sir Isaac Newton as a notorious conspiracy theorist: out of totally disconnected facts (apple fall, water pumping, artillery shelling) he concocted the conspiracy theory of gravitation claiming that bodies are mutually attracted proportionally to their mass. This is obviously false, he would say, as you can observe at any beach; if there should be a formula, it is that of inverse proportionality. Slim girls and boys attract much more than obese body-positives, and mutuality does not come into this equation. Still the gravitation hoax of Newton has been taught in schools. In NYTimese, this is simply “spreading baseless lies and debunked nonsense about the false rumours”.

The great coronavirus panic of AD 2020 with its enormous consequences is an event that calls for a sensible explanation. How could a minor disease killing an infinitesimal part of population (0.000045) had caused the collapse of civilisation as we knew it? Why is a civilisation that robustly weathered the killing of the flower of its youth in its prime on the fields of Verdun and Stalingrad unable to survive the demise of a few superannuated men such that it withdrew into self-isolation, while giving up the faith, love of neighbour, opposition to old enemies and then destroying its economy, education and reproductivity?

One wants to find a conspiracy to explain it away. Who did it? Who locked billions under house arrest; who caused men and women to view each other as a source of mortal danger instead of potential friends or even lovers; who turned churches, mosques and synagogues into empty and unneeded buildings? There are many forces that enjoyed the accompanying windfall, and quite a few were ready for it for a long time. But there is a non-conspiratorial explanation: perhaps we experience such a systemic shift that no single force would be able to achieve; a systemic shift of magnitude unseen for hundreds of years.

We are still in an early stage of the ongoing transformation; we still hope it will be over in the summer, or at least at autumn, or next winter, but most probably our life as we knew is over. Can we blame it on the virus, even if it was manufactured in the evil labs of the US or China, as has been convincingly suggested by Ron Unz? There are millions of viruses, and mankind had managed to live with them all. There was no reason to freak out and destroy our civilisation for another virus.

Imagine a man who received a Nigerian letter, promising him millions; and he sold his house, took a loan, sent his wife and children to beg on the street in order to collect the Nigerian millions. We wouldn’t say, “the Nigerian letter caused his downfall”, because so many people had received Nigerian letters, but only one man acted like he did. No doubt, the letter was a nasty attempt to defraud, but the problem was in him, not in the Nigerian letter.

The previous shift of such magnitude occurred in late 18th century; it is called the Industrial Revolution. Then the factory owners had begun to replace their skilled labour with inexpensive machines, and the workers were losing their jobs, livelihoods and self-esteem. In 1811, the workers formed the Luddite movement. The Luddites would break into factories and smash textile machines. It lasted until 1816, when the movement ran out of steam. The workers were defeated, (a lot of them escaped to America), and the British bourgeoisie prospered. It took many years until the workers regained some of their previous positions in society, mainly due to the threat of Communist revolution.

Now we are coming to the new Digital Revolution, with workers being replaced by smart computers and an AI future. Millions of office workers already function as a human interface to the computer. You may have noticed this as you talk with them: they are trained to avoid making decisions; they say sentences that were scripted for them, and the decisions are made by the computer that was programmed to do their master’s will. As lockdown had forced millions to communicate with computers directly, a lot of workers became superfluous.

The process of shedding millions of workers in the existing economic system is likely to be painful for the unemployed. The virus-blamed lockdown and digital control allows the owners of the digital companies to carry out the revolution with minimal risks for them. What would need an army and police involvement against riotous unemployed workers, can be achieved with greater ease under threat of the pandemic. The economy will be modernized and made more efficient. Alas, for us this script presages the fate of highly qualified weavers in 18th century England, even if we shall avoid the total AI takeover Terminator-style.

Probably the scariest piece of news is not about the numbers of “infected”. It is a meaningless word, for there are persistent carriers who do not succumb to disease; the vast majority of the “infected” are asymptomatic, meaning they aren’t sick and aren’t infectious; the number of “infected” is in direct proportion to the number of tests; the tests are dubious at best, and none is verified by the methods accepted in pre-corona medicine, while the methodology approved and enforced by the WHO can’t be described as scientific. It is not about deaths, for we do not experience more deaths than in 2018. Moreover, in many countries, notably in France and in Norway there are 30% fewer deaths in certain weeks of April and May in this year than in the last year.

The scariest piece of news is that Zoom is worth more than the seven biggest airlines. These airlines with their accumulated labour (millions of working hours, hundreds of thousands of employees, highly trained pilots, masses of sophisticated equipment) just can’t be worth as much as a job done in a month by a few programmers and which can be done anew in a month. Money and stock market prices are useful tools if they measure human efforts; they do not that anymore. What began with bankers earning more money in a day than a hundred qualified workers and engineers in their lifetime, ended with the hi-tech lords earning more than a million workers in their lifetime. It means that Money had banked on the Digital Economy, a Union made in Hell, while the real economy came up for grabs. Money decided that we won’t fly anymore. They, the new masters, will fly in their private jets; the era of mass access is over. You will get satisfied with Zoom and PornHub, instead of the real thing.

Added to this the negative oil future price and the emission centres issuing more and more money, trying to smother the fire with gasoline, and you will get a picture of the coming world. There is probably no place for you and me in this world.

Is the great AI update of technology an objective need, and will it eventually bring good for mankind? Perhaps. But it does not mean the process should be drafted by Money and the Digital Economy, explained by MSM, justified by bio-horrors and carried on at public expense. It has to be done differently if we want to preserve the achievements of the long (1945-2020) peace stretch.

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Some people enjoy isolation and self-seclusion. The Jewish billionaire David Geffen is one of them. He posted the above picture of his yacht onto Social Media saying: “Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus, I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.” It is probably very different from your self-seclusion, and surely different from the seclusion imposed on a slum-dwelling family of five in their two-room tenement. But very rich guys are used to it. They never go to Walmart. Anything they purchase is delivered. They fly in private jets. They have never shaken hands with a stranger. They live in gated compounds. They are naturally self-isolated.

For them the lockdown brings new prosperity. If you are down to your last dollar, probably you will be cheered to learn that American billionaires added $280 billion to their accounts thanks to the lockdown, and now they are worth $3.3 trillion. They like the lockdown so much that they consider objectors to be white supremacists and ‘Nazis’, and that is the worst label they can imagine.

The emergency situation is mighty good for people in charge. They rush through regulations; grab lands; form governments; create the “new normal”, eliminate our rights, all using the virus as justification. Even though the seasonal mortality of many countries fell to below last year’s numbers, they are already threatening us with a second wave. Enough is enough, I wrote a fortnight ago, but it is still not enough for some. The world slowly, too slowly, exits the Lockdown Ice Age, for there are forces that want the fun to continue forever. Medical indications and counter-indications be damned, the objectives are political.

The medical part of the Corona crisis is not especially impressive. Now we know that the virus is with us to stay; no country can hide from it forever. Lockdown or not, some people will die, but at least they can die free. Consider the UK. They rushed into their lockdown on Dr Ferguson’s advice. Now they have more deaths than Sweden which had no lockdown at all (UK – 384 deaths per million, Sweden – 244 deaths per million). In addition, Britain is now in the throes of a severe recession, the worst in 300 years says the Bank of England, as the direct result of lockdown.

The British government didn’t have to listen to the infamous Dr Ferguson. He was wrong many times before, and he is wrong now. Look at the list of his previous recommendations:

  • In 2002, Ferguson predicted 150,000 deaths of Mad Cow disease but there have only been 177 deaths.
  • In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million people might be killed by the Bird Flu, but only 282 people died worldwide from the disease between 2003 and 2009.
  • In 2009, Ferguson and his Imperial team predicted that Swine Flu would lead to 65,000 UK deaths. In the end, Swine Flu killed 457 people in the UK.

Why did the Brits choose this bearer of bad predictions as their guiding light? For the same reason other European countries entered the maelstrom of lockdowns, destroying their own industries and causing distress to millions: they were convinced or pressured by the global liberal media consortium, the tool of the Deep Pockets.

Why did Sweden refuse to submit? They were lucky. The liberal media of Sweden is mainly concentrated in the hands of the Bonnier family. They are extremely wealthy and powerful. They like to stress their Jewish origin, at least since 1944, when they did it to erase the stink of their collaboration with Nazi Germany. It helps them now: whenever they are condemned for controlling 80 percent of all Swedish printed media they scream anti-Semitism, and the critics disperse in shame. You may rest assured that Bonnier’s newspapers and magazines did call for the national lockdown.

But the printed media is not all that influential nowadays in Sweden compared to television. A few years ago (2005-2007) the crafty Bonniers bought TV4 for pennies on the dollar in the usual scheme of crooked privatisation. Last year they succumbed to greed and sold it back to the state (via a state-owned company) for a huge profit. The deal was concluded in December 2019. Thus the corona crisis fortuitously caught the liberal media without its own television channel; and the state defeated the printed media by using the power of their own TV4. This was the main reason why Sweden managed to stick to its free model of fighting disease without lockdown.

It was not easy; the pressure on Sweden was exceptionally strong. The MSM published thousands of articles with blood-curdling predictions of Swedes dying in droves from the virus. The Swedes were condemned for sacrificing their elderly. None of this was true, but since when does truth interfere with the propaganda machine? Now, as Sweden’s neighbours belatedly begin to open their schools, one can say that Sweden made the right choice. Even the strict WHO admitted: “Sweden represents a future model… if we wish to get back to a society in which we don’t have lockdowns”. Even the main liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz published a long feature by the prominent virologist Eyal Shahar, titled Sweden proves the world erred. Bear in mind that Israel experienced a very strict lockdown. Even the NY Times published a piece by Tom Friedman suggesting we should have followed the Swedish model.

Swedish experts think there is no other way to defeat the virus; we simply have to live with it for a long time, like we live with other viruses. Lockdown is unacceptable for any extended time; it can only postpone your encounter with the virus, unless you are able to withdraw from society as Howard Hughes did. So we must continue to live without resorting to such extremes as lockdowns.

However in the UK, like the US, the liberal mass media is all-powerful. It belongs to the Deep Pockets who are just as powerful as the Deep State. The destruction of economies, unemployment and recession are all good for the Deep Pockets. The governments will be forced to borrow or sell assets, and the Deep Pockets are quick to lend money and buy assets. All over the world, this artificially-induced recession will drive states and citizens deeper into debt, and for years to come they will be repaying the borrowed money with interest and compound interest to the Anglo-American Deep Pockets.

There was a man who could have defeated this scheme in the UK; his name was Jeremy Corbyn, but, as you know, he lost the leadership of his Labour party over antisemitism charges. And the current PM Johnson agreed to the lockdown as demanded by the Deep Pockets.

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For weeks, I woke up every morning hoping to find myself in the normal world, instead of this alternative reality. The normal world where men can roam the hills, pray in the church, go to work, stay at the seashore, listen to a concert, visit museums, socialise with friends, flirt with girls, send kids to school; in short, to have the small pleasures people had had even under Stalin or Hitler’s harsh rule. Instead, I persistently wake up to play a part in a dystopian movie directed by Stephen Soderbergh, who, not surprisingly, was nominated to head the Hollywood Corona committee. I presume this committee has been managing our lives, instead of elected presidents and prime ministers.

They played very close to the script of the film Contagion: the virus was allegedly created by proximity of bats and other mammals in China’s wet market; it quickly spread all over the world; there is a very long lockdown while people wait for their salvation, the vaccine; meanwhile there are some cheap and available solutions provided by corrupt hacks; eventually the vaccine is delivered and the vaccinated are given a certifying band to wear on their wrist as proof they are safe to enter the future. All of it has been done; the role of the corrupt hack had been played by Dr Didier Raoult, the French doctor from Marseilles; and now we are supposed to wait for Dr Bill Gates to provide for the saving vaccine to stamp the deserving ones with an indelible stamp readable in infrared by smartphones. Add to that the new tracing application by Google and Apple, the daughter of the Mossad-ShinBet tracer, and the new world order will be achieved!

Oops! The coronavirus is not sufficiently deadly to justify the lockdown and the massive panic, let alone the vaccination, tracing and placing the indelible stamp on your arm. It does not matter, decided the producers. All our media working in unison can provide sufficient horror and panic even without a deadly virus. Remember, we arranged the War on Terror while Islamic terrorists were a small body of CIA-bred bandits in the caves of Afghanistan. We can bring people into hysterics craving for the vaccine just by turning our media into the conduit for virus news. We shall rename them The Corona Guardian, the New York Corona, Le Monde de Corona. People will accept it; they will lock themselves up in their houses and weep in fear. And it worked – for a while.

But enough is enough. People are usually docile and obedient, until something snaps, and then they break the yoke off their necks. The yoke was global, and the movement to break it is global as well. The Resurrection Sunday gave us the sign: Death is defeated! And right away President Trump cheered the Michigan rebels; Danes and Austrians send their kids to school; Norwegians opened kindergartens and Italians – their shops; the Brazilian president enthusiastically addressed an anti-quarantine protest; in Israel which experienced the most brutal and total lockdown on Earth, the people voted with their feet and festivities erupted on cue when Mr Netanyahu’s government backed off and allowed them to walk a hundred yards from their home and enter carpet shops subject to temperature checks. People had shed the lockdown and we can’t push the paste back into the tube, lamented Haaretz, the Israeli liberal paper.

The media felt the change in the air, and responded immediately – excepting the hardcore liberal newspapers. Israeli TV supported the lockdown eagerly; but yesterday, they invited the former Health Ministry chief Prof Yoram Lass, who was an outspoken Corona dissident and ‘persona non grata’ in the TV interview studios. In his, previously tabooed view, governments can’t halt viruses and the lockdown will kill more people from depression than the virus. Not only was he allowed to say his piece; other members of the panel sounded like they always supported him. The change was global. Even I was invited to express my view on the Russian Channel One, though a few days earlier the very thought could not be entertained.

This is the way media works. It has no opinion of its own; but when the wind changes, they change with the wind. There is a good historical precedent of the French newspapers in 1815 reporting on the departure of Bonaparte from Elba, his progress through France, and his entry into Paris in the following manner:

  • 9th March, the Cannibal has quitted his den
  • 10th, the Corsican Ogre has landed at Cape Juan
  • 11th, the Tiger has arrived at Gap
  • 12th, the Monster slept at Grenoble
  • 13th, the Tyrant has passed through Lyons
  • 14th, the Usurper is directing his steps towards Dijon.
  • 18th, Bonaparte is only sixty leagues from the capital.
  • 19th, Bonaparte is advancing with rapid steps, but he will never enter Paris
  • 20th, Napoleon will, tomorrow, be under our ramparts
  • 21st, the Emperor is at Fontainebleau
  • 22nd, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, yesterday evening, arrived at the Tuileries, amidst the joyful acclamations of his devoted and faithful subjects.

Still, it is not final. The New York Times and the Guardian and their sister papers still call for more lockdown, “otherwise our dear old people will all die”. But they are being met by their opponents.

In Sweden, the state TV had broadcast a dialogue between an old Swedish doctor Johnny Ludvigsson, supporter of the present no-lockdown-policy, and a young and wealthy Jewish lady-influencer Katrin Zytomierska for the liberal virus lobby. Jews as a rule are strong supporters of the lockdown, tracing, imprinting and other virus virtues. Usually they would arrange for a suitable feeble opponent to be soundly beaten; but this time they weren’t the arrangers and their envoy was trashed. Despite their objections (and Polish Jews hold commanding heights in Swedish liberal media) Swedish people support the Swedish policy of freedom.

In France, the strong fighter against lockdown is also a leading enemy of the Jewish lobby. This is Alain Soral who discovered the connection between virus PR promotion and other policies aimed at the subjugation of Man.

Now it depends on the Sovereign People. If we shall support the spirit of freedom, we shall be free. If we shall support the spirit of slavery, we shall remain slaves, and our children will grow in bondage. The danger is present and immediate, for there are many groups of powerful people who want to keep us locked down.

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The seasonal madness overtook mankind. In years to pass, it will be remembered as a new Witch Hunt, but on a global scale. The Salem affair engulfed a small town in a remote British colony, while the Corona lockdown broke the back of the global economy, pauperised millions, imprisoned three billion people, caused uncounted suicides and misery. It could be compared with World War One, when the West at the peak of its historic achievement rushed towards its self-destruction for reasons so feeble that none of the contemporary actors was able to explain them convincingly.

The madness is fuelled by fear of death. Death, this normal occurrence for our ancestors, a peaceful transformation, when the discarded body is laid to rest in the churchyard after the soul has departed to its Creator, became the worst thing to happen to man, a disaster to be avoided at all costs, because there is no hereafter, no Creator for the soul to return to, but only here and now. They embarked on the War on Death, as our colleague CJ Hopkins observed. Trying to escape death, mankind inflicted upon itself a mortal wound.

It is no coincidence that the only sane Western state, Sweden, avoided the First and the Second World Wars, and the terrible Corona self-destruction as well. I write these words in Sweden, where schools and kindergartens still operate normally, and parents do not get mad at their irritating youngsters; shops and pubs are open, the churches celebrate mass or services, and people are free to roam in the parks and bountiful forests. Just compare Sweden with its big neighbour: Swedes now spend 43% more time in the parks than usual, while in Germany their people spend 50% less time than usual.

The Germans are subject to fines: it is 500 Euro if you visit your relatives or friends; the same if three or more persons get together; the same if you stand at six feet distance or less from another person; 75 Euro if you are found without an Ausweis, the authorisation permit. Swedes need no permits and are free to visit and socialise.

German society is breaking down. People are scared of seeing each other. Children develop an addiction to games. Loneliness spreads faster than the virus. The new generation of Germans (and Europeans in general) will be hikikomori, a generation of hermits, social recluses. In Japan, there are hundreds of thousands young and not-so-young people who withdraw from society. Now this social disease is spreading and it is likely to deal the coup de grace to a Europe shattered by migration waves, by neoliberalism, by political correctness, by same-sex and transgender madness.

The sexual union of man and woman had been undermined by the society’s fight with ‘toxic masculinity’, by enforcement of ‘safe sex’, the ease with which people can now be prosecuted for alleged harassment and alleged rape. Now it is coming to an end, and the next generation will listen with horror to the story of Adam and Eve. But where will they listen to it? The churches are closed; Mass is forbidden. While trying to defeat Death, Mankind surrendered to Death.

The Germans forgot the words of their great poet, Goethe:

Und so lang du das nicht hast,
dieses Stirb und Werde,
bist du nur ein trüber Gast
auf der dunklen Erde.

In English translation:

And so long as you haven’t experienced
this: to die and so to grow,
you are only a troubled guest
on the dark earth.

Or perhaps even better:

Die and become!

Eventually, Europe can expect thousands of bankruptcies and suicides. The Swedish small and medium-sized businesses will survive, while the German small businesses will die. Sweden will survive the crisis as a democratic state, as she survived the world wars; while Germany, France and Italy are heading towards 1984-style dictatorship in their ruined lands, as the disappearing remnants of Pornhub users cling to the Internet while it lasts.

This massive collapse is not even necessary. Corona is dangerous, but it is not the plague. The mortality rate in Sweden remains normal and seasonal; they do not carry out many tests and have no lockdown, though people have been advised to keep their distance and wash their hands. Gatherings of more than 50 persons are banned. There are fewer people in the streets than normally, but Sweden is not panic-stricken. Do Swedes die? Yes, definitely, but they weren’t immortal before Corona, either.

Sweden’s Corona-related deaths stand at 40 per million, three times less than in France and twice as many as in Germany, though these two states have a severe lockdown policy. Given that in recent years Sweden along with all Western states had tried to fight Death per se and had kept alive many sick and elderly people even by excessive means, one would expect that this harvest would be greater than it is. As with any infectious disease big cities are more dangerous than villages, and the houses of the elderly, nursing homes, aged-care facilities, the places where old folk wait for a not-unexpected death, are the greatest death traps. Sweden has no great cities like New York or London, but there are many old and very old people who may yet succumb to the virus.

I am proud of Swedish politicians, of the ruling Social Democrats who keep the torch of freedom burning bright despite enormous pressure from the Western mass media. The leading papers of the Masters of Discourse, The New York Times and The Guardian, almost daily print articles prophesying doom for Sweden, but meanwhile the PM withstands the doomsayers. The Swedish media is not going into panic mode, and it helps. I do not know for how long the Swedes will be able to fight the pressure; whether the enemies of freedom try a regime change or just bomb Sweden into obedience, it is worth it.

Even in the US, the simple truth began to sink in: the Corona crisis is a media crisis, as so many recent events have been. 9/11 and the War on Terror is one of them. Since this unique (and still mysterious) incident, there have been no Islamic terror attacks in the US. Rare individual attacks in Europe have usually been perpetrated by people unhinged by the US War on Terror. More people have been killed by falling furniture in their apartments than by Islamic terrorists, but the price this War on Terror extracted from Americans and the people of the Middle East has been stupendous, because the mass media created a wave of panic.

The same is true of the Corona pandemic. Even the mainstream LA Times noticed that “the flu has sickened 36 million Americans since September and killed an estimated 22,000, according to the CDC, but those deaths are largely unreported.” Corona is real, and it is deadly for people whose very survival hinges on advanced medicine. For the rest, it is not. From time to time, the media splashes a story of a young man or even a child who succumbed to the virus. They never mention that the young man was ill of leukaemia (as in the case of the footballer), or that the child was born unable to survive independently. The ill are simply more prone to die.

Israel Shamir
About Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir has written extensively on public affairs, primarily relating to the Israel/Palestine conflict and Russia, including three books, Galilee Flowers, Cabbala of Power and Masters of Discourse available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, and Hungarian.

He describes himself as a native of Novosibirsk, Siberia, who he moved to Israel in 1969, served as paratrooper in the army and fought in the 1973 war, afterwards turning to journalism and writing. During the late 1970s, he joined the BBC in London later living in Japan. After returning to Israel in 1980, Shamir wrote for the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz, and was the Knesset spokesman for the Israel Socialist Party (Mapam), also translating and annotating the cryptic works of S.Y. Agnon, the only Hebrew Nobel Prize winning writer, from the original Hebrew into Russian.

His perspective on the Israel/Palestine conflict was summed up in The Pine and the Olive, published in 1988 and republished in 2004. That same year, he was received in the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and Holy Land, being baptised Adam by Archbishop Theodosius Attalla Hanna. He now lives in Jaffa and spends much time in Moscow and Stockholm; he is father of three sons.