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The War on Trump: A Guide for Conservatives, Libertarians and Liberals
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Periodically, America experiences episodes of mass, hysterical contagion.

What is “hysterical contagion”? A sociologist explains it as the spread of symptoms of an illness among a group, absent any physiological disease. It provides a way of coping with a situation that cannot be handled with the usual coping mechanism.

For example, in 1983, girls in the West Bank fell ill, one after the other. Soon, all the schools and finally the entire community was engulfed, affected with the same symptoms. Arab doctors implicated the Israelis. But of course. The Israeli Occupation had poisoned the girls by gas to reduce their fertility. When real doctors arrived on the scene to examine the neurotics; the girls were pronounced physically healthy.

The frenzied behavior known as mass hysteria or hysterical contagion is well documented. The Trump-Russia “collusion,” “obstruction of justice” probe qualifies, with an exception: This particular form of mass madness involves a meme, a story-line, rather than the physical symptoms observed in the West Bank.

Rumor recounted as fact for which no evidence can possibly be adduced: Indeed, the Establishment and opposition elites have poisoned the country’s collective consciousness. However, it’s the emotional pitch with which the Trump-Russia collusion group-think is delivered, day in and day out, that has gripped and inflamed irrational, febrile minds.

What sociology terms “a collective preoccupation” is fueled by organizational- and communication networks. Friendship networks (the liberal kind) and work organizations (government departments infested with like-minded individuals) serve as nodes in a system that transmits faulty signals across the synapses of this collective, damaged brain.

The storyline du jour is manufactured by America’s gilded elites. During the era of Bush II, DC operative Karl Rove put it plainly: “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”

When you’re the most powerful entity in the world, as the US government certainly is—the only government to have dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations (“good” bombs, because dropped by the US)—you get to manufacture your own parallel universe with its unique rules of evidence and standards of proof. What’s more, as the mightiest rule-maker, you can coerce other earthlings into “sharing” your alternate reality. Or else.

The manufacturing of Fake News by the Deep State, circa 2017, is of a piece with the anatomy of the ramp-up to war in Iraq, in 2003. (Chronicled in achingly painful detail in Broad Sides: One Woman’s Clash With A Corrupt Culture.) Except that back then, Republicans, joined by diabolical Democrats like Hillary Clinton, were the ones dreaming up Homer Simpson’s Third Dimension.

Conscripted into America’s reality, Iraqis paid the price of this terrible American concoction. Hundreds of thousands of them were displaced and killed due to “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”


Because of Fake News generated so effectively by the likes of Judith Chalabi Miller, the Gray Lady’s prized reporter at the time, American soldiers paid dearly, as well. Miller shilled for that war over the pages of the New York Times like there was no tomorrow. She’s now a Fox News “specialist.”

To manufacture consent, elements in the intelligence community worked with neoconservative counterparts in Bush 43’s administration, in particularity with “the Office of Special Plans.” And while Fake News babes did wonders for the cause of senseless killing—the dissemination of Fake News vis-a-vis Iraq was hardly the exclusive province of Fox News. With some laudable exceptions, Big Media all was tuned-out, turned-on and hot for war.

Now, it’s all-out war on Trump. Then it was war on Iraq.

Salient in 2003, as in 2017, was the monolithic quality of the cheer-leading coming from the networks; an unquestioning uniformity that spoke to a slutty sell-out throughout the media establishment. For journalistic jingoism, it’s impossible to best the coverage of the high-tech media extravaganza known as “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Embedded with the military turned out to be a euphemism for in bed with the military. Practically all network embeds focused exclusively on the pentagon’s version of events, to the exclusion of reality on the Iraqi ground. Yet reporters who slept with their sources were treated as paragons of truth. Those of us who refused such cohabitation were labeled “unilaterals.” (This column paid with a syndication deal.)

Reporting hearsay as truth and failing to verify stories were all in a day’s work on cable and news networks. A Geiger counter that went off in the inexpert hands of a marine, stationed in Iraq, became “Breaking News,” possible evidence of weapons-grade plutonium. Every bottle of Cipro tablets located was deemed a likely precursor to an anthrax factory. Anchormen and women somberly seconded these “finds,” seldom bothering to issue retractions.

To comprehend the hysterical mass contagion that is the war on Trump it’s essential to trace the contours of that other war, “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” and the way it was peddled to the American public.

The war on Trump could end badly. By “badly,” I don’t mean the violent silencing of conservative speakers, the firebombing of Republican Party headquarters (October, 2016). Or, the attempted murder of Republicans representatives (June, 2017).

These are barbaric. But if past is prologue; the frenzy of inflamed imaginations could spill over into all-out war—against Russia, Iran, North Korea.

You’ve been warned.

Ilana Mercer is the author of The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016) & Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011). Follow her on Twitter, Facebook,Gab & YouTube channel.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Fake News 
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  1. nsa says:

    Silly article defending a vile jooie tool like Trump. There is obviously zero chance of attacking Korea……nothing in it for the jooies and their izzy relatives, so it won’t happen. Persia is the target. The bloodthirsty jooies own the media, the congress, the white house, the central bank…..and they want Persia bombed and destroyed. Best guess as to the timing…..when the next recession takes hold and a patriotic diversion is needed to keep the unruly masses in line.

  2. Realist says:

    I don’t understand why Trump allowed this to fester so long. The day he took office he should have fired Comey and hundreds, if not thousands of deep state members in his adopted administration.
    He is either stupid or very naive. It may well be too late to change the plot to get rid of him.

  3. The frenzied behavior known as mass hysteria or hysterical contagion is well documented. The Trump-Russia “collusion,” “obstruction of justice” probe qualifies, …..

    Sixty some millions of us voted for Trump. That’s quite a few who don’t buy the Russia bullshit. The people who want WWIII are not hysterical. They are evil.

  4. Anonymous [AKA "Gibson 3"] says:

    We saw definitive proof that the Democrats and the MSM have no respect for democray in 2016.

    Hillary wanted to rig the Democratic primaries such that she would win. This was obvously quite acceptable to the members of the DNC, as well as much of the national leadership of the Democratic party. There were few outspoken words of protest. Most of the national Democrats endorsed Hillary. Since then, there has been opposition to any who supported Bernie having anything more than symbolic positions in the party.

    We know the MSM went along with this. Most openly colluded with the Hillary campaign to let her dominate ‘the news’. Reporting on how the process was rigged was limited to alternative and social media. Like questions about Hillary’s health, any discussion that the whole process was rigged was derided as a conspiracy theory and black-out from the mainstream news.

    Thus, we know as a matter of fact just how little both the leadership of the Democratic Party and the MSM value popular input. The whole notion of democracy is that the people hold the sovereign power of the nation. The Democrats and the MSM both openly reject this, and we have a clear example of this from before Trump’s arriving in office.

    Note: None of this implies that the Republicans have any more such respect for democracy. Its just that this is a clear example about how other groups feel. There was resistence within the Republlican leadership to Trump’s Presidential challenge, but it was allowed to proceed.

  5. KenH says:

    Judith Chalabi Miller is a chosenite. The Office of Special Plans was dominated by Jews and Israel first goyim.

    Salient in 2003, as in 2017, was the monolithic quality of the cheer-leading coming from the networks; an unquestioning uniformity that spoke to a slutty sell-out throughout the media establishment.

    When we drop bombs and regime change for Israel all of the news networks unofficially merge as one single network and speak with one voice. The only thing they disagree on is how many bombs should be dropped, the duration of the bombing campaign and whether to send 50K troops or 100K troops into the quagmire. Or the method of execution for the Hitler incarnate that we are deposing.

  6. Although I agree with the overall message of the article I don’t see what purpose is served by linking the present state of affairs with the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (One could, with more accuracy, trace the American Empire to the Spanish-American War or even the American Civil War.) Those two decisions were made almost three quarters of a century ago in the context of an extremely costly world war and facing an enemy engaging in suicidal resistance in order to inflict large numbers of casualties on Americans. I never met a Pacific War combat veteran who wasn’t strongly supportive of Truman’s decision.

    • Agree: Auntie Analogue
    • Replies: @anonymous
  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    There’s plenty out there if you want to see whether your beliefs withstand informed reflection about the timing vis a vis Soviet operations, the expressed disgust of some of the military commanders with Truman’s actions, etc. All that aside, even without digging into the history, doesn’t something seem wrong when:

    The first bomb was dropped on a substantially civilian target?

    A second was likewise used on another civilian target so shortly thereafter?

    The Japanese were permitted to retain an emperor, which had been the sticking point over the surrender?

    Many Americans cling to an infantile belief that their rulers are inherently morally superior to those who rule others. Don’t think or learn any more about “good” WW II unless you’re prepared to think less of your Uncle Sam.

  8. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry – despite my last, only 7 comments. Even deftly weaving in the 34 year old thingy about the “West Bank” failed to inflame your old foes.

    Time to submit another glamorous photograph?

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