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I like conspiracy theories; they attempt to inject meaning into otherwise meaningless sets of assorted facts. They bring Logos into our life, as our friend E. Michael Jones would say. An enemy of conspiracy theories would write in the New York Times denouncing Sir Isaac Newton as a notorious conspiracy theorist: out of totally disconnected facts (apple fall, water pumping, artillery shelling) he concocted the conspiracy theory of gravitation claiming that bodies are mutually attracted proportionally to their mass. This is obviously false, he would say, as you can observe at any beach; if there should be a formula, it is that of inverse proportionality. Slim girls and boys attract much more than obese body-positives, and mutuality does not come into this equation. Still the gravitation hoax of Newton has been taught in schools. In NYTimese, this is simply “spreading baseless lies and debunked nonsense about the false rumours”.

The great coronavirus panic of AD 2020 with its enormous consequences is an event that calls for a sensible explanation. How could a minor disease killing an infinitesimal part of population (0.000045) had caused the collapse of civilisation as we knew it? Why is a civilisation that robustly weathered the killing of the flower of its youth in its prime on the fields of Verdun and Stalingrad unable to survive the demise of a few superannuated men such that it withdrew into self-isolation, while giving up the faith, love of neighbour, opposition to old enemies and then destroying its economy, education and reproductivity?

One wants to find a conspiracy to explain it away. Who did it? Who locked billions under house arrest; who caused men and women to view each other as a source of mortal danger instead of potential friends or even lovers; who turned churches, mosques and synagogues into empty and unneeded buildings? There are many forces that enjoyed the accompanying windfall, and quite a few were ready for it for a long time. But there is a non-conspiratorial explanation: perhaps we experience such a systemic shift that no single force would be able to achieve; a systemic shift of magnitude unseen for hundreds of years.

We are still in an early stage of the ongoing transformation; we still hope it will be over in the summer, or at least at autumn, or next winter, but most probably our life as we knew is over. Can we blame it on the virus, even if it was manufactured in the evil labs of the US or China, as has been convincingly suggested by Ron Unz? There are millions of viruses, and mankind had managed to live with them all. There was no reason to freak out and destroy our civilisation for another virus.

Imagine a man who received a Nigerian letter, promising him millions; and he sold his house, took a loan, sent his wife and children to beg on the street in order to collect the Nigerian millions. We wouldn’t say, “the Nigerian letter caused his downfall”, because so many people had received Nigerian letters, but only one man acted like he did. No doubt, the letter was a nasty attempt to defraud, but the problem was in him, not in the Nigerian letter.

The previous shift of such magnitude occurred in late 18th century; it is called the Industrial Revolution. Then the factory owners had begun to replace their skilled labour with inexpensive machines, and the workers were losing their jobs, livelihoods and self-esteem. In 1811, the workers formed the Luddite movement. The Luddites would break into factories and smash textile machines. It lasted until 1816, when the movement ran out of steam. The workers were defeated, (a lot of them escaped to America), and the British bourgeoisie prospered. It took many years until the workers regained some of their previous positions in society, mainly due to the threat of Communist revolution.

Now we are coming to the new Digital Revolution, with workers being replaced by smart computers and an AI future. Millions of office workers already function as a human interface to the computer. You may have noticed this as you talk with them: they are trained to avoid making decisions; they say sentences that were scripted for them, and the decisions are made by the computer that was programmed to do their master’s will. As lockdown had forced millions to communicate with computers directly, a lot of workers became superfluous.

The process of shedding millions of workers in the existing economic system is likely to be painful for the unemployed. The virus-blamed lockdown and digital control allows the owners of the digital companies to carry out the revolution with minimal risks for them. What would need an army and police involvement against riotous unemployed workers, can be achieved with greater ease under threat of the pandemic. The economy will be modernized and made more efficient. Alas, for us this script presages the fate of highly qualified weavers in 18th century England, even if we shall avoid the total AI takeover Terminator-style.

Probably the scariest piece of news is not about the numbers of “infected”. It is a meaningless word, for there are persistent carriers who do not succumb to disease; the vast majority of the “infected” are asymptomatic, meaning they aren’t sick and aren’t infectious; the number of “infected” is in direct proportion to the number of tests; the tests are dubious at best, and none is verified by the methods accepted in pre-corona medicine, while the methodology approved and enforced by the WHO can’t be described as scientific. It is not about deaths, for we do not experience more deaths than in 2018. Moreover, in many countries, notably in France and in Norway there are 30% fewer deaths in certain weeks of April and May in this year than in the last year.

The scariest piece of news is that Zoom is worth more than the seven biggest airlines. These airlines with their accumulated labour (millions of working hours, hundreds of thousands of employees, highly trained pilots, masses of sophisticated equipment) just can’t be worth as much as a job done in a month by a few programmers and which can be done anew in a month. Money and stock market prices are useful tools if they measure human efforts; they do not that anymore. What began with bankers earning more money in a day than a hundred qualified workers and engineers in their lifetime, ended with the hi-tech lords earning more than a million workers in their lifetime. It means that Money had banked on the Digital Economy, a Union made in Hell, while the real economy came up for grabs. Money decided that we won’t fly anymore. They, the new masters, will fly in their private jets; the era of mass access is over. You will get satisfied with Zoom and PornHub, instead of the real thing.

Added to this the negative oil future price and the emission centres issuing more and more money, trying to smother the fire with gasoline, and you will get a picture of the coming world. There is probably no place for you and me in this world.

Is the great AI update of technology an objective need, and will it eventually bring good for mankind? Perhaps. But it does not mean the process should be drafted by Money and the Digital Economy, explained by MSM, justified by bio-horrors and carried on at public expense. It has to be done differently if we want to preserve the achievements of the long (1945-2020) peace stretch.

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Some people enjoy isolation and self-seclusion. The Jewish billionaire David Geffen is one of them. He posted the above picture of his yacht onto Social Media saying: “Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus, I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.” It is probably very different from your self-seclusion, and surely different from the seclusion imposed on a slum-dwelling family of five in their two-room tenement. But very rich guys are used to it. They never go to Walmart. Anything they purchase is delivered. They fly in private jets. They have never shaken hands with a stranger. They live in gated compounds. They are naturally self-isolated.

For them the lockdown brings new prosperity. If you are down to your last dollar, probably you will be cheered to learn that American billionaires added $280 billion to their accounts thanks to the lockdown, and now they are worth $3.3 trillion. They like the lockdown so much that they consider objectors to be white supremacists and ‘Nazis’, and that is the worst label they can imagine.

The emergency situation is mighty good for people in charge. They rush through regulations; grab lands; form governments; create the “new normal”, eliminate our rights, all using the virus as justification. Even though the seasonal mortality of many countries fell to below last year’s numbers, they are already threatening us with a second wave. Enough is enough, I wrote a fortnight ago, but it is still not enough for some. The world slowly, too slowly, exits the Lockdown Ice Age, for there are forces that want the fun to continue forever. Medical indications and counter-indications be damned, the objectives are political.

The medical part of the Corona crisis is not especially impressive. Now we know that the virus is with us to stay; no country can hide from it forever. Lockdown or not, some people will die, but at least they can die free. Consider the UK. They rushed into their lockdown on Dr Ferguson’s advice. Now they have more deaths than Sweden which had no lockdown at all (UK – 384 deaths per million, Sweden – 244 deaths per million). In addition, Britain is now in the throes of a severe recession, the worst in 300 years says the Bank of England, as the direct result of lockdown.

The British government didn’t have to listen to the infamous Dr Ferguson. He was wrong many times before, and he is wrong now. Look at the list of his previous recommendations:

  • In 2002, Ferguson predicted 150,000 deaths of Mad Cow disease but there have only been 177 deaths.
  • In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million people might be killed by the Bird Flu, but only 282 people died worldwide from the disease between 2003 and 2009.
  • In 2009, Ferguson and his Imperial team predicted that Swine Flu would lead to 65,000 UK deaths. In the end, Swine Flu killed 457 people in the UK.

Why did the Brits choose this bearer of bad predictions as their guiding light? For the same reason other European countries entered the maelstrom of lockdowns, destroying their own industries and causing distress to millions: they were convinced or pressured by the global liberal media consortium, the tool of the Deep Pockets.

Why did Sweden refuse to submit? They were lucky. The liberal media of Sweden is mainly concentrated in the hands of the Bonnier family. They are extremely wealthy and powerful. They like to stress their Jewish origin, at least since 1944, when they did it to erase the stink of their collaboration with Nazi Germany. It helps them now: whenever they are condemned for controlling 80 percent of all Swedish printed media they scream anti-Semitism, and the critics disperse in shame. You may rest assured that Bonnier’s newspapers and magazines did call for the national lockdown.

But the printed media is not all that influential nowadays in Sweden compared to television. A few years ago (2005-2007) the crafty Bonniers bought TV4 for pennies on the dollar in the usual scheme of crooked privatisation. Last year they succumbed to greed and sold it back to the state (via a state-owned company) for a huge profit. The deal was concluded in December 2019. Thus the corona crisis fortuitously caught the liberal media without its own television channel; and the state defeated the printed media by using the power of their own TV4. This was the main reason why Sweden managed to stick to its free model of fighting disease without lockdown.

It was not easy; the pressure on Sweden was exceptionally strong. The MSM published thousands of articles with blood-curdling predictions of Swedes dying in droves from the virus. The Swedes were condemned for sacrificing their elderly. None of this was true, but since when does truth interfere with the propaganda machine? Now, as Sweden’s neighbours belatedly begin to open their schools, one can say that Sweden made the right choice. Even the strict WHO admitted: “Sweden represents a future model… if we wish to get back to a society in which we don’t have lockdowns”. Even the main liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz published a long feature by the prominent virologist Eyal Shahar, titled Sweden proves the world erred. Bear in mind that Israel experienced a very strict lockdown. Even the NY Times published a piece by Tom Friedman suggesting we should have followed the Swedish model.

Swedish experts think there is no other way to defeat the virus; we simply have to live with it for a long time, like we live with other viruses. Lockdown is unacceptable for any extended time; it can only postpone your encounter with the virus, unless you are able to withdraw from society as Howard Hughes did. So we must continue to live without resorting to such extremes as lockdowns.

However in the UK, like the US, the liberal mass media is all-powerful. It belongs to the Deep Pockets who are just as powerful as the Deep State. The destruction of economies, unemployment and recession are all good for the Deep Pockets. The governments will be forced to borrow or sell assets, and the Deep Pockets are quick to lend money and buy assets. All over the world, this artificially-induced recession will drive states and citizens deeper into debt, and for years to come they will be repaying the borrowed money with interest and compound interest to the Anglo-American Deep Pockets.

There was a man who could have defeated this scheme in the UK; his name was Jeremy Corbyn, but, as you know, he lost the leadership of his Labour party over antisemitism charges. And the current PM Johnson agreed to the lockdown as demanded by the Deep Pockets.

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For weeks, I woke up every morning hoping to find myself in the normal world, instead of this alternative reality. The normal world where men can roam the hills, pray in the church, go to work, stay at the seashore, listen to a concert, visit museums, socialise with friends, flirt with girls, send kids to school; in short, to have the small pleasures people had had even under Stalin or Hitler’s harsh rule. Instead, I persistently wake up to play a part in a dystopian movie directed by Stephen Soderbergh, who, not surprisingly, was nominated to head the Hollywood Corona committee. I presume this committee has been managing our lives, instead of elected presidents and prime ministers.

They played very close to the script of the film Contagion: the virus was allegedly created by proximity of bats and other mammals in China’s wet market; it quickly spread all over the world; there is a very long lockdown while people wait for their salvation, the vaccine; meanwhile there are some cheap and available solutions provided by corrupt hacks; eventually the vaccine is delivered and the vaccinated are given a certifying band to wear on their wrist as proof they are safe to enter the future. All of it has been done; the role of the corrupt hack had been played by Dr Didier Raoult, the French doctor from Marseilles; and now we are supposed to wait for Dr Bill Gates to provide for the saving vaccine to stamp the deserving ones with an indelible stamp readable in infrared by smartphones. Add to that the new tracing application by Google and Apple, the daughter of the Mossad-ShinBet tracer, and the new world order will be achieved!

Oops! The coronavirus is not sufficiently deadly to justify the lockdown and the massive panic, let alone the vaccination, tracing and placing the indelible stamp on your arm. It does not matter, decided the producers. All our media working in unison can provide sufficient horror and panic even without a deadly virus. Remember, we arranged the War on Terror while Islamic terrorists were a small body of CIA-bred bandits in the caves of Afghanistan. We can bring people into hysterics craving for the vaccine just by turning our media into the conduit for virus news. We shall rename them The Corona Guardian, the New York Corona, Le Monde de Corona. People will accept it; they will lock themselves up in their houses and weep in fear. And it worked – for a while.

But enough is enough. People are usually docile and obedient, until something snaps, and then they break the yoke off their necks. The yoke was global, and the movement to break it is global as well. The Resurrection Sunday gave us the sign: Death is defeated! And right away President Trump cheered the Michigan rebels; Danes and Austrians send their kids to school; Norwegians opened kindergartens and Italians – their shops; the Brazilian president enthusiastically addressed an anti-quarantine protest; in Israel which experienced the most brutal and total lockdown on Earth, the people voted with their feet and festivities erupted on cue when Mr Netanyahu’s government backed off and allowed them to walk a hundred yards from their home and enter carpet shops subject to temperature checks. People had shed the lockdown and we can’t push the paste back into the tube, lamented Haaretz, the Israeli liberal paper.

The media felt the change in the air, and responded immediately – excepting the hardcore liberal newspapers. Israeli TV supported the lockdown eagerly; but yesterday, they invited the former Health Ministry chief Prof Yoram Lass, who was an outspoken Corona dissident and ‘persona non grata’ in the TV interview studios. In his, previously tabooed view, governments can’t halt viruses and the lockdown will kill more people from depression than the virus. Not only was he allowed to say his piece; other members of the panel sounded like they always supported him. The change was global. Even I was invited to express my view on the Russian Channel One, though a few days earlier the very thought could not be entertained.

This is the way media works. It has no opinion of its own; but when the wind changes, they change with the wind. There is a good historical precedent of the French newspapers in 1815 reporting on the departure of Bonaparte from Elba, his progress through France, and his entry into Paris in the following manner:

  • 9th March, the Cannibal has quitted his den
  • 10th, the Corsican Ogre has landed at Cape Juan
  • 11th, the Tiger has arrived at Gap
  • 12th, the Monster slept at Grenoble
  • 13th, the Tyrant has passed through Lyons
  • 14th, the Usurper is directing his steps towards Dijon.
  • 18th, Bonaparte is only sixty leagues from the capital.
  • 19th, Bonaparte is advancing with rapid steps, but he will never enter Paris
  • 20th, Napoleon will, tomorrow, be under our ramparts
  • 21st, the Emperor is at Fontainebleau
  • 22nd, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, yesterday evening, arrived at the Tuileries, amidst the joyful acclamations of his devoted and faithful subjects.

Still, it is not final. The New York Times and the Guardian and their sister papers still call for more lockdown, “otherwise our dear old people will all die”. But they are being met by their opponents.

In Sweden, the state TV had broadcast a dialogue between an old Swedish doctor Johnny Ludvigsson, supporter of the present no-lockdown-policy, and a young and wealthy Jewish lady-influencer Katrin Zytomierska for the liberal virus lobby. Jews as a rule are strong supporters of the lockdown, tracing, imprinting and other virus virtues. Usually they would arrange for a suitable feeble opponent to be soundly beaten; but this time they weren’t the arrangers and their envoy was trashed. Despite their objections (and Polish Jews hold commanding heights in Swedish liberal media) Swedish people support the Swedish policy of freedom.

In France, the strong fighter against lockdown is also a leading enemy of the Jewish lobby. This is Alain Soral who discovered the connection between virus PR promotion and other policies aimed at the subjugation of Man.

Now it depends on the Sovereign People. If we shall support the spirit of freedom, we shall be free. If we shall support the spirit of slavery, we shall remain slaves, and our children will grow in bondage. The danger is present and immediate, for there are many groups of powerful people who want to keep us locked down.

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The seasonal madness overtook mankind. In years to pass, it will be remembered as a new Witch Hunt, but on a global scale. The Salem affair engulfed a small town in a remote British colony, while the Corona lockdown broke the back of the global economy, pauperised millions, imprisoned three billion people, caused uncounted suicides and misery. It could be compared with World War One, when the West at the peak of its historic achievement rushed towards its self-destruction for reasons so feeble that none of the contemporary actors was able to explain them convincingly.

The madness is fuelled by fear of death. Death, this normal occurrence for our ancestors, a peaceful transformation, when the discarded body is laid to rest in the churchyard after the soul has departed to its Creator, became the worst thing to happen to man, a disaster to be avoided at all costs, because there is no hereafter, no Creator for the soul to return to, but only here and now. They embarked on the War on Death, as our colleague CJ Hopkins observed. Trying to escape death, mankind inflicted upon itself a mortal wound.

It is no coincidence that the only sane Western state, Sweden, avoided the First and the Second World Wars, and the terrible Corona self-destruction as well. I write these words in Sweden, where schools and kindergartens still operate normally, and parents do not get mad at their irritating youngsters; shops and pubs are open, the churches celebrate mass or services, and people are free to roam in the parks and bountiful forests. Just compare Sweden with its big neighbour: Swedes now spend 43% more time in the parks than usual, while in Germany their people spend 50% less time than usual.

The Germans are subject to fines: it is 500 Euro if you visit your relatives or friends; the same if three or more persons get together; the same if you stand at six feet distance or less from another person; 75 Euro if you are found without an Ausweis, the authorisation permit. Swedes need no permits and are free to visit and socialise.

German society is breaking down. People are scared of seeing each other. Children develop an addiction to games. Loneliness spreads faster than the virus. The new generation of Germans (and Europeans in general) will be hikikomori, a generation of hermits, social recluses. In Japan, there are hundreds of thousands young and not-so-young people who withdraw from society. Now this social disease is spreading and it is likely to deal the coup de grace to a Europe shattered by migration waves, by neoliberalism, by political correctness, by same-sex and transgender madness.

The sexual union of man and woman had been undermined by the society’s fight with ‘toxic masculinity’, by enforcement of ‘safe sex’, the ease with which people can now be prosecuted for alleged harassment and alleged rape. Now it is coming to an end, and the next generation will listen with horror to the story of Adam and Eve. But where will they listen to it? The churches are closed; Mass is forbidden. While trying to defeat Death, Mankind surrendered to Death.

The Germans forgot the words of their great poet, Goethe:

Und so lang du das nicht hast,
dieses Stirb und Werde,
bist du nur ein trüber Gast
auf der dunklen Erde.

In English translation:

And so long as you haven’t experienced
this: to die and so to grow,
you are only a troubled guest
on the dark earth.

Or perhaps even better:

Die and become!

Eventually, Europe can expect thousands of bankruptcies and suicides. The Swedish small and medium-sized businesses will survive, while the German small businesses will die. Sweden will survive the crisis as a democratic state, as she survived the world wars; while Germany, France and Italy are heading towards 1984-style dictatorship in their ruined lands, as the disappearing remnants of Pornhub users cling to the Internet while it lasts.

This massive collapse is not even necessary. Corona is dangerous, but it is not the plague. The mortality rate in Sweden remains normal and seasonal; they do not carry out many tests and have no lockdown, though people have been advised to keep their distance and wash their hands. Gatherings of more than 50 persons are banned. There are fewer people in the streets than normally, but Sweden is not panic-stricken. Do Swedes die? Yes, definitely, but they weren’t immortal before Corona, either.

Sweden’s Corona-related deaths stand at 40 per million, three times less than in France and twice as many as in Germany, though these two states have a severe lockdown policy. Given that in recent years Sweden along with all Western states had tried to fight Death per se and had kept alive many sick and elderly people even by excessive means, one would expect that this harvest would be greater than it is. As with any infectious disease big cities are more dangerous than villages, and the houses of the elderly, nursing homes, aged-care facilities, the places where old folk wait for a not-unexpected death, are the greatest death traps. Sweden has no great cities like New York or London, but there are many old and very old people who may yet succumb to the virus.

I am proud of Swedish politicians, of the ruling Social Democrats who keep the torch of freedom burning bright despite enormous pressure from the Western mass media. The leading papers of the Masters of Discourse, The New York Times and The Guardian, almost daily print articles prophesying doom for Sweden, but meanwhile the PM withstands the doomsayers. The Swedish media is not going into panic mode, and it helps. I do not know for how long the Swedes will be able to fight the pressure; whether the enemies of freedom try a regime change or just bomb Sweden into obedience, it is worth it.

Even in the US, the simple truth began to sink in: the Corona crisis is a media crisis, as so many recent events have been. 9/11 and the War on Terror is one of them. Since this unique (and still mysterious) incident, there have been no Islamic terror attacks in the US. Rare individual attacks in Europe have usually been perpetrated by people unhinged by the US War on Terror. More people have been killed by falling furniture in their apartments than by Islamic terrorists, but the price this War on Terror extracted from Americans and the people of the Middle East has been stupendous, because the mass media created a wave of panic.

The same is true of the Corona pandemic. Even the mainstream LA Times noticed that “the flu has sickened 36 million Americans since September and killed an estimated 22,000, according to the CDC, but those deaths are largely unreported.” Corona is real, and it is deadly for people whose very survival hinges on advanced medicine. For the rest, it is not. From time to time, the media splashes a story of a young man or even a child who succumbed to the virus. They never mention that the young man was ill of leukaemia (as in the case of the footballer), or that the child was born unable to survive independently. The ill are simply more prone to die.

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In these Corona times, I often listen to Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. This black cloud has a silver lining. With the virus roaming outside, teenagers deign to spend more time with their parents; wives are at home cooking dinners instead of hanging out with gorgeous strangers in posh cafés; we do not have to plan expensive holidays on far-away islands; there is more time for reading books or playing checkers with the kids. The enforced modest lifestyle (no restaurants, no parties) is suitable for Lent, this sombre period of time before Easter. We can live for a while with this calm domestic Lent, 1956- style.

Despite my age, the disease does not worry me at all. One dies only once, and it is unavoidable. It’s the heavy-handed government interference that is a real pain in the neck. It is lockdown I fear, not the disease. Consider the example of Israel, this pilot project of the Masters of Discourse.

In Israel, as in a few other countries, they ordered the most severe lockdown: people aren’t allowed to leave their apartments unless to shop for food. Even a lonely walk along the seashore or in the park is forbidden, and there is the police and the army to enforce the ban. Balmy weather, blue Med, green hills, but you have to stay indoors. A recommendation to stay home and take it easy can be taken into account; this total imprisonment of citizens is a step no tyrant had tried.

The authorities have us where they always wanted: in the grip of fear, shopping for bread as the only permitted activity, no protests, no demonstrations, social distancing instead of solidarity. The first victim of coronavirus in Israel is a chronically ill 88-year old Holocaust survivor. (But for the virus, he would live forever.) The second is an old lady with the whole spectrum of diseases crowned with the corona. The third and the last one is a nonagenarian. The malady is not too bad, but the remedy is much worse. After the lockdown was announced, six hundred thousand Israelis applied for unemployment benefit, as small and medium businesses sent their workers home without pay. The laid-off workers would be able to take out loans, to be repaid with interest after the emergency is over; nobody says where they will get money to repay.

The internal security (Shabak), the external security (Mossad), and the police force have united to create and activate a futuristic system of total surveillance. Now they know and follow all Israeli residents all the time. If a person has fever and is considered a potential virus carrier, the surveillance system traces everybody he had been recently in touch with, or just passed by, and texts them that they must go into seclusion for a fortnight. Now they track all movements and all meetings of all Israeli residents at all times. Secret police forces of the world never had such magical abilities; now they do. The Jewish state is the testing ground for the total surveillance world project. The corona will pass, but total surveillance is here to stay forever, predicted Yuval Noah Harari. Only fear of the pandemic could make people accept it, and the corona panic did it.

The virus worries are peanuts in comparison with the terrible consequences of the massive shutdown. The real economy will disintegrate, and the workers and the precariat will be ruined and impoverished. They will work for their daily bread or die. Only financiers will survive and prosper – financiers and their liberal troops. That is what they hope for. Fear and Poverty is our future if they have their way.

The world is divided between those wishing to submit to the lockdown and those who preserve some sanity. The Masters of Discourse, the liberal media and its adepts are all for lockdown. The Guardian and the New York Times preach the mortal danger of the virus. TV networks are spreading panic. I have tried to watch Israeli TV News; there was no news, just hysteria online.

President Trump had made a valiant attempt to keep America functioning; but being accused by the New York Times of complicity in the mass murder of America’s senior citizens he acquiesced and allowed them to lock some states down. He still mulls over some way to save America, but will he dare? His British counterpart Boris Johnson has already surrendered after some initial resistance.

There are islands of sanity. Sweden is standing firm as a great positive example. Though people have been warned to cool it and minimise their outings, industry works, schools and kindergartens are open; cafés and restaurants function; trains are running and no army has been brought into Swedish towns. The Swedish liberal media owned by Bonnier tried to spread panic but it was quickly brought to heel by the threat of a hostile takeover of the newspapers. Swedish elites understand that if they allow the country’s industries to collapse in the lockdown, Sweden would be thrown back into its 19th century poverty. This is too steep a price for sticking to the party line. Sweden has its own independent mind and a strong self-preservation instinct that allowed her to refuse the Euro and to navigate between the 20th century warring camps.

Russia is still free and open, more or less. The Russian president sticks to the middle way. He went to visit Corona-stricken patients in a hospital near Moscow, like Napoleon in Jaffa. In a speech to the nation, he granted everybody a fully paid holiday week beginning this weekend. No lockdown for Mr Putin and his subjects, so the Russians can spend this extra holiday the way they like. He also declared tax and mortgage holidays, and to offset the expense he slapped the rich Russians with a tax on offshore transfers and on interest on bank deposits, signalling that the Corona crisis won’t be used to rob the workers for the benefit of the bankers. Previously he approved of some protective measures, closed the borders, but still Russia is free. Very low numbers of infected Russians make Putin’s strategy appear to be justified.

A tug-of-war is going on between the Russian adepts of the Masters and the Putin supporters. Putin’s enemies, the Moscow liberals, called for Israel’s example to be followed, terminating the country’s production. Meanwhile they shot themselves in the foot by closing down the museums and theatres leaving them without income. Putin added much to his popularity in the country by refusing to lock down, while Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin is free to introduce more local restrictions to be cheered by the liberals.

Tiny Belarus is the last bulwark of freedom – they do not give a damn about the virus, though they closed the borders. I always admired their President Lukashenko, whom the Western media called The Last Dictator of Europe. He said that physical work in the fresh air and a shot of vodka for lunch will keep you safe, and he is probably right.

After viewing these differing modes of response, we conclude: the liberals, the shock troops of the Masters of Discourse, want a state of siege and lockdown enforced by the army and police. They want our society to commit economic hara-kiri and to doom our children to the poverty our parents escaped. Fear, poverty and surveillance is their suggestion for us.

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Julian Assange’s extradition hearing has had very little media coverage. Even The Guardian and The New York Times barely mentioned it, though these newspapers made a fortune publishing Assange-provided cables. Unless you had been looking for it, you wouldn’t even know that on February 24 to 27, the first stage of Assange’s extradition hearing was being adjudicated in the secretive Woolwich Crown Court embedded within the huge Belmarsh Prison nicknamed “British Gitmo”. Luckily for us, Ambassador Craig Murray, the indomitable truth fighter, went there, waited in line for hours in the rain, underwent searches and discomfort, and wrote an extensive report (12,000 words) on this travesty of justice that went under the name of a ‘trial’. His reports leave nothing out, from the threatening atmosphere to the sinister legal arguments. He captured the menace and the abuse bordering with public torture, and delivered it to the world, something that none of the journalists on the payroll of the mass media had been allowed to do. Here are some insights from his report in my free rendering augmented with other sources.

The Court is designed with no other purpose than to exclude the public, on an island accessible only through navigating a maze of dual carriageways, the entire location and architecture of the building is predicated on preventing public access. It is in truth just the sentencing wing of Belmarsh prison.

The judge, the Magistrate (or District Judge) Vanessa Baraitser is a modern version of the Hanging Judge George Jeffreys, a female Judge Dredd. She is the chief villain by all descriptions of the trial, not just tolerating but exceeding the demands of the prosecution. The lawyers acting for the prosecution did request some niceties if only for the trial to appear fair. Baraitser had no such pretensions. She went straight for the jugular. If she could, she would hang Assange right away.

This Jewish lady is surrounded by mystery: she has left no trace upon the Internet. A newly born child has more Internet presence than this middle-aged woman. I doubt such a blank slate could be achieved nowadays without the active assistance of the Secret Services.

Ambassador Murray writes: “Ms Baraitser is not fond of photography – she appears to be the only public figure in Western Europe with no photo on the internet. Indeed the average proprietor of a rural car wash has left more evidence of their existence and life history on the Internet than Vanessa Baraitser. Which is no crime on her part, but I suspect the expunging is not achieved without considerable effort. Somebody suggested to me she might be a hologram, but I think not. Holograms have more empathy.”

John Pilger saw Baraitser in action during the previous round of Assange hearings in October 2019. He wrote: “I have sat in many courtrooms and seen judges abuse their positions. This judge, Vanessa Baraitser shocked all of us who were there. Her face was a progression of sneers and imperious indifference; she addressed Julian with cruel arrogance. When Assange spoke, Baraitser contrived boredom; when the prosecuting barrister spoke, she was attentive. When Julian’s barrister described the CIA spying on him, she didn’t yawn, but her disinterest was as expressive. Her knee in the groin was to announce that the next court hearing would be at remote Woolwich, which adjoins Belmarsh Prison and has few seats for the public. This will ensure isolation and be as close to a secret trial as it’s possible to get.”

It turned out to be practically a secret trial. There were MSM journalists, but “not a single one of the most important facts and arguments today has been reported anywhere in the mainstream media.”

On the first day, James Lewis QC for the prosecution tried to drive a wedge between Assange and the media. He claimed that in no way are mainstream outlets like The Guardian and The New York Times threatened by this trial, because Assange was not charged with publishing the cables but only with publishing the names of informants, cultivating Manning and assisting him to attempt computer hacking. The mainstream outlets are not guilty of any crimes, having only published sanitised cables.

But Judge Baraitser didn’t accept this vegetarian approach. She thirsted for blood. She referred to the Official Secrets Act 1989, which declares that merely obtaining and publishing any government secret is an offence. Surely, Baraitser suggested, that meant that newspapers publishing the Manning leaks would be guilty of a serious offence?

Lewis agreed with the judge and admitted that indeed, the mainstream journalists also are guilty, fully denying what he said in his opening statement. In the end, none of this role-play mattered since none of the media reported on this exchange, as it wasn’t inserted into the daily press release. The MSM journalists used only these prepared texts, so convenient for copying and pasting into their own reports.

The main argument of the defence was that the motive for the prosecution was entirely political, and that political offences were specifically excluded under the UK/US extradition treaty. For a normal human judge, that would suffice to dismiss the case. But Baraitser had a trick up her sleeve. Although the US/UK Extradition Treaty forbade political extraditions, this was only the Treaty, and this is not an international court, she said. That exemption does not appear in the UK Extradition Act. Therefore political extradition is not illegal in the UK, as the Treaty has no legal force on her Court. With such a judge, who needs the prosecution?

The defence quickly demolished the judge’s devious rationalisations by pointing out that every extradition must satisfy two standards: (1) that of the UK Extradition Act, and (2) the specific Extradition Treaty with the country in question. Both are necessary; no man can be extradited to a specific country without consulting the specific treaty. The UK Extradition Act sets the ground rules. It is the relevant extradition treaty that sets out the conditions by which a prisoner might be extradited to a specific country. The Act allowed for a political extradition, and if the specific extradition treaty allowed it, the prisoner could be extradited. But this specific, namely US/UK extradition treaty does not permit political extraditions. Ergo, Assange could not be extradited by law.

Indeed a sixth-grade student could follow this simple logic. However, the dastardly Ms Baraitser kept repeating her claim that the Act does not forbid political extradition. We do not know what black spots hidden in the murky past of Judge Baraitser required that her history be blotted out by MI5’s dark adepts, but I harbour a suspicion that this Jewish lady has had some field practice in the Jewish state, where judges invariably find the accused goy liable and guilty, and every torture is tolerated or even encouraged.

Her main preoccupation seemed to be in arranging Julian’s suicide – or at least dishearten him to the point where his death by throttling might be explained away as suicide. He certainly seemed to be dispirited. The distinguished psychiatrist Professor Michael Kopelman provided a psychiatric assessment of Assange to the court:

“Mr Assange shows virtually all the risk factors which researchers from Oxford have described in prisoners who either suicide or make lethal attempts. … I am as confident as a psychiatrist can ever be that, if extradition to the United States were to become imminent, Mr Assange would find a way of suiciding.”

Oil Prices – Syria – Refugee Invasion
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Turbulence rising, we are in for a choppy ride, – that’s what our captain should announce. After some fake turbulence supplied by the overblown coronavirus media hype, real things began to add up. They all add up to a great uncertainty and to a deep recession; to a war substitute, from the financial point of view. The world leaders still aren’t ready to go to war, but a financial bubble calls for its burst and subsequent cooling.

You can view it as a falling domino sequence. The virus undermined Chinese production; the Chinese production drop undermined the demand for oil. It was very bad timing for the Saudis; as the Crown Prince MBS entered the decisive struggle for the crown against other princes, first of all with Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the previous crown prince, a son of King’s brother and the CIA favourite. On March 6, MBN had been arrested. MBS thought Russia would pay for his dynastic battle, and offered Putina deal to cut its oil output drastically.

Russia thought it was not Russian business to interfere in Riyadh’s tug-of-war, and flatly refused. On the same day and hour, on Friday March 6, MBS ordered to sell oil at very low price, intending to punish Russia and bring Putin to his senses. The Russian Rouble took a dive, so did Russian shares.

Saudi oil dumping had halved the rouble in 2014, and previously in 1980s it was the major cause for the USSR’s collapse. Now, apparently, the Russians feel their country is in a better shape and can survive the price drop. Low oil can seriously undermine American shale oil production and the US plans to supply liquefied gas to Europe. The Saudis are the weak link now: they need money to keep their citizens and princes in the style they are accustomed to; they have the Yemen War; they have dynastic feuds.

On Monday March 9, the stock markets panicked and trading has been stopped for a while, but resumed later. God knows what will happen next, for turbulence rises up. China has apparently succeeded in beating down the coronavirus, but perhaps it is too late for the technological processes to return to their previous route. And judging by our MSM, the appetite of the Masters of Universe for turbulence had been just wetted. They want more, and usually they get what they want.

Syria after the Meeting

The previous bout of turbulence had been supplied by the Turkish offensive in Syria, and it was partly calmed by the meeting of two presidents in Kremlin.

“The Russians and Syrians probably would agree for another time-out, if two main roads M4 and M5 were secured under Damascus forces. This is the most probable compromise to be achieved by Erdogan and Putin when they meet.” – I wrote recently. This is exactly what had happened. After six-hours-long discussion, Putin and Erdogan had reached a compromise. M5 remained under full Syrian control; M4 is under joint Russian-Turkish control, and all the towns seized by the Syrian Army during their recent offensive remained in the hands of Bashar al-Assad.

The Damascus government would like to have the whole lot of the Idlib province, but they will have to wait for that, and meanwhile be satisfied with what they conquered in hard battles – and what they succeeded to keep in face of the Turkish counteroffensive. The Turks fought very efficiently. The Russians who accompanied the Syrian troops say that the Syrians were overwhelmed by Turkish skilled use of drones. The drones aren’t visible to soldiers; they are inexpensive, and they are deadly. It took a few days until the Syrians had learned how to deal with this threat. Russian air force participated in the battles providing Syrians with the air cover. For face-preserving reasons of proxy war, the Russians and the Syrians preferred to minimise Russian involvement, and the Turks agreed with it.

The battle was more-or-less over a day before the meeting of two presidents, when the Russian Military Police had been positioned in Saraqib, a town at the junction of M4 and M5 highways. The Turks were immediately (or even beforehand, local observers say) informed of the new Russian position. With Saraqib and the two highways in the hands of Damascus, the immediate goals of Assad were achieved, while Turkish strikes were painful enough for Syrians to be pleased with the cease-fire.

It appears that the rebels will have to vacate all the area to the south of M4. The worst news for them is the agreement of Erdogan and Putin to outlaw the hard-core Islamists. They are the best fighters, sturdy, fanatical and determined; and with them under fire, the moderate rebels will be more than willing to sue for peace. Few people doubt there will be more trouble in Syria; however, the Russians and the Turks are pleased that their nations didn’t come to blows. The US had been disappointed, and blocked the UNSC approval of Putin-Erdogan agreement. The refugee crisis came instead of Russo-Turkish conflict.

The Refugee Invasion

Tens (if not hundreds) of thousands refugees are amassed on the European borders of Turkey, facing Greece and Bulgaria. They intend to march north, to the promised lands of Germans and Scandinavians, through unregulated EU borders. Though the PC narrative describes them as ‘Syrians on the run from bloodthirsty Assad’, judging by the detained border-crossers, it is a mixture of all displaced persons dreaming to reach Europe: Afghans, Somalis, Iranians, even Turks.

The Greeks fought valiantly defending the European borders; the Turkish army has helped the migrants to break through the border installations. It is the right time to re-assess the whole concept of refugees. Perhaps it should be dumped altogether, or at least suspended until better times. If these people want to move to Europe, let them come by usual means. Apply in the embassy, get your visa. After all, refugees jump the queue, and queue-jumping should not be encouraged.

The human rights charter and the UN declarations regarding refugees were created in different times, when human mobility was still quite low comparing with our days. You could not expect tens of thousands of Afghans and Somalis to march on Europe, or tens of thousands of Latin Americans marching on the US. These are not refugees; these are poor people in search for a better lot. They overload the facilities of the North, and will eventually cause their collapse. One of the reasons why the neoliberal think tanks approve of the migration is that they correctly estimate that is the best device to destroy the Welfare State, the great achievement of Social Democracy they hate.

Instead of blaming the refugees and calling them names, we can say: they are wonderful people but there is no place for them in the North. If they were gatecrashers at the Billie Eilish concert, everyone would understand the logic: yes, they want to listen, but, brother, there is no place. It is full up! This is the case with those worthy people who want to live in a different, better-organised and more generous country.

Some people want to accept more “refugees” – there were big demonstrations in Germany calling to open borders. These good people may go to the countries the refugees originate from and help them to rebuild their lands.

What is needed is the universal Right of Return. Let all these refugees of recent years go to their deserted homelands, bring with them their new skills, and make their countries better. If there is a civil war, let them join the side they prefer and bring it to the close. By running, the better future can’t be build.

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After two dismal failures, Bibi Netanyahu had won the third time. Israeli general elections three times in one year turned the country into Groundhog Day; all polls predicted the third time will be a perfect re-run of previous two runs. But elections are unpredictable: people say what they think the interviewer wants to hear, or what is generally acceptable, but they vote the way they want.

The main party of pro-Clinton-Dems, called B&W (Blue and White, colours of Israeli national banner), suffered ignominious defeat. Probably it will fall to pieces, and there is nothing to regret. Their leader, General Benni Gantz, was a weak copy of Bibi Netanyahu. He seconded all opinions and plans of Bibi. He said he would never take an Arab into his government. The difference between him and Bibi was that he had less charisma, less energy, was not a good speaker, and – he had no corruption charge hanging above his head as the Sword of Damocles. He thought that this last difference would decide in his favour, but it did not. People do not care about corruption charges. They are afraid to say it loud, for you are supposed to hate corruption, but for an ordinary Joe Smith (or Arik Rosenblum) it is a detail of little importance. “All politicians steal”, an ordinary man thinks, “The point is whether this one is working for me or against me”.

Netanyahu carried his third campaign with panache, energy, vitality – and he used all dirty tricks he could. One of his best tricks was broadcast of a tape recording of Gantz’s adviser saying that Gantz is “a danger to the people of Israel”, “stupid and a complete nobody” and “he doesn’t have the courage to attack Iran”. This revelation probably demolished Gantz.

The old Labour Party just passed the electoral barrier. Once powerful Labour ruled Israel for many years, but it had lost its base completely. Even together with its partner Zionist Left Meretz it hardly scrambled into the Knesset. The Labour was led by a Sephardi (Oriental) Jew; his second was a Moroccan Jewish woman in an attempt to attract the Oriental Jewish voters. This attempt failed: the Sephardi Jews hate Labour and they saw through the stratagem to ensnare them, while the European (Ashkenazi) Jews, the mainstay of Labour, didn’t feel affinity to Sephardi-led Labour. A lesson in diversity, anyone?

The Joint List, the block of mainly Arab parties did very well. Many (but not too many) Jews voted for them. They have twice as many MPs, as the Labour and Meretz combined. There is a problem: the Jews, whether on the Left or on the Right, do not allow the Arab MPs to participate in the government coalition. As you know, Jews are not afraid of being racist, or even of being seen racist. So, actual impact of the Arab MPs will be quite small, but they will serve as a perennial memory note to the Jewish Left: “You could have so many good allies if you weren’t running after racist Jewish vote”.

The Russian Party of Mr Lieberman took a richly deserved beating. Their tactics was to inflame hatred of religious Jews; for a while it worked, but at the third round this device had lost its novelty, but not before it poisoned relations between two marginal communities, of Russians and of Orthodox Jews.

The bottom line: despite his success, Netanyahu will find it difficult to form a government; but I’ll bet he will manage somehow to steal a few MPs and form a coalition. The next elections are not imminent.

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Syria At War

The Russians feel fighting Turkey is below their dignity, and prefer to keep the fighting in Idlib as a proxy war. The dignity point is important: traditionally, the Russians go to war only with great powers. Smaller military encounters are a matter for a local commander. Even cruel Winter Campaign 1940 against Finland had been conceived as a decision of Leningrad District; the battles with the Japanese in 1936 and 1939 were carried by the Far East Military District, not by Soviet Russia. Imperial Turkey was a worthy adversary for Russia, and the two empires crossed their sables twelve times, if not more. But not now.

At the previous crisis, in 2015, after Turkey downed the Russian Su-24, Russians stopped buying Turkish tomatoes and Russian tourists were told to avoid Turkish resorts; visas were withdrawn and media went ballistic. That was enough to make Turks regret their hasty decisions, for Turkey needs Russia as the market for its fruits and vegetables, supplier of tourists and the working place for its building companies. During the West-instigated attempted coup against Erdogan, Russia supported the embattled Turkish ruler; afterwards, the Russian – Turkish relations greatly improved. Turkey had bought Russian S-400 missile defence system, entered Astana agreement with Russia and Iran, had built the hub for Russian gas and had Russia guarding its back in the confrontation with Kurds.

Idlib undid much of goodwill between the twain, but Russia still does not want to be seen as fighting Turkey. In Russian book, the Turks fight the Syrian government, while Russia stands out and above the dogfight. Russians carefully observe the notions of Sochi agreement. Before landing the mighty strike that killed dozens (if not hundreds) of Turkish soldiers, the Russians checked with Turkish HQ whether there are any Turks in the area to be assaulted; only after the HQ (erroneously) replied there aren’t any, the area had been bombed with devastating efficiency. “They died because they joined the rebel forces” – the Russians answered the Turkish complaint.

Now Bashar al-Assad wants to recover Idlib, the last province that does not accept the rule of Damascus. The Syrians feel the civil war lasted too long, and it should be finished-off. The Russians agree with them. In Sochi, the Russians and the Turks agreed to give Idlib some time-out to sort out things. During this time-out, Turkey was supposed to discipline the rebels, but it failed to do so. The rebels kept fighting and shelling the Syrian government and Russian forces. They were a thorn in the flesh for Syrians, Shias and Russians alike.

The Turks had a problem: what to do with jihadists of Idlib? They were understandably hesitant to accept them on their own land, and would prefer them to stay where they are. It would be acceptable if they were restrained, but they could not, and unwilling to be restrained. This problem has no easy solution. The Russians and Syrians probably would agree for another time-out, if two main roads M4 and M5 were secured under Damascus forces. This is the most probable compromise to be achieved by Erdogan and Putin when they meet.

Putin didn’t want to meet with Erdogan at all. He felt these meetings turn the proxy Syrian conflict into direct Russian-Turkish confrontation, and that (see above) is below Russian dignity. However, Erdogan feels that dealing with Assad is below his dignity. Damascus was a vilayet, a centre of Syrian province in the Ottoman Empire; and the Sultan (as people call Erdogan half-jokingly) can’t negotiate with the pasha of a vilayet. Rising level of violence in Idlib had forced Putin to agree for a meeting.

Putin and Erdogan need each other. There is no substitute for Erdogan. All other prominent Turkish statesmen who could possibly take his place would be worse for Russia. All of them are pro-NATO, pro-US or pro-EU men. Some of them could make peace in Syria, but at high price on other important for Russia issues. Erdogan needs Putin, too. Putin is the only statesman of high calibre that is likely to support him against all odds. Putin can keep Turkish economy from going under. The EU and US could help Turkish economy, too; but they would send Erdogan to jail.

Sanity and logic say that Putin and Erdogan must find modus vivendi. Erdogan could concentrate on the most important issue for Turkey in Syria: prevention of independent Kurdistan rising on Turkish border. Putin could give some ground in Idlib, leaving a narrow strip of land in Turkish hands, as long as highways go to Assad. However, Putin and Erdogan do not act in vacuum, and sanity and logic could be silenced by other urges. Shia forces in Syria and Damascus government want their victory. Rebels are not a yielding lot, too.

I have a warm spot for the Turkish ruler. He is not universally popular; many Turks hate him; Turkish economy is in a bad shape; by going to Libya he overextended his resources. Still he is a great man. If he would come to his senses and make peace with his neighbour Bashar al-Assad, his problems would be solved. It would be a difficult decision, bearing in mind many years of strife and bad blood; but great rulers are those who make hard decisions.

Such a man was Marshal Mannerheim who embraced Josef Stalin in 1944. He survived, and Finland survived and flourished thanks to this decision. Putin had tried to make peace with Ukrainian presidents; he befriended Erdogan. Trump had met with Kim, tried to make peace with Taliban. This is a sign of true greatness.

Erdogan probably could reach a passable agreement with Putin. But the real solution is found on the way to Damascus; friendship with Assad is the best asset Erdogan can achieve. Befriend your neighbours, and fear none. Return refugees home, and your citizens will love you again. Danger of Syrian Kurdistan will be removed. Let Assad bother with rehabilitation of Islamist warriors. Turkey will be loved by its Arab neighbours, as it was before the unhappy Arab Spring.

However, the wounds caused by radicalisation of Muslim youth in 1980s won’t heal soon. Intelligence services learned of huge potential of energy, activism, readiness for sacrifice in this numerous population group and decided to tap it for their purposes. They used it against Russia in Afghanistan in 1980s and in Chechnya in 1990s; against the Arab world for last twenty years. It is a problem, for these young men are naïve idealists who were misdirected to do devil’s work, and this problem has no easy solution.

Corona isn’t Beer

There is nothing to panic about, said Trump about the Corona, and he is right. Corona is a mental virus of fear, not much else. We have a sterling proof: the Diamond Princess liner had been marooned in the ideal, for virus, circumstances of single ventilation system. Many people had got the decease, but only two persons, aged over 80, had died. No children became sick. Apparently it could be dangerous only for people over 60. There was no reason for panic at all.

I am proud of being a virus denier, and it feels good to have President Trump on our, deniers, side. We know it is less dangerous than usual flu, even if more contagious. Ignore, and everything will be fine.

The panic occurred for two reasons: incredible quarantine measures undertaken by the Chinese, and media going into full volume fear-spreading. The first reason remains somewhat obscure. We do not know why the Chinese did it. There are many possible explanations, including some domestic reasoning. Perhaps some important people in Chinese leadership wanted (or still want) to bring the obedient Chinese to the state of rebellion, as it happened in Soviet Russia in Gorbachev’s days. Or it is an exercise in civil defence. Or the virus is ethnic-specific, or whatever. Anyway outside of its home province of Hubei, the virus didn’t make inroads.

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What a wonderful enchanted life we boomers have had! Living was easy, accommodation plentiful and inexpensive, salaries were high, girls willing. The world was offered to us like a heap of pearl oysters on the silver tray. We could travel, change our countries and jobs as we like, we could fight for justice and mercy for others, we could seek our own way to God. It was great to be born after the war.

You won’t believe it, the children of latter (or earlier) generations, that life could be so splendid. We could buy a two-bedroom maisonette in Kensington on my junior BBC journalist salary. We could cross Africa and climb Kilimanjaro, trek Nepal, report on wars, go to Paris for weekend.

And the world was full of variety; not the sickening fake diversity of living next door to a black, a Chinese and an Indian who shop in the same supermarket and watch the same Hollywood movies you do; but real variety of England being English and Japan being Japanese. In London of late sixties-early seventies, pubs served warm real ale, British grey sausages and steak-and-kidney pie; Ty-Foo tea at five o’clock; we could smoke at the table; we could jump on and off open double-deckers; seat belts were unheard-of. Waitresses in greasy spoon cafes called me “luv”. In Kyoto, women went around in kimono; and men spent long nights drinking sake; Noh and Sakura Viewing were popular. Sweden was unashamedly blond, and topless Nordic maidens suntanned and splashed in the cool lakes.

Israel was a poor struggling country of suntanned boys and girls in keffiyeh. We were proud of our army service and of growing wheat in the kibbutz; while Arabs were noble peasants, and lived in beautiful old houses. Israelis had a good reputation those days as tireless trekkers. “White hunters”, we called ourselves after Hemingway’s African stories.

(All that is gone. Recently I could not find a single English pub in London; they served wine and European fare. No kimonoed lady was sighted in Kyoto. Swedish girls donned bra as the immigrants stared too intensely. Israelis became fat and insolent. As for smoke, you just may not smoke anywhere, you mayn’t drink and drive, and the damn belts became compulsory even in the buses.)

Our generation was more sophisticated than the preceding one. We forbade forbidding in 1968. We stopped the Vietnam War. We ended race discrimination. Gays danced and didn’t think of marriage – they added an exotic element to the fabric of life, and so did foreigners who were scarce even in London and Paris. I was such a rare bird, mixing with other writers in Parisian cafes. Workers were invariably local and native, and so was food and drink.

Art of cinema had flourished. The best films were made for us by Bergman and Bunuel, Godard and Oshima. We witnessed the Space Race of two superpowers and thought we shall land on Mars. Social optimism was endless, we were sure our tomorrow would be better than our present.

We had it so good! It is really pity that the world we pass to our children and grandchildren is not that wonderful, quite crowded and over-regulated. Perhaps our life was good because we came to the world freshly fertilised by millions of dead men, after the great calamity of the World War. The historians say that Europe after the Black Death was also a wonderful place. We feel it, even if we do not dare to say it explicitly, but this is a partial explanation of mankind courting Armageddon.

The new Chinese virus is an example. It has mortality rate of 2 p.c. and it is not much. It seems that children and Europeans do not die of it, even if they get infected. So, a nasty but not dreadfully nasty kind of flu. Every flu virus now at large in the US kills many times more people. American swine flu with its billion infected and hundreds of thousands dead in 2009 looks like a mountain next to the pea of coronavirus. Perhaps it was a lab-crafted bio-weapon, but then it is not especially effective one, unless its nastiness will become apparent with years.

And still the hype is immense. Every case of this super-flu is treated by media as an outbreak of bubonic plague. In Israel, there are zero cases of the new virus, but all news begin with the reports on its progress. In Russia, zero cases; rather, two Chinese tourists were sick and recovered. Though Russia has much less virus-induced hysteria than the West; and President Putin expressed his support of the Chinese people, and they are grateful for his solicitude, but even Russia closed its borders to Chinese tourists unless in transit. Probably Putin was hesitant to risk even a few (unavoidable) deaths that his enemies would put on his account.

Yes, it is an attack on China. I see it had been enlarged upon by the usual suspects who wrote about Uygur Holocaust and Hong Kong freedom fighters. But the Chinese did put us on high alert by their unusual prevention measures.

There is an assisting factor. We are waiting for Apocalypse, for Zombie Invasion, for nuclear war, for climate disaster – not in fear but in anticipation like an exhausted debtor waits for an enemy strike that will kill him and his relentless creditor alike. We are debtors, indebted and assailed by the state and by companies. Since 1789, Europeans haven’t been this powerless. We can’t survive without state support, can’t get affordable medical care or burial unless we are within the system. Any official may do with us whatever he feels. More and more often, they demand social security and pension payments to be returned to the state for few years back retroactively, if they deem the debtor’s case was dubious. In the US, welfare shrinks, so do good jobs, but student loans grow.

We face bleak tomorrow. AI will send millions to the dole, if the dole would still be available. The billionaires will flourish as in the Ancien Régime. Whoever is outraged by the excesses of the French and Russian revolutions and ascribed them to the Freemasons and Jews, will have a chance to judge for oneself, as the pre-Revolutionary regime is likely to return. Democracy won’t survive; we won’t survive unless willing to be slaves. Why don’t the Europeans breed to survive, you ask? Does it make sense to survive, that is the question.

If so many people subconsciously want the new great war to come, it will come, if St Greta Thunberg and her green fighters won’t destroy our civilisation first. Indeed this Soros-sponsored movement is the single biggest threat to our mental and physical health. When they will have their way, we shall be rolled back into Stone Age.

It would be less traumatic to go back to some features tested in our boomers’ youth. Let people hope for better future, as good as our past was. And for that:

  1. Make housing affordable. Even The Economist, a Thatcherist British magazine, suggests that. For that purpose, make landlordism painfully unprofitable. Tax the rent to utmost and forbid them to evict non-paying tenants. Tax the vacant houses. This was practiced by the British Labour in 1960s with great success, and owners-occupiers replaced the landlords. It would be considered anti-Semitic, granted, but what’s wrong with some practical anti-Semitism?
  2. Return to the draft in the armed forces. War is too important to outsource. It is exciting for a young man to undertake military service. A man who never served in the army may become a John Bolton, a cruel chickenhawk, and send others to war. A man who served can become John F. Kennedy and strive for peace. There is no anti-war movement in the US for there is no draft. Young Americans do not care about endless wars in Afghanistan and Syria because they are not called to fight and die there. Draft would restore responsible military policy.
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Israel Shamir
About Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir has written extensively on public affairs, primarily relating to the Israel/Palestine conflict and Russia, including three books, Galilee Flowers, Cabbala of Power and Masters of Discourse available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, and Hungarian.

He describes himself as a native of Novosibirsk, Siberia, who he moved to Israel in 1969, served as paratrooper in the army and fought in the 1973 war, afterwards turning to journalism and writing. During the late 1970s, he joined the BBC in London later living in Japan. After returning to Israel in 1980, Shamir wrote for the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz, and was the Knesset spokesman for the Israel Socialist Party (Mapam), also translating and annotating the cryptic works of S.Y. Agnon, the only Hebrew Nobel Prize winning writer, from the original Hebrew into Russian.

His perspective on the Israel/Palestine conflict was summed up in The Pine and the Olive, published in 1988 and republished in 2004. That same year, he was received in the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and Holy Land, being baptised Adam by Archbishop Theodosius Attalla Hanna. He now lives in Jaffa and spends much time in Moscow and Stockholm; he is father of three sons.