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The proper aim of education [was] to make virtue habitual.”— Leonard Roy Frank, my friend & editor of Random House Webster’s Quotationary

In his 2004 foreword to my book Broad Sides, Peter Brimelow, the man who penned everything there is to say about America’s immigration disaster, in 1996, wrote this:

“… somewhat to my surprise, it is actually quite rare for this most emotionally intense of columnists to draw on … personal experiences. What seems to motivate Ilana, ultimately, is ideas.”

In this tradition, on February 6, 2017, I wrote a column titled, “Are Liberals Turned-On By Turning The Other (Gluteus Maximus) Cheek?” In it, I expressed the kind of—dare I say?—outsized idea that has animated my writing for 21 years.

To quote :

“The pale, liberal patriarchy is a pioneer in forever scrutinizing itself for signs of racism and deficits in empathy toward The Other, while readily accusing others like it of the same. It’s as though liberal men derive homo-erotic pleasure from bowing-and-scraping to assailants and ceding to racial claims-making.”

As so often is the case, I was the only one to have been tickled pink by that insight. I found it so utterly cheeky that I ran the column again in April 27, 2018, for WND, under the more prosaic title, “Are liberal pervs sexually obsessed with refugees?

The case to have elicited my Freudian flourish—and boy, was Freud a fabulous and fabulist writer—had to do with, as I put it, “The repulsive specter of [a Western male] just about turning the other cheek to [an African refugee-rapist] who had spread both his cheeks.”

I promptly shredded Douglas Murray’s banal, humdrum observations (“Stockholm syndrome”), about the case under discussion, and offered up my own.

To repeat:

“It’s as though [egalitarians, of the left and the political right] derive erotic pleasure from prostrating themselves to assailants and ceding to racial claims-making. Could it be that liberal men are driven by a powerful homo-erotic impulsive?”

The theme of WASPs acting out in sexual-submission really jelled in “The Barbarians Are In Charge: Scenes From The Sacking of America,” featured on American Greatness, and published first by WND, June 11, 2020.

The column described the “Kneeling Ninnies”—those who lay down for the Black Lives Matter thugs, during last year’s BLM riots. These were “men, cops too, who knelt down like girls, instead of standing tall like men for law and order”:

“…men in uniform all collapsed to the pavements like yogis to the command of their black tormentors. One after another. … The forces, police and paramilitary, all squatted like sissies.”

With a link to the original idea in the earlier column, I broadened the category of flagellants:

“It’s almost as though WASPs get a homo-erotic sexual charge out of prostrating themselves in front of The Evil Other.”

Tying the pleasures of sexual-submission to the acts of WASPs kneeling and ceding ground en masse to The Evil Other: This is an idiosyncratic idea—my own.

But what do you know? I wasn’t the only one enamored of my generally woefully underappreciated ideas.

On May 17, 2021, on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Pedro Gonzales, a new writer, fingered the submissive response to the BLM rioting and general meekness of police and punditry as a form of “psycho-sexual ethnomasocism.” He said (2:58 minutes into the TV broadcast):

I’ve characterized it as a kind of psychosexual enthomasocism.”

“Homo-erotic submission” (Mercer); “psycho-sexual enthomasocism” (Gonzales): p otato, potahto.

“Mental telepathy”? Yeah, right.

“Ethnomasochism,” of course, came into use via Patrick J. Buchanan. The term is from Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

John Derbyshire does the properly honest linguistic forensics: “The earliest usage in a book that I am aware of is in Pat Buchanan’s 2011 Suicide of a Superpower.” However, ventures Derbyshire, Pat was preceded by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance.

One might convincingly—and charitably—argue that “ethnomasochism” as a term has come into common use.

However, a term (“ethnomasochism”) is not an idea (the “homo-erotic submission of WASPs to The Other”). An idea is “a mental representation that is the product of creative imagination.” In other words, it is a more intricate concept that bears the originator’s intellectual footprint.

Again, tying pleasurable sexual-submission to the acts of WASPs kneeling and ceding ground en masse to The Evil Other is an idiosyncratic idea. Like it or not (a lot of men don’t like it)—it originates in an oeuvre festooned with such audacious insights, made over 21 years.

I cringe as I write this and other forced, first-person accounts. Duly, in “The Curious Case Of WND’s Vanishing, Veteran Paleolibertarian (April, 2016),” I told my readers how the use of the first-person pronoun in opinion writing is a cardinal sin. “To get a sense of how bad someone’s writing is, count the number of times he deploys the Imperial ‘I’ on the page. Abuse ‘I’ only when the passive-form alternative is too clumsy. Or, when the writer has earned the right to, because of her relevance to the story.”

The second is my reason here.

My knowledge of my own works, well over a thousand, excluding books, is near-photographic; the idiom, the expressions, the way of thinking. So, the ears perked-up at another stray, but familiar, quip on twitter:

Pedro Gonzales, April 29, 2021:

I regret to inform you that the absolute top priority of the conservative movement and the GOP today is assuring Americans that Democrats are the real racists.”

I shot back:

Mr. Gonzales, “That is my verbatim, 2014 description of the GOP ‘silly tit-for-tat’ argumentation“: “…Democrats are the real racists; Republicans are the party of Lincoln, the liberator of [African-Americans]. We’re against abortion and welfare because we love [African-Americans].”

The mocking phrase “Democrats are the real racists”—as part of my methodical critique of GOP argumentation—is from “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fem, I Smell The Blood Of A Racist,” published on May 16, 2014, but repeated many times in my work.

Ecumenical submission to heavily promoted second-handers is not in me. Picking the brains of longtime, marginalized, prolific, independent dissidents will not become a pattern on my watch.


Speaking of a pattern: The “Conservative Case for a Higher Minimum Wage,” made recently by Gonzales, was first made by Ron Unz, editor of The Unz Review, for which I write. From a conservative stance, Mr. Unz blazed that intellectual trail. Myself, I would have acknowledged those who went before. It is the habit of a scholarly and fair mind.

Jack Kerwick, whose specialty is moral philosophy and ethics, made the following point,

“While it is true that I was unfamiliar with Pedro Gonzalez, I was indeed acquainted with the idea for which he argued on Tucker’s program. And this, I was quickly reminded, is because the idea originated with Ilana Mercer, who advanced it for the first time a few years ago! She defended this thesis once more last summer in the midst of the BLM riots that visited billions of dollars worth of damage on legions of American cities.

Of course, it is possible for intelligent, thinking people to independently arrive at the same [insights]. This idea, though, is not one of them, for no one, but Ilana, has so much as floated it, let alone defended it.

While it is good that Pedro was given the opportunity to express Ilana’s brilliant insight on Tucker’s massive platform, he should’ve given credit to the person who first birthed and nurtured it. He could’ve then elaborated upon it, as Ilana herself did in her articles on the subject. … it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to explore, revise, and expand the ideas of others, to explore their nuances, their contours, and utilize them for the purposes of illuminating new circumstances.”

But not before crediting The Originator.

*Image credit here

Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She’s the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June, 2016). She’s currently on Parler, Gab, YouTube & LinkedIn, but has been banned by Facebook and throttled by Twitter.

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  1. To coin another phrase: beyond parody.

    • Agree: Ever Becoming
  2. BuelahMan says:

    “The Jews are our Misfortune!”

    by Heinrich von Treitschke (1834-1896),

  3. Stogumber says:

    But, for example, “national masochism” was quite widespread here in Germany since around 1970; so Buchanan’s “ethnomasochism” was not new for me. And of course, Treitschke didn’t coin the phrase “the Jews are our misfortune”, but quoted it as a popular saying in his time. All those words and phrases are normally much older than we think.
    On the other hand, Ms. Mercer’s idea that white leftist men get sexual pleasure out of submitting to a nonwhite man, even if only in mind, is quite new and deserves scrutiny. I agree that male-male sexuality is mostly about submission, so it would not work if not a lot of men really enjoyed being conquered by another man. Otherwise male-male sexuality would not work at all (which would be a loss, in my eyes).

  4. If you’re going to steal, steal from the best, eh, Ilana? Credit should have been given.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  5. Bartolo says:

    Racist right-winger joins the Democrats because he hears that ““Dems are the real racists”

  6. Radek says:

    Wow! Another meltdown. The biggest overt display of homoerotic behaviour occurs in hard right gatherings. Once saw a TV clip on Richard Spencer. Could not fail to notice how camp he was and that he was surrounded exclusively by young men who were openly camp. The origin of hard right homoeroticism goes back to Hitler’s brown shirts. There is a reason why the Proud Boys are not called Proud Boys and Girls. Fascist men enjoying the company of other fascist men. Therefore, it is not surprising that some white men of hard right persuasion would accuse their white opponents of homoerotic behaviour- taking the knee, allegedly turning the other cheek etc. In psychology this is called transference. No plagiarism is involved contrary to Ilana’s fantasies. Who reads her work anyway apart from a handful of us sad cases who continue to monitor hard right extremism as part of a wider noble project and often have to scrutinize the ratings of deluded fanatics.
    A few years back I did read Ilana’s ‘A curious case of the vanishing paleolibertarian’ piece. Ilana was having another meltdown. When it was apparent the piece was not self parody, one almost felt better, since there are people much dumber than yours truly. A few weeks later, Ilana wrote a piece where she announced that she was leaving WND because of the abusive behaviour of some of its editorial staff. A couple of years or so after this, Ilana held her nose and went back to WND since hardly any outlets, even hard right ones, are willing to publish her thoughts. No madame, no one has copied your work.

    • Replies: @Aristo Boho
    , @Kerry
  7. imbroglio says:

    I’ve been one of Ilana’s fans (a sorry term but, in my case, accurate) since I became aware of her writings, a few years ago, on Lew Rockwell’s site. But here, I think, Ilana may “protest too much.” Whether to call it ethnomascochism or homo-erotic submission, this thought or reaction occurred to me the moment I witnessed it on the tube. If it occurred to me, I’m sure it occurred to many others. Also the idolatry of bending the knee before false gods. “Where are our Mishachs and Abednigo’es?!” And to say “Democrats are the real racists,” how many of hundreds of us have said that very thing as a mere reflection of what’s going on today? Dinesh D’Souza has made a career of it.

    I’ve heard of Pedro Gonzales via Tucker but know little about him. Maybe this piece is a bit of a vendetta. Regardless, Ilana should be credited with having the courage to say things that others won’t say. She also has a platform that many other don’t. Her recent parlay with David Vance about the critical wussification theory now infecting the American military deserves a wide viewing. If someone’s copying Ilana’s words without attribution, shame on them. But ideas diffuse widely through the culture. These days, unfortunately, themes quickly become memes. Maybe that’s the problem like playing telephone at a party.

    • Replies: @Kerry
    , @Musil Protege
  8. ruralguy says:

    The American diet, heavy in phytoestrogens like soy oils, have turned American males into effeminized fat soy boys with girly voices, effeminized leftist views of the world, and a self loathing hatred of themselves and their own kind.

  9. The word ethnomasochism is attributed by Wiktionary to Guillaume Faye of France, 1998, an intellectual leader in the European ethnonationalist New Right.

    Derbyshire turned up an isolated academic essay from 1981 talking about “medical ethno-masochism”. This refers to a culture denigrating its own medical achievements, and is considered the opposite of “medical ethno-chauvinism” or “medical ethnocentrism”. The essay contrasts western self-denigration regarding western medicine, with Chinese self-confidence and self-promotion (China as being first and best in everything), that existed even in 1981.

    The idea that ethnomasochism is the opposite of ethnocentrism is useful, in that ethnocentrism is a commonplace term.

  10. Aristo Boho says: • Website

    Dear Mister Radek,
    Ideas move the world; this is why Misses Ilana Mercer in apprehending this very fact is an authentic intellectual; not a dried up fake-fig but a vibrant living force who counter-balances her ratiocinative output with culture. The last term in to be understood not as the Anglo-Saxon world has, as one in meaning with civilisation, which originates from the Liberalism of the French Revolution, but as the Romans did, culture is knowledge. Unfortunately, most, even those who should be one’s comrades have not time for an authentic thinker, like Misses Mercer, and will even be afraid to acknowledge the value of her creativity. Yet, just like the fork-tongued protected spoiled brats, or more precisely, the thieving cowards that they are, they run at a fast pace to hide themselves from the truth; to only come forth when all is safe and sound to confabulate that their pens have performed a magical ritual of earth-shattering originality. And this is ever so easy to comprehend: lacking cognition the sublime goods they convey to us are no more and no less than stolen from another. Nevertheless, before they do this it is required quintessentially to kill off the living whose hearts still palpitate with love, and minds are active with clear, honest, unmitigated perception of the reality they have everywhere around them, and all of us as well. These parasites who feed off of the enlightened ones greatly fear what the accomplishments of a luminary like Misses Mercer could achieve. For they who excel, unlike the passive phonies are unafraid: everything is out in the open! Nothing to hide, like a spotless soul! Now, the name of this particular murder, that with sadistic pleasure keeps the accused mortally alive: The Black List. Cancel Culture has always existed, and its file cabinet has ages and ages of persons of value in its archives. The worst fact about this is that those who initially applauded and regaled an individual, our personage in particular, the essayist Ilana, are the protagonists of this heinous act.


    Liberal men, which includes Conservative men, for many overlook that Conservatism is just another branch of Liberalism, have indeed for the most part been driven “by a powerful homo-erotic impulsive”. Let us bluntly say, Taking The Knee goes back a long long time ago. It is an American Popular Culture Phenomenon, now spread worldwide, just like the cancer ridden Dunkin’ Donuts pastry and that fine Yankee Doodle Dandy wine, Coca-Cola. A psychological malady that is most serious and I’m not being sarcastic. In the 1960’s a television commercial depicted a tubby man running out of the bathroom to his wife with only a towel around his waist and holding an object, crying out, “Harriett! The Ajax turned blue!”. American faggotry is a severe disease. Men from all fields of life have always shown how mentally weak they are by apologizing from one day to the next for God only knows for whatever great crime of opinion. Two Italians, one male, one female, refused to concede they were naughty naughty some years ago. Both had declared and exclaimed the superiority of Christianity and the West over Eastern-Muslim culture. The man, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, sometime in the 1990’s responded to politically correct criticism, “I refuse to retract what I have said; if I am to be hung it will be by own rope.” The woman, authoress and journalist, Oriana Fallaci spoke of our superiority and her shaky-boots knees-knocking sweaty-stuttering host, Mister Charlie Rose, stated that that was her opinion, to which the feisty Fallaci shot back, “No it is not an opinion, it is a fact! We are!”

    The aforesaid is the cerebral preamble to Taking The Knee. And of course we must never forget the 20th to 21st century words for witch and witchcraft, racist and racism: both intended to be a weapon against European Man. And this cowardice of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male Kneeling Ninnies, to be recognized as representing all Whites and their respective religions, has revealed itself even with the very same who castigate the kneelers of Homo-Erotica. This is because they fear a multi-dimensional perspective of human action for everything must be kept simple, on the veneer of the veneer: this is a primary form of mind control within a consensus reality. Here are two examples: Catch this video of Mister Sean Hannity in 2015 interviewing Mister Patrick Joseph Buchanan Mister Hannity is a verbal Mexican jumping bean, fearful, of the truth Mister Buchanan espouses about Iran and how World War II could have been avoided. Why invite one to speak about contemporary history and the author’s latest book? And now we have from Texas, Mister Chris Salcedo, and oh does he favour The Donald. And this President did a great deal for Israel and Jews, more than any other. Applause! Applause! What is wrong with peace? Nothing! An echo of Mister Buchanan’s correct geo-political position. In spite of this, not many Conservatives or Liberals alike, gave much coverage to a portion of President Donald John Trump’s speech on The Plight Of The Palestinians. What a pathetic unmanly crash to the ground is expressed by Mister Salcedo’s facial expression: pro-Trump??? He actually compares what President Trump says to Anti-Fascist and the Democratic Party. Such are the Neo-Conservative war mongers of the Republicans. This comes on at about the thirtieth minute and fortieth second.

    All of this is to give a succinct yet profound background to support the errorless criticism by Ilana Mercer and her exact analysis of the Homo-Erotic in our culture : a black mold that has found a settlement in the slightest wound of a living being, only to advance and advance until death is the only reality.

    Mister Radek, this fine lady does not fantasise: she has not only opened but thrown upside down the Pandora’s Box of the American male’s illness, emptying and exposing all the filth for all to see clearly. What she has suffered from, and I say suffered not euphorically, is not plagiarism; in this you are correct in your blind superficial inverted comprehension of what is the ever so dark present age we live in. And so, if it is not plagiarism then what is it, this artistic crime of the American Homo-Erotic and its gross hypocrisy of the Conservative and Liberal alike who Cry Freedom! Ilana is one of the primary victims of Utilitarian Exploitation: “We will utilize her creativity for our own ends and ceaselessly roll the black ball of censorship.” An aspect of this is also plagiarism but the monolithic whole is the monstrosity which bears many more hemlocks, the one aiding and abetting the other. I see we also have Radek the psychologist, as in Pop, oops! My mistake; sub-Pop. A lumpen therapist. You are once again correct this time with the term Transference. And once again you err! The psychological malady of transferring is your mental turmoil: Ilana hasn’t had a meltdown, you have!!! Too hot for your restrictive mind Mister Wilting Flower?

    Two short points to make: Homo-Erotic Brown Shirts? A few: does anyone honestly believe 18 millions of German Brown Shirts were all tutti frutti boys? But our traitorous Men In Blue here in America, whether actually or psychologically, are, for to just stand and look, obeying orders to not intervene while there are acts of all sorts of destruction and violence: arson, vandalism, physical harm including mortal, and rape. This takes us to the final point: The Spiritual. When law enforcement and the military can deny their conscience of what is right and wrong, and a sworn oath is nothing but a formality I unabashedly say, bring on the Brown Shirts and their Southern neighbours the Black Shirts and clean the slate of both the Men In Blue, whomever else of so-called authority, along with their accomplices of deliberate well-planned chaos and destruction, Anti-Fascist and Black Lives Matter! Piazza Pulita! Defensive violence is a necessity more than called for!

    Finally, inherent and thriving in Ilana’s cultural-intellectual output is something metaphysically undeniable which in different words than those I leave you with she has always warned us of, that threatens more than ever our survival as a free people: 1.Paideuma is inverted to welcome in the imbecile and his septic tank culture. 2. The Ephemeral Reigns whereas the Perennial is cast into obscurity. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  11. Kerry says:

    Being pretty familiar with Mercer’s writing, I can attest that she has been ahead of the curve on numerous occasions, and in some cases outright copied verbatim.

    We learned to cite sources in high school English class and we should expect no less from professional columnists.To not do so a character flaw.

  12. Kerry says:

    Your comment is definition of a “meltdown.”

  13. @imbroglio

    Your comment reminds me a little of Obama’s “You didn’t build that.” True, we can’t know the thoughts inside someone’s head, but in ilana’s case, she took the thought, put it down in concrete words, and then released it in a column carrying her byline. As often happens, ilana was way ahead of her time, not unlike The Man Who Peaked Too Soon, for anyone who remembers Tom Wolfe’s hilarious satire from the Seventies. Hers was a rather provocative idea, very idiosyncratic. It took some moxie to put that out the first time, and even in the subsequent times she used the idea. That’s ilana’s stock in trade. And, frankly, it’s a message men in general need to hear. So four years later, someone else comes along and decides it’s safe to use the same idea. Say what you want, I’m sure that just about every right wing columnist reads ilana, certainly many who are more well-known than Pedro do. The best are always monitored and emulated. They know that that idea is ilana’s turf. But if you happened to see Pedro on Tucker’s show, he was presenting the idea as if it was his own original formulation, and Tucker duly anointed him as this year’s intellectual superstar. That will probably give a nice boost to Pedro’s career. It wouldn’t have hurt him at all to give credit to the person from whom he got the idea. Indeed, as Jack Kerwick says above, it’s the mark of a smart person to give attribution where it’s due and then elaborate on their own interpretation of the citation. Had Pedro done that, done the right thing, Tucker still would have told the world to keep their eye on this bright new talent. God knows, Tucker (who I’m sure has read ilana’s column too), if you’ve watched him lately, is undoubtedly much more keen to promote a Hispanic conservative than a white South African. I applaud ilana for calling the guy out. Plagiarism is no big deal on the left. Look who’s in the White House, after all. The right needs to be better than that.

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