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Why Conservatives Ignore White-Hating Politics
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In “It’s Not ‘Identity Politics,’ It’s Anti-White Politics,” I questioned whether the term “identity politics” vaguely comports with our racial politics on tera firma. The answer was a resounding “no.”

For, “Whatever is convulsing the country, it’s not identity politics. Blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being sicced on Asians, and Ameri-Indians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky.”

Since the ire of America’s multicultural multitudes is directed exclusively at whites and their putative privilege, not at each other, anti-white animus is the more appropriate term.

The “identity politics” term is an elaborate construct hot-housed in the postmodernist university. Yet, commentators, conservatives too, cleave to abstracted definitions developed in citadels far removed from reality. Duly, the author of “Why Identity Politics Kills Democracy” harps on the “political selfishness” that comes with a “fanatical fetishization” of “group identity.”

“A politics of whiteness is a scourge. A Hispanic politics is a scourge. An LGBT politics is a scourge. A plutocratic politics is a scourge. A feminist politics is a scourge.” The only “true politics,” bewails our author, is one that “unites individuals under a single identity: citizen.”

Group hug.

In relation to reality, this kind of conservative political preening is a bit of a farce. Why so? Because undergirding the factional identity politics so roundly condemned is a practiced anti-whiteness. Hispanic, LGBT, plutocrat and feminist: All would concur. The road to their political salvation is in collaborating to extinguish “white dominant culture.

Used in the main by media conservatives, “identity politics” is invoked, consciously or unconsciously, it would seem, because conservatives want to be nice. To be nice, one must remain in denial of things not nice. Conservatives refuse to come to terms with the fact that our politics are almost exclusively anti-white, and not anti-Other, more exotic identities.

It’s also considered politically incorrect or “racist” to advocate on behalf of whites—even if whites qua whites are being dangerously maligned and marginalized; even if there is an anti-white sentiment that runs through our institutions, both public and private.

And woe betide those who perpetuates the idea of white ethnocide, say in South Africa. She herself is, then, libeled as a racist.

The logical paradox is that to warn of systemic hatred against browns and blacks is considered racially virtuous; to fear the same for whites is deemed incorrigibly racist.

For fear of being dubbed racists, media conservatives simply look the other way, refusing to acknowledge our anti-white politics.

Here’s how conservatives hide from the bruising realities of anti-white politics:

They pretend that “identity politics,” being an excrescence of Democratic politics, aims to divide one and all. To that end, conservatives routinely resort to the “Dems are dividing us” routine. By so doing, conservatives, ever eager to get along, also virtue-signal their position as seekers of national unity. “We’re in this together; Democrats aren’t.”


That’s a whole other level of denial, given that, it’s not exclusively identity politics that Democrats are presiding over, but politics dangerously anti-white. Blacks are not berating Hispanics for dominating industries they previously dominated; Asians aren’t complaining about Ameri-Indians being given university slots they’ve earned. Rather, blacks, Hispanics and the rest are all piling on whites.

Denial in action was radio talker Tammy Bruce. When quizzed about Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s apology over his “whiteness,” on the Tucker Carlson Show, Bruce reflexively pivoted away from the reality of racist, endemic, anti-white hatred.

Expected as she was to answer as to why men like Beto keep apologizing for their existence, Tammy Bruce might have opened, reasonably, by pointing out that, to distinguish from white men, black men don’t apologize for their existence.

Instead, Tammy headed for the proverbial hills, turning away from whiteness—the thing that informed O’Rourke’s apology—and the question she was asked to answer, to … wait for this: “Humanity.”

Asserted Bruce: It’s a Democrat thing to apologize for the sins of humanity. Climate change, for instance.

At that point in the show, I scratched my head and wondered how Bruce got from A (whites expiating over their whiteness) to B (Democrats’ hate of humanity).

To those who cleave closely to the contours of an argument, the pivot will seem inorganic. But to the Republican maze rat it’s rote.

Our politics are an anti-white show and sham . Yet, conservatives mistake leftist, multicultural politics for the problem. They think that by coming together as citizens, the diverse cults and clans of America will transcend their white-hot hatred of whites.

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  1. Tammy Bruce said on Tucker Carlson’s show that the Civil War was fought so she had the legal right to marry her lesbian girlfriend….

    Conservatism Inc is well aware that WHITE GENOCODE is very real….And they support it….

    Conservative Inc Republican Congressman Peter King…Seaford Long Island…voted to allow another 365 thousand Hindu H1B VISA LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB WORKERS into America…

    Conservatism Inc…since this is what you are actually referring to Ilana…is a Grifter’s racket…

    • Agree: JoannF
    • Replies: @KimB.
  2. The anti-white agenda is just some very intense jewing. Conservatives have jew brain…..and they obey their jewish donors.

    Both sides obey their jewish donors since jewish money is the lifeblood of politics.

    So…..the idea that there are two “sides” is a myth. The nose basically controls both sides.

    That’s why the nose always wins.

    The GOP pretends to fight back, makes big talk and then…..allows the left to win. Controlled opposition.

    The jewing is non-stop…..24/7…….relentless indoctrination from media and academia.

    Blacks are taught to hate whites……whites are taught to hate themselves……jews do the teaching.

    It’s actually quite obvious if you have a high IQ. If not…..the lack of pattern recognition……and the gaslighting blare of the media…..makes it nearly impossible for people to comprehend the truth of the jewing.

    It’s the jews, stupid.

    It really is.

    • Replies: @JoannF
  3. Exactly right, Ilana. And I would add that I have never heard any species of identity politics specifically criticized by conserveratives but white identity politics. To listen to them tell it, it is Jared Taylor’s fault that America is “divided on race” today. Horsefeathers!

    • Agree: Tusk
  4. Blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics.

    Not yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen sooner than later. Politics is downstream from culture, and in the wider culture blacks and Hispanics don’t like each other at all.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  5. @Rex Little

    Blacks and hispanics might hate each other but…..they hate whitey more, and the nose plays on that.

    The mexican invaders steal jobs directly away from blacks, yet blacks still vote for open borders Democrats 90 to 95% of the time, because they are in the rainbow coalition (jews, blacks, hispanics, asians) that team up to hate whitey.

    The nose put together this team of demonic hatred to displace/replace white Christians all over the globe, to usher in communism (jewish inter-nationalism)

    An even bigger divide is between muslims and faggots……but no worries…..the nose keeps all of the disaffected under one big tent that hates white Christian men.

    The entire system is anti-white because the nose is viciously insanely anti-white.

    • Replies: @Anon
  6. JoannF says:
    @Robert Dolan

    No doubt, and the evidence is all over, plain to see, Jewish pundits can openly opine that they “must end the white race,” or “blot out Amalek,” and still the two major parts of that white race, a) the corrupt pundits who suck on the Chosen teat and 2) the unthinking, reality-resistent hamburger addict “mere animal” goys will ignore and simply trudge on doing their little ego-business trips.

    Which proves the Chosen correct in their conclusion, or rather their self-fulfilling prophecy.
    They were wise enough to get into human psychology when there was time, they saw the importance of mass influencing by media, and of course their utter racism gave them a reason to never succumb to tolerance, but rather cultivating convenient lies. Manipulation was the air they breathed, while others dreamed zany infantile dreams if glory and honor.

    It pays off to understand that humans are mere scavenging herd animals, not glorious, heavenly wizards who live after they die – it pays to be realistic and ruthless enough to mercilessly use such knowledge. It pays to be less delusional than the half-witted rest. So now, the mentally weak (not the least intelligent) are being peacefully talked out of their existence, like retarded children (“you must understand, Whitey – you’re no longer needed now, we have what we wanted. You’re in the way now. Fuck off and die, and don’t complain”). The way it’s done also makes their entire Christian theories about “human decency,” “human rights,” “free will” and all the other creepy constructs a completely ridiculous laughing stock.

    How could anyone ever believe in such hypocrisy ? It was all self-hypnosis. Now, evolution is back, and it’s merciless. The idea that humanity could one day evolve into an intelligent species was highly romantic, over-optimistic at least. The idea that it already IS an intelligent species was entirely insane.
    “But ! We have language !” Yeah – you mean this is all we can do. Whoa.
    These are scavenger subspecies pitted against each other in a brutal fight for survival and domination, the proof is in front of your eyes BUT YOU WILL BE TEMPTED TO IGNORE IT, Whitey, because you always ignore what you dislike.

    You, the romantic race, will soon be entirely forgotten, vanished without a trace.
    The Age of Reason was just a brief, errant, irrelevant phase.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Amerimutt Golems
  7. wesmouch says:

    Instead of reading Ms Mercer’s vapid writings read The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald. This is the gateway drug of the alt right and outlines how Jewish intellectuals have long viewed weakening and destroying Western Culture, i.e. “white people” as a key strategy for their long term success.

  8. Svevlad says:

    What needs to be done is the deployment of “attack dog” politicians, but with enough weight behind them that the media just CAN’T ignore it, while he (or they, better if more) go around and break them all up – everyone against everyone! So instead of a firing squad of minorities and the white being the one to be shot, it becomes a giant circular firing squad, except the State goes around whipping each and every single one of them, and then salting the wounds, because stupidity must be punished

  9. MarkU says:

    Now, evolution is back, and it’s merciless.

    Personally I would have preferred the use of the term ‘natural selection’ to ‘evolution’ in this context. I say this because although natural selection has an obvious role as a quality control mechanism, to my mind it is not at all clear that it is solely responsible for the innovation required for evolution to take place.

    The problem is not that natural selection is back, the problem is that it is absent. Western civilisation has abolished selection (except for fecundity) We have abolished all penalties for being slow, weak, ignorant or stupid, we are arguably devolving rather than evolving. Stupid people are having more offspring than intelligent people, the average IQ of the human race is going down. We are heading for a scenario similar to that described in the old Sci-fi story ‘The marching morons’ by Cyril M Kornbluth in 1951. We badly need population control, something like one person one replacement (a married couple could have two obviously) to avert the slide. There would also be obvious environmental benefits, maybe we could even have a sustainable lifestyle. I am not suggesting eugenics here, I am suggesting that we put a stop to dysgenics. I am not naive enough to believe that is going to happen btw, the bankers that rule us obviously believe that a perpetually growing population is needed to pay the compound interest on the debts we ‘owe’ them, besides stupid people are easier for them to control.

    • Agree: JoannF
  10. Tucker Carlson plays the “WE ARE ALL AMERICANS” game…and if it wasn’t for the evil Democratic Party Identity Politics Game…..We would all get along….

    And Tucker Carlson says this while thousands and thousands of highly RACIALIZED nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS come into America every year LEGALLY with the intent to vote THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY into a White Racial Foreigner Minority within the borders of America


    Comrade Tucker Carlson

    We are being voted into a WHITE RACIAL FOREIGNER within the borders of America by Chinese….Hindus….Sihks…Koreans….Iranians….Pakistani Muslims….and fucking ISIS(Lake George New York)…

    Off topic:


    Book to read on Irish History:The Story of the Irish Race…by Seumas MacManus….The chapter on the Milesians is known to be false….The Milesians is fairy tale stuff…….Seumas=James=Jacob in the Old Testament….

  11. American so called “conservatism” is either neo-liberal economism wrapped into Cold War sloganeering and American exceptionalism or a collection of religious fundamentalist or fanatics. US does not have conservatism, a real one, based on the understanding of national interest. GOP IS NOT a conservative party. The only difference between GOP and Dems is the speed with which they will sell out white (and black too, actually) indigenous population to the highest bidder, be that transnationals and banks or SJW movement.

    • Agree: MarkU
  12. Realist says:

    Why Conservatives Ignore White-Hating Politics

    As many will respond here by blaming anyone else, but mostly Jews, it is ultimately the responsibility of Whites to be aware of their predicament.

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  13. Realist says:

    This is the gateway drug of the alt right and outlines how Jewish intellectuals have long viewed weakening and destroying Western Culture, i.e. “white people” as a key strategy for their long term success.

    If this is true why do Whites allow it?

  14. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    If you know any Mexicans, chances are they don’t hate whites at all. They may even be proud of their European ancestry if they have any*. They tend to be somewhat anemic Catholics or Protestants of the sillier sort– in the latter case largely because they associate it with being (US-) American. They vote Democrat because the Democrats are the party of giving them free stuff and inviting their cousins.

    *Bizarrely the white-run Mexican educational system has been anti-white for some time, which doesn’t seem to have made much effect on the opinions of your average laborer.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  15. Most American conservatives still think the big battle is Democrats vs Republicans and that Jews are their friends. They are totally unaware of what is really going on, and they won’t be told. Brexit is filling with communists. New Zealanders just turned in their guns. Another old man was just jailed for questioning the Holyhoax. Even Trump has hopped on the anti-White bandwagon. Uncountable thousands of Whites are raped and murdered across the West every year and the number continues to grow, yet all of our “leaders” pretend it’s not happening. Non-Whites openly celebrate our genocide in the MSM, television programs, and movies. Will Whites wake up before it’s too late?

  16. @JoannF

    I sense chutzpah in your illogical spasm.

  17. @Realist

    True but things like the ADL’s drive towards online censorship makes the task difficult.

    Outside the United States, so-called hate laws pose another problem.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Realist
  18. @wesmouch

    You don’t even need MacDonald. The pattern is so apparent. History as in expulsions and the like also attests to this.

    However, there are other factors at play.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  19. @Andrei Martyanov

    GOP Poliiticians are sociopathic grifters….

  20. @War for Blair Mountain

    1882…Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers….an Irishman and a Jew….both testified before Congress making the very strong case for the passage of the 1882 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT…..Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers…Two Socialist Labor Leaders…..

    I believe China has a de facto Hindu-from-India Exclusion Act enforced by a million Chinese Troops on the China-India border……President Modi be comming to Houston soon demanding that millions of Hindus be allowed into America-so that can enthusiastically vote THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America-and Traitor Donald Trump will give Modi and the Hindu “Americans” what they want…..

  21. The Bush Family is a stellar example of Republican Party Grifters…..Some people have argued persuasively that the Bush Family’s favorite reading material is “250 Fart Jokes”…..The Bush Family’s only reading material….

  22. Realist says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Outside the United States, so-called hate laws pose another problem.

    There are problems with that in the US.

  23. Why d0n’t the Hindus in India allow in millions of Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

    What…are the Hindus NAZIS?…We need to send the HOMOSEXUAL PEDERAST ANTIFA to India!!!!

  24. Gene Su says:

    For fear of being dubbed racists, media conservatives simply look the other way, refusing to acknowledge our anti-white politics.

    What we don’t need are more conservatives. What we need are more patriots. We need people who will say “America is for Americans”. Maybe we need people like Jesse Helms who will say “America is for whites”? We have been taught to hate the idea of the ethno-nation-state so much and to work towards the New World Order, no thanks to our elites and the indoctrination we receive in public school.

    “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity.

    –Dr. Chester M. Pierce

  25. peterAUS says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    …there are other factors at play…

    There are.

    MacDonald is correct, but not entirely.
    Yes, The Tribe does what it does. But that’s not the full story.
    The real question is: how come The Tribe is so successful? What is the reason “our” side is so weak?

    Yes, fast food merchants are masters of selling. But, there is some blame with the buyers too. That I am fat slob isn’t just about “corporations making me eat all that”. There is some blame of mine too in that game.

    Let’s cut the BS: What has been the role of White elites in this game? What have been they getting from it?
    What are they getting from it as we speak? Why are they doing it as we speak now?
    And, the most important (well, for the tiny minority that is)…what can be done about it?

    Cleaning own house first would be the first order of business. If “we” want and/or can, that is.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  26. @peterAUS

    The answer to your question is obvious; the shabbos goy sell us out for money and power.

    And then some of them are probably blackmailed as well.

    But there wouldn’t be an anti-white program if not for the nose.

    KMAC is 100% right. Western man was on top of the world until the nation wreckers went to work.

  27. @Anon

    Whew! You got the wrong guy for that comment. I’ve been over this a million times on this site. I bet I’ve spent more time with mexicans than anybody! I worked with mexicans for 30 years. And they are INSANELY anti-white.

    CRAZY anti-white.

    The nose took their natural anti-gringo tendencies and cranked them up to level 10.

    I could make a very long list of openly hateful hispanic politicians and academics and entertainers….they say the most vicious things you can imagine, even calling for the killing of whites, and NOTHING is done. Look at George Lopez and Eva Longoria.

    I used to have a mexican friend until I could no longer put up with his hateful attitude toward white people.

    They do not take religion seriously as they have been indoctrinated by the same J-media as the rest of the atomized populace. Their girls are pregnant the first time at age 12, the second time by age 15.

  28. Omegabooks [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Methinks “white guilt” is beginning to disappear. Sometime in late 70s while I was still “bending over backwards” for blacks I was leaving a store while a big black guy was entering nearly hitting me in the face with the door and he called me “racist” for complaining about him hitting me with the door. That was the moment I gave up bending over backwards. What with the clear-cut and ever increasing black racism against whites this will change. Yes, many whites today are cowards when it comes to this but there is only so much “white guilt” one will feel before reality hits. Thanks to God that I live in a very rural area, mostly Anglo and Hispanic near Mexico…the Hispanics are mostly friendly and most even speak English; the few blacks are all nice and same with the even fewer Natives (mostly mixed, part white part Native, various tribes…heck, even the very few Jews are okay! BTW, there are NO SYNAGOGUES that I know of within a 100 miles…) Unfortunately, it’ll take more than just a few clear racist attacks by BLM types on whites to get whites to wake up. As for the Jews promoting this garbage, they had better cut the crap as more and more truth comes out that mostly it is them (the Chabaders, othrodox, wealthy-Israel-first Soros/Adelson types, not ordinary Jews) that is getting blacks to hate whites. The Irony–no one hates Jews more than blacks! (in the US anayway)

  29. @wesmouch

    This piece is well written and we should give Mercer credit.

    By all means read “The Culture of Critique,”

    “The People That Shall Dwell Alone,”

    “Separation and It’s Discontents.”

  30. I would like to suggest that we consider that H. sapiens is the first lifeform to develop cognitive speciation. That the liberal, conservative, and freedom mindsets be acknowledged as different species due cognitive incompatibility. They should be allowed to self-assort, without government interference, along those lines.

    Liberal behaviors seem to be too much like animal behaviors and conservative behaviors too much like authoritarian behaviors. Neither seem to have any ability to leave others alone, simply because their main method of survival is control through force. That is the greatest impediment to progress, individually and collectively.

  31. The not so noble origins of first liberals and then much later, conservatives:

    Humans and monkeys share Machiavellian intelligence

    When it comes to their social behavior, people sometimes act like monkeys, or more specifically, like rhesus macaques, a type of monkey that shares with humans strong tendencies for nepotism and political maneuvering, according to research by Dario Maestripieri, an expert on primate behavior and an Associate Professor in Comparative Human Development and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago.

    “After humans, rhesus macaques are one of the most successful primate species on our planet; our Machiavellian intelligence may be one of the reasons for our success” wrote Maestripieri in his new book Macachiavellian Intelligence: How Rhesus Macaques and Humans Have Conquered the World.

    Maestripieri has been studying monkeys for more than 20 years and has written extensively on their behavior. He has studied them in Europe, at a research center in Atlanta, and on an island in Puerto Rico, where researchers established a rhesus macaque colony for scientific and breeding purposes.

    Rhesus macaques live in complex societies with strong dominance hierarchies and long-lasting social bonds between female relatives. Individuals constantly compete for high social status and the power that comes with it using ruthless aggression, nepotism, and complex political alliances. Sex, too, can be used for political purposes. The tactics used by monkeys to increase or maintain their power are not much different from those Machiavelli suggested political leaders use during the Renaissance.

    Alpha males, who rule the 50 or so macaques in the troop, use threats and violence to hold on to the safest sleeping places, the best food, and access to the females in the group with whom they want to have sex. Like human dictators intent on holding power, dominant monkeys use frequent and unpredictable aggression as an effective form of intimidation. Less powerful members of the rhesus macaque group are marginalized and forced to live on the edges of the group’s area, where they are vulnerable to predator attacks. They must wait for the others to eat first and then have the leftovers; they have sex only when the dominant monkeys are not looking.

    “In rhesus society, dominants always travel in business class and subordinates in economy, and if the flight is overbooked, it’s the subordinates who get bumped off the plane,” Maestripieri said. “Social status can make the difference between life and death in human societies too,” he pointed out. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, for instance, the poorer members of the community accounted for most of the hurricane’s death toll.

    Male macaques form alliances with more powerful individuals, and take part in scapegoating on the lower end of the hierarchy, a Machiavellian strategy that a mid-ranking monkey can use when under attack from a higher-ranking one. Altruism is rare and, in most cases, only a form of nepotistic behavior. Mothers help their daughters achieve a status similar to their own and to maintain it throughout their lives. Females act in Machiavellian ways also when it comes to reproduction. They make sure they have lots of sex with the alpha male to increase the chances he will protect their newborn infant from other monkeys 6 months later.

    “But while they have lots of sex with the alpha male and make him think he’s going to be the father of their baby, the females also have sex with all the other males in the group behind the alpha male’s back,” Maestripieri said. They do so just in case the alpha male is sterile or he dies or loses his power before the baby is born.

    Struggles for power within a group sometimes culminate in a revolution, in which all members of the most dominant family are suddenly attacked by entire families of subordinates. These revolutions result in drastic changes in the structure of power within rhesus societies, not unlike those occurring following human revolutions. There is one situation, however, in which all of the well-established social structure evaporates: when a group of rhesus macaques confronts another one and monkey warfare begins. Rhesus macaques dislike strangers and will viciously attack their own image in a mirror, thinking it’s a stranger threatening them. When warfare begins, “Even a low-ranking rhesus loner becomes an instant patriot. Every drop of xenophobia in rhesus blood is transformed into fuel for battle,” Maestripieri wrote.

    “What rhesus macaques and humans may have in common is that many of their psychological and behavioral dispositions have been shaped by intense competition between individuals and groups during the evolutionary history of these species” Maestripieri said. Rhesus groups can function like armies, and this may explain why these monkeys have been so successful in the competition with other primates. we

  32. The Obama Administration enocouraged and supported the Black Terrorist Organization BLACK LIVES MATTER….BLACK LIVES MATTER met with Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett at least a 100 times in the Oval Office……THE HARD CORE RACIST JEWISH ORGANIZATION…..THE ADL…had no problem with this….

  33. @War for Blair Mountain

    The ADL

    Remember Mary Phegan


  34. Realist says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    If white people cared they could find out. You and I did.

  35. 18 years after 9/11….thousands and thousands of Muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANTS have come to America where they breed on WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE……

    18 years after 9/11….Chinese “AMERICAN” have ruled that it is a violation of the Constitution to shut down MUSLIM LEGAL IMMIGRATION to America….for to do so violates the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution….

    18 years after 9/11….The ADL has got the Department of Homeland Security to declare that Working Class Native Born White American Males who publicly oppose the OPEN AND DELIBERATE POLICY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY to import its highly RACIALIZED NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT Democratic Party Voting Bloc so that they can enthusiastically vote the Working Class Native Born White American Historic Majority into violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America……as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!!!!…This happened yesterday….

    The ADL IS A HARDCORE RACIST JEWISH ORGANIZATION that is targeting the Working Class Native Born White American Historic Majority for Demographic EXTERMINATION!!!!

    When you think of the ADL…..Just google the autopsy photo of 14 year MARY PHEGAN…..

    18 years after 9/11…. millions of MUSLIM “AMERICANS” get to vote THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN POPULATION into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America…….18 years after 9/11…..

    Think about it….

  36. Conservatives give their allegiance only to AIPAC and ADL…..TREASON IS THE REASON!!!!

    AIPAC and the ADL are an existential threat to the continued existence of WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN MALES……..Just stating the obvious….and I might as well throw in the (((SPLC)))….

  37. When Tucker Carlson accuses the Democrats of DIVIDE AN CONQUER!!!!….whether Comrade Tucker knows it or not….the policy consequences of the charge of “DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!” is this:massively increase the scale of importating the highly RACIALIZED nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT Democratic Party Voting Bloc….for immigration restriction is DIVIDING AND CONQUERING….After all, as Tucker Carlson says:”We are all Americans”….even after Native Born White Americans are voted into a despised White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Pakistani Muslim “Americans”….Korean “Americans”….Hindu “Americans”….Sihk “Americans”…Nigerian “Americans”…..Ghanianian “Americans”….Cameroonian “Americans”…..Somalian “Americans”…..

    The Democratic Party isn’t DIVIDING AND CONQUERING!!!!….The Democratic Party wants Whitey to HAPPILY AND PASSIVELY accept being voted into a despised White Racial Minority within the borders of post-White Toilet America by nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR NONWHITE US BORN GENELINE…..

    Tucker is either full of shit…..or incredibly stupid…..

  38. Ilana

    Let me get to the heart of the issue:

    If you voted for Conservative Richard Nixon…..C0nservative Ronald Reagan….Conservative George H Bush-and his homosexual imbecile son George W Bush… voted for THE GREAT REPLACEMENT-WHITE GENOCIDE in 2019….The aforementioned:’The 250 Fart Jokes” Book Conservative Movement…….

  39. imbroglio says:

    The cry of the pathetic whites who’ll one day be prostrating themselves before the non-whites.

    “Don’t you see? It’s the Jews! They’re the problem!”

    “Okay,” go the now dominant non-whites, “Let’s go get us a Jew.”

    But since the Jews will have disappeared into the general population, the non-whites will go, “Ya know what? It’s these Jew bashing whites what are the Jews. They’re just trying to throw us off the scent with their Jewish wiles.”

    And the denouement will follow.

  40. The easiest solution all along has been the not-voting-solution……not voting=NO CONSENT to be governed by Conservative Republican Grifters and the hardcore-RACIST!!! Democratic Party…..

    I recommend not voting for Donald Trump, for he is enthusiastically importing the highly RACIALIZED nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…..

    By the way, a vote for JFK was always a vote for the GREAT REPLACEMENT-WHITE GENOCIDE!!!

  41. You think WHITE GENOCIDE isn’t real?

    Well now…consider this:


    Lilly Singh…..The Street Shitter from the toilets of the Punjab….

  42. The UnHoly Alliance: the partnership between Aristocratic European Elites and Jews

    The West has been transformed in the the last 500 years by a joint venture between elite aristocratic European families and Jewish moneylenders. The Italians gave way to usury and openly competed with Jews in moneylending eventually surpassing them. Thus, the Renaissance. The nexus of power between elite whites and Jews was built in Central Europe, expanded to England, France and Austro-Hungary then transferred to America where it merged with meritocratic American families. This was a long process and this is a simplification. The history is quite fascinating.
    Bottom line: rich white elites and Jews needed each other and began to actually merge in England during the 19th century. There are many old money families where some branches are Protestant or Catholic and other Branches are Jewish. The Rothschilds and Russells are 2 such families. Christianity, however, is a mask they wear. They worship money and power.
    The West is being engineered by these elites. Men like the Bushes, Trump, Obama and Clinton are their Lieutenants. They are the Generals. This is a war and it’s been going on for a long time. You cannot, however, make people eat vomit and have them believe it’s steak. That is where we are at and that is why their system is starting to crumble. It will actually take very little for this whole system to change. The danger is that these bastards may decide to take us out rather than to lose their power. In that case, expect to see an event that makes Fukushima look like a minor fuel spill.
    The most dangerous group of people on our planet are sincere, faithful religious people like the Shia in Iran and scattered across the middle East as well as old-fashioned Christians like the Orthodox, Amish, Mennonites and such. If people in our world returned to prayer and faith in God then the status quo would quickly change.
    Our Future is in Our Hands. The best place for those hands is pressed together in front of our chests asking for a better world than the rich White Traitor and Jews have planned for us.

    • Replies: @Logan
    , @peterAUS
  43. Logan says:
    @War for Blair Mountain


    Except there isn’t much if any ethnic/racial difference between Pakistan and India, at least not in the border areas, although once you get well into India there are big differences.

    Punjabi Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs are, I dare say, pretty much phenotypically indistinguishable, at least to anybody from elsewhere.

    Lots and lots of religious/cultural/historical differences, but few racial/ethnic ones.

  44. Logan says:

    There are many old money families where some branches are Protestant or Catholic and other Branches are Jewish. The Rothschilds and Russells are 2 such families. Christianity, however, is a mask they wear. They worship money and power.
    The West is being engineered by these elites. Men like the Bushes, Trump, Obama and Clinton are their Lieutenants

    You are implying, perhaps unintentionally, that all these recent presidents are members of these “old money families.” Which they certainly are not. Obama and Clinton, for instance, have no background in “the elite,” with Clinton being from a very lower middle-class background.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  45. The Democratic Party is a hate group….

    The ADL is a Jewish hate group….

    AIPAC is a Jewish hate group….

    The SPLC is Jewish hate group…



    It started back in Oct 1965……..and it was a monument to filthy fucking COCKROACH JFK….

    Sidenote:If could have given the eulogy at Cokie Roberts funeral……….In life, Cokie was a filthy fucking cockroach… death, Cokie is a dead filthy fucking cockroach…

  46. On Nov 3 2020….do not consent to be governed by the old farting boomer granny ELIZABETH WARREN….#THERESISTANCE……otherwise….you are consenting to governed by (((AIPAC)))….(((ADL)))…..(((SPLC)))……And (((ISRAEL)))…..

    The Democratic Party is manifestly the Party of Foreign Interference….Foreign Fifth Columns…..Foreign Conquest…..

  47. If Elizabeth is voted POTUS on Nov 3 2020……since She is the front for numerous Foreign Nonwhite Columns….Her victory and Presidency must be seen by OUR PEOPLE as being totally illegitimate……

    The #RESISTANCE starts on Nov 3 2020…..Although I believe that Tucker Carlson will declare on Nov 3 2020….that he will gracefully….honorably….and in a dignified way….disagree with President Warren’s Policies…..

    • Replies: @KimB.
  48. peterAUS says:

    You are definitely onto something here with that alliance.

  49. Hibernian says:

    They are adopted stepchildren by virtue of their elite educations. The Kennedys likewise by virtue of both wealth and elite education, despite the fact that they are characters straight out of The Departed or Good Will Hunting only with more money than is good for anyone and a thin veneer of pseudo-gentility.

  50. Paul says:

    Attacking whites is the way non-whites try to hold together their coalition of racial groups that do not much like each other.

  51. Asserted Bruce: It’s a Democrat thing to apologize for the sins of humanity.

    But they’ve never apologized, as a party, for ethnic cleansing, slave trading, overseas wars, internment camps, nuclear holocaust, or any of a myriad of other crimes committed by their leadership. No, those are always “America’s sins”.

    This party should go the way of the NSDAP and CPSU, and make room for a common-sense party to goad the other one into doing some good for a change.

    All would concur. The road to their political salvation is in collaborating to extinguish “white dominant culture.”

    Suspiciously to be dominated by other whites.

  52. Just a reminder:

    Donald Trump is openly aiding and abetting the HOMOSEXUAL PEDERAST CHARLOTTESVILLE ANTIFA…..

  53. Mercer’s piece is naive, as are the beliefs of her supporters. Conservatives love whiteness. They just don’t want or need to go around shouting “white power” every minute.
    That is bad for business in several ways. For one thing if you are going to openly holler about “white power” you will provoke fierce pushback by growing non-white populations for relatively little gain. The fact is that core white power and hegemony is well in hand, and can be “managed” quietly. Thus for example if you want to keep blacks and browns out of the white ‘hood, you don’t need to declare an exclusively white zone and attract critical attention. You simply manipulate the zoning rules to supress the building of more affordable housing, which will tend to suppress the number of minority buyers or renters. End result- less blacks and brown in the hood and less in the schools. Done!

    Another reason the naive “alt-rightist” or conservative seem not to grasp is that running an open “white power” campaign stirs up a hornet’s nest on voting day. You want to keep minorities home and away from the polls. Open “White power” campaigns provoke pushback, meaning more blacks and browns show up at the polls, a dangerous development in certain swing states presidentially, as well as in some local races. A better “management” strategy is to keep expressions of white hegemony muted or unrecognized, supplemented by some token concessions to keep the minorities quiescent (“beads for the natives”, if you will), and split off a portion of minority voters. While this is being done, conservatives can prime the white “base” to provide superior turnout by using “alt-whiteness” code signals and dog whistle signalling. Result- elections where white hegemony remains well in hand. Done!

    MErcer laments that it is considered “politically incorrect” or “racist” to advocate on behalf of white. True in part, but then again with white hegemony well in hand, vociferous “pro-white” advocacy if unneeded. In fact pro-white advocacy happens all the time in a quieter way
    – from rigging zoning regulations, to rigging college admissions to exclude “too many” Asians, to massive subsidizes to white communities such as the many highways built for white suburbanization (destroying and scattering already poor black neighborhoods in the process), to hidden “word of mouth” job referrals, where only white people get the “word”, to a lot of other things. Many of these are not immediately visible, lulling minority communities into quiescence and complacency as long as you throw them some minor chits to the game. But once you go about declaring “white only zones” and such things, as many in the “alt-right” want to do, you virtually force non-whites to coalesce into an oppositional bloc that given growing numbers, can painfully rain on the white parade, and can crash the white “dream” zone using attrition. Conservatives wise to the game recognize this, and let those on the fringes like the “alt-right” talk the uglies, while they appear as men with clean hands in the middle, free from the taint of “racial extremism.” Its a shrewd “management” strategy that maintains the bottom line- white hegemony.

    Mercer also fails to see that an open “white power” approach limits the fallback mixed “mestizo” option, that still maintains overall white hegemony. Brazil and the South American countries have diverse “rainbow” populations but the top of the ranking is still white, and the bottom, black. White hegemony is still maintained, albeit with some tweaks to accommodate a more “rainbow” middle.

    Mercer also does not understand the American scene, despite her claims to be delivering “lessons for America.” She is still in South African apartheid culture war mode, where white intransigence and greed virtually forced almost everyone else to be anti-white. Being black and pro-white in South Africa (or at least non-oppositional) only got you a tiny, fragmented Bantusan, on the worse land, with second-rate resourcing and chump change funding. And on top of that when you came to white areas you still had to kowtow to humiliating “color bar” restrictions. She says:

    ————————————— ———————–
    QUOTE: “.. conservatives mistake leftist, multicultural politics for the problem. They think that by coming together as citizens, the diverse cults and clans of America will transcend their white-hot hatred of whites.
    ————————————— ———————–

    Actually the bulk of the non-white population while having legitimate grievances in some areas, are not “white hot” anti-white or even moderately so. They are content to accept white hegemony as long as they are getting, in Nixon’s famed rephrase “a piece of the action.”
    The American Civil Rights Movement demonstrates this. The “Black Power” flare-ups that came after in the late 1960s, after the key legislative victories had been attained, despite much sound and fry, burned themselves out relatively quickly as black citizens after a white ignored them got back to the routine business of trying to make a living. Even the dreaded Black Panthers were hardly anti-white. In fact they maintained close links and even cordial relationships with whites on the left. They had to, as they were dependent on the white left for crucial monetary and legal support.

    Even the “scary” Black Muslims, for all their rhetoric about the “white devils” were conservative accommodationists, content to accept a few segregated Bantusans in the southern states, (a pipe dream in any case that white America would never allow). They talked big up north, but seldom appeared down south to substantially support the civil rights struggle, or put the “white devils” to the test, gun in hand. And finally there is a large bloc in the non-white population, particularly Hispanics, that aspire to whiteness and progressive whitening. Any “white hot hatred” on their part is not only illogical, but would be suicidal for their aspirations, which requires a white pinnacle.

    Thus Mercer still misses several key features of the American scene, making her spiel somewhat weak.

  54. KimB. says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Civil War allowed her to marry her lesbian gf? I guess she married an ex-slave!?

  55. KimB. says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The minute any socialist (such as Warren) becomes POTUS, we are headed into a revolutionary war, imo.

  56. bro3886 says:

    You have to go one step further and say that the culture of modern America is anti-white, and that culture shapes the government. The government of America is now and has been for decades as anti-white as the the government of Nazi Germany (I’m going there, don’t try to stop me) was toward Jews, gypsies, Slavs, etc., in 1935. If anything it’s worse, since the Nazis didn’t become genocidal until the war started, where as genocide is built right in to the driving morality of modern America. This is the final step – publicly calling the U.S. government a racist, anti-white, genocidal government. How any white man could join the military and fight non-existent enemies for this gang of criminals is beyond my ken.

  57. George 1 says:

    Conservatives have conserved absolutely nothing since the founding of their movement. What they fear most is being called a racist or homophobe. They exist to gain approval of the left. Now they don’t even have to try to conserve anything because there is literally nothing left to conserve.

    Mission Accomplished!!!

  58. Roger says:

    Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is, arguably, the greatest quarterback in the history of professional football. He is also a white man.

    How will the anti-white movement handle that? What evidence can it produce to show that his rise to the top of the heap is anything more than pure, deserved ability and drive? Given that many of the players in the NFL are African-American, why is it that one or more of them haven’t risen to challenge his role? Politics? Conspiracy? Racism?

    C’mon, now, get real!

    I cheer for the Jaguars who are perennially beaten by New England, so I have no ax to grind here. Tom Brady is without peer at what he does. Skin color has nothing to do with it. The only way to deny that fact is to write him out of the history books, unless it can be shown that his accomplishments are the result of some nefarious, underhanded dealing, which would make every other team and player in the league complicit with it.

    So far, I haven’t seen anything like that and am certain that I never will.

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