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Video: Systemic Racism or Systemic Stupidity?
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Watch Ilana Mercer’s discussion with David Vance on the role of “racism” in the George Floyd trial, based on the column, “Was The Cop’s Knee On George Floyd’s Neck ‘Racism’? No!”

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Black Lives Matter, George Floyd, Racism 
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  1. Under her “Was The Cop’s Knee On George Floyd’s Neck ‘Racism’? No!,” Ms. Mercer never responded to this comment:

    Ms. Mercer is trying to crawfish out of her June 4 “death by cop” take on George Floyd, in which she exalted the “determin[ation]” of “Dr. Michael Baden … [t]he nation’s foremost forensic pathologist” over the “comical” official autopsy report. Still no mention of the complete video withheld from the public by DA Keith Ellison, or Mr. Floyd’s abuse of various drugs that now seem to have contributed substantially to his death.

    Note, too, before taking seriously her high minded pleas here about “racism” that the June 4 column was entitled “Looting Is Local — Courtesy of Leroy & Lakisha.”

    If she does so in her discussion with Mr. Vance, maybe someone can let readers know.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @BuelahMan
  2. A; systemic racism (“OR”)
    B; systemic stupidity
    C; systemic repetitions expecting different results
    D; systemic all of the above

    My guess is it’s Gods’ sense of humor…but,that’s assuming
    someone made it this way,as ‘THEY’ are propheting
    like there is no tomorrow. Ble$$… bestow… and get a
    good accountant,lawyer,charity,church and guns.
    Then give to the poor,addicted, sick,obese,illiterate,
    depressed,oppressed,repressed,suppressed and those
    who are starving to death in war zones worldwide.
    We can print trillions more, and then be really rich,(“OR”)
    Maybe we can stop being so smart,talented,educated…

  3. hlgohio says:

    Enjoyed the David Vance – Ilana Mercer video – a rare gem of the endangered species of homo sapiens (being replaced by homo politcorrectness) talking Oldspeak (e.g. not Orwell “Newspeak”). Unlike the Reason-Magazine “libertarians”, I have gotten less and less concerned over the alleged differences between “private” denial of rights and “government” denial of rights – again the Prophet Orwell “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” I truly have become very apathetic on the difference between the NSA spying on me, Blackwater spying on me, Facebook selling my information, the FBI leaking my information, Apple unpersoning me, the TSA unpersoning me … if there is a difference, I am getting too cynical, stupid, or disgusted to care or ascertain.

    As for “universities” – the liberal arts and sciences were lost a long time ago (I did learn Electronic Warfare taking liberal arts – just regurgitate the bull the professors said back with a phase shift to get your easy A – repetitive jamming) but now the BoweL Movement (BLM) et al are coming for the sciences and engineering just like the commies and Nazis went on their Lysenko and “Jewish Physics” idiocies. Likely winner – China – yes, a reality-based authoritarian state can dominate an idiotic self-hating nation of scared sheeple.

  4. Sean says:
    @Greta Handel

    The FBI have film showing Chauvin did something very similar to what he did to Floyd several years before to a 14 year old boy, who also was hit on the head with Chauvin’s torch for not doing what he said. Chauvin has a creepy thing for holding down handcuffed males on their chest for inordinate periods of time (against the police procedure that specifically forbids keeps someone like that) and choking them. As a result of not firing him over the previous incident–in which the boy lost consciousness–Floyd unsurprisingly did the same thing again, and to someone obviously not in the prime of life or best of health. I have no sympathy for Chauvin at all.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  5. @Sean

    So what?

    My comments concern Ms. Mercer’s (1) jumping to conclusions and (2) hypocrisy.

    As to your, Ms. Mercer’s, or any other opinion about what happened to Mr. Floyd and Mr. Chauvin, I recently posted this on another thread:

    Those who weren’t directly involved in an event, are informed solely by another’s “journalism” or even short videos, and don’t sit through any subsequent trials should be equivocal.

    It’s much easier to see the manipulation of those on the other side of Divide & Conquer.

    • Replies: @Sean
  6. Binyamin says:

    A British based neo nazi and a South African born serial immigrant commenting on a trial held in an US courtroom? Hmm. America has problems plenty, not least its racial baggage, inherited from history, of slavery, Jim Crow laws, the internment of countless innocent Japanese Americans during the second World War and the slaughter of native American Indians. It is worth pointing out that all these crimes were committed mostly by whites of the WASP variety. Whether America ever achieves racial reconciliation is upto Americans of all races and backgrounds, not interfering foreigners obsessing about US politics.
    In the curious video, leaving aside bad hair, one cannot fail to notice Mercer’s Shephardic features and darker skin – nothing wrong with either, I must say. However, this probably explains her manic racialism and rather ridiculous white rights advocacy- it all boils down to her sense of insecurity. Perhaps understandable since America can be a harsh place -every time she opens her big mouth with that pronounced foreign accent? What does that reveal?

  7. Sean says:
    @Greta Handel

    Those who weren’t directly involved in an event, are informed solely by another’s “journalism” or even short videos, and don’t sit through any subsequent trials should be equivocal.

    As you would be in the case of a man convicted of the molestation and murder of a child?; a case in which a jury would be less willing to acquit than Chauvin’s I dare say. There is no such thing as perfect certainty in this world, and while there is always a possibility of Chauvin (or anyone else found guilty of even a case of extreme seriousness) actually being strictly speaking not guilty of the particular offence(s) he was convicted of, as with all things there comes a point where one must decide to stop suspending judgement. In this case to treat him as proven guilty after a jury found him as such. The jury sat through the trial, and even if they had acquitted him on all charges he’d have been immediately arrested by the Feds because Floyd was not Chauvin’s first rodeo.

    Prosecutors say they’ve obtained body camera footage from that Sept. 4, 2017, incident in which Chauvin and another officer responded to the call […] Two seconds later, Chauvin grabbed the boy’s throat and struck him again in the head with the flashlight. applied a neck restraint, causing the temporarily pass out and fall to the ground. The officers placed him in the prone position and handcuffed him behind his back while his mother pleaded with the officers not to kill her son and told her son to stop resisting. “About a minute after going to the ground, the child began repeatedly telling the officers that he could not breathe, and his mother told Chauvin to take his knee off her son,” prosecutors wrote. Chauvin maintained his position and replied that her son, who Chauvin described as 6 feet, 2 inches tall and at least 240 pounds, was “a big guy.”

    Chauvin knelt on his back for 17 minutes. Maybe the big kid learnt his lesson, but Chauvin did not. The jury never saw the bodycam or heard about this incident in court. So there was no great railroading of Chauvin, and his prior history of kneeling on handcuffed arrestees (who should not be kept on their chest for any amount of time according to his police force’s procedures) will not impact the sentencing. A duty is something that one has to do, Chauvin got himself up the proverbial creek doing something that he likes or at least chose to do. He’s been up that creek before, how could he not have learned his lesson? When someone gets a warning, but ignores it and lands themselves in similar but even more serious trouble, you have to assume they have a propensity to the behaviour and that is why they repeated it. Chauvin let a lot of police officers down very badly. He is where he belongs.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Bro43rd
  8. BuelahMan says:
    @Greta Handel

    Its ok. The Kol Nidre absolves her.

  9. @Sean

    Again, none of which has to do with my comment about the columns of Ms. Mercer.

    I have no informed opinion about either Chauvin incident or the trial concerning the one involving Mr. Floyd.

  10. Kratic says:

    Zionists and their propaganda about helping race integration. NAACP formation, MLK, inter racial marriages (nothing wrong with that). Muslim and Jews as Brothers? where did it come from? Watch 1:30 min mark. What about Palestinians Muslims and Christians? Some they are not Brothers.

    Why your kind favor integration of race but want to keep your own super race/ethnicity/religion pure. You wrote a while back about democracy in Israel. Like Oxymoron. Democracy for European Jews. African or Yemeni Jews get out.

    some interesting documentation of other races integration. Dont pay attention to the source

    Would you mind writing something on the issue of Zionist efforts to integrate race mostly America whites and blacks.

  11. Bro43rd says:

    Don’t be foolish, negligent homicide but surely not murder. BTW I am no fan of the police or justice system. But sometimes bad things happen & reason must prevail or society will collapse. Or is that the intended purpose?

    • Replies: @animalogic
  12. Sean says:

    It was not merely insouciant and against procedure, but carried a danger of death and he knew it. He also knew that if without reasonable cause you do something to someone you know is dangerous and they actually die then you will face a murder charge. Chauvin is not a racist, he is a a weirdo sadist, did you see the way he was bending helpless handcuffed man’s fingers back all that time while resting his own left hand on his thigh? The best thing for Chauvin and the whole world would have been instantly sacking him for the 2017 incident on the grounds that he was not right in the head. Giving him another chance was just giving him a chance to do it again with more serious consequences. He did it again because he enjoyed it.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  13. @Sean

    Sean’s several chores here include catching flak for Ms. Mercer.

  14. @Bro43rd

    “Don’t be foolish, negligent homicide but surely not murder. ”
    It’s a tricky one for sure. I agree Chauvin lacked the intention to kill (ie murder). But was he reckless as to the fate of Floyd? Recklessness could shift manslaughter to murder. Not sure, re Minnesota, whether you have to take your victim as you find them — ie the egg-shell skull rule, but that would also complicate matters.
    And then there’s the negligence issues….
    My understanding is Chauvin was on the force for 19 years, in which time he had 17 (?) (excess force?) complaints against him…. No that that is necessarily “evidence ” against him.

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