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The TV Tarts’ Reign of Terror, Part 1
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The particular CNN segment I was watching concerned Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. It was meant to help terminate the controversial anchor’s career.

I recognized the sourpuss, dressed in marigold yellow, who was presiding over the seek-and-destroy mission, targeting the ultra-conservative Mr. Carlson.

She was no other than Poppy Harlow.

It transpires that years back, Carlson had routinely called into a Howard-Stern-like shock-jock radio show and made naughty comments, some about women. Women were “extremely primitive,” he had quipped.

To watch the countless, indistinguishable, ruthless, atavistic women empaneled on CNN, MSNBC, even Fox News—one cannot but agree as to the nature and caliber of the women privileged and elevated in our democracy, and by mass society, in general.

They’re certainly not women with the intellect and wit of a Margot Asquith—countess of Oxford, author and socialite (1864-1945). Would that women like Mrs. Asquith were permitted to put lesser “ladies” like CNN’s Ms. Harlow in their proper place.

When asked by American actress Jean Harlow how she pronounces her first name, Margot Asquith shot back, “The ‘t’ is silent, as in Harlow.”

Naturally, you’d have to have a facility with the English language to know what a “harlot” is.

You’d certainly need an education, as opposed to a degree, to recognize the next character referenced.

TV’s empaneled witches and their housebroken, domesticated boys are guided more by the spirit of Madame Defarge than by Lady Justice.

If parents saw to it that kids got an education, not merely a degree, the brats would know who Madam Defarge was.

But our uneducated ignoramuses no longer seek out the greatest literature ever. This is because the best books were penned by the pale, patriarchal penile people. Given this self-inflicted ignorance, few younger readers will know this most loathsome of literary icons, from “A Tale Of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens.

Madame Defarge is the bloodthirsty commoner, who sat knitting, as she watched the en masse public beheadings of innocent aristocrats (17,000 of them) in Paris, during the Reign of Terror, aka the French Revolution, whose symbol ought to be the guillotine. (Another 10,000 perished in prison sans due process.)

America’s modern-day Madam Defarges are the harridans who shrieked in vengeance on TV when a sentencing Judge, T. S. Ellis III, dared to cite Paul Manafort’s “otherwise blameless life.”

Manafort, formerly a Trump campaign adviser, will be jailed for seven-and-a-half years for non-violent “crimes” excavated by Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller, and committed against that most wicked of government departments, the Internal Revenue Service. That a broken, frail, wheelchair-bound man might not die in jail enraged the wicked, pitiless witches of the networks.


Cheered on by our contemporary Madame Defarges, Manafort’s next sentencing Judge, an angry female, failed to limit her ambit to the application of the law, namely to sentencing. Instead, she lectured the defendant for a demeanor that displeased her, and for an inadequate display of contrition. Judge Amy Berman Jackson subjected a visibly broken Mr. Manafort to a vicious tongue-lashing.

For that the TV harpies rejoiced as one.

The ugly landscape that is the collective mind of TV’s liberal women did not mind one bit that Manafort had also been subjected to double jeopardy. In contravention of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, prosecutors simply tweak or reword an indictment just enough to twice or thrice put a defendant “in jeopardy of life or limb” “for the same offense.”

The cable coven was having none of this compassion stuff (that’s for immigrants who murder Americans, not for elderly white men who had worked for Mr. Trump). Mercy? What’s that! Manafort had stolen from the government, shrieked one NBC shrew (the IRS itself being a thieving, corrupt and oppressive force).

Undeniably, this reign of terror on TV is dominated by women. And they’re as flippant about a new arms race with Russia as they are about jailing individuals for crimes created in the process of conducting a Mueller-like inquisition, with its “storm-trooper tactic” and overweening, extra-constitutional powers. (Is Maria Butina still in solitary, by the way?)

Likewise, the attitude of TV’s females to alleged sex crimes is to drop the word “alleged” and dispatch the accused: guilty! In the lexicon of these feral creatures, whom we watch day-in and day-out gesticulate and fulminate, to be accused of a sex offense is to be guilty of it (unless you’re a ruthless illegal alien who has raped a helpless cow). Due process? That’s too much of a high-minded abstraction for the average tele-tart.

Then there are the phrases the women on the ubiquitous panels deploy and the direction their impoverished discourse invariably leads:

“It’s not normal!”

“Look at what President Trump just said. Look, he shows more affection toward dictators than democrats.”

“Look at the ‘untraditional nations’ he is befriending, look at the war he is not prosecuting. It’s not normal. Help. Restrain him. Make him ‘normal.’”

The “not normal” refrain issues from the uterine bowels of the tele-tart. It is a visceral cry for conformity, uniformity of thought at all costs.

Never mind that the path to a semblance of unity in this fractured, broken country of ours is through peaceful disunity. That, these radical females consider dystopic. They’re unprepared to accept respectful disunity, or accord an opponent respect. It’s a fight to the death—though not theirs.


Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook, Gab & YouTube

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  1. “Innocent aristocrats”!

    Excellent satire. You really are funny. “Innocent aristocrats” indeed. As if such a thing ever existed.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  2. Rational says:


    Thanks, Madam. Good points. I used to vomit a lot watching TV during dinner. I threw it away, and I now eat dinner in peace.

    About Western women: Are they really sick and deranged? Yes, they are, as the following article proves. They fall in love with men who murder their wives and are on death row:

    Some even come from Germany on trips to Texas death row to meet men “they fell in love with”.

    Recently, another man who killed his wife and kids is in prison, but he gets love letters, from other women.

    • Replies: @SMK
  3. Christo says:

    “When asked by American actress Jean Harlow how she pronounces her first name, Margot Asquith shot back, “The ‘t’ is silent, as in Harlow.”

    Naturally, you’d have to have a facility with the English language to know what a “harlot” is.”

    LOL, a slut calling out a prostitute.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @James Robinson
  4. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    If this even happened, Ms. Mercer has recounted the least credible version, one which romanticizes Ms. Asquith as incredibly witty. The much more likely account began with Ms. Harlow repeatedly mispronouncing the name, giving Ms. Asquith ample time to come up with the rebuke.

    Ms. Mercer can get pretty tart herself when it comes to attractive blondes and “commoner[s]”who are “lesser” than aristocrats with pompously spelled names.

  5. SMK says: • Website

    How many women, in numbers and percentage, fall in love with death row male inmates who murder their wives and children? To you, apparently, that a tiny fraction of sick and deranged women fall in love with death row male inmates who murder other females is proof that nearly all or at least most ‘Western women” are sick and deranged. That’s like claiming that nearly all or most white males are sick and deranged because a tiny fraction of white men abduct, rape, torture, and murder women and girls. And you post under “rational.” That’s reasoning, MRA-style ala Paul Elam and all the other lunatic misogynists of the soi-disant “men’s movement.”

  6. Rich says:

    Again, an excellent article. Mrs Mercer is becoming the new Florence King, and I appreciate it. The Left, willing to let illegal immigrant murderers go free, need to see an old man like Manafort die in prison. It’s more than disgraceful. We’ve reached the end of the line, what happens next?

    • Replies: @Macon Richardson
    , @Realist
  7. @obwandiyag

    you’re correct. She might as well have said

    “innocent negroes”

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  8. If they could these so called people would have Manafort boiled in oil. Literally.
    I am looking forward to part 2.

    • Replies: @TheMediumIsTheMassage
  9. @WorkingClass

    They are truly vile, vicious, soulless harpies. All these women, along with Democrat politician women, remind me of the witches from Roald Dahl’s book. Underneath their make-up and hairdos they are disgusting bald monsters with cracked skin, animal-like claws and an evil thirst to consume innocents.

    • Replies: @SMK
  10. Anonymous [AKA "Blind Bubba"] says:

    It boils down to jealousy. Here are a group of woman, much more successful, more sophisticated, better looking, wealthier, more intelligent and Ilana gets the hump.
    Taking about reigns of terror, especially the ones instigated by red neck type hard right white terrorists, the latest incident being the massacre of innocents in Christchurch- why am I raising this now?, just bare with me. As a newcomer to unz I was curious about this rather odd looking little woman called Ilana Mercer- I was’nt sure whether she was real or fake. I checked her on Twitter. Oh my, persistent gloating about the Christchurch massacre by indulging in whataboutery, not one iota of compassion for the victims. Revealing extreme hatred of Muslims.
    One of the myths perpetuated by Fox News (Fucks News) and other conservative outlets is that every time a white alt right moron commits an act of terror they are acting as a lone Wolf. This is a lie. There is now a worldwide internet based community of hard right people who through their hate filled writing are inciting violence and grooming young whites into extremism. Not all of them are white. I understand Ilana Mercer is Jewish and the hard right ideologues include some Hindu nationalists and Arab Christians. How many more people are going to be killed before Twitter shuts down these people’s accounts? Or how long is the wait before Microsoft/Google shuts down Unz Review?

    • Troll: Bruce County
    • Replies: @IP Freely
  11. @Rich

    Please! Florence King had a brilliantly articulated sense of humor. Mercer has none at all, merely an bloated sense of outrage.

  12. Realist says:

    We’ve reached the end of the line, what happens next?

    We accelerate down the shit slide to hell.

  13. imbroglio says:

    Most people, consciously or not, survey the landscape and go, “What do I need to do to succeed?” Then they act accordingly. We can see the most craven examples in the current slate of opportunists who’ve put themselves forward as candidates for 2020.

    These telegenic media ladies may or may not have their personal opinions about their editorializing, but they do serve the wishes of their employers. Same as if they were working the merchandise return counter at Wal Mart.

    Ilana seems to long for the day when values were different and men and women were of better character. Those days may come again. We’re living through America’s denouement which, sadly, may last longer than we do.

    • Agree: Endgame Napoleon
    • Replies: @Endgame Napoleon
  14. SMK says: • Website

    The males are just as awful. The problem is leftists, female and male and black and brown and yellow. None of the women, not even Rachel Maddow, is as odious as the smug, oily, lying, slimy Don Lemon.

    • Agree: PhysicistDave
  15. @imbroglio

    On both sides of the Uniparty, the “employers” of the “successful” candidates are bigly corporations.

    That is why we got nothing done about immigration.

    Trump was willing to gutter-snipe, jabbing at the rigged system like a prize fighter during the campaign, but not after his big win. He surveyed the post-election landscape, deciding he no longer needed to treat the voters who put him in office like they were his employers. Now, like the shrill shrews on the left, Trump is tamed. He is doing exactly what his corporate employers want, pretending to be agitated about the rigged system for the cameras once in awhile, while his actions reveal that he never meant it.

    Corporations want the cheap, welfare-assisted, foreign laborers, and it does not matter a bit to faux-outraged career women on the “left” that this is a big reason for 1) 40 years of falling wages, 2) mass-scale underemployment of citizens, 3) a 72% increase in rent over the last 25 years and 4) the loss of the US middle class. Nor does the violence perpetrated by some illegal aliens matter to the morally outraged ladies on the left.

    Ditto for Trump, a manly foe of mass-scale immigration worthy of the old days when men were men during the campaign season. He is now dressing down his anti-immigration stance in pursuit of a craven, groveling success. It must have been fake outrage, that speil about immigration on the campaign trail.

    She is right that left commentators are insincere, not just in terms of their complete lack of corcern for way mass immigration contributes to brutal economic conditions for the bottom 80% of Americans. Most on the outraged left are also hypocritical in terms of their own lifestyles. Manafort should be shown no mercy for financial crimes—for lying to banks to get loans, like tons of Americans did in the lead up to the housing collapse of 2008–because his lifestyle was over-the-top in terms of conspicuous consumption.

    Yet, the top 20% is chock full of limousine liberals. It is also full of above-firing, dual-high-earner parents, coordinating overseas trips every month or two, in addition to covering the note on a Barbie-princess house, a lake house, tons of fine dining out, private schools for the kiddos and various & sundry small luxuries. When I (as a single, childless person) missed five minutes of work, I was subject to firing, even when meeting the quotas every month, coming to work every day and staying at work all day.

    I don’t know how these “successful,” top-20%er moms can miss so much work—-mornings, afternoons, days, PTO, pregnancy leave(s) and the multiple, coordinated jaunts overseas with their spouses every few months—while providing stellar services to their employers.

    I do know there is a lot of back-watching cronyism among moms in the overall labor market, and computers do more of their work all the time. Given the decadent lifestyles across the top 20%, few successful women have moral grounds to be so righteous in calling for maximum punishment for financial crimes, cheering oversized punishments due to faux outrage over the self-indugence of a free-spending guy.

    And no, all of those global “work” trips that so many top 20%ers take are not contributing to the US economy—-not the fancy hotel stays, not the sightseeing, not the spa retreats, not the fine dining. But above-firing top-20%er parents are halving the size of the college-educated middle class by keeping two jobs that could support two households (at least) under one roof.

    And they are not creating jobs on US soil.

    They are not helping to expand the tax base in the USA, a country that is $21 trillion in debt. Their globetrotting is not expanding the income tax base or the tax base for SS, a program that is no longer running surpluses, as elites continue to facilitate the offshoring & outsourcing of jobs by expanding operations overseas, rather than within the USA.

    Busy-working parents still get to write off all of that expensive, FB-baby-show-off-worthy, global travel on their taxes, expensing multiple luxury vacations even though it does not create one job for the 95 million American citizens between 16 and 65 out of the labor force and the millions of underemployed citizens. The average American “employee” is only a part-time worker, including those globetrotting, dual-high-earner parents if the truth were told.

    Their welfare-eligible, single-mom counterparts work officially in a part-time (or temp) capacity to stay under the earned-income limits for multiple, pay-per-birth welfare programs that cover everything from rent to food, with monthly cash assistance and a refundable child tax credit of up to $6,431 to boot.

    Many married, low-earner and high-earner moms work unofficially part-time in crony, back-watching jobs, “voted best for moms,” where the manager mom takes off for two weeks in April, with a back-watching mom underling taking off for two weeks the next month.

    It is rinse and repeat with the crony-parent “culture fits” throughout the building, taking off tons of time above and beyond their PTO and preggie leave(s), while they churn hard-working “non culture fits” who help to keep their bonus numbers up like butter, making sure to do it in a calculating way so the “non culture fits” do not even get UC to cover unaffordable rent between churn jobs. They’re not too kind in the way they do it, either. We have a lot of momma sadists in the USA.

    The oh-so-compassionate, glorified, above-firing and above-critique working motherhood of the fake-feminist era provides a perfect cover for a lot of catty sadism-for-its-own-sake in America’s faux workplaces, which are full of official & un-official part-time workers, willing to be mean as snakes for the high-paying and the $10-per-hour jobs alike.

    No, they don’t need to be piling on Manafort. Mother Theresa’s, they are not, but they do expect a Pope-sized indulgence for their own extreme absenteeism. Penny pinchers, they are not—not when it comes to frequent and lavish global vacations. Meanwhile, 40% of Americans make under $25k per year, and worse still, they mostly occupy churn jobs, meaning they cannot even count on a reliable paycheck to cover rent that has inflated by 72% since 1995.

  16. Corvinus says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Or innocent Jewesses, as your website suggests. It seems you are fixated on harlots.

    • Replies: @IP Freely
  17. akka says:

    I like the general lean of your article but when you say things like,
    “If parents saw to it that kids got an education, not merely a degree, the brats would know who Madam Defarge was.” I would contend that there is such a thing which we could term ‘the Generation Factor’ which put simply means that history is now so long (pun intended) and so full of bunk that modern young people can hardly be expected to embrace it in deference to new ideas. I had an idea that Madame Defarge was figure of history from the French Revolution, but I didn’t know that she was a made up character from Charles Dickens:
    Madame Thérèse Defarge is a fictional character in the book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. She is a tricoteuse, a tireless worker for the French Revolution, and the wife of Ernest Defarge.
    It is easy enough to look up very quickly on the net.
    But the point is not that. What; for the brighter among you, is the point I would actually like to make?
    Hint: “the brats would know who Madam Defarge was.”
    Of course you explain it later, after having put us in our place, and even your explanation of events twists history.
    What followed the French Revolution and on very similar terms?
    The American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution, now largely meaningless as they were overrun in 1913 by a bankers coup of the American money supply and control by ‘the Tribe’ of most of American media.
    You can talk ‘democracy’ and date it back to the 6th century Greeks and/or the Magna Carta, but what we in the West today suffer under is by no means democracy. Which is why it is rather ironic that countries like America and Israel force practically unlimited suffering and invasion on people who don’t believe in their contrived and false lies about ‘democracy’.
    There is no democracy, it is all rhetoric.

  18. akka wrote:

    What followed the French Revolution and on very similar terms?
    The American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution…

    Are you saying the French Revolution occurred before the Declaration and the Constitution????

  19. IP Freely says:

    I take with a grain of salt everything a woman who never married or had kids says about the family unit.

  20. IP Freely says:

    She should fixate on harlots, our govt/msm/entertainment are chock full of them and they need to be exposed and shamed into silence and repentance.

  21. IP Freely says:

    The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!! Et tu Brute? Pot meet Teakettle.

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