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Trump vs. the Banana Republicans
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There’s a difference between (small r) republican principles and the Republican Party’s rules of procedure. But National Review neoconservative Jonah Goldberg doesn’t see it.

Or, maybe Goldberg is using America’s founding, governing principles to piggyback the Republican Party’s oft revised and rigged rules to respectability.

Conservatives who harbor the quaint expectation that voters, not party operatives, would choose the nominee stand accused by Goldberg of fetishizing unfiltered democracy.

“America is a republic not a simple democracy,” says Goldberg, in motivating for Grand Old Party chicanery.

Goldberg’s argument is a cunning but poor one. It confuses bureaucratic rules with higher principles: the republicanism of America’s Constitution makers.

Through a Bill of Rights and a scheme that divides authority between autonomous states and a national government, American federalism aimed to secure the rights of the individual by imposing strict limits on the power of thumping majorities and a central government.

The Goldberg variations on republicanism won’t wash. The Republican Party’s arbitrary rules relate to the Founding Founders’ republicanism as the Romney Rule relates to veracity.

The Romney initiated Rule 40(b) is a recent addition to the Republican Party rule book. It stipulates that in order to win the nomination, a candidate must demonstrate he has earned a majority of delegates from at least eight different states. Rule 40 (b) was passed post-haste to thwart libertarian candidate Ron Paul.

Party crooks and their lawyers now find themselves in a pickle, because Governor John Kasich, candidate for the establishment (including the New York Times and the Huffington Post), has yet to meet the Republican rule du jour.

So, what do The Rulers do? They plan to change the rules. Again.

Pledged delegates are not supposed to act as autonomous agents. Their voting has to be tethered to the candidate whom voters have overwhelmingly chosen. But not when The Party parts company with The Voters. Then, delegates might find themselves unmoored from representing the voters.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has hinted at allowing pledged delegates the freedom to betray their pledge.

No doubt, the villainous Ben Ginsberg, the Romney campaign’s chief counsel, will be called on to facilitate the Faustian bargain. Ginsberg lewdly revealed to a repulsed crew at MSNBC how he could make mischief with Trump’s delegates, during the “pre-convention” wheeling-and-dealing stage, much as he did with Ron Paul’s delegates. Host Rachel Maddow—she’s vehemently opposed—appeared both fascinated and appalled, as were her co-hosts.

Republican Party apparatchiks have always put The Party over The People and The People are on to them.

Still, most media—with the laudable exceptions of Sean Hannity and the MSNBC election-coverage team—have united to portray the Republican Party apparatus as an honest broker on behalf of the Republican voter. (Indeed, the “dreaded” Donald has forced some unlikely partners to slip between the sheets together.)

In truth, the GOP is a tool of scheming operatives, intent on running a candidate of their own choosing.


The sheer force of Trump, however, is deforming this political organ out of shape. The Trump Force is exposing for all to see the ugly underbelly of the party delegate system. As party rules go, an American may cast his vote for a candidate, only to have a clever party functionary finagle the voter out of his vote.

Too chicken to admit this to Sean Hannity’s face, Reince Priebus has said as much to friendlies like Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes (who’s having a moment).

Priebus has finally seconded what his lieutenants have been telling media all along: “This is a nomination for the Republican Party. If you don’t like the party,” then tough luck. “The party is choosing a nominee.”

Before Priebus came out as a crook, there was popular Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse. As a “real” conservative, Sasse would like nothing more than to dissolve the Republican voter base and elect another, more compliant segment of supporters, to better reflect his ideas (a sentiment floated, in 1953, by Stalinist playwright Bertolt Brecht, when East Berliners revolted against their Communist Party bosses).

Sasse phrased his goals more diplomatically:

“The American people deserve better than two fundamentally dishonest New York liberals” (Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton).

It fell to MSNBC’s Chuck Todd to put Sasse on the spot:

Let me ask you this. If you have—what is a political party? And I ask it this way. Is it a, is it a party who [sic] gets its principles and its ideals from its leaders, or is it ground up? What if this is the people speaking and the people are basically handing the nomination to Trump? You may not like it, but is it then fundamentally that the Republican party is changing because the people that are members of it have changed?

Sasse, who speaks the deceptive language of fork-tongued conservatives so much better than Trump, conceded that “a political party is a tool, not a religion,” but went on, nevertheless, to dictate his terms to the base:

“Find the right guy.” Trump’s not it.

Exposed by the force of the Trump uprising, this is the ugly, Republican, elections-deciding system. The Constitution has nothing to do with it. Decency and fairness are missing from it. And crooks abound in it. (Prattle about who is and who’s not an authentic conservative is redundant if you’re a crook fixing to steal the nomination.)

Contra Goldberg, this enervating Party Machine—operating on state, national and conventional levels—relates to small r republicanism as the Republican Party rulebook relates to the U.S. Constitution: not at all.

Party Rules have no constitutional imprimatur.

In a banana republic, despots deploy crude tactics to retain power. Banana Republicans are similar, except they hide behind a complex electoral process, maneuvered by high-IQ crooks.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Republicans 
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  1. iffen says:

    Them that’s got the Goldbergs make the rules?

  2. Before Priebus came out as a crook…

    Anyone with a working decency meter realized that Priebus was a scum bag from the moment he first slithered into public view. I gave up my lifelong stoopid party affiliation and financial and other support for the stoopid party candidates at exactly the time this loathsome lizard took charge of the RNC.

    It’s worth pointing out that the present system of primaries really began only in the 1970s although it had its genesis in the early 1950s. In particular, television coverage won Eisenhower the Republican nomination over Taft. Taft would have been the candidate picked in the traditional smoke filled rooms. But television gave Eisenhower delegates a boost that won Ike the nomination and then the White House. Stevenson was picked the good old-fashioned way by New Deal good ole boys.

    The original Constitution envisioned the citizenry electing an electoral college from the most virtuous and aristocratic of their fellow citizens. These were to meet in conclave, somewhat like the College of Cardinals, and select two virtuous men to be president and vice-president. To prevent the kind of brokering and deal making that has always sullied the selection of a Pope there was a Constitutional requirement that an elector could not be chosen for president or vice president.

    The system broke down almost immediately as parties formed. Ever since, Constitutional and extra-Constitutional jiggering has been going on. When things get really ugly – as appears likely to be the case this election cycle — a new reform is proposed. I’d be wary of this. The dimocrats would love to make the selection of the President a national popular vote. This would probably be the final nail in the crucifixion of our once liberal, constitutional, quasi-democratic republic. (I’ using liberal here in the 19th century meaning of the term, i.e., almost the exact reverse of its most recent connotations.)

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  3. Realist says:

    “In a banana republic, despots deploy crude tactics to retain power. Banana Republicans are similar, except they hide behind a complex electoral process, maneuvered by high-IQ crooks.”

    Great article as usual. But I vehemently disagree with your characterization of Republican Inc. apparatchiks as high IQ. They maybe egotistical, conniving, manipulating, lying crooks but high IQ…..not a chance. Most are schooled in political ‘science ‘ which of course is not true science. True science does require a rather high IQ. Political ‘science’ not so much.

    • Replies: @ilana mercer
  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump himself is crooked. How many people worked unpaid, in violation of contract, as a millionaire/billionaire moves his money around, declares bankruptcy, and happily walks away? I’d like to stop amnesty as much as anyone, but who has lost their mind so much as to think Trump is a good bet to take us to a better place on immigration, trade, or jobs? It’s all academic anyway. He’d have about a 1% chance of beating Hillary, absent a well-placed indictment of her for her obvious criminality. Also it’s looking like Trump will fall short on the first ballot at the convention, and after that Ted’s the favorite.

    Happy Weekend to all.

    • Replies: @map
  5. @Realist

    Good point. Thanks. Maybe a good LSAT?

    • Replies: @Realist
  6. map says:

    Except without Donald Trump, Cruz would not even be in the running. Jeb Bush would be the anointed candidate.

    Give credit where credit is due. Trump shifted the Overton Window. You may not trust him, but I trust his vanity. That is the way to bet.

    • Replies: @Stephen R. Diamond
  7. Realist says:
    @ilana mercer

    “Maybe a good LSAT?”

    Yes, many lawyers fit my description.

  8. tris says:

    “America is a republic not a simple democracy,” says Goldberg, in motivating for Grand Old Party chicanery.

    Goldberg is just another neocon liar.

    When it comes to choosing the GOP nominee, and filtering out those not wanted by the GOPe/neocons, suddenly, the USA is a republic.

    But when it comes to uncontrolled foreign wars, then suddenly the USA is no longer a republic but an empire, so congress and the people have no say in these wars (of course the neocons ALWAYS have a say in these wars).

    These neocon snakes just manipulate words to justify that which they crave in their dark, despotic, racist, bigoted hearts.

  9. Renoman says:

    And what will they do if Ted wins? He was born in Canada! It’s like a Circus down there.

  10. The Democrat party does the same thing. Why not mention that?

    Is it that you don’t want to admit that both parties serve the same elite?

    After all, that is the only reason the Republican party would rather self-destruct and facilitate the election of another Clinton than allow the voters to choose an orange guy who will take away the cheap labor and return the nation to its people.

  11. KA says:

    ““America is a republic not a simple democracy,” says Goldberg, in motivating for Grand Old Party chicanery.

    America goes to war over this kind of cultural historical niceties other countries offer to deny democracy to its citizen.

  12. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Make America Great Again(for The Historic Native Born White American Majority)=Make America demographically 90 percent Native Born White American again…..Start with bringing back the Chinese Exclusion Act.

    I attended the Trump rally at Gruman Corp…Gruman-Northrop these days. The rally was held in the same building that the LEM was built and designed…and later the f-14 Tomcat…and later used for and by Alex Baldwin’s directing the “the Devil and Daniel Webster” staring actor Anthony Hopkins….and later by The Who doing a warmup for a tour.

    The area surrounding Gruman Corp has been annexed by the Nation of India….Northern Punjabi region…and South Korea right behind in a secondary annexation.

    As far as I could see there were 0 Asian “Americans” in the audience. But I can assure you with 100 percent certainty that the Hindu-Sihk-Korean “Americans” in the surrounding area were well aware of what was going on(ask me how I know this). And what was going on was a mass pep rally of 17 thousand Native Born White American Males.

    The area surrounding Gruman Corp was annexed by India and Korea because of Gruman Corp’s treasonous Asian Legal Immigrant scab labor program+family reunification legal immigration policy.

    I drove in all the way from as they say “lilly white” Sag Harbor with two large cups of Bean Town Coffee to attend the Trump Gruman corp rally.

    My late father…Irish Catholic father of ten…..was a LEM and F-14 Tomcat engineer whose name…along with several hundred other Native Born White American Male Engineers and Technicians… on the Calverton F-14 Tomcat-Gruman monument ground-walk-on-plaque across from the Old Gruman Calverton facility now used for recreational parachuting on the weekends.

  13. JackOH says:

    John Kasich, I think, used to be a genuine Mom-and-apple pie guy when he was a Congressman. Midwestern values, all that. Then something happened, and I think it was his stint at the now defunct Lehman Brothers investment bank that happened. As Ohio governor, he proposed a bill to break the public service unions that was so transparently a creature of malice and special pleading for bondholders’ interests that even I voted for its repeal in a referendum that successfully overturned the law that had passed the General Assembly.

    My guess is he genuinely believes he could be a compromise pick in a brokered Republican convention, and that he’s doing the party a service by staying in. Think Romney Lite.

  14. Rolando says:

    We are living in Animal Farm writ large.

    Goldberg is auditioning for the part of Squealer.

  15. bob sykes says:

    Until the 1970’s, primaries were rare (California being the big exception), and state parties chose the delegates in some sort of caucus or mini convention, often merely a meeting among the bigs. That system actually worked pretty well. It gave us experienced candidates with known records and alliances. The spread of the primary system has tended to give us odd ball candidates.

    As to Kasich, he would be the establishment candidate and implement all the establishment goals–open borders, free trade, military alliances (without the required spending), etc. At this point, he may have a better chance of getting the nomination than either Trump or Cruz. Rubio and Bush likely have no chance.

  16. DaveE says:

    Business as usual except this time, Trump might just follow through where Ron Paul ran back to mommy.

    They sweated bullets to take down Ron Paul and keep him from running as an Independent. The best thing we could hope for, and the worst thing THEY could hope for, is a Trump who will not back down. But whatever Trump turns out to be, he could tear the GOP to smithereens if he says FU in June and THIS is the worst-case scenario for the tinpot dictators as you call them.

    This is a simple threat to zionist power and they don’t like it one little bit. I can only imagine the shitstorm that a strong, anti-zionist eh, I mean “establishment” candidate would cause the Bolsheviks, eh, I mean, “Democrats.” They’re about as worried about Bernie as Stalin was about Rosenfeld.

    A great first step on the way to breaking the “party” system. Let’s hope the party is ovah.

  17. @Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain writes:

    (ask me how I know this)

    How do you know this?

    Ms. Mercer:

    I have admired your writing for many years, but are you not today missing a significant distinction? Four years ago, Mitt Romney was the presumptive nominee, when Ron Paul’s supporters, with preplanned disorderly behavior, had just successfully disrupted two state conventions. I express no opinion regarding the activity of the Paul supporters in question, but the situation today is not similar.

    Rules exist to regulate, not to serve as objects of mockery. The rationale by which Republican rules four years ago were changed does not exist today.

    I have no more idea what will actually transpire at the convention this year than you do. I just don’t think that you can make much of a connection between the rules changes in 2012 and the feared rules changes in 2016 — except that they are both rules changes.

    On a completely different subject, years ago you wrote of your sister abroad, unable to get a green card. What became of her?

  18. Agent76 says:

    Aug 30, 2012 Did RNC “Scripted” Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party?

    Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the most controversial rule change in party history was not legitimately passed.

  19. Agent76 says:

    Dec 18, 2015 Donald Trump: The Establishment Candidate

    While his rise in the polls is attributed to his challenging the establishment and the political status quo, let’s look at the many ways Donald Trump, when it comes to his political positions, represents that very same status quo. From the Fed, to war, to civil liberties, the anti-establishment? Trump takes no positions not already endorsed by the establishment.

    • Replies: @KenH
  20. @JackOH

    I once liked Kasich as one of the few sensible Republicans, until a few years ago when he suddenly began to spout neo-con pro-empire BS. Here is my view of the current situation posted on my blog:

    Apr 8, 2016 – Republican Party Traitors

    Billionaires hijacked the Republican party decades ago and turned it into a profitable war machine for international domination. Donald Trump is the biggest threat they have faced. He will not sell his soul to become a multi-millionaire, because he’s already a billionaire. They fear Trump will beat Clinton since he has support from millions of independents who haven’t voted in over a decade. Trump is more anti-war than Clinton, so will also get votes from millions of unhappy Democrats. 

    The plan to stop Trump is simple — back Cruz. The billionaires don’t like him, but he’s got enough delegates to combine with other losers to deny Trump the nomination, even if Trump has twice as many delegates as Cruz! This will infuriate Trump, but he can’t win as a third party since “loyal” Republicans will vote for the official candidate selected by the neo-con billionaires. This will split the Republican vote and allow Clinton to win. If Trump drops out, so will his millions of supporters and Cruz will lose to Clinton. If something disrupts Clinton’s campaign, they can play the “not a natural citizen” card to disqualify Cruz, then place one of their boot lickers on the ballot, who will lose to Clinton.

    The entire political establishment has aligned against Trump, and many Americans cannot see past this relentless anti-Trump media campaign. A President Trump couldn’t pass laws, but would appoint thousands of like minded judges, bureaucrats, generals, admirals and ambassadors. He can close overseas bases and put troops back on the Mexican border. The language of mindless imperial hubris would end, along with the neocon death grip on the USA. As a result, the real Republican party strategy is to sabotage Trump and take a loss. There is another election in four years, Trump will be too old then, and Clinton is on their payroll anyway. The Republican establishment does not oppose Trump because he would lose, but because he would win.

    • Replies: @travel lyte
  21. @JackOH

    Don’t let Johnny Boy fool you. His ambition is as great as Hillary’s, maybe even greater . As governor he was filmed at a dinner calling a police officer an idiot because the officer gave Kasich a ticket which in fact he richly deserved. The video made its way to TV news. Kasich was made to eat public humble pie . He also defunded Planned Parenthood so that low income women now have a harder time gaining access to family planning. Still, he may be about the best the Republicans can muster, tho in truth conservatives see him as RINO.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @woodNfish
  22. wow says:

    Trump has exposed how deep the rot runs in the USA….it’s so sad and enlightening at the same time.

    If Hillary wins…there will be blood.

  23. TB2 says:

    If the party disregards the primary results aren’t the taxpayers entitled to a refund of the cost of the phony primaries? Isn’t it fraud, possibly criminal fraud, designed just to bilk those taxpayers into funding a publicity campaign?

    It’s all about money, about the crooks who buy our politicians, especially Republican politicians. Trump can buck this system because he has his own vast wealth. What these crooks buy is essentially paying the Republican party to keep whites on the liberal establishment’s plantation. The job of the Republican party in this system is to prevent democracy, as we’re seeing oh-so-clearly now, on behalf of these crooks. Want a one shot reform that will knock most of this money out? Ban political ads on TV. We used to ban ads for booze, we still ban ads for cigarettes, so the principle is well established. The toxic effect on the nation of these ads is a thousand times worse than cigarette ads. Most of the bribe money goes to fund these ads.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  24. KenH says:

    Trump takes no positions not already endorsed by the establishment.

    So the establishment wants to kill free trade, grow and protect American industry, halt Muslim immigration and refugees, deport illegal aliens, reduce or eliminate H1B visas that harm American workers, and decrease legal immigration? The same establishment who are throwing their lot behind “outsider” Ted Cruz?

  25. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @Howard J. Harrison


    I know this because Friends and Family who have Hindu-Sihk-Korean co-workers who live in the area surrounding Gruman-Norththrop were asked very inquisitive-intense-tone questions by these Asian “American” co-workers the day before and the day after the Trump Gruman rally:”Are you going to the Trump rally at Gruman…what do you think of Donald Trump…are you voting for Trump”…they are all solid Hillary Clinton Democratic Party Voting Bloc.

    The White Constitution Tards believe that these nonwhite foreigners are fleeing Communism-Socialism!!!!!!!!! and that’s why they are coming to America, and therefore, they are Republican Party Voters….even though I-we couldn’t spot an Asian “American” in the audience. The overwhelming majority of the people at the Trump Gruman rally were Native Born White American Males. We need a new category of hyphenated-Americans to call the White Constitution Tards:Retard Americans!!!!!!!!!!!

    My view of Trump is as follows:The US has been very badly damaged by nonwhite legal immigrants and their US born geneline…Trump is too little to late. Secession…if it takes place…will result in all-out-warfare within the US…Probably provoke an international incident. I see no soft landing.

    China probably already feels it has a Chinese-geneline-border claim that extends deep into California. Jerry Brown already feels this way..and that’s why he jokes about secession-Brown isn’t really joking about it..he means it. California has massive technological…scientific…military assests…that no longer belong to The Historic Native Born White American Working Class.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  26. Art says:

    Hmm – CNN and FOX are both against Trump and Sanders. NYC political power, Washington political power, Chicago political power, Hollywood political Power – are all aligned against the voters.

    Let’s get real —- it is the left leaning people and right leaning Vs. the Jew left and the Jew right establishment. Money controls the parties – and who controls the big money – JEWS.

    Until people realize and act upon that truth – NOTHING good is going to happen.

    Talking about anything else is a wast of time.

    p.s. The Jew establishment works day and night too misdirect all political speech away from them – they terrorize our body politic – everyone in media and politics fears them – end of story.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @DaveE
  27. @map

    Manipulatively aiming at the Overton window is the “cultural Marxist” strategy. It’s not honest politics.

    • Replies: @WJ
  28. JackOH says:

    He doesn’t fool me. That was my point. He and his enablers are dismantling the state university where I work using extremely irregular and dubiously legal methods.

  29. @TB2

    The bigger question is Why should the taxpayer fund the elections of private organizations?

  30. Leftist conservative [AKA "Make Great Again"] says: • Website

    Actually, the way the GOP is trying to thwart democracy is exactly in line with what our Founding Plutocrats envisioned.
    The structure of the fed govt was designed by madison et al to prevent the people from uniting against their betters. The Founding Plutocrats specifically created the constitution as part of a coup by the elite against the people.

    Too bad you never read the federalist papers and madison’s notes on the convention. If you read them and understood them, you would see that what the GOP is doing with the trump movement is right in line with the Founding Plutocrats and what they wanted.

    • Replies: @DaveE
  31. utu says:

    “Until people realize and act upon that truth – NOTHING good is going to happen.”

    You got it right! All media, indoctrination, entertainment and psy-op apparatus work 24/7 to assure that people do not realize that truth.

  32. @Carlton Meyer

    “If something disrupts Clinton’s campaign, they can play the “not a natural citizen” card to disqualify Cruz,”

    IIRC it was the Clinton, Inc 2008 campaign that deftly planted the “Birther” stuff against nomination rival BHO. So yes, they have that experience in their resume…

  33. DaveE says:

    Exactly. The Bolsheviks and the Fascists are the same people, Jews. Bolshevik Communism isn’t “power to the people”, it’s “power to the CHOSEN people”. Fascism is the same, power to corporations, all controlled by the government or it’s minions. Guess who THAT is?

    Time to get to the ROOT of the problem and yes, it’s anti-semitic to say so. I’ll get over it.

  34. DaveE says:
    @Leftist conservative

    No dumbass. The “Founding Plutocrats” (Madison et al.) simply realized there would always be freeloaders, idiots, parasites, hoods and fools who would ALWAYS try to hitch a ride on the backs of the intelligent, inventive and industrious, who would not always welcome the extra burden.

    The Founders (Federalists even) argued long and hard about the rights of the worker vs the rights of the parasite, even though they may not have fully realized it, at the time.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  35. #GOPeXIT

    They have been exposed.
    I don’t agree with everything he says, but thank God for Trump.

  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Trump supporters in Long Island and in NYC and the Northeast in general tend to be Catholic ethnics. It’s not surprising that a Trump rally in Long Island would be dominated by Catholic ethnics.

  37. woodNfish says:

    Planned parenthood does not provide family planning. It is an abortion mill and nothing more. Stop believing the propaganda.

  38. woodNfish says:

    Everything about this country is a lie. This election is opening a lot of eyes to that truth.

  39. WJ says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    Do you really think Trump attempted to manipulate the Overton window? He did nothing intentionally. He simply saw the immigration issue as a hot button issue and spoke out. Cruz, who was previously in favor of quintupling the H1B visa numbers had to suddenly speak out against amnesty.

    As previously stated, if not for Trump, they would have already nominated Jeb so despite his mistakes he has done a valuable service to the country.

    Unfortunately the Cruz bots and the GOPe have so heavily played their hand they have turned off millions of potential voters that they will never get back. What has happened in Colorado has made Hillary a lock.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Realist
  40. Do you really think Trump attempted to manipulate the Overton window?

    Of course not! You are trying to manipulate it by supporting him.

  41. @WJ

    Scott Adams has been taking a look at the Donald’s campaigning for several months now.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  42. @Bill Jones

    I read the blog. I never would have thought Scott Adams could be so obtuse, ridiculous, and boring. That post, on top of being wrong, was a total platitudinous snoozeroo.

  43. Realist says:

    “Unfortunately the Cruz bots and the GOPe have so heavily played their hand they have turned off millions of potential voters that they will never get back.”

    Greed is a very powerful human failing.

  44. @Jus' Sayin'...

    It is unlikely in the extreme that the GOP would have chosen Taft over Eisenhower. If Eisenhower had not run as a Republican, the Dims were going to run him, and no one was in a position to be able to beat the man. Taft didn’t stand a chance.

  45. @DaveE

    Who you calling dumbass?

    FYI, the “Founding Plutocrats” were themselves Founding Parasites to a large degree, and their creation was designed to favor the most ruthless parasites over the less ruthless ones, whether intelligent, inventive or industrious or not.

    In fact, it seems to me that the more intelligent, inventive and industrious one is , the less time and taste he’d have for politics.

    There’s a reason why Socrates is supposed to have said, “I was really too honest a man to be a politician and live.”

    “…nobody is going to be a thief with me as his accomplice,
    and that right there is why I’m going in no governor’s entourage.”

    Juvenal, Satires, Volume 3, (3.41-48) ~100 AD

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