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Take Your Medicine, Little Man, or Lose Your Meal Ticket
Working Brits have more COVID liberty than Americans – really! On vax mandates, Pfizer's 'new' pill, and the latest on 'charmless' Greta Thunberg
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America, wake up! The British, from whom we seceded for freedom’s sake, don’t have vaccine mandates. These particular individual rights are more protected in the UK than in the US.

This week’s Hard Truth with David Vance and ilana Mercer teases out the difference between British and American vaccine-mandate tyranny: The US loses. And, it’s not even close!

The W.H.O. has redefined what vaccines are whilst Pfizer produces a Pill less effective than Ivermectin, costs vastly more, yet works in the same way as a protease inhibitor!

Finally, global warming activist Greta Thunberg goes death metal! To this poor, singularly charmless girl we say, “Growl on Greta!”

Watch: “Take Your Medicine, Little Man, Or Lose Your Meal Ticket

Video Link

Listen via the Hard Truth podcast to “Take Your Medicine, Little Man, Or Lose Your Meal Ticket

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Coronavirus, Global Warming 
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  1. That’s right!

    I live in the UK, newly retired, and living on a small pension. Unless they insist they link my pension to the jab I’ve a fair old chance, if I keep my head down as best I can, of riding out the storm.

    In the UK, with its generally well self-disciplined folk, all the lockdowns and jab campaigns went off relatively, embarrassingly, smoothly. I suspect however the converse might also be true; that if they discover that they’ve been duped, that this trust has been abused, there will be no power on Earth to prevent a massive insurrection here.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  2. Illana. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re an Aries. If so scary. As one I fear the female of my own kind, but either way we’d get along like a fireworks factory on fire. No kind of disrespect intended. A beautiful and free mind.

    • Thanks: ILANA Mercer
  3. Saying there will never be Nuremberg trials for those guilty of similar crimes today, including numerous doctors, nurses, politicians and public servants; is premature. I’d compare that to someone saying the same thing (allegorically speaking) in 1939. As someone who is literally just sitting in the front row of the theater, fully snacked up and packing, I have not myself ruled out a reversal of humanity’s fortunes even at this late hour. Meh, so I can chuck away my arsenal of WMDs and sidearms. If so, (watch Victoria…I’m a Western no significant impositions on our lives since 2019 since the shit began) cool. I can go back to living contentedly in what was previous to this shit a model of free if flawed as a human can be, Democracy and civilized nation status. There probably won’t be such trials, No such justice on such an organised scale is likely. That will be because either these bastards win this WAR..or we the viable life of Earth do. If we win, I can pretty much guarantee these scumbags aren’t even getting trials.

    I’m cynical so had lost all faith in humanity, let alone my Aussie countrymen and women. However it looks like the Crow-eaters have woken up. What just happened in Melbourne may just reverberate around the world before it is done. I know the Aborigines who have much more political power than they have ever exercised are pissed off. These bastards have killed a bunch of their elders, who went first to assure the others it was safe./ It wasn’t safe! This country is on the verge of something long overdue. Revolution.

    This crowd outnumbers our entire army and reserves.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  4. @Rabbitnexus

    I think it is obvious this is not going back into the bottle. It is as he says mainstream now. My city Perth has had the least of it. Watch our explosion next weekend. I’ve NEVER marched. I and my rabbits are heading into this one, Together with similarly inactive historical oddities…and we are ready for bad bears. Bad bears better stay home the day I take my bunnies for a walk.

  5. Don’t kid yourself, the UK has vaxx mandates and are in the process of firing thousands of NHS and care-home staff who have refused the vaxxes. In the meantime, while there is no mandate for the common folk … yet … the rules are being stacked to make the lives of the unvaxxed increasingly difficult.

    In any case, the government have learned to bring in mandates first slowly, denying they will resort to Plan B lockdowns again, and then with undue speed by citing some dire emergency.

    There have been many weekends with hundreds of thousands on the streets protesting lockdowns and vaxx mandates, and UK media has been largely silent or downplayed any coverage of these.

    As for freedom in the UK, there is no shortage of policing and jailing of anyone expressing views not consonant with approved views, particularly in matters of race, and certainly of anyone resisting various lockdown measures when they are in place.

  6. anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    They can’t starve me out where I’m at so there will be at least one pureblood left.

  7. TG says:

    What really kicks me is how arbitrary the vaccine mandates are. If you work for a living, then yes, the government can require you to get vaccinated, and it’s not only a legal requirement, it’s a moral imperative.

    But: if you are a billionaire, or even just an employer not an employee, or a member of congress and their staff, or an illegal immigrant – not only is there no legal requirement, but apparently, no moral imperative at all! I’ve raised this issue to some of my otherwise intelligent liberal friends, and they just scream at me “SO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE?!”. ????

    If this were really about public health, the government would be requiring that all adults get vaccinated – as has happened in the past. Regardless of whether or not the vaccines are any good, it’s clear that this is not about public health.

  8. This kind of mentality, pushed by everyone from billionaire CEO’s of Big Pharma to ‘socialists’ like Noam Chomsky, goes to show that a system need not be Stalinist to plan for mass purges and even the great famine. Even if US ultimately doesn’t push it to the extremes of what transpired in Ukraine in the 1930s, it’s the same kind of mentality.

    Sanction those who refuse the quaccine. Whether Lazar Kagaonvich or Madeleine “It was worth it” Albright, certain populations are expendable and ANYTHING is justified to force them to kneel.

    The Power has gone from chutzpah to all-out mitzvah, Judeo-blitzkrieg against those who won’t comply. Just like everyone in the US must support Israel if he or she wants to make it, everyone who wants a part in the American Way must get the jab. It’s an offer we can’t refuse. And the Power is used to pushing others around as, incredibly enough, even so-called conservatives totally caved on ‘gay marriage’.

    It’s like we’re dogs that must take the rabies shot. Rabies is horrible disease. Covid 19 is harmless to most, but this is really a battle of wills and power, not medicine.

  9. Jiminy says:

    Here in the USA’s little lapdog, Australia, the state governments are coming down hard in trying to coerce citizens to line up for the vaccine. Cops and nurses were threatened with job losses. Now those that aren’t vaccinated towards the end of the year will be ostracised, being told that they can’t attend any sort of public function. As if businesses aren’t already struggling, they will soon be missing out on at least a third of their clientele.
    The strange thing is that a lot of people now consider that these draconian vaccine mandates are acceptable, the new normal. But I remember back to the eighties when people said no to the Australia card, which was to be an identity card that would have to be carried everywhere at all times. I’m sure the indifferent attitudes now are because of the rise of the internet and Facebook especially, where users divulge all sorts of personal info. Nothing is sacred. It’s a bit like a hive mindset. Plus of course the rise of the “Karen” hasn’t helped things. It’s as if very little value now is put on our hard won freedoms and unfortunately most people just don’t seem to realise or care what they are losing. As long as they are getting a certain number of likes on Twatter, they’re happy.

  10. Anglofile says:

    Actually, there are vaccine mandates in the UK. They came in force yesterday (Thursday 11th) in Care Homes and for the NHS as a whole next April. 10’s of 1,000s affected.

  11. in Zion-ruled ‘Murka, the Jew-owned grocery store chains

    – which is just about all of them –

    are slithering toward requiring a vax-pass to buy food.

    fortunately, the central Utah town where I live

    has a non-Jew-owned grocery. Though

    I’m not sure how long it will hold out

    against administered financial sanctions.

  12. Trinity says:

    Revelation 13:17.

    Speaking of numbers. We all know the story of D-Day, right? It was the dark of the moon and the 6th of June with a Kenmore hauling logs. teehee. Seriously, we know about D-Day happening on June 6th and the amphibious attack being launched at 6 in the morning. Coincidence? That shit is creepy, yo.

    This 11-11-11 stuff has my feeble mind thinking as well. You know how some people are really into numerology, I keep seeing 1212 myself. Mil doscientos. El bien conquista el mal. teehee. My lucky number is 5. What does that mean other than that was Brooks Robinson’s number. hehe.

    Cue: Convoy by C.W. McCall

  13. Trinity says:

    Well, IF all the WHITE BOYS QUIT FLYING OR WORKING ON THEM THERE PLANES, then who the hell is gonna fly them? Shlomo? Jose? Leroy? God forbid the latter.

    That’s a big ten-four
    From your back door
    Just put that hammer down
    This young man feels those 18 wheels
    That keep turning round to take me down to Shaky Town

    Cue: Shaky Town by Jackson Browne

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