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Video: 'Systemic Anti-Whiteness' – Here and Across the Pond
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This week, Unz Review columnist ILANA Mercer and British broadcaster and commentator David Vance discussed “Systemic Anti-Whiteness” in the US and across the pond.

Watch their wide-ranging conversation on YouTube :

Catch the abridged rendition of the Unz Review essay upon which the Vance-Mercer conversation is based (“Earth To Conservatives: The Problem Is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness,’ Not Marxism, Not ID Politics”) on YouTube, too:

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  1. Great speech! But “Anti-white” must not be said. Furthermore, anger and discrimination against the oppressor is legitimate /sarcasm

    Alleged “white privilege” is the reason for actual anti-white discrimination before the law and governmental institutions

    The full truth cannot be told, even Ilana is not allowed to speak:
    In reality, white privilege is
    being born with white genes, white intelligence, white work ethics, deferred gratification; and concerned white parents and educators

    The truth about race differences in IQ, crime, work ethics is “racist” and therefore taboo.

    We must demand a) permission for True speech, to tell facts about black crime and other flaws
    b) always point out how whites are second class citizens
    c) explain that “white privilege” really is, according to science, white intelligence, deferred gratification, work ethics, morality. Sorry if this is called “white supremacy”

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
    • LOL: sher singh
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar

    In reality, white privilege is
    being born with white genes, white intelligence, white work ethics, deferred gratification; and concerned white parents and educators

    The most privileged whites are those whose entire service economy is white, top to bottom. Basically, rural Denmark and Finland, and some post-Warsaw Pact domains.

    If you rely on other races to change your sheets in the morning, you live in a jungle outpost.

    • Thanks: goldgettin
  3. Trinity says:

    Who are the people who are stirring up anti-White hatred?

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  4. @Trinity

    Many appear to be obese,stupid,ugly,disgruntled,
    liberal,lesbian…and rich…American White women…

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  5. @goldgettin

    Nah…..keep searching…..

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  6. @Robert Dolan

    Do you mean back to Eve and the serpent?
    There’s a reason they couldn’t vote in most
    of the world for most of recorded history.Or hold
    property,education and title.NOW look what we have.
    But,blame the jews,blacks and commies,etc.,as you wish…

  7. Really did not turn on any new lights for me. But thank you for planting so many salient points.

    Note: This Hate White Man mantra is an alien construct, but it is not American. Even if the stink is mostly drifting from this side of the pond, it is still quite unfair to suggest it is American. Or did not your discussion begin with mention about the tyranny of the mainstream media. And who in fact controls that? Social justice warriors?? Ha. Guess again.

    As to the question about why the Anglos are so self deprecating, part of it that is well explained by Kevin MacDonald. Part of it is explained by the Katyn Forest massacre and similar merciless attacks on the White intelligentsia. RIP Huey Long, Charles Lindbergh, James Forrestal, JFK, RFK, etc. etc.

  8. “systemic anti-Whiteness”

    is a symptom of

    Terminal Jewification.

  9. Although most of this is true; although Freud was in most of his musings wrong- he was right about one concept: death wish.

    Affluent Western societies are plagued by death wish, especially so called elites. Unlike ex-Communist European societies, and white European populations in South America.

    I doubt anything, except the existential crisis, can change this attitude. Even appeals like those of French generals, won’t have any significant effect.

    French soldiers warn of civil war in new letter

    • Troll: Trinity
  10. DianaM says:

    Technical feedback

    1. Please don’t ask people to subscribe or contact at the beginning of the interview. I just jumped forward 10 minutes. The reason is that I want to listen to the interview first before deciding to do anything like that.

    2. The man’s audio is terrible. Either record in a smaller room with more furniture, or buy a microphone. It seems as if you were using your computer mic.

    Thank you.

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