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Watch: Distinguish Critical Race Theory from Marxism: Your Life Depends On It!
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For the purpose of making your way adaptively and smartly in a society that is systemically anti-white, you need to understand what distinguishes Critical Race Theory from Marxism and quit the socialism/Marxism theoretical escapism, for once and for all.

Get this into your head: For conflict in society, Marxism fingers social class; critical race theory saddles whites. You, if you are white!

More on this do-or-die distinction in my latest YouTube video, “Distinguish Critical Race Theory From Marxism: Your Life Depends On It!”

David Vance and I further flesh out the Marxism vs. Critical Race Theory vexation in our weekly, Wednesday chat.

Whatever conservatives think of Marxism—and this writer follows the antiwar, anti-state, free market Austrian School of economics—Marxism in the origin is serious political economy; an intellectual treatise with gravitas. Critical Race Theory is a priori gibberish.

Scrap that: Befitting the boors who originated CRT anti-whitism—the theory is based on reasoning backwards: if B then A; if white then … complete that sentence with all manner of evil that comes to mind.

We also discuss uni-party politics, the futility of it, and the war on MAGA folks, all 74 million of us. And, prompted by David, I might have thrown in a quip about plagiarism made way back, in a witty joust between Oscar Wilde and James McNeill Whistler—two giants of the West your kids should know, but don’t, because … critical race rot.


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  1. Well yeah. Critical Race Theory is utter bullshit. Anybody who buys into it should be put out of their misery. This is why I liken the woke to zombies. You don’t vote against zombies. You escape them or destroy them. I recomend the former.


    • Replies: @goldgettin
  2. @WorkingClass

    How long,how long must we sing this song?

    How are you going to escape them?We are working for these “zombies”.
    They would not be breeding at an unsustainable rate w/o
    “help”,”aid”,”support” and “kindness”.Somebody is paying to
    create this hatred,chaos and ignorance AND IT AIN’T ZOMBIES…
    Get real.
    “There are thousands swinging at the branches of the tree of evil,
    for each one that is striking at the root.”

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  3. Marxists believe that there is an objective reality that can be “discovered” or created by study & work. The “woke” on the other hand are essentially cultists, who are happy to deny “reality” the moment it’s convenient.

  4. Critical Race Theory is a mindf*ck run by pseudo-intellectual charlatans. It has the elements of a religion – original sin-guilt, confession, penance, and (conditional) absolution. I suspect it preys on those who once believed there was an invisible man in the sky constantly judging them. Though they outgrew the need for that masochistic foolishness, they’re still not quite comfortable with who they are and what they possess. This makes them susceptible to jealous con artists who want what they have – status, acceptance, security – but who have been incapable of earning it for themselves. In confessing and rejecting their “toxic white privilege” they seek amends for crimes they did not commit, crimes as imaginary as the “sins” they were once told they committed simply by being born human.

    It is I think worthy of note that CRT funding in academia and elsewhere comes from major corporations and think tanks. And what a coincidence that capitalism, whose fundamental premise is the exploitation of one class by another, is never mentioned in any CRT analysis of slavery’s legacy or anything else. The slaveholders of the old south boasted that they had solved capitalism’s most vexing problem, the struggle of capital versus labor, by owning their labor force as a capital asset. Being legally entitled to steal your employees’ wages was and remains every capitalist’s wet dream. That most grotesque form of the exploitation of labor is gone (and not for purely humanitarian reasons as the myth of abolitionism says) but most people still earn wages from the owners of the places where their labor earns considerably greater profit than they are allowed to share. But heck let’s not look at that too closely, let’s stay focused on individuals’ attitudes about differing kinds of skin pigment, makes perfect sense. Yeah, nuts to that Karl Marx, good thing he’s croaked.

  5. gay troll says:

    Get this into your head: For conflict in society, Marxism fingers social class; critical race theory saddles whites.

    What do Marxism and CRT have in common? Neither name the true elite class or describe its characteristics. In this sense both are shields in the hands of elitists. Both protect the top of the pyramid scheme by stirring up discontent at its lower (more populous) levels.

  6. @goldgettin

    Yes of course. The Zombies have paymasters. They are a problem none the less.

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  7. TG says:

    Ah, yes, interesting points. But.

    Karl Marx was wrong about pretty much everything, but he did get one thing right: class war is a big deal. Really, the founders of the American republic were also skeptical of the idea that letting the rich do whatever the heck they please is a good idea, which is why they pushed for things like letting average people declare bankruptcy, regulating corporations and foreign trade, limiting monopolies, etc. By todays standards, the founding fathers of America would be considered radical socialists! Modern politicians like Joe Biden are so stridently anti-worker they make Richard Nixon look like Trotsky!

    But as far as ‘critical race theory’ being intellectual gibberish: yes, but. You need to remember that ‘critical race theory’ was not cooked up by some airheaded liberal academics. It was created and is being jammed down our throats by the 600 or so billionaires that run this country. They are not socialists, they are not air headed, they are amoral monsters aimed at maximizing their own power and profits at the expense of anything and anyone else. ‘Critical race theory’ is a brutal and unblinkingly rational strategy to divide and conquer, to have the working class tearing at each other’s throats while they soar above us all, driving the working class into the mud and escaping all responsibility for their actions – Because Systemic Racism!

    Funny, isn’t it, how white plutocrats like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg etc. are not guilty of ‘systemic racism’? Because ‘diversity’ and ‘equity’ are only for little people!

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @Thomasina
  8. @TG

    You got it. Divide and conquer. That’s all identity politics is.

    On the other hand, Marxism is unite and overthrow the rich.

    Silly as it sounds. Yup. Unite and overthrow the rich. Crazy idea. Nutso. Wacko, as Jonny Carson used to say.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  9. Many of us have been saying for a long time.

    Calling everything ‘Marxist’ is really dumb. And cowardly.
    And funny given that super capitalists fund stuff like BLM and globo-homo.

    Marxism was not about a fat guy with balls dressing as a ‘woman’.

    The ONLY place where the commies used men as ‘women’ was in the Olympics.

    • Agree: MarkU
  10. Marxism and CRT have the same ultimate source and purpose:

    the Jews’ 2,500-year-long war against White Western Civilization.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
  11. I acknowledge the clear distinctions Ms. Mercer has made here, but CRT has been being used as a cudgel by Marxists to bring down this country because our economic class differences since the writings of Marx-Engels (like those of England, the original predicted epicenter of revolution), so far, have never approached those of Czarist Russia. CRT was designed by (((Frankfort School Marxists))) and it was designed to be easily usable by American Negros, whores and other low IQ elements in our society.

  12. @WorkingClass

    They are not just a problem…they are THE problem.
    Stop blaming “zombies” and expose the “pimps”…
    Unless,of course,this is what God wants.?

  13. Thomasina says:

    Yes, the elite are purposely steering us away from looking at them, the inequality they have engineered, the looting, the in-your-face corruption. It explains why politicians from BOTH sides of the aisle and their wealthy corporate donors are all on board the lie. When you’re making out like bandits, you don’t want it to end.

    Critical Race Theory was just drummed up to take our eyes off the ball, divide and conquer. It’s quite an elaborate scheme, creating Antifa and BLM, rewriting history and education, shaming and scorning the citizens whose ancestors built the country. Even going so far as to rig and steal an election, then call January 6th an “insurrection”. The elite would rather destroy the country than go down themselves.

    They feel nothing but loathing and disdain towards the peasants. They are evil.

    “They are not socialists, they are not air headed, they are amoral monsters aimed at maximizing their own power and profits at the expense of anything and anyone else. ‘Critical race theory’ is a brutal and unblinkingly rational strategy to divide and conquer, to have the working class tearing at each other’s throats…”

    Well said. No, this is not socialism, and it isn’t even capitalism. It’s the mafia.

    • Agree: MarkU
  14. Realist says:

    CRT is a tool of the Deep State Plutocratic Oligarchy to divide the country for better control.

    • Agree: MarkU
  15. Critical Race Theory-Wokeism is the miasma of Corporate CEO Power…..This is just another way of saying:”‘THE MIASMA OF EVIL”……

    They are not too far from advocating chattel slavery for White Working Class White Males…’s right around the bend….a short hop and a skip….

  16. BobGreek says:


    Thank you for this Ilana.

    I think Ilana should have more visibility. I never see her work at the top of the page.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  17. @obwandiyag

    The IQ and behavioral means among various racial groups are too distant to allow for unity, which is why the wealthy support multiculturalism.

    So you’re sorta right, but not in the way that you think.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  18. Corvinus says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    “The IQ and behavioral means among various racial groups are too distant to allow for unity.”

    Current religious and social attitudes tell differently. You’re stuck with an ideology best suited for 1930s Jim Crow.

    “which is why the wealthy support multiculturalism.”

    You’re conveniently neglecting Generation Z. They are the future.

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