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Too Bad Kirstjen Nielsen Isn’t Trump’s Daughter
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“More than 76,000 migrants crossed the border without authorization in February” this year, reported the New York Times.

March saw 100,000 merry migrants waltz into the U.S., undisturbed

Caravans are getting larger, not smaller. “Newcomers continue to arrive, sometimes by the busload, at the rate of 2,200 a day,” said the same source.

Border agents are said to be bracing “to meet the medical needs” of the newcomers.” Silly me. I thought their duty was to meet the security needs of the American people.

Monthly apprehensions average 32,012.

“Apprehension”: Now that’s Orwellian speak for you. A more accurate description is: briefly stopped for a cursory wellness check before being sent on their way to the interior.

All you need to know is that children are the charm, a magic amulet. If you don’t quite get it, here’s a reenactment of “apprehension”:

Customs and Border Protection agent to migrant: “Got kids?”

New arrival at the U.S. southern border: “You bet.” (Turns to a large, brooding male.) “Pepito, say hello to the nice policeman.”

American agent: “Pepito is a little hairy for a kid and he’s covered in ink.”

Future American citizen from Salvador (with the aid of a translator paid for by the U.S.): “Pepito is just mature for his age. It’s the chemicals. They’re killing us. Asylum. Hurry. We’re dying.”

Agent sworn to protect Americans: “You’re good to go. (Stamps a bit of paper and waves the new Americans by.) “Don’t forget to return for your asylum court hearing, amigos.”

Instead of this “apprehension” farce, Kris Kobach, the former Kansas Secretary of State, has highlighted the many tactical strategies that could—still can—be operationalized at the border to halt the treasonous Catch-and-Release policy ongoing.

Kobach faults former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for looking to Congress for a legislative remedy.

This seems a little harsh. The two chambers were dominated by Republicans for two years. It was hardly unreasonable for Nielsen to have expected from these legislators an immigration bill for the ages. Instead, she got a tax cut.

Confession: I have a soft spot for the ice princess, whom Trump summarily dumped. And not only because Nielsen talked tough and smart, and has a calm demeanor and looks to match. Nielsen had been brought into the Trump Administration by retired United States Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, formerly White House chief of staff. Like Steve Bannon, Kelly was expunged from the White House by Javanka, the first couple in-waiting. This is a badge of honor. It’s certainly a sign of conservatism.

And while Kelly is currently accused of migrating to the liberal side of immigration, his actions on the job told a different story. Along with former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Nielsen, who eloquently defended the separation of families and the zero-tolerance policy, Kelly too talked-up family separation policy as “a tough deterrent.” And boy was it tough!

Nielsen would certainly not have been vaporized (likely at the behest of Ivanka and her houseboy) had she been liberal or soft on immigration.

In fact, Nielsen embodied chin-jutting grit: In her defense of the zero-tolerance-for-invasion policy, she was unflappable, rejecting criticism of the policy as “inappropriate and unacceptable.” Her agency, Nielsen told the news agencies, “was merely enforcing existing laws.”

Under Nielsen’s aegis, the agency spoke with clarity and conviction about having “separated nearly 2,000 children from adults over the course of six weeks at the U.S. southern border,” all as a deterrent.

Then people like John McCain, the late senator from Arizona, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch and Texas Sen. John Cornyn, among many others, began their energetic virtue-signaling. “The children, the children,” they wailed. “How could you?” (What they were really saying was, “Look at me. Look how much I care and how better I am than you.”)

Secretary Nielsen’s wholehearted commitment to the zero-tolerance policy and the ensuing family separations certainly earned her the ire of Democrats and their media tools, who still describe Nielsen derisively as the woman who implemented a policy that “called for all suspected border crossers—including parents and asylum seekers—to be prosecuted for illegal entry [the audacity!]. As a result, thousands of children were separated from their parents, with children classified as ‘unaccompanied.”

Duly, Secretary Nielsen never ceased pressing a derelict Congress to craft legislation that would have let her finish the job. Namely, instead of splitting families, Nielsen’s wanted to detain and deport families, kids and caboodle.

The truth is that Nielsen tried to stop the invasion with the legal tools at her disposal; by separating “families.” Then, Ivanka cried (likely because daddy’s deeds damaged her street cred at Davos). And President Trump put his family before American families.

The president caved, not Kirstjen. He was the one who signed an executive order to end his own commendable family-separation policy. The president then grew angry with Secretary Nielsen because she was unable to reverse his own decision to gut an effective policy.

On her departure, Kirstjen Nielsen was being blamed for legislative inaction in the first two years of the presidency, when the Republicans who controlled both houses and The Executive opted for a plutocratic tax cut in place of borders.

On the “bright” side: The U.S. was successful in detaining a Russian waif, Maria Butina, in solitary for months, then sentencing her to yet more jail time and deportation. With Ahab-like zeal did the law go after Butina, a flirty friend of the NRA. Yet it allows hundreds of thousands of the great unwashed to cross the southern border and stay in the U.S. for good.

Since the fiscal year began in October, and up until March this year, “237,327 migrants had been apprehended along the southwest border. A 97 percent increase from the previous year,” reports (or underreports) the New York Times.

By Breitbart’s telling, “Since December 21, 2018, Trump’s DHS has released more than 125,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the country. … One and a half million illegal aliens are projected to enter the country this year.”

And they are not leaving. Maria Butina will never be back. But central America is here to stay.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s back on Twitter, after being suspended, and is also on Facebook, Gab & YouTube

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Immigration, Kirstjen Nielsen 
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  1. Rational says:


    These criminals who are invading the USA are invaders, criminals, warriors launching a war on the USA.

    Let us not be fooled by the fake terminology of the left and call these invaders “migrants”.

    The proper thing to do for any civilized nation that is being invaded is to shoot at sight any invader. Once several are shot to death, these criminals will stop invading. They need to be sent a message that invading a foreign country is an invasion, an act of war, for which the result could be being shot to death.

  2. Rich says:

    Just as the elites in the United Kingdom don’t want to leave the EU, the elites in the US want more illegal aliens , so England will never get Brexit and the US will get more illegals. Californians voted against homosexual marriage, the elites wanted it, the votes didn’t matter. Americans supported the death penalty, opposed affirmative action, opposed forced integration and opposed abortion by huge majorities, the elites disagreed, so what happened? There is no republic, never really was.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  3. Voltaire says:

    There is a very simple solution to the illegal imigration problem.
    Rip up the UN CONVENTION that says you have to take anyone who seeks asylum.
    Do what the 50 smart nations who did not sign the convention do.
    Turn them around and boot them out….easy.
    Whats the problem?
    What we should be asking ourselves….why are our current leaders not doing this, who do they serve???

    • Agree: eah
  4. Dan Hayes says:


    You confessed to having “a soft spot for the ice princess.” After reading your essay, I have newly found respect and appreciation for what KN attempted to achieve. Too bad that in this cast Sisterhood was not powerful enough.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  5. denk says:

    Not exactly OT.

    Im re-posting this , many missed it the first time.
    Why ?
    Because this really deserve a NObel piss prize.

    ‘Not only are we not enemies, we are not even competitors with China, as the Americans plainly Are.

    Still Australians would be naïve to overlook the Glaring fact that the Communist Party of China Regards liberal democracy as it enemy, domestically and internationally. Being a liberal democracy, Australia needs to be on its guard against those who would “make enemies of us.” The time has passed when we could complacently assume that the arc of history bends towards liberal democracy. Internationally now it is under siege on several fronts

    Lets see….

    We ‘liberal democracies’ are under siege

    The ‘liberal democracies’ have been bombing the world non stop since ww2.

    Currently laYing siege to Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela.

    We never consider China an enemy, its them chicoms who regards every ‘liberal democracies’ their foe.

    So according to this shithead,

    Its China who organise that pivot against the 5liars !

    Its China who’s laying siege to the 5liars !

    Its China who’s been crying ‘white terror are coming’ !

    Its China who’s launching a britzkrieg to clobber the 5liars economy !

    Its China’s been using Muslim jihadists to attack the 5liars !

    OMFgawd !
    This must be the gold standard in…

    But with the 5liars you never know,
    Pompeo, Trump,or the Kiwis ,or that Brit Gay Williamson might blow this record by their next tweet !

    IM not one who talk at people’s back,
    But my comment there is still ‘under moderation’ !

  6. Elites want the illegals here for cheap labor, pure and simple. The cheap, illegal labor enjoyed by Elites is made possible because of the US government, which pays the household bills of the illegals, more with each American-born kid they produce.

    It matters not what this welfare-rigged labor market has done to generations of US citizens, resulting in 4 decades of falling wages and a part-time / churn-gig economy that is just fine with the illegals (and many womb-productive citizens in single-breadwinner households) because of the multilayered pay they receive from government for womb-productive sex.

    Trump is supposed to be a marketing whiz. When it comes to getting himself into the highest position in the land, he is, but not so much on the issue that landed him the gig: ending mass immigration. Trump, not Neilson, should never have allowed the MSM to brand the “separation of children from parents” as a weepy moral issue.

    How dare the MSMers claim bad treatment of immigrants in a country that spends \$113 billion per year to supply illegal alien womb producers with free EBT food, reduced-cost rent, subsidized electricity, free healthcare, monthly cash assistance, free education for all kids pumped out and up to \$6,431 in cold / hard refundable child tax credit cash when they don’t work under the table.

    This country doesn’t do half as much for its own citizens. Due to rent costs that have skyrocketed out of reach, underemployed adult citizens are living in mom’s basements all over the country, while the US government sets up illegal aliens in independemt housing to reward them for womb-productive sex.

    American citizens—especially whites—have seen 3 years of falling life expectancy, while the US goverment covers a gazillion 100%-free, expensive birthing procedures for illegal aliens. Trump audaciously cut the Medicare that US citizens pay into from every paltry paycheck over a lifetime, paying hundreds per month even after they finally get it at age 65.

    But when the cheap illegal alien maids who do the household chores of well-vacationed dual-earner parents in the top 20% get preggie, the US goverment picks up the tab, likewise handing the cheap servants of Elites the full, 100%-free buffet of pay-per-birth monthly benefits.

    Contrary to legend, illegal aliens get all of that by not working hard. They get it for staying under the earned-income limits for all of those welfare programs. They stay under the limits either by part-time work in a single-breadwinner household, by working temp gigs and dropping the welfare during months when their income exceeds the limits or by being dishonest with the goverment about their traceable hours. If they worked full time, they would go over the programs’ very low earned-income limits.

    The wage suppression from 4 decades of this welfare-rigged setup is a big reason why 95 million US citizens are out of the labor force, not counting the 7 million citizens counted as unemployed only because of recent UC applications. It’s a big reason why half of all employed persons in the USA work only part time.

    Elites want this welfare-rigged system to stay intact, endlessly supplying them with cheap labor options. That—and not concern for babies—is why caravaners with kids were released into the interior after 20 legally required days. Over 90% of them won’t show up for their asylum hearings. They’re here to stay, and they will be collecting myriad monthly pay streams from the US goverment for womb-productive sex for years, while driving wages down for underemployed Americans.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
  7. @Rich

    Californians voted against homosexual marriage

    Not the white ones. The ones who opposed it had decamped to Montana, Arizona, etc., and no longer could cast a vote.

  8. Baxter says:

    Gentleman, the USA, is a society in decomposition. There is no reversing the rot.
    The hard part, for any sane man, is how to avoid falling into nihilistic behaviors.

    • Agree: Realist, Moi, Bubba
    • Replies: @Moi
  9. wayfarer says:

    “Illegal Migrants Bail Out of Stolen Truck in Texas.”

    “Debunking Van Jones – Illegal Immigrant Crime.”

  10. Futile noises are being made with the rare calls to shoot the “invaders” in our varied responses to illegal immigration in this country. As thousands of Latinos are being rounded up, others deported, many escape the dragnet. They quickly find safe havens among their compatriots.

    Then with the vastly improved quality of life, even working menial jobs way below the minimum wage, they settle down and will remain in the country for all time. They reproduce at a rate many times higher than the average American. Time and demographic trends heavily favor their numbers to shift population stats at alarming rates.

    Like it or not, America simply can’t turn back the demographic clock. Any stopgap measures from now on may be too little, too late. Short of course of our murderous leaders changing course, taking compassionate stands in buttressing economies of these countries and stop aiding and abetting tyrants and wasting billions of dollars destabilizing these countries and seeking regime change whenever independent minded leaders emerge. We are paying the price of our own imperial ambitions, greed, imagined exceptionalism and recklessness.

  11. wayfarer says:

    “Truth About the Immigration Crisis at the Border.”

    “Arizona Declares State of Emergency.”

  12. the rulers behave as if we are living in 19th century. it will be impossible to stop migrants in the age of super fast means of mobility.
    instead of treating the effect, the rich countries need to address the causes. people will not flee their own home if not for poverty, conflict and national mismanagement.
    look at all of humanity as members of a single family and really help those nations struggling to provide for themselves.
    if you are too greedy or uncaring for this, at least open your doors and share the burden in your own states. by helping in this way, you will also benefit since the migrants will work and grow your economy making you even richer than before. count your blessings.
    if you say i don’t like people who don’t look like me, then you are blinded by hatred, totally ignorant and have forgotten that you will someday go back to being dust, from where you came. the way out for your types is to help the poor migrants to live with dignity in their own place. believe you me, nobody likes to abandon their own homes unless forced by circumstances. just ask your great great grannies who crossed the oceans and came to America.
    in their greed, they decided to forcibly bring more Africans. and so many people here whine rather than blaming their own ancestors’ greed…
    ask yourself, how are we being greedy now and how will this impact our forbears? help the migrants in their own place instead of wasting resources searching for alien life in outer space, for instance. take care of the life in inner space first. if there is a will and loving kindness, Yes You Can!
    but why? why? i will tell you… in six golden words.
    Matthew 25
    … for I was hungry and you gave Me meat
    … I was thirsty and you gave Me drink
    … I was naked, you clothed Me
    … I was sick, I was imprisoned, you visited, was a stranger, you took Me in.

  13. An omission from my last post reinforcing my assertion on imperial recklessness in my last post – Israel is sending 1000 IDF soldiers to Honduras.

    Imperial dog tentacles integrating a Zionist tail that wags it.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  14. rod1963 says:

    Very good catch.

    I think it’s clear Trump is a self-serving, nepotistic a**hole that is so out of it he’s sacrificing his country and future to take advice from a man and daughter who has no use for America.

    Yes both deserve lots of blame. But so does Trump for ignoring advice from all sorts of senior people not to make Kushner a adviser. His past is so bad, he could not get a security clearance. Trump had to waive the requirements over the objections of his staff. What Trump gave him TS/SCI is plain nuts. He has no business with something like that.

    Trump could have selected men with impeccable backgrounds to advise him. Instead he relies on a soy boy version of Rasputin. Makes me wonder if Trump isn’t just a puppet for Kushner given his dependence on him


    Initially I supported him even though I saw some very ugly personality flaws in the man – first at San Jose where he said nothing about mayor siccing hordes of blacks and Mexicans to beat the shit out of his supporters. Instead he just fled the state. Later he showed signs in the debates of other problems. And then when he paraded the Gold Star moms in the WH promising he’d secure the border. He threw them under the bus along with his ICE and CBP peeps who went out of their way to back him.

    And lets talk about Anti-fa. These rent a thugs show up wherever Trump supporters or right to lifers hold a public rally and pummel the shit out of them. Trump has repeated refused to order the DOJ to look into them. Now with Big Tech de-platforming his base, he says nothing.

    It’s clear he;s also a cold blooded user of people. He;s no friend of America.

    It’s clear he has no use for his base. He expects loyalty from them but gives nothing in return.

    If you notice all his former staffers have stopped appearing on Fox. I don’t think they want anything to do with him anymore.

    Before getting Kelly and KN fired, they purged the WH of nationalists Bannon, Gorka, etc. Then the NSC was purged of nationalists without a peep from Trump. In their place came mad dog neocon McMaster and his Muslim lover. Trump replaced him with a even more virulent Neocon – Bolton who blew up the NK negotiations and is now trying to start a war with Iran.

    I originally supported Trump but he has turned out to be far worse than Obama, he’ll do what the others couldn’t and this is destroy the U.S.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs, sarz
    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  15. Biff says:

    Agent sworn to protect Americans:

    No such thing exists.

  16. onebornfree says: • Website

    Illana Mercer says: “Border agents are said to be bracing “to meet the medical needs” of the newcomers.” Silly me. I thought their duty was to meet the security needs of the American people.”

    You’re right, “silly” you 🙂 .

    Like millions of other hoodwinked Americans, and despite all evidence to the contrary, you appear to be determined [as evidenced by the rest of your quote I have used above] to continue to believe in delusional fantasies such as:

    1] Government solutions can actually work, and that therefor…..

    2] Government can/will actually “protect the borders” [or whatever], given the “right” people in charge of it all.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Furthermore, all the evidence to date in fact clearly shows that contrary to popular myth, government “solutions” have never worked in the past, no matter who was “in charge”; they have always managed to make the situation far worse, not better.

    The sooner enough individuals come to understand that out here in the real world, because of various fundamental reasons concerning the true nature of all governments, no government “solution” to any problem, social or otherwise [ including protection of borders], can/will ever actually work, even if a politician [ or a group of them]were actually sincere in his/her/their attempts to pass the “right” legislation to fix whatever it was deemed in need of a government “fix”; then the sooner those individuals can start to implement plans to find and elect a presidential candidate who is 100% committed to drastically and quickly reducing the size, scope and budgets, of both the federal and state governments in the US.

    Fact: government “solutions” have never, and can never, work, and a lot more people will need to get their heads out of the sand, come to their senses, and realize this plain as day “in their faces” fact, before any real progress can be made towards getting government out of as many areas as possible by a drastic reduction in the size, scope, and spending ability of the government, and then keeping it there , permanently chained down, by “hook or by crook”.

    In short: the only political answer I see to any/all of society’s current problems is to get governments entirely out of of what they claim to be “fixing” [ one tiny example: border “security”] , and to prevent the government from any of its attempts to “fix” any/all new areas it is currently not involved in [but is planning to get into].

    An immediate return to original US constitutional limits [although far from perfect, for various reasons], would at least be a step in the right direction [i.e much, much smaller government]. An immediate return to the Articles of Confederation would be even better [ because it would result in an even smaller government].

    Outside of my own [admittedly possibly “pie in the sky”] political solutions, the only solution I see for the individual is to ignore all politics, and for them to get entirely [or at least as far as possible given individual circumstance ], out of “the matrix”, and to then make themselves secure both financially and health-wise as far as is possible, and to then grab a very large supply of popcorn and beer, and to then just sit back, relax, and watch the idiotic show going on all around them – that is: the slow, rolling collapse of the entire US state.

    Regards, onebornfree

    “The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.” H.L. Mencken

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  17. Anonymous [AKA "Anonn52"] says:

    I voted for Trump on two issues: immigration, and his promise to pull out of Syria and not get involved in any more wars in the Middle East.

    So for the last two years illegals are not just crossing the border, it’s more like an open stampede.

    The US bombs Syria and begs for war with Iran on behalf of our Jewish occupiers.

    Actual unemployment is slightly over 21% with 102 million out of work.


  18. You could even say the “5liars”
    are guilty of over weening

    • Replies: @denk
  19. Anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    After her platitude spouting banalities on the Tucker interview I was glad Trump canned her. She made Gillibrand look like a heavyweight.

  20. TKK says:

    And President Trump put his family before American families.

    That one sentence is the indictment.

    We were conned with the long game- promises of needed draconian measures to stop the invasion and a lifting tide of the working class.

    Not one promise has been kept.

    Could it be possible that this PT Barnum is making decisions based on what benefits Ivanka and her marriage? The fate of our country balances on a knife edge of what a spoiled rotten phony Barbie wants?

    Horrific- but Yes.

    Outstanding article, Ms. Mercer.

  21. I hate rabbi trump, but even more than him I hate that this easily-manipulated simpleton will never understand the pivotal role he might’ve played in history, forestalling the fall of Rome.

    • Replies: @ltravail
  22. @Endgame Napoleon

    “Elites want the illegals here for cheap labor, pure and simple.”

    And not just that. Most of our so-called elites are not elite in any objective sense. Let’s just say that genuine elites are, for our purposes, those with a towering IQ. Most of these people go into the hard sciences. Those who can’t cut the mustard content themselves with liberal arts degrees of one sort or another. They failed to make the grade.

    Now, these second raters, the Nancy Pelosis and Clintons etc. employ Mexican gardeners, pool cleaners, roofers, and remodelers who, because of their precarious status as unlawful invaders, must show great deference to their employers. As laborers they are courteous, they show up on time and work long hours without complaint.

    So, for the first time in their lives the wannabe “elites” command unreserved respect and are treated with utmost consideration. No longer need they be reminded that they are second-raters. In the eyes of the vulnerable immivader, they are Godlike.

    How flattering! To be Godlike, even if in the eyes of a serf; which just shows how seductive the institution of slavery is even to the so-called “liberal”.

    Liberals support immigration because it exalts them into the status of unqualified Master. With one hand they offer sweet treats for good behavior and with the other (tacitly) wield the whip of deportation. Ahhh, the sweet feeling of absolute Power.

  23. TG says:

    Interesting, isn’t it, the the only crime that cannot be enforced because you have kids, is illegal immigration?

    Tax evasion, writing bad checks, assault, breaking the pollution laws, trespassing on the holy private property of a wealthy oligarch… In all of these cases if you are arrested you WILL be separated from your kids, for as long as the law demands: weeks, months, years…

    This ‘compassion’ for the kids of illegal immigrants has nothing to do with morality. It is a brutal cynical policy of importing massive numbers of third-world refugees so that wages can be forced down and rents and profits up. This is by design. Expect it to continue until the oligarchs start to worry that maybe the overall stability of the nation is at stake.

  24. @rod1963

    “I originally supported Trump but he has turned out to be far worse than Obama, he’ll do what the others couldn’t and this is destroy the U.S.”

    If he destroys theUS government, that wouldn’t be so bad. It’s the enemy of the 99%. I doubt he can actually destroy the US.

  25. @onebornfree

    The government of New York City subsidized the building of a subway system, privately run for 36 years. That government program worked out pretty well.

    Of course, that government didn’t claim dominion over the whole earth, but stuck to its local knitting. The water supply system the local government built is pretty good, too, except for having to deal with billions in FDA mandates.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  26. Trump is a judas goat for the zionists who want open borders as a stepping stone to a north American union combining the US an Mexico and Canada and with a currency called the Amero and Trump is doing his part as a zionist lap dog to make sure it happens!

    Trump talks one way and does another on illegal immigration as he does on every issue of importance to America, and on the immigration issue, Trump has all the power he needs under the Constitution to stop the invasion on the border but he knows that he can play the game of wanting to stop illegal immigration while letting the left wing judges block him, when he can overrule them and stop the invasion, but is not doing it, his zionist overlords want open borders!

    Trump is a zionist TROGAN HORSE!

  27. @Anonymous

    I benefited from the tax cut, but I really didn’t need it.

    Trump did clamp down on H-1B, which has had a positive effect for some in that area. But not much else comes to mind.

  28. @anno nimus

    in their greed, they decided to forcibly bring more Africans. and so many people here whine rather than blaming their own ancestors’ greed…

    They offered the Africans life instead of death. Those were the choices. Like Hillary or Donald.

    “Thank God my daddy got on that boat”. Alleged to have been said by Mohammed Ali after his Rumble in the Jungle. Greed is a natural condition. Created by God. Of course there have always been those who argue that God didn’t know what he was doing.

    but why? why? i will tell you… in six golden words.
    Matthew 25
    … for I was hungry and you gave Me meat
    … I was thirsty and you gave Me drink
    … I was naked, you clothed Me
    … I was sick, I was imprisoned, you visited, was a stranger, you took Me in.

    Now I think I see the problem. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is stupid.

    Indeed, that philosophy might just prove to be it’s own demise. Let’s hope that in it’s death throes, it doesn’t take the entire world with it.

    “If all men count with you, but none too much….” is a far better philosophy of life.

    • Replies: @anno nimus
  29. Levtraro says:

    Government solutions seem to work in the areas of very big science and engineering : I mean there wouldn’t be a Hubble space telescope, particle accelerators, super computers to simulate the world climate, many complex medical and biological breakthroughs such as decoding DNA, aeronautics and rocketry, and much more, without large scale funding for very big science projects. Perhaps with minimal government, generous billionaires would step in and pay for very big science?

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  30. Now let’s get this straight ; you a tax paying American, that believe it or not, are paying over 50% of you earning in total taxes ( really, when you figure tax on everything you do), and your elected officials (which you chose) PAY, these illegals (with your money) to stay by creating “sanctuary cities”, welfare to over 70% of them, with YOUR MONEY ?

    In the annals of history you will go down as the most ignorant, and idiotic nation on earth.

    • Agree: Desert Fox, TKK
  31. @Voltaire

    Mr. Trump should have kept the Iran Nuclear Deal and torn up the UN Convention on migration instead.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  32. @Justsaying

    TruNews – At last a protestant Christian network that is telling the truth about reckless US foreign policy and its subservience to Israel. Add in traditionalist Roman Catholic E Michael Jones, and there may still be hope for Christianity- if only the RC church could impeach the current open borders Pope.

    • Agree: Justsaying, Desert Fox
  33. onebornfree says: • Website

    TomSchmidt says: “The government of New York City subsidized the building of a subway system, privately run for 36 years.”

    So you believe the NYC subway system is “privately run “? Yeah right!

    Quote: “The New York City Subway is a rapid transit system owned by the City of New York and leased to the New York City Transit Authority,[13] a subsidiary agency of the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) ” :

    Without even checking, I can guarantee that because this is a government-run transportation system, and no differently than for all government-run transportation systems worldwide, that a close study/audit of its books will reveal losses of [at the very least], millions of \$’s per annum [probably more like \$billions], all to be later made up by the taxpayer slaves of NYC so this system can stagger on for another year.

    TomSchmidt says: “That government program worked out pretty well.”

    You’re either joking, or you are just another brainwashed ignoramus. For fundamental reasons, government run transportation systems simply cannot [and therefor do not] ever work in the long run, no differently from anything else the government does.

    Regards, onebornfree.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Mefobills
  34. onebornfree says: • Website

    Levtraro says: “Government solutions seem to work in the areas of very big science and engineering”

    Yup, that’s right, everybody needs to forced, at the point of a gun, to fund stuff that you think is important, such as “very big science and engineering” , because, according to your “logic”, if we weren’t all forced to pay for these supposed, vaunted, “important” ,”big science” projects, they [ or perhaps far better, completely privately funded science and engineering projects] simply would not exist . You got me 🙂

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Disagree: annamaria
  35. @Endgame Napoleon

    The invasion has nothing to do with economics.

    The invasion continues because the nose wants to disempower white Christian people.

    It is no coincidence that massive third world immigration is happening in every white country
    on earth at the SAME TIME.

    There is nothing organic about it; it was deliberately planned.

    This is the socially engineered race replacement/ethnic cleansing of white people.

    By the UN definition it is GENOCIDE.

    White genocide is the result of the “never again program” to Holocaust-proof the entire
    western world to make the world user friendly for jews.

    Whites are being destroyed to make the jews feel “safe.”

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Oemikitlob
  36. geokat62 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    White genocide is the result of the “never again program” to Holocaust-proof the entire western world to make the world user friendly for jews.

    Whites are being destroyed to make the jews feel “safe.”

    The more normies who come to this crucial realization, the better for everyone concerned.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  37. Exile says:

    The only countries that seem willing to do this are our former Cold War adversaries. The “free world” is run by criminals and gaslit imbeciles. Have to respectfully disagree with Ms. Mercer on Nielsen, though. I don’t think Nielsen was ever committed to legitimate immigration enforcement. Personnel is policy and the pack of LARP’ing MIGA stooges Trump has surrounded himself with is neither able or willing to change anything about the shitlib status quo.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  38. Anonymous [AKA "2sally"] says:

    Hold on there.. its Rational not to think like the Z-man.. America is the land, the 527 persons are currently in charge of the current government..350,000,000 Americans are the governed, manipulated masses, who are used and abused by those who control the private media and the USA.

    Immigration has always served America, we Americans have found ways to include everyone who wanted to be a part of our societies. We even allowed those who arrived at the Staten Island to do harm, to take control of our banking system, to force us into WWI and WWII, and to take political and economic control of our nation and still ..well.
    It seems to me the only persons immigrants from the south threaten are the prior immigrants that are now in charge of their USA, and the institutions and corporations the USA so heartily supports with grants of monopoly powers, money and unconscionable subsidies it uses to manipulate the Americans it governs.

    It is those same ancient Staten Island Immigrants who are now so busy writing draconian laws, doing 9/11s, designing ways to control and to spy on Americans.

    It is those same Staten Island immigrants that imposed in 1913 taxes[16th amendment] on Americans in order to use the tax monies extracted from Americans to conduct wars, to engage in regime changing operations, and to sanction and deny foreign competition reaching into the American market places (foreign providers offer goods and services to Americans at prices lower than the Staten Island Immigrants are willing to allow (Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Ukraine, and Syria are cases where only a very few major corporations and wealthy Wall Street investors could benefit by keeping oil prices high enough to make CNG or LNG viable for a few wealthy investors.. ( These Staten Island immigrants used the USA to do things no one is allowed to know about in Foreign lands, and often American money was and still is given by the USA to foreign countries and to foreign interests. and used to fund and support wars and who knows what else in foreign lands. Yet, when the southern foreigners want to come to America, …? the not welcome signs are posted..

    No sir.. America needs the working citizens from the south, even most of their criminals are seeking true freedom and deliverance from oppression..Do we really want to deny access to the American Dream? Its time to add human rights to the constitution.. and to bring into decision making the entire population of our great nation.

    • Replies: @Alden
  39. onebornfree says: • Website

    ThreeCranes says: “Liberals support immigration because it exalts them into the status of unqualified Master.”

    I believe that both you and “EndgameNapoleon” are missing the big picture here.

    The New World Order plans, as revealed via its organizations very own publications more than 50 years ago [UN, NATO, Tri -Lateral Commision, CFR etc.] , is deliberately funding mass third world immigration into the US, [via people such as Soros] in order to completely collapse the US system [constitution, bill of rights etc.] as the US, under those documents is a thorn in the side of those planning for one world government.

    The idea is that most third world immigrants are basically already heavily indoctrinated slaves to the state, and once here will, because its easy for them to vote in many states [despite their illegal status] always vote for Democrats who always unfailingly offer ever more government handouts to those whose votes they need to buy [ although frankly, the Republicans are just as bad in this regard].

    This will lead to the Democrats getting and maintaining power, they believe. And most of the Democratic party are hard-left communists, pretending to not be communists, who absolutely hate what remains of the US constitutional system [ I know, most of its already gone].

    Once these commie fools gain total power, then the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be completely trashed [ no right to free speech, no right to own arms, no right to privacy etc etc], and the US will then be easily absorbed into the one world government/new world order plan that all of these idiotic commies, technocrats, authoritarians, and power hungry psychopaths currently have wet dreams over.

    Thats how I see it, anyways.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Mefobills
  40. denk says:

    Shithead like fitzgerald wears that ‘liberal democracy’ label like a badge of honor.
    That’s because they swear by the Oxford dictionary.

    For a reality check, we use the non PC thesaurus .

    liberal democracies..
    chutzpah, B.S., hypocrisy, scam artiste,
    self delusion, psychopathy…., bald faced liars….

  41. @Voltaire

    Turn them around and boot them out….easy.
    Whats the problem?

    The problem is the Chamber of Commerce types would lose thewir endless supply of cheap labor, and start having to pay Americans a living wage.

  42. @Exile

    The only countries that seem willing to do this are our former Cold War adversaries.

    If you want to find sovereignty, White Christian culture, race realism, and wisdom-from-experience, look to Eastern Europe.



    Russia, and more

    People there, despite their problems, the still-dominant corruption and lack of republican history, possess what our ancestors in the West had. Their lands may be the last, lingering islands of Western, White culture and progress to exist — as the Powers That Be drown the rest of us under a brown flood. (Exactly why they are doing this is a mystery, but they are doing it.)

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  43. @onebornfree

    Yes, the goal of open borders, as I mentioned above, is to give the (((left))) permanent control and to marginalize the white Christian majority.

    And from the looks of the demographic projections they have already won.

    California is lost, Texas and Florida go blue in the next few years.
    That’s the end of the GOP and the end of America.

    Trump’s fraud on immigration is handing the democrats total and permanent power.

  44. denk says:

    5liars hypocrisy.

    Exhibit A
    That thing they call freedom of speech.

    Thats fine as long as they’ve the field all to themselves, they control the narrative,

    The moment someone threatens to burst that bubble of delusion, fuck free speech,
    censorship kicks in.

    This is how liberal democracy works.

    Tip of an iceberg.

  45. homahr says:

    Your sentiments, I think, represent a good number, maybe even a slight majority of Trump voters. But I still think they will vote for Trump in 2020. What about you?

  46. Republic says:

    Since last September 1% of the population of Guatemala and Honduras have left for the United States.


    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  47. Moi says:

    Yup, and the current administration is pretty much a total eff-up.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  48. @Republic

    This is the zionists plan to destroy America and the people crossing are at rates 9 times the rates under Obama, both are under zionist control but Trump is on steroids , hell in years to come white America will be just a memory.

  49. Alden says:
    @anno nimus

    Burn in hell forever and ever amen you POS. I bet you are a lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association or the Kern County Land Company or some other farm association.

  50. “Caravans are getting larger, not smaller. “Newcomers continue to arrive, sometimes by the busload, at the rate of 2,200 a day,” said the same source.”

    As Mr. Trump is wont to say, “I tell you, it’s gonna be hhhuuuuuuuggggge!”

  51. Alden says:

    You mean 1880-1925 Ellis Island Russian/Polish Jews. Ellis Island, not Staten

  52. @onebornfree

    Parts of the NYC subway were indeed publicly built but privately operated in years gone by; then some genius figured that the government running them all centrally would make the several lines in existence more interoperable, more efficient, and a better value for New Yorkers, one of the earlier examples of M&A BS that have doomed hundreds of millions to a worse way of life.

  53. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Jewish Power turning Americans into New Palestinians.

  54. Nielsen is another single, childless woman who has likely had multiple abortions as she slept her way up to the top.

    Why would she care about the hordes of illegals coming in? It’s not like she has skin in the game. No worries about the future of her children.

    She wants to secure a nice life for herself, full of wine, sexy men and dogs. So she’ll do exactly as Globohomo says.

  55. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Woah, this is something new.

    We later find out that the teens who supposedly vandalized the mosque are Jewish… because there are lots of Jews running around New York vandalizing mosques, apparently. And minutes later we see a Jewish teen named Ari (Ted Sutherland) leading a group of teens who are clearly modeled after the left’s version of the Covington Catholic kids who were maligned by the media for “confronting” a Native American group in Washington D.C. early this year. The tip-in for that characterization is that Ari wears a MAGA-like red ballcap on his head in every scene as he screams spittle-specked hatred into the Muslim woman’s face.

  56. @ThreeCranes

    “…which just shows how seductive the institution of slavery is even to the so-called “liberal”.

    Liberals support immigration because it exalts them into the status of unqualified Master. With one hand they offer sweet treats for good behavior and with the other (tacitly) wield the whip of deportation. Ahhh, the sweet feeling of absolute Power.”

    Since all politics is about power I believe this is an accurate summation.

    In our current political climate here in the U.S. the language employed says “equality” but I believe this obscures the simple reality underneath that you have pointed out. I suggest that when confronted with this in conversation one not give ground in pointing it out. Put another way, I would ask, “Who are the real racists and who are the real ‘Supremacists’ and who are the real supporters of slavery?”

    I’m glad you made this comment since it highlights perfectly the smug sense of morality underneath the veneer.

  57. S says:

    From ThreeCranes post:

    “Elites want the illegals here for cheap labor, pure and simple.”

    And not just that…

    How flattering! To be Godlike, even if in the eyes of a serf; which just shows how seductive the institution of slavery is even to the so-called “liberal”.

    Liberals support immigration because it exalts them into the status of unqualified Master. With one hand they offer sweet treats for good behavior and with the other (tacitly) wield the whip of deportation. Ahhh, the sweet feeling of absolute Power.

    An excellent and well written point.

    You strike upon the deeply rooted (though little known or understood, but often enough somewhat non-distinctly ‘sensed’ by some) ties between historic chattel slavery, its modern monetization wage slavery (ie so called ‘cheap labor’), and what is termed ‘liberalism’ and or ‘progressivism.’

    Within the Anglosphere countries this is little understood (though it certainly should be) for good reason as the direct political and spiritual forebears of today’s self described ‘liberal’/’progressive’, the historic 18th and 19th chattel slave dealers/owners, and hangers on, are indeed the one’s still in power today with their wage slavery acquired via the cheap labor/mass immigration system.

    The cheap labor/mass immigration system with its wage slave is the economic and political basis of the multi-cultural society, a society which not coincidentally, as you so succinctly describe, closely parallels the chattel slave holding society it evolved from.

    When something is bad such as drug abuse/addiction or chattel slavery, it is the dealers of the said offending product that are seen as the worst of the lot. [To be sure, that’s not to say to let its consumers off the hook.]

    In the case of British North America and the early United States it was Boston, Massachusetts that was the very epicenter of this unholy trade in chattel slaves, and again, not coincidentally, now with their wage slavery (ie so called ‘cheap labor’ acquired via ‘mass immigration’) it has been Massachusetts which has been historically the very epicenter of what is termed liberalism and progressivism.

    Being that the economic essence of chattel slavery is the systematic theft of the value of an individual’s labor, with chattel slavery’s monetization, wage slavery, the skilled or more likely unskilled ‘immigrant’, is the slave for whatever period of time (days, weeks, months, years) that he or she as a wage slave is paid significantly below what was or what would of been the prevailing real time local costs of labor without the said ‘immigrants’ being present or ‘immigration’ taking place.

    True, the cheap laborer might in time move on to something else better paying, but that’s perfectly okay in this arrangement as the hirer (ie the former would be chattel slave purchaser/owner) will simply hire another one of the continuously arriving hundreds of thousands (if not millions annually) of so called ‘cheap labor’ immigrants, it not being called ‘mass’ immigration for nothing.

    The former would be chattel slave dealers and their hangers on are present today as well, ie the promoters of the mass immigration whom personally profit from ships and planes being built to transport the ‘immigrants’, insuring this transportation, and acting as agents of big business and big agriculture in foreign countries to procure the large numbers of ‘cheap laborers’ that ‘industry requires’.

    Some might doubt that there could be any so depraved and with such a brutal disregard towards humanity that they would be prepared to see the genocide of not only other peoples but ultimately their own as well, all for short term personal profit, yet this is the historic territory that those involved in slavery and its trade, whether it be chattel or wage, have staked out for themselves.

    As violently contested latter 1850’s Kansas has long been seen as a micro-cosm of the coming US Civil War, study the history of Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’ Massachusetts and its sister city, the infamous Lawrence, Kansas, both of whose construction were financed by the same Massachusetts based Lawrence family of textile factory magnates.

    Read up on the once governor (ca 1858) of ‘Bleeding Kansas’, past chattel slave speculator, and former US treasurer, Robert Walker, and his 1863 economic calculations, made whilst in London as the financial representative of the Lincoln administration, demonstrating that wage slave (ie cheap labor) based based Mass had a labor profitabilty/efficiency ratio four times that of chattel slave based South Carolina. Those calculations were made the same year as the critical battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg and within only weeks of Lincoln’s dedication of the national cemetary at Gettysburg.

    The calculations were published in an 1864 US journal as part of an open letter by Walker to the Northern (Union) public which attempted to explain from an economic viewpoint why the United States had to, indeed must, prosecute and fight the war against the Southern Confederacy.

    [Should a person be interested, some of my past posts at this site amply document this with original source materials.]

    Ask yourself, as I did, why a person never hears of this particular ‘tale of two cities’ and the deep historic ties between Lawrence, Mass and Lawrence, KS or about Walker’s 1863 economic calculations effectively showing the far greater profitability/efficiency of the northern imported ‘immigrant’ wage slave as opposed to the South’s chattel slave.

    Are they possibly concerned (afraid?) that people might grasp an untold primary reason (if not the primary reason) of the US Civil War and the dire implications this understanding would have for the ideology of multi-culturalism? Are they concerned people might grasp that chattel slavery was not abolished but rather monetized, that we very much have it with us to this day, particularly in the Anglosphere countrys, today’s slave being known as ‘the immigrant’.

    Are they perhaps afraid most of all that they might have to face themselves and what it is they have done?

    If those powerful elements of the Anglo-Saxon elites and hangers on involved in chattel slavery and its trade were prepared to see six hundred thousand of largely their own people die in the US Civil War to get at ‘missed profit opportunities’ caused in part by the terribly inefficient and costly South Carolina and Georgia chattel slave labor, which harvested the cotton which in turn fed Massachusetts and North-eastern textile mills, why would it be such a stretch that these same A-S elite types and hangers on would not be prepared to see their Anglo-Saxon people genocided through the ‘mixing’ and violence caused by the wage slavery based multi-cultural system?

    After all, those elites and hangers on ‘got theirs’.

    And reflective of the long term dysfunctional relationship which has existed between the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish peoples, how much less compunction about this destruction and genocide would an alien people, also with powerful elements of its elites and hangers on involved historically in both chattel and wage slavery, have?

    Something not dissimilar regarding displacement had already been going on since 1619 when chattel slavery first got its start in British North America at Jamestown in the Virginia colony. It had taken some two hundred plus years, but by 1860 the White Anglo-Saxon population of South Carolina were the minority as opposed to the Black African slaves, 45 to 55 percent. The other Southern states were slowly going the same way. Wage slavery (ie so called ‘cheap labor’) is much quicker regarding displement and genocide, taking mere decades, though it is much more financially profitable for its promoters.

    Lastly, a mere four years after the US Civil War, in 1869, a ‘labor importer’ Dutchman named Cornelius Koopmanschap (whose last name literally translates from Dutch as ‘commerce’ or ‘business’) along with his at minimum half Jewish (though very possibly wholly Jewish) business partner Maurice Bosman, declared the intention to import one hundred thousand wage slaves from China into the United States.

    Bosman, based in Hong Kong, handled the Asian procurement of the wage slaves (ie so called ‘cheap laborers’/’coolies’) whilst Koopmanschap handled their North American distribution. The targeted customers were to be the Southern planters, who were said to be quite enthusiastic about this wage slavery proposal.

    It’s interesting how history seems to repeat itself.

    Some 250 years before, in 1619, wasn’t it a Dutch ship appearing off the coast at Jamestown which introduced the Virginia planters of that day to chattel slavery?,_Kansas

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  58. @HallParvey

    cannot argue with you since you may have already made up your mind. but, would that you worry about your own personal death throes and demise before that of the world. i can only beg you to save your very own soul. ጨው ለራስህ ብለህ ጣፍጥ… what good is salt if it loses its flavor except to be thrown out like stone and become trampled?

  59. @Robert Dolan

    “The invasion has nothing to do with economics.

    The invasion continues because the nose wants to disempower white Christian people.

    There is nothing organic about it; it was deliberately planned.”

    May I suggest it can be (and is) both about the economics and be planned? That it does not logically follow that is an “either/or” proposition?

  60. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Farrakhan defies the GLOB and Jim Crowitz.

  61. Miro23 says:

    Too Bad Kirstjen Nielsen Isn’t Trump’s Daughter.

    Kirstjen Nielsen can see the conflict of interest between Jewish activism and US laws. Ivanka probably can’t, but even if she could she wouldn’t care – in her dull fashion conscious way she finds New York Jews glamorous and wants to belong.

    • Replies: @sarz
  62. @Rational

    two barbed wire fences 50 feet apart and kill anything that moves between them.
    Problem solved in a week.

  63. The scalpel says: • Website
    @anno nimus

    That’s a lot more than six words

  64. @geokat62

    Already there, friend.

    Tell everyone you know and trust for intelligence to go to, and start reading the collected works of two of it’s finest contributors, Tobias Langdon and Dr Andrew Joyce. In their wisdom and massively-wide knowledge of things which the msm has dropped down the memory hole you will discover the true hand of power and unspeakable White-hating evil which is orchestrating all of our current chaos and misery.

    Then you will understand why they must be removed, simply to restore a future for mankind.

  65. @Buzz Mohawk

    Exactly why they are doing this is a mystery

    There is no mystery.

  66. S says:

    In reference to my just previous post in this thread I’ve been recently watching the first year of the relatively new Jamestown TV series. The first year, mercifully, goes somewhat light in attempting to project today’s multi-cult upon the early 17th century Jamestown settlement. However, without going into details, the second season goes full blown pc/multi-cult in places.

    Anyhow, spoiler alert here, the last episode of the first season which is all about Jamestown in the year 1619, they show the introduction of chattel slaves to the colony. While they show there were those colonists interested in leaving Jamestown in search of gold (with no luck) and then returning, they also show how ultimately most of the English stayed put and were doing the work of the colony, including planting/farming quite competently.

    To my amazement, when the slaves (the ‘Angolans’ purchased from a passing Dutch ship) are introduced at the end of the first season’s last episode, the emphasis is not on the well known suffering of the chattel slaves, but on the little known suffering and great harm this is to bring to the colonists, the vast majority of whom never would own slaves.

    The men and women of the colony are happily celebrating a harvest festival in an open commons area with much singing, dancing, music, and eating. They are as close to being one hundred percent English as possible. The song they are singing about ‘sun burnt young men with sickles in the field’ is very possibly an actual original English folk song from that era, am not sure.

    As soon as the chattel slaves, about twenty, come into clear view to the celebrating colonists, albeit only briefly, the music, singing, and dancing, everything, comes to a sudden incongruous stop. The camera pans across the faces, and particularly the eyes, of the now quiet colonists, first showing their shock and bewilderment, then worry, and then finally, foreboding, sensing that a calamity of the first order has just been brought upon them.

    The instigators are a very few of the elites, led by one of the powerful planters who has been amply shown to be basically wicked, if not outright evil.

    It’s shown also how this was done entirely by diktat, no vote being taken…just as today it is done by diktat in the United States and Western Europe with wage slavery and the ‘cheap labor’/mass immigration system supplying it.

    The same types are instigating this calamity today in 2019 as did in 1619 Jamestown.

  67. S says:

    A bit more linked below and excerpted here on Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’ Massachusetts in regards to Elizabeth Warren quite appropriately choosing that city to announce her presidential run a few months back.

    They ‘care’ about their wage slave ‘immigrants’ for the exact same reason the direct political and spiritual forebear of today’s self described liberal or progressive, the north-eastern slave dealer/owner, ‘cared’ and ‘doted upon’ their chattel slaves, ie to the extent they can systematically steal their labor or profit in some way from this theft.

    Their own people are just a nuisance, if they even register in their minds at all.

    They ultimately don’t care about anyone but themselves, and everyone, ‘immigrant’ or otherwise, should realize that.

    ‘Choosing Lawrence for the expected announcement of her 2020 campaign will help Warren double down on her messages of fighting for immigrants…’

    Boston Herald (Feb 8, 2019) – Elizabeth Warren to announce 2020 plans in politically charged Immigrant City

    Lawrence — an immigrant city plagued by drugs and poverty, long used as a political football — is back in play as the backdrop for the anticipated kickoff of U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign Saturday.

    Warren, battling a controversy over her past claim of being an “American Indian,” will hold her 11 a.m. rally in the city that has become a lightning rod as a self-proclaimed sanctuary city blasted by President Trump and blamed by the Republican governors of New Hampshire and Maine for the flow of opioids into their states. The Merrimack Valley city’s presidential history also includes being the hometown of Willie Horton — the murderer whose crime spree during a prison furlough helped end former Gov. Mike Dukakis’ Oval Office bid in 1988.

    Choosing Lawrence for the expected announcement of her 2020 campaign will help Warren double down on her messages of fighting for immigrants and the middle class, local political pundits said. But they noted Warren will have to overcome the perception of Lawrence as a drug trafficking haven that supplies the region, while the city’s poverty underscores her own multi-millionaire status at a time when she is bashing billionaires…

  68. Mefobills says:

    One born is peddling is Lolbertarian nonsense again:

    1] Government solutions can actually work, and that therefor…..

    2] Government can/will actually “protect the borders” [or whatever], given the “right” people in charge of it all.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Go ahead and peddle your blather to Hungarians, who have a government that has prevented immigration of undesirables.

    All of life is Hierarchy. It isn’t even sophomoric, it is lower – to make the assertion that humans shouldn’t organize.

    Poorly constituted government is dangerous, but that is a different subject than blanket condemnation. Even George Washington recognized the government was like fire, necessary and had to be controlled.

    Organizing happens organically among civilized peoples, so they can do things together they couldn’t do individually.

    Lolbertarianism is the most sophomoric of ideologies and economy.

  69. Mefobills says:

    Lolbertarians shill for open borders. Free movement of peoples!

    Aren’t you in cognitive dissonance oneborn? You are out of alignment with your masters.

    Never mind that all of the groups that want immigration are private entities working to manipulate government. All of the people that want immigration are self serving.

    There is money to be made, and plutocrats want cheap labor.

    Plutocracy arises naturally in any unfettered economy, especially one that charges interest on money.

    The ancient near east economies noticed that their civilization would polarize every 50 years, hence jubilee was required to bring things back into balance.

    But, then again, to admit that a free market is bad, that economies becomes unbalanced naturally, and that humans are rent seekers, would mean admitting that Lolbertarianism is a fundamentally flawed ideology.

  70. Mefobills says:

    Oneborn peddling his nonsense which is at variance with facts.

    government run transportation systems simply cannot [and therefor do not] ever work in the long run, no differently from anything else the government does.

    Canada built their transcontinental railroad without graft and at a low cost.
    The railroad did not saddle Canada with a plutocracy of rail road barons. Rail road barons in the U.S. nearly undid the country.

    Bank of Canada spent debt free money to build their railroad, and it became a crown jewel.

    It was sold off in a privatization scheme, and then it started its decline.

    The commons and inelastic markets must be government owned or government regulated. Otherwise, the commons are monopolized or rent seekers raise access prices in privatization schemes.

    The way you build out rail, is that you issue zero interest loans, then start building. Then you tax the improvement along the rail in accordance with georgist principles. In this way, the improved site value is captured by taxes to pay off the loan. Or, you could do it debt free like Canada did.

    No lolbertarian economy can have private actors come together to build a complex transport system like rail. The private sector does not have eminent domain power, nor does the private sector have taxing authority.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
  71. @anno nimus

    really help those nations struggling to provide for themselves

    And then just sit and smile a stupid grin when they complain it’s not enough (cuz it never is) and how it’s just hideous neo-colonialism anyhow, I suppose?

    Fuck ’em. We don’t owe the rest of the world a living.

  72. @S

    I think the points you raise strike at the the very core of liberal beliefs in their own moral cleanliness. We’re into totem and taboo territory here. What is sacred to liberals is their self conception. Their obsessive concerns make them oblivious to anything that doesn’t flatter their image of themselves. They are dangerous precisely because they idolize an idealized self. This ties right in with Anatoly Karlin’s Sixth Proof of God essay. An individual soul, standing naked before God, finds its egoistic conceits dethroned.

    • Replies: @S
  73. Ace says:

    Great article with commendable levels of scorn for Don the Con.

  74. Bill Meyer says: • Website

    Fabulous article, as usual, Ilana. I thought she was a good secretary doing what she could with a compromised, and increasingly captured administration. Have been told by some (who claim to know) that what really killed her was fallout from a failed “relationship” with Kelly. If true, the wrong partner paid the price.

  75. S says:

    Good points.

    Yes, the fellow which created the linked site below couldn’t understand why so few people, particularly in the North itself, didn’t know that the North, like the South, had also had chattel slaves. That indeed, in 1861 at the start of the Civil War, albeit slavery having been ‘grandfathered’, in New Jersey elderly chattel slaves could be found legally owned by people.

    He couldn’t understand why the dirth of awareness about this subject existed and looks at it from what might be termed a Marxist angle. He thought people should be made aware and hence his creation of the website.

    I’ll submit a reason he didn’t as to why.

    I think by itself they could deal with chattel slavery having existed in the North. Hey, even the best of people make mistakes at times.

    But, that’s just it, it’s not by itself, as simultaneously with chattel slavery’s abolition in the US North, the phenomena of ever growing ‘immigration’ began to appear there.

    At first, as the US was still largely agricultural the numbers were relatively small, but as the Northeast industrialized the numbers of ‘immigrants’ being imported in greatly increased, ultimately by the 1850’s and 1860’s displacing their own local Anglo-Saxon ‘Yankee girls’ whom had been doing the work at the textile mills with ‘waves’ of French Canadians, and Irish Roman Catholics, then people from the Balkans and Syria, and finally people imported from just about anywhere.

    It’s been researched. The early 19th century Northeastern industrialists were by and large the very same personages or types who had been the slave dealers in places such as Massachusetts and Connecticut, etc. Displacing their own in the North-east with imported in wage slaves was exactly what they had been doing with the Southern Anglo-Saxons and their importing in chattel slaves there.

    I think they have concerns that people might add ‘two and two’ together regarding this and understand that the immigrant so called ‘cheap laborer’ is simply the slave, now monetized, in this arrangement.

    Even more so I think it terrifies the modern progressive/liberal at a certain level, perhaps somewhat unconsciously, that if they look at these things too closely it might shatter their world.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Rich
  76. Realist says:

    Let’s just say that genuine elites are, for our purposes, those with a towering IQ. Most of these people go into the hard sciences. Those who can’t cut the mustard content themselves with liberal arts degrees of one sort or another. They failed to make the grade.

    Exactly. So many people mistake a degree in something less than a STEM degree as having an education. For the most part this is absolutely not true. A reasonable percent of the American populus capable of benefiting from a college education is at best twenty-five.

  77. Realist says:

    It appears that Ilana is discovering who and what Trump is.

  78. @S

    Of course, the ultimate form of Mastery is the right to simply dispose of a human being, as America’s and Britain’s rulers have done to their native, white, working-class people. As empowering as it is to be respectfully obeyed by one’s dusky domestics, it is even more intoxicating to murder others without fear of reprisal.

    Telling a person who has no choice or say in the matter that he is expendable and then acting on that by contemptuously turning one’s back upon them is the ultimate rush for those who derive their sense of self worth from interpersonal interactions. It is to bulldoze them from the face of the earth, just as the Nazis were slandered for having done to the city of Lidice, Czechoslovakia during WW2. It is to tear down their monuments and plant cover-crops over their graves. It is to use their bodies as fertilizer.

    What Anatoly is trying to say is that while Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair may believe that, following the dictates of their Jewish paymasters who are avenging themselves for atrocities committed during WW2, in disposing of white human beings as trash they are simply rendering meat, the Christian religion tells us otherwise. Not only their bodies, but their souls are being profaned as well. And to do that is to violate the sacred truth that lies at the very core of Christianity i.e. that the Soul is God’s property and does not belong to any earthly power.

    The ancient Greeks recognized that Nemisis–“one from whom there is no escape”–was more ancient than their Olympians. Even Zeus admitted that he was powerless against her.

  79. sarz says:

    Ivanka… finds New York Jews glamorous and wants to belong.

    Ivanaka belongs without having to try. Her mother Ivana is a Jew, and so Ivanka is halachically Jewish. Her ‘conversion’ to marry Kushner was a bit of bullshit to make Trump look less Jewish, given that his father, and his first two wives and possibly the third, and four out of five and possibly all his children, were or are Jewish. It seems to have worked.

    I remember an exchange between Trump and a supporter who questioned Trump’s reliance on Kushner, a Jew. Trump seemed to concede the general point but stated that Kushner was exceptional.

  80. Rich says:

    Calling a person who works for wages a “slave” is a bit disingenuous, I think. A slave, being owned, can’t get up and leave, can’t take a bus to the next town, has no rights over his own person, family or property. It’s true that immigrants were often paid poorly and worked under horrific conditions, still doesn’t make them “slaves” and it makes your argument appear weaker. There can be a comparison made between the ownership class and the working class and the ownership class and slaves, but there is still a major difference.

    • Replies: @S
  81. getaclue says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    Agree totally with Robert Dolan– all this is part of the NWO agenda which is the Masonic Protocols of the Elders of Zion agenda — it is the Kalergi Plan (look it up– your living under it now….) which specifically stated decades ago this would be done to destroy Western Civilization and “whitey” and it is from the Jews — the “Big Jews”–the small ones are treated like the Goyim or worse, Hitler had no problem with the “Big Jews” he actually copied what they were doing and their ruthlessness–there is a war on both most “whitey” have no clue–getting hit by a crowbar might change that but most are so stupid probably not….

  82. annamaria says:

    Finally, “a premeditated felony:”

    The real architect of the Trump-Russia treachery was the boss-man at the nation’s premier intelligence agency, the CIA. …

    “The cast of characters leveraged by the FBI against the Trump campaign all appear to have their genesis as CIA sources (“assets,” in agency vernacular) shared at times with the FBI. From Stefan Halper and possibly Joseph Mifsud, to Christopher Steele, to Carter Page himself, and now a mysterious “government investigator” posing as Halper’s assistant and cited in The New York Times article, legitimate questions arise as to whether Comey was manipulated into furthering a CIA political operation more than an FBI counterintelligence case.” (“James Comey is in trouble and he knows it”, The Hill). …

    Could Trump’s promise to normalize relations with Russia have intensified Brennan’s visceral hatred of him given the fact that Russia had frustrated Brennan’s strategic plans in Ukraine and Syria? Keep in mind, the CIA had been arming, training and providing logistical support to the Sunni militants who were trying to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al Assad. Putin’s intervention crushed the jihadist militias delivering a humiliating defeat to Generalissimo Brennan who, soon after, left office in disgrace. Isn’t this at least part of the reason why Brennan hates Trump? …

    “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.”

  83. But many Trump supporters are still defending this man. You are right; Trump puts his family’s interests before the Nation.

  84. @Anonymous

    I voted for him, too, and for the same reasons; He was talking truth about Syria, the M.E., and who was really backing ISIS – as well as for his ideas on the economy. I took a chance after going to one of his rallies here in my city. He seemed the best alternative to Clinton.

    Now that more illegals are flocking in and we have provided monumental concessions to Israel, I have dropped this man like a hot potato. Obviously, the entire Middle East debacle is Israeli driven and Trump is supporting war crimes and genocide and the monster, Bibi.

  85. S says:

    Calling a person who works for wages a “slave” is a bit disingenuous, I think.

    No disingenuousness at all about it.

    And to be sure, unfortunately, the term ‘wage slavery’ has been much abused by some the past several decades in reference to any and all wage labor.

    To clarify things, when I use the term ‘wage slavery’ I am in no way referring to what is simply generic wage labor or an instance where someone is paid what might be seen as low pay, ie a neighbor paying you a few dollars for a few hours work to help harvest their pecans, but rather am speaking specifically of the phenomena of someone not wishing to pay the prevailing real time local costs of labor, more often than not typically to their own people, and then choosing to undercut in a significant way that local rate by ‘importing’ often quite large numbers of so called ‘immigrants.’

    Where not talking pennies on the dollar difference in pay here either, or, they wouldn’t bother with it.

    A good historic example of this is that after just about being literally forced to investigate the matter, a recalcitrant California state legislature revealed in the mid 1870’s that the Chinese being imported into the state were often being paid upwards of seventy percent (ie two-thirds to be specific) below the prevailing real time local rate of labor of whichever California locale they were being brought into.

    A more modern example of this type thing has been the H1B visa holders from India being imported into the US to work in the tech industry for many thousands of dollars a year less than what the local labor rate had been.

    The Chinese and Indians in those instances are examples of what I refer to as wage slavery as opposed to chattel slavery. In the former the systematic theft of their labor (the financial essence of slavery) is quite neatly, cleanly, and modernly, directly via their pay, ie their wages (and hence the term wage slavery), while in the latter the systematic theft of their labor is via the cumbersome, antiquated, and rife with hassle -got to feed, clothe, and house, the person, etc- means of physically owning the person as a piece of property, a piece of property being known as a chattel, and hence the historic term chattel slavery.

    The so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system, the economic and political basis of the modern ‘multi-cultural’ society, I submit is simply the chattel slavery and its trade of old, distilled to its core financial essence. This is why I submit also, self deception at best having taken place, that chattel slavery and its trade was merely monetized rather than having been ‘abolished’ in the 19th. century, and that slavery is still very much with us to this day, now in a much more virulent and destructive form.

    The chattel slave historically having been in chains, ragged clothes, and at times of a particular race or ethnicity, are all ultimately peripheral aspects of slavery itself, slavery in its financial essence simply being the systematic theft of an individual’s labor.

    With the ‘just in time’ slavery of so called ‘cheap labor’ acquired by way of ‘mass immigration’, the former would be chattel slave owner with their wage slave immigrant gets their ‘hit’ of stolen unpaid labor when they want it for as long as they want it.

    When this person’s labor is no longer desired they can simply discard the person on the street, no muss, no fuss. If the wage slave chooses to leave, no biggy as another one of the ‘immigrants’ is simply hired. Whereas before, with chattel slavery, by law the slave (unless sold to someone) could not simply be discarded on the street by the chattel slave owner but instead had to be physically cared for by them even into their unproductive old age’, now, with wage slavery, that ‘unproductive old age’ and sickness costs is borne by the general public with their taxes.

    While they are in their productive years as wage slaves for whatever period of time that might be, but as the value of their labor is still being systematically stolen from them, the costs and hassle of food, clothing, and housing shortfalls are now ‘out sourced’ to the general public as well to deal with via greatly expanded ‘government services’ taxes.

    As mentioned on a previous post in this thread, with wage slavery the former would be chattel slave dealer is still present as well and profiting from this slavery in a myriad of ways.

    Basically, with chattel slavery and its trade’s monetization, wage slavery, both the former would be chattel slave dealer and the would be chattel slave purchaser have out sourced from themselves just about every negative of chattel slavery and its trade upon the general public to deal with while they themselves continue to personally profit from the systematic theft of the labor taking place, now sans all the hassle.

    To top it off, they condemn anyone who protests this while simultaneously play acting that they are now the good guys, when in reality they are every bit as rotten to their core as they were before, if not much more so.

    The failure to have dealt with chattel slavery and its trade in a truthful manner, but instead to have monetized it, and then to have pawned off this monetization as slavery’s abolition to an unsuspecting and non-understanding world, has been a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions for the peoples of the world and for humanity as a whole.

    • Replies: @Rich
  86. Alfred says:

    The problem is that the USA is no longer a country. It is a region. It is run by gangsters. A protection racket. Somewhat like the Ukraine.

    I just hope that when the USA split up they don’t drag the rest of the world into a war. Let’s not forget that in the American Civil War Russian warships supported the Union because the British supported the Confederates.

  87. Rich says:

    I understand your argument and agree that the importation of H1b immigrants drives down wages, as does the importation of masses of illegals to work in construction, restaurants, and other businesses, but I think trying to make more than a slight comparison to slavery, diminishes the argument to keep the numbers of these immigrants restricted. People aren’t going to buy into the argument that low wages equals slavery. The Chinaman who made two thirds what a White man made in California, was still doing infinitely better than back in his homeland. The Guatemalan who makes one third what a union carpenter makes, is still earning ten times what he could earn back home, plus he gets free medical care, often free or cheap housing, free schooling for his kids and free food from the local food pantry as well as food stamps in many states. That ain’t slavery, that’s hitting the lottery.

    • Replies: @S
  88. @Rational

    I agree. Most people just talk about the wall. Let’s shoot them.

  89. S says:

    People aren’t going to buy into the argument that low wages equals slavery.

    In my post your responding to I make it plain I’m not saying ‘low wages equals slavery’.

    I’ll add here, as can probably be discerned, I don’t much care for the term ‘cheap labor’, a term of propaganda from what I can tell that’s been around since at least the first half of the 19th century, and meant exactly then the same as it means today when we talk about ‘immigrants’ or ‘mass immigration’.

    It’s too nice of a term (sounds like a slogan to sell a low cost brand of tooth paste) and I suspect it was concocted by the slave dealers to sell the public on mass immigration. I also suspect it was the slave dealers of the Britsh Empire themselves who concocted and financed the abolition movement to clear the way for the far more profitable and efficient to them wage slavery acquired by the ‘cheap labor’/mass immigration system.

    The term ‘wage slavery’ for so called ‘cheap labor’ sounds just about right.

    The Chinaman who made two thirds what a White man made in California, was still doing infinitely better than back in his homeland.

    Why repeat the propaganda and arguments of those (ie the former would be slave dealer/slave owners) who promote the wage slavery system? It’s decidedly not in most people’s interest, including your own, to do so.

    It’s remindful of those that even to this day who, also against their own interest, most not having been part of families which owned chattel slaves, repeat the slave dealer/owners arguments attempting to excuse slavery by saying that even as slaves, they were better off here than in there African homeland.

    Why defend the morally indefensible? I don’t get it.

    Going back to Jamestown in 1619 colonial America, in each and every instance that a planter or other person purchased a chattel slave instead of hiring one of their own, because they didn’t want to pay the real time local cost of labor, they were betraying their own people, and ultimately themselves.

    The same exact parallel exist with the wage slavery system and its so called ‘cheap labor’.

    The Chinese were in a position to be so exploited and brought into California only after first having had their country flooded with drugs (opium) by predominantly British (and some US) elites, not coincidentally the very same amoral types that had been involved in chattel slavery and its trade, and then being militarily crushed in the Opium War(s) by the British Empire when they feebly, but to the best of their ability, attempted to resist their moral, physical, and cultural destruction.

    Otherwise I doubt the Chinese, a proud people, would in any significant way have been able to be so exploited as wage slaves. They as a whole had to be first reduced to an unnaturally low state of being, ie broken, not coincidentally much like it was those from the broken and defeated African tribes who were imported in as chattel slaves.

    It has to be that way though, as who generally unbroken would freely agree to leave their country and be a chattel slave? Who generally unbroken and with the smallest bit of self worth would freely agree to leave their homeland and be paid as a wage slave, let’s say half, what everybody else is being paid?

    Would you?

    The Guatemalan who makes one third what a union carpenter makes, is still earning ten times what he could earn back home,

    Again, why repeat the arguments of the former would be chattel slave dealer/owners which promote their wage slavery, ie the so called ‘cheap labor’. Why defend the predation?

    It’s not in yours or most people’s interest to do so.

    …plus he gets free medical care, often free or cheap housing, free schooling for his kids and free food from the local food pantry as well as food stamps in many states.

    But, it’s not free, something I’m sure you’re quite aware of. It’s your tax dollars and charity donations making up the difference (the stolen labor) between what the former would be slave owner is actually paying and what the prevailing real time local cost of labor is (also known in the past with reason as a ‘living wage’) or would of been without the immigrant being present or the ‘immigration taking place.

    Under chattel slavery by law the slave holder had to foot the bill for food, clothing, shelter, and the old age care of their slaves. Now with so called ‘cheap labor’ much of that expense is now borne by the general public in much higher taxes.

    With chattel slavery when the former would be slave owner wished to show off to their slave owning friends and associates, as well as the general public, how ‘good’ a person he or she was, they out of their own pockets would pay for small gifts so as to ‘dote’ upon their slaves with.

    With wage slavery (ie so called ‘cheap labor’) this doting has been ‘outsourced’ now to the general public and it is we who pay for it.

    That ain’t slavery, that’s hitting the lottery.

    People in general in the United States going back to the time of colonial Jamestown, are from what I can tell, under a mental bondage or ‘Stockholme syndrome’ of sorts regarding this slavery business.

    Whether it be chattel, or wage, this appears to be the case, the population having over the centuries apparently internalized much of the thinking or rationalizations driving first chattel, and then its monetization, wage slavery (aka so called ‘cheap labor’) by those powerful elements of the elites and hangers on who profit from this sordid business.

    Most of these slaver’s own people though, the vast majority of the public, were not involved in this slavery business, and have performed their own work without the use of either chattel or wage slaves. They have rather had to suffer grievously with slavery, by diktat.

    This bondage has yet to be broken.

    I was one of those people under that mental bondage not all that long ago, that is, until I started to look really deeply into the matter. I still deal with it at times, the propaganda regarding the subject of slavery, chattel or wage, being that strong in the United States.

    In war, due to its topsy turvy nature, some times things come out in the open which are normally hidden.

    The US Civil War of 1861 – 65 was no different.

    Due to the war things came out about ‘wage slavery’ (ie ‘cheap labor’) and ‘chattel slavery’, and of a little heard primary (if not the primary) cause of the Civil War itself.

    The writer of the first book excerpted below, writing some forty years after the war’s conclusion, was a member of the self described ‘priviledged 4000’ families who ruled over the US South in reference to the 3000 slave owning families with one hundred or more slaves each and the roughly one thousand allied business class families.

    Had the slave owner George Washington been around in 1861 his Virginia family would have been one of these ‘priviledged 4000’.

    Bear in mind that at the start of the war in 1861 that due to chattel slavery the Anglo-Saxon population of South Carlina had become a minority in comparison to the African slaves, 45 to 55 percent.

    From the introduction of the book The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865 (1908)…

    ‘It was…a question of dollars and cents.’

    ‘Our Southern States, being still in the agricultural stage, on account of our practical monopoly of the world’s chief textile staple, were the last of the great civilized nations to find chattel slavery less profitable than wage slavery, and hence the “great moral crusade” of the North against the perverse and unregenerate South.’

    ‘It was a pure case of economic determinism, which means that our great moral conflict reduces itself, in the last analysis, to a question of dollars and cents, though the real issue was so obscured by other considerations that we of the South honestly believe to this day that we were fighting for States Rights, while the North is equally honest in the conviction that it was engaged in a magnanimous struggle to free the slave.’

    The former US Treasurer, slave speculator, territorial governor of ‘Bleeding Kansas’ (1858), and the Lincoln administration’s financial representative in London, Robert Walker, wrote from that city in December, 1863 in an open letter to the Northern US public (Union) attempting to explain why the North, from an economic viewpoint, had to fight the South. This appeared on pg 258 of the March, 1864 edition of The Continental Monthly.

    At the start of the Civil War in 1861 due to several decades of wage slavery (ie ‘cheap labor’) being imported in by diktat, the Anglo-Saxon Protestant population of Boston, Mass, was already a minority in that city, having been replaced with Irish Catholics. The ‘Boston Celts’ had formally been the Boston Anglo-Saxons. On the other side of the country thousands of wage slaves were being imported in yearly in to the US state of California, also by diktat.

    Had I mentioned that during the US Civil War, and the years immediately preceding, that the term ‘cheap labor’ literally disappeared from the Northern corporate media, and was replaced with the term ‘free labor’ instead? Specifically ‘free’ replaced ‘cheap’ in the term so as to emphasise that the wage slave immigrant, which much of Massachusetts and Northern labor was, was a free man, as opposed to a chattel slave of the South in proverbial chains.

    As soon as the war concluded, the term ‘cheap labor’ slowly re-emerged back into common usage, and the term ‘free labor’ went back into obscurity.

    ‘The educated free labor of Massachusetts, we have seen, doubles the products of toil, per capita, as compared with Maryland, and quadruples them (as the Census shows) compared with South Carolina….’

    Ultimately, despite the lies told to and believed by Northern and Southern soldier alike, they both fought and died for the cause of slavery.;view=1up;seq=266;skin=mobile

    • Replies: @S
  90. @Voltaire

    “…why are our current leaders not doing this, who do they serve???”

    Because they are not leaders, they are rulers and – as such – they expect not to serve, but to be served.

  91. imbroglio says:

    In twenty years, give or take, the children of many of these new arrivals will qualify for affirmative action in “higher” education and enhanced quotas in employment as they form the backbone of AOC’s army. The white majority will continue to shrink and those whites not protected by privilege and wealth may face increasing racial hostility from a country divided by ethnicilty (ethnic hostility.) Nothing, including America, last forever. For aught we know, Native America may be silently cheering them on.

  92. Anonymous [AKA "Siouxma"] says:
    @Dan Hayes

    The Sisterhood only works if you are a Globalist/Leftist/Feminist. Everyone else is fair game for death and destruction.
    The reporting on KN has always left me confused. I never liked Kelly or trusted him, so it was guilt by association. Now Kelly has gone to his true calling of supporting No Borders/Free movement for ALL. KN has been right all along – Enforce the laws we have or Congress needs to change them… which never happens in a good way for Americans. The Oligarchy needs a steady supply of “illegals” to abuse and exploit for monetary gain and demoralize the citizenry with the state-sanctioned criminality. No political party wants to “solve” the problem, quite obviously, including the father of Ivanka. In fact, they want to make it even worse, which Ivanka’s father is doing in spades.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  93. S says:

    This below from my previous post has been corrected to read:

    That same year, on the other side of the country, thousands of wage slaves were being imported in yearly from China in to the US state of California, also by diktat.

    In this thread I’ve already mentioned the sister cities of Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’, Massachusetts and Lawrence, Kansas, both financed and constructed during the 1840’s and 1850’s by the Massachusetts
    based Lawrence family of textile factory magnates, the latter city to act as a base of operations for the ‘abolitionist’ in the contested KS territory.

    I’ve also mentioned how, quite tellingly, the term ‘cheap labor’, commonly used prior to the Civil War, literally disappeared from the North’s corporate media during the war and in the years immediately preceding, only to reemerge after the war’s conclusion.

    Delving a bit deeper into the subject of the North fighting the South so as to forcibly introduce its wage slave (ie ‘cheap labor’) system there and remove an entrenched, costly, and inefficient chattel slavery, I’ll throw in a few additional quotes to demonstrate the point. Due to a change of format by the ‘Making of America’ websites, I lost some of the original links I had to a few quotes, but if a person is interested a search of those websites will find them.

    Due to chattel slavery and its trade in British colonial North America since 1619, a horrible pattern had evolved by 1776 between powerful elements of the then largely Anglo-Saxon elites and hangers on, and their own people, ie rather than pay one of their own the prevailing real time local cost of labor, these elites and hangers on would instead import or purchase locally a very alien African chattel slave. In so doing both Southern chattel slave owners and Northern slave dealers had grown used to displacing their own people (the vast majority non-slave holders) physically, culturally, and economically.

    To ‘keep up with’ and ‘be able to compete’ economically with chattel slave owning neighbors, slave ownership had ‘gone viral’ and slavery and its trade had become endemic to British North America by the time of the country’s founding. Both slave and non-slave holders being creatures of habit, you have the exact same pattern for the same reasons today with chattel slavery and its trade’s monetization, wage slavery, aka so called ‘cheap labor’, which has also ‘gone viral’.

    In his March 3, 1858 speech to the US Senate (linked below) entitled ‘Freedom in Kansas’, Henry Seward outlines the history of the labor system in the United States from the time of the country’s founding to 1858, and in doing so effectively gives the history of the North’s ‘cheap labor’ (wage slavery) system and its competition with the South’s chattel slavery system. The reason for the speech was the guerilla warfare taking place in ‘bleeding Kansas’ between privately funded armies financed by Northern industrialists and Southern plantation owners. The ‘compromises’ had broken down and this was a micro-cosm of the coming US Civil War. Seward refers to this as a multi-generational ‘dynastical struggle’.

    Excerpt of Proclamation by US Brigadier-General Phelps to the loyal people of the Southwest, Ship Island, Mississippi, December 4, 1861. Note that he specifically references the mass immigration ‘constantly augmenting in numbers from Europe’ in the North and this system’s ‘need of expansion into the Southern States, from which it is virtually excluded’.

    ‘It is our conviction that monopolies are as destructive as competition is conservative of the principles and vitalities of republican Government; that slave labor is a monopoly which excludes free labor and competition; that slaves are kept in comparitive idleness and ease in a fertile half of our arable national territory, while free white laborers, constantly augmenting in numbers from Europe, are confined to the the other half and are often distressed by want; that the free white laborers of the North has more need of expansion into the Southern States, from which it is virtually excluded, than slavery had into Texas in 1846…’

    Bank of England circular sent to every bank in New York and New England in 1862, Imperial Washington (1922). The Bank of England, based in London, was no doubt in large part whom Robert Walker was dealing with in 1863-1864 to obtain loans to fund the Union war effort. Note the cynical comment about chattel slavery requiring ‘care for the laborer’, ie food, shelter, clothing, whereas of course with the streamlined wage slavery (so called ‘cheap labor’) that’s not now required, that cost and hassle having been largely and safely ‘outsourced’ to the general public to bear.

    ‘Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power, and chattel slavery destroyed. This, I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care for the laborer, while the European plan led by England, is for capital to control labor by controlling the wages…’

    Former US Treasurer, past slave speculator, and the financial representative of the Lincoln administration in London, Robert Walker, writing from that city in December,1863, in an open letter to the American public attempting to explain from an economic view point why the North had to prosecute the war against the South. Note the careful use of the term ‘free labor’ instead of ‘cheap labor’. The Continental Monthly – March 1864

    ‘The educated free labor of Massachusetts, we have seen, doubles the products of toil, per capita, as compared with Maryland, and quadruples them (as the Census shows) compared with South Carolina….’

    From Harper’s New Monthly Magazine– January, 1897. Note again the use of the term ‘free labor’ instead of ‘cheap labor’. While after the war the term ‘cheap labor’ did re-emerge in to common useage in the corporate media of the United States they were careful to not use that term in relation to the Civil War. That’s still true today.

    ‘The [Civil] war was essentially an industrial struggle – a struggle between free labor and the masters of slave labor.’

    Excerpt of the 1907 introduction to the book The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865 (published in 1908). The writer’s family had been one of the self described ‘privileged 4000’ families who ruled over the US South and she as a Southern adult woman had lived through the Civil War. To her credit she gets at the hard truth about why both ‘sides’, North and South, fought the war, not hiding either the South’s chattel slavery nor the North’s competing ‘wage slavery’ (ie ‘cheap labor’ so called) system.

    ‘…the modern industrial system made wage slavery a more efficient agent of production than chattel slavery.’

    • Replies: @ltravail
  94. ltravail [AKA "ltravail66"] says:

    The Trump administration, and media, spun Nielsen’s firing as a reluctance or failure on her part (or just plain incompetence) to effect Trump’s get-tough-on-illegal-immigration campaign promise. Your article opened my eyes to the truth of the matter, and I am grateful for your setting the record straight.

    • Replies: @WJ
  95. ltravail [AKA "ltravail66"] says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Well said.

  96. ltravail [AKA "ltravail66"] says:

    “…a horrible pattern had evolved by 1776 between powerful elements of the then largely Anglo-Saxon elites and hangers on, and their own people, ie rather than pay one of their own the prevailing real time local cost of labor…” One thing deluded whites (goyim, as the Jews say) will never come to understand is that these “powerful elements” never considered the likes of you and your fellow travelers as “one of their own.” To them, all poor and ignorant humans are fungible. They do not care about race in that regard. A perusal of the history of industrialization in 18th/19th century Britain would make that clear to you. When Cecil Rhodes was prime minister of the Cape Colony (current-day South Africa), a debate raged in the assembly as whether or not to encourage the mass immigration of whites to offset the overwhelming numbers of black Africans in that region. Rhodes vehemently rejected the idea, predicting that all it would accomplish would be the creation of a huge poor ignorant white underclass. Rhodes had nothing but vitriol for the ignorant white underclasses of England, and insisted that no such class of people would ever become part of his vision for South Africa. It always amuses me to hear ordinary whites speak of “elites” as “race traitors”, when, in fact, they were never on your side – except when they needed your body and blood for their wars for commercial hegemony.

    • Replies: @S
  97. mr meener says:

    what is wrong Ilena? are you mad cause you are not in on destroying another country like your jew father and his bolshevik allies did in south africa? after you jews turned south africa into a hellhole you ran out of there. what country you in now . maybe your father and his allies are dead so it will be hard to destroy the country you in nowIlena

  98. S says:

    Hmmm…’deluded whites’, ‘the likes of you and your fellow travelers’, ‘ignorant white under classes’.

    You know, hatred will eat you up if you don’t watch yourself. Nietsche warned about that sort of thing.

    Depeche Mode had a cool song, ‘People are People’, whose lyrics dealt with this same subject:

    So we’re different colours and we’re different creeds
    And different people have different needs
    It’s obvious you hate me though I’ve done nothing wrong
    I’ve never even met you, so what could I have done?

    I can’t understand
    What makes a man
    Hate another man
    Help me understand

    Having said that, I don’t hate you whatever your background, whether it be Black, White, Asian, Jewish, or ‘mixed’, etc. I try not to hate anyone, it’s not healthy. It takes up too much energy and there’s way too much about life to enjoy instead.

    How could I anyway? I’ve never met you and you’ve never met me. (Don’t try and get me to hate you. I’ll very much resist it!)

    Now, I don’t much care for empires and I also don’t much care for genocide, whether it be other peoples or my own, whether it be by shooting or ‘mixing’, or ‘class warfare’. I think most peoples don’t wish to see their own genocided which is healthy. I think the various cultures, ethnicities, and races are worth maintaining so the wonderful diversity of peoples that constitute the tapestry of humanity will be preserved.

    By the way, the modern day all pervasive anti-race campaign known as ‘anti-racism’ has its roots in slavery. Both chattel slavery and its monetization, wage slavery, are genocidal, in large part due to the mixing aspect.

    In the mid to latter 19th century elements of the corporate media within the Anglosphere countries were declaring it a done deal that the United States would soon be primarily Asiatic in its character due to plans coming to fruition of importing literally tens of millions of Chinese into the United States as wage slaves, ie so called ‘cheap laborers’. It seems the same was likely intended for Australia and Canada as well.

    However, in both Australia and the United States people’s natural and entirely healthy aversion to genocide kicked in and put a stop to it as well as a stop to the predation of the Chinese, ie the Chinese Exclusion Act in the US and the ‘White Only’ policy in Australia.

    The Pall Mall Gazette of London in a Spring, 1874 edition wrote an extensive article on this entitled ‘Chinamen Out of China’. It lamented the resistance this scheme was running into in the US and Australia and specifically identified ‘race’ and people’s concern about what the results would be to it due to these ‘hordes of workmen’ as the primary impediment to its implementation.

    That would appear to be the pathetic financial roots of the genocidal anti-race campaign known as ‘anti-racism.

  99. WJ says:

    She didnt set the record straight. Nielsen fought stricter immigration controls every step of the way. I dont know what Mercer’s agenda but Nielsen and her bf Kelly were no friends to immigration restrictionists.

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