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Trump Floated Like A Butterfly and Stung Like A Bee
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The first presidential debate, on Tuesday 29, was also the first bit of fun we’ve had in a while.

True, President Donald J. Trump failed to float his theory about that “big fat shot in the ass” Joe Biden likely got from his handlers, to allow the Democratic candidate to nimbly prance onto the debate stage and, “for two hours,” be “better than ever before.”

But, like Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxing legend, POTUS floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. A masculine force at full tilt, Mr. Trump provided plenty energy and entertainment as he blattered Joe Biden, while being funny in the process.

“If you didn’t enjoy that debate, you are a soy-boy, beta cuck,” a fun-loving fella tweeted out. Soy-boy Shapiro was having none of the fun stuff. Glum and sanctimonious, Ben tweeted out: “I literally have no idea who won this debate. I just know we all lost.”

Deep, man.

The self-styled philosopher-king’s funereal pronouncement received the benefit of a Michelle Malkin reenactment. Don’t miss that hilarity, 3:40 minutes into her post-debate podcast.

In letting out a collective primal groan that was music to MAGA ears, Ben-Shap was joined by every liberal and Never Trumpster on the left-wing game reserve.

Dana Bash of CNN lamented a “shitshow,” in which “the American people lost.” “The debate was a disaster for democracy,” her shell-shocked colleagues yelped. (Well, good, because the founders of this republic didn’t think much of democracy.)

Certainly, judging by the rabid frothing and foaming on CNN, Trump did indeed win Tuesday’s debate. Anderson Cooper whinged to Republican commentator Rick Santorum: “It’s not even funny. Are you proud of the president? Santorum could not conceal a grin: “He came out HOT.”

Livid, Van Jones deployed his best rhetorical device: repetition. “Three things happened: The president refused to condemn white supremacy. The president refused to condemn white supremacy. The president refused to condemn white supremacy.” Gloria Borger, also at CNN, required sedation.

A man infatuated with his own cleverness, Jake Tapper bewailed “the worst debate in history, a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.” (Who wrote that “hot mess”?) Tapper forgot an interesting tidbit: Such fires are typically lit by the “idea” called Antifa.

Yes, Biden had called Antifa an idea.

After that came Jake’s scoop about a “friend’s 6th grade daughter who burst into tears, and had to run to bed,” because “so appalled” was she by Trump’s debate. “Appalled” is something parents of a 6th grader would inculcate. kids perform on cue. It worked. Here come the waterworks: CNN’s Dana Bash is crying.

These were all early indicators of a wildly successful evening for the president.

Best of all, Trump refused to call Gavin McInnes and his Proud Boys “white supremacists.” Roared POTUS: “Proud Boys, stand back and standby. This is not a right-wing problem; it’s the left. Somebody has to do something about Antifa.”

How do you know that this was stunningly good? The president’s impassioned statement was framed by the mad hatter media as “the most dangerous thing ever said in modern presidential history,” clearly the most measured statement ever made in the annals of the media Idiocracy.

As anti-Antifa street brawlers, the Proud Boys represent a righteous response to the menace posed to ordinary, innocent, law-abiding Americans, who’re being assaulted as they dine out, their suburbs invaded, their homes surrounded, loved ones besieged; targeted for being white, or for being bourgeoise, their businesses looted, burned or locked down.

By Ann Coulter’s telling, the Proud Boys have protected the conservative commentator all over the country. They are, moreover, affiliated with the good people of Patriot Prayer, whose member was executed by an “idea” called Michael Reinoehl. Don’t rest in peace, Aaron “Jay” Danielson; rage, rage from the grave.

To defend against this aggression—mere “ideas,” says Biden—makes you good. Proud Boys are racists only to the extent that fighting back is racist by default.

When I wrote The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed, I stipulated that “we inhabit what broadcaster Mark Levin has termed a post-constitutional America, a post-constitutional jungle, where the law of the jungle prevails.”

In the age of unconstitutional government, I contended in The Trump Revolution, the best liberty lovers can look to is “action and counteraction, force and counterforce in the service of liberty. Until such time when the individual is king again, and a decentralized constitution that guarantees regional and individual autonomy has been restored—the process of creative destruction begun by Mr. Trump is likely the best Americans can hope for.”

Even in debate, the best one can hope for in country riven by irreconcilable conflict and driven to distraction by Trump Derangement Syndrome is to win by brute, argumentative force, by reducing opponents to tears and, in the process, bringing much-needed merriment to the much-maligned Deplorables.

Creative destruction” was what President Trump delivered in spades in Tuesday’s debate. To the first presidential debate ring, POTUS brought his Muhammad Ali footwork and power jabs. In Biden’s defense, one must concede that the poor thing was not on the ropes. Biden held on for all he was worth. Since the loser was still standing, what we got was a technical knockout.

Civilized debate has been ruled out by the D.C. smart set which considers the Trump agenda, endorsed by 60 million Americans, in 2016, subversive and treasonous.

This Trump Derangement Syndrome is like the inflammatory cytokine storm generated by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The one ravages the body’s internal organs, the other poisons the body politic. America got the debate the country’s inflamed lymphatic systems can support.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Gab, YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook.

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  1. Kerry C says:

    “Dana Bash of CNN lamented a “shitshow,” in which “the American people lost.” “The debate was a disaster for democracy,” her shell-shocked colleagues yelped. (Well, good, because the founders of this republic didn’t think much of democracy.)”

    Thank you Ilana for pointing this out. Every time I hear the D-word I want to scream. It’s like the people in the media have no concept of American history …

    On to the meat of the column, I agree 100%. Trump came out swinging and made Biden look like a fool. Hell, he wouldn’t even denounce Anti-Fa!

  2. I thought the white supremacy question was fumbled terribly by Trump. He looked panicked when Chris Wallace asked the question and scrambled to find something to say, only to ask both who he should condemn. He could have said that Proud Boys aren’t white supremists, because they’re not. He could have asked Chris Wallace if there were any white supremists present anywhere in the riots all over the USA; if white supremists are those who are wreaking havoc in the streets. Instead he let them choose who he’d tell to stand down – a group that reveres him. Trump could have absolutely used this forum to speak clearly and directly to his supporters and any swing voters left. He dominated the talking but offered no substance. Instead he embellished his accomplishments, needlessly repeated himself and interrupted often simply to insult. There is nothing masculine about flailing around, constanly interrupting and petty insults. That is childish. Trump would be quite pleased to be compared to Muhammad Ali, but all they have in common is a propensity for trash-talking. Ali, however, could back it up.

    • Agree: Jefferson Temple
    • Thanks: obvious
  3. Wyatt says:

    Trump’s team needs to up their ante. We all know the old Irish prick was gonna have an earpiece. Team Trump should have been pouring everything into finding which frequency Biden’s lackeys were broadcasting on, overwhelmed it with a higher power signal and gotten Biden to say Israel did 9/11.

    Is there anything both so hilarious and refreshingly honest than if that were the case?

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Lost American
  4. meamjojo says:

    Weird Al Presents: ‘America Is Doomed, the Musical’
    By the Gregory Brothers and Weird Al Yankovic
    Sept. 30, 2020, 4:32 p.m. ET

    Weird Al Yankovic’s take on the weird debate.

    The first presidential debate of 2020, was, in the words of Jake Tapper, “a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.” But the show must go on, and, out of duty to a nation longing for a debate wrap-up set to music, the Gregory Brothers teamed up with the greatest American parodist alive and set to work. In the video above, Weird Al provides the debate recap we all need.

  5. Wielgus says:

    Half this site thinks Israel did do 9/11, though.

  6. BuelahMan says:

    And we are told jews hate Trump (except for all the jews that have controlled every facet of his life). And now the Unz jewwess shows her love.

  7. BuelahMan says:

    It was embarrassing.

  8. Patricus says:

    Good take on the debate Llana. I also watched the debate and Trump was clearly the one with energy. Biden didn’t drool on his podium but he was conspicuously tired and old. Trump managed to inject ‘law and order’ into the debate and that might have won him re-election. Why he didn’t focus more on the looting and rioting I don’t understand. Biden was undignified when he called Trump a clown. The insult won’t phase Trump but it demonstrates disdain for the American electorate. Biden makes the same dumb mistakes that Hillary made. Citizens clearly understand they are despised by Biden, Hillary and their supporters. They get it and they are preparing to vote Trump.

    On a web site a commenter noted that one can type in a search engine and it goes directly to the Biden donations page. I doubted that could be true so I repeated the search. Sure enough I instantly opened the site. If only Trump could have pointed that out during the debate. The next morning there would be no link between Unless I am way out of touch I doubt there is much popular support for Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

  9. It is gratifying to see Trump trample Biden.

    But the interruptions-catcalls canceled the opportunity for Trump to articulate clear ideas to persuade voters.

    He should have emphasized the economy is in the ditch, because democrats locked it down in big states. He should have shouted via repetition that the only thing that will lift the economy out of the ditch is economic freedom. Adenauer’s policy of free enterprise in post WWII Germany, Japan’s similar policy of economic freedom and China’s turn to free markets lifted those societies from devastation. He should have repeated that he is the candidate of comparative economic freedom; Biden is the candidate of Venezuelan Big State poverty.

    The virtue of economic freedom is easy for many to get, because many already understand this in a vague way. And of course the economy is the big issue in this campaign despite all the attention paid to the terrible rioting.

  10. I really only watched the “debate” for the laughs. But there were hardly any.

    Was it Napoleon or Sun Tzu who advised to never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake?

    All Trump had to do was let Biden tell his lies and stupid plans and then demolish him on the rebuttal. How hard is that? Joe Biden would have beat Joe Biden if only he could have spoken.

    DJT seemed a bit desperate. He knows that now more than ever all of the scum are gunning for him. He knew that when he said that he has proof that Russia gate was Hillary’s idea. And now what? He’s infected.

    What do you get when you fuck with Chemical Gina?

    Covid. You get Covid.

    Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. Strange as it seems, he is all we’ve got right now.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  11. IvyMike says:

    What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? Compare him to a Slim Pickens character, okay, but why insult Ali?

    • Replies: @Sean
  12. This is just another battle in the 10,000 Year War between the hunter-gatherer mindset and the sedentary agricultural mindset – the moochers versus the producers.

    Things weren’t so bad when the moochers were mooching mostly in the jungle but now they are attacking civilization like a plague of locusts.

  13. @Jefferson Temple

    He’s infected.

    With a weak-ass virus that has trouble killing 80 year olds unless they’re already on the way out (or are confined in geriatric-warehouses where people stick aged relatives they can’t be bothered about).

    What do you get[snip]?

    Covid. You get Covid.

    Trump hasn’t been diagnosed with COVID. He’s returned a positive test for SARS-nCoV2, that’s all.

    SARS-nCoV2 is a virus that – very rarely – causes symptoms of an acute respiratory disease that is unpleasant if severe. That disease is called COVID19: there is not a one-shot test for COVID19.

    Thankfully, COVID19 is very rarely severe, and even more rarely fatal.

    And as I’ve been yelling since April, the nature of the test for SARS-nCoV2, and the slapdash application of regulatory oversight, means that the analytic PPV of the test is terrible, and the clinical PPV will be worse.

    Still, taking the test result at face value, Trump has been infected with the virus: he has – to date – no symptoms of COVID19.

    On the balance of probabilities, this is almost certainly a good thing for Trump: he faces a vanishingly-small risk of getting a severe or lethal case of COVID19, and will be able to flex all over the place after he ‘beats the China virus‘.

    If I were Trump, I would have been trying to get a low-level exposure to the virus on precisely that basis: enough to trigger a PCR positive at 40 cycles would do, and once recovered you would have carte blanche in the media to pretend you knew what the fuck you were talking about.

    Just like Media Cuomo (whichever one of those guinea fuckheads is in the media): after he had a few sick days, for the next 6 weeks he was treated like a Holocaust Memoir author (prior to the average memoir’s exposure as a hoax).

    Plus, Trump’ll be able to point the finger at all the Wokeberg tards who have greeted the news with unseemly glee – painting them as vicious arseholes, and unAmerican for vocally wishing for the death of a sitting president… and ignorant for their lack of understanding of the actual risk, even for an obese 75 year old.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  14. Sean says:

    Cil Clancy said though it was rarely mentioned as such, Ali’s key asset was a tremendous chin without which he would have been rather ordinary for all his skills. While throwing punches you are in range and open so no one can win every exchange, but Trump is resilient.

  15. @Wyatt

    Wyatt: It would have been great to see clueless Biden say Israel pulled off 9-11.

  16. Corona-chan

    just voted against Drumpf.

  17. Mike-SMO says:

    I agree that President Trump might have handled a few questions/challenges better, however it seems clear that the “debate” was a clear demonstration that the President was agile in the exchange, while Senator Biden was trying to run a prepasred script. Senator Biden didn’t drool or stammer but Biden was horsed around very effectively.

    As a result, it is clear that I want President Trump working for the U.S. when we are faced with a mass of challenges from other players, both “allies” and “enemies”. The President did a good job returning the Senator’s “set piece” serves, just as he did with those in the Mid East.

    I bet that President Trump could see the structure of the diplomatic log jamb in the Mid East and find a way to get things moving {/S}. The sticking piece preventing “normalization” was the Muslim Brotherhood fragments (Hamas and Fatah). He took some personal heat for being pro/anti Israel and pro/anti Arab and then let gravity have its way. Israel and the Arab states then did what they all wanted. Good deal! Worth a Nobel nomination or two.

    The IRGC and the Iranian “Bearded Ladies” tried some theater with the tanker “mines” and the drone shoot-down since a “war” would hide the corruption and incompetence of the Iranian rulers. The President side-stepped the obvious temptation of a “war” (which would probably have been well justified) until he got the murderous and valuable General Soleimani “off base” in Iraq. No innocent Irqis were harmed in the elimination of the Iranian terrorist-in-chief. That took pressure off the Iraqi government and kept the focus on Iran. The President kept his concentration on the game, not on the screaming media.

    Over two years ago, an attacking force crosses the Euphrates River near Dier ez Zor (variously spelled), Syria targeting Kurdish and US forces. Word games and a puzzle. President Trump verified with the Russian command in Syria and with the Russian government that these were not “Russian” forces. They were, in fact “contractors” for the Russian company Group Wagner, who were the murderous force in the Ukraine as the “Little Green Men” [a/k/a “Polite Green Creatures” in the original Ukrainian], but just not ethnic Russians. President Trump understood that game of “bluff” and had the serve returned by A-10 “Hog Drivers”. The”Grand Finale” was the use of a BUFF (B-52) to deliver some new ordinance (Small Diameter Bombs, or some such) which meant that the resorts in the Crimea and the lovely historical village of Moscow, to the north, were both at risk from nuclear BUFFs, if Russia wanted to go for “Round 2”. Not a harsh word was spoken…..

    President Trump might have said this or that during the Democratic media ambush with “Slow Joe” as bait, but he went in and handled the combined attack. “He Dah Man”. I am sure that Kayleigh will be able to deliver the detailed responses to other questions. I will enjoy watching her response more than watching that old guy from the Queens.

    Keeping my attention on the game, not the chatter between the commercials. Maybe the “game” was too subtle for some people.

    • LOL: obvious
  18. @Kratoklastes

    Although I am aware that the PCR test is not reliable as an accurate test, and that the danger from Covid-19 has been massively exaggerated for purposes of scam and control of the public, Trump is an obese man in an age range that is vulnerable. So, there that.

    Worse than that is the paranoid notion that Trump going to a military hospital for a few days could lead to a turn for the worse in his health. Probably because of my introduction to the tale of the official suicide of Secretary James Forrestal by Ron Unz and David Martin. If the Deep State really want to rid themselves of Trump, they’re not going to get a chance to blow his brains out in an open limousine in broad daylight. Why not have a medical excuse, as with Patton, to put an end to him?Forgive me if this seems overly paranoid. I’m compensating for years of not being paranoid enough.

    Gina Haspel has blocked the classified information that Trump referred to in the “debate.” She may be compromised by that same information. That’s enough for me to fear for the man’s life.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Realist
  19. Aking says:

    Lol, another one of those living in their own parallel unreal universe.

  20. MarkU says:

    Anyone who thinks that 9/11 could have been done without the connivance if the deep state is a fool.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Wielgus
  21. MarkU says:
    @Jefferson Temple

    I don’t think you are being overly paranoid, you are talking about a country where the elected president was executed on camera in front of the whole world.

  22. Realist says:
    @Jefferson Temple

    Gina Haspel was promoted by Trump.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  23. @Wielgus

    Half this site KNOWS Israel did do 9/11.

  24. @Realist

    And? If she bites him she can say, look, you knew I was a fucking snake when you picked me.

    • LOL: Realist
  25. Wielgus says:

    It is probably painful to accept that the USA and its allies could spend many billions on intelligence and still get curve-balled, at least once, by some Arab religious enthusiasts.
    It is probably painful to accept that the USA could have been curve-balled by the Japanese in December 1941 – after all Japanese could not even fly planes properly, according to a common Occidental prejudice at the time.
    I subscribe to not attributing to a conspiracy what can be plausibly attributed to stupidity. Fundamentally people like you think the world is more ordered than it is, and the people who rule us are satanically clever. I doubt it. Trump, Biden, Netanyahu are all used-car salesmen. Perhaps people behind them are smarter but I doubt it.
    I once in the early 1990s attended a presentation in which the then head of the CIA spoke in London, among a panel of other speakers. There was nothing special about him, he expressed no real insights on a then rapidly changing world, he did at one point chortle that the USSR, then about to break up, was “Upper Volta with atomic bombs”. He was also pretty complacent about the USA’s position in the world – it was going to be onwards and upwards from this point on. If you think a Bin Laden couldn’t blind-side someone like that, you’re wrong.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  26. imbroglio says:

    I rarely disagree with Ilana but here I do.

    Let’s say, on election day (or days,) it comes down to ten undecided voters, six of them swayed by a pack of lying scoundrels and four of them swayed by a torchbearer of truth.

    Schadenfreude may be soul-satisfying but who wins?

    Optics rule. Biden was left standing. That was enough to win him the prize in the crackerjacks box.

  27. @Wielgus

    December 7th was not a surprise to FDR or to those officials in his inner circle who had access to the intelligence that a Japanese fleet was on the way weeks beforehand.

    Similarly, the incompetent flight school students were not taken seriously while agents of (((our greatest allies in the middle east))) were aiding and abetting the hijackers, and definitely not exposing them to US authorities.

    If you don’t believe either of these things, drive on.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  28. Wielgus says:
    @Jefferson Temple

    I am well aware of the claims made re both events. I don’t find them particularly credible – the earnest partisans of such claims tend to come across as at best having a bee in their bonnet.
    As I alluded to earlier, such theories tend to assume the US government and agencies and their allies are omniscient – nobody could get past them. Guess again.
    After 9-11, my thoughts went back to the Robert Gates talk a decade or so earlier. The USSR was disappearing when he spoke while it was onwards and upwards for the USA – the sole remaining superpower. That was the era in which “the end of history” was proclaimed by such as Francis Fukuyama. The prime characteristic of US officialdom was complacency. The “incompetent flight school students” (because as we all know, like Japanese in 1941, Arabs can’t fly) got through not because of “dancing Shlomos” but because Americans thought nobody could pull a fast one on them.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
    , @Wyatt
  29. @Wielgus

    If you were well aware of the claims you would not be so dismissive. Suit yourself.

  30. Wyatt says:

    As I alluded to earlier, such theories tend to assume the US government and agencies and their allies are omniscient – nobody could get past them.

    This is an incredibly poor take.

    It is the incompetence of the US government, along with the cowardice of American legislators, that ENABLES events like Pearl Harbor and 9/11. In 1940, Americans did not want to bother with another stupid European war, the previous one which killed 100k Americans still fresh in their minds. However, the only people really putting forward an anti-war effort were private citizens like Charles Lindbergh. Republicans and Democrats in Congress were afraid of FDR because the man was a petty tyrant who threatened to overthrow centuries old precedent if the crippled bastard didn’t get his way with his dipshit New Deal program, the economic plan which extended the Great Depression by years.

    And just like Woodrow Wilson, we had an anglophile president who thought he knew better than everyone else. FDR provoked a war with the Japanese with peace treaties he knew they would not accept and there were internal memos within the FDR administration on how to stymie the Japanese. He got his war through deception.

    FDR himself was a moron; he was surprised at how unconcerned Josef Stalin was when he revealed America’s new super weapon at Yalta. Stalin already knew because his agents were actually reliable. But then again, this was a man who jailed employers because they underpaid their workers cuz they didn’t have enough money to meet moronic minimum wage laws.

    And it got worse before 9/11. America had a firmly entrenched government within government by that time and in 2000, the executive branch was lousy with Jewish neocons who were eager to engage in a war in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel. The neocon movement itself is descended from Jewish communists disillusioned by the failure of the USSR to support Jewish interests and impressed by America’s military power to make change in the world.

    The “incompetent flight school students” (because as we all know, like Japanese in 1941, Arabs can’t fly) got through not because of “dancing Shlomos” but because Americans thought nobody could pull a fast one on them.

    There’s always this smug, condescending attitude from people who are confident in what they think they know. Unfortunately, you know basically nothing. Those “dancing Shlomos” have names. The FBI arrested them on 9/11 and 9/12, interrogated them and some of them appeared on Israeli television about how they were in New York to “document the event.” Now, how in the everloving fuck would they know to document the event given that they were arrested almost immediately after the event?

    Phil Giraldi has a good breakdown here:

    And do you know that Israel has already tried this shit before? The Lavon Affair in the 50s and the bombing of the USS Liberty in the 60s. For decades, Israel has tried to bait the US into wars for their benefit by attacking American assets and citizens. This is a fucking pattern with them and Bibi Netanyahu readily admits to the value of 9/11 in bringing the US military to the Middle East.

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